March 2007

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March 31 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

Has Benedict-Ratzinger Had a Vision of Himself in Hell?

From: The Fathers
Pope Anastasius in Hell

The Heretical Pope Anastasius II (496-498) in Circle Six of Hell
As Portrayed by Gustavus Dore (1832-1883)
Anastasius Denied the Divine Birth of Christ

e quivi per l'orribile soperchio
del puzzo de 'l profondo abisso gitta,
ci raccostammo in dietro ad un coperchio
d'un gran'avello, ov' io vidi una scritta
che dicea: 'Anastasio papa guardo,
lo qual trasse Fotin della via diritta.'

And here, for the horrible excess
of stench thrown up by the profound abyss,
we drew back behind the cover
of a great vault, on which I saw an inscription
that said: "I hold Pope Anastasius,
whom Photinus drew from the straight path."
(Dante Alighieri, Inferno, XI.4-9)

St. John Chrysostom said it when most of the bishops of the Church had fallen prey to the Great Arian Heresy: "The floor of Hell is paved with skulls of rotten bishops." The understanding of the Church from Sacred Scripture has been that the more authority is given, the more responsibility is expected; therefore, it is popes, not laypeople, that are more likely to go to Hell. And the pope is the bishop of Rome.

Benedict-Ratzinger, who has publicly stated that he expects to die soon, has apparently been having visions of Hell lately. He has suffered two strokes and one cerebral concussion in the last decade or so. On March 27, 2007, he addressed a parish in Rome, saying: "Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire. Hell really exists and is eternal."

It is just possible that Benedict-Ratzinger is finally facing the enormity of his responsibility as head of the Church for rampant crime among his bishops and presbyters, about which he has done nothing but aid and abet it; for rampant heresy among Newchurch members; and for many thousands of phony Novus Ordo Messes and Sacraments. Up to now the epitaph for Benedict-Ratzinger's papacy is exactly caught by Dante in his exquisite phrase of that earlier pope: l'orribile soperchio del puzzo, "The Horrible Excess of Stench."

For further information, see The Limitations of Papal Authority to Change Sacred Tradition, from the Writings of Roman Catholic Popes, Councils, Saints, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs & Traditional Apologetics).

March 30 - Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Major Feast
Complete Friday Abstinence & Lenten Fast Day

Newchurch Has Secretly Been Using Rented Married Presbyters for Services

From: The Fathers
Married RentaPresbyter

A Married RentaPresbyter
Newchurch Bishops Have Been Secretly Allowing These Married Rentals
To Substitute for the Lack of Regular Presbyters
The Same Bishops Persecute Traditional Priests
But Phony Married Presbyters Are Perfectly Acceptable!

Because of a severe shortage of Novus Ordo presbyters, many parishes in the United States will not have services during Holy Week and Easter. Therefore, without publicity, Newchurch has been hiring married presbyters from a RentaPresbyter supply house to perform Novus Ordo Messes, reconciliations, and blessings.

Why, you ask, if Newchurch is so willing to use such phony personnel for the Novus Ordo, is it so hostile to traditional priests? Good question! The answer is that Newchurch itself is phony; it simply plays games to keep the collection plates full. After all, Newchurch has billions of dollars to pay to victims of its immorality, from Newpope on down.

Behind the scenes, the justification is being used that the Church never approved of communion in the hand, but the Newchurch bishops and presbyters just went ahead and did it. The Church never approved of altar servettes, but the Newchurch bishops and presbyters just went ahead and used them. In the same way, these married presbyters will be used and eventually accepted by Newchurch. It is a principle of the New Order that "practice become law" in Newchurch. That is how it injects Modernistic practices into its structure.

Married RentaPresbyters have been serving Newchurch over the past ten years, performing Novus Ordo baptisms, marriages, funerals, and in-home Messes, as just a few examples. Founder/President Louise Haggett says that the RentaPresbyter service has been "quietly applauded" by the U.S. Bishops. Haggett also says that no "hierarchical figure will stop parishes from inviting married priests without permission." [Source: CITI]

The Unforgiveable Newchurch Sin

From: The Fathers

With Newchurch so depleted that it cannot even staff its Holy Week and Easter services, the concern is not the Roman Catholic Faith, Mass, Sacraments, and morality but -- speeding! Yes, Benedict-Ratzinger devotes his Angelus messages not to the Most Holy Trinity, the Most Blessed Sacrament, Our Blessed Lady, or a thorough moral reformation in Newchurch, but to cajoling Newchurchers not to speed!

Now a group in Lisbon is up in arms, not because its presbyter isn't a priest, not because its Mess is not a Mass, not because its clergy are boinking its youth. No, it has reported a presbyter to Benedict-Ratzinger because Presbyter Antonio Rodrigues is driving too fast in his Ford Fiesta. Rodrigues says, "I am no speed freak. I have a car that I like, but I drive with prudence." He says that he has to zip around to "arrive on time to the three parish churches" that he services.

It sounds as if Lisbon should get a married RentaPresbyter to help out poor Rodrigues. At least he's not boinking young people, but doing his job. As we keep saying, Newchurch is a joke! [Source: Reuters]

March 29 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

Michael Davies Warned Una Voce against Selling out to the Deceitful New Order

From: Nestor
Marcel Lefebvre & Antonio de Castro Mayer

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer
The Only Two Bishops Who Put Words into Action to Reject the New Order
As Michael Davies Admitted after Over a Decade of Dealing with New Rome:
They Deceived Me; They Had No Intention of Putting Their Words into Action

Dear Fathers:

You recently mentioned traditional author Michael Davies, who became international president of Una Voce in the 1990s. In 1991 I heard him say at a conference that clerical celibacy was "only a discipline" of the Church, a tradition with a small t. Just how traditional was Davies anyway?

The Fathers Reply.

When Davies became international president of Una Voce, his previously traditional attitude began to swing markedly to favor the New Order. Previously, he was a traditional Catholic, with connections to the SSPX under Archbishop Lefebvre, and wrote some fine historical analyses. However, as soon as he began associating with the likes of Newcardinals Ratzinger and Hoyos, he became a sycophant to the New Order, particularly to Indultarianism. He even revised many of his fine books in the 1990s to make them less traditional and more palatable to the New Order.

To his credit, Davies resigned from Una Voce when he was dying of cancer and wrote a courageous public letter in which he admitted that, upon reflection, he had been duped by Ratzinger and Hoyos and that he had wasted a decade of his life trying to deal with Newrome, which deceitfully led him on with meretricious words, but with no intent to put the empty words into action. Una Voce subsequently ignored Davies's wise words and is, as has been previously reported here on the TRADITIO Network, even now pandering shamelessly to the New Order.

It is a sad historical fact, but of all the bishops who dared to call themselves Catholic, in the end only two active bishops put words into action and stood up courageously to reject the blandishments of the New Order and its purveyors: Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer. (There were others who objected, such as Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci, but they were retired before the New Order was introduced in 1969.) Both of them were excommunicated from the New Order -- a fact in which they took justified pride, since many of the Church's greatest Saints had been "excommunicated" by heretic prelates for their orthodoxy.

"The 216 Heresies of Vatican II"

From: Phil

Dear Fathers:

Yesterday an old friend from one of those FSSP "indult" parishes came to our independent chapel. She told me that she had left the "indult" and asked me whether I had ever read of "Vatican II and the 216 Heresies." Do you know what she was referring to?

The Fathers Reply.

Various analysts have written on the heretical notations implied or contained outright in Vatican II documents. They may number them differently, but given the prolixity of Vatican II, that number is not surprising. The Modernists wrote more words at the pastoral council Vatican II than any of the twenty dogmatic councils of the Church. Vatican II uses over three times as many words as the Council of Trent!. It just goes to show that words are cheap; it is action that is important. Newchurch is a organization of inaction -- at least when it comes to standing for Catholic doctrine, Catholic worship, and Catholic morality.

March 28 - St. John Capistrano, Confessor
Semidouble Feast
Lenten Fast Day

New Order Group Plans to Dope in Presbyters to Perform "Indult" Masses

From: The Fathers
Novus Ordo Presbyters

Novus Ordo Presbyters Play "Ring around the Table" like a Warlocks' Coven
Novus Ordo Presbyters Aren't Priests
And a Little Latin Isn't Going to Change That Fact

A new crisis is brewing in Newchurch over the "Indult" Mass. Just as so many of the indultarians think that a new "indult" will come about, a group associated with the New Order has announced its plans to dope in Novus Ordo presbyters to perform "Indult" Masses. So, in the end, the indultarians will not get their "Indult" Mass anyway, since Novus Ordo presbyters are not Catholic priests. They are not ordained to "offer Mass for the living and the dead," but merely to "preside over the assembly."

One cannot merely choose to switch from one to the other -- certainly not in five days. An Novus Ordo presbyter, ignorant of Latin, could barely learn how to pronounce the language, let alone understand it in five days. The Novus Ordo service and the Catholic Mass are as different as night and day. A Novus Ordo service is not a Mass, and a Novus Ordo presbyter is not a priest. Nor can a brief seminar convert what is invalid to what is valid by teaching Novus Ordo presbyters to recite a few words of Latin without embracing the true Catholic Faith. Of what good is a Novus Ordo presbyter with a few words of Latin who swears allegiance to the New Order: its phony "liturgy," its heretical theology, and its disgusting morality?

It is interesting that the group, Una Voce, used to have Michael Davies as its president until his death a few years ago. Davies too fell prey to the blandishments of the New Order and even revised most of his previously traditional books to make them more palatable to the New Order prelates he was "negotiating" with at Newrome. But then a funny thing happened, Davies saw the light. He resigned from Una Voce and freely admitted that he had been duped by Newchurch. The New Order prelates, among whom was Joseph Ratzinger and Dario Hoyos, had just led him on, he said, with pretty words and never any intent to turn Newchurch back to Catholicism. Davies, sadly, died a disillusioned man. Una Voce is overlooking Davies' final testament to its peril. It will end up simply pandering more phony Messes on Novus Ordo tables, with Novus Ordo "communion" cookies, "performed" by Novus Ordo presbyters.

But a more perplexing question is why the indultarians have not been offering these brief seminars, ridiculous as they are, since 1988, when the "indult" was issued. Maybe now Una Voce is willing to settle for far less that it did in 1988! Or did the indultarians realize that even the 1988 "indult" was a ruse, and they didn't want to waste their time.

March 27 - St. John Damascene, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

Newchurch Bishop Resigns to "Marry" a Charismatic

From: The Fathers
Tamas Szabo & Josip Lucic

Newchurch's Military Bishop of Hungary, Tamas Szabo
Is Presented with a Plaque on October 4, 2004
By General Joseip Lucic, of the Croatian Armed Forces
Bishop Szabo Has Subsequently Run off to "Marry" a Charismatic
Previously, Archbishop Milingo Ran off to "Marry" a Moonie!

It was announced on March 23, 2007, that Benedict-Ratzinger had accepted the resignation of Hungary's Catholic military bishop Brigadier General Tama Szabo so that he could marry a Charismatic he met. Inside reports from Hungary indicate that the tryst had become so scandalous over some time that Szabo was finally forced out.

Previously, Newchurch archbishop Emmanuel Milingo married a Moonie. So, Newchurch bishops are now running off to marry cultists: Charismatic, Moonie, what's the difference? Aren't these bishops supposed to be "Catholic"? Apparently not. Truly, the Newchurch episcopate has become a joke, in this as in so many other ways!

