January 2010

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January 31, 2010 - Septuagesima Sunday
Semidouble Sunday

St. John Schola Issues Second Box Collection in Its Highly-recommended Series of Live Recordings
Of Gregorian Chant for the Practical Use of Traditional Chapels, Churches, and Oratories

From: The Fathers
St. John Schola Box Collection 5-8

The Cover of the Second Box Collection from the St. John Schola
Contains Four CDs of Live Gregorian-chant Recordings
In Its A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant Series
Showing What Can Actually Be Attempted
In Smaller Traditional Churches, Chapels, and Oratories

The St. John Schola for Gregorian Chant, which provides the TRADITIO Network with its Gregorian Chant department, informs us that it has just issued its second Box Collection of live Gregorian chant recordings in its A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant series. This second Box Collection includes four CDs:

The St. John Schola series is highly recommended by the TRADITIO Network for its fidelity to the fully-traditional Roman Liturgy and for its utility in training Gregorian scholae (chant choirs) in traditional churches, chapels, and oratories. Although there are many chant recordings made in recording studios, or sometimes in larger churches or monasteries with professional or dedicated choirs, there are few, if any, recordings made by the average small lay choir, chanting what can actually be attempted in the smaller churches, chapels, and oratories, to which the Sacred Chant can be a great addition in the traditional Roman liturgy, not as mere secular performance, but in the actual religious setting for which it was composed, the Traditional Latin Mass and Divine Office of the classical Roman Rite.

Free music sheets are available to accompany the recordings. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Gregorian Chant department, provided as a courtesy to the TRADITIO Network by the St. John Schola for Gregorian Chant, an independent organization separate from the TRADITIO Network.

A Reader Writes: "Fooled the Motarians Have Been!"

From: Donald

Dear Fathers:

The negative side of the "Motu" Mess of 1962-2008 for those pseudo-traditionalists who have sold out to it is that they have accepted this Mess as merely a concession to their traditionalist "preferences" and not as the true Mass. At that, what they have sold out to isn't even the true Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, but rather the Conciliar-Bugnini knock-off, fabricated as the ramp-up to fool Catholics into accepting the invalid Novus Ordo of 1969.

And fooled the Motarians have been! Traditional Catholics have been fighting for the true Mass as the only Mass, but the pseudo-traditionalists have sold out to a corrupt version of the "Latin Mass" -- and have now sold out to accept the invalid Novus Ordo right alongside it as its equal!

Attendees of the "Motu" Mess in Novus Ordo temples have retained only a thin veneer of a mere ceremonial, and a corrupted one at that, in an atmosphere of Modernism. They attempt to convince themselves thereby that nothing has changed since Vatican II, that the Newchurch of the New Order is the Catholic Church, and that the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service is valid. Well, none of these notions is true -- and they know it in their hearts. For them, the "Motu" Mess is merely a renewed opportunity to socialize at the same "table" with those who have been duped by the New Order.

As one traditional Catholic writer put it, these pseudo-traditionalists are reduced to "nothing more than the Keepers of the Ecclesiastical Frou-Frou, viz., bejeweled baroque miters, Gregorian chant, splendid copes, luxurious incense," wrenched out of their traditional context into serving the New Order. In reality, they are no more than clowns prancing around in puffery!

January 30, 2010 - Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday (Anticipated)

Polish Newchurch Bishop Joins SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson
In Questioning the Jewish Radicals' Story of the "Holocaust"

From: The Fathers
Tadeusz Pieronek

Tadeusz Pieronek, Former Head of the Polish Newchurch Bishops' Conference
Pieronek Has Joined SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson
In Rejecting the Post Vatican II Story about the "Holocaust"
He Proposed Memorial Days "for Catholics [and] for Persecuted Christians"

SSPX's senior bishop Richard Williamson now has company in the form a Newchurch bishop for his controversial position concerning aspects of "holocaust" story in common currency after Vatican II. Tadeusz Pieronek has gone much further even than Williamson when he discussed on Polish television, on January 26, 2010, his opinion that Jewish radicals had expropriated the "holocaust" as a propaganda weapon. In an interview he said: "It is undeniable that the greatest number of dead in concentration camps were Jews, but there are also Polish gypsies, Italians, and Catholics on the list. It is not right to expropriate that tragedy for propaganda."

Pieronek accused Jewish radicals of using the "holocaust" to "obtain advantages that are often unjustified" and stated that "the holocaust as such is a Jewish invention." Pieronek went on to propose memorial days for "victims of communism, for Catholics, for persecuted Christians and so on." He continued: "But they, the Jews, enjoy good press because they have powerful financial means behind them, enormous power, and the unconditional backing of the United States, and this favors a certain arrogance that I find unbearable."

Leone Passerman, the ex-president of Rome's Jewish community, who was among those who hosted Benedict-Ratzinger at Rome's synagogue on January 17, 2010, said: "I am totally shocked by these comments, particularly if they came from a member of the Church hierarchy." It remains to be seen whether Benedict-Ratzinger will place Pieronek under house arrest, as Newpope connived with the SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay to place Bishop Williamson under virtual house arrest. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Daily Mail.]

A Reader Writes: "If the Whole Traditional Catholic World Accepted 1962 SSPX/Motarian Messes
Then the Church Would Have Failed in Its Immemorial Promise!"

From: Adam

Dear Fathers:

The recent letter from Mike about the Motarians wearing the same blinders guinding them to their own little Vatican II comfort zone is really inspiring. It's the kind of thing you don't hear from Motarians (or full-blown Novus Ordinarians), but isn't it the attitude of the Saints? I've had my share of run-ins with pseudo-traditional services, and, believe me, I know what Mike means when he says they "shun" you as soon as you start asking questions. The pseudo-traditionalists probably feel that by going off to a Motarian Mess instead of the corner Novus Ordo, they are fulfilling God's duty. I say, "Hardly!"

You're probably aware of this, but most of the so-called "traditional" press, even the so-called "hardliner" traditionalists, are just fine with Motarian Messes (even though some "prefer" the Traditional Latin Mass, as guaranteed at Trent until the end of time). But -- if the whole traditional Catholic world accepted 1962 SSPX/Motarian Messes, then the Church would have failed in its immemorial promise! Fathers, I'm so glad to see this spunk in your Daily Commentaries, and a good Catholic spirit that's willing to sacrifice anything (from Sunday morning convenience to life itself) for the Church. That's what the world needs -- that, not one more Motarian Mess! I say: "Dump 'em all!"

January 29, 2010 - St. Francis de Sales, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Newcardinal "Rogue" Mahony Declares that He Will Leave Los Angeles in 2011
Benedict-Ratzinger's Impending Pick of a Successor Is Feared to Be Even Worse

From: The Fathers
Roger Mahony

A Battered Roger Mahony, Newchurch Cardinal-archbishop of Los Angeles
"Rogue" Mahony Was Beaten up by an Irate Father
Whose Child One Was Attacked by One of Mahony's Presbyters
The Embattled Mahony Has Declared that He Will Retire in 2011
But Benedict-Ratzinger's Pick for a Successor Could Well Be Worse!

Roger "Rogue" Mahony, the Newchurch cardinal-archbishop of Los Angeles, California, has indicated that he does not wish to extend his tenure when he reaches age 75 on February 27, 2011, having disgraced that post for some 25 years. Rumors are that Benedict-Ratzinger is getting ready to name a coadjutor archbishop with right of succession. Mahony earned his eponym "Rogue" because of his denial of Catholic Eucharistic doctrine and his suborning of rampant sex crimes among his Newchurch clergy in Los Angeles. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Good Catholics, before Neocon Newchurchers in Los Angeles get excited about yet another Novus Ordo-worshipping Newbishop, they should recall Benedict-Ratzinger's abysmally-bad record of appointing Newbishops. His appointments include a Communist spy, a "gay"-supporter who gave the Novus Ordo cookie to transvestite "nuns" dressed in Gothic garb and make-up, and several sex criminals. It may be that Mahony will soon look like a choir boy compared to the alternatives.

A Reader Writes: "The Motarians Wear the Same Blinders
Guiding Them to Their Own Little Vatican II Comfort Zone"

From: Mike

For years I assisted at a Mess presided over by a priest-presbyter associated with the Society of St. Pius X. As time went on, and I learned more about the Church. and its liturgy and laws, I discovered more and more problems: the 1962 rite modernized by the Novus Ordo's chief architect, Hannibal Bugnini, the totally new rites of Holy Week (which the pastor described as "the most ancient Tradition of the Church"), the use of the 1983 Newchurch canon law, the Modernized 1962 calendar, and even tampering with the Holy Canon of the Mass.

Realizing that I was under no "obligation" to attend services on Sundays and holydays at such a questionable Mass site, I left. That was a few years ago, and although I can only rarely assist at a true Mass, I now can say that leaving that pseudo-traditional church was the best thing that I ever did for my Catholic Faith. I know now that I would rather die than participate in that unCatholic Mess again.

It's also interesting to look at it now from my perspective outside. Members of that congregation generally loved to talk about how scandalous the Novus Bogus was and how their Novus Ordo relatives shunned them, but they did the same thing to me when I started asking questions about the church -- they could never bring themselves to question what was going on right under their own roof. The irony is that they could have the true Mass if only they had had the spine to stick up for it!

Instead, what these pseudo-traditionalists have may be in Latin, but when it comes down to it, it doesn't really differ much from the Novus Ordo: 1962 and 1969 are only 7 years apart, just a blip in the 2,000 year history of the Church. The Motarians wear the same blinders, guiding them to their own little Vatican II comfort zone, and in a generation their progeny will share the same pews, if there are any left, thanks to the Newpope and his Newbishops who are doing their best to destroy them with the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax.

January 28, 2010 - St. Peter Nolasco, Confessor
Double Feast

Fr. Wickens' Traditional Church that Was Stolen by the Novus Ordo
Has Been Announced for "Wreckovation" by Newbishop John Myers

From: John, TRADITIO Correspondent from New Jersey
St. Anthony of Padua Church

Indepenent Traditional Catholic Priest, Fr. Paul Wickens
In the Sanctuary of His St. Anthony of Padua Church in West Orange, New Jersey
When Fr. Wickens Died in 2004, His Church Was Stolen by the Novus Ordo
Now the Newchurch Archbishop of Newark Has Announced that Its Sanctuary Will Be "Wreckovated"

Dear Fathers:

It certainly didn't take long for Newchurch to "wreckovate" St. Anthony of Padua in West Orange, New Jersey, the church of Fr. Paul Wickens, the noted independent traditional Catholic priest, who died on July 8, 2004. John Myers, the Newchurch archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, has announced that the traditional sanctuary of Fr. Wicken's traditional church will now "wreckovated" in time for the invalid Novus Ordo "Confirmations" that he has scheduled to desecate Fr. Wickens' traditional church in February 2010.

Through legal manipulations, the traditional Catholic church that Fr. Wickens established and served for so many years when he courageously rejected the Novus Ordo as being unCatholic, was stolen after his death by the same Novus Ordo sect that he condemned and is now the site of a "Motu" Mess. Although the "Motu" presbyter now occupying Fr. Wicken's church would not go into specifics about how the Newarchbishop plans to wreckovate Fr. Wickens' traditional church, we here are assuming that the Newarchbishop wants a table for his invalid "Confirmations."

Protestant Pastors Say that "Gay" Marriage Could Lead to Polygamy and Bestiality
Why Aren't Benedict-Ratzinger and His Newchurch's Bishops Speaking out So Forthrightly?

