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August 31, 2023 - St. Raymond Nonnatus, Confessor
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Once Again Trashes "Traditionalists," Particularly in the United States
And Preaches the Condemned Heresy of the "Evolution of Doctrine"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Narcissistic-Obsessive-Compulsive Psychosis
Of the 86-year-old Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Is Visibly Worsening
He Is Now Lashing out against Any "Traditionalist"
Even in His Own Newchurch, Who Holds to the Faith
He Derides Such People by Calling Them "Backwardists"
While He Welcomes Active Homosexuals, Lesbians
Transsexuals, and Other "Queer" Peoples
Into His Newchurch of the New Order
Yet He Admits that Opposition to Him
And Rejection of Him as a "Pretender (New)pope
Is "Very Strong"

On August 5, 2023, the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio continued his endless diatribes against "traditionalists" who stand up for the faith, even amongst his own Newchurchers. As a good Marxist, Bergoglio particularly hates the United States, which he believes is thwarting his plans to deconstruct the Newchurch of the New Order, which isn't even the Catholic Church, but a Modernist/Marxist fabrication concocted by the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964.

Bergoglio has even come up with a new words for the "traditionalists," to add to the other sixty vile epithets that he has used of these people. He calls them "backwardists" (the neologism "indietristi" in Italian, because Bergoglio's Latin is so weak). So much for his vaunted "love" for mankind. Active homosexuals, transsexuals, atheists, and their ilk he loves, but those who stand up for the faith are the "enemy" in his mind increasingly weakened by his Narcissistic-Obsessive-Compulsive Psychosis. Bergoglio admits that the opposition in the United States against him is "very strong, reactionary, and organized."

Bergoglio then went on to preach the condemned heresy that Catholic Faith and Morals can change and appeals to the heretical notion of the "evolution" of doctrine, strongly condemned by popes of the 19th and 20th centuries against the Marxist/Mordernists. "The view of Church doctrine as a monolith is wrong," he pontificated. Such "evolution," in his heretical opinion, would admit accept the activity of homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals, and other "queer" peoples, whom he has already welcomed into his Newchurch, just as "woke" Leftists have in the Protestant churches. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

Traditional Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio's vitriolic heresies were, as usual, poured out in a secret meeting with Newjesuits during the blasphemous World Youth day. Also, as usual, the statements were leaked, and published, ironically, just as the murderous order was expelled from Nicaragua, just as Pope Clement XIV expelled the Jesuits from the Catholic Church in the 18th and 19th centuries. That is why he is considered by many a "pretender (New)popes," who was never ordained as a priest or consecrated as a bishop, but "installed" in non-sacramental Protestantized rites.

August 30, 2023 - St. Rose of Lima, Virgin
Double Feast

Half of Italy's Newchurchers Have Disappeared in the Last Two Decades
Under Benedict-Ratzinger and Francis-Bergoglio, Not even One-Fifth of Italians Attend

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Declining  Graph

Newchurch's Decline Is "Off the Charts"
Can Virtual Death Be Far Off?
Now even Italy
In the Newpope's Own Backyard
Is Walking out, as Attendance Halves
In just Two Decades
For the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan
"New Mess," a Fake (Invalid) Service
Like What the Protestants Have
Fabricated by the Vatican II Anti-council
Newchurch Is Dying -- as Well It Should
It Is Most Certainly NOT the Catholic Church

Where have Italy's Newchurchers gone? According to Italy's National Statistics Bureau, in just two decades, presided over by Newpopes Benedict-Ratzinger and Francis-Bergoglio, half of Italy's Newchurchers have disappeared. In 2003, 36 per cent of Italians were still attending the fake (invalid) Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess," fabricated by the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) -- and that number was a new low from attendance before Vatican II.

Now, in 2023, that number has plummeted to just 18 per cent. Not even one in five Italians, in Bergoglio's own backyard, will have anything to do with him or the Newchurch of the New Order. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Crux News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, Italy used to have the most Newchurch-attending populace. No longer. The deadly "Francis effect" and the "New Order effect" have killed Newchurch in Italy itself. The numbers reveal that Newchurch is rapidly dying. As well it should. It is not the Catholic Church, but a fraud that was fabricated in 1964 by Modernist/Marxist apostates, who destroyed the Catholic Mass and Sacraments in their Newchurch of the New Order, who rejected Catholic doctrine, and who have perpetrated immorality to an extent that would make a pig blush. Even pigs don't rape and sodomize their own children, with the Chief Pig encouraging them on.

August 29, 2023 - Beheading of St. John the Baptist
Double Major Feast

Traditionalist Carmelites Defy the "Dictator Newpope" Francis-Bergoglio and His "Spiteful" Newbishop
The Handicapped Mother Superior Theresa Is a Tiger, Like the Carmelites' Foundress, St. Teresa of Avila

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Teresa Gerlach

Traditionalist Mother Superior
Teresa Gerlach of the Discalced Carmelites
Elderly and Confined to a Wheelchair
Was Falsely Accused of Raping a Young Presbyter
While She Was under Anaesthesia
She Is the Latest Target of the Apostate Newpope
Francis-Bergoglio's Pogrom
Against Traditionalist Carmelites
But Mother Teresa and Her Nuns
Are Fighting Back Like Tigers against Bergoglio
And His Puppet Newbishop in Fort Worth
Who Has Never Even Been Consecrated

The Mother Superior Teresa Gerlach, of Most Holy Trinity Convent of Discalced Carmelites is fighting back against Francis-Bergoglio and his corrupt Newbishop Michael Olsen, of Fort Worth, Texas, to maintain her Carmelite traditionalism. Bergoglio appointed Olsen as his full agent in the matter. Mother Theresa is confined to a wheelchair, yet she was falsely accused of raping a young Novus Ordo presbyter. Does anyone really believe that fanciful story? Witnesses say that the elderly Mother Teresa was under anaesthesia undergoing grave surgery at the time that she is supposed to have raped the presbyter. So low has Newchurch, Bergoglio, Olsen, and their ilk fallen. They are far from Catholic; they are pagans.

Because of Mother Teresa's courage, the public outcry against Bergoglio and his puppet Olsen is growing. It is well known that Bergoglio hates the devout Carmelite order, several of whose convents he has shut down on similarly phony charges. But Mother Theresa will not succumb. So Olsen, a Newbishop who has never even been consecrated, has ordered the doors of the convent shut to traditionalist Catholics who wish to worship there, but Gerlach on August 18, 2023, proclaimed that the convent did not recognize Olsen, banned him from the property under pain of arrest as a trespasser, and declared the doors of the convent church opened to all worshippers. The worshippers are now streaming back in, paying no attention to Olsen and the corrupt Newchurch of the New Order that he represents. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, Newbishop Olsen is now getting desperate. He thought that he would win the day by threatening a phony Novus Ordo "excommunication" from Newchurch against the nuns. But the nuns won the day when they maintained that it was Olsen who was the excommunicate. She has taken to the airwaves and the internet to denounce Olsen as subjecting the devout nuns to "unprecedented interference, intimidation, aggression, private and public humiliation, and spiritual manipulation." In that, the nuns have exactly characterized the modus operandi of the apostate Newpope Bergoglio and his Newchurch. One can only hope that the courageous nuns will break entirely from the fake Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, and become the seat of yet another independent Traditional Catholic chapel.

August 28, 2023 - St. Augustine, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Leading U.S. Newbishops' Official Quits in Protest against Francis-Bergoglio's Foiled Internal Interference
Against the Administration of the Conservative, Anti-abortion President Trump

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Jayd Hendricks

Jayd Hendricks, Executive Director
For Government Relations
For the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops [Sic]
Has Publicly Terminated His Affiliation
With the Newchurch Organization
Revealing that the Marxist Newpope
Francis-Bergoglio Unleashed Three Newcardinals
To Get Him to Attack President Trump
In Every Case, Trump Bested Bergoglio
And Relegated Him to Newrome
With His Tail between His Legs

On August 23, 2023, Francis-Bergoglio was publicly outed by a high official of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops [Sic] for perpetrating interference in the internal affairs of the United States Government. Russia and Communist China have been accused of interference, but this is the first public revelation that Bergoglio and his Leftist surrogates are trying to influence U.S. internal affairs in a Marxist direction.

Jayd Hendricks, Executive Director of Government Relations for the USCCB revealed that "three unnamed cardinals in [New]rome" had been tasked with putting the squeeze on him for "being too soft on President Trump." Hendricks was so outraged by Bergoglio's political interference that he quit in protest. In fact, Bergoglio and his three hitmen were ignorant of the fact that the minor appropriations matter was in the power of Congress, not the President. Said Hendricks: "For the first time I was being told by [New]rome how to do my job for what seemed like ideological reasons." Thereafter, the outraged Hendricks publicly quit in protest and outed the Marxist Bergoglio.

Hendricks, who now works for another organization independent of Bergoglio's political machinations, went on to reveal that the Leftist wing of the U.S. Newbishops are responsible for deliberately creating divisions. He described them as smaller in number, but "they are aggressive and seem to have the backing of [Bergoglio]." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, the apostate Newpope Bergoglio, a known Marxist, admitted his Communist leanings in his own autobiography. Several times he tried to embarrass the anti-abortion, conservative law-and-order U.S. President Trump, and Trump in every case strongly turned back the attempts with Bergoglio left having egg on his face. Now the picture is becoming even clearer that Bergoglio, far from being a Catholic pope, is operating as a de facto agent for Marxism around the world.

