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Newcardinal Hoyos' Hilarious Statement

By Patricius Anthony

Dario Hoyos

Dario Hoyos, Newcardinal President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission

"They do not know the harm they are doing"; such people are "insatiable," "incredible." These were some of the mean-spirited comments that Newchurch Cardinal Dario Hoyos recently made, in marking the first anniversary of Benedict-Ratzinger’s Summorum pontificum, about those who continue to press Newrome for a greater number of "Motu" Messes.

Yes, Dario, traditional Catholics are not satisfied, but it is not because they are "insatiable," nor does it stem from the lack of gratitude toward Benedict-Ratzinger's phony "Motu" Mess gesture. The continued resistance comes from the fact that you, Benedict-Ratzinger, and the rest of the Modernists with whom you choose to associate still remain in power. Until you and your Modernist buddies are summarily removed, traditional Catholics will continue to fight as did their Roman ancestors against their lethal enemy, Carthage, never negotiating, but seeking its complete destruction.

Unfortunately, the Motarians have not taken on the mindset of their Catholic forefathers like St. Athanasius, who simply would not stand for the likes of a Benedict-Ratzinger or Hoyos in charge of Christ's Church. St. Athanasius, were he alive today, would not plead or grovel to Newrome seeking its permission or approval to assist at the true Mass or be given access to the Sacraments. His love for Christ and His Holy Church ran too deep.

It is clear that the Motarians simply do not know their Catholic Faith, its history, or the "inherent rights" that were won for them by the Blood of the Divine Savior. Benedict-Ratzinger and Hoyos certainly understand this, but will not acknowledge such facts, at least, publicly. Their Modernist mission is to mislead, deceive, and obfuscate -- hence Summorum pontificum!

In his remarks chastising Motarians, Hoyos had the gall to say that they were doing "harm," adding that "they go directly to the internet" with their grievances. The latter comment should provide great solace for traditional Catholics, who have effectively used the internet to expose frauds like Hoyos and Benedict-Ratzinger and have waged an heroic and truly Christian struggle against the forces of Modernism. In His infinite mercy, Almighty God has again graciously provided that means for the Church Militant to show where its loyalty lies: in defense of Christ and His Church, or in servile "obedience" to Benedict-Ratzinger, Hoyos, and the Conciliar establishment.

It is hilarious that Hoyos should accuse others of doing harm to the Church when it is his own earthly boss who has allowed his subordinates to rape and abuse children. Benedict-Ratzinger has willfully covered up these crimes that call for heaven's vengeance and has allowed despicable characters like Newcardinal "Mad" Mahoney of Los Angeles to remain in power. The harm, Dario, emanates from Newrome itself and has infected every aspect of Newchurch.

As if the sex crimes were not enough, the spiritual harm that Newchurch has brought upon the faithful since Vatican II has been mind boggling. The Conciliar Church has fabricated a phony worship service in place of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and has created invalid Sacraments, including those of Holy Orders, which pertain directly to Hoyos and Benedict-Ratzinger's own canonical standing. Dario, isn't this harm enough?

Because they are indifferent and are followers of men instead of God, just as St. Peter warned against, Motarians will take the rebuff of "His Eminence" and probably quell their demands for more "Motu" Messes. Heaven forbid that such complaints might reach the "Holy Father," who has been so "magnanimous" with his "Motu" Mess initiative. While Hoyos’s talk may frighten the likes of the SSPX's Bernie Fellay or the Motarians, traditional Catholics would suggest that “His Eminence” and Benedict-Ratzinger should go to the nearest beach with Summorum pontificum in hand, where Newpope could wear his beloved Gucci sunglasses and Prada sandals!