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July 31, 2018 - St. Ignatius of Loyola, Confessor
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch "Family" Magazine
Denounces Italian Deputy Prime Minister for Proposing Crucifixes in Public Buildings

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Famiglia Cristiana

Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch "Family" Magazine
Denounces Italy's Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini
For Proposing Legislation that Would Return Crucifixes
To Italy's Public Buildings
Salvini Is Trying to Restore Catholic Devotion to Once-Catholic Italy
Whereas Bergoglio Is Trying to Destroy the Roman Catholic Church around the World

Before the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), it would have been unthinkable for a pope to encourage action that would destroy Western Civilization, from which the Roman Catholic Church originates, but Francis-Bergoglio does not act like a true Roman Catholic pope, but seems rather to have a zeal for destroying civilization by encouraging the influx of Muslim Infidels across Europe. Even the American President showed more concern for European civilization than the Europeans themselves, when he warned the European Union that many of its leading countries -- Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, among others -- are being destroyed by uncontrolled immigration.

Now Francis-Bergoglio's leading Newchurch "family" magazine, Famiglia Cristiana, which has been taken over by anti-family "gay" elements, has ridiculed Italy's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, for proposing legislation in parliament that crucifixes be displayed in public buildings like schools, ports, and public offices. Salvini's proposal came in the context of the Bergogio-advocated influx of Muslim Infidels into Italy that is creating a Migrant Emergency, with Muslim crimes against Christians on a dramatic increase.

Francis-Bergoglio as a good Marxist Newjesuit, hates the crucifix. Even his Newpapal Messes display tiny crucifixes that are barely visible from a distance. Thus, the front page of the July 25, 2018, issue, derides Salvini, implicitly calling him the Devil for making such a proposal, quoting, in Latin, the passage from St. Matthew's Gospel (16:23) -- substituting Salvini's name for Satan's -- in which Christ calls the Apostle Peter the Devil because he denied Christ's redemption of mankind.

True Catholics, rather than the Catholic Matteo Salvini, it should have been Francis-Bergoglio to be called the Devil. Bergoglio has shown himself to be a heretic and a grossly immoral person. Salvini is simply trying to restore Catholic devotion to once-Catholic Italy, whereas Bergoglio is trying to destroy the Roman Catholic Church around the world.

July 30, 2018 - Sts. Abden & Sennen, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Four Newcardinals Are Now Caught, including Two "Big Fish"
In Newchurch's Continuing Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Is Deaf to the Charges of Paedophile Corruption
Of Now Four of His Newcardinals Swept up in a Dragnet by Civil Police
Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, President of Francis-Bergoglio's
Council of Nine Cardinals to Run Newchurch
And Three Other Newcardinals and Scores of Newbishops
Although Bergoglio Himself Is Doing Virtually Nothing
To Stem the Flood-tide of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Civil Authorities in the United States, Chile, and Honduras
Are Prosecuting the Investigation and Interrogation of the Newprelates
Readying Criminal Charges against the Novus Ordo Prelates

Newchurch's corrupt Newcardinals, who elected the paedophiliac Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio, are now themselves being captured in a dragnet by civil authorities. First was Newcardinal Theodore McCarrick, of Washington, D.C., who has been outed by a dozen boys and young Newseminarians for sexual assault. Then Newcardinal Ricardo Ezzati Andrello, of Santiago, Chile, was swept up in the dragnet, accused of covering up sex crimes by not reporting the known crimes to local police.

The latest captures are two "big fish." Both of them were appointed by Francis-Bergoglio to his Executive Council of Nine Newcardinals to run Newchurch, Francisco Javier Errazuriz, of Santiago, Chile, and the Chief Officer of Bergoglio's Executive Council, Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The dragnet couldn't be getting any closer to capturing the biggest paedophiliac of all: Newpope Francis-Bergoglio himself.

Newcardinal Maradiaga was publicly accused on July 23, 2018, of complicity in a scandal involving the sexual assault of young Newseminarians at Honduras's major Newseminary. Nearly eighty Novus Ordo seminarians have come forth to charge Maradiaga for fostering "widespread homosexual misconduct." The Newseminarians asserted "irrefutable evidence" that a "homosexual network pervades the institution and is being protected by its rector." In a Newchurch that can barely get any young men to enter its fake Newseminaries, many of the Honduran Newseminarians are proposing to leave the Newseminary. The case of Newcardinal Maradiaga shows the same general pattern as that used by the discredited Newcardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Newcardinal Maradiaga is the chief advisor of Francis-Bergoglio on the "reform" of Newchurch and its government. Mariadiaga is accused of disregarding "a wealth of evidence of gravely-immoral active homosexual misconduct." Maradiaga, taking a page from Bergoglio's own wicked playbook, accused the eighty Newseminarians of "gossiping." Bergoglio said the same thing of the child victims in Chile, lying that he had never heard the charges. Later, Newcardinal Sean O'Malley, head of the Child Protection Commission, publicly stated that he had handed one of the victim's handwritten account of sex crimes perpetrated against him directly into the hands of Bergoglio.

The eighty Newseminarians charged that because of the cover-up by Maradiaga and the Newseminary rector, "the problem has grown in strength, turning into ... an epidemic." Maradiaga has not responded to questions concerning the widespread homosexual misconduct, but is accused of "looking out for the guilty, not realizing that over half of the [Novus Ordo] seminarians are homosexuals."

Meanwhile, Chilean prosecutors have been conducting a widespread investigation of sexual assault, rape, and sodomy in Newchurch against 266 child and adult victims, including five Newbishops and heads of Novus Ordo congregations, and two Newcardinals, Ricardo Ezzati Andrello and Francisco Errazuriz Ossa, who sits on Francis-Bergoglio's Nine Member Executive Council, after prosecutors found evidence of a paedophile ring operating out of Newchurch diocesan offices. 158 officials of Newchurch in Chile have been interrogated by police. Charges are pending against the Newbishops and Newcardinals including being accessories after the fact and obstructing a criminal investigation. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

True Catholics, the law is now breathing down the neck of the current leader of the conspiracy against the safety of children from Newchurch's predatory fake clergy: Francis-Bergoglio himself. The criminals are too close to him to believe credibly that he has no knowledge of what is going on. We know that his predecessor, Benedict-Ratzinger, personally read tens of thousands of dossiers of these corrupt presbyters, Newbishops, and Newcardinals -- that was his job! We TRADITIO Fathers are betting that Bergoglio's immoral regime is set to topple soon.

July 29, 2018 - Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newmonsignor Camille Perl Dead at 79
He Had Served on Newchurch's Pseudo-traditional "Ecclesia Dei" Commission

From: Petrus Romanus, the TRADITIO Network's International Correspondent
Camille Perl

Newmonsignor Camille Perl, Once Vice President
Of Newchurch's Fake "Ecclesia Dei" Commission
That Was Supposed to Suppress and Control "Traditional" Newchurchers
He, along with Newcardinal Castrillon-Hoyos, was Fired in 2009
In a Brouhaha about an Offhand Remark Made in Early 2009
By the Neo-SSPX's Senior Bishop, Richard Williamson
About a Disputed Matter of the Secular History of World War II
To Which Newpope Benedict-Ratizinger's Colleagues
In the Jewish Synagogue Vehemently Objected

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Newmonsignor Camille Perl, of Luxembourg, died on July 21, 2018. He was the original Secretary of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei," which was thrown together in a panic on July 2, 1988, after Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer, of the original traditional Society of St. Pius X had consecrated four priests as traditional Catholic bishops two days previous, without the Unsaint JPII-Wojtyla's explicit approval (the Archbishop argued the obvious fact that under canon law he had automatic permission because of the emergency situation existing, in which Newchurch had replaced the Catholic episcopate with an invalid Protestantized Newepiscopate).

Perl served as Vice President of the Commission from 2008 until he was fired on July 2, 2009, after the Commission was degraded by Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger to an internal office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith. Commission President Newcardinal Dario Castrillon-Hoyos was fired on the same day. The pseudo-traditionalists in Newchurch had been degraded by Benedict-Ratzinger when in early 2009 the Neo-SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, made an offhand remark about a disputed matter of the secular history of World War II, to which Ratizinger's colleagues in the Jewish Synagogue vehemently objected.

Perl happened to issue some fifteen letters asserting that, in the opinion of Newchurch, Neo-SSPX Masses (?) fulfilled the Sunday and holyday obligation. At least one of those letters also admitted that even the Masses of independent traditional Catholic priests fulfil that obligation. These letters created a problem for Perl's successor, Newarchbishop Guido Pozzo, the following and present Secretary of the Commission. Pozzo wanted to deny that assertion, but could not reverse his predecessor without undermining his own authority. So Pozzo declared that Perl's statement pertained only to the 15 specific addressees and the specific situations of those addressees.

With the Newchurch Modernists, there is no law; truth is only a matter of opinion. Roman Catholic traditional priests are true priests, and their Masses are true Roman Catholic Masses. It is the Newchurch Messes that do not fullfil the Sunday and holyday obligation because they are not Masses, but invalid Protestantized services "presided over" by Protestantized presbyters. Those letters of Perl eventually turned out to be detrimental to the Catholic Traditional Movement when Fellay started to introduce Novus Ordo practices and half Novus Ordo presbyters at various of his Neo-SSPX Mass sites around the world. Who knows? Maybe Perl had been engaging in a deception to give the proverbial camel a little room to stick his Novus Ordo snout under the tent.

July 28, 2018 - Sts. Nazarius & Companions, Martyrs

Northern Ireland's Only Newchurch Seminary Shuts Its Doors
Francis-Bergoglio Hates the Scholastic Catholic Philosophy Taught There

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Roman Catholic Church's Official Theologian
Depicted Above in Gazzolli's "Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas" (1471)
The Saint Is Depicted with the Four Evangelists (Top Panel)
And between the Classical Philisophers Aristotle and Plato (Bottom Panel)
With the Muslim Infidel Philosopher Averroes under His Feet
Aquinas's Philosophy Is So Clear, So Rational, So Catholic
That Francis-Bergoglio Hates It and Wants to Destroy It
Along with Northern Ireland's Once-Traditional Seminary, St. Malacny's

As of July 20, 2018, Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch has shut down its only Newseminary in Northern Ireland. St. Malachi's in Belfast had been preparing men for ordination since 1833, but then in 1964 the Newchurch of the New Order took control of it when that sect supplanted the Roman Catholic Church as the "institutional Church." Thence things went sour. The anti-Catholic Newchurch Diocese of Belfast didn't even seem to care about the closure, reflecting Francis-Bergoglio's own hateful attitude toward Roman Catholicism.

