February 2009

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February 28 - Ferial Day

Benedict-Ratzinger Appoints "Cheesehead" as Newchurch's New York Archbishop
Timothy Dolan, a Well-known Flake, Treats Catholicism as a Joke

From: The Fathers
Timothy Dolan

Timothy Dolan Sports the Latest Episcopal Attire, a Cheesehead Mitre
Benedict-Ratzinger Has Appointed This Flake to Become Newchurch Archbishop of New York
Dolan Taught Novus Ordo Catechism in Bars
And "Concelebrated" a Novus Ordo "Hog" Mess on "Holy Hill"

As we TRADITIO Fathers have consistently said, Benedict-Ratzinger's true character is revealed by his episcopal appointees. He appointed a Communist spy to be archbishop of Warsaw, Poland (withdrawn under pressure from the Polish government), a "Katrina-denier" as bishop of Linz, Austria (withdrawn under pressure from the Austrian Newchurch clergy), and a philogay as archbishop of San Francisco, among others. Now he has appointed a well-known flake to replace Newchurch's retiring archbishop of New York, Edward Egan.

Currently Newchurch archbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dolan is well known as one of Newchurch's flakiest bishops. While vested in episcopal vestments, he sported a wheel of cheese as his mitre. He taught Novus Ordo catechism in bars. Dolan stood by while a self-proclaimed priestess, Ginny Kiernan Dahlbert, was allowed to "preside" at a prayer service at St. Matthias "Catholic" parish in Milwaukee on March 25, 2003, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For the pièce de resistance, on August 30, 2003, he "presided" over an outdoor Novus Ordo Mess for "hogs." Church bells were replaced by the deafening roar of motorcycle engines. Instead of kneeling, the bikers reclined on their hogs. The dress of the day was "T-shirts and jeans, bandana head coverings, boots and lots and lots of black leather." On that day the place known as "Holy Hill" was desecrated, when Dolan "concelebrated" the invalid Novus Ordo service with ten presbyters and twelve deacons, who arrived at the table for the Mess atop a wagon pulled by a large red tractor. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Milwaukee Catholic Herald and the National Catholic Reporter.]

Newcardinal Re Regrets His "Unexcommunication" of the Four Living SSPX Bishops
He Says Publicly: It Was Hoyos Who Blew It!

From: The Fathers

As further evidence that Benedict-Ratzinger has virtually lost control of Newchurch, Newcardinal Giovanni Battista Re, the head of the Congregation of Bishops, attacked Newcardinal Dario Hoyos, the Ecclesia Dei Commission President, on a bus carrying dignitaries to a religious ceremony in Rome. He loudly told the dignitaries on the bus that Hoyos had forced him to sign the document "unexcommunicating" the four living SSPX bishops too soon. Re said that Hoyos was imprudently rushing because he is on his way out at age 80 and that, as a result, the Williamson affair has undermined Benedict-Ratzinger's papacy and severely damaged Newchurch's oecumenical relations with the Jews.

Meanwhile, Newcardinal Walter Kasper has publicly denounced "misunderstanding and mismanagement error" in Benedict-Ratzinger's papacy. Benedict-Ratzinger's Conciliar papacy at this point is damaged goods that will never recover. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Times.]

Shades of Watergate: Two Newchurch Presbyters Stole Millions of U.S. Dollars
From Their Parish and Shredded Parish Financial Documents to Cover Their Crimes

From: The Fathers

On February 23, 2009, a jury convicted Newchurch presbyter Francis Guinan of grand theft for stealing up to $100,000 from his St. Vincent Ferrer parish in Delray Beach, Florida, since becoming pastor in September 2003. He spent the money on, among other things, three trips to the Bahamas, seven trips to Las Vegas, and one to Ireland, where he always stayed in the finest luxury hotels. Guinan's partner in crime, presbyter John Skehan, already pled guilty to embezzling $370,000 from the parish over a forty-year period.

Prosecutors believe that the duo stole millions of U.S. dollars over the years, but because they covered their crimes by shredding parish financial records, prosecutors could not send them away for life. Even so, Guinan could be sentenced to the slammer for up to 15 years. The court has remanded him to jail pending sentencing. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

February 27 - St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Confessor
Double Feast

Who Murdered Fr. Kunz and Presbyter Minkler?
The Police Have Not Ruled out the Newchurch Dioceses Involved

From: David
Kunz Billboard

Fr. Alfred Kunz, a Traditional Priest Murdered in 1998
His Murder Is Still at Large
Police Have Not Ruled out the Possibility that the Newchurch Diocese Was Involved
As Kunz Had Exposed the Bishop as Being Involved in Sex Crimes
A Similar Situation Exists with Presbyter John Minkler, Murdered in 2004

Dear Fathers:

I am intrigued by your asking the question: was Benedict-Ratzinger and/or the SSPX's Bernie Fellay involved in "snuffing out" the SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson? Of course, I know that that you suggested it with your bitingly satirical style, but as with all satire, there is some grain of truth. Here in Wisconsin, the police here are still trying to find out who murdered Fr. Alfred Kunz. He was a traditional priest who had charged his Newchurch bishop with sex crimes. One of the possibilities that the police are still investigating is the involvement of the diocese in the murder.

This "holocaust-denial" story about Bishop Williamson (who doesn't even deny the "holocaust") has certainly unearthed far more vitriol than Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. Benedict-Ratzinger, and particularly Fellay, don't just counter Williamson's viewpoint on a disputed matter of secular history. They are red-hot mad at him. I have read the words that Fellay spoke against Williamson, and I have never heard such words addressed by one bishop to another, especially a colleague for twenty years. And Fellay's words aren't satirical; they are pure hate-speech.

Thank you, Fathers, for being brave enough to force us out here to think about these possibilities. Certainly, the way the Church is going these days, one has to consider the worst possibilities. We Catholics don't have the luxury in the post-Vatican II era to wear rose-colored glasses about Church leaders who cover up the rape of tens of thousands of children by bishops and presbyters and who throw to the dogs (at least) a traditional Catholic bishop whose only "crime" was to express his personal opinion on a disputed matter of secular history.

The Fathers Reply.

Some of our readers thought that even asking the question about the possible involvement of Benedict-Ratzinger and/or Bernie Fellay in the disappearance was "over the top." Maybe it is -- but maybe it isn't.

In Dane, Wisconsin, a traditional priest, Fr. Alfred Kunz, had been a thorn in the local Newchurch bishop's side. He had often come to the assistance of Newchurchers trying to battle Modernist forces, including a group that was trying to remove its own local Newchurch bishop (1983-1999) of Springfield, Illinois, Daniel Ryan, for sex crimes. On March 4, 1998, Fr. Kunz was found murdered in his rectory. Fr. Kunz turned out to be right: Ryan was forced to resign the following year on account of his involvement in sex crimes. Fr. Kunz's murder has not been solved.

In Albany, New York, presbyter John Minkler had reported to the Newchurch cardinal of New York that Albany bishop Howard Hubbard was personally involved in a ring of homosexual presbyters. Three days later, on February 15, 2004, Minkler was found murdered in his home. This murder has not been solved.

Remember the late Fr. Malachi Martin, the Vatican insider, who wrote many books exposing the corruption of the New Order Church under the cover of fiction? He stated publicly that he did so because if he published it as non-fiction, he would be murdered.

Good Catholics, the Catholic papacy has sunk into the sewer in the last forty years. Like it or not, this is the Church as it exists. It does us no good to deny reality. Like our predecessors, the hard-headed Romans of the past, we need to acknowledge the reality of the Newchurch of the New Order. Like alcoholics, we can deal with the problem only when we first acknowledge it.

Newchurch "Traditionalist" Talking-Head Exposed as Novus Ordo Sympathizer
Presbyter Requires Communion in the Hand for the "Motu" Mess because "It Is the Law"

From: The Fathers

The TRADITIO Network has consistently warned its readers about johnny-come-lately "talking-heads" that have slithered up from the Novus Ordo slime with their deceptive pseudo-traditionalist patter. One of these, commonly known by a letter of the alphabet and making an appearance on the USA Charismatic New Order cable channel, has recently been exposed as so "traditionalist" that he requires communion in the hand for the "Motu" Mess because "it is the law" in Newchurch. Once again, Novus Ordo practices are being injected into the "Motu" Mess after hardly a year -- just as the TRADITIO Fathers warned you. Says this Novus Ordo "traditionalist" presbyter:

The Church's [sic] present law says that people have the option of receiving on the hand.... The communicant ... had the right to receive on the hand and the priest [sic] should not have hesitated.... Priests [sic], if someone shows up at the rail and wants communion in the hand, ... administer it.

Good Catholics, beware of Novus Ordo presbyters in "traditionalist" clothes! There are a lot of them that have crept out from under their Novus Ordo slime since the "Motu." This one's answer here belies his Novus Ordo belief. What is right or wrong is of no importance. Just follow the current Novus Ordo "law," even though that law has been condemned by the Church since Pope Sixtus in the year 115 and uninterruptedly since then, until the Conciliar Paul VI. The moral of this story is: Stick with the "Motu" Mess: you will soon be getting your cookies in the hand!

February 26 - Ferial Day

French SSPX Priest Reveals What Happened at Paris Meeting of SSPX Priests
Who Revolted against Fellay and His "Treason against the Faith and Compromises with Modernist Rome"

From: The Fathers

A meeting of the Superiors of the Communities Friendly to the Society of St. Pius X, was held on February 5, 2009, at the instigation of Bernie Fellay, the embattled SSPX Superior General, in the Church of St. Nicholas du Chardonnet, the church in the heart of Paris, France, occupied by the SSPX since 1977. Although Fellay had tried to impose silence on the Superiors just has he has on the other three living SSPX bishops (Galarreta, Mallerais, Williamson), Fr. Jean, the Superior of the Capuchin Novitiate of Morgon and Aurenque in southwest France, has courageously defied Fellay and has now spoken publicly of his opposition to Fellay's "treason against the Faith and his compromises with Modernist Rome."

Fellay was hoping that the priests would support his sellout to Benedict-Ratzinger and the Novus Ordo, but instead it appears that Fr. Jean was in the majority, as the priests later rejected Fellay's agreement with Newvatican "to endorse Vatican II" and revolted from him. Fr. Juan Carlos Ceriani, on behalf of the SSPX priests in France, who revolted against Fellay at the St. Nicholas meeting, has made a Public and General Call for the four SSPX bishops (Fellay, Galarreta, Mallerais, and Williamson) to reject their Newchurch "unexcommunications" and to return to Archbishop Lefebvre's founding principles for the Society of St. Pius X.

When Did Altar Boys Start?

From: Patrick

Dear Fathers:

Do we know when it became common for boys rather than grown men to serve at the altar, or have boys always served?

The Fathers Reply.

The use of boys is a comparatively modern innovation. Originally, those who served Mass were men, first clerics in Minor Orders, then, when the parish system spread throughout Europe after the Renaissance, laymen. As serving Mass was originally a clerical function, laymen still wear clerical dress, i.e., cassock and surplice, when serving. The use of boys in some places may have originated with the cathedral-school system, where boys were educated and trained in Latin and the chant. In the end, it became a matter of convenience, as in parochial schools the potential number of resources was large. However, the use of boys instead of men has several downsides, as subsequent history has shown.

February 25 - Ash Wednesday (The Beginning of the Penitential Season of Lent)

U.S. Speaker's Meeting with Benedict-Ratzinger Was to Oust Traditional Bishop
Not to Receive a Papal Lecture against Her Pro-abortion Stance

From: The Fathers
Nancy Pelosi

U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Recent Facelift Cannot Hide Her True Motives
The Secret Is Out: She Met with Privately with Benedict-Ratzinger
Not to be Lectured by Him against Her Pro-abortion Stance, as Newvatican Propaganda Claimed
But for the Unrepentant Abortion Activist to Force Newpope
To "Re-excommunicate" Traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson

Another papal "dirty secret" has come to light. It turns out that when pro-abortion advocate Nancy Pelosi, the No. 3-ranked official in the United States government, had a private audience with Benedict-Ratzinger on February 18, 2009, the purpose was not for Benedict-Ratzinger to lecture her in Catholic moral doctrine on abortion, as Newvatican's propaganda machine reported. No, Pelosi demanded the meeting to twist Benedict-Ratzinger's arm to "re-excommunicate" traditional Catholic bishopo Richard Williamson. Pelosi was the spokeswoman for a group of fifty Democratic-party congressmen, who claim to be "Catholic" although they are public advocates for "abortion rights. These pseudo-Catholics objected to the "reinstatement" of traditional bishop Williamson because of his viewpoint on a disputed matter of secular history.

Good Catholics, if Benedict-Ratzinger had any papal grace -- and it has become crystal clear again that he does not -- he would have turned around and excommunicated on the spot the immoral Pelosi, a public activist for abortion, who uses her "Catholicism in good standing" designation from Benedict-Ratzinger to deny Catholic moral teaching. Frankly, the whole situation is sick. True Catholics should hound both Benedict-Ratzinger and Pelosi from the positions that they undeservedly hold, offices that they have corrupted beyond belief. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by JTA.]

Did Williamson-bashers Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger Let Out a Contract on Bishop Williamson?
The Traditional Bishop Has "Disappeared off the Face of the Earth"

From: The Fathers

People are still looking for the grave of union boss Jimmy Hoffa. Might the body of SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson one day turn up in a shallow grave? The vitriol against this traditional bishop from Benedict-Ratzinger and SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay and governments around the world for the bishop's exercise of his human right of free speech on a disputed point of secular history is unparalleled in recent memory. And now he has disappeared.

Close associates of his have reported to the TRADITIO Network that they have no idea where he is since his expulsion from Argentina and his firing by his New Order-sellout superior, Bernie Fellay. He has not been heard from since February 19, 2009. German officials, who wanted to charge him with the "crime" of "holocaust-denial" (which isn't even a true representation of his viewpoint) have gone ballistic. The bishop's disappearance is being blazoned across German TV news. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Die Welt.]

Anti-Catholic Bigotry in Israel Exposed by Fed-up Newchurchers
The New Testament Was Publicly Burned in a Synagogue

From: The Fathers

Leaders of Newchurch in Israel are condemning the "revolting attacks" against Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, broadcast on Israeli television. The leaders charged that "the show directed its attacks to the holiest figures of our Christian belief in an attempt, as the director of the show himself specifically declared, to destroy Christianity." The programs followed a series of attacks on Christians in Israel, including an event in which "copies of the New Testament were publicly burned in the yard of a synagogue in Or Yehuda." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Zenit.]

February 24 - St. Matthias, Apostle
Double Feast of the Second Class

The Persecution of SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson Continues as Argentina Exiles Him
Leading Belgian Journalist Calls Benedict-Ratzinger a Liar on the Williamson Affair

From: The Fathers
SSPX Seminary at La Reja

The SSPX's Seminary in La Reja, Argentina
Argentina Has Ordered SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson to Leave the Country within Ten Days
Williamson Continues to Be Persecuted for Simply Expressing His Views
On a Matter of Secular History
Benedict-Ratzinger Hasn't Lifted a Finger to Support the Bishop's Human Rights

On February 19, 2009, Argentina ordered SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson to leave the country within ten days. Argentina's interior ministry said that Bishop Williamson claimed to be an employee of a non-governmental group rather than declaring "his true activity" as the director of a seminary. Well, isn't that an employee of a non-governmental group?

