April 2009

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April 30, 2009 - St. Catherine of Siena, Virgin
Double Feast

"Catholic" Gavin Newsom Announces Candidacy for California Governorship
To Run on an Anti-Catholic Platform

From: The Fathers
Gavin Newsom

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom "Bikes with Dikes" in City's "Gay Pride Parade"
Newsom Violated State Law to Marry Homosexuals
Before the Voters of California Stepped in to Give a Resounding NO!
Newsome, Who Is Barred from the Novus Ordo Cookie because of Bigamy
Nevertheless Claims to Be a "Lifelong Catholic"
Because He Thinks It Gets Him Clueless Newchurchers' Votes

Prohibited from communing with the cookie even by his Novus Ordo sect, the bigamist mayor of San Francisco, who calls himself "Catholic" to get votes, formally announced his candidacy to bring the corruption of San Francisco to the California state capital as governor in 2011. Newsom is a self-admitted adulterer, who conjugated with his best friend's wife while that friend was out of the country to advance Newsom's political business. Newsom then contracted a bigamist marriage with a wealthy younger woman dripping in money to aid his corrupt political ambitions.

Newsom has publicly denied Catholic moral teaching, advocating the abortion of children upon a woman's whim and "gay marriage." In 2004, in violation of state law, he took it upon himself to grant "marriage" licenses to homosexual "couples." In November 2008 the voters of California rejected that political ploy, initiated by Newsom to garner the "gay" vote for his intended run for governor.

On February 23, 2007, Newsom issued a mayoral proclamation congratulating Colt Studios, one of the largest purveyors of hardcore homosexual pornography in the world. Newsom also issued a proclamation welcoming the 2007 Folsom Street Fair, whose publicity mocked Christianity by lampooning the Last Supper. The publicity poster, which created a national outcry, showed Jesus and His disciples as leather-clad homosexual sadomasochists who, instead of sharing bread and wine, were gathered around a table full of sex toys. The event honored by Newsom described itself as "the world’s largest leather event."

Yet Newsom seeks to warm the cockles of the clueless Newchurcher voters' hearts by saying that he "still has tremendous admiration for the Church and very strong faith." Yeah, sure, Gavin, and pigs fly! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CCD.]

SSPXer Asks Fellay: "Do You Think We Are Too Dumb to Catch on to What You Are Doing?"

From: The Fathers

Dear Fathers:

If your readers compare Prior Basilio Meramo's letter in response to his expulsion from the SSPX by Bernie Fellay for adhering uncompromisingly to the principles of Archbishop Lefebvre against the New Order sect, with the Fellay's letter from Easter, they will find some interesting coincidences.

Fellay tries to defend his pro-New Order stance by twisting Prior Meramo's letter, which refers us to St. John's Apocalypse in the New Testament to compare the current crisis to the Great Apostasy. Fellay, in speaking of the "struggle for the salvation of souls," also refers to Genesis and St. John. Prior Meramo, of course, knows that the Newchurch of the New Order is what we are warned about, but Bishop Fellay rejects this interpretation because he still defends the "Conciliar Church" condemned by the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre.

Fellay then goes on to say that the main target of the persecutions is the Vicar of Christ. He lays out the story that the meeting of Benedict-Ratzinger and the Society is much to be feared by the bishops of Newchurch, yet just five days before, Prior Meramo reminded Fellay that in his Letter to the Bishops, Benedict-Ratzinger stated clearly:

This will make it clear that the problems now to be addressed are essentially doctrinal in nature, and concern primarily the acceptance of the Vatican Council II and the post-conciliar magisterium of the popes.... The Church's teaching authority cannot be frozen in the year 1962 -- this must be quite clear to the Society.

Fellay once again caters to both the SSPX and Newchurch crowds by speaking out of both sides of is mouth. I am told that in his recent visit to Alaska, he referred to the "Conciliar Church" as Newchurch, while in his Superior General's Letter he continues to claim that "updated churchmen reject anything that smacks of Tradition." Which is it, Your Most Reverend Self? Do you think that we SSPX members are too dumb to catch on to what you are doing? It is the good priests like Prior Meramo, Dean Abrahamowicz, and Fr. Ceriani that true Catholics will be seeking out to assist them on their path to salvation.

Any Catholic truly concerned for souls and the true Catholic Faith has been praying, but don't ask us to do this under the pretense of selling us out to join with Newrome and its New Order. Yes, we will ask for Mary's motherly protection also, and hopefully we will add some prayers for prelates who have abandoned a good Lefebvrite course for an extremely dangerous Fellayite one.

April 29, 2009 - Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Confessor
Double Feast of the First Class

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. In contravention of the Traditional Latin Mass, the "Motu" services have entirely eliminated the Solemnity of St. Joseph, as this beautiful feast was shamefully suppressed in 1955 in the first wave of Hannibal Bugnini's modernizations. So, the "Motu" instead observes the relatively-insignificant third-class feast, without first Vespers, with just one nocturn at Matins, etc., of St. Peter Martyr. It is interesting to see how the Church declined after its Universal Patron's feast was eliminated.

Mel Gibson without Fanfare Attends an Ancient Eastern Rite Mass in St. Louis, Missouri
He Wanted to Hear an Ancient Liturgy in Aramaic, Employed in His Passion Film

From: The Fathers
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Shown with Members of the Congregation of a Maronite Church
That Preserves an Ancient Apostolic Rite in Aramaic
One of the Languages Used at the Time of Christ
Which Gibson Himself Employed in His 2004 Passion of the Christ

The bishop and congregation of the Maronite Church of St. Louis were astonished on April 23, 2009, when in walked traditional Catholic producer/director/actor Mel Gibson to worship at its traditional Eastern-rite Mass. The Maronite church in St. Louis celebrates its liturgy in the ancient Aramaic language that Gibson himself employed in his 2004 film, the Passion of the Christ. Gibson wanted to hear the language used in the ancient Apostolic liturgy. Maronite bishop Robert Shaheen said: "I was more than surprised; I was flabbergasted." The megastar, who has to this point been a devout traditional Catholic, made no fanfare about his visit, but simply attended the Mass after learning that the St. Louis church preserved the ancient language in its liturgy.

Gibson, who is known for his reverence for the traditional Catholic Faith and for his gracious hospitality, invited the bishop and congregation members to dinner in St. Louis. The group enjoyed an Italian dinner, and Gibson paid the bill for the congregation. At dinner Bishop Shaheen said that Gibson inquired in detail about the Eastern Catholic Tradition and the languages used in its Sacred Liturgy.

Bishop Shaheen, who described Gibson as "very kind, very gracious," said that Gibson never mentioned his personal difficulties except, as a humble and Catholic would, asked the bishop: "Keep me in your prayers; I'm going through a bad time in my life." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by KPLR-TV.]

In contrast to this church, most Eastern rites are no longer Apostolic in form, but have incorporated invalidating modernizations worse even than those in the Novus Ordo service. For further information, see FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Belief? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics), in the section "Eastern Rite Option."

With His Crass Political "Rosary Crusade"
SSPX's Fellay Is Engaging in No Less than Blasphemy!

From: Joe

Dear Fathers:

Bernie Fellay, the leader of the Neo-SSPX, is sure trying to play SSPXers for fools with these phony "Rosary Crusades." His political machinations have now slipped over into sacrilege, as he is now abusing Our Lady's Most Holy Rosary to serve his crass political ends. He is trying to dupe the SSPXers into with his line that Our Lady is pulling the puppet-strings for him in Heaven. This is no less than blasphemy!

Fellay, like one of these wacko visionaries that see Our Lady in a piece of toast, claims that he got a "swift answer from heaven" on his "reincommunication" to the New Order. So says Bernie in launching his third "Rosary Crusade." Yeah, sure, Bernie. The answer may have been swift, but it came by cell phone, not from heaven. Benedict-Ratzinger clued him into what was coming. That allowed Fellay to concoct his second "Rosary Crusade," so that the Newchurch "unexcommunications" could be announced some months thereafter. Fellay is like the magician hucksters who claim to cut a woman in half, but when you know how the trick is performed, there is no magic at all!

I also noted that Fellay completely passed over the fact that Benedict-Ratzinger failed to include in his "unexcommunications" the founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre, and his Bishop associate, Antonio de Castro Mayer, in preserving the Catholic Faith. Newpope hit only two out of three. Fellay did not even bother to include his Founder in the "crusade." Meanwhile, Fellay has commanded that all statements made by the Archbishop against the Novus Ordo service and doctrine and against the Modernist Card. Ratzinger as unCatholic, be purged from SSPX web sites and publications.

April 28, 2009 - St. Paul of the Cross, Confessor
Double Feast

SSPX's Superior General Fellay Commits Rosary Abuse
Announces a Third Sham "Rosary Crusade" to Support the Modernist Newpope

From: The Fathers
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
Now Has Become a Plaything in the Hands of Bernie Fellay
She Is Being Used to Shroud His Sellout of the Neo-SSPX to Modernism
In the False Trappings of a Devotion Holy and Revered to Real Catholics
Lovers of Our Lady and Her Most Holy Rosary Should Revile Fellay for His Sacrilege!

Bernie Fellay's intentions to sell out his Neo-SSPX to the New Order are now impossible to deny. He is even launching a third sham "Rosary Crusade" with that intention. It appears that each of these "crusades" is announced to cover over different sellout deals that Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger had already reached surreptitiously. So, it may well be that Fellay's faithless signature on the sellout document is already dry, waiting to be announced after the third "crusade," at which point Fellay can deceitfully say: Mary did it!

The first sham "crusade" was undertaken to restore the Traditional Latin Mass. A few months later, Newpope came out with his Great "Motu" Mess Hoax. The Traditional Latin Mass was not restored. Instead, the "Mess of 1962+" was introduced. This Mess was the one corrupted with three waves of changes, including changes in the actual text of the Missale Romanum by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo service of 1969. This version was further corrupted by changes introduced in 2007 and 2008 by the Benedict-Ratzinger administration.

The second sham "crusade" was undertaken to admit the four SSPX bishops (Fellay, de Mallerais, Galarreta, and Williamson) into the New Order Church by "lifting" the excommunications imposed in 1988. A few months later Benedict-Ratzinger "unexcommunicated" the four, but the decree ignored the founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and his associate, Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, both of whom considered Card. Ratzinger "not a Catholic." There was also a "stinger" in the decree, which demanded that the four bishops "recognize" the Modernist Council Vatican II and accept the Vatican II doctrine of the "holocaust." For further information, see INDULTS.TXT: "Indults" for the Modernized Vatican II Mass of 1962 & Related Documents (Ecclesia Dei, Summorum Pontificum, etc.) in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics). SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson rejected the common view of the "holocaust" and thereby threw the Fallay-Ratzinger Hindenburg Plan for the formal sellout of the SSPX, probably on February 2, 2009, into chaos.

In announcing his third sham "Rosary Crusade" on April 15, 2009, Fellay wrote that those (including SSPX members themselves) who rejected his attempts to make his Neo-SSPX part of the Newchurch of the New Order were "enemies of the Church." He again condemns Bishop Williamson's "unfortunate words." It is within this context that he announces his latest crusade to support Benedict-Ratzinger's "efforts to begin a restoration of the Church."

In his statement Fellay -- undoubtedly deliberately -- leaves unclear what Church he is talking about: the Conciliar Church of Vatican II, whose Modernist pope Fellay openly supports, a church that was condemned as unCatholic by the SSPX's founder Archbishop Lefebvre, or the uncompromised, un-negotiated, truly Catholic Church. Fellay goes on to say that he "accepts the Vatican II texts" -- as long as they are interpreted in the right "light." That is like saying that heresy is really orthodoxy -- as long as you interpret it in the right light!

"He hath blasphemed. What further need have we of witnesses? Behold, now you have heard the blasphemy" (Matthew 26:65/DRV).

April 27, 2009 - St. Peter Canisius, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

SSPX Pilgrimage Event Banned by Paris Chief Mayor
Fellay's Neo-SSPX Loses Clout as It Sells out to Newchurch

From: The Fathers
Montmartre Hill

Vincent van Gogh's Depiction of Montmartre Hill (1886)
At the Summit of Which Now Is Sacre Coeur Basilica
The SSPX Traditional Latin Mass There
Held for Twenty Years at the Conclusion of the Chartres-Paris Pilgrimage
Is Being Banned as Fellay's Neo-SSPX Becomes Weakened by Its Sellout to the New Order

On April 7, 2009, upon the initiative of the leader of the Green Party of the Paris City Council, the Socialist mayor of the 18th Section of Paris, and the Minister of Interior Affairs, the Paris City Council voted in favor of a request to the Chief Mayor of Paris to forbid the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated each year for twenty years on Montmartre Hill on Pentecost Monday as the final event of the Chartres-Paris Pilgrimage. This pilgrimage was organized by Archbishop Lefebvre, Founder of the Society of St. Pius X, in 1970. A decree from Bertrand Delance, the Chief Mayor of Paris, is expected soon. On the vote the Rightist Party abstained, and the Centre split. The arguments presented before the vote challenged the holding of the event because "this Christian sect preaches the return of Christ the King." [Some information for this Commentary was provided by UNEC.]