March 26 - Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Transferred from March 25)
Double Feast of the First Class
Lenten Fast Day

The "Fessio Fiasco" Is Filled with Mysterious Contradictions

From: The Fathers
AMU Chapel

The Chapel at Supposedly "Conservative" Ave Maria University
Known because of Its Modernist Glass Construction as the "Windex" Chapel
The University's Provost, Joseph Fessio, Head of the Novus Ordo Ignatius Publishing Conglomerate
Was Fired from His Provostship and Expelled from School Grounds under Mysterious Circumstances
Fessio's Statement Contains Puzzling Contradictions

The "Fessio Fiasco," previously reported here on the TRADITIO Network, gets more and more mysterious. The later reports on what happened contain more deflection and evasion from Presbyter Fessio. Ave Maria University officials remain tight-lipped about what caused them to fire Fessio and expel him from the campus. Fessio's own statement contained several puzzling contradictions. Fessio had previously been expected to return to San Francisco, where the headquarters is of his Novus Ordo Ignatius publishing conglomerate.

Under Fessio's provostship, student enrollment has failed to meet expectations. The "conservative" university with the liberalist chapel has managed to garner fewer than 400 students. But if he were fired for failing to meet enrollment figures, it is unclear why he was expelled from the campus. [Source: Naples Daily News]

March 25 - Passion Sunday
Semidouble Sunday

Benedict-Ratzinger's "Friend" Presbyter Fessio Canned
From "Conservative" Newchurch University under Mysterious Circumstances

From: The Fathers
Joseph Fessio

Newcardinal Ratzinger and Presbyter Joseph Fessio
This "Friend" of Ratzinger Has Now Been Canned from Ave Maria University
Under Mysterious Circumstances and Expelled from the Campus
As This "Conservative" University Founded by Pizza King Tom Monaghan
Comes under Increasing Fire from Parents and Students for Breaches of Faith

Joseph Fessio, who claims to be a "conservative" Newchurcher and a "friend" of Benedict-Ratzinger, was fired as provost of Ave Maria University, of Naples, Florida. He was asked to resign and vacate the campus immediately under mysterious circumstances. The university is run by Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan.

Fessio had been previously fired from the Newjesuit University of San Francisco and refused to take his new assignment as assistant chaplain of a Southern California hospital. So much for Fessio's "obedience" to the pope. Fessio through his Ignatius conglomerate has published English versions of Ratzinger's books. He has also published works by Henri de Lubac, who was placed under suspicion of heresy by the Holy Office.

The TRADITIO Network has previously covered the monstrosity of a Modernistic chapel being built for the university, which has come under increasing fire by parents and students for breaches of faith at its other campus. [Source: Naples Daily News]

March 24 - St. Gabriel, Archangel
Double Major Feast
Lenten Fast Day

New Order Nun Goes over to "The Other Side"

From: The Fathers
Matthias Wemm

Matthias Wemm's Political Campaign Photo
This Newchurch Nun Has Been Approved, Contrary Even to the "New" Canon Law
To Run for Political Office, on a Liberalist Platform
Benedict-Ratzinger Previously Approved a Novus Ordo Presbyter
To Run for the Canadian Parliament on a Pro-abortion, Pro-"Gay" Marriage Platform
Newchurch Is a Political, Not a Religious, Institution

We have always contended that Newchurch is more of a political party than a religion. Its bishops never talk about the Most Blessed Trinity, the Incarnation, or the Holy Angels. No, they talk about how to vote, how to be "green," even (as far as Benedict-Ratzinger is concerned) how to drive safely.

The political nature of Newchurch is becoming more evident as even its own "new" canon law is breached more than observed. Even under that New Order canon law of 1983, clergy and religious are prohibited from running for political office, but recently we had the example of the presbyter who ran on a pro-abortion and pro-"gay" marriage platform, with the permission of Benedict-Ratzinger, for the Canadian parliament. Now we have the example of a Newchurch Sister Mattias Wemm, who has been approved to run for political office, for town councilor of Forest Hills, Pennsylvania, on a liberalist platform. One has to wonder whether Newchurch would have "approved" of her running if she had been a staunch conservative! [Source: Associated Press]

Newchurch Cardinal Who Protected Communist Spies in Krakow
Wants Krakow Archbishop, Later JPII Newcanonized without an Investigation

From: The Fathers

Here at least is a Newchurch bishop who is consistent: he doesn't want Communist spies against Newchurch investigated, and he doesn't want JPII investigated before Newcanonization. What is the common denominator here? JPII was the archbishop of Krakow while the Communists were doing their spying against Newchurch. What did he know, and when did he know it?

Stanislaw Dziwisz, who was John Paul's gatekeeper for 26 years and who was paid off with a cardinalate by Benedict-Ratzinger after JPII's death, told the Warsaw daily Dziennik that Newchurch should Newcanonize JPII without investigating his possible collaboration with the Communists against Newchurch. He also turned down the public call of Krakow Presbyter Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, a virtual martyr at the hands of the Communists, for a full investigation of Communist spies against the Church under Karol Woytyla, later to become JPII. [Source: Reuters]

Good Catholics, Newchurch is so infested with corruption that here we have one of its cardinals trying to cover up Woytyla/JPII's possible cooperation with Communists during his pontificate of Krakow. It sure seems that Newchurch has a lot to hide! Maybe JPII isn't as "saintly" as Newchurch wants to make him out to be.

March 23 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

How Can You Tell a Traditional Latin Mass from a Phony "Latin Mass"?

From: The Fathers
Protestants on the Bugnini Commission

The Six Protestants Who Served on Hannibal Bugnini's Commission
To Fabricate a "New Mass" Acceptable to Protestant Theology and Practice
Representating the World Council of Churches, the Anglican, Lutheran, and French Protestant Taize Sects
After the Protestants and the Freemason Bugnini Fabricated the "New Mass" of 1969
The Lutheran Representative Publicly Boasted: "We have finished the work that Martin Luther began."
This Is the Invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mass" that Newchurch Practices to This Day

Dear Fathers:

Can you define for me what exactly the Latin "Tridentine" Mass is? Is it the Novus Ordo Mess celebrated in the Latin language or a true Latin Mass?

The Fathers Reply.

It is most definitely NOT the invalid Novus Ordo service in Latin. The New Order service is Protestant, Masonic, and pagan in whatever language it is "performed" -- whether in Esperanto, Swahili, or Latin. There has been an effort on the part of Newchurch recently to dupe Newchurchers by throwing in a litte Latin. That is like an arsenic pill with a chocolate coating. It goes down easier, but it's just as lethal!

The term "Tridentine Mass" should not be used. It is a term essentially invented by the New Order as a deception. No one before Vatican II ever called the Catholic Mass the "Tridentine" Mass. That termology was propagated by Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the New Order "liturgy." Its intent is to imply that any pope or any council can fabricate a "Mass" of its own. This is an absolutely heretical Modernist notion that would be -- and was -- rejected until Vatican II and Paul VI the New Order got going.

The Council of Trent did not invent a Mass. It simply saw to a minor clean-up of local accretions that had occurred in the various nations like little barnacles over the pure Roman form. If you compare missals from before 1570 with Missals after, you will find very little difference -- and you would have to look hard to find even that difference.

The "Indult" Mass purports to be the "Mass of 1962," but it rarely is that any more. After 40 years of the New Order, most "Indult" Masses are now Missae Mixtae, that is, mixed-up "Masses," with elements from the Traditional Latin Mass and the New Order service. (An example would be the phony semi-Latin service broadcast on the Charismatic New Order cable network EWTN.) There have been constant efforts to push up that 1962 year for the "Indult" to 1965, which saw three radical changes to introduce overt elements of the Novus Ordo service, or even to 1967, which introduced changes in the heart of the Mass and the consecration itself.

Even the 1962 version of the Mass is problematical because of the Modernistic changes that were introduced. Even 1956 saw changes in the traditional form, particularly in the ancient rites of Holy Week, the most sacred week of the year. The Freemason Hannibal Bugnini was responsible for these too. A number of priests, particularly in Europe, were so offended by these changes to Tradition, that they quietly refused to implement them, since they were never approved personally by Pope Pius XII, but were issued by the Commission for Reform of the Liturgy under its own name only.

The safest form of what is properly called the Traditional Latin Mass is that before the Bugnini changes of 1956. Be wary of anything called simply a "Latin Mass," as that is most likely the invalid Novus Ordo service. For further information, see the Official Traditional Catholic Directory" in the section "Key to the Directory of Traditional Latin Masses."

Is the SSPX "Paving the Way for a Novus Ordo Mess"?

From: Peter

I was reading the latest report from the SSPX. There is a cover-story about the construction of a new SSPX church in New Mexico. The article states: "The center of attention, however, is the beautiful, white Gothic altar that has been properly installed in a free-standing position, allowing the celebrant to encircle the altar when incensing it." What does this mean for all the traditional churches (including the one I worship at) with altars built against walls?

Am I just imagining it, but is this SSPX beginning to pave the way for a Novus Ordo "Mess" around the "table of the Lord"? Interestingly enough, a caption in the same article mentions the side altars "barely seen [in the photo] ... and thereby not removing the focal point from the high altar." Somehow this choice of words calls to mind the Novus Ordo suppression of side altars and its obsession with keeping the tabernacle in a separate side-space so that it doesn't "distract" from the "gathering of the assembly."

The Fathers Reply.

There are too many reports coming in about the SSPX these days to deny that it is cozying up to the New Order in several ways. It cannot be denied that the Society of St. Pius X is a significantly different organization, with significantly different policies and goals under Bernard Fellay than it was under Archbishop Lefebvre. Lefebvre had a clear vision of the difference between the New Order and traditional Catholicism, and the representatives of each side.

Fellay seems to want to play bosom-buddy with Benedict-Ratzinger, whom the Archbishop knew quite well and considered not a real Catholic. Quite a number of SSPX members are hopping mad to discover that the SSPX is placing Novus Ordo presbyters at various SSPX sites to celebrate the Bugninized/Modernized Mass of 1962. In the face of significant defects in the Novus Ordo rites of ordination to the presbyterate and episcopacy, Fellay arranged for publication in official SSPX publications of full-throated acceptance of these flawed rites and has threatened all opposition into silence.

Yes, as you have observed, it does appear that the Fellay administration (which does not represent large numbers of SSPXers) is laying the groundwork for the Society's integration into the Novus Ordo. Of course, the whole membership of the Society won't go because at least half of the members and three of the four bishops are opposed to integration with the New Order. We will probably see the SSPX ripped apart just as the Anglican Church is now being fractured over the issue of homosexuality.

March 22 - St. Isidore the Farmer, Confessor
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

In the USA Pagans Dance around the Altar
In Newpope's Back Yard, Church Is Turned over to Hindus

From: The Fathers
Pagan Mess

Is This a Coven of Witches Dancing around a Pagan Altar?
In a Way, Yes -- This Is a Novus Ordo Service Personally Presided Over
By Newchurch Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio

Can these Newchurch bishops get any more bizarre? First, they wanted to be Protestants and enforced a Protestant service on the Newchurchers. Now that's not enough. They want to be pagan! Now we have Leonard Blair, Newchurch bishop of Toledo, Ohio, personally presiding over what appears to be a Witches Mess, in which pagans dance around the pagan round stone altar. [Source: Toledo Blade]

Meanwhile, in Benedict-Ratzinger's back yard, at St. Agnes Church in Cologne, Germany, Hindu rock star Himesh Reshamiyya drones on through the church loudspeaker. St. Agnes has been turned into a Hindu night club for several days for the shooting of Aap Ka Suroor. Fifty professional dancers in silver-sequined dresses shake their hips around the church while a few hundred extras mill around waiting to play the cheering crowd. All religious events and Newchurch parishioners have been completely shut out of the church for the days during which filming is taking place. [Source: Deutsche Welle]

The "Indult" Mass Is a "Clever Ruse" against Traditional Catholics

From: Michael

Dear Fathers:

This imaginary new "indult" sure seems directed as a clever ruse by Newrome against traditional Catholics, as Newchurch would then argue that traditional Catholics must come back into the New Order, which throws them the scrap of the "indult." They would have to turn to the local Newchurch bishop for his "approval." They would will be forced to join the Novus Ordo or be considered "renegades." So the Newchurch patter would go. The Modernist bishops could then simply pull the rug out from under the indultarians and "down will go the baby, cradle and all".

