December 2018

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In the darkness of Christmas Eve, December 24, is traditionally chanted the traditional Hour of Matins of the Divine Office for the Nativity of Our Lord, consisting of ancient antiphons, hymns, psalms, and the ancient commentaries of the Church Fathers on the significance of the Nativity. For example, in the Third Nocturn, Holy Mother Church provides us with the commentary of Pope St. Gregory the Great on the census proclamation of the Roman emperor that brought the Holy Family to Bethlehem, the commentary of St. Ambrose on the significance of the shepherds, and the commentary of St. Augustine on the Incarnation of the Word. Following Matins is traditionally held the procession to the creche and the High Mass of Christmas at Midnight (In Nocte), the First Mass of Christmas.

It is most unfortunate that many traditional Catholics do not have access to the Midnight High Mass, let alone the Solemn Matins of Christmas Eve, which precedes it and prepares for it. Fortunately, the St. John Schola has made available to the traditional Catholic faithful these significant rites on two CDs. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Gregorian Chant department for Volume I and Volume II of that Gregorian schola's recordings of Christmas Matins and Christmas High Mass. For traditional Catholics who do not have the opportunity to attend these singular rites in person, at least they may participate in them spiritually through these recordings. These rites are an essential part of the traditional Catholic Faith.

December 31, 2018 - St. Sylvester, Pope & Confessor
Seventh Day of Christmas
Double Feast

Members of Francis-Bergoglio's Child Protection Commission Complain
That He Never Comes to Meetings; They Demand a Commission Independent from Bergoglio

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Child

The Child's Cry Tells the Truth
Francis-Bergoglio's Lovey-dovey with Children Is a Fraud
Perpetrated for the Television Cameras
In Reality, His Child Protection Commission Has Been Exposed
As a Publicity Stunt
While He Set up a Secret Appeals Panel
To Let off His Criminal Paedophile Presbyters and Newbishops
With Impunity

On December 27, 2018, three members of Francis-Bergoglio's Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors have complained that the Commission is a fraud, as Bergoglio never attends meetings. Bergoglio indicates thereby that that is not interested in his Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, in which tens of thousands of children have been raped, sodomized, and otherwise sexually assaulted by Newchurch presbyters, Newbishops, and Newcardinals. He set up the Child Protection Commission as a propaganda stunt just to turn aside vehement accusations that he is an accomplice to the paedophilia crimes.

Francis-Bergoglio “never came to one of our meetings,” said one of the former members of the commission, from which she resigned in frustration. "I think at this point the pontifical commission seems to have completely lost its way." In the four years since its inception in March 2014, Bergoglio dragged his feet on giving the commission its bylaws and appointing all its members. Only a glitzy web site has been rolled out for propaganda purposes. The members now want the commission independent of Bergoglio.

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio reeks of hypocrisy. Recently, the Wall Street Journal revealed the result of its investigation, which found that Francis-Bergoglio had set up a secret appeals panel, which has behind the scenes been letting off confirmed paedophile presbyters and Newbishops. In Catholic moral theology, Bergoglio is just as criminal as those child-rapist presbyters, Newbishops, and Newcardinals whom he protects.

December 30, 2018 - Sunday within the Octave of the Nativity
Sixth Day of Christmas
Semidouble Sunday

A Reader Asks: "Could You Explain the Degrees of Sin
Involved in Lying?"

From: Gavin
Father of Lies

Satan Is the Father of Lies
In Catholic Moral Theology
Lies Can Be Either No Sin
A Venial Sin, or a Mortal Sin
According to the Quality of the Case
Reparation for a Lying Should be Made
To the Degree Possible
Your Traditional Catholic Confessor Will Be the One
to Give you Guidance in Doubtful Cases

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am currently working to overcome is my lying. Sometimes this lying involves acts without any mental deliberation, but sometimes it involves serious lies of slander or detraction. I am currently in the process of making acts of reparation for the slanderous lies that I have told. Could you explain the degrees of sin involved in lying?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

In Catholic moral theology, lies can be either no sin, a venial sin, or a mortal sin. A slander that caused someone to lose his livelihood would be mortal. A detraction that affected a person's reputation in a small way would be venial. A "white lie" (social lie) is usually not a lie at all, for example, when someone is directed to say, "He's not at home" -- which people socially take to mean: he is not available for visitors," whether he is physically at home or not.

Reparation should be made to the degree possible. For example, if you slandered someone to another person, you should retract the statement with that person. Your traditional Catholic confessor will be the one to give you guidance in doubtful cases.

December 29, 2018 - St. Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop & Martyr
Fifth Day of Christmas
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Are You Familiar with the New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism?
I Cannot Find in What Year It Was Published or Who Authored It"

From: Neil
New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism

The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism
Is Another One of Those New Order Frauds of the Heretical Newchurch
It Is Not Catholic
Be on the Lookout Particularly for Such Words in the Title As
"Modern," "New," "Revised," or "Updated"
Or Pictures of Christ, Mary, a Saint, or a Rosary
The Words and Picture Invariably Indicate Not a Catholic Book
But a New Order Fraud

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Are you familiar with the New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism. I cannot find in what year it was published or who authored it.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

What you have observed is common for "revised" editions of traditional works, which are intended by New Order publishers to deceive their readers. Insufficient information is given about dating and authorship. Sometimes these publishers (Tan Books & Publishers is one of the worst in this regard) even use the old (traditional) copyright date, but update the contents with the New Order heresies without informing the reader.

The book to which you refer is a product the heretical Newchurch. It is not Catholic. Vaguely, the publisher admits the fraud: "This Catechism combines modern outlook and language with a solid time-tested exposition of the teaching of the [New]church." Be on the lookout particularly for such words in the title as "modern," "new," "revised," or "updated." These words invariably indicate not a Catholic book, but a New Order fraud.

Another trick that Newchurch uses to deceive is the use of a Saint's name (in this case, St. Joseph) or Mary, or a picture of Christ, Mary, a Saint, or a Rosary. The book to which you refer uses several of these techniques: the words "new" and "revised"; the name of St. Joseph in the title; and a picture of Christ.

For further information on this topic, click on FAQ5: What Traditional Catholic Books Do You Recommend?" in the section "General Warning."


Francis-Bergoglio's Secret Panel Has Sharply Reduced Penalties
Against His Paedophile Presbyters and Newbishops

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Has Been Caught Red Handedbr> In Another Big Lie
He Claims to Have a "Zero Tolerance" Policy
Toward His Paedophile Presbyters and Newbishops
Whereas in Fact He Has Appointed a Secret "Appeals" Panel
Which Has, since 2015
Been Reducing or Eliminating Penalties for the Criminals
And Even Reinstating Them
Without Informing the Child Victims or Their Parents

A Wall Street Journal investigative report revealed on December 21, 2018, that while Francis-Bergoglio lies to the world about his "zero-tolerance" policy against his presbyters and Newbishop who commit sex crimes against children, he in fact established in 2015 a secret panel that has been reducing penalties against such criminals. This secret "appeals" panel has been operating within Newvatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith and has sharply reduced or even eliminated penalties against one-third of Bergoglio's paedophile Newclergy.

Before Francis-Bergoglio implemented his secret leniency policy, it took the full body of the Congregation to reduce a penalty. Now it takes only a minority eight members of the "appeals" panel to reduce or eliminate penalties for sex crimes. The panel has even reinstated some of Bergoglio's Newclergy that have been convicted. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Wall Street Journal.]

True Catholics, let's face it. The Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio has told so many lies about Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust that his nose has grown longer than Pinocchio's! He certainly has no "zero-tolerance" policy as he claims. His policy is gross leniency -- but he certainly won't reveal his fraudulent goings on to the child victims or their parents.


Attorney General Implicates Newcardinal Cupich, of Chicago
In Cover-up of 500 Clergy Sex Crimes against Children

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Liza Madigan

Liza Madigan, Attorney General of Illinois
Presents Her December 19, 2018, Investigative Report
Implicating Francis-Bergoglio's Bosom Buddy
Newcardinal-archbishop, of Chicago, Blase Cupich
In the Cover-up of 500 Sex Crimes against Children
By Newchurch Presbyters

In a December 19, 2018, report, the State of Illinois Attorney General, Liza Madigan, accused Chicago Newcardinal-archbishop Blase Cupich, a bosom buddy of Francis-Bergoglio, and his associates of covering up 500 sex crimes against children by Newchurch presbyters. The Attorney General charged that Cupich failed to enforce even the U.S. Newbishops' own Dallas Charter, which claims to implement a "zero-tolerance" policy for such crimes.

The Attorney General initiated an investigation in August 2018 into sex crimes by Illinois presbyters against children in the state's six Newchurch dioceses. She also found that the Newbishops of Illinois failed to assist the child victims, failed to follow Newchurch's "zero-tolerance" policy, and failed to report crimes and their scope. Even when crimes were reported to the Newcardinal and his associates, no action was taken. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

True Catholics, investigations by numerous state Attorneys General have revealed that Newchurch's "zero-tolerance" policy on sex crimes against children perpretrated by its presbyters policy is itself a cover-up. It is intended merely to cover-up Newchurch's own cover-up of such crimes. But, as St. John the Apostle and Evangelist tells us: "Christus est veritas" [Christ is truth, 1 John 5:6/DRV]. Evil Newchurch officials, from Francis-Bergoglio on down, may think that they can cover up their crimes, but now these crimes are coming back to haunt Newchurch, like swamp gas inexorably bubbling to the surface.


