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October 31, 2023 - Vigil of All Saints
All Hallows' (Saints') Eve, Hallowe'en

Concluding His Great Synod on Synodality, Francis-Bergoglio Gives up His "Infallibility"
Instead, Like the Heretic He Is, He Invests "Infallibility" in "the People"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Has Done
Martin Luther One Better
The Heretic Luther Denied the Priesthood
The Heretic Bergoglio Has Denied
The Infallibility of the Pope
And Invested It Instead in "the People"
Bergoglio's Psychological Problems
Seem to Be Getting the Better of Him
He Is Now Clearly Demented
Crazy as a Loon

If any further proof were needed that Francis-Bergoglio is not a true pope, but a raving heretic, he himself gave that proof in a personal "intervention" on October 25, 2023, to his Great Synod on Synodality, aka the Vatican III Anti-council. There Bergoglio extended the Protestant heresy of the "priesthood of the people" to the Newpapacy itself, not claiming "infallibility" for himself (if he were a true pope), but investing it a novel papacy "of the people."

"One of the characteristics of this faithful people is its infallibility, Bergoglio claimed. "When you want to know how the Church believes, go to the faithful people." Newchurch is now to rely upon the confused notions of its Newchurchers for "infallible" pronouncements. So it follows that from the heretical mouths of Newchurchers, "gay marriage" is "infallible." Abortion is "infallible." Heretics eating the Cookie and Kool-Aid is "infallible." Priestesses are "infallible." Divorce and remarriage are "infallible." Pagan Messes are "infallible."

Although the Catholic Church nas consistently claimed that Jesus Christ established a hierarchy of pope, bishops, and priests, that is not what Newchurch believes. That is not what Bergoglio believes. In fact, he launched into yet another of his famous diatribes against clergy (including himself?) and "clericalism." This largely undefined term seems to be some kind of bugaboo to him, just as is Traditional Roman Catholicism. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican News.]

Traditional Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio is demented, crazy as a loon. Whatever psychological problems he may have -- Narcissistic Personality Disorder, paranoia, schizophrenia -- he will have to take up with his psychiatrist. It is sufficient for true Catholics to know that there is nothing Catholic about the man. He now rivals Martin Luther for the title of Arch-heretic. In any case, true Catholics must shun him and pay no more attention to him than they would to Luther.

October 30, 2023 - Ferial Day

A Reader Asks: "Was St. Patrick Ever Formally Canonized
And Was Catholicism Already in Ireland when He Came?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
S. Patricius

Santus Patricius (St. Patrick)
Was Never Canonized in the Formal Process
That Came in during the Twelfth Century
He Was Considered a Saint
By the Consensus of the People
Long before That Time
As Were the Holy Martyrs Like St. Cecilia
And the Great Doctors
Like St. Augustine and St. Jerome
Most of the Saints of the Church
Were Never Formally Canonized

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Was St. Patrick was ever officially canonized by the Church or only by the popular consent of the people? Also, was Catholicism already in Ireland when he started his missionary work there?


The formal canonization process with which you are familiar came in during the twelfth century. In the early centuries of the Church, recognition of sanctity could come from the consensus of the people, later with the consent of the local bishop. Most of the Saints of the Church come from this earlier time, because of the remarkable fervor in the Faith demonstrated by the Catholic Martyrs and the great intellectual prowess shown by such as the Doctors of the Church during the first four centuries, the greatest examples of these being the Four Great Western Doctors (St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Ambrose of Milan, St. Jerome, and St. Gregory the Great) and the four Great Eastern Doctors (St. Athanasius of Alexandria, St. Gregory of Nazianzus, St. Basil of Caesarea, and St. John Chrysostom).

In 1964, the canonization process was corrupted when the Newchurch of the New Order took over the "institutional" Church at the Vatican II Anti-council. Newchurch has so corrupted the process that it has named as a Newsaint Oscar Romero the Communist, and has proposed naming as a Newsaint Dorothy Day the Communist and Martin Luther the Arch-heretic. Because the Newchurch of the New Order is not the Catholic Church, there are no valid canonizations until, in the fullness of time, Our Lord remedies the situation and expels the pretenders. Certainly the number of Saints continues to grow, known only to God. After all, that is the important thing, not some administrative declaration.

As to the second part of your question, historians believe that the seeds of the Catholic Faith likely already existed before the fifth century, when St. Patrick, who was born in Britannia Romana, or Roman Britain, not in Ireland, began his missionary activities. There is no doubt that his missionary work was so important there that he is known as the Apostle of Ireland.


A New Study by Newchurch in Latin America
Shows that Its (Non-existent) Sacraments Are Being Spurned by the Latins

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Latin America

Newchurch's Own Study Shows
That It Is Losing Latin America
"Initiations" (formerly Baptisms)
Confirmations and Marriages
Are All Being Spurned by the Latins
Actually, Newchurch No Longer
Has Sacraments, as They Were Voided
Between 1968 and 1973
Even Those Once "Initiated"
Never Set Foot in a Newchurch Again
And the Future of Newchurch
Looks even Worse than the Present

Together with Ireland, France, Italy, and Poland, Latin America, even by its name, was historically identified with the Latin Church, that is, the Roman Catholic Church, and its Latin language. Piling on to recent studies that show that the Newchurch of the New Order is in decline all over the world, in many places into single digits, a new study has found that in Newchurch across Latin America the New Order "sacraments" are steeply declining.

In fact, the Newchurch of the New Order, founded in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church, has no sacraments (except occasionally Baptism, which Newchurch calls "Initiation," and Matrimony). Penance (which Newchurch calls "Reconciliation"), Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Extreme Unction (which Newchurch calls "Blessing of the Sick") have been voided as Sacraments in Newchurch. The extensive report by Newchurch's own Latin American and Caribbean Episcopal Council (CELAM) shows that annual baptisms have fallen by over one-third (37 per cent) in the last two decades. Confirmations and Matrimony are also tanking in the once-Catholic continent. Many, once "initiated," never set foot in a Newchurch again.

Newchurch is in a state of apoplexy, realizing that 41 per cent of Newchurchers live in Latin America and the Caribbean. The fact that Newpope Francis-Bergoglio comes from that region seems to have been adding to the problem, not ameliorating it. The Newchurch report openly admits that there is "a loss of weight of the Catholic Church in the Latin American population, a distancing from the institution." In order words, Latin American Newchurchers are getting pretty sick of associating themselves with the fake Newchurch and its Newpopes. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Sources.]

Traditional Catholics, the Newchurch report floats the idea that the solution may be the abolition of "sacraments" altogether, which don't exist in Newchurch anyway. Such an attitude confirms yet again the fact that the Newchurch of the New Order is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, but an imposter, like Martin Luther's Church. The report further indicates that since 2005, the accession of Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger, the number of Newseminarians is tanking, together with the number of Newchurch "nuns." So the future of Newchurch looks even worse than the present.


Newchurch Diocese Ironically Warns against "Imposter Priests"
When ALL Newchurch Presbyters Are Imposters and Not Priests!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Presbyters, Not Priests

These Newchurch Presbyters
Are No More "Priests"
Than the Hebrew Scribes and Pharisees
The Newchurch of the New Order
Adopted in 1968
An Invalid (Fake) Protestantized Ordinal
That Merely "Installs Presbyters"
Like Protestant Ministers or Mormon Elders
Nor Are Newchurch Bishops Consecrated
Under the Sacrament of Holy Orders
But Merely "Installed" as Overseers
Like Protestant Bishops
Even the Last Three Newpopes
Were Never Consecrated as Bishops
But Merely "Installed" in the Protestantized Rite
Thus It Follows Logically
That They Cannot Be Valid Bishops of Rome

It may be a "hard saying" (John 6:61/DRV) for Newchurchers to hear, but the Newchurch of the New Order has not ordained priests under the Sacrament of Holy Orders since 1968. On August 15 of that year, Newchurch adopted for itself an invalid (fake) "New Ordinal," which predated the "New Mess" by one year. In that Ordinal, which Newchurch admitted was based upon the Protestant ordinals, which do not presume to ordain priests, Newchurch switched to "installing" ministers. Newchurch officially calls these "installed ministers" by the name of "presbyters," a word coming from the Greek meaning an "elder," something like what the Mormons have. This Protestanized rite is, of course, patently invalid (fake), both in form, matter, and intention. Put simply, Newchurch does not have priests.

The same is true of Newchurch's so-called bishops. Since 1968 they have not been consecrated under the Sacrament of Holy Orders. They too are invalidly "installed." Even a layman knows that the pope is supposed to be the bishop of Rome, but Benedict-Ratzinger and Francis-Bergoglio were never consecrated as Roman Catholic bishops; therefore, the inescapable conclusion is that they are not popes either. Moreover, the Newpopes of the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, are no more popes than the Hebrew High Priest Caiphas or the Protestant Arch-heretic Martin Luther.

That is why it is ironic that on Cotboer 20, 2023, the Newchurch diocese of Stockton, California, claimed that two Mexican laymen operating there are not priests. They took the names of two Mexican presbyters. But it makes no difference: the Newchurch presbyters in the Stockton Newdiocese are not priests either. In fact, there are no priests in any Newchurch diocese, except for a very few retired and ailing nonagenarians who may still be alive. And the Mess that they are simulating -- if they simulate Mess at all -- is not the valid Traditional Latin Mass, but the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order Mess of 1969. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by KCRA.]

