October 2012

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October 31, 2012 - Vigil of All Saints Day - All Hallows Eve - Halloween

Benedict-Ratzinger Says that He Doesn't Have the Power
To Remove Paedophile Jimmy Savile as His Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile, Declared a "Predatory Sex Offender" by London Police
Shows off His Papal Knighthood, Which the "Paedophile Pope," Benedict-Ratzinger
Refuses to Rescind, Saying that He Doesn't Have the Power
Is Ratzinger Admitting that He Is Not A Real Pope?
The International Cycling Union Can Strip Lance Armstrong of Seven Tour De France Titles
But Ratzinger just Doesn't Have the Guts to Remove Paedophiles from His Corrupt Newchurch

The Newpapal spokesman announced to the international press on October 27, 2012, that Benedict-Ratzinger had no intention of revoking the Papal Knighthood that JPII-Wojtyla in 1990 had conferred upon the paedophile Jimmy Savile, the Briton who is being investigated in over forty cases of paedophilia. Ratzinger can't rescind the honor. And Catholics thought that the pope had plenipotentiary authority!

Is Ratzinger admitting that he is not a real pope? Apparently, the International Cycling Union has more power that the Newpope. It stripped the noted cyclist, Lance Armstrong, of seven Tour de France titles for moral corrutpion without doubting its authority to do so. Ratzinger just doesn't have the guts, particularly as he has been exposed as the leader of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust and has become known internationally as the "Paedophile Pope."

Ratzinger spurned the request of his own Newarchbishop of Westminster, England, Vincent Nichols, who had written to him during the week of October 14, 2012, to remove Savile as a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory, because London Metropolitan Police are confirming that "Sir" Savile had raped forty young girls over a period of forty years and have designated him as a "predatory sex offender." London Police now believe Savile to have been "one of the most prolific sex offenders in Britain in recent history," with a "staggering number" of children, some 300 of them, reporting having been raped by him. Savile, not surprisingly, was also known as a panderer of trash music in Britain. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Two Neo-SSPX Priests Ejected from Praying Privately at a Fellay Church
Prayer at Fellay's Sites Is Permitted only if "Approved" by the Superior-Dictator or a Subdictator

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Neo-SSPX priests Frs. Joseph Pfeiffer and Francois Chazal, two of the "Vienna Five" who founded the SSPX of the Strict Observance, attempted to enter and pray privately at Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls, Idaho, on October 27, 2012, an NSSPX site. Bernie Fellay's gauleiter, Arnaud Rostand, his Superior-Subdictator of the United States, happened by and ejected the two priests as trespassers, as the chapel is "private property."

No one is to pray in Fellay's chapels without the permission of Fellay or one of his lieutenants. It seems that Fellay's NSSPX is for the New Order sect, for the Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Mess, for the "Paedophile Pope," but against private prayer. No wonder that even the Blessed Virgin Mary spurned Fellay and brought all of his Modernistic machinations of his crashing down upon his head. Not even Fellay's three phony "Rosary Crusades" could delude Our Lady into supporting his treasonous sellout scam.

October 30, 2012 - Ferial Day

Newrome Officially Postpones Any Consideration of Fellay's Neo-SSPX Sellout
Bishop Williamson Warns Neo-SSPXers to Watch out for Threats to Their Faith

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gerhard Mueller

Newcardinal Gerhard Mueller, New Head of "Ecclesia Dei"
Closes His Eyes to Any Foreseeable Contact with Bernie Fellay and His Neo-SSPX
Mueller Declares that Any Consideration of a Sellout by Fellay's Neo-SSPX
To the New Order Sect Has Been Indefinitely Postponed
Meanwhile, Bishop Richard Williamson Has Indicated that He Is Not Retiring
But Rather He is Seeking a Traditional Catholic Organization to Support

On October 27, 2012, the "Ecclesia Dei" Commission, now headed by Benedict-Ratzinger's new appointee, the anti-traditional Newcardinal Gerhard Mueller, declared that any consideration of a sellout by Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX to the New Order sect has been indefinitely postponed. On September 6, 2012, Fellay, faced with a long-overdue rebellion within his own organization, which has now officially abandoned Archbishop Lefebvre's traditional Catholic principles and clergy, indicated that his Neo-SSPX is not now ready to do anything.

Meanwhile, Bishop Richard Williamson, who has been expelled by Fellay from the Neo-SSPX, has indicated that he is seeking a traditional Catholic organization to support. Further, Bishop Williamson's October 27, 2012, weekly bulletin states:

SSPX laity might [not must] attend [Fellay's Neo-]SSPX Masses for the time being, but they should watch out for the moment when the transformation mentioned above begins to threaten their faith. As for the excluded bishop [Williamson]..., be sure of one thing: he is not thinking of retiring. Hang tight, everybody. We are in for one "helluva" ride.

A Reader Asks: "Does Attending a 1962+ Mess Fulfill My Sunday Obligation?"

From: James

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I realize that the 1962 "Mess" is not the true traditional, canonized Mass, but I was told by a traditional priest that it is a valid Mass and that attending it does fulfill my obligation for Sundays and Holydays. Is this correct?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

It depends. It is not a valid Mass if it is said by a Novus Ordo presbyter, as he has not been validly ordained to celebrate the true Mass, but only to "preside over the assembly" of the invalid Novus Ordo service.

The 1962+ Mess is intrinsically flawed, having been modified substantially by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini to lead more eaily to the full-blown, invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service of 1969. Remember, the 1962+ Mess has been modified many times since 1962 to accord to several principles of the Novus Ordo and will be replaced this later year by the Modified "Motu" Mess of 2012, now on the Newvatican presses. The 1962+ Mess may be valid, but it is certainly to be shunned by true Catholics, if they have any other option whatsoever.

Excepting the invalid diocesan 1962+ "Motu" Messes, which are associated with the heretical New Order, and the 1962+ Messes, which are associated with Fellay's Novus Ordo-leaning Neo-SSPX organization, virtually no traditional priests use the 1962+ Mess. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic Directory department, provided to the TRADITIO Network by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses, for the chapter entitled "How to Choose a Traditional Latin Mass."

October 29, 2012 - Sts. Simon & Jude, Apostles [Transferred from October 28]
Double Feast of the Second Class

Benedict-Ratzinger's "Accomplice," Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi
Has Been Sentenced to Four Years in Prison on Tax Fraud

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Silvio Berlusconi & Benedict-Ratzinger

Devoted Partners in Crime? Silvio Berlusconi and Benedict-Ratzinger
The Former Italian Prime Minister Has Been Convicted of Financial Corruption
The Same Kind of Financial Corruption of Which Benedict-Ratzinger Has Also Been Implicated
Italy's New Prime Minister Has Stripped Ratzinger and His Newchurch of Tax Exemptions
Which the European Union Held to Be Illegal

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to four years in prison on October 26, 2012, for tax fraud. The judge told a packed court that there had been "a very significant amount of tax evasion" and "an incredible mechanism of fraud" in place. The court's written ruling found that Berlusconi showed a "natural capacity for crime."

Berlusconi was Benedict-Ratzinger's partner in a tax scam. He gave Ratzinger and his Newchurch enterprises a tax exemption, not just on religious facilities, but on Newchurch's commercial operations such hotels, restaurants, and sports centers (even bars and bordellos, much to the chagrin of the immoral Ratzinger). As soon as Berlusconi was forced to resign in December 2011, the new Prime Minister stripped Ratzinger's Newchurch in Italy of its commercial tax exemption as of 2013.

The Italian government acted with the full support of the European Union, which Ratzinger had fully "blessed" as a "supra-national authority" in his 2008 political screed, issued as an "encyclical letter," Caritas in veritate. But Italy and Europe had finally gotten tired of Ratzinger's financial scams, perpetrated under the guise of "religion," particularly involving what is commonly called the "Vatican Bank," whose fraudulent activities involving money-laundering had been covered up under its official title, the "Institute for Religious Works." Apparently, Ratzinger believed that support of the Mafia with his Newchurchers' hard-earned money was a "religious work"!

In January 2012 the hypocritical "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger, already beleaguered with charges of financial corruption and fearing further exposure in the Italian press, threw his accomplice, Berlusconi, under the bus for immorality with young girls! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

A Reader Writes: "We Can See that a 'Regularization' of the SSPX into the New Order Sect
Was Never What Ratzinger Wanted in the First Place"

From: Pietro, a TRADITIO Network Correspondent from Canada

Bernie Fellay's failures have fractured Archbishop Lefebvre's once-traditional Catholic Society of St. Pius X. One would think that, to restore unity, Fellay would now stand united with the other bishops and then resign, as Bishop Williamson has demanded, to allow one of the others to succeed him. Instead, he has ejected one [Williamson] and sent the other two [Galarreta and Tissier] to Coventry.

Why? Because Fellay made a secret deal with Benedict-Ratzinger. Part of the deal provided that the intractable Bishop Williamson had to go, for he was an enemy to the secular Jews and therefore an enemy to the Freemasons who control Ratzinger's Newchurch. If we go back a year or so, we can see that a "regularization" of the SSPX into the New Order sect was never what Ratzinger wanted in the first place. Suddenly, it has become the topic of discussion. I submit that Ratzinger used an old trick to get what he wants. And what Ratzinger wants is to bring the Society into Newchurch not to "regularize" it, but to neutralize it. A spider poisons his prey first to make it drowsy. Then he devours it. Ratzinger knew that he could not, at this time, "regularise" the SSPX. That was never his plan.

Once Fellay and his Neo-SSPX accept recognition in Ratzinger's New Order sect and thank him for it, they implicitly accept the need to keep it, and then he's got them! Consider the case of the excommunications. Ratzinger can hardly wait to excommunicate Bishop Williamson for consecrating a new bishop without a Novus Ordo papal mandate. The instant Bishop Williamson does so (and he must do it, as he's already seventy years old), Ratzinger will declare him re-excommunicated from the New Order sect.

Then, suddenly, Fellay & Co. will be in the hot seat. Do they also want to be "re-excommunicated"? Do they want to lose their shiny new "recognition"? To keep it, they will have to compromise on Catholic doctrine. And many of them, like Fellay, will. Others will not. When Fellay does finally compromise on Catholic doctrine, this will fracture his Neo-SSPX yet again. As Newome, like a great Leviathan, gobbles up each compliant piece of the Society, the rest of it will become smaller and smaller. Ratzinger's plan is to wipe out real Catholicism so that the rest can merge syncretistically with the New Order sect and its heresies.

October 28, 2012 - Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King
Double Feast of the First Class

Bishop Richard Williamson Calls on Bernie Fellay to Resign
And Charges Him with Infidelity to SSPX Founder Archbishop Lefebvre

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Pope St. Pius X

Over My Dead Body! Pope St. Pius X Would Say of Bernie Fellay
Who Purports to Be the Dictator of the Society of St. Pius X
On October 19, 2012, Bishop Williamson Publicly Called on Fellay to Resign
As Fellay Has Been Unfaithful to the Archbishop and Our Lord Jesus Christ

Bishop Williamson has made public his final response, on October 19, 2012, to the Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator, Bernie Fellay, before his expulsion from that organization by Fellay on October 23, 2012. Williamson's response is unnecessarily convoluted -- one wishes for a return these days to the clarity of St. Thomas Aquinas or of an Archbishop Lefebvre -- but the bishop's final paragraphs do clearly sum up his points:

I have been a member of the Archbishop's Society ever since my perpetual engagement. I have been one of its priests for 36 years. I have been one of its bishops, like yourself [Fellay], for nearly a quarter of a century. That is not all to be wiped out with one stroke of a pen. Member of the Archbishop's Society I therefore remain, and I wait.
Had you [Fellay] remained faithful to the Archbishop's heritage, and had I myself been notably unfaithful, gladly I would recognize your right to exclude me. But things being as they are, I hope I shall not be lacking in the respect due to your office if I suggest that for the glory of God, for the salvation of souls, for the internal peace of the Society, and for your own eternal salvation, you would do better yourself to resign as Superior General than to exclude myself.

Bishop Williamson is currently taking steps to find, or to found, a new organization in keeping with traditional Catholic principles, not the New Order sellout Neo-SSPX organization, over which Fellay purports to preside.

A Reader Writes: "God Has Shown Me that Fellay's Neo-SSPX Is Not the Same Organization
That Brought Me into the Traditional Catholic Faith"

From: Cory

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I want to thank you for keeping traditional Catholics aware of all that is happening in the Church. Everything you have said has come to pass, more recently with the expulsion of Bishop Williamson from the NSSPX. As a convert (brought into the church by a traditional NSSPX priest), the only thing I ever knew was the traditional Church. I was exposed to Novus Order only a couple of times, and each time I knew that the traditional Church was the true Church of God.

Thanks to your Daily Commentaries and with the recent expulsion of Bishop Williamson, who confirmed me, God has shown me that the SSPX is not the same organization that brought me into the faith. Even though I live only a few minutes from a NSSPX chapel, I will be spending every Sunday at a traditional chapel an hour away, and I will thank God for giving me an alternative. I pray and hope that the grace of God will allow the SSPX of the Strict Observance, founded by the "Vienna Five," to establish chapels and replace Fellay's Neo-SSPX, which I no longer recognize from my first days as a convert.