A Reader Asks: "I Now Attend a Traditional-leaning Novus Ordo Parish
How Do I Find Attend a Real Traditional Latin Mass?"

From: Suzanne
Novus Ordo Mess

Catholic or Protestant?
The "New" Mess of Newchurch Is a Fake Protestant Service
With Protestantized Presbyter-ministers
As Long as You Set Foot in a Newchurch Parish
You Are Not Receiving Valid Catholic Sacraments
In Essence, You Are Going to a Heretic Protestant Church

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am a faithful Catholic who attends Mass [sic] and receives the sacrament [sic] of reconciliation regularly at a traditional-leaning Novus Ordo parish. I have never been to a real Traditional Latin Mass, but would like to if I could find one nearby. I do love my parish priest [sic] dearly and respect his courage and faith. How do I find a real Traditional Latin Mass?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

There is no such thing as a "traditional-leaning" Novus Ordo parish. You are either Catholic (traditional), or you are a member of an heretic sect, such as the Novus Ordo (New Order). The Newchurch of the New Order is not Catholic. In 1964, the Vatican II Anti-council adopted a new Protestant constitution ("Lumen gentium") and created in effect a Protestant sect, which took over the "institutional" Church.

Newchurch parishes are part of the heretic (Protestantized) Newchurch of the New Order and are not Catholic. No true Catholic can have anything to do with this false sect, any more than they can have any association with heretic Protestant or Evangelical sects. Newchurch does not have a valid Mass, Sacraments, or priests:

As long as you set foot in a Newchurch parish, you are not receiving valid Catholic sacraments. In essence, you are going to a heretic Protestant church. For further information on this topic, click on FAQ03: Should I Ever Attend Newchurch's "Ordinary" or "Extraordinary" Messes? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department in the section "Five Practical Rules for Dealing with the Novus Ordo Sect." There may in fact be a Traditional Latin Mass near you. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic directory department.


Omnibus Lectoribus Internexus TRADITIONIS

Dominus Dixit Chant

Introitus Cantandus in Missa Solemni Nativitatis D.N.I.C. in Nocte

"Dominus Dixit ad Me:
Filius Meus Es Tu,
Ego Hodie Genui Te"

Omnibus Lectoribus Internexus TRADITIONIS
Beatam Nativitatem!

The TRADITIO Fathers hope that you will be able to assist at a fully Traditional Catholic Latin Midnight High Mass on the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, preceded by the Traditional Catholic Office of Matins of the Divine Office, augmented with the traditional Gregorian Chant.

If you have this great gift, you are richer than the Magi. Be sure to offer a prayer in gratitude to Almighty God for your Mass site; for your dedicated traditional Catholic priest, who offers to you this gift greater than gold, frankincense, and myrrh; and for the many traditional Catholics who do not have the blessing that you have. "For, amen, I say to you, many prophets and just men have desired to see the things that you see, and have not seen them, and to hear the things that you hear and have not heard them" (Matthew 13:17/DRV).

December 24, 2016 - Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord

Newjesuits Have Been Hiding Paedophile Presbyters "for Years"
At Their Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio, Chief Newjesuit
His Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington
Has Been Used to Hide Paedophile Presbyters for Years
According to a New Investigative Report by the Associated Press
The Predecessor Newbishop of Spokane, Bergoglio's Bosom Buddy
Now Newcardinal-archbishop of Chicago, Illinois
Did Nothing and Has Avoided Prosecution Once Again
The Perverts Were Allowed to Stage (Fake) Novus Ordo Messes
For the Eskimos, Several of Whose Women and Children
Were Sexually Assaulted as the Presbyters Were Unsupervised

On December 19, 2018, the Associated Press revealed the results of its investigation, showing that Francis-Bergoglio's order, the Newjesuits, had been hiding paedophile presbyters at their Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, for years. Spokane's current Newbishop, Thomas Daly, claims to be ignorant of this fact, but his predecessor, Blase Cupich, was informed of their presence in 2011 and did nothing.

Cupich, who is now Newcardinal-archbishop of Chicago, Illinois, has been involved in other paedophile cover-ups for Newchurch, but because he is a bosom buddy Bergoglio, he escapes punishment. The Oregon Province of the Newjesuits was the subject of so many damage suits from raped and sodomized children that it declared bankruptcy in 2009.

One of the worst paedophile presbyters hidden at Gonzaga was James Poole, a serial sexual predator, who assaulted at least 20 women and girls, according to court documents, one of whom was just six years old. One woman stated that Poole impregnated her when she was 16, then forced her to get an abortion and blame her father for raping her. Her innocent father went to prison for the crime he did not commit.

In 2016, the Newjesuits started relocating their paedophile presbyters to the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, California, which then started to experience cases of sex crimes against the disabled. In fact, it was in Los Gatos that the notorious presbyter James Poole died in March 2018. Curiously, Los Gatos is also the site of the Neo-SSPX's retreat center. It is there that Neo-SSPX panders to the clueless the militaristic Exercises of St. Ignatius rather than the intellectually-based method of the Dominicans and the Franciscans. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

True Catholics, the Newjesuit Oregon Province, which includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska had 92 Newjesuit presbyters accused of sex crimes. Newchurch, instead of isolating these perverts, allowed them to stage (fake) Novus Ordo services for the Eskimos in Alaska, where several of them, being unsupervised, raped the native women and children there. Truly, Newchurch is sick unto death, as are its paedophiliac Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio. The problem is not getting better, but rather far worse, because Newchurch "authorities" from Bergoglio down continue to suborn and cover up these disgusting crimes. "The fish stinks from the head."

December 23, 2018 - Fourth Sunday of Advent
Semidouble Sunday of the Second Class
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Emmanuel [O God with Us]

How Protestants Become Catholics Every Christmas
Their Celebration of "Christ's Mass" Is Rank Hypocrisy!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Creche that Protestants Use Every Christmas
Was Invented by a Catholic Saint, Francis of Assisi
In Mediaeval Catholic Times
Protestants Seem to Forget that Christmas
Is "Christ'a Mass"
Though Protestants, Like Newchurchers
Hate the True Mass
But Protestants Celebrate Every Christmas Like Catholics
Hypocrisy, Isn't It?

Few people realize it, but Protestants become Catholic every Christmas -- in four specific ways.

In the first place, Protestants actually do celebrate Christmas.
What is Christmas but "Christ's Mass." Protestants hate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Feast of Christmas was developed for worship by the Catholic Church around the fourth century. The date of December 25 isn't in the Bible. It was determined by the Catholic Church, which Protestants claim is false. Hypocrisy, isn't it?

Every Christmas, Protestants set up statues of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Holy Angels in their churches and homes.
Protestants, like Jews, don't believe in using statues, which they consider "Catholic." All the rest of the year, Protestants consider statues "idolatry." (Of course, Catholics don't worship those statues.) But every Christmas Protestants become Catholic and set up creche scenes. Hypocrisy, isn't it?

Every Christmas, Protestants sing Christmas carols about Mary.
Protestants don't like Mary. They view her as a minor player, not as the Blessed Virgin whose sublime role in salvation is found in Sacred Scripture. One of the most popular carols in English is "Silent Night," which includes the verse "round yon virgin, mother and Child." Although Protestant denigrate the Blessed Virgins at other times of the year, at Christmas they are fascinated by the stable scene, in which Mary is God's principal player. Hypocrisy, isn't it?

Every Christmas, Protestants sing in Latin. Protestants hate the third of the three Biblical languages that are twice mentioned in Sacred Scripture (Hebrew, Greek, and Latin). They hate it because it is the true language of the worship and doctrine of the true, Catholic Church. Yet every Christmas the Protestants sing "Adeste Fideles" and "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" like the best of them! They recognize that the Angels sing in the sacred Latin language of the true Church. Hypocrisy, isn't it?

True Catholics, next time you get into an apologetic debate with Protestants, remind they of their own hypocrisy. They celebrate the Catholic Church's "Christ's Mass"!

December 22, 2018 - Ember Saturday of Advent
Simple Feast
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Rex Gentium [O King of the Gentiles]

45 U.S. States Have Issued Search Warrants against Newchurch
To Reveal Secret Files Documenting Paedophile Crimes by Its Newclergy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The First Paedophile Newpope, JPII-Wojtyla
Was Made a Fake Newchurch Unsaint
To Cover up His Complicity
In the Rape of Thousands of Children
Now the Third Paedophile Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio
Is Actively Obstructing Law Enforcement
And Justice for the Child Victims
Newchurch Is Has Learned Nothing
From Its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Except How to Tell More Lies

On December 17, 2018, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania announced that 45 of the 50 United States have issued search warrants to Newchurch for files documenting paedophile crimes by its Newclergy. Federal and state law-enforcement officials are bow actively investigating such crimes. The surge of investigations opened and search warrants issued has come in just the past four months, since August 2018. Pennsylvania alone found more than 300 "predator" presbyters and at least 1,000 child victims around the period since the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965 established the fake Newchurch of the New Order as the "institutional" Church in place of the Catholic Church.