Traditional Catholics, Newchurch itself is a mass of corruption, and it is certainly out of control. Why, then, is the fake Newbishop in Stockton so worried? You got it: money. Apparently, these two Mexican laymen are charging for "sacraments" and "blessings." But the Newchurch of the New Order has no sacraments (except occasionally Baptism, which Newchurch calls "Initiation," and Matrimony). Penance (which Newchurch calls "Reconciliation"), Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Extreme Unction (which Newchurch calls "Blessing of the Sick") have been voided as Sacraments in Newchurch. The real problem is that these two laymen are cutting into Newchurch's "take," which is not infrequently embezzled by corrupt Newchurch clergymen, including the Newpope, right and left. Remember that Bergoglio himself was involved in a 350,000,000 USD London real-estate scam in which the donations of Newchurchers were risked.

October 27, 2023 - Vigil of Sts. Simon & Jude, Apostles

Leading Argentine Presidential Candidate Has Cut Ties with the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Condemning the "Dictator (New)pope's" Friendship with "Bloody Dictatorships"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newarchbishop with Giant Q-Tip

The Newarchbishop of Buenos Aires
Purports to "Consecrate" a Giant Q-Tip
At a Fake (Invalid) New Order Mess
The Man Became Discombobulated
When He Had to Admit Shamefacedly
That He Was "Embarrassed"
Francis-Bergoglio Was Threatened
To Be Cut off from His Native Argentina
Press Reports Indicate that Bergoglio
Is Now Afraid to Visit Argentina

On October 21, 2023, Javier Milei, who could likely become the new President of Argentina, Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's native country, has cut ties with the apostate Newpope. Milei has condemned the "totalitarian spirt" of the Bergoglio regime and Bergoglio's friendship with "bloody dictatorships," like that of Xi Jinping, the Dictator of Communist China.

If Milei becomes President in the November 2023 election, he has indicated that he will "cut off relations" with the apostate Newpope from Argentina. Milei, a conservative-libertarian, publicly calls Bergoglio a Communist, a fact that Bergoglio admits in his own autobiography. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic news sources.]

Traditional Catholics, finally, a national leader who sees right through Bergoglio. And, at that, an Argentine leader through Bergoglio, a native Argentine. Press reports indicate that Bergoglio is discombobulated and embarrassed about this situation and is now afraid to visit Argentina. Milei is an example for all conservative leaders, who now see what happens to Modernist/Marxists like Bergoglio when anyone dares to stand up to them. They crumble like potato chips. Even the Newarchbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Garcia Cuerva, had to admit shamefacedly that he was "embarrassed" that Bergoglio's Leftist actions had brought about the risk of his being cut off from Argentina.

October 26, 2023 - St. Evaristus, Pope & Martyr
Simple Feast

What Tucker Carlson and the Pro-Life Movement Miss About Abortion:
The Worst Thing Is that Unbaptized Infants Are Deprived of the Beatific Vision

From: Patricius Anthony, TRADITIO Network Contributor
Limbus Infantium

Because Unbaptized Children
Have Been Conceived in a State of Original Sin
And Die in a State of Original Sin
Without Sanctifying Grace in Their Souls
They Cannot See God in the Beatific Vision
However, because They Are without Personal Sin
They Exist in the Limbo of Infants
In a State of Natural, not Supernatural, Beatitude

In a talk to the Center for Christian Virtue, Tucker Carlson railed against abortion, asserting that it is "no benefit to society" and "it erode[s] its very foundation" (Tyler Durden, "Watch: Tucker Carlson Spits Fire in Anti-Abortion Speech," Zero Hedge, September 25, 2023). The former Fox News anchor called the battle over infanticide not a "political debate," but a "spiritual battle" (Katherine Hamilton, "Tucker Carlson: Abortion Not 'Political Debate' but a 'Spiritual Battle,'" Breitbart September 26, 2023). The speech comes as the issue of abortion has heated up in the Republican presidential campaign.

Carlson is certainly correct in his assessment that the fight over abortion is a spiritual struggle, but he, like most of the pro-life movement, does not understand the larger tragedy of abortion. The failure of the anti-abortionists to stress this fundamental aspect, and to see abortion in the light of eternity, is one of the reasons why the evil is still a legalized part of the so-called civilized world.

Although the killing of the unborn is a crime, a greater injustice of that heinous offense is committed. Most Christians, including presumably Tucker Carlson (who was brought up Episcopalian) and the Center for Christian Virtue, would agree that one must be baptized to have a chance at salvation. Abortion denies that opportunity. Unbaptized infants go to neither Heaven or to Hell, but neither can they see God in the Beatific Vision.

Abortion is not only the killing of the unborn, which is heinous in its own right, but it denies one from entering Heaven. If this aspect had been emphasized from the start, it may have mobilized even greater public and judicial support to outlaw the abominable practice.

Tucker Carlson's Christian priorities are also skewed when he states: "The point of life is to have children and to watch them have grandchildren. Nothing will bring you joy like that will. Nothing comes close. Would you trade your job for your children? Would you trade anything for your children? Of course not."

To the contrary, the point of life is to save one's soul and, as the Divine Savior taught, this is done by loving God with "thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind" and loving "thy neighbor as thyself." Christ is very clear about those who put either parents or children above Him: "He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me" (Matthew 10:37/DRV).

Of course, children are precious gifts from God who add enjoyment and fulfillment to one's life for those who can have them. Children, however, are sinners and are in need of nurturing and instruction in how to live a Christian life. Sadly, despite the efforts and best intentions of parents, some children turn out badly.

The fact that abortion is now part of the political discourse demonstrates just how far the natural authority figures and institutions of society have failed in fulfilling their roles as moral guideposts. Yet, this was bound to happen with the increased power of the state in all aspects of society, usurping the role that the family (including its extensions: uncles, aunts, grandparents), churches, priests, arbitrators, employers, philanthropists, and scholars once held. At one time, ethical matters were discussed and decided outside of the state apparatus, now nearly every personal decision is subjected to government interference, which has become the supreme arbitrator of what is right and what is wrong.

That society's non-governmental authority elements have little clout is also a factor in why most young people do not have much of a moral compass in how to conduct their lives and are susceptible to support the most debauched aspects of society. The Leftists have long recognized this condition and have used the State to push through its agenda on all sorts of social and economic issues. Using the levers of the State, a small, determined minority can impose its will on an unorganized majority. This state of affairs is yet another argument as to why pro-lifers and Catholics should be for radical political de-centralization and the restoration of natural authority in society as it existed in the much maligned Middle Ages.

Ultimately, the eradication of legalized abortion will not come through politics. Instead of political wrangling, what should be made clear to the pro-abortion crowd is the real eternal consequences of their actions where the Divine Judge, who is not subject to legislative interference or some perverted, phony "right to choose" nonsense, will deliver perfect justice.

October 25, 2023 - Sts. Chrysanthus & Daria, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Newvatican Issues New Statistics Showing that It has Lost 2,347 Presbyters in just the Last Year
The Number of Newseminarians Has Declined Worldwide as Well, Except in Conservative Africa

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurch Decline

The Handwriting Is on the Wall for Newchurch
In just the Last Year Recorded
It Lost 2,347 Presbyters
(Newchurch Has Not Ordained Priests since 1968)
And only in Conservative Africa
Have Installations of Presbyters Increased
Newchurch "Nuns" Declined Severely
At Five Times the Rate of Presbyters

Continuing its decline, Newchuch lost 2,347 presbyters in 2021 alone, according to Newvatican's own Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae, newly released October 20, 2023, as updated to the end of 2021. Newchurch "nuns" declined at five times that rate. Newchurch clergy declined in Europe and throughout North and South America.

The statistics showed that young men are shunning becoming presbyters, as Newchurch has not ordained priests under the Sacrament of Holy Orders since 1968 after the Vatican II Anti-council. In that year Newchurch adopted an invalid Protestantized "New Ordinal," which now merely "installs ministers," like the Protestants. Decreases in the number of presbyters were registered in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agenzia Fides.]

Traditional Catholics, not to worry. The statistics showed that Newchurch is still ridiculously top-heavy with Newbishops, who now number a bloated 5,340. These are, of course, not real Catholic bishops because Newchurch has not consecrated bishops under the Sacrament of Holy Orders since 1968, when it adopted an invalid Protestantized "New Ordinal," which now merely "installs overseers [Newbishops]," like the Protestants.

October 24, 2023 - St. Raphael, Archangel
Double Major Feast

Synod Documents that Francis-Bergoglio Tried to Keep Secret Were Hacked in Spite of Him
All the Synod's Plans to Destroy the Newchurch Have Now Become Public Knowledge

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Synod Table

Stupidity on Display
Francis-Bergoglio Was Adamant
About Keeping under "Pontifical Secret"
His Plans for Destroying Newchurch
At His Great Synod on Synodality
But because Synod Members
Were So Ignorant that They Didn't
Know How to Use a Username and Password
The Synod's Secretariat Thoughtlessly
Took Security off the Synod's Records System
And Bergoglio's Destructive Plans
Were Made Public to the Press and the World

Francis-Bergoglio was hacked -- again. He tried to keep the daily work of his Great Synod on Synodality (October 4-24, 2023) for the destruction of Newchurch secret. In fact, he placed it under "pontifical secret". (Of course, that means nothing any longer, as papal elections are supposed to be under pontifical secret under pain of excommunication, but the venal Newcardinals sell their inside information to any news outlet interested.) Only a daily propaganda release is issued after each session of the Synod by Bergoglio's press officer.

Well, Bergoglio's secrets got out -- priestesses, deaconesses, homosexuality. lesbianism, bigamy, sacrilegious "eucharist" -- the whole shooting match. Newvatican was so embarrassed that it had to put out a "clarification" on October 14, 2023. And the story is a hoot, as told by Paulo Ruffini, the Newprefect of the Dicastery for Communications.