Obviously, Argentina is persecuting Bishop Williamson for his views -- and that is an abridgement of his Vatican II rights as a "human person" to free speech. Benedict-Ratzinger, who stands up for the rights of every crazy religion to act on conscience, has not accorded the same right to this traditional bishop. Benedict-Ratzinger, hypocritically claiming to be a follower of Vatican II, should be supporting Williamson's right to his conscience and free speech.

Meanwhile, a noted Belgian journalist has called Benedict-Ratzinger a liar for saying that he did not know about Williamson's views on the "holocaust" when he "unexcommunicated" him. On February 19, 2009, Dirk Verhofstadt, the brother of the former Belgian Prime Minister, stated that Card. Ratzinger was in the front row of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei when Williamson's activities were being discussed. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by La Nacion and BBC News.]

"For an SSPXer, the SSPX Is the True Church"

From: Elizabeth

Dear Fathers:

Having had several years of direct experience with the SSPX, I can absolutely guarantee that Bishop Williamson will do whatever it takes to remain a member of the SSPX. Unless you understand that for an SSPXer, the SSPX is the true Church, you do not understand the SSPX.

Lucky Williamson is Not Galileo!

From: Michael

SSPX Bishop Williamson is lucky. He's living in the enlightened, caring, all-loving, and all-forgiving post-Vatican II 21st century rather than in that unenlightened, dark, nasty old 17th century, when a man like Galileo, who also questioned secular "truths," could be forcibly told what to believe, and be tortured and imprisoned by the pope and his reactionary cardinals.

The Fathers Reply.

Your irony is well taken. It seems that Bishop Williamson is the victim of selective bigotry from the Newchurch of the New Order, which accepts pagans before it will accept a traditional Catholic.

A few comments on the "myth" of Galileo. Contrary to the "politically correct" erroneous version, Galileo was actually responsible for most of his own problems. He alienated everybody he met. He alienated his colleagues, the professors at the University. He alienated the pope, who had written a Latin paean to him and his science. He alienated his friend, Cardinal Bellarmine. Like most of the great scientists (Isaac Newton comes to mind), Galileo's brilliance in science was matched by his incompetence in human dealings.

Galileo is far from some kind of God, as the liberalists try to make him out to be. He was wrong even on a number of scientific points. When he claimed that the heliocentric theory could be proven by the action of the tides, Cardinal Bellarmine advised him not to publish that theory until he had more evidence. Galileo published the theory anyway -- and was dead wrong! Cardinal Bellarmine was absolutely right on the science.

No institution on the face of the earth has historically been as friendly to science as the Catholic Church. It has supported science, numbered scientists among its clergy, and funded scientists. It has stepped in only when scientists ignorantly began to stray into religion, in which they were not qualified to speak. Galileo was one of these. He was justly censured by the Holy Inquisition.

For further information, click on FAQ10.TXT: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (Catholic Apologetics) in the article "Galileo."

February 23 - St. Peter Damian, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

SSPX Bishop Williamson Given to the End of the Month to "Recant" or Be Expelled
If He Sells out to the New Order Now, He Will Live the Rest of His Life in Shame

From: The Fathers
Richard Williamson

Will SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson Stand by His Miter
Or Sell It to the Fellayites and Newchurch for Thirty Pieces of Silver?
Williamson Has Been Given only to the End of February 2009 to "Recant"
If Williamson Has the Courage, He'll Get out of the SSPX Now

Bernie Fellay's Society of St. Pius X has given Senior Bishop Williamson only until the end of February 2009 to "recant" his long-held position on a disputed point of secular history or be expelled from the SSPX. Obviously, Fellay is not interested in Williamson's conscience and "human right" of free speech, but only, like a Judas, to sell his colleague out to the interests of Benedict-Ratzinger and Newchurch in its desire to please Jewish radical leaders like the anti-Catholic bigot Abraham Foxman of the B'nai B'rith [Sons of the Jewish Covenant]. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by ZDF.]

From past events it appears that Williamson will give in to the New Order, probably with a few minor reservations. He has not had the courage to stand up to Fellay's destruction of Archbishop Lefebvre's Society of St. Pius X. He has not had the courage to stand up against the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962" and the patent invalidity of the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service. He has not had the courage to stand up to Freemason presbyter Bugnini's invalid New Ordinal of 1968, which has had no sacramental power to "ordain" anyone for the last forty years. He has not had the courage to stand up to the phony "unexcommunications" to admit him into the Newchurch of the New Order.

Good Catholics, to date, the only thing upon which Bishop Williamson has had the courage to stand firm is not a point of religion, but a disputed point of secular history. Williamson is now at a crossroads. If he saw the truth as clearly as Archbishop Lefebvre, he would keep his honor and conscience by resigning from the SSPX now. If he stays with the SSPX, the last years of his life will be one compromise after another with the New Order, until in the end he will become what he has condemned in the Novus Ordo bishops for the last three decades, a hypocrite.

Benedict-Ratzinger Will Be Worshipping with the Mohammedans Again on Holy Land Junket
He Will Also Visit Holocaust Museum where Pope Pius XII Is Depicted as a "Murderer of Jews"

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger can't seem to eke out a Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962," but he's all up for another Islamic service when he visits the Holy Land in May 8-15, 2009. He will pray Mohammedan-style again with the imams on the prayer rug in Jordan's largest mosque, the Hussein bin Talal Mosque in Amman. Benedict-Ratzinger, who goes out of his way to pray with infidels, already prayed in 2006 with the imams at Istanbul's Blue Mosque. There he will preach "co-existence" without mentioning the murder by Mohammedans of his Newchurch archbishop of Baghdad.

To give competing infidel sects equal time, Benedict-Ratzinger will also visit Jewish synagogues in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. And, of course, he will make the de riguer visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, where his predecessor, Pope Pius XII, is depicted as a "murderer of Jews." Bishop Williamson is depicted as a holocaust-denier. Is Benedict-Ratzinger a Catholic-denier?

February 22 - Quinquagesima Sunday
Sunday of the Second Class

Top U.S. Politician Publicly Maintains Her "Catholicism" and Her Abortion Advocacy
Her Newchurch Archbishop and Benedict-Ratzinger Refuse to Excommunicate Her

From: The Fathers
Abortion Sign

You Can't Be Both Catholic & Pro-abortion?
Oh, Yes, You Can -- In Benedict-Ratzinger Newchurch!
Newpope Failed to Excommunicate Nancy Pelosi in Her Papal Audience
Pelosi, the Speaker of the U.S. House, Is a Radical Pro-abortion Activist
Who Has Been Recognized as a "Catholic in Full Communion" by Benedict-Ratzinger

One must give the devil his due. The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the third leading office holder after the President and Vice President, is one foxy lady. She has told both her archbishop and the pope that she remains 100% pro abortion. In consequence, the archbishop and pope have proclaimed her a "Catholic in full communion."

Pelosi's Newchurch archbishop George Niederauer met with her speakership on February 8, 2009. If you expected that Niederauer was going to excommunicate the unapologetic pro-abortionist, forget it. Instead, the meeting was described as "cordial and pleasant." Then the archbishop skipped town for a week so that he could not be questioned. Oh, well, Niederauer is himself under fire for giving the Novus Ordo cookie to two anti-Catholic "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" dressed in Gothic costume and makeup at Niederauer's "gay" parish in San Francisco.

Surely Benedict-Ratzinger, the pope and plenipotentiary of Newchurch, would have the guts to stand up to the abortionist Pelosi and excommunicate her speakership from his Newchurch. Don't kid yourself! When guts were handed out, "Fr." Ratzinger was too busy at Vatican II. On February 11, 2009, he received the abortionist in a meeting that was described as a "great joy." No excommunication.

Good Catholics, once again Benedict-Ratzinger is shown up to be the Modernist that he is. That is why he likes the "Latin Mass," though he has never performed it as pope. But he likes the vernacular Novus Ordo service too. And the Jewish synagogue ceremony at Cologne. And the Mohammedan service in the Blue Mosque. Modernists are for everything: pro-abortion and anti-abortion, pro-"gay" and anti-"gay," "Latin Mass" and Novus Ordo Mess. It's all the same to them with their "we all worship the same gods / all gods are equal" theology. Don't be deceived: there isn't a "traditional Catholic" bone in this man's body!

Cardinal Primate Tells Newvatican Archbishop: No "Motu" Mess in My Cathedral!
As Benedict-Ratzinger Continues to Lose Control of Newchurch

From: The Fathers

The charade that is the "Motu" Mess continues as Newchurch's Cardinal Primate of England & Wales, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, told Newvatican Archbishop Raymond Burke, Chief Justice of Newvatican's Supreme Court: No "Latin Mass" in my cathedral! Burke was supposed to celebrate the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962" at Westminster Cathedral in London, but the Cardinal Primate of England & Wales, no less, told him "No!"

Burke is a controversial figure. Though often portrayed by an ignorant press as "traditional," in fact Burke swaggers around in Novus Ordo vestments. As Newchurch bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Burke consecrated a "surgically-transgendered" man as a Newchurch "nun." When La Crosse subsequently got too hot for Burke, JPII transferred him to St. Louis, Missouri. There he got in trouble again when he tried to steal a legally-independent church so that he could embezzle its $11,000,000 endowment to pay for sex crimes.

When St. Louis subsequently got too hot for Burke, Benedict-Ratzinger spirited him off to that "den of thieves," the Vatican City State. No wonder Murphy-O'Connor doesn't want him to pollute Westminster Cathedral! The English Latin Mass Society intimated that Burke was so embarrassed by his rejection that he had tried to keep the matter "private." Nevertheless, the U.K. Telegraph revealed the catfight between the Newchurch top prelates in a feature story.

Meanwhile, Benedict-Ratzinger's impotent papacy is being further displayed to the world as he sinks into powerless over the Williamson affair, the Wagner affair, and now the Burke affair in just the last month!

European Theologians Tell Benedict-Ratzinger:
Dump the SSPX; They're Vatican II-Deniers!

From: The Fathers

Having just forced Benedict-Ratzinger to can the "conservative" bishop-select for Linz, Austria, European theologians, in whose number Benedict-Ratzinger counts himself, have demanded that he respond to the Williamson affair by requiring the "full implementation of Vatican II" without compromise. They further demand that he "rehabilitate" traditional Catholics into full believers in the Novus Ordo. (Sounds like Communist brain-washing, doesn't it?)

In a third demand, the European theologians want "progressive theologians" to be released to say and do whatever they want: an open dialogue with all movements within the Church (except for Traditional Catholicism, of course). The petition includes numerous signatures from leading Newchurchers in National Bishops Conferences and lay organizations.

The theologians point out that the "unexcommunication" of four of the six SSPX bishops" signifies the acceptance into the New Order of "those who have consistently opposed the reforms of the Second Vatican Council." We reject, said the theologians, a "return to a pre-Vatican II Church with its fear of openness to the breath of the holy spirit, a positive appreciation of 'the signs of the times,' and the values of democratic institutions." (The "holy spirit" to which the theologians refer is a Vatican II fabrication, not the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity.)

The theologians come out four square for the Vatican II errors of False Oecumenism (Unitatis redintegratio), recognition of non-Christian sects (Dignitatis humanae), and the foundation of Newchurch (Gaudium et spes). Archbishop Lefebvre, the founder of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), rejected these errors of Vatican II, but it looks as if Fellay & Co. will accept them, in some weasel-worded "compromise" with the New Order. Benedict-Ratzinger says that he stands four-square Vatican II. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News.]

God Has Many Traditional Doors Open for You that You May Not Know Of

From: Jesse Gomez Jr., Organizer of the Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay

So many of you have expressed distress at the information that all four SSPX bishops (Fellay, Galarreta, Mallerais, Williamson) support unification with Newvatican. It is quite dismaying I must admit. We stand to lose so much. Many of you fear for losing your Sunday Masses or even finding any traditional venue within driving distance.

Many of you are probably unaware that the 14th Annual Edition of the Official Traditional Catholic Directory, provided to the TRADITIO Network by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses, lists hundreds of Traditional Latin Masses sponsored by traditional priests and organizations other than the SSPX.

I know the fear that many of you face, for I lived without the Mass in Norway for many years. There 73% of the population did not believe in God, and only 2% went to church. I have always found that when God closes all doors He leaves one open. For further information on these open doors, click on FAQ05.TXT: What Traditional Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (Catholic Apologetics).

February 21 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Capitulates to Liberalists
Withdraws Appointment of "Conservative" Newchurch Bishop of Linz

From: The Fathers
Gerhard Wagner

Benedict-Ratzinger's Appointee, Gerhard Wagner, Preached against Homosexuality
For This Newchurch Sin, Wagner Was Canned before "Consecration" as Bishop of Linz
European Sources Are Reporting that Benedict-Ratzinger's Authority Has Gone down the Drain
After He Gave in to Jewish Radical Leaders on the Williamson Affair

We all know who has the power in the Newchurch of the New Order these days -- and it isn't the pope. Since JPII's 1995 Encyclical Letter Ut unum sint, the Conciliar popes have essentially renounced their papacy. They no longer claim infallibility or jurisdiction. The local bishops are now the power in Newchurch under Vatican II's doctrine of "collegiality," and sometimes even Newchurch presbyters, or laymen, as has just been demonstrated in the case of Gerhard Wagner.

Presbyter Wagner was appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger to be one of the bishops of Linz, Austria's second-largest city. However, he was "too conservative" for the Newchurch clergy of Austria, who told Benedict-Ratzinger that they rejected his appointment. So Newpope, who had already capitulated to Jewish radical leaders on the Williamson affair, capitulated again and withdrew Wagner's appointment. Newchurchers had threatened Benedict-Ratzinger that they would leave the New Order sect if the appointment stuck.

Traditional Catholics should learn from the Wagner case. Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch regime is teetering dangerously. If instead of selling out to the New Order, Fellay & Co. had fought against it, the SSPX would have won. But it seems that Bernie Fellay really doesn't want to fight. He really wants to sellout to the New Order. Why? Probably to be recognized as a Novus Ordo prelate. Maybe he even hankers for the scarlet. The man has been described by those who know him as an abyss of ambition, in spite of his deceptive toothless smile.

The European press is buzzing over the Wagner affair. They have been reporting that Benedict-Ratzinger's authority is now essentially non-existent. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

SSPX Bishop Williamson Sits on His Hands while Rome Burns

From: Jesse Gomez Jr., Organizer of the Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay

I wanted to report to the TRADITIO Network's readers the response that I got from SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson, when I asked him to repudiate the lethal dictatorship of Bernie Fellay over the SSPX.