In addition to state law-enforcement action, the U.S. Justice Department is in the midst of a broader investigation since October 2018, which may determine that the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops is perpetrating acts of organized crime against the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which was used to bring down the Ku Klux Klan and the Mafia.

An 800 number has been set up for victims to report new crimes. In just four months, 1,450 calls have poured in to Pennsylvania alone. The Pennsylvania Attorney General announced: "Law enforcement is just getting started.... We have a good way to go and a lot more horrors to unearth." These crimes are said to "reach the [New]vatican], i.e., Francis-Bergoglio. More crimes have already been discovered in Newchurch in Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Guam, Texas, and the District of Columbia, and even implicated the Newarchdiocese of Houston, Texas, run by the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by USA Today.]

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio and his cronies have learned nothing except how to tell more lies and how to obstruct law enforcement and justice for the child victims. The Pennsylvania Attorney General declared: Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch has "fought us every step of the way.... Every opportunity it had to do the right thing, it did the opposite."

DECEMBER 21, 2018 - ST. THOMAS, APOSTLE - Ember Friday of Advent
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Oriens [O Daystar]

Details of Newcardinal Pell's Crimes against Children Revealed
Court Testimony Indicates Not Only Moral Crimes But Also Sacrilege

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
George Pell

As Details of Newcardinal George Pell's Conviction
On Charges of Five Sex Crimes against Children
It Has Been Learned that the Crimes Were Committed
In the Sacristy of His Newcathedral at Melbourne
Against Choir Boys in His Newcathedral Choir
Thus, Pell's Crimes Are Far Worse Even than the Moral Ones
He Committed Acts of Sacrilege against the First Commandment of God
Pell Didn't Even Bother to Defend Himself
And Francis-Bergoglio Still Maintains Him as a Cardinal
Of Newchurch "in Good Standing"

Although the Australian court has tried to gag the public's access to information about the trial that on December 11, 2018, convicted Newcardinal George Pell, Francis-Bergoglio's Chief Financial Officer, of sex crimes against children, the details are nevertheless starting to come out.

Pell was convicted on five such crimes against children. The victims were members of his Newcathedral choir at Melbourne, Australia, where he was Newarchbishop from 1996 to 2001. The crimes took place immediately after his 10:30 Novus Ordo Mess at the Newcathedral and involved both victims at the same time. Pell slipped with the two victims from the recessional procession into the sacristy, where the sex crimes occurred. Thus, Pell committed sacrilege as well as immoral acts.

Despite vehemently denying the charges in public comments before the trial, when push came to shove, Pell refused to give evidence in his own defense. Pell faces another trial in early 2019 on sex crimes committed when he was a presbyter in Ballarat, Victoria. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

True Catholics, the court verdict cannot begin describe the horrors of this situation: a cardinal of the Newchurch convicted of committing sex crimes against children on what are supposed to be sacred premises. This is sacrilege. In fact, Newchurch, after the Modernist Vatican II Anti-council, has become no better than a Satanic organization preying upon children and reveling in ill-gotten money and power. Almighty God does not recognize them them, but Satan delights in their malicious deeds. No true Catholic can have anything to do with them.

December 20, 2018 - Vigil of St. Thomas
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Clavis David [O Key of David]

Francis-Bergoglio Orders Newchurch Bishops in Red China
To Resign and Be Replaced by Appointees of the Atheist Communist Government

From: Petrus Romanus, the TRADITIO Network's International Correspondent
Newcardinal Zen

Newcardinal Joseph Zen, of Hong Kong
Has Accused the Marxist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Of Selling out Chinese Newchurchers
And Backing a Fake Communist Church in Red China
Current Newbishops Have Been Ordered to Resign
In Order that They Can Be Replaced by Atheistic Communists
Appointed by the Atheistic Government
Of the Communist Chinese Dictator Xi

It's done. The last two Chinese Newchurch bishops have surrendered their offices. Francis-Bergoglio had ordered them to do so "as a gesture of obedience". That's pure hypocrisy. What it means is: Resign or Face Deposition! If deposed, the Newbishops would eventually have been Novus-Ordo excommunicated, and they would have lost all recognition from the Newchurch institution.

So now, because they have resigned, they will accept positions as demoted auxiliary Newbishops in their respective Newdioceses, with the new Newarchbishops to be appointed by the Communists, as Francis-Bergoglio has handed off his Newpapal "authority." In other words, the demoted Newbishops keep their fake power to "install" invalid presbyters and Newbishops, but lose all power to govern their Newdioceses. (Newchurch has not ordained priests or consecrated bishops since 1968 when the invalid Protestantized New Ordinal was adopted in place of the Catholic Pontifical.)

Ironically, it was the Newchurch regime of Benedict-Ratzinger in 2006 that had Newbishop Peter Zhuang secretly "installed" in the first place. Zhuang is to be replaced by bishop Huang Bingzhang, who is an out-and-out Communist, a member of the National People's Congress. Bingzhang was originally excommunicated because the Communists had him "installed" without Newvatican approval.

The Communist Chinese Dictator Xi is currently engaged in a crackdown on Christianity. More than 1,500 Newchurch and Protestant churches have been targeted for demolition or cross removals in recent years. Religious freedom and public worship has become severely restricted in China, where the government has "physically abused, detained, arrested, tortured, sentenced to prison, or harassed adherents of both registered and unregistered religious groups," according to a 2017 U.S. State Department report. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by AsiaNews.]

This is the final stroke against the Neocon Newchurch in Red China in favor of an out-and-out Marxist Newchurch run by the Communist Party of China, all with the Newpapal blessing of the Marxist Francis-Bergoglio. Chinese will now be expected to goose-step under the red star of Bolshevism. If you can't bring the people into the gulags, bring the gulags to the people!

December 19, 2016 - Ferial Day
Ember Wednesday of Advent
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Radix Iesse [O Root of Jesse]

Newcardinal Cupich to Destroy a "Large Number" of Traditional Churches
In the United States' Third-largest Newdiocese, Chicago, Illinois

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Blase Cupich

Portrait of a Blinded Modern Attila the Hun
Blase Cupich, Newcardinal of Chicago, Illinois
The Marxist/Modernist Cupich
A Bosom Buddy of Francis-Bergoglio
Has Vowed to Destroy a "Large Number"
Of Traditional Churches in Chicago
"I Do Not Want Museums," He Says
Chicago Has Been So Devastated by Lawsuits
For Its Newclergy's Crimes against Children
That Its Finances Have Been Gutted
And the Number of Its Presbyters Is Expected to Plummet
By 85 per Cent just Another Ten Years

On December 7, 2018, the huge Newchurch archdiocese of Chicago, Illinois, run by Francis-Bergoglio's Marxist/Modernist bosom buddy, Blase Cupich, is shutting a "large number" of its some 350 churches. The United States' third-largest Newarchdiocese (after New York, New York, and Los Angeles, California) has allowed its churches to fall into decay as it uses its income to pay off thousands of child victims of sex crimes by his Newclergy.

Because of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, it is the rare clueless young man who wants to be a Novus Ordo presbyter. With no new presbyters coming in, and current presbyters leaving Newchurch or dying off, staffing of churches is cut to the bone. Currently, there are some 1,500 presbyters. The Newarchdiocese estimates that in ten years that number will have sunk by more than 85 per cent to 240. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Chicago Tribune.]

True Catholics, Newcardinal Cupich is a modern vandal worse than Attila the Hun. He has openly justified the destruction of great architectural monuments by saying, "I do not want museums." By all means, Cupich should destroy the Newchurches. He will simply hasten the justified demise of his corrupt and immoral New Order. If Newchurchers in Chicago have any luck, maybe good Protestants in Chicago will buy up the best churches and turn them into "oecumenical worship centers"! At least the carcasses of the great architectural monuments will be preserved that way.

December 18, 2016 - Ferial Day
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Adonai [O Lord]

Novus Ordo Nuns Steal Half a Million Dollars from a Newchurch School
To Go on Ten Years of Gambling Binges at Casinos

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurch Nun Embezzlers

Two Newchurch "Embezzling Nuns" Stole Half a Million Dollars
From the Parents and Students of Their Newchurch School
Which They Used over a Period of Ten Years
To Travel to Casinos and Gamble Away
Newcardinal Jose Gomez, of Los Angeles, California
Won't even Prosecute the Nuns
Or Pay the Money Back to the Parents and Students
Gomez Was Totally Ignorant of the Crimes
Which Were Discovered by the Parent of a School Student
Newchurch Is Not only Corrupt and Immoral
Newchurch Is Incompetent

Only the TRADITIO Network has from the beginning tied Newchurch's sex crimes with the vehicle it uses, embezzlement, to fund its Great Sex and Embezzlement Holocaust. We have reported in these Commentaries on just some of the cases of embezzlement, but the current one takes the cake. A group of Newchurch nuns stole half a million U.S. dollars to fund ten years of gambling binges at casinos.

