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The Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Nature of the Novus Ordo Service

The following is a summary of Novus Ordo services (here called "Novus Ordo Messes"), since July 7, 2007, misleadingly termed the "Ordinary" rite, that have been described in TRADITIO Network's Daily Commentaries from the Fathers department. If it was not clear from the beginning, it is certainly clear now, from the evidence of fifty years of the aftermath of the Modernist Vatican II Council, that the Novus Ordo service, which Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger in 2007 officially declared to be the "Ordinary" Rite of the New Order sect, even in the words of its advocates, is based on the errors of Protestantism, Freemasonry, and even paganism.

The examples shown below are some of the most bizarre, yet common versions, and many of them are celebrated by Newchurch bishops and even popes. Some Newchurchers may try to excuse themselves by saying, "It isn't that bad where I go to Mess." Oh, isn't it? Don't you receive the "host," probably really a cookie, into your unconsecrated hands that have touched all kinds of profane objects? Doesn't the presbyter use the vulgar tongue instead of the sacred Latin language of the Catholic and Apostolic rite? Doesn't the Mess you attend differ from the Catholic and Apostolic one in over two thirds of its content? Don't the words of consecration proclaim the heresy of universal salvation? Aside from the increasingly bizarre versions, even the "vanilla" version is spurious at its core.

The examples below are being "approved" and participated in by Newchurch bishops and popes with great enthusiasm. There is no secret about these versions. The bishops and the popes are proud of them. The examples are all drawn from public and official sources, usually press releases from the dioceses or the Vatican Press Office. For larger versions of the photos, details on the Messes, and a commentary on each, use the Site Search engine in the TRADITIO Network's Daily Commentaries from the Fathers department.

The Invalidity of the Novus Ordo Service by Papal Declaration

The Novus Ordo service, in any version, must be rejected as clearly unCatholic, sacrilegious, irreverent, scandalous, blasphemous, idolatrous, and conclusively invalid, because it fails to meet one or more of the three criteria established in Catholic dogmatic and sacramental theology for a valid Mass and most cogently in Pope Leo XIII's Apostolicae Curae. For further information, see CURAE.TXT: Apostolicae Curae Apostolic Letter in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics). The Novus Ordo service fails the Catholic sacramental test of validity even more clearly than the High Anglican service to which the pope was originally referring.

A Typical Novus Ordo Service

Novus Ordo Mess

Fr. Billy Bob Presiding at the Altar "Table"
While the Band of Piano, Guitars, and Drums
Renders "Oecumenical" (Protestant) Songs
The Novus Ordo Service is No Mass at All!

You enter the Novus Ordo worship building, which looks much like a Masonic lodge hall, for the Saturday afternoon Mess. People are talking, laughing, chewing gum. Most are casually dressed. The tabernacle is nowhere in sight, so instead of genuflecting, people bow toward the altar "table." The crucifix is absent; it won't be brought in until the entrance procession.

The cantoress approaches the microphone, bare-headed and wearing a coulotte. "Good afternoon," she beams. "Welcome to the Eucharist of the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Please stand to greet our celebrant, Father Billy Bob, as we sing our opening song, On Eagles' Wings." A small band of piano, guitar, and drums accompanies the opening song. The procession enters from the back of the temple: a female crucifer, two altar girls, a lectoress in street clothes carrying the Novus Ordo lectionary aloft, and finally Fr. Billy Bob in a Novus Ordo alb-cum-chasuble, all smiling and singing along loudly.

The Asperges ceremony before Mass is omitted, as the thought of washing away sins is deprecated. The congregation remains standing as Fr. Billy Bob recites the Protestantized "Opening Prayers," while the band launches into the Lord Have Mercy and Glory to God from the newly-composed Mess of the New Order written in jazz style. Fr. Billy Bob then sits down for the "Liturgy of the Word," imported substantially from the Anglican prayer book and read entirely in the vulgar tongue (or tongues) from the lectern. The band performs its rendition of Taste and See following the "First Reading." After the "Second Reading," the cantoress renders the Oecumenical Alleluia.

After the Gospel is read in a vulgar tongue by a married lay deacon, Fr. Billy Bob gives a brief "homily" on social justice and global warming. "It is a mortal sin not to use florescent bulbs," he warns the congregation. After the We Believe is recited by the congregation, two Lesbians bring forward the "bread," looking for all the world like shortbread cookies, and the grape juice for the "consecration." Meanwhile the lectoress leads the congregation in the Protestant Bidding Prayers, praying for all politically-correct groups and causes.