The Fathers Reply.

The "Indult" Mass is not the "true Mass." It is a flawed knockoff of it, including many Freemason Bugnini changes and modernizations to the Traditional Latin Mass. Most "Indult" Masses are not even Bugnini's 1962 Mass, but hybrids with the Novus Ordo. It uses different "readings," Novus Ordo cookies, Novus Ordo presbyters, etc. Moreover, the "Indult" Mass is "performed" within the environment of the New Order. The "Indult" Mass is most frequently "performed" in a Novus Ordo temple, on Novus Ordo altars, with Novus Ordo cookies, with "paraphrases" of Scripture, and so forth. It is a ruse pure and simple. For further information, see the Official Traditional Catholic Directory" in the section "Warning against Pseudo-traditional Services."

Aren't these Newchurch bishops the same handmaidens of the New Order that are sponsoring homosexuality, false doctrine, criminal cover-ups, embezzlments from the collection plate, and all the other crimes that are all part and parcel of the New Order? How could a true Catholic approach any of these Newchurch bishops for anything without revulsion? No, a true Catholic must stay away from such an atmosphere as he would from any other proximate occasion of sin. In doing so, he has the blessing of Pope Leo XIII.

Let's get clear who the "renegades" are. The renegates are the Newchurch clergy, from the top on down, who are the handmaidens of a New Order, whose "liturgy" was fabricated by a Freemason and is now happily used by many Protestants sects. They are those who have replaced traditional Catholic and Apostolic doctrines with such mantras as "we all worship the same gods," "all religions are equal," "the Jews can wait for another Messias." They love to find "commonality" even with pagans such as Hindus and Buddhists.

True Catholics must cut through nonsensical words to get to the Big Picture. The Modernists love to deceive people with words and organizational structures, but the false New Order religion that they stand for is too obvious. Traditional Catholics stand with the Saints who fought heresy in the Church, among the popes, bishops, and priests of other times -- Saints such as Athanasius, Basil the Great, Martin of Tours, Cyril of Alexandria, Thomas More, and many more. These were called all kinds of names by the heretics in control of the Church at their respective times, but they are now enrolled in the catalog of the Saints, whereas the corrupt Church politicians whom they vilified as unCatholic are, according to the judgment of the Great Doctor John Chrysostom, paving the floor of Hell.

March 21 - St. Benedict, Abbot
Double Major Feast
Lenten Fast Day

Possessed Rock Singer Proclaims Herself the Anti-Christ

From: The Fathers
Britney Spears

Rocker Britney Spears in a Devilish Pose
JPII the Less Approved Rock Music "Ex Cathedra"
And Novus Ordo "Liturgies" Are Infested with the "Damned" Music

Anyone who doubts the diabolical nature of the rock "culture," which JPII the Less personally endorsed by his words and presence, should note this sad development. Rocker Britney Spears tried to hang herself with a bed-sheet after screaming, "I am the anti-Christ" to frightened staff at the Promises Clinic in Malibu, California. She made the demonic cry after scrawling the number of the beast "666" across her head. Spears was in and out of rehabilitation before shaving her own head and later attacking a photographer's car with an umbrella. [Source: Australian News]

On September 27, 1997, on the occasion of the Eucharistic Congress in Bologna, JPII placed his cathedra on stage for a rock concert given before 250,000 spectators by rocker Bob Dylan. After the concert JPII issued astatement from that cathedra,commenting positively on the rock music and the junk "culture" represented by the concert.

You certainly don't see Gregorian chant choirs shaving their heads and marking themselves with the number of the beast!

Imaginary New" Indult," If Ever Issued, Will Be Gravely Flawed

From: Peter (Canada)

Those clueless indultarians who have been putting all their eggs in the basket of a new imaginary "indult" from the Newchurch of the New Order for a pittance of Bugninized/Modernized "Indult" Masses, have heard of this imaginary "indult" pre-announced for:

  1. shortly after Christmas 2005
  2. before Good Friday 2006
  3. during Eastertide 2006
  4. before the Roman summer at Castel Gandolfo 2006
  5. during November 2006, probably before the French Episcopal Conference of November 4, 2006
  6. before Christmas 2006
  7. between Christmas and the Epiphany 2006-2007
  8. before the end of January 2007

When all eight of these predictions proved to be false, the so-called came up with a ninth "prediction":

This latest "prediction" comes from a retired Newchurch cardinal from the Liturgy Congregation and a retired Newchurch cardinal from the Clergy Congregation. Leading French Newchurch cardinals and bishops, and other Newchurch Curia members are in opposition. Presbyter Reginald Foster, one of Benedict-Ratzinger's Latinists has stated that a new "indult" will never be issued.

There is no mention in these rumours of any new jurisdiction for this imaginary new "indult." On the contrary, it is affirmed that the Newchurch bishops will become supervisors of any new "indult." All presbyters reporting to Newchurch are bound to perform the Novus Ordo service because, according to Protocol 1411-99 (officially published in the Acta Apostolicæ Sedis), Newchurchers have an absolute right to the "normative" liturgy of the Latin Church, which is the New Order service.

There is also the issue whether Newrome would use the imaginary new "indult" to baby-step from the Bugninized/Modernized 1962 version to the pre-Novus Ordo 1965 version to the pro multis 1967 version to the 1969 Novus Ordo). In the short term, the main effect is to pressure the SSPX into accepting Newchurch authority by threatening to expand the "indult," thereby hampering the growth of the Society.

March 20 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

Traditional Catholic City Founded in Canada

From: The Fathers
Welwyn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Canada's Village of Welwyn in Saskatchewan
Has Become a Small Community of Traditional Catholics

The Village of Welwyn, Saskatchewan, has become the destination of choice for a small group of families following traditional Catholicism. In the last few years, several families have moved from all over Canada to this community, located 30 kilometres north of the Trans-Canada Highway near the Manitoba boundary. The families have concluded that the Second Vatican Council waters down the Church's teachings and have come together to raise their children. They bought and renovated an old hall, which now serves as their church, where traditional Catholic services are conducted in Latin by a priest who travels from Winnipeg every second weekend. They also operate their own private school.

The families have restored older houses and built new ones. They have also brought forty children into the village of 146, which had no children before. Welwyn is between Rocanville and its nearby potash mine, and Moosomin. The families are striving to become self-sufficient, raising their own livestock and planting large gardens. [Source: Canada]

How Are Clerical Crimes Different since Vatican II?

From: Lee Dear Fathers:

I know that the Newchurch of the New Order is heavily involved in sex crimes and embezzlements, but this cannot be a new thing. Many historical lists and writers throughout Catholic history have written about how priests, nuns, and monks were involved in crimes. How did the Church deal with these crimes and criminals then?

The Fathers Reply.

In the post-Tridentine Church (after the 16th century), the Church was a very careful organization and kept a close eye on its priests and bishops. Undoubtedly, there was sin before Vatican II, just as there is after. The difference is that the Church before Vatican II had a policy of caring about sin and eradicating it when found. After Vatican II Newchurch barely recognizes sin and rarely punishes crime among its clergy.

After Vatican II Newpopes JPII and Benedict-Ratzinger have had a policy of covering up the rampant crime among Newchurch clergy, and even of aiding and abetting those crimes. They have rarely punished such crimes, but make a big talk about "forgiveness" to let the criminals go free, thus offending the Catholic sense of justice. Newchurch bishops have themselves either been participants in the crimes or have done everything they can to get themselves and their presbyters off. Since Newchurch's Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal came to light a decade ago, the crimes have continued, even though the Newchurch bishops have issued volumes of "policies," which go essentially unenforced. They are simply for the purposes of P.R.

There were certain before Trent that saw this as well. That was what a significant part of the Council of Trent effectively reformed, but since Vatican II and Newchurch rejected the Council of Trent in the 1960s, the problems have returned, worse than ever, both doctrinally and morally.

So, the difference is that Newchurch crimes are institutionalized by the post Vatican II popes, cardinals, and bishops. They are making no real effort to clean up the Augean stables into which they have turned Newchurch. Thus, the crimes have not abated. In fact, a recent study by a Newchurch university concluded that four out of every five Newchurch parishes had been embezzled from. Did you hear any outcry from the Newchurch bishops? Any corrective action? Of course not. They're too busy stuffing the embezzled money into their own pockets! That is why any Newchurcher who puts money into the collection plate may as well be throwing it into Newvatican's sewer system.

March 19 - St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Feast of the First Class

"Neocon" Newchurcher Talk-show Host Exposed as Modernist

From: The Fathers
Pat Robertson & Sean Hannity

Talk-show Host Sean Hannity (r.)
Shares a Podium with Protestant Evangelist Pat Robertson
This Supposedly "Conservative" Newchurcher Has Imbibed More Protestantism than Catholicism
Hannity Was Dressed down on His Own TV Show for His Rejection of Several Catholic Teachings
"Conservative" or "Liberalist," All Newchurchers Are Sellouts to the New Order

Just how wedded to the New Order "conservative" or "neocon" Newchurchers are was revealed across the United States on March 13, 2007, when talk-show host Sean Hannity, second in popularity only behind Rush Limbaugh, expressed his unCatholic opinions with a caller on his radio call-in show. Hannity, supposedly a "conservative" Newchurcher, had disagreed with a point of Catholic doctrine with a Newchurch presbyter on his previous night's television program, but the greatest revelation came during Hannity's radio call-in show the following day.

A woman caller took exception to Hannity's being criticized on the television program. She maintained that Newchurchers could believe anything they wanted if that is what their "conscience" told them. Hannity agreed and said that his local presbyter accepts him as being in "communion" with Newchurch. By the time the call ended, Hannity had gone on to express his opinion in favor even of divorce. Wait a minute here! Hannity has been critical of Senators Kerry and Kennedy, but they too are accepted by Archbishop Donald "Wacko" Wuerl, of Washington, D.C. Apparently, in neocon Hannity's view, what's sauce for the goose is definitely not sauce for this gander.

We can even see this neocon shift in the SSPX after the death of Archbishop Lefebvre. How far the SSPX under the Fellay administration has gone toward the New Order in its preaching is unknown to even to most SSPXers. The SSPX publishes on its own site that it acknowledges the validity of: (1) Novus Ordo presbyter "ordinations," (2) Novus Ordo "reconciliations," and (3) the virtual elimination of the Catholic and Apostolic practice of fasting. In fact, in the March 2007 issue of the SSPX's official organ, Angelus, it appears that the SSPX has now adopted the New Order's "modernized" version of sin, Purgatory, and indulgences:

According to the traditional understanding, an indulgence is the remission of part or all of the temporal punishment due to sin.... The new emphasis, however, is that indulgences serve rather to inspire fervor and charity in the faithful, and so the actual remission of temporal punishment is granted only in proportion to that devotion.... We as Catholics must recognize that....

This is surely a position of which Martin Luther would have warmly approved!

Good Catholics, this is the same mentality that you find in advocates of the Bugninized/Modernized "Indult Mass" performed under the auspices of Newchurch by presbyters ordained to "preside over the assembly" and among a benighted percentage of the SSPXers. In their opinion, any compromise with the New Order is acceptable, as long as you get a membership card signed by Benedict-Ratzinger.

