May 2004

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May 31 - Pentecost Monday (Double of the First Class)

Pope Rewards "Sexy" Bishop

From: Fr. Moderator
Cardinal Law

Ex Boston Bernard Cardinal Law
Hides His Face in Shame over His Out-of-Control Sex Abuses
Pope Rewards His Immoralities with a Plum Roman Post - Go Figure!

If this pope were worthy of the title, he would banish Boston's ex-cardinal Bernard Law to wash the floors at a remote monastery for all the scandal he caused to the Church through his sex abuse. But this pope, whose perverted papacy has brought the Church's doctrine and sacraments, not to speak of its morality, to virtual ruin, has decided to give Law a cushy Roman post, archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major. No wonder the sex scandal is out of control. With a pope rewarding the abusers instead of publicly punishing them, what kind of a message do you think he is sending out?

Given that Our Blessed Lady was known for her perpetual virginity and purity, is the pope trying to play a cruel joke on the Church? And you all thought that TRADITIO was bitingly satirical in the Roman style. We don't hold a candle to this pope's satire on all of us! [AP, 05/27/04]

May 30 - Pentecost Sunday (Double of the First Class)

"Charismatic" -- No Way!

From: Laureano (Brazil)

"Catholic" Charismatics Gyrating in a Bacchanalian Frenzy
The Success of Evil, Ignorance, and Error

Dear Fr. Moderator:

How can we explain the apparent success of the Charismatic Movement today? Charismatics claim to be experiencing the gifts of God, to which Providence leads them. In Brazil, for instance, communities are growing and witness is given that, were it not by the help of God, what they do materially (the money they get every month from donors really seems to be providential) and spiritually (apparent cures and conversions, abandonment of vices, etc.) would not be possible.

The Charismatics seem to be honest for the most part. People claim that their lives have been changed, long hours before the Blessed Sacrament are conducted, and, as paradoxically as it may seem, many traditional doctrines are upheld a contrario of what happens in most New Order bastions. How can this be explained? Thanks for your enlightenment.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Evil, ignorance, and error have much success in our world. Why should that be a surprise? For example, there are something like a billion and a half Mohammedans, who are very successful, and yet pander a lethally false religion.

Are these "Catholic" Charistmatics really experiencing the gifts of God? What are those gifts, after all? Scripture teaches us: patience, long-suffering, benignity, etc., certainly not writhing on the floor like snakes and waving their arms around like banshees. The gifts of God are based in what makes us in his own image, that is, our reason, not lower emotionalism.

Many evil causes receive large amounts of money from their devotees. Can you imagine how much money has been donated to Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance, Dignity, and all the rest?

The Hindus worship many-armed goddesses, but that doesn't make these goddesses any more real than the cookie these "Catholic" Charismatics are idolatrously "adoring." There is an objective reality, a true Faith and true Sacraments. All the subjective wishing and erroneous faith in the world isn't going to make a cat into a dog, and more than it can a cookie into the Blessed Sacrament. These people may be sincere, but they are sincerely wrong.

May 29 - Vigil of Pentecost

"Full Communion with the Magisterium"

From: Steve

Dear Fr. Moderator:

My question is in regard to being in "full communion with the magisterium." I am a traditional Catholic, but, for practical necessities, belong to a home-schooling group that is very New Order inclined. The group is constantly at me, saying that anyone who is not faithful to the pope is not in full communion with the magisterium.

They say that since Mel Gibson believes that the popes of Vatican II onward are not true popes and that therefore everything from the Vatican under these false popes is poppycock, Mel Gibson dissents from the magisterium. I am not a sede-vacantist, but I am sick and tired of being told that if I do not agree with the errors that this pope is teaching, I am not in "full communion with the magisterium."

Please help me to answer this question intelligently to the home-schooling group who look at me questionably because I am a traditional Catholic that favors the immemorial truths of the magisterium, not just some Modernistic revisionism. It is very hard to begin to explain to this group about the true Roman Catholic Faith and the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments because they have only one mindset: obey, obey, obey.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Magisterium is a much bigger concept than an individual pope. These people you are talking to are apparently ignorant of Latin (what kind of a homeschool is that!), for magisterium does not mean pope. It is a grammatical neuter, a thing, not a person, the 2000-year, immemorial teaching authority (that is what the Latin word magisterium means) of the Church, based in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, what is known dogmatically as the Deposit of Faith. To this, the pope is bound in the exercise of his office, as most recently expressed in the dogmatic decree of Vatican Council I, Pastor Aeternus. The pope himself must be in full communion with the magisterium to have any authority.

If the pope exceeds the limits of his office, his actions are null and void, just as would be the action of a President trying to impose a tax without a bill from Congress. The pope has no authority to change essentially the canonized Mass, the Sacraments, or the doctrine of the Faith. Christ didn't give him that power; so the Church teaches. If he should do so, the Church also teaches that he is not to be obeyed. That is the situation we are in now. It is not a new situation, as recent TRADITIO Commentaries have explained.

The people you are talking to have things upside down. A Catholic's priority is, first of all, to have fidelity to Christ and to the Catholic and Apostolic Faith. If the pope is faithful to Christ and the Faith, then everything is "in synch," but there have been several popes (about 40 according to Vatican Council I) who have not followed the Faith fully, and therefore a Catholic is bound to disobey them in their error.

Mel Gibson does not dissent from the magisterium of the Church. Rather, he is trying to follow it authentically. Vatican Council II had no doctrinal authority (Popes John XXIII and Paul VI clearly stated this), and yet the most unCatholic doctrinal and liturgical notions are being forced on Catholics in the name of the "spirit of Vatican II." If every Catholic acted like Mel Gibson, we might have the Roman Catholic Church fully restored in our time. The Modernists in charge now, condemned by St. Pius X and other popes, are neither Roman nor Catholic. Don't be misled by their deceitful words, but look at their acts and teaching. It is clearly not Catholic. Even they admit that they are "changing" or "updating" the religion. Well, you can't do that and call yourself "Catholic." No, you are a Protestant.

So, to cut to the point, don't worry: you in full communion with the Church, and you are faithful to the pope, to the extent that he is in fidelity to the Church. On the other hand, the people you are talking to are Wanderers, straying from the true Faith and making of it some kind of caricature. They would undoubtedly tell you that if you were a German in 1940, you must obey the lawful Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, not the moral law of God.

It appears that the particular home-schooling group you are with has an unCatholic, not to say immoral, attitude, which is probably trickling down to your children. If I were you, I'd look for another homeschool as soon as possible. You're not going to convince these people. As St. Paul said, their foolish hearts are darkened (Romans 1:21/DRV).

May 28 - St. Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop & Confessor (Double)
Complete Friday Abstinence

On with the Abuses, Says Cardinal

From: John

Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley announced 65 parish closings on May 25, completing a process that began in December when he said that the archdiocese would be forced to undergo a major downsizing. O'Malley made the startling admission that the deep reduction was needed because of declining Mess attendance, a shortage of priests, and the inability of the archdiocese to support struggling parishes because of the "abuse" scandal.

I wonder how the Novus Ordinarians are going to spin this one. So much for the "New Pentecost" and the "Springtime of Vatican II". Isn't it a fact that the Novus Ordo religion shows no signs of vitality whatsoever? Conversions are down, parishes and schools are closing, vocations are rare, and Mess attendance is down. The Novus Ordinarians have foolishly contributed money that has gone not to churches, but to pay off the consequences of the perversions of the New Order. Now they're going to be thrown out of their churches by the very bishops that abused the Church in the first place. Poetic justice?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

So, Catholics are voting on the "New Mess" by their feet. They're walking out. Mess attendance is down to less than one in six. Why the New Order worries about a "presbyter shortage," I don't know. As one person put it, give the Novus Ordo a few more years, and there won't be enough Novus Ordinarians left to need more presbyters! Mess attendance is already well below one in twenty in many European countries. The U.S. is headed there fast, if the true Faith and the Traditional Latin Mass is not restored.

It is the natural consequence of the New Order pandering a Counterfeit Mess and a Counterfeit Church. The Modernists could get away with it for a few years of initial enthusiasm, but now that the bloom is off the rose, as it were, the devil has come back to claim his reward: a devastated Church and general apostasy from the true Faith. And the Novus Ordinarians can blame only themselves. Their forefathers fought for the Faith; they gave it away without a fight.

May 27 - Octave Day of the Ascension (Double Major)

On with the Abuses, Says Cardinal

From: Fr. Moderator
Cardinal Wetter

Friedrich Cardinal Wetter
Says Don't Bother Reporting Novus Ordo Mess "Abuses"
New Vatican's Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum Is just Another Dead Letter

If the Novus Ordinarians thought that the latest in a series of New Vatican instructions trying to purge "abuses" from the Novus Ordo Mess would have any effect, they'd better forget it. The ink on Redemptionis Sacramentum is hardly dry, and already the bishops and cardinals are saying: "Forget it!"

Take Munich's Friedrich Cardinal Wetter. He has written an open letter making it clear that those who report liturgical abuses will be wasting their time. The document had caused considerable anxiety in the archdiocese, he said. Some believed it encouraged Catholics to denounce practices they regarded as dubious. Well -- duh! -- wasn't that the whole point?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The Novus Ordo Mess doesn't have abuses; it is the abuse! Stay away from it at peril of your immortal soul. Don't expect anything from these bishops and cardinals of the Church of the New Order. They're as Catholic as a three-dollar bill is legal tender!