"No, no, a thousand times no," in the words of the old song. Given the power in today's world of certain people, the game must be played to a certain extent according to their rules. I blame no colleague or Superior for trying to salvage a viable future for the SSPX as a whole from the wreckage caused by a few ill-chosen words on Swedish TV. I am not saying those words were or are untrue. I am only saying that I cannot go along with any repudiation of the present SSPX leadership.

I cannot say that I was surprised at the response.

The Fathers Reply.

It is amazing how normally intelligent people can be so blindsided. Here's SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson ready to stand up -- and even be charged as a criminal in three countries -- for a principle of secular history. Yet when it comes to his own organization, the Society of St. Pius X, which has been taken over by a virtual dictator (Fellay), who has rejected the anti-Modernistic principles of the SSPX's Founder-Archbishop and who is engineering a quick sellout of the SSPX into the New Order, Williamson sits on his hands, passively.

It appears that SSPX Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, who should know better as having written a substantial biography of the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, is also sitting on his hands, according to his statements on February 11, 2009. Very little seems to be heard from the third SSPX bishop, Alfonso de Galarreta. His lack of English hampers his communication. (As Cardinal Cajetan correctly predicted to Martin Luther on the eve of the Protestant Revolution: "You know, a time will come when a man will no longer be able to say, 'I speak Latin and am a Christian' and go his way in peace.")

The sad reality is that the courageous Archbishop's SSPX is dead. It has been transformed into another organization, temporarily keeping the same name, run by far less sagacious and courageous men, who are instead ready to sell it out, either actively (Fellay) or passively (Williamson). The organization is now doing more harm that good for the Traditional Catholic Movement. It is long past time for the lemmings to leave its sinking ship, just as the Newchurch lemmings are leaving the sinking Newchurch.

Fortunately, the Society of St. Pius X never was, and certainly no longer is, even the largest segment of the Traditional Catholic Movement, which may now take strength from the cold splash of reality given to it over the last few weeks.

Charitably, all one can say is that Williamson is the victim of unbelievably virulent forces -- Fellay, Benedict-Ratzinger, Jewish radical leaders, and national governments. That is why the Psalms (117:8/DRV) remind us: Bonum est confidere in Domino, quam confidere in homine. Bonum est sperare in Domino quam sperare in principibus [It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man. It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes].

The After-effects of the "Unexcommunications"
SSPX Clergy Are Increasingly Unhappy with the Fellay Regime

From: Ambrosio

Dear Fathers:

There is unhappiness among many SSPX priests over the "unexcommunications," one of the reasons being the SSPX's future inability to consecrate more bishops for the Society. Another major factor, of course, is the downgrading of Archbishop Lefebvre's "Operation Survival." There is also unhappiness over the dictatorial regime of Fellay now in place, as witnessed over the expulsion of Fr. Abrahamowicz, who was a good and well-liked priest. Even in France, which is a stronghold of traditional Catholicism, there is disquiet. Is this the "Operation Suicide" so feared by Archbishop Lefebvre?

SSPX Member Says: "I Am Stopping My Support"

From: Robert

Dear Fathers:

I use to contribute to three SSPX organizations: a seminary, a convent, and a high school. I have written letters to each of them telling them why I am stopping my support. If I wanted to go to the Novus Ordo service, I would go to the church blocks from where I live. Modernist Rome has no appeal for me at all. Apparently, Newrome is under the control of pro-abortionist, pro-"gay" non-Catholics -- not my kind of Faith.

SSPX Member Says: "I Am Confused"
Fellay Is No Longer Making Sense to Me

From: Steve

Dear Fathers:

I'm confused after SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's last comments. How can the SSPX negotiate with Benedict-Ratzinger over doctrinal issues? How can anyone "negotiate" with a man whom they believe is a true pope? Is Vatican II a new religion? Is Benedict-Ratzinger a heretic? Is the "New Mass" valid? If it is, why don't we just go to our local churches? Why do we need the SSPX?

Fellay said that it would be difficult to reach doctrinal consensus with Benedict-Ratzinger. "Certainly one has the impression that he is near us on the question of the liturgy," he said. "On the other hand, he is deeply attached to the new things of Vatican II." One of those new things of Vatican II is the invalid Novus Ordo service. Fellay is no longer making sense to me.

February 20 - Ferial Day

Newchurch's Cardinal Primate of England & Wales Preaches Heresy
That Comes Directly from Fr. Ratzinger's Modernist Intervention at Vatican II

From: The Fathers
Rowan Williams & Cormac Murphy-O'Connor

Like Father, Like Son
Left: Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams
Right: Newchurch Cardinal of England & Wales, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
One Is a Heretic; the Other Might as Well Be
Murphy-O'Connor Recently Proclaimed that Newchurch Needed Heretical Sects to Be "Complete"

Why should anyone be surprised when Newchurch prelates and presbyters are exposed as having heretical views? The Primate of England & Wales, Newcardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, quoted to the Protestant Anglican Church's General Synod during the week of February 8, 2009, Fr. Ratzinger's own statement, reeking with the odor of heresy, which was adopted word for word by the Modernist Council, Vatican II:

The Church of Christ "subsists in" the Catholic Church. That very wording implies that the Roman Catholic Church [sic] is not totally self-sufficient, and that in the riches and gifts of other Christian churches are elements that would contribute to its fullness.

So, Newchurch is incomplete without the infusion of heresy from heretical sects. Quite an admission by Benedict-Ratzinger's point man in the U.K. Don't expect any "excommunication" soon!

Benedict-Ratzinger Admits: The Ship of Newchurch Is Sinking

From: The Fathers

Paul VI (1963-1978) shocked the world when, just seven years after the close of Vatican II (1962-1965), he called that Council the work of Satan, in his sermon on June 29, 1972, the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul, the occasion of the ninth anniversary of his coronation as pope:

We have the impression that through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God: it is doubt, uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation.... We thought that after the Council a day of sunshine would have dawned for the history of the Church. What dawned, instead, was a day of clouds and storms, of darkness, of searching and uncertainties.

In a May 16, 2008, interview, Cardinal Vergilio Noe, Paul VI's Chief Liturgist and Master of Ceremonies, stated that the pope was specifically referring to the invalid Novus Ordo service with this statement.

Now Benedict-Ratzinger has stated to the world that the "ship of Peter" is capsizing. He made the telling admission -- which is obvious to anyone with sight -- on February 12, 2009, at the end of a concert held in Paul VI Hall. You know that hall, the one that has that ghastly statue looking like Medusa with snakes coming out of her head. The concert was commemorating the eightieth anniversary of the founding of the Vatican City State by the Fascist Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.

It was interesting that for the concert, Benedict-Ratzinger chose a work by a Protestant using Scriptural passages from the defective Protestant King James Version: Messiah by George Frederic Handel. A classical masterwork to be sure, but an odd choice for a supposedly Catholic pope in the supposedly Catholic headquarters. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Zenit.]

Benedict-Ratzinger to Give His Papal Blessing to Abortion Advocate Pelosi
He Can't Plead "Dumb" on This One: Newpope Is "Soft on Abortion"

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger played "dumb" about SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson's viewpoints. He said that he wouldn't have "unexcommunicated" the four SSPX bishops had he known, or so his cover-story goes. But on February 18, 2009, Benedict-Ratzinger will give his papal blessing to abortion by formally receiving pro-abortion advocate Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, an extreme and vocal advocate of abortion, right up to "partial birth," although she pretends to be a "Catholic" -- or at least what passes for that in Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order.

Anti-abortion presbyter Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International (HLI), said that HLI will be briefing Newvatican so that Benedict-Ratzinger couldn't play "dumb" again. He says that he hopes that Benedict-Ratzinger will "formally excommunicate the Speaker." Presbyter Euteneuer is apparently on dope these days, as Benedict-Ratzinger has already publicly met with Pelosi once before, and Euteneuer should know that "excommunication" in Newchurch is not for abortion advocates, but only for traditional Catholic bishops! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LSN.]

February 19 - Ferial Day

Australian Presbyter Finally Canned after Years of Heresy
At His Final Mess, Attired in Beachwear, He Faints

From: The Fathers
Peter Kennedy

Pastor Peter Kennedy as "Vested" in Beachwear for His Last Novus Ordo Service
Whereas Newchurch Has Attacked Traditional Catholic Bishop Williamson Mercilessly
This Novus Ordo Pastor-Heretic Was Supported for Years by the Newchurch Establishment

Whereas Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch minions have persecuted SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson mercilessly because Williamson expressed a personal viewpoint on a matter of secular history, Brisbane, Australia's Newchurch archbishop John Bathersby supported heretic Peter Kennedy, of St. Mary's in South Brisbane, for years and then, when he finally went so far that Bathersby was getting too many complaints, Bathersby diddled around with him for month after month, allowing him to continue to perform the invalid Novus Ordo service and preach heretical sermons long after he was declared "not in communion" with the New Order Church.

Presbyter Kennedy performed his last Novus Ordo service dressed in beachwear. As Mess was concluding, Kennedy fainted, but was not even admitted to hospital. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Courier Mail.

German Newcardinal Leader Tells Traditional Bishop Williamson: Don't Think, just Recant Now
Vatican II's "Rights of the Human Person" to Conscience Are a Joke in Newchurch

From: The Fathers

Newcardinal Karl Lehmann said that SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson should not think, just recant his "almost ridiculous" position on a point of secular history, the "holocaust." Interestingly, Bishop Williamson has received a great deal of support from laypeople around the world and some SSPX clergy for his courageous stance of conscience. Williamson said that in fairness he needs more time to review the evidence.

If Williamson has the guts that the graces of his consecration were supposed to have given him to be a martyr for the true Church, he should tell his New Order critics to reread Vatican II! The courageous bishop has so far resisted a sellout and, for exercising his freedom of speech on a secular historical matter, has been charged with crimes in France, Germany, and Argentina. The attack upon free speech in his case is truly chilling. Benedict-Ratzinger is nowhere to be found in supporting Williamson's rights under Newchurch's beloved Vatican II Council.

Vatican II is a joke. Supposedly, every "human person" has a right to his conscience without interference. Benedict-Ratzinger respects the conscience of Jews, Mohammedans, Buddhists, Protestants, and pagans. He supports their "free speech" according to their conscience. But when it comes to a traditional Catholic bishop who expresses himself on a point that is not even a matter of Catholic doctrine, but of secular history, Benedict-Ratzinger is personally lighting the faggots to immolate the bishop.

Good Catholics, from now on, when you are attacked about the Holy Inquisition, tell the enemies of the true Church: "The Inquisition survives today. If you don't like it, fight the Chief Inquisitor, Benedict-Ratzinger and stand up for Bishop Williamson's rights! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

What Is Wrong with Bernie Fellay and His SSPX?

From: Janet

Dear Fathers:

What is wrong with Bernie Fellay and his SSPX? Don't they realize that the Newvatican needs them and their money, but will give them nothing in return? If they do accept the so called "unexcommunications" and come into the fold of the New Order, then try to leave when they realize that they are being played for fools, they will be formally branded as schismatics.

They were not in schism before, nor legally "excommunicated" to begin with. Fellay has betrayed Archbishop Lefebvre's Society. I do not belong to the Society, but used to respect the SSPX for its courageous stance in the past under Archbishop Lefebvre. Now Fellay is willing to sell out everything to the Benedict-Ratzinger, who I hope will recant and repent before he dies. It is Bishop Williamson who should be pope!

February 18 - St. Simeon, Bishop & Martyr
Simple Feast

U.S. Sentences Criminal Presbyter to Die in Prison
Child Victim's Father Says: "The Newchurch Jesuit Order Protected Him for Decades"

From: The Fathers
Mother Teresa's Nuns & Donald McGuire

Did Mother Teresa Know that Her Confessor Was a Child Rapist?
Newchurch Presbyter Donald McGuire Started a Crime Wave against Children after Vatican II
He Was Shielded "for Decades" by Newchurch and Jesuit Order
No Longer: The Criminal McGuire Has Been Sentenced to Die behind Bars

The courts are finally viewing these Newchurch presbyters as needing a more severe penalty rather than letting them off with a slap on the wrist, as the courts did when Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal first came to public notice. On February 11, 2009, a U.S. Federal judge imposed upon Newchurch presbyter Donald McGuire a 25-year sentence for child rape and assault that exceeded the federal sentencing guidelines. Presbyter McGuire, now 78, who is already serving a seven-year sentence for rapes and assaults on two other children, will likely die in prison. The judge called McGuire's four-year rampage of rapes and assaults "a very serious sin."

The criminal Presbyter McGuire's Newchurch archbishop couldn't make that obvious judgment, nor could the Jesuit Order, which, according to testimony, protected McGuire "for decades." In fact, McGuire was supported by the whole Newchurch establishment. He was called a "highly regarded" Jesuit, who was to Mother Teresa's confessor. The convicted McGuire never owned up to his crimes. He arrogantly tried to appeal to the court only on the basis of his failing health and impending death. Although McGuire told the court that "he will see heaven," the victims and their families were convinced that McGuire would be spending eternity in a much hotter clime.

McGuire now faces criminal charges in Arizona for raping two children there. The father of those boys testified on February 11, 2009, that if he had the opportunity, he would invoke his own sentence on McGuire, which the man said would involve a baseball bat. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by ABC News.]

Exclusive to the TRADITIO Network: Child Victim's Father Tells a U.S. Federal Court
That Newchurch and Its Jesuit Order Covered up Its Felon Presbyter's Crimes "for Decades"

From: Jim, Father of Two Child Victims of Sentenced Presbyter McGuire

I am the father of two victims of the convicted paedophile ex-presbyter and ex-Jesuit Donald McGuire. I have just returned from Chicago, Illinois, where this demented pervert was sentenced in Federal Court to 300 months (25 years) in the slammer, with no possibility of parole. At 78 years of age, he won't be seen again until he turns 103. I hope he makes it almost that long. Like others who testified at the sentencing, I hope that he lives a long life behind bars, knowing with each waking moment why he is there.

In my testimony, I recalled to Her Honor, Justice Rebecca Pallmeyer, how in 1773, Pope Clement XIV abolished the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) for their corruption and how a later pope made the mistake of restoring the Order. Unfortunately, these rotten criminals are even more corrupt now than they were then. I further told the court that if we ever have a real pope, it seems to me the first order of business should be to shut them down again, once and for all.

I further told the court that McGuire is only one of thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of Newchurch presbyters who have sexually assaulted children since the lawlessness in the clergy initiated by Vatican II. At least 19 Newchurch bishops have aided and abetted these deviants, but that it doesn't stop there. At least five Newchurch Cardinals have also been involved in the massive cover-up, including:

I told the court that finally the buck stops with Benedict-Ratzinger, who oversaw this crime wave for twenty years as Prefect for the Congregation of the Faith and for four years as pope of the once Holy Roman Catholic Church. This "Unholy Father" has been totally silent on the rapes and assaults upon his children, with the exception of paying a little lip service to a few victims in his jaunt to the USA. He and his cohorts have done absolutely nothing to curtail the sex crimes of his presbyters, bishops, and cardinals.