March 18 - Fourth Sunday of Lent "Laetare"
Semidouble Sunday

Newchurch Religious Education Congress Features "Bongo" Mess
And Prayers to "Our Father and Mother God"

From: The Fathers
Richard Rohr

Presbyter Richard Rohr, Author of Popular Newchurch Education Materials
Performed a "Bongo" Mess for the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles March 3, 2007
In Which He Invented His Own "Eucharistic Prayer" and "Consecration"
And Addressed Prayers to "Our Father and Mother God"

At a time when even Newchurch "catechists" are admitting that Newchurch religious education is at a nadir and at a time when a majority of graduates believes that that St. Joan of Arc was Noe's wife, the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress on March 3, 2007, put on a "general liturgy" in a ballroom at the Anaheim Convention Center. Presbyter Richard Rohr processed up the aisle to the Novus Ordo table, accompanied by bongo drums. Liturgical dancers carried large, flowing banners down each of the aisles in the ballroom. Reaching the front of the ballroom, the dancers stood along either side of the podium, twirling the giant banners.

Rohr, making no sign of the cross as he began the "liturgy," said to the assembly: "as a fellow member of the body of Christ, I thank you for allowing me to speak in your name. The Eucharist is always set in the form of a dialogue. First of all, I recognize the presence in you, and you return the compliment, and then the body is born." Whatever that means! While the "general intercessions," introduced from Protestant services, were read, several people, standing on each aisle of the ballroom, were making choreographed hand movements. Several audience members joined in mimicking the movements.

The "offertory procession" began with two women waving banners, followed by two liturgical dancers carrying a white tablecloth, sashaying up to the podium where Rohr sat waiting. They were followed by others who carried the cookies in large wicker breadbaskets, and the wine in glass and plastic pitchers. Rohr prayed over the gifts: "Make sure this people is hungry and ready to eat. Make sure we are not so filled with ourselves that there is not room for another person within us. Loving God, make sure this people is very hungry."

Rohr made up his own "Eucharistic Prayer," addressing "Our Father and Mother God," and proceeded to make up his own words of "consecration" different even from the invalid New Order formula in the vernacular. Rohr prefaced the Our Father, by saying: "And now, knowing we are more one than we are many, though we come from different places and races, we all share the same Father-Mother God. We call upon our God, together, in the words that Jesus gave us: 'Our Father, Who art in Heaven.'" [Source: California Catholic Daily]

Rohr's official biography says that the focus of his Modernist ministry is "Scripture as liberation, the integration of action and contemplation, community building, peace and justice issues, male spirituality, the enneagram, and eco-spirituality." In other words, anything but Catholicism! Rohr's religious-education materials for Newchurch are used around the United States. The Newchurch Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger "Mad" Mahony, approved the whole Bongo Extravaganza, so Newchurchers have no right to object to it -- or they'll be disobedient to Newchurch "authority."

Good Catholics, you should laugh at any Newchurcher who claims to you that the New Order service is valid. It is a joke in any form. These extravaganza Messes simply bring out the obvious phoniness inherent all of them.

Benedict-Ratzinger Is "Too Busy" to Attend the 90th Anniversary of Fatima

From: The Fathers

Newvatican's Secretary of State has announced that Benedict-Ratzinger is "too busy" to travel to Fatima in October 2007 for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children in Cova de Iria, Portugal. Newpope had been invited to the celebrations several months ago by the Portuguese Newchurch bishops. [Source: Catholic News Agency]

March 17 - St. Patrick, Confessor
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

The Novus Ordo Clergy Has Lost the Key to the Faith

From: Jeff
<i>Inter Gravissimas</i>

By the Hand of Providence, Latin Is Essential to the Catholic Faith
All Significant Documents of the Faith Remain in Latin
Even the Papal Decree, Inter Gravissimas, according to Which the Whole World
Adopted the Catholic Gregorian Calendar

One of the core achievements of the Modernists after Vatican II was to dumb down its clergy to the point that they lost the key to the Roman Catholic Faith. Now the Novus Ordo cardinals, bishops, and presbyters, for the most part, do not know the Catholic Church's own language, Latin. Their seminaries don't teach it: Spanish yes, Latin no! Yes, yes, we know that all of this is in violation of too many papal documents to name, but that is how the New Order operates: in total disobedience to the Catholic Faith.

In taking the knowledge of Latin away from its clergy, the New Order effectively deprived them of studying the Catholic Faith and created the principal cause of the heresies being preached by the Newchurch of the New Order. The New Order robbed its clergy of this key by design to break them from the Tradition of the Catholic Church and from its true teachings. With minor exceptions, all the texts of the Roman Catholic Church -- its councils, its Saints, its Doctors, its popes, even its Bible -- are in Latin. Because the Newchurch clergy is ignorant of Latin, they have to rely on inaccurate "translations" into the vulgar tongues and interpretations, often by Protestants and secularist professors. This ignorance of Latin has been the seed of destruction of the Newchurch clergy.

The Fathers Reply.

It was not happenstance, but the hand of Providence -- God sticking His finger directly into history, so to speak -- that gave the infant Roman Catholic Church not a babel of vernacular languages, but the third and last of the three Sacred Languages. With it, the Church emerged full-blown after the persecutions of the first three centuries and spread the Catholic Faith to all nations. Through the Latin language, the Church inherited the universal character of the Roman empire. It was because of this one language that Christianity spread over that empire like wildfire -- from Armenia in the East all the way to Scotland in the North.

Latin has been the Catholic language, a unifying factor and a doctrinal safeguard for the faith and morals of the Church. In a significant way, it gives to the Church its marks of "one, holy, catholic, and apostolic." The Christian writer Origen (?185-?254) saw the concurrence of the Pax Romana with the rise of Christianity and foresaw that the two would have to flow into a common tide. The primacy of Latin in the Church was not a question of any historical coincidence, but a manifestation of the ruling hand of Providence. It has been said that the Roman Catholic Church is the last great gift of the Roman Empire. It is this sacred language in which has come down to us the Divine Office said by the clergy around the hours of the day; the only authoritative version of the Scriptures, St. Jerome's Vulgate; canon law and theology, doctrine and dogma; and the prayers and devotions of the Church for twenty centuries. But most of all, the immemorial Traditional Latin Mass.

For our souls, as God created them, do not seek a God of slang and slogans. Our souls seek an almighty God, a God Who in all His sacredness and awesomeness must be approached in our public worship with a deep sense of majesty, and prayed to in a language steeped in dignity, mysticism, and holiness. The Fathers at the dogmatic Council of Trent had underlined the special reverence aroused by the use of the sacred language instead of the vulgar tongues, which elicited "the contempt of men who find it easy to ignore things that are familiar to them and common."

Providence gave the Church a great gift, the Latin language, which was the perfect vessel for the expression of the perfect theology and the perfect practical instrument for maintaining "catholic" the Faith through the centuries. Like a priceless gem, since the beginning of the Church, Latin has been the divinely-established vehicle for the expression of Catholic theology and doctrine. All the great minds of the Church formulated their discussions and explanations in this language, which is unparalleled for clarity and precision (don't those vernacular documents from the Vatican now sound muddled as never before Vatican II?). St. Augustine, St. Anselm, St. Albert, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bonaventure, St. Alphonsus, all the popes and councils, all the Fathers and Doctors honed Catholic doctrine carefully in this uniquely-expressive language.

Dom Prosper Gueranger, the great liturgist of the 19th century, demonstrated that it was "the sympathy of heretics for the vernacular in the divine service" that had brought the Council of Trent to "pronounce a dogmatic definition in this matter which at first seemed only to affect discipline." Instead, the Council Fathers had not taken a disciplinary measure, but had given a "dogmatic definition" establishing Latin as a sacred language and, ipso facto, excluding vernaculars from the liturgy of the Mass.

Fears previously expressed if the Church were ever to abandon her Latin language have come true in the post-Vatican II period. It is not happenstance that when the New Order abandoned the Church's catholic language, the Newchurch began disintegrating. This abandonment of Latin was deliberately planned so that a new theology could be constructed. It was the first and most serious coffin-nail driven into the Church by Vatican II and its aftermath.

Of course, all traditional Catholics understand that the Latin language must be retained in the Divine Office, the Holy Mass, and the Sacraments. But one can never underestimate the importance of Latin in retaining the unadulterated doctrine of the true Church. THE INTRODUCTION OF THE VULGAR LANGUAGES INTO THE CHURCH WAS THE PRINCIPAL ACTION THAT ALLOWED THE NEW ORDER RELIGION TO BE CREATED.

The New Order Innovators knew full well that they could not foist their New Religion upon the Church if they used the traditional Latin. Is it any wonder, then, that the first action they took after Vatican II was to introduce the vulgar tongues into the Church? Pope Pius XII proclaimed: "The day the Catholic Church gives up its Latin language is the day it returns to the catacombs." Wasn't the pope right? Isn't traditional Catholicism back in the catacombs? But remember that the Church rose victorious from the catacombs, as will true Catholicism.

March 16 - Ferial Day
Complete Friday Abstinence & Lenten Fast Day

Papal Document Just Released Is a Mortal Disappointment to Indultarians
Benedict-Ratzinger Pushes the (Invalid) Novus Ordo Service in Latin

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger Shows that He Is Possessed by the Modernist New Order
His Long-awaited "Exhortation," Delayed 14 Months after the Newchurch Synod
Barely Touches on Latin or Traditional Catholicism in Newchurch
The Document, Formerly Predicted to Be a Major Step on the Path to the Restoration of Tradition
Instead Turns out to Be a Big Dud

It took Benedict-Ratzinger 14 months to issue an "Apostolic Exhortation" based on the Eleventh Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops of the New Order, held October 2-23, 2005, at Newvatican. The document is dated February 22, 2007, but was released on March 13, 2007. Entitled Sacramentum Caritatis, it has to be a mortal disappointment to the indultarians, who were looking in this document for an increase in the "Indult" Mass or in traditional Catholicism as a whole for that matter. They won't find it in this document.

It is clear from the document that Newpope is completely in the camp of the Modernist New Order. In 97 sections of the document's body, only one barely mentions the dogmatic Council of Trent. In 256 footnotes, only three make reference to the dogmatic Council of Trent. Virtually every other reference is to Vatican II and the Conciliar Newpopes.

There has been widespread speculation in the press that some new "indult" or new provision for the "Indult" Mass would be included. It isn't. One section is devoted to Lingua Latina, the Latin Language, and that doesn't mention the "Indult" Mass at all. Its text runs as follows:

62. Quod affirmatum est, non debet tamen offundere praestantiam harum magnarum celebrationum. Cogitamus nunc praesertim de celebrationibus quae fiunt tempore coetuum internationalium, nostra aetate usque frequentiorum. Ipsae merito sunt aestimandae. Ad melius ostendendam unitatem et universalitatem Ecclesiae, cupimus commendare suasiones Synodi Episcoporum, consonantes cum normis Concilii Vaticani II: exceptis lectionibus, homilia et oratione fidelium, aequum est ut huiusmodi celebrationes fiant lingua Latina; similiter Latine recitentur orationes pervulgatae Ecclesiae traditionis et forte cantentur quaedam partes in cantu Gregoriano. In universum petimus ut futuri sacerdotes, inde a Seminarii tempore, ad Sanctam Missam Latine intellegendam et celebrandam nec non ad Latinos textus usurpandos et cantum Gregorianum adhibendum instituantur; neque neglegatur copia ipsis fidelibus facienda ut notiores in lingua Latina preces ac pariter quarundam liturgiae partium in cantu Gregoriano cantus cognoscant.
62. None of the above observations should cast doubt upon the importance of such large-scale liturgies. I am thinking here particularly of celebrations at international gatherings, which nowadays are held with greater frequency. The most should be made of these occasions. In order to express more clearly the unity and universality of the Church, I wish to endorse the proposal made by the Synod of Bishops, in harmony with the directives of the Second Vatican Council, that, with the exception of the readings, the homily and the prayer of the faithful, such liturgies could be celebrated in Latin. Similarly, the better-known prayers of the Church's tradition should be recited in Latin and, if possible, selections of Gregorian chant should be sung. Speaking more generally, I ask that future priests, from their time in the seminary, receive the preparation needed to understand and to celebrate Mass in Latin, and also to use Latin texts and execute Gregorian chant; nor should we forget that the faithful can be taught to recite the more common prayers in Latin, and also to sing parts of the liturgy to Gregorian chant.