Has the Spirit Flown Away?

From: Greg

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I'm a little bit confused about the Second Vatican Council. Our Holy Mother the Church teaches us that the Holy Ghost was promised to guide Christ's Church. This is, of course, one of the attributes of the Church, indefectibility, which means that the teachings and doctrines of the Church will always remain the same until the end of time. Why would the Holy Ghost allow the majority of the Council Fathers to be Modernists during the Second Vatican Council? I'd really appreciate it if you would clarify this for me.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Because God has given man the marvelous gift of freewill. Man can disobey God, and that includes bishops, cardinals, and the pope. The Holy Ghost can guide, but man, including the clergy, has the freewill not to follow. The history of the Church, amply backed up by Scripture (the Bible) and Tradition, shows that God often tests our Faith, in order that we can prove our freely-given love of Him. Our tradition teaches us that prelates are tested more strongly, and more of them fail the test. "The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of rotten bishops, says St. John Chrysostom, Great Eastern Doctor of the Church.

There have been other periods in Church history when the hierarchy of the Church has "gone off the rails." In the period of the fourth century, just after the Church came out of the catacombs, probably only 1-3% of the bishops were orthodox. Most of them, including probably the pope at the time, succumbed to a virulent heresy of the time denying the divinity of Christ. It swept through the Church, so that orthodox Catholics were denounced, persecuted, and even killed by the heretics, known as Arians, after the heretic priest Arius.

But at the same time this was actually a wonderful period for the Church. The challenge to the Faith produced probably the greatest number of true Saints in the history of the Church. The failure of the bishops (and the pope) to stand by the orthodox Catholic Faith gave us such greats as St. Athanasius of Alexandria, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. Gregory of Nazianzus, St. Martin of Tours, St. Augustine of Hippo, and several others, the likes of whom we have not seen since.

The Holy Ghost always remains with the Church. But the true "Church" is not the structure or personnel imposing a New Order. It cannot be, as that it is not Catholic, and the Holy Ghost thus cannot be with it. Just as in the fourth century, it is in those laymen and clerics who remain faithful to Catholic orthodoxy (doctrine) and orthopraxis (the Mass and Sacraments) that make up the Church.

Such Catholic laity and clergy will always exist, even if they are reduced to a remnant. We have no promise that orthodox Catholics will be great in number, only that there will be those who will stand by what we call the Roman Catholic Faith. Look for them, and you will find the Church and the Holy Ghost.

May 26 - St. Philip Neri, Confessor (Double)

The East Is not an Option

From: Joseph

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Sometimes we hear of people abandoning the Novus Ordo Mess to go, not to the traditional Roman Rite, as they are obliged to, but to some Eastern rite, because they think that the Eastern rites have not been tampered with. Wrong!

As a member of the Eastern Maronite rite, I can say both from personal experience and from official statements, that this rite, like all the other Eastern Uniate rites, have been seeded with the Novus Ordo/Vatican II corruptions over the last three decades. The Counterfeit Church of the New Order introduced these changes under the claim of removing centuries of "Romanizations" and of returning to "authentic Maronite tradition," but in reality Maronite traditions are being destroyed, and the Novus Ordo is being implemented in the Eastern Uniate rites.

Now, additional changes are being planned at a Maronite Patriarchal Synod, which is taking place in Lebanon. The September 2003 issue of The Maronite Voice, the official publication of the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn, calls this synod a "Maronite Vatican Council" and says that "it is compared to a New Pentecost for the Maronite Church." This is the identical vocabulary that has been used to destroy the traditional Roman Rite.

The Traditional Latin Mass and the pre-Vatican II Maronite Mass differ only in the language used (Latin vs. Syriac) and the rubrics of the ceremonies. But the Mass is the same in both Rites, the Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary. I pray that the pre-Vatican II Maronite Mass is soon restored by a traditional Eastern movement that will be as effective as the Catholic Traditional Movement has been in standing up to the bishops of the Church of the New Order.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

It is an error widely held by many Western Catholics that the Eastern rites remain somehow untouched and that they are more ancient the Western rites. The liturgical scholar Adrian Fortescue rejects this contention head on, saying:

The traditional Roman Mass is "the most venerable in all Christendom, with a history of unbroken use far longer than that of any Eastern rite, there being no doubt that the essential parts of the Mass are of Apostolic origin.

It is true now that the Eastern Rites are in worse shape than the Western. At one time the Easterns had Apostolic rites, but many have now fallen away from these, because of the constant wars and conquests of invasion in the East (from which the Western Church has thankfully been spared). Many of these churches have given up their Apostolic rites and liturgical languages to substitute a vernacularized, even concocted, worship (as with the "Western Orthodox," a sham to lure Roman Catholics to cross the fence into the Orthodox schism). This is particularly true of the Eastern rites in the United States. The Uniates have the additional problem of corruptions by Neo-Modernism introduced into their rites after Vatican II, as Joseph indicates.

There is the occasional church with an Eastern-rite liturgy that has not been corrupted by history or Vatican II, but such a church is more by far like the proverbial needle in the haystack than the Traditional Latin Mass is!

May 25 - St. Gregory VII, Pope & Confessor (Double)

It Gets Worse -- Hindu Goddess Now Worshipped at Fatima"

From: Fr. Moderator
Hindu Goddess Durga

The Hindu Goddess Durga
One of the Pagan Goddesses Now Worshipped at the Fatima Shrine

[N.B. Not that it will do any good against the totalitarian New Order bishops, who are bound and determined to make over the Roman Catholic Church into the false One-World, Oecumenical Church of the New Order, but TRADITIO herewith provides you with you with the contact information for the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima: Msgr. Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva, Largo Conego Maia, 2400-175 Leiria, Portugal, telephone 00-351-244.832.714, fax 00-351-244.812.922, E-mail

If you do communicate with him, don't act like a craven wimp, but as a courageous traditional Catholic who loves the true Faith and who justly chastises those prelates who fall from it. Take this bishop to task for his errors, following the example of St. Paul who chastised St. Peter in front of the Apostles for falling away from the true Faith.]

JP II's plans to turn the Roman Catholic Shrine at Fatima into a "multi-faith center" are progressing. On May 5, the Portuguese Television SIC reported that a Hindu religious service was held at the altar of the Chapel of the Apparitions at the Fatima Shrine.

Sixty Hindus led by a high priest traveled from Lisbon to pay homage to the Goddess Durga, a war goddess with eighteen arms. Arriving in Fatima, the pilgrims made their way to the Chapel of the Apparitions, where from the altar a Hindu priest led Hindu prayer sessions. The Hindus can be seen removing their shoes before approaching the altar rail of the chapel as the priest chants Hindu prayers from the altar's sanctuary. The Hindu priest lighted a candle at the Shrine while his followers danced outside the Chapel of the Apparitions chanting praises to their pagan gods and goddesses. Each Hindu was personally greeted by the Bishop of Leiria-Fátima, who bowed to the Hindu priest. The Hindu priest is then seen clothing the rector of the Fatima Shrine and the bishop of Fatima-Leiria with a Hindu priestly shawl.

Really, folks, how can anyone pretend that this Church of the New Order is the Roman Catholic Church? Ridiculous! We are not talking about some "renegades" here, but a rector and a bishop who have the full approval of JP II to destroy Fatima as a Roman Catholic Shrine and replace it with a tennis-racket structure in which Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, and presumably Satanists, can all worship their respective pantheons of gods and goddesses.

Those "conservative" Novus Ordinarians of the Wandering persuasion are looking more and more like complete fools. If they ever dare to challenge your traditional Roman Catholic Faith, just throw this one up to them. They will have no come-back when you tell them that the pagan goddess is being worshipped at Fatima with the full approval of JP II!

May 24 - Within the Octave of the Ascension (Semidouble)

It Gets Worse -- Pope's Representatives Propose a "Religion of the Future"

From: Fr. Moderator
Pope and Fitzgerald with Mohammedan

JP II Schmoozes with Mohammedan Mullah
As Abp. Fitzgerald Whispers Oecumenical Stage Directions into His Ear

Isn't it wonderful that the Church of the New Order is now publicly showing its anti-Catholic and anti-Roman stripes? The evidence is pouring out now week by week. Novus Ordinarians must be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see it. Rather, they are now participants in the evil of the gravest sins against the First Commandment. They can no longer feign "ignorance."

On October 10-12, 2003, a religious convention on the subject of the new Fatima structure [it can hardly be called a church] took place at Fatima, organized by the New Vatican and the United Nations. Present were:

Obviously, the New Vatican and the U.N. are in cahoots to turn the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima into the worldwide center of the New Religion, the next phase of the Church of the New Order. The rector of the sanctuary, Mgr. Guerra, publicized in no uncertain terms the blueprint for the New Religion, which will dump even Vatican II and certainly the papacy, in favor of a One-World, Oecumenical Religion. He declared:

The future of Fatima must be far more than the creation of a sanctuary where different religions will be able to meet cordially. The sanctuary of Fatima is already planned to become a place of One-World Religion. This Religion of the Future will be a general convergence of religions in a universal "Christ," Who will satisfy everyone.

The convention -- and remember this was "approved" by the New Vatican -- declared:

The new structure [replacing the Fatima Shrine] will become a center where all religions of the world can assemble to give homage to their respective gods, a universal Pantheon.