After the "Presto" Eucharistic Prayer, so called because it is over before you know it, with its revised "consecration" to conform to the heresy of universal salvation, the congregation launches into one of the familiar acclamation songs imported from Protestant services. Shortly after, the congregation recites the Lord's Prayer in the vulgar tongue, with the de rigeur Protestant ending, hands joined across the pews.

When communion-time arrives, all of the congregation, confessed or not, fasting or not, including known public sinners with divorced-and-remarried (or perhaps annulled in a Newchurch "quickie" divorce), approach, many taking "communion" in the hand from the eucharistic ministresses while Fr. Billy Bob sits in his giant Protestant "presider's" chair. Some also receive the grape juice from a ceramic goblet crudely fabricated by schoolchildren. A few folks try to kneel, but they interrupt the flow of the line and thus receive a hostile glare from the ministresses. When they return to their seats, most of the congregation sits without making any thanksgiving.

When Fr. Billy Bob proclaims, "The Eucharist is finished. Thank God," the band strikes up a rousing rendition of When the Saints Come Marching In, including the Unsaint JPII-Wojtyla. As soon as Fr. Billy Bob leaves the altar, the congregation practically trips over him on the way out, eager to get in those few extra holes of golf before nightfall!

The Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo Service


Title & Description



Date of Photo

Afro Mess
"Afro" Mess
during which people dressed as African "gods" and "goddesses", while a pagan priestess acted as an acolyte of the presbyter
Novus Ordo Presbyter VIIIth Encounter of UNESCO Schools, Sao Luis do Maranhao, Brazil November 17, 2001
Army Mess
"Army" Mess
in which the performer of the Mess wears a camouflage smock and "consecrates" kommunion kookies in a wicker basket atop an army jeep
Presbyter Norman Oswald Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 6, 2004
Balloon Mess
"Balloon" Mess
in which the celebrant and congregation dance to a rock band holding helium balloons
Newchurch Cardinal Christoph Schönborn Wolfsthal, Austria November 19, 2008
Barefoot Mess
"Barefoot" Mess
in which teenagers sit around the Novus Ordo "table" in T-shirts, shorts, and bare feet
Novus Ordo Presbyter Novus Ordo Parish June 9, 2003
Beach Mess

Beach Mess Presbyter

"Beach" Mess
in which Mess is performed on the sand of a beach with the congregation dressed (actually partially undressed) in beach and swimwear
Novus Ordo Presbyter Novus Ordo Parishes,
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
October 11, 2003
Bikers Mess 1