From: The Fathers

The federal trial concerning California's "gay" marriage ban, which was approved by the voters as Proposition 8 in 2009, has resumed with a videotape of Protestant pastors saying that "gay" marriage would lead to polygamy and bestiality. A coalition of conservative and Evangelical Christians had organized support for the "gay" marriage ban. Previously, the involvement of the Mormon Church in organizing opposition to the ban was introduced. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, the question is why this immoral outrage of "gay" marriage is condemned by Protestant pastors and Mormons, but Newchurch bishops are as close to silence as they can get. Some of them, like Boston's Newcardinal Sean O'Malley, has told his Newchurchers not to speak out on the subject because "it may offend 'gay' Catholics"! Benedict-Ratzinger has certainly played footsie with the issue and has never proclaimed his heartfelt acceptance of the Natural Law, as he is supposed to as the so-called Vicar of Christ. He has even openly allowed homosexuals into his Novus Ordo seminaries. Newchurch, which is essentially Protestant anyway, would be better off with a Mormon Newpope. You could be darn sure that at least he wouldn't leave any Newbishop or presbyter sex criminals in office -- which is more than Benedict-Ratzinger can say!

January 27, 2010 - St. John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Newchurch Bishops Don't Want Traditional Churches Saved as Historic Landmarks
Saying, "It Is a Serious Threat to Our Ability to Control Church Buildings"

From: The Fathers
Richard Lennon

Richard Lennon, Newbishop of Cleveland, a Personal Appointee of Benedict-Ratzinger
Prays for the Destruction of Traditional Churches
Newbishops Don't Want the Secular Government to Preserve the Traditional Churches
That the Newbishops Want to Destroy
Novus Ordo Bishops Don't Answer to God; They Only Want "Control" for Themselves

If the Novus Ordo Church can be labeled with a single characteristic, that characteristic is "control." The Novus Ordo Church wants to force you to attend its invalid Novus Ordo Mess. It wants to force you to accept Protestant, Jewish, and even Mohammedan doctrine. Above all, it wants to force you to accept a New Morality that allows cardinals, bishops, and presbyters to rape children at will, with the acquiescence of the so-called Vicar of Christ.

Now a battle is brewing over what to do with traditional churches that Newbishops are selling off to pay for sex crimes. Even the Newchurchers themselves are fighting their Newbishops in Massachusetts and Ohio on this point. Local Newchurchers are supporting the designation of such traditional church buildings as historic landmarks -- as the buildings in fact are. But the Newbishops are fighting such landmark designation because they say that it is a serious threat to their ability to control church buildings. In other words, they want absolute authority from the secular government to destroy traditional Catholic church buildings.

On December 29, 2009, the City Council in Springfield, Massachusetts, voted unanimously to designate Our Lady of Hope Church as an historic district. Built in 1925, the Italian Renaissance-style church boasts the tallest bell-tower in Springfield. Then, in early January 2010, the city's Historical Commission recommended that a second church, Immaculate Conception, also be named as an historic district. But the Newbishop of Springfield, Timothy McDonnell, wants to retain complete legal authority to destroy not only Our Lady of Hope but also some 25 other traditional churches.

A similar fight has already erupted in Cleveland, Ohio, where Newbishop Richard Lennon, personally appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger, wants to destroy about 50 traditional churches. Taking on the church-destroying Lennon, one councilwoman retorted: "I will not stand for stained-glass windows to be boarded up, and many churches have built-in icons. These have got to stay there." U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich, a former mayor of Cleveland and two-time presidential candidate, even suggested that the city should use the power of eminent domain to acquire closed churches.

Once a building is landmarked, changes to the exterior -- and sometimes the interior -- must be approved by a local authority. To the contrary, Lennon has already used the episcopal power granted him personally by Benedict-Ratzinger to desecrate some of the former traditional churches into apartments and art-galleries. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Religious News Service.]

Good Catholics, Pope Leo the Great was able to convince Attila the Hun not to destroy Rome and its churches. Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger and his Novus Ordo prelates no longer fight for the Catholic Church, but have defected to the side of the Vatican II barbarians, who have none of the respect for the Church that even Attila had!

A Reader Writes: "I Would Now Rather Die than Participate in the Novus Ordo Again"

From: Steven

Dear Fathers:

I used to be one of those whom you describe as sitting in the back of the Novus Ordo temple quietly praying. Thanks to Providence, I would now rather die than participate in the Novus Ordo again. It is a soul killer. I have been told that I am committing a "mortal sin" if I reject the Novus Ordo service on Sunday when I can't get to a Traditional Latin Mass. I think my chances of committing a mortal sin are far greater if I did attend that Protestant Novus Ordo service!

The Fathers Reply.

You are absolutely correct. There is no "obligation" to attend an invalid and phony "worship service" like the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo Mess. Your "obligation" -- we don't like to call it that; it is actually a "privilege" -- is to assist at a true and valid Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass. To follow the logical of those Novus Ordinarians, you might just as well go to a synagogue, mosque, or Protestant church down the street. They're just as valid as the phony Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service.

It sounds as if these Novus Ordinarians who are talking to you are the same ones who are saying that it is not a "mortal sin" for Benedict-Ratzinger and his Novus Ordo clergy to aid and abet and to suborn the cover-up of the rape of children. Truly, such people are not Catholics; they are demented!

January 26, 2010 - St. Polycarp, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

Is Newpope's Bank as Corrupt as His Sexual Mores?
Conservative Italian Weekly Reveals Mega-million Money-laundering Scheme

From: The Fathers

Is Benedict-Ratzinger, Shown Here Presiding over the Novus Ordo Mess in His Gay Stole
Is Accused of Presiding over Rampant Money-laundering through His "Bank of the Holy Spirit"
Italian Tax Police and Prosecutors Are Taking the Accusations Seriously
Consider Newpope "under Investigation"

Although most of the world has fixed on the sex part of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, the TRADITIO Network has always maintained that the scandal goes far wider, into embezzlement. Any number of Benedict-Ratzinger's clergy, from cardinals to presbyters, have been charged with stealing money from the Newchurch collection-plates. Some of these have previously been documented in the TRADITIO Commentaries. Not the least of the Newchurch embezzlements is Archbishop Rembert Weakland's theft of 500,000 U.S. dollars from Newchurch's Milwaukee, Wisconsin, collection-plates to pay hush-money to his catamite -- a theft that Benedict-Ratzinger has never required him to repay.

Now Newpope himself is under investigation for money-laundering. Benedict-Ratzinger's Vatican Bank, ironically called the "Bank of the Holy Ghost," is under investigation by tax police and prosecutors for a 200,000,000 U.S. dollar money-laundering scheme that was exposed in Panorama, a conservative Italian weekly. "This corruption is continuing on a regular basis in the Vatican," said one source.

The London Telegraph recently reported that the Vatican Bank is the eighth most popular destination for laundered money, ahead of the Bahamas, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. The reason for this is that you cannot trace any movement of cash within the bank, said one authority. "If you go there you deposit or withdraw money without limit, without any kind of receipt for the bank and for the client. All you have is a single card with a number."

Good Catholics, the corruption of Benedict-Ratzinger's papacy extends far beyond his presiding over disgusting sex crimes. He had his spokesman plead innocent on his behalf and claim that the accusations were all a conspiracy of the Eastern Orthodox Christians. While he's at it, maybe Newpope should accuse the Fatimists or the Medjugorjists or -- better yet -- the boogieman!

A Reader Writes: "Bishop Williamson Has Forgotten His Promise to Us"

From: Noah

Dear Fathers:

It saddens me to see the SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, under virtual house arrest by Superior General Bernie Fellay. However, Williamson could walk out at any time if he chose to. I see three reasons to explain why Williamson doesn't walk away. (1) Someone has some sort of blackmail on him. (2) He is under some sort of death threat. (3) He is overly attached to the SSPX. In his published letters over the years, he was always saying that only the SSPX can save Catholic Tradition.

Bishop Williamson doesn't seem to realize that there is Catholic Tradition outside of the SSPX. He could leave his confinement, take half the SSPX (religious and laity) with him, and start a new traditional Catholic organization, if he chose to. That was what he promised to do if ever the SSPX were selling out to the New Order (which it now is under Fellay), but apparently Bishop Williamson has conveniently forgotten his promise to us.

The Fathers Reply.

Although of the four SSPX bishops, Williamson has remained closest to the founding principles of Archbishop Lefebvre and has been more open to non-SSPX traditional clergy and organizations, yet the SSPX under Fellay has become such a cult that no one in the organization can now be completely free of that influence, although some clergy and laity warm the SSPX pews because they claim that they have no other option.

The situation of the SSPX today is somewhat reminiscent of the situation of those traditional Catholics who used to write us that they felt they had no other option but to warm the Novus Ordo pews, although they sat in the back and read their traditional missal. We reminded them that their eyes were still taking in the invalidity and sacrilege of the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service and that their ears were still taking in the unCatholic doctrine of Novus Ordo sermons -- sorry, "homilies." We TRADITIO Fathers haven't received such a message from anyone in years. Apparently, such people finally heeded our analysis and came to the conclusion that they could no longer argue for the morality of condoning sacrilege and heresy by their presence.

January 25, 2010 - The Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle
Double Major Sunday

Hitting Close to Home: Felonious Presbyter Did His Dirty Work
Entirely While Benedict-Ratzinger Has Been Pope

From: The Fathers
Alejandro Flores

Presbyter Alejandro Flores, Charged with Seven Sex Crimes
Against His Own Godson While He Was 8-13
All These Crimes Took Place Recently, under the Papacy of Benedict-Ratzinger
Proving Once Again that Benedict-Ratzinger's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal
Is Far from Over

Lending further proof to the fact that Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal continues unabated under Benedict-Ratzinger, presbyter Alejandro Flores, of Shorewood, Illinois, was arraigned January 21, 2010, for seven felonies of predatory criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual assault, and aggravated criminal sexual abuse of his own godchild while he was 8 to 13 years old. The crimes took place in the child's home and in Flores' car. All the crimes were committed since Benedict-Ratzinger has been pope. It is ironic that Flores served as parochial vicar at a Novus Ordo parish called "Holy Family Church." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Beacon-News.

SSPX Vocations Have Declined Since the Takeover of the SSPX by Fellay
One SSPX Seminary Rector Has Now Spoken of the "Dimming of the SSPX"

From: The Fathers

Statistics recently published by the Society of St. Pius X itself indicate that since Bernie Fellay's accession as Superior General, the SSPX has become more of a cult unto itself. Under SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, 78 per cent of vocations came from schools outside of the SSPX. That number has now fallen to 32 percent, from 80 schools to 28 schools. Consequently, one SSPX seminary rector in France, where the SSPX is strongest, has spoken of the "dimming of the SSPX," as Fellay strays more and more from the mission set by the Archbishop and negotiates with what the Archbishop decried as "Apostate Rome."

European sources indicate that the Neo-SSPX under Fellay is undergoing the same "dynamic of collapse" as the Newchurch of the New Order. The "fruitful apostolate" and "missionary zeal" for traditional Catholicism presided over by Archbishop Lefebvre has been scuttled by Fellay's sellout to the New Order, and a decline in vocations is the result.

January 24, 2010 - Third Sunday after Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday

SSPX's Senior Bishop Comes out of Hiding Briefly to Denounce Fellay's Sellout Plan
Williamson Criticizes Fellay's Negotiations with the New Order as a "Dialogue of the Deaf"

From: The Fathers
Richard Williamson

Richard Williamson, Placed under Virtual House Arrest
By the SSPX's Autocratic Superior General Bernie Fellay
After the Former Spoke Out on a Disputed Matter of Secular History
Came Out of Hiding to Give an Internet Video Interview
Denouncing Fellay's Negotations as a "Dialogue of the Deaf"

The SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, who has been under virtual house arrest outside London, England, since he took a position on a disputed matter of secular history that was contrary to that of the New Order, was able to slip out a video interview on the French Dailymotion, in which he criticized SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's negotiations with the New Order. Said Williamson:

I think that [the negotiations] will end up as a dialogue of the deaf. The two positions are absolutely irreconcilable. 2+2=4 and 2+2=5 are irreconcilable. Either those who say 2+2=4 renounce the truth and agree that 2+2=5 -- that is, the SSPX abandons the truth, which God forbids us to do, or those who say 2+2=5 convert and return to the truth. Or the two meet halfway and say that 2+2=4-1/2. That's wrong. Either the SSPX becomes a traitor or Rome converts or it's a dialogue of the deaf.