Archbishop Fitzgerald, the pope's representative for "inter-religious dialogue," had already declared in 1999:

It is necessary to be very clear and to say that the inter-religious dialogue is part of the mission of the Church, but doesn't have as goal to bring people to conversion [to the Catholic Faith]. We meet the Buddhist, Moslem, and Hindu merely to establish brotherly relations with them and not to convert them.

Fr. Dupuis, the Jesuit oecumenical theologian, developed the thesis that all religions are positively wanted by God. This heretic theologian, furthermore, declared publicly his contempt for the dogma, "Outside the Church, no Salvation."

The future pilgrims of Fatima will soon be welcomed by the pagan tinkle of tiny Tibetan bells or the ear-splitting cries of muezzins. [RU - UNEC]

Well, folks, you see where this is all leading. The Church of the New Order, and its Novus Ordo services, are clearly not Catholic. They're not intended to be. They are just setting the stage for the imposition of a New Religion, a One-World Oecumenical Religion presided over not by the pope, but by the United Nations. The evidence is there. Read it for yourselves. The Novus Ordinarians are clearly being duped into funding and "obeying" a religion that is not Catholic. They are being led like dumb lambs to the slaughter.

And don't look to the pope to stop any of this. These are his representatives, speaking for him. He's on the oecumenical bandwagon himself. In fact, as yesterday's Commentary indicated, he actually supports the destruction of Fatima as a Catholic shrine. Your traditional Catholicism is looking better and better, isn't it? Every day your traditional faith is being proven correct all along.

May 23 - Sunday within the Octave of the Ascension (Semidouble)

JP II Sides with Destruction of Fatima Shrine

From: Fr. Moderator
New Fatima Shrine

The Pope of the "New Rome" Approves Destruction of Fatima Shrine
and Its Replacement by this Tennis Racket Structure
To Serve Mohammendans, Jews, and Pagans

Maybe now the Fatima devotees will realize that this pope is no friend of Fatima and no friend Our Lady, but a virtual Attila the Hun when it comes to his personal destruction of the traditional Roman Catholic Faith.

Word comes from The Tablet that John Paul II recently gave the religious authorities of Fatima a marble fragment of the tomb of St. Peter in Rome to be used in the new "oecumenical" structure that has been under construction since February 1994 and has been condemned by Fatima devotees. In spite of worldwide outcry, the pope is proceeding with plans to destroy the Fatima Shrine and to replace it with an pantheistic structure acceptable to Mohammedans, Jews, and Pagans.

The new tennis-racket structure will seat 9,000 people, making it the largest covered building in Portugal. (So much for the prediction about Portugal preserving the Faith.) Recently, Msgr. Luciano Guerra, the structure's rector, confirmed to the Zenit religious news agency that this new church structure will in fact be used for for non-Catholic services. Deaf to the criticisms of Fatima devotees, John Paul II has publicly taken a side in the controversy by encouraging the construction of the Pantheistic Temple, which will turn Our Lady of Fatima into a cruel joke, pandering to Mohammedans, Jews, and Pagans.

The "New Rome" may have spoken, but the cause is far from finished. Now we'll see whether the Fatima devotees will put their hearts and their pocketbooks where their mouths are. Will they publicly condemn this pope for his false "oecumenism"? Will they raise funds to prevent the construction of this Ungodly Temple and to bring JP II's travesty into the international spotlight? My bet is that they will not, but in the end will simply lie down and obediently let the Huns of the New Order Church trample them under.

May 22 - Within the Octave of the Ascension (Semidouble)

The Future of the Novus Ordo Mess

From: Fr. Moderator

The Next Phase of the Novus Ordo Mess Coming Soon to the New Order
A Priestess Elevates a Cookie and Welch's
Novus Ordo Bishops Are Already Dialoging with the Pagan Priestess Movement

Such Priestess Messes are being performed all over the United States, though usually (but not always) "underground." It is well known that the Novus Ordo Mess was being performed in Modernist centers around the United States well before Vatican II. The destruction of the true Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, was very carefully planned by Modernist "liturgists" with Masonic and Protestant associations long before Vatican II. They were simply waiting for a vehicle that they could use to propagate their counterfeit service.

Pope John XXIII unwittingly gave them that vehicle, when he convoked the pastoral council known as Vatican II. Within four years after the conclusion of that council, the Modernists had imposed, under false color of "obedience," a Great Facade, an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service, from which most of the Catholic content had been removed, including the Apostolic words of consecration themselves.

Thus, the Novus Ordo is left with not a Mass, but a service that is unCatholic, sacrilegious, irreverent, scandalous, blasphemous, idolatrous, and putatively invalid, because it fails to meet one or more of the three criteria established in Catholic dogmatic and sacramental theology for a valid Mass. Even said "reverently" with a few words of Latin thrown in, it is still an invalid service, which no Catholic in good conscience could ever attend.

TRADITIO predicts with certainty that in the coming years you will see the Novus Ordo service become more preposterous, as the photograph of the "Mess of the Future" above demonstrates. The Novus Ordinarians better get out now, before their souls are corrupted into putrifying pus. The worst is yet to come.

As evidence of that, the Women's Ordination Conference (WOC) was founded in those dark days of the tyrannical imposition of the Novus Ordo Mess and its accoutrements. In 1975, nineteen hundred gathered in Detroit on Thanksgiving weekend. Did Pope Paul VI excommunicate these heretics? Of course not. He was too busy mimicking Peter, denying His Lord to Whom he had sworn an oath to uphold the Roman Catholic Faith.

Did the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which was meeting in Detroit at the same time, excommunicate these heretics? Of course not. In fact, Bishop Dingbat (sorry, Dingman) "stood on the floor of the bishop's meeting and called for dialogue with the Women's Ordination Conference on the issue of priestesses." Now, you tell me, how do you "dialog" with heresy?

Now the WOC is a recognized organization, "a US-based Catholic organization working locally and nationally in collaboration with the worldwide movement for women's ordination." Yes, folks, the Pagan Priestess movement is now worldwide. Expect to see these Wicca Witches in Novus Ordo parishes soon. They're already in the Anglican Church. They're already in the Rabbinate.

Sacred Music Goes Literally down the Toilet

From: Michael

Dear Fr. Moderator

American Standard, a toilet-manufacturing company, has been using the Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem Mass as background music in one of its new television ad campaigns. When I, and apparently others, complained about the use of sacred music to promote toilets, I received the following reply, in part:

You may be interested to know that American Standard is revising the background music for the Champion commercial. When we first selected Mozart's Requiem, we didn't know of its religious significance. We actually learned about it from a small number of customers like you, who also contacted us.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

The ignorance here is truly mind-boggling, or the lie is longer than Pinnochio's nose! "We didn't know of its religious significance"? They didn't know that the word Mass, let alone Requiem, has religious significance? That company must be rife with Novus Ordinarians for sure.

In all fairness, though, I have to say (satirically) that the Lacrimosa section is part of the historic Requiem sequence, the Dies Irae, which the Novus Ordo has expurgated from its Counterfeit Mess, because it refers to judgment. Now, we all know that the New Order doesn't believe in judgment. The pope doesn't believe in judgment. The bishops don't believe in judgment. Otherwise, they would do something about the corruption in the Church around them.

No, any unrepentant murderer, sodomite, embezzler of Church funds, or what have you, will be consorting with the likes of St. Pius V and St. Pius X and the Holy Martyrs. There goes that preposterous Church of the New Order again!

May 21 - Within the Octave of the Ascension (Semidouble)
Complete Friday Abstinence

The News that's Never Printed

From: Fr. Moderator
Pope St. Pius V

Pope St. Pius V
Without Him, We'd Probably All Be Speaking Arabic Now

Muslims have slaughtered an estimated 600 Christians this week in Nigeria, according to the Christian Association of Nigeria.

But.... Islam is a religion of peace. We must be tolerant. Don't associate 9/11 with the Islmaic religion. We've all heard it. Even the U.S. government doesn't want us to see the coffins coming back from Iraq because it's too "incendiary." I guess those of us who saw coffins coming back from Vietnam every day wonder what has changed to make Americans such wimps in just forty years.

Before he backtracked, Bush had it right. This is a war of cultures, of religions. That is what the Islamics think. That is what the Islamics say. If the West wants to deceive itself that its Roman religion and culture are not under siege, the West will be paying the price, not the Islmics, who have throughout their history tried to take over Europe and subjugate it to what Pope Pius XI called the "darkness of Islamism." If it weren't for Pope St. Pius V, we'd probably all be speaking Arabic now!

And now let us turn from Africa to Asia. Two presbyters in the underground Church of the New Order were arrested on May 14, 2004, by Communist Chinese government security policemen just before the two priests were to start classes on NFP and moral theology. One of the presbyters has been arrested three times before. The current whereabouts of the second presbyter are unknown. Hundreds of other presbyters have previously been arrested and sent to the Communist concentration camps.

Certain liberalists claim that Pope Pius XII, the most vocal anti-Nazi leader in Europe, should have been even more outspoken. And yet, when we have similar totalitarian goings-on now, where is the voice of the current liberalist pope? Silent. These are his own presbyters. Silent. This is a government more totalitarian, more atheistic, than any other on the face of the earth. Silent. The legal principle is: Qui tacet consentit [He who is silent consents].

