Novus Ordo Annulments - "Catholic Divorce"
By Patricius Anthony

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Novus Ordo Annulments - "Catholic Divorce"

By Patricius Anthony

One of the most reprehensible features of Newchurch has been its corruption of the Sacrament of Marriage through its issuance of “annulments” for just about any flimsy excuse which has, in effect, created “Catholic divorce.” This deplorable practice has not only been abused by the rich and famous in the Novus Ordo sect, but has been taken advantage of by neoconservative Catholics, a number of whom have put away their wives, remarried, and have continued to receive the Sakraments including Newchurch funeral Messes.

Leaving aside the validity of Novus Ordo Sakraments, Newchurch’s “annulment practice” is particularly appalling since there is direct Scriptural admonition by the Divine Savior about divorce and remarriage. One should not forget that it was the Vatican II revolutionaries (led, in part, by “Fr. Ratzinger”) who, among other spurious claims, charged that the traditional Faith was not “Biblically based” enough. That the Novus Ordo now allows, in effect, divorce and remarriage despite explicit Scriptural prohibition is another example of Newchurch’s hypocrisy. And, since Newchurch claims to be more Biblical, it should know how Our Lord felt about hypocrites!

To those who seemed to have forgotten, Christ meant marriage to be permanent. He rebuked the Pharisees on this matter since they had corrupted, like the Novus Ordo has done, Almighty God’s precepts in regard to divorce and remarriage. His discourse on this point must of have had a profound impact on its witnesses for the account is recorded by the three Synoptic Gospels with St. Matthew’s the most detailed:

And the Pharisees came to him tempting him, and saying: Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause? But he answering, said to them: Have ye not read, that he who made man in the beginning, made them male and female? And he said: For this cause, shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they two shall be in one flesh. Therefore they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God hathjoined together, let not man put asunder (St. Matthew ch.19, vs.3-6).

The problem with modern-day annulments is that Newchurch has deliberately confused its meaning. Traditionally, marriage is indissolvable; an annulment (“Decree of Nullity”) is a finding by a Church tribunal that on the day of the marriage vows an essential element for a valid marriage was lacking. An annulment cannot be granted on what partakes in the marriage afterwards. It pertains to the conditions and intentions of the parties on the wedding day. Grounds for legitimate annulments, before the corruption of the Conciliar age, were very limited such as a marriage between blood relatives.

What is important to remember is that if a person seeks an annulment and abuses the process to get out of an “unhappy marriage,” it is a grave sin. The offense is compounded by re-marriage which traditionally has always been considered an act of adultery. For the most part, this is what takes place in Newchurch – spouses unhappy with their “first marriage” find someone who they believe is “more compatible,” seek an “annulment,” and remarry. All this is done in order that they remain in “good standing,” for whatever perverse reason, with Newchurch and are able to receive the Sakraments, most importantly, the Novus Ordo “cookie.”

The number of Novus Ordo marriage annulments have been staggering. Newchurch columnist, John Allen, reported that from 1952-1956 there were a little less 400 annulments worldwide. Today, in the United States alone, close to 50,000 marriage annulments are granted yearly! These numbers coincide with the displacement of the Traditional Faith with the Vatican II religion which, apparently, Newchurchers like John Allen do not want to admit is the ultimate reason for the annulment scandal.

The situation has gotten so out of control that even Benedict-Ratzinger and his clownish predecessor, JPII, have had to address the matter although reluctantly. Like their criminal neglect in the punishment of Newchurch pedophiles, both have been all talk and no action. In a January, 2009 address to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, Benedict-Ratzinger, in typical Vatican II-speak, lamented of “anthropological pessimism” which has been created by the exponential increase in marriage annulments: “We run the risk of falling into an anthropological pessimism which, in the light of today’s cultural situation, considers it almost impossible to marry.” [CNS] This is how Conciliar popes tackle a grave crisis: no concrete steps to resolve it which, in this case, they created, just handwringing and talk.

While neocon Catholics delight in criticizing Fr. Denis Fahey for his economic views, they are reticent about his keen insights on divorce and marriage. While the financial structure is in need of reform, the presence of divorce and Novus Ordo annulments are far more socially destructive than the current economic mess. As he explained in his magnificent Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society, a basic requirement for a well-ordered Christian society is the soundness of marriage:

Given whole-hearted allegiance to Christ the King, States and Nations will recognize the unity and indissolubility of the marriage contract, foundation of the Christian family, which in its turn is the nucleus of society. If we seek the reason why the marriage contact is one and indissoluble, it is, in the last resort, because the union of husband and wife is meant to mirror forth to the world the union of Christ and His Mystical Body. St. Paul was called upon by God to be the Apostle of a Mystery, namely, the great mystery of Christ and the Church which is symbolically expressed in Christian marriage: ''the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the Head of the Church.'' As the Church can never be separated from Christ, so Christian marriage is indissoluble. p. 94.

Of course, neocon Catholics do not really want to see a re-establishment of Christianity since they remain wedded to the spurious notions of “religious liberty” and the “separation of Church and State.” The admonition of Christ and the laws of His Church are subservient to the secular social order of the post-“Reformation” era. Dedicated to a Western world where Christ is not King, neocons are easy prey for the Entity which has instigated societal acceptance of divorce as Fr. Fahey aptly explains:

Divorce is Satan's supreme effort to get human beings to deny and deride that union, but every sneer at ''old-fashioned ideas'' of marriage and every legislative enactment which glorifies the unmarried companion and puts her on the same level as the legitimate wife and helpmate are steps taken under his direction, consciously or unconsciously Ibid.

The Novus Ordo marriage annulment scandal further demonstrates that Benedict-Ratzinger is one of the worst “occupants” that has ever sat on St. Peter’s Chair. Knowing this, and his continued cover-up policy in the Great Sex & Embezzlement scandal, why in the world does Bernie Fellay continue to seek a “reconciliation” with this cretin and the criminal organization which he heads? Eventually when the authentic Catholic Restoration comes about, Benedict-Ratzinger and all the gangsters, perverts and thieves which he surrounds himself with will be condemned and the scandalous marriage annulment practice that Newchurch has instituted will be summarily eradicated.