The Newseminary wasn't the only institution closed. The Department of Scholastic Philosophy at Belfast's Queen's University was also placed on the chopping block, as well as the Queen's University's courses in Scholastic Philosophy. And why not? Scholastic Philosophy, the Roman Catholic Church's official philosophy, based in the sublime and inspired works of the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, is detested by Francis-Bergoglio and his Newchurch of the New Order.

At the dogmatic Council of Trent, the Church's greatest doctrinal council, two works were placed in the center of the chamber where the Council Fathers met: St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate Bible, the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church, and St. Thomas Aquinas's exhaustive work of Catholic theology, the Summa Theologica. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Crux News Service.]

True Catholics, St. Thomas Aquinas's philosophy is so clear, so rational, so Catholic that Newchurch can't answer it; thus, it must be destroyed. The story is told that when St. Thomas despaired of being able adequately to describe God and His ordinances, he received a vision in which God appeared to him, saying "Bene scripsisti de me, Thoma." Yet the godless Francis-Bergoglio hates the philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church and seeks to obliterate it, just as he has obliterated the Roman Catholics and Sacraments, Catholic doctrine, and Catholic morality.

July 29, 2018 - Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Pseudo-traditional Presbyter Phillips Exiled
From Clueless St. John Cantius Newchurch in Chicago

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. John Cantius Schedule

This Is a Traditional Church?
The Neocon Newchurchers Love St. John Cantius Church in Chicago
Pretending that It is "Traditional"
In Fact,, as the Schedule Above Shows
It Can't Make up Its Mind whether to Use Catholic Latin or Vulgar English
Or whether to Use the "Extraordinary" Mess of 1962, Which Is Not Traditional
Or the full-blown invalid New Order Protestantized "New Mess"
After Years of Propaganda about This Certainly Untraditional Church
Its Pastor-presbyter Has Been Exiled to a Resurrectionist Facility
And the Clueless Canons Will Probably Be Disbanded
That's What Happens when You Try to Make Friends with the Newchurch Devil

When you try to make friends with the Devil, the tail will swipe you in the rear every time. The Devil in this case is the heretic Newchurch of the New Order, whether Novus Ordo or pseudo-traditional does not matter. Presbyter Frank Philips, who led the well-known pseudo-traditional "indult" group of Canons Regular at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago, Illinois, has been removed from his position because of "improper conduct involving adult males" and exiled to the Resurrectionist Facility in St. Louis, Missouri, stripped of his public ministry.

On July 18, 2018, Philips circulated a letter in which he said that he was capitulating to the Newchurch's desire and "obeying," arguing that obedience is a virtue. Philips is wrong. Catholic theology teaches that obedience to God and to what is good and right is a virtue, but obedience to evil, including the heretic Newchurch of the New Order is morally wrong. Newchurch is evil: through heresy, immorality, and an idolatrous, fake Mass and Sacraments. Neocon Newchurchers who cling to the fake Newchurch out of false obedience should instead follow Catholic teaching and get as far away from it as possible.

What presbyter Philips should do is to get out of Newchurch entirely, approach a traditional Catholic bishop to arrange instruction in the Roman Catholic Faith, and, if qualified, apply for ordination, as he now is not a priest, having been only installed to preside over the Novus Ordo Mess under the invalid Protestantized New Order Ordinal of 1968. However, there are indications that Philips may have been engaged in immoral activities, though presumably not paedophilia, so he may be disqualified from ordination as a traditional Catholic priest.

True Catholics, the clueless Neocon Newchurchers at St. John Cantius, have been culpably silent about the fact that presbyter Philips staged not just the pseudo-traditional "Extraordinary" Mess of 1962 but also the invalid full-blown Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess at St. John Cantius. What did all of Philips's legerdemain achieve in the end: St. John Cantius still doesn't have the true Mass and true priests, Philips himself lives in exile, and his own letter indicates that the continued existence of the pseudo-traditional Canons Regular of St. John Cantius is precarious at best. It was, and remains, a heretical Newchurch site.


Manipulated Neo-SSPX Chapter Meeting Restores Fellay
And Adds His Sycophant Gauleiter, Schmidberger, to the Executive Committee

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bernie Fellay

Bernie Is Back to Control the Neo-SSPX
On the Penultimate Day of Neo-SSPX General Chapter Meeting
The Fix Was In, Just as TRADITIO Had Predicted
Two New Seats Were Created on the Executive Council
For Fellay and His Sycophant Gauleiter, Schmidberger
Fellay Will Remain de Facto Chief Tyrant until at least 2030
With Schmidberger as Assistant Tyrant
The Neo-SSPX Now Gets Two Tyrants instead of One!

Just as TRADITIO had predicted, Bernie Fellay, having given up the Superior Generalship of the Neo-SSPX after 24 years, would pull a fast one to maintain his grip on the Society to sell it out to the heretical Newchurch of the New Order. For Fellay, it wasn't enough to play puppeteer to the New Superior General, Davide Pagliarani, from behind the curtain. No, Fellay had to amend the Neo-SSPX Statutes to create a seat on the Executive Council for himself and for his sycophant gauleiter, Franz Schmidtberger.

A July 20, 2018, Neo-SSPX Communique reported that the General Chapter, which adjourned sine die the following day, added, for the first time in the history of the Society, to the three officers established by Archbishop Lefebvre (Superior General, First Assistant, Second Assistant) two "General Councilors." The justification for this historic departure was quite vague: "in accordance with the common law of the Church." The Communique did not indicate what common law or what "Church" (the Roman Catholic Church or the Newchurch of the New Order) was involved.

Fr. Patrick Girouard, of Canada, who abandoned Bernie Fiellay's Neo-SSPX in 2013 when Fellay announced his programme to sell out his Neo-SSPX to the heretical Newchurch of the New Order, published his interpretation of this action as follows:

Indeed, the creation of these two positions, and the nomination of these two officials to fill them, cannot signify anything else but an intensification of the efforts by the General Chapter to have the Society reach an official agreement with non-converted Rome.
I think it is not far-fetched to believe that these two new positions were, in fact, created especially for these two people [Fellay & Schmidberger], so that they could work "behind-the-scenes" with Roman dignitaries [sic], while having some level of official credibility in the eyes of Rome.
In other words: such a change to the Statutes of the Society is a clear indicator that the General Chapter "means business" with the issue of an agreement with non-converted Rome.... Indeed, instead of listening to the serious and compelling arguments of The Resistance against an agreement with non-converted Rome, the General Chapter has decided to change the Statutes so as to get such an official "recognition" from Rome.

True Catholics, the upshot is that Fellay will remain de facto Chief Tyrant until at least 2030, with Schmidberger as Assistant Tyrant. The Neo-SSPX has taken a giant step into the Novus Ordo swamp. The Neo-SSPX now gets two tyrants instead of one for the next twelve years!


Two More Newcardinals Caught in Paedophilia
One Sits on Francis-Bergoglio's Own Executive Council to Run Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Ricardo Ezzati & Francis-Bergoglio

Newcardinal Ricardo Ezzati Andrello and Francis-Bergoglio
Come out from Hiding behind a Bush
Ezzati, Newcardinal of Santiago, Chile
And Newcardinal Francisco Errazuriz Ossa
Who Sits on Bergoglio's Nine-member Executive Council
Are Both Now under Investigation by Civil Prosecutors
For Being Complicit in Sex Crimes against Children
Prosecutors Have Also Found Evidence of a Paedophile Ring
Operating out of Newchurch Diocesan Offices

Newchurch Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust is now breathing right down the neck of Francis-Bergoglio, as one of the Newcardinal members of his Executive Council for running Newchurch, together with a second Newcardinal, have now joined Newcardinal Theodore McCarrick, of Washington, D.C., as being complicit in paedophile crimes. The two Chilean Newcardinals named are Ricardo Ezzati Andrello, Newarchbishop of Santiago, Chile, and Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa, former Newarchbishop of Santiago, who sits on Bergoglio's own Executive Council of Nine Newcardinals to run Newchurch.

On July 19, 2018, the two Chilean Newcardinals have become the focus of prosecutors in Chile, and their offices have been raided for evidence, as prosecutors have found evidence of a paedophile ring operating out of Newdiocesan offices. The two Chilean Newcardinals are accused of covering up sex crimes by not reporting the known crimes to police.

Recently, Australian Newbishop Philip Wilson, of Australia, was sentenced to one year in prison for the same type of crimes. Newcardinal McCarrick has been removed on charges committing sex assaults upon children and Newseminarians. On July 19, 2018, a second child victim came forward, who charged McCarrick with sexually assaulting him continuously from the time when he was age 11. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Crux News.]

True Catholics, it is beyond doubt that from Francis-Bergoglio on down, the Newchurch clergy are vile and corrupt, either from direct action or complicity or silence. But what about the lay Newchurchers who support their fake Messes and fake Sacraments? What about the lay Newchurchers who put money in the Newchurch collection plate, which only goes to support fakery, corruption, and the sexual assault of children? As accomplices of corruption and crime, they are just as vile and gravely sinful as their Newclergy who directly perpetrate the crimes.

July 24, 2018 - Vigil of St. James, Apostle

Were Unsaint "Mother" Theresa's Missionaries
Child Trafficking, as the Government of India Is Now Investigating?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Theresa of Calcutta

Newchurch Unsaint Theresa of Calcutta's Reputation Is Cracking
The Indian Government Is Investigating Her Orphanages
For Trafficking in Newborn Babies
One of Her "Nuns" Has Already Been Arrested
For Selling a Baby for 1,750 USD
The Newchurch Bishops and Francis-Bergoglio
Haven't Lifted a Finger to Stop the Crimes

Just as we TRADITIO Fathers have consistently warned, the credibility of the Newchurch of the New Order is going to sink from its phony Unsaints, that is, those con-anized in the invalid Novus Ordo structure. Newchurch is desperate to con-anize highly-flawed individuals, rushing through clearly unCatholic individuals, for example:

  1. On September 4, 2016, Francis-Bergoglio con-anized Theresa of Calcutta, aka "Mother" Theresa, the superior-general of the Novus Ordo Missionaries of Charity, which she had established. During her superior-generalship of the Missionaries, she engaged in a Hindu-Newchurch pastiche religion that violated the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church against syncretism, that is, the mixing of the true Catholic religion with false sects. Also during her superior-generalship, she appointed to be confessor-general for the Missionaries one Donald McGuire, a presbyter exposed as a notorious paedophile, currently serving a 25-year sentence in a federal penitentiary in the United States. Instead of expelling the paedophile presbyter from her Missionaries, Theresa lauded him. So the Unsaint Theresa was a paedophile accomplice.

