December 2003

December 31, 2003 - St. Sylvester I, Pope & Martyr (Double)

A She-God?

From: Jack

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I understand the Old Testament Book of Wisdom refers to an aspect of God as female. But I recently heard a statement "of God and Her wisdom" at church. When speaking of God's wisdom, is it correct to call God her in this manner?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

No, it is not. This must be a Novus Ordo church to which you are referring. Metaphorically, wisdom is feminine. In Latin sapientia and in Greek sophia are both grammatically feminine, and the feminine pronoun can refer to wisdom by the feminine pronoun. We do the same thing in the expression Holy Mother Church, because in Latin and in Greek ecclesia (church) is feminine grammatically.

However, it is erroneous to refer to God in this way. In Latin Deus and in Greek Theos are both grammatically masculine, and God, including the persons of God, is referred to by the masculine pronoun only.

December 30, 2003 - Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity (Semidouble)

Fatima Cardinal Panders "We All Have the Same God" Line

From: Fr. Moderator
Cardinal Policarpo

Jose de Cruz Cardinal Policarpo
Novus Ordo Cardinal Panders Heresy at Fatima

One of the lies that the Novus Ordo apparatus tells is that it "listens" and "dialogues," particularly with youth. Well, it will, but only if you agree with the Novus Ordo plan to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. If you insist upon Roman Catholic teaching and practice, the door is slammed in your face. Witness the recent exchange at Fatima between some participants in the Catholic Youth Group of France (M.J.C.F.) and Novus Ordo Jose de Cruz Cardinal Policarpo, of Lisbon. The M.J.C.F. organized the distribution of 35,000 pamphlets in Fatima denouncing the recent oecumeniacal event, whose purpose was to begin the conversion of the shrine into a pantheistic temple. This cardinal is a master of cramming numerous heresies into a few answers.

M.J.C.F.: Your Eminence, I would like to have some precision. In your speech you said that "each religion when practiced with sincerity was leading to God." Yet Sister Lucy of Fatima in Os Apelos, commenting upon the First Commandment, says that "there is only one God who deserves our adoration; the other divinities are nothing, are worth nothing and can do nothing for us". How are we to reconcile those two visions of God?
Card. P.: But, my boy, such a vision is outmoded. What are those divinities Sister Lucy is talking about? We Christians, Muslims, Jews, we all have the same God. Of course, the faith must be Christocentric, but the other religions are in progress towards Christ; each is more or less advanced, that's all!
M.J.C.F.: Yet we do not have the same religion as the Muslims or the Jews. Then, how can one say we have the same God?
Card. P.: You know, I did a lot of studying when I was young. If you're a Christian, as you say you are, it's a question of culture, that's because you were taught so. For the Muslim, it's just the same.
M.J.C.F.: But, Your Eminence, how far will ecumenism go?
Card. P.: Each religion has something to teach you. Experience of other religions is very important, we've got a lot to learn from them....

The Cardinal then went away, pushing the young people aside without saying goodbye. The next day, the entrance was guarded by three people, and the young people of M.J.C.F. had to give two proofs of identity each, in order to be allowed inside. A presbyter then stayed behind them during the whole conference to assure that these M.J.C.F. young people did not ask any awkward questions.

As one reported stated, these young people only tried to engage the Cardinal in dialogue. They only hoped, the next day, to engage other members of the Congress in dialogue. But because they asked hard questions, based on perennial Catholic truth, they were pushed aside, silenced, and policed.

The reporter continued that it is clear from this exchange that the new oecumenical religion cannot handle an honest critic. It is a house of cards that collapses when it confronts the Catholic Faith of all time. So when the Church of the New Order claims that it is willing to "dialogue" with those who oppose the new "oecumenical spirit," the above interchange between the M.J.C.F. and Cardinal Policarpo gives us an idea of how this "dialogue" will proceed.

In fact, traditional Roman Catholics must understand that the time for dialogue is over. Over the last forty years we have been defrauded of our religion, coerced into a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service instead of the True Mass, and taught false doctrine, such as that what Pope Pius XI called the "darkness of Islamism" is now to be accepted as a nearly Christian religion. And when good Catholics protest the perversion of the New Order, they are calumniated, called "disobedient," not Catholic.

Well, we should be "disobedient" to false prelates. In fact, in Catholic morality, we must be "disobedient" to them, because they are, as St. Bridget described the pope of her time, "murderer of souls, more unjust than Pilate and more cruel than Judas." Now there's a woman who knew her Catholic theology and who called a spade a spade, even if it was the pope! "Obedience" to evil is not a virtue; it is a sin, most certainly when it is obedience to false doctrine and false worship, to sacrilege, blasphemy, and idolatry, such as the New Order shovels out.

No, Virginia, we don't "worship the same God" as the Mohammedans, the Buddhists, and the pagan Polynesians. If the pope wants to bend over to kiss the Koran, which contains blasphemies against the Most Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary and which commands murder of the "infidels," that is, Catholics, he will be judged for that, but the Catholic faithful certainly do not follow him. We can't. We answer to a higher authority.

December 29, 2003 - St. Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop & Martyr (Double)

Next Conclave to Formalize the Novus Ordo Schism?

From: Jim
Cardinal Martino

Renato Cardinal Martino, the Next Pope?
Calls for "Compassion" and "Pity" on Mass Murdrerer Saddam Hussein
A Bid to Win Votes from the Europeans?

As the time approaches for the next conclave, it seems apropos that TRADITIO offer some perspective on the papabili who are currently jockeying for position in the papal horse race. Given that they are almost to a man leftist or left-leaning clones of JPII, I would be interested in your perception of the next papacy and its prospects for the Traditional Movement.

With the packing of the College of Cardinals by the current pope, it would seem that those prospects are indeed bleak. Two outcomes seem virtually certain: one, the bandwagon for the canonization of JPII will be turned into a juggernaut within months of the new man's accepto; and two, the next pope will ensure the breakup of the Western Church and the advent of a new schism, which formalizes the Novus Ordo Schism of 1964.

I don't expect anything from the Novus Ordo Vatican at this time. It is clear that traditional Catholics cannot have anything to do with the Novus Ordo apparatus, whose goal is entirely the implementation of the New Order service and beliefs, which are not Catholic, but Protestant, Masonic, and Pagan.

A recent Washington Times article painted an honest picture (finally, even the secular press is getting the idea of how far the New Order apparatus has strayed from Roman Catholicism) about the next conclave. It said, in part:

A good indication of the leftist leanings of the cardinals is revealed by looking at one considered to be a right-winger. Among watchers of papal politics, Dionigi Cardinal Tettamanzi, the archbishop of Milan, is the most conservative of those considered to be papabile, which is what a cardinal with enough stature to be elected pope is called. Tettamanzi's record, however, is rather liberal. For example, a pastoral letter published by the cardinal's office downplayed the Catholic Church's condemnation of homosexual acts by equating them to heterosexual promiscuity outside of marriage. As far as moral theology, this is a major break from the church's traditional position that homosexuality is one of the gravest in a hierarchy of sins.
A run down the list of other cardinals considered to be papabile shows that the rest are even more to the left of the archbishop of Milan. For example, last week, Renato Cardinal Martino, who is president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, slammed the United States for treating a captured Saddam Hussein "like a cow," for whom he felt "compassion" and "pity." These statements were seen by some papal handicappers as improving his standing with the European vote.
In a decision that surprised Catholic lay people around the world, Church officials invited hip-hop singer Lauryn Hill to perform at a Vatican Christmas concert a week ago, during which she said some appalling things about the hierarchy. That the most powerful leaders in the Catholic Church would sponsor and attend a hip-hop concert speaks volumes about the tendencies of those who will choose the next pope.

Traditional Catholics cannot, in good conscience, accept some "compromise" from the New Order apparatus that allows the juggernaut of the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order to go right along destroying souls if we get a "little corner" for ourselves with some kind of spurious "indult," broad or narrow. The New Order sect must be purged. It may take some time for that to happen, but in the meantime we have the true Mass, Sacraments, and Faith, and we must hold fast to them like all previous generations of Roman Catholics.

December 28, 2003 - The Holy Innocents, Martyrs (Double of the Second Class)

The Date of Christmas

From: Fr. Moderator

The internal evidence in Scripture seems to indicate a date around spring, when the shepherds would be tending their flocks at night. The date of December 25 is a conventional date for the liturgical celebration of the event. No official reason has been handed down in ecclesiastical documents for the choice of this date. There are basically three theories on the origin of the date.

  1. Some early Church Fathers and writers claimed that December 25 was the actual date of Christ's birth. St. John Chrysostom held this opinion and used it to argue for the introduction of the date, used at Rome, into the Eastern Church. However, it was expressly stated at Rome that the actual date of the Savior's birth was unknown and that different traditions prevailed in different parts of the world.

  2. Since Scripture calls the Messias the "Sun of Justice" (Malachias 4:2), it was argued that His birth had to coincide with the beginning of a new solar cycle; that is, He had to be born at the time of the winter solstice. A confirmation of this opinion was sought in the Scriptures, by way of reckoning six months from the annunciation of St. John the Baptist (which was assumed to have happened on September 24) and thus arriving at March 25 (the Feast of the Annunciation) as the date of the Incarnation. Nine months later, on December 25, would then be the birthday of the Lord.
  3. Also, according to a very old tradition, the calendar date of Christ's passion was taken to be March 25. This day was also taken to be the date of His Incarnation, i.e., the Annunciation. The oldest surviving Roman prayer-book labels the day "The Annunciation and Passion of our Lord." It seems, then, that the date of Christmas, December 25, was computed from the traditional date of the Annunciation and was computed from the traditional date of the Annunciation and was not dependent upon the pagan festival of Sol Invictus (see below).

  4. The choice of December 25 was influenced by the fact that the Romans, from the time of the emperor Aurelian (275), had celebrated the feast of the sun god (Sol Invictus: the Unconquered Sun) on that day. December 25 was called the "Birthday of the Sun," and great pagan religious celebrations of the Mithras cult were held throughout the empire. What was more natural than that the Christians celebrate the birth of Him Who was the "Light of the World" and the true "Sun of Justice" on this very day? The popes seem to have chosen December 25 precisely for the purpose of inspiring the people to turn from the worship of a material sun to the adoration of Christ the Lord. Another common explanation is that Christmas was set during the Roman winter festival of the Saturnalia, in honor of the ancient god Saturn. There is good evidence that Christmas was being celebrated by Christians before the conversion of Constantine and that the date of Christmas was based not on the date of the festival of Mithras, but on a very old Christian tradition about the date of Christ's Passion and the Annunciation.

The oldest surviving calendar of the Roman Church, dating from 354, organizes the whole church year around Christmas -- unusual if the feast had been newly introduced only forty years before. Furthermore, St. Augustine, writing at the beginning of the 5th century, mentions that the Donatists refused to celebrate Epiphany along with the other Christian Churches -- but not that they refused to celebrate Christmas.

Now, the Donatists thought that the rest of the Christian churches were entirely too liberal and lax, and that (after Constantine) the Church's friendly relations with the Emperor were a pact with the devil. It is extremely unlikely that they would have adopted a pagan feast (if Christmas is such) just because Constantine said so and the bishop of Rome was doing it. Hence, it is very probable that Christmas was being observed in North Africa before the Donatist schism in 303 and probably well back into the third century.

That festival, in fact, had been instituted by the emperor Aurelian only in 274. It is probable that, rather than Christmas having been instituted by the Christians in imitation of the pagan festival, Aurelian instituted his festival to counteract the appeal of Christianity, as sun-worship generally was an attempt to provide a pagan "monotheism" to compete with Christianity.

So, although it has sometimes been said that the Nativity is only a "Christianized pagan festival," the Christians of the early centuries were keenly aware of the difference between the two festivals -- one pagan and one Christian -- on the same day. The coincidence in the date, even if intended, does not make the two celebrations identical. Some newly converted Christians who thoughtlessly retained external symbols of the sun worship on Christmas day were "immediately and sternly reproved by their religious superiors, and those abuses were suppressed." Proof of this fact are the many examples of warnings in the writings of Tertullian (third century) and the Christian authors of the fourth and fifth centuries, especially the sermons of St. Augustine (430) and Pope Leo (461).

December 27, 2003 - St. John, Apostle & Evangelist (Double of the Second Class)

New Evidence: "Silent Night" Composed by Catholic Priest

From: Fr. Moderator

A recent discovery proves that a Catholic priest, Joseph Mohr (1792-1848), not Franz Gruber, was the original composer of what the English-speaking world knows, through its translation by John Young (1820-1885), as "Silent Night". The original manuscript is dated 1816 and is the only one existing which bears Fr. Mohr's handwriting. Discovered in 1995, it lead to a complete reinterpretation of the carol's origin.