August 27, 2023 - Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio Perpetrates Idolatry, Blasphemy, and Sacrilege
At His Newchurch "Woodstock" Rave at World Youth Day

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
World Youth Day 'Tabernacle'

The Fake Newchurch "Eucharist'
Was Relegated to a Tent
And Displayed in a Tower
Of Gray Pizza Boxes
While Topless Youth Danced
And Smoked Marijuana
Outside the Tent
Like Pagans Worshipping
The Pagan God Baal
Now Wonder 85-90 per Cent of Newchurchers
Believe that the Newchurch "Eucharist"
Is a Fake

Among the idolatries, blasphemies, and sacrileges perpetrated by the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio at the Newchurch "Woodstock" rave at World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal on August 1-6, 2023, was the desecration of the "blessed sacrament." Traditional Catholics, of course, are well aware that Newchurch doesn't have a "blessed sacrament" to desecrate, yet to the world the fake (invalid) cookies and Kool-Aid mendaciously purport to be the "real McCoy."

Our Lord long ago took the Sacraments and their graces away from the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. In 1968 Newchurch lost the priesthood when it adopted the Protestantized "New Ordinal" and now merely "installs" clerics whom it officially calls "presbyters," who are just as impotent as Protestant ministers. In 1969 Newchurch lost the true Mass when it adopted the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess," which replaced the Traditional Latin Mass (1950) with a new service concocted from Protestant and Jewish sources. Without a priesthood and a Mass, Newchurch does not have the Most Blessed Sacrament, but only cookies and Kool-Aid.

It is clear that the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is not a Catholic, and his Newchurch of the New Order is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, as he permitted the following idolatries, blasphemies, and sacrileges at his official "rave" event:

  1. Belly dancers danced to vile techno "music" right in front of Bergoglio.
  2. The fake "blessed sacrament" was hauled out for a mere thirty minutes, whereupon it was disposed of in favor of the projection of a Marxist propaganda documentary on "global warming," a pet delusion of Bergoglio.
  3. Religious hymns were replaced by a disc jockey spinning vulgar records.
  4. The fake Newchurch "blessed sacrament" was relegated to a tent, not even a chapel.
  5. Outside the tent, the "youth" were smoking cigarettes and marijuana and some of the girls were dancing topless like Jezabel worshipping the pagan god Baal (3 Kings 16:31).
  6. The Newchurch "blessed sacrament" was served in cellophane-covered "Ikea potato-chip bowls."
  7. The fake Newchurch "blessed sacrament" was stored in a makeshift "tabernacle" composed of three pizza boxes.
  8. Newchurch presbyters were not in attendance upon the fake "blessed sacrament."

Traditional Catholics, is it any wonder that Newchurchers don't even believe in their "eucharist" (not capital "e", no "Most Blessed") any longer? Yet this fake "eucharist" is supposed to be the propaganda centerpiece of the campaign to get Newchurchers back into Newchurch church, as attendance has dropped now into single digits. Yet studies from Pew Research Center and the Georgetown University Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate show that 75-80 per cent of Newchurchers don't even believe in their so-called "eucharist." When the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio himself is an idolater, blasphemer, and sacrilegious presbyter, is it any wonder that Newchurch is sinking faster than the Titanic?

August 26, 2023 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

Newarchbishop Salvatore Cordileone Called out as "Morally Corrupt"
Advocates for Child Sex Victims in San Francisco Claim that He Is Lying and Shafting the Children

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Salvatore Cordileone

Caught Like a Deer in the Headlights
Salvatore Cordileone, Newarchbishop of San Francisco
Has Been Accused of Declaring Bankruptcy
To Avoid Paying Settlements to the Child Victims
Sodomized, Raped, and Sexually Assaulted
By Newarchdiocesan Presbyters
The Leading Advocate Group for the Victims
Blasted Cordileone and His Newarchdiocese
As "Morally Corrupt"
And Claimed that He Is Lying
In Stating that His Newarchdiocese Is Impotent
To Pay Its Just Dues

Newarchbishop Salvatore Cordileone, of San Francisco, California, has to be one of the most despicable Newchurch bishops, who poses as a conservative to cover up a myriad dirty deeds. It was not enough that he was arrested for drunk driving, risking the life of his own mother who was a passenger in the car. Then he lied to police that his sky-high blood alcohol reading was the result of just an extra glass of wine at dinner. When he was called upon in the local community to refuse installation as Newarchbishop (the crime occurred between his appointment and his installation), the guilty Cordileone paid no heed to justice and barely, if at all, even repented of his crime.

Now Cordileone is accused of engaging in a scheme to deprive over 500 child victims of Newchurch's paedophile presbyters from receiving just compensation for the horror that the Newarchdiocese has forced on them. The scheme involves pleading bankruptcy, which he did on August 21, 2023, although advocates for the child victims claim that he has more than enough money to pay the settlements to the children. Cordileone claims that the Newarchdiocese does not have the financial means to pay the settlements, and therefore is depriving the child victims of their just compensation. Cordileone, who poses as a "conservative" in Newchurch, dares to call this gross injustice "compassionate." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The New York Post.]

In the face of Cordileone's self-serving propaganda, the leading advocate group for child victims of Newchurch presbyters and Newbishops, The Survivors Network of those Abused by Pr[esbyters], known as SNAP, blasted Cordileone and his Newarchdiocese as "morally corrupt" and claims that Cordileone is lying in stating that the Newarchdiocese is financially impotent to pay its just dues:

We seriously doubt that the [Newchurch] Archdiocese of San Francisco does not have the assets to settle these lawsuits, and we find it disturbing that Archbishop [sic] Cordileone claimed this is the "best way" for victims’ lawsuits to be resolved. We can only hope that the federal judge closely examines the Archdiocese’s real estate holdings, which are spread across three of the richest counties in the United States.

Traditional Catholics, Salvatore Cordileone has consistently refused to release the names of the presbyters guilty of sodomy, rape, and other sexual assault upon children, some of whom were not even seven years of age. Therefore, Cordileone becomes subject to the stark penalty prescribed by St. Paul for such accomplices: Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things are worthy of death: and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

August 25, 2023 - St. Louis IX, King of France, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Newcardinal Cupich, Francis-Bergoglio's Bosom Buddy, Goes Wiccan
He Will Join with Witches and Other Pagans at a Condemned "Oecumenical" Conference

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Blase Cupich

Francis-Bergoglio's Bosom Buddy
Newcardinal Blase Cupich, of Chicago
Looks Clueless as He Announces
That He Will Speak as a "Luminary"
At an "Oecumenical" Conference
Organized by a Wiccan Priestess
Who Describes Herself an an "Elder Witch"
Such Conferences Have Been Strongly Condemned
By Catholic Popes
And even Prelates Have Been Prohibited
From Attending Such Covens

One of Francis-Bergoglio's closest Newcardinals, the infamous Blase Cupich, of Chicago, Illinois, has provoked condemnation for participating in a convention of witches and other pagans at an "oecumenical" conference known as the World Council of Religions. "Oecumenism," the notion that "we all worship the same gods" and "all religious are true," was pushed by the heretic Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965).

The heretical notion of "oecumenism," traditionally called "syncretism," was strongly condemned by Catholic popes before the takeover of the apostate Newpopes and the founding of the Newchurch of the New Order by that Anti-council in 1964. Pope Leo XIII strongly condemned syncretism and forbade Catholics of any rank from attending any such meetings. His successor, Pope St. Pius X, linked syncretism with the Heresy of Modernism, which has run rampant in the Newchurch of the New Order.

The August 14-18, 2023, oecumenical conference at which Newcardinal Cupich will speak is being organized by a Wiccan priestess. She describes herself as an "Elder Witch," who practices sorcery with Tarot cards and teaches classes in how to cast spells. Cupich has been designated as a "luminary" at the conference. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LS News.]

Traditional Catholics, the degenerate Newcardinal Blase Cupich will be joined by another infamous speaker at the conference, who is a self-proclaimed "devout Catholic." N.E. Pelosi, once Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, is no Catholic, but a heretic Newchurcher, an outspoken advocate of abortion, sodomy, and transsexualism. By her own admission she is the target of Satan and even arranged to have her house in San Francisco, California, fumigated by an unknown "exorcist." Whether that "exorcist" was a wiccan priestess she has not revealed.


Even Francis-Bergoglio's Native Argentina Has Turned against Him
Voting for a Traditionalist-leaning Catholic Who Publicly Condemns Bergoglio as a "Communist"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Javier Milei

Argentinean Statesman Javier Milei
A Traditionalist-leaning Cathholic
Gave Francis-Bergoglio a Knockout Punch
In Bergoglio's Own Native Argentina
Milei Won a Stunning Primary Victory
Running Partially on a Platform
Against Bergoglio's Communist Programme
Calling the Apostate Newpope
"The Representative of Satan in the House of God"
Many of Bergoglio's Own Newchurchers
Back Mileo against Bergoglio
Who Used to Be Newarchbishop of Buenos Aires
And Was There Implicated in the Cover-up
Of Paedophile Crimes by His Presbyters

The cachet of Francis-Bergoglio, who was once fawned over by many, has fallen so far that even in his own native Argentina, he is despised. Newchurch was stunned that the run-away winner of Argentina's August 13, 2023, was Javier Milei, a traditionalist-leaning Catholic, who has openly called Bergoglio a "Leftist son of a bitch preaching Communism throughout the world" and "the representative of Satan in the house of God."

In making these statements, Milei was doing no more than quoting from Bergoglio's own autobiography, in which Bergoglio as much as admits that he is a Communist, and certainly a Leftist, not a true Catholic in any sense of the term. Bergoglio was Newarchbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 1998 to 2013, during which time he was accused of covering up sex crimes against children perpetrated by his presbyters. Milei's anti-Bergoglian message is now widely embraced in Argentina. Even many Newchurchers back Milei against Bergoglio.