Bikers Mess 2

"Bikers" Mess
in which motorcyclists recline on their "hogs" dressed in T-shirts and jeans, bandana head coverings, boots, and black leather
Archbishop Timothy Dolan Holy Hill,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
August 30, 2003
Black Culture Mess
"Black Culture" Mess
in which Africans dressed in native skirts dance around the Novus Ordo "table"
Roger Cardinal Mahony Cathedral,
Los Angeles, California
May 10, 2003
Buddha Mess "Buddha" Mess
in which the Mess is performed on a small table before a much larger Buddha altar
Novus Ordo Presbyter Nuns In the West Conference, Hacienda Heights, California May 23-26, 2003
Bum's Mess
"Bum's" Mess
in which Mess is performed on a picnic table, and some of the participants come in undergarments
Novus Ordo Presbyter Plainfield, Illinois Summer 2002
Camouflage Mess
"Camouflage" Mess
in which vestments of camouflage material, designed by a Lutheran minister, are used
Novus Ordo Presbyter Iraq April 2003
Camp Mess
"Camp" Mess
in which "Mess" is performed on an overturned canoe
Novus Ordo Presbyter Poland 2004
Campfire Mess
"Campfire" Mess
in which "Mess" is performed on a toolbox by a presbyter "vested" in hiking clothes in front of a campfire
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Andrew Boboli Academy,
Cardboard Box Mess "Cardboard Box" Mess
in which Mess is said on a cardboard box
Jesuit Presbyter World Youth Day,
Toronto, Canada
Summer 2002
Carnival Mess "Carnival" Mess
in which Newchurchers dressed as carnival fools stand around the table holding hands
Novus Ordo Cardinal Karl Lehmann St. Pius Church,
Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany
July 29, 2007
Charismatic Mess "Charismatic" Mess
in which members of the congregation bark like dogs, oink like pigs, and roll on the floor
Novus Ordo Presbyter University of Steubenville,
Steubenville, Ohio
October 20, 1997
Cheesehead Mess "Cheesehead" Mess
in which the performer of the Mess wears a mitre of cheddar cheese
Archbishop Timothy Dolan Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 26, 2002
Chinese Tea Mess
"Chinese Tea" Mess
in which Chinese tea is offered at the Offertory, and ancestors are worshipped at a pagan-style side altar
Novus Ordo Bishop Allen Vigneron Our Lady of the Rosary,
Union City, California
February 7, 2004
Circus Mess "Circus" Mess I
in which the Mess is performed by presbyter and deacon vested in circus colors and sporting red clown's noses
Novus Ordo Presbyter and Deacon St. Michael, Wuerzburg, Germany August 7, 2005
Circus Mess "Circus" Mess II
in which the Mess is performed by a presbyter in a clown chasuble and consecrating what looks like a layer cake and Kool-Aid in plastic cups
Novus Ordo Presbyter Jerry Hogan Worcester, Massachusetts October 17, 2011
Clown Mess "Clown" Mess
in which the performer is "vested" as a clown and engages in "sacred laughter"
Novus Ordo Presbyter Brian Joyce Christ the King Church, California September 1, 2002
Coffee Mess "Coffee" Mess
in which coffee is used for "communion"
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. William's Church,
Louisville, Kentucky
October 4, 2002
Come As Your Are Mess "Come as You Are" Mess
in which the recipients of the "cookie" come up dressed as clowns
Novus Ordo Presbyter John Johnson St. James the Greater Church,
Dogtown, St. Louis, Missouri
March 17, 2004
Cookie Mess
"Cookie" Mess
in which invalidating ingredients are used (said to characterize the majority of Messes performed in the United States)
Bishop John Cummins Oakland, California June 17, 2002
Cowboy Mess "Cowboy" Mess
in which the presbyter and his ministers were all "vested" as cowboys and live poultry were placed about the altar
Novus Ordo Presbyter Canada 2005
Dance Mess
"Dance" Mess
in which participants dance around the Novus Ordo "table"
Archbishop Anthony Pilla Kent State University Newman Center,
Kent, Ohio
June 16, 2003
Dip It Yourself Mess "Dip It Yourself" Mess
in which children dip their Novus Ordo cookie into -- what? -- milk, grape juice, wine?
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Martin de Corléans,
Aosta, Italy
Disco Mess "Disco" Mess
in which a mob of presbyters "concelebrates" Mess in the "disco" style, with hands waving and bodies undulating before the Novus Ordo dinner table
Novus Ordo Presbyters Plobsheim, France May 31, 2009
Divine Mercy Mess
"Divine Mercy" Mess
in which participants act like charistmatics with hands swaying
Novus Ordo Presbyter Various April 27, 2003
Dog Mess
"Dog" Mess
in which the deacon "homilist" donned a dog mask to worship the local underdog football team