The Synod documents were uploaded to a secure server, accessible only by a username and password. But some of the Synod participants were too stupid to enter a username and password and complained, so the General Secretariat of the Synod took off the username and password requirement and made the pontifical-secret documents open unsecured to any Tom, Dick, and Harriet, including an apparently more computer-savvy press. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Sources.]

Traditional Catholics, the press had been demanding a list of members of each Synod working group, but Bergoglio refused. No matter, the press got onto the now-unsecured server and found the list of members, as well as a bonus: the table-by-table reports, by which each member's opinions could be determined. Even more embarrassing was the fact that Ruffini claimed to the press that even he didn't have access, but tried to explain why "secret" didn't mean "secret." All in all, the apostate Bergoglio and his Marxist/Modernist Newvatican that couldn't shoot straight was left with fried egg on face.

October 23, 2023 - Ferial Day

Italians Going to Newchurch Mess Has Sunk to Fewer than One out of Five
For Most Italians It's an Affiliation in Name Only, with Little Adherence to Doctrine or Practice

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Not even One out of Five Italians
Go to Newchurch on Sunday
To Get the Fake Cookies and Kool-Aid
But They Do Go to the Adjoining Bar
Which Might Well Have Been a Former Church
That Was "Repurposed"
Curiously, 70 per Cent
Struck with the Reality of Death and Judgment
Return for Their Own Funerals
When It's Too Late for Them

A respected Pew Research study released on October 18, 2023, revealed that under Newchurch attendance at Sunday services by Italians has fallen to below one out of five. The study showed that for Italians, since the advent of the Newchurch of the New Order, it's an affiliation in name only, with little adherence to doctrine or practice. Many of the younger Newchurchers don't receive the Novus Ordo Cookie and Kool-Aid because they are living in sin (out of wedlock). Even with Francis-Bergoglio using vulgar Italian for his rites, the Newchurchers aren't buying it. More of them are attracted to Latin.

A few Newchurchers still make the gesture once known as the Sign of the Cross, but now it has become mere a "quick fly-swatting gesture." Instead of Newchurch's so-called "Vigil Mess," that is, the Novus Ordo service held not on Sunday, but on Saturday afternoon, in order that Sundays may become play days, most Italians opt for the "beer service," that is, the bar next door to the church, sometimes a building "repurposed" from a shuttered Newchurch. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Traditional Catholics, a number of Italian Newchurchers have even requested to be "sbattezzati," that is, "de-baptized (which is not possible). One Newchurcher illogically proclaimed: "I'd say I'm spiritual, but I don't know whether God exists. I believe in the Saints, but not in (New)church." Curiously, 70 per cent of them, struck with the reality of death and judgment, return for their own funerals. By then it's too late for them.

October 22, 2023 - Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

The United States's Primatial Newarchdiocese of Baltimore Went Bankrupt
Now It Is Facing Charges of Being Involved in Hush-money Payments to Child Victims of Sexual Assault

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newvatican Hides Paedophiles

Newchurch's Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Is Getting Worse, Not Better
Francis-Bergoglio's "Zero Tolerance" Propaganda
Is Failing as Cases of Paedophile Presbyters
And Newbishops Mount
Members of Bergoglio's Child-protection Commission
Have Resigned in Protest
Against the Sham that He Is Perpetrating

Any notion that Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust is over is clearly false on the facts. In reality, it seems to be getting worse. Francis-Bergoglio talks a good game about his "Zero Tolerance Policy," but his own Commission on the Protection of Children against paedophile presbyters and Newbishops has publicly turned on him and condemned him for waging a propaganda war to save his own skin instead of protecting children. Many of the members of his Commission have resigned in protest against the sham that he is perpetrating.

On October 16, 2023, it come to light that the Primatial Newdiocese of the United States, Baltimore, Maryland, having gone into bankruptcy on September 29, 2023, has been engaged in paying hush-money to cover up sex crimes against children by its Newclergy. One of Newchurch's pastors there admitted that he had paid off a boy victim to the tune of 200,000 USD not to reveal his crimes against the child. There was no indication where that amount of money had come from -- likely from Newchurch coffers. Another report has surfaced that the presbyter had sexually assaulted two other victims on a cruise and on numerous other occasions thereafter. There is evidence that a 375,000 USD hush-money payoff may have occurred in that case. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, when a friend of one of the victims went to the Newarchdiocese of Baltimore on his behalf, she says that she was "ignored." An embarrassed Newchurch immediately hid away the perverted pastor out of state. Nothing has changed in Newchurch. The sodomies, rapes, and other sexual assaults continue unabated. Newchurch is as corrupt as ever, worse in fact.

October 21, 2023 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

Fellay's Neo-SSPX Takes Major Step toward Joining the Heretic Newchurch of the New Order
Neo-SSPX Bishop Mallerais Sacrilegiously "Confirms" Children in Newchurch Temple

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Tissier de Mallerais

The Neo-SSPX's Bishop Tissier de Mallerais
Sacrilegiously "Pontificates" at a Novus Ordo Temple
"Doing" Confirmation and Saying "Mass"
Upon Its "eucharistic" Dinner Table
This Horrific Sacrilege Was Done
After the Neo-SSPX Went Hat in Hand
For "Permission" to Do This "Happening"
To the Apostate Newbishop of the Newdiocese
And to the Bowels of Newvatican Itself
The Same Apostate Newvatican that Gives Permission
To Heretics, Schismatics, Apostates, and even Pagans
To Use Its Property to Perpetrate Their Prestidigitations

The Traditional Catholic world was shocked to discover that on October 14, 2023, one of the three remaining bishops of the Neo-Society of St. Pius X, went to a Novus Ordo (New Order) parish and "did" a "Mass" on its "eucharistic dinner table" with a Confirmation ceremony. Into what religion the children were being confirmed was unclear. This horrific sacrilege was perpetrated by Bernie Tissier de Mallerais in the All Souls Newparish, located in the city of Sanford in the Orlando, Florida, Newdiocese, which operates under the "authority" of the apostate Newpope of Newchurch, Francis-Bergoglio.

Bernie Fellay in 1994 reorganized the original traditional Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) after the death of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre into a Neo-SSPX with increasing ties to the Newchurch of the New Order, which the Archbishop detested. Just as the Newchurch of the New Order, founded at the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964, is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, the Neo-SSPX, reorganized by Fellay in 1994, is most certainly NOT the original, traditional Society of the Archbishop. The report of the "happening" has the Neo-SSPX going hat in hand, so to speak, to the apostate Newbishop of Orlando, John Noonan, and even to the bowels of Newvatican itself, to get "permission" to stage the event. This is the same permission that Newvatican has on occasion given to heretics, schismatics, apostates, and even pagans to use Newchurch property to perpetrate their prestidigitations.

To add insult to injury, neither of the two collections that were taken up at the "happening" went to the Neo-SSPX, but to the apostate Newchurch diocese and the apostate Newchurch parish. This arrangement clearly indicates that the Neo-SSPX is already operating as an agent of the Newchurch of the New Order, and even funding it. The Neo-SSPX is now openly contributing to the apostasy of the Newchurch of the New Order. In addition, the Neo-SSPX conducts its own fundraising campaigns in which it conveniently fails to highlight for its clueless Neo-SSPXers that they are unknowingly cooperating in the sin of apostasy. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNN.]

Traditional Catholics, in 1994 Bernie Fellay took over Archbishop Lefebvre's original traditional Society of St. Pius X) and before the Archbishop's dead body was even cold in the grave, changed the SSPX bylaws to convert the Archbishop's original traditional organization into a Neo-SSPX with the goal of bringing the new organization under the "authority" of the apostate Newchurch. Now it "does" marriages (?) in Novus Ordo temples and "Reconciliations" (formerly called Confessions) under the authority of the Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. The Archbishop must be spitting down from Heaven at Fellay & Co.!

October 20, 2023 - St. John Cantius, Confessor
Double Feast

The Roman Catholic Church Has Once Again Fallen, This Time to the Barbarians of Newchurch
Cherishing the Sacred Arts Is the Key to Keeping the Faith in These Dark Times of Barbarism

From: Petrus Romanus, The TRADITIO Network's Roman Correspondent
Broken Vatican Bust

The Newchurch of the New Order
And Its Barbarian Newpopes
Are Destroying the Sacred Art of the Church
Art Treasures Are Being Vandalized
In Newvatican (Above)
And Newchurch Prelates Are Stealing the Artworks
As Newchurch Completely Implodes
The State Will Like Take Charge of the Art Treasures
And the Traditional Churches Desecrated by Newchurch
Will Be Taken over by the State
And Converted to Museums

With the partial destruction of Castel Gandolfo, the former summer residence of popes, the fall of Roman Catholic culture fomented by the barbarian Newpopes of the New Order has become obvious to all. I have long recommended to anyone who will listen that cherishing the Sacred Arts is the key to keeping the Faith in these dark times of barbarism. For example, the complex music of the greatest composer who ever lived, Johann Sebastian Bach, and the greatest work ever written, his High Mass in B Minor, is an antidote to rock noise and degenerate jazz trash, not to mention Modernist works like those of Arnold Schoenberg in his "twelve-tone scale").

As part of true Catholic education, children should be raised in the arts and in great music as a shield against modern effluence. I would have Baroque and Classical music playing in the background in all the schools from the moment the students entered the school in the morning until the time when the bell rings at the end of the day. Parents who claim to be Catholic should insist upon such education for their children.

Once NewChurch completely implodes, the State will likely take charge of the art treasures, Romanesque and Gothic churches, and so forth. Better that they become museums than that they be pulled down to make room for carparks. Many of these traditional churches, having been desecrated by the Newchurch and its apostate Newpopes, have already been taken over by the State and converted into museums.