I referred to the decree Crimen sollicitationis of March 16, 1962, by the late Alfredo Cardinal Ottavani under Pope John XXIII. Many of McGuire's victims, including my sons, were assaulted in the confessional setting. Cardinal Ottavani, a truly traditional Catholic prelate, stated: "This is the gravest possible sacrilege a priest can commit."

All of us parents pleaded with this arrogant, pompous, narcissistic, and pathetic individual to give us at least some closure to all this by admitting his obvious guilt and apologize to his victims. Of course, when it was his opportunity do to so, it was all about him, not the victims. This is why, in my opinion, Judge Pallmeyer exceeded the sentencing guidelines of 240-262 months and gave him 300 months. She was clearly angry that he did not show any sign of remorse. Let this be a wake-up call to all perverted presbyters. We're not taking it anymore!

Anti-Catholic Jewish Radical Leader Foxman Turns His Anti-Catholic Venom
From Traditional Catholic Mel Gibson to SSPX Bishop Williamson

From: The Fathers

Abraham Foxman, having tried to destroy the career of traditional Catholic producer-director-actor Mel Gibson, has now turned to persecuting SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson. Foxman savagely attacked Mel Gibson for daring to produce and direct a film about the last hours of Christ, 2005's blockbuster The Passion of the Christ.

Foxman, in his role as National Director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith [Sons of the Jewish Covenant], has demonstrated himself again and again to be an anti-Catholic bigot. His ADL is not against defamation, but just defamation of Jews, and only the liberalist ones at that. The Orthodox Jews and their rabbis generally can't stand Foxman with his "Reform" Judaism, which in Jewish circles is the exact parallel to Newchurch "Catholicism."

On February 12, 2009, Foxman proclaimed: "Today's statement [by Benedict-Ratzinger] was important, but it did not bring closure.... You cannot condemn holocaust-denial and anti-Semitism and reinstate someone who to this day continues to be an anti-Semite and deny the holocaust.... Williamson should not be considered a Catholic until he recants." Abraham Foxman, a Holocaust survivor and the national director of the Anti-Defamation League.

Since when does being a Catholic have anything to do with one's personal opinion on a secular historical event? Since when does a Jewish politician decide who is Catholic? Foxman, as usual, is on a binge of anti-Catholic bigotry. No wonder the Jewish liberalist radicals looking worse and worse in this controversy. They're supposed to be liberalists, aren't they? So why aren't they standing up for Bishop Williamson's "human right" of free speech? For that matter, why isn't Benedict-Ratzinger?

Newchurch German Bishops' Conference Rejects "Dialogue" with SSPX
Calls SSPX's German District Superior "Mister" Schmidberger

From: Annette

The Fellay-Ratzinger "Hindenburg" Plan is already collapsing. The German Newchurch Bishops' Conference has rejected "dialogue" with the Society of St. Pius X. SSPX German Superior Franz Schmidberger, a close supporter of Superior General Bernie Fellay in the SSPX sellout, asked the German Newchurch bishops for a "substantive dialogue." The Conference rejected Schmidberger's request, calling him "Mister Schmidberger," and stating that the Conference would not even respond to communications from him. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Der Spiegel.]

This is like the pot calling the kettle black. The presbyters of the Conference themselves are not priests, but were "installed" under Freemason Hannibal Bugnini's invalid New Ordinal of 1968 merely to "preside over the assembly." But the bigger question is: why is Schmidberger pandering to Novus Ordo bishops? Heavens to Murgatroid: it's the Fellay sellout again!

February 17 - Ferial Day

Is Novus Ordo "Canonization" in the Offing for Bishop Sheen?

From: Annette
Fulton Sheen

Bishop Fulton Sheen (1895-1979), A Popular Television Personality in the 1950s
After a Brilliant Start as a Traditional Catholic and Anti-Communist
He Went Novus Ordo after Vatican II
A Turnabout that He Seemed to Regret in His Latter Years

Dear Fathers:

I understand that there is a move afoot to have Bishop Fulton Sheen canonized in the New Order. Do you support that move?

The Fathers Reply.

We believe that purported canonizations by the New Order should be stopped until Newchurch becomes Catholic again. Novus Ordo canonization is merely a political tool, satirically called "con-anization," to push the programme of the New Order. For further information on Novus Ordo canonizations, click on FAQ10.TXT: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (Catholic Apologetics) in the article "Canonizations, Conciliar."

As to Bishop Sheen in particular, we're quite familiar with him from personal experience. He was wonderful in the beginning, but succumbed to the errors of Vatican II. He was an absolute failure as Newchurch archbishop of Rochester, New York. His first act there was to try to close a Catholic school. The parishioners got so angry at him that they surrounded his limousine, pounded on it, and screamed (as quoted exactly by his biographer): "You son of a bitch. Don't you dare close our school!" Sheen was so frightened by this display of Catholic indignation that he left the school open and applied shortly thereafter to Paul VI to be removed as archbishop.

Worldwide Rosary Crusade Targets SSPX Purse

From: Jesse Gomez Jr., Organizer of the Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay

I undertook the organization of this Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay not knowing what to expect. What I have found is an incredible number of intelligent, well-intentioned people eager to defend their traditional Catholicism tooth and nail by pulling down this purported leader of the SSPX, Bernie Fellay, whom no SSPX member elected. I am overwhelmed by the number of contacts that want this man out of office and as far away from the SSPX as possible.

A no-nonsense Aussie and a ferocious Frenchman even threatened to remove him physically from the SSPX headquarters! The Crusade wants him gone before he brings down the entire SSPX structure and sells it, lock stock and barrel, to Newchurch. Support for Fellay's expulsion comes from the spectrum of the Traditional Catholic Movement: SSPX, SSPV, CMRI and many independent churches and chapels.

While this Rosary Crusade will get us the heavenly help we need, it is apparent that we need to do something constructive in the temporal sphere as well, to show our power as a group. Many of you have suggested withdrawal of any monetary help to the Society until this traitorous Bishop is removed and replaced. For our financial withdrawal to have any effect, it must be large. This means that those of you who wish to use this method to express their disapproval of Fellay and his sellout to the Novus Ordo must recruit others to withdraw their Sunday contributions, Sunday after Sunday, until Fellay is gone for good. Let it start this Sunday before Fellay robs us of our assets, buildings, priesthood, congregations, and anything holy.

SSPX Superior General Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger Tell "Dumb" Lie
They Say: Father, Forgive Us, for We Knew Not What We Did!

From: The Fathers

SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger are trying to do "damage control" by a new spin on the Gospel line: Father, forgive us, for we knew not what we did. Not for the first time, they are playing dumb, both denying that they knew Senior Bishop Williamson's views. This appears to be yet another lie of Newpope and his new acolyte, Fellay.

SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson made his viewpoint public in more than one country and on more than one occasion in the last several years. In Canada his statements caused quite a stir that undoubtedly wafted up to the SSPX's headquarters at Menzingen, Switzerland. In the lengthy period of time that negotiations were being conducted between the SSPX and Newvatican -- negotiations that Fellay denied in another lie to his clergy and members -- before the "unexcommunication" from the Novus Ordo of four of the SSPX's six bishops were perpetrated, it strains belief to imagine that Williamson's oft-publicly-stated and controversial viewpoints were unknown to his Superior General and Benedict-Ratzinger.

Benedict-Ratzinger Lands in Another Brouhaha
Austrian's Senior Presbyters Reject His Appointment of Katrina-denier

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger can sure pick 'em, can't he? Still flailing away in the brouhaha of his "unexcommunication" of a "holocaust-denier," he is now being flayed for his appointment of a "Katrina-denier" as a Newchurch bishop of Linz, Austria. Gerhard Maria Wagner is being dinged by Linz's Newchurchers for his statement that God sent 2005's Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans, Louisiana, to wipe out the sinners there. Perhaps he hasn't taken a good look at sin in Linz lately! 31 of Austria's 35 deans (heads of Newchurch's regional districts) demanded that Benedict-Ratzinger retract his "abominable" appointment. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

February 16 - Ferial Day

SSPX's Fellay Spills the Beans on His SSPX Sellout to the New Order:
Says that He Accepts Vatican II and the Validity of the Novus Ordo Service

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

Thick as Thieves: SSPX's Bernie Fellay and New Order's Benedict-Ratzinger
Fellay Has Admitted to a French Magazine that He Accepts the New Order
Both the Doctrine of Vatican II and the Validity of the Novus Ordo Service

SSPX's Superior General Bernie Fellay has admitted to the French weekly Famille Chrétienne that he does not reject the teachings of Vatican II, but only objects to "a dangerous spirit" that runs through it. Fellay also pronounced that the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service fabricated by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers was "valid."

In "nuanced" language reminiscent of Vatican II and Modernism, Fellay stated on February 11, 2009: "In my opinion, many of the problems we point out can be resolved by distinctions and not by absolute acceptances or rejections." In other words, Our Lord's command: "But let your speech be yea, yea; no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil" (Matthew 5:27/DRV) does not apply to this bishop.

Good Catholics, it does not take a genius to understand that these words mean that Fellay will "nuance" away the serious doctrinal errors of the New Order in selling out his organization to the Conciliar pope, whom the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, called "not a Catholic." Fellay also indicated that he looked forward to "negotiations with" (lege "sellout to") Modernist Newrome. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

SSPX Bishop Mallerais Writes that Benedict-Ratzinger
Is Teaching a Neo-Gnostic Heresy

From: The Fathers

Writing in the January 2009 Sal de la Terre, SSPX Bishop Tissier de Mallerais denounces Benedict-Ratzinger's doctrine on the Redemption, which differs from the traditional Catholic doctrine. Mallerais states that Benedict-Ratzinger rejects the Cross and the Blood of Christ to substitute for them a Gnostic "pure Love, pure form without matter, neither efficiency nor finality."

Mallerais writes that this Modernist derivative of the Gnostic heresy of the early Church is also reflected in Martin Luther's writings and underlies the Vatican II Novus Ordo of the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini. The doctrine has been taught after Vatican II (1962-1965) by Ratzinger since he was a professor during the 1966-1967 winter term at Tübingen University, which is associated with figures of the Protestant Revolution.

Newchurch Diocese Calls for SSPX to Be Put under Surveillance as a Threat to Democracy
Benedict-Ratzinger Will Genuflect at Jewish Museum that Disses Pope Pius XII

From: The Fathers

SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson is gaining points for his heroism in standing for free speech against a cadre of freedom-haters that would choke a bull!

In Germany, never known for its support of democratic free speech, the Newchurch diocese of Paderborn, Germany, called on February 10, 2009, for SSPX groups to be put under police surveillance to establish whether they "constituted a threat to democracy in Germany." The liberalist Social Democratic Party and Green Party joined in the call.

In Argentina, another country where democratic free speech is under attack, legal charges were leveled against SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson on February 10, 2009. What is his "crime"? He is accused of "denying the 'holocaust,'" according to evidence brought to Argentinean Judge Julian Ercolini.

In France, another country not known for tolerance of free speech, the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (whatever that is) stated on February 11, 2009, that for exercising his human right of free speech, it would charge Williamson with "contesting crimes against humanity" and denying the "holocaust" in an article published in the German weekly, Der Spiegel, and in a television interview. According to Vatican II, Williamson is supposed to have the right of free speech as a "human person" -- a right that Benedict-Ratzinger has signally failed to defend in his case. Even the secular philosopher Voltaire had enough decency to proclaim: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death our right to say it." Benedict-Ratzinger, however, does not have that decency.

Meanwhile, according to Newsmax, Benedict-Ratzinger has decided to genuflect symbolically to the error of Judaism in an effort to "calm recent tensions" between Jews and Newvatican by visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem during his planned May 11-15, 2009, trip to the Holy Land. Benedict-Ratzinger's genuflection is a rejection of Newvatican's long-standing protest against the Jewish museum's display of Pope Pius XII's photograph with a caption that he amounted to little more than a "Jew killer" -- in spite of the fact that he saved more Jews in Europe from death than any other European head of state.

SSPX Exposed as the Recipient of Secular Money to the Tune of Half a Million per Annum
German Politicians Tell the SSPX: Drop Traditional Catholic Teaching or Lose Funds

From: The Fathers

The German government has revealed that the Society of St. Pius X has been receiving secular funds for years. Now that government wants the SSPX to teach its own line on the "holocaust" or face a cutoff of government funding.

The Social Democratic Party and the Left party have proposed that SSPX schools be "watched" and that if the SSPX is found to teach traditional doctrine, what they call "fundamentalist," the SSPX should be cut off from the funding. Of course, the question that traditional Catholics around the world are asking is why the SSPX is accepting over half a million U.S. dollars per annum from a secular government instead of protecting its doctrinal independence.

SSPX school secretary Ursula Schmitt told the German Sun that on orders from SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay, she had been silenced from speaking on the matter to the press. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Sun.]

February 15 - Sexagesima Sunday
Sunday of the Second Class

SSPX Remains in Confusion: Jewish Leaders Praise SSPX Leader Fellay
While SSPX Priests Contrarily Preach Traditional Catholic

From: The Fathers

An SSPX Chapel near Hanover, Germany, behind Bars
SSPX Superior General Fellay Is Removing Traditional Catholic Opinion
From SSPX Web Sites as Fast as He Can, But It Is Not Fast Enough
SSPX Priests and Associated Bishops Are Publicly Condemning the Errors of Judaism

SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay is getting a high approval rating from a strange source: not leaders of traditional Catholicism, but leaders of Judaism, who have praised his purge of SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson, as well as his purge of all SSPX web sites of any information about traditional Catholic teaching on the Jews, which the radicals call "anti-Semitic." Williamson has refused to capitulate to Fellay's and Benedict-Ratzinger's Vatican II false oecumenism. Williamson reiterated: "Historical evidence is at issue, not emotions," implying that Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger have abandoned reason and given in to emotionalism.

But faster than Fellay can expel them, SSPX priests and associated bishops are preaching on the error of Judaism after the New Covenant. Two bishops wrote as-yet unpurged articles for the SSPX web site, which agree with Bishop Williamson's viewpoint. Bishop Salvador Lazo, of San Fernando de La Union, Philippines, wrote that Talmudic Judaism is the "visible chief enemy of the Church." Archbishop Gerald de Proença Sigaud, of Diamantina, Brazil, wrote: "The Church is against anti-Semitism. But the Church can not ignore the facts of the past and the clear affirmations of international Jewry. The heads of this Jewry have for centuries conspired methodically and out of an undying hatred against the Catholic name and the destruction of the Catholic order."

The latest issue of the SSPX's newsletter for German-speaking countries, probably produced before Fellay's full-throated sellout to the oecumenical New Order at Newrome, includes the traditional view: "The Jewish people were once the chosen people. But the majority of the people denied the Messias on his first coming. Therefore, the Jews must convert as a people to Christ. Eventually, the mercy of God will triumph over the stubbornness and blindness of the Jewish people."

