The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost and Novus Ordo "False Prophets"
By Patricius Anthony

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The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost and Novus Ordo "False Prophets"

By Patricius Anthony

Few Gospel passages speak to the current apostate Catholic Church more than that of the 7th Sunday after Pentecost. Since Novus Ordo Catholics, the Indult Crowd, and Motarians typically create their own "Sunday readings," they should be informed that the traditional Gospel of the 7th Sunday comes from St. Matthew, ch. 7, vs. 15-21.

The first verse of this incisive account demonstrates again just how much the Divine Savior cares for His sheep, warning of deceivers, who, more often than not, come from within the Church: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves."* There is no need to look for revelation in "spinning suns," or decipher "secrets" to determine who and what forces are undermining the Church, Christ's words are more than sufficient.

One venerable commentary on this line could easily be applied to Benedict-Ratzinger, so often referred to by neoconservative Catholics as "Holy Father," who has not only taught false doctrine, but has deliberately covered up the most heinous of crimes committed by his underlings the likes of which call for heaven's vengeance:

Beware of hypocrites, with their outward appearance of sanctity, and sound doctrine, by their fruits you shall know them. Such hypocrites can scarcely ever continue constant in the practice of what is good. Heretics usually affect an extraordinary appearance of zeal and holiness, calling themselves evangelical preachers and teachers of the gospel, as if that Church which preceded them, and which descends by an uninterrupted succession from the apostles, did not teach the pure Gospel of Christ.

Another sage gives practical advice on how Christians should treat the likes of Benedict-Ratzinger even when they appear to be promoting sound doctrine such as the great Motu Mess hoax: "Beware of false prophets, or heretics. They are far more dangerous than the Jews, who being rejected by the apostles, are also avoided by Christians, but these having the appearance of Christianity, having churches, sacraments. . . deceive many. These are the rapacious wolves, of whom St. Paul speaks."

Those who seek to follow Christ and act in accordance with his warnings, therefore, should avoid, unless they want to endanger their souls, any contact, association or even recognition of the Novus Ordo. Not only should there not be any involvement with the current gang of apostates, pedophiles, and embezzlers which have infested the Church, but whenever possible they should be publicly and vehemently condemned.

Verse 16 shows how to gauge whether ecclesiastics are acting as Catholics, or are all talk: "By their fruits you shall know them." Benedict-Ratzinger, like other Novus Ordo authorities, will give half-hearted "apologies" and seek "forgiveness" for the despicable crimes of Newchurch, but he takes no real action to stop the child abuse holocaust that continues, nor does he punish the perpetrators. Why are cretins like Roger Mahony still in office? Why hasn't the pervert, Rembert Weakland, been made to repay in full the thousands he stole for his abominable activities? Again, Benedict-Ratzinger and his "clownish" predecessor, JPII the ungreat, talk, but do little. "By their fruits you shall know them."

Not only has he failed to put an end to the Church's Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal, but Benedict-Ratzinger has continued the Conciliar Revolution which, by the way, he had a significant hand in initiating, a fact neoconservative Catholics and Motarians completely ignore. His "pontificate" has continued the crazed ecumenical activities of his nutty predecessor in an attempt to make the Church appear to be like any other "Christian" sect. The learned remarks on Verse 16 is a clear refutation of Benedict-Ratzinger, JPII, and all other like-minded ecumenists who seek to denigrate the Bride of Christ:

As the true Church is known by the four marks of its being one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, so heretics and false teachers are known by certain vices, and the pernicious effects of their novelties in religion. As the true Church is one, by its members submitting with humility to the authority established by Christ,. . . . so are false teachers known by their separation from the ancient Church, and their divisions among themselves, the necessary consequences of rebelling against the authority established by Christ, and alone capable of determining controversies.

Since the SSPX has embraced the Bugnini-inspired "liturgy" of the 1962 Missal, Bernie Fellay and his accomplice, Frankie Selloutberger, may not be "celebrating" this particular Gospel although, even if they did, they would ignore its obvious meaning for today. The Bernie-Frankie sellout team should know that a "bad tree" (Vatican II) cannot produce "good fruit." And, they should certainly know that such trees are to be cast into the Eternal Fire which will await them and the rest of the Society if it completes a rapprochement with Newrome.

Before the Ascension, the Divine Savior promised that He would not leave the Faithful defenseless, but graciously instituted the Sacraments and later inspired the Evangelists to record His words to be used when necessary in their spiritual warfare against, as St. Paul describes, the "principalities and powers" and "the spirits of wickedness in the high places." The heavenly warnings and recommendations in the Gospel account for the 7th Sunday after Pentecost provide sublime guidance to recognize "false prophets" and "bad trees" which are so ubiquitous within the Conciliar Church.

*Quotes and commentary are taken from the Douay-Rheims with a comprehensive Catholic Commentary compiled by Rev. Fr. Geo. Leo Haydock.