Two nuns, the principal and her assistant from Newchurch's St. James Elementary School in Torrance, California, were exposed on December 3, 2018, for stealing over a period of ten years from the school to go on gambling binges, while telling parents that they had to operate on a "shoestring budget." The two amassed half a million dollars from the clueless parents and then regularly splurged at gambling casinos. They raked in the money from school tuitions, fees, and donations.

Did Newchurch have any concern to recover the stolen funds from the parents. No! Newcardinal Jose Gomez, of Los Angeles, who has apparently bought into Francis-Bergoglio's "Mercy for Newchurch Crimes" program, told police that the Novus Ordo nuns had admitted to the embezzlement and "expressed remorse," so the Newarchdiocese was not going to press criminal charges. To the contrary, Catholic moral theology requires that ill-gotten funds be returned to the victims of a theft, in this case the parents and defrauded donors. Newcardinal Gomez has no moral right to "forgive" the theft of the nuns. Rather, the parents have the absolute right to be paid back by Gomez.

The nuns had been endorsing checks made out to the school to be deposited into their own personal account. Newcardinal Gomez has administered the Newarchdiocese so sloppily that the embezzlement went on for ten years and would never have been discovered, had it not been for a parent to requested from the bank a copy of a check and noticed the illegal endorsement on the back.

It turns out that over the ten years of embezzlement, the two nuns had been regularly leaving the school to travel to casinos, where they gambled away the school's money. The parents even knew about these gambling trips, which the nuns claimed were "gifts from rich relatives," although they claimed to have taken a Novus Ordo "vow" of poverty (which means nothing, of course). This was no one-time splurge, but a pattern of corrupt embezzlement that should have thrown the two "nuns" into prison for many years. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CalCatholic.]

True Catholics, it isn't just that Newchurch is run by a den of immoral Newpopes, Newcardinals, and Newbishops. These same officials are incompetent. This is not the first time that Newchurch officials have been clueless that they are being robbed blind. Perhaps they don't care. Perhaps they are accomplices. Parents with children in Newchurch schools should immediately withdraw their children and cut off all association with the fake Newchurch.

December 17, 2016 - Ferial Day
Great O Antiphon at Vespers: O Sapientia [O Wisdom]

Latest Survey Results Prove It:
The Newchurch of the New Order Is Not the Catholic Church

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
The Great O Antiphons of Advent are a series of seven antiphons chanted or recited before and after the Magnificat of Vespers of the traditional Divine Office on the last seven days before the Vigil of Christmas (December 17-December 23). Their name comes from the Latin interjection of invocation, O, with which they all begin. Nothing similar precedes any other feast. Longing for the coming of the Messias, which is the characteristic mood of Advent, is seen most poetically in these O Antiphons. The melody to which they are chanted is marvelously expressive of the intense desire with which the patriarchs, the prophets, the Jewish people, and now the Gentiles wait for God's presence in the Messias, Jesus Christ.

The Results of the Latest Pew Research Study
Shows that Newchurchers Are Not Catholic
Few Newchurchers Go to Their Novus Ordo Service
Or Their "Reconciliation Rite"
They Believe in "Gay" Marriage, Abortions
And Artificial Contraception
They Barely Put Anything into the Collection Plate
Is It Any Wonder that Newchurch Is Being Forced
To Close down More than Half of Its Churches?

As if more evidence were needed to prove that the Newchurch of the New Order is not the Catholic Church, the results of the 2016 Pew Research Institute Study and by the 2018 Norwalk National Traditional Catholic Study showed the 180-degree contrast between Newchurchers and traditional Catholics. These figures are for the United States, but those for other countries are quite similar.

Mass Attendance.
1960: 80 per cent of Catholics attended Sunday Mass.
2016: 11 per cent of Newchurchers attended their invalid Sunday Novus Ordo service [halved because of the results of other studies showing that Newchurch attendance numbers are inflated by double].
2018: 99 per cent of traditional Catholics attended Sunday Mass.
N.B. There has been a visible drop in Novus Ordo service attendance since 2016 because of Newchurch Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust.

2016: 1.2 per cent of income by Newchurchers.
2018: 6.0 per cent of income by traditional Catholics.
N.B. Protestants gave 2.5 per cent. Catholics gave 3.3 per cent during the Great Depression.

"Gay" Marriage.
2016: 67 per cent of Newchurchers agree with "gay" marriage.
2018: 2 per cent of traditional Catholics agree with "gay" marriage.

2016: 47 per cent of Newchurchers agree with abortion.
2018: 2 per cent of traditional Catholics agree with abortion.

Artificial Contraception
2016: 89 per cent of Newchurchers agree with artificial contraception.
2018: 2 per cent of traditional Catholic agree with artificial contraception.

2016: 6 per cent of Newchurchers go to the invalid Rite of Reconciliation (formerly Confession/Penance) annually.
2018: 98 percent of traditional Catholics go to at least annual confession.

Live Birth Rate.
2016: 2.3 among Newchurchers.
2018: 3.6 among traditional Catholics

True Catholics, these figures prove to Newchurchers that they are not part of the Catholic Church. In fact, their worship, doctrine, and morality are quite different from Catholicism. The situation has gotten worse under the "Unsaint" JPII-Wojtyla, the "Nazi" Benedict-Ratzinger, and much worse under the "Marxist" Francis-Bergoglio. To pretend that Newchurch is Catholic is a complete sham. In conscience, no true Catholic has anything to do with the fake Newchurch of the New Order or its Newpopes.

December 16, 2018 - Third Sunday of Advent - Gaudete Sunday
Semidouble Sunday of the Second Class

Francis-Bergoglio's CFO Has Been Convicted of Paedophile Crimes
Newcardinal Pell Was Beloved of Neocon Newchurchers; Bergoglio Remains Silent

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
George Pell

Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch of the New Order
Is Going up in a Cloud of Smoke --
Or is it Paul VI-Montini's "Smoke of Satan"? --
Francis-Bergoglio's Chief Financial Officer
Newcardinal George Pell
Has Been Found Guilty in an Australian Court
Of Paedophile Crimes against Choir Boys
Bergoglio Won't Comment on the Conviction

After more than a year of legal wrangling, Francis-Bergoglio's Chief Financial Officer (Secretarius Sanctae Sedis Rebus Oeconomicis Praeposita, Secretary of Finance), George Pell, has been convicted of paedophile crimes against two choir boys. Pell had returned in 2017 under legal duress to face the charges. The unanimous verdict was reported on December 11, 2018, but a judicial gag order has restricted Australian media coverage of the trial since June 2018. However, non-Australian media have been releasing news about the trail and verdict. Pell is expected to be sentenced in early 2019.

Ironically, until his fall from grace, Neocon Newchurchers loved Pell because he was "conservative" on a few issues. Another prominent case of deceit is that of Newcardinal Ray "Bully" Burke, who pretends to be "traditional" to get money and notoriety, but is actually just another Novus Ordo heretic. This syndrome is actually quite common among the pseudo-traditionalists, who like the Half New Order Vatican II New Latin Mess, but remain loyal to the heretic Newpopes after the Vatican II Anti-council. Yet the Head Heretic, Francis-Bergoglio, is shutting down pseudo-traditional organizations around the world. Even the first of these, the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), which played the puppet to the First Paedophile Newpope JPII-Wojtyla in 1988 when the "Ecclesia Dei" fiasco took place, could now be in jeopardy.

Francis-Bergoglio has refused to comment on the conviction of his Chief Financial Officer, but it is probably not coincidental that before the verdict became known, Pell was one of three Newcardinals who were quietly eliminated from Francis-Bergoglio's Executive Committee of nine Newcardinals that run the Newvatican on December 12, 2018. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

True Catholics, the noose is tightening around the next of the heretic and paedophiliac Francis-Bergoglio and his henchmen. Newcardinal Pell as Francis-Bergoglio's CFO is the highest Newchurch prelate ever convicted of paedophile crimes. Once can only hope that, in time, the ringleader and organizer of this corruption, will himself be brought to justice -- Francis-Bergoglio.

December 15, 2018 - Octave Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Major Feast

Federal and State Prosecutors Raid the Headquarters of the President
Of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops for "Confidential Documents"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Daniel DiNardo

Francis-Bergolio and Daniel DiNardo, Head of U.S. Newbishops
Shake on Continuing Their Cover-up of Paedophile Crimes
Committed by Their Presbyters and Newbishops
Now DiNardo's Own Office Has Been Raided
By Federal and State Prosecutors in the United States
Investigating DiNardo's Cover-up for a Presbyter
Arrested for Sex Crimes against both a Boy and a Girl
Such Investigations Are Now Spreading across the United States
As even Newchurchers Demand that Bergoglio and His "Den of Thieves"
Answer for Their Own Crimes and Cover-ups against Children

As the investigation phase of the case against the U.S. Newbishops under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and other statutes continues unabated, the Houston District Attorney and the U.S. Attorney on November 28, 2018, raided the office of the President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops for "confidential documents" on a presbyter arrested for sex crimes against a boy and a girl. Daniel DiNardo is Newarchbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas. Prosecutors also raided Sacred Heart Catholic [Sic] Church in Conroe, Texas and St. John Fisher Catholic [Sic] Church in Richmond, Texas.