  2. On April 27, 2018, Francis-Bergoglio con-anized Newpope JPII-Wojtyla, who was a notorious syncretist, engaging in over 100 documented Protestant, Jewish, and even pagan acts as Newpope. Syncretism has been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church as a grievous sin against the First Commandment of God.

  3. On October 14, 2018, Francis-Bergoglio will con-anize Newpope Paul VI-Montini, the Newpope who destroyed the Roman Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church by signing every one of the sixteen documents of the heretical Vatican II Anti-council to establish the Newchurch of the New Order to replace the Roman Catholic Church. In addition, many scandalous reports over the years have indicated that he engaged in homosexual practices.

  4. On October 14, 2018, Francis-Bergoglio will con-anize his fellow heretic Newjesuit, Oscar Romero, whom the previous Newpope refused to con-anize because of his atheistic Communist associations. Romero was a member of the shotgun-toting Newjesuits, who interfered in political issues, as a result of which Romero was assassinated by a rival gang.

On July 17, 2018, the government of India announced that it was ordering inspections for all of Theresa's Missionaries of Charity orphanages and child-care homes. The government suspects her orphanages of being part of a racket for illegal adoptions. This isn't the first time that such charges have been leveled. Similar charges were leveled during her lifetime, but Newchurch was able to suppress them. One of the Theresian "nuns" and her lay accomplice have already been arrested on charges of trafficking in newborn babies, selling a newborn for 1,750 USD. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Asia News]

True Catholics, the current superior-general of the Theresian Missionaries has in essence admitted the charges, but the Newchurch bishops, instead of trying to clean up the corruption, are crying foul. Don't they always? This "we're innocent" routine on the part of Newchurch has become itself scandalous as now three Newcardinals have been outed as paedophiles and paedophile accomplices. At this point Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapal chariot is racing over the Tarpeian Rock in Rome, over which the Romans traditionally threw capital criminals to their death.

July 23, 2018 - St. Apollinaris, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

A Reader Writes: "I Found a Hateful Response
On the Part of Newchurchers in Our Small Town"

From: Mary
Novus Ordo Mess

Newchurchers Hold Hands and Play "Ring around the Rosy"
At the Invalid Novus Ordo Mess
Our Reader Writes that when a Traditional Catholic Priest Visited
The Response on the Part of even Those Newchurchers
Who Had Grown up with the Traditional Latin Mass
And True Catholic Priests Was Hateful
Our Reader Says that These Newchurchers Are Worse than Protestants
But She Is Determined to Find Other Good People
To Join Her for the Traditional Latin Mass

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I can't tell you happy and how grateful I was that God sent us a traditional Catholic priest for our small town here. The priest asked us to invite others, so I did, and I felt that people would come to the true Mass and once again experience the sublimity and the gift of Heaven on earth.

Instead, I found mostly a hateful response on the part of the Newchurchers who now had that opportunity. One woman reacted angrily because the priest mentioned Hell in a sermon. Ironically for someone who didn't believe in Hell, she called the priest "the Devil"! Another woman didn't want to receive the Sacrament of Penance from "a man."

I truly believed that when these Newchurchers experienced the Traditional Latin Mass again, they would once again feel the presence of God and would thank Him with their whole heart. These women grew up with the Traditional Latin Mass and true Catholic priests. If anyone at all is in doubt about what the Newchurch is doing let this be proof. These Newchurchers are worse than Protestants! But I am determined to find other good people who will join us here.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

We Fathers are convinced that this is a time of test, as there have been many in the Church, especially in our times to inspire the virtue of gratitude in us. We had so much, but we took it for granted. Now people moan about what they don't have when it is now taken away from them.

How would they have felt in the 4th century if they saw most of the bishops and even the popes fall into the Great Arian Heresy, and most of the church buildings taken over by the heretics? How would they have felt in the 11th century if they saw the Eastern Church fall into the Great Schism? How would they have felt in the 14th and 15th centuries if they saw three men claiming to be pope, and not even the Saints could agree on who the real pope was in the Great Western Schism? How would they have felt in the 16th century if they saw half the Church turn to the Protestant Heresy? Then they would understand how they feel now when in the 20th and 21st centuries in the Great New Order Heresy, when a Newchurch has replaced the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church and has lost the Mass and the Sacraments?

In most times in the last 2000 years, most Catholics did not have the Mass and Sacraments as often as people think. What if they were west of the Mississippi in the United States of the early 1800s? How often do would they have even a priest? If they were Chinese or Japanese after the Jesuits were expelled in the 16th century, how often do you think that they would have seen a priest?

Yet true Catholics continued to practice the moral and Christian virtue of fortitude and had a strong faith in spite of, or perhaps because of, the testing of their faith. Without testing, faith means mothing. In fear of failing the test, we pray in the Lord's prayer: "And lead us not into temptation" -- a more accurate translation of the original Greek being not "temptation," but "test."

You might want to reread and meditate upon the Book of Job, which begins to address this issue even in the Old Testament. A 1927 novel, Death Comes to the Archbishop by the American author Willa Cather, also comes to mind, describing the great joy that comes to a sparsely-populated western territory of the United States upon the rare visit of a bishop to their little Catholic community.

Some traditional Catholics of the present day are reminiscent of the "stiff-necked" Jews of the Old Testament, who constantly carped against God in spite of all that He gave them. Eventually, their sinful ingratitude led to their rejection, as a nation, of their own Messias. Even though we are now tested to practice the faith when it isn't as "convenient" as it used to be, we still have many options to preserve our faith as our forebears did in adversity -- and many new options, thanks to modern technology.

Yes, the New Order Heresy has had a terrible effect upon such people as you describe, but it is likely that their faith wasn't very strong to begin with. Reread and meditate upon the Parable of the House Built on Sand in St. Matthew's Gospel (27:24-29). When the winds came, the house fell catastrophically because it was not built upon a firm foundation of faith.

Be aware of the fact that the disproportionate rage of such people as you describe indicates that they know the truth, but because their will is set against God's, the conflict within their souls produces their rage, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Often the older Newchurch clergy and the older Newchurchers are far worse than the younger, but more and more young people are seeing through the fake religion of the Newchurch and are craving -- and finding -- the true Church in the many places where it still exists and thrives.

We have Christ's promise that the true Church will survive to the end of time, but that probably only a remnant will survive in the faith (Luke 18:8). We just need to be sure that we are part of that remnant and that we ourselves do the right thing in spite of the confusion around us. We should make appropriate outreach to others, but if it is rejected, those people will have to answer to God for their own actions, as we will.

July 22, 2018 - Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Latest Forensic Test on the Should of Turin
Suggests that the Shroud Is Fake

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Shroud of Turin

Scientific Opinion on the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin
Which Some Hold to Be the Image of Christ Crucified
Has Gone Back and Forth
The Latest Forensic Test Suggests that the Shroud Is Fake
Catholics Shouldn't Be Concerned
Our Faith Is Based Not in a Piece of Cloth
But in Our Lord's Public Revelation
In Sacred Scripture and in Sacred Tradition

Scientific opinion has gone back and forth on the Shroud of Turin, which some have held to be the burial cloth of Christ, but Catholics shouldn't be concerned. Our Faith is not based in a piece of cloth, but in Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Public Revelation in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. The latest forensic test suggests that the Shroud of Turin is fake.

Some have held that the length of linen cloth, which measures a little over 4 x 1 metres, bears the image of a man who appears to have suffered physical trauma in a manner consistent with crucifixion is the burial shroud of Christ. The shroud was first displayed in a church in France around 1355.

The new research involved forensic researchers, who determined that the way the blood was patterned on the shroud was actually inconsistent with that of a body lying in repose. The results of the investigation, in which scientists used a volunteer and a mannequin, and employed sophisticated techniques such as Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, was published in the July 2018 issue of the Journal of Forensic Sciences. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

July 21, 2018 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

Newchurch Goes along with Heretic Protestant Anglicans
Declares Open the Way for Fake "Deaconnesses"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Novus Ordo Deaconnesses

The Heretic Newpope Francis-Bergoglio Has an Obsession
With Admitting Women into the Newchurch Clergy
In Contradiction to Divine Law as Stated in Sacred Scripture
And Sacred Tradition from the Time of the Apostles
Newchurch Has Issued a Declaration Favorably Declaring
"Deaconnesses" a Possibility in the Newchurch of the New Order
Joining the Heretic Protestant Anglicans
From Whom Newchurch Adopted Its Invalid
"New Ordinal" of 1968 and "New Mess" of 1969

The heretic Protestant Anglican tail is wagging the Newchurch dog, just as it did with the invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968 and the invalid Protestantized "New Mess" of 1969. The origins of these were principally from the Protestant Anglican heretics, as the chief architect of the Novus Ordo liturgy himself, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Buginii, admitted in his thousand-page magnum opus, La riforma liturgica (1948-1975), published by the Vatican Press.

Admitting women into the Newchurch clergy contrary to Sacred Scripture seems to be an obsession with the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. On July 12, 2018, Bergoglio's Newvatican "softened up" its clueless Newchurchers by issuing a Declaration favorably opening up "deaconnesses" as a possibility in the Newchurch of the New Order. The Declaration, "Walking Together on the Way: Learning to Be the Church, Local, Regional, Universal," unabashedly accepts the arguments of the heretic Protestant Anglicans in opposition to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

For good measure, the Declaration also refers to the possibility of installing married men to the Newchurch presbyterate. Such a statement contradicts Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition from the time of the Apostles. The Declaration also discusses favorably the possibility of lay preachers and lectoresses at the invalid Novus Ordo Mess. The First General Council of the Church, the famed Council of Nicaea, from which the Credo at Holy Mass comes, expressly declared in its Canon XIX that the women who called themselves "deaconnesses" at the time were not members of the clergy, but "are to be numbered only among the laity." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LS News.]