Good Catholics, it appears that the Society of St. Pius X has lost a lot of its clout since the time of its Archbishop-Founder. Bernie Fellay's negotiations with Benedict-Ratzinger to sell out the SSPX to the New Order -- a move that the Archbishop specifically condemned -- appears to be giving the Neo-SSPX less influence rather than more. The Society, as it was under the Archbishop, had considerably more strength as an independent organization that could criticize Newchurch's fall from Catholicism and the immoral reigns of the current "Unholy Fathers."

SSPXers Leave, Saying: "SSPX Is Infected with Modernism"

From: Sylvia

Dear Fathers:

I was a member of the SSPX until about five months ago. Before that, I had been with the society for about 30 years, ever since I fled there from the Novus Ordo Mess. I left the Society because I recently began to research the SSPX itself and received much information. The TRADITIO Network is the one on which I have found the most information. I now visit TRADITIO every day for the main purpose of keeping up with the SSPX news. No other source provides such independent, straight-talking, and complete coverage of what is going on within the SSPX.

As a result of my researches, I believe everything that the TRADITIO Network has reported about the Society. I came to realize 4-5 months ago that the Society was becoming infected with the same error of Modernism that has corrupted the Newvatican. All this time over the span of the 30 years, I believed that the Society was free of that corruption. I blindly trusted the SSPX bishops and priests until I began my research work.

Now I have come to the realization that I am bound out of conscience to withdraw from the Society. My husband and I hold fast to the truly Catholic Faith, the Faith in which I was raised, not the semi-Novus Ordo product that Fellay's Neo-SSPX now holds out.

April 26, 2009 - Second Sunday after Easter
Semidouble Sunday

Fr. Meramo Calls His Expulsion by Fellay "Lacking Juridicial Effect"
Terms Fellay "Shameful" and "Duplicitous" in Trying to Accord with a "Schismatic Church"

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

Bernie Fellay, SSPX Superior General
Has Been Conducting a Pogrom within the SSPX
To Expel Priests, Priors, and Deans Who Are against His Sellout to Newchurch
One of the Expellees Has Retorted with an Attack upon Fellay
As a Modernist and Proponent of Vatican II

On April 9, 2009, Good Friday, Prior Basilio Meramo, a priest of the Society of St. Pius X, published his response to Bernie Fellay, SSPX Superior General, who attempted to expel him from the SSPX. Prior Meramo has served the SSPX for 29 years, as he says, "leaving behind everything, renouncing everything to serve Holy Mother Church in the SSPX, resisting and combating that apostate and heretical Modernism which today you lead us toward softly and sweetly, but surely."

Prior Meramo in his response charges SSPX bishops Bernie Fellay, Richard Williamson, Tissier de Mallerais, and Alfonso de Galarreta with "cowardly deliver[ing] us [the SSPX] ... into the arms of Benedict XVI, who was able to tempt you into a skillful trap." Prior Meramo asks Fellay: "What, then, remains of the SSPX, of resistance against Modernism, when one accepts, goes along with, or sustains 95% of that nefarious and atypical Council Vatican II? Today you intend to reach an accord with this schismatic new Conciliar Church."

Prior Meramo quotes from Fellay's statement of March 12, 2009, in answer to four of the six SSPX bishops' "unexcommunications" from Newchurch as "shameful" and "duplicitous." In his statement Prior Meramo quotes Fellay's avowed purpose: "Far from wanting to stop Tradition in 1962, we wish to consider Vatican Council II and the post-Conciliar teaching."

Fellay is in the process of purging from the SSPX supporters of its founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, who do not go along with Fellay's Neo-SSPX, which he is poising to sell out to the New Order. Fellay has already expelled, in addition to Prior Meramo, the Dean of Northern Italy, Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz, and Fr. Juan Carlos Ceriani. They and other priests are speaking out against Fellay's hijacking of the SSPX from Archbishop Lefebvre's principles and his plans to sell the SSPX out -- surreptitiously -- to Benedict-Ratzinger and the New Order.

Newchurch Bishop Charged with Fathering a Second and a Third Child

From: The Fathers

A third woman in two weeks has charged that Newchurch bishop Fernando Armindo Lugo Mendez, now the President of Paraguay, fathered her child, intensifying the scandal that has wrapped Newchurch in scandal. Damiana Hortencia Moran told local media that Lugo was the father of her 18 month-old son, conceived in 2006.

Moran's charge came two days after a second woman, Benigna Leguizamon, claimed that Lugo is the father of her six-year-old boy. Earlier in April 2009, Viviana Carrillo stunned Paraguayans when she revealed that Lugo was the father of her son, who is almost two. Lugo has admitted that the boy is his son and has not denied paternity of the other two children. Carillo indicated that Lugo had committed statutory rape against her, as he assaulted her when she was a minor of 16, below the legal age of consent in Paraguay.

Newchurch bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, confessed on April 21, 2009, that the Newchurch hierarchy has known since 2004 about the immoralities of Bishop Fernando Lugo, but kept silent. Livieres said: "The [New]church failed when it did not speak more clearly. It's a cover-up of sorts." Lugo was finally laicized on June 30, 2008. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press and CWN.]

April 25, 2009 - St. Mark, Evangelist - The Greater Litanies
Double Feast of the Second Class

Benedict-Ratzinger Appoints Vatican II Liberalist to St. Louis

From: The Fathers
Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson, Newly Appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger
As Newchurch Archbishop of St. Louis
Carlson Has a Record of Being Soft on Abortion and Uninterested in the "Motu" Mess
He Is a Vatican II Liberalist, Like Benedict-Ratzinger

Benedict-Ratzinger's new appointee as Newchurch archbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, has a record of going soft on errant "Catholic" politicians and doesn't like the "Motu" Mess. Yes, this seems par for the course for Benedict-Ratzinger's appointees.

Robert Carlson, formerly bishop of Saginaw, Michigan, was named to St. Louis on April 21, 2009. His mentor was John Roach, the late Newchurch archbishop of St. Paul, Minnesota, who was a noted promoter of Vatican II's false oecumenism and "social justice." Carlson himself says that he doesn't single out politicians who deny Catholic moral teaching on abortion, homosexuality, etc., and will not deny them the Novus Ordo cookie. When U.S. Senator Tom Daschle, who claimed to be a Catholic while supporting "abortion rights," Carlson let him off the hook in a 1997 scandal that was covered widely at the time.

Novus Ordo Church Goes to the Mohammedans

From: The Fathers

Queen of Peace Church in Buffalo, New York, will shortly become Masjid Jami Mosque. Newchurch bishop Edward Kmiec closed it in 2007 because Catholics were abandoning the New Order. Kmiec is planning to sell thirty more churches, many of them traditional. Queen of Peace itself was built in the late 1920s and was designed by celebrated architects George Dietel and John Wade. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Buffalo News.]

Newchurch's Latest Scandals: Canadian Newchurch Bishops Have Been Funding Abortions
Newchurch University Supports "Gay" Marriage Brief

From: The Fathers

The Quebec Le Devoir has reported that the official international development arm of the Canadian Newchurch bishop has been supporting numerous abortion-advocacy groups.

Meanwhile, the supposedly Catholic Newjesuit Seattle University in Washington has joined in an amicus curiae brief arguing that the California Supreme Court should overturn the vote of the people confirming traditional marriage. The Newjesuits claim that "gays" and lesbians have a "fundamental right" to marry.

Just more indication that Benedict-Ratzinger has completely lost control.

April 24, 2009 - St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Martyr
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's Out-of-Control Newchurch:
Head of German Newchurch Bishops Heretically Denies that Christ Died on the Cross to Redeem Mankind

From: The Fathers
Robert Zollitsch

Robert Zollitsch, Head of the Newchurch German Bishops Conference
Zollitsch, Archbishop of Freiburg, Germany
Directly Denied a Dogma of the Catholic on German Television
With Not a Peep from the Modernist Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger

Rarely do you get a Newchurch prelate denying an article of Faith directly, but Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop of Freiburg, and Chairman of the Newchurch German Bishops Conference has done it. On German television, April 18, 2009, Zollitsch denied that Christ died on the cross to redeem mankind. According to Zollitsch, Christ died only to express "solidarity" with the suffering. The interviewer asked Zollitsch: "You would now no longer describe it in such a way that God gave His own Son, because we humans were so sinful? You would no longer describe it like this?" Zollitsch answered, No! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by German Television.]

Such a notion is outright heresy and once again demonstrates that Benedict-Ratzinger has lost control of his Newchurch, even in his own country.

SSPXer Claims that the SSPX Is a "Safe Haven" -- but Is It Really?

From: Vivian

Dear Fathers:

It is a shame that there is so much negative comment by SSPX members about what is happening in the Society of St. Pius X. I have nothing but gratitude for these priests for providing a safe haven in this on-going crisis.

The Fathers Reply.

Your gratitude is essentially to Archbishop Lefebvre, who founded the Society in basically the right direction, not to your current leader, Fellay, who basically made himself the SSPX's King by dismissing all the SSPX Superiors and Abbots who would not vote for him in the 2006 election. If any election was stolen, this was certainly one! Just as Hannibal Bugnini introduced the New Order gradually, so Fellay & Co. are constructing a Neo-SSPX and gradually denying the Archbishop's founding principles in order to prepare you for entry into the Newchurch of the New Order.

Given current events, you must ask yourself, as all SSPXers must, just how "safe" a haven the SSPX now is. Is the SSPX under Fellay becoming just another arm of the New Order, a hoax to entice traditional Catholics into Newchurch, just like Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax? And, first of all, be sure that these SSPX "priests" of whom you are so enamored are actually priests. Fellay has been caught in a program of placing Novus Ordo presbyters at various sites in order to prepare you for the Novus Ordo.

Many of your fellow SSPXers are fed up with Fellay's sellout to the New Order and are abandoning the shell of a once-traditional organization for a truly-traditional site, where the truly-traditional Catholic Mass, Sacraments, and Faith are preached and practiced.

April 23, 2009 - St. George, Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Bishop Reveals Secret SSPX Negotiations with Newrome
Fellay & Co. to Negotiate Doctrine with the New Order "in Secret"

From: The Fathers
Marcel Lefebvre

Archbishop Lefebvre (1905-1991) Wrings His Hands
Over What His Bishops Have Done to His Society of St. Pius X
Out of the Eyes of SSPX Members and Clergy
Fellay & Co. Will "Negotiate" Doctrine with the New Order and Its Immoral Head
Whom the Courageous Archbishop Called "Not a Catholic"

Battered by the Williamson affair, Fellay and Benedict-Ratzinger have decided that negotiations with of the New Order with the Society of St. Pius X will be conducted entirely in secret -- as if everything hitherto had not been in secret! Yet Fellay claimed to want a public debate, so that too has turned out to be just another hypocrisy. The SSPX members are the last to know what is going on in the organization that they fund. Fellay continues to sell them out step by step and at each step to hand them a fait accompli, and then tells them that if they don't go along, they are "excommunicated" from the Society.

According to SSPX bishop Tissier de Mallerais, the "negotiations" with the New Order are to be about doctrine -- as if Catholic doctrine can be "negotiated." How far the SSPX has sunk since the death of Archbishop Lefebvre! If the affair of the SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson, whom Jewish radical activists and Benedict-Ratzinger's Newvatican were quick to mischaracterize as a "holocaust-denier," can be sufficiently marginalized, the NeoSSPX-Newrome axis thinks that the Hindenburg Plan for the destruction of the SSPX can proceed.

For his part, Williamson has retreated into a cave outside of London, from which he, from time to time, casts out a message in a bottle. In his latest missive he couldn't even mention directly his purported "holocaust-denial," calling it merely "the uproar of January-February." Williamson confirms the TRADITIO Network's previous report that the final SSPX sellout was in the offing, probably on February 2, 2009, but that it was blown to smithereens by that "uproar," as he admits that "the impetus towards a [New]rome-SSPX understanding ... was seriously slowed down by the distrust generated by the media uproar of January-February."

The burden that Williamson will now have to carry to his dying day is his blowing the opportunity of a lifetime to bring the truth of traditional Catholicism to the world in one fell swoop. You see, in that "uproar of January-February," Williamson became one of the most talked-about figures in the media. His position over a disputed matter of secular history became one of the Top Ten stories on the Associated Press wire for days. He could have called a press conference and had every print and video media at his feet. He could have used the opportunity to talk not about his secular dispute, but about the truth of the traditional Catholic Faith, the rapidly-failing Newchurch of the New Order, and the hypocrisy of a "Holy Father," who personally suborns sex crimes by his clergy. Never before has there been -- and probably never again will there be -- an opportunity to speak to the entire worldwide media about the traditional Catholic Faith. Williamson completely blew it.

Williamson's bottle-message admits: "We are in the presence of an irreconcilable clash between the religion of God and the religion of man. Vatican II mixed the two together, which was too much of the religion of man by half. Let us then say that Benedict XVI wishes to combine Vatican II with Catholic Tradition. That is still too much of the religion of man by a quarter." That is true, so why is Williamson supporting Fellay & Co. in "negotiating" for the sellout of the SSPX to that man-made Conciliar religion?

Good Catholics, if Williamson still believes, he has a moral obligation to join with Frs. Abrahamowicz, Ceriani, and Meramo in publicly standing for the principles of Archbishop Lefebvre and breaking with Fellay & Co., who have surreptitiously taken over the SSPX. A younger Williamson promised to be the bishop of traditional Catholics, should the SSPX ever talk about selling out to Newrome, but the older Williamson, now 69, seems to have become a paper-tiger, a sellout to Fellay & Co's takeover. Sad, especially when the courageous Archbishop fought the good fight to his death -- at 85, and even more so in the last three years of his life!