Milei, an economics professor and member of the Chamber of Deputies, is an admirer of U.S. President Donald Trump and is described as a "radical libertarian," who has condemned the Newchurch of the New Order (which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church), currently run by Bergoglio, as a Leftist front group. Milei has publicly attacked Bergoglio's fabricated notion of "social justice" and called the Marxist/Modernist "the imbecile who is in Rome." The notion of "social justice," is based in Marxism, traditionally condemned by the Catholic Church, and was pushed by the heretic Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), to which Bergoglio swears his undying allegiance. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Catholic Herald.]

Traditional Catholics, Javier Milei's condemnations have struck the fear of God into the tottering Bergoglio. The apostate Newpope, who is always talking about "love," did not hesitate to slander the the traditionalist-leaning statesman, who wants to re-impose restrictions on abortion, by comparing him to Adolf Hitler. Bergoglio seems to have the filthiest mouth of any papal pretender in the history of the Church. While the Marxist/Modernist feigns to exude "love," he hypocritically calls his opponents, mostly traditionalists, every vulgar name in the book.

August 23, 2023 - St. Philip Benizi, Confessor
Double Feast

Manhunt Is on for Newchurch's "Devil" Presbyter, Who Is Now on the Lam
He Was Himself Once "Exorcised" and Ran off with a High-school Girl to Francis-Bergoglio's Bosom

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Alex Crow

"Devil" Newchurch Presbyter Is on the Lam
The Subject of a Manhunt by the County Sheriff
Alex Crow, also Known as the "Heartthrob" Presbyter
Seduced a High-school Girl and Ran off with Her
The Sheriff Believes that the Presbyter
Seduced Other Girls (and Boys)
Crow Was Obsessed with the Devil and Exorcisms
So Hard up Is the Newchurch for Presbyters Now
That It "Installed" Crow as a Newchurch Presbyter
Just Two Years Ago, in 2021
In Spite of the Fact that He Was Known to Lead
A Rock Band Called "Alex Crow & The Altar Boys"

One of Francis-Bergoglio's presbyters on August 12, 2023, became the subject of a manhunt for his abduction of a high-school girl from Alabama to Italy. Alex Crow admitted that he was possessed and had to be exorcized (but it didn't work because Newchurch has no sacramental powers). The "Devil" presbyter, also known as the "Heartthrob" presbyter, charmed the schoolgirl with his "good looks" at the Newchurch school where she was studying with him. Crow is now "on the lam," according to the county sheriff, who is pursuing him and who maintains that he has seduced other schoolgirls (and boys), preying on them with his "good looks."

The county sheriff, who says that presbyter Crow is obsessed with demons and exorcisms, believes that Crow has abducted the girl into Bergoglio's territory in Italy, where he intends to "exorcize" her. Crow was a rock musician before he wended his way into the corrupt Newchurch of the New Order, whose Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio, supports his paedophile Newclergy, rarely punishing them for their crimes Crow taught his Newparochial high-school students about demons and exorcisms. Whether the Newchurch school ever told the students' parents about the presbyter's obsession that was being foisted off upon their sons and daughters at the parents' expense school has not been revealed. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Daily Mail.]

Traditional Catholics, presbyter Alex Crow is just another example of how corrupt Newchurch of the New Order has become. Any attempt to say that Newchurch's paedophilia is in the past is a blatant lie. Crow was "installed" as a presbyter (Newchurch stopped ordaining priests in 1968 when it adopted a Protestantized New Ordinal that merely "installs" ministers like the Protestants) only two years ago, in 2001. So hard up is Newchurch for presbyters that it is now scraping the bottom of the barrell. Newchurch knew that Crow was peddling filth, not only to girls, but to boys as well, as his rock band called "Alex Crow & The Altar Boys" was already notorious in the Mobile, Alabama, area. Francis-Bergoglio continues to foster Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, in spite of the fact that his multi-million -dollar propaganda machine has pulled the wool over the eyes of many clueless Newchurchers.


Francis-Bergoglio Continues the Desecration of St. Peter's Archbasilica
Now He Is Turning the Renaissance Archbasilica into a Vulgar "Rock" Venue

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Papal Mass at St. Peter's

When the Church Was Catholic
A Solemn Pontifical Mass
Celebrated by Pope John XXIII
Note Not One, but Three, Papal Tiaras
On the High Altar of St. Peter's Archbasilica
Paul VI-Montini Disposed of the Papal Tiara
And Now Francis-Bergoglio Wants to Vulgarize
The Renaissance Masterpiece
Into a Vulgar "Rock" Venue
Bergoglio Is One of the Most Barbaric, Uncultured
Pretenders to the Papacy in the History of the Church
He Seems to Hate Gregorian Chant
The True Church's Own Proper Music
Preferring Vulgar Native Song and Dance Numbers
At His "Messes Sauvages" (Wild Messes)

On August 12, 2023, Newvatian announced that it was proceeding with Francis-Bergoglio's plans to bring to St. Peter's Archbasilica a "rock-and-roll sound." Bergoglio already desecrated the great archbasilica with the statute of the nude pagan fertility goddess, Pachamama It seems that to the apostate Newpope, the archbasilica, built over the very bones of St. Peter himself, as confirmed by modern archaeology, is a mere play-thing for Bergoglio's Marxist/Modernist programme.

Bergoglio's architect hireling took ten months and God knows how much Newchurch filthy lucre to replace the existing sound system, installed just twenty years ago in 2000, with an even more expensive "toy," described as a "back to the future" boondoggle. One of the reasons for the replacement is that Newchurch has abandoned the Catholic and Apostolic practice of singing the Mass and replaced it with incessant Novus Ordo chatter with a few intrusive ditties.

The Traditional Latin Mass, often sung as a Missa Cantata, used the natural reverberation of the archbasilica, designed by the greatest names of architecture: Michelangelo, Bramante, and Bernini. Even Bergoglio's rock-and-roll architect had to admit that Bergoglio is "disrupting the harmonics" of the archbasilica. That architect admits: "It's the same technique used at rock concerts." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican News.]

Traditional Catholics, the vulgar is no great surprise whenever Francis-Bergoglio is involved. He is one of the most barbaric, uncultured pretenders to the papacy in the history of the Church. He seems to hate Gregorian chant, the true Church's principal music, and even Renaissance polyphony the best of classical polyphony. Instead, he commonly features vulgar native song and dance numbers at his "liturgies," of the kind that the Catholic Church traditionally denounces as "Messes sauvages" ("wild Messes").

August 21, 2023 - St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Widow
Double Feast

Disgusted Young Men Are Walking out of Newchurch Seminaries by the Thousands
In the U.S. the Number of Newseminarians Has Plummeted 57 per Cent since the Vatican II Anti-council

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurch Seminarians Leaving Newchurch

More and More Young Men Are Leaving
Newchurch Seminaries
Realizing that They Are Fakes
Not the Catholic Church
They Teach Homosexuality, Sodomy
Lesbianism, Transsexuality, Abortion
And Other Sacrilegious, Heretical
And Immoral Doctrines
Having Nothing to Do
With the True Catholic Church
Far More Presbyters Are Retiring
Dying, or Being Imprisoned for Crimes
Than Can Possibly Be Replaced

More and more young men are realizing that the Newchurch of the New Order is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church and has no priesthood, no Mass, and no Sacraments, but does have heretic Newpopes and teaches Marxist/Modernist doctrine. It accepts now, to one degree or another, homosexuality, sodomy, lesbianism, transsexuality, and abortion, which will be stressed at Newchurch's October 2023 "Great Synod on Synodality," which is just another name for a Vatican III Anti-council to confirm these sacrilegious, heretical, and immoral anti-Catholic doctrines.

The decline is a global one. To take the example of the United States, enrollment in Newchurch seminaries has been tanking. The 2023 data from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University confirms this decline, falling a stunning 57 per cent from 6,400 in 1970, just after the Vatican II Anti-council, to a mere 2,759, or barely 10 for each Newdiocese in the U.S., and 75 per cent of these will drop out before being "installed" as Newchurch presbyter-ministers (since 1968 Newchurch has not ordained priests under the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but adopted a Protestant model). Far more than this number are retiring, dying, or being sentenced to prison for paedophile crimes and embezzlement. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, the steep decline has led Newdioceses to take drastic measures, permanently closing up to half of Newparishes in many Newdioceses. Newchurch is so desperate for Newseminary applicants that it has been resorting to crass Madison-Avenue tactics: cheap posters and video based on Mormon advertisements. Yet even that is not working, as the Newchurch is dying a deserved death and can no longer dupe the clueless into believing the lie that the Newchurch of the New Order is the Catholic Church. One cannot have a "vocation" to a lie.

August 20, 2023 - Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio's Newbishop, Charged with Sexually Assaulting Nine Boys
Has Turned "Bisexual" to Marry a Fornicatrix and Has Thereby Abandoned Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Howard Hubbard

"Thou Shalt Not Take the Name
Of the Lord Thy God in Vain"
Howard Hubbard
Newbishop of Albany, New York
Charged with Sexually-assaulting Nine Boys
And Turned over to the Police
By His Own Personal Secretary
Has Turned "Bisexual" and Entered into a Phony
"Civil" Marriage with a Fornicatrix
Thereby He Has Officially Abandoned
The Newchurch of the New Order


On August 1, 2023, Newbishop Howard Hubbard, Newbishop of Albany, New York, charged with sexually-assaulting nine boys, turned "bisexual" and committed the ecclesiastical crime of entering into a phony civil "marriage" with a fornicatrix. Thereby he has officially abandoned the Newchurch of the New Order. Newvatican could demote him from the episcopacy, but, like Francis-Bergoglio himself, he was never consecrated a bishop, so the point is moot.