Doesn't it seem that the New Vatican and its current pope are silent about (consent to) a lot of evil today? Mohammedans murdering Christians. Silent. Communist Chinese murdering presbyters. Silent. Presbyters deflowering Catholic youth. Silent. Bishops engaged in perversion and embezzlement of Church funds. Silent. Clown Messes. Silent. Gay Messes. Silent. Dance Messes. Silent.

Silent. Silent. Silent. One wonders if there is a pope any more, as the Church of the New Order spins faster and faster out of control until one of these days it will come to its inevitable end: a careening crash heard round the world!

May 20 - Ascension Thursday (Double Feast of the First Class)
A Holyday of Obligation

Pope Begins to See the Error of His Ways

From: Fr. Moderator
John Paul II

John Paul II
"Perhaps I Need to Criticize Myself"

In excerpts printed by Il Giornale of the pope's newly-released autobiography, JP II admits that he has done too little to admonish people. "Perhaps I need to criticize myself for not having tried hard enough to lead," the pope writes in the book, badly titled Get Up! Let Us Go! in its English translation.

No perhaps about it. Laws without enforcement are worthless. What if the police decided that they wouldn't enforce the laws against murder? Or, like Card. Arizne, said that murderers will come around eventually to recognize the error of their ways on their own? Would you want to live in such a society? Of course not. It's the same in the Church of the New Order. Anything goes, and nothing is ever done about it. This just provides confusion and scandal.

As a result, the poor Novus Ordinarians don't know what is right and what is wrong. For them, abortion is okay. Sodomy Unions (commonly called "Gay Marriage") are okay. Divorce (commonly called "annulment") is okay. What is not okay is the Catholic and Apostolic Faith as it has traditionally been taught by two millennia of popes, councils, Fathers, and Doctors.

May 19 - St. Peter Celestine, Pope & Confessor (Double Feast)

Did Fatima Slip up?

From: Rick

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I am aware of the Church's teaching on the limits and warnings about private revelations and how they are subordinate to the Catholic and Apostolic Deposit of Faith. In this context, what are we to make of something like the Fatima statement that "Portugal will never lose the Faith"?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Pretty problematic, isn't it? It just goes to show that, as the popes and Saints warn, one must be very wary about these "visions and apparitions" and certainly cannot be so certain about the meaning of such details, since they can be interpreted in so many different ways. Certainly Portugal has gone over to the unCatholic New Order just as much as any other country. In fact, you have read in previous TRADITIO Commentaries how the shrine church at Fatima is being torn down to build a new "oecumenical center" that panders to Mohammedans and Buddhists just as much as to Novus Ordinarians.

This reminds me of the story that the "Father of History," the Greek historian Herodotus, tells of Croesus, the wealthy king of Lydia. He was planning to attack Persia, but, before doing so, consulted the Oracle at Delphi, who told him: "A great kingdom will be defeated." Croesus, assuming that the Oracle was referring to the defeat of the Persian kingdom, proceeded with his plans to attack. In the end, a great kingdom was defeated: Croesus' own!

We should learn from the wisdom of the ancients how ambiguous the interpretation of these visions are! Easier to stand upon the Catholic and Apostolic Deposit of Faith, which has already been clearly interpreted for us by the great Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

May 18 - St. Venatius, Martyr (Double Feast)

Put the Blame Where It Really Belongs!

From: Joseph
U.S. Bishops

New Order Bishops at the U.S. Conference of "Catholic" Bishops
Not Singing from the Same Hymnbook

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, of Cincinnati, wants to give John Kerry the "benefit of the doubt" if he wants to receive "Holy Communion" in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. I'm not surprised. He has always been very liberal....

Fr. Moderator Replies

I can't get too excited about this all this "Kerry Kontrovery." First of all, we know that the Novus Ordo Kommunion is a counterfeit, a cookie, not a Sacrament. Secondly, we know that these New Order bishops are bishops in name only, but in reality a Mafia (Governor Keating's description) that is drowning in the heresy and immorality of the Church of the New Order, as the U.S. New Order Bishops' own two chief investigators have now publicly proclaimed.

What proves to me that this is all a bunch of phony politics is that for some reason Kerry is being singled out, who is doing nothing more wrong, and a considerable bit less, than many other "Catholic" members of Congress. When the anti-abortion "conservative" Novus Ordinarians start attacking Ted Kennedy, then I may begin to think that they're serious. While people pick away at Kerry, Ted Kennedy is the elephant in the middle of the room that no one talks about.

It's just not canonical to apply some vague law, whose meaning even the bishops can't agree upon, selectively to one person and not to another. How would you feel if you were given a ticket for going through a green light and told the officer, "I thought green meant go"? And the officer replied, "It's not clear in the law, but I'm giving you the ticket anyway"!

The problem is not with Kerry, or even Kennedy, but with the U.S. Conference of "Catholic" Bishops, who have deliberately refused to clarify what the Catholic teaching is (if they even know it). They don't want to, because if they did state a clear doctrine, they would have to enforce it. They don't want to drum these liberalist politicians out; they love them. They want them in the Presidency and the Congress. And in the Church of the New Order, these bishops cannot act independently, as some of them have tried illegally to do. They must act collegially; they must speak with one voice through the U.S.C.C.B.

I suspect that Kerry is just another one of those dumb Novus Ordinarians who has been so vernacularized and oecumenized and indifferentized that he honestly doesn't think that he is doing anything wrong. He sees Ted Kennedy and the other -- what? -- 120 "Catholic" congressmen receiving no censure, and he figures he's doing nothing wrong either. After all, he has expressed his personal opposition to abortion, which is more than many of the others have done. More than Ted Kennedy has done?

No, this is just politics, secular or ecclesiastical; it doesn't make any difference. Those of you "conservative" Novus Ordinarians who are so worried when Kerry receives the Novus Ordo Kookie should put your action and blame where it really belongs, on the U.S. Conference of "Catholic" Bishops.

May 17 - St. Paschal Baylon, Confessor (Double Feast)

Off with Their Mitres!

From: Fr. Moderator

Bishops can be "defrocked," just like other clergy. There is, in the traditional Pontificale Romanum, the liturgical book that governs episcopal rites, provision for the Degradation of a Bishop (Degradatio ab ordine pontificali). This is a ready-made canonical solution for the pope to use to get rid of the some 300 errant U.S. bishops.

And what are the grounds for this degradation, as indicated in the rite itself? Abuse of power, foul administration, raping the Church (yes, the rite holds no punches!), and bringing the Church into disarray. Aren't these exactly the charges to be applied against these U.S. bishops for their perfidy, preaching of heresy, engaging in vile sins and crimes, such as the molestation and rape of youth, embezzlement of Church funds, and, yes, even suspicion of murder?

THE RITE OF DEGRADATION [roughly translated from the Latin]
If the degradandus be an archbishop, the degrading prelate removes his pallium, saying:
"We deprive thee of the rights and privileges of the episcopal dignity, symbolized in this pallium, since thou hast abused them."
Then, even if the degradandus be a mere bishop, the degrading prelate removes his mitre, saying:
"We strip thy head of this miter, emblem of the episcopal dignity, since thou hast befouled it by thy ill government."
Then one of the ministers brings the Book of the Gospel to the degradandus, which the degrading prelate takes from his hands, saying;
"Give us back the Gospel! Since thou hast spurned the grace of God and made thyself unworthy of the office of preaching, we rightly deprive you of this office."
Then the degrading prelate removes the ring from the finger of the degradandus, saying:
"Rightly do we pull off thy ring, the sign of fidelity, since thou hast made bold to rape God's own bride, the Church."
At this time one of the ministers brings the degradandus a crosier, which the degrading prelate takes from his hands, saying;
"Thy shepherd's staff we take from thee, that thou shalt be powerless henceforward to exercise that office of correction, which thou hast brought to disarray."
Then the ministers take off the gloves of the degradandus, and the degrading prelate lightly scrapes thumbs and hands with a knife blade or a shard of glass, saying:
"We hereby deprive thee, to the extent of our powers, of the grace of spiritual blessing and of sacramental anointing, that thou shouldst forfeit the office of sanctifying and of blessing, and their effects."
With the same knife blade or shard the degrading prelate lightly scrapes the head of the degradandus, saying:
"We utterly erase and eradicate the consecration, blessing, and anointing bestowed upon thee, and we put thee out of the episcopal order, whence thou returnest unclothed."
The ministers remove the shoes from the degradandus. Thus ends the ceremony.