April 22, 2009 - Sts. Soter & Gaius, Popes & Martyrs
Semidouble Feast

Traditional Catholics Are Not Catholic, Says Arch-heretic Newcardinal "Phony" Mahony

From: The Fathers
Roger Mahony

Newchurch's Arch-heretic Cardinal "Rogue" Mahony
Lashes Out at Traditional Catholics
Mahony, Who Has Been Associated with Virtually Every Perversion of the Catholic Faith
Zeroes in on Gibson's Personal Problems while Giving a "White" Resurrection Funeral
To Another Hollywood Actor Who Had Three Wives

Arch-heretic, builder of a pagan cathedral, homophile, abettor of child rape, current subject of an FBI criminal investigation -- this is a description of Newchurch cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles. This ilk is a hater of the Catholic Faith from way back and has been associated with virtually every perversion of that Faith. One victim's father was so incensed at the corruption of the man that he beat the "Holy Hell" out of the philopaedophile on a Los Angeles street.

"Phony" Mahony makes no bones about the fact that he hates the Catholic Faith of two millennia. He wants to change Biblical teaching and reject Tradition. Therefore, it is no surprise that the man who weeps like a baby over plight of illegal aliens would hypocritically take advantage of the personal plight of a traditional Catholic, Mel Gibson, who has done more for Catholicism in one film than the damage that Mahony has wreaked over his fifteen years as the pseudo-archbishop of Los Angeles.

Mahony's spokesman stated that the man who has been a devout traditional Catholic in spite of fierce attacks from Jewish radical activists was not "Catholic." Well, he isn't -- not in "Phony" Mahony's version of "Catholicism," which allowed another Hollywood actor, Sonny Bono, a "Catholic" funeral. Bono had had three wives and had converted to Scientology. Upon his death in 1998 from skiing into a tree, probably under the influence of drugs according to his third "wife," he was given a "white" Resurrection funeral in Mahony's Newchurch archdiocese. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Daily Star.]

Mahony's bosom-buddy is Abraham Foxman, the Catholic-hater head of the Anti-defamation League of the Sons of the Jewish Covenant, who beat on Gibson for two years straight because Gibson dared to produce the most moving and Biblically-faithful depiction of Christ on film, 2004's The Passion of the Christ. It is largely from the proceeds of that film that Gibson's unfaithful wife will share as a result of her divorce suit.

Good Catholics, Mahony is a poster-boy for the anti-Catholic radical New Order, a hypocrite who exceeds the hypocrisy of the Pharisees whom Our Lord condemned in no uncertain terms as "full of all filthiness"(Matthew 23:27/DRV).

April 21, 2009 - St. Anselm, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor

All "Catholic" Grammar Schools in Ireland May Closed
The Irish Government Wants to Take Them Over because of Sex Crimes

From: The Fathers
Irish School

Catholic No More
Ireland's Labour Party Is Proposing that the Government Take Over "Catholic" Grammar Schools
"In Return for Covering [New]church's Liabilities in These Abuse Claims"
The God of Justice Is Seeking Out Benedict-Ratzinger For Suborning
Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal since He Became "Sex Czar" 2001

Slowly but surely, Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch are paying the price for aiding, abetting, and suborning Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, of which he was given charge in 2001. The Education Spokesman for the Labour Party in Ireland has called on the Irish government to take over all "Catholic" grammar schools and make them state-run schools "in return for covering [New]church's liabilities in these abuse claims."

One Newchurcher countered: "these primary schools were mostly built in an era of great poverty and relied on the pitiful contributions of the Catholic poor, who would be aghast at the notion that the schools they lovingly built would be alienated to the state." By the same token, wouldn't these same Catholic poor be aghast at the notion that the schools they thought were Catholic have now all become part of the New Order machine and teach abortion, homosexuality, and other immoralities as "Catholic"?

While were talking about it, what about the church edifices that were built by these came Catholic poor for the traditional Roman Catholic Faith -- edifices that have been perverted from Catholic worship to stages for the performance of unCatholic, even pagan rites, which existed before St. Patrick came to Ireland to chase these "snakes" out? In fact, Newchurch stole these churches from Catholics to serve the unCatholic New Order.

Former SSPX Member Says: "SSPX Has Adopted the Novus Ordo Rejection of Fast and Abstinence"

From: Adam

Dear Fathers:

I thought that your readers would be interested in knowing that the Society of St. Pius X has adopted the Novus Ordo's rejection of fast and abstinence. The official position of Fellay & Co. is that it accepts the Modernist Novus Ordo practice of recognizing only Good Friday and Fridays of Lent. Vivid, graphic proof is provided in any SSPX calendar. Pure evil! Catholics who support the SSPX are not only hurting themselves, but also the Church. I hope the SSPX "reunion" with the Novus Ordo Church sect -- and quickly. Better to have one enemy instead of two!

April 20, 2009 - Ferial Day

New York's New Newchurch "Cheesehead" Archbishop
Exchanges His Cheese God for the Sports God

From: The Fathers
Timothy Dolan Cheesehead Timothy Dolan Caphead Timothy Dolan Blessed in Pentecostalist-Evangelical Fashion

Left: "Cheesehead Bishop" Timothy Dolan Has Turned in His Cheese Mitre from Milwaukee
Center: To Become the Newchurch "Caphead" Pop Star of New York
Right: Dolan Is Blessed in Pentecostalist-Evangelical Fashion by His Congregation
These Unconsecrated Newchurch Bishops Love Playing the Fool
To Endear Themselves to the Oecumenical Masses
What Do You Expect when Conciliarist Popes Put on "Clown" Services?

The new Newchurch archbishop of New York didn't waste any time showing the world that he is just another nutty appointment of Benedict-Ratzinger. Known in his former Newchurch archdiocese as the "Cheesehead" bishop for wearing a block of cheese instead of a mitre, Dolan is now playing the huckster by donning a baseball cap and signing autographs at a baseball stadium. (What is the obsession that these New Order popes and bishops have for horse-racing tracks and sports stadia?!)

This is what Newchurch popes and prelates have become: cutsy pop stars for the oecumenical masses. And we don't mean "Masses." Dolan will never celebrate a Traditional Latin Mass, let alone one of those "Motu" Messes of 1962+. There is serious doubt that he would have that power, as he was never consecrated a bishop, but merely "ordained" as a Novus Ordo "big cheese" chief presider under the Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's defective Novus Ordo Ordinal of 1968.

Moreover, Dolan seems to have a pronounced Protestant mentality. When he left Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to go to New York, he had his lay congregation "pray over him" in a scene that looked straight out of a Pentecostalist-Evangelical megachurch! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by WISN-ABC News.]

The Newchurch Bishops Want You to Believe a Lie
In Fact, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal Is Growing, Not Stopping

From: The Fathers

Pew Newchurchers seem to be ignorant of it, but the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops' own statistics show that sex crimes in Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order are not going down. In fact, they increased some 50 per cent over the last year!

The latest example involves a 41-year-old Newchurch presbyter-pastor of St. Mary of the Nativity Church in Salinas, California, who was arrested on April 16, 2009, for assaulting a child and plying him with liquor. The presbyter-pastor now resides in the county hoosegow with bail set at three-quarters of a million U.S. dollars. Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Monterey County Herald.]

Newchurchers, the only way to stop the corruption in your New Order sect is to cut off your attendance and your funding. If you continue to give Newchurch your body and your pocketbook, you have no standing to claim later that you were raped and robbed!

April 19, 2009 - Low Sunday
Double Major Sunday

Obama Orders Blackout of the Name of Christ
Newjesuit University Accedes to Get Him as a Speaker

From: The Fathers
Gaston Hall with IHS Gaston Hall without IHS

Left: Gaston Hall Stage Showing Pediment with Christ's Name in Greek, IHS
Right: Pediment with Christ's Name Blacked out by Order of Obama
Newjesuit Georgetown University Was Willing to Please Caesar over Christ
In Order to Get Obama to Give a Speech There

Funny for a man who claims that he is Christian (although others says that he is a crypto-Mohammedan who knows lengthy passages of the Koran by heart in the original classical Arabic), but Barack Obama ordered the blackout of the name of Jesus when he appeared at the Newjesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., when he spoke there on April 14, 2009.

The first three letters of the name of Jesus in Greek, IHS, as traditional Catholics frequently see it on chasubles and in churches, were blacked out from a pediment in Gastron Hall of Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown University by order of Barack Obama, in front of which he spoke there. Obama had wanted the name of Jesus covered over by flags and other secular symbols, but the Newjesuit university was all too ready to shroud the name of God in a triangle of black-painted plywood.

When Obama was caught in the act by the press, he refused to comment. One can only wonder what would have happened if the hypocritical Obama had spoken in a Jewish synagogue and had ordered the star of David blacked out! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNS.]

What is curious about the whole episode is that at least Obama knew the Greek letters for the name of Jesus, which even most traditional Catholics do not know!

SSPX Member Says: "SSPX Laity Are Placing Their Blind Trust in Man"

From: Keith

Dear Fathers:

Thanks to your astute observations and Commentaries, as well as my own good sense, I stopped attending SSPX chapels years ago and sought independent priests for my Sacraments. What peace of mind I have now! Still, seeing what is occurring in the SSPX is disheartening. It seems to me that back in the '60s, the devil exploited a fundamental flaw that had developed in the laity -- people had substituted blind obedience to authority for a sound knowledge and understanding of the Faith. Their faith was in man, not where it should have been. I still see this in some of my older die-hard Novus Ordo family members. It appears as if the SSPX laity are now being forced to replay this battle again. I only hope that they have learned their lesson this time.

April 18, 2009 - Easter Saturday
Double Feast of the First Class

Newchurch Cardinal of Vienna Tolls the Death-knell for Christianity in Europe
Yet He Is One of the Leading Novus Ordo Panderers that Has Brought It About

From: John, the TRADITIO Network's Austrian Correspondent

Dear Fathers

Christoph Schonborn

Christoph Schonborn, Newchurch Cardinal-Archbishop of Vienna, Austria
Presides at a Table at an Invalid Novus Ordo Mass
Schonborn, a Promoter of the New Order, Has Admitted that Newchurch Messed Up
"The Time of Christianity in Europe Is Coming to an End," He Proclaimed on Easter 2009

Christoph Schonborn, the Newchurch cardinal-archbishop of Vienna, admitted in his Easter remarks: "the time of Christianity in Europe is coming to an end." He went on to say that faith in Christianity in European society is lacking. The Austrian Times reports that the decline of the Catholic Church in Austria mirrors that of the rest of Europe since the advent of the New Order in the 1960s. Weekly attendance at the Novus Ordo service hovers around 10 per cent, similar to the attendance in the United States. Barely one out of ten Newchurchers bothers to go to the greatly "modernized" Novus Ordo service!

When I was in Lisbon in June 2008, a retired military-intelligence officer told me that the following Newchurch prelates in Europe were Freemasons: the Cardinal-Patriarch of Lisbon, the retired Cardinal-Archbishop of Paris, and the Cardinal Archbishops of Brussels, Vienna, and Budapest. The Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed in eclipse in Austria, and what passes as the "Catholic Church" here is Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order, instituted by the Second Vatican Council with an unCatholic new agenda, new worship, new philosophy, and new theology.

Courageous SSPX Superior Blows Fellay's Cover: "I Have No Trust in Bishop Fellay"
He Reveals an Internal Takeover of the SSPX by Modernist "Subversive Priests"

From: The Fathers

Fr. Jean de Morgon, a traditional Capuchin Superior, on February 5, 2009, personally confronted Bernie Fellay, the SSPX's Superior General, at the SSPX Superiors meeting in Paris, France. Abbe de Morgon stood up and asked a direct question of Fellay, on behalf of himself and "other priests apprehensive with what was happening in the SSPX-Vatican relations that appears to be leading us slowly, but surely toward joining with Conciliarist and Modernist Rome."

The Abbe asked Fellay directly whether it was his intention to accept the Conciliarist Church and Modernist Rome. Fellay refused to answer the question, even though the Abbe twice repeated it. Instead the Abbe was "silenced," just like every other opponent of Fellay's Hindenburg Plan to sell out the SSPX to the New Order. The Abbe did not remain silent, saying instead that "there is is no obligation whatsoever to obey someone who contradicts Faith and Morals."

On February 22, 2009, the Abbe posted a public letter "in case anything should happen to me." He indicated that he expected Fellay, in retribution for his directness, to "cast him into the street" and calumniously to label him "sede-vacantist," a position which the Abbe does not hold, but which the SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, declared was one possible explanation for the Conciliarist papacy's fall from the Roman Catholic Faith.

In his public letter, the Abbe declared that, with Fellay's backing, "certain subversive priests have managed to occupy strategic positions in the SSPX, as superiors, in seminaries, media, and finances. The Abbe revealed that the principal goal of these subversives and Fellay is to merge the SSPX with the Newchurch of the New Order. The Abbe also reveals that Richard Williamson was co-opted into serving this goal.

The Abbe concludes: "I have no trust in Bishop Fellay, who uses his authority to cover up this whole operation. Neither do I have any trust in Bishop Williamson, who was found to be in secret contact with Rome a week after Easter 2008. Regarding our other two bishops [Galaretta and Mallerais], I hope that on the day of the merger..., or even before, at least one of them will stand up and continue the work of Msgr. Lefebvre."