After his senior bishop's calling a spade a spade, the autocratic Bernie Fellay will probably proceed to cut off Williamson's internet access! A companion article in the French Novus Ordo daily, La Croix, quoted a former priest of the SSPX as saying that Williamson had been the most closely allied of the four SSPX bishops, with SSPX Founder-archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's strong position against Newchurch and its Conciliar popes, particularly Card. Josef Ratzinger, who constituted what Lefebvre openly called "Modernist Rome." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

Good Catholics, lest you become to sanguine about Williamson, a caveat. He, for all his tough talk, is a paper-tiger. As we Fathers have commented before, he could have called a press conference in January 2009, when his controversial statement on a disputed matter of secular history was publicized, to explain traditional Catholicism to the world, and every media representative would have been there. Instead, he left Argentina in mufti to surrender voluntarily to Bernie Fellay's virtual house arrest of him outside London. Williamson's style looks like Benedict-Ratzinger's: all talk and no action.

Yet Another "Catholic" College Admits that It Sent Its Students
As Interns to the Radically Pro-abortion Organization, Planned Parenthood

From: The Fathers

On January 20, 2010, yet another "Catholic" college admitted that it sent its students to Planned Parenthood to get "hands-on experience." The Newjesuit Regis University in Colorado said that it sent its students as interns to the radically pro-abortion organization. A Regis nursing professoress was also exposed as having served as an advisory committee member of Planned Parenthood.

January 23, 2010 - St. Raymond of Pennafort, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Newchurch Erects Bronze to Honor Its Homosexual Thief and Sex-criminal Archbishop
The Perverted Weakland's Image Forms the Pedestal for the Immaculate Virgin

From: The Fathers
Rembert Weakland

Rembert Weakland Appears in Bronze at Milwaukee's Novus Ordo Cathedral
As the Left Figure of the Pedestal to a Statue of Our Immaculate Lady
Weakland, a Self-admitted Homosexual, Who Took a Catamite
And Then Stole Half a Million U.S. Dollars in Newchurch Collections to Pay Him Hush-money
Commissioned His Bronze Image before He "Retired" amidst Scandal

On January 12, 2010, Newchurch honored its homosexual archbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rembert Weakland, who "retired" in disgrace on May 24, 2002, when it was revealed by police that he had stolen 500,000 U.S. dollars to pay hush-money to his catamite, who told police anyway that Weakland had sexually assaulted him on numerous occasions. Benedict-Ratzinger did not defrock his criminal and perverted archbishop or require him to pay back the money stolen from the Newchurch collection-plate, but instead allowed him quietly to "retire." Weakland then went on in 2009 to write an unapologetic book, entitled A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church: Memoirs of a Catholic [sic] Archbishop, in which he whined about how hard it was to be a "gay" bishop in Newchurch! None of the royalties from the book went to pay restitution.

Leaders of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Presbyters (SNAP) demonstrated on the steps of the cathedral against Weakland's successor, Jerome Listecki, for permitting Weakland to give the keynote address from the pulpit of Newchurch's Milwaukee Cathedral. In spite of the fact that Weakland corrupted (at least) one catamite, the bronze relief that Weakland commissioned to himself ironically pictures Weakland in a biblical scene with children and forms the pedestal to a statue of Our Immaculate Lady. He omitted from his depiction the biblically-presecribed heavy mill-stone around his neck. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CCI.]

Good Catholics, any notation that the Newchurch of the New Order or its head, Benedict-Ratzinger, has any remorse for perpetrating their Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal is patently false. Newchurch's leaders from Benedict-Ratzinger on down are aggressively making heroes of child-rapists and continuing their cover-up and subornation of sex crimes against children. Newchurch's honoring of a public thief and sex-criminal archbishop is just more undeniable proof of this fact.

Newchurch Can't Agree on What New Order Doctrine Is
Two Novus Ordo "Theologians" Get into Doctrinal Cat-fight

From: The Fathers

The current issue of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops' publication Origins reprints an essay by presbyter Thomas Weinandy, the UCCB's Executive Director for the Secretariat of Doctrine, that is strongly critical of an address by Prof. Terrence Tilley, Chairman of Fordham Novus Ordo University’s Theology Department and outgoing president of the Catholic Theological Society of America. Weinandy called Tilley's address "superficial and fallacious" and containing "doctrinal ambiguities and even errors." [Some information for this Commentary was provided by Catholic Culture.]

Good Catholics, the truth of the matter is that Novus Ordo doctrine is a moving target. It is made up by Benedict-Ratzinger, his bishops, his presbyters, and his laypeople as they go along. It is not unusual in Newchurch for what is "doctrine" one day to be just the opposite the next day!

January 22, 2010 - Sts. Vincent & Anastasius, Martyrs
Semidouble Feast

You Never Know What You Get with Newchurch
At One "Catholic" College Center a S/he Was Teaching "Transgenerism"

From: The Fathers
Trangendered Counselor

The Mutilated Jim Ford, "Transgendered" to Become Susan McIntryre
Taught the New Morality in the Name of a Newchurch College Center
S/he Even Wrote to JPII in Favor of "Transgenerism"
And JPII Did Nothing to Remove Her

The sign in front of St. Catherine of Siena Newman Center claimed that the Newchurch college facility was "Catholic," but inside a man who jad mutilated himself to become a woman posed as a housekeeper and was actually offering counseling services to "transgenered" Newchurch "clients." Richard Pates, the Newchurch bishop of Des Moines, Iowa, claimed to know nothing about it. Perverted Newchurchers, however, have supported the man/woman and have stopped going to Novus Ordo services there in protest. Well, at least that is some benefit out of this immorality!

Ms./Mr. McIntyre converted to the Novus Ordo in the 1990s, by which time JPII "the Ungreat" had already seriously gutted Catholic doctrine and practice in Newchurch. As a matter of fact, Ms./Mr. McIntyre wrote JPII personally to advocate "transgenderism." True to the pusillanimity of Conciliar popes, JPII allowed McIntrye to continue in her association with the Newman Center. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Des Moines Register.]

Newchurch University Takes Pro-abortion Money
And Sponsors Planned Parenthood Presentation

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch, continues its muted support for abortion and homosexuality. Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, sponsored a Planned Parenthood presentation in 2009, conducted by the pro-abortion group's Advocacy Manager, Karina Gil. Always on the lookout for tainted funds, the "Catholic" university also took thirty pieces of silver from the pro-abortion, pro-"gay" Obama administration for the presentation.

January 21, 2010 - St. Agnes, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

Newchurch Has Learned Nothing from Its Continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal
Newbishop William Malooly Wants to Pay "Defrocked" Presbyters $10,000 per Month!

From: The Fathers
Francis DeLuca

Portrait of a Convicted Newchurch Presbyter Pervert, Francis DeLuca
He Testified that He Had Sexually Assaulted So Many Children Since Vatican II
That He Couldn't Remember All of Them!
William Malooly, the Newchurch Bishop of Wilmington, Wants to Pay Him and His Cronies
The Tidy Sum of 10,000 U.S. Dollars a Month!

In a move that has outraged child-victims of sex crimes by Benedict-Ratzinger's clergy, the Newchurch diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, which declared bankruptcy on October 18, 2009, has petitioned the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court for permission to pay 10,000 U.S. dollars per month to five presbyters "defrocked" because of credible proof of their sex crimes against children.

The latest one of the five "defrocked" presbyters repeatedly perpetrated sexual assaults upon children between the beginning of the Modernist Council, Vatican II, in 1962, and 1993. Exulting in his perversion, the convicted presbyter sported a vanity license-plate with the words "Uncle Frankie Wankie." In an April 2009 deposition, he claimed that he had assaulted so many children that he couldn't remember all of them!

This is the first time that a Newchurch diocese has ever requested a court's permission to pay off a sex criminal. Newbishop Malooly, in a perversion of Catholic doctrine, dared to term the immoral payoff a "corporal work of mercy." Of course a Newchurch bishop would think so. Malooly probably thinks that DeLuca's sexual assaults of children right and left was also a "corporal work of mercy." How sick can Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order and his perverted clergy get?

Bankruptcy lawyers say that it is the first time a diocese in bankruptcy has asked permission from a court to provide benefits to presbyters involved in sex crimes. Attorneys for the child-victims lashed out at Newbishop Malooly's immoral proposition. "The law of the Vatican does not control the law of a federal bankruptcy court.... Of all the people who are deserving of diocesan charity, why are these people worthy to be put at the head of the line?" the victims' attorneys countered. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Wilmington News Journal.]

Good Catholics, in Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch the rule is that his bishop and presbyter sex criminals still get the New Order gravy-train even if they can't wear their collar! The request for the payoff to the criminals was made just three months to the day after the declaration of bankruptcy. The funds for the payoff would ultimately come out of the Newchurch collection plate. Why these clueless Newchurchers continue to contribute their money to payoffs to sex criminals is unfathomable. Why the courts don't just shut down these corrupt diocesan corporations is unfathomable.

Benedict-Ratzinger Apes JPIIs Visit to Rome Synagogue
To Pray for the Coming of the Messias

From: The Fathers

On January 17, 2010, Benedict-Ratzinger violated the First Commandment and his predecessors' condemnations, and visited the synagogue of the Jews at Rome. Rather than attempting to convert the Jews there to the Messias, Jesus Christ, he instead sold out the Lord, Whose vicar he claims to be, by speaking only of "the esteem and affection which the Bishop and the Church of Rome, as well as the entire Catholic [sic] Church, have towards this community and all Jewish communities around the world." Benedict-Ratzinger also perpetrated the false false "Oecumenism" by focusing upon "the scourge of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism." He mentioned nothing about the scourge of anti-Catholicism that Judaism persistently perpetrates.

January 20, 2010 - St. Fabian, Pope & Sebastian, Martyrs
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Mandates "Gay Pride"-colored Rainbow Vestments
He Rejects a 1600-year Tradition of the Roman Catholic Liturgy

From: The Fathers
Rainbow Vestments

Newchurch Bishops Sporting Papally-approved "Gay-Pride" Vestments in Rainbow Color
At 1997's World Youth Day in Paris, France
"Traditional" Benedict-Ratzinger Has Now Mandated "Gay" Rainbow Vestments
On Three New Sunday-holydays in the Novus Ordo Calendar
For Sts. Noe, Abraham, and Moses

Benedict-Ratzinger has mandated for his Newchurch of the New Order during this new liturgical year of 2010 a new vestment color: "rainbow" (which is actually seven colors). The rainbow color is associated world wide with the immoral "gay-pride" movement, which advocates one of the Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance. Benedict-Ratzinger personally ratified the use of the "gay" rainbow color upon his return from his Africa junket, March 17-23, 2009.

Traditional liturgical colors are only five: white, black, violet, red, and green. Rose is a lightened violet optionally used on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays. By exception gold may be substituted for any color but black and violet, silver for the color white. Blue is not a true liturgical color, but an exception allowed to only one order and on one day. Multicolored vestments with none of the five colors predominating have been prohibited in the Roman Church for 1600 years.

Rainbow-colored chasubles and stoles are to be used by Novus Ordo presbyters and lay-deacons for the 34th, 35th, and 36th Sundays of Ordinary Time, as the Novus Ordo calls them, which, by papal decree will be replaced with three Sunday-holydays fabricated for the "Covenant of God and His people": of St. Noe (called by Newchurch Noah), St. Abraham, and St. Moses.