And here, for the record, is the current Rogues Gallery of New Order Bishops, with more being added all the time:

  1. Bishop Daniel Ryan, of Springfield, Illinois, resigned on October 19, 1999, one week before the filing of a lawsuit that named him as an active homosexual who had engaged in degraded sex with clergy and male prostitutes.
  2. Archbishop Rembert Weakland resigned on May 24, 2002, after it was disclosed that he had embezzled $450,000 of Church funds to pay hush money to a man who was his homosexual catamite.
  3. Bishop Kendrick Williams, of Lexington, Kentucky, was forced to resign in July 2002 after being accused in several-sex abuse cases filed by different former paramours.
  4. Bishop Keith Symons, of Palm Beach, Florida, was forced to resign in June 1998 after admitting that he had had criminal sexual relations with at least five minors.
  5. Bishop Anthony J. O'Connell, of Palm Beach, Florida, who succeeded Bishop Symons, was forced to resign in March 2002 after admitting that he had sexually abused a teen-ager and a seminarian.
  6. Bishop James F. McCarthy, pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Shrub Oak, Westchester County, New York, was forced to resign in June 2002 after admitting to several degraded shack-ups with women.
  7. Bishop Patrick Ziemann, of Santa Rosa, California, resigned in July 1999 when he was sued by a presbyter for an admitted homosexual shack-up with the presbyter.
  8. Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien, of Phoenix, Arizona, was forced to resign after his arrest in June 2003 for abandoning the scene of an accident, in which he struck and killed a man, calling him a "dog." This "bishop" didn't even bother to get out to give the man Last Rites. Moreover, the bishop methodically attempted to conceal the evidence of his crime. Only weeks earlier he had signed an agreement with criminal investigators admitting that he had transfered sex-criminal presbyters in an obstruction-of-justice scheme entered into with other U.S. bishops.
  9. Bishop Howard Hubbard, of Albany, New York, faces accusations that he prostituted a 16-year-old boy, whom he had been paying off for sex. The apparent murder of Fr. John Minkler has severely complicated matters because he was identified as the author of a 1995 report addressed to New York's Cardinal John J. O'Connor, detailing a ring of homosexual Albany presbyters including two young presbyters with whom Bishop Hubbard had alleged long-term homosexual shack-ups. Some have even suspected Hubbard of being implicated in the apparent murder as part of a cover-up plot. A criminal investigation is in progress.

Next time your Novus Ordo "friends" tell you how wonderful Newchurch and Newmess is, just hand them this list and laugh them to scorn.

May 16 - Fifth Sunday after Easter (Semidouble Sunday)

Another Abuse Chairman Calls U.S. New Order Bishops "Manipulators"

From: Fr. Moderator
Justice Anne Burke

Justice Anne Burke of the Illinois Appellate Court
Chairman of the U.S. "Catholic" Bishops National Review Board on Sex Abuse
"We Were Manipulated," She Tells Bishop-President Wilton Gregory

If you were a New Order U.S. bishop, wouldn't you want to strip off your vesture and hide in a cave for the rest of your life? These U.S. bishops, which the Novus Ordinarians pander their obedience to, have once again been shown up and liars and hypocrites -- by their own. Oh, they're great with the lying P.R., but are devoid of any Catholic morality, that's for sure.

Remember when Governor Keating, chairman of the National Review Board, which was appointed by the bishops to investigate clergy abuse, publicly stated of the U.S. bishops: "To act like La Cosa Nostra [the Mafia] and hide and suppress, I think, is very unhealthy. Eventually it will all come out." And that great Defender of the Faith, Card. Mahony of Los Angeles, who preaches heresy about the Most Blessed Sacrament and was exposed in a U.S. News and World Report expose for pulling a protection scheme against the dead in mortuaries, hounded the scrupulously honest chairman to resign in June 2003.

Now we have The Honorable Anne Burke, Justice of the Illinois Appellate Court, who stepped into the chairmanship when Governor Keating was forced to resign. She has now not only confirmed what Governor Keating stated, but charges corruption at an even higher level.

According to the National Catholic Register, Justice Burke wrote on May 30 to U.S. "Catholic" Conference of Bishops chairman Wilton Gregory a letter stating that the U.S. [New Order] bishops (Card. Mahony chief among them -- I leave you to put two and two together here) lied to their own sex-abuse board because they wanted not to do penance and redress the grievances of the abused youth, but because they wanted to use the board as a P.R. tool to get the scandal off the front page. All the board members are now questioning whether the New Order bishops have any real commitment to child protection.

Remember, now, the National Catholic Register is a New Order publication. The rats are now turning on the cat, it seems! Justice Burke's letter paints a picture of hierarchical deception and public-relations maneuvering. While the letter bears her signature, it was reviewed and approved by the entire Review Board, Justice Burke told NCR.

Even as the bishops' own National Review Board members were presenting their findings on the scope and causes of the crisis to a widely-covered February 27 press conference, wrote Justice Burke, its members were unaware that the bishops were considering shelving or delaying some of the board's key recommendations. Nearly a month later, as four NRB members formally presented the recommendations to the bishops' Administrative Committee, the Board had not been informed that key members of the hierarchy were seeking to defer or derail a second round of audits designed to measure diocesan compliance with child-protection policies established by the bishops at their June 2002 meeting in Dallas.

The bishops' June 2002 "Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People," the document that established the NRB and called for implementation of diocesan policies to combat sexual abuse turns out (surprise!) to be a taudry P.R. sham. In other words, the U.S. Conference of "Catholic" Bishops was deliberately lying to U.S. Catholics, the pope, the public at large, and even their own review board. Said Justice Burke, "In short, we were manipulated."

And guess who was one of the prominent parties behind this deception? Why, none other than that lover-boy of the conservatives, Fabian Bruskewitz, of Lincoln, who "excommunicates" traditional Catholics with the same fervor with which he supports Masonic parades and allows his cathedral to be used for the consecration of Methodist bishops!

Justice Burke's letter said the bishops simply want to go back as quickly as possible to "business as usual." To proven embezzlement, to proven rape, to proven child molestation. How many bishops have been "outed" now? Seven? More, if we count the suspected priest-murderer and the "hit-and-run" bishop? No wonder Governor Keating, a former FBI agent and Justice Department official call these U.S. bishops "a Mafia, not my Church."

The real question is: when will the Novus Ordinarians, who continue to put their hard-earned money in the collection plate to be spent by these perverted bishops, learn their lesson and return to traditional Roman Catholicism? They are supporting crime with their own money. Now, that's not moral for anybody. They can no longer morally play the "ignorance game" of the three monkies: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

No wonder St. John Chrysostom, Great Eastern Father and Doctor of the Church, writing in a period similar to our own, when all but a handful of bishops has apostacized from the Catholic Faith, warned us: "The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of rotten bishops."

May 15 - St. John Baptist de la Salle, Confessor (Double Feast)

An Oecumenical Vatican Gone Awry - Again

From: Fr. Moderator
Archbishop Lajolo

Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo
Flunks Moral Theology
Needs to Be Suspended and Sent back to a Traditional Seminary

While the current pontificate sinks further and further into chaos, we have yet another statement from a papal-wanna-be, Archibishop Giovanni Lajolo (La Repubblica, May 11, 2004), the New Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States, who tries to equate alleged cases of "abuse" on Saddam Hussein's murderers and heinous criminals by a few American soldiers in Iraqi jails to the massacre of more than 5,000 innocent men, women, and children in three airplanes by Islamic terrorists.

This archbishop is more concerned, you see, with "the relationship with Islam." Well, archbishop, there is no "relationship" with Islam. Your pope, Pius XI, spoke of the "darkness of Islamism." He could not have chosen a more apt phrase for this murderous sect, whose Koran preaches that you either convert the "infidels" (Christians), otherwise enslave or murder them. Even before Negro slavery, the Mohammedans were perfecting the widespread use of White slavery.

Now, after a wave of anti-American propaganda, in which the New Vatican seems only too happy to participate, "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey says, is coming out. Many of the pictures that are being spread across newspapers and television screens of the alleged American "abuse" are turning out to be merely posed shots for counter-intelligence purposes, while the Mohammedans do not hesitate to decapitate the "infidels."

In a country that is supposed to be so deeply founded on freedom of the press, I wonder why the American people have never had the opportunity to see film of their fellow citizens being cremated in the sky and putrefying themselves on the pavement jumping out of the Twin Towers or being incinerated in the Pentagon explosion. Why is that? Apparently, the current administration thinks that such pictures would incite animosity toward Levantine Mohammedans. Well, why not?

It seems that the Church of the New Order is ever ready to intrude itself into secular politics, which is really none of its business, so that its active destruction of Roman culture, Western civilization, and the Roman Catholic Faith, to guard and protect which is most definitely its business, can be hidden.

I wonder whether, if a few reports of "abuses" by American soldiers in Nazi prisons (as surely there must have been) had found their way back to the United States in 1944, our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers would have become more incensed against the forces that saved the world from Nazism than against the cruelty of the Nazis themselves. Ridiculous!

May 14 - St. Boniface, Martyr (Simple Feast)
Complete Friday Abstinence

An Enchiridion of Novus Ordo Messes: The "Gymnastic" Mess

From: Fr. Moderator
Gymnastic Mess

"Gymnastic Mess" Being Performed
In Menzigen, Switzerland, May 2, 2004
Redeptionis Sacramentum Instruction Totally Ineffective

From Swizerland comes our latest example of that non-Mass lunacy that is the Novus Ordo service. Gymnasts dressed in flimsy costumes perform during the performance of the Novus Ordo Mess.

The Church of the New Order will tell you that everything is kopasetic; there are just a few "abuses." What a crock! First of all, the so-called abuses are so widespread that they are the Novus Ordo Mess. Second, the Novus Ordo Mess is, in and of itself, the abuses. It spits on the true Mass of the Roman Catholic Church, what we now have to call the Traditional Latin Mass to distinguish it from the Novus Ordo Mess, even sugar-coated with a little Latin. The evidence, a small sampling of which is included in TRADITIO's Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery, makes this conclusion undeniable.

