November 2010

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November 30, 2010 - St. Andrew, Apostle

Newchurcher to Be Executed by Mohammedans for Blasphemy
Vatican II False Oecumenism Simply Allows Infidels and Pagans to Spit in Newchurch's Face

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Asia Bibi

Newchurcer Asia Bibi, Mother of Five
To Be Executed by Mohammedans for Blasphemy
For Stating that Christianity Is the Only True Religion
For Her Courage Bibi Was Beaten and Raped, and Her Children Tortured
Benedict-Ratzinger Still Stands by His Vatican II False Oecumenism
In Playing up to Infidels and Pagans

The false "oecumenism" adopted by the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965) has truly become a scandal to Newchurch. As Newchurch and its Newpopes became sycophants to every heretic, infidel, and even atheist sect, these sects simply spit into Newchurch's face. Newchurch and its Newpopes have been dissed by infidel Jews and Mohammedans, by pagan Hindus, and by several other sects in the last 45 years since Vatican II.

The most recent case involves a Newchurcher, who was working at a local farm in Pakistan when the Mohammedan women with whom she was working called her an infidel and urged her to convert to Mohammedanism. The Newchurcher refused, saying that Christianity was the only true religion. The Mohammedan men working in nearby fields physically attacked the Newchurcher as a blasphemer. When she fled to her home, the Mohammedans chased after her, dragged her out of her home, beat her up, raped her, and tortured her five children. The woman was then arrested on charges of blasphemy and condemned to death.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has indicated that he may pardon and release the Newchurcher, but Mohammedan opponents of the release have gathered outside the jail and are threatening to kill her if she is freed. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

Good Catholics, these Mohammedan rapists and murderers are the "brothers in Abraham" that Benedict-Ratzinger has been trying to play up to, even visiting the Blue Mosque in 2006 and praying like a Mohammedan with them there. Benedict-Ratzinger is a pusillanimous pantywaist, but his traditional predecessor, Pius XI, required every Catholic to pray the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus before the Most Blessed Sacrament Exposed on the Feast of Christ the King traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of October. The Consecration contains the following words: Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism, and refuse not to draw them all into the light and kingdom of God. The traditional Pope Pius XI got it exactly right!


November 29, 2010 - Vigil of St. Andrew

SSPX Members Are Expressing Outrage against Their Superior General Fellay
For Interfering with Senior SSPX Bishop Williamson's Right to Defend His Position

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bernie Fellay

SSPX Superior General Attempts to Rebut SSPX Members' Outcry against Him
For His Vicious Treatment of His Senior Bishop Richard Williamson
Fellay's Autocratic Regime in the SSPX Is Now Being Exposed
In His Attempt to Interfere with Williamson's Right to Defend Himself
And to Hire Counsel to Assist in His Appeal against the German Courts

The Society of St. Pius X claims that its senior bishop, Richard Williamson, has agreed to dismiss the lawyer whom he had hired to defend aggressively his rights in his appeal against a German court's decision to restrict his human right of free speech in expressing an opinion on a disputed matter of secular history. The German "kangaroo" court, which rendered a multipage judgment against him in only a few minutes, had fined him some 14,000 U.S. dollars for his exercise of free speech. Williamson had questioned in a January 2009 interview with Swedish Public Television certain facts in a distorted story about the so-called holocaust of World War II. Germany's laws on the issue violate Vatican II human rights, and abridge free speech in violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and Bishop Williamson was courageously taking the courts on.

The SSPX claims that "there was a discussion internally, and he [Williamson] said that he would do so [drop his new appeals attorney]." Williamson himself has not confirmed the SSPX report. It is widely reported that Bishop Williamson is suffering from Parkinson's Disease or a similar disease, and there have been charges that Fellay has been browbeating his superior into submission. Such coercion has been a pattern with Fellay, who has perpetrated the same intimidation against three other SSPX priests.

Moreover, SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay is attempting to interfere in Williamson's right under ecclesiastical and civil law to defend himself. Fellay is trying to force his superior to drop his appeal entirely. Williamson's appeal was scheduled to be heard on November 29, 2010, but apparently has been postponed to February or March 2011 because of the controversy.

A Reader Asks: "Are the Novus Ordo Sacraments Valid?"

