The New Mass:  40 Years of Abomination
By Patricius Anthony

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The New Mass: 40 Years of Abomination

By Patricius Anthony

Barring the Crucifixion, the most egregious act ever committed by the human race has been the promulgation by Giovanni Battista Montini (Paul VI) of the New Mass 40 years ago, April 3, 1969. That the authorities in charge of Almighty God's Church replaced the Apostolic Mass with a Protestantized ecumenical worship service is by far worse than all the massacres, genocides, murders (including abortion) and rapes ever committed.

While such a contention may sound "extreme" in the present secular humanistic epoch, from a theological perspective, offenses against God beginning in the Old Testament days were always considered more heinous in nature than those committed by men against their brethren. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass instituted by Christ Himself is the preeminent act of worship that can be offered by the Triune Godís creatures which makes its substitution of the New Mass an utter abomination. The creators of the New Mass and those who have knowingly continued to support it will undoubtedly face the same eternal fate as those treasonous souls who have betrayed Christ and His Church down through the ages beginning with Judas Iscariot.

Paul VI's Mass is really the culmination of Western man's revolt from Almighty God which began on a societal scale with the heresies of the 16th century "reformers." While most of Europe gradually succumbed to the spiritual insanity of Protestantism, the Church held to Sacred Tradition until the neo-Modernist onslaught of Vatican II led, in part, by none other than Fr. Ratzinger.

The new religion concocted during the Council needed an act of worship to reflect its beliefs which Paul VI and the New Mass's principle architect, Hannibal Bugnini, willingly supplied. The pusillanimity of the Faithful at the time left the Church ripe for the likes of Benedict-Ratzinger to sow their destructive seeds and within a generation the ancient Faith had been replaced. Although Paul VI, Bugnini and their henchmen bear the overwhelming responsibility for the New Mass, the Catholic laity and clergy will also share in the Divine wrath for not resisting the innovators. If only a tenth of Catholics at the time had refused to go along with the liturgical changes, the Conciliar Revolution would have been stopped in its tracks.

Besides a direct violation of Divine precepts, the New Mass is an act of pure pride as man actually believes he can create a form of worship better than what Almighty God has prescribed. The New Mass conveys no sanctifying grace, but instead mocks God's Majesty; the audacity of the Conciliar Church knows no bounds!

Not surprisingly, little mention was made of this most infamous of dates by members of the neoconservative press a number of which have become some of Benedict-Ratzinger's most ardent cheerleaders after his election as Conciliar pope. Funny how some of the same commentators who were so critical of "Cardinal Ratzinger" now address him as "Holy Father" and praise him for his Moto Mess initiative. "Hypocrites" is the term the Divine Savior used to describe similar actions committed by those of His time.

The anniversary of the New Mass and the fact that Benedict-Ratzinger was one of the primary movers and shakers at the Second Vatican Council which spawned the abomination would apparently be difficult for any clear thinking traditional Catholic to reconcile. Yet, to neocons, blinded by papolatry, they believe that Benedict-Ratzinger is on the side of Tradition and is leading the fight for a Restoration. Unfortunately, under the (mis)leadership of Bernie Fellay, the Society of St. Pius X is traveling the same disastrous path as that of the neocons with his continued negotiations (sell out) with Newrome. His latest Rosary crusade for the conversion/consecration of Russia is yet another diversionary ploy to keep focus away from his talks with NewVatican. Hey, Bernie, what about the conversion of Newrome to the true Faith and a real consecration of your buddy, Benedict-Ratzinger, as an authentic Catholic bishop?! Maybe when this is accomplished, you can turn your attention to the conversion of Russia.

It would be instructive to recall what some of the Churchís saints have had to say about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and then reflect on what Paul VI did and his Conciliar successors who have continued to "celebrate" this sacrilegious monstrosity:

St. Lawrence Justinian: "There is no prayer or good work so great, so pleasing to God, so useful to us as the Mass."
St. Alphonsus: "Even God Himself could do nothing holier, better, or greater than the Mass."
St. John Chrysostom: "The Mass has just the same value as Calvary."
St. Bonaventure: "The Mass is a compendium of all Godís love, of all His benefits to men, and each Mass bestows on the World a benefit not less than what was conferred on it by the Incarnation."
Timothy of Jerusalem: "The world would have been destroyed long ago because of the sins of men, had it not been for the Mass. There is nothing that appeases the anger of God so much, nothing that obtains for us so many blessings as the Mass."

For 40 years, Almighty God, except, of course, in those faithful traditional Catholic outposts, has not been properly worshipped. Can anyone doubt that the moral and cultural depredation which has occurred over the past two generations has not been the result, in large measure, of Paul VIís heinous act? Until the immemorial Mass of Tradition is restored, the Novus Ordo Mass eradicated, and all those who participated in the New Massís creation and its continuation are roundly condemned, Western manís descent into greater depravity will continue.