Joseph Mohr was ordained in 1815 and was sent as a curate to his first parish in Maria-pfarr. In Mariapfarr, the Mass on Christmas Eve included German singing and folk instruments, as well as the usual Latin litany. It made a deep impression on Fr. Mohr and inspired him to write in 1816 his own carol, which is known in English-speaking countries as "Silent Night, Holy Night."

It was two years latter, on Christmas Eve 1818, Fr. Mohr was able to perform Silent Night, Holy Night publicly for the first time, with Franz Xavier Gruber in the St. Nikolas Church in Oberndorf, playing the lute, since the organ was inoperative.

Sancta nox, placida nox!
Nusquam est ulla vox;
Par sanctissimum vigilat,
Crispo crine quieti se dat
Puer dulcissimus,
Puer dulcissimus.

Sancta nox, placida nox!
Certior fit pastor mox
Angelorum alleluia;
Sonat voce clarissima
Iesus salvator adest,
Iesus salvator adest.

Sancta nox, placida nox!
Nate Dei, suavis vox
Manat ex ore sanctissimo,
Cum is nobis auxilio,
Christe, natalibus,
Christe, natalibus.

December 26, 2003 - St. Stephen, Proto-martyr (Double of the Second Class)
Complete Friday Abstinence

Christmas Carols

From: Fr. Moderator

Carols have actually been around for a very long time. While a first-century Roman bishop St. Telesphorus is often credited with introducing the custom of celebrating Christmas with songs, the word "carol" derives from the mediaeval Latin carolare, a ring dance accompanied by singing.

There are examples of "carolare" with words as early as the year 348. The first of these was attributed to the Christian Roman poet, Aurelius Prudentius. St. Jerome wrote that carols were in use during fifth-century Christmases. By 1223 St. Francis and his brethren were singing carols at their first life-size representation of the nativity scene (creche).

In England, the carolare took the form of a number of short stanzas of verse, usually four lines, followed by a shorter "burden," later called a chorus or refrain repeated after each verse. Soloist usually sang the verses, while townsfolk joined in for the burdens as they danced in chain or circle patterns. "What Child Is This?", "The Coventry Carol," "God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen," and "I Saw Three Ships" date at least from Renaissance times, perhaps earlier, as does Germany's "Lo, How a rose" and France's "The Holly and the Ivy."

Also among these are Handel's "Joy to the World" and Mendelssohn's "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," as well as Richard Willis' "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," the Rev. Lewis Redner's "O Little Town of Bethlehem," and "Silent Night," written in Austria Fr. Joseph Mohr on a cold, snowy Christmas Eve in 1816. A number of popular carols remain anonymous, like "Adeste Fideles," identified variously as deriving from a Latin hymn of Portugal or Wade's Cantus Diversi.

The popular Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was written in England during the persecution (1558-1820), when the Roman Catholic Faith could not openly be practiced. It is actually a catechism song for young Catholics with different levels of meaning. The hidden meanings of the song's gifts were intended to help children remember the lessons of their Faith.

"Twelve Days":  Christmas to Epiphany.
"My True Love":  God the Father.
"Me":  every baptised soul.
"Partridge":  Jesus Christ, symbolically presented as a mother partridge, 
which feigns injury to decoy predators from her helpless nestlings.
2nd day:  the Old and New Testaments.
3rd day:  the theological virtues:  Faith, Hope, and Charity.
4th day:  the four Gospels.
5th day:  the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible), telling of man's 
fall from grace.
6th day:  the six days of Creation.
7th day:  the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.
8th day:  the eight Beatitudes.
9th day:  the nine fruits of the Holy Ghost (as listed in Galatians 5:22-23).
10th day:  the Ten Commandments.
11th day:  the eleven faithful Apostles.
12th day:  the twelve articles of the Apostles Creed.

Also during the time of persecution in England, an 18th-century English candy maker decided to make a candy commemorating Christmas. The candy cane represents a shepherd's staff and upside down is the letter commencing the Holy Name of Jesus. It is made of white candy to represent purity with three red stripes for the Trinity and one large red stripe for Our Lord's blood later shed.

December 25, 2003 - Nativity of Our Lord (Double of the First Class)

Apparuit gratia Dei Salvatoris nostri omnibus hominibus.

For the grace of God our Savior hath appeared to all men. (Titus, 2:11/DRV)

December 24, 2003 - Vigil of the Nativity
Fast & Complete Abstinence (May Optionally Be Transferred to December 23)

Mother Theresa Beatified in Pagan Rites

From: Cornelia
Cardinal Lourdusamy

Archbishop Lourdusmay
A Pagan in a Cardinal's Costume

It was a triumphant day for paganism. It was October 19th, 2003, and in front of an audience of millions (courtesy of television), Mother Teresa of Calcutta was allegedly beatified in a Hinduized papal Mess in St. Peter's Square.

The seeds of this false worship were sown back in 1969 by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India and the chairman of its Liturgy Commission, Archbishop Lourdusamy of Bangalore. Briefly, in the name of inculturation, and with much subterfuge, Lourdusamy incorporated twelve Hindu gestures and rituals into the Sacrifice of the Mass, thus effectively Hinduizing it. Yet, since the pantheistic hodge-podge was termed "Indianization" instead of "Hinduization," and a means of "adapting the Indian peoples' own way of expressing reverence and worship to God the Father and to Our Lord Jesus Christ," it received approval from the Hannibal Bugnini within ten days.

In 1963, Vatican II's Constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium (nos. 37-40) approved inculturated liturgies, but the Traditional Latin Mass could not be paganized because Latin, as noted by Pope Pius XII, was "an effective safeguard against the corruption of true doctrine." Inculturation must involve the language of a particular culture. On April 3, 1969, Paul VI, violated the Catholic dogma against the heresy of vernacularization, decreed infallibly by the Council of Trent and, acting invalidly and beyond his authority, published the New Order Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service.

Twelve days later, on April 15th, Archbishop Lourdusamy personally performed the Hinduized "Mass," with its occult mantras and idolatrous rituals, for New Order Vatican officials, including Freemason Father (later Archbishop) Hannibal Bugnini, who accepted it and began the syncretization of New Order worship. The goal of syncretism is the one-world government of the Masonic New World Order.

But for a New Order service incorporating pagan rites to be accepted by the universal New Order sect, it would require papal collusion. The Hinduizers needed a man in the Vatican, and they found him: JP-II's Master of Ceremonies since 1987, Archbishop Piero Marini. His credentials for actually Hinduizing a papal Mess would stem from his being personal secretary to Archbishop Bugnini, the prelate who conspired with Lourdusamy permission to Hinduize the Mass in India. Marini is personally responsible for "creative" papal Messes. He does not seem to see the Mass as the Sacrifice of Calvary, but as a "celebration" planned "with a view toward the result one wants to obtain." For him, the celebration is "acting upon a stage. Liturgy is also a show."

The dry run for Mother Teresa's beatification was the JP-II's Mess in New Delhi in November 1999. Secular news reports stated that the event was "laced with Hindu [not Indian] symbolism" and involved "traditional temple rituals." Indeed, with papal acceptance, the podium, altar, decorations, vestments, the Mass, and speeches were all linked to Diwali, the Hindu "Festival of Lights" being celebrated that day. Equating Christ with this idolatry in which cows receive special adoration as incarnations of the goddess Lakshmi is blasphemy and pantheism, the heresy condemned by the Roman Catholic Church, because pantheism teaches that God is one with the universe, falsehood with truth, evil with good.

Hindu rituals were also incorporated in the Novus Ordo service at the beatification Mass of Mother Teresa. Cardinal Lourdusamy, chief architect of Hinduizing the Church in India, was a co-celebrant with JP-II at the Hinduized Mess of Beatification. The EWTN cable network, which carried the service in the United States with one Msgr. Wren and Raymond Arroyo attempted to tranquilize viewers into accepting paganism as a nice cultural touch. (The EWTN network is not Catholic, but an obvious promoter of the New Order heresy.)

It is of note that Mother Teresa's beatification was rammed through the objection that Mother Teresa was pushing the same Hindu syncretism that Lourdusamy was pushing with the cooperation of the New Order Vatican. The Vatican refused to hear contrary testimony -- a violation of the Church's well-established procedures for beatification and canonization. Moreover, the Vatican could scrape up only one apparently spurious "miracle" for her beatification, which was denied by the Catholic doctors who were at her bedside. Again, the Vatican refused to hear testimony from the doctors.

Thank goodness that in the Providence of God, the Church's principal theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, has held that even canonizations are not infallible when they are based on errors of fact, and the New Order Church has used that theology to demote St. Christopher, St. Barbara, St. Philomena, and others. Traditional Catholics can apply the same rationale to suspend acceptance of the Vatican II "saints" (and certainly "blesseds"), until the hierarchy of the Church returns fully to the Roman Catholic Faith. (Adapted from CFN)

December 23, 2003 - St. Thomas, Apostle (Double of the Second Class),
Transferred from December 21

Vatican Keeps Mohammedan Dirty Secret

From: Fr. Moderator

You won't hear it from the New Ordo Vatican, which preaches a oecumania, nor will you hear it from this pope, who kisses the blasphemous Koran, but in fact the Mohammedans today are imprisoning and killing Christians, just for being Christian.

Most recently, more than 20 Egyptian Christians were arrested in Egypt, and human-rights groups said that the arrests were retaliation because most of them were converts from Mohammedanism. While it is not technically illegal for Mohammedans to convert to Christianity in Egypt, "apostates" are often arrested on other charges in an attempt at intimidation and to force them to renounce their new Christian faith.

The first arrests occurred on October 21, when two converts to Christianity, a husband and wife, were arrested, interrogated, beaten, tortured, and raped. This couple and the others were lucky. Mohammedan Sharia law provides that apostates from Mohammedanism should be executed, their marriages annulled, and their children and property confiscated. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Sudan all require the death penalty for apostasy.

So much for this "peaceful" religion of Mohammed, a murderous prophet-general. So much for criticism of the Holy Crusades, which only tried to protect free travel to the Holy Land and to prevent the Infidels from capturing and holding for ransom Christian travelers. It appears that rather than apologize for the Holy Crusades, we should conclude that the Crusaders and their popes knew exactly what they were doing, as proven by the spectre of the conquering Infidel persisting into the present day.

It was Cicero who said: "To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child." One cannot be ignorant of the menace of Mohammedanism and its four major attempts to conquer Catholic Europe by force. And shame on this pope for defaming his courageous predecessors by pandering to vicious Mohammedanism.

December 22, 2003 - St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin (Double of the Second Class)

Beware of False Prophets

From: Michael

Dear Father Moderator:

Did you see or hear anything about the PBS special recently shown, titled Jews and Christians: a Journey of Faith? It was a very harsh attack on Christianity -- just in time for Christmas. Shame on the Protestant theologians at Harvard supporting such a program. What traitors! I hope no Catholics took part, but I could not tolerate watching more than five minutes.

Fr. Moderator Replies:

No, I make it a point not to watch any of those television programs. PBS is bad; even the History Channel doesn't do a much better job on these topics. I would much rather read the original sources of the early Church (and there are, fortunately, many of them), in the original languages, in the context in which they were written, not some post-Vatican II "spin" of them.

Television is not an accurate medium for historical information. It is not able to capture the subtleties of the scholarly arguments and evidence, and it typically puts a "P.C." spin on the information. Also, television goes for the "shock value": Christ was married, Mary was not a virgin, Christ had biological brothers. Remember the scam earlier this year about James, the "brother of Christ," supposedly proven by that ossuary, which turned out to be a fake?

One must be very careful too about internet sources. People often ask: where can I find such-and-so theological issue on the internet? My answer is: don't use the internet. If you want to do real research, you still have to:

  1. know what you're doing
  2. know the underlying theological concepts
  3. know the original languages
  4. use the early source materials

The internet may occasionally be useful for commentary, when written by an experienced, knowledgeable person, whose record is there for all to see, but not for the subtleties of theological issues.

And be very careful about alleged "translations." Much of this source material cannot really be translated; it can be understood accurately only in the original because of technical terminology and concepts. Would you pick up a medical textbook and try to operate on someone? Of course not. There is an English translation of an incomplete and idiosyncratic doctrinal compilation (originally edited many years ago by Henricus Denziger) being sold around now that is full of translation errors.