From: Jesus

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Are the Novus Ordo sacraments instituted in Newchurch in the late 1960s in place of the traditional Sacraments valid? If Novus Ordo clergy administer the traditional Sacraments of Penance, Eucharist, Holy Orders, and Confirmation, would those sacraments be valid? Does the Novus Ordo have a valid priesthood? Are Novus Ordo bishops valid?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Outside of Baptism and Matrimony, the Novus Ordo "sacraments" are invalid in form, intention, and often matter. Included in the invalid Sacraments are those of Holy Orders. Since 1968 the Novus Ordo has not ordained priests in the valid, traditional rite "to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass for the living and the dead," but merely "installed" as Novus Ordo presbyters "to preside over the assembly," in the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan rite of the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers. Novus Ordo bishops are no longer consecrated. They are merely "installed" under the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Bugnini rite of 1968.

Therefore, the Novus Ordo essentially does not have a priesthood or an episcopate in the traditional sense. Remember, Josef Ratzinger is the first purported Bishop of Rome never to have been consecrated as a bishop in the valid, traditional rite, but merely "installed under the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Bugnini rite of 1968.

November 28, 2010 - First Sunday of Advent
Semidouble Sunday

Paedophile Presbyter Solicited a Hit-man to Murder His Child Victim in 2008
Newarchbishop Involved Was Named by Benedict-Ratzinger to Head the Los Angeles Archdiocese

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
John Fiala

Portrait of a Murderous Paedophile Presbyter, John Fiala, in His Police Mug-shot
Fiala Solicited a Hit Man to Kill His Child-victim in 2008
And Was Exposed by an Texas Ranger Working Undercover
The Presbyter Was Described by Police as a "Dangerous Predator"
Of Whom Newchurch Authorities Had Full Knowledge
Newarchbishop Gomez's Involvement May Jeopardize His New Appointment to Los Angeles

Presbyter padedophile-rapist John Fiala, has pushed Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust yet one step further: he tried to hire out the murder his child-victim so that he wouldn't report him to police. This case is not one resurrected from the distant past. Fiala arranged the murder in 2008. Fiala was arrested on November 18, 2010, and remains jailed in Dallas, Texas, on one count of solicitation to commit murder, two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child at gunpoint, as well as three other felony counts.

Fiala was caught by an undercover officer attached to the Texas Rangers after he negotiated the murder arrangement with the undercover officer at his residence in Garland, Texas. A neighbor of Fiala tipped off the county sheriff when Fiala offered the neighbor 5,000 U.S. dollars to commit the murder. Fiala, after having raped his child-victim at gunpoint on numerous occasions on church grounds, had threatened the with murder if he told anyone about the presbyter's crimes.

Named in a corresponding civil suit arising from the rapes and murder-for-hire on account of their complicity in the crimes are the Newchurch Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, the Newchurch Archdiocese of San Antonio and its Newarchbishop Jose Gomes, and the Archdiocese of Omaha, Nebraska. The attorney for the child-victim reported that all three Newchurch entities knowingly covered up presbyter Fiala's record of rape while he was administrator of Sacred Heart of Mary in Rocksprings, Texas.

The involvement of Newarchbishop Jose Gomes shocked and embarrassed Newchurch authorities in Newrome. In yet another abysmal appointment, Benedict-Ratzinger had just appointed Gomez as the head of the Newchurch archdiocese of Los Angeles, California, to replace Roger "Rogue" Mahony in 2011. Mahony is also being investigated for his complicity in sex crimes. Gomez was informed of the presbyter's predations by the child-victim's grandmother. Fiala was described by police as a "dangerous predator" since 1988, who stated: "The [New]church has known how dangerous this guy is for many, many years. They had full knowledge, we believe, and the documents seem to bear that out -- that they knew what a bad person he was and what a danger he was to children." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the San Antonio Express-News, the Associated Press, and Reuters.]

November 27, 2010 - Our Lady's Saturday
Simple Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Now Scandalizes His "Conservative" and Motarian Supporters
The "Condom" Newpope Now Embraces Both Heterosexuals and Homosexuals

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger's Controversial Book

Benedict-Ratzinger Holds His New Book, Licht der Welt [Light of the World]
Which Has Brought Him into a Firestorm of Controversy
Because of His Confusing and Contradictory Statements on Prophylactics
In Which He Contradicts What He Said Just Last Year in 2009
Even "Conservative" Novus Ordinarians and Motarians Think that He's Gone South

Without having the guts to say so directly, it appears that the falsely-termed "conservative" Newpope, Benedict-Ratzinger, has effectively reversed Catholic teaching and dissed his Conciliar predecessor pope, Paul VI, authority of the 1968 Encyclical Letter Humanae Vitae. Benedict-Ratzinger also seems to have embraced the pagan theology of JPII known as the "Theology of the Body." For further information on that subject, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section "Modernism and 'Theology of the Body.'"