We know that Newchurch bishops are fake. They are no more bishops than Lutheran "bishops" or Anglican/Episcopalian "bishops." In 1968, the Newchurch of the New Order broke from the Apostolic Succession and adopted a Protestantized New Ordinal that does not "consecrate" bishops, but merely installs "overseers" to administer local Newchurch dioceses. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, Newbishop Howard Hubbard has been at the center of a paedophile scandal, charged with sexually assaulting nine boys, secretly reassigning his paedophile presbyter criminals to different Newparishes, and failing to report the crimes to police. Hubbard was also charged with assaulting one of the children on a Newparish bus. Hubbard then lied to everyone about his own criminality, but was exposed when his own personal secretary turned over to police tape recordings that provided indisputable evidence of his criminality.

August 19, 2023 - St. John Eudes, Confessor
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio's Newpontifical Delegate Mauled by Traditionalist Eastern Newchurchers
7,000,000 Newchurchers Are Set to Break from the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

As the Second-largest Eastern Rite
With 7,000,000 Members
Is on the Brink of Rejecting
Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch
The Apostate Newpope's Delegate
Attempted to Enter the Cathedral-Basilica
The Traditionalist Easterners Screamed
"Get Out" at Cyril Vasil, Mauling and Pelting Him
With Eggs, Rocks, and Bottles
They Formed a Human Wall
In Front of the Cathedral
Bergoglio Is So Hated in the East
That His Delegate Had to Be Scuttled Off
By Local Police with His Tail between His Legs

After the Newchurch of the New Order replaced the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church at the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964, one of the first anti-Catholic moves that the apostate Newpope Paul VI-Montini imposed was the turning around of altars to face the congregation instead of the crucifix and the tabernacle. The message was clear: Newchurch worships "the people" like the Protestants, not God, like the Catholics. Nevertheless, most Catholics in the 1960s barely resisted. As a result, they lost the priesthood in 1968 and the Mass in 1969. Now Newchurch has only unordained presbyter-ministers and a non-sacramental "worship service" just like the Protestants.

Not the traditionalist Eastern Catholics. Now that the "Dictator Newpope" Francis-Bergoglio is trying to force them into the same heresy, the Easterners are fighting back against the apostate Newpope. The 7,000,000-member Syro-Malabar rite in the second-largest Eastern rite. Previously, the traditionalist Easterners locked the gate to the cathedral and prevented Bergoglio's Newarchbishop from entering. They rioted in the streets. What guts the Easterners traditionalists have; what cowards the Westerners were when Newchurch took over their Catholic Church in 1964! 97 per cent of the 500 traditionalist Eastern priest-presbyters and of the parishes have rejected the altar turnaround sacrilege and have rejected Bergoglio's attempt to impose on them a practice contrary to Tradition.

On August 4, 2023, Bergoglio sent a Newapostolic Delegate, Newarchbishop Cyril Vasily, to impose Bergoglio's dictate on the traditionalist Easterners. They are having none of it. On August 14, when Vasil tried to enter the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Mary, they screamed "Get Out," mauling and pelting Vasil with eggs, rocks, and bottles. They formed a human wall in front of the main gate of the cathedral and forced Vasil away from the Cathedral-Basilica. Local police had to scuttle Vasil off with his tail between his legs. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by UCA News.]

Traditional Catholics, now the traditionalist Easterners have called upon the Indian government to deport Bergoglio's man immediately. The traditionalist Easterners maintain that Vasil had entered the country illegally because Bergoglio's incompetent administration had neglected to publish a formal announcement of his appointment. It is well known that Francis-Bergoglio's administration is incompetent. With Newvatican sinking into bankruptcy, the cutbacks have been severe, and Bergoglio has not been able to keep up with the necessary paperwork. Incompetency the likes of Bergoglio's has not been seen before.

August 18, 2023 - Within the Octave of the Assumption
Semidouble Feast

Newchurch Is Shutting down Not just Its Churches, but Its Schools
Another Tranche of Newparochial Schools Is Shutting down -- for Good

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sean O'Malley

Newcardinal Sean O'Malley, of Boston
Who Is Supposed to Be Francis-Bergoglio's
Head of Child Protection
Refused to Take Action
When Parents at a Dover, New Hampshire, Newschool
Reported Four Openly Sodomite Teachers
And Open Sexual Perversion Exhibited at Graduation
So the Parents Precipitated the Shutdown of the Newschool
And Pulled Their Children Out
Thus Saving Themselves Some 20,000 USD a Year
By Homeschooling Their Children

It seems that Newchurch can't keep anything open these days. With the announcement that the Newarchdiocese of San Francisco, California, will be the 34th Newchurch diocese to go bankrupt, Newchurch has announced the permanent closure of at least another 75 Newparochial schools in the latest tranche of closures, with many more to come. As Newchurch grows more anti-Catholic and "woke" under the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, more and more parents are yanking their children out of the fake "Catholic" Newschools and, in many cases, homeschooling them.

And these closures are hitting major cities: New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati, Houston. New York City alone is closing 12 schools in just this latest tranche. The Newarchdiocese admitted that it was losing students from before the Red China Virus pandemic. Some of the Newschools permanently closed were well-known and long-standing. The 175-year-old Incarnate Word Academy, of Brownsville, Texas, proudly pitched itself on its web site as offering "a rigorous, Catholic [Sic] college preparatory education for young women from across Houston." It is no more; its doors will shut permanently in 2023.

A Dover, New Hampshire, Newschool closed after four of its teachers pranced about as open sodomites or publicly advocated sexual perversion. Some students attended the Newschool's prom as sodomite "couples" and made a point of kissing on stage at graduation. Parents, who had been bilked into paying 18,000 USD for a supposed "Catholic" education, were livid. They turned, fruitlessly, to Newcardinal Sean O'Malley to fix the problem, but they received no answer, so they pulled their children out and precipitated the shutdown of the fraudulent school. Homeschooling is a much safer and much less expensive alternative. The parents charged that Newchurch schools were "basically public schools with tuition." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Epoch Times.]

Traditional Catholics, Newchurch doesn't care about its students. There is evidence to suggest that the demise of many of these Newschools is welcomed by Newchurch, so that it can liquidate the valuable real-estate value of the properties. After all, there is never enough money available for Newchurch to pay off court judgments against it for the paedophile crimes perpetrated by its Newbishops and presbyters. Thus, the unconsecrated (fake) and apostate Newchurch bishops are always eager to pilfer money from their school systems. Well, it seems that now the parents have figured out how Newchurch has been defrauding them and have pulled out their children. They are happy to save the exorbitant tuition that they have been paying for a bad and immoral "education."

August 17, 2023 - St. Hyacinth, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: Why Did the "New Latin Mess" of 1962 Suppress the Traditional Mass
Of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on August 15?"

From: Peter
Signum Magnum

The Death of the Blessed Virgin Mary's
Catholic and Apostolic Mass "Gaudeamus Omnes"
for Her Principal Feast, that of Her Assumption
And Its Replacement by the Modernist Heretics
Leading up to the Vatican II Anti-council
With the Simplistic "Signum Magnum" Service
Condemned by Many in the Church even in 1950
Was the Opening Foray to Destroy the Mass in Newchurch
One Great Liturgical Authority Wrote Derisively
Of the New Service Used by the "New Latin Mess"
As a "Dollop of Doctrine Followed by a Platitude"

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

On the Feast of the Assumption, August 15, I made the mistake of attending one of those "New Latin Messes" of 1962, sponsored by the local Newchurch diocese. What a horror! I now see what you have been talking about in your Daily Commentaries, that this "1962 Mess" is not traditional at all, but a corruption of the Traditional Latin Mass. Add to that the fact that Newchurch hasn't ordained priests since the Vatican II Anti-council, but dresses up Newchurch "ministers" in traditional garb to fool us laypeople to assimilate ourselves into New Order churches. Not me! I will never again set foot in a Newchurch.

My specific question is: why does the New Latin Mess not use the traditional Mass formulary in the traditional missals, which is titled "Gaudeamus omnes"? At the New Latin Mess I went to, everything was changed. I couldn't follow it in my traditional missal, the St. Andrew Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts (1945).


The Catholic and Apostolic Divine Office and Mass of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary go back quite early in the Church. Naturally, it had to be destroyed by the Modernist heretics of the Newchurch of the New Order, fabricated at the Vatican II Anti-council to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church This destruction of the once beautiful traditional Feast of the Assumption in 1950, continued in 1962, began the cascade of heretical changes that destroyed the Blessed Virgin Mary's greatest feastday by gutting her traditional Mass and setting off the Modernistic changes that led to the faked "New Latin Mess" of 1962 and eventually to the invalid "New Mess" of 1969, which is still used as Newchurch's regular Mess. For further information, click on "The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical "New Order" in the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Latin Mass, Divine Office & Sacraments department.