Note that these watered-down provisions carry no teeth. Even Vatican II made a few references to Latin, which were duly ignored. JPII's Apostolic Letter Ecclesia Dei, which carried no teeth, was duly ignored. Note the weasel-worded provisions in this new document:

  1. At the rare international gatherings (otherwise known as "Broadway extravaganzas"), Benedict-Ratzinger "wishes to endorse" the use of Latin. The phase he uses in this statement, cupimus commendare, carries no legal obligation. It expresses a mere wish.

  2. Even at international gatherings, the "readings, the homily, and the prayer of the faithful" are to be in the vulgar tongues.

  3. Even at international gatherings, the rite is to be the (invalid) Novus Ordo in Latin, not even the Bugninized/Modernized "Indult" Mass

  4. The English modal should used in Newvatican's unofficial English translation is deceiving. In English, should carries some notion of obligation, but the Latin text does not. The verbs recitentur and cantentur (recited and sung) are in the subjunctive mood dependent upon aequum est ut (it is fair that). If the traditional rights of Catholics after Vatican II were based on "fairness," there would be no New Order at all!

  5. As far as the Novus Ordo seminaries are concerned, Benedict-Ratzinger merely "asks" (petimus) that seminarians learn to pronounce or sing a little Latin. He does not order even that they learn Latin. Compare Benedict-Ratzinger's milquetoast approach with Pope John XXIII's solemnly proclaimed Apostolic Constitution (not a mere "exhortation") of 1962 that required seminaries to teach essentially all their courses in Latin. For further information, see LATNECES: Necessity of Latin for the Roman Catholic Church, including the Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientia [On Promoting the Study of Latin] in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs & Traditional Apologetics).

  6. As far as the laypeople go, Vatican II prescribed that laypeople should be able to "say or sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass pertaining to them," but how many Newchurchers do you know who even know the Pater Noster, the Lord's Prayer, in Latin? So much for should!

Good Catholics, this long-delayed Apostolic Exhortation, which was fabled to restore the place of Latin in Newchurch, is a joke, a throw-away, a sop to the benighted indultarians, who, like the whelps of Scripture, are satisfied to eat the crumbs dropped on the floor by their Newchurch masters (Matthew 15:27/DRV). It looks as if Newchurch and Newpope are looking to leverage the (invalid) Novus Ordo service in Latin, not the Traditional Latin Mass, or even the "Indult" Mass. Newchurch and Newpope are certainly not the solution to any problem: they are the problem!

Benedict-Ratzinger Caught in Hypocrisy Again

From: The Fathers

Days after Benedict-Ratzinger criticized the media for its "destructive" influence, Newvatican announced plans on March 12, 2007, to join that destructive influence by launching its first television network by the end of the 2007. The network, called "H2O," will broadcast news and original entertainment programming worldwide in seven languages, according to the announcement. Additional details were sketchy.

Over the years Newvatican has been quick to adopt new technologies to spread its New Order propaganda. In 1996 Newvatican introduced its web portal nearly three years before the Italian state unveiled its own web site. However, Newvatican could not get the jump on the TRADITIO Network, which was introduced in September 1994, two years beforehand to disseminate the traditional Catholic position. [Source: Reuters]

March 15 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

Newpope's Spokesman Will Officially Endorse Judas "Gospel"
Is Benedict-Ratzinger's Endorsement of Da Vinci Code Next?

From: The Fathers
Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer Behind Bars in a UK Prison for Perjury
The Book of This Convicted Perjurer
Will Be Endorsed by Benedict-Ratzinger's Representative
Just in Time to Corrupt the Holiest Season of the Year for True Catholics
Is Newpope's Newchurch Getting a Kick-back from the Book?

Newchurch and Benedict-Ratzinger have reached a new low with the announcement that it will endorse the phony second-century "Gospel" of Judas, a work that legitimate scholars agree was written by Gnostic heretics of the early Church. Newpope's rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, which previously published Ratzinger's writings claiming that the Jews could wait for another Messias, will endorse the work at a public presentation. The author of the work, Jeffrey Archer, is a felon, having been convicted in the U.K. for perjury and served over two years in prison. Such is the ilk Newchurch associates with. [Source: London Times]

In addition to the scandal caused by Newvatican's endorsement of a phony "gospel," there is also speculation that Newvatican is receiving a kickback from the millions of deluded individuals who will buy the book. What's next? Will Newpope endorse Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code? For maximum income, the book, which justifies Judas's life and betrayal of Christ, is being issued just in advance of the holiest week of the year, on which Judas's betrayal is depicted in all its horrible terms. Mel Gibson got it right in The Passion of the Christ, but Benedict-Ratzinger seems to have missed the point entirely!

French Report Indicates that SSPX Is Using Novus Ordo Presbyters

From: The Fathers

A French site has published a letter from the United States that claims the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is using Novus Ordo presbyters to celebrate its Masses:

I read with great interest your latest article about the SSPX using priests ordained in the New Rite. However, Europe is not the only place where the SSPX is imposing doubtfully ordained priests on the faithful. A few months ago SSPX installed at its chapel in [X], a priest ordained in the New Rite. I have also been told the following by reliable sources that the Society's US District Headquarters, located in Kansas City, Missouri, offers priests ordained in the New Rite the possibility of spending time there in order to learn how to celebrate the traditional Mass [actually, the Modernized Mass of 1962]. Some of these priests, having "graduated" from their course, then celebrate Sunday Masses in [Y], which has one of the Society's largest congregations in the US, thus exposing hundreds of unsuspecting Catholics to invalid sacraments.

Another letter from the United States states:

The SSPX is contradicting its teachings on what it taught me four years ago. Their priests kick out people who go to "sede-vacantist" chapels served by traditionally-ordained priests, yet they acknowledge the legitimacy of priests "ordained" in the Novus Ordo rite. I don't understand this contradiction in the Society's position in the last four years.

The validity of persons "ordained" in the Novus Ordo rite to "preside over the assembly" is hotly disputed in many traditional circles. After the SSPX's Superior General, Bernard Fellay, met with Benedict-Ratzinger on August 29, 2005, the Fellay administration has made an active effort to embrace Novus Ordo presbyters into its structure, apparently as part of a "rapproachment" with the New Order. The French site lists about a dozen Novus Ordo presbyters actively working for the Society at locations in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States

The Fellay administration is now caught on the horns of a dilemma. Either the SSPX must recognize the "ordinations" of presbyters in the Novus Ordo rite to "preside over the assembly" and must reject traditionally-ordained priests who happen to hold the sede-vacantist opinion -- that to please Benedict-Ratzinger and Newvatican, or the SSPX must reject Novus Ordo presbyters and must accept traditionally-ordained priests who happen to hold the sede-vacantist position -- and be cut off by the New Order officials holding the power positions in Newrome. Apparently, the Fellay administration has decided to play sycophant to Newrome, although other leaders in the SSPX are strongly opposed to this policy.

Mainline Anglicans Supporting Homosexuality Express "Frustration"
Newvatican Faces the Same Divisions

From: The Fathers

Newrome, which is itself mired in a homosexual scandal, is watching carefully what is going on in the Anglican Churches around the world. Since the 2003 "consecration" in the United States of Gene Robinson, an openly "gay" bishop living publicly with his paramour, traditional Anglicans have gone far in splitting from the "mainline" Anglican Communion. Now, in the face of a proposed moratorium on "consecrating" homosexuals and authorizing "same-sex unions," the liberalists, who support homosexuality, are themselves talking about separating now.

Many Episcopalian leaders, including the head of the Church in the United States, Jefferts Schori, have already declared their decision that they would choose the "full inclusion" of homosexuals over continued membership in the Anglican Communion. She outspokenly supports the policy of the Church in making "gays" and lesbians an "integral part" of the body. "We have -- the majority of dioceses in this country have -- allowed the blessing of same-sex couples for some time," she admitted. [Source: Christian Post Reporter

Good Catholics, the Newchurch of the New Order is likewise being ripped apart at the seams, as it should be, since it has deviated from Catholic teaching and practice on moral issues. When Newchurch looks at the Anglican Church's divisions, it is looking in the mirror at itself. Christ's true Church, however, is the "seamless garment" (John 19:23) of true Catholic doctrine and morality.

March 14 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

JPII the "Clown" Pope:
Newchurch Is Ramming His "Sainthood" Through before All the Skeletons Can Come Out

From: The Fathers
JPII & Vatican Clown

JPII and One of the Clowns that Populated His Messes and Audiences
Rome and the Vatican II Were Once the Envy of the World for the Best
In Art, Architecture, Music, Literature, Government, and Other Fields
After Vatican II Newrome Has Become, in the Words of Our Lord, "A Den of Thieves"

Abracadabra. Presto! Isn't that what magicians say? And now the Newvatican magicians in a record 24 months have examined JPII and found him squeaky clean. Oh, really? The completion of this "work" will be marked with a ceremony in St. John Lateran Basilica on April 2, 2007, because that date is said to be the second anniversary of JPII's death, although at the time there appeared to be much manipulation by Newchurch officials about the death, which was originally announced on April Fool's Day, April 1. [Source: Houston Chronicle]

Isn't it interesting that the only possible "saints" that Newchurch might be able to ram through whose names would be recognized by anybody are both under heavy suspicion: Mother Theresa and JPII. Mother Theresa is accused by many of compromising the Catholic Faith by diluting it with pagan Hinduism, and the "miracle" that Newchurch attributes to her has been denied by the very physicians that treated the "cured" woman -- who died shortly thereafter.

In the case of JPII, this man presided for 26 years over one of the most corrupt papacies since the period of the Bad Popes. When it was reported to him that his bishops and presbyters around the world were raping Newchurch children, his response was to praise the bishops and presbyters and charge his gauleiter, Newcardinal Ratzinger, to cover up the gangrene putrifying Newchurch by "pontificial secret," so that the honest Newchurch clergy (if there are any left) would be excommunicated if they went to the police. We won't even go into the numerous sacrileges committed by JPII with his "Clown" Messes or audiences or whatever.

Now it has come out, since documents in Poland's Institute of National Remembrance have become public, that JPII, née Karol Woytla, ruled over an archdiocese of Krakow that was infested after Vatican II with bishops and presbyters who were spying for the Communist Secret Police against the Church. Any honest person has to ask: how could Woytla have been unaware of immorality on such a scale? Was he part of it? Did he aid and abet it? Did he keep a knowing silence and thereby consent to it? The Newchurch magicians will never ask these questions, of course.

Good Catholics, the fix is in. JPII's "sainthood" has to be rushed through before these skeletons in the closet come out. JPII himself in 1983 put the fix in for allowing possibly phony Newchurch "saints" in by rejecting the very careful traditional process of investigating candidates and by promulgating a new process that opens serious doubt whether these rushed-through modern candidates have been scrutinized sufficiently or whether mistakes been made because of rushed investigations (which used to take centuries) and because of "P.C." concerns. JPII's new process did away with the traditional protections of the Devil's Advocate and the right of any Catholic to bring forth disqualifying information. The number of miracles required was reduced even to one in some cases, and the "miracles" are not scrutinized for validity as they once were.

Although it has been frequently bandied about that Newchurch canonizations are "infallible," such a position is not fully consistent with the teachings of the Doctors of the Church, including the Supreme Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, particularly in cases, as has occurred after Vatican II, when the facts are in dispute. For further information, see FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs & Traditional Apologetics) in the section "Canonizations, Post-conciliar."