True Catholics, the Protestant Anglican sect, whose heresies have inspired the Newchurch of the New Order from the time of the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), was fabricated by the English King Henry VIII to facilitate the illegal and invalid divorce of his legitimate wife Catherine of Aragon and his "remarriage" to his heretic trollop Anne Boleyn in the 16th century. More recently, the heretic Protestant Anglican sect has openly rejected Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition by appointing ppointed women as fake deacons, presbyters, and bishops.

July 20, 2018 - St. Jerome Emilian, Confessor
Double Feast

New Neo-SSPX Leader Pagliarani Has Not Delivered a Firm Denunciation
Of the Heretical Newpapacy And the Newchurch of the New Order

From: Petrus Romans, the TRADITIO Network's International Correspondent
David Paglianari

To Whom Is the Neo-SSPX's New Leader, Davide Paglianari
Swearing His Allegiance:
The True, Roman Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Or the Fake Newchurch of the New Order
Currently Headed by the Heretic Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Pagliarani Has Not Delivered a Firm Denunciation
Of the Heretical Newpapacy and the Newchurch of the New Order
With Its Bastard Liturgical Rites, Its Syncretism
("All Gods Are Equal," "All Religions Are the Same")
The Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order)
And Its Attack against even the Concept of the Catholic Sacraments

In a recent interview, Davide Pagliarani, the new Neo-SSPX Superior-general was asked whether, under him, the Neo-SSPX would be open to annexing itself to the Newchurch of the New Order. His answer was long and convoluted. He comes off as an Italian clone of Sir Humphrey Appleby of the droll British comedy Yes, Minister. Having heard Pagliarani's reply, not only do you feel that he declined to answer the question but you've even forgotten what the question was. Be warned: sewing confusion is a mark of the fraudster. It has been used for the last 55 years by the Newchurch upon the Vatican II Anti-council and by the heretical Newpopes acting in its name.

Upon close examination of Pagliarani's words, he seems to be saying this: he would consider accepting a structure in Newchurch even if Newrome remained heretical and unCatholic, as long as Newrome were to indicate that it sees a value in "tradition" (however it might define that term). In other words, Newrome would not need to renounce its errors: it would need only to include "tradition" in its cafeteria of options. Newrome has already done this, however, with the "Ecclesia Dei" fraud, aka the "Extraordinary" Mess, the "Motu" Mess, and "Mess of 1962." There are about thirty Newchurch-approved Ecclesia Dei societies and yet, having approved these mostly tiny groups, Newrome has accelerated its decline into heathenism because they are unCatholic frauds run by unordained presbyters and unconsecrated Newbishops.

Also worrying is what Pagliarani has not said. What these creatures decline to say can be even more important than what they do say. Pagliarani has not delivered a firm denunciation of -- or even a mild objection to -- the heretical Newpapacy and the Newchurch of the New Order, with its bastardized liturgical rites, its syncretism ("all gods are equal," "all religions are the same"), the Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order), and its attack against even the concept of the Catholic Sacraments. Not one word has Pagliarani uttered against Newchurch. Newbishops and presbyters continue to rape and sodomize children to this very day. All their crimes continue unabated as Newchurch morphs from a Leftist Protestantized sect into a full-blown heathen conventicle. And Pagliarani has so far not uttered one word of denunciation.

It may be still a bit too early to write off Davide Pagliarani. But real Catholics are watching and waiting, but they will not wait long for him to show whether he will follow the courageous tradition of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the original traditional Catholic Society of St. Pius X, in denouncing the Newchurch of the New Order as an heretical fraud or whether he will play the sycophant to it as his predecessor of execrable memory, Bernie Felly, did. Stay tuned to see whether this new Superior-general is just a Fellay in slow motion, put in office to placate the naive conservatives in the Neo-SSPX while continuing the effort to trap the Society fly into the Newchurch spider web.

Real Catholics will not wait long to see whether Fr. Bouchacourt, Fellayite axe-man, was not put in office to neutralize Bishop de Galarreta and the remaining followers of Archbishop of Lefebvre, if really there are any left worthy of the name. Under Pagliarani, it would seem that the doors remain open to negotiate with Newrome. But Newrome is not Catholic and is the enemy of everything Catholic. That fact should not be forgotten. Archbishop Lefebvre himself denounced the fake New Order sect from 1970 until his death in 1991.

July 19, 2018 - St. Vincent de Paul, Confessor
Double Feast

Former Neo-SSPX Priest Denounces the Neo-SSPX for Electing
A "Liberal" as Superior-general and Two "Arch-liberals" as His Assistants

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Patrick Girouard

Fr. Patrick Girouard, of Canada
With the Blessed Virgin Mary over His Right Shoulder
Who Abandoned Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX in 2013
When Fellay Announced his Programme
To Sell out His Neo-SSPX to the Heretical Newchurch
Reads the Riot Act to the Neo-SSPX
Which Elected a Man Whom He Considers a Fellay Clone
As Its New Superior-general until 2013
Davide Pagliarani

Canadian Fr. Patrick Girouard, who abandoned Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX in 2013 because Fellay was selling out to the heretical Newchurch of the New Order, has denounced the selection of Davide Paglianari as the Neo-SSPX's new Superior-general. Fr. Girouard, upon his departure from Fellay's Neo-SSPX in June 2013, published the following statement of principle:

You may ask me: when will be the time to join [New]rome? How will we ever know whether we have a good pope? The answer is simple: when the pope publicly condemns the [invalid] "New Mass" and forbids its celebration under pain of excommunication; when he publicly condemns and rejects the whole of the Second Vatican [Anti-]council; in brief, when we see him taking effective action to clean up the mess.

After the election of Paglianari was announced on July 11, 2018, at Econe, Switzerland, Fr. Girouard published the following statement:

Not only has the [Neo-SSPX] Chapter chosen a liberal as Superior-general, who is the one who saved Bishop Fellay from criticism at the 2012 Chapter, but they [the Chapter electors] also chose two arch-liberals as his Assistants: 1-Bishop Galaretta, who in his October 2012 conference at Villepreux, defended the 2012 Chapter and went so far as to say that 50 per cent + 1 votes would be enough in a future Chapter to endorse an agreement with [New]rome; 2-Fr. Bouchacourt, who, as District Superior of Argentina had [New]cardinal Bergoglio "recognize" the Society in that country and who, as District Superior of France, has continually battled and hammered The Resistance [the organization of former Neo-SSPX members who om 2012 abandoned Fellay and his programme to sell out to the Newchurch of the New Order].

Fr. Girouard knows all the players in the Neo-SSPX well. His informed assessment of the recent election of Pagliarani is blunt: "Bishop Fellay has prepared the way since 1997, and this new set of Superiors seems to have been chosen to implement a soon-to-be announced 'recognition' by [New]rome." It appears that the Neo-SSPX has elected itself a Fellay Clone, who will be the front for Fellay's sellout programme, with Fellay playing Paglianari's puppeteer behind the scenes like some fraudulent Wizard of Oz.

July 18, 2018 - St. Camillus de Lellis, Confessor
Double Feast

Newbishop Found to Have Assaulted a Boy in His Confessional
At least 11 Other Boys Have Accused Him of Sex Crimes in Two States

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Joseph Hart

Newbishop Joseph Hart, as Presider
Fakes the Invalid Novus Ordo Mess
Hart Has Been Credibly Found
To Have Sexually Assaulted a Boy in His Confessional
He Has Also Been Accused of Similar Crimes by 11 Other Boys
The District Attorney of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Is Expected to Prosecute
While Francis-Bergoglio Will Likely Do Nothing -- as Usual

On July 3, 2018, the Newdiocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming, announced that Newbishop Joseph Hart has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting two boys after he became Newbishop of Cheyenne. The assault that the Newbishop perpetrated on one of the boys occurred in the Reconciliation Room. (Since 1972 Newchurch no longer has the Sacrament of Confession. It was replaced by a Protestant-style "Reconciliation."

This conclusion was reached after an outside investigation of the accusations, the results of which were reported to the Cheyenne District Attorney for prosecution. Hart was also accused of assaulting ten boys while he was a presbyter in Kansas City, Missouri. Those charges were settled out of court. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

True Catholics, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust continues unabated. As Newbishop Hart's name has become mud in Wyoming, his name has been removed from St. Joseph's Children's Home there. Hart's case has been referred to Francis-Bergoglio in Newrome, but if that paedophiliac Newpope follows his usual practice, Hart will escape any justice from Newchurch.

July 17, 2018 - St. Alexius, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Newchurch Now Accepts Non-virgins as Virgins
Newchurch Has Rewritten Its Regulations to Shut out the Virgin Mary!

From: Petrus Romanus, the TRADITIO Network's International Correspondent
Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary, under New Regulations from Newvatican
Is Not Qualified to Be a Consecrated Virgin
The New Regulations that Define Virgins and Non-virgins
And Non-virgins as Virgins
Is Causing Ridicule of Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch as a Fake
Given the Illogicality of Newchurch
The New Regulations May Soon Allow the Living to Have Funerals!

Everyone needs a good laugh now and again, and Newchurch provides us with much opportunity for humor, although always in a dark sense. For example, it is truly risible to see Newchurch pretend to be Catholic.

On July 24, 2018, Newvatican issued the Instruction Ecclesiae sponsae imago for the untraditional Order of Consecrated Virgins -- untraditional because the order was restored in the aftermath of Vatican II Anti-council in 1970 after countless centuries of non-existence. According to the new guidelines, in Newchurch you needn't be a virgin to be consecrated a virgin. Non-virgins can now be admitted as long as their past indiscretions are unknown and not public. However, no one who was previously married -- even in a virginal marriage -- may be admitted.

The Blessed Virgin Mary would not be eligible to join because she was married to St. Joseph, even though theirs was a virginal marriage. But some tart from around the corner could enter as long as nobody knew about her occasional one-night stands.

Such is the illogic of the fake Newchurch. What's next? Will Francis-Bergoglio proclaim that Newchurchers can have a funeral even when they're not dead?