The "New Assumption" Mess of 1950, which began the aberrant "modernization" of the traditional liturgy, was censured both in 1950 and today among traditional Catholic liturgical authorities, one of the most respected of whom wrote:

For the November 1, 1950, proclamation by Pope Pius XII of the dogma of the Assumption, novel texts were introduced in 1951 (Signum magnum), replacing the traditional Mass, Gaudeamus omnes....
[Among the other Modernist destructions] Vespers gets a new Chapter, Hymn, and Collect.... At Lauds there is a new chapter, a pedestrian and ugly hymn replacing O gloriosa virginum, and the new Collect was once admirably described by the erudite Latin scholar Rev. John Hunwicke as "a modern composition, which I would describe as a dollop of dogma followed by a platitude".... The 1950's creation is banal and ugly compared with the ancient texts. The Octave was abolished in 1955 and so, within the space of five years, over a millenium's veritable tradition, organic development, and beauty was simply tossed aside in the name of "living tradition."
Looking at the richness and diversity of the traditional texts surrounding this lovely celebration, the Tradition of the Church, in both East and West, is clear: that the Virgin died, but death could not hold her. The events of 1950 muddied this clarity and resulted in the destruction of ancient texts and their substitution by ugly and banal compositions.

Why, you would naturally ask, would the pseudo-traditionalists of the "New Latin Mess" of 1962 go along with this destruction of the Sacred Liturgy in Newchurch? The answer is simple. They are not Catholics, but have sold out to the evils of the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. It is noteworthy that the Fellay-Pagliarani Neo-Society of St. Pius X, which still longs for "full communion" with the Newchurch of the New Order, uses the corrupted "Signum Magnum" service, whereas Traditional Catholic priests won't touch it.


Francis-Bergoglio Caught Nuzzling a Black Woman in Public
At the Blasphemous World Youth Day in a Fake Novus Ordo "Confession"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
'Reconciliation' with Francis-Bergoglio

An Intimate "Reconciliation" with Francis-Bergogio
Nuzzles a Black Woman
In a Makeshift "Confessional" at World Youth Day
In a Fake Novus Ordo "Confession
Such Scandals Don't even Register on Newchurchers
Who Have Now Completely Fallen
From the Catholic Faith
This Apostate Newpope Obviously Doesn't even Believe
That He Is a Valid Pope
As even He Himself Has Admitted Publicly at Least Twice

Now we know why Bergoglio loves the blasphemous Newchurch Woodstock, aka World Youth Day, and pushes Newchurch's non-sacrament of "Reconciliation." In 1972 the Newchurch of the New Order did away with the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) and substituted for it a non-sacrament of "Reconciliation," which can take any number of bizarre forms, including lying on a couch like a psychiatric patient.

Given the additional fact that Newchurch has not ordained priests since 1968, but only "installed" Protestant-style ministers, officially called "presbyters," there is no sacrament of Penance left in Newchurch, which is devoid of any power to forgive sins, any more than Newchurch can confect what it likes to call "eucharist." But, ultimately, Newchurchers know the truth, though they don't want to admit it publicly, that Newchurch non-sacraments are phony. That is why surveys show that the vast majority of Newchurchers don't go to "confession" any more than they attend the invalid "eucharist." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Agencies.]

Traditional Catholics, it is ironic that such egregious violations of Catholic sacramental theology -- though neither is Francis-Bergoglio a Catholic nor does Newchurch have a valid Sacrament of Penance --- goes uncensored by Newchurchers, especially in view of that fact that Bergoglio's Newchurch is being put out of business by, inter alia, its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. That Holocaust has already thrown one out of five Newdioceses in the United States alone, with more to come, into bankruptcy, closing up to half of Newchurch temples, schools, and other institutions.


A Reader Asks: "Can Satan Fabricate Fake 'Miracles'
To Fool the Faithful?"

From: Lisa
Newchurch 'Eucharist'

Newchurch's Fake Cookie
And Grape Juice in the Hand
Newchurch Does Not Have
The Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist
But only an Invalid Protestant Fake
As the Newchurch of the New Order
Did away with Priests and the Mass
Shortly after the Vatican II
Anti-council in 1968-1969
Therefore, by Catholic Theology
Newchurch Cannot Have "Eucharistic Miracles"
But only Fakes
Shoveled out to Clueless Newchurchers
Sell Expensive Books, Tours, Etc.

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Can Satan fabricate false miracles to fool the faithful? Some touted "miracles" seem dubious, to say the least, like Medjugorje and Bayside? It seems that some people are just making them up now to get attention.


Absolutely! Both Christ and St. Paul, as well as the Saints, warn the faithful against false miracles. That is why purported miracles are not required to be believed as a matter of faith by Catholics, except those recorded in Sacred Scripture (The Bible). You are not a heretic if you choose not to believe latter-day apparitions, miracles, private revelations, visions, etc. The bedrock dogma of the Catholic Church is that Public Revelation, that is, what is contained in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, contains everything one needs for salvation. There are many fake miracles being shoveled out to clueless Newchurchers to sell expensive books, tours, etc. Beware!

More recently, it seems that the Newchurchers are getting so desperate as they see members leaving right and left, and churches and schools closing up to half and more in many Newdioceses, that they are concocting "eucharistic miracles," even though more than three-quarters of Newchurchers, according to several recent studies, don't even believe in "eucharist" (that is what they disparagingly call it)! Of course, Newchurch doesn't have what Traditional Catholics have, the Sacrament of Most Holy Eucharist, the Most Blessed Sacrament (Sanctissimum Sacramentum), because Newchurchers have neither a priesthood nor a Mass, having given up both in 1968-1969. It logically follows that if you don't have a true Most Holy Eucharist, you can't have a "eucharistic miracle." Thus, these Newchurchers are deluded.

For further information on this topic, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department in the section "Apparitions, Miracles, Private Revelations, and Visions."

August 14, 2023 - Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Leading Newjesuit Newchurch University in the United States Exposed for Gross Hypocrisy
It Has Come to Light that Georgetown University in D.C. Was Built on Lucrative Profits from Slave Sales

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
'The 272'

New Book Exposes the Jesuit Order
For Using the Profits
From the "Slaves in Abundance"
Which They Possessed
4,500,000 USD Was Used
To Build What Has Become
The Heretic Georgetown University
Now a Marxist/Modernist Bastion in D.C.
It Was For Their Despicable Activities
That Pope Clement XIV Abolished the Order
The Current Newjesuits Were Involved
In Murdering Their Political Oppenents
Throughout Latin America
At the Time of Vatican II

The Jesuits, among whom the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio proudly numbers himself, has been exposed in a new book released on June 13, 2023, based on an investigation of historical records, is reported to have built its leading U.S. university, Georgetown, on its profits from slave sales. The Modernist order, officially called the Society of Jesus, already known for its Marxist Liberation Movement throughout Latin America, whence Bergoglio comes, has now been exposed before the world as what has been called a "racist" institution.

According to the research, the Jesuits did not free, but in the 1830s sold 272 slaves for cotton plantations as far away as Louisiana. to build the university. They netted 4,500,000 USD (1830) their various slave sales. The Jesuits possessed "slaves in abundance" and were one of the largest slaveholders in Maryland. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The Wall Street Journal.]

Traditional Catholics, many are unaware of the fact that when there were true popes, for the Jesuits' many despicable acts, Pope Clement XIV abolished the order root and branch with his Papal Bull "Dominus ac Redemptor" The Jesuits were totally disbanded and scattered to the four winds from three years before the American Revolution (1773) until two years after the War of 1812 (1814). It is, therefore, not surprising that around the time of the Marxist-leaning Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), the Newjesuits conducted their murderous Liberation Movement, through which they did not hesitate to murder conservative government officials to achieve their Marxist political goals. In contrast to Pope Clement, in our own time the pretender Newpopes can't seem to act against Newclergy involved in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust.

August 11, 2023 - Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Second-largest Eastern Rite Rejects the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Who Is Trying to Force Them to Turn Their Altars Around, but They Are Having None of It

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Eastern Catholics Riot against Francis-Bergoglio

Eastern Catholics Are "Mad as Hell"
At the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Who Is Trying to Force Them
To Turn Their Altars Around
To Face the Congregation
Although Westerners Accepted That Sacrilege
With Barely a Wimper
The Courageous Eastern Catholics
Are Fighting Bergoglio Physically
Blocking His Newpapal Delegate
From Entering the Cathedral
To Read Bergoglio's Letter of Coercion

The second-largest Eastern rite is in schism from Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch of the New Order. Bergoglio is trying to pull a "Vatican II" on them, forcing them to turn their altars around to face the congregation like the Protestants and Bergoglio's fake (invalid) Western rites in his Newchurch of the New Order. The Eastern rite has 4,250,000 adherents in 35 eparchies (dioceses)

On August 6, 2023, the Eastern parishes prevented Bergoglio's Newpapal Delegate from reading from the pulpit Bergoglio's letter to them forcing them to corrupt their ancient Eastern rite. The courageous Easterners have been resisting Bergoglio to the hilt, physically locking Bergoglio's man from the cathedral and keeping guard against his return. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is up to no good as usual. In the West, many of his presbyters literally make up the fake New Order "liturgy" as they go along, yet he won't permit the Easterners to follow their traditional orientation to God. The reason is obvious: Bergoglio hates (traditional) Catholicism, Eastern or Western, and wants to wipe it off the face of the earth. Although the Western Church bent its knee to the apostate and lost its Mass, the Eastern Church has shown guts to resist him, with force if necessary. In this, the West has something to learn from the East.