Of course, to the Marxist/Modernist heretics that run the Newchurch of the New Order, an air conditioner has more artistic value than has a Rembrandt. If they put that air conditioner into an "modern art" gallery, the piece of machinery suddenly becomes for them a profound "work of art."

October 19, 2023 - St. Peter of Alcantara, Confessor
Double Feast

Once-Catholic Poland Has Sunk 17 percentage Points in a Decade under Newchurch
Those "Practicing Regularly" Has Sunk to a Mere 23 per Cent as of 2021

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

A Polish Newchurch Stands Almost Vacant
As Poles Have Walked out on the Paedophile
Newchurch of the New Order and Its Newpopes
In the Decade before the Red China Virus
Participation Sank from 69 per Cent to 23 per Cent
Meanwhile a Growing Number of Poles
Have Formally Abandoned Newchurch
By Declaring Themselves Apostates

Poland was once, along with Ireland, considered to be the most Catholic of countries. But no longer, after Newchurch took over. According to Poland's latest national census announced September 29, 2023, the number of Newchurchers fell by 17 percentage points, or almost 34,000,000 Newchurchers, in just the last decade before the Red China Virus.

Even more telling is that fact that young Poles identifying as Newchurchers have sunk to 23 per cent "practicing regularly" from 69 per cent over the decade, a decline that the Newchurch Archbishop Primate of Poland admitted was "devastating." Even more telling is that a growing number of Poles have formally abandoned Newchurch by declaring themselves apostates. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, the 2019 documentary "Tell No One," exposing rampant sex crimes against children in Newchurch involving Newclergy all the way up to the "Unsaint" JPII-Wojtyla, has shocked Poland to the core and turned it against the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, any more than is the Arch-heretic Martin Luther's church.


Francis-Bergoglio's Gross Negligence Has Led to the Destruction of Priceless Church Art
His Bankrupted Newvatican Has Allowed Sacred Art to Be Pilfered, Vandalized, and Destroyed

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Castel Gandolfo

Because of the Mortal Neglect
Of the Barbarous Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
The Church's Repository of Great Art
Is Being Vandalized, Stolen
And Now Consumed in Fire
As at Castel Gandolfo (Above)
If Bergoglio Can't Fulfil His Oath
To Protect These Treasures
They Should Be Taken Away
From His Newchurch
And Placed under the Conservancy
Of a Secular Agency that Respects
The Cultural Patrimony
Of Greco-Roman, Mediaeval
And Renaissance Culture

What happens when a barbarian becomes Newpope? Priceless art treasures in Newvatican's museums are being pilfered and vandalized, even by Newchurch's own clergy. St. Peter's Basilica is reported by tourists to be filthy, as it is not being cleaned as it used to be because Bergoglio's Newvatican is teetering on bankruptcy. We have previously reported in these Daily Commentaries on some of these cases.

Now word comes from Castel Gandolfo, the ancient castle that became the residence of the popes during the stifling hot summers in Rome since Pope Clement VIII (r. 1592-1605), has been seriously damaged by fire. Destroyed in the fire were priceless Greco-Roman, mediaeval, and renaissance tapestries, furnishings, and art masterpieces. The cause of the fire was gross negligence, an electrical short-circuit in an air-conditioner that had not been maintained properly by Newvatican.

The apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is a self-admitted Marxist. It is a principle of Marxism that tradition be destroyed. People should not know the past because it interferes with the autocratic New World Order that the Marxists want to create. To the contrary, Roman Catholics, who revere the culture of Western Civilization, treasure tradition. In the Catholic Faith, Sacred Tradition is one of the two fonts of Public Revelation (the other being Sacred Scripture). Protestants reject Sacred Tradition: Biblia Sola decried the Arch-heretic Martin Luther. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Italian News Agency Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata.]

Yet even those souls inspired by God before the advent of Christ upon the earth clearly understood the divine Truth. For example, the Roman philosopher and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.), who was greatly respected by the Church Fathers, as well as by the Church's Universal Theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, wrote:

One ought to be acquainted with the history of the events of past ages. To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?

Traditional Catholics, Cicero enunciates what is a Catholic principle, foreign to Marxists like Francis-Bergoglio. No wonder he seems to have no care for the cultural treasures of art, music, architecture, philosophy, theology, liturgy and would just as soon let them rot. Just as his Newchurch of the New Order is rotting, both physically and spiritually, before the eyes of the world.

October 17, 2023 - St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Are the Dia de los Muertos Practices Spiritually Safe
Or Should They Be Shunned as Occult, Pagan Practices?"

From: Flora
Dia de los Muertos Altar

Is there Anything Catholic
About Dia de Los Muertos
Or Is It an Occult, Pagan Practice
Posing as Religion
At Which the Souls of the Dead
Are Conjured Up
In Order that the Living
May "Commune" with Them?

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

My child has the misfortune of attending a Newchurch elementary school. A school flyer was sent out yesterday informing parents that several grades will be learning about Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and will be working on creating an "ofrenda" altar. I plan on meeting with my daughter's teacher. I would like the teacher to explain to me what will be taught about these practices and what items will be on the "ofrenda" altar.

It all seems pretty occult to me. The ofrenda altars include lights and flowers to conjure up dead souls to the altars in order that the living can "commune" with them. Food left on the altars is supposed to attract the souls of the dead. Before I meet with the teacher, I would like to know whether these practices are spiritually safe.


There is a fine line between "teaching about" and "practicing." Your child will be exposed to the pagan world around her, just as the early Christians were to the pagans around them. Like St. Paul, they learned about that pagan world, but never gave in to it or stopped questioning it.

For example, there would be nothing wrong with your child learning about Greek mythology, which is central to our understanding of great Western literature, such as Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, but learning about Zeus, Hera, Ares, and Aphrodite would not be the same thing as building an altar to them, let alone being encouraged to worship them.

Dia de los Muertos has become much more highly paganized in recent years, although originally, it might have been a simple observance of All Souls' Day, November 2. Halloween, on the other hand, was never really a religious festival, but more like a mediaeval farce. Dia de los Muertos now poses as a religious festival. We wonder how many of those of Mexican descent (who are the most numerous participants in Dia de los Muertos) attend the true, Traditional Latin Mass on November 1, All Saints' Day, a holyday of obligation, or on November 2, All Souls' Day.

We believe that you have taken the right approach. First, understand fully what is to be taught to your child. Then, exercise the moral virtue of prudence (practical judgment) and if you think that the class will go too far into paganism and the occult, exempt your child from this unit. You will have to make the judgment for your child weighing all factors and the details that you learn from the teacher. You should also consider getting your child away from the influence of that school associated with the paganized Newchurch of the New Order, which as you must know, is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, but far worse even than Martin Luther's sect.

For further information on this topic, click on FAQ11: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Practices? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department in the section "Halloween."

October 16, 2023 - St. Hedwig, Widow
Semidouble Feast

The Fix Is In: "Great Synod" Figures to Be Cooked to "Go Gay" and "Go Feminist"
Bergoglio Has Changed the Synod's Methodology so that Conservative Voices Are Shut Out

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

As a Menacing Electronically-projected Image
Of the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Glares down on the Great Synod's Circuli
Now It Has Leaked out that Only Marxist/Modernists
After Bergoglio's Own Persuasion
Will Vote on the Controversial Issues
To Deconstruct Newchurch
The Rest Will Get to Jawbone
Only on Non-controversial Topics
No Wonder Bergoglio Has Sealed the Synod
So that the Press and the Public Are Shut Out

Now we know why the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio closed his Great Synod on Synodality, aka Vatican III, to the public and the press. The first thing that we learned was that the October 4-24, 2023, meeting whose purpose is to deconstruct what little remains of Catholicism in the Newchurch of the New Order, is being held under "pontifical secret," i.e., Bergoglio's hit squad will get you if you reveal the truth of what is going on inside. Only Newchurch propaganda from Bergoglio's press officer is to be published.

You see, the discussions aren't going the way Bergoglio wanted them to go, Even the Synod members don't seem to want deaconnesses, non-celibate Newclergy, new Messes that feature the pagan godesses like Pachamama, recognition of bigamous marriages, blessing of "gay marriages" -- the whole Modernist/Marxist smorgasbord. But Bergoglio has figured out how to get around the problem of opposition to his anti-Catholic programme: cook the figures.

Bergoglio has engineered it so that only a small number of members will vote on "hot button" issues like sodomy, bigamy, and deaconnesses. Only Bergoglio-picked circuli (small groups) composed of apostates like himself will discuss controversial issues and vote on them. It is that vote that will be reported to the press. Moderates and conservative members will be locked out of these topics, assigned to circuli discussing unimportant issues. And, to top off the Bergoglian fix, which members are on which circuli is a pontifical secret!