Deacon Anthony Dilenno St. Rose of Lima,
Eddystone, Pennsylvania
January 21, 2018
Dorito Mess "Dorito" Mess
in which a Dorito corn chip is used as matter
Novus Ordo Presbyter Religious Education Congress,
Cathedral, Los Angeles, California
October 21, 2003
Drum Mess "Drum" Mess
in which the presbyter performs the Mess with clay pots, sesame stick, and snare drum on the "table"
Presbyter Garry Boy Scout Meeting,
Friedberg, Germany
Easter Bunny Mess "Easter Bunny" Mess
in which the presbyter concelebrates the Mess with an Easter bunny, who hands out chocolate eggs for "communion"
Novus Ordo Presbyter Hartberg, Austria April 8, 2012
Family Mess "Family" Mess
in which the presbyter performs the Mess while the kids loll around the "sanctuary" bored out of their goards with their backs toward presbyter, and altar
Presbyter Joseph Ziliak St. John the Baptist Parish,
Newburgh, Indiana
Fetish Mess "Fetish" Mess
in which semi-naked natives wearing fetish feathers gather around the "sanctuary"
Novus Ordo Presbyter Tom Gier Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity 2000
Field Mess "Field" Mess
in which the presbyter performs the Mess in a field while the kids loll around in the grass
Polish Presbyter Poland May 24, 2004
French Bread Mess "French Bread" Mess
in which french bread is "elevated" while people squat around a circular coffee table
Novus Ordo Presbyter Steve Kelly A Living Room in Los Angeles, California 1996
Field Mess "Front Yard" Mess
in which the presbyter takes his ease in the front yard while a female "homilist" does all the work
Presbyter Raymond Thomas St. Mary/St. Francis Cabrini Church,
Conneaut, Ohio
Summer 2006
Gay Mess "Gay" Mess
in which presbyters gather around the bishop in the rainbow-colored flag, the Radical Gay Movement's war banner
Roger Cardinal Mahony St. Dominic's Church,
Eagle Rock, California
February 4, 2001
Guitar Mess "Guitar" Mess
in which the presbyter himself "performs" Mess and the music on the profane guitar
Novus Ordo Presbyter "Dan" University of Canberra, Australia,
"Spiritual Meeting Place"
Gym Mess "Gym" Mess
in which "a joyful and creative liturgy designed by and for families with Gospel-centered messages geared toward children" is performed while children crowd around the Novus Ordo "table" Indian-style
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Joan of Arc Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota July 20, 2003
Gymnastic Mess "Gymnastic" Mess
in which gymnasts dressed in flimsy costumes perform during the performance of the Novus Ordo Mess
Novus Ordo Presbyter Menzingen, Switzerland May 2, 2004
Haystack Mess "Haystack" Mess
in which the presbyter simulates Mess on a haystack
Presbyter Jim Profit Guelph, Ontario, Canada June 1, 2008
Hindu Mess "Hindu" Mess
in which pagan Hindu girls dance around the altar chanting the Hindu om
Novus Ordo Presbyter Thomas d'Sa and Newparish presbyter Toronto, Canada July 2, 2006
Hoverboard Mess "Hoverboard" Mess
in which the performer of the Mess "presides" from a hoverboard, which he rides up and down the center aisle
Novus Ordo Presbyter San Pablo, Philippines December 24, 2015
Ignatian Retreat Mess "Ignatian Retreat" Mess
in which a semi-nude Novus Ordo Jesuit presbyter dances a Mess
Novus Ordo Presbyter Robert Ver Eecke, S.J. Boston, Massachusetts September 9, 2003
Indian Chief Mess "Indian Chief" Mess
in which a Novus Ordo Jesuit presbyter dons an Indian chief's headdress and performs the Mess
Novus Ordo Presbyter Tekakwitha Conference, Tucson, Arizona 2005
Indian Feather Mess "Indian Feather" Mess
in which the Novus Ordo Archbishop of Denver sports Indian feathers and tom-toms
Archbishop Charles Chaput Denver, Colorado August 4, 2003
Juggler Mess "Juggler" Mess
in which a clown-juggler juggles the "cookies" while the presbyter "performs" Mess in a circus
Novus Ordo Presbyter Heller Circus Knie,
July 21, 2002
Juvenile Mess "Juvenile" Mess
in which seventh-grade girls prance around the "altar" while the presbyter performs "Mess" behind an altar frontal reading, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated," enclosed in a big pink heart
Novus Ordo Presbyter Laurie O'Toole Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia June 27, 2003
Kitchen Table Mess "Kitchen Table" Mess
in which Mess is performed on kitchen table with biscuits
Novus Ordo Presbyter Austria October 31, 2003
Kool-aid Mess "Kool-aid" Mess
in which a Newchurch cardinal "consecrates" grape, cherry, and orange Kool-aid
Newchurch Cardinal Roger Mahony Archdiocesan Pastoral Council Meeting
Los Angeles
February 13, 2007
Life Teen Mess