The Swiss source that brings the "Messe gymnastique" to our attention comments:

Les auteurs de ce document ne considèrent pas que la réalité alarmante qu'ils dénoncent est le fruit de ce rêve chimérique: une liturgie toujours en mouvement d'adaptation. Un mouvement que les ultra-progressistes ne veulent ni arrêter, ni même freiner. [The authors of this document [Redemptionis sacramentum] do not consider that the alarming reality it they denounce is the fruit of a chimerical dream: a liturgy always in movement of adaptation. A movement that the ultra-progressives want neither to stop completely nor even slow down. (Documentation Information Catholicques Internationales)]

May 13 - St. Robert Bellarmine, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor (Double Feast)

An Enchiridion of Novus Ordo Messes: The "Bagel" Mess

From: Jack

I would like to give you an update on the latest in just how far the Novus Ordo Mess has fallen here on Long Island. My wife and I this past Saturday attended a "first communion" (which I had to attend for a close relative) at a Novus Ordo church out here on Long Island. There were a presbyter and a deacon "presiding" over the service. This, so far as I can tell, is not some "exceptional" case (the conservative Novus Ordinarians are always saying that these outlandish services are the exception; they're not; they're the rule).

At the "homily" the presbyter had a cordless microphone and walked through the crowd asking what everyone ate for breakfast. He then pulled out bagels from under whatever he was wearing and explained to all the kids and us that this was soon, as we "believe," to become a host, which, like a bagel, if you eat enough of them, will keep you from "dying."

My wife and I would not go up to receive the Holy Bagel, but every other person there went up to receive and were all laughing and joking on the way back to their seats. I got into an argument with my cousin, whose child it was, on just how liberal and confusing this stuff is to the children. They asked why I would not go up to receive the Holy Bagel, and I stated that I didn't believe that it was truly consecrated.

As far as those 28 so-called "abuses" that the Pope cited in that document, I don't think that any of the churches even care or are even paying any attention. When is the pope going to realize that the Novus Ordo service, in and of itself, is the abuse? You can sugar-coat arsenic, but it will still kill you. Just so, the Novus Ordo service, even wrapped up in a little Latin and said "reverently" (as if an invalid, unCatholic "service" could ever be reverent) is spiritual poison. It has assassinated the Roman Catholic Faith of billions.

May 12 - Sts. Nereus & Companions, Martyrs (Semidouble Feast)

The Cardinal We Need to Be the Next Pope?

From: Fr. Moderator
Pope Paul IV

Pope Paul IV (1555-1559)
The Pope We Need

John Peter Caraffa was a surprise choice as the 223rd pope in 1555. After all, he was 78 and a known for his austere, uncompromising Catholic orthodoxy at the time when others were making compromises with the newly-created Protestantism. He was known for his rectitude and incorruptible nature, and was unjustly distrusted because of it.

Immediately after his election, he began to sweep clean a Vatican corrupted by politics, just as is the current New Vatican. He was intolerant of clerical scandal. If you were a cleric and brought scandal to the Church, whether you were priest, bishop, or cardinal, you were out. His uncompromising actions in this regard to rid the Church of corrupt prelates is the example that JP II should be following today!

He rejected priest-killing Elizabeth's claim to the British throne and refused to sanction Cardinal Pole's settlement in regard to the confiscated goods of the Church, instead demanding restitution of the properties stolen from the Church by Henry VIII and his successors. He reformed the Holy Inquisition so that it was no respecter of persons. Even a cardinal was prosecuted. He charged ahead with other reforms of a corrupt Church. Among these were the establishment of a universal Index Librorum Prohibitorum, so that Catholics would know which heretical books to avoid reading, but only after each such book had been examined scientifically by groups of experts.

Paul IV was highly educated and surpassed most of his contemporaries in his knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. His favorite author was St. Thomas Aquinas. The few opuscula that he found time to write were Scholastic in character. He was pope at the conclusion of perhaps the Church's greatest oecumenical council, that of Trent (1545-1563).

Paul IV was not loved by all, particularly by the Church prelates, from whom he expected the highest standard of behavior and whom he punished when they failed to meet the moral requirements of their office. But, then, the popularity of a pope is not the criterion by which he is to be judged. John XXIII and John Paul II are popular, and look at what they have done to the Church! No, better to be unpopular and to do God's work than to be popular and to sell out to the world.

Is there a hidden John Peter Caraffa among the current College of Cardinals? Probably not, but we shall see. Some of the greatest popes have been unknowns before their election.

May 11 - Ferial Day (No Feast)

Gibson to Run Disney Productions?

From: Fr. Moderator
Disney's Mickey Mouse

Will Mel Gibson Run Disney Productions?
Will the Mouse at last Return to Sanity?

The New York Post is reporting that "a consortium of mysterious European investors has approached [Mel] Gibson about a possible takeover of Disney now that Comcast has thrown in the towel." They want Gibson to throw in a couple hundred million of his own money to help buy the company, but they also want him to run the company.

One insider was quoted as saying: "We were very impressed with the way Gibson handled The Passion of the Christ, especially the part where he produced the movie for around $30 million, but has made $600 million in the theaters so far. Gibson is said to have the sensibilities that Hollywood needs and the right insight to lead a studio, keeping production budgets in line. According to the report, Gibson hasn't said yes, and he hasn't said no to the proposal.

What an interesting concept! Gibson could return Disney to the moral principles of its founder, Walt Disney. In recent years, Disney has turned to producing prurient films, like Priest and Dogma, mostly through its subsidiaries. Cartoon features have incorporated disturbing elements of "P.C." The last Disney family member on the Board of Directors recently resigned in disgust. CEO Michael Eisner was demoted. Can you imagine what wonderful projects Mel Gibson would inspire, faithful to the moral world view of the original Disney?!

May 10 - St. Antoninus, Bishop & Confessor (Double Feast)

Last Cardinal Appointed by John XXIII Dies

From: Fr. Moderator
Franz Cardinal Koenig

Franz Cardinal Koenig, of Vienna+
(August 3, 1905 - March 19, 2004)
Last Cardinal Appointed by John XXIII Dies

Franz Cardinal Koenig, the last surviving cardinal appointed by Pope John XXIII, died on March 13. He was archbishop emeritus of Vienna. I suppose for the "home-aloners," that means that the Roman Catholic Church is now officially dead! (Unless you want to accept some quack who calls himself Pope Pius XIII, announced by white smoke coming out of exhaust vent on his mobile home!)

In the consistory packing that the current pope has engaged in, there are now 191 cardinals, 17 appointed by Paul VI, 174 appointed by John Paul II. These numbers certainly put the lie to any contention that the pope has no control over the Church of the New Order. He himself has appointed the very people that have made a mess of it!

May 9 - Fourth Sunday after Easter (Semidouble Sunday)

Eastern Orthodox Target Roman Catholics

From: Fr. Moderator
Patriarch Bartholomew

Schismatic Eastern Orthodox Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
After Love-Fest with Pope, Loses Parts of His Flock

The Church of the New Order has effectively prohibited proselytizing other sects, particularly the Eastern Orthodox, for conversions to the true Faith, but the Orthodox certainly haven't stopped their proselytizing of Roman Catholics.

Catholic News reports that the Greek Orthodox have targeted Catholics with "English services." Melbourne's Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Mission, the first Orthodox church in Australia to have services in English, has said that it is targeting non-Orthodox -- including Catholics, Protestants and unbelievers. Traditionally, the Eastern Orthodox have seen themselves as charged with preserving their services in the traditional language.

So, it seems that the Orthodox are becoming less orthodox. It just goes to show that many Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastics are willing to throw off their Apostolic Tradition for any cause they think appropriate, especially if it's anti-Roman. In many ways, they are no better than Novus Ordo sectarians, and many of their Divine Liturgies have been substantially corrupted since their original Apostolic and Patristic form.

Really, this is not news. The Eastern Orthodox for several decades have been trying to entice Roman Catholics to the "dark side" of formal schism by concocting a "Western Orthodox" liturgy, sometimes called the Liturgy of St. Gregory. Many people mistakenly thing that the Eastern Orthodox are as lovey-dovey toward Roman Catholics as the post-conciliar popes and the New Vatican are toward the Eastern Orthodox. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The most virulent anti-Roman invective I have every seen came from an Eastern Orthodox periodical whose purpose was to win over Roman Catholics through this "Western Orthodox" sham. Every time the Eastern Orthodox Oecumenical Patriarch has a love-in with the pope on the papal balcony, he returns to Constantinople to find that more of his flock has left him, as they can't tolerate "Rome."

May 8 - Apparition of St. Michael, the Archangel (Double Major Feast)

Pope's Representative Publicly Approves of Gay Marriage

From: Fr. Moderator

The Guardian reports that while the pope is condemning "Gay Marriages," his ambassador is going around encouraging their recognition. This sounds like the common New Order ploy: speak out of both sides of the mouth.

The pope's ambassador to Spain hinted that the church should "acknowledge" gay relationships. The suggestion by Spain's Monsignor Manuel Monteiro de Castro represents a significant break from the pope's supposed "resolute opposition to evil and deviant gay relationships."

The monsignor told a conference of Spanish bishops: "The new political situation in which we are living in Spain sets new challenges in the spreading of the gospel, and we must meet those challenges in an appropriate manner." Departing from his prepared speech, the papal nuncio added that although the law in Spain, and many other countries, defined marriage as the union of a man and a woman, "there are other forms of cohabitation, and it is good that they be recognized."

