September 2015

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September 30, 2015 - St. Jerome, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

"I have never spared heretics, and I have done my best to make the enemies of the Church my own.... All we who hold the Catholic Faith wish and long that, while the heresy is condemned, the men may be reformed. At all events, if they will continue in error, the blame does not attach to us who have written, but to them, since they have preferred a lie to the truth." --St. Jerome, Great Father and Doctor of the Western Church

"The best advice that I can give you is this. Church traditions -- especially when they do not run counter to the Faith -- are to be observed in the form in which previous generations have handed them down." --St. Jerome, Epistulae, lxxi.6

Newchurcher Congressman Is a Superstitious Thief
He Steals and Idolatrously Administers "Unholy" Bergogian Spit-water

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bob Brady

Superstitious Newchurcher, U.S. Congressman Bob Brady
Idolatrously Administers "Unholy" Bergoglian Spit-water" to His Wife
Brady Stole the Water from Francis-Bergoglio's Spittoon
And Is Going around Claiming that It Is "Holy Water"
It Seems that the Utter Idolatry and Downright Stupidity
Of Newchurchers Is Increasing by Leaps and Bounds
Most Newchurchers Can't Recite the Our Father and Hail Mary by Heart!

It has been the experience of us TRADITIO Fathers that the ignorance of Newchurchers is growing by leaps and bounds. Many Newchurchers whom we meet now know essentially nothing about the Catholic Faith. In fact, many of them don't even know the Our Father or Hail Mary by heart, let alone the Apostles Creed! As as result of their ignorance, many of them commit objective sins of idolatry and superstition.

Now we have the case of a U.S. Congressman no less, who thought that the water in Francis-Bergoglio's spittoon was "holy." So he stole Bergoglio's spit-water on September 24, 2015, after Bergoglio delivered his political screed to the U.S. Congress. After stealing the spit-water, Brady administered it to his wife like a "sacrament" and plans to sprinkle it on his grandchildren, and friends like the Asperges. Not even satisfied with that, Brady made a big deal of his theft, idolatry, and superstition on his congressional web page!

Congressman Brady doesn't seem know the difference between spit-water and holy water. He didn't know that if he wanted Holy Water, it would have to be blessed by a priest, not spit into by Bergoglio. Brady would have to have gone to his local traditional Catholic Church, where a real, ordained priest could bless water for religious purposes.

Congressman Brady couldn't even go to one of Bergoglio's New Order sect temples because Newchurch hasn't ordained priests since 1968, when it threw out the Sacrament of Holy Orders and substituted for it an invalid, Protestantized New Ordinal to install "presbyters" with the limited power "to preside over the assembly of the people." Newchurch presbyters, whom many Newchurchers still call "priests" out of habit, although presbyters are not priests, are not given the power of the Sacrament of Holy Orders: "to celebrate Mass for the living and the dead" and to "forgive sins" in the Sacrament of Penance. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Daily Mail.]

True Catholics, what Congressman Brady did was idolatry and superstition, both sins against the First Commandment of God. And Brady claims to be a "devout" Newchurcher! But this is what we have come to expect from Newchurchers. Their knowledge of the Catholic Faith is non-existent, so they not unexpectedly sink into idolatry, superstition -- and thievery!


The TRADITIO Network Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary
The TRADITIO Network Appeared on the World Wide Web Even before the Newvatican Site

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Holy Angels Adoring the Most Blessed Sacrament Exposed in the Monstrance
This Image Has Identified the Home Page of the TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Network
Now for 21 Years and to More than 24,000,000 Readers
The TRADITIO Network Appeared on the World Wide Web Even Before the Newvatican's Site
And Has Remained the First Site for Traditional Roman Catholics

On September 29, 2015, the TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Network celebrated its 21st anniversary. TRADITIO was the first traditional Roman Catholic site to appear on the World Wide Web and was founded on the Feastday of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel, September 29, 1994. We were here even before Newvatican was, even before was!

We thank the Lord for our more than 24,000,000 readers over these past 21 years and for our hundreds of dedicated correspondents from all over the world, who keep us current on everything going on in the bowels of Newvatican, in the inner sancta of various traditional organizations, and at Traditional Latin Mass sites around the world. TRADITIO was determined by an Alexis-Amazon statistical survey to be the most read traditional Roman Catholic web site on the World Wide Web.

In their Daily Commentaries, the TRADITIO Fathers do not just copy news reports or the uninformed notions of johnny-come-lately "bloggers" in secular and religious publications, who in fact have very little background or understanding of the Traditional Catholic Movement. Nor is the TRADITIO Network enslaved to any particular organization's viewpoint. Instead, the TRADITIO Network provides the hard-hitting, independent analysis and perspective of over half a century of Roman Catholic experience, even from before Vatican II.

The TRADITIO Network is avidly read within the highest bowels of at Newrome and Menzingen (Neo-SSPX). In addition to the Daily Commentaries from the TRADITIO Fathers, lively commentary on Church news from the traditional perspective, TRADITIO's other fifteen departments provide close to a terabyte of resources and materials for its readers to study and learn about the traditional Roman Catholic Faith.

We are particularly appreciative of the many thousands of messages that we have received from Newchurchers of the New Order, including former "1962 Mess" Modernists in Newchurch, who say that they have been converted to the fully-traditional Roman Catholic Faith because of TRADITIO's uncompromising, independent commentaries and materials. The TRADITIO Network is one of many means through which Our Lord appears be working out the Traditional Catholic Restoration of the 21st century.

September 28, 2015 - St. Wenceslaus, Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Even Francis-Bergoglio Is Bored with His New Mess
He Sleeps through It in Front of Millions

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio Sleeps

Even Francis-Bergoglio Sleeps through the Invalid New Order Mess
He Did So on the First Mess of His U.S. Junket in Front of Thousands
(Notice Also the Scrawny Little Crucifix that He Uses on His Novus Ordo Dinner Table)
In Order to Avoid Further Embarrassment to the New Order
Bergoglio's M.C. Gave Him a Stiff Elbow to the Ribs
The Vatican II Anti-Council's Novus Ordo Gets Sillier and Sillier
While Traditional Catholics Thank God that They Didn't Sell Out
To Newchurch's Phony and Invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order Service

Wasn't the New Mess -- that invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service of 1969 -- supposed to energize the Newchurchers, who were said to be bored with the Traditional Latin Mass -- yet another Newchurch lie? Well, even the leader of the Newchurchers, His Unholiness Francis-Bergoglio, is himself bored with the New Mess -- and it was the New Mess that he himself was supposed to be simulating!

At his first Mess in the United States, on September 23, 2015, Bergoglio was so bored that his eyes closed, his head dropped, and there, right on live television, Bergoglio dropped off. His Master of Ceremonies, Guido Marini, had to give him a stiff elbow to the ribs to jolt him into consciousness. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by WTAQ Television.]

True Catholics, maybe God was telling his Vicious Vicar something in front of millions on televisio. Wake up and realize what you are doing: pawning off on Newchurchers a phony New Order Mess instead of the true Catholic and Apostolic Mass of all time!

September 27, 2015 - Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio Praises Leftist Americans to U.S. Congress
Breaks with Catholic Teaching on the Death Penalty

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton, the "Mad Monk of Modernism"
Praised by Francis-Bergoglio in His Speech to the U.S. Congress
Together with the Marxist Activist Dorothy Day
Bergoglio Also Took a Swipe at the Bible and the Council of Trent
In an Anti-Catholic Screed against Capital Punishment
All in All, Bergoglio Gave a Cunning Performance
In an Effort to Help Prop up the Liberalist/Secularist/Modernist Agenda
Of Newchurch's First Marxist Newpope

During his September 24, 2015, address to the United States Congress, the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio confirmed the Leftist face that he had openly displayed in Communist Cuba in the previous four days of his junket. Bergoglio's speech to the Congress was quite deft -- and duplicitous -- giving the Left and the Right talking-points that they can both use.

But there were elements of the speech that clearly revealed Bergoglio's solid Leftist orientation. In one part of his speech the Marxist Newpope selected four Americans to praise, three of them out-and-out Leftists:

  1. Dorothy Day, abortionist and activist leader of the Marxist Catholic Worker Movement
  2. Martin Luther King, a Protestant heretic named after the Arch-heretic who took half of Europe into heresy and abolished the Sacraments
  3. Thomas Merton, the "mad monk of Modernism," who electrocuted himself in a bathtub while attending a Buddhist "oecumenical" conference in Asia

In contrast, when Pope Leo XIII praised the United States, it was George Washington, whom he singled out alone as "that illustrious citizen of yours..., with a keenness of insight worthy of his genius and statesmanship."

In another part of his speech, Bergoglio threw in an anti-Catholic screed against capital punishment, which is Biblically approved, in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as by the Church's principal theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, and all the Doctors of the Church. Bergoglio's position against capital punishment is also contrary to the teaching of the dogmatic Council of Trent, which confirmed "the right and duty of legitimate public authority to punish malefactors by means of penalties commensurate with the gravity of the crime, not excluding, in cases of extreme gravity, the death penalty."

To the contrary, The Unsaint JPII-Wojtyla, the most Modernist Newpope before Francis-Bergoglio, also harped on this Liberalist shibboleth and even tried to change his 1997 Newcatchism to condemn the death penalty -- until even Newchurchers pushed back so hard that Wojtyla was forced to put the death penalty back in his Newcatchism.

True Catholics, behind a constantly-smiley face reminiscent of ubiquitous image of Big Brother in George Orwell's prophetic 1984, Francis-Bergoglio conceals great cunning, as have all the Newpopes, as he destroys what is left of Catholicism in their Newchurch of the New Order. During his Congressional speech -- no pope ever spoke to secular assemblies until the first Newpope, Paul VI-Montini, who promulgated all of the Vatican II Anti-council's documents -- Bergoglio clearly softened down for the occasion his international in-your-face Marxist and Leftist statements. All in all, Bergoglio gave a cunning propaganda performance in an effort to help prop up the Liberalist/Secularist/Modernist agenda of Newchurch's first Marxist Newpope.

September 26, 2015 - Our Lady's Sabbath
Simple Feast

On His U.S. Junket Francis-Bergoglio Is Preaching
His Pro-abortion, Pro-homosexual, Pro-paedophile, Pro-Marxist Agenda

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergolio with 'Twisted Serpent' Crucifix

On His U.S. Junket Francis-Bergoglio
Shown Here Holding His "Twisted Serpent" Crucifix, Is Preaching
His Pro-abortion, Pro-homosexual, Pro-paedophile, Pro-Marxist Agenda
He Is Not Speaking about Religion, but on Secular Subjects
Such as the Fabled "Global Warming"
At Best the Marxist Newpope Is Presenting Himself
As the Secular President of the Vatican City State
Not as a Pope of the Catholic and Apostolic Church

We TRADITIO Fathers have scrupulously tried to avoid watching anything about Newpope Unhumble's junket to Cuba and the United States. The Third Paedophile Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio seems to have plenty of time these days for narcicissist parades with Communist (i.e., the Castros) and Socialist (i.e., Obama) leaders, but no time to get down to brass tacks and purge the paedophiles from his administration. Fortunately, God took care of one of them Himself, Newarchbishop Josef Wiesolowski, Bergoglio's Apostolic Nuncio to the Dominican Republic, who had been pursued by two nations on two continents for sex crimes against children. When this Unholy Father dragged his feet on doing anything against his Newapostolic Nuncio, God pre-empted Bergoglio and Himself took Wiesolowski off to his eternal judgment on August 28, 2015.

