Cardinal Hoyos' "Mass"
By Patricius Anthony

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By Patricius Anthony

Hoyos Mass

After decimating the Fraternity of St. Peter, reaching an "accord" with the Priestly Society of St. John Vianney, and continuing its "dialogue" with the Society of St. Pius X, the Vatican and its current front man, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, have been on a mild "winning streak" in their sinister attempts to marginalize the Traditional Roman Catholic Movement.

It appears, however, that the Cardinal's latest gambit -- the offering of an "indult" Mass at Rome's Santa Maria Maggiore on May 24, 2003 -- has not, as of yet, had the expected impact, but instead has galvanized, to an even greater degree, the opposition to the abominable New Order among traditional Catholics.

Ostensibly, the "exhibition" was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the pope's reign and to show the Vatican's appreciation for the venerable Roman Rite. However, from the recitation by attendees of a private devotional beforehand, a Hoyos Missal-led processional to begin the festivities, the use of the "reformed" 1962 rite, a "homily" wreaking of papolatry for JP2, and hosannas for the wretched Second Vatican Council, Hoyos' Mass was clearly an "indult" affair.

Despite a few niceties uttered about the "ancient rite" by some Church officials, the Pope's absence and the attendance of only retired Cardinals, most conspicuously the ousted and disgraced Bernard Cardinal Law, demonstrated just how little the hierarchy thought of the matter. One can be sure that if Hoyos had held some oecumenical function, say, with the head of a Christian sect, a prominent Muslim imam, or a rabbi, the pope and a crowd of active cardinals would clear their respective schedules to attend, especially if there was to be a significant photo opportunity.

Law's appearance was more of a distraction than anything else, especially in the salacious minds of most pressmen. While deflecting any questions about his odious role in the cover-up of perverted "presbyters," the cardinal did say of the Mass: "I have a lot of esteem for the Tridentine Rite." Although such a statement may seem rather odd coming from a high-ranking Novus Ordo presbyter, it does make a certain amount of sense, since Law is well known for his oecumenical efforts and no doubt finds "beauty" and "meaning" in all sorts of religions -- as when he worshipped at a Massachusetts mosque late last year [see Cardinal Law Resigns for the Wrong Reason].

The most repellent aspect of the whole affair is that Hoyos and his fellow Jacobins are using the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass not as its Divine Creator intended, but as an instrument to promote their own petty agendas. For Hoyos, it is most likely for enhancing his papal stock or for making him a more formidable power broker at the next conclave, while for the Vatican, it is just another empty gesture like the "Masses" of Cardinals Stickler and Ratzinger, the flawed promulgation of Ecclesia Dei, and the "indult" -- to bamboozle gullible "conservative" Catholics.

While Hoyos and his cohorts may believe that the Mass is a plaything that they can use for their own aggrandizement, such risky behavior, whether they realize it or not, is decidedly soul-endangering. The Mass is not the creation of some pope or oecumenical council that can be altered according to the personal whim of a pontiff or by collective decision-making. Nor is the traditional Roman Mass the "Tridentine rite," as most of the press erroneously described Hoyos' performance, and a term that, unfortunately, many traditional authors often use.

There was no "Tridentine Rite" of Mass created during the august Council of Trent of the 16th century. The Traditional Roman Catholic Mass is of Apostolic origin, handed down from Christ Himself, heroically defended and preserved through the ages with the blood and lives of countless martyrs and saints. How an individual or group of men can have the audacity even to consider, let alone actually change it, is unfathomable. It can only be concluded that those who offer a man-made alternative to a Divine creation, or who put roadblocks in front of holy priests seeking to offer it in its pristine form, or who calumniate laymen for their assistance at it can only be in league with the forces of the Underworld and its Master and will incur the wrath of Saints Peter and Paul and, ultimately, and more ominously, the Divine Judge, as the great St. Pius V admonished in his dogmatic and perpetually binding solemn papal bull, Quo Primum.

After a half century of Faith-wrecking "reform" -- the alteration of Holy Week, the changes to the Sacred Canon, the calling of a largely heretical Church Council, and the creation of a new "Mass" --, it is abundantly clear that the precious Apostolic link that guaranteed the Catholicity of Christ's Holy Church has been deliberately and diabolically severed. Cardinal Hoyos may say all the "indult" Masses he prefers, the pope can issue more vapid encyclicals on the Eucharist or grant a wider "indult," but it will not change the horrific reality that the Faith of the Roman Catholic Church is no longer the same as that magnanimously taught by its Divine Founder. And, just as tragically, despite all of the sacrilege, outrage, and scandal that has emanated from the New Religion, its current stewards have no intention of returning to the original Creed.

The rampant apostasy throughout the "Counterfeit Church," as one perceptive commentator calls the Novus Ordo, makes the charge that traditional Catholics are "schismatic," "not in communion with Rome," or "in need of reconciliation" not only absurd, but downright laughable. All men need forgiveness for their transgressions. However, the shambles that the Church currently finds itself in is not the fault of traditional Catholics, but is an ungodly manifestation of the New Religion concocted by the present crop of Modernist prelates and their forefathers. It is Cardinal Hoyos and his fellow bishops, including those of the city of Rome, who need to seek forgiveness, not so much from this world, but, more importantly, from the next, for the incalculable harm that they have brought to Almighty God's once Holy Church.