July 16, 2018 - Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Double Major Feast

President of Newvatican Bank Tells the World:
The "New World Order" Controls the Newchurch of the New Order

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Ettore Tedeschi

President of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Tedeschi
Who Served under the "Nazi" Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger
Has Revealed to the World that the "New World Order"
Now Controls the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch
He Sternly Stated that the Plan of the New Order
Is to Eliminate National Sovereignty around the Globe
As Well as to Destroy the Family and Christianity
More Outspoken Leaders Are Coming to Realize that the Principles
Of the Vatican II Anti-council Are Destroying the Church --
And the World

As the Newchurch created in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) continues to crumble into corruption and oblivion, more voices have finally had the courage to call it out for the fake that it is. On July 12, 2018, none other than the President of the Vatican Bank, which for years has been investigated and charged with money-laundering for such groups as the Mafia, has spilled the beans. Ettore Tedeschi, who was President of the Vatican Bank from 2009 to 2012 and saw its corruption firsthand under the "Nazi" Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger, has now told the world: "The New World Order" controls the [New]church.

Tedeschi stated at an international conference a huge demographic collapse of the West is being orchestrated by the "Deep State" in order to create the "necessary conditions" to usher in a Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order). In fact, that plan has been accelerated with the election of the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, who has been systematically destroying the Catholic Mass and Sacraments, Catholic doctrine, and Catholic morality.

Tedeschi stated that the New World Order has already set in motion a series of orchestrated "economic catastrophes," in order to persuade people around the world to accept the elite globalists' New World Order and eliminate national sovereignty across the globe. The New World Order is working to destroy the family the family because it provides "education, autonomy and independence" from the Deep State. It is also working to destroy Christianity and its belief in God's Natural Law.

He denounced the Newchurch of the New Order, which, since the Vatican II Anti-council has been forcing the "homogenization of culture" and "religious syncretism" (all religions are equal, all gods are the same), which was elevated at Vatican II to the false doctrine of "oecumenism." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the LS News.]

True Catholics, the TRADITIO Network has denounced from its inception that association of Newchurch with the New World Order. Each Newpope from Paul VI-Montini through Francis-Bergoglio has increasing gutted everything Catholic and replaced it with Marxist-style thinking and practice. Unfortunately, there are still many clueless people who have not yet realized that Newchurch is not the Catholic Church. Fortunately, more leaders like Ettore Tedeschi have finally come to that realization and are speaking out.

July 15, 2018 - Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Has the Neo-SSPX Elected a Fellay Clone
As Its Newest Superior-dictator until the Year 2030?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
New Neo-SSPX Officers

(Left to Right) Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta
Fr. Davide Pagliarani, and Fr. Christian Bouchacourt
Elected on July 11, 2018, for Twelve-year Terms
To Head Bernie Fellay's Faltering Neo-SSPX
As First Assistant, Superior-general, and Second Assistant, Respectively
The Now-ousted Fellay Saw Almost One-fifth of His Priest-Presbyters
Abandon His Neo-SSPX over His 24-year Dictatorial Regime
As He Was Getting Too Close to the Newchurch of the New Order
And the Heretical Vatican II Anti-council

To replace Bernie Fellay (1994-2018), the 24-year Superior-dictator of the Neo-SSPX, the 41 members of the Neo-SSPX General Chapter elected on July 11, 2018, Fr. Davide Pagliarani as Superior-general until the year 2030. The General Chapter is taking place from July 11-21, 2018, in Econe, Switzerland, in the archseminary of the Neo-SSPX.

Pagliarani, a 47-year-old Italian who was ordained in 1996 by Fellay himself, is of relatively recent vintage. He served in the small town of Rimini, Italy, and became Fellay's Superior for the District of Italy. Since 2012 he has been rector of the Neo-SSPX's seminary in La Reja, Argentina, succeeding Bishop Richard Williamson, who abandoned Fellay and his Neo-SSPX because of Fellay's impending sellout to Newrome. On July 12, 2018, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, one of Archbishop Lefebvrre's four original bishops, was elected First Assistant, and Fr. Christian Bouchacourt, Superior of the French District, was elected Second Assistant.

Davide Pagliarani is described by those who know him as "moderate and diplomatic" -- in other words, a man who is not likely to have the courage to stand up publicly and firmly against the heretical Newchurch and its heretical Newpope Francis-Bergoglio like a Savonarola, as is called for. There is also the suspicion that an Italian was elected to expedite the merger of the Neo-SSPX with Newchurch. It is suspected that he is going to be a front for Superior-dictator Bernie Fellay, who had fallen into such antipathy for his high-handed actions to sell out to the New Order that he could not be re-elected in nomine ipso.

Alfonso de Galarreta is the least well-known of the four original bishops whom the originally-traditional SSPX's founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, consecrated in 1988. Galarreta signally failed to check Bernie Fellay's programme to sell out the Neo-SSPX, which Fellay reorganized away from the Archbishop's original traditional organization, but together with Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais and, to a lesser extent, Bishop Richard Williamson, remained almost silent in the face of the planned sellout.

Christian Bouchacourt is a notorious autocrat. When several leading Neo-SSPX priests in France, seven deans and three superiors, publicly disagreed with Bernie Fellay's sellout of Neo-SSPX marriages to the authority of Newchurch, Bouchacourt had the priests literally thrown out of their churches. Bouchacourt also spent "buddy buddy" time in Buenos Aires with Jorge Bergoglio (later Francis-Bergoglio), when the latter was Newarchbishop there. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Italian daily La Stampa and the TRADITIO Network's International Correspondent, Petrus Romanus.]

True Catholics, this election has all the marks of another Fellay-engineered farce. Remember that Fellay appointed virtually all the electors, and he ordained Pagliarani. We predicted that Fellay would remain the power behind the throne, but because of the increasing animosity throughout the Neo-SSPX toward his dictatorial and Novus-Ordo-sellout regime, he would chose become the power behind the throne after his 24-year personal rule.

July 14, 2018 - St. Bonaventure, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Eldest Daughter of Newchurch Sputters into Oblivion
Two-thirds of French Newdioceses Will Install Zero Presbyters in 2018

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
French Installations in 2018

In 2018, Newchurch Installations of Presbyters in France
Once Called the Eldest Daughter of the Church
Have Fallen to Zero in Almost Two-thirds of the Country's Newdioceses
More and More Young Men Have Figured Out
That Newchurch Is Not the Catholic Church
And They Aren't Going to Waste Their Lives in It
In Any Case, Newchurch Hasn't Ordained Valid Priests
Since 1968, when It Adopted an Invalid Protestantized "New Ordinal"
Which Came into Use at the Same Time as the Invalid "New Mess" of 1969

What if you fabricated a Newchurch, and nobody wanted to join? That is the situation that Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch increasingly faces, as more and more young men have figured out that Newchurch is not the Catholic Church, and they aren't going to waste their lives in it. Even those who do are no longer even ordained as priests in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but only as presbyter-ministers under the Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968.

France earned the title "Eldest Daughter of the Church" when Clovis, King of the Francs, was baptized in 496 and proclaimed Catholicism as the state religion. Until the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), France was Catholic, and the Church was Catholic. But no more. The Newchurch of the New Order that replaced the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church on November 21, 1964, disestablished Catholicism as the state religion of those countries that had thitherto had it established.

Newchurch in France announced on July 4, 2018, that barely 100 Newseminarians would be installed (not ordained) as presbyters for the entire country. Almost two-thirds of the country's Newdioceses will have zero -- read that again: ZERO -- presbyters installed. This a 15 per cent decrease in just one year, continuing a pattern of significant drops year by year since Vatican II. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Newchurch's French daily, La Croix.]

True Catholics, gradually it has begun to penetrate even into the clueless Newchurchers that Newchurch is not the Catholic Church. This fact, obvious even in 1964, has become crystal clear under the regime of Francis-Bergoglio, who teaches outright heresy, pushes an even more Protestantized invalid Mess, and pontificates over a Newchurch that is riddled with paedophiles and paedophile supporters, including presbyters, Newbishops, Newcardinals -- and himself!

July 13, 2018 - St. Anacletus, Pope & Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Is Forced to Recant
All His Charges against Honest Auditor-general Dropped

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Libero Milone

Libero Milone, Newvatican's Auditor-general
Got Too Close to the Truth
By Uncovering Evidence of Newvatican's Corruption
"Certain and Clear Abuses of Funds"
By Francis-Bergoglio and His Henchmen
So Bergoglio Attempted to Destroy Milone's Good Reputation
And Had Him Fired
The Public Heat against Bergoglio Became So Scorching
In What Came to Be Known as the Vatileaks II Scandal
That Bergoglio Had to Call His Dogs Off

Newvatican's Auditor-general, who claimed that he was the victim of falsified evidence from Francis-Bergoglio, has been set free on July 7, 2018. Libero Milone was investigating financial misconducted by Bergoglio and his henchmen in Newvatican. Milone apparently got too close to the truth by uncovering evidence of corruption, "certain and clear abuses of funds." So Bergoglio had to get rid of him.

So Milone was framed, summarily dismissed, and arrested in June 2017, and his office and computer were raided by Bergoglio's gendarmerie. Milone's reputation as an impartial financial auditor was sterling, and opprobrium instead started to fall on Bergoglio. The public heat against Bergoglio became so scorching in what came to be known as the Vatileaks II scandal that Bergoglio, now publicly embarrassed, had to call his dogs off.

Milone, was a partner in the distinguished international auditing and consulting firm of Deloitte. He was employed as part of the Francis-Bergoglio "financial reforms," which Bergoglio undertook merely for show. When Newcardinal George Pell, who was hired as Chief Financial Officer, got too close to the truth about Beroglio's corruption, he was publicly sidelined and eventually exiled to Australia. When Milone got too close to the truth, Bergoglio had him charged with crimes for which there was no evidence.

What Francis-Bergoglio didn't count on was the fact that Milone fought back to save his reputation. He publicly challenged Bergoglio with "Where's the beef" demands. Bergoglio, of course, had trumped up the charges against Milone, so there was no "beef." Milone also threatened Bergoglio's Newvatican with defamation of character and got his prestigious colleagues in the international auditing firms to support his record of honesty. Thus, Bergoglio, publicly humiliated, was forced to back off. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio, ever the antithesis of Christian virtue, never even apologized to his Auditor-general for framing him. In the real world, a case like this would result in far more than just an apology. It would also result in automatic reinstatement, the receipt of back pay, and the awarding of damages. Nevertheless, the noose is tightening around Bergoglio's neck, and his abdication from a regime now publicly-exposed as corrupt is anticipated in the next year or two.