It seems that we TRADITIO Fathers are not alone in our boycott against the junket of this Newpope, who is preaching -- sometimes implicitly, but it's there just the same -- a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-paedophile, pro-Marxist agenda. On his junket Francis-Bergoglio is not speaking about religion, but on secular subjects, such as the fabled "global warming." At best Bergoglio presents himself as the secular President of the Vatican City State, which historically is an artificial construct worked out with the murderous Fascist leader and notorious Prime Minister of Fascist Italy, "Il Duce," Benito Mussolini.

A survey of 1,331 Americans by the Public Religion Research Institute found that just before Bergoglio's touchdown in the United States -- ironically, in a capitalistic jet, he being a hater of capitalism -- the majority of Americans were unaware of his junket to Cuba and the United States. Most Americans (52 per cent) said that they had heard nothing. Most of the rest (34 per cent) said that they had heard only a little about it.

On September 23, 2015, Bergoglio gave a speech in St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, D.C., the same cathedral from which U.S. President John Kennedy was buried. (It would not be hard to imagine that Kennedy, who was a traditional Catholic, as well as a virulent anti-Communist and anti-Socialist, would have rejected Berogoglio's teachings as unCatholic.) Bergoglio's speech praised the paedophile-facilitator Newbishops of the United States for their activity in suppressing paedophilia among their own numbers and that of their presbyters.

All of this is, of course, massively false propaganda. The paedophile holocaust continues unabated according to objective studies, and Bergoglio, after two and a half years of gallivanting around the world as a "celebrity," has still not appointed the his Child Protection Commission or given the commission its charge. As usual, all Bergoglio offers is mendacious words and a heart that is devilishly cold in reality toward the children sodomized by his Newprelates and presbyters.

True Catholics, even the press realized that Newchurch's invalid Mess, whether Ordinary or "Extraordinary" (the latter being the Half New Order Protestantized Mess in Latin), isn't the same as the true Mass. They talk about it as being "delivered," "performed," "done", "conducted," or "held". None of these terms refers to the true Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, which is always "celebrated." If you think that's bad, what about Bergoglio's gaffe in saying that the first Mass said in what was to become the United States (Florida) was in Spanish (it was in Latin, of course)!

September 25, 2015 - Ferial Day

The Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's Popularity Is Tanking
Because of His Marxist Anti-Capitalist and "Global Warming" Ideology

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Che Guevara

The Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio Simulated a Mess
Beneath This Giant Image of Che Guevara
The Infamous Marxist Revolutionary and Mass Murderer
Who Was Instrumental in Bringing Atheistic Marxism to Cuba
The Crucifix for Bergoglio's Mess Was Minuscule in Comparison
In just the Last Year, Bergoglio's Popularity Has Tanked
Because He Has Become an Outspoken Advocate for Marxist Principles
Not for the Man He Has Long Ago Ceased Representing: Jesus Christ

Francis-Bergoglio's junket to Communist Cuba was everything you could have anticipated -- and worse. The avatar of his junket, which encapsulates the mentality of this atheist-Marxist Newpope, is the portrait of the Marxist revolutionary and mass murderer Che Guevara, under which Bergoglio simulated one of those Newchurch Mess extravaganzas on September 20, 2015. Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary and guerrilla leader, who was instrumental in the effort to turn Cuba into a Marxist country. Guevara was praised by his fellow Marxist, Fidel Castro, and, by implication on September 13, 2015, by the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio at his "Revolutionary" Mess. Guevara went on from Cuba to foment a Marxist revolution in Bolivia, where the mass-murderer was captured and executed by the Bolivian government. Guevara was well known for shooting people in the head when they refused to follow him.

The Novus Ordo dinner table was prepared in Cuba's capital, Havana, for Bergoglio's Mess in the aptly-named Plaza de la Revolucion, named for the revolution that brought atheistic Marxism to Cuba. Bergoglio simulated Mess beneath a giant image of Che Guevarra. Guevara's giant image far overshadowed the minuscule crucifix on the Novus Ordo dinner table, which was surrounded with symbols of the atheistic-Marxist revolution. Catholic music was banned at the Newpapal Mess. Only Cuban revolutionary music was permitted.

But there has been a major change in the tide. Large numbers of Americans, including even Newchurchers themselves, have gotten a belly full of the Marxist Newpope. When you read all Newchurch's propagandistic hype about Francis-Bergoglio, keep in mind the reality, not New Order sect's vast propaganda machine. Bergoglio's popularity has tanked. The most recent poll of those in the United States, where he is visiting, shows that Bergoglio's popularly has sunk by a quarter in the last year alone (February 2014 to July 2015) to barely a majority (76 per cent to 59 per cent according to the Gallup Poll). That fall was recorded after his widely-criticized May 24, 2015, Encyclical Letter on capitalism and "global warming," which has been released in an unofficial version in Arabic and a few other vernaculars, but not in an official Latin version.

Even Newchurchers are now angry about Bergoglio's anti-Catholic screeds against capitalism, presumably including anything from mom-and-pop businesses, and purported "global warming." He rarely, if ever, talks about religious topics, such as the Most Blessed Trinity, the Passion and Death of Our Lord, and the Holy Angels! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by La Stampa.]

True Catholics, even CNN had to admit that more and more articles are now appearing in the America with titles such as: "Why So Many People Think Pope Francis is the Antichrist." Either Bergoglio is a buffoon who has unconscionably allowed himself to be played to promote atheistic Marxism. Or the whole thing is his own idea, hatched in conjunction with the Castro brothers. To us TRADITIO Fathers, it is clear that the latter is the case.

September 24, 2015 - Our Lady of Ranson
Double Major Feast

A Reader Asks: "What Are the Correct Dates
For the Ember Days that Fall in September?"

From: Robert
Ember Days

Traditional Catholics Observe the Ember Days
Which Are Days of Penitential Fast and Abstinence
At the Beginning of the Seasons
The Observance of Ember Days Goes Back
In the Catholic and Apostolic Church to at Least the Second Century
The Ember Days Are Offered Especially for the Catholic Priesthood
The Newchurch of the New Order Has Expunged the Ember Days
Consequently, Its Unordained Newclergy Has Become Infested
With Paedophiles and Embezzlers

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

My traditional handmissal shows the Ember Days in September as falling after the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, but traditional Catholics celebrated them the previous week after the Sixteenth Sunday. To make matters worse, I understand that Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX is celebrating the Ember Days this month in the following week. What are the correct dates?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

First, for those traditional Catholics who many be ignorant of what the Ember Days are, we offer this brief explanation. The Ember Days are days of penitential fast and abstinence prescribed at the beginning of the seasons, especially for the sanctification of the clergy, as traditionally ordinations are conferred on Ember Saturdays. The word "ember" comes from the Latin word tempora, meaning "seasons."

The Ember Days retain the ancient tradition from the very beginnings of the Catholic and Apostolic Church of setting aside Wednesday and Friday as days of penitential fasting. These days were standardized for the Universal Church by Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085) for the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of the weeks after the Feast of St. Lucy (December 13), of Ash Wednesday, of Pentecost, and of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14).

Many traditional Catholic claim to pray for many and holy traditional Catholic priests. They hope for the fully Traditional Latin Mass to be celebrated in their localities. However, they ought to ask themselves whether or not prayer without some preparation and sacrifice can have much efficacy. In accordance with ancient tradition, we ought to make the Ember Days meaningful by depriving ourselves of a little luxury and engaging in prayer for the Catholic priesthood, which is in great need of fasting and prayers. In the Newchurch of the New Order, which has expunged the Ember Days, its unordained Newclergy has become infested with immoral paedophiles and embezzlers.

The autumnal Ember Days traditionally follow the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14. Therefore, in 2015, the Ember Days fall on September 16, 18, and 19. Sometimes that follows the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, sometimes not; it depends upon calendar for that year. The Ember Masses have to be printed in the Missal somewhere, so by convention they are printed after the Seventeenth Sunday.

As to Fellay and his Novus Ordo-leaning Neo-SSPX, he follows the Newchurch's "Extraordinary Rite" calendar of 1962+, which is not traditional, but introduced several radical changes into the Mass, the Divine Office, and the Church Calendar, of which a change in the dates of the Ember Days was just one. Thus, depending upon the year, traditional Catholics will observe the Ember Days in a different week from when Fellay's untraditional Neo-SSPX observes them.

For the dates of the Ember Days each year, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department. For further information on the Ember Days, click on FAQ11: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Practices? in the section "Ember Days" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department.

September 23, 2015 - St. Linus, Pope & Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Like a Modern-day St. Paul Taking on Errant Pope Peter
Newchurcher U.S. Congressman Gosar Is Chastising Newpope Francis-Bergoglio

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Paul Goslar

Newchurcher and United States Congressman Paul Gosar, of Prescott, Arizona
Like a Modern-day St. Paul Taking on Pope Peter
Gosar Is Publicly Chastising Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
When He Read that in His Address to the U.S. Congress
Bergoglio Was Not Going to Address the Mohammedans' Slaughter of Christians
Or the Infanticides Perpetrated by Tax-funded Planned Parenthood
He Publicly Chastised Bergoglio for Failing to Defend the Catholic Faith
And Announced that He Will Boycott Bergoglio's Address to the U.S. Congress

Anyone who reads the dramatic account of St. Paul confronting St. Peter before the Apostles to chastise St. Peter for his heresy of Judaizing cannot help but be impressed at the courage of the man appointed by God in a miraculous way to become the Apostle to the Gentiles standing up against the pope. This incident must have been very important to St. Paul because he devotes a substantial part of Chapter 2 of his Epistle to the Galatians to the dramatic confrontation of right vs. false authority. Paul stuck to his guns and was absolutely right. Thus, it was not Paul, but Peter who backed down.

A modern-day Paul is now standing up against Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. He has publicly, like St. Paul, upbraided the errant Bergoglio for failing to defend the Catholic Faith and has announced that he will boycott Bergoglio's address to the U.S. Congress on September 24, 2015. And U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar is a Newchurcher!

Gosar originally thought that Bergoglio was going to address the persecution and execution of Christians and by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other terrorist Mohammedan Infidel organizations, condemning their heinous slaughter of Christians, and the rape and enslavement of Christian women and children. Gosar also expected Bergoglio to address the infanticides being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood, currently a hot topic in the United States because of its public funding.

Instead, the Newchurcher-Congressman Gosar was scandalized to find out that his Newpope, His Unholiness, was going to do nothing of the kind, but belabor the U.S. Congress with his private notations on heavily-disputed "global warming," which is being used by Western Marxists to undercut the U.S. and European economies.

Media reports indicate the [New]pope instead intends to focus the brunt of his speech on climate change -- a climate that has been changing since first created in Genesis. More troubling is the fact that this climate change talk has adopted all of the socialist talking points, wrapped false science and ideology into "climate justice" and is being presented to guilt people into leftist policies. If the [New]pope stuck to standard Christian theology, I would be the first in line.

Gosar, in summing up, hits the nail on the head: "When the [New]pope chooses to act and talk like a Leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one." This is one Newchurcher gets it, having stripped away all the false Bergoglian propaganda. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Townhall.]