"Life Teen" Mess
in which "Life Teen" charismatics worship the Novus Ordo "cookie"

Novus Ordo Presbyter Various September 2, 2003
Life Teen Mess

"Low Dinner Table" Mess
in which the Novus Ordo "Dinner Table" Is So Low that the presbyter has to perform the Mess kneeling

Novus Ordo Presbyter Attard, Malta August 2014
Menorah Mess "Menorah" Mess
in which a Jewish Menorah is placed on the Novus Ordo "table"
Archbishop Alfred Hughes Chapel of Notre Dame,
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 5, 2003
Mother Earth Mess "Mother Earth" Mess
in which a Novus Ordo Franciscan Sister of the Perpetual Adoration makes an offering to Goddess Mother Earth
Novus Ordo Priestess Various August 12, 2003
Mummers Mess "Mummers Mess"
in which lectors and gift bearers are dressed up like Voodoo practitioners
Novus Ordo Presbyter Robert Feeney Our Lady of Mt. Carmel,
South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 31, 2003
Nightclub Mess
"Nightclub" Mess
in which the performer dresses in a tuxedo and tells jokes
Monsignor Reynolds Pompano Beach, Florida April 7, 2003
Oecumenical Day Mess
"Oecumenical" Mess
in which a joint Protestant-Catholic oecumenical service is performed
Novus Ordo Presbyter Gotthold Hasenhuttl Berlin June 1, 2003
Pancake Mess
"Pancake" Mess
in which a vested priestess cuts the pancake "species," assisted by a presbyter and a bishop, while a T-shirted acolyte uses an ice-cream scoop in the clay "chalice," all this taking place on a table covered with a multicolored party tablecloth
Novus Ordo Bishop Pedro Casaldaliga (in background) Goiania, Brazil,
Jesuit Youth House
Papal Buddha Mess Papal "Buddha" Mess
in which Mess is celebrated with a Buddha atop the Novus Ordo "table"
Pope John Paul II Assisi, Italy October 26, 1986
Papal Clown Mess
Papal "Clown" Mess
in which clowns entertain in front of the pope on his throne
Pope John Paul II St. Peter's Square,
Vatican City
November 17, 2002
Papal Hindu Mass Papal "Hindu" Mess
in which what appear to be Hindu ceremonies are performed in front of the papal Mess
Pope John Paul II New Delhi,
November 7, 1999
Papal Nudie Mess
Papal "Nudie" Mess
in which a bare-breasted lectoress reads the Epistle in front of the pope and his clergy
Pope John Paul II Papua New Guinea 1984
Papal Sugar Cookie Mess I Papal "Sugar Cookie" Mess I
in which JPII "consecrates" matter looking like a giant sugar cookie
Pope John Paul II St. Peter's Basilica,
Vatican City
September 4, 2003
Papal Sugar Cookie Mess II
Papal "Sugar Cookie" Mess II
in which Benedict-Ratzinger "consecrates" matter looking like a giant sugar cookie
Pope Benedict XVI Redemptoris Mater Seminary,
April 21, 2005
Papal Woodstock Mess I

Papal Woodstock Mess II

Papal Woodstock Mess III

Papal "Woodstock" Mess
at which youth, dressed in beachwear (if at all), lounge around on the grass looking bored
Pope John Paul II XIIth World Youth Day 1997
Patio Mess "Patio" Mess
in which Mess is performed on a round patio table
Novus Ordo Presbyter Paul Villeroy St. Augustine Parish, Signal Mountain, Tennessee July 11, 2004
Peanut Butter Cookie Mess "Peanut Butter Cookie" Mess
in which peanut-butter cookies are used for the matter
Novus Ordo Presbyter Archdiocese in the Southern United States October 23, 2003
Picnic Mess "Picnic" Mess
in which the short-sleeved presbyter holds up a cookie and glass of Kool-Aid, with other plastic containers of Kool-Aid on the picnic table
Novus Ordo Franciscan Presbyter Franciscan Profession, United States 2003
Pink Panther Mess "Pink Panther" Mess
in which a cutout of a pink panther, the school's "spirit" mascot, was placed in front of the "table"
Novus Ordo Presbyter Rhenne Mt. Carmel Academy,
New Orleans, Louisiana
Polka Mess "Polka" Mess
in which sacred music is replaced by polkas, and the polka is danced around the Novus Ordo "table"
Novus Ordo Presbyter Perkovich St. Peter's Basilica,
Vatican City
Pontoon Mess
"Pontoon" Mess
in which Mess is performed on a pontoon raft lurching back and forth on a river at a summer camp
Novus Ordo Pastor Joe Campbell Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church,
LaFollette, Tennessee
December 11, 2002
Pool Mess
"Pool" or "Paedophile" Mess
in which Mess is performed on a TV table beside a swimming pool for semi-naked boys
Novus Ordo Presbyter Tony Janton La Salle College High School,
Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
July 15, 2014
Potato Chip Mess "Potato Chip" Mess
in which the matter is potato chips and grape juice, held not in sacred vessels, but in glass containers
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Rita's Church,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 20, 2003
Priestess Mess
"Priestess" Mess
in which a woman plays the role of a presbyter and performs the Mess
Presbyter Cooper St. Matthias Church,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 25, 2003
Pub Mess
"Pub" Mess
in which a presbyter performs Mess in a pub, accompanied by guitars and saxophones
Novus Ordo Presbyter
Sean Horrigan
Mucky Duck Pub,
Houston, Texas
December 26, 2003
Puppet Mess "Puppet" Mess
in which a presbyter "performs" Mess using ventriloquism through "Charlie," a dummy
Novus Ordo Presbyter Douglas Sweet St. Joseph Church,
Shreveport, Louisiana
Pub Mess
"Rabbit" Mess
in which a presbyter "con"-celebrates Mess with Reggie "the Rabbit," a professional rugby team mascot
Novus Ordo Presbyter Jersey St. Michael Church,
Darceyville, Australia
September 29, 2013
Sail Mess