Even the SSPX National Superior of Germany has rejected Fellay's capitulation to the Jewish calls for a purge of traditional Catholic teaching. Fr. Franz Schmidberger stated: "There's some truth in there" and "Jews must convert to Christianity." He said that St. Paul talked of "a veil over the Jewish people that prevented them from recognizing and adopting the Messias." Indeed numerous passages, both in St. Paul's Epistles and in other books of the New Testament point out the error of Judaism after the New Covenant.

The tail is indeed wagging the dog, as Fellay can't work fast enough to bend to the will of the Jewish leaders and his new masters in the New Order. Within the SSPX there is no room for personal opinion on matters of secular history if they differ with the "oecumenical" Newchurch of the New Order, which is now running Fellay and the SSPX. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Der Spiegel and General-Anzeiger.

SSPX Is Leading Its Sheep to a Slaughter in Newchurch, Says Correspondent
"I Feel Sorry for the Average SSPX Members, Who Have Been Deceived by Their Own Leader, Fellay"

From: James

Fellay & Co. are pied-pipers leading the sheep to slaughter, as it turns out that since the death Archbishop Lefebvre in 1991, Bernie Fellay has been nothing but a conduit for the Novus Ordo. Fellay's now-evident purpose was to capture, corral, and control the traditional-minded first to accept a compromise version of Tradition, namely, the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962," and its associated periphernalia, and then to bring them back into "full communion" with the Modernist New Order at Newrome.

I feel sorry for the average SSPX members, who have been deceived by their own leader. However, if they don't stand up to him, the fault is theirs. No longer can they claim ignorance about what is going on.

February 14 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

SSPX Clergy and Members Face Their "Critical Moment"
Will They Rise to the Challenge -- or Fail as Did the Catholics of 1969?

From: The Fathers
La Reja

A Procession at the SSPX's Seminary at La Reja, Argentina
From Which Fellay Purged Williamson as Rector on January 31, 2009
Like All the Other SSPX Seminaries, This One Will Become Novus Ordo
If a Revolt of SSPX Priests and Members Does Not Succeed in Ousting Fellay
Bishop Williamson Can Play a Major Role in Restoring Archbishop Lefebvre's SSPX
If He Has the Courage to Do So; He Certainly Has the Support in the SSPX

The SSPX's Senior Bishop, Richard Williamson, was purged on January 31, 2009, from his position as Rector of the SSPX's Seminary near Buenos Aires, Argentina, has revealed in a February 9, 2009, interview with the German weekly, Der Spiegel, that he has been given an ultimatum to recant before the end of February 2009 his secular historical opinion or be expelled from Bernie Fellay's Society, which is in the process of being incorporated into the New Order. Williamson could even assume the name of Archbishop Lefebvre's organization, as reports indicate that Newrome will not allow the Society of St. Pius X to keep its name after the Fellay sellout is complete.

Bishop Williamson has been subjected to a virtual "waterboarding" by Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger and has as yet held relatively solid in the Faith. However, the purge allows Williamson, if he has the courage of Catholic bishops of the past, to call Fellay's bluff and go independent to continue the work of Archbishop Lefebvre and to speak out without compromise, after the fashion of that courageous Archbishop, the unobstructed truth about the Fellay sellout and the Modernist New Order being built on the corpse of the Archbishop's Society of St. Pius X.

SSPX clergy and membership are starting to rise up against Fellay's dictatorship. The SSPX priests of Paris, France, have broken with Fellay. The Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay is reporting a groundswell of support from around the world. Many SSPX clergy and members have long been critical of Fellay's autocratic "one man rule" style, as if he thought he were Newpope already.

Good Catholics, we are right back in 1969. The critical moment is here, as it was then. In 1969, if only a quarter of the Catholic faithful revolted against the New Order, it would have collapsed -- but they didn't. They sat back and "obeyed" the conciliar popes who destroyed the Catholic Church. However, there was one courageous archbishop, Marcel Lefebvre, who stood up for the traditional Catholic Faith and said a No! that echoed through the Church to this day. He had Conciliar popes groveling to him, as the clarion voice of true Catholicism forced those popes to bend the knee to the truth.

In 2009, if only a quarter of the SSPX's clergy and members were to walk out, that would be the end of Fellay's power. But will they be courageous enough to do so? Will Williamson step forward as the Archbishop did? The experience of 1969 indicates that they will not. They will pussyfoot until the critical moment is gone. Then they will pay an even greater price than they can imagine.

SSPX and Newvatican Are in Confusion: Fellay and Schmidberger Contradict Each Other
Meanwhile, the Rottweiler of God Is Mauled by the Lion of Judah

From: The Fathers

"No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other; or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon" (Matthew 6:24/DRV). Pity poor Bernie Fellay, the SSPX's Superior General. In trying to serve two masters, he has brought the SSPX into total confusion. One hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

Fr. Franz Schmidberger, SSPX Superior General 1982-1994, First Assistant General 1994-2006, and currently an official of Fellay at the SSPX's Menzingen, Switzerland, headquarters, told the German weekly Der Spiegel on February 6, 2009, that "holocaust-deniers could certainly remain part of the Catholic Church. As long as they remain faithful to Catholic dogmata, of course." This statement directly contradicts his Superior General Fellay's statements and actions.

Now wait a minute here. If the "holocaust" isn't a Catholic dogma (as it isn't), why does the SSPX care what its Senior Bishop Richard Williamson says on the subject? Doesn't he have a right to his own opinion on matters of secular history? Fellay's persecution of Williamson, of course, has nothing to do with Catholic dogma. It is connected with a false notion of "obedience."

You see, Williamson cannot "disobey" Fellay, but Fellay can go right ahead and "disobey" Benedict-Ratzinger, whom he admits is the pope. Much as Fellay loves to force others to obey him, he himself won't obey anyone. The New York Times recently blew his duplicity on this point. In violation of his "unexcommunication" from the Novus Ordo, he proceeded to conduct ordinations without the approval of Benedict-Ratzinger. As part of the conditions of being accepting by the Novus Ordo, Fellay is prohibited from conducting liturgical rites or administering the Sacraments. But he didn't ordain any priests, or even deacons or subdeacons, but only to minor orders, which Newchurch did away with in 1972. One Newchurch canonist stated that Fellay's was "an act of deliberate disobedience of the pope."

The Fellay-Ratzinger "Hindenburg" Plan has succeeded in destroying Archbishop Lefebvre's Society of St. Pius X, likely soon to be renamed the New Order Apostolic Administration of Saint Savior, but in the process Benedict-Ratzinger has immolated himself. After this point it doesn't matter how many apologies are issued or how many petitions are sent: Benedict-Ratzinger has blown it. He will henceforth be known as The Rottweiler of God Who Was Mauled by the Lion of Judah. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Der Spiegel.]

Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay Receives Worldwide Support:
"This Is the Moment of Our Fight, the Moment to Stand against the Tide"

From: Jesse Gomez Jr., Organizer of the Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay

The Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay is growing, with overwhelming numbers of correspondents who express a very serious interest in expelling the treacherous Bernie Fellay from office. We are showing force in numbers; we are showing our faith with force.

The Crusade is receiving messages from every corner of the globe. It is certainly encouraging to know that the greater proportion of these messages are in the positive (98%). Those few who message in the negative are usually ignorant of what Newchurch did to the St. John Vianney Fraternity, to the St. Peter Fraternity, and to the monks on the Island of Orkney. In their ignorance, they wish to repeat history.

SSPX priests must rely upon the membership because they fear their own expulsion and a life on the streets without the members contributing. Failure to expel Fellay as Superior General will be tantamount to handing over the SSPX to the Vatican II New Order and its supporters in Newrome. Make no mistake about it: they will dismantle the SSPX or water it down to nothingness with the repulsive Modernism we reject.

Let's face it: the SSPX would be a big fat ruby in the pockets of Newvatican. Should we allow the SSPX or any other traditional group to fall prey to the likes of "Horrible" Hoyos, "Selfish" Sodano, or any of those other prelates, including the pope, whom St. Thomas Aquinas admonished us to correct when they oppose the principles of the true Faith? We must stand together for the traditional Catholic Faith, no matter what traditional group we come from, no matter our differences, as Newrome tries exterminate traditional Catholicism. Let us divide and conquer them before they divide and conquer us!

This is the moment of our fight, the moment to stand against the tide, when our every Rosary ascends to the Holy Mother of God herself. Not even Newvatican or the whole world together could withstand her. She desires earnestly to defend her Son's true Church. We are one in the same desire, the last remnant that calls itself truly Catholic. Otherwise, we shall all be relegated to caves and on mountains, as St. Basil the Great told us.

February 13 - Ferial Day
Complete Friday Abstinence

Fellay Continues His Purge of Traditional Catholicism in the SSPX
He Now "Silences" All District Superiors and Ejects SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay Is Now Taking His Orders
Directly from Novus Ordo Officials at Newrome
Whom SSPX Founder Archbishop Lefebvre Called "Not Catholics"
Fellay Has Expelled a District Superior
And Now Has Ejected SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson for Being "Too Traditional"

Bernie Fellay, the SSPX's Superior General, is continuing his purge of traditional Catholics within the SSPX, ripping apart the Society of St. Pius X. He has now "silenced" not only SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson (who will not keep silent), but every single SSPX District Superior and, presumably, Bishops Galarreta and Mallerais. He has expelled the SSPX leader in Northeastern Italy, Floriano Abrahamowicz.

On January 31, 2009, he has ejected SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson from Nuestra Señora Corredentora Seminario Internacional de la Fraternidad Sacerdotal San Pio X in La Reja, Argentina (outside of Buenos Aires). The cover-story is that Williamson "didn't want to hurt the work of the SSPX." But the situation now allows Williamson, if he has the courage, to "go independent" and continue the work of Archbishop Lefebvre, which has been abandoned by Fellay, even under the aegis of the Society of St. Pius X when its name is changed by Newrome.

Fellay has ordered that all references to the traditional Catholic teaching on the Old Testament and the Jews be purged from SSPX sites around the world. He has ordered that all statements of the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, criticizing the Novus Ordo, Vatican II, or Benedict-Ratzinger be purged from all SSPX sites around the world. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters and La Nación.]

Fellay's actions prove unquestionably that he has personally sold out to the Newchurch of the New Order and Benedict-Ratzinger and is trying to drag along the entire SSPX with him, just as the TRADITIO Network warned years ago that he would. Fellay is showing no mercy toward any bishop, priest, or layperson that does not give him and 100% unquestioned obedience. The worldwide discussion has now turned from an historical controversy to an analysis of how far Fellay himself has taken as his exemplar the lethally-authoritarian leader who is the subject of the historical controversy.

Archbishop Lefebvre's Society of St. Pius X no longer exists except in name. The Archbishop would be the first to run Fellay out of the organization for deserting its founding principles. Fellay's remnant will be renamed by Newrome anyway. The name last discussed was "Apostolic Administration of Saint Savior." Newrome hates the anti-Modernist pope after whom the Archbishop named his bulwark against Vatican II Modernism.

Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay Announces Its Formation

From: Jesse Gomez Jr., Organizer of the Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay

Let it be known that we SSPX members and clergy oppose SSPX Superior General Fellay to the face and seek his immediate and unconditional removal. He has led the entire Society of St. Pius X into the heresies of Vatican II and its soul-destroying, Protestantized, Modernistic services.

We call upon the assistance of the Most Holy Mother of God to rid the SSPX of this false leader, who has rejected the principles and wise counsel of our Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, in order to become an agent of the Modernist religion of the New Order. Archbishop Lefebvre warned us:

Rome has lost the Faith, my dear friends. Rome is in apostasy. It is not just words, it is not just words in the air that I say to you. It is the truth. Rome is in apostasy. One cannot have confidence any more in this world. He [the pope] has left the Church; they have left the Church; they are leaving the Church. It is sure, sure, sure!
It is as I summed it up for Cardinal Ratzinger: "Eminence, see, even if you grant us a bishop, even if you grant us a certain self-government in relation to the bishops, even if you grant us all the liturgy of 1962, if you grant us to continue the seminaries and Society, as we do it now, we cannot collaborate. It is impossible, impossible, because we work in two diametrically opposed directions. You, you work for the de-Christianization of society, of the human person, and of the Church, and we, we work for its Christianization. They cannot be in agreement."

We pray daily Rosaries to beseech the assistance of our Heavenly Mother to extinguish the leadership of this unholy and devious man, who claims to be a shepherd of our souls. We beseech Blessed Mary Ever Virgin to provide us instead with a holy and true leader after the example of our wise Archbishop-Founder.

Beware the Pseudo-traditionalist "Talking-heads" Out There!

From: Thomas

Dear Fathers:

I have been looking of late at several self-styled "traditionalist" web sites that have popped up in just the last year. It probably comes as no surprise to you that these sites, without exception, are actually attached to the New Order. They defend a Conciliar pope, whom they regard as a new Athanasius rather than what he is, a latter-day Arius. It is not surprising that most of these sites are run by recent converts. We have to wonder what church, or sect, these clueless "talking-heads" have converted to. In fact, one of these pseudo-traditionalist sites actually has doped up a petition to save the hide of Benedict-Ratzinger, whom in previous issues it denounced as a Conciliar Modernist! The petition includes many signatures of Novus Ordo leaders associated with the suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass.

It has been terribly depressing to be confronted with the plain fact that many people whom I once considered traditional Catholics because of their strong support of the pre-Vatican II liturgy are merely "smells-and-bells Catholics," like the Anglicans. The profound doctrinal breach between the Novus Ordo service and the true Mass are to them of secondary interest. These pseudo-traditionalists would actually be quite happy with a "reverent" Novus Ordo service, with some Latin thrown in. They already gone a long way toward that pit by accepting the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962."

I myself have often tried pointing out Benedict-Ratzinger's Janus-faced pronouncements, most notably Summorum pontificum, in which even a novice in the study of philosophy should be able to see that he is falsely, and perhaps even heretically, creating a synthesis out of contradictory liturgies: the true Mass and the Novus Ordo service. Yet no one at these pseudo-traditional sites will even engage in a discussion on the matter. The current crisis within the SSPX has at last made me fully cognizant that what you TRADITIO Fathers have been long saying about the errors of the Neocon "talking heads" and the "pseudo-traditionalists" that would sell out to the New Order.

February 12 - The Seven Holy Founders of the Servites
Double Feast

SSPX's Senior Bishop Williamson Stands up to SSPX Leader Fellay: I Will Not Be Silenced
International Press Calls Fellay a Liar when He Claimed that He Didn't Know Williamson's Position

From: The Fathers
Richard Williamson

SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson Has Refused to Recant
Tells SSPX's Leader, Bernie Fellay, Who Has Now Fully Embraced the New Order
To Take His "Silencing" Decree and Shove It
"I Was Convinced of the Accuracy of My Comments," He Says

SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson has rejected SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's decree attempting to silence him for speaking his opinion on a matter not of Catholic doctrine, but of secular history. I will not be silenced, Bishop Williamson has retorted. Williamson refused to recant his opinion, as ordered by Benedict-Ratzinger's Newvatican and by the SSPX's Bernie Fellay, who has at this point completely sold out to the New Order in Newrome and rejected all of his Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre's, principles.