True Catholics, a few prescient Newchurchers like Congressman Goslar are beginning to see the truth: that the Newchurch of the New Order and its Newpopes have been robbing them of their Catholic Faith since 1964. We TRADITIO Fathers hope that Congressman Gosar will see the full light and betake himself henceforth to a Traditional Latin Mass entirely away from Newchurch. But, as we have said before, it is much too little and much too late. Newchurchers blew it by already putting up with Newchurch's anti-Catholic nonsense for fifty years. The cow is out of the barn; it is too late to close the barn door. All you can do is muck the barn of its stinking offal down to its very foundation.

September 22, 2015 - St. Thomas of Villanova, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

While Francis-Bergoglio Plays Footsie with His Marxist Friends
Newchurchers Openly Ask whether He Is Catholic and Predict Schism

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Covered in the "Smoke of Satan"?
Paul VI-Montini, after He Replaced in 1964 the Catholic Church
With the Newchurch of the New Order as the "Institutional Church"
Soon Thereafter Reported that He
"Smelled the Smoke of Satan around the Altar"
Of St. Peter's Archbasilica in Newrome
Now, It Seems, Francis-Bergoglio Reeks with the Same Satanic Smoke
Which Is Leading even His No. 3 Man at the Newvatican
To Condemn Bergoglio's Latest Move to Invalidate the Sacrament of Matrimony

Fifty years ago such a feature story in Newsweek would be unthinkable, yet there it is, blaring: "Is the Pope Catholic?" Moreover, Francis-Bergoglio's anti-Catholic actions in just over two years of his Newpapacy have forced Newchurch leaders openly to ask: Is a schism coming?" Bergoglio has established a great record as an atheistic Marxist in his short Newpontificate, Bergoglio, pontificating:

  1. "There is no Catholic God."
  2. Who am I to judge "gays"?
  3. Some Marxists are "better" than Catholics [i.e., Newchurchers].
  4. Filipinos have "too many children."
  5. Proselytizing for the Catholic [i.e., Newchurch] Faith is "nonsense."

On September 8, 2015, Bergoglio publicly promulgated the anti-Biblical, anti-Catholic Newdoctrine of "Bergoglian Divorce & Remarriage" in the Newmotu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus for Newchurchers. In doing so, there is really no question that Bergoglio is, for all intents and purposes, denying Christ's doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage and the extinction of 2000 years of the Church's Magisterium on the Sacrament of Matrimony. Bergoglio claims to be the "vicar of Christ," but in fact he is merely preaching his own doctrine, which is anti-Christian and anti-Catholic. Therefore, according to the undisputed teaching of the New Testament, of 2,000 years of popes, and constant Catholic theology, he must be publicly opposed and certainly not followed in his multitudinous errors.

Italian journalist Antonio Socci has reported that Francis-Bergoglio was afraid that his anti-Catholic "revolution" would not be adopted at the October 2015 Extraordinary Synod of Bishops -- Part II in Newrome October 2015, so he got the jump on his own Synod by promulgating "Bergoglian Divorce & Remarriage" himself. Joining Socci's condemnation of Bergoglio is Bergoglio's own No. 3 Man at Newvatican, Newcardinal Gerhard Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith.

Newchurchers have, since November 21, 1964, when the Newchurch of the New Order replaced the Catholic Church as the "institutional Church," have accepted an Protestantized invalid "New Mess," an Protestantized invalid "New Sacraments," a corps of unordained Protestantized presbyter-ministers in place of Catholic priests, not to speak of an anti-Catholic Newdoctrines and an anti-Catholic Newmorality. But now, with Bergoglio's dissolution of Catholic marriage, groups of Newchurchers are openly talking about schism from the Newchurch of the New Order. But it is much too little and much too late. Newchurchers blew it by already putting up with Newchurch's anti-Catholic nonsense for fifty years. The cow is out of the barn; it is too late to close the barn door. All you can do is muck the barn of its offal down to its very foundation.

The Catholic Church already suffered one major schism, the Anglican Schism, in the 16th century, when King Henry VIII of England "divorced" his legitimate wife Catherine and "married" his favored harlot of the time (later to be "divorced" herself, and executed), Anne Boleyn. At that time Bishop St. John Fisher and St. Sir Thomas More stood up for the Catholic Faith and were martyred in the Faith. However, it seems that there are no Martyrs for the Catholic cause in the 21st century.

True Catholics, although Fatima is not Catholic doctrine, our Fatimist friends should take note that Sister Lucia, the visionary of Fatima, one day said to Cardinal Caffarra: "The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will take place around the family and marriage." Bergoglio could not be doing a better job for Satan.


Francis-Bergoglio Accepts a Stye of Moral Degenerates
As His Welcoming Committee in Washington, D.C.

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Has Approved a Welcoming Committee of Moral Degenerates
For His Arrival in Washington, D.C., on September 22, 2015
The Committee Will Include an Openly-practicing Sodomite Episcopalian Bishop
A Transvestite Woman Who Endorses Sex-change Butchery
A Transvestite Man Who Is in Training to Become an Episcopalian Bishopess
One of Bergoglio's Newchurch Nuns Who Is a Vocal Advocate for Abortion
Watch for the Devilish Grin on the Face of Bergoglio
When He Is Embraced by This Stye of Moral Degenerates

With his ubiquitous cunning smile, Francis-Bergoglio, when he is greeted by his friend, Barack Obama, on September 22, 2015, at 16:00 local time, upon his arrival in the United States capital, will embrace a Welcoming Committee composed of a stye of moral degenerates. The official Welcoming Committee, approved by Bergoglio, will include:

  1. Gene Robinson, the first openly-practicing sodomite Episcopalian bishop, whose elevation to the heretical bishopric was the last straw that caused traditional Episcopalians to sever their ties with the liberalist Episcopalian sect led by Bishopess Katherine Jefferts-Schori. Robinson married a fellow sodomite in 2008, Robinson calling himself the "bride" in the "marriage." Robinson showed what will happen to these unnatural "marriages" when he divorced his "husband" just six years later.

  2. Mateo Williamson, a transvestite woman associated with the activist immoral activist group Transgender Caucus for Dignity USA, who says that she "thinks of herself as a man."

  3. Vivian Taylor, a transvestite man associated with the immoral activist group Integrity USA, who is in training to become an Episcopalian bishopess.

  4. Newchurch "Sister" Simone Campbell, a vocal advocate for abortion and the revocation of conscience exceptions for Christians who refuse to promote abortion in their jobs. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Breitbart.]

True Catholics, no peep of official protest has emanated from Francis-Bergoglio. After all, Barack Obama is a great friend of his. The two have met before. The two share Marxist principles. The two have connived to get the U.S. to recognize Communist Cuba. The two have cooperated to forward the "gay" agenda. Watch for the Devilish grin on the face of Bergoglio when he is embraced at Washington by Obama and the Welcoming Committee of moral degenerates.

September 20, 2015 - Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

A Reader Asks: "Will You Be Promoting the Petition
That Asks Francis-Bergoglio to "Dispel Moral Confusion" at the Synod?

From: Ben

I Can't Hear You, Gestures Francis-Bergoglio
Who Is Deaf to Newchurchers Who Want Him to "Dispel Moral Confusion"
Because in Reality It is Francis-Bergoglio Himself
Who Is the Source of the Moral Confusion
He Is a Marxist from the Hotbed of Marxism in South America
And Is Deliberately Engineering Acceptance of the Moral Evils
Of Homosexuality, Abortion, and Divorce/Remarriage
Petitions to Bergoglio Are just as Useless as if Some Polite Germans
Had Petitioned Adolf Hitler to Go Easy on the Jews

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Will you be promoting the petition that asks Francis-Bergoglio to "dispel moral confusion" at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family - Part II in October 2015? Some 625,000 Newchurchers have supposedly signed it so far.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

No, we will not be promoting that petition or any petition to Francis-Bergoglio. It is a waste of time -- and worse. In reality, it is Francis-Bergoglio himself who is the source of the moral confusion. He is a Marxist from the hotbed of Marxism in South America and is deliberately engineering, against Catholic and Apostolic doctrine, acceptance of the moral evils of homosexuality, abortion, and divorce/remarriage. The Synod is being completely controlled by him toward that end. Petitions to Bergoglio are just as useless as if some polite Germans had petitioned Adolf Hitler to go easy on the Jews.

You have to realize that such petitions simply play into the hands of a group of anti-Catholic Protestants, now Marxists, who founded the Newchurch of the New Order in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional Church." You have to call a spade a spade: there is nothing Catholic about what Berglogio is doing. Therefore, Catholic theology from the Bible on is absolutely clear: a true Catholic must publicly denounce and refuse to follow anti-Catholic leaders. Archbishop Lefebvre was exactly right when he called Newchurch "not Catholic." He couldn't have put the fact any more simply.

If you have any doubt about that Biblical principle, reread St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, which teaches that such a man cannot be obeyed or followed. St. Paul confronted Peter and refused to follow the heresy that he was teaching. As a result, Peter recanted. Just so, Newchurch leaders need to be publicly denounced for what they are doing, and no true Catholic can have anything to do with them. It was bad enough when Newchurch leaders were no different from heretical Protestants, but now they're no different from atheistic Marxists, whose god is Secularism, Socialism, and the Environment.

As Pope Pius XII predicted over fifty years ago, we have to go back to the virtual catacombs, regroup, and be ready to restore the Catholic Church as the "institutional Church" whenever God so wills, meanwhile keeping the light of the true Catholic Faith alive in as many places as possible.

September 19, 2015 - Sts. Januarius, Bishop & Companions, Martyrs
Double Feast

Two Newcardinals Charged by Child Victims for Investigation
On the Eve of Francis-Bergoglio's Junket to the United States

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Leo Burke

The Notorious Newcardinal Burke Was Uncermoniously Exiled
Out of the Newvatican to the Isle of Malta in 2014
Burke Was Fired as Newarchbishop of St. Louis, Missouri
When He "Excommunicated" Neo-con Newchurchers in His Newdiocese
And Tried to Rob Them of Their Privately-chartered Newparish
A Newchurch Group of Child Victims' Advocates, The Whistleblowers
Has Demanded of Francis-Bergoglio on the Eve of His Junket to Philadelphia
An Investigation of Burke and His Colleague, Newcardinal Rigali
For Facilitation and Cover-up of Newchurch Sex Crimes against Children

A Newchurch group of child victims' advocates, calling itself The Whistleblowers, has demanded of Francis-Bergoglio, on the eve of his September 2015 junket to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an investigation for facilitation and cover-up of paedophile crimes of their presbyters: Newcardinal Raymond Burke, the last (2003-2008) Newarchbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, and Newcardinal Justin Rigali, the last (2003-2011) Newarchbishop of Philadelphia.

Raymond "Bully" Burke, who "excommunicated" Neo-con Newchurchers in his Newarchdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri, has been fingered for investigation by The Whistleblowers for facilitation and cover-up of his presbyters' sodomy, rape, and other sexual assaults against children. Burke, for empty-headedness that defies reason, beloved of Neo-con Newchurchers, is, as the TRADITIO Network has documented from the beginning, a fraud, who "consecrated" a transgendered man as a Newchurch nun and tried to rob a privately-chartered Neo-con Newparish in his Newdiocese of its 11,000,000-dollar property to pay off court judgments against his own paedophile presbyters.