Moreover, it amazes me how many people will accept uncritically rumors and gossip on the internet as fact. An internet site comes up with a crazy story to slander a traditional priest or layman, and the reader falls for it, demanding a defense from the person slandered, rather than damning the slanderers!

It turns out that most of these people are Novus Ordinarians posing as "traditional." There is even one character who haunts the internet -- a defrocked Benedictine monk with a hatred of all traditional priests. That is why TRADITIO never deals with such "when did you stop beating your wife" questions about anybody. It just gives erroneous credibility to ignorant people who can't counter the traditional arguments, so they resort to personal slander in their malice.

The same warning goes for so-called internet "chat rooms." I have received endless complaints from TRADITIO participants that when they have participated in chat rooms and tried to give the traditional perspective, they have been booted off. The Novus Ordo, and even some fringe traditional groups, do not want to allow different opinions on the part of the "chatters." So, my advice is to stay away entirely from religious "chat rooms," even when they purport to be "traditional."

December 21, 2003 - Fourth Sunday of Advent (Semidouble)

'Twas the Night of the Clutter [of the New Order]

From: Michael
Night of Clutter

I thought that your readers might enjoyed my attempts to puke fun at the New Order with my own take-off on 'Twas the Night before Christmas.

            'Twas the Night of the Clutter, and all through the church
            Not a creature was kneeling, leaving Christ in the lurch.
            The banners were hung from the sterile walls with care,
            In hopes that it pleased man in that space over there.

            We sprang to our senses, disturbed by all the clatter;
            Why have so many forgotten what really matters?
            We strove to seek how this all could have taken place, 
            Of just why the liturgy so drastically changed its face.

            Novus Ordinarians were nestled all snug in their seats,
            In hopes the Presbyter wouldn't forget to bless the wheat.
            He usually did that right along with the wine, 
            For he assumed to offer them together was fine.

            When in the Missale Romanum 'twas not hidden
            To always go by the book -- all else was forbidden.
            To alter anything that would change the Holy Mass
            Would result in a new rite that is really quite crass.

            The moon 'neath Mary's heel was invaded by Satan,
            Lurking in the darkness the devil was waitin'
            To enter the sanctuary after many decades at last;
            The Leonine prayers were gone.  The die was cast.

            With Paul's blessing eight architects of the New Order
            Ignored the wisdom of past pontiffs and conciliar borders.
            They tweaked and tinkered to please the Protestant, 
            Forgetting the absolute warning issued at Trent.

            To change anything would "incur the wrath of God,"
            Meant nothing to Bugnini and the periti who trod
            On sacred traditions and the Sacraments so divine;
            A new day was dawning, no need now to toe the line.

            Enabled by the jolly Pope John and Paul VI - no Pio Nono,
            Certain prelates warned and cried "Please!  Oh, No! No!"
            From Ottaviani to Lefebvre to Siri, too,
            Those clinging to the Traditions were few.

            In marched Lucifer, a haze of smoke he did show.  
            How could anyone back then be expected to know
            What was planted in the minds of gullible people?
            Time to renovate the altar -- take down the steeples.

            Move the tabernacle out, the communion rail, too.
            Then face the crowd and circle around like a zoo
            Statues and devotions are passe, old icons must go.
            Thus overnight the sanctuary was transformed.  Oh woe!

            The Saints no longer twinkled, so barren were the walls.
            The nave was so gutted, but that was not all.
            Soon gender meant nothing as they all rushed
            To take the presbyter's role, "Collegiality!" they gushed.

            Neo-Catholics sprang to their feet, kicking out the kneelers,
            Embracing the New Mess as daring free-wheelers.
            Away from sound doctrine the post-conciliar Church flew,
            Leaving flocks of wondering sheep so confused in the pew.

            From pastor to bishop, and yes, the pope, too,
            Continued the course of change begun in sixty-two.
            A closing of eyes, a twist of words, and it all lead
            To the fact that we truly had something to dread.

            Ecumenism was the mask to qualify globalization.
            Though most Catholics were numb to the liberalization.
            They spoke many words, ambiguity ruled the works, 
            Filling minds with half-truths.  Powerful were the perks.

            Perpetual adoration gave way to perpetual commotion,
            All are presiders -- even offering their own special potion,
            As they belt out songs once considered so profane.
            A community celebrating self.  Truly insane!

            "Damn the torpedoes," many cried, "full speed ahead!"
            "Forget the altar -- we'll eat at the table instead."
            They could do whatever they wanted in this New Rite;
            Now reverence and silence are gone.  Noise rules each site.

            They flood the aisles to receive the host and cup all in rote,
            A half hour of confessions each week, "It's enough!" they quote.
            Mortal sin!  What is that?  Truly they have no clue.
            The absolute truths have been hidden from their view.

            Everything has been condensed in the New "Mass"
            The saints wouldn't recognize it.  We, too, shall pass.
            If only forty years ago we could see how this new innovation
            Would scatter and confuse souls from every single nation.

            More rapid than vultures Paul's "wish" became law; 
            And the longer he lived, he regretted the mess he saw.
            Yet instead of returning to the Latin Mass so true,
            He continued the course which the faithful would rue.

            So the abuses were unleashed from then until now;
            Those out to destroy the Church, oh, they would furl your brow.
            Now, Modernists!  Now, Liberals!  Now, Feminists and Freemasons!
            Now, Heathens!  Now, Atheists!  Now, Progressivists! They hasten.

            To the top of the Church, to the tops of sees all,
            They sought so vigorously to tear down the wall
            That few realized the wreck-o-vation is continuous.
            Dash away!  Dash away!  They cry, steely and sinuous.

            Once Latin was the official universal tongue.
            Then Babel was rebuilt on the theories of Jung.
            Psycho-babble slithered in so humans could be free
            To force "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity."

            Yes, the French Revolution invades once more;
            This time within Holy Mother Church it does bore.
            What was wrong and sinful in the past is now okay.
            What was right and virtuous is considered passe.

            Tradition is looked upon as dying on the vine.
            "Soon it will be long gone.  Victory will be mine,"
            Smirk egos who've managed to bury it so deep,
            Not realizing Our Lord's charge of thy brother you keep.

            As dry leaves that before the infernal bonfire burn,
            When truth is compromised, few on this course will learn
            That the more absolutes are diminished and put aside,
            The faster and more easily on the road to hell souls will slide.

            And then, in a twinkling, it started to occur
            That only a Remnant of the faithful were sure
            Of the unchangeable teachings of the True Church, 
            For so many stubbornly refused the need to research.

            For the long night of the clutter does poison and falter
            The truths taught for twenty centuries on the holy altar.
            To convince all that one Faith was as good as the next,
            They did this quite handily by changing the text.

            From changing the Consecration of the Holy Sacrifice
            By the mere words "pro multis" to "for all" they did entice
            Many to let down their guard and allow the devil in.
            Pretty soon few knew the difference between good and sin.

            And laying the traditions aside in hopes they'd be lost,
            They would do anything to cover-up, no matter the cost.
            The corruption has continued well past the Jubilee.
            Yet so many have been blinded, so few really see:

            That what today passes as the "Mass of the Roman Rite"
            'Tis merely a Protestant service for which Luther did fight.
            Please bring back the Traditional Mass, so tried and so true,
            Which St. Pius V decreed must be said in perpetuity, too!

            For Christmas truly to mean something, we must return
            To the teachings which before Vatican II we did learn.
            If it was right and proper for twenty centuries plus,
            Then why o'er the last four decades has there been so much fuss?

            Tis a question asked by those who seek true reverence, 
            Yet lo! they are treated as if they were in severance.
            Where in truth, to the Faith the faithful remnant cleave,
            While so many others from the orimacy of Peter do leave.

            And we can hear the Angels' words from Scripture so clear:  
            To have great care for souls who of God's wrath do not fear.
            On that silent night the Angels did exclaim on the hill:
            Glory to God in the highest...on earth peace to men of good will.

December 20, 2003 - Ferial Day - Ember Saturday
Fast and Partial Abstinence

Papal Flag to March in Masonic Parade

From: Fr. Moderator
Papal Flag

The Papal Flag to March in a Masonic Parade for the First Time in History
The Novus Ordo Is Substantially Based on Anti-Catholic Masonic Principles
Pope Paul VI Gave away the Papal Tiara to the U.N.
And No Post-Conciliar Pope Has Exercised the Authority of the Keys

The Melbourne Herald News reports that the papal flag, with the approval of Novus Ordo bishop Hilton Deakin, will be marched into a Masonic assembly by the Knights of the Southern Cross (like the Knights of Columbus in the United States), to be greeted by the Freemasons in their full regalia. It will be the first time anywhere in the world that the pope's flag has been carried into a Masonic assembly.

What a great event for the Church of the New Order! The "New Pentecost" pope can be publicly and graphically associated with the anti-Catholic Masonic organization, which has significantly contributed to the near demise of the Roman Catholic Church and its replacement by the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Church of the New Order. Abp. Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the New Order, was a Freemason, being finally exiled to Iran by Pope Paul VI, when that fact could no longer be denied. There, in 1980, he is said to have betrayed American hostage secrets to the Iranian ayatollahs.

The chairman of the Knights, Colin Walsh, admits: "I'm taking a bit of heat on it, surprisingly from some younger members." But, in good New Order fashion, that won't stop his juggernaut for Masonism. But note carefully: the old guard, which has sold out its Roman Catholic Faith, is now being replaced by the young, post-Vatican II generation, which has seen what the New Order has done to destroy the Faith. They are the ones who aren't going to put up with this Novus Ordo nonsense. When the Colin Walshes are no longer on the scene, there is hope, therefore, that the Knights will dump the Masonic New Order and return to Roman Catholicism.

December 19, 2003 - Ferial Day - Ember Friday
Fast and Complete Friday Abstinence

A Light that Walked in the Darkness

From: Robert
Original Oakland Cathedral

LEFT: St. Francis de Sales Cathedral, Oakland, California
As It Looked before 1989

CENTER: St. Francis de Sales Cathedral, Oakland, California
As It Looked after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake
Truly Irreparable, or Just a Ploy to Replace It with a Novus Ordo Monstrosity?

RIGHT: Planned Novus Ordo Cathedral for Oakland, California
Looking Like a Metal Trash Heap
"In Full Accordance with the Liturgical Requirements of Vatican II"

I just saw this desecration in the local New Order diocesan newspaper of Oakland, California. The planned new cathedral is one of the ugliest "worship spaces" (to use the Novus Ordo term) that I have seen. No wonder: it is advertised to be "in full conformity with the liturgical requirements of Vatican II."

Why is this monstrosity going to be built in the first place? Because of supposed "irreparable damage" the original traditional cathedral sustained in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Was the original, traditional cathedral truly irreparable, even at the tune of the $131,000,000 that is going to be spent on the new cathedral? And what will the Novus Ordinarians of Oakland get for their $131,000,000? According to the architect, the "interplay of light is key to the design of new cathedral." I guess true worship is at the bottom of the list!

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Lies, lies, and more lies from Novus Ordo bishops.

Lie #1. The bishop's first lie was that the original cathedral could not be repaired, yet it is clear from the center photograph above that much of the external structure remained after the earthquake. Surely $131,000,000 would have be more than enough to restore the original cathedral.

The bishop's representative at the time stood before the damaged cathedral and said that the bishop wanted to turn the religious and historical site into a "mini-mall." This brings us to the real reason why the bishop probably wanted to raze the cathedral -- to get money. Is it possible that this bishop, who was known to be one of the most "liberal" bishops in the United States, needed clandestine money to pay off lawsuits?

Lie #2. The bishop's second lie was that the diocese didn't need a cathedral. He indicated at the time that another church in the city, situated next to the Novus Ordo chancery offices, would be quite adequate to serving the functions of a cathedral. He said that he could not morally justify spending a large amount of money building a new cathedral. I guess for that bishop, as for all the Novus Ordo bishops, morality is built on shifting sands of personal whim, not on Catholic principles. The bishop who before could not justify one dime on a new cathedral, can now justify $131,000,000?!

I'll bet that the example of the Los Angeles Taj Mahony cathedral, recently dedicated, played a part in this. Mahony, who had a perfectly good traditional and historical cathedral already, had it torn down over the opposition of his people (to whom, according to Vatican II, he's supposed to listen, remember?). In its place, he built a grotesque monstrosity, where visitors ignorantly throw coins into the baptismal "pool," where the side "tabernacle" looks like something from out of the horror movie Alien, and where nuns like pagan witches danced around the altar at the dedication.