October 27, 2012 - Vigil of Sts. Simon & Jude

How the Pseudo-traditionalists Defraud Us of Our Traditional Catholic Heritage
They Pretend to Be Traditional to Rob Us of That Heritage

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sistine Mass

When the Mass was the Mass, and the Pope Was the Pope
A Traditional Latin Solemn Mass coram Summo Pontifice
In the Sistine Chapel before Pope Pius XI
Before Vatican II the Pope Was Not a "Star" and Did Not Usually Celebrate Mass Publicly
Instead, a Cardinal Would Celebrate the Mass before the Pope on the Throne
John XXIII Followed the Traditional Practice; Paul VI-Montini First Went New Order

Typical of the clueless Neocons, some Novus Ordo columnist waxed on about attending a performance of Mozart's Requiem performed at St. William Novus Ordo temple in Round Rock, Texas. To be sure, the Mozart Requiem is a sublime piece of traditional Catholic music, perhaps second only to Bach's High Mass in B-minor. The problem is that St. William Novus Ordo temple is not Catholic. It is a Novus Ordo fraud. Mozart and his patron, the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, would have considered it grossly heretical. The columnist, who probably thought that she was supporting tradition -- she might even be a pseudo-traditionalist herself -- was actually cooperating in the robbing Catholics of their true Church.

St. William temple celebrates the invalid Novus Ordo service and offers the invalid Novus Ordo "sacraments" on its dinner table ("altar"). Now, there is nothing wrong with using a church for the performance of sacred music -- just don't purpetrate a fraud by calling it "Catholic." It is no better than a Protestant facility or a Jewish temple -- a concert hall. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Good Catholics, this is the fraudulent way that the unCatholic Newchurchers are stealing your traditional Catholic Faith. Mozart belongs to you, not to them. They have no right to appropriate your great traditional Catholic music as a New Order plaything or, worse, to imply that it is part of the Novus Ordo. It is not. The Novus Ordo is a fraud. The "Motu" Mess of 1962+, soon to be the Novus-Ordo Modified "Motu" Mess of 2012, is a fraud. Traditional Catholics should not put up with such fraud and should reclaim their legitimate traditional Catholic heritage from the fraudulent and unCatholic New Order -- in music, in art, in architecture, and in everything else Catholic!

October 26, 2012 - St. Evaristus, Pope & Martyr
Simple Feast

Bernie Fellay Revels in Expelling Bishop Williamson from His Neo-SSPX
NSSPX Spokesman Tells German Press that the Expulsion Will "Facilitate [Sellout] Talks"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Richard Williamson

Bishop Richard Williamson Refuses to Join Fellay's Perfidy against Traditional Catholicism
Fellay Has Now Expelled Williamson from His Neo-SSPX on October 23, 2012
Marking Officially the Schism of Fellay and His Neo-SSPX from the SSPX and Archbishop Lefebvre
The New Shop that Fellay Is Running Is Most Certainly Not the Society of St. Pius X
In Fact, That Sainted Pope Would Condemn Fellay as a Modernist Heretic
Williamson Now Joins the Other Thirty Priests Already Expelled by Fellay
For Their Fidelity to Traditional Catholicism and the Traditional Archbishop

The TRADITIO Network's inside sources confirm that on October 23, 2012, the Neo-SSPX's Dictator-Superior, Bernie Fellay, finally expelled his senior bishop, Richard Williamson, from the NSSPX because Williamson would not capitulate to Fellay's "Hindenburg" programme to sell out to the unCatholic New Order sect. On October 4, 2012, Williamson was given an ultimate to capitulate to the unCatholic dictator-superior, but Williamson courageously refused to sell out traditional Catholicism and Archbishop Lefebvre, founder of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). Bishop Williamson has retorted that he will publish the open letter, in which he demands that Fellay resign. Given that Williamson knows where all Fellay's "bones are buried," the traditional Catholic world needs Williamson to come clean and lay on the table the truth about Fellay -- the whole truth -- which "Judas" Fellay has tried to conceal from the world.

The real reason for Williamson's expulsion was quickly revealed by NSSPX spokesman Andreas Steiner to the German News Agency: "The decision will certainly facilitate the talks" to sell out Fellay's organization to the New Order sect. As we TRADITIO Fathers warned from the beginning, Fellay has not given up his greed for Novus Ordo purple. His failure to accomplish the sellout in May 2012 was just a temporary setback for him. He geared up his propaganda machine to lie about Neo-SSPX unity at the Extraordinary Chapter meeting in July 2012, which in fact resulted in disunity in his expulsion of some thirty or more NSSPX priests loyal to Archbishop Lefebvre's traditional Catholic principles and resulted in the expulsion of the NSSPX's senior bishop, who was the most outspoken advocate of those principles.

Moreover, Williamson publicly challenged the Modernist Vatican II Council's false doctrine of "Oecumenism": we all worship the same god; all gods are the same. By Williamson's simply raising a few reasoned questions about a disputed point of secular history, Benedict-Ratzinger and his secular Jewish allies went ballistic. If anything, this was Williamson's greatest sin in the eyes of the New Order sect and its Newpope, Benedict-Ratzinger. Neo-SSPX priests and laypeople have not failed to notice how "united" Bernie Fellay himself has become with secular Jewish interests.

Fellay has taken on as a financial colleague to administer the vast funds of the Neo-SSPX, fleeced from the clueless NSSPXers, an overt fundraiser for secular Jewish interests, Maximilian Krah. Moreover, in January 2012 Fellay himself publicly used the phrase most characteristic of Vatican II's Oecumenist heresy: "The Jews are our elder brothers." Not only has Fellay's Neo-SSPX, which is most certainly not Archbishop Lefebvre's Society of St. Pius X, become anti-traditional, even anti-Catholic, but seems to have embraced the perfidis Iudaiis so harshly condemned by the Catholic Church for 2,000 years.

Bishop Williamson has not yet announced whether he will become the bishop of the SSPX of the Strict Observance, the Society of St. Pius X re-founded by the Fellay-expelled "Vienna Five" priests on the original traditional Catholic principles of Archbishop Lefebvre, which Fellay has rejected in favor of a policy of selling out to the unCatholic New Order. One can only hope that Bishop Williamson will take the courageous step of doing so, because his high reputation among traditional Catholics exposes Fellay's own for that of a pigmy.

Good Catholics, we are here witnessing a replay of the loss of the Catholic Faith after Vatican II in the 1960s. Fellay is the "New Bugnini," operating like that Freemason presbyter through lies and false "authority" to purge out traditional Catholic clergy and foist a false and unCatholic New Order upon a clueless laity. You NSSPXers, if you didn't get a chance to sell out to Bugnini's anti-Catholic New Order in the 1960s can now participate in the replay. Every penny that you now put into Fellay's collection-plate you know to be supporting just another Novus Ordo organization, which, like Ratzinger's, will sink like Christ's millstone "into the depths of the sea."

October 25, 2012 - Sts. Chrysantus & Daria, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Did Newchurch's Profanation of the Lourdes Shrine with the "Relic" of "Unblessed" JPII-Wojtyla
Cause Our Lady to Flood Her Sacred Shrine and Prevent Access by the New Order?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Our Lady Must Have Been Hopping Mad to Wash Away Her Sacred Grotto at Lourdes
When Newchurch Dared to Profane Her Shrine by Exposing There for Veneration
A "Relic" Of The "Unblessed" JPII-Wojtyla
Ironically, It Was Wojtyla's Own Action in 1983 that Gutted
What Remained of the Traditional Canonization Process
And Rendered Suspect Beyond Belief, If Not Completely Invalid, Newchurch "Saints"

Those who look for signs from Heaven in human events should note well what could be Heaven's clearest sign to date that the Newchurch of the New Order should be washed out of existence. On October 20, 2012, Our Lady did just that with her sacred grotto in Lourdes, France, the day before the New Order planned to profane her shrine by exposing there for veneration a "relic" of the "Unblessed" JPII-Wojtyla. The shrine where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to St. Bernadette of Lourdes in 1858 was inundated, and access by Newchurch officials was prevented. The "sanctuary" of the basilica, which has been profaned by the New Order sect, was also closed in part. Heaven's condemnation of the Modernist, pre-paedophile pope, JPII-Wojtyla, may have previously been indicated when Newchurchers in Poland celebrating the anniversary of his Newpapacy were confronted in October 2007 with an apparition of Wojtyla apparently burning in Hell.

After all, how do you become a "saint" in the Newchurch of the New Order? Concoct a phony miracle, pay off a group of Newchurchers to demonstrate for you, commit over thirty documented cases of heresy and sacrilege, and get your successor to foist you on unsuspecting Newchurchers with New Order propaganda.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops were the first to get into the propaganda act, by asking that Wojtyla, who isn't even a Novus Ordo "saint" yet, be included in the Novus Ordo calendar as an "optional memorial" on October 22, the day on which the "Unblessed" became pope of the Newchurch. Benedict-Ratzinger's Newvatican was only too happy to grant to the U.S. Newbishops its approval of the charade of the "Unblessed." Yet it was in the United States that the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., was so rejected that barely a dozen people a day visited the Center, which was almost shut down except for a huge infusion of money from Polish interests. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CBS News.]

Ironically, it was Wojtyla's own action in 1983 that gutted what remained of the traditional canonization process and rendered suspect beyond belief, if not completely invalid, Newchurch "saints." In that year Wojtyla abandoned the long-standing tradition of the Church with respect to the rigorous process for scrutinizing canonizations used since his predecessor Pope Urban VIII in 1640. Instead, he instituted a new system of canonization that has been challenged as leading to treatment of candidates not so much for their individual spiritual merit (in the past proven by an often centuries-long process of investigation, miracles, and veneration) as for their "political correctness" for modern times.

JPII-Wojtyla eliminated the Advocatus Diaboli [Devil's Advocate], and the number of meticulously substantiated miracles was reduced to practically nothing. The new norms eliminated any way that objections could be freely and fairly raised and allowed the postulator (who is appointed by the petitioner for the cause) to present the case both for and against the candidate. In other words, one man was now to act as lawyer for both the plaintiff and defendant, but was in fact now to be appointed by the plaintiff. What is worse, and even more damaging to the cause of truth, the postulator, using a clause that allows him to eliminate "unsuitable" witnesses, is able effectively and selectively to bar the most damaging eye- witness testimony negating the candidate. This vague "unsuitability" clause was never a part of the traditional norms, and was used to bypass medical doctors' objections to "miracles" by Theresa of Calcutta, Wojtyla, and many other New Order candidates.

Before JPII-Wojtyla's perversion of Catholic teaching, the Church declared as Saints only those who had shown an heroic degree of sanctity and not simply to the first and common degree, which consists of the state of grace. This special and eminent degree is called the state of perfection, when the soul is entirely moved by the Holy Ghost. Today, the New Order sect has abandoned the requirement of heroic perfection. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the section "Canonizations."

October 24, 2012 - St. Raphael, Archangel
Double Major Feast

Australian Parliament Begins Inquiry into Crimes by Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch
Parliament Was Told That Sex Crimes by Presbyters and Bishops Is 600 per Cent Higher

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton
Testifies "Savagely" before the Australian Parliament
That Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch Has Been Raping Children
At a Rate 600 per cent Higher than That of Other Churches Combined
Newchurch Lied and Covered up
And Has Not Reported a Single Crime to Police

The Australian parliament opened its inquiry into sex crimes against children perpetrated, aided, and abetted by presbyters and bishops of the Newchurch of the New Order. Parliament was told that crimes committed by Newclergy are "strikingly out of proportion," 600 per cent higher than that of the rest of Churches combined!

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton condemned Newchurch for "systemic obstruction of police inquiries" principally in the period since Vatican II. The Commissioner revealed a list of 2110 offences against 519 victims, overwhelmingly perpetrated by New Order presbyters and bishops, and mostly against boys aged 11 or 12. But over that period Newchurch had not reported a single crime to police! The Commissioner "savaged" Newchurch's Melbourne Response Protocol for dealing with complaints as "partial and tokenistic," a gross attempt to cover up the crimes.

A professor who chaired a review of child protection laws in New South Wales and twice reviewed Newchurch's national Towards Healing "abuse protocol," revealed that the Salesians of Don Bosco, called "the most defiant and unrepentant group," had sent three presbyters overseas to avoid police questioning, then suppressed his report on their actions. "[Newchurch's] lies were breathtaking.... Many times loss of life [of the child victim] has followed" by suicide or murder.

The charges of lying and cover-up by the New Order sect, together with the deaths of many child victims, has led many parliamentarians to elevate the inquiry to a Royal Commission to investigate Newchurch. The Australian government has undertaken to provide a response to the matter within six months of receiving the final report from Parliament.