Burke was about to be criminally prosecuted for extortion against the Neo-con Newparish, when the "Second Paedophile Newpope," Benedict-Ratzinger, whisked him off to protection in Newrome under a diplomatic passport. Justin Rigali was notorious for being charged by the Philadelphia Grand Jury for keeping about three dozen suspected paedophiles active in the ministry of his Newdiocese of Philadelphia.

The Whistleblowers stated that they are tired of foot-dragging by Francis-Bergoglio, who in over two years has failed to appoint his promised Newchurch Child Protection Commission to hear such cases or to appoint all of its members. A spokesman for The Whistleblowers criticized Bergoglio for his foot-dragging and declared, "We're not going to wait. We're going to get this information out there in the hope that someone over there realizes it might be a good idea to follow up their promise with some action." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

True Catholics, while in the United States, Francis-Bergoglio may try to pull the same sham that Ratzinger did in 2008 by holding a highly-staged meeting with a few carefully-selected child victims, who will allow themselves to be abused again as Newchurch propaganda tools. It is all part of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, which continues unabated. When elected as Newpope, the College of Cardinal gave Bergoglio his instructions: clear Newchurch of paedophile clergy and clean up the Vatican Bank. Bergoglio has in fact done very little about either scandal. He prefers to gallivant around the world at public expense and be treated like "Mr. Celebrity" -- all the while mendaciously claiming that he is "Mr. Humble."

September 18, 2015 - St. Joseph of Cupertino, Confessor - Ember Friday
Double Feast

Is Francis-Bergoglio's U.S. Newpapal Junket Going Bust
Philadelphia Hotel Rooms Go Empty; Junket Campground Closet

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Campground, Dubbed "Francis Fields"
Which Was Supposed to Be Used by 16,000
During Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapal Junket to Philadelphia
Was Closed within 24 Hours because of Lack of Interest
One-third of Philadelphia Hotel Rooms Remain Vacant
So Few Newpapal Mess Tickets Have Been Sold
That They Will Now Be Given Away Free
The "Francis Effect" Has Been Exposed as a Fraud

Just days before Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapal junket to the United States is supposed to begin on September 22, 2015, a funny thing is happening. The big crowds predicted by the press and Newvatican propaganda are not materializing. The Philadelphia Hotel Asociation reported on September 17, 2015, just five days before Bergoglio's arrival, many hotel rooms stand empty. About 3,000 of the 11,200 rooms in the city's downtown -- that's about one out of four rooms -- are still available. As a result, Philadelphia hotels are desperately slashing rates, skipping minimum-stay requirements, and tossing in freebies to lure in uninterested guests.

The glut of empty hotel rooms is the latest indicator that interest in Bergoglio's junket may be far below Newvatican's propaganda of 1,000,000 people -- many of them not even Newchurchers -- for his September 27, 2015, Mess. Only 60,000 tickets have been sold for the Mess, a mere one-third of the 115,000 expected. Tickets will now have to be given away free. Bus-ticket sales are even worse. Only about 1,000 tickets have been sold to bring people to the Mess in busses -- a dismal one-fifth of the 5,000 expected.

Meanwhile, the large Newpapal campground that was supposed to be opened in a city park to accommodate the crowds has been closed for lack of interest. "Francis Fields" was supposed to accommodate 16,000 people in tents and recreational vehicles. The plan fizzled within 24 hours because of lack of interest. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

True Catholics, we may be seeing the melt-down of the "Francis Effect," which, according to reputable studies, never existed outside of Newchurch propaganda and sycophantic articles on the part of certain media. With Bergoglio, it's all been a game of smoke and mirrors for a Marxist revolution in Newchurch, when all the while Mr. Marxist deceitfully posed as "Mr. Humble." Newchurchers aren't religious enough to care, and traditional Catholics eschew anything having to do with the Marxist Newpope. As popes used to be warned at their coronation -- which hasn't taken place since 1963 -- Sic transit gloria mundi!

September 17, 2015 - Impression of the Stigmata of St. Francis, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "How Is a Traditional Catholic to Regard
Claimed 'Eucharistic Miracles' at the New Order Mess?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Devil as Depicted on an Illuminated Manuscript
Christ Said of the Devil:
"Truth is Not in Him, for He is a Liar, and the Father of Lies"
It Is No Surprise that the Anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order
Is Filled with Lies -- Liturgical, Doctrinal, and Moral
And that the Devil Should Fabricate "Eucharistic Miracles"
To Deceive the Newchurchers
Catholic Theology Teaches that there Can Be No "Miracles"
Emanating from Such Blasphemies as Novus Ordo Cookies and Kool-Aid
Embranced by a Protestantized Newchurch that Despises the True Catholic Faith

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

A certain supposedly traditional bishop has been running around lately, claiming that there have purportedly been "eucharistic miracles" at the New Mess. One of Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX priest/presbyters has stated that "many people have been saved with the new 'sacraments.'" How is a traditional Catholic to view this unCatholic nonsense?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Catholic teaching is that no true miracle can contract the Catholic Faith. Certainly, there can be no true miracles when it comes to Novus Ordo cookies and Kool-Aid because the invalid, Protestantized New Mess and the Sacramentally-unordained, but merely non-sacramentally Protestant-style "installed" presbyters are certainly invalid and not Catholic. Can anyone really deny this today if one looks back to what has happened over the last fifty years, which just becomes worse and worse with regard to sacramental form, matter, and intention?

We have the word of Our Lord Jesus Christ's Apostles that if there is anything "miraculous" at such blasphemies as the New Mess, "presided over" not by Catholic priests, but by New Order presbyters, such a thing cannot come from God, but only from The Enemy.  St. Paul and the Apostles make it clear to us in Sacred Scripture that many "miracles" come from Satan and are intended to deceive.

The Enemy seems to have been working overtime these days, when Newchurch has an avowed Marxist as its Newpope, who uses an invalid Protestantized "liturgy," teaches false doctrine, at least by strong implication, and allows rampant immorality to run throughout his New Order sect. St. Paul, in a particularly direct passage from Sacred Scripture, warns of:

The working of Satan, in all power and signs and lying wonders: And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish: because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying" (2 Thessalonians 2:8-11/DRV).

A more direct passage in Sacred Scripture condemning the likes of the New Order sect and its ministers would be hard to find. God has sent the Newchurchers "the operation of error" so that they "believe lying." For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the section "Apparitions, Miracles, Private Revelations, and Visions."

September 16, 2015 - Sts. Cornelius, Pope & Cyprian, Bishops & Martyrs - Ember Wednesday

Newcardinal Prefect Claims German Newbishops Are Brewing Schism
By Doing Exactly What Francis-Bergoglio Himself Is Doing: Deconstructing Marriage!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gerhard Muller & Girls

Newchurch Doctrinal Prefect Gerhard Muller
As Recently Photographed by the Press with His "Girls"
Thinks that German Newbishops Are Brewing a Schism from Francis-Bergoglio
Like the Protestant Revolution of 1517
Muller Claims that the Newbishops Are "Flouting Teachings on Marriage and Sexuality"
But What Muller Is Criticizing So Harshly Is Exactly What His Principal
The Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, Himself Is Doing:
Deconstructing Catholic Teaching on Marriage in Order to Conform with Society!

Gerhard Muller, Francis-Bergoglio's Prefect of [New Order] Doctrine, on September 14, 2015, warned that a schism was brewing in the German Newchurch like the Protestant Revolution. Muller criticized the tendency of the German Newbishops "to divide doctrine from pastoral practice, [which] is not unlike the abuses surrounding the Protestant split in 1517." Muller chastised the German Newbishops for claiming to be the leaders of the Newchurch in Germany "while flouting teachings on marriage and sexuality." Muller went on to chastise the German Newbishops for wishing "to deconstruct and relativize the Catholic teaching on marriage, which comes from the teaching of Jesus, and this only in order that the Church appear to conform with society."

Muller went on to make a startling admission -- for a Newchurch prelate, that is -- confirming in the Newchurch of the New Order "dramatic reductions in church attendance, shrinking numbers of seminarians, and a drop in vocations to religious orders." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Die Tagestpost.]

True Catholics, is Muller completely wigged out? What he is criticizing so harshly is exactly what his principal, the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, himself is doing: separating doctrine from pastoral practice, flouting Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality, and deconstructing Catholic teaching on marriage in order to conform with society. Recent cases in point are Bergoglio's tampering with the doctrine of matrimony by approving "quickie divorce" for Newchurchers and by feigning not to be able to judge the Sin of Sodomy, including that against children by his own Newchurch presbyters. In truth, these Newchurch prelates are living an alternate reality in their own Land of Oz!


SATIRE: Cynthia Francis, Wife of Francis-Bergoglio
Seeks a "Bergoglian Divorce" to Her 38-Year Marriage

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis Bergoglio & Senora Novopapa

Newpope Francis-Bergoglio Poses with Cynthia Agustina Francis
In Happier Times during Their Marriage of 38 Years
The Ink Was Hardly Dry on Bergoglio's Newmotu Proprio
Providing His Newchurchers with a "Quickie Divorce" Process
Before Senora Novopapa Filed for Annulment in Buenos Aires against Her Sposa
The New "Bergoglian Divorce" Process Now Allows Bigamist Newchurchers
To Devour Their Novus Ordo Cookies and Kool-Aid Unabated
At the "Eucharistic Dinner Table" just Like Protestants

Reportaje Nacional from Flores, Argentina, reveals that Cynthia Agustina Francis, wife of Francis-Bergoglio, has sought official annulment of her 38-year marriage, citing "estrangement after prolonged separation," according to court papers filed in Buenos Aires. The move comes just hours after Bergoglio watered down the annulment process in his Newmotu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus, announced September 8, 2015, in order that Newchurchers may bypass Christ's condemnation: "Whosoever shall put away his wife and shall marry another committeth adultery against her. And if the wife shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery" (Mark 11:12/DRV). Newchurchers can now acquire a "Bergoglian Divorce" in 30-45 days and still be able to devour their Novus Ordo cookies and Kool-Aid at the "eucharistic dinner table" just like Protestants.

Cynthia Francis, nee Peralta, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio met while both were theology students at the Colegio de San Jose in San Miguel. The two married in 1977 and had no children. Senora Francis has remained a behind-the-scenes presence during the entirety of her husband's religious career -- virtually invisible, some say. Others believe Cynthia was the power behind the throne, working to make ends meet while Jorge completed his theology thesis.

Bergoglio is reportedly "heartsick" over his wife's decision, but understands that the stress of being apart led to her ultimate decision to end their nearly four-decade union. Many conservative Newchurchers voiced their opposition to the watering down of the annulment process, as well as Senora Novopapa's move to seek the annulment so quickly. "She was always more of a 'stay-at-casa,' said cousin Bernadetta Peralta, "but in her most recent letters she confided to me that the travel and separation were more than she could bear. We are torn over the news."

True Catholics, of course we know that the Reporte Nacional's report is a piece of satire, but satire, the only literary genre that the Romans invented, often portrays the truth better than bare "facts." This "report" is one of the best satires that we have seen, shafting the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio for desecrating and demoting what used to be the Sacrament of Matrimony. His Newchurch of the New Order is exposed as anti-family, pro-abortion, and pro-pervert.