In other words, only sodomites will vote on sodomite marriages, only bigamists will vote on bigamists taking the Novus Ordo cookie and Kool-Aid, and only lesbians will vote on accepting lesbians as deaconesses, etc. Only one circulus, for example, will discuss the question: What concrete steps can Newchurch take to admit those classes who feel excluded because of their perversions: for example, bigamists, lesbians, sodomites, bisexuals, transexuals, and pagan polygamists. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, thus has Bergoglio engineered it so that the reports the Synod will issue will not accurately reflect the opinions of the members, but only of handpicked radicals who agree with the Marxist/Modernist Newpope. Bergoglio can then justify the anti-Catholic decrees that he will issue on the basis of his faked data. One Newcardinal alluded to the synod members being "frog-marched" into predetermined decisions. It's an apt figure to describe the lemmings that follow the Newpapal Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

October 15, 2023 - Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Leading Anti-paedophile Organizations Denounce Francis-Bergoglio's Appointment
Of His Buenos Aires Intimate as Head of Newchurch Doctrine and Prefect of Sex Crimes against Children

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Victor Fernandez

The Third Paedophile Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio
Embraces His New Prefect of Sex Crimes against Children
Newcardinal Victor Fernandez Has Been Denounced
By Leading Anti-paedophile Organizations
For His Permitting a Paedophile Presbyter
To Continue Operating as Newpastor
After the "Mistake" Was Discovered
The Newpastor Was Found Dead
The Increasingly-abandoned Bergoglio
Is Desperate for Allies and Has Stooped
Even to Paedophile-supporting Newcardinals

Leading advocates for the child victims of Newchurch clergy's rapes and sodomies of children have denounced Francis-Bergoglio's appointment of his corrupt intimate, Victor Fernandez, as Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the (Newchurch) Faith and his making him a Newcardinal of the Newchurch of the New Order. The organizations Ending (Newchurch) Clergy Abuse, Survivors Network of those Abused by Pr(esbyters), and (New)bishop Accountability gathered in Newrome to denounce Bergoglio and demand that he de-Newcardinalize and demote his intimate. They charged Bergoglio for perpetuating corrupt "business as usual" in Newchurch.

In 2019, when he was Newarchbishop in Bergoglio's native argentine, Fernandez allowed a paedophile presbyter to continue his numerous crimes against children in a local Newparish as Newpastor. Fernandez also dissed the parents of the raped and sodomized children when they dared to protest. Curiously, the presbyter was found dead after his connection with Fernandez became public in the civil courts. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic Herald.]

Traditional Catholics, Newcardinal Victor Fernandez is also known for his pornographic poetry, which he distributed to teenagers in Newchurch schools. Even Fernandez has admitted that he "made a mistake," but the increasingly-abandoned Bergoglio, who is desperate for allies, still appointed him to the position where he now has supreme authority over Newchurch clergy's rape and sodomy of children. Newchurch children, beware, and when you reach majority get out of Newchurch as quickly as your legs will take you!

October 14, 2023 - St. Callistus I, Pope & Martyr
Double Feast

Primatial Newchurch Archdiocese in the United States Goes Bankrupt because of Clergy Sex Crimes
Baltimore, Maryland, Had Primacy of Honor as the First Diocese to Have Been Established in the U.S.

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
William Lori

William Lori, Newarchbishop of Baltimore
Washes His Hands of the Sex Crimes
Of Newchurch Clergy in Baltimore
Like the Unjust Steward of the Parable
He Has Spun off His Newparishes
And Newschools
So that the Children Whom Baltimore Clergy
Have Raped and Sodomized
Cannot Get the Full Restitution Due Them
But the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Courts
May Have a Surprise in Store
For the Unjust Steward Lori

The diocese of Baltimore, Maryland, the first to have been established in the United States, now not a Catholic diocese, but having fallen into the hands of the Newchurch of the New Order since 1964, has gone bankrupt on September 29, 2023, because of an ever-increasing wave of sex crimes of its Newclergy against children. Baltimore thus became the 35th of 194 Newchurch dioceses to have gone so bankrupt, in addition to three religious orders.

The Maryland attorney general earlier in the week had released a devastating report on Maryland Newchurch's sex crimes against children by paedophile clergy in the Newarchdiocese of Baltimore. The report lists more than 600 children who had been raped, sodomized, and otherwise sexually assaulted by 156 Newchurch clergy "but the number is likely far higher," says the report. The vast majority of these crimes occurred after the apostate Newchurch of the New Order was fabricated at the Vatican II Anti-council to replace the Catholic Church, and Newchurch no longer ordained true priests, but used a Protestantized New Ordinal to "install presbyters" like Protestant ministers.

Obviously trying dodge paying the child victims for their just sufferings, Newarchbishop William Lori, aping the fraud of the Unjust Steward in the Biblical parable, first spun off Newparishes and Newparochial school as separate corporations, so that the sodomized and raped children would not have access to these funds for damages. But the last chapter has not yet been written against Lori and his corrupt Newchurch archdiocsese. The U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Courts have been taking a dim view of such scams by Newchurch bishops to defraud child victims and have been vitiating such Newchurch corporations established to avoid paying just damages to them. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, ironically, it was the Baltimore archdiocese, which went Newchurch in 1964, that the founder of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, Msgr. Gommar DePauw, J.C.D. (1918-2005) abandoned to found the Catholic Traditionalist Movement in New York City, six years before Archbishop Lefebvre founded the Society of St. Pius X. Msgr. De Pauw had been a peritus (theological expert) at the Vatican II Anti-council and was so shocked when it went sour into apostasy from the Catholic Faith that he immediately left to found the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, which broadcasted the Traditional Latin Mass all over the United States and Canada, and published newsletters, books, and audiotapes which gave Catholics proof in those dark days that true Catholicism was still alive in Traditional Catholic churches, chapels, and oratories operating independently of the false "Newchurch" that had taken over Newrome.

October 13, 2023 - St. Edward, King of England, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio the Narcissist Newpope Strikes again, Attacking His Own Newchurchers in the United States
Bergoglio Hates the Outspokenness against Him There, even though the U.S. Contributes over One-third of Newvatican's Income

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Attack Dog

Francis-Bergoglio's Has Sent out His Attack Dog
New Newcardinal Fernandez
Against U.S. Newchurchers
Who Pay One-third of Newvatican's Expenses
And Are Becoming More and More Outspoken
Against Bergoglio's Heresies
Bergoglio Is Reportedly "Scared to Death"
That The Gravy Train of Money
From the United States
Channeled by Such Corrupt Leaders
As the Villainous Newcardinal McCarrick
Is Rapidly Coming to an End

It is hard to understand why the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio has such a hatred for his Newchurchers in the United States. After all, estimates are that one third of the money that is shoring up Bergoglio's corrupt administration comes from the U.S., and several Newcardinals are acting as Bergoglio's corrupt fund-raisers to shore up his tottering Newvatican. Colluding with him are the likes of the villanous paedophile Newcardinal Theodore McCarrick, of Washington, D.C., who did not hesitate to extort dirty money for Bergoglio even from the murderous Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

It seems, however, that now Bergoglio's U.S. Newchurchers are getting fed up with him to the point that Bergoglio is reportedly "scared to death" about the pushback against his Marxist/Modernist paganism from America's Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists. So the "ever-charitable" Narcissist Bergoglio reacts as he always does against those who disagree with him: by attacking them as "noisy" enemies of Newchurch, with the most vile language, unimaginable coming out of the mouth of one who claims (most days) to be the Newpope. In the case of the United States, Bergoglio has spared no opprobrium, sending out his newly-Cardinalated attack dog Victor Fernandez, his Marxist/Modernist intimate from his native Buenos Aires, whom he appointed on July 1, 2023, to become Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the (New Order) Faith. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Crux News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, the fact is that now Bergoglio's most vocal critics are Americans who reject his Marxist Modernism, which on October 4, 2023, burst forth in his latest screed, "Laudate Deum," an uncomprimising paean to the secularist "green" political extremism. His latest targets are Newbishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, and Newcardinal Ray "Bully" Burke, inter alios, who have dared to point out that Bergoglio is dangerously heretical.

October 12, 2023 - Ferial Day

Francis-Bergoglio's "Vatican III/Great Synod on Synodality" Seems to Be Going Bust
As Participants Abandon Boring Bergoglio to Go See the Real Romans Defeating Southern Italy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Rome's Soccer Team

More Roman than the Modernist/Marxist
Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Rome's Soccer Team Sports Jerseys
Emblazoned with Ancient Rome's Latin Motto:
SPQR - Senatus Populusque Romanus
Most of Bergoglio's Synodal Ignoscenti
Can't even Speak the Roman Catholic Church's
Immortal Latin Language Any Longer
In Any Case, Many of Them Are So Tired
Of Bergoglio and His Anti-Catholicism
That They Have Abandon His Synod
To Watch the Real Romans
Defeat Southern Italy in Soccer

What if you put on an Anti-council, and many of the members walked out on you? That's what's been happening for the apostate Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio. His plans for a takeover of his Newchurch of the New Order by lay pagans seems to be falling flat. Many of his members have abandoned him to see instead some real Romans win a soccer match against Southern Italy.

Most of Bergoglio's "Roman Catholics" can't speak the Church's immortal Latin language any longer, but Rome's soccer gladiators certainly know Latin. They had it emblazoned across their jerseys: SPQR - Senatus Populusque Romanus, Ancient Rome's statement of fidelity to the principles of Republican government, run by their people and their senate for over thirteen centuries. Bergoglio has bankrupted his Newvatican to stage his aborted coup. Even he had to admit that the real Romans had defeated him. On October 7, 2023, he announced: "Nobody really cares." One-third of them are so depressed that they have come down with the latest manifestation of the Red China Virus.

On the opening day of the Vatican III Anti-council/Great Synod on Synodality, October 4, 2023, Bergoglio was deserted by his abortive namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, famed Confessor of the Church, who stood face to face against the Mohammedan leader Sultan Malek-el-Kamil in the Fifth Crusade and told him in no uncertain terms: "We have come to preach faith in Jesus Christ to you, that you will renounce Mohammed, that wicked slave of the devil, and obtain everlasting life."

Contrary to Newchurch's painting St. Francis as an agnostic animal lover, the historical truth is that Francis hated rats. An embarrassingly few people turned up in St. Peter's Square to participate in Bergoglio's fake Mess. Earlier, in June 2023, no more than a few hundred people showed up for his World Meeting on Human Fraternity, and barely one per cent showed up for his pre-synodal "listening sessions." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by California Catholic Daily.]