July 12, 2018 - St. John Gualbert, Abbot
Double Feast

Australian Newbishop Sentenced to a Year for Paedophilia Cover-up
But the Criminal Refuses to Abdicate, with Francis-Bergoglio's Support

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurch Sex Victim

One of the Child Victims of the Paedophile Newbishop Wilson
Welcomes the Newbishop's Conviction and Sentencing
Wilson, However, Has Refused to Abdicate His Newbishopric
And Francis-Bergoglio Has Allowed the Paedophiliac to Continue
Australia Is So Enraged at Bergoglio and His Newchurch
That the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader Have Joined
In Demanding Wilson's Abdication
Bergoglio's Failure to Fire Wilson Ouright
Has Just Emboldened Other Perverted Newchurch Bishops in Crime

In yet another revelation of how corrupt Newchurch has become, its Newarchbishop, Philip Wilson, of Adelaide, Australia, convicted in May 2018 for failing to report numerous crimes of sexual assault against children, refused on July 5, 2018, to abdicate, and Francis-Bergoglio is allowing the perversion of justice to continue.

So enraged is Australia at Bergoglio and his Newchurch at this point that Australia's Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have joined in demanding Wilson's abdication. Several Australian Newbishops have joined the cry. But the criminal Newarchbishop won't budge. The Australian magistrate who sentenced Wilson stated from the bench that Wilson had shown "no remorse or contrition" and so hit him with the maximum sentence. The magistrate said that, to the contrary, the boys' testimony was "credible." In Newchurch, contrition is no longer required for sins.

Two child victims had reported sex crimes against them by a notorious paedophile presbyter directly to Wilson, who summarily dismissed their complaints and denounced the "altar boys" for lying. (Newchurch does not use altars, but "eucharistic dinner tables" for its Protestantized services). Now Wilson says that he "can't remember." Originally, he tried to get off, claiming that he had dementia, but that plea was rejected because there was no medical evidence of his having such a condition. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by BBC News.]

True Catholics, criminal Newarchbishop Wilson's failure to abdicate is a new nadir for Newchurch and its criminal Newclergy. Francis-Bergoglio's failure to fire Wilson outright has just emboldened other perverted Newchurch bishops to commit sex crimes against children. As the saying goes, for Bergoglio and his henchmen, there isn't a place hot enough in Hell -- the Hell, by the way, that the heretical Bergoglio claims not to believe in!

July 11, 2018 - St. Pius I, Pope & Martyr
Simple Feast

"Conservative" Candidate for U.S. Supreme Court Nomination
Amy Barrett Is a Member of a Modernist/Oecumenist Post-Vatican II Cult

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Amy Barrett

Amy Barrett, on the Short List
For an Epoch-making U.S. Supreme Court Seat
Is Regarded as a "Conservative" -- but Is She Really?
Barrett Is a Member of the Leftist Newchurch
And a Member of the Fanatic People of Praise Cult
Which Is a Closed-off Group Similar to Opus Dei
It Preaches "Diversity" and "Globalization"
Which Have Become Code Words for Leftist Concepts

As U.S. President Donald Trump ponders a group of conservative jurists for an epoch-making nomination to fill a vacancy on the nine-member Supreme Court, it turns out that one of those on the short list is a Newchurch ringer. Amy Barrett is not just Newchurch, as are now five other member of the court. She is also a member of the People of Praise cult. To true Catholics, the name alone is a tip-off: it sounds like something the heretical Evangelicals would come up with. Barrett is also associated with the once-Catholic, but now radical, Notre Dame University of South Bend, Indiana, run by the Novus Ordo Holy Cross Congregation, which has been caught time and time again supporting such anti-Catholic positions as abortion and "gay" marriage.

People of Praise is a small, 1,700-member secretive lay organization, consisting mainly of Newchurchers, with some heretics thrown in for purposes of post-Vatican II "oecumenism." The group is in many ways reminiscent of the Opus Dei cult, which was exposed to the popular mind in the 2006 major motion picture based upon Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department, in the section "Opus Dei."

But People of Praise is worse. It preaches "diversity" and globalization, which have become code words for Leftist concepts in contradiction to the teaching of the true Catholic Church. It also uses the techniques of Protestant Evangelical groups, which have gone off the deep end far more than the mainline Protestant sects, into Charismaticism. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department, in the section "Charismatic Movement."

People of Praise is run by self-appointed "heads" and "handmaidens," who are allowed to control significant areas of members' lives from family relations to finances. For doctrinal guidance, members turn to these people, who have no appropriate background for such a role and do not follow Catholic teaching. They are plugged into the anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order, which was established during the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church. Those who attempt to leave were described in a 1997 PoP document as "quitters" and "adulterers." Former members describe their experiences like those involved in the Opus Dei cult. According to one: "There is something scary and weird there." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The Washington Post.]

True Catholics, the U.S. Supreme Court is currently composed of five Newchurchers and three Jews. Now there is the possibility that the ninth member will be not only a Newchurcher, but a member of a fanatic Newchurch cult. U.S. President Donald Trump is a mainline Protestant Presbyterian. One at least one occasion he seemed to be aware that Newchurch has been taken over by Leftists. He has also had some harsh words for Francis-Bergoglio's Leftist politics.

July 10, 2018 - Seven Holy Brothers, Martyrs; Sts. Rufina & Secunda, Virgins & Martyrs
Semidouble Feast

Supreme Court Overturns "Catholic" University and Marxist Newjesuits
Overturns Dismissal of Professor Who Stood against "Gay" Marriage

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
John McAdams

Professor John McAdams Knocks out Newchurch
Its Newjesuits and Its Newpope Francis-Bergoglio with One Punch
The Wisconsin Supreme Court Gave Him a Total Victory and Set a Precedent
When It Ruled that Marquette University, of Wisconsin
A Newjesuit Institution that Calls Itself "Catholic"
Had Violated His Right of Free Speech, Academic Freedom, and His Contract
When It Suspended Him Indefinitely without Pay
For Standing against "Gay" Marriage

Professor John McAdams stood against "gay" marriage at a Marquette University, in Wisconsin, which claims to be a "Catholic" run by the Marxist Newjesuit Order, to which Newpope Francis-Bergoglio himself belongs. For doing his job as a Catholic, he was suspended indefinitely without pay by the Newjesuits. But the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the corrupt Newjesuits and ruled that they had violated McAdams' right to free speech and the guarantee of academic freedom that the Newjesuits had given him in his contract to teach. The court ordered that he be "restored immediately with his full rank, tenure, compensation, and benefits."

The Supreme Court thought the Newjesuits' violation so grotesque that it ordered with a Writ of Certiorari that the lower court's decision against the professor immediately be advanced to the Supreme Court, bypassing the intermediate Circuit Court of Appeals.

Marquette University had also demanded that Professor McAdams provide a letter expressing "deep regret" for rejecting "gay" marriage, which rejection the Newjesuits claimed was "reckless and incompatible with the mission and values of Marquette University." McAdams flatly refused to deny Catholic moral teaching. McAdams had previously spoken out against the contradiction between positions taken by the Newjesuit University and "its Catholic [sic] identity. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LS News.]

True Catholics, all of the schools run by the Newchurch of the New Order from grammar school to university are not Catholic and have not been since the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965). One of the greatest Catholic educators, Archbishop Fulton Sheen (1895-1979), while teaching at the Catholic University of America for nearly 25 years and dealing with students, noted with deep concern what was happening in Catholic education and the fact that many young people were losing the Faith since Vatican II (1962-1965). His warning on higher education, given around 1967, was as prophetic as it was startling:

You are better off going to a state school where you will have the chance to fight for your Faith, than going to a modern Catholic university where you will have the new watered-down, Modernist version of the Faith spoon-fed to your unsuspecting minds, so that you will be apt to lose your Faith.

July 9, 2018 - Ferial Day

A Reader Asks: "Are There Any Alternatives
To the Friday Abstinence from Fleshmeat?"

From: Mark
Friday Abstinence

Friday Abstinence from Fleshmeat Has Been the Perpetual Tradition
Of the Catholic Church from Apostolic Times
And Is Documented from the First Century A.D.
Fridays Are Dedicated to the Memory of the Passion of Our Lord
By Our Abstinence on Fridays, We Participate in Some Small Way
In the Great Sacrifice of Our Lord For Us on Good Friday
To Ensure that We Practice at Least This Minimal Penance
For Remitting the Temporal Punishment for Our Sins
Holy Mother Church Has Bound Us under Pain of Mortal Sin

What are examples of an alternate penance to abstaining from fleshmeat on Friday? I have been in situations, out of my control, where I do not want to offend the host of a dinner party.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

There are no alternate penances. The Friday abstinence from fleshmeat has bound Catholics under pain of Mortal Sin from Apostolic times. Your choice to avoid sin is never "out of your control."

Hosts of a dinner party have an obligation on their part to take into account the needs of their guests. Celiacs can't eat wheat. Those allergic to peanuts could literally die from a peanut sauce. Many people are allergic to shellfish. There are also many others who don't eat meat for health or religious reasons (Hindus, Jews). You have every right to speak up politely about your needs.

At the dinner you can politely say: "Sorry, I am unable to eat meat," or just leave the meat on your plate and eat other food. When you get an invitation for a dinner party on a Friday, upon replying to the invitation, you can simply say: "I am unable to eat meat. Will you be serving a nonmeat alternative?" You could even choose to say: "As a traditional Catholic, I abstain from meat on Fridays. Will there be a nonmeat dish available?"

This is a wonderful way to carry out the message of your Catholic Faith. A few decades ago your host would be well aware that Catholics abstain from fleshmeat on Fridays in remembrance that Christ suffered Calvary on Friday to redeem us. Now the anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order has confused many people about the true Catholic Faith. As even the aphorism with which you concluded your message correctly states it: "One need worry about offending God, rather than others."

For further information, click on FAQ11: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Practices? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department, in the section "Friday Abstinence."