October 23, 2012 - Ferial Day

New Exhibition of Papal Vehicles Features nearly Two Centuries of Papal Travel

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Berlina Gran Gala Carriage 1826 Mercedes 230 1943

On Display at a New Exhibition Of Papal Vehicles at the Vatican Museums:
Left: The Ornate Berlina Gran Gala carriage used in 1826 by Pope Leo XII
Right: Pope Pius XII Famously Stands on a Mercedes 230
With Arms Outstretched and Eyes Looking Heavenward
To Comfort Italy's San Lorenzo District
Which Had Just Been Bombed by American Forces on July 19, 1943

Papal vehicles from 1825 to the present day are on display at a new, updated exhibition at the Vatican Museums that spans nearly two centuries of papal travel. The most extravagant on display is the Berlina di Gran Gala, built in 1826 for Pope Leo XII. It is essentially a mobile throne-room made of wood with inlays painted in gold leaf. As ornate was it was, Pope Gregory XVI, who in 1841 added gold-colored angels and statues of two children holding up a tiara and keys -- symbols of papal power. It was pulled through the streets of 19th century Rome by six horses, each bearing riders dressed in fine livery with papal stems stitched on by golden thread.

Pope St. Pius X, however, refused to use the Itala 20/30 given to him as a gift by the archbishop of New York, John Farley. The Saint thought it too noisy for the Vatican gardens, so he kept using the papal horse and buggy to take some air. Horse-drawn carriages officially became past history in 1931 when, after the Lateran Treaty of 1929 with Benito Mussolini, Vatican City started its own registry of motor vehicles.

Automotive history buffs will learn that on July 19, 1943, after the Americans bombed Rome, Pope Pius XII left the Vatican in a Mercedes 230 and went to the devastated Roman neighborhood of San Lorenzo to comfort the population. But the Mercedes broke down after he arrived, and he had to return to the Vatican in the Graham Paige 837, which was made in Detroit, Michigan, in 1929. It was on the running board of the Graham Piage 837 that Pius stood, arms outstretched and his eyes looking heavenward, in what became one of the most famous photos of World War II. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

October 22, 2012 - Ferial Day

Latin Features Prominently in U.S. Presidential Campaign
Newcardinal of New York Admits that He Doesn't Know a Word of Latin

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Timothy Dolan

Laugh, Clown, Laugh: Newchurch's Dumb Ox of New York, Timothy Dolan
He Reveals, "I Don't Know a Word" of Latin, the Catholic Church's Official Language
When Benedict-Ratzinger Gave Him a Message to Take to the U.S. Presidential Candidates
This Is just More Proof that the Newchurch of the New Order Isn't Catholic
At Vatican II in 1962, All Of The Proceedings Were Conducted In Latin
Pope John XXIII Specifically Rejected a Suggestion for U.N.-style "Translation"

At the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, hosted this year on October 18, 2012, by Newcardinal Timothy Dolan and the Newarchdiocese of New York, New York, the Latin language came up twice during the remarks that evening. Smith was the first Catholic candidate for U.S. President. The annual dinner was set up in 1945, ostensibly for "charity," but now it has become a venue for the Newchurch leader of New York to throw his weight around in secular politics.

It is customary for both U.S. presidential candidates to be invited in presidential election years, although that has not always been the case when one of the candidates has offended morality. This year, even Newchurchers were dinging Dolan for inviting Obama after Obama had reneged on a promise to Dolan to leave Newchurch free to refuse abortions and contraception to its employees. Instead, Obama went back on his word and required Newchurch to fund abortions and contraception for its employees. Dolan was left with a massive omlette on his face. Yet Dolan didn't have the courage to refuse an invitation to Obama.

The remarks at the dinner by the candidates are generally humorous in nature. The first time that Latin was invoked occurred in the speech of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He told a very pointed joke against Obama's notoriously complicated heathcare program, which was rammed through the U.S. Congress against the opposition, then and now, of a majority of Americans as too expensive and too convoluted. Romney quipped that in future, Obama would be issuing his healthcare regulations in Latin, so as to minimize public opposition.

The second time that Latin was invoked occurred in the remarks of Newcardinal Dolan. He revealed that when he was in Newrome recently, Benedict-Ratzinger had taken him aside and told him something to pass on to each of the candidates for U.S. President. Dolan asked the audience, "Do you know what he said? Neither do I! He said it in Latin, and I don't know a word of it!"

Good Catholics, now New York's Newcardinal of Newchurch in New York is revealed as such a dumb ox that he doesn't know a word of the Church's own language for 2,000 years. This is just more proof that the Newchurch of the New Order isn't Catholic. At the Vatican II Council of 1962-1965, all of the proceedings were conducted in Latin. Pope John XXIII rejected a suggestion to provide simultaneous translation, as at the United Nations. The pope said, If they're Catholic bishops, they know Latin! What a difference 50 years makes: from the Catholic Church to a Protestantized, unCatholic New Order sect.

October 21, 2012 - Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

A Reader Writes: "I Question Fellay's Motives
Which Are in Question about the Subject of the Internet"

From: Anastasia
Bernie Fellay

Neo-SSPX Superior-Dictator Bernie Fellay Proclaims:
A New Commandment I Give unto You: Thou Shalt Not Use the Internet!
(Excepting My Own Neo-SSPX Propaganda Sites, of Course!)
Our Reader Questions Fellay's Motives
Ignatius of Loyola's Statement on "Blind-donkey Obedience"
Cited by Fellay in Justification
Was Called "Heresy" in His Own Time by St. Robert Bellarmine and the Dominicans

It has been suggested by the self-appointed "authorities" of the Neo-SSPX, specifically Bernie Fellay, its Superior-Dictator, that using the internet may be a sin against the Eighth Commandment. I question Fellay's motives, which, as will be seen below, are in question about this subject.

God has allowed the internet, and God has given us all reason and an intellect not to sacrifice, but to use. The internet is supplying traditional Catholics with information regarding the state of Newchurch and the state of the so-called "traditional priests," and much of it isn't a pretty sight. But that is not the fault of the internet, which has neither mind nor memory, but it is often the fault of those whose actions are causing protest and negative comment, often Fellay himself.

I, for, one am glad to know that some so-called "traditional priests" (here I refer primarily to the Neo-SSPX priests) are lying, yes, lying, about the paedophelia problem inside Newchurch. I have heard so-called "traditional priests" referring to this problem as "minor," and some even go so far as to say with feigned "authority" that it is only "one per cent." Benedict-Ratzinger on the other hand has stated publicly that his Newchurch must bring this problem of perversion down to "acceptable levels," and this statement in and of itself tells you much more about the perverted mindset of the speaker than it does about the problem itself.

Clearly, thanks to the internet, we see that paedophilia is not a "minor" problem, as some "traditional priests" tell us from the pulpit. The internet has given us not only the true story about "priest" paedophiles and sodomites, but it also has given us plenty of proof that such "traditional priests" are not being truthful about this subject. I, for one, am glad to know (thanks to the internet) that the NSSPX shows itself to be negligent and to consider homosodomy a "minor" problem or one not potentially grave enough to be worthy of investigation. We would be in total ignorance not only about the imprudence and negligence of the NSSPX authorities, but about a very real threat to our children!

In regard to the traditional Catholic faith, I, for one, am glad to know how poorly Fellay is defending the Faith and about his lack of leadership qualities. And would we ever know about the background of the man who has apparently been given sole check-writing authority on the NSSPX accounts and about his activities in fundraising for secular Jewish causes? Otherwise, we would never know about the uncharitable actions being taken against Bishop Williamson, a senior bishop over the age of 70, who has been with the Society for more than 45 years and who is at present being threatened with ouster, for no better reason than Fellay's intolerance in accepting Bishop Williamson's constructive criticism, and of Fellay's intolerance of Bishop Williamson's newsletters, which concern matters of the Faith?

And because of the internet, we can make comparisons in regard to the actions taken by NSSPX authorities. We can know that while Fellay cuts plenty of slack for Modernist Rome, he cuts zero slack for Bishop Williamson, who is guilty of no crime, no transgression against the Faith, but only because he refuses to abide by Fellay's foolish and wrongful notions about obedience. And to refresh everyone's historical memory on the subject of obedience, may I remind everyone that when the Jesuit Ignatius of Loyola wrote his treatises for his Jesuit members on "blind-donkey obedience," cited by Fellay in justification, the Catholic world in unison screamed "heresy," and the Dominican moral theologians compelled Ignatius's fellow Jesuit, St. Robert Bellarmine himself, to right Ignatius's wrongful notions about "obedience"!

Lastly, thanks to the internet, we know that Newrome wishes the NSSPX to get rid of Bishop Williamson merely because of his position on the "holocaust" [not Benedict-Ratzinger's paedophilia holocaust, but the purported World War II one], a position that has nothing to do with either faith or morals, and a position that no pope or superior can force upon a Catholic's mind either to accept or reject.

The internet is here, which means that the truth, no matter how ugly, can no longer be hidden from our eyes, and if that ultimately means that the presumption of holiness that has heretofore been granted to priests will be rebutted, that is not the problem of the internet, but the problem of the so-called "priests" whose actions may in time compel us to reject the presumption of their holiness, as well as their good faith.

It is up to the individual Catholic to separate the chaff from the wheat as far as the quality of internet information is concerned, including what is contained within the so-called "blogs," just as it is up to each and every Catholic to use his God-given powers of discernment when he hears gossip in the hallways of his parish. But as concerns the internet itself and a Catholic's use of it, the solution is not to make a "sacrifice of one's intellect," a Jesuitical notion more heretical than virtuous, but to use one's God-given intellect and powers of discernment when reading what is contained therein. Every Catholic who is worthy of the name is intellectually capable of discerning what information is evidentiary and what is not, what is gossip and what is not.

There are many "traditional priests," like many in Fellay's Neo-SSPX, who have good reason to fear the internet, but that, in my opinion, may not be our problem, or the problem of the internet, but their problem.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

This is the best analysis of the issue that we have read -- by far. One cannot fail to see the gross hypocrisy in Bernie Fellay's position. He deplores the so-called "gossip" of others, but since his association with the New Order sect, he has become the biggest "gossiper" of all -- on his own Neo-SSPX web sites!

Fresh from Mount Sinai, Fellay has added an Eleventh Commandment to the Decalogue: Thou shalt not use the internet. Because he knows that his phony commandment would simply be ignored, he always adds the scare line: to do so is a mortal sin, not a venial one, an imperfection, or no sin at all. At the same time Fellay never utters a word against the truly mortal sin of sodomizing children, which is rampant in his beloved Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order sect and, as some reports indicate, is not completely foreign to his own Neo-SSPX sect.

Traditional Catholics have to be prudent, however, in their use of the internet. As with most things in life, there are a few good things in a given category (for example, "good" music compositions are greatly outnumbered by trash), but most things tend to be grossly inferior -- at least in the post-modern age. In the matter of the internet for traditional Catholics, there are two categories in which grossly inferior sites greatly outnumber good sites:

  1. Propaganda Sites. These are sites whose essential purpose is to promote one particular organization and to spread lies and disinformation about every other organization. This is the category into which Fellay's sites fall: he badmouths every non-NSSPX organization, as well as many members of his own organization (Bishop Williamson, the "Vienna Five," etc.).
  2. Clueless Sites. These are so-called "blog" sites, usually run by conservative laypeople or pseudo-traditionalists, who are members of the New Order sect. These "bloggers" have not been around long, do not know true Catholicism (as they have been educated in the New Order sect), and do not know the history of the events and people involved (most of them weren't even born by the critical period of Vatican II). These clueless sites simply cause confusion and spread misinformation, even if through ignorance.

October 20, 2012 - St. John Cantius, Confessor
Double Feast

Neo-SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson Is Expelled
As Fellay and His Neo-SSPX Continue to Eat Their Own

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bernie Fellay & Richard Williamson

A Toothlessly-grinning Fellay (Left) & His Neo-SSPX Machine Goes Head to Head
With Senior Neo-SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson
Fellay Has Now Reportedly Expelled Williamson from the Neo-SSPX
And Fellay Has Sent His First Assistant, Nicky Pfluger, Out
To Do Damage Control
We Are Awaiting Williamson's Final Rejection of Fellay's Neo-SSPX
Reorganized against the Traditional Founding Principles of Archbishop Lefebvre

Preliminary reports on October 15, 2012, from inside Bernie Fellay's headquarters indicated that the deadline, previously reported in these Daily Commentaries, to Neo-SSPX senior bishop Richard Williamson had passed without Williamson's acceding to Fellay's dictatorial demands: (1) to close his web site, (2) to apologize, and (3) to go into perpetual silence. Consequently, Fellay has expelled Williamson from the Neo-SSPX, effective October 23, 2012. On October 16, 2012, Nicky Pfluger, Fellay's First Assistant, declared:

Bishop Williamson has been given fair warning. This is a sad moment in the history of our Society. If he continues his internet campaign against the Society and its Superior General, then his expulsion from the Society cannot be avoided. Besides his false ideas, he has plotted under cover. The veritable tragedy is the fact that for years he has not accepted the authority of the Superior General, but has assigned to himself a God-given mission. Before the General Chapter, he rallied priests and faithful to rebellion. For a Catholic bishop, this is very serious.

Good Catholics, Pfluger's feigned outrage is just more puffery and propaganda on the part of Fellay's machine. The TRADITIO Fathers know, from first-hand conversations, that in reality Williamson erred on the opposite side: giving Fellay the benefit of the doubt, a pass, on many of the actions that Fellay had taken to sell out Archbishop Lefebvre's SSPX to the New Order sect. In 2005, when Fellay started his attempted sellout, Williamson should have ousted Fellay, following the sage advice of the Roman poet Ovid, who warned: Principiis obsta; sero medicina paratur, cum mala per longas convaluere moras: [Resist the beginnings; too late is the medicine prepared, when the disease has gained strength by long delay]. In other words, Williamson should have nipped Fellay's treason in the bud! [Some information for this Commentary has been contributed by Kirchliche Umschau.]