The head of the Novus Ordo Los Angeles Archdiocese, was exposed as long ago as 1998, in a U.S. News & World Report feature for his protection scheme with funeral parlors so that he could wrest $50,000,000 to build his Taj Mahoney (which eventually cost $200,000,000). Fresh from this scheme, he came up with yet another ploy to get money for these Novus Ordo pagan temples: cathedral mausolea. He saw to it that there was a subterranean mausoleum in the cathedral so that prominent Novus Ordinarians would pay "big bucks" to be interred there. One of these was the late actor Gregory Peck. I can only imagine the "payoffs" going on to get a choice crypt location!

Lie #3. The donors are being told that this is a "Catholic cathedral." It's not. It is first and foremost a child of the Novus Ordo Schism of 1964, after which it will be named the "Cathedral of Christ the Light." This title was inspired by the Vatican II document Lumen Gentium (Light of the Gentiles). The Novus Ordo perverts the meaning of this term to some kind of fanciful oecumenism, whereas the term actually refers to the Christ of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, which brings the light of orthodox doctrine and practice of the New Covenant to unbelievers, both the Jews and the pagan nations.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee admits that this is a building dedicated to the Novus Ordo Schism: "It will be oecumenical in practice, embracing interaction with all faiths to encourage understanding among all." But bringing the light of Christ's Church and Faith to unbelievers? Absolutely not!

In the matter of the Oakland cathedral, the only "good guys" were the Protestants. In 1989 they were horrified that the Novus Ordo bishop would want to destroy an historic church that meant so much to Oakland. They offered repair money to the bishop. He wouldn't have it; he persisted in his "mini-mall" idea. The Protestants even went to court to try to save the traditional cathedral for the city, on historical grounds. The bishop fought them tooth and nail in court, just as is currently the bishop of Rockland, the archbishop of Chicago, and, I'm sure, other places around the United States and the world, where bishops are trying to destroy our traditional heritage of churches.

And why not? The record is clear. These Novus Ordo bishops are vandals, Philistines, and barbarians, who have no sense of true Catholic art or architecture, let alone Roman Catholic "liturgy." The plans for this new cathedral are just another proof of that. Thank you, Robert, for bring this new desecration to the attention of our hundreds of thousands of readers around the world.

Pope Hoisted by His Own Petard: New Vatican Sits Mute

From: Fr. Moderator
Goddess of Hip Hop

Lauryn Hill, "Goddess of Hip Hop," Dressed in Her "Medusa" Look
Chastises the Pope's New Order in His Own Hall

Even if it is the devil telling the truth, the truth is still the truth. It seems that some "punk" singer named Lauryn Hill, billed as the "Goddess of Hip Hop," duly chastised the pope and his prelates in the same chamber, where he holds his general audiences. On December 14 Hill on December 14 called on the top Vatican cardinals and bishops present for a Christmas Concert to "repent" of the abuses they had suborned.

What goes around, comes around. JP-II, aptly called the "Rock Pope" for his statements commending vile "rock music," has now been dressed down in his own auditorium. And why not? He opened the door to the immorality in the first place. And note that the "top Vatican cardinals and bishops present" were there not to hear the Catholic Gregorian chant or Sacred Polyphony of Advent, but to a "hip hopper" and "rapper."

But the dirty secrets of the New Order hierarchy are becoming more and more exposed to the world. As Hill pointed out in her diatribe:

God has been a witness to the corruption of his leadership, of the exploitation and abuses.

"Corruption of leadership" (Hill), "a criminal organization" (Gov. Keating) -- the evidence is mounting that even the Novus Ordinarians are catching onto the fact that these scandals are not just some bureaucratic "misstep" that can be hidden under bishops committees, but a deep and lethal cancer in the Novus Ordo hierarchy itself. Based on a false Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order, this hierarchy is destined for a fall.

In a way it is ironic that Hill should have used the pope's own pulpit to chastise the immorality of his pontificate. After all, isn't this JP-II, the Do-Nothing pope -- at least when it comes to traditional Catholic morality? Oh, yes, he travels around the world "performing" Messes in horse-tracks and sports stadia, but when it comes to speaking out about Catholic morality, he is nowhere to be found.

In fact, instead of disciplining his errant cardinals and bishops, he had tea with them in the papal library! If he chooses not to speak out and not to enforce ecclesiastical discipline, Catholic moral theology would hold him equally guilty in the evil consequences. The driver of the get-away car for the robbery in which people are killed is just as subject to the death penalty as those who did the actual killing.

Far from the fawning sycophancy exhibited by so many "conservatives" and Novus Ordinarians, this pope, whose actions have fallen far short of Christian justice, should be duly chastised, as Paul chastised Peter before the Apostles for his erroneous teaching in contravention of Apostolic doctrine.

December 18, 2003 - Ferial Day

Fear Not; for, Behold, I Bring You Tidings of Great Joy

From: Theresa, Our Correspondent in Paris
St-Nicolas du Chardonnet

Eglise St-Nicolas du Chardonnet, Paris
Reclaimed from the New Order by Traditional Catholics

I wanted to give TRADITIO readers my eyewitness report from Paris on the successful battle for traditional Catholics to keep control of St-Nicolas du Chardonnet in Paris. Because of the nature of French law, the people can constructively take possession of essentially abandoned churches, and the Novus Ordo bishops have no really power to do anything about it. It was in consequence of this principle that in 1977, traditional Catholics, fed up with the Novus Ordo, seized l'Église St-Nicolas du Chardonnet.

Efforts have been and are being made to reclaim other churches from the Novus Ordo for traditional Roman Catholicism in the same fashion. It is unfortunate that U.S. laws allow pretender Novus Ordo bishops to wrest church properties away from good Catholics, whose money has built them, only to turn them into pagan temples of the New Order.

After 16 years of successfully maintaining the Traditional Latin Mass, Sacraments, and Faith outside the control of the Leftist French Novus Ordo bishops, this year, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, with the urging and support of the Green Party and various other political manipulators, illegal aliens living here in Paris invaded St-Nicolas du Chardonnet, bastion of Catholic tradition in France. While the police blocked entrance into the church, those of us who arrived for the noonday Traditional Latin Mass gathered outside and worried about the outcome.

It is common practice here for illegals, usually Mohammedans, to "occupy" a Catholic Church (never a mosque) for several days, get media coverage, and demand immediate regularization of their status. You can imagine the profanations, filth, and wreckage they leave behind.

Inside, the Missa Cantata in honor of Our Lady went on as planned, with about 50 parishioners who found themselves in the church at the time of the takeover. Outside, a man wearing the banner of the French Republic stood across the street from us, on the police side, and smirked. An English couple remarked to me about how that one man seemed so sure of himself in the face of numerous Christians. The English couple pulled rosaries out of their pockets and invited me to join them. We started praying first in English, then in Latin, as more French joined in. Shortly afterwards a traditional priest came outside to organize a group prayer of the rosary.

After about six hours of occupation, the illegals left of their own will, with police escort, excusing themselves to the people inside. They said that they had been manipulated, especially by the representative of the Green Party, into thinking that they could "squat the squatters" as he told them. They did no damage, and cleaned up after themselves before leaving. Media crews were around during the afternoon, but since there was no violence, with only Catholics and other bystanders peacefully praying, the incident was not shown on the news. The smirking man with the banner of the Republic disappeared. I believe we were blessed in that this time the illegals were mainly Asian and African.

Maybe Our Lady gave them special graces during the Mass they witnessed that will lead them to the True Faith. Father, I know this message is long and that you are very busy. I just wanted to encourage you in your fight for the True Church. We do win now and then!

Novus Ordo Sickness

From: Carlos

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I heard a news report this morning that the Novus Ordo bishop of X commanded the use of only communion in the hand in the diocese. Why? Because of the flu going around. Convenient, isn't? Only fear of disease frightens these people and not the fear of the Lord. Not only do they change doctrine and practice with the changing times, but also with the change of disease.

Fr. Moderator Replies:

So, the filthy hands of the Novus Ordinarians, who have picked their noses, scratched their rear ends, blown their noses, scratched their head dandruff, and engaged thoughtlessly in other unsanitary practices, are "clean"? What a joke!

I can't speak for the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service (nobody can!), so I don't know what the "Eucharistic ministers" do. However, in the traditional Mass, the priest is directed to wash his hands before beginning the pre-vesting prayers, then to wash them again with the vesting prayer Da, Domine, virtutem manibus meis, and then to wash them again at the Lavabo. Those hands then touch only the clean altar linens and the sacred vessels.

These Novus Ordo bishops are so duplicitous. Just a while ago they were trying to put over the novel practice of drinking the juice from the chalice, claiming that (if it were wine) the common chalice would be disinfected by the alcohol. Sorry, folks, alcohol as dilute as that in wine is not going to kill all viruses and bacteria. In fact, the medical profession constantly warns people not to drink from the same vessel so as not to transmit all kinds of viral and bacterial infections. After all, wine turns to vinegar because of bacterial action; thus, it is clear that the alcohol in wine does not have enough disinfecting properties to protect itself from corruption.

Isn't it interesting that this Novus Ordo bishop didn't suppress "the cup" too? Oh, no, that would be too traditional! Better that people get sick following the corrupt Novus Ordo than stay healthy in body and soul with the scrupulously clean practices of the Traditional Latin Mass.

December 17, 2003 - Ferial Day - Ember Wednesday
Fast and Partial Abstinence

The People that Walk in Darkness

From: Fr. Moderator

Several of you have sent me articles recently written by "conservatives." These are not traditional Catholics, but "conservative" Novus Ordinarians, sometimes "Indultarians." Some of their recent articles have focused on the flaws of Vatican II.

Now it is good that these people are starting to see a glimmer of the true situation after all these years, but I must admit that these writers leave me cold. Yes, they, with their newly-found faith (most of them were former Protestants) can poke at the New Order problems, but they never take it anywhere. A big book with a similar topic was issued to some notoriety on this same topic a year or two ago, yet the material had already been treated by many others long before (let's start with Fr. DePauw in 1964, P.H. Omlor in 1967, and Fr. Wathen in 1971), but what does the last page say to do: nothing!

The message of these articles and books is always the same: lament, but obey the New Order. Sorry, that doesn't cut it. Would we tell a beaten woman: go back home and have yourself beaten up again? Would we tell a rape victim: go find your rapist for a reprise? Of course not. Yet the only advice these "conservatives" ever seem to come up with is to obey a pope who is the Arch-promoter of the New Order, obey the bishop who uses diocesan funds to deflower the faith and bodies of the innocent, and go to the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service since it is "approved" by the minions of the New Order. Horsefeathers!

This mentality is simply addle-brained. These writers don't have the guts to take a stand for Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. They are inclined to compromise, prevarication, and excuses. This is not the history of our Church. Our predecessors in the Catholic Faith had guts. They were the likes of St. Augustine, who took a public oath against the pope, saying he would not recognize him until he recanted his heretical actions. They were the likes of St. Athanasius, who refused to give up his Patriarchal See at the Arian-heretic pope's request, but went on the lam for years, until the heresy was toppled.

It is a Novus Ordo ploy to paint Christ as a pacifist, though neither his words nor his actions indicated pacifism, but engagement. He Himself said: "Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword" (Matthew 10:34/DRV). It is a Novus Ordo ploy to represent the Catholic ideal as Casper Milquetoast, whose Prime Directive is to obey, even when the obedience is to evil and corruption.

The time for words is over. We've had forty years of words since Vatican II and where has it gotten the Church? Do you understand all these words coming from the New Vatican? I don't. It seems that the more words are issued, the more confused the issues become. It was not that way before Vatican II. Words meant something, and Catholics knew exactly what they meant.

The New Words (in the vulgar tongues, of course) have led nowhere, but to a more and more ridiculous New Order. To a weak-kneed "indult," which even at that has been gutted. To more and more crime and corruption in the Novus Ordo clergy, not less. A catastrophic drop-off of vocations and Mass attendance, not an increase.

The time has come for the "conservative" foot-draggers who know just how bad things are to cut the cord with the New Order and revert uncompromisingly to the Roman Catholic Church -- to the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments, to the True Faith, wherever it may be found, even in the catacombs. Now there's something for these authors to write about!

December 16, 2003 - St. Eusebius, Bishop & Martyr (Semidouble)

The Bishops that Walk in Darkness

From: Fr. Moderator

And I get messages from "conservatives" who praise to the skies any Novus Ordo bishop who does anything (I guess these people are pretty desperate) that seems "indulty." Oh, I grant you, some of these Novus Ordo bishops put on a good "indult" show -- when it suits their purpose. But time and again, when it suits their purpose, they turn their backs. It's happened in San Diego, Phoenix, Trenton, Chicago, Boston -- too many places to name.

