On the Centennial of Fr. Denis Fahey's Ordination
By Patricius Anthony

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On the Centennial of Fr. Denis Fahey's Ordination

By Patricius Anthony

One hundred years ago, on September 24, in the most venerable of Churches in all of Christendom, St. John Lateran, the 20th century apostle of the Kingship of Christ, Denis Fahey, was ordained to the Holy Catholic priesthood. Known the world over for the promotion of the Kingship of Christ, a distinguished professor, author and "political activist," Fr. Fahey was, first and foremost in imitation of his Divine Master, a priest.

Even his most ardent critics have admitted that Fr. Fahey was a devout and dedicated priest while many of his friends, members of his flock and his fellow Churchmen consider him a saint. Whether a case for his sainthood can be made will have to wait until the neo-Modernist usurpers who are now in control of Christ's Church are unceremoniously removed from their illegitimate positions of authority.

A tribute on the centennial of his priestly ordination is certainly in order not only to commend a holy man who consecrated his life to Christ, but to counter the vicious smears which he had endured that continue to this day. As neo-Modernism began to seep into the Church, a number of Fr. Fahey's former students and fellow clerics began to distance themselves from him. The failure of Irish Catholics to heed the words of Fr. Fahey and other like-minded thinkers would result in the most dire of spiritual consequences not only for Ireland, but for Catholics the world over.

An acknowledgement of Fr. Fahey's priestly life is, in part, to pay homage to those unsung traditional Catholic priests and religious, who, despite the many impediments which the Novus Ordo religion and the world have placed in their paths, have persevered. These priests and bishops, through the grace of God, have continued in their holy orders, the most important vocation in which a man can aspire. To be clear, such praise is not meant for those who now celebrate Benedict-Ratzinger's new fangled "Motu Mess" of 2007. Such Johnny-come-lately "presbyters" more often than not, also "celebrate" the abominable Novus Ordo Mass having little moral problem in doing so even though it is a grievous sin and blatant violation of God's First Commandment. Such men should not receive praise, but condemnation for facilitating Benedict-Ratzinger's ploy to undercut traditional Catholicism.

If the Novus Ordo is ever to be overthrown (outside of supernatural intervention), it will only be accomplished by the creation of a truly Catholic structure outside and distinct from the Conciliar establishment. Newchurch is beyond "reform" and must be eradicated. Any cooperation with it is futile and only gives it legitimacy. The essential factor in any "restoration" is the fostering and development of traditional priests and religious. It is not necessarily a lack of traditional Catholics or potential Mass sites that is holding back a true restoration, but, a lack of real priests.

There is little doubt that the continued SSPX-Newrome "negotiations" has discouraged many from seeking a vocation who rightly fear that an agreement (sell out) with the Novus Ordo will eventually lead to the destruction of the SSPX. The number of potential candidates who have been "turned off" by the SSPX/Newrome "talks" will never be known, however, what is known is that the SSPX has squandered a lot of time and resources over the past decade with its traitorous negotiations. What is worse, is that Bernie Fellay and Frankie Selloutberger have not followed in the path of the Society's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre who, by the time of his death wanted no part of Newrome especially the likes of "Cardinal" Ratzinger.

It should come as no surprise that as the world has rejected and now openly mocks Almighty God and His precepts, it would also lose sight of the Divinely established fact that the Catholic priesthood and its religious orders are the most important of all human vocations. The priesthood was explicitly created by Christ so that God's creatures could offer Him appropriate worship, reparations of their sins, and gratitude for their existence. The priesthood is the conduit for the salvation of souls in which sanctifying grace of the Sacraments are transmitted to souls. If there are less priests and bishops to ordain them, more souls will be lost. It is that simple.

The key to any Catholic revival will be the number of men that decide to devote their lives to Christ. Not only must there be a "Divine calling," but human examples must also abound. For those who seek to be "fishers of men," Fr. Fahey's life and the traditional priests who have abided by the true Faith are illuminating examples to follow.