In 1997 rainbow chasubles were officially approved for use at JPII's World Youth Day in Paris, France, that year. Subsequently Newchurch's Congregation for the Divine Cult and Discipline of the Sacraments allowed it to be used world wide ad experimentum. Since consulting Newbishops and liturgiac "experts," the Congregation has received rave reviews of the rainbow color, and Newrome's last Synod of Bishops officially approved stoles and chasubles in rainbow for the three new holydays by a vote of 256-2-1. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vatican Information Service.]

Good Catholics, it is clear that Benedict-Ratzinger is using the rainbow-colored vestments as a symbolic way of indicating his approval of "gay pride," while in words he mildly objects. That is the modus operandi of the Great Cover-up Artist that we have come to expect. It all fits with the Modernist programme of this cult-member of the New Order, whom the deaf, dumb, and blind ignorantly call "traditional." The intelligent, however, see the real score.

Papal Nuncio Hits the Mark: "Catholic Institutions Are in Ruins"
Rather than Referring to the Legacy of the New Order, He Refers to an Earthquake

From: The Fathers

Papal nuncio Newarchbishop Bernardito Auza spoke words of truth -- rare for anyone in the Benedict-Ratzinger administration. Unfortunately, his words, "Catholic institutions are in ruins," did not refer to the spiritual legacy of the Newchurch of the New Order, run by the ruinous troika of Conciliar popes since Vatican II, but to the January 12, 2010, secular earthquake in Haiti.

To put this all into perspective, the earthquake was devastating to a small part of the earth's surface, whose entire population is a mere three times that of the city of Rome, but Newchurch's legacy of false doctrine, a false "Mass" and "Sacraments," and a false morality have been devastating to the salvation of 1,121,000,000 souls. In fact, Newchurch has been surpassed by Mohammedanism, which now numbers 1,387,000,000 souls. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Fides.]

January 19, 2010 - St. Marius & Companions, Martryrs
Simple Feast

St. John Schola Issues the Eighth in Its Highly-recommended Series of Live Recordings
Of Gregorian Chant for the Practical Use of Traditional Chapels, Churches, and Oratories

From: The Fathers
St. John Schola Volume VIII

The Cover of the Latest in the St. John Schola's Series:
Cantus Populares - Popular Chants
For the Practical Use of Traditional Chapels
The Cover Depicts St. Cecilia, the Patron Saint of Music at the Organ

The St. John Schola for Gregorian Chant, which provides the TRADITIO Network with its Gregorian Chant department, informs us that it has just issued Volume VIII of live Gregorian chant recordings in its A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant series: "Cantus Populares - Popular Chants." Unlike the previous seven volumes in the series, Volume VIII includes some of the most popular chants from the Gregorian repertoire and familiar polyphony, with organ accompaniment, taken directly from the Liber Usualis, the traditional handbook that contains the chant for most of the Mass and significant parts of the Divine Office, and from the traditional St. Gregory Hymnal. This CD includes:

This CD is particularly remarkable in including the rarely-recorded Kyrie Eleison troped in the mediaeval style. The trope, an elaboration of the chant, is mentioned in all music-history books as being one of the most significant developments of the traditional chant, but rarely has it ever been recorded.

The St. John Schola series is highly recommended by the TRADITIO Network for its fidelity to the fully-traditional Roman Liturgy and for its utility in training Gregorian scholae (chant choirs) in traditional churches, chapels, and oratories. Although there are many chant recordings made in recording studios, or sometimes in larger churches or monasteries with professional or dedicated choirs, there are few, if any, recordings made by the average small lay choir, chanting what can actually be attempted in the smaller churches, chapels, and oratories, to which the Sacred Chant can be a great addition in the traditional Roman liturgy, not as mere secular performance, but in the actual religious setting for which it was composed, the Traditional Latin Mass and Divine Office of the classical Roman Rite.

Free music sheets are available to accompany the recordings. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Gregorian Chant department.

Feature Article: Caritas in Veritate - A Critique

From: Thomas Dugan

Dear Fathers:

I draw your readers' attention to my article demonstrating how Benedict-Ratzinger's Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate of September 29, 2009, seriously diverges from traditional Catholic teaching, as explicated in Pope Leo XIII's landmark encyclical Rerum novarum. For further information, click on Caritas in Veritate - A Critique in the TRADITIO Network's Special Features department.

January 18, 2010 - St. Peter's Chair at Rome
Double Major Feast

Former Superior Rejects SSPX General Fellay's Acceptance of Heretical Anglicanism
Claims that Fellay Wants to Destroy the Work of the SSPX's Archbishop-founder

From: The Fathers
Peter Scott

Fr. Peter Scott Is in Bernie Fellay's Doghouse
The Former SSPX U.S. District Superior Has Slammed Fellay's Praise
Of Benedict-Ratzinger's Merger of Heretical Anglican Groups into Newchurch
Scott Says: "Anglicanism Is Based on Invalid Orders"

Peter Scott, formerly the SSPX's District Superior of the United States and rector of its Australian seminary, on January 14, 2010, publicly rejected Benedict-Ratzinger's incorporation of Anglican groups into Newchurch via his constitution, Anglicanorum coetibus. For example, John Hepworth's Traditional Anglican Communion is reportedly being courted by Benedict-Ratzinger for merger into the Newchurch of the New Order, with the TAC keeping its own Protestant "traditions" and practices. Hepworth's claim to being a bishop was declared "completely null and absolutely vain" by Pope Leo XIII's Apostolicae curae.

Bernie Fellay, the current SSPX Superior General, greeted the merger of heretical Anglicans into Newchurch as a "great joy," a "precious gift," and a "shared treasury." Scott, however, claims that Fellay wants to destroy the work of the SSPX's Archbishop-founder, Marcel Lefebvre: "Anglicanism is based on invalid orders and thus has for valid sacraments only Baptism and Matrimony."

There is nothing startling here. Scott already had a contretemps with Fellay when the former was rector of the SSPX's Australian seminary, as reported in past TRADITIO Network Commentaries. Scott, for all his extreme extreme autocracy in running the district, is a Lefebvrite, not a Fellayite. Scott's statements in this instance are certainly in accord with traditional Sacramental theology, and Fellay's praise of Benedict-Ratzinger embracing of Anglicanism tainted with heresy (as is his New Order sect itself) is condemned by that same theology.

The "precious gift" and "shared treasury" that Fellay praises in heretical Anglicanism is in fact the "Protestant, heretical, and anti-Catholic traditions put in place by [King Henry VIII's] Archbishop Cranmer, whose diabolical reform made Catholic blood in England flow." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by European sources and the SSPX.]

A Reader Writes: "Benedict-Ratzinger Would Love to Wield Half as Much Control as Fellay"

From: Barry

Dear Fathers:

Whether or not "Fr. Ratzinger" is a bishop or not and whether he is truly the Bishop of Rome or not (and I doubt both from a sacramental and canonical viewpoint, as he was never consecrated as a bishop in the traditional rite, but only "installed" as a Novus Ordo Newbishop), one thing is almost beyond dispute, viz., that he would love to wield half as much effective control over Newchurch as the autocrat Bernie Fellay does over the Neo-SSPX!

January 17, 2010 - Third Sunday after Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday

Is Nothing in the New Order Sacred?
Novus Ordo "Tennis-racket" Shrine at Fatima Is Vandalized

From: The Fathers
New Fatima Shrine

The Novus Ordo Shrine at Fatima, Portugal
Derisively Called the "Tennis Racket"
The Modernistic Temple Was Approved in 2003 by the Newvatican
To Replace the Traditional Shrine in 2007

In the earlier hours of the Feast of the Holy Family, January 12, 2010, the new Novus Ordo shrine at Fatima was vandalized. Four statues of Our Lady of Fatima were painted with graffiti. Statues of Pope Pius XII and the Conciliar popes Paul VI and JPII in the plaza were also painted with graffiti. The graffiti included the words "Islam," "moon," "sun," "Muslim," and "mosque."

The TRADITIO Network on November 29, 2003, and subsequently, has covered in depth the controversy concerning the replacement of the traditional shrine at Fatima with a Novus Ordo temple looking like a tennis racket. At that time the Newchurch of the New Order awarded to a schismatic Greek Orthodox architect the contract for an ultra-futuristic casino-like Fatima Interfaith Shrine Basilica, completed in 2007, with computer-programmed lights (a là the Las Vegas Strip), to hold 10,000 Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhist, African, Pagan, Protestant -- and perhaps a few Newchurch pilgrims, so that everyone could worship their various gods there and could take part in oecumeniacal "dialogue" there.

The Novus Ordo shrine is the outcome of a seminar at Fatima October 11-13, 2003 on "The Present of Man and the Future of God." The Novus Ordo shrine is built in a Modernistic architectural style that looks like a tennis racket. Benedict-Ratzinger is scheduled to visit Fatima in May 2010 as guest of the atheist government in Portugal, which has recently approved immoral, sodomite "gay" marriage, which Newpope has not denounced. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Zenit.]

A Reader Asks: "Are People Looking to Justify Their False Perception of Benedict-Ratzinger as 'Conservative'"?

From: Randy

Dear Fathers:

I was recently reading an article that mentioned a change in "Fr. Ratzinger" after Vatican II:

Before 1968 Prof. Dr. Josef Ratzinger was one of those who prepared enthusiastically the reforms of Vatican II. However, when he found out in 1968 that radical students showed no respect for the academic titles he had worked for so hard and that they showed no respect for the clerical hierarchy to which he belonged, he became a conservative again.

Is there any truth to this? Or are people just looking for anything to grab onto to justify their false perception of Josef Ratzinger as "conservative"?

The Fathers Reply.

What that statement is saying is that Josef Ratzinger is on an ego trip. There are certainly evidences to support that conclusion. But "Fr. Ratzinger" is the same person as "Pope Benedict." He may have put a little conservative frosting on his Modernism since Vatican II, but this is merely to keep conservative Newchurchers' and Motarians' money flowing into his sinking ship.

He himself indicated in his Primum Nuntium [First Message] after his election in 2005, that he is wedded for life to the Modernist Vatican II Council. He mentioned nothing about "conservatism" in the First Message, which would traditionally lays out the goals of the incoming papacy. The Neocon Newchurchers and Motarians just don't want to listen to what he himself is saying. They instead create an "alternate reality" that bears no resemblance to what he is and does.

January 16, 2010 - Pope Marcellus I, Pope & Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Actor Mel Gibson Asked to Finance Rebuilding of St. Mel's Cathedral in Ireland
Which Was Burned Down, Perhaps by Arson, on Christmas Day 2009

From: The Fathers
St. Mel's Cathedral

St. Mel's Cathedral in Longford, Ireland
Burned Down on Christmas Day 2009
Police Are Investigating the Possibility of Arson
As Ireland Has Been Consumed with the Murphy Report
That Charged Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch with Covering Up
A Rampage of Sex Crimes across Ireland

Dear Fathers:

A desperate plea for actor/director Mel Gibson, who produced and directed the 2004 traditional Catholic film, The Passion of the Christ, has gone out from Irish Newbishop Colm O'Reilly to help rebuild St. Mel's Cathedral in Longford, Ireland. The cathedral was burned down on Christmas Day 2009 after O'Reilly, the local bishop, gave an unsatisfying sermon on Newchurch's Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal, which has transfixed Ireland because of its recent exposure in the government's Murphy Report of November 26, 2009. Tempers in Ireland are high, as victims of sex crimes by Newbishops and presbyters have condemned Benedict-Ratzinger's statement on the report as "inadequate" and "meaningless," with one man vowing to take legal action against Newpope because of his lack of any real response to the crimes.