So this is how a Newpope attempts to change traditional Catholic teaching now. Not even in a spurious Newpapal document, but in a book interview! Maybe, as some have suggested, he is just infected with the commercial bug, trying to get a bigger cut for his books. But this time Benedict-Ratzinger has unleashed a firestorm of outrage against him from his normally clueless admirers, the "conservative Novus Ordinarians and Motarians. He has been exposed in the doctrinal and moral realm as exactly what we TRADITIO Fathers have called him from the time of Vatican II: not a "traditionalist" by any stretch of the imagination, but an out-and-out Modernist.

Moreover, Benedict-Ratzinger has been exposed once again as an gross incompetent as Newpope. Who would have thought that one of the most ecclesiastically-experienced prelates in Newchurch would bungle the job as badly as he has in just five years? He's not much of a priest, given his thoroughly immoral actions by subjecting under his own handwritten warrants tens of thousands of Newchurch children to rape by his bishops and presbyters. He's not much of a bishop either, since he is the first Conciliar pope never to have been consecrated as a bishop in the traditional Catholic rite, but only "installed" in the Freemason Bugnini's New Ordinal of 1968, modeled on the installation of Protestant ministers.

As if his original statement pertaining to male homosexuals weren't radical enough, Benedict-Ratzinger on November 23, 2010, extended his controversial statement about condoms for male prostitutes to non-prostitutes, both male and female, both homosexual and heterosexual, having AIDS/HIV. "This is if you're a woman, a man, or a transsexual," his spokesman reported. (Now Benedict-Ratzinger is into transsexuals?) Just a year ago, he told the world that condom use only worsens the AIDS problem. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press and Reuters.]

Has this Newpope gone senile? He doesn't seem to be able to maintain a consistent theological thought -- if he ever did. But, then, Modernists never do. Morality is always a moving target for them. The truth is likely that the Modernist Newpope is deliberately playing his "conservative" Novus Ordo and Motarian supporters for the fools that they truly are.

November 26, 2010 - St. Sylvester, Abbot
Double Feast

Hypocritical Benedict-Ratzinger Calls SSPX Bishop Williamson Not a Catholic "in the True Sense"
Yet It Is Ratzinger Is the One Who Has Perverted Catholic Doctrine and Morality

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Rowan Williams and Benedict-Ratzinger

Benedict-Ratzinger Does the False Oecumenical Kissy-kissy with the Anglican Heresiarch
But Turns Around ans Says that Anglicans Can Never Be Catholic "in the Proper Sense"
Benedict-Ratzinger Is Now So Steeped in Hypocrisy
That even He Seems to Know that His Own Corruption Is Unfixable
As His New Books Indicates that He Is Seriously Considering Abdication

How hypocritical Benedict-Ratzinger is! In the new book, Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times, he tells the German journalist Peter Seewald that the SSPX's senior bishop Richard Williamson was "never Catholic in the proper sense" because he converted from Anglicanism to traditional Catholicism. Yet Benedict-Ratzinger has no moral compunction about luring Anglicans into his spurious Novus Ordo sect through his motu proprio of November 4, 2009. So what is the immoral Newpope saying: If you convert from Anglicanism to the Novus Ordo heresy you are Catholic in the proper sense?!

Benedict-Ratzinger's justification for making such an absurd statement about converts to traditional Catholicism is that Williamson "has never lived under papal authority." Well, good for Williamson. That New Order papal authority since Vatican II has purveyed false doctrine, false morals, and false liturgy. It has, by warrants signed personally by Josef Ratzinger, consigned tens of thousands of children, including the deaf and handicapped, to rape and sexual assault of the most vile kind. Since Williamson escaped such vile Novus Ordo "authority," he was able to remain a moral Catholic bishop. Ratzinger, as Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre put it directly: "Ratzinger is not a Catholic" -- in any sense!

