By Patricius Anthony

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Benedict-Ratzinger, You Are Steward No Longer

By Patricius Anthony

Unjust Steward

The Unjust Steward Accused (from a 1593 Woodcut)

Considering the current abominable state of the Church, the Gospel account for the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, the Parable of the Unjust Steward, should be closely read. Besides giving implicit advice on how to deal with corrupt ecclesiastics, it is yet another example of how the Divine Savior has graciously given His followers the necessary means for their spiritual well being: Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. Such things as apparitions, decoding of "secrets," and a belief in a "miracle of a spinning sun" are tangential at best. Focus, instead, should be aimed at the absolute certainties of the Faith: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, and the wisdom found in the Scriptures.

In the Church's two thousand years of existence, there has never been a more flagrant case of unjust stewardship than what has transpired during the Vatican II age. Compared to the crimes and apostasy that Benedict-Ratzinger, his Conciliar predecessors, and the gang of perverts, thieves, and traitors of which Newchurch largely consists, the wrongs committed by the poor steward seem rather benign.

Not only have these cretins participated in and condoned the rape of children, but they have foisted on the faithful a sacrilegious worship service and the fabrication of invalid sacraments right up to the episcopacy. The Catholic laity must also be held accountable for the Modernist triumph, as most stood idly by while the revolutionaries sewed their destructive seeds. If more had rallied behind such lights as Fr. Gommar DePauw and Archbishop Lefebvre, the likes of Benedict-Ratzinger, Hannibal Bugnini, and their cohorts could have been stopped.

Given the overwhelming evidence of the spiritual, moral, and criminal corruption of Newchurch, it is clear that Benedict-Ratzinger and the entire Conciliar structure have wantonly violated the sacred bond between Almighty God and His appointed representatives and are thus "stewards no longer." They have made the One True Church a "den of thieves." The time has long since passed when any and all Conciliar Church authority, be it clerical or lay, can ever be listened to or followed on any matter. Benedict-Ratzingner, Dario Hoyos, and all the rest are, as the Scriptures warn, "wolves in sheep's clothing."

In this context, the fact that the Society of St. Pius X continues to pussyfoot with Newrome is more than disturbing. Its current leadership needs to be reassigned to different roles and replaced with those who hold the vision of the Society's courageous founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, who once called then Cardinal Ratzinger an "Anti-Christ." Not surprisingly, this and the other frank assessments of the Novus Ordo by the Archbishop is no longer available in SSPX publications nor can they be found on SSPX web sites.

The eternal fate that awaits those who have betrayed Almighty God, like the unjust steward, will not be kind. Included with the likes of Benedict-Ratzinger are those who have supported, praised, and encouraged him during his Conciliar papacy. It is ironic that a number of his current cheerleaders were some of his harshest critics before he attained his Conciliar superstardom. While their hosannas to Newpope entitle them to photo ops with the "Holy Father," access to Newchurch prelates, and media appearances promoting their vapid publications, they have not only endangered their immortal souls, but have become accomplices in Newchurch's design to snuff out traditional Catholicism.

Like the unjust steward, the New Order has lost any authority in matters of the Faith. Traditional Catholics are thus duty bound in charity to resist, oppose, and, hopefully, destroy the Conciliar establishment despite any "traditional" gesture that may be employed to ensnare the gullible. While the traditional faithful may not receive the adulation of this world, their example and sacrifice along with heavenly intercession will eventually be the catalyst for the restoration of the Holy Catholic Church.