Quo Primum and the 300th Anniversary of St. Pius V's Canonization
By Patricius Anthony

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Quo Primum and the 300th Anniversary of St. Pius V's Canonization

By Patricius Anthony

Pope St. Pius V

2012 marks the 300th anniversary of Pope St. Pius V's elevation to Catholic sainthood (May 22). It can be argued that St. Pius V is the most important figure of Western Civilization over the past thousand years. Of course, to the now de-Christianized secular West, such a designation would be considered preposterous as would such a claim be dismissed by the institution which St. Pius V once nobly headed, but has now been transformed into a new organization with a new creed, the principles of which the saint-pope would have assuredly condemned.

Why is St. Pius V so important?

At a time when Christendom was falling apart through heresy, schism, civil strife, confusion and war, St. Pius V definitively showed what Catholicism was and condemned what was not. This holy action saved over half of Europe from apostatizing which led to the salvation of many souls. After St. Pius V and the Council of Trent, whose decrees the Saint-pope faithfully promulgated, no Catholic could be unsure or doubt of what it meant to be a member of the Mystical Body. Since the purpose of life is to obtain the Beatific Vision, the medium (the Catholic Church) through which man is to obtain that end must be dogmatically unassailable and without scandal. By the end of his reign, this had been mostly accomplished and, thus, the stage was set for the glorious Catholic Restoration. This is why St. Pius V, like his eminent predecessors, Saints Leo and Gregory, should be considered, "St. Pius the Great."

Among the numerous highlights of his holy and illustrious reign, the most important, especially in this current apostate age, was the promulgation of the decrees of the Council of Trent and his issuance of the solemn bull, Quo primum. For Vatican II revolutionaries such as Benedict-Ratzinger, Quo primum is a gigantic stumbling block. It is straightforward, dogmatically sound, and delivered by a true and humble servant of Almighty God, so that any attempt to refute it would be ridiculous. For the Neo-SSPX, Motarians, and their fellow travelers, Quo Primum is assiduously avoided while the Neo-SSPX's Superior-dictator, Bernie Fellay, has undoubtedly purged the Society's files and web sites of any mention of it. Any reference to St. Pius V or his work would not sit well with the Neo-SSPX's soon-to-be Newrome masters.

Despite what Modernists and some neoconservatives have contended, Quo primum was not an innovation by the Catholic Counter-reformation which they intend could be changed or altered under succeeding pontiffs. Instead, the document set in stone the Roman rite of Holy Mass as instituted by Saints Peter and Paul. It did not establish the "Tridentine Mass," as so many Indulters and Motarians like to call it. It was a codification of the Mass graciously handed down and safeguarded by martyrs, Saints, popes, bishops, priests, and simple laymen for some sixteen centuries. Any talk of St. Pius V's action as a new rite is a lie, and is one used to justify the wretched and diabolical liturgical innovations and "reforms" which took place in the 20th century. St. Pius V's own words counter those who believe that Quo primum was an alteration of Sacred Tradition: "But in order that what has been handed down by the most holy Roman Church, the Mother and Teacher of the rest of the churches may be accepted and observed by all everywhere...."

Why Quo Primum was not used (the notable exception being Fr. Gommar DePauw) by traditional Catholics at the time and since against Paul VI-Montini's New Mass is puzzling. For the decree explicitly prohibits any future tinkering with the Roman Missal and, thus, prohibits all the shenanigans that were undertaken by Bugnini and his tool, Paul VI-Montini:

We forbid that henceforth for all future times in all the patriarchal (churches) of the provinces of the entire Christian world, in all Cathedrals, in all secular collegiate and parish churches, and in the churches of any orders, in the churches of monasteries of both men and women, and also regulars of military orders, and both chapels and churches without any care of souls, in which the conventual Mass is sung aloud with the choir or is said silently and is said regularly or is required to be said according to the rite of the Roman Church, We forbid that Mass be sung or recited in any other way than according to the formula of the Missal issued by Us.... [My emphasis]

The passage clearly shows that the Novus Ordo abomination that Paul VI-Montini foisted upon the Church is invalid and not a Catholic Mass. It is not the unbloody Sacrifice of Calvary and, therefore, confers no sanctifying grace. Moreover, it is worse than any and all Protestant worship services for it purports to be the Roman rite of Mass. It is an affront to Almighty God and needs to be avoided and condemned by any true Catholic who hopes to save his or her immortal soul. The demons and men responsible for its creation, promulgation, and continuance will have an eternal destiny far worse than heretics, schismatics, infidels, and Jews for the "sin" of "treason" is more grievous than unbelief.

Lack of knowledge in the Faith was demonstrated by all those neoconservatives and Motarians who heaped praise and genuflected to Benedict-Ratzinger for his Summorum pontificum as they were once again duped by one of the master deceivers of the Vatican II era. Quo primum guarantees the right of any Catholic priest (not a Novus Ordo presbyter) or the laity to celebrate or attend the immemorial Mass of Tradition without "permission" of ecclesiastical authority. Real Catholics are not "obedient" to a paedophile pope and the gang of Satanists, criminals, perverts, and apostates with which Benedict-Ratzinger chooses to surround himself, nor do they need an "okay" by the local (heretic) bishop to assist at the Mass of Saints Peter and Paul. St. Pius V continues:

And in perpetuity We grant and permit that they may by all means use this Missal in singing or reciting Mass in any church whatsoever without any scruple of conscience, without incurring any penalties, sentences, or censures; in order that they may be able to do this and be able to use this Missal freely and lawfully, We by virtue of Our Apostolic Office, and by virtue of the present document, We grant and permit this forever.

Three hundred years ago, the Catholic Church officially recognized the supernatural qualities of one of its greatest pontiffs as it was still flourishing, in large part from his holy reign. More importantly, because of St. Pius V and his issuance of Quo Primum, Almighty God continued to receive His proper worship in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for generations to come. Eventually, the Church turned away from the Apostolic guidance of the Saint-pope and the Council of Trent and embraced the deadly scourge of Modernism trumpeted by the likes of "Fr. Ratzinger."

As the Modernist revolution continues, traditional Catholics have the inspired works of St. Pius V as assistance in their heroic struggle to vanquish the Novus Ordo and expunge Benedict-Ratzinger and his ilk from their positions of power in Christ's Holy Church. When that glorious day arrives and the Modernists are squelched, condemned and cast into the exterior darkness, it will be because of Divine Providence and the heavenly intercession of St. Pius V.

Almighty God and his Saint-pope deserve nothing less.