Good Catholics, the Abbe confirms yet again the TRADITIO Network's reports, since 2005 and before, that Fellay's purpose is to reject the principles of the SSPX and hand it over for thirty pieces of silver to the Modernist fox, Benedict-Ratzinger.

SSPX Member Says: "How Can the SSPX Leaders Demand Our Trust?"
When They Tell Us to "Shut up, Obey, and Fork over Our Hard-earned Dough!"

From: Stephen, an SSPX Member

Dear Fathers:

I am quite disturbed and disheartened by this business of expulsions within the SSPX. The latest newsletter from the U.S. District Superior, Arnaud Rostand, strongly urges unity and support for Bishop Fellay, our Superior General, going so far as discouraging us from "second-guessing" him (Fellay). I guess this is as good an indication as any that Rostand's been getting some angry letters lately from SSPXers.

How can the powers that be at the SSPX practically demand our trust and sense of unity when they've shown us SSPX faithful nothing but dis-trust? Fellay kept us in the dark about these expulsions and did not even have the decency of helping us understand why these expulsions were so "necessary." Yes, Fr. Rostand, we want to trust and foster unity within the SSPX, but you've got to come up with something better than merely telling us to trust and not to question. In this time of dizzying crisis, confusion, and frequent betrayal within the Church, trust between us humans must be earned!

Fathers, you know the script all too well, I imagine, as I'm sure you've received tons of messages like mine already. To you, I just want to say thank you -- thank you for being so on top of the SSPX problems, as no source other than the TRADITIO Network appears willing to come out with honest reports about what is going on. As a crisis-era Catholic who's weathered the countless abuses of the sneaky and duplicitous Novus Ordo establishment, I've come to cultivate a singular dislike for institutionalized deceitfulness, secrecy, control of information, and power trips. The desire to give my trust to the SSPX seems to be slipping away the more it is demanded in such a shameless and arrogant fashion.

What Arnaud Rostand and others like him appear to need most is a good wake-up call from the SSPX faithful, telling them in no uncertain terms that we're no fools who are simply going to take orders from these "higher ups," who, after all, have no real power over us. We, the SSPX faithful, don't answer to them. They exist because we pay to support them and give away our precious sons and daughters to build up their numbers. It's simply disgusting how they think we can be talked down to.

Please keep up the great work, Fathers, and keep a sharp eye out on behalf of us highly confused and disheartened SSPXers, because the ones who really should be helping us understand the internal crisis within the SSPX are effectively telling us to simply shut up, obey, and fork over our hard-earned dough!

Exclusive Report from Mel Gibson's Church: "He Looked Devastated"
Yet He Has Remained Courageously Dedicated to the Traditional Catholic Faith

From: Mary

Dear Fathers:

Please ask your readers to pray very hard for Mel Gibson and his family. When I attended the traditional Catholic liturgy of Good Friday at Holy Family Catholic Church, the traditional Catholic church that he built outside of Los Angeles, California, from the proceeds of The Passion of the Christ, he looked devastated. He is suffering terribly because his wife of 28 years has, against the Catholic Faith, initiated divorce proceedings. In some ways, his situation may be of his own creation, yet he is suffering terribly.

A situation like this is horrible enough in private. I can't imagine how it must be to be going through it in such a public and humiliating manner. My heart breaks for all of the Gibsons. I have been going to Holy Family Church for several years and have gotten to know some of his children. They are lovely people, well raised, down to earth, and very, very devout, as is Mr. Gibson.

I have also become friends with his sister Maura. Recently there was a photo of her at the beach with him. The press described her as a "mystery blonde" and implied that she was his "girlfriend." But no, it was his own lovely sister Maura, with whom he is very close, sharing a relaxing moment. They show a picture of her, but they ignore the man next to her who is her husband, Mel's brother-in-law, and the little boy with them, who is Mel's nine-year-old son Thomas! It just makes me sick to see how manipulating, maligning, and destructive so many have been to this wonderful man. His enemies and the enemies of the traditional Catholic Faith must be jumping up and down with glee to drive this latest smear campaign. So much of what has came out is nothing but outright, bald-faced lies.

The devil has been on constant attack against this man for a long time, particularly since he fought off radical anti-Christian forces every day for two years to bring to a completion one of the most significant films ever produced honoring the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever other problems he may have, he has remained courageously dedicated to the traditional Catholic Faith heart and soul in the midst of the corruption of Hollywood and in the face of those who spit at Christ and His true Faith.

The Fathers Reply.

Whatever the truth of the Gibson matter is, we find it ironic that even traditional Catholics can get so worked up about as-yet unconfirmed rumors on personal matters, yet when it comes to religious matters, such as the fact of a Newpope who aids, abets, and suborns his presbyters, bishops, and cardinals in the immorality of raping and assaulting children or about the immorality of imposing an invalid "Mess" and Sacraments by a Freemason presbyter, which even Newpope admits were fabricated, they say little or nothing. Something to think about.

April 17, 2009 - Easter Friday
Semidouble Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order Good Friday 2009 Included Hindu Prayers
He Quoted from the Pagan Hindu Scriptures at the Way of the Cross

From: The Fathers
Hindu Priestess & JPII

A Hindu Priestess Anoints JPII in 1986 in Bombay with Cow Dung
A Sign of the Adorers of the Pagan Goddess Shiva
Now Benedict-Ratzinger Is Quoting Pagan Hinduism
At the Way of the Cross on Good Friday
Is the Pope Catholic or Syncretistic?

Newchurch can't even get the Stations of the Cross right! JPII tried to change their number. Now Benedict-Ratzinger is including pagan Hindu prayers. At his April 10, 2009, Way of the Cross in the Roman Colosseum, he included verses from the pagan Hindu Upanishads and cited the Hindu Mahatma Ghandi. The president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, said that he would be happy to help Newpope study Hinduism if he was interested in converting. [Some information for this commentary was contributed by the Indian Catholic.]

Fellay Expels SSPX's Prior Meramo from the SSPX

From: The Fathers

Quoting Newchurch "canon law," the SSPX's Superior General, Bernie Fellay, expelled Prior Basilio Meramo from the Society of St. Pius X on April 7, 2009. Fr. Meramo was the SSPX Prior of Mexico who courageously broke Fellay's order of silence upon all clergy not to speak out against Benedict-Ratzinger's Summorum pontificum. Prior Meramo courageously ignored Fellay's autocratic dictum, intended to play up to the SSPX's new masters at Newrome, and preached that the "Motu" Mess is merely a hoax to undermine traditional Catholicism and ensnare it into the New Order through the back door.

Prior Meramo's opposition to Fellay's policy of playing up to the New Order in Newrome is said to represent the opinion of a large number of SSPX priests, most of whom have been intimidated from speaking out because of Fellay's order of silence. Fellay had formerly expelled Prior Meramo as SSPX Prior of Mexico and on April 7, Tuesday in Holy Week, expelled the Prior entirely from the Society. Prior Meramo is a highly-regarded priest with many friends and supporters, who are prepared now to leave Fellay's reconstituted SSPX.

On December 13, 2007, Prior Meramo published a document to his congregation on Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess entitled "Under the Appearance of Good, the Devil Poses as an Angel of Light." Meramo publicly called the "optimism" that semi-traditionalists, joined by Fellay, have expressed over the Motu "a mark or a sign of general looseness among the circle of the traditional faithful who seem to have forgotten the spiritual and doctrinal strengths that they formerly displayed."

Meramo stated that "Modernist Rome is trying to dilute, for want of being unable to destroy, all the resistance of traditional Catholics fighting against its errors." Meramo further stated that the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax is Benedict-Ratzinger's method of destroying traditional Catholics in order "to implement a progressive, slow, but deep disintegration and dilution" of traditional Catholics so that they can be more easily amalgamated into the Newchurch of the New Order.

Prior Meramo pointed out that the idea of Modernist presbyters simulating the Vatican II Mass of so-called "Blessed" John XXIII is an "illusion." He denied that there is any benefit in Novus Ordo presbyters simulating that Mass when their doctrines are still Modernist, their philosophical and theological education is utterly Modernist, and their Protestantized "ordinations" (really "installations" under the New Ordinal of 1968 to preside over the New Order assembly of the people) are invalid.

April 16, 2009 - Easter Thursday
Semidouble Feast

Hoyos Is Out; Levada Is In as "Motu" Cardinal
Levada's First Act Is to Declare the SSPX "Schismatic" and Demand that It Cease Operations

From: The Fathers

Round and round Newchurch goes. Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos is out as President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission for the "Motu" Mess. Cardinal William Levada is in -- and he doesn't like the "Motu" Mess or the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).

Levada, Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith Congregation, the office that Benedict-Ratzinger himself held before he become Newpope, is now Benedict-Ratzinger's point-man against the SSPX, and his first act was to declare the SSPX "schismatic." On Maundy Thursday, April 9, 2009, he demanded that it accept 100% the Modernist Vatican II Council and kiss Benedict-Ratzinger's Modernist foot -- or it can forget "dialogue."

Levada also proclaimed that "the Society lacks canonical status to exercise ministry in the Church" and that, therefore, it must cease all Sacramental operations. Moreover, Levada declared that the SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, must violate his conscience and accept in every detail Newchurch's "doctrine" on the disputed matter of secular history called the "holocaust."

To give a sense of just how much "patience" might be needed in any "dialogue," Levada agreed with the TRADITIO Network in comparing Benedict-Ratzinger's "unexcommunication" of four of the six SSPX bishops with the decision in 1965 by Pope Paul VI to rescind the 900-year-old "unexcommunication" of the Eastern Orthodox. Levada pointed to the fact that "the removal of these excommunications did not end the schism that continues to exist between Catholicism and Orthodoxy" over forty years later. Levada maintains that the "magisterium" of Newchurch includes the "doctrines" of the Modernist Vatican II Council. If any "dialogue" even occurs, Levada will cover all 2865 articles of the New Order catechism (1997) to find out if the SSPX is really ready to join the New Order Church.

Levada, the former archbishop of Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California, was deeply involved in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. He was under U.S. federal subpoena for his involvement in the bankruptcy of his Portland archdiocese and for sex crimes that he is said to have suborned in his San Francisco archdiocese. Levada was on the verge of having to get on the stand in federal court to testify under oath about his personal involvement when Benedict-Ratzinger spirited him off to Newrome with a diplomatic passport so the feds couldn't touch him. [Some information for this commentary was contributed by Time.]

Traditional Catholic Church Attacked as Newchurch Diocese Becomes Desperate

From: James

Dear Fathers:

I have been attending a traditional Catholic church on the East Coast of the United States. It's an independent community that expounds as its mission belief in all the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, including the papacy. They state that because of the course that Newchurch has taken after Vatican II, they have no choice in Catholic doctrine but to remain apart from the New Order structure. The Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated by a traditional priest. Now the local New Order diocese is calling these good traditional Catholics "schimatics." I do not believe that they are. They believe all the traditional teachings of the Church.

The Fathers Reply.

Of course they are not "schismatics." They are true Catholics. The real schismatics, and even material heretics, are the Newchurchers and their New Order leaders. Who can believe that the Novus Ordo is even Catholic? Don't give in to scare tactics on the part of Newchurch, which is rapidly sinking in membership, money, and power.

Newchurch leaders are desperate. They'll say anything at this point. Since 2001 their head has been in charge of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, which is getting worse, not better, by their own statistics. Now is the time when your traditional priest needs your support. During Holy Week we heard in the Passion that even Peter deserted His Lord and denied under oath that he even knew him.

April 15, 2009 - Easter Wednesday
Semidouble Feast

"Cheesehead Bishop" Dolan Succeeds Sex-crime Abetter Egan as Newchurch Archbishop of New York
Egan Is Charged with Suborning the Acts of a "Paedophile Monster"

From: The Fathers
Timothy Dolan

"Cheesehead Bishop" Timothy Dolan, to Become Newchurch Archbishop of New York
Dolan Became Infamous for His "Cheesehead" Mess
At Which He Wore a "Mitre" Made of Cheddar Cheese
Benedict-Ratzinger Can Sure Pick 'Em
Dolan Joins His Communist and Homophile Appointees

The current Newchurch cardinal-archbishop of New York, Edward Egan, is being succeeded in that office on April 15, 2009. On the verge of leaving, he was sued yet again, on March 30, 2009, for suborning sex crimes, this time those of a presbyter in the Bridgeport, Connecticut, diocese, when Egan was bishop there from 1988 to 2000. This victim says that he will not settle -- at least not until Egan has been forced to answer questions under oath about his personal involvement. The victim claims that Egan ordained John Castaldo, despite his personal knowledge that the man was a "paedophile monster" and had exhibited "bizarre behavior" at the Newchurch seminary run by Egan.

Newchurch has already settled two other cases against Castaldo. Egan appointed Castaldo as "spiritual advisor" to a Newchurch high school until his arrest and conviction in 2001 on a charge of soliciting what he thought was a fourteen-year-old boy on the internet, who turned out to be a police officer.

Egan's response was "I don't know that." No traditional Catholic who heard the Passion of St. Matthew on Palm Sunday can fail to think of Peter's response when he was asked whether he knew Christ: "And again he denied with an oath: I know not the man" (Matthew 26:72/DRV). [Some information for this commentary was contributed by WTNH.]