September 14, 2015 - The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Double Major

A Reader Asks: "Is It True that the Newcuria Is Ready to Revolt
Against Francis-Bergoglio, as Recent Press Reports Indicate?"

From: Joe

Is Francis-Bergoglio's Time about Up?
Recent Press Reports Indicate that the Newcuria in Newrome
Has Had About All It Can Stomach of Bergoglio's Marxism and Narcissism
But the Cowardly Newchurch Prelates Are in the Pocket of the "Establishment"
If They Were Going to Act Like Catholics, They Would Have Done So Long Ago
Instead, They Are Worse than Protestant Heretics
Knuckling under for Fifty Years to a Corrupt Newchurch and Its Corrupt Newpopes
The History of Newchurch since the Vatican II Anti-Council
Has Been All Talk and No Catholic Action

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

There have been claims in the press lately that the Newcuria in Newrome has had just about all it can stomach of Francis-Bergoglio's Marxism and narcissism and that it is about ready to revolt. Is this true, or just more empty prattle?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

This is nothing new. We TRADITIO Fathers have been reporting this from almost the beginning of Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapacy. Revolt? Hardly. These cowardly Newchurch prelates are in the pocket of the anti-Catholic "establishment." If they were going to act like Catholics, they would have done so long ago. Instead, they are worse than Protestant heretics, knuckling under for fifty years to a corrupt Newchurch and its corrupt Newpopes. The history of Newchurch since the Vatican II Anti-council has been all talk and no Catholic action.

Where are these revolutionary Newbishops, for example, when it comes to the tens of thousands of children who are continuing to be assaulted by Bergoglio's paedophile presbyters and Newbishops, after two and a half years have passed under Bergoglio, who promised the Newcardinals who elected him to make Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust his top priority? Nary a peep out of the Newcardinals. Bergoglio hasn't appointed the announced Child Protection Commission, hasn't even written its statutes. Where are the Newcardinals holding him accountable for his abject failure while he gallivants all over the world flashing his false smile? Nary a peep out of the Newcardinals. Where are the Newcardinals standing up for a the valid and true Traditional Latin Mass? They have completely sold out to an invalid Protestant Novus Ordo service and a just as invalid Half New Order "Extraordinary Latin Mess" simulated by unordained Protestantized presbyters. Nary a peep out of the Newcardinals.

The only approach to Bergoglio's anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order is to recognize it for what Archbishop Lefebvre many years ago called it: not Catholic. Don't delude yourself that the situation is going to get better. Be a Roman and look at things square on. Are things better now than in November 24, 1964, when Newchurch replaced the Catholic Church as the "institutional Church"? Are things better now that Marxist Francis- Bergoglio has replaced the Modernist Benedict-Ratzinger? Of course not. The Newchurch institution, together with its Newpopes, is dedicated to false doctrine, immorality, phony worship and sacraments.

Newchurch is Protestant -- and always has been. Protestants attended the Vatican II Anti-council and sat on the committees that were formed to execute its Modernist edicts and to write its "New Mess" and "Sacraments." Treat Newchurch like the Protestant sect that it is. It doesn't have valid priests, only unordained, Protestantized presbyters since the Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968. It doesn't have a valid Mass, but a Protestantized service featuring cookies and Kool-Aid for all. It doesn't have Sacraments, only "initiation ceremonies" and "eucharistic meals." It doesn't teach Catholic morality, but acceptance of homosexuality, fornication, bigamy (divorce/remarriage).

For further information, click on FAQ03: "Should I Ever Attend Newchurch's "Ordinary" or "Extraordinary" Messes?" in the section "Five Practical Rules for Dealing with the New Order Sect" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department.

September 13, 2015 - Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newcardinal Kasper Lets the Cat out of the Bag
He Acknowledges that Newchurch Is Not Catholic and Denies "Latin Theology"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Walter Kasper

Newcardinal Kasper Is Missing More than just a Tooth
In a September 10, 2015, Statement He Demonstrated that He Has Lost the Faith
In Effect Denying the Fundamental Religious Principle
That God Punishes Evil and Rewards Good, as even the Pagans Believe
It Is All Part of the New Order Plan to Pervert the Teaching of Jesus Christ
And to Substitute for the Church He Founded
A Phony "Oecumenical" Sect, in Which Every Strange God is Worshipped

To readers of the TRADITIO Daily Commentaries from the Fathers, Newcardinal Walter Kasper's admission will be no surprise. We have said all along that the post Vatican II "mercy" theology was a concoction to put over on Newchurchers. In Catholic theology, God is a god of justice and mercy. Whatever happened to the justice part? The Newchurch of the New Order has jettisoned it. That is why Newchurch concocted a "Divine Mercy" devotion, which is a perversion of what Sr. Faustina wrote.

That explains why Newchurch fabricated a "Divine Mercy Sunday," concocted by the Unsaint JPII-Wojtyla. That is why Newchurch has now fabricated a "Year of Mercy," concocted by the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. It is all part of the New Order programme to pervert the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to substitute for the Church that Christ founded a phony "Oecumenical" Sect, in which every strange god is worshipped, contrary to the First Commandment of God.

Thus, the Newchurch of the New Order is not Catholic, and no true Catholic can have anything to do with it or its phony clergy, who have not been ordained or consecrated under the Sacrament of Holy Orders since the introduction of the Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968. For further information, click on FAQ11: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the section "'Divine Mercy' - A False Devotion" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department.

In an address on September 10, 2015, Newcardinal Walter Kasper, recently-retired President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, skated very close to open heresy when he stated: "[That] God should condemn and punish the evil and reward the good. What a poor and miserable idea of God, of a God compelled to act according to our ideas of justice, a God who is an idol of our concepts, an executor and prisoner of our requests of an order imagined just!"

Kasper seems really to have wigged out in this statement. He actually seems to be denying the most basic concept of the Catholic Faith, the acceptance of which is required for Baptism, that God punishes the evil and rewards the good." Virtually every religion on the face of the earth starts with that premise! Then Kasper goes on to imply that justice is determined by man. Most certainly not! Justice is God's, not man's. Every other religion but the New Order sect seems to understand that.

Kasper went on to deny the teaching of the New Testament of the Redemption as compensation for man's and even of commutative justice, the concept that compensation in justice must be made for sin, a concept that goes back to The Philosopher, as the Catholic Church's principal theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, called Aristotle. But Kasper apparently hates the Catholic Church's principal theologian and calls traditional Catholic -- even universal theological -- concepts "prisons." For Kasper, Christ operates a "prison." No wonder Newchurch is so perverted, with the likes of Kasper and Bergoglio leading it!

True Catholics, Newcardinal Kasper has done us all a favor by admitting publicly what we all know: Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch with its hatred of the Traditional Latin Mass and "Latin Theology" denies Catholicism. It is very difficult to lie in theological Latin, which speaks with exactitude, after being honed to perfection by 2,000 years of solid Catholic theology. It took the Vatican II Anti-council's deliberate introduction of the confused vulgar tongues, reminiscent of the Tower of Babel, to perpetrate the rampant heresies that constitute Kasper's and Bergoglio's anti-Catholic New Order sect.

September 12, 2015 - Most Holy Name of Mary
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Spits in St. Thomas More's Face
As He Corrupts the Matrimony and Introduces Newchurch "Quickie" Divorces

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Marriage Annulled

In His Devilish Newmotu Proprio
Francis-Bergoglio Has Essentially Annulled the Sacrament of Matrimony
In His Anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order
He Decrees that the Invalid Novus Ordo Cookie and Kool-Aid
Be Given to Bigamists and Adulterers, Whom His Lord Jesus Christ Condemned
The Marxist Newpope's Actions Are, of Course, Null and Void
As He Has No Authority to Go against Christ Himself

If it seems to you as if Newchurch under Francis-Bergoglio is no better -- and even worse than -- the worst Protestants, you'd be right. If anything is clear in the Bible, it is that Our Lord Jesus Christ called divorce and remarriage what it is: adultery, which in His time deserved the death penalty. That, of course, was when Sacraments were taken seriously. But that is not the case under the anti-Catholic Newpope Bergoglio.

On September 8, 2015, the New Order scheme to introduce divorce and remarriage -- and of course the benefits of its invalid cookie and Kool-aid -- into the anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order, which took over the "institutional Church" on November 21, 1964, when Paul VI-Montini promulgated the Modernist Vatican II Anti-council's document Lumen gentium, which officially substituted for the Catholic Church the anti-Catholic new "Oecumenist" sect as a cohabitation for all religions, now known as the Newchurch of the New Order, with its invalid Mess, Sacraments, doctrines, and morality, under which sect the Newchurchers, bereft since then of God's grace, suffer to this day.

Bergoglio is indeed a devious devil, who is introducing divorce and remarriage under the term "annulment" in his Newmotu Proprio Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus. But what he is talking about has nothing to do with annulments, which are quite rare. Unfortunately, Newchurchers are so ignorant of the Catholic religion that they don't even know what an annulment is. It is certainly not a divorce. St. Thomas More was martyred for that principle when he was executed by English King Henry VIII, who attempted to divorce his legitimate wife, Queen Catherine, and marry instead the trollop Anne Boleyn, who was a virulent Protestant, by the way.

Under Bergoglio's bastardization of marriage, all safeguards in the former careful process administered by the Holy Roman Rota, or Marriage Tribunal, are destroyed. There needs be only a single judge, not in Newrome, but in the local dioceses. By Jove, it can even be the Newbishop himself! And the whole "quickie divorce" process is supposed to take only 30-45 days, much less even that the more stringent provisions of civil law that require a six-month period of reconsideration, a locus poenitentiae, as it were.

Abortion is now grounds for a divorce -- sorry, "annulment" -- so that if a woman wishes to end her marriage, she can simply kill her baby to get a "Bergoglian divorce." And Bergoglio's blasphemy is even worse. His destruction of marriage goes into effect on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 8, 2015!

In fact, an annulment, or technically a declaration of nullity, has nothing to do with what happens after a marriage is entered into. It relates only to an nullifying defect at the time of the marriage that rendered the marriage contact null and void. After all, the marriage contract (exchange of promises) is publicly entered into "for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." Remember the warning given to the congregation before the marriage contract is entered into: "If anyone knows why these two should not be joined in Holy Matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace?" That is intended to ferret out any nullifying causes before the marriage is entered into, for example, if one of the parties is already married, if one of the parties is under the age of consent, or if the parties are related to one another in too close a degree by consanguinity or affinity.

So rare are these nullifying cases that, for example, in the United States in 1968, only 338 annulments were declared. By 1991, after JPII-Wojtyla corrupted the process in 1983 by illegally and invalidly changing Newchurch doctrine without most Newchurchers even realizing it, that number had skyrocketed by 18,900 percent, to 63,933! A Newchurch "divorce" was given to a man because his wife couldn't balance the family checkbook. One of the Kennedy descendants was given a Newchurch "divorce" against his wife of over thirty years and several children. A former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was given two Newchurch divorces so that he could dump one wife with cancer and marry his young secretary. And on it goes in anti-Catholic Newchurch with its anti-Catholic Newpopes and invalid sacraments.

