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TRADITIO periodically offers for sale used traditional Catholic books and compact discs that are typically hard to find. If you have an active interest in purchasing such books and wish to be placed on our special E-mail list for advance notification of booksale announcements, simply send your name and E-mail address in an E-mail to the TRADITIO Network.

Lots are sold on a first come, first served basis. All books are in very good to like-new condition in hardcover, unless otherwise noted. U.S. shipping addresses only.

LOT 15-01

Pilgrim-Walks in Rome: A Guide to Its Holy Places
The California Missions: A Complete Pictorial History

Price: $50.00

This lot includes Pilgrim-Walks in Rome: A Guide to Its Holy Places, a rather rare book in hardback, with gold-embossed cover featuring St. Peter's Piazza. The book was written by P.J. Chandlery, of the Society of Jesus. In good condition, with only two St. Basil High School Library stamps, tight binding, a little rubbing around the edges, and gold embossing completely intact. The book's frontispiece is a plate of a youthful-looking Pope Pius X at the time of his election in 1903, the date when this book was published.

The book describes Rome as it was in 1903, at the accession of Pope Pius X. The book comprises 468 pages, plus two appendices and index, of descriptions and nearly 100 black-and-white plates of all the churches and Holy Places of Rome and their history. The author lived many years in the Eternal City and has here gathered together in nineteen chapters all the information likely to be interesting and useful to a devout armchair pilgrim. Catholics prevented by circumstances from undertaking a journey to Rome when it was Catholic under a Pope-Saint, yet still desirous to visit its Holy Places, will find in this volume a reliable and fascinating historical walk untainted by the New Order's destruction of the Holy Places.

The lot also contains a large-scale (27 x 21 cm) paperback edition of The California Missions: A Complete Pictorial History and Visitor's Guide, published in 1993 by the noted historical publishers, Sunset Books. The book's 320 pages include copious color and black-and-white photographs and drawings of Padre Serra's 21 famous missions as they were and as they are today. The photographs and drawings are accompanied by detailed textual explanations. The back of the book includes several indices containing information about the missions.

LOT 16-01 - SOLD

St. Augustine's Confessions I & II
Caesar's Civil War

Price: $50.00

The 13 books of St. Augustine's Confessions have had an incalculable impact on the Catholic Church and Western Civilization. St. Augustine is the principal Great Church Father, who heavily influenced the principal Church theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas. But St. Augustine's Confessions are far from dry theology. They are alive with one of the most vivid figures in the history of the Catholic Church: a brilliant pagan who was eventually converted to the Catholic Faith by the prayers of his mother, St. Monica, and the preaching of Great Church Father of Milan, St. Ambrose.

This two-volume set displays the Latin text on the lefthand page and an English version by William Watts on the righthand page. Those who have any familiarity with Latin will find St. Augustine's style much easier than that of Cicero or Caesar and will be aided to read the Saint in the original Latin with the assistance of the translation on the opposite page. Those who are ignorant of Latin can read the translation only, with curious glances to the left to see the actual words of the Saint. The set comes from the Harvard University Press's well-known Loeb Classical Library, which publishes all of the works of Classical antiquity in the original Greek or Latin with a translation on the opposite page, supplemented by an introduction, notes, and indices.

Added to this lot is the Loeb volume of Caesar's Civil Wars. Many Catholics have had the pleasure of reading Caesar's Gallic Wars in Latin, one of the greatest works in the corpus of Western Literature. His Civil Wars is both much shorter (three books vs. eight books) and more readable, in which the world's greatest general (with the possible exception of Alexander the Great) describes the pivotal battle of Western Civilization between Caesar and Pompey, which changed the course of Western Civilization forever and set the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman papacy.

All three volumes are in like-new condition, with unsullied original book jackets. Each hardcover volume (17 x 11 cm) is approximately 350-500 pages.

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