By Patricius Anthony

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By Patricius Anthony

The laughter and howls which emanate from the Vatican after passage of yet another date (this time Pentecost 2007) when a supposed greater "indult" for the "Latin Mass" was to be granted by Benedict-Ratzinger must be getting increasingly demonic, for Whitsunday has come and gone, and nothing has come from Newrome except talk.

While Benedict-Ratzinger and the criminal gang of ecclesiastics who surround him may be able to fool and string along conservative Newchurchers, a time will come when these deceivers will have to answer for their deception and lies to the Eternal Judge, and things will not be so amusing. Likewise, it is now to the point, after some 40 years of the Conciliar Newchurch, that those who continue to follow and support these Newchurch wolves in sheep's clothing despite Providential admonitions about false prophets are also culpable.

One of the latest sources who reportedly has spoken about the matter with Benedict-Ratzinger is Alice von Hildebrand, the widow of the late Dietrich von Hildebrand, both of whom are favorites of the conservative/"indult"/semi-traditional crowd. An article on their meeting stated: "In a private audience with one leading traditionalist, Alice von Hildebrand, Pope Benedict said that he intended to publish the permission to celebrate the 16th-century rite this month [May 2007]" [Times Online, "Pope set to bring back Latin Mass in face of opposition"]. Mrs. von Hildebrand was quoted as saying, "I know that the pope favours the Tridentine Mass very, very much. I asked him if there was any chance that the permission would be given. He said it would be given in May [2007]."

Instead of groveling to the Neo-Modernist Benedict-Ratzinger, Mrs. von Hildebrand should be condemning him and his like for all that they have done to subjugate the true Mass and foist upon Catholics the abominable Novus Ordo service. Catholics do not need "permission" from Benedict-Ratzinger or any Newchurch bishop for something that was graciously given to them at the cost of Divine Blood. Mrs. von Hildebrand and all those who seek "permission" from the New Order are gravely confused.

Another misnomer that plays into the hands of the Neo-Modernists is the word Tridentine to describe the Traditional Roman Rite of Mass, which Mrs. von Hildebrand used in her statement above. Just as "liturgy" is now a staple within Newchurch-speak, the term Tridentine was never a part of the pre-Conciliar era. Its continued usage denotes the idea that the venerable Roman Rite began, or was significantly altered, in the 16th century by St. Pius V.

Any knowledgeable Catholic understands that St. Pius V did no such thing. Unlike Paul VI and his henchman, Hannibal Bugnini, St. Pius V acted within the Apostolic confines of his office and simply codified what was handed down to him with minor revisions. The Roman Rite of Mass was the form of public worship for most Western Christians stretching back to Apostolic times.

The idea of an "indult" for a right is nonsense. The Traditional Roman Catholic Mass is an Apostolic, divinely-created and inspired institution, which every Catholic priest has the absolute right and obligation to celebrate and which every layperson has the obligation of assisting at. This matter was settled long ago, before the unfortunate ascendancy of Benedict-Ratzinger, JPII, and their Conciliar predecessors.

The New "Mass" is a blasphemous concoction designed by evil men who have had the prideful temerity to substitute it for what Almighty God and His Apostolic Tradition have mandated to be the proper method for His adoration and man's salvation. Any Catholic who is in "negotiations" with the New Order charlatans or seeks their approval or acknowledgement is gravely confused.

Whether Benedict-Ratzinger issues an "indult" or not should be of no concern to traditional Catholics who, thankfully, have the authentic Mass and Sacraments. More than likely, if a document or statement is ever released, it will lead to further discord and strife within Newchurch and will, hopefully, hasten the ultimate demise of that spurious institution. This, surely, is the plan that St. Michael and his holy legions of Angelic hosts are busily in the process of completing!