By Patricius Anthony

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By Patricius Anthony

Card. Ratzinger1

On May 13, 2004, the Catholic Church's top theologian as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, spoke at a conference convened to address the precipitous spiritual, moral, and cultural decline of Europe. Among the many ominous signs of social decay, the German prelate lamented that, "multiculturalism, which is so constantly and passionately encouraged and supported, sometimes amounts to an abandonment and disavowal of what is our own."

It is beyond ironic that the conference invited Ratzinger, since it has been he and his fellow cardinals, bishops, priests, their earthly boss, and their Novus Ordo forebears who have gutted the spiritual catalyst and inspiration for the formation of Europe, the Catholic Church. Moreover, the invitation was extended by the head of the Italian Senate, whose disastrous policies, along with those of his fellow European "statesmen," have contributed to the moral collapse of the Western world.

It is best for Catholics that whenever Ratzinger, a politician, or any other official of Newchurch discuss such matters, they recall the sage advice of the Divine Savior: "And he spoke also to them a similitude: Can the blind lead the blind? Do they not both fall into the ditch?" (Luke, 6:39/DRV).

As an aside, an irritating practice that is not found in the mainstream religious press as much as in "conservative," "indult," and even some traditional writers, is the excessively reverential tone used when they speak to, or of, Newchurch's prelates. "Your Eminence," "Your Grace," or "Holy Father," repeated throughout articles and in interviews not only gets tiresome, but gives a certain unjust acknowledgment to those who have been largely responsible for the destruction of Roman Catholicism.

Respect for evil? Absolutely not! Instead, it is incumbent on the faithful to oppose evil. Scorn, ridicule, and even justified defiance should be the proper tones used when in contact with such cretins.

In his talk, Ratzinger warned that the recognition of "gay marriage" would lead to "a dissolution of the image of man, with extremely grave consequences." Yet, like the pope and the rest of the hierarchy, the cardinal does not come out forthrightly and condemn such "unions" for what they are: despicable and vile practices that, if left unchecked, will result in the ultimate destruction of any society insane enough to tolerate them.

One can imagine the response of St. Paul or, for that matter, any fervent Catholic before the horrific Conciliar era, if such a subject was even broached. All would lash out at such perversity, calling it an abomination that calls for heaven's vengeance. Moreover, real Catholics would properly note the incalculable spiritual harm that the entire "gay union" episode has done to the youth of the world -- a tragedy that the media have conveniently ignored in their one-sided coverage of the matter.

It is abundantly clear, however, that the only time that Newchurch's officialdom "gets its dander up" is when it has to deal with traditional Catholics. Suddenly, the tone becomes not "oecumenical," but quite stern, and the language filled with all sorts of epithets, insults, and threats. Yet, when they address "gays" and sodomites, the Novus Ordinarians are most respectful, and, above all, tolerant of a degenerate life style.

As to the dangerous rise of Islam on the Continent, Ratzinger opined that Islam offers "a valid spiritual basis for people's lives." He added that the growing popularity of Far-Eastern religions is a sign of how Westerners have failed to understand their own "spiritual heritage."

Well, why shouldn't Islam be attractive, especially since Ratzinger and the Novus Ordo have abandoned all of the features of Christ's Church that not only made it so attractive to Europeans, but enabled it to convert much of the globe? Moreover, with the egregious oecumenical campaign conducted by the current Koran-Kissing and Wailing-Wall-Worshipping pope, who claims that Muslims worship the same "god" as do Catholics and that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are all descendents of Abram, Islam's growing influence is hardly a surprise.

As to the other principal opponent of Christianity, Judaism, Ratzinger is conspicuously reticent, despite Judaism's hand in the de-Christianization of the Western world. This reticence should come as no surprise, since the Cardinal wrote an introduction to a book published by the Pontifical Biblical Institute that, for all intents and purposes, heretically maintains that, for the Jews it is permissible to wait for another Messias!

While Ratzinger and his fellow cohorts of the Counterfeit Church may believe that they worship the same "God" as Jews and Muslims, real Catholics hold no such heretical notions, but instead worship the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Any other novelty that Ratzinger, the pope, or other Novus Ordo churchmen espouse about the Blessed Trinity running counter to what has been assiduously passed down through two millennia by the Saints, Fathers, Doctors, and popes is a lie!

As how to turn the crumbling situation around, Ratzinger's advice is as lame as his theology. Europeans should not fight back to reclaim their rightful inheritance, but instead should be resigned to "recognize themselves as a creative minority" in order that "Europe regains the best of her identity, and puts herself in the service of all mankind."

Ah, yes, "the service of mankind." But, this is the problem that Ratzinger clearly misunderstands. Europe, and the Catholic Church since the wicked Second Vatican Council, have replaced Almighty God with the cult of man, in which the worship of God is no longer the primary end of earthly life. In a diabolically-inspired inverse of a true Christian social order, it is man who is exalted, with God an afterthought at best. At worst God's dictates are openly flouted, and His Majesty mocked. Such a condition has naturally led to the chaos through which man is living, with "gay marriage" and all the other hedonistic activities now part of daily life that the cardinal apparently deplores.

Although Ratzinger does not realize it, it is this "cult of man" itself that is the cause of the crisis. It is just more tragic in Europe's case because Europe's peoples had once openly and proudly embraced the Faith that resulted in the creation -- never mind of a "generation," but of the greatest civilization known: Christendom.

Until European societies return to their original Catholic ethos and ignore false prophets such as Ratzinger and his cohorts of the New World Order, the Western descent will continue.