Traditional Catholics, as the number of participants at Bergoglio's Great Synod tanked, Newvatican ramped up the false propaganda, claiming that the "Holy Spirit" -- whoever or whatever that is in the apostate Newchurch -- is working at the synod for a "Church on the move." That propaganda fell flat as it had been gutted in advance by Newchurch's "Unsaint" Newpope Paul VI-Montini, who said about this Vatican III-Great Synod's predecessor, the infamous Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965):

We have the impression that through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan (fumus Satanae) has entered the temple of God: it is doubt, uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation.... We thought that after the Council a day of sunshine would have dawned for the history of the Church. What dawned, instead, was a day of clouds and storms, of darkness, of searching and uncertainties.


A Reader Asks: "Is It Appropriate to Clap in Church
Or Is This just Another Vulgarity Introduced by the New Order Heretics?"

From: Stephan
Novus Ordo Clapping

Sometimes the Old Newchurchers Are Worse
Than the Young Newchurchers
Here Directly under a Station of the Cross
Depicting the Crucifixion of Christ
These Old Women Are Clapping up a Storm
Traditionally, Clapping in a Catholic Church
Is Prohibited as a Sacrilege
Against the Majesty of God
But Newchurch Is NOT the Catholic Church
So Anything Goes
Just as in the Evangelical and Pentecostalist
Protestant Sects

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Recently, one of those whacky Novus Ordo "theologians" wrote that clapping at a Newchurch Mess was perfectly acceptable, as it could be "a great moment of liturgy." I thought that clapping in Church -- the true Catholic Church, that is -- was traditionally prohibited as a kind of sacrilege against the majesty of God.


Well, at least the "theologian" didn't call the fake Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service a "Mass," which it most certainly is NOT. Clapping, dancing, and the like are totally inappropriate to the true Roman Catholic Mass. Before the advent in 1964 of the Newchurch of the New Order, which lost the true Mass, the popes and rubricians unanimously condemned such practices as being unfit for the formal worship of God. The fact that the Newchurch of the New Order, under the guise of the "Inculturation" heresy has introduced clapping, dancing, and even more bizarre practices is merely further proof that Newchurch does not have a true Mass and is certainly not "Catholic."

A Newchurch directive of 1994, in an "Instruction on the Roman [meaning Novus Ordo] Liturgy and Inculturation," gives formal approval to "handclapping, rhythmic swaying or dance movements, and chorus-line dances" ["manuum percussio seu plausus, fluctuationes rhythmicae seu motus modulati, aut choreae motus] in its fake Mess. These "inculturation" aberrations, so antithetical to Catholicism (the term from the Greek means "universal") come from Evangelical and Pentecostal Protestantism, which the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) loved to ape.

To the contrary, Pope St. Pius X specifically banned clapping and applause from Church. Even when people clapped as he was carried into St. Peter's Archbasilica on the sedia gestatoria, he denounced the clapping, proclaiming: "The servant does not deserve to be applauded in the house of his Master." Now there's a real Catholic! The true Mass is directed toward God, not to Narcissistic human vulgarity.

October 10, 2023 - St. Francis Borgia, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

New "New Messes" Are Coming as Newchurch Breaks up into Local "Tribes"
In Addition to the African Mess and the Aztec Mess, the Pachamama Mess Is Slated to Become Official

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Pachamama Mess

Newchurch Is Breaking apart Its New Order "Mess"
Into Local "Tribal" Varieties
This Next Step of the Modernist Revolution
Is Already in Effect in New York, Chicago, and Vienna
As Well as Africa and Latin America
In Reality, Newchurch Doesn't Have a "Mass" Any More
The New Order "Liturgy" Has Become a Myriad Non-Messes
After the Demented Protestant Pentecostalists
Who Writhe on the Floor Imitating Snakes
Like Them, Newchurch Now just Makes Its Messes Up

The Newchurch of the New Order, founded in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church, is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. It is no longer nor is it catholic, much less Roman, but is being deliberately broken down into local tribes. First the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio "approved" the African Mess for Zaire, and simulated it himself. Then he "approved" the pagan Aztec Mess. Now, in conjunction with his Vatican III Anti-council (aka Great Synod on Synodality) going on in Newrome October 4-24, 2023, he is slated to "approve" the Brazilian Mess featuring the veneration of the nude pagan fertility goddess Pachamama with a completely anti-Catholic text.

Even the "New Mess" of 1969 is not a real Mass, deviating by more than two-thirds from the Traditional Latin Mass. Many proofs of this fact have been adduced over the last 60 years, starting with Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani's Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass [Sic] of September 25, 1969, so as to leave no doubt by now. Surely the "New Mess" is far worse even than the High Anglican "Mess," which was declared invalid by Pope Leo XIII in 1896.

In reality, Newchurch doesn't have a "Mass" any more. The New Order "liturgy" has become a myriad Non-mess, much like the demented Protestant Pentecostalists, who writhe on the floor imitating snakes. Newchurch now makes up its Messes as it goes along. Whatever some locality wants, that becomes a "Mess." These monstrosities are not just for Third World Countries either. They have already come, for example, to New York, Chicago, and Vienna in the "Gay Mess," in which men dress up as "nuns" in Gothic garb and make-up, and the local Newbishop gives them the Novus Ordo cookie and Kool-Aid without batting an eye! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by religious news sources.]

Traditional Catholics, none of this is the true Catholic Church by any stretch of the imagination. Newchurchers are deluding themselves and playing the fool. The Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists are the most deluded, selling out to the Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's "New Latin Mess" of 1962, and deluding themselves into calling it the Traditional Latin Mass, which is most certainly is NOT, any more than is Martin Luther's Mess. If there are any doubters left, this latest development, and many others before it, seal the coffin lid once and for all on any validity for Newchurch's fake "liturgies" and their rotting mass of decomposition. Or to use Our Lord's own words: "full of dead men's bones and of all filthiness" (Matthew 23:27/DRV).

October 9, 2023 - St. John Leonard, Confessor
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Declares Himself God's Infallible Vicar of Science
As He Issues New Document Declaring Himself a Captive of the Greenie Political Faction

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Infallibly Wrong, or Just Unbelievable?
Francis-Bergoglio Has Taken Another Dive
Off the Deep End by Believing
That He Is God's Infallible Vicar of Science
He Has Left His Religious Position
And Become a Greenie Politician
One Wonders whether His Next Political Screed
Will Declare the Earth Flat
Or that there Are Little Men on Mars!

In a new document, "Laudate Deum," which -- if it were possible -- is even more outlandish than his 2016 screed "Laudato si'," in which he strayed well beyond his role as Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio in effect declared himself God's Infallible Vicar of Science. In 73 excruciating paragraphs, he mentons Jesus Christ only three times, the Blessed Virgin Mary never, the Holy Angels never, a Saint only once. Bergoglio's new screed, issued on October 4, 2023, pushes "Laudato si'" into the fourth dimension of greenie-mongering. The screed is written in such an hysterical tone that one has to wonder whether, if he had been an actual pope in the 17th century, he wouldn't have declared that the earth is flat or in the 21st century that there are little men on Mars!

The Catholic Church is not a scientific organization. Jesus Christ did not establish his Church to rule on scientific questions. We know that Bergoglio never attended a Catholic seminary, so he must have missed Cardinal Caesar Baronius's uncompromising statement: "Sacra scriptura ostendit non motus caelorum, sed via ad caelos" [Sacred Scripture shows not the motions of the heavens, but the way to Heaven]. In other words, Christ's true Church has no authority over science. Bergoglio himself admits in his latest screed that the greenie mania is a "global social issue," not a religious one. Yet, with his now classic Narcissistic style of slander, he "derides" anyone who would presume to dispute his personal opinions, even if they be on matters over which he has no say. His derision, he makes it clear, extends to those eminent scientists who have publicly called greenie-mongering "malarkey," to use a term popularized by one of Bergoglio's Leftist/Socialist political allies.

Meanwhile, just look at the state of Bergoglio's Newchurch of the New Order, which is no more the Catholic Church than his fellow apostate Martin Luther's Church. Filled with a sewer of filth and corruption, fostering a never-ending series of rapes, sodomies, and sexual assaults upon children. Deserted by more and more millions of his own Newchurchers, who find the phony "New Mess" disgusting and worse than Protestant, and so are walking out the door. Great traditional churches and cathedrals permanently shut and turned into bars and night clubs, or subjected to the wrecking ball. Doctrine not Catholic, but not even Christian, promoting bigamist adultery and the blessing of sodomite marriages. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, the situation that exists today is not one of a purported Newpope who has gone apostate from the Catholic Faith, who has never been ordained or consecrated in the valid Sacrament of Holy Orders. We have now sixty years of experience to see what has been happening under the Modernist/Marxist Newpopes and their fabricated Newchurch. We are back in the 16th century, back to when the Arch-heretic Martin Luther proclaimed his Newchurch, which he claimed was the Catholic Church -- just like the apostate Newpoopes and their Newchurch of the New Order, founded in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church. No true Catholic can have anything to do with it at peril of his immortal soul.

October 8, 2023 - Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio Cancels 53-year "New Latin" Solemn Requiem Mess of 1962
In a New Purge Bergoglio Has Prohibited Westminster Cathedral from Continuing the Mess

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Requiem Mess at Westminister Cathedral-London

"New Latin" Requiem Messes of 1962
Had Already Been Banned
In the Newarchdiocese of London
In Accordance with Francis-Bergoglio's
2021 Decree "Traditionis Custodes"
Now a "New Latin" Requiem Solemn Mess
Held Annually for 53 Years at Westminster Cathedral
Has Been Canceled by Bergoglio
The Sponsoring Latin Mass Society Is Stunned
As Such Organizations Have Come under the Wrath
Of the Apostate Newpope Bergoglio

A "New Latin" Solemn Requiem Mass of 1962, which had been held annually for 53 years, has been canceled by Francis-Bergoglio at London's Westminster Cathedral. Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalist Newchurchers in the sponsoring Latin Mass Society were stunned, even though the handwriting had been on the wall since Bergoglio's 2021 decree "Traditionis custodes."