We can only hope that with this expulsive action on the part of Fellay, Williamson can once and for all give "Judas" Fellay and his phony Neo-SSPX organization the final raspberry that he deserves and stand with Christ, saying: "I never knew thee" (Matthew 7:23/DRV). The TRADITIO Network will report in these Daily Commentaries further details when they are certain.

A Reader Writes: "Because Williamson Is Not Acceptable to the Secular Jews
He Is Not Acceptable to Ratzinger"

From: Pietro, A TRADITIO Network Correspondent from Canada

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

This entire expulsion of Williamson was unnecessary. If Fellay is not prepared to make a deal with Newrome now, then why expel Williamson for being right in rejecting such a deal? The reason is obvious: Fellay still wants a deal with Benedict-Ratzinger, but the latter will not make a deal with the Neo-SSPX until Williamson is expelled. The NSSPX must be "sanitized" of Bishop Williamson. Because Bishop Williamson is not acceptable to the secular Jews, he is not acceptable to Ratzinger. And if he is not acceptable to Ratzinger, he is not acceptable to Fellay, who is now under the influence of his financial colleague, Maximilian Krah, a fundraiser for secular Jewish causes.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Ratzinger's religion is Vatican II's False Oecumenism. In his eyes, every other doctrine is subordinated to that Supreme Doctrine. False Oecumenism is inclusive of Protestants, Jews, Mohammedans, and Buddhists, but most definitely not traditional Catholics, like Williamson. To the contrary, Fellay has now embraced full throatedly the Vatican II mantra: "The Jews are our elder brothers." This he told the New Order sect's French Catholic weekly, Famille Chretienne [Christian Family] as recently as 2012.

October 19, 2012 - St. Peter of Alacantra, Confessor
Double Feast

Is Benedict-Ratzinger Hopelessly Clueless or What?
He Talks about "Bad Fish" in His Newchurch, but the "Fish Stinks from the Head"!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger Admits to "Bad Fish" in His Newchurch
But the Bad Fish "Stink from the Head," the "Paeophile Pope" Himself
No, Josef, It Is You Who Appoint Paedophiles, Embezzlers, Perverts, and Drunkards
To the Top Positions in your Newpapacy
No Wonder They Swim in Polluted Waters!

Sometimes you have to wonder just how hopelessly cleueless these Newpopes are. After fifty years since Vatican II, we have proof positive that the Novus Ordo rots the brain. In an October 14, 2011, address from his balcony, Benedict-Ratzinger admitted that there are "bad fish" in his Newchurch of the New Order. But has he has apparently never heard that the "fish stinks from the head"! Why wouldn't "bad fish" be swimming in the waters of his sect when he himself is known as the "Paedophile Pope" and openly appoints the worst sort to leadership in his sect: not only paedophiles, but also embezzlers, perverts, and dangerous drunks.

While wringing his hands over "human frailty," Ratzinger announced absolutely no remedial action and continued to appoint moral degenerates like public drankard Salvatore Cordileone, Ratzinger's new Newarchbishop of San Francisco, California, who was stumbling drunk with six drinks when he got into his car and drove two victims, his own mother and a presbyter. Cordileone was picked up at 00:30 in the morning by police.

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger opined: "Sometimes we have gone as far as thinking that God is sleeping and he has forgotten us." No, Josef, it is you who are sleeping and have forgotten your moral responsibilities, when you appoint paedophiles, embezzlers, perverts, and drunkards to the top positions in your Newpapacy. You don't even have the brains of the cartoon character Pogo, who at least figured out the truth: "We have met the enemy, and he is us -- yes, the royal you! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

October 18, 2012 - St. Luke, Evangelist
Double Feast of the Second Class

The Real Perpetrator of Vatican II Modernism Is Headed for Newchurch "Blessedness"
As Benedict-Ratzinger Plans to Novus Ordo Beatify the First Conciliar Newpope

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Paul VI-Montini & Protestant 'New' Mass Commission

The Modernist Newpope Paul VI-Montini Poses with the Protestant Ministers
Of His "New Mass" Commission," Who Fabricated with Hannibal Bugnini
The Invalid Mess and "Sacraments" of the New Order
Benedict-Ratzinger, Who Still Views Himself as the Modernist Leader of Vatican II
Now Proposes to Make Montini a Novus Ordo "Blessed" with JPII-Wojtyla "The Ungreat"

Some traditional Catholics think that Pope John XXIII was the first "conciliar" Newpope. The evidence is to the contrary. John XXIII did indeed summon the Vatican II Council, but he made it clear from the outset that it was to have no dogmatic authority. He himself never signed a single one of its documents. Moreover, the evidence indicates that he anticipated the council to last only a few months, not three years, during which the bishops of the world could merely get acquainted with each other and the state of the Church. So far did the council that he intended get out of control that his last words on his deathbed were: "Stop the council, stop the council." For further information, click on FAQ08: What Is the Authority of Vatican II?

No, it wasn't John XXIII that foisted that abominable council with its sixteen documents on the world. That disgrace belongs to Paul VI-Montini. Montini's Modernism goes back to his youth and characterized his entire clerical life. He became the accomplice (some say stooge) to Hannibal Bugnini, the Freemason presbyter who was the chief architect of the Protestantized and invalid "New" Mass and "New" Sacraments.

Now Benedict-Ratzinger, the Modernist leader, "Fr." Ratzinger, at the Council, who was well known as the cleric who pranced around the council's halls in a business suit and palled around with other leaders declared under the "odor of heresy" by the Holy Office and Pope Pius XII, such as Hans Kung and Karl Rahner, purposes to elevate to the Novus Ordo dinner table in 2013 the man who put the anti-Catholic programme into place, Paul VI-Montini, who did his dirty work as Newpope from 1963 to 1978.

But Heaven punished Paul VI-Montini for his Modernism and for destroying the validity of the Mass and Sacraments in the New Order sect. When Bishop Fulton Sheen visited him on one occasion after Vatican II, he said that Montini was a basket case, weighed down by the guilt of what he had done. In the last weeks of his life, Montini was reported by a close friend, who was a French journalist, to be wandering around the Apostolic apartments screaming out to the Heavens, Credo, credo, as if to persuade God that would shortly judge him that he was in fact a Catholic, even though his actions denied that God.

So now Ratzinger and his minions have cooked up yet another phony "miracle" for Montini, cut back from the four that were traditionally required. All of this reeks of a "payoff." Montini appointed Ratzinger Newarchbishop of Munich, Germany, and made him a Newcardinal.

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger is no "traditionalist." He is the same Modernist "Fr." Ratzinger as he was at Vatican II. Now that he has officially dumped Bernie Fellay and his Neo-SSPX, hardly "traditionalists" themselves, you will see Ratzinger push the Modernist Council with renewed vigor. But the more he pushes, the more it will become clear to the world how that council planted the seeds for crippling Catholicism and laying the groundwork for its eventual disappearance, as all the statistics show -- as even Ratzinger admits in his more lucid moments.

October 17, 2012 - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin
Double Feast

As Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch Becomes Openly Protestant
Even Novus Ordo Presbyters Are Envisaged as Obsolete, While the Laity Become "Ministers"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Christoph Schonborn

Christoph Schonborn in His "Gay" Protestant Get-up
Benedict-Ratzinger's Heretical Newcardinal Has Now Announced
That Vienna, Austria, Will Henceforth Follow a Protestant Model
80 Per Cent of Novus Ordo Parishes Will Disappear
And Lay Ministers Will Conduct Services in the Protestant Manner
The Conversion Is to Take Place by 2022

The Newarchbishop of Vienna, Austria, has let the cat out of the bag: the Newchurch of the New Order will become officially Protestant by 2022. Christoph Schonborn has himself proclaimed the Protestant heresy: "the 'common priesthood' of all the baptized will take center stage from now on." On October 8, 2012, Schonborn announced that 80 per cent of Vienna's Newparishes will be consolidated into the remaining 20 per cent.

Lay ministers will be equal to Novus Ordo presbyters in these reduced Newparishes because very few men want to be presbyters in Benedict-Ratzinger's unCatholic and laicized Newchurch of the New Order. "Services of the Word will be celebrated by the laypeople running the local affiliate communities," just like the Protestants, said Schonborn. [Some inforamtion for this Commenatry was contributed by the London Tablet.]

A Reader Asks: "When Was the Canon of the Bible Established?"

From: Pete

When was the cannon [sic] of the Bible established? The Protestants tell me that it was determined at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Your question seems to be based on an inaccurate (or at least exaggerated) premise that that there is some great dispute between Catholics and Protestants on the books of the Bible. In fact, both Catholics and Protestants accept exactly the same 27 books of the New Testament -- which is the most important Bible for Christians, after all. This canon, or standard (the word cannon refers to a military weapon), was well accepted by the fourth century.

There used to be some dispute, which goes back to early Christianity, about the so-called deutero-canonical, or second canon, books of the Old Testament. These are the books used by the Jews after the diaspora, or scattering, when they went out into the world and adopted the language of the Alexandrian East, which was Greek, not Hebrew. These books, plus the original Hebrew books, were circulated in a Greek version known as the Septuagint. The Septuagint is the version that Our Lord Jesus Christ quotes from in the New Testament.

There used to be some dispute about these books on the Protestant side (the Eastern Orthodox accept them), but the King James translators translated them too, and today's Protestant versions are more likely than before to include them. Those Protestant versions that don't officially include them still regard these books as having an authority very close to the books in Hebrew. Without them, there is a significant "gap" in the Bible of some 500 years.

October 16, 2012 - St. Hedwig, Widow
Semidouble Feast

French Sources Indicate that Fellay Has Given Williamson an Ultimatum:
Shut up Permanently or Be Expelled from My Neo-SSPX by October 14, 2012!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Galarreta, Williamson, Tissier & Fellay

And Then There Were only Three, then Two, then One
By October 14, 2012, Fellay May Expel the NSSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson
Fellay Has Already Expelled Some Thirty Other NSSPX Priests
Consequently, the "Vienna Five" Have Established the SSPX of the Strict Observance
Fellay's Dictatorship Is Destroying the SSPX before the Eyes of Ratzinger and the New Order Sect

One of our French sources has reported to us that the Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator Bernie Fellay has sent a confidential letter to his District Superiors that he has given Williamson ten days to go to close his web site, to apologize, and to go into perpetual silence. Otherwise, Fellay will expel Williamson from his Neo-SSPX. The end of the ten-day period is supposed to be October 14, 2012. The action, long contemplated by Fellay, was apparently triggered by Williamson's conferral of the traditional Sacrament of Confirmation, by invitation, for a traditional Catholic group in Brazil that was not affiliated with the Neo-SSPX. During the entirely of his episcopacy, Williamson has always reached out in charity to traditional Catholics outside the narrow confines of the SSPX.

If Williamson does what's right, he'll tell Fellay just where to go and offer to become the bishop of the Society of St. Pius X of the Strict Observance, then make a general call for NSSPXers to desert Bernie "Judas" Fellay and come back to Archbishop Lefebvre. The thirty or so NSSPX priests who have already been expelled or otherwise punished by Fellay, with the "Vienna Five," would be a good core with which to re-establish Archbishop Lefebvre's original Society of St. Pius X.

A Reader Asks: "Have I Committed a Mortal Sin by Contributing to New Order 'Charities'"?

From: James

I have given some money to Catholic [Sic] Relief Services and Catholic [Sic] Charities, but now I wonder if such charities are too closely involved with the New Order sect and should thus be avoided. Now I am wondering whether I have committed a Mortal Sin in doing so.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

You are right to question seriously the morality of what you have been, perhaps thoughtlessly up to now, doing. These "charities" are not Catholic (though they use the word in their titles to deceive), but are intimately associated with the unCatholic, heretical, and immoral New Order sect. A significant part of their funding goes to support that sect and its administration, not even to charitable works. Therefore, contributing to them is like contributing to the Jewish B'nai B'rith, which fights against Catholicism, or the Muslim Brotherhood, which works to bury Christianity. Objectively, contributing to the New Order sect is a Mortal Sin against the First Commandment, as you are actively funding the very heresy and immorality that you as a Catholic are supposed to be fighting!

Your first obligation under the Fifth Precept of the Church is to contribute to the traditional Catholic site at which you receive the traditional Catholic Mass and Sacraments. Many of these sites are on the brink of non-existence, so, in these times, that should be essentially the only charity to which traditional Catholics should contribute. There are plenty of others out there to contribute to anti-Catholic causes.

