By Patricius Anthony

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By Patricius Anthony

One of the truly glorious feasts in the Roman Catholic calendar is that of Trinity Sunday. Although still celebrated by traditional Catholics, it, like so many other Sundays and venerable practices, has been degraded or simply ignored by Newchurch. The primary reason is that Trinity Sunday can no longer be harmonized with the Modernist oecumenical philosophy of the New Order.

As Pius Parsch aptly describes it in his Year of Grace, Trinity Sunday is a "faith feast," in which a "mystery of our religion is made the object of liturgical worship." He adds: "for the Church celebrates Holy Mass on the occasion simply in honor of a given dogma. The first of these, the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, has as object the greatest, the most profound and incomprehensible truth of our holy Faith."

Trinity Sunday was placed directly after Pentecost in the 14th century by Pope John XXII, an "Avignon pope," who during his pontificate erroneously taught that souls after death are not rendered immediate justice, but must wait until the Last Day. While he did not pronounce such a doctrine "officially," he, nevertheless, went against the common teaching of the Church Fathers, which bears Apostolic authority. Fortunately, the pope recanted his erroneous notion just before his own demise.

Papalolators, those who erroneously attribute to the pope a virtual divinity, conveniently forget such incidents in papal history. John XXII's action demonstrates again that the faithful must be ever vigilant in regard to ecclesiastical authority, especially popes who, while they may do a considerable amount of good, can sometimes, with very little effort, cause tremendous damage.

For Newchurch, however, the public worship of the Blessed Trinity is troubling. Instead of the True Mass to honor and pay tribute in the most sublime manner to the Triune God, the New Order speaks of the God of Abraham in order that it can be in "dialogue" with Jews and Muslims. More specifically, just as Christ's own countrymen rejected the fact that He was equal to the Father, the current visible head of the Church, Benedict-Ratzinger, now claims that Jews can still wait for the Messias -- a far more grievous error than the error of John XXII!

While Traditional Catholics should take tremendous joy from the fact that Almighty God has revealed a part of His nature in order He can be better understood, Trinity Sunday is also a painful reminder of just how much has been taken from the faithful by the New Order. It must only be assumed that those who would insanely choose to deviate from Apostolic teaching have succumbed to the inspiration of the prince of this world. And, it is abundantly clear from the warnings of Christ, the Apostles, and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church what the ultimate destiny will be of those who follow such a master.

The question must be asked, therefore: why would anyone want to negotiate or dialogue with the Newchurch "authorities," who have taken away the Mass and Sacraments, and have engaged in the vilest and most despicable immoral practices? Instead of dialogue, there should be a relentless battle against any ecclesiastics who would serve an unCatholic New Order, from prelates at the top all the way down to those abominable eucharistic ministresses.

For this glorious day, the Church, divinely inspired, has chosen the words of one who was given the supreme privilege in life of at least a glimpse of the Beatific Vision:

O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His judgments, and how unsearchable His ways! ...For of Him, and by Him, and in Him, are all things: to Him be glory for ever. Amen.

This passage out of St. Paul's magnificent Epistle to the Romans, with its effusive praise for the Most Blessed Trinity, promises that for those who remain faithful to the Triune God, an eternal reward awaits.