True Catholics, even Francis-Bergoglio's October 2014 so-called Extraordinary Synod on the Family wouldn't go along with his radical anti-Catholic proposals, so Bergoglio has now done an end-run around them with this anti-Catholic fabrication. We all know what the result will be: a destruction of marriage far worse (in numbers) than "gay marriage." Newchurch will be just like the hypocritical Protestants, who also introduced divorce and remarriage contrary to Christ's clear teaching in the Bible. This evil Newpope, Bergoglio, knows no bounds to his perversions. But, in Catholic theology, no true Catholic is permitted to follow such a man, as he does not teach the Catholic Faith, but a complete perversion thereof.

September 11, 2015 - Sts. Protus & Hyacinth, Martyrs

As Newchurch's Great Sex and Embezzlement Holocaust Continues
Two Presbyters Steal 725,000 Dollars from Newparishes for Gambling and Condos

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Edward Belczak Thomas Leland

The Smiling Faces of Two Newchurch Thieves
Presbyter-Pastor Edward Belzak (Left)
Presbyter-Pastor Thomas Leland
Presbyter Belczak Stole 573,000 Dollars for a Condo
Presbyter Leland Stole 151,000 Dollars to Finance His Gambling Habit
Newchurch Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust Continues Unabated
Francis-Bergoglio Has Done Essentially Nothing to Stop It
While Newchurch's Collection-plates Are Being Robbed Blind by Presbyters

The fact that Francis-Bergoglio has done nothing to stop embezzlement of collection-plates by thieves among his Newchurch clergy was again proven when Presbyter-Pastor Edward Belczak, of the Newarchdiocese of Detroit, Michigan pled guilty on September 1, 2015, in federal court to feloniously stealing 573,000 dollars from his Newparish's collection-plate, where he has been pastor for nearly thirty years.

The presbyter-pastor could spend up to twenty years years in prison, must cough up 573,000 dollars in restitution, and forfeit a plush Florida condominium, which he purchased with the stolen Newchurch money. Yet Newchurch is continuing to pay him a 30,000 salary, plus healthcare benefits, plus retirement benefits, and who knows what other perks. "I always thought the money was for me," explained Belczak, who wore a clerical collar for his court appearance, even though the Newarchdiocese and its incompetent Newarchbishop, Allen Vigneron, was supposed to have forbidden him to dress in a clerical collar.

Presbyter Belczak is far from alone in participating in Hewchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. Another Newchurch presbyter-pastor was caught with his hand in the unregulated Newchurch cookie-jar. Thomas Leland was also charged on September 1, 2015, for embezzling 151,000 dollars from two Newparishes in the Newdiocese of Wichita, Kansas, to finance his gambling habit.

As usual, the Newdiocese and its Newbishop Carl Kemme tried to cover up the reality of its presbyter's thievery, describing Leland as a "very caring" presbyter. Well, there is certainly no doubt that he cared about his gambling! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Detroit Free Press and the Wichita Eagle.]

True Catholics, how witless are these Newchurchers, who plunk down their money into the collection-plate, only to see it stolen or spent on immoral activities such as gambling and sodomy of children. Newchurchers, like their Newchurch, have lost all sense of morality. As a result, God has allowed them to sink deeper and deeper into their own offal.

September 10, 2015 - St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Confessor
Double Feast

Child Victim of Presbyter Punches out Newbishop in Charge
You Wonder Why It Doesn't Happen More Often to These Paedophiliac Newbishops

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bill Murphy

Newbishop Bill Murphy, of Kerry, Ireland, Was Punched Out
By a Man Who Was Sodomized as a Child by One of Murphy's Newclergy
Murphy Admitted that the Sodomized Child Got His Pound of Flesh
Saying that He Was "Very Shaken" by the Incident
Aggrieved Children Have Also Assaulted Los Angeles Newcardinal Mahony
And a Presbyter in San Jose, California
In a Case that Went to Court and the Assailant Was Acquitted
You Wonder Why Child Victims Doesn't Take Action More Often
Francis-Bergoglio Has Done Nothing to Stop His Paedophile Presbyters

You wonder why it doesn't happen more often. Sodomized Newchurch children, completely fed up with Francis-Bergoglio's corrupt Newchurch, giving the paedophile Newclergy a little of what they gave to the children, sodomy, rape, and other sexual assaults. This Newbishop got off lightly with a few punches!

In August 2015, one of these sodomized children punched Newbishop Bill Murphy, of Kerry, Ireland, in the face because he had none nothing to handle sex crimes perpetrated against him by one of Murphy's Newclergy. Murphy was aboard a train en route to Dublin. Murphy admitted that the sodomized child got his pound of flesh: Murphy admitted that he was "very shaken" by the incident.

The man recognized Newbishop Murphy, approached him, told him that he was sick because one of Murphy's presbyters had sodomized him, and punched Murphy in the face, telling Murphy that he had done nothing to stop the presbyter who sodomized him. Ireland is particularly irate at Newchurch and the Newpopes for perpetrating a Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust in once-Catholic Ireland. The Irish have now, as a whole, rejected Newchurch as being infested with paedophiles, with whom they want to have no part. Attendance at Newchurch services and contributions have plummeted.

In 2012, the Prime Minister even told Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger to stay out of Ireland because he was hated by the Irish people, and his life could not be protected, in view of the fact that tens of thousands of Irish children were deflowered by perverted Newchurch presbyters, and the Newbishops and Ratzinger attempted to cover up the crimes. Newchurch presbyters in Ireland have been publicly spat upon. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Times.]

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio goes around smacking children on the lips, but he has failed, after two and a half years, to appoint and charter the promised Commission to Protect Children (from Newchurch Clergy). Meanwhile, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust goes on unabated, according to several studies. Bergoglio has simply managed to cover it up with incessant prattling about fabled "global warming."

September 9, 2015 - St. Gorgonius, Martyr
Simple Feast

New Pew Research Study Shows Newchurchers to Be Apostates
Not only from Catholicism, but from Biblical Christianity as a Whole

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Pew Research Study

The Respected Pew Reach Center's New Study Confirms It:
Newchurchers in the United States Are Little More than Apostates
Not only from Catholicism, but from Biblical Christianity as a Whole
Nor Are These Consequences the Result of Happenstance
They Are Deliberate, Discussed Openly in the Halls of the Vatican II Anti-Council
By the Likes of Such as Josef Ratzinger, One of the Modernist Leaders There
Who Later Engineered Himself into High Positions, including the Newpapacy
In Order to Implement the Modernist Agenda in the Newchurch of the New Order

A September 2, 2015, study by the respected Pew Research Center confirms the conclusions of the August 25, 2015, Public Religion Research Institute of study that Newchurchers in the United States are little more than apostates, not only from Catholicism, but from Biblical Christianity as a whole. This is what fifty years the Modernist Vatican II Anti-Council (1962-1965) and its bastard New Order progeny have done: destroyed Catholicism in the "institutional Church," the Newchurch of the New Order, currently headed by the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church.

Here are the key findings from the new Pew Research survey:

  1. Most (67 per cent) Newchurchers in the United States are comfortable with filthy, immoral "marriage" arrangements, such as sodomistic ("gay") marriages, which the Bible teaches constitute one of the Four Sins that Cry out to God for Retribution.

  2. Most Newchurchers (84 per cent) have no problem with innocent children being made bastards, by being born to and raised by fornicating (unmarried) parents. Such acts are contrary to Biblical teaching: "For know you this and understand, that no fornicator ... hath inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God" (Ephesians 5:5/DRV et al.).

  3. More than half (52 per cent) of all U.S. adults who were raised in Newchurch have left Newchurch at some point in their life. Bergoglio and his lieutenants are wringing their hands at the huge number of defections from their anti-Catholic New Order sect, which was supposed to be so appealing because it was so Modernistic. with its New Protestantized Sunday service in vulgar tongues (which is not a valid Mass) and its New "Sacraments," which were defiled to invalidity.

True Catholics, what is really ridiculous about these Newchurchers is that they still consider themselves "Catholic," when Our Lord Jesus Christ, to use the Biblical phrase, would "vomit out of His mouth" these apostates. Nor are these consequences the result of happenstance. They are deliberate, discussed openly in the halls of the Vatican II Anti-Council by the likes of such as Josef Ratzinger, one of the Modernist leaders there, who later engineered himself into high positions, including the Newpapacy, to implement the Modernist agenda in the Newchurch of the New Order.

September 8, 2015 - THE NATIVITY OF THE BVM

Many Philadelphians Are Telling Francis-Bergoglio to Stay Home
They Call His Junket to Their City a Disastrous Burden

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Ho, Hum, What Do I Care about the "Little People"?
Gestures an Apathetic Francis-Bergoglio
Whose Narcissistic and Orgiastic Junket to Philadelphia
Will Rob Newchurchers and Taxpayers of 200,000,000 Dollars
Many Mom-and-Pop Store Owners Are Forced to Close for Three Days
Leading Some Philadelphians to Call His Appearance in Their City
As the Worst Disaster to Hit since the Likes of Hurricane Katrina

Francis-Bergoglio, who claims to be for the "little people," is perpetrating yet another fraud with his Newpapal junket to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 25-27, 2015, which is depriving small and family-owned businesses in that city, the fifth largest in the United States, to lose three days of income. That's a good example of Bergoglio's lack of charity. Moreover, the tab for Bergoglio's narcissistic fling is expected to exceed 200,000,000 dollars, which is to come out of the pockets of U.S. Newchurchers and general taxpayers. Newvatican has a reputation for paying virtually nothing for these junkets and leaving the "host" countries will debts that aren't paid off for years.

If the bought megaphones of the loud-mouthed cheerleaders of Newpapal propaganda on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox, and the rest are ignored, the cries of many citizens of Philadelphia would be heard calling Bergoglio the worst disaster to hit since the likes of Hurricane Katrina, the costliest disaster the history of the United States. Many of Philadelphia's mom-and-pop store owners are forced to close for three days, as they are concerned about the anarchy that Bergoglio will bring to their city.

Other Philadelphians are concerned that the celebrity-seekers and the Newchurch rabble (these aren't well-behaved traditional Catholics, remember) will destroy their streets and sidewalks, and even invade their yards and gardens, and steal their parked cars. Many Philadelphians have announced that they are leaving town for the weekend, having no interest in the Marxist Newpope. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Philadelphia Inquirer.]

True Catholics, all this will take place to satisfy the narcissistic ego of Bergoglio, who is no Catholic and has no plants to talk about the Most Blessed Trinity, the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Angels or the celestial Saints. No, he will be putting on his stolen secular political hat to scream about immigration, "global warming," U.S. Congressional and Presidential politics, and other topics that violate the boundaries of the papacy by the dogmatic Vatican I Council that defined it. Bergoglio should stay in Newrome and clean up his own filthy house of paedophiles and financial fraudsters!