October 15, 2012 - St. Teresa of Avila, Virgin
Double Feast

JPII-Wojtyla "the Unblessed" Appointed a "Predatory Sex Offender" as His Newpapal Knight
Jimmy Saville, a Panderer of Trash Music, Has Been Accused by 40 Child Rape Victims

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Jimmy Savile & JPII-Wojtyla

JPII-Wojtyla the "Pre-Paedophile Pope" Embraces His Papal Knight
Sex Offender Jimmy Saville (Right)
These Paedophile Newpopes Can Sure Pick Them!
Saville Is Under Investigation for 340 Criminal Reports and 40 Child Victims
In an Ironic Way, Saville Is a Perfectly Appropriate Poster-boy
For the Corrupt Newpopes, Who Fostered the Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Which the Statistics Show Continues Unabated under Benedict-Ratzinger

On October 11, 2012, a lot of faces in Newchurch are turning red from shame, as it has been revealed by the London Tablet that JPII-Wojtyla appointed as his Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory a man who has been identified as raping young girls over a period of forty years. "Sir" Jimmy Savile, a panderer of trash music in Britain, has been declared by the London Metropolitan Police as a "predatory sex offender." The Metropolitan Police began an investigation of the charges of child rapes over four decades. They have so far received 340 criminal reports, and forty young girls have come forth to charge rape. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Mail.]

In the eyes of Wojtyla "the Ungreat," however, Saville was his Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great. The knighthood is supposed to be awarded to those who serve the papacy. Well, since JPII-Wojtyla and Benedict-Ratzinger are both known for suborning the sex crimes of their Newclergy, maybe the perverted Savile is deserving of their knighthood -- but not God's! Newpopes are as incompetent as they are accessories to rampant paedophilia in their New Order sect.

Good Catholics, the story about Saville, who is a Newchurcher, fits right in with JPII-Wojtyla's (and Benedict-Ratzinger's) overlooking the vilest of crimes. A television director told the British Broadcasting Corporation that he saw Savile raping a "very, very young girl" in his dressing room, but, like the Newpopes, the director looked the other way. Here is just more evidence that the notion of Wojtyla being a "Saint" is as perverted as the child rapes.

The "Unblessed" Wojtyla had a reputation of "hanging out" with the most vile of creatures. Remember that his "favorite," showered with Newpapal favors, was the presbyter "Fr." Marciel Maciel, the perverted head of the Legion of Christ, who the Legion's leaders and Newvatican knew to be a sex criminal who raped men and women, seminarians and lay, without distinction. He even fathered a number of bastards, whom he did not hesitate to show off to JPII at a reception in Newrome. JPII a Saint? Not on your life!

Is Ratzinger Converting to Mohammedanism?
The "Roman" Newpope Gives His Blessing Not in Latin, but in Arabic

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On October 10, 2012, Benedict-Ratzinger pronounced a Novus Ordo "blessing" not in Latin, but in Arabic, at his weekly audience in front of 20,000 pilgrims on St. Peter's Square. Hitherto no pope has ever dared to do so. Ratzinger coupled his Arabic "blessing" with praise for the "results" of the Modernist Vatican II Council, at which he was "Fr." Ratzinger, a principal leader of the Modernists, with a coalition of heretics like Hans Kung and Karl Rahner. Ratzinger's praise of the Modernist council falls flat, however, because he himself has noted that in the fifty years since it opened the Newchurch has tanked in Europe and around the world. Yet he hypocritcally called that Council a "compass" for the New Order Church "in the middle of storms."

Good Catholics, make no mistake about who this "Fr." Ratzinger of Vatican II remains. To this day, Ratzinger has vocally defended the 15 documents of Vatican II, many of which contain outright heresies, in spite of a strong attacks by traditional Catholics maintaining the true Faith outside the unCatholic New Order sect. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agence France-Presse.]

October 14, 2012 - Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newly-discovered Letter Reveals that the Ottaviani Intervention Was Directed against "Fr." Ratzinger
Conservative Bishops at Vatican II Openly Called Ratzinger "a Heretic Who Denies Hell"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Karl Rahner & Josef Ratzinger

The Two "Priests," Karl Rahner (Left) and Josef Ratzinger
Leaders of the Modernist Take-over of Vatican II
Attired, as They Commonly Were at the Council, in Business Suits
Discuss Their Secret Strategy before a Session of the Council
Now a Letter of Rahner's Has Been Discovered Revealing
That the Council's Conservative Cardinals Viewed
Ratzinger as a "Heretic Who Denies Hell"

It took fifty years, but now the truth has become public: Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani was directing his initial intervention at the Vatican II Council (1962-1965), against the Modernist leader of that Council: "Fr." Ratzinger and his co-leaders, Jesuit Karl Rahner, who was silenced by Pope John XXIII and declared under suspicion of heresy by the Holy Office; and Jesuit Gustave Martelet, a follower of Teilhard de Chardin, a theologian condemned by both Pope Pius XII and John XXIII. Cardinal Ottaviani, who was Secretary of the Holy Office at the time, later co-authored with Antonio Bacci and a group of Roman theologians the 1969 Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, commonly known as the "Ottaviani Intervention," documenting to Paul VI-Montini the "New Mass" as little more than a Protestant heresy. As a result, Montini was forced to postpone the "New Mass" for more than a year.

The revelation comes in a letter dated November 2, 1963, from Karl Rahner to his brother. The letter, hitherto unknown, is currently being exhibited at a Carmelite church in Munich, Germany, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II. The Rahner letter reveals:

  1. Cardinal Ottaviani's intervention at the Council on Oct. 21, 1962, just ten days after it was opened by Pope John XXIII, was directed against the already-identified Modernist leaders of the Council: "Fr." Josef Ratzinger, Jesuit Karl Rahner, and Jesuit Gustave Martelet.
  2. Most Italian and Spanish bishops feared that these Modernist leaders were attempting to abolish the dogmatic decrees of the First Vatican Council (1869-70).
  3. Conservative French bishops accused Joseph Ratzinger of being a "heretic who denies Hell."

Later, in a speech in Freiburg, Germany, on January 13, 1964, Karl Rahner revealed that a pamphlet had made its way into the halls of the Council accusing Ratzinger and other liberalist German theologians of "Gallicanism, Modernism, and even worse heresies."

In the fifty years since the Modernist Vatican II Council was opened, numerous authors have exposed the fact that, contrary to the intent of Pope John XXIII, who was then dying of stomach cancer, the Council became a vehicle for propagating the heresies of the Modernists, particularly those from Germany, like Josef Ratzinger, from whom the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service derived. For further information, click on FAQ08: What Is the Authority of Vatican II?

Benedict-Ratzinger's Tax Exemption Is Pulled by the Italian Government
His Newchurch in Italy Will Now Have to Pay Taxes on Its Extensive Commercial Enterprises

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger must be ruing the day that he took the liberalist line in his 2008 political screed, Caritas in veritate, and supported supra-national bureaucracies to rule mankind, like the European Union, which has now concurred that he can't escape paying taxes on his extensive non-religious, commercial properties, like hotels, restaurants, and sports centers. U.S. President Barack Obama should be congratulating Ratzinger on finally "paying his fair share" for his New Order sect as being in the upper one per cent of income earners!

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch in Italy will be stripped of its tax exemption as of 2013. The Italian government finally got tired of Ratzinger's financial scams, particularly involving what is commonly called the "Vatican Bank," whose fraudulent activities had been covered up under its official title, the "Institute for Religious Works." Government investigations revealed rampant fraud within the organization and, under intense scrutiny by European Union's financial watchdogs, stripped the Italian Newchurch of its tax exemption. It turns out that for Italy to be letting Ratzinger off from paying tax on his extensive non-religious, commercial properties, such as hotels, restaurants, and sports centers, was "illegal state aid" under EU financial regulations.

The Italian government and the European Union had been scandalized by investigations revealing that Ratzinger had been getting off scot free from paying taxes on his extensive non-religious, commercial enterprises, to the tune of at some 33,000,000 U.S. dollars according to official figures -- in just Rome alone! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agence France-Presse and La Repubblica.]

October 13, 2012 - St. Edward, King of England, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

THE NEO-SSPX SPLIT CONTINUES: Latin American Priests in an Open Letter Demand Fellay's Resignation
"To End This Hell of Deceit, Lack of Doctrinal Clarity, and Lack of Courage in Defense of Tradition"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bernie Fellay

Bernie Fellay May Not Be Wearing the Dictator-Superior's Crown Much Longer
His Bishops and Priests Are Now Openly Deserting Him
For His Treachery in Attempting to Sell out Archbishop Lefebvre's SSPX to the New Order
Senior Bishop Williamson Has Taken Steps toward Independence
The "Vienna Five" Have Founded the SSPX of the Strict Observance
And Now His Priests in Latin America Have Called on Fellay to Resign
And Literally "Get the Hell Out" of Archbishop Lefebvre's Once-Traditional Organization

The fallout against the Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator Bernie Fellay for his autocratic efforts to sell Archbishop Lefebvre's once-traditional organization out to Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order sect is continuing. On August 10, 2012, the "Vienna Five," five Neo-SSPX priests who condemned Fellay's attempted sellout, founded the Society of St. Pius X of the Strict Observance. Then, the NSSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, rejecting the "authority" of Fellay, initiated an independent tour to preach and confer the traditional Sacraments on independent traditional Catholics. Now a group of NSSPX priests from the districts of South America and Mexico have publicly demanded Fellay to resign "for the common good and for the good of your own soul."

On October 6, 2012, in an Open Letter published to the world, Fellay's own Latin American Neo-SSPX priests call upon their Superior-Dictator "to apologize to the NSSPX bishops, priests, and laity for your mistakes in governing the Society" and demand Fellay's resignation to "end this Hell of deceit, lack of doctrinal clarity, and lack of courage in defense of Tradition." In their Open Letter, the priests charge Fellay as follows:

It is clear that you have no moral authority to lead the fight against Modernism. How can a bishop, guardian of the Faith, afford to minimize the harmful errors of Vatican II? How can the man who is the head of Tradition [sic] call Pope Benedict XVI a man of "integrity" as he continues to teach heresies?

The Neo-SSPX priests point to the fact that Fellay has watered down the Archbishop's traditional organization to the point where it can no longer even be recognized as as a traditional Catholic organization. They point to priests who preach the "good side" of the Modernist Vatican II Council, who talk about the need to "return" to Newchurch, who no longer speak of the Church of Christ as opposed to the Conciliar Church, but the same as the Conciliar Church.

The Neo-SSPX priests also address Fellay's dictatorial autocracy and say that never in 42 years have they lived in such "a state of distrust, insecurity, espionage, fear of deportation, or punitive transfers." They say that Fellay has turned the SSPX from a family into a Stalinist regime, in which Fellay's KGB-like spies rat on priests devoted to the Archbishop's founding principles and in which these priests have to use "code names" to avoid the wrath and punishment of Fellay.

The Neo-SSPX priests say that they will boycott Fellay's propaganda tour to Argentina, and they demand Fellay to resign forthwith:

You think and work as a Modernist. You act like a liberal. You contradict contradiction. You lie and lie." Have the courage and honesty to leave us alone, so as not to cause additional damage.

A Reader Asks: "Does the New Order Sect's 1992 Newcatechism Really Differ from Catholic Teaching?"

From: Dan

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Does the New Order sect's 1992 Newcatechism really differ from Catholic teaching?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

There have been many exposes written about the deceptive technique that the New Order sect uses, throwing in a few traditional nuggets to deceive clueless "conservatives," while completely gutting Catholic doctrine and practice. Don't be mislead by an obvious hoax. When you look at the Roman Catechism (of the dogmatic Council of Trent) and the New Order sect's Newcatechism, even a blind person can see that they are two different books, describing two different faiths.

The Roman Catechism was written by a Saint, Charles Borromeo, in a detailed, but readable fashion, carefully defining terms, citing Biblical texts, and explaining the tradition of the Church on each topic. To the contrary, the Newcatechism is written like a children's book, in ambivalent language, and numbered like a children's book.

The proof of the pudding is that New Order "faith," as evidenced in the Newcatechism, has led to turning the Newchurch clergy into a significant percentage of homosexuals and paedophiles, getting their "pardons" from Benedict-Ratzinger himself. For documentation, you should read Randy Engel's three-volume metriculously-researched book, The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church [Sic], which has been referred to several times in these Daily Commentaries.

October 12, 2012 - Ferial Day

Whistle-blowing Butler Claims that He Was Tortured in Benedict-Ratzinger's Jail
Where He Was Confined for Two Weeks in a Cell No Bigger than His Body

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Paolo Gabriele

Paolo Gabriele, Benedict-Ratzinger's Butler
Stunned the World when He Revealed that He Had Been Tortured
In Ratzinger's Vatican City Jail Awaiting Trial
Before a Kangaroo Court for Giving to the Italian Press
Copies of Thousands of Documents Proving What He Called
The Ratzinger Newpapacy's "Corruption and Evil"

The "charitable" Newchurch of the New Order and its Newpope have been charged with torturing the whistle-blowing butler of Benedict-Ratzinger. Ratzinger's butler shocked the court and the international press by revealing that he had been tortured in Ratzinger's prison while awaiting trial after his arrest on May 23, 2012. Gabriele relayed that for more than two weeks he had been kept in a cell so small that he could not extend his arms, and that the light had been left on day and night. These torture techniques are commonly used by groups such as the Soviet KGB and American CIA to get victims confessing to anything.

Paolo Gabriele was on trial at the order of Benedict-Ratzinger for giving to the Italian press copies of thousands of documents proving what he called the Ratzinger Newpapacy's "corruption and evil." Gabriele stated on the last day of his trial: "The thing I feel most strongly is the conviction of having acted out of visceral love for the Church of Christ."