Although he insisted that same-sex unions could not be regarded as marriages, he implied that they were at least worthy of compassion. "They are not the same as marriage," he said. "We will leave the term marriage for that which it has always referred to, and other arrangements should be given other names."

Is compassion the Church of the New Order's new word for approval? Now we see the New Order's real take on this issue of immorality. It's the same take that the New Order uses on everything, including the Sacred Liturgy and Dogma: play word games. We won't call it gay marriage. We'll approve it using a different word for the same thing, so the "political" consequences can be softened. It's the same game that the Massachusetts legislators in the United States are playing with this serious issue, which has become more critical that even the abortion question in the area of Catholic morality.

The ambassador's remarks were in sharp contrast to last year's purported Vatican guidelines that called on Catholics to campaign against the legalization of "gay relationships," calling them "evil, deviant, and a grave threat to society." The document said: "There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriage and family. Legal recognition of homosexual unions or placing them on the same level as marriage would mean not only the approval of deviant behavior..., but would also obscure basic values that belong to the common inheritance of humanity."

Will this pope fire his ambassador to make it unmistakably clear that such perversion of Catholic doctrine is not to be tolerated? Of course not. This errant pope will never correct his subordinates publicly for their public statements, even those made in his own name. Since 1978 he has been Pope Casper (Milquetoast that is), full of oecumenical words, but bereft of Catholic action, an embarrassment to his holy predecessors who never hesitated to speak out whenever doctrinal error or perverse liturgical practices were at issue.

The Church of the New Order is not Catholic, it is not moral, it is not orthodox. Why anyone should continue to attend it in any way, pander to it, gobble up its invalid "cookie," let alone to fund its perversity, is now surely beyond the ken of any rational person.

What will the "conservative" Novus Ordinarians do with this bombshell? You know, the Wanderers, for whom this errant pope can do no wrong? Will they counter: "The pope didn't approve the statement"? Oh, no, it was just his mouthpiece, his ambassador, making the statement in his name. That excuse is getting pretty stale after 25 years, even for those Novus Ordo schismatics from the Roman Catholic Faith.

May 7 - St. Stanislaus, Bishop & Martyr (Double Feast)
Complete Friday Abstinence

To the Brink of Hell?

From: Catherine

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Do Novus Ordinarians truly realize how close they are being led to the brink of hell? Evidently not. As Padre Pio said to those who don't believe in hell: "They will when they get there!" The non serviam mentality has filtered down to the actual liturgy of the Novus Ordo Mess, and most Novus Ordinarians don't want to know that stark fact. It's better to pretend that everything is hunky dory when, in actuality, they're hunkering down with the devil.

Keep listening, and you will hear emphatically that they don't really want to know anything about the true Mass that sustained the Saints for millennia. They don't really want to know. In keeping with this trendy ignorance that flourishes in the Church of the New Order, we must face the reality that a comfortable Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Mess has been pandered to a comfort-seeking generation.

Clearly, being able to "understand" the Mass, which, according to the modern concept, must be presented in a vulgar tongue, is the most important aspect of "being Catholic" these days. The message we receive from this mindset is that people of our day have no use for that which is beyond their perceived understanding, no use for mystery or the mystical aspect of the Mass, no use for that which is truly transcendent. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking permeates not only the Mess, but has thoroughly penetrated the entire lifeblood of what passes for Catholicism in the present day. God has become a "buddy" on the level of the people. The Mess has become a community gathering where people affirm each other and sideline God and certainly His Commandments.

True to the nature of the liturgical revolution brought about after Vatican II, the Novus Ordo Mess is getting yet another "revision," which means that new options are being added, and a few words are being changed here and there in order to convince the "conservative" Novus Ordinarians (you know, The Wanderer mentality) that the Mess will now sound more "Catholic" in some ways.

This is such an outrage! It is beyond belief that anyone who calls himself "Catholic" is willing to continue to trust those in specious authority who allow the Mess to dance flirtatiously at the very brink of hell and encourage the people to go ahead and jump in. Keeping the people comfortably ignorant of the truth seems to be part of the heartless agenda for the New Order.

This is a portrait of the Novus Ordo, a detailed likeness of what the specious "establishment" is doing to Holy Mother Church. To sit by idly and be "comforted" by the Novus Ordo Mess, its new English "translation," and the new Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum is to ready oneself for the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion that awaits the Counterfeit Church.

May 6 - St. John the Evangelist before the Latin Gate (Double Major Feast)

New Order "Desanctifies" St. James the Greater

From: Fr. Moderator
Cardinal Arinze

Church of the New Order Dumps St. James "the Moor-Slayer"
Moves Historic Statue from Cathedral to Oblivion in a Museum
To Pander to, as Pope Pius XI Put It, "the Darkness of Islamism"

One of the holiest and most important shrines is that of St. James the Greater in Compostela, Spain, which was the venue of many pilgrimages in the Middle Ages (unfortunately, modern Catholics are not nearly that devout).

St. James the Greater is traditionally believed to be the Apostle who brought the Catholic Faith to Spain. His sacred relics, supported by a Bull of Pope Leo XIII, Omnipotens Deus (November 1, 1884), are venerated in the Church of Santiago de Compostela (Santiago being Spanish for St. James).

St. James the Greater was a son of Zebedee and the elder brother of St. John the Evangelist, one of whose feastdays is celebrated today. He is to be distinguished from St. James the Less, who wrote the Epistle in the New Testament and was martyred as Patriarch of Jerusalem, as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament.

Well, now, it seems that this Apostle is the latest in the Church of the New Order's plan to dump on the great Saints of the past, even Apostles (!), and replace them with more politically-correct New Order Saints, of dubious validity, like Mother Theresa. The New Order sell-outs of the cathedral in Compostela are going to move the baroque statue of St. James "the Moor-slayer" out of the cathedral to oblivion in a museum so as to avoid upsetting the "sensitivities of other ethnic groups." The statue, by Jose Gambino, depicts a sword-wielding St. James cutting the heads off Moors.

You see, St. James is not "P.C." He is said to have appeared to Christian troops fighting the Moorish army at the Battle of Clavijo in 844, the crusaders rallying to the cry of Santiago y cierra Espana [St. James, we will reconquer Spain]. The Saracen-slaying image of St. James is a symbol of the fight between Christianity and Islam and the reconquest of Spain from eight centuries of Moorish rule before 1492. The Church of the New Order doesn't see that the Mohammedans, or Moors, are the Infidels, as many popes and many Saints did because the Moors killed Christians making pilgrimages to the Holy Land and enslaved them in numbers that dwarf Negro slavery.

Yet the assessment of those popes and Saints, not the P.C. notions of the current papacy, has been proven true in our own time when the Infidels once again destroyed and killed in the West on September 11, 2001. Nor have those attacks against the West ceased. On March 11 and September 11, 2004, Spain herself was the victim of more Mohmammedan attacks. Perhaps this is why the Church of the New Order has sold out to terrorists. Rather than standing beside the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Western countries, the Spanish have apparently decided to give in to the Islamic bully, who has terrorized the West on at least four major occasions since the advent of General Mohammed brought "peace" to the world by the sword.

May 5 - Octave Day of St. Joseph (Double Major Feast)

It's not just Kerry!

From: Barbara

Sadly, those Novus Ordinarians, age 60 years or younger, who received a "Catholic" education in the 9,500 U.S. so-called Catholic elementary and high schools or 235 Catholic colleges or universities, suffer the most ignorance of faith because of radically anti-Catholic, pro-sodomite curricular studies in place. This is most prevalent at Jesuit institutions.

In addition, Novus Ordinarians, who have gone through typical parish educational courses such as RCIA, CCD, and Cana, have not been catechized in the Catholic faith, with all those programs actually teaching heresies. Therefore, we now have a generation of dumbed-down Novus Ordinarians, who are extremely vulnerable to rejecting or doubting revealed truths of the Faith out of ignorance.

75% of lay religious teachers believe that one can be a good "Catholic" without going to Mass on Sundays. (And at that, it's not a Roman Catholic Mass, but a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Mess.) By one New York Times poll, 70% of all Catholics in the age group 18 to 44 believe the "Eucharist" is merely a "symbolic reminder" of Christ.

Novus Ordinarians nationwide, and let's not exclude the Church hierarchy, suffer the condition of a faith that purports: "if it feels good, it can't be morally wrong anymore." Novus Ordinarians have outrightly rejected faith, reason, and truth, replacing it with false proportionalism preached from Modernist bishops/clergy, pro-abortion politicians, wealthy sports figures, and sodomite television sitcoms. There is a crisis of faith because there is a crisis of truth.

Thus, all this hoopla about barring John Kerry from the Novus Ordo cookie is a tempest in a teapot. It is not just Kerry whom the New Order ought to bar from the "cookie," but all Novus Ordinarians. All of them are involved, to one degree or another, in performing or suborning sacrilege, irreverence, irreligion, scandal, blasphemy, idolatry, and simulation of the sacraments. That is part and parcel of the New Order. As Pogo wisely said, "They have met the enemy, and the enemy is them!"