Sail Mess

"Sail" Mess
in which a bishop is consecrated on Novus Ordo "tables" made up like ships' sails
Bishop Michael Guyard France November 13, 2003
Sandwich Mess
"Sandwich" Mess
in which the presbyter "consecrates" a bologna sandwich
Presbyter Burnier Jesuit Youth House (Casa da Juventude),
Goiania, Brazil
Sitting Bull Mess "Sitting Bull" Mess
in which the presbyter sits while performing the Mess before what he supposedly believes is his God, "before Whom every knee should bow"
Polish Novus Ordo Presbyter Karibo,
Skull Mess
"Skull" Mess
in which a grotesque skull image was projected on a screen above the altar, and a man and woman, back to back and totally naked, were projected on the same screen
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Andrä, Graz, Austria March 25, 2005
Soda Mess "Soda" Mess
in which Mountain Dew is served in plastic champagne classes for the "fruit of the vine"
Novus Ordo Presbyter Matamata,
New Zealand
January 28, 2002
Sponge Bob "Sponge Bob" Mess
in which a Sponge Bob cartoon figure decorates the Novus Ordo "sanctuary"
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Barnabas Church,
Long Beach, California
June 7, 2009
Spook Mess
"Spook" Mess
in which kids dress as little devils, etc., gather around the Novus Ordo "table"
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Charles Borromeo Church,
Woonsocket, Rhode Island
October 24, 2003
Spring Water Mess "Spring Water" Mess
in which the Transitional Deacon of the Mess, vested in shorts and running shoes, offers a bottle of spring water with a straw in it
Presbyter Brian Christianson and Transitional Deacon Jim Hoener Schipol Airport, Amsterdam August 24, 2005
Squat Mess "Squat" Mess
in which the presbyter performs Mess squatting down in front of a "stool-altar" in the woods
Jesuit Presbyter Jacek Olczyk Poland September 21, 2005
Picnic Mess "Star Wars" Mess
in which the presbyter wields a light saber like Darth Vadar
Novus Ordo Presbyter Christoph Nobs St. Stephen, Putzbrunn, Germany June 8, 2013
Stock Exchange Mess
"Stock Exchange" Mess
in which a presbyter simulated a Novus Ordo service in front of the Manila Stock Exchange's tote board
Novus Ordo Presbyter Stock Exchange,
Manila, Philippines
January 2, 2008
Tango Mess
"Tango" Mess
in which danceuses cavort to the beat of a steel drum band
Novus Ordo Presbyter St. Monica Church,
Rochester, New York
June 2, 2003
Tet Mess "Tet" Mess
in which danceuses trip the light fantastic before the Novus Ordo table right out of a scene from an oriental restaurant
Novus Ordo Bishop Allen Vigneron St. Anthony Church,
Oakland, California
January 2004
Vestal Virgin Mess "Vestal Virgin" Mess
in which Novus Ordo nuns dance like pagan Vestal Virgins during the dedication of a Novus Ordo square "table"
Roger Cardinal Mahony Cathedral,
Los Angeles, California
September 6, 2002
Voodoo Mess
"Voodoo" Mess
at which witch doctors of voodoo participate, and animist (pagan) practices are included
Auspices of the Archbishop of Sao Paulo Our Lady of Achiropita Parish,
Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 31, 2003
Washtub Mess
"Washtub" Mess
at which Newchurchers congregate around a washtub altar
Novus Ordo Presbyter Grosskrotzenburg, Germany August 2001
Wildflower Mess "Wildflower" Mess
in which German rye is served on rocks amidst wildflowers
Novus Ordo Presbyter Ignatian Hike, Jesuit Community University,
Freiburg, Germany
August 24, 2003
Witch Mess
"Witch" Mess
at which white witches assemble in coven with approval of the Novus Ordo bishop
Novus Ordo Priestesses Oakland, California March 31, 2003
Womyn Mess
"Womyn" Mess
at which Novus Ordo "table" servettes, lectresses, gift-bearers, etc., were all adult womyn, vested in Novus Ordo albettes
Novus Ordo Priestesses National Council of Catholic Women,
Washington, D.C.
October 31, 1999