Newarchbishop DiNardo was exposed by two child victims, one male and one female, as having been "dismissive" when he reported the presbyter to the Newarchbishop. DiNardo is now supsected of engaging in a cover-up for a presbyter, who was arrested for sex crimes against two teenagers. DiNardo had appointed the presbyter as Vicar for Hispanic Ministry. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

True Catholics, again the highest officials of Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch are being exposed as cover-up artists for the corrupt Newchurch of the New Order. DiNardo is the head of the U.S. Newbishops. It was he who stopped the Newbishops at their November 2018 from adopting concrete steps against paedophilia in Newclergy because Bergoglio forbad the subject to be taken up. Bergoglio has been exposed on several occasions for lying about his involvement in paedophile cases and for letting his paedophile Newclergy off from punishment. But his Newchurch is finally falling down around him as donations to Newrome dry up, Newseminaries cannot attract students, and state and federal prosecutors hunt down not only the paedophile presbyters but also the Newbishops who cover up their crimes.

December 14, 2018 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Writes: "In Advent, Traditional Catholics Should Be Thankful
For All the Courageous Traditional Priests They Have"

From: Cory
Fall of Rome

One of the Ubiquitous Cats Surveys the Fall of Rome
Just as Ancient Rome, Newrome and Modern Society
Are Slowly Dying from Within
When Newchurch and Society Collapse
It Will Be the Courageous Traditional Catholic Priests and Laypeople
Who Will Rise Once Again
Just as the Church Rose from the Barbarian Invasions
To the Glories of the Gothic Cathedrals
The Theology and Poetry of St. Thomas Aquinas
And the Sacred Music of the High Middle Ages

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Over the course of 2018, I have had the opportunity to travel a bit for pleasure and for work. Because of my travel I have been able to assist at the Traditional Latin Mass at a variety of chapels, oratories, and churches. One thing that has been pretty consistent is the fact that 98 per cent percent of Traditional Catholics are wonderful, friendly, and thankful for the sacrifices that their traditional Catholic priests make. However, it is the other 2 per cent who are causing issues at some of these sites. The 2 per cent I am talking about like to spread detraction about their priest, complain about their priest, and cause division at their site.

To that 2 per cent I say: Please stop! This past Sunday, a traditional Catholic priest talked about Advent being a time of silence, a time to let God come into our lives in that silence. In the spirit of Advent, please be silent. Stop complaining about how long your priest's sermons are. Instead, be thankful that you have a traditional Catholic priest to teach you the true Faith. Stop complaining that your priest is "doom and gloom." Instead, be thankful that you have a traditional Catholic priest who does what Sacred Scripture obliges him to do: Tell the unadulterated truth as Our Lord did. Stop spreading detraction about your priest and fellow laypeople. Stop trying to divide the churches you are blessed with.

This Advent, please be silent, and in that silence take time to thank God for our wonderful traditional Catholic priests, who are making tremendous sacrifices to ensure that we have the true Sacraments. Our traditional Catholic priests often have to travel hours by car or boat or plane to bring the true Sacraments to the faithful. This Advent, instead of complaining about your traditional Catholic priest, go up and shake his hand and say a thank-you. Not just for what he does for you and the sacrifices that he makes for you, but also for the war that he is fighting. Yes, our traditional Catholic priests are fighting a war, a war against Marxist/Modernist Newrome, against a fake Newchurch that is not the Catholic Church.

History repeats itself. In the early days of the church, Catholics were forced underground in a world that hated them. Nevertheless, they kept the Faith alive. and because of their sacrifice the Roman Catholic Church conquered the Roman Empire and the pagan world around them. History is repeating itself, and God's Providence can now be seen more clearly.

Newrome and society are slowly dying from within, just as ancient Rome did. When Newchurch and modern society collapse (and collapse they will, just as did ancient Rome), it will be the courageous traditional Catholic priests and laypeople who will rise once again, just as the Church rose from the barbarian invasions to the glories of the Gothic cathedrals, the theology and poetry of St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Sacred Music of the High Middle Ages.

So, my fellow traditional Catholics, especially that 2 per cent, be thankful for the traditional Catholic priests who are keeping the true Roman Catholic Church alive. A thousand years from now, they will be remembered as courageous defenders of the true Faith, just as the early Catholics are now. It would not be out of place to say a Novena this Advent for your traditional Catholic priest in gratitude to God for him.

December 13, 2018 - St. Lucy, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

Traditionalist Nuns Give Francis-Bergoglio an Ultimatum
Stay Out of Our Affairs, or We Will Renounce Our Vows!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Traditionalist Nuns

Some 40 Nuns of the Little Sisters of Mary
And Their Mother Superior, Niece of the Foundress
Have Dumped the Invalid New Mess of 1969
And Have Gone in the Traditionalist Direction
This Has Stirred the Ire
Of the Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Who Has Sent Three Commissars to Their Nunnery to Suppress Them
But They Refused to Accept Bergoglio's Commissars
And Told Bergoglio that They Would Rather Renounce Their Vows
Than Submit to His Attempted Modernist Tyranny over Them

The Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, in France have just about had it with Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch. They moved away from the full-blown, invalid New Order Mess of 1969 to the half New Order Mess of 1962. But they thus ran afoul of the Modernist bureaucracy of Bergoglio, who sent three Commissars to make sure that they were fully compliant with the Modernist heresy of Newchurch. The nuns refused to accept Bergoglio's commissars.

On December 8, 2018, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the nuns have told Francis-Bergoglio in no uncertain terms that if he interferes with them, they will renounce their vows -- or go to traditional Catholicism independent of him and his Newchurch. Bergoglio is threatening to remove their Mother Superior, Marie de Saint Michel, the niece of the foundress.

At a time when most Newchurch nunneries are empty, the Little Sisters boast a community of some 40 nuns. These are not immature neophytes, but mostly in their 60s and 70s. Newvatican claims that the order is "too authoritarian" -- meaning "too traditional." And that from Bergoglio, who recognizes no law for himself, including Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition! The nuns say: "This is about power" -- a typical tyranny of Newvatican, particularly under the Marxist Bergoglio. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

True Catholics, the number of nuns in Newchurch has been tanking under the Second Paedophile Newpope, Benedict-Ratzinger, and the Third Paedophile Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio. In the decade 2006 to 2016 alone, more than 100,000 (12 per cent) have left, and very, very few are coming in. The Little Sisters may be the vanguard for what the remainder may do: dump Bergoglio and go to independent traditional Catholicism.

December 12, 2018 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
Semidouble Feast

Vienna Newcathedral Turned over to Devil-garbed Sodomites
Who Dance on the "Communion" Rail of the Traditional Historic Church

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Stephen's Cathedral

The Sanctuary of the Venerable, Once-traditional
St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria
Was Turned over by Leftist Newcardinal Schonborn
To a Sacrilegious Dance Spectacle
At Which a Sodomite Danced Half Naked on the "Communion" Rail
With a Dance Troupe Dressed as Devils
All the While, the Perverted Newcardinal Sat
In the Front Pew, Gawking
"It Is the Death of a Feeble Church," One Presbyter Admitted

Newcardinal Christoph Schonborn is yet another of those perverted Newcardinals who represent the worst even in Newchurch. Schonborn on November 30, 2018, turned his Newcathedral in Vienna, Austria, over to a pro-sodomite troupe to dance on the "communion" rail. (The word is used in irony, since Newchurch doesn't have valid Communion.)

The sodomite "star," nude from the waist up (though he has also appeared buck naked), stood on the "communion" rail while sacrilegious rock "music" blared out, and a vulgar light show flashed as background. The star was joined by a dance troupe dressed as devils. The occasion was World AIDS Day. Denouncing Schonborn's sacrilege, one Newchurch presbyter admitted: "it is the death of a feeble Church." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the LSN Service.]

True Catholics, lest anyone think that Newcardinal Schonborn didn't know what was going on in his own Newcathedral, his Non-eminence was sitting in the front row, gawking. Once traditional Catholic church buildings have been turned by the Newchurch of the New Order into stages for vulgar and sacrilegious spectacles. Schonborn also blessed the sodomite and his "partner." The presbyter got it right: Newchurch is feeble and dead.

December 11, 2018 - St. Damascus I< Pope & Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Bishop Mark Pivarunis of the Congregation of Mary, Immaculate Queen
Suffers a Heart Attack, but Is "Doing Well"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Mark Pivarunis

Superior General and Bishop of the Traditional Catholic
Congregation of Mary, Immaculate Queen
Has Suffered a Heart Attack, but Is Recovering Well
CMRI Is One of the Best Traditional Catholic Organizations Around
And Bishop Pivarunis Has Shown Himself
To Be Balanced, Prudent, and Charitable Pastor
In His Dealings with His Clergy and Members

We are informed that on December 6, 2018, Mark Pivarunis, the Superior General and bishop of the traditional Catholic Congregation of Mary, Immaculate Queen (CMRI) suffered a heart attack at age 60. Apparently, the cause was atherosclerosis, as a stent was placed in the artery, and he is reported to be "doing well."