Local authorities are investigating the fire as a possible arson, perhaps by an aggrieved parent of a child raped by a Newchurch presbyter. It will cost an estimated 12,000,000 U.S. dollars to rebuild the church. Mel Gibson's mother, Anne Reilly, who hailed from near the town of Longford, and the actor himself is named after Saint Mel, who came to Ireland with St. Patrick in the fifth century and was educated by traditional Irish Christian Brothers. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Irish Central.]

A Reader Asks: "How Much Control Do You Think Benedict-Ratzinger Really Has?"

From: Tony

How much control do you think Benedict-Ratzinger has over his bishops? I don't think that you should hold him responsible for a lot of what is happening. Some Newchurch bishops may eventually break away from Newrome altogether.

The Fathers Reply.

The idea that the pope is somehow a powerless pawn is ridiculous. Let's face it. He has the power; he just doesn't have the guts. Pope St. Pius V had the guts. Pope St. Pius X had the guts. Benedict-Ratzinger is a pusillanimous pussycat. That is the problem. There's no point in covering it up.

In Catholic theology the pope has absolute control of the Church, as long as he is acting in accordance with Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and with equity. The pope is supposed to be the Supreme Authority in the Church; he doesn't even have a board of directors to report to. Only he has the power to hire and fire bishops. Many of the bishops in now in deep trouble were personally appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger -- which shows how bad a judge of character he is. Before he was pope, from 2001-2005, JPII appointed him Sex-crimes Czar with the full authority of the papacy. The legal principle is respondeat superior, the superior is responsible for the actions of his subordinates.

If Newbishops break away from Newrome, so be it. At least the lines would be drawn. Right now, nobody knows where the lines are. That is why the Newchurch of the New Order is out of control. Benedict-Ratzinger is the man in charge and responsible for the situation, involved even from as far back as when he was the besuited Modernist "Fr. Ratzinger" at Vatican II. If Benedict-Ratzinger were the CEO of a corporation, he would have been fired long ago for failure to perform and gross malfeasance in office.

January 15, 2010 - St. Paul, First Hermit
Double Feast

SSPX Superior General's "Third Rosary Crusade," for Benedict-Ratzinger
Isn't Getting the Support that Bernie Fellay Had Hoped to Get a Gold Star from Newrome

From: Ambrosio
Bernie Fellay

Not Seeing Straight: SSPX's Superior General Bernie Fellay
Who Is Not Happy that His Third "Rosary Crusade," for Benedict-Ratzinger
Is Not Going Over as Well as He Thought It Would
SSPXers Are Tired of Fellay Abusing the Most Holy Rosary
Or They Don't Like Praying for Benedict-Ratzinger and His New Order

Dear Fathers:

With the very real possibility of SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's latest "Third Rosary Crusade" not achieving its target of 12 million Rosaries by March 25, 2010, I have heard reports in the SSPX that it may be extended as long as necessary until the announced target is obtained. In other words, the target is being moved because Fellay can't hit the mark! All this for his declared purpose of supporting the leader of the New Order sect, Benedict-Ratzinger.

The Fathers Reply.

Bernie Fellay's "First Crusade" resulted in the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax and the use by some Newchurch presbyters of the Conciliar-Bugnini Mess of 1962-2008 instead of the Traditional Latin Mass. Fellay's "Second Crusade" resulted in the four SSPX bishops being welcomed into the Novus Ordo "communion." The "Third Crusade" is supposed to pray for the success of the Modernist Newpope of the New Order Church, Benedict-Ratzinger, the same Unholy Father who has been the agent of despoiling tens of thousands of his Newchurch children by sexual assaults, rapes, and even murders by his cardinals, bishops, and presbyters.

Good Catholics, what is Fellay going for? "Three strikes, and you're out"? It seems that even the SSPXers are getting pretty tired of Fellay abusing the Most Holy Rosary for his personal political ambitions in Newchurch. Either that, or they don't like praying for Benedict-Ratzinger and his Novus Ordo program.

A Reader Writes: "Priesst Ordained under Mary Tudor Were Referred to as "Marian"

From: Rob

Dear Fathers:

I refer to myself as a "new recusant," one who refuses to attend the invalid Novus Ordo service, because English Catholics who refused to attend the Anglican service under King Henry VIII and his successors were called "recusants." As an historical note, priests ordained during the brief reign of the only Catholic queen in that period, Mary Tudor, were referred to as "Marian" priests (indicating Queen Mary rather than the Virgin Mary) to distinguish them from Seminary priests (secular priests ordained in Douay, France) and Jesuit priests. Unlike these latter two, under Elizabethan law "Marian" priests could stay in England, but could not administer the Sacraments.

January 14, 2010 - St. Hillary, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Is Out of Touch in Novus Ordo Baptism "Homily"!
He Calls for Repentance, but Fails to Repent of His Own Responsibility for Sex Crimes against Children

From: Philip
Benedict-Ratzinger Baptism

Benedict-Ratzinger Conducts a Novus Ordo Baptism for 14 Infants
He Calls for Repentance, but Hypocritically Fails Himself to Repent
For Being Responsible for the Sexual Assault, Rape, and even Murder
Of Hundreds of Thousands of Children

On January 10, 2008, Benedict-Ratzinger conducted a baptism in the Novus Ordo rite for 14 infants in the Sistine Chapel, on the Newchurch concocted "Feast of the Baptism of the Lord." He noted in his "homily" that St. John the Baptist encouraged a baptism of repentance. Such repentance is certainly an important aspect of Christian life, he said.

Ironically, it is Benedict-Ratzinger himself who needs to show repentance. After all, as the head of the Newchurch of the New Order, he has suborned, aided and abetted, and covered up the sex crimes against children that have been perpetrated by cardinals, bishops, and presbyters acting in his name. Where is Benedict-Ratzinger's own repentance for personally presiding over, since 2001 when he was made Sex-crimes Czar by JPII, the sexual assault, rape, and even murder of hundreds of thousands of children? Even the Lord, whose vicar he claims to be, says that he should be "drowned in the depth of the sea" (Matthew 18:8) for such sins!

The baptisms, conducted in the Novus Ordo rite that Benedict-Ratzinger invariably uses, were performed during an invalid Novus Ordo Mess in the Sistine Chapel. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vatican Information Service.]

A Reader Asks: "What is a 'Marian Priest'"?

From: Philip

Dear Fathers:

What is a "Marian priest"? I've heard that term used, but I've never been clear about what it means. Isn't a priest supposed to be an alter Christus, another Christ, not an altera Maria, another Mary?

The Fathers Reply.

The allegiance of a priest must be to Christ. Christ is God; the Blessed Virgin Mary, however high her dignity may be, is not God, although it seems that Charismatic Newchurchers, Fatimists, and even some extremist traditional Catholics make her out to be a virtual goddess. Of course, this is blasphemy.

It is ironic that in this period, when the religion of Christ, and named after Him, is under attack, even many traditional Catholics today center their Faith on anything but Christ, and this has led to some pretty unCatholic, even ridiculous, results. We Fathers think that it is time to return to Pope St. Pius X's wise counsel on the matter: instaurare omnia in Christo, to establish all things in Christ.

January 13, 2010 - Octave Day of the Epiphany
Double Major Feast

Author of Father Dowling Mysteries Is on His Deathbed
Prof. Ralph McInerny Is the American Counterpart to G.K. Chesterton

From: The Fathers
Father Dowling

A Priest of a Different Collar: Tom Bosley as "Father Dowling"
The Popular Television Mystery Series Was Based upon a Character
Created by Prof. Ralph McInerny, Who Lies In Extremis
McInerny Is One of the World's Experts on the Philosophy
Of the Church's Universal Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas

The American counterpart of the British G.K. Chesterton's famous fictional sleuth, Father Brown, is Father Dowling, created by Ralph McInerny, professor of philosophy and mediaeval studies at Notre Dame University, of South Bend, Indiana. The TRADITIO Network was informed that as of January 8, 2010, Prof. McInerny lies in extremis at age 79. McInerny's academic specialty is the Universal Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas, whose commentaries he has edited.

McInerny's creation of a murder-solving priest became a household name as the mysteries were translated into a television series aired between 1987 and 1991, starring Tom Bosley as the title character. Playing foil to Fr. Dowling was the sleuth's rectory-mate, the straight-laced Fr. Philip Prestwick, played by James Stephens, whose priority was his own ecclesiastical career prospects, not crime-fighting.

A Reader Asks: "How Should a Catholic Respond to Such a Period as This?"

From: Tony

Dear Fathers:

So often it seems that the news that you have to report about the Church is not good, even scandalous, to the point that one doesn't even want to hear it. How should a Catholic respond to such a period as this in the history of the Church?

The Fathers Reply.

There is no denying that we are in one of the worst times in the history of the Church, but there have certainly been many others. Yet true Catholics do not have the option of sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches. They must fight for the Faith the way their predecessors did. If the 11,000,000 Roman Martyrs had not fought for the Faith in the early centuries of the Church, another one of the worst periods, the Faith would now be essentially dead.

Unfortunately, too many Catholics today prefer not to recognize the problems: invalid Novus Ordo services and sacraments, watered-down and false doctrines, and a thoroughly debased and immoral Newchurch clergy. In past such periods of Church history, Catholics fought to save their Faith and their Church. Now, all too many Catholics seem willing complacently to sell out to the evils. If they do so, they will get just what they deserve. As St. Augustine wisely observed: "It is better that truth be known than that scandal be covered up."

January 12, 2010 - Within the Octave
Semidouble Feast

Mexico City Breaks the "Gay" Immorality Barrier
Becomes the First in Latin America to Approve "Gay" Marriage

From: The Fathers
Mexican Homosexuals

Mexico City Homosexuals Celebrate by Flying the "Gay" Rainbow Flag
As 2009 Ended with the Once-Catholic City Immorally Legalized "Marriage" for Homsexuals
In the Third-largest City in the World
The Post-Vatican II Popes Have Been Pusillanimous in Halting Immorality
In Countries that Used to Call Themselves Catholic

On December 21, 2009, Mexico City, the third-largest city in the world, joined the ever-expanding group of once-Catholic cities and nations legalizing one of the Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance, sodomy, as "gay" marriage became legal in that capital city of almost 20,000,000 souls. The new law in Mexico City changes the meaning of marriage from "a free union between a man and a woman" to "a free union between two people." The Mexican capital already authorized the sham of "civil unions" for homosexuals in November 2006 and decriminalized abortion in April 2007.

Mexico City is the first governmental entity in Latin America to approve the immorality, but it won't be the last, as Catholicism in Latin America has essentially disappeared, except for a veneer, since the Conciliar popes, Paul VI, JPII, and Benedict-Ratzinger, took over. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by AFP.]

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger made no comment on this development. No indication that a papal interdict would be placed upon Mexico City. Action speak louder than words. Newpope is against "gay" marriage? Think again!

Once-Catholic Europe Is Pushing Fast-track Divorce
In Another Slap at God's Divine Law by the European Union

From: The Fathers

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, President of Spain and current President of the European Union, during the week of January 3, 2010, pushed to mandate "fast-track" divorce throughout the European Union.

Marriage in Europe is in a shambles, with broken marriages notably rising while childbirths at are an all-time low because of artificial contraception. Many European countries used to be Catholic, but no longer, since the conversion of the Catholic Church into a New Order sect by Vatican II Modernists like Josef Ratzinger. Now wonder Europe is rapidly turning into a Mohammedan continent! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

January 11, 2010 - Within the Octave
Semidouble Feast

Was Fatima Wrong, as Portugal Moves to Legalize "Gay" Marriage?
Fatima Said that Portugal Was "Always Supposed to Preserve the Dogma of the Faith"

From: The Fathers
Apparition at Fatima

The Apparition at Fatima
No Private Apparition Is a Matter of Dogma, but the Divine Law against "Gay" Marriage Is
Fatima Is Coming into Question as Portugal Has Contradicted the Apparition:
"In Portugal the Dogma of the Faith Will Always Be Preserved"
The Portuguese Parliament Has Approved Full-blown "Gay" Marriage
Which Catholic Doctrine Says Is a Sin that "Cries out to Heaven for Vengeance"

One of the supposed "secrets" of Fatima was that "in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved." It is clear that in the period of the Newchurch of the New Order since Vatican II (1962-1965), the Portuguese people are clearly giving up the dogma of the traditional Catholic Faith.