Williamson broke silence and told the German weekly Der Spiegel on February 7, 2009: "I ask everyone to believe me that I did not deliberately say something false. I was, on the basis of my research in the 1980s, convinced of the accuracy of my comments."

Meanwhile, the SSPX's leader, Bernie Fellay, has been exposed as a liar by the international press, when he claimed that he knew nothing about Williamson's position. Fellay sent a fax to Swedish television producers in an attempt to stop broadcast of the Williamson interview on Swedish television.

SSPX's Fellay Orders Catholic Doctrine on Jews Removed from SSPX Web Sites

From: Kerry

Dear Fathers:

I thought that the TRADITIO Network's readers would like to know that SSPX's Superior General Bernie Fellay has ordered removed from all SSPX web sites not only Archbishop Lefebvre's condemnation of Card. Ratzinger as "not a Catholic" but also articles containing Catholic teaching about the Jews. It seems that at this point Fellay has completely caved in to Benedict-Ratzinger and Vatican II Modernism.

February 11 - Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes
Double Major Feast

Fellay Expels District Superior for Publicly Agreeing with Archbishop Lefebvre
Fellay's Actions to Please His New Masters in Newrome Are Gutting the SSPX Ranks

From: The Fathers
Floriano Abrahamowicz

Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz, SSPX Leader in Northeastern Italy
Was Expelled by Superior General Bernie Fellay for Agreeing with Bishop Williamson
Fellay Is Engaged in a Purge of Any SSPX Priest or Bishop
Who Does Not Tow the Line with Benedict-Ratzinger's False Oecumenism
Vatican II's Freedom of Speech Applies only to Modernists, not to Traditional Catholics

As the TRADITIO Network had previously reported, the SSPX Superior General, Bernie Fellay, has gone berserk in his effort to prove to Benedict-Ratzinger and Newrome that he is one of them. First of all, he "silenced" Senior Bishop Richard Williamson because he expressed a personal viewpoint on a matter of secular history. This matter, however, is a hot button for Benedict-Ratzinger's Oecumenist Vatican II Newchurch, so Fellay silenced his senior.

Now it has been reported by Italian news sources that on February 6, 2009, Fellay expelled from the SSPX Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz, the SSPX's leader in Northeast Italy, because he publicly agreed with the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, who called Card. Ratzinger "not a Catholic" and would have nothing to do with him as a self-proclaimed Modernist. Fr. Abrahamowicz courageously joined with his Archbishop-Founder's position in commenting as follows on the "unexcommuncations" from the Novus Ordo:

In fact, the man who ordered the injurious decree of "removal" was Joseph Ratzinger, who is still stuck in the Modernist oecumenism of the Second Vatican Council... , incurring the excommunication reserved to Modernists. An excommunicate has revoked a non-existing censure! A traditional Catholic cannot either request or welcome such a decree, even less embrace and kiss its authors, making believe that this act is a gift of Our Lady. We pray for Joseph Ratzinger, that he may abjure Modernism and embrace the Catholic faith, and for the Society of Saint Pius X, that it may remain faithful to the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.

Who is next on Fellay's proscription list: Bishop Galarreta, Bishop Mallerais, local SSPX priests who disagree with his dictatorial leadership style that is now sold out to the service of the New Order? He has "silenced" SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson. He has now fired Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz as the SSPX's leader in Northeast Italy. How many more heads of SSPX clergy will Fellay chop off to please his new masters in Newchurch because they adhere to the principles of the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre.

The TRADITIO Network has consistently warned about Fellay's combative personality -- combative against his colleagues, not against the New Order that his Founder combated. In 2006 Fellay engineered a 24-year term as SSPX Superior General by firing District Superiors who opposed him and appointed cats-paws to his pro-Vatican II agenda. By the time this fiasco is over, the SSPX will be destroyed, and Benedict-Ratzinger's Vatican II Oecumenical Stratagem will be mortally wounded, as it deserves to be.

SSPX Priests Declare a Revolt against Leader Fellay for Vatican II Sellout
French SSPX Priests Reject the "Unexcommunications"

From: The Fathers

One of the Society of Pius X's leading priests, Fr. Juan Carlos Ceriani, on behalf of SSPX priests in France, has publicly broken with Superior General Bernie Fellay and his sellout to Benedict-Ratzinger and the Novus Ordo, and has made a Public and General Call for the rejection of the Newchurch "unexcommunications" of the four SSPX bishops (Fellay, Galarreta, Mallerais, and Williamson).

Fr. Ceriani's Public and General Call emanated from a meeting of SSPX priests at St. Nicolas du Chardonnet, the church in Paris occupied by the SSPX, who on February 5, 2009, declared a revolt against Fellay because of his agreement with Newvatican "to endorse Vatican II."

Fr. Ceriani, now based in the Antilles in the Caribbean, has written for Society of Pius X publications. In a two-part study, he demonstrated that the Newchurch Anointing of the Sick (formerly the traditional Sacrament of Extreme Unction) is invalid. "It is an inversion of the traditional doctrine of the Church," he wrote. Fr. Ceriani's study was published in two issues of the official SSPX Newsletter of the District of Asia (nos. Le sel de la terre [Salt of the Earth], nos. 7 and 10).

In his Public and General Call to his fellow SSPX members, priests, and bishops, he appeals, in the name of the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, for them to reject the Newvatican decree of January 21, 2009, which purported to "unexcommunicate" four of the six SSPX bishops from fellowship in the Novus Ordo structure.

I dispute, and I consider null and void, both in law and in fact, the alleged "excommunications," the decree that purports to declare them and the decree that purports to remit them, leaving the impression that they were not null from the outset. I adjure the four bishops of the SSPX to reconsider, in the eyes of God, their current situation and, following the example of Archbishop Lefebvre, to recant their response. In such deceptive circumstances, the SSPX priests and faithful need to be encouraged to fight for Eternal Rome against the Conciliar Church.

February 10 - St. Scholastica, Virgin
Double Feast

SSPX Members Form Worldwide Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay
They Call upon All SSPX Members to Join Them and Their Founder Archbishop Lefebvre

From: Jesse Gomez Jr., Organizer of the Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay
Our Lady of the Rosary

SSPX Members Have Formed a Rosary Crusade to Expel Fellay
As Their Superior General because "He Has Betrayed" the SSPX Membership"
These SSPX Members Are Joining with Several SSPX Priests
Who Have Publicly Rejected Fellay's One-man Campaign to Lead the SSPX to "Adherence to Vatican II"
The SSPX Members Are Also Praying to the Society's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre
To Help Them Reclaim the Society from the Uncatholic New Order

Dear Fathers:

We SSPX members are organizing a worldwide Rosary Crusade to Expel SSPX Superior General Fellay for betraying the SSPX membership. We will not back down. Fellay really does need to be put out of office for turning coat on us. We have a Catholic Faith to protect, and one man's selfish goals are not enough to conduct us into the insanity of adherence to Vatican II.

Our Lady must be suffering her Eighth Sorrow at the degree to which one of her supposedly "traditional" bishop has sold out to the very anti-Catholic Modernism about which she warned us in her messages at La Salette and Fatima. We are quite certain that our saintly Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre, would be happy to hear that we SSPX members had reclaimed our Society, the Society of St. Pius X, and maintained it separate and apart from the unCatholic New Order.

We SSPX members and clergy reject Bernie Fellay's sellout of our Society to Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order and his rejection of the wise principles of our saintly Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

SSPX Member Says: "Many in England Are Opposed to Fellay and Back Bishop Williamson"

From: Irena, SSPX Member from England

May I thank the TRADITIO Fathers for their excellent coverage on Bishop Fellay's sellout to Newvatican and his attempts to destroy Bishop Williamson.

Here in England there are many people who, like me, attend the SSPX chapels and who are totally opposed to Fellay and who whole-heartedly back Bishop Williamson. Indeed, as your Armenian correspondent states, all this publicity about Bishop Williamson is making more and more people aware of the existence of fully Traditional Catholicism rather than the half Catholicism now being hawked by Fellay. And, yes, here Bishop Williamson is regarded as a hero.

May I remind everyone how JPII "the Less" kowtowed to the enemies of the Catholic Church by aiding and abetting the removal of the Crosses from the graves of Catholic soldiers buried in Auschwitz cemetery. These crosses were placed at Auschwitz by Polish patriots to commemorate the Polish Catholics who died there, but a Polish conciliar pope agreed to their removal.

Instead of attacking Bishop Williamson, Benedict-Ratzinger should move to restore these Crosses. But, of course, for Newvatican the sufferings of Catholic Polish men, women, and children count for nothing as the conciliar popes pursue the oecumenist agenda of the "Modernist Council," Vatican II.

February 9 - St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

JPII "the Ungreat" Was a Bad Judge of Character
One of His Favorite Presbyters Raped on Both Sides of the Aisle

From: The Fathers
Marcial Maciel & JPII

JPII Publicly Blesses Presbyter Marcial Maciel Degallado
During a Papal Audience in November 2004
When Maciel Was Caught Raping Seminarians, JPII Wouldn't Lift a Finger
Maciel Went on to Have a Sex Affair with a Woman and Father a Bastard Daughter

For a supposed Newchurch "saint," JPII certainly was a bad judge of character. As Newchurch archbishop of Krakow 1964-1978, he -- apparently knowingly -- allowed one out of every five of his presbyters to work for the Communist Secret Police in Poland, according to the Polish National Memorial Archives recently opened to the public. In 2001, he appointed Card. Ratzinger as Sex-crimes Czar in 2001, and Ratzinger proceeded to perpetrate a criminal cover-up of rampant sex crimes against children by Newchurch bishops and presbyters.

Now it has come to light that one of JPII's favorites, Mexican presbyter Marciel Maciel Degallado, head of the supposedly "conservative" Legionaries of Christ, whom JPII had publicly blessed on several occasions, raped more than a dozen Novus Ordo seminarians and presbyters and -- playing both sides of the field, so to speak -- had a sex affair with a woman and fathered a bastard daughter by her. True to immorality now rampant in Newchurch organizations, most Legionaries continued to defend the Perverted Presbyter.

Even JPII, who as the first Cover-up King taught Benedict-Ratzinger everything he knows, refused as pope to act on accusations that Maciel was a child rapist. After all, Maciel ranked in the money for Newchurch by posing as a "conservative." JPII "the Ungreat" was hardly the man to bite the immoral hand that fed his New Order. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson Is Getting the Traditional Catholic Message Out
He Has Become a Hero on Television around the World

From: Antranik, the TRADITIO Network's Correspondent from Armenia

Dear Fathers:

One of the fortuitous results of the Williamson affair is that the Traditional Catholic position is getting worldwide coverage. News about Bishoop Williamson is being shown on television, even here in Armenia, as well as on CNN International.

For the last seven years I have talked until I was blue in the face about the Traditional Catholic Movement to all my friends and acquaintances. I talked about true Catholicism and explained about errors of the Novus Ordo and Vatican II. But now Bishop Williamson's television appearances here are really making an impact where I couldn't.

You would get the idea from Felly and Benedict-Ratzinger that Bishop Williamson is a persona non grata. To the contrary I find that many people here are viewing him as a hero. They are sick of Newchurch and SSPX propaganda for the New Order and find Bishop Williamson's candor refreshing.

An SSPX Members Worries about the Validity of the SSPX's Sacraments in the Novus Ordo
And SSPX's Fund-raising for a "Cathedral" to Be Turned over to the Modernists

From: Caterina

Dear Fathers:

I don't think that the Novus Ordo has the Catholic Sacraments. Since Fellay has announced the SSPX's intention to accept Vatican II and become part of the New Order, what about the SSPX's sacraments now? Can the SSPX administer Confirmation, Confessions, and Extreme Unction validly? What will become of SSPX seminaries, novitiates, and schools? Will they be turned over to the Novus Ordo? Given the many holy priests of the SSPX trying their hardest to preserve Tradition in so many chapels, despite the treachery of their Superior Fellay, I can hardly believe they will go along with the Novus Ordo.

A few months ago I received a glossy invitation to contribute to a new "SSPX cathedral." The printed solicitation looked so polished and "slick" that it gave me pause. It looked like something that the New Order might put out. I will not contribute because this "cathedral" will only end up falling into the hands of the New Order Modernists.

SSPX Member Says: "I Will Leave the SSPX Chapel that I Attend"

From: Signorinella

I will leave the SSPX chapel that I attend if any scent of the Novus Ordo hits our chapel. I can say most of us are outraged and are clamoring loudly. We are either going to stay and fight, or leave, but I believe it will be an en masse effort either way.

Our SSPX chapel members have come to the conclusion that Fellay was a planted mole. He is a traitor, a Judas to us and to Archbishop Lefebvre.

The SSPX Is Being "Swallowed Whole" by the New Order

From: James

Dear Fathers:

The SSPX is being swallowed whole by the Modernist Benedict-Ratzinger, just as a python swallows his victim complete. What is going on here is becoming clearer. Benedict-Ratzinger, Newvatican, and the media are bringing back Tradition for one reason: to destroy it totally and to give validity to the erroneous teachings of the "Modernist Council" Vatican II.

Benedict-Ratzinger will bring back some of the customs, practices, and the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962" for the Novus Ordo sect to grow by the cross-pollination of the liberalist and pseudo-traditional camps, like the Fellayists. From this succotash will emerge Benedict-Ratzinger's hoped-for Novus Ordo Seclorum, a reinvented One World Oecumenical Religion, in which "we all worship the same god" and "all gods are the same."

February 8 - Septuagesima Sunday
Sunday of the Second Class

German Chancellor Calls for Benedict-Ratzinger's Resignation

From: The Fathers
Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Has Called for Benedict-Ratzinger's Resignation
The TRADITIO Network Anticipated Her Call by Years
Not Because of Some Brouhaha over "Political Correctness"
But Because Benedict-Ratzinger Aided and Abetted His Presbyters' and Bishops'
Rapes and Assaults upon Tens of Thousands of Newchurch Children
Apparently, "Political Correctness" Has Become More Sacrosanct than the Lives of Children!

The world has truly gone mad! Calls are mounting for Benedict-Ratzinger to resign because he "unexcommunicated" the SSPX's Senior Bishop, Richard Williamson, who expressed a personal opinion about historical issues pertaining to the "holocaust." Where were these calls for his resignation when Benedict-Ratzinger was exposed as the Cover-up King of the rapes and assaults upon tens of thousands of Newchurch children by his presbyters and bishops? Apparently, "political correctness" has become more sacrosanct than multitudes of actual rapes and assaults upon children. If that isn't the screwiest logic!