CMRI is one of the best traditional Catholic organizations around, and Bishop Pivarunis has shown himself to be a balanced, prudent, and charitable pastor din his dealings with his clergy and members. He often goes out of his way to service sites that desperately need a traditional Catholic priest, such as the traditional group that left Christ the King Abbey, when the Newchurch heretics immorally took over the abbey's property after the death of Abbot Leonard Giardina in 2011.

According to the Official Traditional Catholic Directory, the CMRI has 49 Traditional Latin Mass sites in the United States, 16 in Mexico, and other sites in Canada, New Zealand, and South America. Bishop Pivarunis needs to give serious consideration to consecrating a potential successor at CMRI, as did Bishop Richard Williamson for The Resistance.

December 10, 2018 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception
Semidouble Feast

The Latest Innovation in Newchurch: the "Gay Rosary"
The Newrosary Is Now Joined by the Blasphemous LGBTQXYZ Rosary

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gay Rosary

The "Gay Rosary" Is Now Being Introducted
Into Newchurch Parishes around the World
Already the "Unsaint" JPII-Wojtyla Corrupted the Holy Rosary
By the Introduction of a Fourth Decade
Of New Age "Luminous Mysteries"
Now the "Gay Rosary" Introduces a Fifth Decade
Of "Rainbow Mysteries"
Whose Goal Is to Promote Full Acceptance of Sodomite Couples

It wasn't enough for the "Unsaint" JPII-Wojtyla in 2002 to corrupt the Most Holy Rosary by the addition of five New Age "Luminous Mysteries." Now beginning to circulate in Newchurch circles is the "Gay Rosary" to promote LGBTQXYZ goals. It was the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini who came up with the idea of destroying the Rosary after the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), but he was unable to get to this destruction because he was too busy destroying in Newchurch the Mess and sacraments. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the LSN Service.]

Rolled out on the feastday of St. Nicholas, December 6, 2018, the "Gay Rosary," aka the Rosary of Modern Sorrows, includes the addition of five "Rainbow Mysteries," including a prayer for "full acceptance" of sodomite couples. The Latin version was not provided (probably there is none, a fact that additionally confirms the fakery of this "rosary"):

We pray for a welcoming of LGBTQ people by all churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. We pray for LGBTQ couples, their children, and extended families. We pray that they may be supported and loved, with full acceptance as people truly created in the image of God, a creation that God saw as "good," and who deserve to live every aspect of life to the fullest.

In fact, Newchurch has already implemented the goal of this "rosary" by allowing its clergy to perpetrate its paedophile crimes "to the fullest." Of course, this "rosary" is anti-Catholic and anti-Christian, as St. Paul declares:

And in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts, one toward another: men with men, working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.... Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death: and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them (Romans 1:27,32/DRV).

True Catholics, Newchurchers need to be prepared to be hit by the introduction of more perversions. In fact, the Newchurch group that is pushing the "Gay Rosary" plans to encourage homosexual men to kiss each other during the "sign of peace" at the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service.

December 9, 2018 - Second Sunday of Advent
Semidouble Sunday of the Second Class

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush's Episcopalian Funeral
Was Not Religious, but a Secular Government Meeting Held in a Church Building

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
George H.W. Bush Funeral

The Protestant Dinner Table Stands Useless
In front of St. Martin's Episcopalian Church in Houston, Texas
At Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush's Funeral
This Was a Funeral in White
At Which the Episcopalians Presumed to Judge the Deceased a Saint
And Arrogate to Themselves the Judgment Belonging to God Alone
This Is the Heresy of "Universal Salvation"
Which Is Shared in Its Essence by the Newchurch of the New Order

On the occasion of the funeral of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush on December 6, 2018, the world was graphically shown the difference between the true Catholic faith and the heretical Protestant knockoffs, including the New Order (Novus Ordo) sect. In fact, this was not really a religious funeral, but a secular government meeting that happened to be held in a church building.

The funeral services were conducted by an heretical Protestant sect, the Episcopalians. Although some conservative Episcopalian sects have more "smells and bells" -- that is the derisive term by which the more Puritanical describe the Catholic liturgy --, the sect to which George H.W. Bush belonged seems to have been on the decidedly "liberal" side: a Neo-Protestant, Evangelical sect, which has no real funeral liturgy, just some readings from a Modernist version of the Bible and an incessant number of eulogies.

The words of Scripture read were taken from an ugly, Modernist vulgar-tongued version of the Bible. The Episcopalians, even on this highly formal occasion, did not use their venerable King James Version, let alone the Catholic Church's sublime, stately, incomparable Latin.

Indeed, the eulogies were endless. Now we see firsthand why the Catholic Church does not permit eulogies at a funeral. There were no eulogies at President John Kennedy's funeral in 1963, for example. What presumption! The Episcopalians apparently regard man as the judge, not God. The carillon at the cathedral was pealing in joy at a "saint" bound for Heaven, not tolling in mourning and humility at a soul bound for God's judgment.

The Apostles Creed teaches: Inde venturus est iudicare vivos et mortuos [Thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead]. Catholic dogma, coming directly from Scripture, accordingly teaches that God judges each soul at death (the Particular Judgment). The Bush funeral was, for the presumptuous Episcopalians, a "done deal." Man, not God, was the judge, and Bush passed in the eyes of man.

Thus, the funeral was a virtual apotheosis into Heaven. This is the Protestant and Newchurch heresy of "Universal Salvation." The color was the white of a pre-judged saint, not the black of humility before the judgment of God. What does the Lord say: "Nor do I judge according to the look of man; for man seeth those things that appear; but the Lord beholdeth the heart" (1 Kings 16:7/DRV). The Episcopalians have no idea what occult sins Bush may have had, what the actual state of his soul was at death, and what penance may have remained. That is why God, Who sees the heart, is the final judge, not man, who should refrain from judgment.


Francis-Bergoglio Is on a Rampage against "Traditionalists"
He Eradicates Yet Another "Indult" Pseudo-traditionalist Organization

From: Petrus Romanus, the TRADITIO Network's International Correspondent

An Angry Francis-Bergoglio Is Going on a Rampage
Eradicating "Indult" Pseudo-traditional Organizations
He Has Liquidated the Franciscans of the Immaculate
He Has Expelled the Trappists of Aachen
He Has Smashed the Fraternity of the Familia Christi
Soon, Newcardinal Robert Sarah
Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith
Is Planning to Impose on the Lot of the "Indult" Groups
What Amounts to the Invalid
Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess in Latin

First, it was the Franciscans of the Immaculate. Francis-Bergoglio sent in a canonical visitation and had them liquidated. Their crime had been that they had tried to move against the Modernist Revolution: they had tried to move away from the fake New Mess of 1969 and back to the half-fake New Latin Mess of 1962. Francis-Bergoglio shuttered their organizations, and they were expelled and hunted down for persecution. The Neocon Newprelates who tried to help them were ousted and suppressed.

Next, it was the Trappists of Aachen. They had had the temerity to abandon the New Mess and the fake Novus Ordo Liturgy of the Hours and had restored even the pre-1962 fully Traditional Latin Mass and Office of the Cistercian Use. They were perhaps the only group of ecclesiastics in Newchurch who were actually using the traditional liturgical rite in its fullness. Anathema! Francis-Bergoglio soon fixed that. They were exterminated and exiled to the four winds. They were expelled from their abbey. They are no more.

Then it was the Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer, in France. They were moving back toward tradition by way of the half Novus Ordo New Latin liturgy of 1962. Canonical visitations to the rescue! The Newchurch examiners found that they were praying too much and going too often to Confession. It is not a problem experienced by most Newchurchers! So Francis-Bergoglio sent in a commissar to eradicate them. However, they are fighting back and may go independent.

Most recently, Francis-Bergoglio decided to smash the Fraternity of the Familia Christi in the Newarchdiocese of Ferrara-Comacchio. The former Newarchbishop there was a Neocon. He had had the nerve to rescue some of the refugees from the Franciscans of the Immaculate, against whom Bergoglio has waged a constant vendetta since he was elected. The former Newarchbishop there founded an institute in 2014, and it was put under the control of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei" in 2016. This is the same Commission that is now negotiating with the Fellay-Pagnliani Neo-SSPX so as to conquer and divide it. A canonical visitation was sent to the Fraternity of the Familia Christi in 2018. On December 3, 2018, Bergoglio sent a commissar there to take over and exterminate the Familia Christi. The commissar is a Marxist/Modernist Newjesuit, just like Bergoglio himself and so many of his henchmen.

If I were a presbyter in the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) or the Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS) or some other organization working under the supervision of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, I would be feeling the Devil's breath down the back of my neck right now. Soon, Newcardinal Robert Sarah, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith will impose on the lot of them, as already announced, the Propers of New Mess, bringing the Indultarians kicking and screaming into what amounts to the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess in Latin. Even that will not be tolerated in the end. Meanwhile, Francis-Bergoglio has engineered his own succession so that a Modernist Newpope will follow him.

