The Collapse of the Euro and the Kingship of Christ
By Patricius Anthony

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The Collapse of the Euro and the Kingship of Christ

By Patricius Anthony


Europe will return to the Faith, or she will perish. The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith.
--Hilaire Belloc from Europe and the Faith

These words, culled from Hilaire Belloc's prophetic work are as important now as when they were first written. Unfortunately, for many souls, instead of adhering to Belloc and others' admonitions, Europe has drifted even further from Catholicism and is on a path which will lead not only to its economic and financial collapse, but, more importantly, its complete spiritual demise.

While it will cause, no doubt, considerable financial hardship and severe economic displacement, the impending collapse of the Euro (with the dollar not far behind) should not be overly mourned by those who seek a return of Europe to the Kingship of Christ. The Euro and the European Union itself have been vain attempts to create a social and economic order devoid of Almighty God and, in Europe's case, the elimination of the institution which was the catalyst in its formation and development, the Catholic Church. And, until the Euro and the European Union are eradicated, a return to authentic Christendom is impossible.

There is little likelihood that under the current political/financial configuration and the philosophical orientation of the global intelligentsia that sustains it, a sound monetary order will replace the Euro. The deepening economic downturn with more bank collapses, currency devaluations, and severe price inflation on the horizon will likely lead to conditions where monetary agencies like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in concert with central banks will exploit the crisis and attempt to institute a one-world currency unit under the auspices of a global central bank. Federal Reserve Chairman, Benjamin Bernanke, alluded to such a possibility during a speech given in November, 2010, in Frankfurt, Germany: "Thus it would be desirable for the global community, over time, to devise an international monetary system that more consistently aligns the interests of individual countries with the interests of the global economy as a whole." ["Rebalancing the Global Recovery," At the Sixth European Central Bank Central Banking Conference, 11-19-2010]

Bernanke, of course, has not been the first bankster to call for a global bank and one-world currency. It has been the dream of the New World Order crowd for quite some time. Fr. Fahey understood and saw this trend over a half century ago:

The next stage will be a move to bring national sovereignty under the domination of some international organization subject to finance. That will make permanent and world-wide the anti-Christian perversion of order involved in the subordination of human persons to production, and of production and distribution to finance. [The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society, p. 80.]

Free-market critics of the Euro and the European Union in which it serves base their objections on their flawed economics, while populists and nationalists deride it because it strips countries of their sovereignty. While these are legitimate concerns, most of the Euro and European Union's opponents miss the more significant point that the followers of Christ the King clearly recognize: the European Union is part of a long-held scheme to eradicate Catholicism from the face of the earth.

Of course, libertarians and modern-day conservatives care little about the re-establishment of true Christendom upon European soil. They may speak positively of "Christianity," but their Christianity is a multifaceted one where all Christian denominations are believed to be legitimate and contain parcels of Apostolic truth. In this sense, they are right in step with modern Rome. Such a stance shows why those who adhere to Pope St. Pius X's call "to restore all things in Christ" are fundamentally at odds with most of the modern-day Right where religious freedom and "separation of Church and State" are integral parts of its Creed. The financial comeuppance for the modern nation state and its various national currencies has arrived. The welfare/warfare state has bankrupted itself being kept alive through the creation of debt which can only be maintained by central banks and their issuance of non-backed, paper currency. Such chicanery will come to an end with bitter financial repercussions and certain social unrest.

The ultimate cause of the present economic crisis is not the abandonment of the gold standard or control of the money and banking systems by governments and financial elites. These and the moral degradation seen throughout the Western world is the consequence of the rejection of Almighty God and His commandments which has left it opened to be dominated and controlled by forces which have long since sought its demise.

An example of the European Union's audacious mocking of God is that it will try and force all its members to accept "gay" marriage. "The EU Parliament," reported The Christian Telegraph late last year, "voted in favour of a report that is intended to compel all 27 member states to both mutually recognize and legally uphold the 'effects of civil status documents' of another EU-state, that will impose the requirement to recognize homosexual 'marriage,' civil partnership or similar arrangements."

A reconstituted economic order based on Christ the King will be one where economic and financial affairs are subservient to the "rights" of Christ and the Blessed Trinity. Naturally, the well being of individuals and families is a priority of any Christian social system, but just as important is that wealth creation be directed for the glorification of Almighty God. Under the current system of "crony capitalism," the "ends" of economic life neither serve God or the masses, but are first used to enrich the financial/banking classes and their government enablers.

The collapse of the Euro (or the dollar before it) does present an opportunity for the followers of Christ the King to offer a true Christian economic and social paradigm to replace what surely will be a broken and chaotic Western world. For those who seek a return to a social order where the Divine Savior is once again seated on His earthly throne, the opportunity should not be missed.