We TRADITIO Fathers were the first, many months ago, to call for the resignation of Benedict-Ratzinger, not for "political correctness," but because he has perverted the traditional Catholic Faith: its Mass, its Sacraments, its doctrines, and its morality.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has now openly criticized Benedict-Ratzinger. In a veiled call for Newpope's resignation, Merkel said: "This should not be allowed to pass without consequences." Meanwhile, the Newcardinal of Paris, Armand Vingt-Trois, hastily tried to resuscitate Benedict-Ratzinger's reputation in oecumenical circles by stating: "I don't need to say that for the pope Vatican II is non-negotiable. He is more than convinced [of it] himself, and has said so again this Wednesday." Vingt-Trois is referring to Benedict-Ratzinger's January 28, 2009, Papal General Audience, at which the performance of clowns was featured. It is becoming more and more evident that the real clown in Newchurch is Benedict-Ratzinger himself!

A Newchurch theologian Hermann Haering joined Merkel and told the German daily Tageszeitung: "If the pope wants to do some good for the Church, he should leave his job." Traditional Catholics should respond: Amen! The resignation of Benedict-Ratzinger is a rare point on which liberalist Newchurchers and traditional Catholics can agree.

SSPX Is Now an Organ of the New Order: Newvatican Is Giving Orders to SSPX Bishops
Newvatican Declares: SSPX Priests Can No Longer Hear Confessions or Perform Marriages

From: The Fathers

Evidences that the Society of St. Pius X is now an organ of the New Order as a result of Superior General Bernie Fellay's January 24, 2009, sellout statement were confirmed in a Note of February 4, 2009, in which Newchurch's Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, proclaimed that SSPX Senior Williamson would not be allowed to perform priestly functions if he did not recant. Bertone ordered that Williamson "declare, in an absolutely unequivocal and public manner, distance from his positions regarding the "holocaust".

Bertone also confirmed Benedict-Ratzinger's statement at his Papal General Audience of January 28, 2009, that the SSPX would have to publicly swear its "full recognition of the Second Vatican Council." It is that "Modernist Council" that made a Newchurch doctrine out of politics, in which "political correctness" on the subject became more important than the true Mass, Sacraments, and Catholic dogma.

The importance of this statement cannot be underestimated. It clearly indicates that Newvatican considers the SSPX under its jurisdiction and command. SSPX clergy have always operated independently of Newchurch and never received commands from it before.

Another consequence of Fellay's sellout to the Ratzinger regime is that the SSPX can no longer hear confessions or perform marriages. Previously, the SSPX did not consider itself under the jurisdiction of the Novus Ordo and was operating through the principle of epikeia, emergency powers. But since Fellay now considers the SSPX part of the New Order, epikeia no longer pertains to him and his priests. Although from Fellay and Newchurch's perspective the SSPX bishops may be "unexcommunicated," they are still suspended a divinis, from administering the Sacraments, according to the Bertone Note. The SSPX bishops and their clergy are frozen in limbo. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Cable Network News.]

Does Benedict-Ratzinger Believe in Vatican II only for Modernists?
Why Is He Attempting to Punish SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson on a Secular Opinion?

From: Michael

Is it not true that under the Second Vatican Council's doctrine of Religious Liberty, the SSPX's Senior Bishop, Richard Williamson, has the right as a "human person" to express his conscience and opinions? Why is the Council's doctrine of liberty being suspended in his case by Benedict-Ratzinger and his administration? Do Catholics no longer have the right to doubt or question aspects of secular history? Is the Newchurch of the New Order now proclaiming dogma on secular history?

I firmly believe in freedom of speech for Bishop Williamson. I am deeply troubled by Benedict-Ratzinger's attempted suppression of his rights in this matter. It would seem that, under his pontificate, casting doubt on a supposition of secular history is now a de facto heresy. I can find no grounds for this innovation in Scripture or Tradition.

February 7 - Fifth Sunday after Epiphany [Anticipated]
Semidouble Feast

Furious Fellay Will Punish Senior Bishop Williamson for Derailing the SSPX Sellout
Fellay Has Told Newcardinal Hoyos that He Accepts Vatican II

From: The Fathers

The Fellay-Ratzinger "Hindenburg" Plan Is Intended to Blow the SSPX to Smithereens
Fellay Has Gone Beserk, Ripping into Senior Bishop Williamson in Order to Please Benedict-Ratzinger
Newcardinal Hoyos Indicates that Fellay Is Ready to Sign away All of the SSPX's Principles
Some Reports Indicate that the SSPX Will Be Performing the Novus Ordo Service
As Already Is the SSPX-vintage Sellout "Indult" Group in Campos, Brazil

In what was undoubtedly a forced apology issued under tremendous pressure from the now-crazed SSPX czar Bernie Fellay and Newcardinal Dario Hoyos, SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson nevertheless admitted no error and singlehandedly seems to have, perhaps unwittingly, derailed the immediate sellout by Fellay of the SSPX to the Newchurch of the New Order. Fellay is livid and has promised to do Williamson in. Fellay is reported in Mittelbayerische Zeitung, as saying "Yes, I am already working on this." Fellay, performing the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962-2007-2008," in the Regensburg area of Germany, from which Benedict-Ratzinger hails, further stated: "I do not see how Bishop Williamson now can exercise his office of bishop in many countries."

It is well known in the Society of St. Pius X that Fellay hates Senior Bishop Williamson, because Williamson has consistently stood against Fellay's Modernist tendencies. Undoubtedly, Fellay is using Williamson's statement as a way of getting rid of his arch-enemy and one of the few who in the past has stood close to the principles of the anti-Modernist founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Fellay is also enraged that the forced apology of Senior Bishop Williamson had withdrawn nothing substantive. "From this you can see that we are disappointed," Fellay said.

Fellay is reported to have sold out already to Hoyos on the issue of Vatican II and all the Anti-modernist principles that the SSPX had once stood for under the courageous Archbishop. Truly, the SSPX is dead. It is now just a loose collection of Fellayists and other SSPXers who are too pusillanimous to stand up for the traditional Catholic Faith, repeating point by point the errors of 1960s Catholics.

Hoyos, Newvatican's point-man to get the SSPX to sell out, has indicated that Fellay has stated to him that he recognizes "the authority of the Second Vatican Council." Once the Fellayists turn their backs on the principles of the SSPX and accept the Modernist Council Vatican II, in any form, the sellout deal with the Novus Ordo is complete. Then the SSPX will be absorbed into Newchurch and soon be performing the Novus Ordo service on occasion, as already is the sellout Bishop Areas Rifan of the SSPX-vintage Fraternity of St. John Mary Vianney, of Campos, Brazil. Rifan has several times been videotaped publicly performing the Novus Ordo service, as reported earlier in these Commentaries.

Fellay has reportedly agreed to accept Nostra aetate, the Vatican II document that expresses the Modernist doctrine of False Oecumenism, that is, that "we all worship the same god," and "all gods are the same," the god of the Jews, the god of the Mohammedans, and the gods of other faiths, including the many-handed Hindu goddess Shiva. Nostra aetate was the erroneous Vatican II document most vehemently rejected by Archbishop Lefebvre.

Fellay seems determined to "go to Hell in a handbasket," as the old saying goes, despite considerable "internal resistance" within the SSPX itself. The Fellay-Ratzinger "Hindenburg" Plan is designed to blow Archbishop Lefebvre's SSPX to smithereens, like Hitler's zeppelin Hindenburg, which burst into oblivion in a flash of hydrogen gas when attempting to land at Manchester, New Jersey, killing most of those who had trusted in it.

February 6 - St. Titus, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast
Complete Friday Abstinence

Bernie Fellay Now Engages in Vatican II-Speak
SSPX's Current Leader Is Sounding More and More Conciliar

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

SSPX's Leader Bernie Fellay Pushes Aside the Principles of the SSPX's Founding Archbishop
As He Comes More and More to Embrace the Style of Vatican II and Newchurch
He Has Recently Taken to Adopting Vatican II-Speak
This Is just the Latest Phase of His SSPX Sellout -- Accepting Vatican II

The SSPX's current leader, Bernie Fellay, has been acting like a servant of the New Order. Now he has begun to affect speaking the language of Vatican II -- an ominous harbinger of a sellout to Newchurch on the errors of this Modernist Council as well. At a February 1, 2009, talk in Menzingen, Switzerland, to the French Catholic weekly Famille Chretienne, Fellay proclaimed: The Jews are "our elder brothers" in the sense that we have something in common, that is, the Old Covenant."

What is interesting about this statement is that the use of the term "our elder brothers" for the Jews is a favorite of the Vatican II era. Although Fellay quotes St. Paul in his talk, he omits mention that in numerous passages of his Epistles, St. Paul makes it clear that the "Old Covenant" is finished and that the New Covenant of Jesus Christ must be embraced by the Jews. The Gospels represent this doctrine symbolically by the rending in two of the veil of the Jewish temple when Christ died on the Cross: "And behold the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom" (Matthew 27:51/DRV).

Fellay seems to be working toward the position of his new master, Benedict-Ratzinger, who, as previously reported in these Commentaries, wrote that the Jews can wait for another Messias. After all, Benedict-Ratzinger is the consummate, Modernist pope -- one of the prime engineers of Modernism at Vatican II. Keep watching what Fellay says and does in the coming days. You will find that rapidly he will sound just like Vatican II, just like Newchurch, just like the New Order that the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre rightly condemned as "unCatholic."

Should SSPXers Let Fellay Hand over Their Society to Newchurch?

From: Jesse

Should we let our Superior General Fellay simply hijack the SSPX and hand it over to the deceiving the current Conciliar pope?

The Fathers Reply.

As we pointed out in a recent Commentary, the SSPX members who are against the sellout are likely to sit back and do nothing, just as the Catholics of the 1960s sat back and made very little vocal objection to the Novus Ordo. Therefore, they became its victims.

Today some today ask: "Why didn't the Catholics of the 1960s rise up and reject the Novus Ordo at the time?" The reason is the same sloth, fear, and lack of the Catholic Faith that prevents SSPX members today from standing up for the traditional Catholic Faith and throwing out their false leader, who is rejecting the principles of the Founder of the Society of St. Pius X and leading the SSPX into the Novus Ordo.

Forty years from now, when the SSPX has long been dead, others will ask of the current SSPX members: "Why didn't the Catholics of the SSPX rise up and reject the Novus Ordo?" Sloth, fear, and lack of the Catholic Faith.

From an Ex-SSPXer: "Many SSPX Members Are Not Traditional Catholics"
Those SSPX Members Who Demand the Traditional Latin Mass Are Shown the Door

From: Adam

Dear Fathers:

I wish to relate an observation concerning your suggestion that the SSPX members of today are like the Catholics of the Vatican II era. I think that you are exactly right.

I was born well after Vatican II, and after finding Tradition, I always wondered how so many Catholics around the world chose to "go with the flow" instead of uphold the true Faith. I have now seen firsthand, thanks to the SSPX, exactly how that works. I don't know whether you remember or not, but I wrote in Autumn of 2008 to recount the story of how my family had left an SSPX chapel when we discovered (thanks to the TRADITIO Network) that the SSPX did not offer the Traditional Latin Mass, but instead the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962-2007-2008."

I had confronted the pastor and demanded the Traditional Latin Mass with no Newchurch alterations at all. He told me that the changes to the Canon were minor -- as if any changes to the Sacred Apostolic Canon could be "minor." I told him that my knees did not bend to a 1962 Modernized Mass and that I followed the traditional calendar. Instead of discussing the matter further with me (or even explaining to me why I should accept these radical new changes), I was shown the door.

The other SSPX parishioners, most of whom were adults during Vatican II, did not want to rock the boat when I pointed out the many inconsistencies of the SSPX. No one else asked the pastor to celebrate the Mass Immemorial, even though many of them told me privately that they would greatly "prefer" that and did not like what was going on. In the end, they held their noses, but they accepted the Modernized Mass and even said nothing when the SSPX started important Novus Ordo presbyters into SSPX sites without telling anybody.

Judging from our experience in a large SSPX parish, I think the number of SSPX supporters who will leave the SSPX over any further Newchurch changes is miniscule. Many SSPXers are not traditional Catholics. They settle for some Latin words, a whiff of incense, and an "air" of tradition. Like the Modernists, they do it because they think it makes them feel good.

Our traditional Catholic family, however, keeps the Lord's Day holy by praying on Sundays with a handmissal. Since there is no Traditional Latin Mass in this area, I would much rather have the true Faith without compromise than sit in a big chapel full of people who are all worshipping a lie. We are no longer a part of, nor do we support, the SSPX.

February 5 - St. Agatha, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Turns His Papal General Audience into Circus -- Literally
Concerns Are Being Expressed that the Victim of Three Strokes Is Falling into Dementia

From: The Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Clowns

Benedict-Ratzinger Applauds like a Fool at Clowns Dancing with Pins and Rings
As He Turns His Wednesday Papal General Audience into a Clown Show
The Conciliar Popes Don't even Make a Pretense of Prayer and Solemnity
As They Turn the Once-great Roman Catholic Faith into the World's Joke

Benedict-Ratzinger turned his Wednesday Papal General Audience of January 28, 2009, into a circus -- literally. Clowns smeared in face-paint and throwing bowling pins, rings, and other paraphernalia danced around St. Peter's Chair, while Benedict-Ratzinger applauded like a fool. Is Newpope, who has suffered three strokes, falling into dementia, as his predecessor did from Parkinson's Disease?

The late JPII was derisively termed the "Clown Pope" for turning the Wednesday Papal General Audiences into a circus. Now his successor, Benedict-Ratzinger, has done the same thing. This is a "traditional pope"? He has now earned the epithet of "Clown Pope II."

When Was the Second Confiteor "Dropped"?

From: Dave

Dear Fathers:

When exactly did Newchurch eliminate the second Confiteor before the Communion of the Faithful? I have a 1962 Missal published by the Society of St. Pius X, and I was shocked to find that this prayer was not included and that the Canon had been altered.

The Fathers Reply.

That was part of the third (1960) wave of the Freemason Hannibal Bugnini's changes to prepare for the Novus Ordo of 1969. The SSPX does not celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, but the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962." The SSPX's founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, condemned the elimination of the second Confiteor as an effort to downgrade the distinction between the priest and laity and insisted that it be retained. From your report this is just another accommodation to the Novus Ordo made by Bernie Fellay, the SSPX's current head. Fellay has been "dissing" Lefebvre's principles right and left in recent days in order to please his new masters in the New Order.

Newchurch Diocese of Scranton, Original Home of FSSP "Indult" Society
To Close Almost Half of Its Churches

From: The Fathers

The Newchurch diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, original home of the Fraternity of St. Peter, the "indult" society, will be closing almost half of its churches in the next three years. Another fifty churches will be closed down in the adjoining diocese of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch is falling rapidly into the pit as we watch. To appropriate the chilling words of Edgar Allan Poe:

While I gazed, this fissure rapidly widened —- there came a fierce breath of the whirlwind -— the entire orb of the satellite burst at once upon my sight -— my brain reeled as I saw the mighty walls rushing asunder —- there was a long tumultuous shouting sound like the voice of a thousand waters -— and the deep and dank tarn at my feet closed sullenly and silently over the fragments of Newchurch.

