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Bernie Fellay's Latest Ploy

By Patricius Anthony


Bernie Fellay
Current Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)

Come on Bernie, you can do better than this!

If Superior General Bernie Fellay of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) and his underlings spent less time persecuting their congregation members who attend "sede-vacantist" lectures or if Bernie stopped trying to quash internet "rumors," then, maybe, he could think of more innovative ways to counter Newrome than another Rosary "crusade" to "regularize" himself with the Newchurch of the New Order. Of course, the question now is: does Bernie Fellay really oppose the Conciliar Church and its neo-Modernist chief honcho, Benedict-Ratzinger, or, is he part of the controlled resistance that Newvatican uses so effectively to sustain its power?

Last month Bernie Fellay called for another Rosary campaign to be said for the "Holy Father" and the "liberalization of Catholic Tradition." In particular, the hope is that Benedict-Ratzigner will lift the ex-communications on Fellay and the other SSPX bishops. Why Fellay is still bothered by a censure from Newchurch that has apostatized from the Catholic Faith and is embroiled in a Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal is beyond puzzling.

As an aside, that Bernie and many other neocon Newchurchers call Benedict-Ratzinger "Holy Father" is particularly galling, especially since Fellay and the others know full well the deep involvement of Benedict-Ratzinger in the cover up of the sex crimes committed by his minions. "Holy Father" should never be used in any context that includes Benedict-Ratzinger or any other prelate of the New Order. Instead, "sinister," or better yet, "diabolical," is better suited to these cretins. These are evil men who deserve harsh and lengthy punishment for their abominable actions. Why they haven't been dragged from their offices and pummeled by their victims says quite a bit about the effeminate nature of Newchurchers.

As last year's, the current Rosary campaign will have no practical effect except to assuage Bernie Felly's ego. The Conciliar Church cannot be reformed or be persuaded to return to Tradition by lame initiatives such as Fellay's. The rot has gone on too long. If Bernie Fellay really wants to return to Tradition, the Conciliar establishment must be replaced and its members ousted from their positions, condemned, and put away so that they may never do harm again.

The glorious collapse of the Conciliar Church will not take place by pleas for "concessions" or waiting for Benedict-Ratzinger, Hoyos, or their cohorts someday to see the many errors of their ways. Instead, there are other more Catholic ways that Bernie and the Society can take to accelerate the demise of the Conciliar Church.

The first is a policy of "non-recognition." The Society simply has to maintain that it will not negotiate, dialogue, or enter into discussions with Newrome until Newchurch becomes "Catholic." This will, for once and for all, end the confusion within the Society and create a united front. Such an action would undermine the legitimacy that Benedict-Ratzinger, Hoyos, and the rest so desperately need to maintain their power. It would, no doubt, lead to Newchurch's calling Bernie and the Society all sorts of nasty names -- "schismatic," "heretic," "not in communion with Rome" - but again, who cares? Such charges coming from the gang of perverts, rapists, embezzlers, and apostates that populate Newrome is the biggest joke since Benedict-Ratzinger issued his Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum.

Next, the Society needs to expand the number of its Mass sites. This, of course, is linked to the recruitment of vocations to the priesthood, with which the Society has done a poor job in recent times. Given its resources, its seminaries should be packed; however, the problem is not financial, but Fellay's wishy-washy attitude toward Newrome has done little to inspire potential candidates.

Yet, it will be through the expansion of Traditional Mass sites, and vocations, that will, ultimately, make Newrome sweat. With its own seminaries either "pink" or empty, and "Mess" attendance at an all-time low, Newchurch could not ignore a revitalized Society that was expanding and going head to head with Newchurch worldwide. It would not take much to topple the Conciliar establishment, but such a glorious event will come about only by offering a true Catholic alternative.

While the establishment of more Traditional Mass sites and the recruitment of more religious is crucial, the Conciliar Church could be seriously damaged if Fellay and the SSPX began a relentless condemnation of Benedict-Ratzinger and his henchmen for their involvement in the Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal. It has been puzzling that Fellay and the Society have said so little on this matter. Such a tactic, however, would garner a lot of secular press attention (which would embarrass Newrome) and lead to "conversions" of Newchurchers outraged at the lack of action by Benedict-Ratzinger and his clownish predecessor.

If Bernie Fellay really wants a return to Tradition, a new mindset must be adopted. He does not have to look far for the type of attitude that one should have toward Newrome: that of Archbishop Lefebrve. Although not perfect, Archbishop Lefebrve was about the only one who stood for Tradition at a time when nearly all of his fellow prelates had fallen in with the New Order. For this heroic stand to preserve Almighty God's One True Church, he is probably one of the most important figures of 20th-century Catholicism and, thus, a model that Bernie Fellay would be wise to adopt.

It is believed that eternal bliss awaits those who fight for Christ and His Church. If Bernie Fellay wants to be the recipient of a similar eternal fate as Archbishop Lefebrve, he needs to follow in the Archbishop's courageous and holy path.