Portugal's parliament on January 7, 2010, passed a law to legalize immoral "gay" marriage. Prime Minister Jose Socrates opened the debate with an appeal to back the law, saying that it would put right an "injustice" that had caused unnecessary pain. The "injustice" that Socrates was referring to is following God's Divine law that marriage is between a man and a woman -- not a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or, for that matter, a human and a beast! Only 90,000 of 10,700,00 Portuguese signed a petition for a national referendum on the issue. The Portuguese didn't even bother with the "cop-out" of "civil unions" for homosexuals first. They went right to full-blown "gay" marriage!

The vote is interpreted as a slap in the face to Benedict-Ratzinger, who supposedly is against "gay" marriage, although his position against it as a New Order practitioner is much softer than traditional Catholic doctrine, which regards sodomy as one of the Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance." The law is expected to come into effect in April 2010, just a month before a visit to Portugal by Benedict-Ratzinger. Ratification would make Portugal the sixth country in Europe to allow "gay" marriage, after once solidly-Catholic Belgium and Spain, together with the Protestant Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by BBC News.]

A Reader Writes: "Seasoned Traditional Writers Have Prophesied
The Current Decline of the SSPX"

From: Ambrosio

Dear Fathers:

It's a pity that the vast majority of SSPX priest-presbyters (like Fr. X) follow the Fellayite party line and do not read the writings of independent traditional Catholic writers. Over the years seasoned traditional writers have prophesied the current decline of the SSPX. One of these wrote in June 2005:

SSPX will achieve regularity, jurisdiction, and recognition of its "illicit" ordinations. It will then triumphantly lead its clients into the Newchurch to which it has ever belonged until those episcopal consecrations drew an excommunication. All will be forgiven, and all the little traditionalists will have their "mass" back. But that may not satisfy those who want our Church back. We need a distraction.
So the remaining [fully-traditional] Catholics will be accused of rocking the boat. Haven't we been conceded everything we desired? Some may even settle for this compromise as something with which we can live. But it will not change the facts. The Roman apostates are not the Catholic Church. They had no power to innovate, and they have no power to restore. Only the recognition of these facts, followed by their immediate resignation and return of the physical plant will satisfy us. We need a distraction.
So when our numbers have shrunk enough, we shall at last be excommunicated, and demonized. We shall be painted terrorists, as though we had defended our civil rights. We may then acquire what Hilaire Belloc called the fifth mark of the Church: persecution!"

January 10, 2010 - The Holy Family: Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Double Major Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's Master of Ceremonies Has Called a Reinvigoration
Of the Novus Ordo Mess with Vatican II Modernism

From: The Fathers
Guido Marini

Papal Master of Ceremonies, Guido Marini, Preaching the Novus Ordo
Marini Has Called for a Reinvigoration of the Modernist Principles of Vatican II
Into the Novus Ordo Mess
Benedict-Ratzinger Too Panders the Modernistic Principles of Vatican II
As Being "In Continuity with the Traditions of Previous Centuries" --
And that Pigs Fly!

In a January 6, 2010, address to the Confraternity of Catholic [Sic] Clergy, Benedict-Ratzinger's Papal Master of Ceremonies, Msgr. Guido Marini, called for a reinvigoration of the Modernistic principles of Vatican II (1962-1965) into the Novus Ordo Mess, in a "reform of the reform," but rejected the idea of throwing the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service out completely.

Marini confirmed Benedict-Ratzinger's desire that the novel Modernistic principles of Vatican II "must be understood as being in continuity with the traditions of previous centuries." The Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo service are to be considered the same. "[We regard] both the present and the past liturgy of the Church as one patrimony in continuous development," Marini stated.

This principle of "continuous development" of the Sacred Liturgy, rather than a perfected Traditional Catholic Mass, is a principle of the Modernistic heresy held by Protestants and condemned by Catholic popes from Pius IX through even John XXIII. Marini condemned presbyters who "claim for themselves the right to change" the liturgy, but then hypocritically supported the Novus Ordo presbyters, led by Hannibal Bugnini, who completely changed to invalidity the Traditional Catholic Mass! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

Good Catholics, the Protestantized Novus Ordo service that they love is patently invalid and flatly unCatholic by the Leonine Criteria. All this is just more anti-Catholic doubletalk from Benedict-Ratzinger and his liturgical lackeys. They have no interest even in a "Motu" Mess -- except as a sop to extort money from pseudo-traditional Newchurchers.

Newchurch Archdiocese of San Francisco Supports Pro-Abortion Group
Which Also Helps Promote Contraception Drugs and Devices for Children

From: The Fathers

The Newchurch archdiocese of San Francisco, California, has approved, after reinvestigation, and supports an organization, the San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP), which helps promote abortion, contraception drugs and devices, and sex-education programs for children. This Newarchdiocesan approval is particularly significant because the national health care bill currently being debated in the U.S. Congress is based on the pro-abortion Healthy San Francisco health plan, which was supported by the San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP) and the California Catholic [Sic] Conference.

The pro-abortion SFOP has been strongly supported by the latest Newchurch archbishops of San Francisco: William Levada, who now heads Benedict-Ratzinger's Doctrine of the Faith Congregation, and George Niederauer. Both Newarchbishops have spoken in support of the organization's goals at SFOF events. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the American Life League.]

January 9, 2010 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany
Semidouble Feast

An SSPX Priest Writes: "I Was Expelled by Bernie Fellay"
As the SSPX Superior General Continues His Purge of Anti-Newrome SSPX Priests

From: Fr. X
Bernie Fellay

Bernie Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X
Angrily Purges SSPX Priests Who Oppose His Sellout to Newrome
Fellay Is Reported to Be Angling for a High Position
In the Novus Ordo Administration of Benedict-Ratzinger

Dear Fathers:

I am so glad to see other priests speaking up and out over SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's actions toward many who are not willing to bend the knee to Vatican II and who see through what he is actually doing. I don't know how many there are out there whom he has expelled for this reason, but after 18 months of resistance to his strategies of reuniting with Newrome, I was expelled by Bernie Fellay, receiving my own Letter of Expulsion. Fellay and his Neo-SSPX must be in a pretty sad state if they are so threatened by so small a voice as mine!

Fellay's Letter of Expulsion states that I am no longer allowed even to attend Mass or receive the Sacraments in the SSPX. So, my penalty for backing the principles of our founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, is even to be cut off from the Sacraments of the Church -- such as they are in the SSPX. Fortunately, there are fully-traditional Catholic sites here that operate independently of the SSPX.

I understand that Letters of Expulsion have been sent to other priests like me. I know how isolated those who have had to endure the wrath of Bernie Fellay can feel. They are not alone. I myself had no idea of how large the number of priests who had been summarily expelled actually was. I hope that the other SSPX clergy, religious, and laypeople who have had to endure such horrific injustices will have the courage they need to stand up and be heard.

I am amazed how low Fellay has sunk and to what lengths he has stooped to discredit me and other priests who stand by the anti-Newrome founding principles of our Society, so that no one would believe what we would say. This is a favorite tactic of Fellay's: to call those who oppose him "liars" when they are actually telling the truth about him! Lucky for me, I kept all of the letters and E-mails I received from him over these 18 months!

The Fathers Reply.

Let's face it. Since Bernie Fellay took over the Society of St. Pius X after the death of Archbishop Lefebvre, he has turned the Archbishops's once traditional organization into a cult centered on himself. The Archbishop was a humble man and dealt with everyone. Fellay has become a power-mad dictator, with a term of 24 years! Moreover, like a Quisling, Fellay has aided and abetted the takeover of Archbishop Lefebvre's original organization by Newchurch, hoping, as various SSPX sources have told us, to be paid off with a high position in a Novus Ordo administration.

Benedict-Ratzinger's African Summit at Newrome Backfires
Uganda Presbyters Leave Him to Form a New Church

From: The Fathers

Providing more evidence that Benedict-Ratzinger has lost control of Newchurch, twenty Newchurch presbyters in Uganda have abandoned his administration to form a New Church in which celibacy is not required. Although Africa is one of the few places in the world where Newchurch is growing, many presbyters there have been violating their vows by openly living in sin with women and fathering bastards.

During October 4-25, 2009, Benedict-Ratzinger summoned African bishops to Newrome for a three-week meeting on the problems of the church in Africa, and celibacy was a key topic of discussion. These presbyters, together with others, rejected Benedict-Ratzinger's jurisdiction. These presbyters are expected to join the Catholic Apostolic National Church, founded by presbyter Luciano Anzanga Mbewe, after the principles of former Zambian Newchurch archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo. Mbewe is expected to visit Uganda soon to ordain new presbyters. The Catholic Apostolic National Church already has over 12,000 followers in Uganda alone. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, Newchurch archbishop of Kampala, Uganda, was meanwhile calling on the Ugandan government to suppress the Catholic Apostolic National Church because "it might cause confusion among Ugandans." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, it seems that the hypocritical Benedict-Ratzinger, who claims to be a devotee of the Vatican II Council, which he helped engineer with Hannibal Bugnini, Hans Kung, Karl Rahner, and other Modernists, once again is quick to suppress the Vatican II "rights of the human person" when it suits his Novus Ordo autocracy. Likewise, in January 2009 Benedict-Ratzinger placed SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson under virtual house arrest when Williamson expressed an unpopular opinion on a disputed matter of secular history.

January 8, 2010 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany
Semidouble Feast

Four Irish Bishops' Heads Roll, and the Head of a Fifth Is Called For
As Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal Spreads to the Emerald Isle

From: The Fathers
William Walsh

An Angry William Walsh, Newchurch Bishop of Killagore
Has Demanded that Newcardinal Desmond Connell Explain His Complicity in Sex Crimes
Documented in the Irish Government's Murphy Report
Which Has Already Caused the Resignations of Four Bishops, with a Fifth in Prospect

Newchurch bishop William Walsh, of Killaloe, Ireland, has demanded that Newcardinal Desmond Connell explain his complicity in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. Walsh stated: "It's about being responsible for, being answerable to, explaining why, and an individual accepting penalties appropriate to the seriousness of the failure. The present crisis was the product of a malfunctioning Church."

Four Irish Newchurch bishops have already resigned in the wake of the Irish Government's November 26, 2009, Murphy Report, detailing the bishops' complicity in sexual assaults and rapes of even handicapped children under their care. Two victims have now publicly called for the resignation of a fifth Newbishop, Martin Drennan, of Galway. The victims stated: "Bishop Drennan didn't stand up to that authority [Newcardinal Connell] or the culture in place. He didn't challenge either for the sake of children.... If a bishop can ignore his responsibilities and refuse to be accountable, the Church is not moving forward." The victims charged that Drennan engaged in a seven-year cover-up of crimes against children. "His presence is an offence to anyone who was sexually abused in the Dublin archdiocese, and his continuing presence is to continue that offense." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Times.]

SSPX Prior Charges SSPX Bishops with Abandoning the Principles of Their Founder
And Accepting the "Apostate and Anti-christ" New Order Sect

From: The Fathers

Fr. Basilio Meramo, a Prior of the Society of St. Pius X, who was personally ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1986 and expelled by Bernie Fellay on April 7, 2009, has released an Open Letter from Bogota, Colombia, on December 31, 2009, in which he flays the four SSPX bishops for abandoning the principles of the SSPX's Archbishop-Founder.