In San Diego, for example, there was a thriving traditional community in a beautiful church building, with the Traditional Latin Mass and Gregorian chant, with skyrocketing attendance. The bishop summarily shut it down; it was too successful. Eventually, the bishop there was persuaded to name a new site for the community. Thenceforth they would meet in the diocesan mausoleum, he said, "with the other dead people, where they belong with a dead liturgy."

And why should this be surprising? "Indult" Catholics, to the degree they're tolerated at all by Novus Ordo bishops, are placed in a ghetto -- a little puddle in the great ocean of the New Order, which is where 99% of the Novus Ordo bishops' efforts are focused. What would we say about a President of the United States who spent 99% of his time bolstering up the Russian economy, while his own was sinking to bankruptcy? Would we say that he was a "great American" -- or a traitor?

When such a bishop gets up on the floor of the U.S. Bishops Conference and says that henceforth he will be running his diocese like the late Bp. Meyer in Campos, with the entire diocese becoming Roman Catholic in faith and liturgy, I want all you "conservatives" to write me. Now, there's a story I want to cover!

December 15, 2003 - Octave Day of the Immaculate Conception (Double)

Again, I Say, Rejoice

From: Matthew
Mass in the Catacombs

Early Roman Catholics, if They Were Able to Hear Mass at All
Found It only in the Catacombs amidst the Decay of Cadavers;
Traditional Catholics of Today Are by Comparison Blessed

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I think the most difficult sin to resist these days is the sin of despair. After reading about the Novus Ordo Mess becoming a No-Mess, despair is all I could feel.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Despair is a sin. It is the vice that is the opposite of the theological virtue of Hope. Our Lord is giving us the opportunity to show our commitment to him and His True Faith, not falling pray to the New Order Facade Church. When everything is easy, Catholic zeal disappears, and, as St. Paul so graphically put it, our God becomes our belly. It is easy to see how this has happened in the New Order Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Church.

Rather, we should look with great hope to the Saints, particularly the Roman martyrs. 11,000,000 of these died over a period some 300 years -- more than double the number than died in the Nazi concentration camps. These were average people -- men and women, boys and girls, slaves and free. They came from all over the Roman empire: the Eastern provinces, Judaea, Greece, Northern Africa, Spain, Gaul, Italy.

They had to find a Mass, if they ever could, in the catacombs, the subterranean caves outside of Rome, where the stench of the decaying bodies buried there must have been overwhelming. They were tortured, butchered, decapitated, suffocated, garrotted, burned, and boiled in oil. They were used as playthings for the ferocious animals that the Roman emperors brought from all over the empire for the entertainment of the people. They were ripped to pieces by these animals.

Around these Holy Martyrs, great Rome as they had known it was falling before their eyes. Once known for its republican moral values and citizen-patriots, the Rome they now saw was falling to petty personal ambitions: Caesar vs. Pompey, Octavian vs. Antony. Even that wasn't so bad when Octavian became Augustus and brought the Pax Romana, the great Roman peace, that suffused the world. It was this Pax Romana that set the stage for the greatest chapter in human history, the Incarnation of the Prince of Peace. Scripture tells us that the two went hand in hand.

As the years went by, the high-mindedness of Augustus sank to the personal whims of a Nero, to the depravity of a Domitian, the madness of a Commodus. The Roman family, the basis of that society, with its head, the paterfamilias, gradually began to break down. The authority of the father was undermined. Even high-born women became little more than prostitutes engaged in multiple divorces, and after a time they did not bother with the trappings of marriage at all. Children became unmanageable. Gangs circulated in the streets of the Capital City. The society became captivated by astrology, mystery cults, Eastern religions. The sober-minded Roman state religion, from which Christianity was to draw so much of its ritual, was replaced by crazed Bacchanals.

Sound familiar? It should. The parallels between ancient Rome and modern America are uncanny.

Yet, the early Christians did not despair, but drew strength from all of this. As I say, 11,000,000 martyrs paid the price for their faith, but they did so willingly, desiring to show their love for Christ. They trusted that eventually faith in Christ and His Church would change the world. And they were right.

The quiet, dedicated faith of the Roman Martyrs changed the world. Who would have believed that a Church that suffered 11,000,000 deaths would survive? That the following of a little-known foreigner from a far-distant province could possibly stand against the power and might of the Roman emperors? But it did.

In 313 the Church came out of the catacombs and quickly became the Faith of the entire empire. Emperors, even the most powerful ones like Theodosius, yielded to the authority of the pope. Who would have believed it? Those Catholics did not despair. They were bigger men that we of the modern age are, we of such little faith. We who complain when we have to drive a little farther to get to the True Mass. We who are too weak to bear the taunts of the New Order.

How can it explained? Was it happenstance? No! The early Church writer, Tertullian, hit the nail on the head: "The blood of the martyrs was like the seed of the Faith." Without that willing sacrifice for Christ, without that committed faith of our predecessors, we would all now be Buddhist pagans or Mohammedan infidels or Hindu multi-armed goddess worshippers.

It is high time that traditional Catholics stopped complaining about what they don't have and thank the Lord passionately for what they do have. They have the Mass, while the Novus Ordo has an invalid cookie snack. They have the True Faith, while the Novus Ordo has no faith at all, except in itself and in the Mother Nature. We have the True Sacraments, while they have mere "blessings" of some watered-down kind. We have true priests and bishops, while they have "presbyters" and "eucharistic ministresses" and "lay leaders."

And we have all this while Novus Ordo bishops forswear their oaths to God and instead teach a New Faith. They lie, cheat, and steal, while the Novus Ordo parishioners pay for it. They corrupt the innocent like animals and justify their actions by power and obedience. They destroy our heritage of great churches like barbarians and justify their actions by power and obedience. They meet together like conspirators to conceal their crimes and show no contrition, no purpose of amendment.

Meanwhile, they rob the pockets of honest, if ignorant, Novus Ordo parishioners to pay for their crimes. They brainwash their parishioners so that they think they are obeying and doing right when their money is actually being spent to suborn rape and sacrilege. Even the barbarian Attila acted toward Pope Leo with more respect for the Faith than these Novus Ordo bishops do.

How blessed we traditional Roman Catholics truly are! The English recusants didn't have what we have. The French pioneers of the West didn't have what we have. The Japanese and Chinese didn't have what we have, and don't to this day. Most people around the world still do not have, nor have ever hand, what we traditional Catholics have now, even now.

We must watch ourselves carefully. For if we do not appreciate and thank God for what we do have, if we do not rejoice in the virtue of Hope, even what we have may be taken away -- not because God did it, but because we did it to ourselves.

December 14, 2003 - Third Sunday of Advent "Gaudete" (Semidouble)

From Mass to Mess to Nothing

From: Fr. Moderator

Okay, you Novus Ordinarians. Get ready for the next phase of the New Order Mess: the No-Mess.

In accordance with the "priestless Mess" resolutions that National Bishops Conferences, including those in Canada and the United States, have adopted, the next phase in the development of the Novus Ordo service will be the "Friendship Meal."

In this next phase, the Novus Ordo Mess will gradually be metamorphosed into an "intimate family-like meal, with hearty chunks of crusty bread, as well as wine, soup, other food, Scripture readings, and singing, in the absence of a presbyter." The idea is that this "Friendship Meal," or "Liturgy in the Absence of a Presbyter," would largely supplant the current Novus Ordo service.

One presbyter described the transmogrified service as follows. Martin Luther could not have expressed better the heresy of "consubstatiation":

It is important that the Christian community recognize lay people, lay people capable of inviting their brothers and sisters to join them around a table to share the bread of the Word and the physical bread. That bread becomes holy to the extent that it is shared. For the real presence is when we share bread together.

So, you Novus Ordinarians gave up the true Mass to get a ridiculous, invalid, fairyland Novus Ordo service, using tables as altars, decorated with balloons and pumpkins. Now, since you did not fight for the true Mass, you will end up with no Mass at all. That is only just. "God is not mocked."

December 13, 2003 - Sts. Hippolytus & Cassian, Martyrs (Simple)

Mel Gibson's Traditional Catholic Film Progresses - Update XXXV

From: Fr. Moderator
Carrying the Cross

Christ Carries the Cross from Gibson's The Passion of Christ
New Order Renders Itself "Passionless"

Zenit reports that on the on December 6-7 "several high-ranking Vatican officials" attended a private screening of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. The pope viewed the film on DVD.

What was upsetting was how impressions were disseminated. (Of course, the pope and the Vatican have no "infallibility" about movies. Their opinions are just as good as yours or mine.) The pope is alleged to have said: "It is as it was."

But a presbyter-spokesman, who was obviously coached (no Novus Ordinarian would remember so many biblical quotations off the top of his head!), tried to turn the matter into some puff piece for the New Order Church and the pope -- which Gibson has constantly and publicly castigated for its departure from Roman Catholicism.

When asked whether the film is faithful to the accounts in the New Testament, the presbyter quotes as an authority a Modernist, one Fr. Raymond Brown, a favorite "scripture scholar" with the New Order, who denies the Resurrection of Christ. The New Order allowed this man to disseminate the Modernist heresy at seminaries and lecture-halls around the world. No wonder the New Order can't get any presbyters any more!

Nor is there any real mention of the agency of the Jewish leaders in the whole affair. Only a reference to the Roman soldiers, who would not even have been in Judaea, had not the Jews been unable to keep themselves at peace. Obviously, the presbyter, who can quote Raymond Brown, can't quote St. Augustine, Father & Great Doctor of the Church.

Then we have the reference to JP-II's Ecclesia de Eucharistia, as if somehow it had inspired the film. Since Gibson has publicly rejected this pope's devastation of Roman Catholicism, I have my doubts that he even read the document, let alone agreed with its shameless promotion of the Novus Ordo service, together with the now infamous Novus Ordo error in misquoting the scriptural source of the formula of Consecration.

The presbyter says: "For many Catholics who see these images, Mass will never be the same." He conveniently passes over the fact that the Mass has not been the same since at least 1965, when the New Order apparatus butchered it into some kind of a Masonic-Protestant-Pagan doppelganger. No film of Gibson's, no matter how telling, can turn a TV table back into an altar, a presbyter back into a priest, a Mess service back into a Mass, a cookie back into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The presbyter even talks about "the liturgy," by which he means the Novus Ordo service, helping people to understand the Passion. I don't know where he's been (Rome not excepted), but the Passion of Christ has long ago been removed from that service. In many Novus Ordo churches there is no Crucifix. Novus Ordo funerals are festivals in white, not recollections of the Passion and Death of Christ in black. They don't even like to talk about Our Lord's Passion and Death. Ask a Novus Ordinarian the last time he heard a sermon preached on that topic!

The New Vatican, as usual, is quite sly. It knows that Gibson's film will be powerful. Therefore, it will "spin" the film to a Novus Ordo association, which its producer-director has publicly denied for almost forty years now.

December 12, 2003 - Sts. Cyriacus & Companions, Martyrs (Semidouble)
Complete Friday Abstinence

An Enchiridion of Novus Ordo Messes: The "Cardboard Box" Mess

From: Fr. Moderator
Cardboard Box Mess

Jesuit Presbyter Officiates at "Cardboard Box" Mess

The Jesuits have been the most problematic order in the Church. At one time Jesuit schools were the best; now they're a joke. The Jesuits went so far off the dime in the 18th century that the pope suppressed them for forty years. When they picked up guns and implemented "liberation theology" in Latin America in the 1960s, Pope Paul VI declared them personae non gratae at the Vatican.

Here we see a "Cardboard Box" Mess, held during the summer of 2002 at World Youth Day in Toronto, that disgusting Woodstock that the current pope engineered. Reports are that it is just as bad as the original Woodstock of the 1960s: drugs, sex, and blasphemy. The report from the Jesuit Conference was that this Jesuit presbyter: "made do with a borrowed Mass kit and a cardboard altar. We were located right beneath some speakers so we had difficulty hearing. I shouted the Mass parts out and our pilgrims shouted them back." So, dressed in some kind of white smock with an army-surplus hat, this "Fr. Bo Jangles" found some old TV box and held the Mess on it.

As I've said before, the Novus Ordo Mess isn't just invalid, it's ridiculous. Those Novus Ordinarians who scandalously attend any Novus Ordo Mess -- which was, remember, fabricated by a Freemason and six Protestant ministers, whether held on a cardboard box or not -- are just as ridiculous.