Quod Deus efficiat!

February 4 - St. Andrew Corsini, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

Wall Street Journal Article: "Fellay Hardly Has the Authority"

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

SSPX's Current Leader, Bernie Fellay, Pictured Below the Pope Whom He Has Spurned
St. Pius X, after Whom His Society of St. Pius X Is Named
Some Reports Indicate that Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger Are Conspiring
For a Quick Sellout of the SSPX to the New Order
And That the SSPX Will Dump the Name of the Anti-Modernist Saint after Whom It Was Originally Named

Of all the secular press, the Wall Street Journal has been the most objective in reporting about the Traditional Catholic Movement. However, its January 30, 2009, issue included an opinion hit-piece by one Edward Oakes, who is a Newjesuit and teaches theology (God help those Novus Ordo seminarians!) at the Newchurch seminary at Mundelein, Illinois. (Of all the religious orders after Vatican II, the Jesuits went the most bonkers. They had been suppressed for forty years by Pope Clement XIV because of their outrageous involvement in secular politics, and even the Conciliar pope Paul VI (1963-1978) expelled them from the Vatican because of their "Liberation Theology," in which Jesuit presbyters took up arms to help impose Communist governments in Latin American countries.)

Presbyter Oakes does make a point, however, when he comments on the hypocrisy of the SSPX's current head, Bernie Fellay:

The uproar following the lifting of the excommunications has proved deeply embarrassing to this group. In fact, the head of the Lefebvrist movement, Bishop Fellay, denounced Bishop Williamson and ordered him to keep silent. The trouble is, having himself disobeyed two popes, Bishop Fellay hardly has the authority to order anyone to do anything (such is the fate of all schismatics). If Bishop Williamson disobeys, what can his superior do about it?

Presbyter Oakes sums up the current situation in these words:

Needless to say, even after giving these remarks, the pope still has a huge public-relations problem on his hands, and how that will be solved will depend on a number of factors: whether the Lefebvrists admit the teaching authority of Vatican II; whether they discipline the anti-Semites in their midst (or purge them if they prove obstreperous); and whether they can divorce their liturgical traditionalism from their penchant for dictatorial political regimes. For such questions, I cannot predict answers, although I am not hopeful.

Since the death of Archbishop Lefebvre in 1991, the regime of Bernie Fellay has corrupted the once-traditional organization into a Novus Ordo handmaiden. But this is only half of the problem. Since Fellay's accession, the SSPX has been defined as a "cult" in many quarters. Some courageous SSPX clergy detest what the SSPX has become since the death of the Archbishop, but Fellay has been engaged in a purge to get them silenced, or out, in an effort to please his new masters in Newchurch.

It may well be that the SSPX members will become just like the early Novus Ordoites, hating what was going on with the imposition of the New Order, but pusillanimously remaining silent while what they believed in fell to pieces around them. If this happens to the SSPX, the organization deserves not to survive, having learned nothing from the history of the 1960s and becoming just another sellout to the Modernist New Order. SSPXers now have no excuse not to go to their nearest Novus Ordo parish; their organization has started its absorption into Newchurch, whose Ordinary Rite, as officially proclaimed by Benedict-Ratzinger, is the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service.

An SSPX Member Asks: Does the SSPX Exist only to Collect Money?

From: John

When SSPX members enquired of the SSPX priest in charge of our country why the visiting District Superior had paid rather scant attention to the faithful during a brief stop-over and seemed more preoccupied with his own agenda, he explained that the SSPX is a priestly society and that the District Superior was visiting our country only to meet his priests. But we have no priests, only faithful, based in our country.

In the eyes of the SSPX, the SSPX faithful seem to be exist just to pay for the properties of the Society, the upkeep of the priests, including their annual holiday, and the travel jaunts of the District Superiors. As to everything else: Leave it to Fellay and his cronies!

We are now facing the final chapter of Vatican II, the swallowing up of two of the main pockets of Traditional Catholic resistance, namely France and Germany, where the SSPX has an almost total monopoly. Let us hope that the Remnant Church will survive and flourish at least in the USA and Mexico, and from these two countries once again send out priests to faithful elsewhere who will not join in the sellout to the Modernists.

An SSPX Member Says: I Know that the Sellout Is Bad
Fortunately, There Are Many Other Alternatives

From: Terry

I am an SSPX parishioner, but may not be for long. I cannot believe that when I asked about the sellout, a couple of people said that it was a good thing. I know for a fact that it is bad, and I will do my hardest to get signatures from as many people as I can. If Bishop Williamson leaves the SSPX, I am right behind him!

The Fathers Reply.

Fortunately, you have many other alternatives. Although the SSPX gets all the publicity, the Traditional Catholic Movement is much larger than just the SSPX. Even if all the clergy and members of the SSPX went Novus Ordo -- which will not happen, as half of them detest the Novus Ordo and will not sell out to it -- more than half of the Traditional Latin Mass sites would remain. And that is not even counting the "Motu" Messes.

Independent traditional priests service traditional Catholics at a rate 150 per cent of the SSPX's meager effort, for all the money the SSPX rakes in. These independent traditional priests reject connection with the unCatholic New Order and offer not the Conciliar-Bugnini "Mass of 1962," as modified in 2007 and 2008, but the fully Traditional Latin Mass before the Freemason Hannibal Bugnini started modifying it. Also there are all the traditional Catholic organizations, large and small, that service traditional Catholics, also having no connection with the New Order.

February 3 - St. Blaise, Bishop & Martyr
Simple Feast

Newrome Gives with One Hand, Takes away with the Other
Newchurch Denies SSPX Priest Ecclesiastical Burial

From: The Fathers
Marc Vernoy

Fr. Marc Vernoy, SSPX District Directory of Africa
Comments on a "Good and Holy Priest" Associated with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)
Who Has Been Denied Ecclesiastical Burial by Newchurch
Because He Defied South Africa's Newchurch Cardinal Who Claimed
That the Traditional Latin Mass Was "Abolished"

According to a report published on page one of the January 29, 2009, Kwazulu Natal Mercury, a South African newspaper, a priest associated with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) described as a "good and holy priest and well loved" has been denied Newchurch ecclesiastical burial by the Newchurch cardinal-archbishop of Durban because Fr. Eldred Leslie "belonged to the Pope Pius X Society, a right-wing breakaway group." Fr. Leslie was murdered in his rectory on January 19, 2009.

The newspaper stated that it had investigated the matter and was "certain that the man was SSPX." The SSPX's District Superior of Africa, Marc Vernoy, confirmed that Fr. Leslie had founded the Society's priory in Durban and would provide his exequies. The SSPX's Superior General, Bernie Fellay, stated upon Fr. Leslie's death: "We have lost a pillar of Catholic Tradition in Africa after atrocious conditions.... The Society of Saint Pius X owes him very much."

Fr. Leslie had courageously defied the former Newchurch archbishop of Durban, Denis Hurley, who accused Fr. Leslie of "disobedience" by celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass, which Hurley claimed had been "abolished." When Fr. Leslie was later suspended by Newchurch for celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass, he stood by his priestly oath by opening a traditional chapel in a garage, which became an SSPX chapel. Fr. Leslie later opened another chapel, in whose rectory his was murdered.

Given that Newchurch rarely denies its ecclesiastical burial to anyone these days, including the divorced and remarried, public advocates of homosexuality, and heretics of all stripes, this singling out of the SSPX throws a revealing light on what the reality is with the SSPX, not the posturing in Newvatican and Fellayite press statements.

U.S. Feds Go after Newchurch Cardinal "Phony" Mahony of Los Angeles

From: The Fathers

The United States Attorney in Los Angeles, California, has launched a federal grand-jury investigation into Newcardinal Roger Mahony in connection with his response to the rape and assault of children by Novus Ordo presbyters in the Los Angeles archdiocese. The investigation, in which U.S. Attorney Thomas O'Brien is personally involved, is aimed at determining whether Mahony, and possibly other Newchurch leaders, including possibly Benedict-Ratzinger himself, committed fraud by failing to adequately deal with presbyters accused of raping and assaulting children.

Commented David Clohessy, Director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Pr[esbyters]: "From our perspective, it's crystal clear that parishioners were deceived and defrauded. It's simply common sense." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Los Angeles Times.]

February 2 - Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double of the Second Class

CONCILIAR-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. In contravention of the Traditional Latin Mass, the "Motu" services omit the doxology of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this day celebrating her Purification. At the blessing of candles, white vestments are used instead of the traditional violet. The five Collects of blessing are shortened, and the call Flectamus genua to kneel and pray is omitted.

What Is Benedict-Ratzinger up to? Now We Know!

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger with a Devilish Smile on His Face
The Evidence Is Now Becoming Clear that He Envisions Leading a One-World Oecumenical Sect
In Which Fellayites, Non-justification Lutherans, and Anglican Semi-Protestants
Co-exist under the Aegis of a Conciliar Pope

With all the crazy things that are going on with Newchurch these days, it is easy to get lost in the details and lose what we TRADITIO Fathers like to call the Big Picture. The SSPX debacle is only a small part of what is going on, so the real question is: what game is Benedict-Ratzinger "the Modernist fox" playing?

With information released in an internal Anglican publication, The Record, that Newchurch's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is considering making some conservatives of the Anglican sect into an Opus Dei-type organization, having its own clergy and laity, with married bishops and presbyters, the answer to that question is starting to come clear: Benedict-Ratzinger wants to preside over a Modernist One-World Oecumenical Sect, whose only allegiance is to a person, a Conciliar pope, with individual members being able, in practice, to make up their own doctrines to suit themselves. Power for the Oecumenical New Order is his game.

In April 2007 a conservative Anglican group signed the Vatican II Modernist Catechism of the Catholic [sic] Church of 1983 and declared: "We accept that the most complete and authentic expression and application of the Catholic faith in this moment of time is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its Compendium, which we have signed, together with this letter as attesting to the faith we aspire to teach and hold."

All will be welcome in the Modernist One-World Sect: Lutherans who cling to Martin Luther's heretical teaching on justification, Fellayites who flip-flop on "traditionalism" day by day, Protestant Anglicans who just like to dress up with "smells and bells." True doctrine is subordinate to a facade of "unity" amongst a group of disparate unCatholic crazies that no traditional Catholic worth his Faith would want to have anything to do with.

Newvatican Admits that SSPX's Fellay Has Been in Cahoots with the Novus Ordo All Along

From: The Fathers

Once again we TRADITIO Fathers hit the nail on the head when we said that already the SSPX's capo, Bernie Fellay, was in cahoots with the Novus Ordo long before the "unexcommunications." That, in fact, the "unexcommunications" were a staged effort between Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger. Fellay claimed that he was not in sellout "negotiations" with Newvatican, and now Newvatican has contradicted his statement by mentioning the work of a "negotiating team."

As we TRADITIO Fathers also stated, Fellay has been manipulating the internals of the SSPX in what Newvatican now admits is a "Pacification," to ensure that SSPX clergy and members don't bolt from the SSPX, just when it has sold out to the Novus Ordo. Fellay's portfolio from Newpope is to purge "traditionalists," that is, priests and laity who wish to stand firm in the traditional principles of the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, and not be associated with the Newchurch of the New Order.

Moreover, Newvatican is now admitting that the "Mass of 1962" is not the "Tridentine Mass," but is a product of the Vatican II period. The SSPX celebrates the 1962 Mess exclusively, not the "Tridentine," or Traditional Latin Mass. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

Is the SSPX Accepting Novus Ordoized "Motu" Messes?

From: Ambrosio

Why did Fellay recently address, on behalf of the SSPX, declarations of Faith to the Church of Vatican II? Can he confirm that Newchurch is ensuring that "Motu" Messes are free from Novus Ordo doctrine and practices?

The Fathers Reply.

It is clear that Fellay & Co. have retreated from the traditional position so clearly proclaimed by SSPX Founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Already at "Motu" Mess sites there are reports of eucharistic ministresses shared with the Novus Ordo service at Novus Ordo parishes. There are reports that cookies from the Novus Ordo Mess in the tabernacle are being distributed at the "Motu" Mess. In recent years there have been increasing reports of SSPX sites using Novus Ordo presbyters, often surreptitiously. If any SSPX member questions this practice, he gets a chastising letter from Fellay to be silent and obey his SSPX superiors.

SSPX members have for many years been called Lefebvrists after the SSPX's founder. Now it is clear that this term is obsolete. They are now properly to be called Fellayists, since their leader, Bernie Fellay, has essentially turned his back upon the Archbishop's founding principles and taken the SSPX into the New Order.

February 1 - Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday

The Fallout from the SSPX "Unexcommunications" Debacle Continues
As Liberalist Jewish Lobby Deserts Benedict-Ratzinger's Beloved Oecumenism

From: The Fathers
Chief Rabbis Benedict-Ratzinger at Synagogue

(Left) Israel's Chief Rabbis, Amar and Metzger
Have Severed Oecumenical "Dialogue" with Benedict-Ratzinger
Pictured Here Praying in the Cologne Synagogue in 2005 (Right)
His Beloved "Oecumenism" with the Jews is "Busted" over the SSPX "Unexcommunication" Debacle
In Which SSPX's Bernie Fellay Served as an Agent for Jewish-Newchurch Interests
But to No Avail: the Humpty-dumpty of the SSPX Is Broken

Even after a hastily-contrived "apology" from the SSPX's bishop Richard Williamson, engineered between SSPX bishop Bernie Fellay and his Newvatican bosses, Israel's Chief Rabbinate has nevertheless severed ties with Benedict-Ratzinger's Newrome on January 28, 2009, over the SSPX "unexcommunication" debacle. Benedict-Ratzinger's beloved "oecumenism" with the Jews is now ripped, probably permanently. They don't trust him now.

Israel's highest religious authority sent a letter to Benedict-Ratzinger shredding the Newvatican-Jewish oecumenical "dialogue" that is so dear to his heart. The Chief Rabbis of both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews signed the letter rejecting Benedict-Ratzinger. The letter also canceled a previously-scheduled March 2009 Jewish-Newchurch meeting. Joining the chorus were the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, B'nai B'rith International and the International Jewish Commission on Interreligious Consultations (or IJCIC, the Jewish community’s main body for interfaith dialogue), the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Federated Media.]

What is more interesting is Newvatican's revelation that SSPX's Bishop Bernie Fellay had intervened on behalf of Newvatican rather than representing the SSPX's interests. Fellay's total sellout to Newvatican is now undeniable. He has clearly become a puppet of the New Order and has rejected the SSPX of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to dance to the tune of Vatican II and its self-professed chief proponent, Benedict-Ratzinger, whom the Archbishop called "not a Catholic."

Says SSPX Member: "Fellay Was a Modernist Plant"

From: James

Fellay totally caved in. Benedict-Ratzinger got the ring thru his nose to lead him to the New Order slaughter. As the prophecy of Isaias indicated, many SSPX, "like sheep will go astray." Fellay was a Modernist plant, a sellout, pure and simple.

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