Newchurch Strikes Again: The Butchering of Stations of the Cross
By Patricius Anthony

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Newchurch Strikes Again: The Butchering of Stations of the Cross

By Patricius Anthony

Traditional Stations of the Cross

The Fourteen Traditional Stations of the Cross

On the Friday immediately following Ash Wednesday, during the Holy Season of Lent, one of the most beautiful and yet heart-wrenching traditional Catholic devotional practices takes place, the Stations of the Cross. When it is conducted with reverence and solemnity, as seen in traditional chapels, it is certainly not rare to see tears well up in the eyes of a number of the faithful. It has been believed that this venerable practice originated at the site of the Blessed Virgin Mary's residence at Ephesus. Yet, despite its ancient and sacred beginnings, Newchurch, as it has done to every aspect of Tradition, has changed the content of the Stations, in this case reducing the number of Stations from fourteen to eight.

The butchering of the Stations by Newchurch authorities is being done for Benedict-Ratzinger's appearance at 2008's "Catholic Woodstock" (sorry, World Youth Day) in Sydney, Australia, July 15-20. Since World Youth Days are highly "oecumenical," Newchurch has decided to expunge any vestiges of true Catholicism from the event so as not to offend Christian sects or Jewish groups. And, make no mistake about it, Benedict-Ratzinger is fully aware of and in accord with the alterations. As an aside, the continued capitulation to pressure from extremist Jewish groups over the years by the Newchurch establishment has created a situation where almost any Catholic devotional practice or Sacrament is now considered "anti-Semitic." So much for the idea of the "Church Militant"!

While Newchurch has little hesitancy in changing such a venerable practice as the Stations of the Cross, traditional Catholics recognize how powerful a spiritual aid it is, especially during the Lenten season. The Stations of the Cross are a stark reminder of just what the Divine Savior endured for the salvation of men as He is falsely accused, condemned, stripped, beaten, and put through the most horrible of deaths. Many Catholics before the advent of the New Order, however, honored and worshipped their God's sufferings by "publicly" commemorating it through the Stations of the Cross. They understood well that the Passion, Crucifixion, and Death of Christ is the most significant event of human history.

No other sect, many of which the Newchurch has falsely cozied up to, can offer to its followers what the Catholic Church and its members were graciously given, a God who sacrifices His own life for the salvation of His creatures. In response to this sublime act, modern man has wantonly mocked his Maker. Worse yet, the very instrument that the Divine Savior established as a conduit for manís salvation has fallen into widespread apostasy. The denial of the Faith, not surprisingly, has led to rampant immorality and criminality, with Newchurch embroiled in its Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal.

What has been the response of Newchurch neocons to the latest Newchurch outrage? What has been the reaction from the Superior General of the SSPX, Bernie Fellay, to Benedict-Ratzinger's corruption of Sacred Tradition? As usual, not much. On the contrary, neocon Newchurchers continue to praise supposedly "conservative" Novus Ordo bishops, support and promote Summorum pontificum, and publish books with covers adorned with the image of the "Holy Father." In fact, the use of the term "Holy Father" by neocon Newchurchers is truly nauseating. "Holy" is the last word that should be used to describe the actions of Benedict-Ratzinger and his New Order predecessors over the last 40-odd years!

After all the sex crimes, cover-ups, embezzlements, scandals, and desecrations of the Faith, the possibility that the Novus Ordo can be salvaged, reformed, or "resurrected" is out of the question. It must be brought down, and with it all those who have supported it in the least way. The quicker it is destroyed, the fewer souls will ultimately be lost. This is the only Catholic approach to the problem. All others will fail and lead only to the continuation of the Novus Ordo, a situation that is utterly intolerable.

While Newchurch may change venerable practices like the Stations of the Cross, traditional Catholics will continue to celebrate such pious devotions in their entirety. One can be assured that in a traditional setting, Christís Passion will be acknowledged fourteen times as the priest prays after each Station, Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi, after which those assisting will respond, Quia per sanctam Crucem tuam redemisti mundum!