Traditional Catholicism - Vindicated!
By Patricius Anthony

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Traditional Catholicism - Vindicated!

By Patricius Anthony

With another revelation (and surely more to come) that Benedict-Ratzinger knowingly sheltered and transferred a paedophile presbyter while he was Newchurch Archbishop of Munich, coupled with his meaningless, unapologetic letter to Novus Ordo Catholics of Ireland, it is now abundantly clear that not only have traditional Catholics been right about Newpope's Modernism, but their claims that he has engaged in criminal activity both as Newpope and before are now being publicly confirmed.

Newchurch's ongoing sex scandals and cover-ups have made fools out of neocons and semi-traditional Catholics who have supported Bendict-Ratzinger's corrupt regime, especially after the issuance of Summorum Pontificum, which supposedly "liberated" the "Old Mass." Of course, traditional Catholics had always attended the "Old Mass" and couldn't give a fig about Newrome's "approval" since they have had such a right guaranteed to them by a real Pope, St. Pius V, in Quo Primum.

Apparently, in the neocon/semi-traditional Catholic world, no abomination committed by a Conciliar pope, be it liturgical, or now civil, gets in the way of their papolatry, pope-worship. Take the case of one neocon writer who before "Cardinal" Ratzinger became "Benedict-Ratzinger," co-authored a scathing tome of the future "pope," JPII the Ungreat, and the liturgical novelties of the post-Vatican II Church.

"Cardinal" Ratzinger's ascendancy to the top post of the Conciliar sect, however, has caused a change of heart for the neocon, fueled, no doubt, by monetary considerations, access to the Novus Ordo hierarchy, and media appearances. Is it any surprise that in a review of Benedict-Ratzinger's Leftist encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, the said neocon personally praised Benedict-Ratzinger: "I like this Pope. He is smart and serious, not frivolous or vain. He is in many ways a substantial improvement over his predecessor."

It would be interesting to hear the reaction of the many victims who have been raped, assaulted, and abused concerning such a statement about a "Holy Father" who has deliberately covered up the heinous crimes of his underlings. How can anyone "like" a supposed vicar of Christ who has looked the other way while Church funds have been stolen and used for the most nefarious of purposes? And, how can someone "like" a pope who allows the notorious Cardinal Mahony and many others of his ilk to remain in positions of authority?

A more serious case of hypocricy comes from the bunker of SSPX's German District Director, Frankie Selloutberger (Franz Schmidberger). Frankie has come to the defense of the paedophile-enabler Benedict-Ratzinger in an interview with Leipziger Volkszeitung: "The pope was in no way guilty; therefore, he cannot also apologize."

Selloutberger, as the TRADITIO Fathers accurately commented, is "either an ignoramus or an outright liar." The latter attribute is probably the case; Frankie is no dummy. Selloutberger is well aware of Newpope's activities or, to be more accurate, non activity in allowing predatory presbyters to rape, assault, and abuse children without facing punishment from Newchurch, but rather being protected from the civil authorities. While Benedict-Ratzinger has not been charged personally with committing any of these heinous crimes that cry for Heaven's vengence, he was the ultimate Newchurch authority in Munich, and certainly as Sex Crime Czar appointed by JPII the Ungreat, he did nothing. Frankie knows this.

Yet, he and his fellow sellout, Bernie Fellay, are so bent on coming to some sort of "reconciliation" or "agreement" with the paedophile Newchurch that they will do anything to accomplish their treasonous mission, even defending a paedophile-enabler Newpope. They understand that Benedict-Ratzinger is their last chance to broker a deal with the New Order and that a succeeding Newchurch pontiff will have no part with the likes of the SSPX.

The question that must be asked is why do Selloutberger and Bernie want to deal with Newrome now? Instead of defending Benedict-Ratzinger, they should be attacking, linking the sex scandals with Vatican II and the changes that occurred in its aftermath, especially to the religious orders. At this point, Newchurch could not sustain such an assault and might just collapse.

Frankie's defense of the paedophile-enabler Newpope and the rest of the SSPX's silence on the matter is another demonstration of just how far Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX has deviated from the philosophy of its courageous founder. Had he lived, Archbishop Lefebvre would have made it known that the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal is a result of the rotten fruit of Vatican II and would have pointed out that Benedict-Ratzinger was an influential force at the Council for the condemned philosophy of Modernism. The Archbishop referred to the future Newpope a number of times as "not Catholic" and as an "anti-Christ." Have Selloutberger and Fellay forgotten this?

As the Conciliar Church sinks closer to hell, and neocons and semi-traditional groups attempt to defend its criminal leadership, traditional Catholics can take solace in the fact that they have followed the sage advice of St. Paul and stood fast with the Traditions that were handed down to them. Despite Benedict-Ratzinger's alluring "Motu" Mess Hoax, traditional Catholics refused to bite, nor did they sing hosannas to the "Holy Father" for his "magnificent gesture." They knew who Benedict-Ratzinger was and is.

Now their stand for Christ and Tradition is being vindicated as the paedophile-enabler Newpope is reaping the rewards of the seeds that he sowed at Vatican II. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!