Here are just a few other Novus Ordo Messes documented without photos (far from a complete list):

  1. "Bagel" Mess -- in which bagels are used as the matter (Long Island, New York, May 8, 2004)
  2. "Ballet" Mess -- in which young girls dressed for a ballet dance up the aisles of the church (St. Anthony Daniel's Church, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, March 10, 2000)
  3. "Basketball" Mess -- in which the presbyter walks around the Novus Ordo "table" and the "sanctuary" bouncing a basketball while performing Mess play by play into a wireless microphone (Long Island, New York, May 2003)
  4. "Black" Mess -- in which Satanic principles or forces are invoked
  5. "Candy" Mess -- in which candy is used for "communion"
  6. "Cat in the Hat" Mess -- in which at Christmas Midnight Mess, the presbyter during the homily put on a Cat-in-the-Hat hat (Presbyter Wayne Morris, St. Joseph Church, Ironton, Ohio, December 25, 2003)
  7. "Coffee" Mess -- in which coffee is used for "communion"
  8. "Cookie" Mess -- in which invalidating ingredients are used (said to characterize the majority of messes held in the United States)
  9. "Dracula" Mess -- in which a presbyter vests after the fashion of Bela Lugosi in Dracula (Trenton, New Jersey, 2003)
  10. "Elvis" Mess -- in which a portrait of Elvis Presley is displayed around the Novus Ordo "table" (Portugal, 1982)
  11. "Fruit" Mess -- in which fruit is used as the matter, and Buddhist chant and local pagan practices are also incorporated into the Mess (performed at a Jesuit college)
  12. "Gingerbread" Mess -- in which the matter is baked in the shape of a gingerbread man, and when communicants tear off a piece of "Mr. Gingerbread," the presbyter yells "ouch"
  13. "Girl Scout" Mess -- in which Girl Scout medals are given out, with an all-female cast: Eucharistic ministresses, Novus Ordo "table" servettes, etc.
  14. "Golf" Mess -- a Sunday mess scheduled on Saturday afternoon and erroneously called "vigil," to allow people to devote Sunday to playing golf and other non-religious activities; also done in an effort to Judaize the Church by transferring the Mess from Sunday to Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath
  15. "Halloween" Mess -- in which participants come in Halloween costumes (Christ the King Parish, Pleasant Hill, October 31, 2003)
  16. "Hockey" Mess -- in which the presbyter wears white vestments with a hockey team logo in the center and arranges for signs to be held up in the back of the church with hockey scores (Detroit, May 2002)
  17. "Jazz" Mess -- in which pagan "jazz" music accompanies the service (Sundays at Our Lady of the Rosary Church, New Orleans, Louisiana)
  18. "K-9" Mess -- in which dogs appear to share in the Mess and possibly partake of the "cookie" (Novus Ordo Presbyter Stephen De Bono, St. Therese Church, Padstow, Australia)
  19. "Lobster" Mess -- in which the presbyter wore a lobster hat from a local take-out restaurant (Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 2002).
  20. "Mariachi" Mess -- in which sacred music is replaced by the profane mariachi guitar
  21. "Pumpkin" Mess -- in which white witchcraft (wicca) is introduced, in the form of a giant pumpkin on the Novus Ordo "table" (Pleasant Hill, California, October 31, 2003)
  22. "Rock" Mess -- in which a rock band takes the place of a choir and organ
  23. "Seance" Mess -- in which, held at 11:15 p.m., all the lights are dimmed, and candles of various colors and shapes with various non-religious symbols on them are used as the only light
  24. "Servette" Mess -- in which girls take the place of Novus Ordo "table" boys or men (this Mess is quite common in the United States)
  25. "Sofa" Mess -- in which Novus Ordo Presbyter Vincent Sciortino, O.Carm, on December 12, 2004, on Maltese Super 1 TV, performed the Novus Ordo service while sitting on a couch, and the congregation received the cookie while seated and cross-legged

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