The Neo-SSPX wants to make a deal with the Devil and swallow the "personal prelature" poison. It is pure suicide. Bishop Richard Williamson is yet again waffling, but there is still Bishop Jean-Michel Faure and the other two Resistance bishops, plus a number of independent bishops, not to speak of an increasing population of traditional Catholic priests and laypeople who have turned their back on the corrupt Newchurch and its Newpopes.

December 7, 2018 - St. Ambrose, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Could You Advise Me What the Differences Are
Among the Society of St. Pius V, Society of St. Pius X, and Fraternity of St. Peter?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Pius V Church

The Interior of St. Pius V Church
In Oyster Bay Cove, New York
The Headquarters of the Society of St. Pius V (SSPV)
The SSPV Was Founded in 1983
It Is One of Several Fully
Traditional Roman Catholic Organizations
In Contrast to the Neo Society of St. Pius X (NSSPX)
And the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP)

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I have been in the Novus Ordo sect because I was in the eighth grade at the time of the Vatican II Anti-council. I thought that maybe the changes would stop, but they have just gotten worse and worse, with no end in sight. I have an aunt who attends a service at a Fraternity of St. Peter church, and she suggested that I go there.

I am concerned about the Novus Ordo direction in which the Neo-SSPX has been headed in the last two decades. We do have a Society of Pius V church about a half hour or so near me. Could you advise me what the differences are among these groups?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

The Society of St. Pius V (SSPV) is a fully traditional Catholic organization. You may associate with it without any fear of heretical problems or corrupted Masses.

The Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) is an arm of the heretical Newchurch of the New Order. It uses the half New Order "New Latin Mess" of the 1962 Vatican II Anti-council, not the Traditional Latin Mass. Its clergy are not priests, but descend from invalid Newchurch "bishops," the same bishops that have turned Newchurch into a paedophile Mafia. A true Catholic would not want to associate with such an organization.

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) after the death of Archbishop Lefebvre in 1991 is working to join the heretical Newchurch of the New Order and has already taken significant steps in that direction, modifying its Mess, reportedly using at some sites Novus Ordo presbyters, and putting itself under the control of the Newchurch for Sacraments such as Penance and Matrimony. A true Catholic would not want to associate with such an organization.

The Official Traditional Catholic Directory includes a very informative chapter entitled "How to Choose a Traditional Latin Mass," in which the various groups are designated as Recommended or Not Recommended or Invalid, together with the reasons why the designation applies. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic directory department.

This Directory has been published annually since 1994 by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses, with monthly update editions. Containing more than 200 pages in E-book (PDF) format includes the only complete list, by sponsoring organization, of the approximately 800 Traditional Catholic Latin Masses in the pre-Vatican II Roman Rite, regularly and publicly celebrated in North America, as well as contacts for Mass sites outside North America. In its front matter and in the listings, the Directory carefully distinguishes which are legitimate and which are not. The Directory also includes a list of traditional Catholic periodicals, suppliers, organizations, seminaries, religious orders, lay societies, retreats, schooling, and a necrology of traditional Catholic priests.

December 6, 2018 - St. Nicholas, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

Former Neo-SSPX Bishop Williamson Has Shamefully Snapped Again
He Now Claims "Guarded Optimism" for Doctrinal "Negotiations" with the Heretical Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Richard Williamson

Bishop Richard Williamson, Who Left Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX
Because It Is Heading toward Union with the Neretical New Order Sect
Has Shamefully Snapped Back Once Again
As He Now Regards with "Guarded Optimism"
Doctrinal "Negotiations" with the Newchurch of the New Order
What in the World Is There for a Truly Traditional Catholic Organization
To "Negotiate" about with the Heretical Novus Ordo Sect
And Its Immoral Leaders on Doctrine?

Bishop Richard Williamson, who left the Neo-Society of St. Pius X in 2012 when it took a lurch under its Superior-dictator Bernie Fellay toward joining the New Order sect, seems to have snapped once again, like the rubber band that he has been since the Fellay regime. In fact, Fellay already took significant steps in a sellout to the New Order by plaching the Neo-SSPX under the jurisdiction of the Newchurch of the New Order and its Newpope Francis-Bergoglio for its confessions and marriages.

In July 2018, after Fellay had had 24 years as sole dictator, he engineered the election of one of his henchman, the virtually unknown Davide Pagliarani, to take the dictatorship, while Fellay continued to pull the strings behind the scenes. It took only four months for Pagliarani to put his tail between his legs and scuttle off to Newrome to "negotiate" with the heretical Newvatican. This has all happened before, and got even worse.

What in the world is there for a truly traditional Catholic organization -- which is no longer what the Neo-SSPX is -- to "negotiate" about with the heretical Novus Ordo sect and its immoral leaders on doctrine? The Neo-SSPX is a far cry from Archbishop Lefebvre's original traditional Catholic Society of St. Pius X. That died with the Archbishop in 1991. Now Pagliarani is talking about "negotiating" doctrine -- what Fellay had done to give the New Order power over the Neo-SSPX.

Supposedly, Williamson was against all of this, but in his December 1, 2018, weekly bulletin, he seems to have snapped once again, calling these "negotiations" cause for "guarded optimism." Optimism for what: a sellout of what little true Catholicism remains in the Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-SSPX? Williamson claims that doctrine should have "first place" in the negotiations. BUT DOCTRINE IS EXACTLY WHAT SHOULD NOT BE DISCUSSED. Catholic doctrine is a given, and one cannot negotiate it with heretics, such as Francis-Bergoglio and his lackeys in Newvatican.

True Catholics, Williamson is not stupid. He knows history. But he does seem to snap back and forth like a rubber band. He seems to have forgotten the Spanish philosopher George Santayana's sage advice: "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Those who associate with Newchurch cannot help but become infected with the Novus Ordo plague. Already, the Neo-SSPX has sold out on the Sacraments and the unadulterated Traditional Latin Mass. The next point that the Neo-SSPX will sell out is Catholic doctrine. The corrupted Neo-SSPX is, as the philosopher indicated, doomed. Its members should exit quickly so that they can protect themselves from contagion.

December 5, 2018 - Ferial Day

A Reader Asks: "Is the Three-hour Eucharistic 'Mini-fast' of 1956
The Beginning of the New Order Subterfuge?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Denny's Grand Slam

The New Order Allows Newchurchers to Eat a Denny's Grand Slam
Just Fifteen Minutes from Its Invalid New Mess
And Devour the New Order Cookie and Swill the Kool-Aid
While Burping and Belching up to the Eucharistic Ministress
The Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini Used a Subterfuge
Of a Three-hour Semi-fast in 1956 to Lead to the Grand Slam Pseudo-fast
But Pius XII Stood behind the Apostolic Fast from Midnight
No Wonder Newchurchers Don't Have a Shred of Catholicism Left
"For They that Are Such Serve Not Christ our Lord
But Their Own Belly" (St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans 16:18/DRV)

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

The more I read explanations of true Catholic Faith and practice, the more at ease I feel about being a traditional Catholic. I probably should get myself a copy of the Catechism of the Council of Trent to review. I think that I may have been more adversely affected by all this Novus Ordo business more than I realized.

In this regard, I want to ask whether the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's anti-traditional three-hour Eucharistic "mini fast" of 1956 (not to speak of the New Order's sacrilegious one-hour fast) is just the beginning of the New Order subterfuge? My understanding is that the traditional Eucharistic fast, binding under the gravity of Mortal Sin and a sacrilegious reception, is from midnight before Holy Communion, absent dispensation from one's confessor in cases of medical or other problems.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

That is correct. Already in the 1950s the Bugnini began to implement anti-Catholic practices, which eventually led to the full-blown invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess" of 1969 and "New Liturgy of the Hours" of 1970. The following are the main steps that brought Newchurch to the point of sacrilege and invalidity:

  1. 1945 - "New" Latin Psalter introduced
  2. 1951 - Easter Vigil changed
  3. 1954 - Vulgar tongues introduced into the Sacraments
  4. 1956 - Traditional rubrics of Mass, Divine Office, and Holy Week changed
  5. 1956 - The Apostolic Eucharistic fast was denigrated to a "mini fast"
  6. 1960 - Traditional rubrics and calendar of Mass and Divine Office changed again
  7. 1962 - Sacred Apostolic Roman Canon of Mass (dogmatically not to be touched) changed
  8. 1964 - Vulgar tongues introduced into the Mass
  9. 1967 - Dogmatic form of the Mass Consecration changed to an invalid Protestant form
  10. 1968 - New Ordinal to install Newbishops, Presbyters (formerly priests), and Deacons introduced after Protestant forms
  11. 1969 - New Order (Novus Ordo) service (no longer a valid "Mass")
  12. introduced to replace the valid Traditional Latin Mass
  13. 1970 - New Order "Liturgy of the Hours" introduced to replace the 2000-year traditional Catholic Divine Office

Three traditional Catholic catechisms that include the fully traditional Eucharistic fast are available to TRADITIO readers in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department. The three are: the Catechism from the Decree of the Council of Trent, the Catechism of Pope Saint Pius X, and the Baltimore Catechism, in unadulterated traditional editions.