Here are a few of the Novus Ordo Messes previously documented in previous TRADITIO Commentaries (far from a complete list):

  1. "Bagel" Mess -- in which bagels are used as the invalid matter of the "sacrament"
  2. "Ballet" Mess -- in which young girls dressed for a ballet dance up the aisles of the church (St. Anthony Daniel Church, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, March 10, 2000)
  3. "Balloon" Mess -- in which balloons decorate the Novus Ordo "table" and the "outdoor sanctuary" (Sydney, Australia)
  4. "Barefoot" Mess -- in which teenagers sit around the Novus Ordo "table" in T-shirts, shorts, and bare feet (June 9, 2003)
  5. "Basketball" Mess -- in which the presbyter walks around the "Novus Ordo "table"" and the "sanctuary" bouncing a basketball while giving Mess play by play into a wireless microphone (Long Island, New York, May 2003)
  6. "Beach" Mess -- in which mess is held on the sand of a beach with the congregation dressed (actually partially undressed) in beach and swimwear
  7. "Bikers" Mess -- in which motorcyclists reclined on their "hogs" dressed in T-shirts and jeans, bandana head coverings, boots, and lots and lots of black leather (Holy Hill, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 30, 2003, "approved" by Abp. Dolan)
  8. "Black" Mess -- in which Satanic principles or forces are invoked
  9. "Black Culture" Mess -- in which Africans dressed in native skirts dance around the Novus Ordo "table" (Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony, May 10, 2003)
  10. "Candy" Mess -- in which candy is used for "communion"
  11. "Camouflage" Mess -- in which vestments of camouflage material, designed by a Lutheran minister, are used (Iraq, April 2003)
  12. "Cardboard Box" Mess -- in which Mess was said on a cardboard box (Summer 2002, Toronto, Canada, World Youth Day)
  13. "Charismatic" Mess -- in which members of the congregation barked like dogs, oinked like pigs, and rolled on the floor (University of Steubenville, Ohio, October 20, 1997)
  14. "Clown" Mess -- in which the celebrant is "vested" as a clown and engages in "sacred laughter"
  15. "Coffee" Mess -- in which coffee is used for "communion"
  16. "Cookie" Mess -- in which invalidating ingredients are used (said to characterize the majority of messes held in the United States)
  17. "Dance" Mess -- in which natives dance around the Novus Ordo "table", like the one over which John Paul II "presided" in Africa, February 1982 and August 1985
  18. "Divine Mercy" Mess -- in which participants act like charistmatics with hands swaying (April 27, 2003)
  19. "Dorito" Mess -- in which a "Dorito" corn chip was used as matter at the 2003 Religious Education Congress Hispanic mess at the Cathedral of Los Angeles
  20. "Dracula" Mess -- in which a presbyter vests after the fashion of Boris Karloff in "Dracula" (Trenton, New Jersey, 2003)
  21. "Elvis" Mess -- in which a portrait of Elvis Presley was displayed around the Novus Ordo "table" (Portugal, 1982)
  22. "Fruit" Mess -- in which fruit is used as the invalid matter of the "sacrament," and Buddhist chant and local pagan practices are also incorporated into the mess (celebrated at a Jesuit college)
  23. "Gay" Mess -- in which the immoral homosexual lifestyle is glorified
  24. "Gym" Mess -- in which "a joyful and creative liturgy designed by and for families with Gospel-centered messages geared toward children," while children crowd around the Novus Ordo table Indian-style (St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis, July 2003)
  25. "Gingerbread" Mess -- in which the invalid matter is baked in the shape of a gingerbread man, and when communicates tear off a piece of Mr. Gingerbread, the presbyter yells "ouch"
  26. "Girl Scout" Mess -- in which Girl Scout medals are given out, with an all-female cast: Eucharistic ministresses, Novus Ordo "table" servettes, etc.
  27. "Golf" Mess -- a Sunday mess scheduled on Saturday afternoon and erroneously called "vigil," to allow people to devote Sunday to playing golf and other non-religious activities; also done in an effort to Judaize the Church
  28. "Halloween" Mess -- in which participants came in Halloween costume for the "liturgy" (Christ the King Parish, Pleasant Hill, October 31, 2003)
  29. "Hockey" Mess -- in which the presbyter wore white vestments with a hockey team logo in the center of the vestment and arranged for signs to be held up in the back of the church with hockey scores (Detroit, May 2002).
  30. "Ignatian Retreat" Mess -- in which a semi-nude Novus Ordo Jesuit presbyter dances a Mess (Robert Ver Eecke, S.J., Boston, September 9, 2003)
  31. "Indian Feather" Mess -- in which the Novus Ordo Archbishop of Denver sported Indian feathers and tom-toms (Detroit, July 2003)
  32. "Jazz" Mess -- in which pagan "jazz" music accompanies the service (Sundays at Our Lady of the Rosary Church, New Orleans, Louisiana)
  33. "Juggler" Mess -- in which a clown-juggler juggles the "cookies" while the presbyter "performs" Mess in a circus (Switzerland, Circus Knie, July 21, 2002)
  34. "Life Teen" Mess -- in which "Life Teen" charismatics worship the "cookie" (September 2, 2003)
  35. "Mariachi" Mess -- in which sacred music is replaced by the profane mariachi
  36. "Menorah" Mess -- in which Archbishop Alfred Hughes placed a Jewish Menorah on the Novus Ordo "table" (New Orleans, Louisiana, October 5, 2003)
  37. "Mother Earth" Mess -- in which a Novus Ordo Franciscan Sister of the Perpetual Adoration makes an offering to Goddess Mother Earth (August 12, 2003)
  38. "Oecumenical" Mess -- in which a joint Protestant-Catholic oecumenical service was performed (Novus Ordo Presbyter Gotthold Hasenhuttl, Berlin, June 1, 2003)
  39. Papal "Buddha" Mess -- in which Mess was celebrated with a Buddha atop the Novus Ordo "table" (Pope John Paul II, Assisi, Italy, October 26, 1986)
  40. "Papal Woodstock" Mess: at which youth, dressed in beachwear (if at all), lounge around on the grass looking bored (XIIth World Youth Day 1997)
  41. "Pet" Mess -- in which pets "share in the Mess" and partake of the "cookie"? (St. Therese's, Australia, Padstow, November 2003)
  42. "Picnic" Mess -- in which French bread (invalid matter) was used while a priestess performed the mess (San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas, April 29, 2003)
  43. "Polka" Mess -- in which sacred music is replaced by polkas, and the polka is danced around the Novus Ordo "table"
  44. "Pontoon" Mess -- held on a pontoon raft lurching back and forth on a river at a summer camp
  45. "Potato Chip and Grape Soda" Mess -- in which the "species" are potato chips and grape juice, held not in sacred vessels, but in glass containers (St. Rita's, Philadelphia, November 2003)
  46. "Priestess" Mess -- in which a woman plays the role of a Novus Ordo presbyter and performs the Mess (St. Matthias Church,
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  47. "Pumpkin" Mess -- in which white witchcraft (wicca) is introduced, this time in the form of a giant pumpkin on the Novus Ordo "table" (Pleasant Hill, California, October 31, 2003)
  48. "Rock" Mess -- in which a rock band takes the place of a choir and organ
  49. "Sail" Mess -- in which Michael Guyard of France was consecrated amidst ship sails (France, November 13, 2003)
  50. "Seance" Mess -- in which, held at 11:15 p.m., all the lights are dimmed, and candles of various colors and shapes with various non-religious symbols on them are used as the only light
  51. "Servette" Mess -- in which girls take the place of Novus Ordo "table" boys or men (this mess is quite common in the United States)
  52. "Soda" Mess: in which Mountain Dew is served in plastic champagne classes for the "fruit of the vine" (January 28, 2002, Matamata, New Zealand)
  53. "Sponge Bob" Mess: in which an "Novus Ordo "table" girl," wearing Sponge Bob flip-flops, assisted the Novus Ordo presbyter, who delivered a homily with a Winnie The Pooh puppet. (July 2003)
  54. "Tango" Mess -- in which danceuses cavort to the beat of a steel drum band (St. Monica's Church, Rochester, New York, June 2, 2003)
  55. "Vestal Virgin" Mess -- in which nuns dance like pagan Vestal Virgins during the dedication of a Novus Ordo square "table" (Cardinal Mahony, Los Angeles Cathedral, September 6, 2002
  56. "Voodoo" Mess -- at which witch doctors of voodoo participate, and animist (pagan) practices are included (celebrated monthly in Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2003)
  57. "Witch" Mess -- at which white witches assemble in coven with approval of the Novus Ordo bishop (Oakland, California, March 31, 2003
  58. "Womyn" Mess -- at which Novus Ordo "table" servettes, lectresses, gift-bearers, etc., were all adult womyn, vested in Novus Ordo albettes (National Council of Catholic Women, Washington, D.C., October 31, 1999; et al.)

December 11, 2003 - St. Cajetan, Confessor (Double)

An Enchiridion of Novus Ordo Messes: The "Balloon" Mess

From: Fr. Moderator
Balloon Mess

Marian Presbyter Conducts "Balloon" Mess

Whenever someone mentions to you a "Marian" priest, think of this presbyter from Sydney. He's a Novus Ordo Marist, and he apparently thinks that the Mess is some kind of entertainment for children. (Well, I guess he's right about that. No adult would can take the Novus Ordo Mess seriously!)

A common lie that the Novus Ordinarians tell is that with the Novus Ordo Mess, everyone is so much more "participating." Yet, picture after picture here on TRADITIO puts the lie to such a statement. This presbyter is supposedly elevating the cookie and grape juice, yet where are the children looking? Not a single one is looking at the species. The whole tenor of the picture is: "ho, hum." Well, why not? The Novus Ordo is deadly empty, deadly silly. The kids know it; the adults know it.

December 10, 2003 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (Semidouble)

Barbarian Bishops Attack First Rockford, Now Woodlawn

From: Fr. Moderator

Scott P. Reickert, the mouthpiece for Rockford (Illinois) bishop Thomas Doran, didn't like it when TRADITIO exposed the bishop's ruse, confirmed by local correspondents and even the local newspaper. But once again TRADITIO's analysis was proved right. There is clearly a campaign on the part of Novus Ordo bishops to keep control of traditional church properties and, in most cases, tear them down. Well, it didn't take more than a week for another traditional church to be put on the chopping-block. And, as with the Rockford situation, it is a "conservative," not a "leftist," Novus Ordo bishop who is doing the dirty deed.

Now it is Cardinal George and the Archdiocese of Chicago that will destroy the eighty-year-old St. Gelasius in Woodlawn. St. Gelasius, originally St. Clara, was designed by Henry Schlacks, who was the architect of some of the most beautiful churches in Chicago. It has tall bell towers in Renaissance style.

And who are this traditional church's Davids? Why, most of them are not even Catholic! The Novus Ordo "Catholics" are so deep in the bishop's cassock that they are hardly raising a peep against Goliath George. The "Catholics" abandon their churches, while the Protestants try to save them. Pretty perverted, this New Order! The same story is told in Rockford, in San Francisco , in Boston, and many other places around the country.

Just as at Rockford, it is the community activists and the historical preservationists that are fighting the battles for the Roman Catholic Church, while the Novus Ordo sectarians stand around twiddling their thumbs, sycophants to the local bishops. One of the preservationists has summed up the agenda of the archbishop to be "the complete erasure of the architectural legacy of the city of Chicago." No surprise here. All the Novus Ordo bishops are Philistines and barbarians, who would destroy the patrimony of the Roman Catholic Church, not only in architecture, but in music and art, replacing them with vulgar trash.

And one of the "indult" priests of Chicago, far from taking a forthright stance against the barbarism of the new order says: "Perhaps it is not immoral. Perhaps it is not even sinful." Oh, really?! Has he so soon forgotten Psalm 68:10: Zelus domus tuae comederunt me [The zeal of thy house hath eaten me up]. Zeal for the house of God should consume every Catholic. The vice opposite the virtue of zeal is the capital sin of sloth.

I used to think that Novus Ordo sectarians were just ignorant, that they didn't "get it." Now, I think that the evidence shows otherwise. The Novus Ordinarians are masochists; they are self-destructive children. And the Novus Ordo pep squads for the corrupt Novus Ordo bishops are out to destroy our heritage of traditional churches. That is, unless the Protestants save them for us!