A Reader Writes: "Josef Ratzinger Is Exactly What Archbishop Lefebvre Said He Was"

From: James

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Benedict-Ratzinger is a Modernist, after all. His idea of truth is to take very charged and controversial issues, throw them on the table, and let the Novus Ordo conservatives and liberals fight it out. He is doing this now with sodomy and condoms, just as he did it with Limbo, salvation outside the Church, no proselytizing of Jews, and so many other issues.

Even the clueless Novus Ordo conservatives, who have essentially sold out on their once-vigorous opposition to abortion and gay marriage, are now defending Ratzinger's sinful comments that sodomists and paederasts, even in his own Novus Ordo sect, can continue their predations without receiving any penalty from him -- as long as they are wearing a condom. This is such a perverted view of traditional Catholic morality that Ratzinger is exactly what Archbishop Lefebvre, who knew him intimately, said he was: "not a Catholic."

To Benedict-Ratzinger there is no Catholic doctrine. It is all a haze to him, a plaything to be used to achieve false "oecumenism." If there is no definitive Catholic doctrine, then all sects can chose to make him their Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.

November 25, 2010 - St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

Neo-SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay Has Set in Motion the Expulsion of His Enemy
The SSPX's Traditional and Popular Senior Bishop, Richard Williamson

From: Peter, the TRADITIO Network's Canadian Correspondent and Other Sources
Wolfram Nahrath

Wolfram Nahrath, SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson's New Attorney
Williamson Has Fired His Former Attorney for One Who Will Defend His Free-speech Rights
In Not Selling out to the Novus Ordo and Its False Oecumenism
Williamson Has Incurred the Wrath of Superior General Bernie Fellay
Which Has Dumped the Traditional Catholic Principles of Archbishop-Founder Lefebvre

I have seen the November 20, 2010, authentic French text of Fellay's expulsion of SSPX senior bishop Richard Williamson. Although it has not yet been officially promulgated by Bernie Fellay, the New Society of St. Pius X's Superior General, yet Christian Thouvenot, the Neo-SSPX's Secretary-general, has indicated from his headquarters in Switzerland, that Williamson's expulsion is all but a fait-accompli because he has decided to hire a real attorney to defend him on appeal against a fine of 14,000 U.S. dollars before a German court on November 29, 2010, for expressing his personal opinion on a disputed matter of secular history.

Williamson's previous lawyer, Matthias Lossman, had been handling the case incompetently, playing up to liberalist German authorities in the original kangaroo court, whose lengthy opinion had been written well before the ten minutes it took the court to return with a verdict. Williamson has now fired Lossman and hired instead a real firebrand, Wolfram Nahrath, a member of one of German's recognized conservative political parties, the National Democratic Party (NPD). Ironically, the NPD founded a conservative organization for German youth modeled on the one of which Benedict-Ratzinger was a uniform-wearing member, the Hitlerjungend. It is well known that various leaders of the SSPX, perhaps Fellay himself, have an attachment to Nazi authoritarianism, and Nazi paraphernalia has been seen displayed in SSPX offices.

Fellay, hating Williamson and his courageous challenge to Fellay's attemped sellout of the SSPX to the Newchurch of the New Order, will use Williamson's selection of his defense attorney, a matter that is nobody's choice but his own, as his excuse finally to expel his enemy, the SSPX's senior bishop. Fellay will go through a pro forma ultimatum, but doesn't seem likely that Williamson would have hired his new attorney in the first place if he intended to back down at this point. Yet anything is possible. Williamson is said to be ill with Parkinson's Disease, and Fellay's immorality would not stop at trying to put the squeeze on his ill senior. Fellay is certainly racking up his Mortal Sins against the virtue of piety!

Williamson's expulsion by Fellay could easily backfire. Williamson has a large personal following within the Society of St. Pius X, whereas Fellay rules only by force. In many SSPX circles, Fellay is a hated autocrat, who lashes out against SSPX laypeople, SSPX priests, and now his senior bishop. Williamson could split the SSPX and take half its membership with him out of Fellay's Neo-SSPX back into the real SSPX founded by Archbishop Lefebvre. Fellay has already agreed with Newrome to rename the Society, when he finally sells it out to the Novus Ordo, the "Apostolic Administration of St. Savior."