July 8, 2018 - Seventh Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Now Newvatican Is Accused of Scandalous Music Dealings
Newvatican's Choir's Trip to the United States Has Been Canceled

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Regensburg Boys Choir

Ex-Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger Poses
With His Elder Brother, Georg, and the Regensburg Boys Choir
That Georg Directed from 1964 to 1994
During That Period 200 Boys Were Victims
Of Sexual and Physical Abuse
Now Francis-Bergoglio's Newvatican Choir Is under Investigation
For Financial Malfeasance and Forgery
By Its Administrative Director
Whose Wife Converted a Newcardinal's Chapel
Into Her Personal Business Office

You would think that of all things, music might be spared from corruption in Newchurch. Not so. On July 3, 2018, the administrative director of the Newvatican Choir, Michelangelo Nardella, was exposed as being investigated for financial forgery and has been suspended. Nardella has been accused of forging the signatures of his superior to misappropriate funds.

Nardella and his family live in the estate of a deceased Newcardinal in central Rome. Nardella's wife, who functions as a psychologist, sacrilegiously converted the Newcardinal's chapel in the building into her personal business office. As a result of the forgeries, the Newvatican Choir's trip to the United States, which was originally planned from July 1-26, 2018, has been canceled. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano.]

Newchurch's boys choirs have previously been implicated in scandals. For example, ex-Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger's brother, Georg, was also charged with overseeing sexual abuse and assault of the boys in his Regensburg Newcathedral Boys Choir, which he directed from 1964, the year in which Newchurch was founded, to 1994. During that period 200 victims were physically assaulted, at least 40 of them sexually. Georg himself was reported to have such a violent temper that he once threw a chair at a choirboy so forcefully that his false teeth fell out.

True Catholics, evidence of Newchurch's vileness accumulates day by day. No true Catholic can have anything to do with it, let alone allow children to be placed into the hands of the paedophile Newclergy, whom even Newpopes have connived to support and have refused to prosecute. With Newchurch and its Newpopes kicking and screaming, the civil courts are now starting to make up for the previous injustices.

July 7, 2018 - Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Bishops & Confessors
Double Feast

The Myth of the "Charitable" Newchurch Was Exposed
As the "Devil" Presbyter Screamed: "Get the Hell out of My Church"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Michael Briese

Michael Briese, the "Devil" Pastor-presbyter of St. Mary's Newchurch
Aborted the Funeral and Threw out the Grieving Family
When the Novus Ordo Cup Was Accidentally Knocked Over
Videos Show the Presbyter Screaming over the Microphone:
"There Will Be No Funeral, There Will Be No Mass [Sic]"
Everyone Get the Hell out of My Church
Get This Thing [the Corpse] out of My Church"
The Family at Last Saw the Truth that Newchurch Is Phony, Saying:
"You’re Not a Pastor. You're Not a Father of the Lord."
You're Not Any of That. You’re the Devil."

You have heard it often: the Newchurch is so much more "chartiable" than the traditional Catholic Church. Of course, this is just more false propaganda from the multi-million Newchurch propaganda machine broadcasting from Newvatican. In reality, an incident proving the "charitable" lie has sparked widespread outrage.

On June 26, 2018, a Novus Ordo funeral was going on in St. Mary's Newchurch in Charolotte Hall, Maryland. The Novus Ordo "cup" was not protected at a traditional altar, but was placed out front upon the Novus Ordo dinner table, where it could easily be knocked over. Because of danger of profaning the Sacred Species, Communion from the chalice is traditionally reserved to the celebrant of the Mass only. (Not that Newchurch has valid Communion anyway, only an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service simulated by non-ordained presbyters in which no Sacrament is confected.)

The notorious incident occurred when the family of the deceased came up in front of the Novus Ordo dinner table (Novus Ordo churches do not have altars because no sacrifice takes place there; the Novus Ordo is essentially Protestant) to ogle the corpse that was, in the usual Novus Ordo profanation, lying exposed in an open coffin in front of the dinner table. Accidentally, one of the family knocked over the chalice sitting on the dinner table.

Then all Hell broke loose. The presiding presbyter had a fit, aborted the Mess, and threw the family out. Videos were captured by several members of the congregation showing the Newchurch pastor-presbyter getting on the microphone and screaming: "There will be no funeral, there will be no mass [sic]. Everyone get the Hell out of my church. Get this thing [the corpse[ out of my church." Then he and the family started screaming over the dead body. The family ended up carrying the coffin out of the church into the parking lot, where police sirens were wailing, and Newchurchers were befuddled.

Sad as this incident was for the family, they finally got the message. They told the Newchurch pastor-presbyter: "You’re not a pastor. You're not a father of the Lord. You're not any of that. You’re the Devil."

True Catholics, the moral of this story is: don't even think of having a funeral in a Novus Ordo church. The funeral is fake anyway, and your corpse could be subjected to indignities. These Newchurch presbyters, many of whom are paedophiles, have no sense of morality. After all, Newchurch presbyters are not Catholic, nor were they educated in Catholic doctrine and practice at a Catholic seminary. Newchurch is out of control. It is heathen.

July 6, 2018 - Octave Day of Sts. Peter & Paul, Apostles
Double Feast

Newchurch Converts St. Catherine of Siena Church
Into a Dollar Tree Discount Store

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Catherine of Siena Church

St. Catherine of Siena Church in Boston, Massachusetts
Used to Be Filled to the Brim with True Catholics
Worshipping at the Traditional Latin Mass
Now It Is One of Thousands Shut Down by the Newchurch of the New Order
Because Newchurchers Are Walking away by the Millions
From a Newchurch Corrupted by Paedophile in Its Clergy
Heresy in Its Doctrines, and a Invalid "New Mess" that Is Downright Silly
Now St. Catherine's Has Been Sold off by Newchurch
To Be Converted into a Dollar Tree Discount Store
Where Newchurchers Can Go on Shopping Sprees Sunday Mornings Instead

Newchurch is really getting desperate. In the United States, some Newdioceses have closed down half of their churches because Newchurchers are walking out in droves, scandalized by continuing paedophile crimes by Newchurch clergy, silly "liturgies" that is even worse than those of the Protestant sects, and outright rejection of Catholic doctrine by Newchurch officials up to and including the Newpopes.

In Boston, Massachusetts, just as society is embracing anti-religious, secular values, St. Catherine of Sienna, once a traditional church, was shut down by the Boston Newarchdiocese and converted into a Dollar Tree. More Newchurchers now shop at the discount store than ever attended the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess" there.

Where Catholics before the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) used to receive Holy Communion, Newchurch now peruse aisles for food, toys, party supplies, and other discounted items. The store does stock next to the toilet paper the cheap one-dollar candles from Mexico with images of saints on them. One local historian said: "People are hurt by it. The fabric of this community was once anchored in its churches. People had their baptisms here, weddings, confirmations." No more. Except at the entrance, when customers pass through a Romanesque Revival brick facade, no trace of the church remains. Others of the many once traditional Catholic churches now subjected to the wrecking-ball have been turned into luxury condominia.

Holy Mass was celebrated in the church for the first time on Christmas Day 1887. The event was described at the time as "one which will long be remembered by the Catholic population of Charlestown." No more. Newchurch has forgotten Catholicism. Newcardinal Sean O'Malley just couldn't pass up 1,400,000 USD for the church property. He has too many court-ordered damage payments to make to victims of his paedophile Newclergy. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The Boston Globe.]

True Catholics, the Newchurch of the New Order is sick unto death. Even if Newchurchers are too clueless to articulate the theological reasons, they know in their hearts that Newchurch is most certainly not the Catholic Church. Thus, the pagan Newchurchers are only too happy to spend their Sunday mornings shopping at the Dollar Tree instead of going to Newchurch's invalid and silly "New Mess."

July 5, 2018 - St. Anthony Maria Zaccaria, Confessor
Double Feast

Newchurch Bishops in Philippines Interrogated by Philippine Police
For Plotting to Overthrow the Philippine Government

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Rodgrigo Duerte

Rodrigo Duerte, President of the Philippines
Where Catholicism Had Been Deeply Believed
Before the Vatican II Anti-council, and Even Now to Some Extent
Has Given the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio Many Verbal Punches
Because Bergoglio Rejects Basic Catholic Moral Principles
Newcardinal Antonio Tagle, of Manila, Has Even Been Quoted as Saying
That Newchurch "Should Take Leadership of the Government"

As the TRADITIO Network has previously reported, there is little religion left in the Newchurch of the New Order. The Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is running not a religous, but a political organization. In that regard, it appears that Bergoglio's Philippine Newbishops have crossed the line into illegality, like the Jesuits order that was abolished by the popes for 40 years (1773-1814) on account of interference in secular politics

On June 28, 2018, the Catholic [Sic] Bishops' Conference of the Philippines was summoned to Manila by the Philippine National Police Chief on accusations that the Newbishops were plotting to destabilize the Philippine government, whose President, Rodrigo Duerte, has frequently attacked the Marxist Newpope. The government has also charged that some Newchurcher leaders may be "involved in a plot to oust Rodrigo Duerte." Newcardinal Antonio Tagle, of Manila, has even been quoted as saying that Newchurch "should take leadership of the government." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by UCANews.]

True Catholics, it is not surprising that Newchurch should be charged with political activity to support Francis-Bergoglio's Marxist programme. To a country where Catholicism had been deeply believed in before the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), and even now to some extent, Bergoglio's heretical statements about Hell and divorce/remarriage and list Leftist political agenda are anathema. President Duerte has been quite outspoken in support of basic Catholic moral principles and against Francit "The Marxist" Bergoglio, who rejects them.

July 4, 2018 - Within the Octave of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Personally Covered up for Paedophile Presbyter
The News Report Was Suppressed by Newvatican

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Hides His Face in Shame
As a Respected Italian Newspaper Confirms His Complicity
In the Cover-up of the Sodomizing of a 15-year-old Boy
In Buenos Aires, Where Bergoglio Was New Archbishop
Bergoglio Refused to See the Boy's Mother
And Attempted to Have Her Fired from Her Job
Bergoglio Has Many Paedophile and Other Skeletons in HIs Closet
Because His Election Was Rushed through So Fast as a Dark Horse
The Newcardinal-Electors Did Not Have the Chance to Find out Fully
About His Background as a Marxist and Paedophile Accomplice

Francis-Bergoglio, the Marxist Newpope and member of the Marxist Newjestuits, was already rumored to have covered up paedophile crimes by his presbyters when he was Newarchbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina. These accusations were investigated and the results confirmed by a respected Vaticanologist, Marco Tossati, and published in the May 26, 2018, online edition of La Stampa, the venerable daily from Turin, Italy. Within hours Tossati's article was removed after assumed pressure from Bergoglio's Newvatican, which didn't want the truth about Bergoglio to get out.

