A "Clueless" Benedict-Ratzinger
By Patricius Anthony

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A "Clueless" Benedict-Ratzinger

By Patricius Anthony



Besides the embarrassment of "presiding" over two sacrilegious "Baseball" Messes, a trip to a New York synagogue and one to the United Nations during his week long junket to the United States, Benedict-Ratzinger compounded these disasters with remarks that further demonstrate just how out of touch he is with the realities of Western life. Not surprisingly, Neocon Newchuchers, as they have done since the start of his misbegotten "papacy," have chosen to ignore his statements.

Prior to his arrival in the United States, Benedict-Ratzinger called for a reduction in military spending among nations and a crackdown on firearms, urging that, "every effort against the proliferation of light and small-caliber weapons, which fuel local wars and urban violence, and unfortunately kill too many people every day in all of the world" should be made.

As firearms experts have long pointed out, criminals are not going to abide by gun regulations any more than they adhere to other laws. It is law-abiding citizens that are punished by firearms restrictions. In effect, gun restrictions not only deny a basic right, but make criminal conduct easier. Supposedly, the Conciliar popes are champions of "human rights?" What about the right of self-defense?

Although Benedict-Ratzinger's call for greater gun control did not elicit much ire from conservative Newchurch pundits, his statements on immigration received a number of rebukes. The puzzling aspect about them is that Europe is grappling with a similar societal transformation as a result of Third-World immigration.

In an April 16, 2008, address, Benedict-Ratzinger encouraged the nation's Church leaders and laity "to continue to welcome the immigrants who join your ranks today, to share their joys and hopes, to support them in their sorrows and trials, and to help them flourish in their new home." He recalled how American Catholics of the past had been most hospitable to those of "distant lands" who, "from the beginning ... have opened their doors to the tired, the poor, the 'huddled masses yearning to breathe free.'" The latter part of the statement, of course, was taken from part of the inscription on the Statute of Liberty.

Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo, perhaps the leading congressional opponent of illegal immigration and a former 2008 Republican Presidential candidate, countered Benedict-Ratzinger saying, "I suspect the pope's immigration comments may have less to do with spreading the Gospel than they do about recruiting new members of the church. This isn't preaching, it is 'faith-based' marketing."

Representative Tancredo is right; however, his criticism of Benedict-Ratzinger was far too mild in light of the current crisis that has altered, and continues to alter, fundamentally and for the worse, American and European societies.

Benedict-Ratzinger's statement also shows a decided lack of understanding of the history of Catholicism in the United States. There was considerable animosity at various times and places between different Catholic nationalities in America. While armed conflict was rare, "prejudice," "discrimination," and basic ill-will were endemic between groups. However, despite differences, American Catholics were, for the most part, of European stock, a fact that eventually allowed for assimilation and the resolution of religious strife.

Today's immigration patterns are, as most know, except apparently Benedict-Ratzinger, of a different dynamic. Now immigration, both illegal and legal, is not from European countries, but from the Third World, where, among other things, newcomers retain their former culture's ways and refuse to assimilate.

The American New Order Church has always been in favor of open borders, especially from the Southwest since most of the immigrants are at least nominally "Catholic." This trend, however, has been changing as Protestant Evangelicals and Fundamentalists have made significant gains among Latinos.

Whether one agrees with Benedict-Ratzinger's stance on gun control or immigration is not the point. It is the height of hypocrisy that he would counsel Americans about any matter of public policy when the organization he heads is quite possibly at the lowest moral point of its two-millennium existence. His underlings have allowed the rape of children to go unpunished. He and his clownish predecessor, JPII, have done virtually nothing to rectify the situation, whose abomination traditionally cries to Heaven for vengeance.

Although Benedict-Ratzinger admitted to being "ashamed" by Newchurch clergy and met with several of the victims and their families during his American junket, he maintains prelates (or, a more accurate description, "predators") such as Roger "Mad" Mahoney, of Los Angeles, in their posts.

While Benedict-Ratzinger received the adulation from America's "principalities and powers" that be, his refusal to deal effectively with his Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal has gone beyond scandal. He is now an accomplice in the matter and should be immediately forced from office, along with the criminal gang of "prelates" that surround him. Anything less is not Catholic!

Not only has Benedict-Ratzinger been criminally negligent in his duties, but he apparently does not understand the cultural revolution that is taking place in nearly all of Western society by immigration. He has, therefore, lost any moral authority to speak on either social or spiritual matters. Despite his grandfatherly appearance, Benedict-Ratzinger is a dangerous man, and the quicker he is unceremoniously driven from his post the better.