A Reader Writes: "I Thought This Was Supposed to be the 'Springtime'
Ushered in by the 'Wondrous' Second Vatican Council!"

From: John

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

It seems that Benedict-Ratzinger is calling a conclave of Newbishops to address the loss of faith. But I thought this was supposed to be the "springtime" and the "new evangelization" ushered in by the "wondrous" Second Vatican Council. It is clear that this Modernist council was the touchstone of the unCatholic "New Order Religion." I find it risible that every prediction made by the Modernists at the Council failed to materialize, and every prediction of disaster by the traditionalists has come to pass. Yet is the traditionalists who are considered stupid and backward! I would laugh if there weren't so many tears in my eyes for the loss of so many souls!

October 11, 2012 - Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Feast of the Second Class

A Reader Asks: "Have You Ever Read Anything So Hilarious:
Meditate on Vatican II and Get a Free Novus Ordo Pass to Escape Purgatory?"

From: Dr. William
Paul VI & Protestant Ministers

The Modernist Newpope Paul VI-Montini
Who Helped the Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini
Write the Invalid Novus Ordo Service for Newchurch
In 1968 Montini Himself Canceled Traditional Indulgences
And Substituted an Uncatholic New Age Formulation
As with Everything Else in Newchurch
Such Novus Ordo "Indulgences" Are Null and Void

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Have you ever read anything so hilarious in all your lives: meditate on Vatican II during the "Year of the [New Order] Faith" (October 11, 2012, to November 24, 2013), and you get a Novus Ordo indulgence to escape Purgatory? Methinks Benedict-Ratzinger is far too indulgent!

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

In 1968 Paul VI-Montini canceled traditional indulgences and substituted an unCatholic New Age formulation in his pseudo-Apostolic Constitution Indulgentiarium doctrina. As with everything else in Newchurch, Novus Ordo "indulgences" are null and void, mere propaganda tools by which the besuited "Fr." Ratzinger of the Modernist Vatican II Council is promoting that heretical Council's uprooting of the Catholic Faith.

A Reader Asks: "What Justification Could Fellay Possibly Have
For Such an Outlandish Policy?"

From: Gerald (England)

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Fellay & Co. have prohibited their members from attending Masses celebrated by priests who happen to hold the sede-vacantist theory to explain the current situation of Newchurch. What justification could Fellay possibly have for such an outlandish policy?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

There are many traditional Catholic priests and organizations, each of which may happen to take different positions on matters that do not involve traditional Catholic doctrine, liturgy, and moral teachings. We believe that Fellay & Co. hate the sede-vacantist theory merely because they are "control freaks," trying to rule every element of the lives of their members. Fellay & Co. have to distinguish themselves from other, more traditional organizations and priests, so they have chosen to make a shibboleth out of the sede-vacantist theory. Moreover, Fellay & Co. can't very well sell out the Neo-SSPX to Ratzinger if they believe that that Apostolic See is vacant!

The irony is that the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, from the time that he founded the SSPX, admitted the possibility of the sede-vacantist theory to explain the current situation of Newchurch, what he called "Modernist Rome," and himself seemed to move more toward the sede-vacantist theory in the last years of his life, as he saw the Newpapacy became more and more separated from Catholicism. In fact, informed sources indicate that about half of Fellay's Neo-SSPX now secretly accept the sede-vacantist theory because of the scandalous record of the Modernist and "Paedophile" Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla and Benedict-Ratzinger.

Nevertheless, a traditional Catholic does not have to adopt the sede-vacantist theory. We TRADITIO Fathers have not, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong about doing so. It is just one of many theories to explain the current situation of Newchurch. Whatever the explanation is of Newchurch's current situation, the practical result is the same: true Catholics, as a matter of Faith and the First Commendment of God, can have nothing to do with the New Order sect, its phony Mess and "sacraments," its Protestant doctrine, and its pagan morality.

October 10, 2012 - St. Francis Borgia, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

"Reckless" Drunkard Installed by Benedict-Ratzinger as Newarchbishop of San Francisco
After Pleading Guilty to a Drunk-driving Binge after Gulping down Six Stiff Shots in One Hour

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Salvatore Cordileone

Benedict-Ratzinger's New Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone
Stands in Shame Before a Court, Pleading Guilty to Reckless Driving
Cordileone Downed Six Stiff Drinks, then Threatened the Lives of All Who Came into His Path
Including His Own Mother and a Presbyter in the Car
He Cracked Jokes about His Drunken Recklessness, Instead of Having the Honesty to Resign
He Will Bring His Program of Supporting Homosexual Sodomy from Oakland to San Francisco
Is It Any Wonder Why the "Paedophile Pope" Ratzinger Appointed Him?

A "reckless" drunkard who advocates homosexuality was installed on October 4, 2012, as Benedict-Ratzinger's henchman in San Francisco, California. Three days earlier even Salvatore Cordileone had to admit before a judge that he was a "reckless" drunk, who endangered people's lives by driving dangerously under the influence of alcohol -- a lot of alcohol. Yet his despicable and immoral behavior was not enough for him to resign -- immoral Newbishops never want to pay the price for their public sins -- nor for Ratzinger to yank his appointment. Yet, the fact that Cordileone and Ratzinger both thought that the New Order sect in San Francisco needed a reckless drunk at its helm somehow seems only too appropriate for the most besotted city in the United States!

So now the Newchurch "archbishop" of San Francisco -- who has never been consecrated a bishop, but merely installed in 2002 under the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Protestantized and invalid New Ordinal of 1969 -- is officially a drunk who violates the principles of "life" that he is supposed to hold sacred. One can only imagine how many abortions will be performed under his regime.

And now we know just how staggering drunk he was. This was not someone taking an extra glass of wine that barely put him over. Court records showed that his blood-alcohol level was still 0.11 per cent three hours after he was arrested. The legal limit in California is 0.08 per cent, usually the equivalent of two glasses of wine. Given that alcohol is usually metabolized at about the rate of one drink per hour, Cordileone must have gulped down about six stiff drinks before he went on a reckless drunk-driving binge endangering the lives of everyone in his path. Cordileone was sentenced by the court to fines of over 1,000 dollars and three years of probation.

Cordileone's shocking immorality is no surprise to even conservative Newchurchers in his former Newdiocese of Oakland, California. The "Paedophile Pope" could not have appointed a more appropriate Newprelate to serve the City of San Sodomy. Cordileone is a homophile, whose Newcathedral in Oakland featured beside his Novus Ordo "dinner table" a scandalous life-sized "Gay Crucifix," upon which the New Order's lord is not Jesus Christ, but some "gay" fop, bereft of his crown of thorns with his hair parted in the middle. Moreover, Cordileone personally revised and approved for Newdiocesan use a handbook for the "queering of Catholic [sic] parishes," written by one of his homosexual presbyters, entitled Setting the Table: Preparing Catholic [Sic] Parishes to Welcome Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People and Their Families.

Yet, like the outright liars these Newchurch bishops are, Cordileone poses as someone who is against homosexuality, and he is frequently described as such by the clueless press -- who obviously have never visited Oakland! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Writes: "Fellay and his Canadian District-Dictator Are Panicked
About Growing Hostility against the Fellay Administration Seething Here across Canada"

From: Hugh (Canada)

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Canadian NSSPXers here in Canada have learned that Peter Scott, once the District Superior for the United States and most recently head of a small NSSP school in Ontario, dared to deliver a scathing sermon about the actions of Fellay and his sellout programme to enter the New Order sect. Thus, Fellay has now exiled the chastened Scott to disappear into the bowels of the Darkest Africa, to Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). Fellay and his Canadian District Superior, Jurgen Wegner, are panicked about the growing hostility against the Fellay administration seething here across Canada, and they want to excise any NSSPX clergy who speak out against Fellay's dictatorial New Order-leaning regime.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

It is ironic that Peter Scott himself was certainly one of the nastiest attack-dogs that the SSPX ever had. He was once the NSSPX's District-Dictator for the United States. Then he tried to best Bernie Fellay and was consequently exiled to the seminary in Goulburn, Australia, and was thereafter reassigned to head a small school in Ontario, Canada, It is ironic that Scott, who treated so many NSSPX priests in the USA with unbelievable hostility (notoriously throwing one out on the street simply because he merely asked for a leave of absence to think about his vocation), has now himself reaped the just consequences of his horrible behavior by coming under Fellay's equally hostile wrath -- now boomeranging around on him!

October 9, 2012 - St. John Leonard, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Should Fellay Reimburse the Coffers of the Neo-SSPX
Out of His Personal Bank Account?"

From: John
Bernie Fellay

A Reader Wants to Know Whether Neo-SSPXers Are Being Knocked Up
For Fellay's Incessant Travel and Other Expenses to Newrome
On His Quest to Sell out the Neo-SSPX to the New Order Sect
Just Think How Incredibly Further Along Traditional Catholicism Would Be Today
If All That Energy, Time, And Money Wasted since 2000 Had Instead Been Invested
Against the Uncatholic New Order Sect and for Traditional Catholicism!

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Since 2005 Bernie Fellay and who knows how many others in his entourage have traveled again and again to Newome to negotiate with "authorities" there in order to sell the Neo-SSPX out to the New Order sect, without the detailed knowledge of the NSSPXers. My question is: Should the priests and laity of NSSPX hold Fellay accountable for the many plane fares and other expenses associated with those trips, and should he not reimburse the coffers of the organization out of his personal bank account, which must be doing quite well under his financial advisor, the fundraiser for secular Jewish interests, Maximilian Krah?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

No doubt Fellay would claim that these were "legitimate" business expenses to further the organization, whereas in essence he was founding a new organization for his own aggrandizement, the Neo-SSPX, not based on Archbishop Lefebvre's traditional Catholic principles for the original Society of St. Pius X. Morally, he could certainly be held accountable as you indicate.

At the least, the organization should now throw their Judas Dictator-Superior out of office, just as any organization worth surviving would deal with an incompetent and self-serving CEO. Just think how incredibly further along traditional Catholicism would be today if all that energy, time, and money wasted since 2000 had instead been invested against the unCatholic New Order sect and for traditional Catholicism! No doubt that would have been the case if Archbishop Lefebvre had lived on.

Also, by now the organization would probably have the Traditional Latin Mass instead of Fellay's Half Novus Ordo Vatican II "Mess of 1962," which Lefebvre intensely disliked and was apparently planning to jettison around the time of his death in 1991.

October 8, 2012 - St. Bridget, Widow
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's New Doctrinal Chief States Categorically and Publicly:
No More Negotiations with Fellay and His Neo-SSPX!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gerhard Muller

Benedict-Ratzinger's New No. 3 Guy Tells Bernie Fellay:
Enough Is Enough; No More Negotiation with You
No Deviation from the Modernist "Doctrines" of Vatican II Will Be Tolerated!
Everyone Now Knows the Documented, Indisputable Truth
That the TRADITIO Network Has Stated since 2005, when This Fellay Scam Began

On October 4, 2012, NDR (North German Radio) announced the content of an interview with Benedict-Ratzinger's new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith, Newarchbishop Gerhard Muller, Newvatican's No. 3 guy after Newpope and the Secretary of State. The interview will be aired on October 6, 2012. Muller declares in the interview:

  1. "Bruderschaft ist für uns kein Verhandlungspartner, weil es über den Glauben keine Verhandlungen gibt" [This Society (Fellay's Neo-SSPX) is for us not a negotiation-partner because there is no negotiation over the (New Order) Faith].
  2. "Es gibt keine Ermäßigungen was den katholischen Glauben angeht, gerade wie er auch vom Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzil gültig formuliert worden ist" [There is no reduction that can be tolerated to the Catholic [sic] Faith, exactly as it has been formulated by the Second Vatican Council].
  3. "Es gibt jetzt keine neuen Gespräche mehr" [There is no more negotiation].

Muller's statements are a clear confirmation of Benedict-Ratzinger's consistent hard-line policy that the Neo-SSPX (1) must accept the Modernist Council Vatican II as doctrine and (2) must accept as valid the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order service, the so-called "Ordinary Mess" of the New Order sect.

Although some pseudo-traditionalists, including Fellay himself, tried to delude people into thinking that the Neo-SSPX could become a full-fledged member of the unCatholic New Order sect without accepting these two conditions, the truth is that they have been, in Ratzinger's mind, always non-negotiable. This fact has been confirmed by the revelations of the "Vatileaks" documents, the inside documents revealed to the Italian press by Ratzinger's butler. Both before and after the pointless Neo-SSPX/Newrome "negotiations" of 2009-2011, personal notes from Ratzinger indicated that the two conditions have always been non-negotiable.

Muller's statements should be no surprise to anyone who has been following the truth of the matter since 2004. Ratzinger has remained as Newpope the same Modernist "Fr." Ratzinger who dressed in a business suit to schmooze around the hallways of Vatican II. Muller was appointed prefect in spite of the fact that Ratzinger knew him to be virulently hostile to Bernie Fellay and his Neo-SSPX. When the sellout negotiations were underway, Muller organized a meeting of the German Newchurch bishops, who afterward published a declaration that even if Ratzinger proceeded over their objections to accept the Neo-SSPX into the New Order sect, the German Newdioceses would have nothing to do with the NSSPX, would not cooperate with them in any way, and would not allow them to use any of their churches.