May 4 - St. Monica, Widow (Double Feast)

Mother Condemns Son-Presbyter for "Polka Mass"

From: Fr. Moderator

Listen to your mother! Isn't that what we're always told? Isn't that a particularly Polish virtue? Yet Novus Ordo presbyter Frank Perkovich didn't, even though his mother, a traditional Catholic, specifically criticized Perkovich, known as the "Polka Mass Priest" in Virginia, Minnesota, for his sacrilege.

The Mesabi Daily News reports that Perkovich has revealed in Dancing a Polka to Heaven how his mother cautioned him about such a daring idea as using the polka music of Slovenia and Croatia as part of religious rites. "Beer hall music in church?, Mother said. "Please, son, don't have a Polka Mass. What will people say?" They're saying it now, Mom," he said.

So, Perkovich didn't listen to his mother and persisted in his damnable parody of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The description of one such recent Mess is as follows:

Providing swinging polka music for the specially written lyrics ... was the popular Joe Cvek Orchestra, consisting of Joe Cvek, accordion; Bob Gilbert, drums; Nick Jagunich, guitar; and Harry Angerilli, saxophone. In addition there were five parishioners whose melodius [sic] harmony added considerably to polka Mass. They included Joe Steblay, Ernie Tomatz, Pete Krall, Frank Strlekar and Frank Erjavec.

Just another example that the Novus Ordo wouldn't recognize the sacred if it hit them in the head. Apparently, the "Polka Mess" involves a cacophony of profane instruments in the sacred place, with a Barber Shop Quintet. Well, really, it's in a Novus Ordo temple, so it isn't sacred anyway. Come on, people, now, get your cookies and grape juice while you dance to the tunes of Joe Cvek and his Orchestra.

And don't say that the pope is ignorant of all of this. He had a command performance at the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome in April 1983.

May 3 - Finding of the Holy Cross (Double Feast of the Second Class)

I've Seen the Light on Arinze

From: David

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I read your commentary on Francis Cardinal Arinze today. I used to think that this cardinal was a "good guy," that there was some hope for the Church, should he, as a papabile, become the next pope.

However, I just saw an interview of the cardinal regarding the new Vatican instruction on the Novus Ordo, Redemptionis Sacramentum. Apparently, this interview took place several months ago, but was being replayed. Arinze did mention the value of Latin as a liturgical language in the Roman Rite, and he did ratify many of the things that you yourself say on this web site regarding the use of Latin. However, when the interviewer directly asked Arinze why, if vulgar tongues were going to be used sometimes, didn't the Vatican just translate the Traditional Latin Mass rather than create a Novus Ordo, Arinze let the cat out of the bag as to his real beliefs, as these wily New Order cardinals always do when they play these games of smoke and mirrors.

Arinze responded, "the Novus Ordo is here to stay." Most notably, he said that the reason for the change from the traditional Mass to the Novus Ordo service is that the New Vatican has realized much about other cultures, when just two hundred, or one hundred, years ago, or less, he says the Vatican had little or no knowledge of those cultures. He also said another reason for the change from the traditional to the Novus Ordo was that we do not need to be stuck in a "Catholic museum," that the Church is living and should relate to the here and now.

This is an entirely specious argument. How is it that recognizing other cultures -- if that is even a proper consideration -- justifies eliminating the Offertory prayers, the Last Gospel, the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, and nearly all the signs of the cross, much less radically changing the calendar, the ceremonies, and the prayers? How is it that not wanting to live in a "Catholic museum" -- whatever that means -- justifies totally gutting the Mass of nearly everything that made it exclusively Catholic, i.e. taking away altogether or watering down almost every word or action which affirms our beliefs as Catholics, thus tearing down the "barrier" against error and heresy? Remember, even the Roman Canon would have been thrown out by Bugnini had not Paul VI directly ordered that it be included in the Novus Ordo (but for all practical purposes "Eucharistic Prayer I" is almost never used during the Novus Ordo service).

The bottom line is that the New Mess strives to be oecumenical and that the changes are meant to correspond closely to the Protestant reforms of Luther, Cramner, Zwingli, Calvin, and their descendants. What is pathetic is that in many cases the Protestants have more piety and reverence and catholicity, if you will, in their "services" then the Novus Ordinarians do!

Arinze acknowledges that abuses exist, but, as you said, he is not willing to call the Novus Ordo Mess, in and of itself, the great abuse, which is not to be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. But it is clear that Arinze will do nothing about these "abuses." He is an apologist for the Novus Ordo through and through. In any case, the New Vatican, including the pope, have voluntarily given up any authority they have. The local bishops are the ones that have the power! And we know what they do with it: deflower Catholic youth and cover it up, while at the same time creating a "liturgy" that rivals pagan Rome in its filthy rites.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Well put. Just a couple of points.

To claim that the Vatican of one hundred to two hundred years ago had no knowledge of other cultures is absurd. After all, the Roman Catholic Church was the greatest missionary force that ever existed on the face of the earth. Missionaries went into Africa, Asia, India, Mohammedan lands, the Americas, etc., teaching them the universal Roman rite, as given the Church through the hands of St. Peter.

The traditional Roman liturgy is not a "museum," but has, for two thousand years, been the stimulus for the most vital faith on the face of the earth. What other rite or religion has inspired, generation after generation, the best music, art, architecture, literature, and theology? In any case, according to Our Lord, His Church is not supposed to sell out to the world. No, rather it is to be a sign of contradiction to the world, showing the world what is best and inspiring the world to achieve it, not to pander to the lowest common denominator, the most pagan elements of the secular world.

Arinze is truly a mountebank. Let's get the hook and yank him off the public stage before he embarrasses himself, and Our Lord's Church any further. God help us if such a mountebank should be the next pope!

May 2 - Third Sunday after Easter (Semidouble Sunday)

A Mystery of Faith No Longer

From: Patrick

Dear Fr. Moderator:

There is much debate about for all in the English translation of Novus Ordo Mess, but there is more than that. The Mess, even in its authentic Latin version, is missing the words Mysterium fidei. I have not heard mention of this by traditional Catholic apologists. I was under the impression that nothing in the Sacred Canon can be changed.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Even at the heart of the Sacred Canon of the Mass (what the Novus Ordo calls the "Eucharistic prayer" because there is no canon, or standard, any longer), the Novus Ordo has changed the very words of consecration, which the dogmatic Council of Trent has said came directly through the Apostles, and has tampered with the consecration in several ways. The changes to the valid form of consecrating the Most Blessed Sacrament occurred in 1967, two years before the Novus Ordo was promulgated, the same year in which Bugnini's concocted three extra unCatholic and unApostolic "Eucharistic prayers" were slipped in.

In the form for the consecration of the bread (typically, the Novus Ordo uses an invalid cookie), the Novus Ordo omits a word (enim) that Pope St. Pius V and De Defectibus indicate is gravely sinful to omit and whose omission undermines the causal relationship for the Blessed Sacrament. In the form for the consecration of the wine, a word is omitted (enim), which again is "gravely sinful," and the phrase Mysterium fidei is also omitted, or rather it is moved to an entirely different location where its meaning is entirely different. Its omission in the form of consecration is another implicit denial by the Novus Ordo of the Real Presence.

These unconscionable and putatively invalidating changes are just more proof that the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service is not a Mass at all and fails the popes' test of validity on several fronts, not just the for all vulgar translation associated with the heresy of Universal Salvation. Thank you, always, for you intellect.

May 1 - Sts. Philip & James, Apostles (Double Feast of the Second Class)

The Unbelievable Arinze

From: Fr. Moderator
Cardinal Arinze

Francis Arinze (bottom right) Poses as Cardinal in the Taj Mahony
Los Angeles, California, July 20, 2003

In the recent Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, which is supposed to correct the "abuses" of the Novus Ordo Mess (as if the Mess itself weren't the abuse!), we find this interesting admission made by Cardinal Arinze, prefect of the Congregation for [Novus Ordo] Divine Worship and the Discipline of Sacraments:

The Church herself has no power over those things which were established by Christ himself and which constitute an unchangeable part of the Liturgy. Indeed, if the bond were to be broken which the Sacraments have with Christ himself who instituted them, and with the events of the Church's founding, it would not be beneficial to the faithful but rather would do them grave harm. For the Sacred Liturgy is quite intimately connected with principles of doctrine.

Doesn't this censure apply directly to the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Paganistic service itself? What part of the "Liturgy" has the Novus Ordo itself not changed? Therefore, according to the Cardinal Prefect's own definition the Novus Ordo service "does great harm to the faithful." Consequently, by the Cardinal's own logic, it cannot be tolerated and must be rejected entirely.

As TRADITIO has said many times, the Church of the New Order admits the evil truth about itself again and again. All you have to do is listen, and it digs its own grave.

And don't expect this Arinze to do anything to correct the "abuses." He is perfectly happy to live in perjury against his episcopal oath and suborn sacrilege and a counterfeit "mass." His announced policy is one of non-involvement, saying that "neither he nor 'the Vatican' can simply step in 'like a firefighter' to resolve problems within a particular parish or diocese." Well, I don't know about you, but if my house were burning down, like the Church today, I'd want a firefighter!

This Arinze is the same who praised that caricature of a bishop, Roger Mahony, of Los Angeles, who has been charged with heresy. Arinze said of the $200,000,000 monstrosity of a pagan "cathedral" Mahony built that it "delivers a message that God is transcendent." He certainly is; one certainly can't find Him in that outrageous cartoon of a "cathedral."

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