Fr. Meramo charges the four SSPX bishops (Bernie Fellay, Alfonso de Galarreta, Bernard Tissier de Malerais, and Richard Williamson) with "falling into the trap of the Motu Proprio" and accepting unexcommunication from the "apostate and anti-Christ" New Order sect. The priest goes on to charge the four bishops with an "underhanded betrayal of Archbishop Lefebvre's work, Catholic Tradition, and the fight and the defense of the Faith."

Fr. Meramo states in his Open Letter that the bishops, by attempting to sell out the SSPX to what Archbishop Lefebvre called "Modernist Rome" (as opposed to the Eternal Rome of Catholic Tradition) are "destroying the last remaining global stronghold" against the Newchurch of the New Order, which was the heroic resistance of Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer.

Fr. Meramo says that in an article in the October 29, 2009, for the official papal newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, entitled "Strengths and Weakness of Bishop Fellay's Diplomacy," SSPX Superior General Fellay's duplicity is exposed. The article notes: "Fellay ... gradually learned to take measured language, which makes us forget past statements, as well as the aggressive discourse of the other bishops of the SSPX." In other words, Fellay now practices duplicitous Vatican II-speak!

Fr. Meramo also reveals that on January 24, 2009, Fellay sent out a "Letter to the Faithful" in which he revealed that he had told the then President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, Dario Hoyos, that the SSPX could accept and endorse all Councils to Vatican II, with reservations" When Fellay's letter caused strong opposition within the SSPX, he revised his letter to say that the SSPX could accept all Councils to Vatican I, but had reservations with respect to Vatican II.

Fr. Meramo points out that the SSPX under Fellay is essentially no different from the "Motu" organizations, like the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and the Institute of the Good Shepherd, who view the invalid Novus Ordo service as a "legitimate expression of the Roman Catholic rite." To the contrary, Archbishop Lefebvre called the Novus Ordo service "evil and illegitimate." The priest says that Fellay is so consumed with his authority and power as to deviate from the true aims of the SSPX. "He silences and outs everyone who opposes him," including long-standing members of the SSPX who best understand the New Order and resist it.

January 7, 2010 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany
Semidouble Feast

10,000 Traditional Catholic Churches Could Be Demolished in France
As Novus Ordo Parishioners and Presbyters Dwindle to a Handful

From: The Fathers
St. Peter's Church in Geste, France

St. Peter's Church in Geste, France
One of 10,000 French Traditional Catholic Churches
That Are Expected to be Demolished in the Coming Years
As Attendance at Novus Ordo Services Has Dwindled to a Trickle
Or Replaced by Novus Ordo Quonset-huts

The soaring steeple, airy flying buttresses, and steep slate roof of the 19th-century St. Peter's Church that dominates the town of Geste in western France will, like many other historic traditional Catholic churches in France, be demolished and replaced with one of those Novus Ordo Quonset-huts. Geste's neo-Gothic church was completed in 1870 on the ruins of a 16th-century church that was destroyed in the French Revolution. Plans for the replacement Novus Ordo church building are described as looking as if the church were for "entertainment" or a "music hall." "You could put a sign on it saying, 'Groceries,'" said one Frenchman who was fighting to preserve the traditional church.

Because Frenchmen have been deserting the Novus Ordo sect in droves since Vatican II (1962-1965), St. Peter's has stood empty since 2006. Across France many historic traditional Catholic churches are being demolished as the number of Novus Ordo parishioners and presbyters dwindles. France counts only 9,000 presbyters in the Novus Ordo today, compared with 40,000 in 1940. The Religious Heritage Observatory in Paris estimates that there are many more than 9,000 church buildings in France that are subject to imminent demolition.

"In the past, these buildings were sacred, but today there is no sense of the sacred," says the Observatory. In Dijon, an abandoned traditional Catholic church now serves as a theater. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times.]

Step Aside Abortion:
As Predicted, Legalized Euthanasia is the New Anti-life Cause

From: The Fathers

It has long been predicted that once abortion became legal, the next step would be legalized euthanasia. The prediction has come true. Montana has now been confirmed as the third state in the United States to permit physician-assisted suicide. The state supreme court confirmed Montana's 1998 euthanasia law by ruling on December 31, 2009, that neither state law nor public policy prevented doctors from prescribing lethal drugs to patients who want to end their lives. In essence, the court ruled, suicide is not a crime.

Montana's euthanasia law allows adults to commit suicide by oral drug. About 60 people each year since 1998 have committed suicide in Montana in this way. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Christian Science Monitor.]

January 6, 2010 - The Epiphany of Our Lord
Double Feast of the First Class

Newchurch Gets into Cat-fight over Medjugorje
As Newbishop Charges Newcardinal with Lending Credibility to the "Apparition" Hoax

From: The Fathers
Ratko Peric

Ratko Peric, Newchurch Bishop, of the Medjugorje Diocese
Lashed out at Newcardinal Schonborn, of Vienna, for Violating Protocol
And Visiting Medjugorje, the Site of the "Apparition" Hoax
Peric Publicly Criticized Schoborn for Lending New Credibility to the Hoax

One of the features of Newchurch is how its bishops now attack each other publicly. Newbishop Ratko Peric of the Mostar-Duvno diocese in Bosnia, where Medjugorje is located, lashed out on January 2, 2010, at Newcardinal Christoph Schonborn, of Vienna, Austria, for violating protocol and visiting the purported site of "apparitions" of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which Newvatican and Peric have both questioned as a fraud. Peric proclaimed in no uncertain terms that Schonborn's visit "does not imply any recognition of the authenticity of the 'apparitions' related to Medjugorje."

Peric has repeatedly warned against the Medjugorje hoax and rejected the alleged "apparitions." He complained that the visit by Newcardinal Schonborn had caused new pastoral problems for his diocese and criticized Schonborn for lending new credibility to the hoax. Schonborn, for his part, retorted that Medjugorje produced "good fruits."

What "good fruits" Schonborn was referring to was unclear. It is well known, however, that Newchurch presbyters, bishops, and even cardinals are using the Mejugorje hoax as a cash cow, as they are highly paid to lead tours to the site. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Mostar-Duvno Diocese of Bosnia.]

Newchurch Presbyter Admits that He Was Commissioned by His Bishop
To Execute the Failure and Demise of the Church

From: A Novus Ordo Presbyter

Dear Fathers:

I am in the Newchurch diocese of X. under Bishop Z. Things here are worse than you can imagine. Conservative presbyters and seminarians have been driven away, except for the ones who produce money, on which the bishop depends. We would be better off had the Mongol hordes swept through! Our parish went from being packed on ordinary Sundays a few years ago to being almost empty on Christmas Day, even with two other parishes being folded in. The change has been dramatic and quick.

The bishop's plan guarantees the failure and demise of the Church. I have personally been in charge of downsizing and reorganizing -- successfully I might add. All downsizing plans have two parts: one is to cut the dead wood away and the other is a plan for re-growth and expansion. During the painful downsizing phrase, all parties are told that there is a plan for re-growth, in order to instill motivation and hope for the future in them. But there is no plan for re-growth! there is no part two. The downsizing will continue until the last presbyter turns out the lights in the last church. When I have a chance to talk about it, I do call it the LPLC Plan: Last Presbyter, Last Church!

My question is: what is the most important thing to be done to reverse this death spiral?

The Fathers Reply.

The most important thing is to root out the New Order religion and return to the Catholic Faith. The New Order, certainly in the hindsight of forty years since Vatican II, has been clearly exposed as a deliberate poison pill for the Church, which is "auto-destroying" itself, as Paul VI put it already in 1968, just three years after the close of Vatican II.

Like a drug addict that needs to kick the habit, Newchurch must completely reject this New Order religion and return to Catholicism. Otherwise, the handwriting on the wall is clear from many studies: Newchurch will be essentially dead in a generation.

January 5, 2010 - Vigil of the Epiphany

A Reader Asks: "Why Do You Criticize SSPX Bishop Fellay So Harshly?

From: Tom
Benedict-Ratzinger & Bernie Fellay

SSPX's Bernie Fellay Meeting with the Modernist Pope Benedict-Ratzinger
To Work out a Deal to Sell out the Neo-SSPX to the New Order Sect
Yet the Founder of the Original SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre
Knew Ratzinger Personally and Called Him "Not Catholic"

Dear Fathers:

Could you elaborate on why you criticize SSPX Superior General Fellay so harshly?

The Fathers Reply.

We have covered this point many times in the TRADITIO Commentaries. Since the death of the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1991, Bernie Fellay, in a manner similar to the "gradualism" used to implement the Novus Ordo in Newchurch after Vatican II (1962-1965) -- little by little, so that the changes would not be too apparent year by year -- has gradually made the SSPX into a new organization, which we call the Neo-SSPX. Archbishop Lefebvre rejected the New Order and (then) Cardinal Ratzinger as being, as he called them, "not Catholic." Fellay has removed from SSPX web sites the Archbishop's statements condemning the Ratzinger, and he has made overtures to join the New Order sect that the Archbishop called "not Catholic."

Fellay has fully accepted the "Mass of 1962," as modified into the "Motu" Mess of 2007. The Archbishop had grave reservations about the "Mass of 1962" and had required several reversions to earlier traditional practices. There is evidence that after 1988 the Archbishop was seriously considering a directive that the SSPX revert to a form of the Mass before the Vatican II "Mass of 1962," which was, after all, the product of the man who was later to become the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini.

Fellay has indicated that he is willing to accept the novel and unCatholic doctrines introduced at Vatican II. He claims that he would do so "in the light of tradition," but what does that "cop-out" phrase really mean? It makes just about as much sense as saying that you accept atheistic Communism in the light of capitalism!

Fellay has already been introducing elements of the Novus Ordo at SSPX sites, according to reports to the TRADITIO Network from disaffected SSPX members from around the world. For example, from the United States, we have had several reports that he has been using Novus Ordo presbyters at SSPX sites -- without even informing the congregation. He has directed SSPX resources principally to work toward joining what the Archbishop termed the "Modernist Rome" of the New Order, not the "Eternal Rome" of the Roman Catholic Church.

Fellay has turned his Neo-SSPX into a kind of cult that requires absolute obedience to his person. Numerous SSPX members have reported to the TRADITIO Network that when they asked just a question about SSPX policy, they were told shut up and obey Fellay; otherwise, they would be expelled. In fact, several SSPX priests have already been expelled for speaking out in favor of the Archbishop's traditional policies against Fellay's novel policies. Fellay has replaced any SSPX Electors who dispute his policies with ones who obey him without question. His two "Assistants" are young-yes men, not priests of long standing and experience. He has consigned the bishop who was a candidate against him, Richard Williamson, to virtual house arrest.

Since the Neo-SSPX became a kind of cult, naturally there are blinded cult members who justify Fellay's actions without question. Whatever he does is to be obeyed, and anyone who dares to questioning his actions is vilified out of hand. Yet it is necessary to speak out. It is immoral to give in to intimidation, particularly toward the acceptance of what the Archbishop correctly termed a false faith, the Modernist New Order, with its New "Mass," New "Sacraments," and New Doctrine, not to speak of its New (Im)morality that pervades Newchurch right to its very leader.

Italian Presbyter Murders His Mistress's Husband on Christmas Eve
In Newchurch's Continuing Sex & Embezzlement Scandal

From: The Fathers

A Newchurch parish presbyter in Modena, Italy, has been charged with stabbing to death his mistress's husband. Presbyter Giorgio Panini was charged by police with murdering retired banker Sergio Manfredini, whose wife and son were also injured in Panini's stabbing melee. Panini had lived as a lodger in Mr. Manfredini's home for 30 years, where he apparently was having an affair with Mrs. Manfredini. Panini was no piker: he stabbed Mr. Manfredini no fewer than twenty times! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Mirror and the Deutsche Press-Agentur.]