Good Catholics, here we have the final proof that Bernie Fellay for eight years was played for a fool, not only by Newvatican's hierarchs, but by Ratzinger himself. Fellay has for more than a decade wasted the time, money, and energy of Archbishop Lefebvre's SSPX chasing a diabolical goal, the sellout of Archbishop Lefebvre's traditional Catholic SSPX to the unCatholic New Order sect. Whatever it was that possessed Fellay to serve these demons, everyone now knows the documented, indisputable truth that the TRADITIO Network has stated since 2004, when this Fellay scam began: Ratzinger & Co. never intended a sellout on Fellay's terms to happen. If the NSSPXers knew what was good for them, they would waste no time casting Bernie "Judas" Fellay out for his treachery into the "exterior darkness [where] there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

October 7, 2012 - Most Holy Rosary
Double of the Second Class

A Reader Writes: We NSSPX Laity Are Being Told by Fellay & Co.
"Shut up and Fork over Your Money into Our Collection-plates"

From: Saul
NSSPX USA Headquarters

The Entrance to the Neo-SSPX's Sumptuous USA Headquarters
From Which Its Head, Arnaud Rostand, Sends out His Monthly Propaganda Bulletins
Rostand Admits that Communications from NSSPX Management to Priests and Laity Are Lousy
In His Latest Propaganda Bulletin to Contributors for Their Payoff Money
Rostand Drags out the Old NSSPX Chestnut of "Rumors and False Accusations"
To Deny God's Own Truth about Bitter Chaos within the Neo-SSPX

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Fr. Francois Chazal. Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer. Fr. Basil Meramo. Fr. Damien Fox. Fr. Patrick Girouard. Fr. Gabriel Grosso. Fr. David Hewko. Fr. Eric Jacqmin. Fr. Michael Koller. Fr. Juan Ceriani. Fr. Ernesto Cardoza. Fr. Xavier Beauvais. Fr. Jean de Morgon. Fr. Steven Reiter. Fr. Juan Turco. Fr. Joven Soliman. Dom Nataglia. Bishop Richard Williamson. The Capuchins of France. The Monks of Santa Cruz. It sounds like a litany of the Saints.

In every single case these brave priests have tried to warn the Neo-SSPX and its Superior-Dictator, Bernie Fellay, that his desired sellout to Newrome is a mistake. And if we NSSPX laity speak out, in every case we are told to shut up. The answer is the same: none of your business. Just bring your bodies to our sites and fork over your money into our collection-plates. Fellay pressures his priests against their conscience to buckle under to his New Order-leaning regime or be expelled. According to Fellay, none of the other three bishops (Williamson, Galarreta, Mallerais) had been given the "state of grace" when the Holy Ghost was placed upon their shoulders at their consecration -- only he, "Judas" Fellay, was. What an egotist this man is!

When Fellay expels his priests, he falsely claims that they are that great bugaboo of his: "sede-vacantists." No, they are expelled because they object to the fact that Fellay is bringing in Novus Ordo presbyters, is using a Half Novus Ordo missal, is phonying up Novus Ordo-style marriage "annulments," and is introducing other New Order practices. The expelled priests did not espouse sede-vacantism. Even if they did, their founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, admitted that possibility himself!

Our USA District Superior, Arnaud Rostand appeared in Ridgefield, Connecticut, on September 16, 2012. He was asked by a parishioner if there is good communication between the NSSPX higher-ups and the priests. After much waffling, he finally admitted "No." When asked directly, "Is there is good communication between the faithful and the NSSPX management, he answered, "No."

I believe that Bernie Fellay and Arnaud Rostand want to make the Neo-SSPX an organization that Novus Ordo Modernists could join. To do this, they have to ditch the "traditionalist" baggage. They have to portray the rock-solid Archbishop Lefebvre as "flexible and ever changing." They want to maintain their power base by deceiving the thousands of NSSPXers who bought the churches, built the schools, supported the seminaries, and sponsored the camps. That is why Fellay goes ballistic when one of us laity strips away his mask and exposes him for the Modernist-leaning hypocrite that he is. He can't speak the truth because either his NSSPXers will get upset or the Modernist Newchurchers will get upset. Therefore, Fellay screams to us, as he did through one of his lieutenants recently: "WE WANT YOU TO SHUT UP!"

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

At the same time that your message came in, Rostand's September 2012 monthly propaganda letter went out to Neo-SSPX contributors. As usual, it contains not a grain of self-criticism or objective analysis. In Rostand's opium-like fantasy, he blames everything on -- aren't you getting tired of this? -- "rumors and false accusations." Of course, what Rostand won't tell his contributors, for fear of losing their payoff money, is that what he calls "rumors and false accusations" are God's own truth!

And you are quite correct, reader. Rostand falsely tries to play the "sede-vacantism" card against his opponents. But the "sede-vacantism" theory is just Rostand's propagandistic boogeyman because his own founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, from the time he founded the Society of St. Pius X, admitted the possibility that the post Vatican II popes were not really popes at all, but had fallen into a state of public heresy. In 1976, the Archbishop stated:

“While we are certain that the faith the Church has taught for 20 centuries cannot contain error, we are much further from absolute certitude that the pope is truly the pope.

Eleven years later, in 1987, the situation had gotten so much worse in Newchurch -- for example, with JPII-Wojtyla's pantheistic "Assisi Conference" of 1986 -- that the Archbishop seemed to embrace the reality of the sede-vacantism theory to explain the current situation:

The See of Peter and the posts of authority in Rome being occupied by antichrists, the destruction of the Kingdom of Our Lord is being rapidly carried out even within His Mystical Body here below.

Nevertheless, this issue remains Rostand's personal boogeyman, because traditional Catholics do not have to accept the sede-vacantist theory, which is only one of several theological theories, to explain what is going on with Newchurch today. We TRADITIO Fathers have never espoused this particular theory because we think that there are better explanations, such as that of the Doctor of the Church, St. Robert Bellarmine. Yet, as Archbishop Lefebvre stated, the possibility cannot be denied. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the section "Sede-vacantism."

Whatever theory one might have to explain the condition of Newchurch today does not change how a true Catholic must act: condemn unequivocally the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service and "sacraments," condemn unequivocally the unCatholic doctrines of the Modernist Vatican II Council, and certainly condemn unequivocally the corrupt and immoral paedophiliac Novus Ordo sect that Ratzinger and his colleagues have concocted. No true Catholic can have anything to do with any of this, for fear of losing his own soul by becoming corrupted in part or in whole by the New Order's unCatholic heresies and practices.

October 6, 2012 - St. Bruno, Confessor
Double Feast

Courageous Newpapal Whistleblower Says that He Acted as an "Agent of the Holy Ghost"
Benedict-Ratzinger's Butler Is the Fall Guy for High Newvatican Officials

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Paolo Gabriele

Portrait of a Courageous Newchurcher, Paolo Gabriele
Fed up with the Corruption of Benedict-Ratzinger's Newpapacy
Turned over 82 Boxes of Documents to the Press
Ratzinger's Own Butler Is Hopeful that the Documentary Evidence
Will Mark "A New Dimension Of Openness And Transparency" in Newchurch's Affairs
And Will "Bring Newchurch Back on the Right Track"

Benedict-Ratzinger's courageous butler, who got so fed up with the corruption that he saw in Benedict-Ratzinger's Newpapcy, decided to turn over the documentary evidence to the Italian press in order to expose that corruption. The Italian periodical, La Stampa, has published the documents, and a new book by Gianluigi Nuzzi has come out that exposes "the goods" on Ratzinger. Included in the documents is evidence of rampant graft and corruption operating under Ratzinger's supervision, as well as a homosexual ring operating within the walls of Newvatican. Although the world praises Paolo Gabriele as a courageous whistleblower, Ratzinger naturally wants to silence his butler by arresting and trying him for the revelation of "confidential" documents that the world has a right to know. The butler is expected to give his personal testimony on October 2, 2012.

Gabriele is an unlikely person to be the one to show such courage, which high-level Newvatican officials lack. He is a humble man, deeply devoted to Our Lord instead of men, no matter how high. And he served the highest, Benedict-Ratzinger, helping him dress and serving him his meals. Gabriele told investigators that he had acted as an "agent of the Holy Ghost" because he saw "evil and corruption everywhere in the Church" and wanted to help root it out. To that end, he gathered 82 boxes of evidence from Ratzinger's Newvatican palace and his summer palace at Gandolfo. Gabriele is hopeful that the revelations of the corruption in Ratzinger's Newpapacy will mark "a new dimension of openness and transparency" in the Church's affairs and "bring the Church back on the right track."

Gabriele's revelation of corruption in Ratzinger's Newpapacy is not new. Newarchbishop Carlo Vigano, when he was deputy governor of Vatican City, had already reported publicly that he had discovered "corruption, nepotism, and cronyism linked to the awarding of contracts to outside companies at inflated prices." It was easy to read into these comments an implication of Ratzinger's collusion with the Italian Mafia, with whom Ratzinger's predecessor, JPII-Wojtyla, was previously exposed in the Italian press as being closely associated.

True to Ratzinger's continuing cover-up policies, television cameras, tape recorders, and computers are not allowed into the courtroom. Eight Newvatican-picked journalists, the only ones approved to be in the courtroom, were not even allowed to bring their own pens into the courtroom! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Reuters News Agency.]

October 5, 2012 - Sts. Placidus & Companions, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Newchurch of the New Order Pays the Wages of Its Sins
One of the Largest Newarchdioceses in the World is Going Bankrupt, Morally and Financially

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Charlie Chaput

Charlie Chaput, Newchurch Archbishop of Philadelphia
Performing the Pagan "Indian Feather" Mess
One of the World's Largest Archdioceses Is Sinking into Perdition, Morally and Financially
Finally, Newchurchers Are Waking up to the Fact that They Have Been Had
By the Phony Mess, Doctrines, and, Particularly, Morals of Their Uncatholic Newchurch

No one would have predicted it before the Modernist Council Vatican II. One of the world's largest and richest Newarchdioceses is going bankrupt. And the reason could never have been predicted: continual rape of children by the Newchurch clergy, which is bankrupting the Newarchiocese both morally and financially. So immoral is Benedict-Ratzinger's leadership and that of his Newprelates that the most vile crimes cannot be stopped, so much a part of the New Order sect as they have become.

On September 30, 2012, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported just how far the archidiocese of in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has fallen under the administration of Benedict-Ratzinger's archbishop and his New Order sect. Attendance at the invalid New Order sect has plummeted. Donations have shriveled to half. Ten Novus Ordo temples have closed in just the last year. Two-thirds of the Newparishes have operating deficits, and 100 Newparishes are in financial distress. The central funds that the archdiocese accumulated over generations to help pay for parishes is completely wiped out. The Newarchdiocese is over 60,000,000 dollars in debt, which it is unable to pay back. Charlie Chaput, the Newchurch archbishop, was forced to sell out his mansion and his presbyters' beachside vacation resort for tens of millions of dollars.

Finally, Newchurchers are waking up to the fact that they have been had. Their once-valid Traditional Latin Mass has been replaced with the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service. Their priests have been replaced by presbyters, who are no more than Protestant ministers, and many of these have been blithely raping children and embezzling money from their Newparishes. Philadelphia is the locus of the first -- but surely not the last -- convicted Newprelate, Msgr. William Lynn, who was convicted of covering up the rapes on behalf of his bosses, the corrupt Newarchbishops of the Newarchdiocese, who were in on the crimes: Anthony Bevilacqua, Justin Regali, and now Charlie Chaput, proponent of the infamous pagan "Indian Feather" Mess.

Charlie Chaput has learned nothing from Benedict-Ratzinger's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. He blames not himself, not his immoral presbyters, not the unCatholic Mess, "sacraments," doctrine, and morals of the New Order, but -- would you believe it? -- the press, whose only "sin" is to publish the truth. God bless their honesty! The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that, "even today, [New]church officials continue to endanger kids by failing to take proper steps with child predators." In a city once so Catholic that it would never publish such a critical article about Newchurch, the Inquirer now has the courage to call a spade a spade:

Chaput should stop blaming the media, but rather blame his brother bishops who hide behind policies that they tout in their own press releases but fail to actually follow when it matters.

Good Catholics, the whole world now has the number of these filthy (to use St. Paul's term) New Order sect bishops. Like Benedict-Ratzinger himself, they mouth phony apologies while continuing to suborn and cover up the rape of children by their sect's clergy. Finally, their formerly clueless followers seem to have gotten a clue. And they have pulled the plug on Ratzinger's phony New Order sect in just the way that we TRADITIO Fathers have for years been recommending: stop going to the phony Novus Ordo Mess and stop putting any money into the collection-plate to help fund the paedophile Newclergy. Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order is rapidly sinking into perdition, as it should. "Be not deceived: God is not mocked" (Galatians 6:7/DRV) -- even by Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger.

