Traditional Catholicism's Real Enemy
By Patricius Anthony

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Traditional Catholicism's Real Enemy

By Patricius Anthony

With the new liturgical year underway and the start of another New Year, it would be instructive for traditional Catholics to keep in mind who their real Enemy is. While Islam, Judaism, Protestantism and the rest of the world's religions and sects are still threats and need to be opposed, traditional Catholics' most dangerous enemy remains the Novus Ordo and its Chief Operating Officer, Benedict-Ratzinger.

While his pontificate has been one filled with mistakes, gaffes, and, worse yet, the cover up of the most wicked crimes against the innocent, Benedict-Ratzinger has succeeded in diffusing and co-opting the Traditional Catholic Movement, which had gained considerable momentum in reaction, in part, to the nutty actions of the soon to be "canonized" Newsaint, JPII the Ungreat. Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess Hoax and his actions with the Society of St. Pius X has been enough to convince gullible traditional Catholics (who should know better) to stop fighting the New Order sect and accept the validity of the Novus Ordo. The defiant opposition that had once marked much of the Traditional Catholic Movement has all but disappeared.

Despite the "Motu" Mess, the SSPX "negotiations," the occasional "conservative/traditional" statement from Benedict-Ratzinger, and attempts by semi-traditional groups and writers to legitimize the Novus Ordo, in the end, it remains as Archbishop Lefebvre described it, "not Catholic." Yet, it is because of the structure, buildings, offices, and other trappings of the Novus Ordo that makes it so dangerous. They feign being Catholic, but they are clearly unCatholic. Better to have clear distinctions, as there was in the 16th century, when opposition can coalesce into a unified counterforce.

The current age has many similarities to the Arian period, when it has been estimated that up to 80 per cent of the Church, and possibly the papacy itself, had succumbed to Arius's heresies. Had it not been for such Catholic stalwarts as Saints Athanasius, Martin, and Hilary, the Catholic Faith may have been eclipsed, or at least reduced to such a point that it could have never undertaken the Holy Crusades or have accomplished its great missionary work to the New World and beyond.

If traditional Catholics need role models to inspire them, a passage from the writings of St. Hilary (ob. 368), who lived when Arian heresy raged, would be instructive. Despite being banished from his homeland by Church officials and the political authorities, St. Hilary maintained the Faith, and it was through his (and others') steadfastness that the tide of the Arianism was eventually reversed. And like most saints, the persecution of St. Hilary invigorated his Faith:

Now it is time to speak; the time for silence is past. We must expect Christ's return, for the reign of Antichrist has begun. The shepherds must give the warning signals because the hirelings have fled. Let us lay down our lives for the sheep, for the brigands have entered the fold, and the roaring lion is rampaging about. Be ready for martyrdom! Satan himself is clothed as an angel of light. (Quoted in Pius Parsch’s The Church’s Year of Grace. Vol. I, p. 380)

It is, thus, not the time for compromise. The Novus Ordo remains a fraud. Not only is it a hoax spiritually, but it is full, up to and including its very pinnacle, of the very worst of sorts: rapists, perverts, embezzlers, and cover-up artists. How can any true Catholic remain part of such a cesspool?

Instead of "negotiations" to re-enter the Conciliar establishment as Bernie Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX, continues to fall for, traditional Catholics should be doing all they can to hasten the demise of the Novus Ordo. It is apparent that Bernie Fellay does not understand that one’s judgment will rest on which side is chosen: the Immemorial Faith defended by the likes of St. Hilary, or the Novus Ordo headed by the "Clown Mess" popes such as JPII, or the Neo-Modernist foxes like Benedict-Ratzinger.

The Novus Ordo cannot be reformed from within, as some erroneously believe. It can only be defeated by the establishment of a true Catholic counter-structure. This means the creation of authentic Mass sites (not "approved" sites for the Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Messes), the fostering of traditional vocations, and the establishment of permanent traditional seminaries and monasteries. Just as important, traditional Catholics must see to it that existing sites once established remain traditional and do not fall into the hands of the Novus Ordo or any pseudo-traditional group like the neo-SSPX under the misguidance of Bernie Fellay and Frankie Selloutberger. Moreover, a constant barrage of criticism and exposure of the errors and crimes of the Novus Ordo sect is needed to be augmented by the traditional Catholic community.

Those who remain vigilant and continue to fight the Neo-Modernists will be counted in the august ranks of the past defenders of Catholic orthodoxy such as St. Hilary. For those who cast their lot with Benedict-Ratzinger and the Novus Ordo sect, not only will they, like Arius, face the condemnation of future generations, but will, more ominously, face very unpleasant eternal repercussions.