By Patricius Anthony

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Like the World's Financial Systems, the Novus Ordo is "Built on Sand"

By Patricius Anthony

Recently, Benedict-Ratzinger weighed in on the global financial meltdown, commenting that the world's economies are "built on sand" and adding: "We are now seeing, in the collapse of major banks, that money vanishes; it is nothing. All these things that appear to be real are in fact secondary."

Well, Benedict-Ratzinger ought to know! The Conciliar religion that he and his Modernist buddies concocted at the Second Vatican Council, together with the bogus Novus Ordo worship service and invalid Sacraments that came in the Council's wake, are as phony and groundless as the paper money and credit upon which the global financial structure rests.

The Novus Ordo is a false religion that masquerades as Catholicism. In fact, it differs little from Protestantism. The Conciliar Church confers no sanctifying grace upon its clueless adherents. The best way to gauge its legitimacy is to apply the Divine Savior's principle in such matters, "By their fruits you shall know them." By any analysis the Novus Ordo is rotten to its core to and including its very pinnacle.

The direct cause of the deepening financial crisis is the central banking and monetary systems, which are based on fiat money, the amount of which can be increased ad infinitum by the central banks of the world because they have a monopoly on note issuance. Before the advent of central banking, monetary systems were based on a commodity standard (gold or silver), which kept a check on governments' and banks' ability to inflate. Gold has to be mined and minted before it can become "money," whereas paper money can be printed at a fraction of the cost compared to the "monetization of gold." It is little wonder that governments and bankers over the years have sought to eradicate the gold standard.

The demonetization of gold and silver and the suzerainty of central banking has allowed banks to engage in the fraudulent practice of fractional reserve banking. This practice allows banks to keep only a portion of their deposits on hand while the rest can be surreptitiously lent out for "profit." Besides outright counterfeiting, fractional reserve banking, ultimately, is the cause of the business cycle of "boom and bust." The bust phase (recession/depression) of the cycle is what Western economies are currently suffering through. Although painful, it is necessary to "cleanse" the market of all the bad debt and "malinvestment" generated during the boom phase. If you don't want a bust, you have to prohibit a boom.

The New World Order that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union is going to do all in its power, even to the enactment of martial law -- which was threatened if the United States House of Representatives did not pass the revamped and more-costly financial bailout package, the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008," to maintain the current monetary and banking system. Fiat money is a cornerstone of liberal democracies, and like their vast taxing powers, the ruling elites will take any measures to preserve it. Thus, the central banks are now printing massive amounts of currency.

While monetary reform may be touted to help "Main Street," it will, not surprisingly, benefit the politically well connected. Any remedy (except a return to sound money and the abolition of central banking) that may seem to alleviate the crisis will be only temporary. The long-range outcome will be the continued devaluation of all major currencies, especially the U.S. dollar, declining living standards, and greater expansion of state power to "correct" the problem. After the flood of paper money is printed to prop up the system, severe overall price increases will ensue, which most likely will result in more draconian regulations. The continued deteriorating economic situation will lead to social unrest.

While a return to sound money and the eradication of central banking would largely rectify the current financial mess, it will not resolve the larger and more fundamental crisis that lies at the heart of Western decline. The crisis is not political or economic in nature, but a spiritual one, which stems from Western man's rejection of Almighty God that began en masse during the 16th century with the so called "Reformation."

Since that time all of the former lands that made up Christendom have fallen into secularism and have dethroned Christ the King from each of their respective societies. The culmination of this tragic rebellion has been the wanton betrayal of Almighty God’s own true Church, which took place during and after the wretched Second Vatican Council and with the establishment of the Conciliar religion.

It is amusing that conservative commentators and pundits became enraged at the various governments' power grab during the latest financial debacle and that they harshly criticized the fact that the very people responsible for the economic downturn are the ones who supposedly are going to “reform” the system and act in the interests of taxpayers.

Such an analysis, which has even come from Neocon Newchurchers, could easily be applied to the Novus Ordo. However, because the Neocons are blinded by papalotry, a blasphemous "worship" of the pope, they fail to make the connection. While Neocons distrust Bernacke, Paulson, Bush and other officials in their efforts to fix the current monetary mess, they are naive enough to believe that Benedict-Ratzinger will restore traditional Catholicism!

Most have been wildly enthusiastic about the "Motu" Mess, even comparing Benedict-Ratzinger with St. Pius V. Yet, it was Benedict-Ratzinger, like the central bankers and financial elites in the monetary realm, who was at the forefront in the creation of the Novus Ordo. He was one of the periti, a coterie of experts, who ushered in the diabolical changes at Vatican II. Benedict-Ratzinger was certainly an "expert," but in Modernism, not in the Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

While it is important to oppose faulty economic and financial practices, the "cleansing" of Almighty God's Church is a true Catholic's first priority. If all the ink spilled and words uttered in indignation over the recent financial bailout had been directed toward the crimes and heresies of Benedict-Ratzinger, Newchurch authorities would be the ones in a panic.

During the past weeks, as the financial meltdown has widened, a diabolical event took place in a city where such abominations seem to happen on a routine basis. A female grade-school teacher employed in the San Francisco public school system was "married" to her "partner." This vile act was abominable in and of itself; however, the debauchery was further compounded when the teacher took her first-grade students along to witness the event as an official school excursion

While the "marriage" was certainly bad enough, to expose children to such perversity is unconscionable. Yet, there was no protest from the local Novus Ordo bishop, nor was there any reaction from Benedict-Ratzinger or any of his lieutenants at Newvatican. Most attention continued to be focused on the widening global financial panic.

This event, rampant fornication, pervasive divorce (for Newchurch Catholics "annulment") and other such social depravities are more damaging to Western society than all of the bank collapses, house foreclosures, and business cycles combined. The only way that these can be eliminated is by the re-conversion of the Western world to the One True Church.

Before such a cultural transformation, however, the Novus Ordo must be overthrown. It cannot simply be reformed -- the rot has gone on for too long. True charity demands that in times of crisis, the faithful must first see to the safety of Holy Mother Church. Economic downturns come and go. Man's eternal judgment, however, rests on his relationship to Christ and His divinely-established Church. Traditional Catholics seek the removal of the "counterfeiters" of the Conciliar establishment, who dispense false doctrine and baseless Sacraments and are, in the long run, more dangerous to the good of souls than any monetary mischief that central banks could ever do.