December 9, 2003 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (Semidouble)

Conservative Anglicans Blowing It

From: Fr. Moderator
Pope Kisses Heretic's Ring

JP-II Kissing Heretic Anglican Archbishop's Ring at October 4 Vatican Audience
Will the New Order Church Finally Throw over Papal Infallibility?

The Daily Telegraph of London reports that talks between Anglican and Novus Ordo theologians have collapsed in the wake of the appointment of an openly gay Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson.

However, certain American and Australian conservative Anglican sects are considering a move toward the Novus Ordo apparatus, should Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams and his Primates fail to restore order to the wayward American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

This appears to be more of a possibility because the Novus Ordo apparatus, currently sitting in the Vatican, has become Protestantized since Vatican II. The Anglicans don't want to become Catholic. They want to retain their own doctrine and liturgy. To them, it is simply a matter of politics. To the New Vatican, which likewise doesn't care about doctrine and liturgy so much as politics, the match may be "made in heaven" (or Hell). The New Order is already a carnival of animals, so why not add another smelly goat to the menagerie?

Of course, the Anglicans can never become members of the Roman Catholic Church (to be contrasted to the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Church) unless they adjure their heresy, which was established under English King Henry VIII, developed by the arch-heretic Cranmer, and caused the judicial murder of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher.

Pope Leo XIII in 1896 declared Anglican orders invalid. Further, he declared this pronouncement irreformable, that is, infallible. If JP-II dares to ignore that, he may as well declare that the Blessed Virgin Mary was conceived in sin, or that her body corrupted in the grave. Moreover, the heretical Anglican Church has priestesses and bishopesses. If the New Vatican accepts Anglicans as New Order "Catholics," it will have once again declared itself the head of the Protestant-Masonic Church of the New Order, not the Roman Catholic Church.

Who would take this pope and the New Order apparatus seriously, except the Novus Ordo sectarians themselves? As I've said, the Novus Ordo isn't just unCatholic; it's a joke!

How Can I Help TRADITIO?

From: Mark

Dear Fr. Moderator:

This time of year I am always inundated with solicitations from all kinds of New Order charities. I won't give one dime to the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Church, otherwise known as the Great Facade, which claims to be Catholic, but panders a phony Mess, Sacraments, and doctrine. I have gotten so much from TRADITIO this year -- the hard-hitting Commentaries, the rich Library of Files for traditional apologetics, the traditional Calendar, the online Divine Office, and especially the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses--, that I would rather assist your work than see my money go into some Novus Ordo coffers. How can I make a donation to your work?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

That is kind of you. You may make a donation to TRADITIO's work by using the convenient TRADITIO's Apostolate box below on the TRADITIO Home Page. That is the easiest way. For further information about other methods of assisting, see the TRADITIO Library of Files for FAQ1: How Can I Help TRADITIO's Work?

Those who make occasional or periodic donations of any amount to TRADITIO become Benefactors of TRADITIO and participate in the habitual intentions specially commemorated at Masses and partake, wherever they may be, in the impetratory, propitiatory, and satisfactory ministerial fruits of Masses offered. This is particularly important for those who are not able to attend a Traditional Latin Mass daily, or even weekly. Such donations may also be made in memory of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

December 8, 2003 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Double of the First Class)
A Holyday of Obligation - U.S.

Novus Ordo Bishop Pushes Liturgical Errors among the Tasmanian "Devils"

From: Fr. Moderator
Abp. Doyle

New Order Tasmanian Archbishop Adrian Doyle
from the Land of the "Devils" Demonizes the True Mass

Tasmania, the island off the southeastern shore of Australia, is known is the land of the "devil," a carniverous marsupial. CN reports that on December 2, Novus Ordo Archbishop Adrian Doyle didn't disappoint the "devils," when he demonized "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven," the Traditional Latin Mass of two millennia.

The Philistine Novus Ordo bishops, who have brought us trash liturgy, trash sacraments, trash theology, trash art, trash music, and trash architecture, should be the last to express an opinion on what is divinely sublime. But, then, to them a quanset-hut is a church, so why shouldn't they fail to recognize beauty when they see it? Or perhaps they recognize it, but are so embarrassed that their New Order Counterfeit Church represents the nadir of culture, they have to badmouth the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Here is his "spin" on God's divinely-appointed Sacred Liturgy:

Anyone taking the time to read the [Second Vatican] Council's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, promulgated 40 years ago this week, would soon realise what the good old days were really like. Before the Second Vatican Council the liturgy was, in many ways, the private preserve of the clergy. It was conducted in a language very few of the laity understood.

Here's another one of those phony "Spirit of Vatican II" arguments that these New Order sectarians like to make up out of whole cloth to "deceive, if possible, even the elect." There is nothing in the Constitution that indicates anything of the kind. Quite the contrary.

The pre-Vatican II faithful understood the language of the True Mass quite well. They knew that the priest was celebrating a sacrifice, re-presenting the salvific Sacrifice of Calvary, and confecting the real Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those who attend the Novus Ordo service don't understand the language," even if it is in their own vulgar tongue. They don't understand that the Mass is a sacrifice, celebrated upon an altar. To them it is a party-meal of cookies and grape juice conducted on a table. Doyle and his ilk have no idea of what a Mass is. To them it is Party! Party! Party!, as illustrated by the Beach Mess, the Clown Mess, the Dorito Mess, the Juggler Mess, and all the rest that occur every Sunday in the United States and around the world, documented here on TRADITIO in living color.

Doyle and his minions have gotten just what they wanted: a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Mess, which will in a generation be dead -- so the pope said he fears, just as the New Order Church will effectively die. The statistics of Europe, the United States, Australia (including Tasmania), etc., show this clearly. The New Order is a grotesque whale, putrefying on the beach. And the stench can no longer be concealed by trying to cover it up.

December 7, 2003 - 2nd Sunday of Advent (Semidouble)

Mel Gibson's Traditional Catholic Film Progresses - Update XXXIV

From: Fr. Moderator
Maia Morgenstern as Mary

Jewess Maia Morgenstern
Plays the Virgin Mary in Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ
"The Film Is Anything but Anti-Semitic"

The radical anti-Catholic Jewish organizations that have been battering traditional Catholic Mel Gibson over his yet-to-be-released film, The Passion of Christ, are now being beaten back by Jews themselves.

Maia Morgenstern, who plays the Virgin Mary in the film, is Jewish and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. She says she's proud to be playing the Virgin Mary in Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ. Though some critics charge that the film is anti-Semitic, Romanian actress Maia Morgenstern insists it is anything but.

And she knows about anti-Semitism firsthand. Her family members were victims of violence during World War II, she explained, recalling that her grandfather disappeared after being arrested, and her father survived Nazi and Stalinist labor camps. Morgenstern stressed that not a single scene in The Passion of Christ struck her as anti-Semitic. "Instead," she said, "characters such as Mary and St. John are sympathetic Jews."

Reuters reports that Pope John Paul II has asked to see the film. However, it seems that the special Vatican screening, originally scheduled for December 2, has been delayed for a couple of weeks because Gibson is still working on the final version and wants to show the finished product.

December 6, 2003 - St. Nicholas, Bishop & Confessor (Double)

Novus Ordinarians Calumniate -- Even Kill? -- Traditional Catholic Priests

From: Fr. Moderator

It is sad, but not unexpected. Those priests who stand up publicly for the traditional Roman Catholic Faith are constantly slandered, libeled, and calumniated. There is a cadre of desperate Novus Ordinarians out there who can't answer the message of traditional Roman Catholicism, so they attack the messengers instead.

Usually the attackers, who fabricate the silliest stories and the most flimsy allegations, are those wedded to the New Order power structure. They support the corrupt Novus Ordo bishops who are lying, cheating, stealing, and chambering the Church into ruination. They take their marching orders not from Christ, but from Caiphas.

So, when you read something nasty about a traditional Roman Catholic priest, you should do what your mother taught you: "Consider the source" and disregard it. Most traditional priests consider it just the cost of doing the Lord's business and choose to spend their time working in the Lord's vineyard rather than wasting time answering phony "when did you stop beating your wife" questions? As the Archbishop of Genoa, Giuseppe Cardinal Siri once said: "If you would have to spend your time responding to all accusations, there would not be any time left to work for Christ and His Church, but only to respond to calumnies."

Recently, several traditional priests have told me their recent experiences. It seems that the Traditional Roman Catholic Movement is really making its case against the Novus Ordo bishops. Traditional Catholics are stopping the destruction of beautiful churches by having them declared historic-preservation sites. They are founding traditional devotional and educational organizations outside of the control of the Novus Ordo bishops. They are leaving the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Mess in greater and greater numbers and finding Traditional Latin Mass sites outside the control of the Novus Ordo dioceses. The number of inquiries about such sites has risen dramatically in the last months.

Is it possible that the Novus Ordo apparatus, which has already suborned rape, prostitution, cover-ups, and payoffs has actually arranged the murder of a traditional priest? A December 2 Michigan News article reports that such a theory is prominent about the murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz. According to the Dane (Wisconsin) County Sheriff's Office, on March 4, 1998, the body of Fr. Kunz, was found dead, the victim of a homicide. His throat was cut with an edged weapon severing the carotid artery. Fr. Kunz was a traditional Roman Catholic priest, who had served for 32 years. He had strong traditional Roman Catholic views that were evidenced by the fact that he celebrated Traditional Latin Masses.

The prominent theory seems to be that Fr. Kunz was killed because he "knew too much" about the misdeeds of the Novus Ordo diocese's clergy and former bishop. They were able to cover up their misdeeds for years, even decades -- these "men who formed the underbelly of the American Church."

Pope Paul VI himself said it publicly in his sermon during the Mass for Sts. Peter and Paul, on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of his coronation, June 29, 1972:

We have the impression that through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God: it is doubt, uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation.... We thought that after the Council a day of sunshine would have dawned for the history of the Church. What dawned, instead, was a day of clouds and storms, of darkness, of searching and uncertainties.

In the opinion of Pope Paul VI, then, the "Spirit" of Vatican II and its aftermath was Satan. For further information, see the TRADITIO Library of Files for FAQ11: What Forces Are Working against the Traditional Catholic Movement?.

U.S. Bishop Declares War on Liturgical "Conservatives"

From: Fr. Moderator
Bp. Trautman

Bishop Donald Trautman, with a Devlish Smile
Says: New Order Mess -- Full Speed Ahead!

Poor "conservative" Novus Ordinarians! They're always hoping that things will get better with their Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Mess. The word is out. It's going to get worse -- fast!

The Novus Ordo bishops have sensed a backlash from the Novus Ordo Sex Scandal, and they're scared. Their "New Pentecost" is falling down around their ankles. As they themselves put it, "the euphoria has ended." So, they are now lashing out at the Novus Ordo "conservatives," who are asking for a return to something less bizarre in the Novus Ordo service.

Bishop Donald Trautman, former chairman of the Novus Ordo Bishops Committee on the Liturgy and current chairman of the Bishops Doctrine Committee gave the bishops their marching orders for the next period on October 10. Here are Trautman's Ten Commandments:

  1. Resist "pullbacks"; resist "liturgical backsliding"; resist "reform of the reform." (The latter term refers to those bemused Novus Ordinarians who are quite happy with the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Mess; they just want to clothe it in meretricious language.)
  2. Exhibit perseverance, a spirit of courage, a spirit of dedication, and commitment to the liturgical principles of ever increasing Novus Ordo novelties.
  3. Stop the return to traditional Catholic devotion.
  4. Do not surrender the progress made at Vatican II.
  5. Do not quench the "Spirit." (Just what "Spirit" Trautman means is unclear. It may be the Satanic Spirit of "uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation," to which Pope Paul VI referred in 1972.)
  6. Reject the Traditional Latin Mass.
  7. Affirm inculturation. (This abominable Vatican II principle has led to the introduction of slitting chickens' throats at Novus Ordo Messes in Africa, to "Indian Feather" Messes in the United States and Canada, etc.)
  8. Rewrite the Bible through a "free" approach to translation. (How many New, New, New American Bibles can there be? The Douay-Rheims has lasted for 400 years.)
  9. Use "inclusive language" in biblical translations. (By this means leftist social programmes are introduced and falsely given "biblical" sanction.)
  10. Resist "prescriptive" directives from the New Vatican.

