On Phony Popes, Clueless Queens, and Cookies in the Hand
By Patricius Anthony

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On Phony Popes, Clueless Queens, and Cookies in the Hand

By Patricius Anthony

Queen of Spain and Benedict-Ratzinger

The "Holy Father" Distributes the Novus Ordo Communion "Cookie" in the Hand
To the "Catholic" Spanish Queen, Sophia, on November 7, 2010

Benedict-Ratzinger's latest outrage over prophylactics and the Vatican's attempts to "clarify" what it all meant shifted attention away from an earlier and more egregious act which took place in Spain when the "Holy Father" distributed the Novus Ordo communion "cookie" in the hand to the Spanish Queen, Sophia. While the Motarians and pseudo-traditionalists attempted to defend Benedict-Ratzinger's view on the use of condoms, not much could be said to dispute the "cookie-in-the hand" incidence since Benedict-Ratzinger was photographed in the act.

At one time, the Spanish monarchy was considered the most Catholic in all of Europe. Its greatest occupants were Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. A number of scholars have argued that next to the Blessed Virgin, Queen Isabella is the most important woman in all of history.

Isabella's great devotion to the Faith was affirmed by her contemporaries and even by one of the bad popes, Alexander VI, who labeled Isabella La Catolica ("the Catholic," a title that the queens and kings of Spain still retain). William Thomas Walsh, whose Isabella: The Last Crusader, which appeared eighty years ago, described the queen's religious fervor: "Isabella not only heard Mass daily, but "was in the habit every day of saying all the canonical hours" like a priest or a nun, besides long prayers in private and "extraordinary devotions." (p.66)

Unlike the modern era where religion is ruthlessly separated from governance, Queen Isabella incorporated her Faith in governing her realm and later as Spain Providentially acquired an empire. Even after her passing, Spain, for centuries, remained Catholic and, in fact, exhausted its treasury at first fighting to keep Europe Catholic and then maintaining an enormous and far flung empire, which resulted in the conversion of many pagan and savage souls.

Likewise, the papacy since the august Council of Trent was manned by an extraordinary run of men who preserved the Deposit of Faith entrusted to them, despite a world that grew increasingly indifferent and then openly hostile to the Church. This held true, more or less, until the decades leading to the Second Vatican Council, as Modernism ultimately triumphed.

By the 21st century, however, true Catholicism has been almost completely destroyed in these two venerable institutions. The Spanish monarchy, which was responsible for bringing the Faith to so many while protecting its people from the heresies and errors of "the reformers," has now sunk to the point that its reigning head does not know the proper manner for receiving what purports to be Holy Communion or how to dress accordingly for its reception (in the photograph Sophia had no head covering, and instead of kneeling was standing with outstretched arms). What in the world would Queen Isabella have said?

And, what has happened to the papacy, which is now headed by a person who was not consecrated as a bishop in the valid traditional rite, which, thus, arguably invalidates his legitimacy as bishop of Rome and makes his claim as pope "null and void." Benedict-Ratzinger's illegitimate status as pontiff is very similar to what many believe is the case of a certain nation-state's Chief Executive Officer who, owing to his uncertain citizenship status, makes him unqualified to be president.

Equally, if not worse, this current head of Newchurch performs a non-Catholic Mass, mishandles the chalice which supposedly holds the Sacred Species, and distributes it in the hand to a "Catholic" head of state. The only bright spot, if one could call it that, is that what the "Holy Father" gave to queen Sophia was not actually the Body and Blood, but the invalid Novus Ordo cookie. How much longer will God be mocked?

It is no surprise that the neo-conservative Catholic press would ignore the cookie-in-the-hand incident, since they have consistently overlooked Newchurch's ongoing and worsening Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, in which Benedict-Ratzinger has played such a significant part as an accomplice in the crimes. It seems that the rape and brutalization of the innocent does not elicit much outrage. In fact, pseudo-traditionalists continue to defend the "Holy Father" despite his criminal complicity.

One wonders what would be the reaction of the pseudo-traditionalists if one of their sons or daughters were to be raped by a Newchurch paedophile. Any real Catholic would, after Newchurch's unwillingness to rectify the situation, might justifiably take matters into his own hands, just as his Divine Master did when he violently cleansed the Temple. After a couple of reprisals against Newchurch child-molesters, "the abuses" would quickly come to an end!

Don't expect any encouragement of such justifiable action from Motarians. Blinded by papalotry, they would no doubt condemn such violence, calling on those to trust the "Holy Father" to correct things and proceed through "proper channels."

Sex crimes, "condom approval," communion in the hand, and other atrocities too numerous to chronicle will continue until unCatholic Newpopes are replaced and until once Catholic lands like Spain are governed by sovereigns such as the great Queen Isabella.