Moreover, SSPX bishop Tissier de Mallerais is also a supporter of the Archbishop's founding principles and, as the SSPX's point-man in the sellout negotiations with Newrome, has turned on Fellay and publicly stated that Benedict-Ratzinger has no intention of recognizing the traditional principles upon which the SSPX is founded.

To add yet another twist to this affair, Benedict-Ratzinger signals at the end of the new book, Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times, that he is considering abdication from the papacy because he can no longer stave off the increasing criticism of his papacy and himself personally because of his complicity in the sex crimes of Newchurch clergy against children.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Fellay's attempted expulsion of the SSPX's senior bishop is not a surprise. Fellay hates Williamson because Williamson will not sell out to the Novus Ordo establishment. Recently, Williamson circulated a bulletin, previously reported upon in these TRADITIO Commentaries, in which he specifically warned against Fellay's plans to sell the SSPX out to the Newchurch of the New Order and its Modernist head, Benedict-Ratzinger. Fellay previously expelled three leading SSPX priests because they publicly advocated the principles of the SSPX's Archbishop-Founder, Marcel Lefebvre, who called Josef Ratzinger "not a Catholic" and condemned the New Order as "Modernist Rome."

Since the election as Newpope of Josef Ratzinger, one of the Modernist leaders of Vatican II and a public supporter of the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service, which he performs exclusively, Fellay has hankered to become a recognized bishop of the New Order and has consequently endeavored to purge from the SSPX any recollection of why the Archbishop founded the Society in the first place: to stand up to post Vatican II Modernist Newrome as not Catholic, but purveying heretical doctrine, morality, and liturgy. Fellay has never on any occasion whatsoever criticized Ratzinger's personal complicity in the rape of children by thousands of Newchurch bishops and presbyters under his jurisdiction since 2001.

Williamson has been Fellay's nemesis throughout. Williamson was the closest of the four SSPX bishops to the Archbishop and holds to his founding principles against Fellay's Hindenburg Plan to sell out the SSPX to the Novus Ordo. When Williamson publicly spoke his opinion on a disputed matter of secular history, he ended up (probably inadvertently, but perhaps by an act of divine Providence) stopping the planned sellout of the SSPX to the New Order on February 2, 2009, because Benedict-Ratzinger then had to distance himself from the SSPX to stay "oecumenical" with the Jews, who objected to Williamson's opinion.

Good Catholics, the parallel of the SSPX's situation with that of Newchurch cannot be missed. Before Vatican II (1962-1965), the Church was Roman Catholic, but afterwards became the New Order Church under the Conciliar popes, though continuing falsely to call itself "Catholic." Similarly, before Archbishop Lefebvre's death in 1991, the Society was traditional Catholic, but afterwards become the Neo-SSPX under Bernie Fellay, though continuing falsely to call itself the "Society of St. Pius X."

November 24, 2010 - St. John of the Cross, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Contradicts His Own Moral Teaching against Prophylactics
Allows Condoms when His Cardinals, Bishops, and Presbyters Rape Children

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Papal Condom

I Said No Before, But Now I Say Yes
Benedict-Ratzinger Has Flip-flopped on the Morality of Prophylactics
He Made a Thoughtless Remark during an Interview for a Book
Which Has Now Been Picked up by the World Press as a New Morality
As Newchurch Once More Becomes a Laughing-stock in the Eyes of the World

The papal newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, reports in its November 20, 2010, edition that Benedict-Ratzinger has contradicted himself on the morality of prophylactics in an interview for a new book, entitled Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times, to be published on November 23, 2010. The book was distilled from a series of interviews that Benedict-Ratzinger gave to the German journalist Peter Seewald in early 2010.

After calling the prophylactics, commonly called "condoms," immoral in a controversial statement in Africa in March 2009, this Modernist Newpope has apparently done a flip-flop on himself, countenancing the use of the devices in such cases as those of male prostitutes. On the same basis, Benedict-Ratzinger would presumably consider morally-justifiable the use of condoms by his cardinals, bishops, and presbyters when they rape Newchurch children.

When asked by Seewald whether prophylactics weren't immoral, Benedict-Ratzinger answered with typical "nuanced" and contorted gobbledegook fully befitting his status as one of the leaders at the Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965):

In this or that case, there can be, nonetheless, in the intention of reducing the risk of infection, a first step in a movement toward a different way, a more human way, of living sexuality.