Report from Rome: Romans Have Abandoned Historic Churches

From: The Fathers

The Vandals and Visigoths live once more -- in the heart of Rome. Two hundred historic churches of Catholic history, many housing relics of great Saints, sit mostly empty, while the latest barbarians to enter Rome are dished out the Novus Ordo service in garages, former grocery stores, or prefabs. Meanwhile, the treasures of Catholicism, in which one can physically connected with the Catholic Faith going back to Apostolic times, are allowed by Newchurch to become little more than bus stops for irreverent and noisy tourists in beachwear. [Source: AP]

March 13 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

New Corruption in Newvatican: Newchurch Properties in the U.S.
Are Being Sold off to Profit the Family of Newpope's #2 Man

From: The Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Angelo Sodano

#1 and #2: Benedict-Ratzinger and Angelo Sodano
This Just-resigned Newcardinal Secretary of State Has Apparently Been Using Family Influence
To Help a Commercial Company Buy Church Properties Up for Commercial Development

It is reminiscent of the actions of Caiphas in Scripture. The High Priest who condemned Our Lord to death was, according to the Jewish historian Josephus, raking off a profit from the money-changing in the temple. That is one of the reasons why Christ was so angry and whipped the money-changers out of the temple, saying (as He could also of Newchurch): "It is written, 'My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.'" (Matthew 21:13/DRV).

An Italian-owned Manhattan real estate development company with ties to high-ranking Newvatican officials is bidding on properties owned by dozens of U.S. dioceses and religious orders. The Park Avenue-based Follieri Group, founded nearly three years ago by Raffaello Follieri and his father, Pasquale Follieri, has "entered into contracts for the acquisition of over $100 million of church property in three U.S. cities" and is "actively bidding on an additional quarter billion dollars of Church assets." The firm openly claims connections with "senior members of the Vatican hierarchy."

The Follieri Group clearly has ties to Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Newvatican Secretary of State 1991-2006. Andrea Sodano, the cardinal's nephew, is a Follieri Group vice president, a fact widely-known in U.S. church real estate circles. The Sodano name, and the implicit Newvatican endorsement that the Group has promoted along with it, has opened doors that might otherwise be closed to a firm headed by Italian nationals with no real estate development track record in the United States, according to those who have had business dealings with the Follieri Group. "When Raffaello wants to meet with the bishop, they put the touch on from the Vatican and they get the meeting," said one East Coast diocesan real estate professional. "They're about as connected as it gets."

Andrea Sodano frequently accompanies Raffaelo Follieri to meetings with Newchurch officials. "They certainly make it clear they have relatives in the Vatican," said one such official who has met with the Group's representatives. This thing smells in my opinion," said the finance officer of a religious order that has been frequently solicited by the Follieri Group. "I wouldn't get close to these people," said the official. In early 2005, an editor of the Catholic World Report, summed it up: "Unless [Andrea Sodano's] name was Wojtyla [JPII's family name], you couldn't get a better connection." [Source: NCR]

March 12 - St. Gregory the Great
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

"Mad" Mahony Dumps on the "Indult" Mass; Lies about Latin

From: The Fathers

"Mad" Mahony, Newcardinal of Los Angeles
Types out a Lie in Answering an Online "Chat" Question
This Caiphas, Called by Many the "Arch-heretic of Newchurch"
Preposterously Stated that Latin Has Been the Language of the Mass
For Only a "Small Slice of Church History"!

On March 2, 2007, Newchurch Cardinal Roger "Mad" Mahony participated in an online "chat" session. One chatter asked about the imaginary new "indult," and Mahony certainly didn't waste the opportunity to dump on the whole thing:

James: I've read that Pope Benedict is concerned about the liturgy and is about to issue a decree that encourages a more generous use of Latin in the liturgy including the use of the Tridentine rite. Do you support this and will you encourage the use of more traditional forms of worship in the archdiocese if he issues the decree?

Mahony: Of our 5 million Catholics, only a handful are interested in the Latin Mass. I must focus upon the 99% who need a vibrant Mass that includes them in its celebration.

So it is clear that Mahony, like the vast majority of the bishops, has no interest in an "Indult" Mass. In fact, they hate it the very idea and will do everything they can to block it, even if the imaginary new "indult" ever does appear.

In another exchange, Mahony tells an outright lie:

Joe: Hello Cardinal. With the growing interest in traditional worship of the Catholic Church are we going to see a more generous use of the Traditional Latin Mass?
Cardinal Mahony: It is not correct to say "traditional worship" in our Church. For a small slice of Church history, Latin was the language of Mass. But the Council moved us beyond that to a new Roman Missal.

The TRADITIO Network rarely calls Newchurchers "liars" because there is always the possibility that they are ignorant of the truth. However, Mahony's statement about liturgical Latin is so obviously a lie that his nose has visibly grown!

Latin has been the predominant liturgical language of the Church since the time when Sts. Peter & Paul were in Rome. It used to be thought that Greek was the predominant language for the first two or three centuries, but that assumption became obsolete after excavations at Pompeii, which showed that, in Italy at least, Latin was well established by A.D. 79, and from that time Latin has been the predominant language in the "traditional worship" of the Church. [Source: CWN]

For further information, see LATNECES: The Necessity of Latin for the Roman Catholic Church, From the writings of Roman Catholic Saints, Popes, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs & Traditional Apologetics).

March 11 - Third Sunday of Lent
Semidouble Sunday

Blog "Expert" Turns out to Be "Dummy"

From: The Fathers

Newchurch Pointboiler that Was Used by a Blog Encyclopaedia "Expert"
It Turns Out that the "Expert" Was a 24-Year-Old College Dropout
Who Was Ignorant of Latin, Canon Law, and Catholicism
The Johnny-Come-Lately Blogs of the Last Two Years Are Merely the Blind Leading the Blind

The TRADITIO Network has consistently warned about a spate of "blogists" who have popped up out of nowhere in the last couple of years. We have pointed out that most of them are high-school or college students who have no knowledge of the Catholic Faith and who are merely, as Our Lord said, the blind leading the blind (Matthew 15:14). Several of these claim to be "experts" in the New Order Canon Law of 1983, which is, of course, just another illegitimate progeny of Vatican II, yet these "experts" don't even seem to be able to understand either Codex Iuris Canonici (1917 or 1983) and its commentaries in the only authentic version, which remains in Latin.

The TRADITIO Network's report has now been substantiated by a report from Newchurch's own Catholic [sic] News Service that one of these "experts," who has been prolifically writing articles on "Catholicism" for a well-known blog encyclopaedia, is a 24-year-old college dropout with no knowledge of Latin, no knowledge of canon law, and no knowledge of the Catholic Faith. He cribbed his articles from a potboiler entitled Catholic for Dummies, which he himself was.

Good Catholics, you are well advised to bypass johnny-come-lately "blogs" whose chief characteristic is that they are interested only in endless bickering on every subject under the sun, on which the blind lead the blind. Tempting as it may be to try to play "oneupsmanship" in these bickerings with bloggers, you will end up being frustrated because the bloggers will never accept any traditional position as valid. They have their agenda, and you are not going to change it.

Our Lord's prescription in a similar case was: "Going forth out of that house or city shake off the dust from your feet." And that is exactly what St. Paul did when he refused to return to debate the philosophers on the hill of the Areopagus in Athens, as they were not interested in the truth of the Christian Faith, but only in endless debate. For further information, see FAQ05: What Traditional Books Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs & Traditional Apologetics).

March 10 - Forty Holy Martyrs
Semidouble Feast
Lenten Fast Day

SSPX's Bernard Fellay Willing to Sell out the Traditional Latin Mass
For Oecumenism, Religious Liberty, and Collegiality

From: The Fathers

SSPX's Superior General Bernard Fellay
In a Very Strange Public Letter, He Appears to Sell out the Traditional Latin Mass
And Accept Its Takeover and Bastardization by the New Order
Is Fellay Continuing to Lose His Traditional Catholic Sense?

In his February 25, 2007, Letter to Friends and Benefactors, Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, commenting on the imaginary new "indult," exhibits a duplicity of thought that the conciliar popes could envy! On the one hand, several of Fellay's statements indicate that he is not completely ignorant of the truth of the matter, which the TRADITIO Network has enunciated from the beginning of Fellay's talk of a sellout to Newrome:

If we consider how Roman documents have been received during the last decade by the episcopate and the faithful, we are obliged to say that what prevails is a very great indifference that has frustrated the measures recommended in them by {New]rome.... We cannot fail to notice that the documents have had no real effect. One can well wonder even now whether the [imaginary] motu proprio will not have the same fate.
Since the document extends a favor rather than imposes a restriction..., it is quite unlikely that this [imaginary] motu proprio will be followed by a mass movement.
The publication of this document might engender a certain confusion "among us," in the sense that it will create the impression of a rapprochement between the official Church [sic] and Tradition.

Nevertheless, for all that, Fellay's position on any imaginary new "indult" contains a very strange duplicity. He states emphatically: "Ecumenism, religious liberty, and collegiality remain the points of contention over which we will not budge." Yet he is perfectly willing to budge on the most important thing this side of heaven, the Traditional Latin Mass.

He seems to have no problem with presbyters, who have been ordained to "preside over" the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service, "presiding over" the "Indult" Mass. He seems to have no problem with the fact that the "Indult" Mass as usually now celebrated is not even the Bugninized/Modernized Mass of 1962, but a bastardized form of that Mass with elements of the invalid Novus Ordo service, and not infrequently handing out the invalid cookies from previous Novus Ordo services. Fellay is willing to excuse the bastard Novus Ordo service as "an effect much more than a cause of the crisis that has afflicted the Church for nearly forty years."

Fellay concludes his letter with the following observation: "Entering Lent, let us remember that the gifts of Heaven are obtained by purifying prayer and penance." Isn't it ironic that two days ago in these Commentaries, we quoted the Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori: "One single [Traditional Latin] Mass gives more honor to God than all the penances of the Saints, the labors of the Apostles, the sufferings of the martyrs, and even the burning love of the Blessed Mother of God." Fellay seems to be losing his traditional Catholic sense the more he associates with Newchurch!

March 9 - St. Francis of Rome, Widow
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

Ousted Secretary of State Defies Benedict-Ratzinger

From: Peter (Canada)
Benedict-Ratzinger and Sodano

Newcardinal Sodano to Kiss Newpope's Ring No Longer
The Former Secretary of State for 24 Years Refuses to Leave
And the Faint-hearted Benedict-Ratzinger Won't Throw Him Out
As the Second Anniversary of Newpope's Accession Nears, Newrome Is Out of Control
"Who's in Charge Here?" Is the Question of the Day

Dear Fathers:

It has been reported that eight months after being replaced as Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano, the former Secretary of State, still refuses to vacate his residence and offices in Newvatican. Benedict-Ratzinger, it would seem, does not have the nerve to remove him. Some say that Sodano has some threat hanging over the pope. What do you make of all this?

The Fathers Reply.

The more the New Order mentality takes hold of Newvatican, the more crazy it gets! The Benedict papacy has got to be one of the strangest in modern history. This is a man who made secret trips in the middle of the night to his old cardinalatial residence, spoke to no one, and secreted himself with Mozart on his piano for hours. This is the man who appointed a man known to him to be a Communist spy to the highest Newchurch position in Poland. This is the man who surrounds itself with such crazies as Murphy Cormac-O'Connor, the Newcardinal Prefect of England & Wales, who publicly denies the existence of Hell and schedules regular "Gay Messes" in London.

