By Patricius Anthony

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By Patricius Anthony

Ratzinger at Vatican II

For those commentators who were so hopeful that Benedict-Ratzinger would return a semblance of Tradition to Christ's Church, the latest Newvatican ecumenical action demonstrates again how naive and, in some instances, downright foolish their analysis of the current occupant of St. Peter's Chair has been.

Recently, Benedict-Ratzinger has consented to another "inter-religious" gathering for "peace" at Assisi on the twentieth anniversary of the infamous event that his predecessor, JPII, wickedly convened. The theme for the event, which takes place in September 2006, is "towards worldwide peace: religions and cultures in dialogue." The Sant'Egidio Community is the sponsor of what is sure to be another ecumenical monstrosity.

As Cardinal, Ratzinger reportedly was not all that enamored with the more egregious ecumenical activities of JPII, although he now refers to him as "Great" and has pushed his cause for New Order "sainthood." Last fall, to eliminate the abominable sacrileges that took place at the original Assisi confab, such as the placing of a statue of Buddha on an altar, Newvatican issued guidelines for the regulations of such events. (Thankfully, the "altars" of Novus Ordo temples are devoid of anything sacred because their null and void rites contain no grace-infused sacraments.)

Two salient books have been understandably ignored by papolators, that is, those who erroneously make the pope into a demi-god and attribute to him power and authority beyond what Catholic dogma allows. Peter, Lovest Thou Me? and Previews of the New Papacy have pictorially chronicled the original Assisi travesty and many of the other grave sacrileges engaged in by the Conciliar popes. Both books, undoubtedly, will have to be augmented after this September's blasphemous hootenanny.

The approval of another Assisi confab comes after a year of mostly low-key papal activity as compared to the incessant globe-trotting of JPII. While things may be calmer now, there has been no serious attempt to return to Tradition, nor has there been any effort to clean up the corruption and immorality in Newchurch or end the cover-ups that have engulfed the Conciliar establishment.

The only remotely "traditional" action undertaken by Benedict-Ratzinger was that he presided over a few "Latinized" Novus Ordo worship services, some of which included Newchurch-revised Gregorian chant. And, like his predecessor, he has mentioned that he would prefer more Latin to be used in the Novus Ordo service.

Such gestures, however, are enough to keep at bay "conservative" and semi-traditional Catholics, many of whom were once harsh critics of "Cardinal Ratzinger." For semi-traditionalists, if a Newchurch prelate is to the "right" of wackos like Cardinals Walter Kaspar, the "ecumenically-friendly ghost," or Roger "Mad" Mahoney, then he is a champion of orthodoxy to be followed and obeyed without further scrutiny.

Those who have followed traditional Catholic luminaries of the post-conciliar era, such as Fr. Gommar DePauw, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Patrick Omlor, and unsung others, have long known the ecclesiastical cloth from which Benedict-Ratzinger is cut. A peritus, or "expert," at the time of the Council, Joseph Ratzinger throughout his ecclesiastical career has remained a faithful adherent of the Modernist Creed.

With such a mindset, it is not likely that semi-traditionalists will protest too loudly at the next Assisi ecumenical shindig. Where was the outcry after Benedict-Ratzinger's trip to a Cologne synagogue after this year's World Youth Day, as he followed in the steps of his predecessor, who made similar scandalous sojourns?

Instead of listening to and supporting commentators who change their convictions in order to curry favor with the scarlet and purple, Catholics, in these confused times, should trust in the two immemorial fonts of certainty: Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. The no-nonsense Gospel account for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost warns followers of Christ to be on their guard against those who have swallowed their tongues and laid down their pens in deference to the status of a misguided Conciliar pope.

At that time, Jesus said to His disciples, Beware of false prophets, who come to you in clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them.... Even so, every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

And, for those who lead the sheep astray, a horrible future of unending punishment awaits: "Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire."

The seeds sowed by Hannibal Bugnini, Chief Architect of the New Order, and his Modernist conspirators have been brought to their fruition by the Conciliar popes. Despite what his apologists may hope for, Benedict-Ratzinger has no intention to return to Catholic orthodoxy, as the upcoming Assisi assemblage of false religions, including the Novus Ordo, will only further demonstrate.