Egan is being succeeded by Newchurch's "Cheesehead Bishop," Timothy Dolan, former archbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There he became infamous for his "Cheesehead" Mess, at which he wore a "mitre" made of cheddar cheese. It appears that Benedict-Ratzinger has appointed one kook to replace another kook. That is par for the course for Benedict-Ratzinger, who has appointed Communist spies and homophiles as bishops.

Mel Gibson's Episcopalian Wife Tries to Put Away Her Traditional Catholic Husband
She Stands to Gain Half a Billion U.S. Dollars because of "Irreconcilable Differences"

From: The Fathers

It has been reported by a "celebrity" magazine that Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson's Episcopalian wife, filed legal papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Easter Monday, April 13, 2009, to divorce her traditional Catholic husband of 28 years and the father of her seven children, ranging in age from 10 to 28, on grounds of "irreconcilable differences."

Robyn is expected to get around half a billion U.S. dollars in community property, much of it from royalties on Mel's 2004 blockbuster, The Passion of the Christ. With so much money hanging in the balance, Robyn has hired a "celebrity" lawyer, "disco queen" Laura Wasser, who has broken up the marriages of the likes of Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, and Stevie Wonder.

Only the Gibsons know what is really going on. As in all such cases, there is guilt on both sides. Mel did not initiate the divorce and is not responsible for his wife's action. Certainly Mel, in his personal life, has not been a poster boy, particularly with regard to his binge-drinking and driving under its influence. But, on the other hand, he has always stood up for his traditional Catholic Faith and produced a traditional Catholic classic for all time in opposition to violent attacks that would try a Saint.

April 14, 2009 - Easter Tuesday
Double Feast of the First Class

Newchurch Admits that It Tampered with Sister Faustina's Words
The Novus Ordo's "Feast of Divine Mercy" Isn't Even Catholic!

From: The Fathers
Sister Faustina

Will the Real Sister Faustina Please Stand Up?
Newchurch Has Taken Her Original 1935 Prayer
And Converted into an Oecumenical Form that She Would Have Condemned
Along with the Novus Ordo-concocted Feast of "Divine Mercy"
Which Is Merely an Effort by Newchurch to Preach the Heresy of Universal Salvation
Her Book Was Condemned by Pope John XXIII and Placed on the List of Prohibited Books

Coming up on the Sunday after Easter, the Octave Day of Easter, known traditionally as Dominica in Albis (Sunday in White), is the Novus Ordo-concocted feast of "Divine Mercy." Traditional Catholics should be aware that this feast was fabricated by the New Order to serve the purpose of preaching universal salvation. The "Feast of Divine Mercy" is strictly Novus Ordo and has no basis in the traditional liturgy.

Moreover, even Newchurch admits that it changed the original words of the 1935 prayer of Sister Faustina. Newchurch changed her wording "to make the prayer suitable for universal use," to push "universal salvation." Moreover, the words of Our Lord, as quoted by Sister Faustina from her purported apparition, referred to "pagans, heretics, and schismatics." Since these words do not fit the Modernism that took over after Vatican II and its Decree on Oecumenism, Newchurch expunged these words from the prayer. It seems that Newchurch does not even hesitate to change the words of God!

Moreover, the sham "Feast of Divine Mercy" is just another means to suppress devotion to the traditional devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to erase the cultus of St. Margaret Mary of Alcoque. ˙The classic writings of the Saint and mystic, and those of her spiritual director, St. Claude de la Columbiere, champion mortification, penance, and humility, not Protestantized "universal salvation."

For further information, see FAQ11: How Do You Explain These Traditional Practices? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics), in the section "Divine Mercy."

SSPX Member Says: "SSPX Introduced Modernizations into Holy Week This Year"

From: John

Dear Fathers:

I attend a Society of St. Pius X chapel in the Northwest of the United States and just wanted to say that I'm staggered by all the changes that the SSPX made to Holy Week this year. It seems that the SSPX has incorporated all of Hannibal Bugnini's Modernist changes of 1955-1962 -- and then some!

The SSPX is now genuflecting to the Jews in the Litanical Prayers -- which was a Modernization that Archbishop Lefebvre specifically rejected and required his clergy not to practice. For Tenebrae, we were handed a photocopied sheet that had Psalm 50, the penitential Miserere, crossed out -- and additional Modernizing prayers and instructions added in!

I use the reprint of the fully-traditional St. Andrew Daily Missal of 1945 that you recommend in FAQ05: What Traditional Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics). I kept watching the traditional rubrics and seeing them disappear in the SSPX rites right before my eyes!

You Fathers are dead on here: the SSPX picks and chooses what it wants to observe and obey. And that, as far as Holy Week is concerned, is not the traditional Catholic version, but the Modernized version of the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini -- and some homegrown modernizations of the SSPX's own!

April 13, 2009 - Easter Monday
Double Feast of the First Class

A Few Presbyters Speak out against Pro-abortion Obama's Speaking at Notre Dame
But the Newchurch University Refuses to Reconsider in Spite of Increasing Protests

From: The Fathers
Notre Dame Insignia

Catholic No More - Notre Dame University of South Bend, Indiana
Notre Dame Now Worships the God of Football, Not the God of Creation
The "Fighting Irish" Now Fight for Abortion and "Gay Marriage"
Only a Few Presbyters Have Objected to the School's Invitation
To Pro-abortion, Pro-"gay" Obama

You know that things must be getting bad in the Newchurch of the New Order when even a few presbyters have actually spoken out against their university's invitation to pro-abortion Obama to be its commencement speaker and honorary-degree recipient on May 17, 2009. Ten of them actually said publicly that the school risks its "true soul." Apparently, they have been deaf, dumb, and blind for the last forty years. Notre Dame already lost its soul after Vatican II!

The ten presbyters asked Notre Dame's president, also a Novus Ordo presbyter, in an April 6, 2009, letter to the school's newspaper, the Notre Dame Observer, to reconsider the invitation to Obama. The ten chose not to mention the fact that Obama is also supports the perversity of "gay marriage." They probably did because they were afraid of being called nasty names. Ah, gee.

Notre Dame's presbyter president has denied reconsideration of the invitation. The president of the Notre Dame Alumni Association, in language worthy of Vatican II and its Newchurch, responded of Obama: "We must not condemn." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Duped Newchurchers Are Already Tired of Obama, Says Time

From: The Fathers

Time magazine has reported that not even three months into his administration, Barack Obama has alienated Newchurchers, whom he duped into voting for him by 54 per cent. Of course, these Newchurchers knew that Obama would open the floodgate to abortions with federal funds, would use frozen babies for medical experiments, would sponsor "gay marriage," and would force physicians opposed to abortions to perform them anyway in violation of their conscience.

Newchurchers understood all that, and voted for the Liberalist/Modernist candidate Obama anyway. After all, according to a Gallup Poll released in March 2008, Newchurchers were shown to be more Liberalist/Modernist than other Americans when it came to accepting a wide range of immoralities such as homosexuality, gambling, and illegitimate births.

What the Newchurchers object to is the fact that Obama hasn't been playing the Vatican II game with them: he hasn't "handled and communicated these weighty decisions with a delicate touch." Obama has used "black-and-white rhetoric," not the nuanced language that would make Newchurchers feel touchy-feely good. Moreover, Obama is now being charged with "talking about common ground, but wanting his own thing." He appointed a rabid pro-abortionist, Kathleen Sebelius to be his Secretary of Health & Human Services. Obama's Democratic predecessor in office, Bill Clinton, whose equally Liberalist/Modernist wife, Hillary, is Obama's Secretary of State, promised Newchurchers that he would reduce abortion rates, then vetoed a ban on murdering children already half born.

Good Catholics, not only are Newchurchers clueless. The Times says that they are now dupes too!

April 12, 2009 - Easter Sunday
Double Feast of the First Class

The days of violet are gone. The voices of the Old Testament prophets Isaias and Jeremias are stilled. The Alleluias and Glorias that have been missing since Septuagesima return once more, in profusion. "Hence it is that at the Gloria today the bells are rung, the organ peals forth, the statues and pictures are uncovered, and a few moments afterward the glad Alleluias, silenced for nine weeks past, are heard again in jubilant tones, soaring in their triple repetition higher and higher until they seem to mingle with the songs of the angels in heaven." As the great drama of our redemption draws to an end, let us join in the joy of Holy Mother Church today as she specially sets before us after Communion the great psalm of praise to our risen Lord: "Praise the Lord, all ye nations; praise him, all ye people. For his mercy is confirmed upon us; and the truth of the Lord remaineth forever" (Psalms 116:1-2/DRV). Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!
Gregorian Chant of Easter Sunday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Easter Oratorio [BWV 249]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Omnibus circa Mundum in Hoc Festo Paschae MMIX

Ex: Reverendis Patribus
Resurrexi Chant

Introitus Cantandus Dominica Resurrectionis

"Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum, alleluia"

Omnibus Lectoribus Internexus TRADITIONIS
Beatam Pascham!

Former Newchurch Bishop Charged in Paternity Suit
Lugo Abandoned Religion to Become President of Paraguay

From: The Fathers

Fernando Lugo, the former Newchurch bishop of San Pedro, Paraguay, who abandoned religion and became the president of that country, was charged on April 8, 2009, in a paternity suit that he fathered an illegitimate child while he was still a bishop. Benedict-Ratzinger allowed the Novus Ordo bishop to become a secular politician and accordingly laicized him, although the child was conceived while he was still a bishop. The boy, who is disavowed by Lugo, is named after Lugo's grandfather.

Lugo, 57, resigned as bishop of San Pedro in 2004. In December 2006, he announced that he was renouncing the status of bishop itself to run for President of Paraguay, and Benedict-Ratzinger allowed him to become a secular politician.

Irish Cardinal Admits: Report on Newchurch Sex Crimes Will "Shock Us All"

From: The Fathers

The Cardinal-Archbishop of Dublin, Ireland, Diarmuid Martin, admitted on April 9, 2009: the report on Newchurch sex crimes in Ireland, to be released in summer 2009, "will shock us all." He revealed that Newchurch bishops and presbyters in Ireland raped and assaulted "thousands of children" in a "horror of abuse" across Ireland while Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch did nothing.

In the same statement, Martin said that the Newchurch of the New Order had so little attraction that in "just a few years," Dublin, once one of the most Catholic of dioceses, would be down to just 200 presbyters. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Times.]

April 11, 2009 - Holy Saturday
Double Feast of the First Class

Through these rites of Holy Saturday, historically and devotionally so gripping, from ancient ages the most solemn of all Vigils of the year, we see Our Lord revealed to us in specific ways, and we in turn are called upon to reflect Him in those ways in our own lives. Together, on this, the "Mother of All Holy Vigils," as St. Augustine calls it, we hear the Lessons that teach us the history of our Faith, the Old Law before the fulfillment of our redemption under the New. We come through the darkness of Our Lord's Passion and Death into the light, as together we now celebrate His glorious Resurrection.
Gregorian Chant of Holy Saturday
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Holy Saturday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Holy Saturday Tenebrae
William Byrd: Music for Holy Saturday
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII personally or officially published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. They were introduced by Bugnini as the basis of the Novus Ordo.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Holy Saturday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) eliminating two of the three ancient prayers blessing the new fire; (2) replacing the traditional ceremony for inscribing and blessing the Paschal candle with a new one, completely fabricated by the Modernists; (3) eliminating the ancient procession of the triple candle into the church while Lumen Christi was thrice invoked; (4) eliminating eight of the twelve Old Testament prophecies foretelling the coming of Christ; (5) directing that the Collects be chanted at the sedilia rather than the altar, in the manner of the Novus Ordo "presider"; (6) dividing and partially eliminating the traditional Litany of the Saints; (7) introducing a spurious "Renewal of Baptismal Vows" in the vernacular, the first time that the vernacular is explicitly permitted as an integral part of a liturgical rite; (8) eliminating in their entirety from the Mass the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar and the Last Gospel, as does the Novus Ordo service.

New Phony "Catholic" Tony Blair Tells Benedict-Ratzinger Get with the "Gay" Programme

From: The Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Tony Blair

Is That the Masonic Handshake Blair Is Giving Benedict-Ratzinger?
Blair Has Publicly Proclaimed in an Article for a "Gay" Mazagine
That the Bible's Morality Should Be Rejected as Erroneous

It seems that the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, an Anglican heretic turned Novus Ordo heretic, thinks that his few months of membership in Newchurch as a "convert" gives him the theological credentials to push the New Morality.

Blair has publicly told Benedict-Ratzinger, who is already pretty shaky on morality himself, that he needs to "rethink" his views on homosexuality and accept the morality of sodomy. Forget the Bible, Blair told Newpope in an article for the "gay" radical magazine Attitude. St. Paul didn't mean what he said in his Epistle to the Romans. In any case, said Blair, doctrine should follow not the Bible, but polls taken of those who claim to be "Catholics," like U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, and -- well, yes -- himself.

Naturally, Blair rolled out that neologism concocted by the "gay" radicals, homophobia, but said nothing about that deadly disease, homophilia. Likewise, Blair talked about "respect" for "diversity," but he didn't indicate his respect for SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson, who exercised his Vatican II rights of conscience on a disputed matter of secular history, commonly called the "holocaust." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Times and L'Osservatore Romano.]

Good Catholics, Tony Blair is a typical Newchurcher Liberalist/Modernist. One wonders why he even bothered to leave the Modernist Anglicans to join the Modernist Newchurchers. Perhaps, as one of our correspondents suggested, it is a plan on his part to cash in on some political gain, like Pelosi, Kennedy, and Kerry in the United States, who shamelessly play both sides of the fence to garner clueless Newchurcher votes.