September 7, 2015 - Ferial Day

Protestant Officials Courageously Stand up against "Gay Marriage" - UPDATED
But Francis-Bergoglio Remains Silent while He "Forgives" Abortionists

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Kim Davis

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis (Right) Stands Up to a Homosexual:
"To Issue a Marriage License that Conflicts with God's Definition of Marriage
With My Name Affixed to the Certificate, Would Violate My Conscience"
Davis Has Stood up to the United States Supreme Court
And Faces Fines and Jail for Her Christian Beliefs
Yet Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, His Newbishops, His Presbyters, and His Laymen
Stand by Silent, Proving that Newchurch Is an Anti-Catholic Moral Cesspool

While Francis-Bergoglio ignores the moral depravity of "gay marriage," saying instead, who am I to judge? -- by this is he agreeing with those who do not think that he is pope? -- a very courageous Protestant, a Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis, is standing up to no less than the United States Supreme Court and is facing fines and jail, yet still declares that she will not issue "gay marriage licenses," as being an affront to God and her Christian religion. Davis states that "gay marriage" violates God's Natural Law, a law higher than the United States Constitution, a position that she shares with the U.S. Founding Fathers, who made the same statement in the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court refused to assist her, in spite of the fact that six of the justices are Newchuchers, who theoretically would have the same objection to issuing "gay marriage licenses" under their signature -- or maybe these Newchurch justices would act like cowards, not like the brave Davis, and their Newchurch "consciences" would have no compunctions about signing on the dotted line for gross immorality.

Davis has argued that she has a right not to violate her conscience. "To issue a marriage license that conflicts with God's definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience," Davis said in a statement on September 2, 2015. "It is not a light issue for me. It is a Heaven or Hell decision." In the past, laws contained "conscience exceptions" for such cases, but the Obama and other Liberalist government executives have worked to eliminate conscience exceptions and to force, for example, bakers to bake cakes for "gay marriages" that are against their conscience.

UPDATE: On September 3, 2015, Davis, for simply exercising her conscientious objection to immoral "gay marriage," was jailed, without bail, like a murderer or drug dealer. Yet, when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom violated the law and sua sponte issued "gay marriage" licenses in contravention of his oath of office and the laws of the State of California, he was not jailed or even prosecuted, but was eventually allowed to be elected as Lieutenant Governor of California. Will the homophiliacs next target Christian pastors? One United States Senator has called the unprecedented court action "tyranny intended to drive Christians from office." Such action is reminiscent of the activities of the Ku Klux Klan, which was originally formed to keep Catholics out of public office. Only later did the KKK turn its attention to Negroes.

Now another Kentucky clerk has joined Davis in refusing to issue immoral "gay marriage licenses," and these are Protestants. Where are the Newchurch laymen? Where are the Newchurch presbyters? Where are the Newchurch Newbishops? Where is the Newchurch Newpope Bergoglio? Silent. What else would you expect of Bergoglio and his henchmen? Newchurch is a cesspool of immorality and certainly not the Catholic Church. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Wall Street Journal.]

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio stands silent about the plague of "gay marriage," associated with one of the Biblical Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Retribution. Bergoglio has clearly shown himself to be a Secularist, interested exclusively in such fantasies as the Marxist politics of "global warming." Even when he lightly touches a doctrinal issue, like abortion, it is not to deplore it and denounce its practitioners, but to "forgive" it.

September 6, 2015 - Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio Lumps Neo-SSPX in with Abortionists
Bergoglio Has Tricked Fellay in a "Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't" Trap

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Gestures: Now I've Got You, Bernie!
Francis-Bergoglio Deals Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX a Crushing Blow
By Coupling Fellay's Organization with Abortionists
Bergoglio Is Nothing if Not a Cunning Marxist
Benedict-Ratzinger Already Trapped Fellay
In the Half Novus Ordo "Mess of 1962+"
Now Bergoglio Has Tricked Fellay
In a "Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't" Trap

In a September 1, 2015, letter to the President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization -- there's that tell-tale anti-traditional word "new" again -- an organ of the unCatholic New Order sect, Francis-Bergoglio claimed to give all New Order presbyters, and even Neo-SSPX priest/presbyters the power to forgive any abortionist on their own during the New Order "Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy." What nonsense!

Bergoglio is nothing if not a cunning Marxist. He has dealt Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX a crushing blow and deep embarrassment by coupling him and his group with abortionists. By doing so, Bergoglio not so subtly told Fellay and his Neo-SSPX: You're in the same boat with abortionists.

In addition, Bergoglio has set yet another trap for Fellay and his Neo-SSPX: the letter refers not to the traditional Sacrament of Penance, but to the invalid Novus Ordo "Rite of Reconciliation," fabricated by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and implemented in Newchurch in 1973. This phony "Rite of Reconciliation," in which the penitent is treated like a psychiatric patient on (sometimes literally) a couch, is defective in form, matter, and intention and thus has no sacramental power to forgive sin. No wonder the statistics show that virtually no Newchurchers ever go to "Reconciliation" any more.

As to the conferral of any special powers of absolution, Bergoglio himself doesn't have them. He can't give what he himself does not have. He was not ordained as a priest in the valid traditional Sacrament of Holy Orders, but merely installed as a presbyter (December 13, 1969) and a Newbishop (June 27, 1992) in the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968 "to preside over the assembly of the people" just like the Protestant clergy. This New Ordinal specifically withholds the power to forgive sins from Newchurch clergy. The following words conferring that power have been expunged from the New Ordinal of 1968: "Accipe Spiritum Sanctum quorum remiseris peccata, remittuntur ei: et quorum retinuieris, retenta sunt" (Receive the Holy Ghost: whose sins thou shalt forgive, they are forgiven them: and whose sins thou shalt retain, they are retained.)

The noted Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, expressing the teaching of the Catholic and Apostolic Fathers and Doctors of the Church, makes it very clear in his highly-respected multi-volume Theologia Moralis, that traditional priests (not New Order presbyters), through the power of Holy Orders itself, the so-called potestas Ordinum, receive the power of forgiving all sins in case of necessity when a penitent approaches the Sacrament.

True Catholics, watch what Fellay does now. If he accepts this letter, just as he accepted the Half New Order "Mess of 1962+" (aka erroneously "Extraordinary"), he is admitting that such Neo-SSPX absolutions were invalid in the past. BERGOGLIO HAS TRICKED FELLAY INTO A "DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DON'T" TRAP. IF FELLAY ACCEPTS BERGOGLIO'S LETTER, FELLAY IS ADMITTING THAT HIS NEO-SSPX "ABSOLUTIONS" IN THE PAST WERE INVALID. IF FELLAY DOESN'T ACCEPT BERGOGLIO'S LETTER, FELLAY HAS TO GIVE UP HIS YEARNING TO BECOME PART OF THE UNCATHOLIC NEWCHURCH OF THE NEW ORDER. Archbishop Lefebvre, the founder of the original, traditional SSPX, now replaced by Fellay's New Order-bound Neo-SSPX, had no doubts about what to do. He rejected the unCatholic actions of the Newpopes outright and called the Newchurch of the New Order exactly what it is: "the Modernist Church, not Catholic."

September 5, 2015 - St. Lawrence Justinian, Bishop & Confessor
Semidouble Feast

After Francis-Bergoglio Blessed Two "Married" Lesbians
Newvatican Is in Full Damage-control Mode

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francesca Pardi & Lesbian

Francesca Pardi (Left) and Her Lesbian "Married" Partner
Were Blessed by Francis-Bergoglio for Their "Christian Values"
Pardi & Partner Disseminate "Gay" Advocacy Books for Children
Which Have Been Banned from Libraries in Venice, where They Publish
The Outcry even from Newchurchers around the World Was So Deafening
That Beroglio's Damage-control Officers Swung into Overtime
Trying, as Usual, to Cover over the Truth with Bald-faced Lies

If you thought that "Who am I to judge homosexuals" was going to be Francis-Bergoglio's last word on the subject, you were gravely played for a fool. Now Bergoglio has blessed two "married" Lesbians. Because Italy does not recognize "homosexual marriage," as Bergoglio well knows, the two Lesbians from Venice were "married" in once-Catholic Spain. Even the Newchurch world has gone bonkers, and Bergoglio's Newvatican has swung into full damage-control mode.

It all started when Francesca Pardi sent Bergoglio her children's book entitled "Why Do You Have Two Moms?" The title alone should have set Bergoglio off. But there was more. Pardi enclosed a letter in which she said that "representatives" of Newchurch had been "disrespectful to her same-sex partnership and family." Bergoglio, if he were going to act like a true pope, would have reminded her that homosexual acts are One of the Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Retribution, that she should turn away from such behavior to save her soul, and that his "representatives," in chastising her immoral behavior, were doing exactly what they should be doing.

The Lesbian Pardi is not just a privately-practicing Lesbian; she is an outspoken advocate of the immoral practices. She owns a publishing house in Venice with her Lesbian "partner" that spews out immoral propaganda, directed toward children no less, trying to implant the perverted idea that Lesbianism is perfectly natural and commendable. Her books have been found so offensive that they have been banned from public libraries in Venice.

The Lesbian Pardi follows the tactics of homosexual strategists Marshal Kirk and Erastes Pill, who in their landmark 1987 article "The Overhauling of Straight America," urged the necessity to "talk about gays and gayness as loudly and often as possible." Their principle is simple: almost any behavior begins to look normal if you are exposed to enough of it. A person may be offended initially by the novelty of it all, but as long as the person feels little pressure to perform likewise, and as long as the behavior in question presents little threat to his physical and financial security, he soon gets used to it and life goes on." Homosexuals do not reproduce. They must recruit, and they seek to recruit and proselytize the most vulnerable: children.

To the perverted Pardi, Francis-Bergoglio on July 10, 2015, imparted his "Apostolic Blessing" in a "friendly" letter, which has just been made public. Pardi was quick to publish the news and graphics about Bergoglio's homophiliac missive. He told the Lesbian that he "hopes for an always more fruitful activity at the service of young generations and sharing authentic human and Christian values." He concluded by imparting his "Apostolic Blessing" to this woman, who has committed one of the most mortal of sins in God's realm and works hard toward perverting and indoctrinating children with it, and even extended the blessing to her Lesbian "partner." The Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transsexual community was ecstatic!

The outcry from even Newchurchers around the world was so deafening that Bergoglio's damage-control officers went into full swing. Yet they had to admit that everything the Lesbian Pardi said was true, but in spite of the obvious words in the letter and the fact of Bergoglio's "Apostolic Blessing," Newvatican henchmen denied that Bergoglio was "offering encouragement." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Milan daily newspaper, Il Giornale.]

True Catholics, anyone who thinks that Francis-Bergoglio made an inadvertent slip is naive beyond belief at this point. Bergoglio is engaging in a not-so-subtle campaign, based upon the Marxist methods with which he is so familiar, to make "gay" good and "Catholic," traditional Catholic that is, bad. According to Bergoglio, if you are a true Catholic, you are "doctrinaire, idealogue, rigid, ritualistic, rigorous, closed in the past, Pelagian, Donatist." No true Catholic can follow such a Marxist anti-Catholic as Bergoglio.

September 4, 2015 - Ferial Day

A Reader Asks: "How Can Newchurchers So Blatantly Disregard"
Newchurch's Invalidation of the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

From: Denise
Novus Ordo Presbyter

A Newchurch Presbyter Holding up Wicker Baskets of "Communion" Cookies
Just Like Your Local Protestant Minister
Since 1968 the Newchurch of the New Order Has Not Ordained Priests
Instead, Using the Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's New Ordinal
Newchurch Has Dumped Holy Orders and Instead "Installed" Presbyters
To Preside over the Assembly, Like Protestant Ministers
New Wonder Newchurchers Can't Admit the Fact
That there Are No Longer Valid Sacraments in the Newchurch of the New Order

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

How can Newchurchers so blatantly disregard the assault on Holy Orders after the Vatican II Anti-Council (1962-65), which invalidated the Sacrament of Holy Orders in 1968 by substituting the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal, under which no priests were thereafter ordained, and no bishops were thereafter consecrated, but only New Order presbyters and Newbishops were "installed."

