Bernie Fellay:  False Shepherd of Christ's Church
By Patricius Anthony

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Bernie Fellay: False Shepherd of Christ's Church

By Patricius Anthony

Knowing full well the nature of His creatures, the Divine Savior gave them exceptional advice on how to deal with their earthly shepherds: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves" (Matthew 7:15/DRV). History has proven the Church's shepherds have oftentimes led the sheep astray and have betrayed their Divine Master, most notably the first pope and his triple denial during Christ's Sacred Passion.

While St. Peter bitterly wept over his infidelity and honestly repented, such humility has been decidedly lacking through the ages among the Church's hierarchy. Thus, Christ's wise admonition to the faithful to be on guard at all times of ecclesiastical authorities.

Because he is spiritually blind, deaf and prideful, Bernie Fellay does not comprehend the warnings of the Divine Savior. Whether his sellout comes sooner or later, once reunited to the New Order sect, his Neo-SSPX will be devoured by the Modernist wolves who run Newrome. More than likely, the neo-SSPX's complete destruction will take place after the earthly demise of Benedict-Ratzinger, who will surely be succeeded by a more radical Modernist having little tolerance for what poses as a traditional religious order within the Conciliar structure.

Bernie Fellay, however, is not listening to the Divine Entity or to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the courageous founder of the organization which Fellay now heads, who eventually concluded that Newrome and then "Cardinal" Ratzinger were simply not Catholic. Since the passing of the Archbishop, things have gotten decidedly worse. Newrome is even more Modernistic and is embroiled in the Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, which the "Paedophile Pope," Benedict-Ratzinger, has covered up and continues to cover up. The question that must be asked is: Why does Bernie Fellay seek a reunification with such a vile organization?

Before the endless rounds of negotiations, the Neo-SSPX often expressed grave doubts about the Novus Ordo "sacraments," especially those of Holy Orders. All of these objections have been silenced by Bernie Fellay, who has also prohibited criticism of the Novus Ordo's chief honcho, the Unholy Father, Benedict-Ratzinger.

The only serious stumbling block that has prevented a rapprochement to this point has been over the nebulous concept of religious liberty. While the Conciliar Church's interpretation of the issue is surely erroneous, from a practical standpoint it has little significance in a world dominated by secularism. And, now it appears that even this will be finessed by Bernie Fellay in his maniacal drive for a sellout.

As an agreement has drawn closer, the neo-conservative/Motu/Indult commentators have chimed in with their own meek counsel: "proceed with caution," "go slowly," and, for the Neo-SSPX hierarchy, "stay united." These same voices would, no doubt, offer similar lame advice for Our Lord in His dealings with the Pharisees: "We don't want to offend the chief priests and scribes. Talk and have a dialogue with them. Remember, we must be obedient to Church authority."

"Go slowly?" With what? How can there be reconciliation between truth and error? Catholicism and the Conciliar religion concocted at the Second Vatican Council are two different faiths. The Conciliar religion of Bugnini, Rahner, and FATHER RATZINGER are the work of the Devil. Their intent was to replace the Apostolic faith with an ecumenical brand of Catholicism. The degree of their success has probably even astounded the revolutionaries!

The Neo-SSPXers who choose to follow Bernie Fellay will have no one to blame but themselves when Newrome quickly swallows them up, and they become part and parcel of Benedict-Ratzinger's ecumenical structure. The examples of Newvatican's subterfuge in the destruction of other so-called traditional organizations and groups is well documented. The career of Michael Davies as president of Una Voce is one such case. Davies eventually admitted that Newrome had no intention of traditional reform and that he had been played for a fool by Ratzinger. He resigned his post in disgust and disillusionment shortly before he died.

While they have raised objections and threatened not to go along with any "deal," the other three neo-SSPX bishops are ultimately to blame for the coming dismantling of Archbishop Lefebvre's organization. They were appointed and accepted the role of shepherds for the organization. They have miserably failed in their duty.

All three should have long ago stood up against Bernie Fellay, Frankie Selloutberger and the other demons who are orchestrating this nefarious deal. Their pusillanimity (which Christ harshly condemned) will result in a triumph for the New Order and a bitter defeat for all those within the Society who fought these many years for traditional Catholicism.

Word to the wise: if the three bishops attempt to form another traditional organization, they should be avoided like the plague! There are other, more principled Catholic groups to align with and patronize.

From his own shortcomings, St. Peter understood that Church officials often failed in their sacred duty to guide Christ's sheep. He wisely warned the Faithful: "But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be lying teachers among you, who shall bring in sects of perdition, and deny the Lord who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction" (2 Peter 2:1/DRV). If Bernie Fellay and his followers seek to avoid a very bleak and irreversible eternal future, they had better heed the words of the Divine Savior and His first Vicar and renounce any agreement with the "Paedophile Pope" and the rest of the criminal gang of apostates, rapists, and perverts who are in charge of Newrome.