The Plight of Benedict-Ratzinger
By Patricius Anthony

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The Plight of Benedict-Ratzinger

By Patricius Anthony

Rahner & Ratzinger

Two Businessmen at Vatican II:
Left: Karl Rahner, Silenced by Pope John XXIII for Heresy
Right: Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, a Leader of the Modernists at the Council

As Benedict-Ratzinger and the Newchurch bishops who support his Great "Motu" Mess Hoax continue to receive positive and, in some instances, enthusiastic support from Newchurch conservatives, Motarians, and semi-traditionalists, it would be instructive to look at some passages from one of the most indomitable defenders of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954). Fr. Fahey's words and tone may sound "extreme" to contemporary ears, but were nothing unique for the time. They reflected what Catholics had always believed about those who opposed or sought to undermine the great gift of the Mass that Almighty God bestowed on His creatures.

From his magnificent Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society, the priest bluntly spoke about Almighty God's most determined enemy and that Enemy's attitude toward the true Mass:

All the frightful energy, then, of Satan's hatred is specially directed against the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is the renewal of the expression of the submission of Calvary. Arrayed with him and animated with the same hatred, there is an army of invisible satellites of the same nature.

Blinded by their adherence to neo-Modernism, Benedict-Ratzinger and the authorities of the Vatican II Church were ripe to be manipulated by the Master of Deception, who certainly understood the power and significance of the Holy Sacrifice. As Fr. Fahey explains:

But they [the devils] are quite well aware of the meaning of the Mass. All their efforts are directed towards preventing its celebration by exterminating the priesthood, and towards thwarting its effects by limiting it to the role of a rite bereft of significance for man's social life, political and economic. If Satan cannot succeed in completely doing away with the one acceptable act of worship, he will strive to restrict it to the minds and hearts of as few individuals as possible.

Although written before Vatican II, the priestís analysis accurately describes what the Newchurch revolutionaries, of whom Benedict-Ratzinger has been a leading member since before Vatican II (1962-1965), have accomplished with diabolical persistence over the past 40-plus years.

The New Mass of Bugnini/Paul VI was a great victory for the Master of Lies, similar to His apparent triumph on Good Friday. He had been seeking its destruction or alteration since its Divine inception. Ingeniously, he took advantage of revolutionary times, a weak pope, a largely heretical Council, and an indifferent laity to substitute an invalid worship service for the true Mass, which has been accurately described as "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven."

The Mass is not a topic for debate, to be bandied about as vapid-minded policy wonks discuss a piece of secular legislation. The true Mass is of Divine origin, the authenticity of which is sealed in Apostolic blood. Anyone who attempts to alter it, prohibits it, refuses to assist at it, or offers a substitute in its sacred place is in league with the Underworld and will suffer eternal punishment, so the Church teaches us.

This was the mindset of the Faithful prior to the Conciliar age, and no one of the Mystical Body worth his salt thought differently. No Catholic would ever speak to, never mind negotiate or "dialogue" with, anyone that sought to tamper with or offer a replacement for it.

Yet today, in many conservative Newchurch circles, Benedict-Ratzinger is hailed for "liberalizing" the watered-down "Mass of 'Blessed' John XXIII," while Newchurch bishops who have "allowed" such nonsense are exalted. Not surprisingly, there has arisen a new group of "Motu" Mess periti, both religious and lay, who conduct running commentaries on its progress, while championing its cause.

The obvious question that must be asked is: Where were these "Johnny-come-latelies" during the dark years following Vatican II, when the Catholic world was subjected to Bugnini/Paul VIís abominable new worship service? None of them had the temerity to condemn him or his successors, but went along under the guise of false "obedience" to a Newchurch that was literally Hell bent to eradicate as much of Catholic Tradition as humanly possible.

Instead of Te Deums for Benedict-Ratzinger, praise should be lavished on those traditional prelates, priests, religious, and laymen who never compromised with the New Order and preserved for decades the authentic Mass and Sacraments before any spurious "indult" or "motu." These gallant men and women are the modern Saints who remain unsung and are oftentimes calumniated, while the new-fangled "Motu" Mess presbyters and bishops are lauded. What ingratitude!

Forgotten by "Motu" Mess aficionados is the incalculable harm that Benedict-Ratzinger and his Conciliar cohorts have brought with their false teachings. Remember that "Fr. Ratzinger," who was seen habitually dressed in a business suit during the Council, was a prime mover and shaker at Vatican II and throughout his career advanced the neo-Modernist cause in his books, lectures, and as prefect of Newchurch's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (1981-2005). In his current post, he continues to engage in oecumenical meetings with non-Catholic religions and has had the unmitigated gall to sit in a Cologne synagogue and participate in a Jewish worship service that prayed for the coming of the Messias!

In all the ink spilled over the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax, a basic human emotion has been overlooked. Could it simply be that the prime motivating factor in Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess Hoax is a guilty conscience? Does he wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and realize the devastation that he and his fellow revolutionaries have inflicted? Has he had visions of the grizzly eternal fate which may await him, just as Paul VI did in the weeks before his death in 1978? He is certainly old enough to remember the pre-Conciliar era and would have to be blind not to see the deplorable state of present-day Catholicism that he has been instrumental in bringing about.

To atone, he might believe that a little return to "tradition" will offset his own apostasy from anything that could traditionally be called the Catholic Faith. Yet, steeped in a Hegelian mindset, Benedict-Ratzinger cannot bring himself to come all the way around, as the Saints, such as St. Peter himself, did when they fell into error.

Whether Benedict-Ratzinger is trying to soothe a guilty conscience or is attempting to snare conservative Newchurchers into the "Motu" Mess trap, truly traditional Catholics will not be deceived by the likes of him or accept any of his half-way measures. Compromise and fidelity to Christ cannot coexist.

Until Benedict-Ratzinger renounces his own error-filled works going back to before Vatican II, condemns the Conciliar Church, declares null and void its blasphemous worship service, and begins to deal honestly with the sex crimes of his lieutenants, traditional Catholics must treat him as an enemy of God and seek his removal from office and the annihilation of the entire New Order.