August 12, 2023 - St. Clare, Virgin
Double Feast

Our Lady of Fatima Gives Francis-Bergoglio a Taste of the Hell that Probably Await Him
As Scorching Temperatures at Fatima Forced Many to Vomit up the Fake Novus Ordo Cookie

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Hell at Fatima

When Francis-Bergoglio Arrived at Fatima
Our Lady Gave Him a Taste of the "Fires of Hell"
That Probably Await the Apostate Newpope
The Scorching Temperature Well Exceeded 40 C
And with a Hell-like Landscape
Under a Frightening Red Moon
While a Deluge of Black Ash Poured down on the Crowd
Reminiscent of the Famous First Stanza
Of the Traditional Latin Mass Sequence
For the Death Mass, the Dies Irae
"Solvet Saeculum in Favilla"

When Francis-Bergoglio arrived at Fatima, Portugal, on August 5, 2023, after the blasphemous World Youth Day in Lisbon, where participants worshipped Novus Ordo cookies in a tabernacle made up of pizza boxes, Our Lady of Fatima had quite a surprise for the apostate Newpope, who was subjected to a taste of the "fires of Hell" that probably await him, as the scorching temperatures soared well above 40 degrees Celsius.

A Hell-like landscape greeted Bergoglio, as a haze of black smoke (fumum Satanae) was cast over the city under a frightening red moon, while black ash poured down upon the crowd, reminiscent of the famous first stanza of the Traditional Latin Mass Sequence for the Death Mass, the Dies Irae: "solvet saeculum in favilla," the world will dissolve in ash. Many of the youth in the oppressive heat vomited up the fake Novus Ordo cookies that they had idolatrously consumed. Sick youth crammed the Chapel of the Apparitions. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Traditional Catholics, Our Lady of Fatima seems to have stopped the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio for the second day in a row from giving yet another blasphemous political address to desecrate her shrine. The secular press had been hawking these political speeches to be the highlight of the junket. Bergoglio also ditched the prayer for the conversion of Russia, which is uniquely associated with Fatima. All in all, Heaven cast a deserved pall over Bergoglio's junket.

August 11, 2023 - Sts. Tiberius & Susanna, Virgins & Martyrs
Simple Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Bashes "Traditionalists" Yet Again
He Orders His Presbyters Not to Teach Doctrine Like Them, but to Play Soccer Instead

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Went off the Rails Again
Denouncing "Traditionalists"
Who Want to Restore the Catholic Church
As the "Institutional Church"
In Place of the Apostate Newchurch of the New Order
Fabricated in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council
But This Time He Admitted
That He Is "Impotent"
And that His Marxist/Modernist Revolution
Is Not Going Well
Being Derailed by Those Same "Traditionalists"

On August 4, 2023, the feastday of St. Dominic, whose order produced the Church's greatest Doctor of Doctrine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Francis-Bergoglio once again displayed that he is far from a Catholic pope by ordering his presbyters (Newchurch has not ordained priests since 1968, but merely "installed" Protestant-style presbyter-ministers) not to preach dogma, but to play soccer. He launched into yet another maniacal denunciation of traditional (true) Catholics as "restorationists," those who want to restore the Catholic Church in place of the Newchurch of the New Order, founded at the Vatican II Anti-council, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church.

The apostate Newpope denounced true Catholics as "prophets of confusion." Yet true Catholics have no confusion. They stand with Jesus Christ, His Apostles, and the true Councils and Saints. It is his Newchurch of the New Order that is in confusion, as many of his own Newcardinals have told him. He has changed "doctrine" so many times that no Newchurcher knows for sure: is abortion immoral, is homosexuality morally acceptable, can lesbians "be blessed" and "marry, is it moral for Christians to pray with Muslims, Buddhists, and other pagans?

It appears that Bergoglio is scared to death that true (traditional) Catholics, those who have preserved the True Faith, often at churches, chapels, and oratories that are independent of his apostate Newchurch, are derailing his Marxist/Modernist programme. He denounced the Dominicans, and by extension the other orders, that "go into communities to preach." In fact, he admitted that his revolution against the Church and Christ is not going so well. He has been getting a lot of pushback, even from some of his own Newcardinals and Newbishops, who call him a heretic. He admitted that he is afflicted with "a certain impotence."

Bergoglio has proven once again that he is neither Catholic nor Christian. The Neocon and pseudo-traditionalists must be crying in their beer now, especially as Bergoglio has ensured that his successor will be even more heretical than he is. But, even as Newchurches are being sold off to become bars and brothels and even as their corrupt "New Latin Mess of 1962" is being barred throughout the world, the Neocons and pseudo-traditionalists will not get out of the apostate Newchurch to an independent site of the true (Traditional) Catholic Faith. The dwindling number of Neocons and pseudo-traditionalist remaining are determined to go down with the ship, which is now leaking members like a sieve because of Bergoglio's heresies. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Catholic Herald.]

Traditional Catholics, don't shed a tear for the growing demise of the Newchurch of the New Order. It is is far worse than the Protestant sects, far worse than the Evangelical sects, far worse even than the synagogues. Newchurch is downright pagan and should be consigned to the ashes, from which the true Catholic Church can then resurrect itself once again as the "institutional" Church.


San Francisco, California, Becomes the 34th U.S. Newchurch Diocese Going into Bankruptcy
Well over 500 Rapes, Sodomies, and Other Sex Crimes Have Been Charged against It in just Five Years

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Salvatore Cordileone

The Diabolical Salvatore Cordileone
(Just Look at the Eyes)
Newarchbishop of San Francisco, California
A Convicted Drunk Driver Who Almost Killed His Mother
Grins as He Announces that He Will Shaft the Children
Raped, Sodomized, and Otherwise Sexually Assaulted
By Presbyters of His Newarchdiocese
He Has Announced the Pending Bankruptcy
Of His Corrupt Newarchdiocese
Which Has Racked up More Crimes against Children
Than Many Bigger Newdioceses in the U.S
Yet the Hypocrite Claims that He Is "Pro Life"
Although up to One-third of Vicimized Children
Commit Suicide

It is no secret, and no surprise, that the Newarchdiocese of San Francisco has been riddled with paedophile crimes, which have often been exposed by the local press, some of the crimes going on within blocks of Newarchbishop Salvatore Cordileone's Newcathdral. Cordileone has desperately tried to cover up the crimes going on right under his nose. He puts on a big front as a "conservative" Newchurcher, while he ultimately capitulated to the city's unconscionable restrictions on religious services during the Red China Virus.

Now Cordileone's cover-up has come back to bite him in the derriere. More than 500 children have come forward since 2019 to charge Newarchdiocesan presbyters of rape, sodomy, and other sex crimes perpetrated against them. This number of crimes surpasses practically those of any other Newdiocese. On August 4, 2023, Cordileone threw in the towel and announced that he would very likely be filing for bankruptcy soon. Like the muck from San Francisco Bay, the cries of the children have rightly suffocated the 34th Newchurch diocese under the justice of the civil law, not the Newchurch law that in fact perpetuates the crimes, for its complicity in ongoing sex crimes against children.

The aggrieved children are now protesting that the bankruptcy could prevent the full facts from comming out in discovery, so that the cover up can continue, and there will be no accountability or responsibility or criminal punishment to be paid by corrupt Newchurch cover-up artists. Thus, Newchurch's crimes just go on and on. This stratagem has been used in other cases for just that reason. The children and their representatives are furious and have been publicizing their personal narratives, no holds barred. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, Newarchbishop Salvatore Cordileone, the drunk driver who practically killed his own mother in the car he was driving, has taken the coward's way out, just as so many Newbishops have, with the approval of the High Presbyter Caiphas, Francis-Bergoglio. Instead of confronting the consequences of their vile crimes against children, these Newchurch bishops have decided to take the bankruptcy route, which may deprive the assaulted children of their just recompense. The corrupt Cordileone even had the gall to claim that "the occurrences of abuse within the [New]church are very rare." That is certainly not what the statistics show! These Newbishops have learned nothing in the last twenty years since Newchuch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust was revealed to the whole world in 2002.

August 9, 2023 - St. John Mary Vianney, Confessor
Double Feast

Newchurch Has Begun the Process of Shutting Down One of the U.S.'s Largest Newarchdioceses
St. Louis, Missouri, Once the Seat of Cardinals, Has Been Slated for Extinction

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Empty Newchurch

One of 34 St. Louis Newchurches
Permanently Shut down on August 1, 2023
The Pews and the "Presider's" Chair
For the Invalid (Fake) New Order Mess
Stand Empty
The Missouri Newarchdiocese Used to Be
The Seat of Cardinals
Before the Newchurch of the New Order
Took Possession in 1964
Newchurch, Which Is NOT the Catholic Church
Is the Diabolical Tool of Destruction and Decivilization

Final (invalid) New Order Messes were simulated on July 30, 2023, across the St. Louis, Missouri, region, as Newchurch ordered permanently shut down 34 Newparishes, the largest number ever shuttered at one time. The extinction of the archdiocese, before Newchurch took possession in 1964, was once the seat of traditional Cardinals.

In this first of many phases of shutdown, 155 presbyters are being transferred out. (Newchurch no longer has priests since it adopted the Protestant New Ordinal of 1968 and now merely "installs presbyters" (ministers) like the Protestants, who have no sacramental power.) In addition to Newchurch clergy and religious, about eighty lay jobs, from secretaries to music directors, have been eliminated. No longer will hordes of children walk to parochial schools to be taught by traditional Catholic nuns, as they once did. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by St. Louis Post Dispatch.]

Traditional Catholics, fhe shutdown of the Newarchdiocese is proceeding according to Newchurch's plan called "All Things New." Now, too late, Neocon and pseudo-traditionalists Newchurchers have realized that they have been played for fools. They looked past the obvious "signs of the times" (Matthew 16:3/DRV), particularly the creation of the Newchurch of the New Order by the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church. The Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, is a diabolical tool of destruction and decivilization. Fortunately, the true Catholic Church survives around the world in the tens of thousands of independent Traditional Catholic churches, chapels, and oratories, while the faithful await the restoration true Catholic Church from the catacombs.