Just last year, on his March 2009 papal junket to Cameroon, Benedict-Ratzinger sang a different tune: that the use of condoms could endanger public health and increase the problem of HIV/AIDS, rather than help to contain the virus. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the BBC News.]

d Catholics, let's put all this into context. First, the statement is so contorted that it is essentially impossible to understand what it really means. The 83-year-old Benedict-Ratzinger seems to be getting addle-brained. Second, what a pope might say in an interview or personal book is at best what is known theologically as a "private opinion" and is not an official statement. Third, even this confused statement will be used by secularists and immoral Newchurchers to justify condoms for every purpose under the sun -- the camel's nose under the tent, so to speak. Already both secular and Newchurch publications are hawking the spurious "new doctrine."

A Reader Asks: "Do Animals Have Rights?"

From: Nicholas

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Do animals have rights? Is a vegan lifestyle compatible with Catholic teaching?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

In traditional Catholic theology animals do not have "rights," as they do not have a rational soul, and God has given them to us for our right use (Genesis 2:26). However, human beings, who do have a rational soul, certainly have obligations in this regard, such as to avoid cruelty. As to what you eat, that is a matter of your choice, according to the precept of Our Lord (Mark 7:18-19).

November 23, 2010 - St. Clement I, Pope & Martyr
Double Feast

SSPX's Senior Bishop Fires His Lawyer on the Eve of His "Holocaust" Appeal
The Courageous Williamson Is Still Fighting Alone in the Secular Courts for Free Speech

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Richard Williamson

SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson Flies from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Expelled from That Country for Expressing an Opinion on a Disputed Matter of Secular History
Williamson Is Set to Have His Appeal Heard on November 29, 2010
Against a Large Fine for Expressing His Opinion in an Autocratic Germany
Whilst the Hypocritical Benedict-Ratzinger and the Novus Ordo Sycophant Fellay
Have Thrown Their Courageous Bishop to the Dogs

The Society of St. Pius X's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, on November 17, 2010, fired his defense lawyer, Matthias Lossmann, who was going to represent him before the court in Regensburg, Germany, on an appeal against his fine of some 14,000 U.S. dollars for his statements on a disputed matter of secular history. Currently, the appeal is set to be heard on November 29, 2010, but may be postponed while Williamson arranges other counsel. Ironically, Regensburg is in the locale where Benedict-Ratzinger was born and taught.

Williamson was one of four SSPX bishops excommunicated from the Newchurch of the New Order by JPII because Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre consecrated these bishops to carry on traditional Catholicism against the unCatholic New Order. In January 2009 Benedict-Ratzinger "unexcommunicated" the four and consigned them to a state of limbo, as far as Newchurch is concerned. But then an interview for Swedish public television, recorded in Germany, became public, in which Williamson reaffirmed his belief that the "holocaust" of Nazi Germany had been grossly overstated. The courageous bishop has stood up to autocratic secular authorities for free speech every step of the way.

As Germany does not have free speech, Williamson was cited for his "politically-incorrect" statement on the disputed matter of secular history. Benedict-Ratzinger, who claims to support the Vatican II declaration on the free-speech rights of the human person, has hypocritically failed to give Williamson any support in his fight. Nor did Bernie Fellay, the SSPX Superior General, who hypocritically sold out his senior bishop to play up to the Newchurch of the New Order, condemned by the SSPX's Archbishop-Founder. [Some information from this Commentary was contributed by Haaretz.]

Good Catholics, the Williamson case is one reason why Benedict-Ratzinger can never accept the SSPX. Instead of defending the right of the traditional bishop to express his opinion, Benedict-Ratzinger has sold out to false oecumenism in order to win the affection of the Jews. He needn't have bothered. For his hypocrisy and double-dealing between the Jews and the SSPX, Benedict-Ratzinger is now and will remain persona non grata with the Jews until his death.

November 22, 2010 - St. Cecilia, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

Newchurch Scholars Issue Scathing Criticism of Newvatican's New Novus Ordo Missal
Claiming that Its English "Translation" Is Defective and Contradicts Newvatican's Own Rules

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Novus Ordo 2011

Just as Newrome Is Getting Ready to Impose Yet Another Invalid Novus Ordo Service
A Group of Newvatican-approved Scholars Has Issued a Scathing Criticism of It
Charging that the New "Translation" Is Inaccurate
And that Newvatican Violated Its Own "Translation" Rules
Some Newbishops Have Flatly Stated that They Will Not Use It, Whatever Newvatican Says

A group of Newchurch scholars has issued a scathing criticism of the accuracy of the now Newvatican-approved English "translation" of the Third Edition of the Novus Ordo Missal. The rub is that the Newchurch scholars who are trashing the accuracy of the Novus Ordo missal were all approved as experts by Newvatican itself!