This is our take on Benedict-Ratzinger: the man did not want to be pope in 2005. He might have when he was younger, but after 24 years serving the "Clown" Pope JPII, he wanted out. Three times he begged JPII to release him; three times he was denied. By 2005 all Ratzinger wanted to do was return to his native Germany, meet informally with his students there, play Mozart on his piano, and write some books. He has said so himself. Nevertheless, he probably felt that he could not decline the papacy when it was offered. So what is Benedict-Ratzinger doing now as pope? He's meeting with his students, not in Germany, but in Castel Gandolfo. He's playing the piano at his old cardinalatial residence, in his Vatican apartments, and with his brother. He's writing a book on the life of Christ. In fact, Benedict-Ratzinger has recast the papacy into one great retirement spa after his own desires.

Does Sodano have "the goods" on Ratzinger after 24 years as Secretary of State? Likely so. Ratzinger was JPII's hatchet-man, and together with Sodano the "Terrible Troika" ran a Newvatican organization that was more corrupt than that of Alexander VI, the Borgia pope. Under their administration moral corruption has run rampant in Newchurch, even to the raping of children and the embezzlement of 80% of Newparishes by Newchurch presbyters and bishops. JPII, Ratzinger, and Sodano did nothing. In fact, they seemed to encourage the Newchurch bishops, who aided and abetted it. Maybe with Sodano the worm is about to turn, now that Ratzinger has become pope and JPII is about to be named a subito Newchurch saint. (This is just another reason why prospective "saints" should be investigated for centuries. Often it takes that long for the truth to emerge.)

Good Catholics, one has the impression that the papacy of Benedict-Ratzinger is going up in flames before even two years of existence. So far we have seen only a few sparks ignite, but one has the impression that some day soon the smoldering embers are going to burst into a sudden conflagration.

March 8 - St. John of God, Confessor
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

Dumbed-down Newchurch Archbishop Heads Committee for a New "New Mess"

From: The Fathers
Mark Coleridge

Newchurch Bishop Mark Coleridge, of Canberra, Australia
Screams during a "Catholic [sic] Charismatic" Service," Possessed by Spirits Unknown
Coleridge, Who Admits that His Seminary Education in the 1970s was "Negligible"
Is Chairman of the Roman Missal [sic] Editorial Committee
Which Will Issue Yet Another Incarnation of the Novus Ordo Mess

When St. Alphonusus Liguori (1696-1787), one of the Doctors and great sacramental theologians of the Church, speaks of the Traditional Latin Mass, his words virtually sing its praises:

The Mass is the most beautiful and the best thing in the Church. At the Mass Jesus Christ gives Himself to us by means of the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar, which is the end and the purpose of all the other Sacraments.
One single Mass gives more honor to God than all the penances of the Saints, the labors of the Apostles, the sufferings of the martyrs, and even the burning love of the Blessed Mother of God.
Man cannot perform a more holy, a more grand, a more sublime action than to celebrate a Mass, in regard to which the Council of Trent says: "We must confess that no other work can be performed ... so holy and divine as this tremendous Mystery itself. God Himself cannot cause an action to be performed that is holier and grander than the celebration of Mass.

Mark Coleridge, Newchurch archbishop of Canberra, Australia, missed that lesson in his Novus Ordo seminary. He sings instead the praises of the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service fabricated by that Masonic archbishop Hannibal Bugnini. Yet Coleridge is the chairman of the Roman Missal [sic] Editorial Committee, even though he himself admits that his seminary studies under the New Order were "negligible" and that he was totally ignorant of the Holy Mass:

My seminary studies were done at a time of upheaval in the Church, and the liturgical training we received was negligible. It was a time of great liturgical ferment, as "the new Mass" in English appeared and took hold. Certainly we never looked at the Latin prayers. Latin was out, and English was in: that was the long and short of it. [Source: Catholic Voice]

Given this further evidence that the Novus Ordo seminary system is corrupt not only morally, but scholastically, around the world, it is no wonder that Newchurch has turned what used to be a relatively educated Catholic population before Vatican II into a generation of dunces, who don't even know the Ave Maria (it's not in the New Mess, after all) and who think, according to a survey of U.S. high-school graduates, that St. Joan of Arc was Noe's wife!

And why should that be a surprise? The bishops that wrote the Novus Ordo Catechism of the Catholic [sic] Church issued in 1994 admitted publicly that they didn't know enough Greek and Latin to read the Church Fathers and the decrees of the popes and councils. No wonder that Novus Ordo Catechism is so often in error about Catholic doctrine.

Just think about what Catholics before Vatican II knew, of which the vast majority of Newchurchers now are thoroughly ignorant:

Good Catholics, the Newchurch of the New Order is a Philistine organization. At one time the Catholic Church was the intellectual and cultural envy of the world. Now Newchurch has turned it into a den of ignorant thieves and perverts.

March 7 - St. Thomas Aquinas, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

Newcardinal Hoyos Dumps "Indult" Society

From: The Fathers
Dario Hoyos

Newcardinal Dario Hoyos Breaks His Promise and Dumps the "Indult"
He Was a No-show for the Ordinations of the "Indult" Organization Thrown Together by Newvatican
For Four Priests Who Left the Society of St. Pius X to Join the New Order

Remember that spurious "indult" group in Bordeaux that Benedict-Ratzinger and Dario Hoyos threw together on September 8, 2006, for four priests who had left the SSPX for the New Order? Supposedly, Newpope and Hoyos were working on a rapproachment with the SSSX, but instead decided to stab it in the back with a new "indult" group for its renegade priests.

Well, "the rest of the story" is this. Hoyos has now fallen from power and has also reneged on his promise to "proceed personally" to the first ordinations of the Institute of the Good Shepherd. Instead on March 3, 2007, Hoyos was nowhere in sight when a couple of deacons and priests were ordained by an unknown Newchurch bishop. Six months after this "indult" ruse, things have already become clear: the Institute, far from becoming the beacon of the "indult," is to be treated like the plague by Newchurch. [Source: UNEC]

Good Catholics, there is no surprise here. Newrome's agenda is to smile while it plunges the sword into the back of the "indultarians," all too many of whom are clueless about how they are being used as pawns in Benedict-Ratzinger's announced plan to forward Vatican II's New Order Church on the backs of the "conservatives" and "indultarians."

March 6 - Sts. Perpetua & Felicitas
Double Feast
Lenten Fast Day

Newchurch Archbishop of Paris Condemns Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) for Theft of Church

From: The Fathers
St. Nicholas du Chardonnet

St. Nicholas du Chardonnet Church in Paris
The Newchurch Archbishop of Paris Claims that the SSPX Stole It from Newchurch
Newchurch Has Reverted to Its Old Tricks against the SSPX
Since the August 29, 2005, "Beheading Meeting"
Between the SSPX's Bernard Fellay and Newchurch's Benedict-Ratzinger

Things are not going well with the Society of St. Pius X these days. After the widely-publicized "Beheading Meeting" of SSPX General Superior Bernard Fellay with Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger at Castel Gandolfo on August 29, 2005, talk of the SSPX's "reconciliation" with the Newchurch of the New Order has tanked. Fellay was attacked by his own clergy and membership for his steps to sell out the Society to Benedict-Ratzinger, and Benedict-Ratzinger was attacked by his own bishops for what appeared to them less than full-throated support for the New Order and New Mess of Vatican II.

Now, on February 27, 2007, Newchurch archbishop of Paris, Andre Vingt-Trois, has accused Fellay and his group of the theft of St. Nicholas du Chardonnet, a Newparish church in central Paris that the SSPX occupied in 1977 -- and the French courts have agreed, although they have held off doing anything for fear of public disturbance. Vingt-Troit was clear, however: "The split continues.... The [SSPX] priests who now serve at the church of St. Nicolas du Chardonnet are not recognized by the Paris archdiocese or any other jurisdiction of the Catholic [sic] Church." Fellay justified the theft on the grounds of "necessity," to preserve the faith from the "bishops and pastors who, since the [Vatican II] Council, have suffocated Catholic life." [Source: CWN]

Doesn't sound like the much-heralded Pax Benedictina between Newchurch and the SSPX has taken hold, does it? Fellay now realizes that he was played for a fool by Newchurch and has secreted himself in comparative silence in the Swiss Alps.

Presbyter Sued for Child Support; Paid for Prostitutes from Newchurch Funds

From: The Fathers

Now we have entered the next phase of the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. The illegitimate offspring of Newchurch's immoral presbyters are now suing for child support! A case in point. From 1964, the time of Vatican II, until the mid 1970s, it has recently been reported that a Jesuit presbyter fathered four children, carried on sexual relations with seven women, some of them married, and visited prostitutes in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska.

The presbyter admitted that he frequented prostitutes in motels and cars in those cities when he was principal of a Jesuit boarding school. What is worse, the presbyter paid the prostitutes with church funds, as he himself admitted in a sworn deposition. Now he is being accused of rape, in one case of a 16-year-old girl.

But the interesting aspect of this Newchurch presbyter's case is that he is also being sued for child support by his illegitimate children. What's next: suits to compel Newpope to pay for the consequences that his aiding and abetting the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal have caused? That would certainly be fair, as these presbyters are his agents and employees. As the Latin legal principle provides: Respondeat superior. [Source: Anchorage Daily News]

March 5 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

Newchurch Resorts to Clowns to Encourage "Vocations" to the New Order

From: The Fathers
Clown Presbyter

Stripes the Clown, aka New Order Presbyter Greg Serwa
Poster-boy for Newchurch "Vocations" in Milwaukee
Newchurch by Its Own Actions Admits that It Is Not a Serious Religion
But Merely a Joke Perpetrated on Clueless Newchurchers

The Newchurch archdiocese of Milwaukee is desperately trying to get New Order "vocations" -- by picturing presbyters as clowns! Yes, featured on the cover of the Milwaukee Catholic [sic] Herald's special Vocations Supplement is Presbyter Greg Serwa as Stripes the Clown. You see, even the Newchurch of the New Order admits that it is little more than a joke. It no longer encourages "vocations" by featuring men who are attracted to it spiritually (if such a thing were even possible), but those attracted to social work or dance or twisting balloons into animal shapes. [Source: CWN]

Until 2002, Milwaukee was the domain of Newchurch archbishop Rembert "Robber" Weakland, who stole half a million dollars from the collection-plate as hush-money for his "gay" catamite. He got to retire early when, fearing imminent exposure, he turned himself over to local police. His admitted theft gained neither criminal nor church penalties: another criminal whom the police and Benedict-Ratzinger let off scot-free.

Presbyter's Expose Book Throws Newchurch into a Panic:
Newchurch Presbyters and Bishops Have Been Fingered as Communist Spies after Vatican II

From: The Fathers

Newchurch Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the longtime private secretary to JP II, whom Benedict-Ratzinger appointed in 2005 to become archbishop of JPII's old archdiocese of Krakow, has rejected the appeal of Presbyter Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski to initiate a public investigation of the presbyters and bishops of the archdiocese who were spies against the Newchurch for the Communist Secret Police after Vatican II. Dziwisz's advice to the presbyter was -- pray! Exposing the clerics in such fashion, the Newchurch cardinal said, would undermine "love for the [New]church and Christ." Catholic teaching is different: "It is better that the truth be known than scandal be covered up" (St. Augustine).

Zaleski, however, is not one for false "obedience" to Newchurch. After all, he had several times been beaten up and tortured by the Communists. "The devil is to hide the truth. This was the mistake of the [New]church in the paedophilia scandal in Ireland and the United States," Zaleski wrote in an open letter to the Newchurch archbishop. And what was the response of the Newchurch of Hate? The archbishop responded to the virtual martyr "with fury," publishing an open letter criticizing the presbyter. So, Zaleski decided to fight Dziwisz and Newchurch. He determined to pursue the investigation on his own and to publish his findings. His book, published the week of March 4, 2007, is rocking Newchurch in Poland to the ground!