December 4, 2018 - St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Blockbuster Report Details Newchurch's Ongoing Sodomite Ring
Operating in Several Newdioceses in the Northeastern United States

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Holy Apostles Newsemnary

Holy Apostles Newchurch Seminary
In Cromwell (Hartford), Connecticut
Has Been Exposed in an Investigation
As Operating a Sodomite Ring
Specializing in Sodomite "Parties," Drunkenness
Perverted Web Sites, and Visits to "Gay Bars"
Yet, even after Exposure
This Newchurch Seminary Continues to Install Fake Presbyters
For Newdioceses throughout the Northeastern United States

An investigation into the Holy Apostles Newseminary run by the Newchurch archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut has found evidence of a sodomite network that extends into several states in the northeastern United States, including Patterson and Newark in New Jersey, Hartford in Connecticut, and Buffalo in New York. Nonetheless, even after exposure of the immoral fraud, some of the sodomites involved were subsequently installed as Newchurch presbyters. (Newchurch has not ordained priests under the Sacrament of Holy Orders since 1968, when it adopted a Protestantized form to install presbyter-ministers).

The investigation found that the sodomite ring was just one in a much larger sodomite network that spanned a number of U.S. Newdioceses, as well as some foreign countries such as Colombia. The ring operated sodomite "parties," drunkenness, perverted web sites, and visits to "gay bars." The Newarchdiocese was also caught sanitizing Newdiocesan personnel files of the deviants. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, there has been increasing evidence in recent years that, in addition to crimes perpetrated by paedophile presbyters and Newbishops, there are sodomite rings operating in many Newchurch seminaries. In fact, Newcardinal Donald Wuerl, of Washington, D.C., was exposed in the August 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report to have been operating a sodomite ring in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Newseminary. Not only is the Newchurch sect invalid and anti-Catholic, it is a joke of a "religion." It has become merely a vehicle for perverted Newchurch clergy, all the way up to the top, to assault clueless youths who have entered the fake Newchurch seminaries to serve the immoral New Religion.

December 3, 2018 - St. Francis Xavier, Confessor
Double Major Feast

Another Newchurch Archdiocese Bites the Dust
As Santa Fe, New Mexico, Becomes the Seventeenth Newdiocese to Go into Bankruptcy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
John Wester

An Unhappy John Wester. Newarchbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Declares His Newarchdiocese the Seventeenth Newchurch Diocese
To Go Bankrupt since 2006
In Newchurch's Continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
The New Mexico Attorney General Raided His Administrative Offices
And the Next Day Wester Threw in the Towel
Wester Has 40 Lawsuits Pending against Him
And He Has Only 126 Presbyters Left

On November 29, 2018, the New Mexico Attorney General executed a search warrant on John Wester, the Newarchbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It has not been revealed what was found, but it must have been a lollapalooza because the very next day Wester declared that his Newchurchdiocese was filing bankruptcy, the seventeenth Newchurch diocese to do so since 2006.

What we do know is that Santa Fe has been yet another cesspool for sex crimes by Newchurch clergy. Newarchbishop Wester referred in his statement to victims of sex crimes by Newchurch clergy. He revealed that there are 40 lawsuits still active against his Newarchdiocese, although there are only 126 presbyters left. So Wester threw in the towel. Obviously, the Attorney General has the goods on him.

Investigative reporters from KOB-4 Television had exposed the Newarchdiocese for harboring sex criminals among its Newclergy continuing to commit sex crimes against children that are "widespread" and "undealt with." So widespread have Newchurch's crimes in fact been that health professionals say they contribute to a "mental health crisis" in New Mexico. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by KOB-4 Television.]

It is well known that there has been a "treatment center" in New Mexico, where the U.S. and Canadian Newbishops hide presbyters guilty of sexual and physical assault and those suffering from various mental problems. There is also a Newmonastery in New Mexico that provides a hiding place for malefactors from the Newchurch presyterate.

In the United States, New Mexico has joined New York, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey in initiating investigations against Newchurch for its crimes. England and two German states are also pursuing Newchurch for its crimes. These investigations are just the tip of the iceberg. They The expanding investigations could finally herald the decimation of Newchurch.

True Catholics, the bankruptcy of Santa Fe makes the seventeeth Newchurch diocese to fall in the wake of rampant sex crimes. Contrary to the false propaganda that comes from Francis-Bergoglio's Vatican [Dis]information Services, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust continues unabated. But now its own Newchurchers are deserting Newchurch in droves, and government officials are finally hunting down Bergoglio and his cronies for prosecution like the Mafia that it is.

December 2, 2018 - First Sunday of Advent
Semidouble Sunday of the First Class

A Ring Possibly Belonging to Pontius Pilate Has Been Discovered
At Herod's Palace near Bethlehem

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Pilate Ring

A Ring Possibly Belonging to Pontius Pilate
Who Was the Procurator of Judaea for the Roman Empire
During the Time of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Has Been Found at the Palace of Herod Antipas near Bethlehem
Around the Krater (Large Wine Vessel)
Is the Name in Greek, PILATO[U] - "Of Pilate"
There Is No Other Evidence of the Name in the Province of Judaea
Before and during Pilate's Governorship

A ring possibly belonging to Pontius Pilate, the procurator of Judaea when Jesus Christ was crucified, has recently been identified, according to a November 30, 2018, report. The copper-alloy ring may be only the second artifact testifying to the governorship of Pilate over Judaea for the Roman Empire. The ring is inscribed with Pilate's name in Greek, the lingua franca of the eastern Roman Empire. It had been discovered fifty years ago at the palace of Herod Antipas near Bethlehem, but has only recently been cleaned and studied.

Although the name Pontius was common for Romans, the name Pilate was not. "Pilate" is derived from the Latin pilum, referring to a military javelin, and is a Roman cognomen. There is no other evidence of the name in the province of Judaea before and during Pilate's governorship.

The first artifact of Pontius Pilate was the "Pilate Stone," which was found in 1961 at Pilate's seaside capital in Caesarea Philippi, mentioned in the Gospels. Among its four lines carved in Latin majuscule is "Pontius Pilate, Prefect of Judaea.

The historicity of Pontius Pilate, mentioned in the Gospels, is confirmed by these artifacts and contemporary historical sources. Pilate governed Judaea for Rome ca. A.D. 26-36. The traditional date for Christ's crucifixion, A.D. 33, fits within this historical period. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Times of Israel.]

True Catholics, you have no reason for concern that the Bible is not true, even from an historical perspective. Time and time again its contents have been confirmed by archeological discoveries, like the "Pilate Stone" and the ring.

December 1, 2018 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

Ex-Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger Again Teaches Heresy on the Jews
Contradicts the New Testament, Claiming that the Jews Are Not to Be Converted to Christ

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Ratzinger Lights Jewish Menorah

Josef Ratzinger (aka Benedict-Ratzinger)
Lights a Menorah in a Jewish Synagogue
Ratzinger Teaches the Heretical Doctrine
That the Jews Need Not Convert to Christ
Such False Doctrine Directly Contradicts the Teaching
Of Christ and His Apostles
In the Books of the New Testment
It Partakes of the "Oecumenical" Heresy of the Vatican II Anti-Council
Which Teaches that "We All Worship the Same God"
And "All Religions Are Equal"

Francis-Bergoglio's heresies are so numerous that even his own Newchurchers are condemning them and him. Benedict-Ratzinger, however, is often allowed by Neocon Newchurchers to hide under the false eponym of "traditionalist." Of course, Ratzinger is no "traditionalist." He was a leader of the Modernist heretics at the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) and has not changed his heresies since then, merely put on a different outfit to look a little more "traditional."

On November 28, 2018, however, Benedict-Ratzinger's heresy came out into the open again. Not only does he deny the teaching of the New Testament that all, including the Jews, need to convert to Christ but also he admits that he is preaching heresy! This is nothing new for Ratzinger, as in 2008 he watered down for the invalid Novus Ordo Mess, the Good Friday litanical prayer, going back to the time of the Apostles, that prayed Pro Perfidis Iudaeis.

Contrary to Scripture, Benedict-Ratzinger claims that Christians do not have a "mission" to convert the Jews, only to have a "dlalogue" with them. He claims that there are "two ways of interpreting the Scriptures," Judaism and Christianity. Of course, the Jews don't accept all of Scripture! They reject the entire New Testament, and some of the Old Testament as well. Ratzinger goes on to state: "A mission to the Jews is not foreseen and not necessary." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican News.]

True Catholics, such statements are outright heresy and contradict the teaching of Christ and His Apostles, particularly St. Paul. They take their genesis from the document Nostra aetate (Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions) of the Vatican II Anti-council, which is filled with the "Oecumenical" Heresy ("we all worship the same god; all religions are equal). Benedict-Ratzinger and Francis-Bergoglio, not to speak of their Newpope predecessors, pander outright heresy. If Ratzinger's heresies are somewhat more subtle, they are for that reason all the more dangerous.

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