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By Patricius Anthony

Omlor's Robber Church

It is fitting that one of the great traditional Catholic apologists should pass from this life on the feastday of St. Athanasius. For like the indomitable 4th century defender of the true nature of Christ, Patrick Omlor courageously fought the modern-day Arians who are just as, if not more, wicked in their designs than were their heretical predecessors.

While most of the Catholic "intellectuals" both lay and clerical at the time of the wretched Second Vatican Council went along (although some grudgingly) with the abominable changes which took place and those in its aftermath, Patrick Omlor among others such as Frs. Gommar DePauw, James Wathen, and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre spoke out, wrote, and took action against the neo-Modernist juggernaut that would engulf and sweep away nearly all of two thousand years of Sacred Tradition. While their resistance to the apostasy, heresy, and errors of the Conciliar Church were treated with scorn, ridicule, and, in some cases, violence by family, friends, and the Novus Ordo establishment, in all likelihood, these men, like St. Athanasius and those who fought Church corruption in the past, will receive eternal rewards for their fidelity to the Truth.

As a gifted writer and analyst, it would have been considerably easier for Patrick Omlor if he had stayed within the Novus Ordo structure and wrote in its praise or justified its validity where he would surely have received pecuniary gain and accolades from the Establishment which is so bereft and desperate for first-rate apologists. Or, he could have become a neoconservative "critic" of the New Order like so many contemporary bloggers who criticize, but accept the Conciliar Church as legitimate despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Omlor's refusal to accommodate his views with the Conciliar Church certainly explains why there has been virtually no mention of his passing by these publications and blog sites.

Patrick Omlor, like so many of his fellow traditional Catholics, chose the more difficult and less popular road paved by the Divine Savior and followed by the saints and martyrs. For Omlor could not betray Truth and its corruption and abandoment by the den of thieves, apostates, and rapists which populate the Novus Ordo sect. Unlike the semi-traditional publications, bloggers, and Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX who equivocate about the validity of the Novus Ordo Sakraments, Omlor, from the very beginning, maintained their illegitimacy as can be plainly seen in this fiery passage from his must have compilation of essays entitled, The Robber Church:

Let no one delude himself any longer. That ecumenical organization out there with its lying propaganda organs all over the world, called euphemistically the "diocesan press" or the "Catholic press," or the "Vatican Guidelines" for this and that; that new Church with its cardinals and bishops dedicated to "interfaith," and with its faithless priests who think of themselves as nothing more than "presiders of the assembly" or "ministers of the word," and with its craven and bamboozled "People of God" robbed of their birthright. All that is simply not the true Catholic Church. No, that ecumenical nightmare, mired in chaos, is Satan's own Ark of Perdition. Just as Pope St. Leo I rightfully referred to a certain bogus "ecumenical council" as the Robber Council Latrocinium, so likewise what now confronts us is nothing more nor less than a Robber Church (p. 164).

Omlor will always be remembered for his most important and still highly relevant monograph, Questioning the Validity of the Masses Using the New, All-English Canon. It appeared in 1968 before Paul VI/Montini's New Mass was officially promulgated in 1970. Like Fr. Depauw, who saw the heretical writings on the wall even before the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, Omlor anticipated and showed the invalidity of the "English Mass" before its final heretical version was thrust upon the Catholic laity.

In short, precise, and irrefutable argumentation based on Scholastic philosophy most notably that of the Angelic Doctor, Omlor clearly demonstrated the invalidity of the Canon of the English Mass. The monograph still stands as an irrefutable dissection of the New Mass which no Conciliar Church authority has attempted to answer. Moreover, its brevity made it all the more devastating and allowed for a wider readership (if only later authors' critiques of the New Mass had adopted Omlor's concise style they may have found wider audiences).

Nor has the neoconservative Catholic crowd come to grips with Omlor's thesis. Most still accept the validity of the New Mass, but cop-out personally by attending "Indult" or Motu Mess knock offs. Yet, even here there is no safety, for most of the celebrants of these pseudo Masses are not really priests, but presbyters ordained in the invalid new rite of ordination.

Not surprisingly, Bernie Fellay has been unclear on the issue of the New Mass. If said "reverently" and with the "right intention" it may be valid is the usual response from the Most Reverend Bernie. It is amazing how this autocrat could not only "negotiate," but be in the same room with the monsters who have been responsible for allowing this abomination to continue. It looks like in Bernie's case, "pride surely blinds."

Patrick Omlor's life was an inspiring example for those committed to the traditional Catholic cause. There can be no accommodation, nor recogition of the New Order only the goal of its complete annihilation and the subsequent condemnation of its creators, practioners, and those who have sought to compromise or "negotiate" with it. By following the heroic life led by Patrick Omlor and his uncompromising writings, traditional Catholics, with the assistance of Almighty God, will accomplish their sacred mission.