Newcardinal Vincent Nichols of London and his Newchurch predecessors have canceled all Requiem Messes, except those of the blasphemous Novus Ordo "Leaving on a Jet Plane" variety. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, the "New Latin" (1962) Solemn Requiem Mess had already been scheduled for November 4, 2024, but was canceled without much notice to the sponsors. Instead of being held in the cathedral, it will be hidden away in a nearby "shrine." You see, nothing is for certain in the Newchurch of the New Order except death, embezzlement, and paedophile crimes, certainly not even the "New Latin Mess" of 1962.


Francis-Bergoglio Deals Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists a Double Blow
Their Capitulation to the Newchurch of the New Order, the Newpopes, and the New Latin Mess of 1962 Has Done Them In

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Can No Longer Cover over His Overt Heresy
The Unholy Father Has Now Proclaimed to the World
His Rejection of Jesus Christ
Whose Vicar the Marxist/Modernist Pretends to Be
By Now Decreeing Blessings for "Gay Marriage [Sic]"
And Admittance of Practicing Bigamist Adulterers
To Munch His Fake Novus Ordo Cookies
And Swill His Fake Novus Ordo Kool-Aid

Pity the pusillanimous Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalist Newchurchers. They must now be ruing the day that they compromised with the apostate Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church; its Newpopes, who are most certainly NOT true popes; and the Half New Order Vatican II "New Latin Mess" of 1962, which is most certainly NOT the Traditional Latin Mass.

On October 2, 2023, they were forced to come face to face with the consequences of their sellout to the forces that have been at work destroying the Catholic Church and replacing it with an apostate Newchurch ever since the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) and even from the last decade of Pius XII. On this date the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio hurled a double blow, which, in conjunction with his Vatican III Anti-council (aka the "Great Synod on Synodality") to commence October 4 in Newrome, is intended to bury the Catholic Church and replace it once and for all with an unrecognizable secular corporation far worse than even the Arch-heretic Martin Luther intended.

THE FIRST BLOW was Bergoglio's essential approval of sodomitic unions, popularly called "gay marriage [sic]." In answer to the question posed by the German (New)bishops' Conference and certain Newcardinals, Bergoglio told the world: Yes, Newchurch presbyters can decide for themselves whether to "bless" sodomitic unions, blasphemously called "gay marriages." "Pastoral prudence must adequately discern whether there are forms of blessing, requested by one or more persons, that do not transmit a mistaken conception of marriage."

The obscurant language was deliberately chosen to allow any presbyter to interpret it as he will and still "obey the pope [sic]." The same ploy was used in the language of the Vatican II Anti-council and its promulgator, the Unsaint Paul VI-Montini, to introduce an invalid and vulgar-tongued Mess, invalidated non-sacraments, a pig-sty morality, and heretical doctrines worse than those sponsored by the Arch-heretic Martin Luther.

THE SECOND BLOW was Bergoglio's approval for bigamist adulterers to take the invalid Novus Ordo cookies and Kool-Aid. These bigamists are those who are still parties to a valid marriage, but then decide to enter into an adulterous union with another under the pretext of a civil divorce. This is clearly in contravention to Jesus Christ's clear condemnation (Matthew 19:9). Bergoglio had already laid the groundwork for this heretical teaching in his 2016 document "Amoris laetitia" (The Joy of Sex). [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LS News.]

Traditional Catholics, will the Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists, who have sold their souls for a little recognition within the apostate Newchurch, now wake up to the reality that their perfidy has cost them? They are already losing their "New Latin Mass" under the terms of Bergoglio's 2021 decree "Traditionis custodes" and subsequent decrees. Now they are losing even the basic commandments of their Faith. Will they obstinately persist in losing their souls too by following an apostate anti-Catholic sect and its unholy head?

October 6, 2023 - St. Bruno, Confessor
Double Feast

The "Great Synod of Errors" Begins in Newrome under the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
The Newchurch of the New Order Is Now on Its Way to Become Officially Pagan

From: Petrus Romanus, The TRADITIO Network's Roman Correspondent
Council of Pistoia

Francis-Bergoglio's "Great Synod on Synodality"
Promises to be Worse than the Council of Pistoia (1794)
Which Was Declared to Be a Null-council
It Bore an Uncanny Resemblance
To the Modernist Vatican II Anti-council
In the Heretical Propositions that It Advanced
Prescribing the Use of a "Table"
Instead of an "Altar"
And Demanding a "Simplified" Mess
Said Entirely out Loud in the Vulgar Tongues
Pope Pius VI in His Papal Bull Auctorem Fidei
Condemned and Nullified the Fake Council
As "Rash, Offensive to Pious Ears
Insulting to the Church
Favorable to the Charges of Heretics"

Bergoglio's Vatican III Anti-council, also known as the Great Synod on Synodality, also opened on October 1. To judge from the positions favored by its heretic members, the Great Synod will be just an excuse for yet another revolution, this time in non-Catholic Newchurch, because the Catholic Church is now found only in what Pope Pius XII predicted to be the return to the catacombs, that is, independent Traditional Catholic churches, chapels, and oratories, where the priests maintain the Traditional Catholic Latin Mass and Traditional Catholic Latin Sacraments completely independently of Newchurch.

Following the procedure that allowed the Vatican II Anti-council to destroy the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church and replace it with a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Newchurch of the New Order, Bergoglio has drafts of the Great Synod's anti-Catholic Marxist/Modernist documents already prepared and ready to go, the so-called instrumenta laboris, although to cover up the ruse, he is going to drag out the process of publication and then implementation. The new documents are set to replace the Protestant-Masonic Newchurch of 1964 with a Pagan Newchurch of 2024. All the real property will stay with Bergoglio, and then he and his pagan successors will lose it to pay for the sex crimes of Newchurch's non-priest ministers and non-bishop overseers.

The true Traditional Roman Catholic Church will perdure under independent Traditional Roman Catholic priests and bishops. Thank God for them! As for the rest, Providence will work it all out in due course. Maybe it will take years, maybe centuries, maybe even millennia. Sub specie aeternitatis, it really makes no difference. Traditional Catholic liturgy, doctrine, and moral teaching cannot change -- that is a dogma of the true Roman Catholic Faith. In the interim, no one should presume place any trust whatsoever in that coven of heretics who are now meeting in Newrome.

October 5, 2023 - St. Placidus & Companions, Martyrs
Simple Feast

The Apostate Newpope Take Control of His Future Successors
He Now Owns 72 per Cent of the Newcardinals; It Takes only 67 per Cent for Election

From: Petrus Romanus, The TRADITIO Network's Roman Correspondent

Francis-Bergoglio Has Taken Control
Of Newchurch after His Death
There Are Now 137 "Voting Newcardinals"
Of Whom He Has Personally Appointed
More than the 67 per Cent Necessary
To Elect His Successors
There Are So Many Newcardinals Now
That the Scarlet Honor
Is Worth Barely a Penny

On October 1, 2023, the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio added 18 fake "Voting Newcardinals" (plus three others) to his coven of Newcardinals of the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, any more than Martin Luther's Church is. There are now 137 Voting Newcardinals, 17 more than the "normal" limit set by Paul VI-Montini. It was actually the Unsaint JPII-Wotyla who first engaged in large-scale overfilling of the College of Newcardinals.

Thus, the idea of "packing" the College did not come from Bergoglio, but from another of his apostate Newpope predecessors. Bergoglio is merely using Wojtyla's provision in order to control the selection of his successors. All the antipopes of Newchurch -- Montini, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, Bergoglio -- are united in their overall aim to replace the Catholic Church with a counterfeit.

72 per cent of the Voting Newcardinals are now the appointees of Bergoglio. It takes only 67 per cent to elect a new Newpope. To Bergoglio's clear supermajority (67 per cent) of Bergoglian Newcardinals, we must also add all those archheretics who were chosen by the last two Newpopes, Wojtyla and Ratzinger. The new sum gives Bergoglio total control to determine the future of Newchurch and its apostate Newpopes. That percentage will remain constant for some months because, of those Newcardinals reaching the age of eighty in the next several months, about half are actually Bergoglio's older appointees. Beginning in June 2024, the percentage of Bergoglians in the Newcollege will gradually begin to rise. It could rise much higher if he assembles yet another Newconsistory.

What will the remaining Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalist Newcardinals and Newbishops now do about Newchurch? They will dither as long as they can. They have perfected dithering into a fine art. In the end, what they do is irrelevant because they will not be leading anything. They are now out of their minds. Their false hopes that a new Newpope would change Newchurch back to their preferred Half Catholic, Half Moral, Half Vernacularized mockery of the true (Traditional) Roman Catholic Church have been dashed to smithereens.

