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Europe's "Refugee Crisis": A Consequence of Vatican II

By Patricius Anthony


Francis-Bergoglio Washing Muslims' Feet

Since the start of the well-orchestrated Third World invasion (mostly Muslims) of Europe, Newpope Francis-Bergoglio has been one of its biggest proponents, who has warmly welcomed developments as he remarked in March of 2016 that Europe "will go forward and find itself enhanced by the exchange among cultures."* Bergoglio has chastised those who have voiced even the mildest of criticism or objections to what will probably be the death knell of the little that is left of Christian Europe, and it was thus a delight to see Francis-Bergoglio rebuked by the presumptive Republican Party's presidential nominee over Newpope's inflammatory statements about U.S. immigration policy.

Francis-Bergoglio's enthusiasm for the avalanche of "refugees" onto what was once Christian soil should come as little surprise to those who have followed the "progress" of the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council. While certainly more flamboyant than his predecessors, Newpope is following and extolling the "spirit" of Vatican II and the wave of changes which took place in its wake, especially its false notion of oecumenism.

Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch oecumenical doctrines, which are encapsulated in such heretical slogans as "we all worship the same god," not only violate the basic tenets of Catholic belief about the Blessed Trinity, but run counter to two millennium of the Church's social thought. This neo-Modernistic mindset leads to the insane conclusion that since Mohammedans worship the same God as Christians do, then there should be little problem with such "faith-based" believers living in the same geographical space, or as some of the more radical Newchurchers would want, under the same roof! What could possibly go wrong?

In case Francis-Bergoglio and his fellow Newchurchers have forgotten, the Catholic Church has always considered the followers of the crazed Prophet as mortal enemies of the Faith. The numerous attempts by Islam to conquer Europe and its occupation of the once Christian lands of Asia Minor, North Africa, and, for a long while, the Iberian Peninsula, are historical facts. The Holy Crusades, inspired by the Church and its popes, were justified attempts to liberate Christians from the brutal Muslim yoke. And, more importantly, the Crusades sought to return the Holy Land where the Divine Savior was born, preached, was crucified, and rose from the dead, to its rightful inheritors -- Christians!

Throughout the era, not only did the popes make repeated attempts to persuade Western princes to take up their crosses and liberate their subjected brethren, but they personally organized forces to defend Europe from Muslim invasions. The failure to eliminate Islamic power in the Near East was an ominous indication of the growing secularization within Christendom, which would eventually lead to its dissolution. Instead of seeking to consolidate power and built up their own state apparatuses, the kings, princes, and nobility of the West should have followed the pleas of the popes and dedicated themselves to the needs of Christendom at large.

All of the Vatican II popes have publicly engaged in this type of behavior with each becoming more scandalous in their actions than their predecessor, from "accords" with heretical Christian sects, "kissing the Koran," and trips to synagogues to pray for the coming of the Messiah. Francis-Bergoglio's stance on the "refugee crisis" is, thus, not that outlandish.

On a wider scale, the waves of "asylum seekers" pouring into Europe are a consequence of Western man's repudiation of the One True God and His Church, for which the dual "deities" of multiculturalism and religious pluralism have been substituted. In the case of Newchurch, it is the result of the millions of Catholics who, at the time of Vatican II (1962-1965) and its revolutionary aftermath, did not fight for the traditional Faith and thus paved the way for despicable figures like Francis-Bergoglio to become Newpope. If Vatican II had been rejected, a real pope and Church would more than likely be leading a counter-insurgency against the invading Muslim hordes.

For those who hope to see the Church once again act as a bulwark against the Infidel, Vatican II must first be repudiated. Ideas shape human events, and until the Vatican II heretical notion of oecumenism is seen as a societal-wrecking concept, Europe will continue to be overrun by Mohammedans.

*Tom Wyke, The Daily Mail. "The Pope Says 'It Is a Social Fact' that Europe Is Seeing an 'Arab Invasion' -- and It's a Good Thing." 4 March 2016.