October 4, 2012 - St. Francis of Assisi
Double Major Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax
Will Become a Casualty of the Failed Neo-SSPX Sellout

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Summorum Pontificum

Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax" Is Set Crash and Burn
Now that the Anti-Fellayites Have Stopped the NSSPX's Sellout to the New Order
The "Motu" Mess, Sometimes Erroneously Called the "Extraordinary Mess"
Is Most Definitely Not the Traditional Latin Mass
It Deserves to Be Thrown into the Trash Heap of Vatican II Frauds
Together with the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo "Ordinary" Mess of 1969

One of the aspects missed in the aftermath of the failed sellout "negotiations" to make the Neo-SSPX part of the New Order sect is that one of the casualties may be the "Motu" Mess, sometimes erroneously called the "Extraordinary Mess," which was cobbled up in the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax associated with Ratzinger's 2007 Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum, may well die a quick death. Actually, it will be dead on December 2, 2012, the First Sunday of Advent.

The "Motu" Mess is most definitely not the Traditional Latin Mass, though pseudo-traditionalists often use that misleading term for it. Rather, it is the Half Novus Ordo Vatican II "Mess of 1962+," engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the chief architect of the full-blown Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service of 1969, which Benedict-Ratzinger terms the "Ordinary Mess" of his New Order sect.

It is clear that Benedict-Ratzinger is no lover of the Traditional Latin Mass. He doesn't permit it in his New Order sect. He himself has never used it. Even his Half Novus Ordo "Mess of 1962+" will be dead in Newchurch effective this December 2, 2012, the First Sunday of Advent, and replaced by a hybridized Mess that partakes of features of the Novus Ordo service, like readings in the vulgar tongues, Mess facing the congregation, and other Novus Ordo innovations.

The "Motu" Mess is being called an "unrequited concession." It was supposed to be a hoax for snookering the Neo-SSPX into the Novus Ordo fold. And the NSSPX Superior-Dictator, Bernie Fellay, did in fact swallow it. To the contrary, the founder of the Society of St. Pius X, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, often criticized this "Mess of 1962" as implicitly introducing the concept of a Protestant ministry in place of a Catholic priesthood. His biographer reported that he was considering dropping the "Mess of 1962" in place of the Traditional Latin Mass at the time of his death in 1991. Fellay, however, swallowed the hoax.

Good Catholics, now that the conspiracy of Fellay and Ratzinger to sell out the Archbishop's traditional Catholic organization has failed, at least for the time being, the "Motu" Mess of 1962+ has no purpose. That is why it will in 2012 be subsumed and hybridized into the Novus Ordo service. If you are a sincere traditional Catholic, and you want the real, valid Traditional Latin Mass, you must leave the "Motu" Mess, must leave the Neo-SSPX, and must attend a Mass by an independent traditional Catholic priest or by a traditional Catholic organization. For geographical listings of Traditional Latin Masses, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic Directory department.

October 3, 2012 - St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Virgin
Double Feast

Newchurch Is Caught in Outright Theft and Forgery
As Its Great Sex and Embezzlement Holocaust Continues

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Richard Nachajski

Newchurch Presbyter Richard Nachajski, Now a Convicted Felon
While His Clueless Newparishioners Were Calling Him the "Bishop of Millmont"
He Was Robbing Them Blind, to the Tune of Half a Million Dollars
The Self-confessed Thief and Forger Was Sentenced to 2-7 Years in the Hoosegow
And Yet the Vile New Order Clergyman Was Defended by Some of the Defrauded Newparishioners!
Truly, Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order Cult Rots the Mind and Morality of His Cult Members

Because Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch clergy continues to commit such a multitude of vile sex crimes against children, it is easy to forget that it is the Great Sex and Embezzlement Holocaust. Newchurch clergy still continue their rampage of stealing from the collection-plate, usually to finance their personal immoral activities.

Take presbyter Richard Nachajski, of St. Anthony of Padua Newparish in Millmont, Pennsylvania. He was so highly trusted by his clueless Newparishioners that he was given the phony title "Bishop of Millmont." Meanwhile, he was robbing them of nearly half a million dollars from the collection-late to fund a lavish high life with expensive trips to Thailand (a paedophile tourist destination), Florida, New York; to purchase a vehicle; and to secure a time-share in Mexico.

Yet some clueless Newchurchers thought that the presbyter-thief should get leniency! Truly, Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order cult rots the mind and morality of his cult members. Nachajski had asked to get off with "community service," but the judge shocked even prosecutors by imposing a much harsher sentence that even they had requested, as the judge determined that the presbyter "showed no remorse." On September 27, 2012, the presbyter was led off in handcuffs to the hoosegow for two to seven years as a self-confessed thief and forger.

"He not only spent it for his own personal interests, he hid it," said the volunteer church accountant who discovered the thefts and forgeries while going over the books and turned the presbyter in to police. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Philadelphia Eagle.]

October 2, 2012 - Holy Guardian Angels
Double Major Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Promotes Yet Another Paedophiliac Newcardinal
George Pell Is Personally Mired in the New Australian Paedophilia Holocaust

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
George Pell

Newcardinal Pell: The Train of the Australian's Sins against Children Is Long
George Pell Has Done Nothing to Stop His Presbyters from Raping Children
He Merely Set up a Sham Program for P.R. Purposes
Which the Child Victims Call "Abusive, Highly Adversarial, Legalistic, and Traumatic"
Yet the "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger Has Promoted Pell!

It seems that all Benedict-Ratzinger's appointees these days are paedophiliacs. Does he know any Newchurch prelates who aren't? His latest pick, on September 24, 2012, for a seat on the Congregation of Bishops, is Sydney, Australia's George Pell. This is a really clueless appointment, as Newchurch in Australia has just admitted to perpetrating 10,000 child rapes by Newchurch clergy, with forty of the children committing suicide as a result. The Australian parliament was so horrified by the report that a Parliamentary Inquiry has been ordered, with a Royal Inquiry possibly to follow.

So, in the face of yet another blow-up the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, Benedict-Ratzinger can think of no better appointee than Pell, who has been slammed by parents and child-protection organizations as "hurtful to children." It seems that Pell, a good soldier for Ratzinger's New Order, cooked up a programme in Sydney for reporting child rapes by Newclergy called "Towards Healing." However, the Pell programme has been a sham, described as "more of a smoke-screen for the diocese than a way to help victims." Some have charged Pell with actively lobbying to prevent victims from getting legal representation. According to an article in the Canberra Times, 95 per cent of Australian victims have described the system as "abusive, highly adversarial, legalistic, and traumatic." Benedict-Ratzinger is now being widely slammed in Australia for promoting paedophiliacs:

We think that by promoting such a cardinal as Pell who has been this antagonistic to victims is indicative of the fact that, despite lengthy statements and calls by the pope to "bind up the wounds" of clergy-abuse victims, actual [New]church policy is to sweep claims under the rug and avoid embarrassment. When church officials are rewarded for doing more to hinder abuse claims than to actually heal them, we find it hard to imagine that the Vatican is serious about healing, and is more concerned about damage control and avoiding scandal.

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger is every bit as much a paedophiliac as ever. Despite empty P.R. gestures, he still has not lifted one sincere finger to root out the most vile moral crimes by the clergy of his New Order sect. He remains the Great Papal Rapist, who, in Catholic moral theology, as a suborner and accessory both before and after the fact, is just as guilty of rape against the children as the actual perpetrators.

The English Translation Lied about Fellay
The Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator Actually Did Accept the Validity of the Invalid "New Mess"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

We have warned again and again against relaying on "translations." A good example of this principle occurred when the Neo-SSPX Superior-Dictator, Bernie Fellay, was "mistranslated" as to his position on the "Ordinary Mess" of Newchurch, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Protestant-Masonic-Pagan invalid New Order service of 1969. The English translation falsely gave the impression that Fellay denied its validity -- as he rightly should.

But a comparison with the Italian version of Fellay's original statement to the Italian periodical, La Stampa, during the week of September 23, 2012, showed that Fellay accepted, at least "sometimes" the validity of the clearly invalid service, which even some Protestant sects now use as their "ordinary service" -- just as Bugnini had wanted:

"Mai accetter di dire che la nuova Messa legittima o lecita; io dir che essa spesso invalida," said Fellay [I will never acquiesce to say that the new Mess is legitimate or licit; I say that it often lacks validity].

Therefore, Fellay was stating that the invalid New Mess sometimes has validity -- an untenable position according to immemorial doctrine of the Catholic Church and specifically Pope Leo XIII's Papal Bull Apostolicae curae. The French edition of Fellay's statement also includes a similar adverb souvent [often]. The English version left it out.

Good Catholics, the same deceptions go on with the post-1950s "translations" of the Bible, in which the "translators'" personal political and Modernist doctrinal views are injected into the "translation." No wonder Catholics, and even Protestants, these days don't have a clue what Jesus Christ really taught!

October 1, 2012 - St. Remigius, Bishop & Confessor
Simple Feast

"Vatileaks" Documents Confirm that Benedict-Ratzinger Was Going to Demand of Fellay
Acceptance of Vatican II Doctrine as an "Indispensable Condition" All Along

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Nuzzi Book

Gianluigi Nuzzi's New Book, Sua Santità
The New Book Reveals from the "Vatileaks" Documents
That Ratzinger Had No Intention Ever of Allowing Fellay and the NSSPX
To Skirt the Doctrines of the Modernist Vatican II Council
Fellay Was Right about Being "Duped" (His Word) by Ratzinger
Too Bad It Took Fellay Eight Years to Figure It Out
When the TRADITIO Network Called It Right from the Beginning!

Poor Bernie Fellay! He was sure right about being "duped" (his word) by Benedict-Ratzinger on the sellout of the NSSPX to the New Order sect. Now the "Vatileaks" documents that Ratzinger has tried so desperately to keep secret (now we know why!) reveal that he had no intention of ever allowing Fellay and the NSSPX to skirt the "doctrines" of the Modernist Vatican II Council.

The exposure of the Vatileaks documents is being blamed on Ratzinger's butler, but everyone in Italy knows that he is just a fall-guy for Ratzinger's curial cardinals up to the Secretary of State. The leaks have been compiled into a new book by Gianluigi Nuzzi entitled Sua Santità: Le Carte Segrete di Benedetto XVI [His Holiness: The Secret Document of Benedict XVI], which uses as its source Benedict-Ratzinger's "confidential documents" leaked to the world by his butler. In Nuzzi's book an entire chapter is devoted to the 2009 "Williamson crisis", and, in it, mention is made of a note of Ratzinger's Secretariate of State of February 4, 2009 -- a full three years before all the folderol of the Neo-SSPX's "negotiations" at Newrome and the craven follow-up efforts of Fellay to sell the deal, which, in the end, he failed to do:

The entire phrase "the Holy Father does not intend to leave aside an indispensable condition" [in the Secretariat of State's draft] was cancelled by Benedict XVI and replaced with [in his own handwriting]: "For a future recognition of the Society of St. Pius X, the full acknowledgment of the Second Vatican Council and of the Magisterium of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and of the same Benedict XVI is an indispensable condition."

Acknowledging and confirming the truth of this information, NSSPX bishop Tissier de Mallerais, in a speech in France on September 16, 2012, admitted that Fellay's phony "rosary crusades" had no impact. (Our Lady undoubtedly knew Fellay's ruse and so answered his prayer -- but in the negative!) In his speech Tissier revealed what he called a "secret," that on June 30, 2012:

[Benedict-Ratzinger] wrote with his own hand a letter to our Superior General, Bp. [Bernard] Fellay, signed personally: "I confirm to you in fact [that], in order [for you] to be truly reintegrated into the Church, it is necessary to accept fully the Second Vatican Council and the post-Conciliar magisterium.

Moreover, Tissier indicated that Newrome would inevitably continue to come after the Neo-SSPX "to lead us to the Council." Fellay needs to state a resounding No! once and for all, but he is so much the sycophant to Benedict-Ratzinger that he is now immutably ensnared in the New Order sect. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by La Stampa.]

The 43rd Anniversary of the "Ottaviani Intervention"
When Two Courageous Cardinals Told the Pope that the "New Mess" Was an Uncatholic Fraud!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On September 25, 1969, just months before the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's invalid Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service was to become the official service of an unCatholic New Order sect, two Roman cardinals dropped a bombshell that blew the Modernistic plans of Bugnini and Paul VI-Montini to smithereens for two years.

On September 25, 1969, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect-Emeritus of the Sacred Congregation for the Faith, and Antonio Cardinal Bacci, of the Vatican's Congregations for Religious, Causes of Saints, and Catholic Education sent a letter to Paul VI-Montini entitled "A Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass." Accompanying the letter was a theological Study of the New Order of the Mass (Novus Ordo Missae), written by a group of Roman theologians.

The two cardinals' letter essentially called Bugnini's Novus Ordo service of 1969 Protestant (and, by that fact, invalid). An outright questioning of the validity of the New Mess by the head of the Sacred Congregation of the Faith, the Church's leading doctrinal body, shocked Rome. So rattled by this public denunciation of his Modernist programme was Paul VI-Montini that he withdrew the implementation of the New Mess for two years.

Catholic courage like that shown by these two cardinals is no longer found. Now we have only pusillanimous pseudo-traditionalists and sellout "bishops" like Bernie Fellay, who play the sycophants to everything that the Catholic Faith stands against. It would behoove every traditional Catholic to ponder the cardinals' "Critical Study" and contemplate how much worse the New Order sect's invalid Mess and sacraments are today, 43 years later. For further information, click on OTTAVIAN.TXT: Ottaviani Intervention: Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass (Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani & Antonio Cardinal Bacci).

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