August 8, 2023 - St. Cyriacus & Companions, Martyrs
Simple Feast

New Report: Newchurch Charismatic Lay Group Focolare Supported by Francis-Bergoglio
Found to Be Infested with Paedophiles

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio Blesses Focolare

On February 6, 2021, Francis-Bergoglio
Blessed the Heretical/Modernist Charismatic Group
Of Laity Called Focolare
Charismaticism Is a Virulent Modern-day Mania
Which Has Its Roots Deep in the Worst
Of the Protestant Heresy
And Has Infected Newchurch for Years
A New Report Has Found
That the Focolare Group
Approved by JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger
And Now Francis-Bergoglio
Is Infested with Paedophiles
Just as Is Newchurch Itself

Charismaticism is a particularly virulent modern-day mania infecting the Newchurch of the New Order, which has its roots deep in the worst of the Protestant heresy. Charismaticism propagates an emotional prayer style that includes "praying in tongues," "experiencing the spirit," "healing sessions," and "body prayer." Newchurch adopted it at the Vatican II Anti-council, which was searching for "new ways of praying." Charismaticism is far from true Catholicism. It represents a complete antithesis to Catholic practices and beliefs. One author sums up the heresy and danger of the Charismaticism as "a blighted tree bearing poisonous fruit, sown by the Devil among Protestants and transplanted into the Catholic Church after Vatican II."

This heresy spread into Newchurch and became associated with cult-like, mind-controlling organizations and programmes such as the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine-CCD (which was perfectly traditional before the Anti-council, but afterwards was corrupted), Taize, "Oecumenism," Marriage Encounter, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults-RCIA (which replaced Baptism), Renew, Cursillo, the Neo-Catechumenal Way, Legionnaires of Christ/Regnum Christi, Communion and Liberation, Miles Jesu, Wicca (Gaia), Life Teen, and finally Focolare.

Yet the heretical Focolare, a lay movement mercilessly promoted by the apostate Newpopes "Unsaint" JPII-Woytyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio, has been exposed in a March 31, 2023, report as infested with sex crimes against children. By that time, according to an internal report, 66 members of the global movement were charged with sex crimes against 42 children, 13 under the age of 14. This all occurred in spite of the fact that Focolare members take vows of chastity! In 2022 an independent investigation had found that one of Focolare's members in France was responsible for sodomizing abusing at least 37 boys. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

Traditional Catholics, just as in the case of the Newchurch as a whole, this latest report makes it clear that sex crimes against children are systemic in the Focolare movement, as in the many other heretical movements approved by the Paedophile Newpopes. In the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, it is not just the clergy who are perverted, but the laity as well, led by the "wolves," to use Our Lord's own word, Newpopes Montini, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio. As the aphorism goes, "The fish rots from the head."

August 7, 2023 - St. Cajetan, Confessor
Double Feast

Newchurch Has Successfully Killed off Its Religious Orders since the Vatican II Anti-council
There Are Now More Newchurch Religious over the Age of 95 than there Are under 40

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Count of Religious

Newchurch Is Killing off Its Religious
Carmelites, Dominicans, Franciscan, Etc.
At an Ever Accelerating Rate
In the United States, in Less than Forty Years
Women Religious Have Plummeted 73 per Cent
Male Religious Have Plummeted 57 per Cent
It Is Projected that by 2033 the Number Will Halve Again
There Will Then Be Fewer than 20,000 Religious
That Works out to about One Religious
For Every 30,000 Newchurchers
By That Time So Many Newchurchers and Newchurches
Will Be Abandoned that It Won't Matter!

On July 28, 2023, the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] [New]bishops released statistics further proving that the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) has effectively killed Newchurch's religious orders, such as Carmelites, Dominicans, and Franciscans. The hostility to religious orders has been particularly devastating during the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapacy.

The report shows that just since 1985 the number of women religious in Newchurch has plummeted 73 per cent from 91,303 to 24,965. The number of male religious has plummeted 57 per cent from 17,017 to 7,270. These are 2022 counts. The number will plummet even faster, as at the end of 2022 over half (55 per cent) of the women religious are 80 years of age or older. Only 5 per cent are under age 40. There are more religious over the age of 95 than there are under 40. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, at this rate it appears that Newchurch will run out of religious women and men within a decade. The numbers for presbyters are not much better. In fact, the USCCB's projection is that by 2033 the number will halve again, to below 20,000. That works out to about one religious for every 30,000 Newchurchers. By that time so many Newchurchers will have abandoned Newchurch and so many Newchurches will have been closed that it won't matter!


Mexican Newchurch "Bishops" Go Officially Pagan with Aztec-Mayan Mess
They Are Returning to Their Pagan Aztec and Mayan Roots

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Mayan Mess

Francis-Bergoglio Vested in Pagan Headdress
Co-simulates the "Aztec-Mayan Mess"
With Other Pagans in Mexico
The Mayan Mess Will Soon Be Used
Throughout Mexico
Just as the Nude Pagan Fertility Goddess
Pachamama Has Been Replacing
The Blessed Virgin Mary
In Churches throughout Mexico
As Bergoglio Continues to Turn Newchurch
Into a Pagan Blasphemy

By a vote of 103 to 2 on April 19, 2023, the unconsecrated Mexican Newchurch "bishops" voted to reject the fake (invalid) apostate New Mess (Novus Ordo) and adopt pagan Aztec and Mayan rites and send the new pagan rites to Newrome for approval. The rites will include pagan dancing and laywomen doing the incensations (probably with indian sage, not incense from the Biblical lands). A laywoman will also lead the prayers.

Technically, laymen could perform these rites, but, as the history of Newchurch shows, women will shove men out of new Newchurch rites, in the way that altar girls took over for altar boys, and "eucharistic" ministresses took over for presbyters, following the practice of the Protestant sects. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, the apostate Francis-Bergoglio, who already has participated in pagan services, like his Newpope predecessors before him, is expected to give his approval readily to the pagan rites, which are in accord with the apostate Vatican II Anti-council's (1962-1965) directives. He already approved a "Congo Mess." The apostate Newpope spits in the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who specifically turned the Mexican people away from their murderous pagan rites. These are graphically depicted in Traditional Catholic producer-director Mel Gibson's 2006 film Apocalypto.

August 5, 2023 - Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows
[Now Known as St. Mary Major Archbasilica at Rome]
Double Major

A Reader Asks: "What Is the Difference between the Fake New Latin Mess of 1962
And the Real Traditional Latin Mass?"

From: Gary
New Latin Mass Missale

The Missal for the Corrupted
New Latin Mess of 1962
Which Is Most Certainly NOT
The Traditional Latin Mass
Independent Traditional Catholic
Churches, Chapels, and Oratories
Maintain the Traditional Latin Mass
Before the Corruptions Began in 1950
Deliberately Leading up to the Full-blown
Invalid (Fake) New Mess of 1969
In Order to Fool Clueless Newchurchers
Into Thinking Falsely that the 1962 Abberation
Is the Traditional Latin Mass

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

What Is the difference between the New Latin Mess of 1962 and the true Traditional Latin Mass of 1950 and before? I know that truly Traditional Catholic churches, chapels, and oratories use the Traditional Latin Mass, but pseudo-traditionalist organizations, such as the Neo-Society of St. Pius X (NSSPX), the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), the Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS), and a few others, which are in bed with the apostate Newchurch of the New Order, use the New Latin Mess of 1962. Is this 1962 service the same as what was called the "Indult" service in 1988?


First of all, the so-called "Indult" for the New Latin Mess of 1962 essentially does not exist any longer for Newchurch. It was withdrawn by Benedict-Ratzinger in 2007 in "Summorum pontificum" and replaced with severe restrictions on the New Latin Mess, which is most certainly not the Traditional Latin Mass. In fact, the 1962 Mess was a ploy to lead up to the invalid (fake) New Order (Novus Ordo) Mess of 1969, which remains the Mess of the apostate Newchurch of the New Order. The Neo-Society of St. Pius X (NSSPX), the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), the Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS), and a few others in Newchurch use this corrupted 1962 "liturgy."

For further information on this topic, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Latin Mass, Divine Office & Sacraments department. Pay particular attention there to "The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical 'New Order.'" All of the major defects in the 1962 Mess are listed there under the dates 1943 through 1962.

To find the true Traditional Latin Mass at independent Traditional Catholic sites, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic Directory department, provided to the TRADITIO Network by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses. In addition, we often detail the corruption of the New Latin Mess of 1962 in these Daily Commentaries from the TRADITIO Fathers.

August 4, 2023 - St. Dominic, Confessor
Double Major Feast

How Many Validly-ordained Bishops Are Left in Newchurch?
Now only Thirteen, and They Are All Heretics

From: Petrus Romanus, The TRADITIO Network's Roman Correspondent
Protestant Advisory Committee

The Committee of Protestant Advisors
Who Helped Draft the Invalid (Fake)
New Order (Novus Ordo) Services
For the Heretic Modernist
Newpope Paul VI-Montini
That Are Used in Newchurch to This Day
Among These Are the Invalid
Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968
From Which Time Newchurch Ceased
To Consecrate Valid Bishops
But "Installed" (Its Own Word) Newbishops
Like the Invalid Protestant Bishops

The question sometimes comes up whether there are any valid bishops left in Newchurch. As of July 16, 2023, with the death of Newbishop Luigi Bettazzii at age 99, there are only thirteen, and these are all heretics. In 1968, when Newchurch adopted an invalid Protestantized New Ordinal and stopped consecrating valid bishops. Newchurch doesn't even use the word "consecrated," but "installed," as for Protestant bishops.

