St. Thomas Aquinas Versus Modernism
By Patricius Anthony

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St. Thomas Aquinas Versus Modernism

By Patricius Anthony

St. Thomas Aquinas

A Modernist, St. Pius X once remarked, could always be detected if he denigrated Scholastic philosophy and in particular the Scholastic philosopher and greatest doctor of the Church, St. Thomas Aquinas. The foxier Modernists, however, instead of trying to refute Thomism simply ignore it pretending it never existed. One must look long and hard to find in the vapid works of Benedict-Ratzinger any reference to St. Thomas which is another proof of Newpope's Modernist credentials.

For those Modernists who have attempted to discredit the Scholastics, their efforts have, to say the least, failed miserably producing works of contradiction, error, and absurd notions of the Supernatural, man, and social order. The Conciliar religion which Modernism spawned reflects its confused and perverted thinking which one day will happily culminate in its own destruction, most likely within the present century.

The feast day of St. Thomas (March 7) should once again remind traditional Catholics that they do not have to "prove" the veracity of their Faith, but it is the Conciliar Church which must defend its philosophical foundations and try to justify its abysmal record of the past half century. Neoconservatives have to defend the abominable actions of the current Paedophile Pope whom they often praise and his nutty predecessor for their roles in the sex scandals which still haunt Newchurch. It is the Conciliar Church's "theologians" who have to make the case that the New Mass is valid, instead of a Protestant worship service. Also, it must be demonstrated beyond any doubt that the Novus Ordo clergy are valid Catholic priests and not merely "presbyters." The Novus Ordo hierarchy, likewise, must be shown to be of Apostolic lineage which puts into question the validity of the Conciliar Church's top honcho, Benedict-Ratzinger, since he was "consecrated" in the post-Vatican II rite.

It goes to show how far the neo-SSPX wants to curry favor with the Novus Ordo when it has attempted (unsuccessfully) to justify in a series of articles that the post-Vatican II rite of consecration is somehow valid and Catholic. This was done, no doubt, at the behest of the traitorous Bernie Fellay as he sought to "reconcile" with Newrome. Did anyone expect the neo-SSPX's chief publication organ not to find the new rite of consecration valid?

Attacking Benedict-Ratzinger on this ground is the most efficacious manner in stripping away his legitimacy and that of the entire Novus Ordo "priesthood." Simply put: if the new rite of priestly ordination is not Catholic and the consecration of bishops is not so, then it makes Benedict-Ratzinger a fraud and the rest of the Novus Ordo clergy simply laymen.

Happily, traditional Catholics have nothing to explain. Their task as St. Paul advised is to "stand firm; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word or by our epistle." [2 Thessalonians, vs. 14] The magnificent structure which St. Thomas and others built which has been honored and enshrined as the philosophical method of Catholic teaching has remained impenetrable by the assaults of heretics, Protestants and now Modernists. All a traditional Catholic has to ask a Modernist is what the character "Jack Wilson," played by Jack Palance in the Western, Shane, responded to when "Shane," played by Alan Ladd, called him "a low down Yankee liar." Wilson responded: "prove it!" Shane gunned down bad guy Wilson after the challenge as will the Modernists be eventually deposed of in God's good time.

Just as important, St. Thomas' feast day is a reminder that he attained sainthood not solely for his intellectual accomplishments where he sought to understand and explain the nature of Almighty God, but that his life was one of great sanctity. Brother Reginald, his assistant, wrote: "His marvelous science was far less due to his genius than to the efficacy of his prayers. He prayed with tears to obtain from God the understanding of His mysteries, and abundant enlightenment was vouchsafed to his mind." St. Thomas himself declared that despite his vast knowledge, he learned more at the foot of the crucifix than from any book!

None of the Modernist thinkers that Benedict-Ratzinger often hob knobs with have ever come close to living a life of sanctity that St. Thomas did. How could they when they believe that man is a "God" unto himself, faultless and without sin. Unlike St. Thomas, they display a decided lack of humility.

It is no wonder that St. Pius V, the antithesis of the Vatican II popes, declared St. Thomas doctor of the Church in 1567, for St. Pius V reigned in an age of heresy as Christendom was splintering partly because it rejected Scholastic philosophy. The Protestants were well aware of whom they had to defeat in the realm of ideas as arch heretic Martin Bucer declared: "Take away Thomas and I will destroy the Church."

Instead of trying to accommodate the heretics as the Conciliar popes have repeatedly done, St. Pius V stood with the Faith and elevated St. Thomas at a time when he and Scholasticism were under fierce assault. What is now needed is a true pope that once again returns Thomism to its rightful place and expunges Modernism including its most prominent proponent, Benedict-Ratzinger, from Christ's Holy Church.