Obama Appoints to His "Faith" Council an Irreligious "Gay" Radical
Who Openly Stated: The Bible "Is Not True"

From: The Fathers

"But yet the Son of Man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?" (Luke 18:8/DRV). Barack Obama, whose own religion is in question, on April 6, 2009, appointed to his Faith-based Advisory Council a self-defined "Christian" who claims that the Bible "is not true." Harry Knox also said that Benedict-Ratzinger is a "discredited leader." Well, one out of two isn't too bad!

Harry Knox, is an oxymoronic "gay Christian," who is director of the Religion and Faith Program at the Human Rights Campaign, a radical "gay" political rights organization that has nothing to do with religion. The Advisory Council holds the purse strings for secular government handouts to religious groups. Knox has been a political operative to inject pro-"gay" policies into the U.S. government. He is an outspoken attacker of traditional marriage, advocating "gay marriage," and presumably polygamy and polyandry as well.

In a debate with Protestant minister Gino Jennings on November 28, 2004, Jennings quoted to Knox the first chapter of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans (1:24-27/DRV):

Wherefore, God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness: to dishonor their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause, God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts, one towards another: men with men, working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.

After reading the Scripture, Jennings asked Knox, "Do you believe that? That if a man lie with a man or a woman with a woman, it is against nature?" "I do not believe it." Jennings responded, "So this is a lie?" Knox affirmed, "That is not true." In March 2009 Knox was quoted in a "gay" newspaper criticizing Benedict-Ratzinger and the Knights of Columbus, mainly because the Knights supported the traditional marriage amendment to the California constitution. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

April 10, 2009 - Good Friday
Double Feast of the First Class

There are few scenes liturgically more impressive than the appearance of the church at the beginning of the rites of Good Friday. The bare floor, the dismantled altar, the veiled crucifix, the unlighted candles. Then, when the procession of the celebrant in black vestments with servers has silently made its way to the sanctuary, the sudden prostration before the altar, where the celebrant annihilates himself in abject penitence -- all these are things that can hardly fail to produce an effect upon each one of us. Then follow the sorrowful lessons and tracts and the reading of the Passion of Our Lord, producing a sense of desolation that no other service in the liturgical year approaches. On this day the Church gives her churches an appearance of desolation and clothes her clergy in mourning. Today the Church, and we who enter the church, are in mourning because Our Lord has died to redeem us.
Gregorian Chant of Good Friday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Good Friday Tenebrae
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Good Friday
Tommaso Luigi da Vittoria's Popule Meus
William Byrd: Music for Good Friday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Johannes Passion [BWV 245]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII personally or officially published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. They were introduced by Bugnini as the basis of the Novus Ordo.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Good Friday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) changing the one aliturgical day, on which no Mass was celebrated because "the Apostles hid themselves for fear of the Jews," into a full-scale communion service; (2) directing that the "presider" conduct the first part of the service from the sedilia rather than from the altar in Novus Ordo style; (3) directing that the Litanical Prayers be chanted from a book at the center of the altar in contravention of the Roman rite; (4) changing the litanical Prayer for Heretics and Schismatics into a "Prayer for the Unity of Christians"; (5) commanding that a genuflection be made in the litanical Prayer for the Jews, which was anciently omitted because the Jews genuflected to mock Christ during His Agony; (6) allowing the crucifix to be held up for a brief adoration, as in the Novus Ordo, rather than having the people approach the Communion rail to kiss it; (7) suppressing the Solemn Procession from the Repository with the Blessed Sacrament and the singing of the ancient hymn Vexilla Regis; (8) eliminating the offertory, incensation, and elevation of the Blessed Sacrament; (9) directing that the congregation recite the Pater Noster with the priest in Novus Ordo style; (10) allowing Communion to be received this day, which was anciently prohibited on Good Friday; (11) adding a responsorial psalm to the communion service in Novus Ordo fashion.

Which Are the Fully Traditional Holy Saturday Rites?

From: Stephen
Traditional Palm Sunday

Francis Bourne, Cardinal Primate of England & Wales
As He Celebrates the Fully-traditional Rites of Palm Sunday in 1919
The Traditional Rite Here Depicted
When the Celebrant Knocks for Admission to the Church
Was Gutted among Many Others from the Conciliarist-Bugnini
"Modernized" Holy Week Rites of 1956 and 1962+

Dear Fathers:

Can you tell us which are the fully-traditional Holy Saturday Rites and when the traditional time for them is? The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia says that this day is aliturgical, as is Good Friday, so no Mass is celebrated, and only the sick can receive Holy Communion. However, the "Motu" handmissals that I have seen have a significantly different rite.

The Fathers Reply.

The Traditional Latin Rites of Good Friday and Holy Saturday (before the First Mass of Easter at noon) are aliturgical. There are very significant services on these days, but no Holy Mass as such. By this fact the Sacred Liturgy teaches us that we are deprived of the Sacraments while Our Lord is in the tomb. On Maundy Thursday after the procession of the Blessed Sacrament to the Repository on the Altar of Repose, all other altars are stripped bare while the pathos of Psalm 21, Deus, Deus meus is recited.

Then follows on Good Friday and Holy Saturday morning the most ancient rites of the Church that were abandoned by the "Motu" Mess of 1962+ and by the Novus Ordo services of 1969. Every traditional Catholic should consider it his obligation to seek out the fully-traditional rites of these days and assist at them.

In the Traditional Latin Rite, the services of Holy Saturday, consisting of the Blessing of the New Fire, the Paschal Proclamation (Exsultet), the reading of the Twelve Prophecies, and the Litany of the Saints commence in the morning around 10:00 a.m., depending upon how much of the rites are chanted. These rites end at noon, when the First Mass of Easter is celebrated, and the Lenten fast expires.

In 1956, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, introduced major changes to the ancient rites of Holy Week. These changes were never approved by Pope Pius XII nor were they ever published in the Holy See's official Acta Apostolicae Sedis. These "Modernized Rites" substantially gut the traditional rites of the Church. They are the ones that have come down into the "Motu" Mess of 1962+ and were them imported into the Novus Ordo service of 1969 and are the ones that the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) uses, often with the condemned introduction of the vulgar tongues.

The best and most complete truly traditional handmissal in reprint, the Saint Andrew Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts and Kyriale (1945), gives this complete rite. For further information, see FAQ05: What Traditional Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Newchurch Publishes a Revised Edition of Benedict-Ratzinger's So-called "Extraordinary Rite"
The Rite Is Now Dated Not 1962, but 2008

From: The Fathers

A Newchurch publishing house has issued an revised Missal for what Benedict-Ratzinger calls his "Extraordinary Rite." Although this rite has its origins in the Conciliarist Bugnini "1962 Mess," it has now gone beyond that. Along with other modernizations, the new Missal includes the new 2008 Good Friday prayer that Benedict-Ratzinger made up to please Jewish radicals because they objected to even the 1962 prayer, let alone the traditional one.

Benedict-Ratzinger announced in his 2007 Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum that more modernizations were forthcoming to what he calls his "Extraordinary Rite." Eventually, he indicated that he intends to important into it even elements of the Novus Ordo service. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Telegraph.]

Good Catholics, be sure that the traditional Good Friday services at which you assist use the ancient Catholic, unadulterated form before the Bugnini "modernizations" of 1956-1962. Then you will be free of all of this Modernist tinkering to the ancient traditional rites.

April 9, 2009 - Maundy Thursday
Double Feast of the First Class

We have today to consider a great and awful mystery of betrayal. This betrayal is commemorated in the special Canon used only at this Mass of Maundy Thursday. Judas, one of the twelve chosen disciples of Our Lord, taught by Him for three years, confirmed in the faith by so many miracles, loaded with graces, becomes the tool of those who plot the death of Our Lord. He traitorously sells His Lord to the high priest for the ancient price of a slave, thirty Roman denarii. But Judas here is not only an historical figure of some 2000 years ago. He is spiritually each one of us, sinners, for whom Christ so grievously began His suffering and death this night. Let us consider the betrayal of Judas and what it forces us to confront in our own spiritual lives.
Gregorian Chant of Maundy Thursday
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Maundy Thursday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Maundy Thursday Tenebrae
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII personally or officially published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. They were introduced by Bugnini as the basis of the Novus Ordo.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Maundy Thursday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) cutting out the Credo and the Last Gospel; (2) adding a responsorial psalm to the communion service in Novus Ordo fashion; (3) importing the Maundy (washing of feet) into the Mass, as in the Novus Ordo; (4) directing that the Collect following the Maundy be chanted "facing the people," as in the Novus Ordo; (5) eliminating the adornment and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Repository.

"Crucifixion Earthquake" Hits Rome: Historic and Church Edifices Are Harmed

From: The Fathers
Anime Sante Church Anime Sante Church & Baths of Caracalla

Left: Anime Sante Church in L'Aquila, Italy
Right: The Baths of Caracalla in Rome
Both Damaged by an Earthquake on the Day after Palm Sunday
In the Basilica of L'Aquila, Pope St. Celestine V Was Crowned in 1294
And Is Now Entombed, the Only Pope Who Resigned from Office

"And behold the veil of the temple was rent in two from the top even to the bottom: and the earth quaked and the rocks were rent (Matthew 27:51/DRV)." These words of Christ's Apostle, St. Matthew, having been heard by traditional Catholics chanted or read out in his Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ just the day before, Palm Sunday, must ring in their ears as they hear of the devastating earthquake, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale and epicentered only 95 kilometres northeast of Rome, that damaged ancient monuments in the Eternal City itself.

The famed thermal baths of the Emperor Caracalla, who in A.D. 212 extended Roman citizenship to all male inhabitants of the Roman Empire, were damaged, but fortunately only slightly. These baths are still impressive in their grandeur and are most known to moderns as the site of the 1990 concert by the Tree Tenors. Most of the damage, however, was felt in L'Aquila, built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II in 1240 as a mountain stronghold 115 kilometres northeast of Rome. Much of the city's historic center, boasting buildings that represent some of the great stages of Western architecture -- Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque -- has now been "devastated," according to the Cultural Ministry at Rome.

The city of some 70,000 inhabitants, nestled at 700 metres in a valley and ringed by snowcapped Apennine mountains, has ancient fortifications, castles, churches, and tombs of Saints. The Culture Ministry is compiling a list of damaged landmarks in L'Aquila, which includes mainly collapsed bell-towers and cupolas in the city's churches, including the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio. This basilica houses the tomb of Pope St. Celestine V, who was crowned in 1294 and resigned a little over five months later, the only pope so far to resign from office. The bell-tower of the 16th-century San Bernardino Church and the cupola of the Baroque Sant'Agostino Church have crumbled. Stones tumbled from the city's cathedral, which was rebuilt after a 1703 earthquake. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by MSNBC.]

Benedict-Ratzinger Names "Motu" Hater as His Chief Theologian

From: The Fathers

As we TRADITIO Fathers have frequently stated, the salient characteristic of Newchurch is hypocrisy. While the Motarians and the Fellayites praise Benedict-Ratzinger to the skies for his Great "Motu" Mess Hoax, he himself works against it. He has never -- not even once -- performed one of these 1962+ Messes since becoming Newpope, even though he has no objection to swinging and swaying with the Africans in his self-proclaimed Ordinary Rite during his March 17-23, 2009, junket to Cameroon and Angola.

Now, in his latest act of dissing his own "Motu" Mess, he has appointed as his chief theologian, as President of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, an outspoken hater of the "Motu" Mess, Manilio Sodi. The Motarians and SSPXers should by this point be screaming, "Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us!" [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vatican Press Office.]

Benedict-Ratzinger Plays Pontius Pilate on Palm Sunday
Hypocritically Renounces "Political Power" for "Love"

From: The Fathers

In his Palm Sunday "homily," Benedict-Ratzinger reminded Newchurchers that Christ's kingdom is "not the rule of political power, but is exclusively based on the free adherence of love." Traditional Catholics who heard the chanting or reading of the traditional Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew on Palm Sunday, can only be struck at the similarity between the recent actions of Benedict-Ratzinger and Pontius Pilate.

A bishop expressed his personal opinion on a disputed matter of secular history. Ordinarily, Newchurch would cite the bishop's Vatican II rights to his conscience and free speech. But in this case the bishop was a traditional bishop, Richard Williamson, and the historical matter was the "holocaust." Benedict-Ratzinger couldn't wait to sell the bishop out to the Jewish radical activists. Unlike Pilate, Benedict-Ratzinger didn't just wash his hands of responsibility. He actively groveled to anti-Catholic interests so that he could remain "friends" with them. The whole episode was a sickening affair, and any thinking person learned the clear moral: Benedict-Ratzinger is a hypocrite who will sell out his own, including his Newchurch children, whom he has despicably allowed to be raped and assault. He is just a Conciliarist pope devoid of personal morality.