In May 2013 a 15-year-old Argentinian boy had been sodomized by a presbyter under the authority of Francis-Bergoglio. After having been sodomized, they boy escaped the presbyter and reported the crime to his mother. When the boy's mother attempted to report the crime to Bergoglio, Bergoglio refused to speak with her, but instead ordered his bodyguards to prevent her from approaching his residence and attempted to have her fired from her job. Meanwhile, the paedophile presbyter was being housed at another of Bergoglio's residences. The presbyter's crime was covered up as "a moment of weakness."

As a result of sex crime of Bergoglio's presbyter, the boy victim attempted to commit suicide. Justly indignant, the boy's mother denounced Bergoglio as an accomplice to paedophile in these words:

This is Bergoglio's compromise: He speaks against cases of paedophilia in the [New]church, but uses hypocrisy, lies, and complicity to cover them up. He does not care about God and society. In the {New]church everyone knows, and everyone keeps silent; thus, all are accomplices. It is necessary to take action becausese many people are afraid or to ashamed to denounce and quarrel with someone in clerical garb.

It is noteworthy that this case came to light again when Bergoglio was being denounced for his appointment of the notorious paedophile Newbishop Juan Barros, about whom the Chilean Bishops Conference had speicifically warned him and about whom he wrote them that he would not appoint the man as a Newbishop.

True Catholics, the Newpope Francis-Bergoglio has many paedophile and other skeletons in his closet. Because his 2013 election was rushed through so fast as a dark horse, the Newcardinal electors did not have the chance find out about his background as a Marxist and a paeophile accomplice. God's justice is not blind, however. Bergoglio's evil deeds are now being exposed to the world. His attempted suppression of the evidence has not been successful, and now the world is coming to know this Newpope for the immoral hypocrite that he is.

July 3, 2018 - St. Leo II, Pope & Confessor
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Writes: "Indult" Presbyters Are Forced
To Go to Novus Ordo Seminaries and Simulate the Invalid Novus Ordo Mess

From: Mary
Protestant Seminary

Newdioceses Refuse to Allow Seminarians
"Indult" or Otherwise, to Attend "Traditional" Seminaries
They Are Routed to Protestantized Novus Ordo Diocesan Seminaries
In Fact, Newchurch Does Not Have "Traditional" Seminaries
Newchurch Is Perpetrating a Cruel Lie upon Its Clueless Seminarians
They Will Never Be Ordained because Newchurch Has Not Ordained Priests
Since 1968 when the Protestantized New Ordinal Was Adopted
As with the Protestants, the Catholic Sacrament of Holy Orders
Was Abolished in the Fraudulent Newchurch

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

To add to the what you wrote about the semi-"indult" presbyters of St. John Cantius in Chicago, Illinois, I know that the Newarchdiocese there refuses to allow seminarians, "indult" or otherwise, to attend "traditional" seminaries. They are routed to Protestantized Novus Ordo diocesan seminaries, where they all learn how to simulate the invalid Novus Ordo Mess. In fact, one "indult" presbyter who went to an "indult" seminary was withdrawn from that seminary and required to retake his last year in a Novus Ordo seminary. The Newarchdiocese of Chicago is certainly not the only Newdiocese that imposes this requirement.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

First let's get the facts straight. Newchurch does not have "traditional" seminaries. All Newchurch seminaries, whether "indult" (like the Fraternity of St. Peter, using the modernized "Extraordinary" New Latin Mess of 1962) are all embedded with the Novus Ordo, and pseudo-traditional Newseminarians in these are taught the Novus Ordo Mess, doctrine, and immorality just like the Novus Ordo seminarians.

Newchurch is perpetrating a cruel lie upon its clueless Newseminarians. Even if they graduate without being sodomized by the likes of a Newcardinal McCarrick, they will never be ordained because Newchurch has not ordained anyone since 1968, when the Protestantized New Ordinal was adopted to require "installation" of presbyter-ministers. Moreover, the Newbishops doing the "installing" are themsevles never consecrated, but merely "installed" as Newbishops under the Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968. As with the Protestants, the Catholic Sacrament of Holy Orders was abolished in the fradulent Newchurch.

Newchurch has syphilis. Sometimes the condition stays hidden under a little "traditional" talk (but no action). Meanwhile, the fatal disease is eating away at the insides of the organism/organization and eventually kills what it has infected in a most gruesome fashion.


A Reader Writes: "Francis-Bergoglio's Nuncio in Washington, D.C.
Refused to Send Me the Formal Notice of Excommunication that I Requested"

From: John
Christophe Pierre

Newarchbishop Christophe Pierre
Francis-Bergoglio's Nuncio in Washington, D.C.
Refused to Send Our Reader a Formal Notice of Excommunication
From the Novus Ordo Sect
Which He Requested because He Rejects the "New Mass" and Sacraments
The Vatican II Anti-council, the Newchurch of the New Order
The Newpopes, and Divorce/Remarriage
The Newpapal Nuncio Rejected the Request for Unstated Reasons
Our Reader Shouldn't Waste Time with the False Newchurch
Which Is No Different from the Other Protestant Sects

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I sent the following letter to Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapal Nuncio in Washington, D.C.:

I request formal notice of my excommunication from Novus Ordo sect headed by Jorge Bergolio because:
  1. I reject the New Mass [sic] as sacrilegious.
  2. I reject Vatican as heretical.
  3. I reject divorce and remarriage.
  4. I reject the last six [New]popes as heretical and therefore false.
  5. I reject many of the seven sacraments [sic] as changed by Paul VI-Montini as invalid.
  6. I reject the Newchurch of the New Order as a counter-church that has defected to a mockery of the true Catholic Church.

Bergoglio's nuncio rejected my request, which is essentially no different from that of the hundreds of thousands of Germans who have requested that their Newchurch baptisms be deleted from the official records because they no longer wish to be members of Newchurch that sodomized so many German children.

Now I am making advance arrangements for my funeral. I told wife that I did not want a Novus Ordo presbyter-minister officiating at my funeral. She, as a Novus Ordo sectarian, is contemptuous of my request. How can I guarantee for myself a traditional Catholic funeral and prevent the travesty of receiving a Novus Ordo service?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Don't waste your time trying to deal with the false Newchurch. Just ignore it and have nothing to do with it. You are not asking for excommunication from the Methodist Church either, so why bother with Newchurch, which is also Protestant -- or worse.

As to a traditional Catholic funeral service, you need to leave binding funeral instructions. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files: FAQs and Traditional Apologetics department, in the section "Cremation and Traditional Funeral Instructions." To be doubly sure, have the instructions drawn up with a lawyer and have them recorded. Provide that anyone who attempts to countermand your will in this regard shall receive not a penny from your estate.


Newchurch's "Dirty Little Secret" Revealed
"Indult" Presbyters Are Completely Controlled by Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Frank Phillips

"Indult" Presbyter-minister Frank Phillips
Is Now Caught up in the Meat-grinder that Is the Newchurch of the New Order
Which Removed Him as Pastor of St. John Cantius "Half Indult" Church
And Suspended from the Novus Ordo Ministry
Whether Phillips Is Guilty or Innocent of the Charges against Him
He Is a Presbyter Completely Subservient to the Local Newchurch Bishop
The Only Way that True Catholics Can Preserve the Faith
In These Extraordinary Times Is to Remain Entirely Independent
Of the Newchurch of the New Order
Which Is Most Certainly Not the Catholic Church

UPDATE. The TRADITIO Network has been informed that, as usual, the clueless Neocon Newchurchers have bought into the lie. Moreover, they are setting up a Legal Defense Fund for the presbyter, whom they declare to be of "impeccable character." That was the same story, for just one example, that the Neocons circulated about Presbyter-minister John Corapi, when he was fired in 2011 from the EWTN Newchurch Cable Network. According to the Neocons, Corapi was guiltless and an ideal presbyter. But it didn't take long for the truth to come out. Corapi's religious superior admitted that all the charges were true: Corapi patronized proostitutes, engaged in "sexting," took drugs, binged on alcohol, and broke his vow of poverty by amassing a personal fortune of over 1,000,000 USD, including luxury vehicles, motorcycles, an All Terrain Vehicle, a boat dock, and several motorboats. Within three months Corapi "resigned" from the fake Novus Ordo presbyterate.

Our readers have read our previous Commentary on the scandal of one Presbyter Franks Phillips, who used to run the facade of pseudo-traditionalism at St. John Cantius Newchurch in Chicago, Illinois. Phillips got himself into a scandal because he was accused of "improper conduct involving adult males." After an investigation Phillips was removed as pastor of St. John Cantius and suspended from the Novus Ordo ministry, ordered out of the Newparish, and exiled to an undisclosed external facility on June 24, 2018.

The Phillips case is not unique. Several Newchurch-associated "Indult" groups have been caught with their cassocks down, so to speak. Accordingly, they have been suspended and/or expelled. The Phillips case relating to the "Indult" Mess, sometimes called the "Extraordinary" Mess of 1962, the "New Latin Mess" of Vatican II Anti-council, was shrouded in the usual Newchurch lies:

Our readers are used to these usual lies from Newchurch to deceive the clueless Neocon Newchurchers. But the Provincial Superior of Presbyter Phillips's Resurrectionist Congregation in a letter issued May 21, 2018, exposed the truth that the Neocon Newchurchers don't like to see revealed: that religious superiors have no power over "installing" presbyters for their groups. Even Phillips's group at St. John Cantius, falsely called "traditional," is completely controlled by "the authority [sic] of the [Novus Ordo] archbishop."

True Catholics, the upshot of this fact, in Newchurch, even heads of Newdiocesan "indult" groups have no authority or protection from the New Order Newbishops. It is as if St. John Cantius were being run by the President of the Methodist Church. The only way that true Catholics can preserve the faith in these extraordinary times is to remain entirely independent of the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church, and seek the true Catholic Mass and Sacraments from an independent traditional Catholic priest or through a truly traditional Catholic group whose priests are entirely independent of the Newchurch of the New Order.

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