One of these thirteen was appointed by John XXIII, and twelve by the apostate Newpope Paul VI-Montini. All of these are over 90 years of age. The youngest by far is Newcardinal Francis Arinze, who will turn 91 later in 2023. The oldest among them, and the only centenarian at age 101, being Newbishop Lorenzo Cardenas Aragullin, of Mexico. Included among these is Thomas Gumbleton, a retired NewBishop of Detroit, Michigan, at age 93, who is one the most extreme of the heretic Modernists. Age does not equate to Catholic orthodoxy.

Very soon there will not be even an iota of sacramental connection between the Newchurch of the New Order and the Catholic Church. The Lord has, however, provided a number of validly consecrated independent Traditional Catholic bishops and bishops of independent Traditional Catholic organizations such as the Society of St. Pius V (SSPV) and the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI). Dubious in the Catholic Faith as they are now, the bishops of the Neo-Society of St. Pius X (NSSPX) are valid, as they were consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. However, the Newbishops of the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), Institute of Christ the King (ICRSS), and other similar Newchurch formerly "indult" organizations are not validly consecrated. They are part of Newchurch and were never consecrated.

Francis-Bergoglio himself was never validly consecrated as a bishop, or a even priest for that matter. Benedict-Ratzinger was validly ordained as a priest, but never validly consecrated as a bishop. These two were, thus, never Bishops of Rome. Moreover, the Newchurch that they governed is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. Given the way that these heretic Modernist Newpopes have acted, devoid of sacramental grace, that fact should be no surprise to anyone.

August 3, 2023 - Finding of the Body of St. Stephen, Proto-Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Has Attendance at Your Church Been Down Lately?
Five Factors Have Been Hitting All Churches, But Newchurch Is Foundering Worse than Any of Them

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Decline of Religion

This Chart Shows the Decline of Religion
In the United States and Western Countries
Just before the Vatican II Anti-council in 1962
Catholicism Reached Its Peak
After the Anti-council the Downward Spiral Began
First Gradually, then Faster and Faster
Now Newchurches, and even Protestant Churches
Are Shutting down by up to One Half
Traditional Catholic Churches
Have Felt the Societal Pressures
But Have Resisted the Worst of the Downward Trend

2023 studies from the Pew Research Center and the Gallup Polls have indicated a significant decline in church attendance in the last two decades. The causes are related to societal trends and affect Traditional Catholicism as well. However, the Newchurch of the New Order is exceptional in that the degree of its foundering is far worse than other churches. Moreover, those who are leaving indicated a hatred of Newchurch, and especially its current Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio. Nor are they satisfied with merely leaving, but they want to be "de-baptised" as well (if their original "initiation," as Newchurch calls it now) is even valid at all.

  1. RED CHINA VIRUS. The attendance figures that were already dropping before the Red China Virus (2020-2022) accelerated sharply afterward, particularly in Newchurch. The notion that members would return after the virus was erroneous. Approximately 10 to 30 per cent left permanently. Traditional Catholic churches independent of Newchurch tended to do better, as they generally tried to remain open, whereas Newchurch was ready, even eager, to shut down its churches. Newchurch members never forgave Newchurch.

  2. SECULARIZATION. All Church attendance is significantly lower according to the statistics and studies, as the United States and the Western World in particular swings radically to anti-Christian secularism. According to a February 2022 study, there was a 25 to 33 increase in the number of members who "never attend religious services." This phenomenon has become so prevalent that it has been given a new term: "de-religion."

  3. LACK OF IN-PERSON ASSOCIATIONS. During the virus period congregation members got used to "remote" rather than in-person associations. So-called televised "Masses," even traditional, offer no Sacramental grace, as Christ's personal contact is essential, not electrons buzzing around on a screen while viewers sprawl on a couch. Most of those members who went "remote" gave up religion entirely after a month. Unsurprisingly, many people now report that they have no spouse and not even a single friend.

  4. SLOTH. Sloth, or inedia, is one of the Seven Capital Sins. Society since the turn of the millennium has become more slothful, lazy, and bereft of commitment. A 2023 survey that 46 per cent of people now lack of commitment to anything -- not to religion, not to family, not to their job, not to their friends.

  5. COLLAPSE OF FAMILY TRANSMISSION OF THE FAITH. Fewer and few children have been trained by their parents in any religion. Even Catholics who converted to the Newchurch of the New Order do not pass down any faith to their children. Most of the parents sink into churchlessness themselves. When their children grow up, they find religion entirely foreign. They have no idea how to act in church.

Traditional Catholics, the consequences of this irreligion are stunning. Recent psychiatric studies show that the incidence of depression has increased dramatically. Some one-third of U.S. and other Western populations are on anti-depressive drugs and report feeling isolate, lonely, and cut off. The incidence of suicide has arisen dramatically as well. On the other hand, psychiatric studies have shown that those who attend services weekly are more psychologically and physically healthy. Many Traditional Catholic churches that remained open saw very few, if any cases, of the virus in their congregations. For the future, the saving grace may be the younger generation, some of whom, although unchurched, miraculously find the Traditional Catholic Church and embrace it. If they do, it is only by the grace of God, not their parents or the anti-Christian secular society around them or the spurious Newchurch of the New Order.

August 2, 2023 - St. Francis Mary de Liguori, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Jews Attack Christian Churches and Cemeteries in the Holy Land
In Record Numbers, Reports the Latin Newpatriarch of Jerusalem

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Vandalized Statue of Christ

A Three-metre Statue of Christ
Was Vandalized in an Attack by Nationalist Jews
Known as Zionists
The Latin Newpatriarch of Jerusalem
Admitted that Jews in the Holy Land
Are Attacking Christian Churches and Cemeteries
In Record Numbers
And the Israeli Government Is Doing
Virtually Nothing about It

On July 27, 2023, the Latin Newpatriarch of Jerusalem and Newcardinal-designate, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, admitted publicly that Jews in the Holy Land are attacking Christian churches and cemeteries in record numbers. He also censured the Israeli government for not paying much attention to the attacks, making few arrests. Zionism, which is a highly nationalistic, rather than religious, form of Judaism, was rejected by Pope St. Pius X (r. 1903-1914). In fact, the Catholic Church traditionally did not refer publicly to nationalistic Israel before the apostate Newpope JPII-Wojtyla. Many Orthodox Jews to this day also reject Zionism.

Pizzaballa reported growing harassment and intimidation from Jews against Newchurchers, as well as vandalisms targeting churches, cemeteries, and Christian properties. Physical and verbal attacks against against Christian clergy have also been surging in recent months. The Zionists have even attempting to occupy Christian churches. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, it is ironic that Evangelical Protestant sects in particular raise exorbitant sums of money for what is called Christian Zionism, or Evangelical Zionism, which gives absolute support to Israel, whose establishment and existence, they believe, heralds Armageddon. Their advertisements blast out over television, radio, and the internet in Western countries. Newchurch should have listened to Pope St. Pius X. Now it is paying the price for its imprudence.

August 1, 2023 - St. Peter's Chains
Double Major Feast

Newchurch's Infamous World Youth Day Has Already Turned into a Fiasco
As Those Attempting to Attend from Third World Countries Are Being Denied Entry Visas

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger Condom

World Youth Day from Its Inception
Provided Nothing of Spirituality
Certainly Nothing of True Catholicism
But only Moral Depravity
It Has a Reputation as Being just One Big Party
Complete with Condoms in Abundance
Many of Them with the Newpope's Picture on Them
It Is Newchurch's Version of Woodstock, New York
The Famous 1969 "Hippie" Gathering
Complete with Sex, Rock, and Filth

What if you gave a party and allowed in only some of your invited guests? That is just what has happened with Francis-Bergoglio's controversial World Youth Day, set to begin August 1, 2023, in Lisbon, Portugal. The apostate Newpope is being criticized once again for hypocrisy. He talks about the "fraternity" of all men and "charity" for the poor, but when push comes to shove, he won't really do anything for them. His deplorable treatment of the child victims of his paedophile presbyters, Newbishops, and Newcardinals provides more than ample proof of that fact. If you are from western Europe or North America, you have the misfortune of getting entry to Newchurch's infamous World Youth Day. If you are from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, or the Orient, you are too poor to get in, even if you pay the required "contribution" to Newchurch.

A chorus of complaints from Third World Countries is growing against Francis-Bergoglio, who has not demanded from Portugal entry to all who register to attend, from whatever country they come. Why is Portugal not allowing Third World people in? It seems that many of them are coming for no religious purpose at all, but are illegal invaders trying to get entry into western countries by this ruse. Although the registrants are supposed to be between 14 and 30, Newvatican allows anyone of any age to register, thus being complicit in the fraud, as many illegal invaders could not be considered "youth." Some of the registrants have paid up to a 2,500 USD "contribution" to Newchurch, only to lose it all. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic news outlets.]

It is just as well that as few souls as possible be exposed to the moral depravity of Newchurch's World Youth Day. From its inception it provided nothing of true spirituality, certainly nothing of true Catholicism, but only moral depravity. World Youth Day has gotten a reputation as just one big party, complete with condoms in abundance, many of them with the Newpope's picture on them. It is Newchurch's version of Woodstock, the famous 1969 "hippie" gathering complete with sex, rock, and filth.

Traditional Catholics, World Youth Day has all the earmarks of a scam perpetrated by the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, who has already been fingered by several officials under oath at the ongoing Newvatican trial as the "mastermind" behind the 2014 London Real Estate Embezzlement, which bankrupted European companies and enriched the coffers of Newvatican. In Fatima, just 100 kilometres northwest, the statue of Our Lady must be weeping buckets of tears for the victims of the apostate Newchurch.

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