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Because the consequences of acknowledging this fact are too horrible for Newchurchers to contemplate. But exactly the same thing has happened before, when Protestants stopped ordaining priests and consecrating bishops, as finally declared by Pope Leo XIII in his Apostolic Letter Apostolicae curae. For further information, click on CURAE: Apostolic Letter "Apostolicae Curae" [On the Nullity of Anglican Orders], Given by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department. The New Order presbyters and Newbishops today are in an even worse situation than the Anglicans that Pope Leo was addressing in 1896.

Newchurchers would have to admit the fact that there are no longer valid Sacraments in the Newchurch of the New Order (except perhaps Baptism and Matrimony, and even these are rapidly now becoming invalidated). These Newchurch clergy want to have their cake, and eat it too. They want to act like Protestant-style ministers, Fathers Bojangles, as it were, but at the same time be called "priests" among the Neocons and Extraordinarians, to keep their positions and money coming in, which in many cases has notoriously become the target of embezzlement, as several criminal arrests of presbyter pastors has proven, in Newchurch's continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust.

If Newchurchers ever became fully away that they were being ministered to by Protestantized ministers instead of priests, many more Newchurchers would drop out, and Newchurch collection-plates would be even emptier. Newchurch is not getting government monies any longer because Newchurch has been charged with fraud by the German and Norwegian governments, in claiming exorbitant numbers of phony members to collect "church taxes."

If Newchurchers admitted the truth, how many multimillion-dollar retirement mansions for bloated Newbishops and how many expensive medical plans and exorbitant salaries of presbyters would be put in jeopardy? All too many Newchurchers think that their presbyters are still like the penurious priests of the pre-Vatican II period, when salaries were low, and benefits sparse. In fact, the situation after Vatican II is quite different. In 2012, the average annual income of a Newdiocesan presbyter was nearly 100,000 dollars! That included 47,000 in salary, plus car allowance, plus room and board, plus health insurance, plus a lifetime retirement plan. Many presbyters pick up additional salaries for "contributed service," teaching or whatever. Very few of the Newchurchers in these presbyters' congregations could boast of that high a salary, let alone a free car, free room and board, free health insurance, and free lifetime retirement plan!

September 3, 2015 - St. Pius X, Pope & Confessor
Double Feast

Wesoloski Is Dead: Did Francis-Bergoglio Do In
His Paedophile Nuncio before He Could Spill the Beans on Bergoglio?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Jozef Wesolowski

Francis-Bergoglio's Criminal Nuncio, Newarchbishop Jozef Wesolowski
Sheds Crocodile Tears after He Is Charged with Sodomizing Children
While Acting as Bergoglio's Newpapal Nuncio in the Dominican Republic
Now Wesolowski Who Was About to Have the Opportunity to Tell the World
In a Trial about Bergoglio's Complicity and Knowledge of His Nefarious Crimes
Has Been Found Dead, as Bergoglio Must Have Breathed a Sigh of Relief
The Circumstances of Wesolowski's Death Are So Mysterious
That Roman Officials Have Ordered an Autopsy of His Corpse

Francis-Bergoglio's paedophile nuncio to the Dominican Republic, formerly of Poland, was found dead at age 67 under mysterious circumstances, convenient for Bergoglio, because Jozef Wesolowski was about about to have the opportunity to tell the world in a trial about Bergoglio's complicity and knowledge of his nefarious crimes. Wesolowski was going to be the first high-level Newprelate to stand before a Newvatican tribunal on charges of rape and sodomy of children. When Wesolowski was found dead in his residence early August 28, 2015, Bergoglio must have breathed a sigh of relief. The circumstances of Wesolowski's death are so mysterious that Roman officials have ordered an autopsy of the corpse.

It seems that God took care of Francis-Bergoglio's paedophile nuncio before the excruciatingly slow wheels of Bergoglio's "justice" could gear up to deal with his paedophile nuncio. The pending trial was seen as a key test of whether Bergoglio had any real interest in disciplining his Newcardinals, Newbishops, and presbyters involved in sex crimes against children.

No wonder Wesolowski so easily fell into one of the Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Retribution. He was bereft of Sacramental grace. He was never ordained to the priesthood under the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but only "installed" in 1972 as a New Order presbyter under the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968. Wesolowski was never consecrated to the episcopate under the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but only "installed" as a Newbishop in 1999 as a Newbishop the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968, by JPII-Wojtyla, the notorious First Paedophile Newpope. Virtually every other Newbishop, including the Newpopes, find themselves in the same condition, bereft of grace.

The paedophile Wesolowski was favored by the three Paedophile Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio. He served as Newpapal Nuncio to Bolivia (1999-2002); Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan (2002-2008); and finally the Dominican Republic (2008-2013), where the Dominican government finally exposed him as a sex criminal and demanded his recall to Bergoglio's Newvatican. When Bergoglio's sex crimes against children could no longer be denied, Francis-Bergoglio shielded Wesolowski from the criminal courts of Poland and concocted a kangaroo trial within the walls of Newvatican. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times.]

True Catholics, given the rank immorality of Francis-Bergoglio's Newvatican, one can never be sure just how far the perverted Newpopes and their minions would go to spare the Newchurch of the New Order institution from public embarrassment. After all, Newpopes turned a blind eye to tens of thousands and rapes and sodomies of children throughout the world by their Newchurch cardinals, bishops, and presbyters just to save the New Order sect public embarrassment. Could they have engineered the death of Wesolowski? Perhaps. Some popes before the Vatican II Anti-council certainly engineered the murder of those standing in their way, as undisputed Church history proves.

September 2, 2015 - St. Stephen, King of Hungary
Semidouble Feast

A New Study of Newchurchers Shows Them Anything but Catholic
Newchurchers Are More Anti-Christ than Secularists or even Protestants

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
JPII-Wojtyla, Francis-Bergoglio, Benedict-Ratzinger

A New Study Reveals the Consequences of the Devious Plan of the Newpopes
JPII-Wojtyla (Left), Francis-Bergoglio, Benedict-Ratzinger
To Destroy Any Vestiges of Catholicism to Such an Extent
That There May Not Be Remaining even Three Million in the U.S.
Who Believe in Catholic and Apostolic Teaching
The Study Shows Newchurchers to Be More Anti-Christ
Than Secularists or Even Protestants

A new study, released August 25, 2015, by the Public Religion Research Institute of self-identified Newchurchers in the United States confirms that these Newchurchers are anything but Catholic. In fact, they are worse than Protestants. Most Newchurchers are shown in the study to have essentially departed from the Catholic and Apostolic Faith revealed by Jesus Christ and to have placed themselves outside the Catholic Church. The portrait of most Newchurchers in the United States that emerges shows that they are no better, and sometimes even worse, that the godless secularists around them, and much worse than most heretical Protestants:

  1. Nearly half of Newchurchers have not attended the New Order Mess in years or decades.
  2. 51 per cent of Newchurchers think that abortion should be legal in most, if not all, cases.
  3. 60 per cent of Newchurchers favor "gay marriage," which is condemned in the Bible as One of the Four Sins that Cry to Heaven for Retribution, yet only 55 per cent of the general U.S. population favors "gay marriage."
  4. 76 per cent of Newchurchers favor laws that would protect not Christian believers, but "gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transexuals" against "discrimination."
  5. 65 per cent of Newchurchers oppose a constitutional principle that would allow small business owners to refuse products or services to "gays and lesbians" if doing so goes against their religious beliefs.
  6. Most Newchurchers support artificial contraception; consequently, the Newchurch birthrate is now close to zero.

The eternal salvation of these Newchurchers is in the gravest jeopardy because almost all of the responders are aware of true Catholic doctrine, but knowingly reject it out of hand. Thus, they, of their own accord, are denied the Sanctifying Grace, or friendship with God, needed for salvation.

True Catholics, what is worse than the results of this study is the "big elephant" in the room: it is the Newchurch clergy, from Francis-Bergoglio and his henchmen on down, who actively propagandize these immoral positions and engineer the spiritual demise of the Newchurch laity, utterly betraying their calling to be shepherds and spiritual fathers for souls. Estimates are that the Newchurch of the New Order has destroyed any vestiges of Catholicism to such an extent that there may not be remaining even three million in the United States who believe in Catholic and Apostolic teaching. It is becoming more and more indisputable that this has all along been the devious plan of the Newpopes Paul VI-Montini, JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio.

September 1, 2015 - St. Giles, Abbot
Simple Feast

Newchurch Officially Invites Priestess to Simulate Mess
As Francis-Bergoglio Works toward Priestesses, Homosexuality, and Abortion

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Novus Ordo Kool-Aid, Anyone?
A Priestess Was Allowed to Simulate a Novus Ordo Mess
At a Newdiocesan-approved Chapel in Des Moines
The Priestess Had Already Simulated a Novus Ordo Mess in Columbia
Newchurch Messes Are Completely Phony -- Including "Extraordinary" Latin Messes
Which Are Simulated by New Order Presbyters
None of Whom Have Ever Been Ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders

Here is an indication of where the Newchurch of the New Order is clearly headed: priestesses. At an official, Newdiocesan-approved chapel, Catholic [Sic] Worker House. Priestess Janice Sevre-Duszynska simulated the New Order Mess for a congregation at the Catholic [Sic] Worker House. Sevre-Dusznyski came out of the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests [Sic].

Although the incident occurred in December 2014, Newbishop Richard Pates, an appointee of anti-Catholic Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger, is just getting around to dealing with it -- which shows that dealing with such travesties are not high on the Newchurch agenda.Pate's pusillanimous action, calling on the chapel to "cease holding services" for a time, was not officially published until August 25, 2015, eight months after the sacrilege.

Nor did Newbishop Pates take the action on his own. The obvious sacrilege had to be referred to the Newdiocesan "Presbyteral Council." But Pates took no action against the congregants, who had officially sponsored the travesty. In fact, the chapel's congregants were pertinacious in justifying their sacrilege, chastising the Pates as taking "a bullying position." Pates, instead of standing up for himself, put his tail between his legs and hid, refusing to respond to press inquiries.

Priestess Sevre-Duszynska has pulled such travesties before, getting barely a slap on the wrist from the anti-Catholic Newbishops of Newchurch. She recently had simulated Mess at St. Francis Catholic Worker House in Columbia, Missouri, a Newdiocesan-approved site. When his hand was forced, Newbishop John Gaydos there merely gave the group a "verbal reprimand," but allowed the phony Messes to go on! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Des Moines Register.]

True Catholics, Newchurch Messes are completely phony -- including "Extraordinary" Latin Mess, which are simulated by New Order presbyters, none of whom have ever been ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Newbishops who condone this kind of sacrilege -- who, in any case, are not really bishops because they too have never been consecrated in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, are complicit in one of the most Mortal Sins in the Catholic Church: simulation (phonying) of a Sacrament. It is a sacrilege with an eternal penalty too horrible to contemplate. But, as a matter of fact, New Order Messes simulated by Novus Ordo presbyters in Novus Ordo temples around the world, including Newrome, are just as sacrilegious -- and just as phony.

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