October 4, 2023 - St. Francis of Assisi, Confessor
Double Major Feast

Newchurch Is Afraid to Investigate Paedophile Newcardinal McCormack Further
Because there Are Many More Skeletons the Closets of the Newpopes and Their Henchmen

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Theodore McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick, Newarchbishop of Washington, D.C.
One of the Most Notorious and Depraved Criminals
In Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Is the Continuing Target of His Child Victims
Who Want Answers, Not a Morass of Newchurch Gobbledegook
They Have No Confidence in the Paedophile-supporting Newpopes
They Demand an Independent, Objective, Outside Investigation
Of McCarrick and His Accomplices in the Newchurch Hierarchy
Not Another Cover-up

Newcardinal Theodore McCormack, Newarchbishop of Washington, D.C., one of the most notorious and depraved criminals in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, may escape the long arm of the civil law on a technicality because his memory isn't as sharp as it used to be, but the victims of his multifarious sex crimes up and down the East Coast of the United States, particularly children and young Newseminarians, aren't giving up. They are not giving up, continuing to batter the corrupt Newpope Francis-Bergoglio for answers:

  1. Who helped McCarrick rise in the Newchurch hierarchy? Outside of the three paedophile-supporting Newpopes, Unsaint JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio, that is. We know that these three kept him in office, where he had free reign to commit his sex crimes, because he was a highly successful fund-raiser for the Newpopes' corrupt Newvatican Bank and because he gave bribes to the Newpopes and the top hierarchy in Newrome.

  2. Which Newbishop candidates did he champion, and why? McCarrick used his ill-gotten power to place many of his own corrupt ilk in Newchurch biscoprics. They need to be rooted out.

  3. Who in the Newchurch hierarchy knew about McCarrick's paedophile sex crimes and fraud, when did they know it, and why didn't they stop it? A few honest Newclergy wrote letters to Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio, exposing McCarrick's crimes, but these corrupt Newpopes threw those letters in the wastebasket. McCarrick was just too good a source of dirty money to turn down. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, the child victims demand an independent, objective, outside investigation of McCarrick and his accomplices in the Newchurch hierarchy. They have no confidence in the paedophile-supporting Newpopes. They don't want another Newchurch investigation that only covers up the truth. The Newchurch hierarchy in the United States has been uncooperative in providing witnesses and files, probably because many of them were accomplices to McCarrick's bribes and assignations. Newchurch, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church any more than the Arch-heretic Martin Luther's Church is, will continue its cover-up under its latest Caiphas, Francis-Bergoglio, but the child victims must just blow the lid off Newvatican in the process.

October 3, 2023 - St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Virgin
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio's Own Commission on Sex Crimes against Children Pillories the Newpope
For His Continued Cover up of Rampant Paedophile Sex Crimes by His Newchurch Clergy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Blah! Blah! Blah!
Francis-Bergoglio Reads from His Cover-up Script
His Own Commission on Sex Crimes against Children
Has Now Pilloried the Newpope
For His Fake "Zero Tolerance Policy"
Which It Charged Is "Merely a PR Campaign"
A Fraud Being Perpetrated by Bergoglio
Upon His Newchurch
And, Most Especially, upon the Children
Who Are Being Raped, Sodomized
And Otherwise Sexually Assaulted
By His Newchurch Clergy

On September 27, 2023, on the eve of his Vatican III Anti-council (Great Synod on Synodality), Francis-Bergoglio was pilloried by his own Commission for the Protection of Children for being complicit in continuing rampant sex crimes by his Newcardinals, Newbishops, and presbyters. In essence, his own Commission has called his vaunted "Zero Tolerance Policy" a fraud being perpetrated upon his Newchurch and, most especially, upon the children who are being raped, sodomized, and otherwise sexually assaulted by his Newclergy.

His own Commission called Bergoglio's Zero Tolerance Policy "merely a PR campaign ... to support and cover up" his Newclergy's crmes. The Commission condemned Bergoglio and his Newchurch clergy for having engaged in "tragically harmful deficiencies" in the handling of paedophile sex crimes, in spite of all the fancy-sounding documents that he has shoveled out in trying to get the child victims and the international press off his back. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Crux News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, the Commission agreed with the TRADITIO Network almost word for word in in stating: "Every day seems to bring forth new evidence of abuse [i.e., crimes], as well as cover up and mishandling by [New]church leadership around the world." The Commission's report came just days after Francis-Bergoglio's fellow Newjesuit buddy, presbyter Marko Rupnik, was rehabilitated by the apostate Newpope. Rupnik had been found guilty of sexually assaulting Newchurch "nuns" in the Novus Ordo "Reconciliation Room," where phony Novus Ordo "confessions" were supposed to be taken place (in 1973 Newchurch did away with the Sacrament of Penance). This is an ecclesiastical (and probably civil) crime for which the perverted Rupnik was excommunicated from Newchuch by the Newjesuits, but rehabilitated by his Newjesuit buddy Bergoglio.

October 2, 2023 - Holy Guardian Angels
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Appoints His Excommunicated Sex Criminal Newjesuit Buddy
As Lead Artist for His Synod on Synodality (aka Vatican III Anti-council)

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Marko Rupnik's Trash Art

Marko Rupnik's Trash-art Logo
For His Newjesuit Buddy Francis-Bergoglio's
Vatican III Anti-council Synod
Looking Like a Child's Fingerpainting
Rupnik Is an Excommunicated
For Preying on Raping Novus Ordo "Nuns"
In the "Reconciliation Room"
He Was Supposedly Removed from Ministry
By the Newjesuits
But Bergoglio Has Rehabilited Him
The Nuns Are Furious at Bergoglio
For Bringing Back the Sex Criminal

Presbyter Marko Rupnik is an excommunicate and a sex criminal, who sexually assaulted Newchurch "nuns" in "reconciliation rooms" during the non-sacrament of "Reconciliation" (Newchurch did away with the Sacrament of Penance in 1973). Rupnik is a fellow Newjesuit and buddy of the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. Naturally, Rupnik was the perfect choice for Bergoglio to appoint as lead artist for his "Great Synod on Synodality," aka the Vatican III Anti-council, commencing October 4, 2023, to turn the Newchurch of the New Order into a pagan travesty of a religion, complete with priestesses, non-celibate presbyters (Newchurch stopped ordaining priests with its adoption of the 1968 Protestantized "New Ordinal"). Pachamama fertility goddesses, Mayan Messes, and Novus-Ordo-cookie-eating bigamists.

Rupnik's trash art, which reflects the chaos of his own perverted soul, is already featured on the Synod web site. Yet in 2021 he was found guilty of committing the most serious of crimes: forcing sex from penitents, in this case Newchurch nuns, in the Novus Ordo "Reconciliation Room." For his high crimes Marko Rupnik was excommunicated from Newchurch and expelled from the Newjesuits, but that means nothing to Newchurch and its Newpopes, particularly the corrupt apostate Bergoglio. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CV News.]

Traditional Catholics, the arrogant Marko Rupnik was supposed to have been removed from all ministry, so Newchurch said, but he simply ignored that ban. When the scandalized Newchurch "nuns" who were his victims wrote a desperate plea directly to Bergoglio to get rid of the excommunicate pervert once and for all, Bergoglio victimized the "nuns" a second time. He ignored their pleas and habilitated Rupnik, who now operates out of Bergoglio's Newrome headquarters, pandering his trash art throughout Newchurch. Undoubtedly, Rupnik receives for his trash art a lucrative stipend -- and maybe a few more "nuns" on the side to sweeten the pot!

October 1, 2023 - Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

The German Language Has Been Dumped from Francis-Bergoglio's Vatican III Anti-council
Because Newchurch Is Most Certainly NOT the Roman Catholic Church, Latin Will also Be Dumped

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII Presides
Over the Opening of the Vatican II Council
Before It Was Taken over by Modernist Heretics
To Pope John's Right Is Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani
Who Later Wrote His Famous Intervention
Proving the Unsaint Newpope Paul VI-Montini's
"New Mess" of 1969 Was a Fraud
To Pope John's Right Is One of the Flabellae
Magnificent Fans Made of Ostrich Feathers
Denoting the Authority of a True Pope
Operating under Sacred Scripture and Tradition
Every Word of the Council Was Proclaimed in Latin
When the Church Was Roman Catholic
Pope John Had a Powerful Voice with Which
He Enunciated the Latin Language
Clearly, Fluently, and Beautifully

On September 8, 2023, Newvatican announced that German will be dropped as an official language of Francis-Bergoglio's much-criticized Great "Synod on Synodality," commencing on October 4, which purports to be a Vatican III Anti-council under a different name. It will take up the installation of priestesess, deaconesses, blessing of homosexality and transsexuality, opening of Newchurch cookies and Kool-aid to bigamists, and all the other questions that have killed the Protestant sects.

The Newchurch sect, which is worse than a Protestant sect, is a little behind the Protestants, but the apostate Newpope Bergoglio is rushing to make up for lost time. He made the announcement about German contemporaneously with the announcement that the proceedings would be closed to the press, as he doesn't want anyone to see firsthand his machinations to destroy what little remains of the Christian faith.

Now the heretics of the Newchurch Synod will jabber in only five vulgar tongues: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Newchurch, not being the true Roman Catholic Church, dumped the true Church's official Apostolic language of Latin since Vatican II (1962-1965), which was conducted entirely in Latin. So far has Newchurch sunk from being the true Church, the Roman Catholic Church. Portuguese is being added probably to encourage the Brazilian worshippers of Bergoglio's nude pagan fertility goddess, Pachamama, who pace Bergoglio has almost taken over Newchurch in Brazil.

Traditional Catholics, there is available a five-hour recording of the first session of Vatican II, presided over by Pope John XXIII. Every word is in Latin. Pope John has a booming voice, rivalling the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, in which he publicly takes the ancient oath to the traditional Catholic Faith without reservation. He does not proclaim it in a meaningless monotone, but in a clear, fluent, beautiful Latin with subtle inflections and emphases that denote a native speaker of the language. That was in 1962, before Newchurch took over in 1964, just sixty years ago. How far Newchurch has fallen. It is far worse than the Arch-heretic Martin Luther's Church ever was!

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