Trautman, speaking as one of the highest ranking Novus Ordo bishops in the U.S. Bishops Conference, clearly rejects any "pullback" from the messes sauvages, the "wild messes" of the New Order. Rather, he urges full speed ahead for more and more radical, bizarre, and barbarian novelties:

When such [conservative] Roman liturgical drafts call us to return to a liturgical mentality prior to Vatican II, we need to say to one another: Keep up your courage. When [Novus Ordo] liturgical expertise is not respected, we must say to one another: Keep up your courage. When fundamental principles of [Novus Ordo] liturgical renewal are reversed, we must remind one another: Keep up your courage. When [Novus Ordo] liturgical offices are closed, and liturgical budgets are slashed, we must say to one another: Keep up your courage. When we see [Novus Ordo] liturgical renewal still wanting in many parishes, and when we feel the pain of the clerical sex abuse scandal and its impact on worshipping assemblies and presiders, let us give hope to one another.

Trautman concluded by saying:

I say to you who are in the liturgical ministry of the Church [of the New Order]: Persevere; let no one quench the Spirit; give one another courage; keep the liturgical movement alive, keep the liturgical movement alive.

Does this sound like the fearful flailing of someone on a sinking ship? You bet I does! Yet, as the traditional author, Prof. White, has written, the "conservative" Novus Ordinarians are "zombified." They keep donating money to perpetuate the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Church. They keep obeying the Novus Ordo bishops who serve as the mouthpieces of the Great Facade. They even try to excuse Novus Ordo bishops' lying, cheating, stealing, and chambering, as St. Paul put it in last Sunday's Epistle.

Well, these Novus Ordinarians deserve everything they get. By supporting these Novus Ordo pseudo-bishops, they have lost their right to complain. If you stoke the fire for Satan, you're going to get burned -- badly!

December 5, 2003 - Ferial Day
Complete Friday Abstinence

An Enchiridion of Novus Ordo Messes: The "Juggler" Mess

From: Fr. Moderator:
Juggler Mass

Clown-Juggler Ursepio Juggles during the Juggler Mess
"Performed" by Novus Ordo Presbyter Heller

Our latest Novus Ordo Mess was held in a circus, the Circus Knie, a famous European circus, in Switzerland on July 21, 2002. There was also a baptism "performed" where the priest told jokes.

It is unclear, but it appears that the juggler, a famous European clown/juggler, may be juggling the "cookies" later to be eaten (the Body of Christ? -- no way!). The presbyter who is "performing" the Mess with the juggling has been referred to the "Circus Priest" and "God's Clown" (priest? -- no way!).

"Clown" Messes are not uncommon, either in the United States or elsewhere. They seem perfecting appropriate for the Novus Ordo, because the Protestant-Masonic Novus Ordo Mess is certainly not a Roman Catholic Mass. It is a farce, a harlequin, a masque.

December 4, 2003 - St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor (Double)

"Indult" Organizations Reportedly Suspended by New Bishop

From: Tom & Marie

Dear Fr. Moderator:

[The following is a compilation of two reports from correspondents on what is going on in the diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania.]

With the retirement of long-time bishop Timlin, the honeymoon is over for the "indult" in our area. It appears from some of the actions I've heard the new Novus Ordo Ordinary (Joseph Martino, previously an auxiliary bishop in Philadelphia) take, the first to feel the pressure are the numerous "indult" religious, both monks and nuns. By the way, many traditional Catholics do not know -- or do not wish to admit -- that Timlin was just as generous to the most extreme Novus Ordo organizations. In fact, he was one of the most Leftist bishops in the United States.

Word has been received as of the week of November 10, that the new bishop has issued a directive "suspending" (suppressing) various "indult" organizations that Timlin permitted and confiscating their properties. The directive reportedly applies to the Servants Minor of St. Francis, the Society of the Annunciation of the Lord at the Mary, Mother of God Monastery, and the Oblates of Mary, Queen of Apostles, according to a statement made at St. Michael's Parish (FSSP).

After thus dealing with the three smaller religious communities, what will happen to the two larger ones (the Fraternity of St. Peter and the Society of St. John the Evangelist) is uncertain -- although the properties that they have acquired and developed are owned by the diocese? The diocese owns outright the local FSSP parish church, though the parish has pumped a fair amount of money into the structure, and the diocese also owns the FSSP Preparatory School/Academy, though again the FSSP has pumped millions of dollars into extensive remodeling there. The FSSP priests were recalled to Lincoln for a pow-wow the week of December 1.

The Society of St. John the Evangelist (not the traditional Society of St. John the Apostle on the west coast, but the "indult" Scranton one that embraces the 1965 pre-Novus Ordo Mess) has reportedly been having serious internal problems for some time now, and calls have been made for its dissolution.

Neither the FSSP or the SSJE is an exempt religious order (such as the Jesuits at the University of Scranton). The FSSP can function only in a diocese with the permission of the local bishop, and the SSJE is a diocesan institute under the direct control of the Novus Ordo bishop.

There is no question that the diocesan bishop holds all the trump cards here, and if he chooses to snuff out the "indult" organizations altogether, he can do it. Some have compared Bishop Martino's action to that of King Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell at the time of the Reformation in England: first go after the smaller religious communities for their properties and then later go back for the larger ones.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

I have received one partially contradictory response, so this must be treated as a "developing story," on which TRADITIO will provide updates from our correspondents as the picture becomes clearer.

In any case, those who rely on the so-called "indult," Ecclesia Dei, must be as skittish as cats in a rocking-chair factory. Recently, TRADITIO reported that after all his hoopla of consecrating an oratory in Rockford, Illinois, that bishop may be on the verge of turning his back upon the very oratory that he just consecrated, if it became an historical-preservation site!

Such actions of suppression, which happen all over as the "indult" is retired, will be happening more and more often. Indultarians need to be sure that they do not support such situations, as they are very likely to have their money and work misappropriated to the Novus Ordo as a result of Protocol 1411 of 1999, which essentially repeals the "indult" in every meaningful way.

Traditional Catholics must be careful that any monies or properties are not held under the legal control of the Novus Ordo diocesan bishops. After all, these are the same bishops who have been called a "Mafia" by their own investigator. They routinely convert monies from Indultarians into the general diocesan treasury, where they are used to support the unCatholic New Order programme.

Verbum sapienti. The only really safe course is to set up traditional organizations independently of a Novus Ordo bishop's control, under a traditional priest or independent religious, charitable, or educational corporation chartered to preserve the traditional Roman Catholic Latin Mass, Sacraments, and Faith.

Otherwise, these Novus Ordo bishop-foxes will ravish the "indult" hen house, and only a few dead feathers will remain in the mud after the Novus Ordo bishops have plucked the indultarian hens clean!

December 3, 2003 - St. Francis Xavier, Confessor (Major Double)

Pope Chastizes Belgian Cardinal

From: Fr. Moderator
Card. Danneels

Godfried Cardinal Danneels, Left-Looking Papal Hopeful
Even the Pope Had to Chastise Him for Losing the Faith in Europe

Going straight from his rebuke by the pope for allowing the Faith to fail in Belgium, Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Brussels, unfazed, went on to appear as a speaker at a conference on St. Thérèse of Lisieux. But he didn't limit himself to expounding on the Little Flower. He sat down with a Zenit reporter to give out with the usual New Order propaganda against the Traditional Latin Mass and in favor of the Novus Ordo Counterfeit Mess, which his parishioners in Belgium have been abandoning in droves.

Danneels gave out with the same old propaganda that we have been hearing from New Order bureaucrats for forty years. They have blinded themselves to the fact that their unCatholic new doctrines have destroyed the Church for them. They are students of the Machievellian politics of Nazi general Josef Goebbels, who said: "Keep repeating a lie long enough and it becomes the truth." The New Order is a lie that started in the 19th century, was condemned by popes and councils again and again, but was given new life by Vatican II and the post-conciliar popes.

Even the New Vatican has admitted the obvious fact: the New Order Faith will be dead in Europe in a generation. Surprisingly, the pope actually chastised Cardinal Danneels and the other Belgian bishops, who were recently in Rome for their quinquennial ad limina visit, because the situation of the New Order Church in Europe is failing under their watch.

Yet, like rats on a wheel, these Novus Ordo bishops continue to laud Vatican II and the New Order, which have been the destructive force. It's like lamenting a bombed building and praising the bomb that destroyed it. Charitably, these New Vatican bureaucrats haven't got a clue. Another possible reading is that even Satan couldn't find better acolytes!

December 2, 2003 - St. Bibiana, Virgin & Martyr (Semidouble)

Novus Ordo Presbyter-Pastor Shunted off for Using Latin

From: Fr. Moderator

It was a change in the 1999 Midnight Mess of Christmas that helped create a buzz in Dallas. A Novus Ordo presbyter-pastor named Weinberger actually used Latin in his parish. He estimated that 70 percent of his flock speaks Spanish and the rest English. He wanted to find a way for worshippers to gather in the same pews, at the same time, sharing a common language. Well, duh, isn't that what we had for 2000 years, only to be thrown overboard by the minions of the Novus Ordinarians?

Weinberger's solution raised eyebrows, even though he didn't even use the Traditional Latin Mass. He "embraced" the Novus Ordo Mess, used the Vatican's Latin text, and preached in Spanish and English. This rite then filled the 10:45 a.m. slot in the parish's Sunday schedule, mixed in with two Spanish Messes and three English. So, what's wrong? It's the Novus Ordo. So he did it in Latin, which is his right under the New Canon Law, and no "episcopal approval" is required.

The presbyter committed the Unforgivable Sin. You can't use Latin; it's not New Order. So now Weinberger is being transferred -- against his will. And how does the diocese look upon this issue? Read this very carefully now. The diocese says: "This is an issue of loyalty." Loyalty?! Loyalty to the lawless Novus Ordo Mafia is meant, of course, not loyalty to Our Lord Jesus Christ or His Roman Catholic Faith. If you know or use Latin, you are suspect; period. The hitmen are sent out.

Here is yet another Évèque Sauvage that the Novus Ordinarians and even the Indultarians demand that all traditional Catholics adore on bended knee. And you thought Il Duce was dead? No way. He has been resurrected in the form of the Novus Ordo bishops -- and they can't even get the Messes to run on time!

December 1, 2003 - St. Andrew, Apostle (Double of the Second Class)
Transferred from November 30

Archaeology Again Confirms Sacred Scripture

From: Fr. Moderator
St. Simeon Monument

Greek Inscription on Facade of Jewish Burial Monument
Confirms Existence of St. Simeon in the Gospel of St. Luke

It is rarely reported in the secular press, but it is actually quite common that modern archaological finds confirm Sacred Scripture. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember any modern archaeological discovery that actually contradicts Sacred Scripture.

Reporting on November 20 at the annual conference of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Atlanta, archaeologists announced that they have confirmed this year a figure found in the Gospel of St. Luke, St. Simeon, confirmed by a New Testament verse carved onto an ancient Holy Land shrine. Previously Old Testament phrases have been found on monuments, and a passage from Paul's Epistle to the Romans (13:3) is laid into a floor mosaic into the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. The inscription declares that the 20-metre-high monument is the tomb of Simeon, a devout Jew who the Bible says cradled the infant Jesus and recognized him as the Messias. The monument is one of several built for Jerusalem's aristocracy at the time of Christ.

Earlier this year, an inscription referring to Zacharias, who was John the Baptist's father, was found on the same facade. Physical anthropologists continued to study the monument. Applying a "squeeze," a simple 19th-century technique of spreading a kind of papier mache over a surface, they uncovered the Simeon inscription.

The Simeon and Zacharias inscriptions were carved around the fourth century, at a time when Byzantine Christians were searching the Holy Land for sacred sites linked to the Bible and marked them, often relying on local lore. The monument is in the Kidron Valley, to the east of Jerusalem's walled Old City and west of the Mount of Olivet. The Bible says James was hurled off the Jewish Temple, bludgeoned to death in the Kidron Valley below, and buried nearby. The Roman-Jewish historian Josephus refers to a Temple priest named Zacharias being slain by zealots in the Temple and thrown into the valley. There is no word on Simeon's death.

Referring to the carvers, one of the archaeologists said: "These were folks who knew their Greek and their Luke, but didn't know how to be masons." The inscription says that the monument is the tomb of "Simeon, who was a very just man and a very devoted old (person) and waiting for the consolation of the people." Simeon is the Greek version of the Hebrew Simon, used as well in the Latin Vulgate. The passage is identical to the Gospel verse Luke 2:25, as it appears in a fourth-century version of the Bible, the Codex Sinaiticus.

Once again the traditional Roman Catholic liturgy is confirmed, which places the words of Zacharias (Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel....) as the Canticle at the Hour of Lauds of the Divine Office and the words of St. Simeon (Nunc dimittis....) as the Canticle at the Hour of Compline of the Divine Office.

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