January 4, 2010 - Octave Day of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Newvatican Is Sorely Conflicted by the Medjugorje Hoax
As Newcardinal Schonborn Violates Newvatican's Discouragement of Visits

From: The Fathers
Medjugorje Seers

Some of the Medjugorje "Seers"
Even Newvatican Has Discouraged Visits to the Site of the Hoax "Apparitions"
But Now a Leading Newcardinal Has Violated the Principle
And Even Spoke of the "Good Fruits" that the Hoax Has Brought

Another indication of how conflicted Newvatican is in its affairs is demonstrated by its confusion on Medjugorje, the site in Bosnia that some alleged has had an orgy of "apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary" continuously since 1981. Sane heads, including (surprisingly) the Newchurch bishop of the area, have seen them for the hoax that they are. Yet so many Charismatic Newchurch clergy, including many from the Charismatic EWTN cable network, have been making a big profit from conducting tours there that the deception has continued.

Newvatican recently discouraged visits and has made noises about shutting the place down. But is it really going to put its action where its mouth is? Newcardinal Christoph Schonborn, of Vienna, visited the place during the week of December 26, 2009. Schonborn even met with some of the "seers," who claim to go into a trance to receive regular messages from the "Virgin." Although Schonborn claims to be making a "private" visit and is not endorsing the authenticity of the "apparitions," he is violating Newvatican's discouragement of such visits.

Nevertheless, Schonborn’s visit has been viewed by supporters of the Medjugorje "seers" as a tacit endorsement, particularly when he said that it is impossible to deny the "good fruits" of the hoax. For further information, click on FAQ10: "How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs?" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department, in the section "Private Revelations/Apparitions/Visions."

A Reader Asks: "Why Have Traditional Catholic Groups Not More Publicly Denounced the Sex Scandal?

From: Joe

Dear Fathers:

As I attempt to educate myself and others about the extent of the corruption of the Newchurch of the New Order, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cases that are part of the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. Why have traditional Catholic groups not more publicly denounced this scandal and the man in charge, Benedict-Ratzinger?

The Fathers Reply.

You raise an interesting question. Curiously, most traditional Catholic groups seem to avoid the subject entirely. Why, for example, if Bernie Fellay and his Neo-SSPX are really against the New Order, are they not lashing out against Benedict-Ratzinger's corruption and that of his immoral clergy? The conclusion seems hard to avoid: Fellay is in bed with Benedict-Ratzinger and will not criticize him publicly, even when it involves his subornation and cover-up of the sexual assault, rape, and even murder of children.

To the contrary, Fellay wants to become part of the corruption of the New Order instead of being reviled by it, as the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre was. The Archbishop from 1988 shunned even speaking with officials of the New Order. Fellay has now initiated a gab-test with them. This is just more evidence that Fellay is leading a different organization; it is no longer Archbishop Lefebvre's Society of St. Pius X.

January 3, 2010 - Most Holy Name of Jesus
Double Feast of the Second Class

2009 Was a Year of Confusion and Hypocrisy for the Benedict-Ratzinger Administration
Bigger Sex Scandals and a Traditional Bishop Did Newpope In

From: The Fathers

As Benedict-Ratzinger Stumbles
His Newchurch of the New Order Suffered Further Scandals and Setbacks
2009 Showed More Clearly than Before
That His Administration Is Confused and Hypocritical
All Talk and No Action

2009 demonstrated that the Benedict-Ratzinger administration is just as confused, conflicted, and hypocritical as ever. Remember that "traditional" reform of the Roman Curia that Newpope was supposed to implement? Well, don't strain your memory; it never happened. Benedict-Ratzinger's record is long on words and short on action. And all too many Newchurchers buy the hypocrisy.

The same papal games of manipulation were played in the case of the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax of the Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum. Benedict-Ratzinger himself refuses to use the pseudo-traditionalist "Motu" Mess, which is a far cry from the Traditional Latin Mass, but this year with the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, he vitiated the "Motu" Mess by putting it on the same footing as his recognition of the Protestant Anglican Mess, in an effort to convert Protestants to his Protestantized Newchurch of the New Order. At this rate, Benedict-Ratzinger will perform an Anglican Mess before he performs a "Motu" Mess!

By far and away, however, the biggest story of 2009 continued to be, as it has been in many previous years, Newchurch's continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. Benedict-Ratzinger's involvement in suborning and covering up the facts of sexual assault, rape, and even murder by his clergy became undeniably patent in 2009. Then, the Irish government's Murphy Report struck on November 26, 2009, in which it was revealed that top Newchurch bishops had openly supported -- and even participated in -- the sex crimes of thousands of presbyters, many of which involved the most craven assaults against handicapped children who were under Newchurch's care. Now we know what the term Newchurch of "Love" really means!

By the end of 2009, four Irish Newbishops had resigned in the wake of these revelations. True to form, Benedict-Ratzinger has taken no action against these criminal bishops of his. He just allows them to resign quietly, "in good standing," with full benefits. He even refused to cooperate with the government's investigation! Of course he doesn't want the truth to get out -- and that truth would show that he himself has been personally neck-deep in the muck.

But the biggest story of the year was Benedict-Ratzinger's duplicity in the "unexcommunication" of the Society of Pius X's capo, Bernie Fellay, and his three SSPX hench-bishops, Galarreta, Tissier de Mallerais, and Williamson, boomeranged on Newpope when it turned out that Williamson had expressed in a television interview his opinion on a disputed matter of secular history. Benedict-Ratzinger, the self-proclaimed groupie the Modernist Vatican II Council, couldn't bring himself to support Williamson's Vatican II right to free speech as a "human person." Instead, Newpope consigned him to virtual house arrest. It seems that for all the propaganda talk about the Galileo case, Newchurch is just the same!

Formerly Catholic Countries Are Killing Missionaries of the New Order
Most of 2009's Murdered Missionaries Were Killed in Latin America

From: The Fathers

It seems that formerly Catholic countries aren't taking to missionaries for the New Order, that is, the few missionaries left, as the missionary orders in Newchurch are falling remarkably close to zero.

In 2009 Newchurch reported the names of 37 missionaries killed: thirty presbyters, two seminarians, two women religious, and three laymen. What is remarkable is the countries in which these murders took place. Not in the pagan lands, but in formerly Catholic countries, principally Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. It seems that, as Paul VI admitted in 1968, just three years after the close of the Modernist Council Vatican II, the Newchurch of the New Order created by it is "self-destructing." His words could not have been more accurate!

January 2, 2010 - Octave Day of St. Stephen, Protomartyr
Simple Feast

Protesting Newchurchers Prevent Closure of Traditional Churches
Causing the Novus Ordo to Lose Millions of Dollars

From: The Fathers
Newchurch Protesters

Newchurch Protesters of Traditional Church Closings
Hold a 24/7 Sit-in in the Pews
In Boston, Massachusetts, as Elsewhere in the New Order
Parishioners Are Preventing Newbishops from Selling Traditional Churches
In Order to Pay off for Sex Crimes

Newchurchers are finally getting their backs up against their Newbishops and fighting -- if not for the Catholic Faith that they have sold out, at least for traditional church buildings. In Boston alone, the Newchurch archdiocese is paying over 1,300,000 U.S. dollars in costs for 70 churches that it "officially" closed in 2004 because squatters are keeping a 24/7 sit-in in five of these churches. No Novus Ordo services are being held in them now. More than 100 people in shifts of two stay in the churches day and night.

The squatters at one church say that they have enough money to buy the church, but Sean O'Malley, Newcardinal of Boston, is holding out for a higher price from real-estate developers. He doesn't want the churches to function as churches and has refused to meet with protesting parishioners since 2008.

Newchurch had hoped to subject the churches to the wrecking-ball and sell off the properties for their real-estate value in order to pay off for sex crimes. 141,000,000 dollars have already been adjudged by the courts against the archdiocese in damages to be paid to child sex-victims. Meanwhile, the archdiocese is being assessed back taxes, as the properties are no longer serving as churches. Newcardinal Sean O'Malley thus faces a double whammy for Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, which first came to public attention in Boston. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by American Public Media.]

The Long Arm of the Law Reaches Higher into Benedict-Ratzinger's Administration
A Newchurch Archbishop Has Now Been Sentenced to Eight Years for Sex Assault

From: The Fathers

As Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal grows and involves higher and higher clergy, the Newchurch archbishop of Santa Fe, Argentina, Edgardo Storni, was convicted on December 30, 2009, of sexually assaulting a seminarian and sentenced to eight years in prison. Storni has been accused of many more assaults.

It seems only a matter of time before the Chief Bishop, Benedict-Ratzinger himself, pays the price for his leadership role in suborning and perpetuating the scandal since he was made Sex-Crimes Czar by JPII in 2001. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

January 1, 2010 - Circumcision of Our Lord
Holyday of Obligation
Double Feast of the Second Class

Irish Presbyters Perpetrating Sex Crimes Were Shipped to the United States
As Newchurch Ran an "Underground Railroad" of Corruption against Children

From: The Fathers
Anthony O'Connell

Newbishop Anthony O'Connell, Caught In Flagrante Delicto
This Irish Clergyman, Who Absconded Himself to the United States
Exemplifies the "Underground Railroad" of Sex-criminal Clergy
Being Shipped between Ireland and the United States
Benedict-Ratzinger Allowed the Criminal to Resign
And Remain "in Good Standing" with Newchurch!

The sex-crime rampage perpetrated by Newchurch bishops and presbyters in Ireland, as recently exposed by the Irish government's Murphy Report, was, it has now been revealed, exported to the United States. Many Irish-born presbyters were trained in Novus Ordo seminaries then and then shipped off to the United States, where they committed sex crimes, constituting a kind of "underground railroad" of corruption against children.

Moreover, Newbishops knowingly transferred their clergy involved in sex crimes to the United States in an effort to cover up the gross corruption of the New Order in Ireland. In fact, the railroad ran both ways. Newbishops in the United States transferred their clergy involved in sex crimes to Ireland with the same purpose of cover-up. Some seventy bishops and presbyters have already been identified as part of this "underground railroad."

The Irish-American connection is exemplified by the case of the Irish-born Anthony O'Connell, who was shipped off to the United States and became Newchurch bishop of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Palm Beach, Florida, from 1988 to 2002. When O'Connell was for 18 years a teacher and rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Junior Seminary in Hannibal, Missouri, he demanded sexual "rights" of the boys. One 13-year-old victim went to O'Connell to report that he had been sexually assaulted by his parish presbyter and by the dean of the seminary. Instead of turning over the criminal clergy to the police, O'Connell proceeded to assault the boy himself!

O'Connell never denied the charges, but Benedict-Ratzinger, who was then JPII's Sex Crimes Czar, never took any action against O'Connell or the other two presbyters. Instead, Benedict-Ratzinger allowed O'Connell to resign and remain "in good standing" with Newchurch! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times and Catholic World News.]

Feature Article: Fr. Fahey Versus Obamacare

From: Patricius Anthony, Traditional Catholic Author

I draw your readers' attention to my latest exclusive piece for the TRADITIO Network, in which I treat how the Catholic philosophy of the Social Reign of Christ as explicated by Fr. Denis Fahey, C.Ss.S (1883-1954) applies to "Obamacare," the socialistic program being sponsored for the United States by Barack Obama. Fr. Fahey was a well-known author of the pre-Vatican II era, who fought against Socialism and for the Social Reign of Christ. For further information, click on Fr. Fahey Versus Obamacare in the TRADITIO Network's Fr. Denis Fahey Archive department.

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