You see, Newchurch thought that it was home free, that the Secret Police had burned the files relating to the Church, apparently unaware that they had been preserved in Poland's Institute of National Remembrance. From consulting the documents there, Zaleski identifies 39 presbyters in the Krakow archdiocese alone, as well as five Newchurch bishops, who served as Communist Secret Police spies. Benedict-Ratzinger's recent appointee as Archbishop of Warsaw, who was forced by the Polish Newchurchers to resign in disgrace on January 6, 2007, was also exposed as a Secret Police spy. These revelations have thrown the Newchurch in Poland into a panic.

Zaleski's findings in the Krakow archdiocese are consistent with the estimates of historians who say that 10-15% of Newchurch's presbyters and bishops in Poland served as spies for the Communists. One the contrary, Zaleski was one of those who refused. As a teenage conscript in the Polish Communist army, Zaleski once spent 56 days in the brig for "insufficient love of Communism." On Holy Saturday 1985 Communist Secret Police thugs beat him up on the street in front of his apartment. A few months later they kicked in the door of his apartment, tied his hands with electrical cord, stuffed cloth in his mouth to stifle his screams, and videotaped the brutalities that followed. Benedict-Ratzinger certainly didn't have Zaleski's guts. Ratzinger participated as a member of the Hitler Youth Brigade, apparently without objection on his part. [Source: Chicago Tribune]

Good Catholics, it is quite clear that the Newchurch of the New Order has learned nothing from the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal and is now sinking into the Great Communist Spy Scandal. How any Newchurcher can remain part of, or how the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) can presume to "negotiate" with, the unrepentant, thoroughly-corrupt and immoral Newchurch organization is beyond us!

March 4 - Second Sunday of Lent
Semidouble Sunday

There He Goes Again! Benedict-Ratzinger and His Menagerie

From: The Fathers

Gustavo Gutierrez, Father of "Liberation Theology"
Benedict-Ratzinger Flocks to a Variety of Birds:
Protestants, Jews, Mohammedans, Heretic Hans Kung, Oecumenical Brother Schutz
And Now This Radical Who Advocated that Presbyters Take Up Rifles
To Impose Communist Governments onto Latin America

When Presbyter Gustavo Gutierrez went on Ash Wednesday to the Basilica of Santa Sabina in a small group to receive the ashes individually from Benedict-Ratzinger, Newpope recognized the "Father of Liberation Theology," condemned even by the first conciliar pope, Paul VI.

Gutierrez's 1971 book, A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics, Salvation, presented his concept of the connection between social and political liberation, and liberation from sin. He was one of leaders of the revolutionary movement to make the Catholic Church into a political organization supporting the spread of Communism, which included direct political action by New Order presbyters, even to the taking up of guns to kill the conservatives in Latin America. This was too much even for the first conciliar pope, Paul VI, who condemned "Liberation Theology" and shunned the Jesuits, who were its primary advocates and participants.

Gutierrez, for his part, rejected even the liberalist teachings of Vatican II because they weren't revolutionary and Communistic enough. Now the same Gutierrez is teaching at the Angelicum, a leading pontifical university at Newrome. Nor has he renounced his wacko theological errors. Gutierrez says that "he still freely expresses his views on Liberation Theology, because it remains 'my way of reflecting on the faith.'" Gutierrez has also been teaching his "Liberation Theology" at another once-Catholic university: Notre Dame of Indiana. [Source: CNS]

March 3 - Ferial Day - Ember Saturday
Lenten Fast Day & Partial Friday Abstinence

Cable Television Channel to Air Another Pseudo-historical Potboiler;
Ossuary of "Jesus" Is Just as Phony as the Proven Fraud of the Ossuary of James, His "Brother"

From: The Fathers

The Limestone Ossuary Being Promoted by a Trash-film Producer
As the Burial Box of Our Lord in a Cable Pseudo-documentary
The Archaeologist Who Discovered the Ossuary 27 Years Ago Calls the Pseudo-documentary "Nonsense"

As the Christian world is just getting over all the nonsense stirred up by the fable that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and had progeny by her, now a cable-television channel is going to tell us that the tombs of Our Lord, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and a purported "son" of Jesus by the name of Judah was found over 25 years ago. This "story" was concocted by the director of Titanic. So now we're getting our archaeological expertise from producers of trash films!

According to the pseudo-documentary to air during the holy season of Lent, the bones of Our Lord, buried with His family, have been found. In addition, the pseudo-documentary contends that Mary Magdalene and Our Lord had a son named Judah. The cable channel is also hawking this nonsense -- which just goes to show that you should never get your history from television!

It is a sad commentary on our times that so many people are so ignorant of history that they fall for this nonsense -- again and again. What is the truth of the matter? Prof. Amos Kloner, the Jerusalem District archaeologist who oversaw work at the tomb when it was uncovered in 1980, said that the pseudo-documentary's claims were "impossible" and "nonsense," and that there was "no likelihood" that Our Lord and his relatives had a family tomb. "The documentary filmmakers are using it to sell their film." [Source: BBC]

Some of the errors involved in this fraud are the following:

And the vast majority of people will have forgotten the fraud that was perpetrated on the public by the supposed "discovery" of the ossuary of "James, the Brother Jesus." After months of putting down traditional Christian beliefs, it was revealed that the whole thing had been a fraud perpetrated by a known international criminal being hunted down by Interpol. For further information on that fraud, use the TRADITIO Network's search engine in the Commentaries from the Mailbox department.

Newchurch Dioceses See Presbyters and Churchgoers Dwindle

From: The Fathers

Typical of the other Newchurch dioceses in the United States, the diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts, has admitted that people are now "turn[ing] their backs on the [New]church." The diocese suffered a 26% decline in just the last ten years. The drop in Newchurchers reflects a national trend: Newchurch attendance reached a new low in 2004. The bedrock of the American Church, European immigrants of Irish, French, Polish and Italian descent, are turning their backs on Newchurch.

The Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal, being aided an abetted from Benedict-Ratzinger and his bishops on down, has also eaten into attendance -- and donations. Newchurchers are skeptical of Newpope's and his bishops' moves to liberalize abortion, contraception, celibacy, priestesses, and homosexuality.

Newchurch officials know full well in their hearts why the Newchurch of the New Order is failing fast. One diocesan spokesman frankly admitted that after Vatican II: "People don't place such a high value on their faith as much as they used to." That is certainly no surprise to traditional Catholics. We've been saying it for more than 40 years! [Source: Berkshire Eagle]

March 2 - Ferial Day - Ember Friday
Lenten Fast Day & Complete Friday Abstinence

New York Is Outraged at Deception of Newchurch Cardinal

From: The Fathers
Richard Egan

A Sour-pussed "Tricky" Dick Egan, Newchurch Cardinal of New York
In a Carefully-planned Deception Egan Locked out Parishioners Out
From Our Lady of Vilnius Traditional Church
Now New York Is Calling Egan "Cardinal Sin"
If This Is How Newchurch Treats Its Own, Why Do the Indultarians Expect Anything Different?

It was a perfect Vatican II-style deception. Richard Egan, Newchurch cardinal of New York, got wind of the fact that Newchurch parishioners of Our Lady of Vilnius were preparing to save their church, which he wanted to slam shut to pay off sex crimes. The parishioners had even arranged a meeting with Lithuania's consul general, who was set to make a plea to save the church, whose closing date had not been previously set. In fact, Lithuanian Consul General Mindaugas Butkus hand-delivered to Egan a letter from President Valdas Adamkus and told the cardinal that "we value [the church] very much ... it has historical value and cultural value."

Apparently, Egan was miffed by press coverage of the planned closure. Therefore, trampling upon the rights of his own laypeople, Egan planned a ruse. On February 27, 2007, he summoned the church's pastor to the Cardinalatial Mansion. While presbyter Eugene Sawicki was hurrying off to answer the summons, Egan dispatched security guards to lock the church doors permanently by his personal order. Presbyter Sawicki returned to find himself locked out of his church.

The Newchurchers were outraged. "Cardinal Egan again shows his true colors. This church has been here for 102 years. I find this unconscionable," said one. Another said, "It seems to be a vindictive act." A headline in the New York Post ran a sour-pussed photo of Egan, captioned "Cardinal Sin." [Source: New York Post] Egan had already called upon himself the opprobrium of Newchurchers when he ordered police to break up a protest sit-in at another traditional church, Our Lady Queen of Angels. He changed the locks on that church "like a thief in the night" while parishioners were being dragged off handcuffed in paddy wagons.

And what is the moral of this story? Newchurch treats its own Newchurchers with contempt and breaks every "canon law" in the New Order book to trample on the rights of its laypeople. Why should the indultarians expect anything different?

March 1 - Ferial Day
Lenten Fast Day

"Why Has Benedict Stabbed Us in the Back?," Wails Indultarian

From: Damian (UK)

The Hidden Benedict-Ratzinger, a Crafty Caïphas of an Ecclesiastical Politician
Who Shamelessly Plays "Conservatives" and "Liberals" off Each Other
Meanwhile Engaging in Hoaxes, Such as the Imaginary New "Indult"

Dear Fathers:

Fans of Pope Benedict XVI are worried sick at the moment, though they are trying not to show it. The reason? The non-appearance of a papal document that they hoped would allow them to bypass the authority of their lefty bishops. For many months now, there have been rumours that Benedict is about to issue a motu proprio that might allow presbyters to celebrate the "Indult" Mass without asking permission from their local Newchurch bishop.

When liberal Newchurch bishops speak about "celebrating diversity," they mean "diversity for everyone except true Catholics." They hate giving permission for "indult" liturgies, and tend to do so with an extremely bad grace. The Newchurch hierarchy here in the UK were horrified many months ago to learn that Benedict might remove restrictions on the "Indult" Mass. The UK's Newchurch Cardinal-Primate Cormac Murphy-O'Connor said, "No one's seen it." And, mysteriously, that is still the case.

Even if the imaginary document ever comes out, the permission is likely to be hedged around with qualifications, meaning that "Indult" Masses will continue to be on as thin ground as they are now. The arm-twisting of various liberalist European and American cardinals will have paid off. And if nothing happens at all? Then expect an increased wave of defections from Newchurch.

The Fathers Reply.

Any new "indult" would merely a cruel deception. The last twenty -- yes, twenty -- years prove that the Ecclesia Dei so-called "indult, was a carefully-crafted ruse to keep conservative Novus Ordinarians in the Newchurch of the New Order. The promises that Newvatican has made since 1988 and broken are uncountable.

Anybody who places stock in this "indult" hoax has already lost his Catholic Faith. He has already foolishly sold out to the New Order, to its non-existent "authority," to its Protestant doctrine, to its pig-sty morality. Any true Catholic would have gotten out of Newchurch long before this. Whether any Newchurch "indult" ever comes out or not is inconsequential, as Newchurch will still remain an unCatholic abomination that true Catholics are obliged by the First Commandment to avoid altogether.

Newchurch Bishop Shuts Doors of "Catholic" School without Notice

From: The Fathers

For all its posturing after Vatican II, Newchurch doesn't care a fig for its laypeople. In the diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, Newchurch bishop John McCormack is closing Berlin's last Newchurch school summarily, without giving parents the opportunity to keep it running.

Parents of St. Michael school's 52 pupils were summoned to the school on February 22, 2007, and informed it would be closed. Local Newchurchers say that this coldness and arrogance is typical of the way the diocese is run under McCormack. As often happens with troubled charter public schools and small private schools, parents could have been brought in to find a solution -- raise money, recruit new students, etc. But that's not how McCormack's diocese operates. It's "his way or the highway." [Source: Manchester Union Leader]

McCormack is a perfect poster-boy for the Newchurch of Hate.

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