April 8, 2009 - Wednesday in Holy Week - "Spy Wednesday"

Today is known as "Spy Wednesday," in remembrance of the traitorous deed of Judas Iscariot. The Introit gives us a foretaste of what is to come after the passion and death of our Lord: "That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth" (Philippians 2:10/DRV). But immediately juxtaposed to this acknowledgment of divine glory is the other side of the equation. This is the refrain that will be repeated at every Hour of the Divine Office beginning tomorrow: "He humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross" (Philippians 2:8/DRV).
Gregorian Chant of Wednesday of Holy Week
Johann Sebastian Bach's Lukas Passion [BWV 246]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Newchurch Welcomes Former U.S. Speaker Gingrich into the New Order
Gingrich "Married" Two Woman and Is Currently Living in Sin with a "Third Wife"

From: Fr. Gregory
Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich, Former U.S. Speaker, Wears a Jewish Kipah at Temple
The Newchurch of the New Order Has Now Received the Lifelong Baptist
Without Abjuration of Heresy and without Putting Aside His "Third Wife"
With Whom He Is Still Living in Public Sin
If Newchurch Were Catholic and Had Valid Sacraments to Protect
It Would Drive Gingrich, Pelosi, Kennedy, and Kerry from Its Dinner Table

Dear Fathers:

Are you aware that the Newchurch of the New Order received former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, a Baptist, without abjuration of heresy or separation from his "third wife," with whom he had committed adultery while "married" to his "second wife"?

The Fathers Reply.

Although Newt Gingrich is one of the most brilliant conservative political strategists of the 20th century, he is an ignoramus or worse, a political hypocrite, when it comes to religion. It shows just how corrupt Newchurch is that it has accepted into its sect a man who is living in sin with a "third wife." He divorced his first wife while she was dying of cancer, meanwhile committing adultery with another woman, whom he later married as his "second wife." Then he committed adultery against this "second wife" with yet a third woman, whom he married as his "third wife."

How do we explain this? Although an individual may be brilliant in one area, he can be abysmally ignorant in other areas. Gingrich is a thoroughly immoral creature as far as his personal life goes. Gingrich is perfectly suited to become a member of the Newchurch of the New Order, a thoroughly immoral institution that regularly rejects the Christian doctrine enshrined in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. After all, the leader of Newchurch, Benedict-Ratzinger, is a man who has been personally responsible for aiding, abetting, and covering up at the highest levels the assault and rape of children by his clergy. According to the old adage, "the fish stinks from the head."

Republican Newt Gingrich is a fine addition to Benedict-Ratzinger's stable of unrepentant sinners, who play their phony "Catholicism" for all it's worth in search of political gain. Gingrich joins hypocrite Democratic Newchurchers such as current U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, who claim to be "Catholics" for political gain while advocating abortion and "gay marriage." It just goes to show that Republicans can be immoral hypocrites just like Democrats. In justice, the whole of Newchurch, and that includes Benedict-Ratzinger, should cause any true Catholic to "vomit them out of their mouths," in the words of St. John's Apocalypse (3:16/DRV).

Should Newchurch Change Christian Doctrine in Order to Fill Emptying Pews?

From: Presbyter George (Novus Ordo)

Dear Fathers:

I am being told by my congregation that the reason why they are exiting from Newchurch is that they want to divorce and remarry as many times as they want. "Gay" men and lesbians in my congregation tell me that they feel more welcome in Protestant sects. Younger Catholics tell me that they find my New Order homilies on morals boring. Do you think that it would help Newchurch if it changed Christian doctrine in an effort to fill the emptying pews?

The Fathers Reply.

Are you serious? It is not up to man to make up his own morality. If we are Christians, we are supposed to be following Christ's teachings. That basic principle has been lost in the New Order sect and in all too many liberalist Protestant sects. People need to be challenged, not pandered to with immoral teachings made up by sinful men.

How is it that so many Protestant young people will pledge not to fornicate before marriage? Where is the Newchurch outreach on that? Absent. How is it that Protestant men will go on a Million Mile March and pledge to remain faithful to their wives? Where is Newchurch outreach on that? Absent.

You must not have noticed the fact that the New Order is already rejecting traditional moral teaching. Its leader, Benedict-Ratzinger, has personally done everything he can to give the green light to paedophilia and fornication among his Newchurch clergy. Perhaps that is his debased Newchurch Clergy Retention Programme. Now he seems to be reneging on the evil of abortion and is allowing his seminaries to be taken over by "gay" radicals. Frankly, it is hard to see why you are complaining. Newchurch is already following your prescription to propagate immoral teaching!

April 7, 2009 - Tuesday in Holy Week

Today we turn our sights to the Cross. The Introit consists not of the usual psalm, but with the words of St. Paul, putting the meaning of the Cross into perspective for us: "But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Galatians 6:14/DRV). Holy Mother Church then adds: "In Whom is our salvation, life, and resurrection: through Whom we have been saved and set free."
Gregorian Chant of Tuesday in Holy Week
Johann Sebastian Bach's Markus Passion [BWV 247]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Lap-dancer Becomes Newchurch "Nun" to Dance for the Novus Ordo

From: The Fathers
Lap-dancing Sister

Newchurch "Sister" Anna, Once a Lapdancer and Drug Addict
Now Continues Her Sacrilegious Dancing to Provide Entertainment at the Novus Ordo
This Is Perfectly Acceptable in Benedict-Ratzinger's "Ordinary Rite"
Even JPII "the Ungreat" Ogled Topless Male and Female Dancers at a Mess in 1984

"Sister" Anna, a Newchurch "nun," who spent 20 years as a lapdancer, claims that she was "throwing away her life dancing for men in clubs." Now she does her sacrilegious dance for the Novus Ordo travesty, claiming that she "dances for God," in front of the damnable Novus Ordo table in Milan, Italy, in Benedict-Ratzinger's backyard.

Now Anna puts on shows for Newchurch cardinals and bishops to ogle at, which they call "Holy Dance" to conceal its sacrilege. Anna plans to defile even the Holy City, when she will do her "act" on Tuesday of Holy Week at the Newchurch Basilica in Jersusalem in front of the crucifix. Benedict- Ratzinger's legate, Newchurch archbishop Gianfranco Ravisi, head of Newvatican's perverted "Cultural" Department, will be in the front row undressing "Sister" Anna with his eyes, just as John Paul II "The Ungreat" did on May 8, 1984, when he ogled both male and female topless dancers at a Novus Ordo service, at which a topless woman even read the Epistle.

Benedict-Ratzinger's Own Action Permits "Catholic" Notre Dame University
To Welcome Pro-abortion, Pro-gay Barack Obama as Its Commencement Speaker

From: Elizabeth

Dear Fathers:

As the scandal of "Catholic" Notre Dame University's invitation to pro- abortion, pro-"gay" advocate Barack Obama to give this year's commencement address and to receive an honorary degree continues, a Notre Dame spokesman put the blame exactly where it should be: on Benedict-Ratzinger. "Pope Benedict gave an honor to the pro-choice [pro-abortion] President of France, Sarkozy, in December 2007, Honorary Canon of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome, the pope's church." As usual, the path of destruction of the Catholic Faith leads back to the "Unholy Father" in Newrome.

Former SSPX Member Says:
"Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch Will Eventually Embrace 'Gay Marriage'"

From: Bruce

Dear Fathers:

As a traditional Catholic living in Vermont, I find that the same tactic used in Vermont about ten years ago to mandate Uncivil Unions was used by the Iowa Supreme Court, that is, the equal-protection argument. No one has been denied equal protection with respect to marriage, provided they meet the minimum requirements for the definition of civil marriage, which involves one man and one woman.

A friend of mine equates the "gay marriage" argument to the nonsensical argument of a meat-eater demanding the right to be called a "vegetarian." "It's discrimination for folks not to allow someone to be a accepted as a vegetarian just because he happens to eat meat." This whole "gay marriage" battle has never been about equal protection for a minority group. This is clear from recent legislative battles in Vermont to change the definition of marriage, even though "gays" already have all the civil benefits and rights of married people under the existing immoral Uncivil Union law here.

This is all about the complete destruction of the institution of marriage -- and the further moral decay of society. Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order, which is Catholic in name only, will eventually embrace "gay marriage" explicitly, because numbers in the Novus Ordo pews are more important to Newchurch than numbers of souls in Heaven. For the sake of keeping the money flowing from the clueless Newchurch Neo-cons and Motarians into the New Order coffers, only Benedict-Ratzinger's implicit support is possible for the time being. There has been little if any protest from the Newchurch authorities against "gay marriage, and Newchurch pro-"gay marriage" legislators will not be denied participation in the weekly communal meal known as the New Order Mess.

There are no Catholic churches in Vermont, so my family and I travel 4.5 hours to a fully-traditional chapel in New York as often as we can, usually at least once a month. We feel very blessed to be able to do so and pray that Our Lord will give truth-seekers throughout the world the grace to persevere during these dark times. We previously attended an SSPX chapel located 2.5 hours away, but found that organization to be drifting slowly but surely toward the Novus Ordo. We made the move away from SSPX about five years ago, and in light of ongoing recent developments, we thank Our Lord for the grace required to see what was coming and to get out before the trap was sprung.

April 6, 2009 - Monday in Holy Week

Today we begin by placing our trust firmly in God. In the Introit psalm (Iudica, Domine, nocentes me, expugna impugnantes me), we call upon the Lord to battle against those who are impugning us. We call upon the Lord to take up arms and shield, and we call upon Him as the strength of our salvation. The Collect acknowledges how many adversities we face and how we fail from human infirmity. It is only through the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ that we are given life again (respiremus).
Gregorian Chant of Monday in Holy Week
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Midland America State Legalizes "Gay Marriage"
The Sin that Cries out to God for Vengeance Drags the U.S. Deeper into State-sponsored Immorality

From: The Fathers
Iowa Supreme Court

The Unjustices of the Iowa Supreme Court
That Violated the United States' Natural Law
To Accept the Travesty of Invalid "Gay" Marriage
For Which the People of Iowa Never Voted
It Is Clear the Once-great United States
Joins Newchurch in Sinking into Pervasive Immorality

Gave immorality is spreading rapidly throughout the world as the Newchurch of the New Order, consumed in its continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, has lost credibility and moral force. The latest from the United States is that even conservative Mid America has capitulated to one of the greatest of immoralities, sodomy, in the form of "Gay Marriage." Benedict-Ratzinger and his U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops will speak only reluctantly about the moral aspects of this sin, one of the Bible's Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance:

  1. Willful Murder (Genesis 4:10/DRV): "The voice of thy brother's blood crieth to me from the earth."
  2. Sins against Nature/Sodomy (Genesis 18:20/DRV): "The cry of Sodom and Gomorrha is multiplied, and their sin is become exceedingly grevious."
  3. Oppression of Widows, Orphans, and the Poor (Exodus 22:22/DRV): "You shall not hurt a widow or an orphan."
  4. Defrauding Laborers of Their Just Wages (Ecclesiasticus 35:16/DRV): "The Lord will not accept any person against a poor man; and he will hear the prayer of him that is wronged." (James 5:4/DRV): "Behold, the hire of the laborers who have reaped down your fields, which by fraud has been kept back by you, crieth; and the cry of them hath entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth."

Iowa's Supreme Court "legalized" "gay marriage" on April 5, 2009, the Feast of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary and thus created an Eight Dolor for Our Lady. In a unanimous decision Iowa became the third U.S. state to allow the travesty of "gay marriage," which is of course null and void by the higher Natural Law that governs the United States. The seven Iowa unjustices -- Marsha Ternus, Mark Cady, Michael Streit, David Wiggins, Daryl Hecht, Brent Appel, David Baker -- are so perverted that they claim "the institution of civil marriage does not substantially further any important governmental objective." So, they conclude, "gays" and "lesbians" can "marry." In the United States Massachusetts and Connecticut already permit "gay marriage." A few other states permit civil unions, which is just another name for "gay marriage." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

It wasn't a Newchurch presbyter, but a Baptist pastor who spoke out in no uncertain terms about this travesty. Keith Ratliff, Sr., pastor of the Maple Street Baptist Church in Des Moines, rightly proclaimed: "It's a perversion, and it opens the door to more perversions. What's next?" The TRADITIO Fathers will tell you. Fourteen states in the United States already allow human beings to have sex with animals. The Iowa Supreme Court will undoubtedly come to find a "civil right" for humans to marry their horses. And why not? When God's Natural Law is rejected, anything goes.

Priest Says: "Notre Dame University Is Catholic Only in Name"

From: Fr. Enrique

Dear Fathers:

Notre Dame University [of South Bend, Indiana] is Catholic only in name and has been so for many years. Honoring Barack Obama, perhaps the main proponent of abortion in the United States, and subjecting its students to his corrupting speech, merely confirms the scandal. It would be in the interest of the Faith that the Congregation of the Holy Cross retire all its personnel from Notre Dame and for the U.S. bishops to make clear that this is a thoroughly secularist institution, demanding that it cease all pretenses to be Catholic. There is no excuse for presenting Notre Dame as a Catholic institution.

The Fathers Reply.

We agree about Notre Dame except for your statement about the "U.S. bishops." Their pretense to be Catholic is even more ludicrous than Notre Dame's. Notre Dame is doing exactly what the secularist U.S. bishops are preaching: the New Order. Notre Dame accurately reflects the bishops' unCatholic New Order sect. The only thing that true Catholics can do is cut off all funding and support from Notre Dame, as from all formerly Catholic institutions that are now run by the New Order sect, remembering the prophetic words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen:

You are better off going to a state school, where you will have the chance to fight for your Faith, than going to a modern Catholic [sic] university where you will have the new watered-down, Modernist version of the faith spoon-fed to your unsuspecting minds, so that you will be apt to lose your Faith.

The New York Times Gets It Completely Wrong Again
Newchurch's Own Published Statistics Show Its Sex Crimes Increasing, Not Decreasing

From: William

Dear Fathers:

In an April 2, 2009, article, the New York Times stated that the clergy sex scandal in Newchurch "began in the 1980s and reached a peak in 2002." Is that true? Are the scandals receding?

The Fathers Reply.

The New York Times certainly got that completely wrong! Far from receding, the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops own published statistics indicated that in 2008 there were some 50 per cent more charges of rape and assault by Newchurch bishops and presbyters against children. No, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal has now become endemic. Benedict-Ratzinger has done everything he can to cover the scandal up and to shelter his criminal clergy from paying the just price at law.

April 5, 2009 - Palm Sunday
Semidouble Sunday of the First Class

All the ceremonies of Palm Sunday -- the blessing of the palms, the procession, the chanted Hosannas -- are instituted by Holy Mother Church to recall the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem on this day. What a contrast, at only six days' interval, between the honors rendered to Our Lord today and the affronts and blasphemies that will greet Him five days hence on Good Friday! Let us learn these three things from the great lesson taught us by Our Lord on Palm Sunday. First, to be content to rely not upon man, but upon God alone for consolation and the witness of our sorrows and sufferings. Second, to detach ourselves from earthly possessions, which often come at our soul's cost. Third, to set no store by earthly greatness, notice, fame, or applause. "For after all these things do the heathens seek" (Matthew 6:32/DRV).
Gregorian Chant of Palm Sunday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Mattaeus Passion [BWV 244]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII personally or officially published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis. They were introduced by Bugnini as the basis of the Novus Ordo.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Palm Sunday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) directing that red vestments be used, as in the Novus Ordo service, instead of the traditional violet vestments; (2) eliminating the Introit, Collect, Epistle, Responsory, Gospel, Preface, and Sanctus of the First Mass, after which the palms are blessed; (3) directing the priest to leave the altar and face the congregation Novus-Ordo style while blessing the palms; (4) eliminating four of the five ancient prayers of blessing; (5) eliminating the prayers and ceremonial of re-entering the church after the procession of the palms; (6) directing that the priest chant the final Collect facing the congregation Novus-Ordo style with his back to the Holy Tabernacle; (7) eliminating entirely the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar; (8) eliminating the beginning and end of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew; (9) eliminating the Last Gospel, as in the Novus Ordo service.

Red China Nixes Benedict-Ratzinger's Attempt to Cozy up to the Communist National Church

From: The Fathers
Jia Zhiguo

Newchurch Bishop Jia Zhiguo, of Zhengding, China, Has Been Arrested Again
Benedict-Ratzinger Wants to "Reconcile" His New Order Sect
With the Chinese Communist Catholic Patriotic Association
Which the Reds Don't Want
At One Time the CPA Maintained the Traditional Latin Mass & Sacraments
In Opposition to Newvatican's Embracing the Invalid Novus Ordo

Pity Benedict-Ratzinger! Lately everything he does or says seems to turn to offal. He has been trying to cozy up to the murderous Red Chinese government, which kills his presbyters and nuns in the public square with nary a word of censure from Newpope. Atheistic China has now given its answer to Newpope: it has arrested one of his bishops to block Newvatican's overtures to reconcile with the Communist National Church.

Red Chinese police have re-arrested Newchurch bishop Jia Zhiguo of Zhengding, the most prominent leader of the Newchurch sect in China. The arrest came just as a special Newvatican commission met in Newome to consider the situation facing Newchurch in China. Jia spent 15 years in prison (from 1963 to 1978) and has been arrested and released at least 13 times in the past five years. He has been living under house arrest since his latest incarceration last year.

AsiaNews reports that the reason for the Newchurch bishop's latest arrest is Chinese authorities' determination that Bishop Jia should not meet with Bishop Jang Taoran, who heads the government-sponsored Patriotic sect in the Hebei province. Jang recently pledged his loyalty to the Newchurch sect and agreed to work as an auxiliary to Bishop Jia. The two were planning to cooperate as part of the plan suggested by Benedict-Ratzinger for the "reconciliation" of the Communist Patriotic sect to the Newchurch sect, which the Reds don't want.

Priest Speaks from Experience:
The "Motu" Mess Is Worthless in the Newchurch Environment

From: Fr. Brown

Dear Fathers:

As a traditional hospice chaplain servicing a Newchurch facility in the central United States, I was informed that I was not welcome in the "Catholic" nursing home run by "sisters" who come into the room of the dying singing Protestant nursery rhymes. The Newchurch "sisters" also complained that the traditional prayers that I use are "too long." Extreme Unction (a Sacrament that Newchurch has done away with) is too long!

The ignorant Motarians think that the local Newchurch diocese is "generous" because it "allows" two "Motu Messes" at the same time that it deprives traditional Catholics in its facilities from receiving the Last Rites. The Motarians actually claim that "things are looking up"! How dumb can you get?

When the hospice held a Memorial Mess for all patients who had died there during the year, family members were invited to submit a "memorial statement" about their deceased, to be read during the Mess. The statements included observations such as: "he was a great baseball fan", "she was the best bread-baker", "he had the most beautiful rose garden every summer," etc. One relative submitted: "she returned to the traditional Sacraments after a 50-year absence." When that statement was read, a noticeable gasp arose from the congregation!

April 4, 2009 - St. Isidore, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Prefers Modern, Not Traditional, Religious Art
Arranges Sponsoring an Exhibit at a "Gay" Art Festival

From: The Fathers
Nona Ora

Benedict-Ratzinger Has Arranged for a Newvatican Pavilion in Venice, Italy
At a Modern Art Festival Previously Condemned by Pope St. Pius X
Newpope Prefers Modern Art, Like La Nona Ora by Maurizio Cattelan Above
Showing JPII Holding the "Bent Crucifix" and Being Crushed by a Black Meteorite
The Festival Previously Featured a Nudie Image of JPII by "Gay" Artists

Step aside Pieta. Give way Last Judgment. Benedict-Ratzinger is relegating you to the sidelines to promote Modern Art in a Newvatican pavilion at the 2011 Biennale, Venice, Italy's premier international Modern Art festival. In the "spirit of Vatican II," he says that he wants to "dialogue" with Modern artists.

The head of Benedict-Ratzinger's Pontifical Council for Culture [sic], Msgr. Gianfranco Ravasi, admits that Modern Art is often "blasphemous." Before Benedict-Ratzinger even Newvatican denounced the festival as "sacrilege." In the Bienniale's very first edition, in 1895, the Patriarch of Venice, who later became Pope St. Pius X, asked the mayor of Venice to ban the festival's work featuring a coffin surrounded by naked women. More recently, in 1990, Newvatican itself complained about a piece by the American artists' collective Gran Fury, a branch of the gay activist group ACT UP, which showed its "Pope Piece," an image of JPII and an image of a membrum virile. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

April 3, 2009 - The Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Major Feast

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. In contravention of the Traditional Latin Mass, the "Motu" services have degraded Our Lady's Double Major Feast to a mere commemoration. Benedict-Ratzinger's Novus Ordo "Ordinary Rite" is even worse: it ignores Our Lady's Feast entirely!

SSPX's German District Superior Schmidberger Pushes SSPX Sellout
To His Vatican II Modernist Friend Ratzinger and the New Order

From: The Fathers
Benedict & Schmidberger

Franz Schmidberger (Right), SSPX's German District Director
With His Old German Modernist Friend Benedict-Ratzinger
It Appears More and More Clear that Schmidberger's Role in the Society
Is Now to Engineer the Destruction of the Work of Archbishop Lefebvre
And to Smooth the Path toward a Sellout to Benedict-Ratzinger

In the March 12, 2009, issue of Die Welt, the German daily national newspaper, Franz Schmidberger, the SSPX's District Superior for Germany, advocated an SSPX assimilation into the New Order. He proposes the patently-untenable proposition that Archbishop Lefebvre, the SSPX's Founder, would have accepted Nostra aetate, the Vatican II document that introduced the unCatholic notion of False Oecumenism with non-Christian sects.

It appears more and more clear that Schmidberger has become the point-man in the SSPX now to engineer the destruction of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre and to smooth the path toward a sellout to his old German friend Ratzinger. Schmidberger is known to have associations with Card. Ratzinger, just as do Hans Kung and other German Vatican II Modernists. Meanwhile, Archbishop Lefebvre's words critical of the Newchurch of the New Order and of Card. Ratzinger personally have been aggressively purged from SSPX sites around the world in order that the SSPX may more easily cozy up to Ratzinger's New Order. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Die Welt.]

Seven-year Member Leaves the SSPX Saying: "The SSPX Has Only a Veneer of Tradition"

From: Gilbert

Dear Fathers:

It took me 8-9 years to convince myself to leave the New Order Church to be with the Society of St. Pius X and around 5-6 more years to become convinced that the SSPX has only a veneer of tradition, but for all practical purposes is of the New Order. An explanation is called for:

  1. The SSPX accepts the validity of the Novus Ordo service.
  2. The SSPX accepts the new rite of ordination and consecration; in fact, there have been reports that Novus Ordo presbyters are saying "Masses" in SSPX chapels.
  3. The SSPX accept the New Order Code of Canon Law of 1983.
  4. The SSPXs accept the "1962 Missal" and the "revised" calendar; in fact, the SSPX has made further changes of its own, so what it uses can be called only the "SSPX Missal."
  5. The SSPX accepts the "Motu" Mess as the legitimate "Extraordinary Rite" of the New Order.
  6. The SSPX's Superior General, Bernie Fellay, believes that the Modernism of Vatican II "can be accepted in the light of Tradition."

The SSPX is in fact in schism from the true Church -- and by "true" I certainly don't mean the New Order Church!

April 2, 2009 - St. Francis of Paula, Confessor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger as Failed Teacher
Newpope Just Can't Seem to Explain Catholic Doctrine to the World

From: The Fathers
Anti-Benedict Prophylactic

A Prophylactic Distributed in Africa against Benedict-Ratzinger
On His March 2009 African Junket He Stirred up More Controversy
As His Own Bishop Appointees Publicly Rejected His Teaching
Benedict-Ratzinger, a Professional Teacher
Just Can't Seem to Explain Catholic Doctrine to the World in a Way that It Can Understand

Ecclesia Docens, the Teaching Church, yes, but its head seems to be a very poor teacher. Although by training he is a professional teacher, Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict-Ratzinger, seems to be singularly incompetent in explaining Catholic doctrine to the world. A case in point is the controversy that he created at the outset of his March 2009 African junket, when he tried to state the traditional (now there's a shock!) Catholic teaching on sexual prophylaxis. He explained the teaching so badly that many of his own bishop appointees publicly rejected his teaching.

Bringing incredulity to the Fatima statement, "In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved," Newchurch bishops of Portugal, and the former Catholics of Portugal itself, have embraced immoral practices such as abortion, homosexuality, and prophylaxis. Most recently, three Portuguese bishops (Januario Torgal Mendes Ferreira, Manuel Joao Macario do Nascimento Clemente, and Ilidio Pinto Leandro) publicly rejected Benedict-Ratzinger's teaching. The irony is that the last two bishops were appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger himself! [Some information for this Commentary contributed by the Associated Press.]

April 1, 2009 - Ferial Day

Philogay May Be Next the Archbishop of Westminster
Roche In Line to Become the Cardinal Primate of England & Wales

From: The Fathers
Arthur Roche

Newchurch Bishop Arthur Roche in His "Gay" Rainbow Hat
Roche Is Reported to Be in Line for Nomination
As the Next Cardinal Primate of England & Wales
He Is a Well-known Supporter of "Gay" Messes and Suppressor of "Motu" Messes

Reports from England indicate that the retiring Newchurch Cardinal Primate of England & Wales, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, is pushing Arthur Roche, the Bishop of Leeds, for nomination as his successor. Roche is a philogay and chairman of the highly-criticized International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), the organization that phonies up English "translations" of the invalid Novus Ordo service. He is a merciless church-closer and implemented tight restrictions on the "Motu Mess" in his diocese.

The Newchurch archdiocese of Westminster and its archbishop have for ten years openly sponsored "Gay and Lesbian" Messes throughout the archdiocese. Five Novus Ordo churches in Westminster now serve as "gay" parishes.

Obama's Secretary of State Venerates Guadalupe Shrine
Hillary Goes on to Receive Top Pro-abortion Award from Planned Parenthood

From: The Fathers

Following in the footsteps of such Newchurch hypocrites as U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, Barack Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on March 26, 2009, left a bouquet of white flowers at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, asking who painted the image. Hillary said that she had previously visited the traditional Basilica in 1979, before the Novus Ordo replacement was finished.

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is said to have been miraculously imprinted by the Blessed Virgin on the tilma, or cloak, of Juan Diego in 1531. The image has been associated with numerous unexplainable phenomena, such as the appearance on the Virgin's eyes of those present in the room when the tilma was opened, and the image's lack of decay.

Hillary, who is known as an abortion advocate, the next evening went on to receive the highest award given by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a radical pro-abortion group: the Margaret Sanger Award, named for the organization's founder, a noted eugenicist and racist. Newchurch politicians after Vatican II have been open hypocrites, calling themselves Catholic to get the "Catholic vote," while espousing doctrines that are immoral and contrary to Catholic teaching. And Hillary isn't even a Newchurcher; she's a Methodist! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNA.]

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