The scholars charge that the numerous defects were introduced by Newvatican in contravention of his own rules of "conservative translation." They further charge that the new Novus Ordo "translation" approved by Newvatican does not meet Newvaticanís own stringent guidelines for liturgical "translations" and in fact reversed submitted translations that were more accurate and in accord with those guidelines.

The charges issue from several English-speaking countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. A Newchurch scholar writing for the October 30, 2010, issue of England's leading Newchurch weekly, The Tablet, ridiculed the defective "translations" in the following words: "Many of the changes are simply not correct English. Whoever did this work [at Newvatican] seems to lack a sufficient understanding of our grammar." It seems that Newvatican should have stuck to Latin! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

Although the new Novus Ordo "translation" is supposed to go into effect in Advent 2011, it is so flawed that several lay groups and even some Newchurch bishops have flatly stated that they will not use it, whatever Newvatican says. At this point many Newbishops are saying, behind closed doors, that Vatican II erred when it violated the dogmatic Council of Trent by purporting to introduce the heresy of vulgar tongues into Holy Mass instead of the Sacred Latin, a heresy aided and abetted by Paul VI, JPII, and Benedict-Ratzinger

November 21, 2010 - Twenty-sixth and Last Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newchurch Parishes in Europe Are Going Protestant
Novus Ordo Messes Are Being Performed by Lay "Presbyters" Embracing Protestant Theology

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Lay Presbyter and Wife

At Dom Bosco Newparish a Lay Presbyter with a Rainbow Shawl and His Presbyteress
Preside over a Novus Ordo "Mess" from the Dinner Table
Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust Has Produced a Second Protestant Revolution
Vulgar Music for the Lay Messes Comes from John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Recently "Approved" by Benedict-Ratzinger

The Novus Ordo service was pushed, well before Vatican II, primarily from Northern Europe. Now, the Novior [Newer] Ordo is being pushed from the same place. In once-Catholic Belgium, now hit hard by Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, laypeople instead of presbyters are now presiding over Novus Ordo Messes. Eleven other Newparishes in Belgium have converted to lay presbyters in 2008-2010. More are expected to follow.

The lay presbyters and presbyteresses, who now preside over the Lay Mess, have not been barred by the Newbishops or Benedict-Ratzinger from doing so. Perhaps Benedict-Ratzinger is afraid to touch the matter because his own Newbishp of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, has now publicly admitted to raping his own nephew for years. The Archbishop-Primate of Belgium, Godfried Danneels, knew of the rapes and attempted to intimidate the nephew from turning his Newbishop-Uncle over to the police. Both Vangheluwe and Danneels have "retired," but Benedict-Ratzinger has taken no punitive action against them. Belgian Newchurchers are ripe to initiate a Second Protestant Revolution and to throw the Newbishops and Newpope out.

Benedict-Ratzinger directed his spokesman to tell the press that he was not going to do anything against these Lay Messes. Instead, he is washing his hands of the matter like Pontius Pilate and laying off the responsibility onto the Newbishops. Yet the new Archbishop-Primate of Belgium, appointed in January 2010 by Benedict-Ratzinger himself, has refused to take any action. Instead, he has been busy trying to get his paedophile presbyters off scot free from criminal prosecution. So embarrassed was the once-great and venerable Catholic University of Lovain that it removed "Catholic" from its name out of embarrassment at what has happened under the administration of the post Vatican II Newchurch.

The Newchurch Lay Messes typically use a Novus Ordo dinner table with ceramic cups for the Kool-Aid and a loaf of French bread. One lay presbyter openly spouted the heresy that is now engulfing Newchurch: "We have reached a stage of history where we donít accept that the priest has to be the go-between. We want to take charge of baptisms and communion." These words could have come from the mouth of the Archheretic Martin Luther!

The Second Protestant Revolution is now spreading to The Netherlands as well. If the recent past of Newchurch reveals its future, the Lay Messes will spread next to Ireland, Australia, and the United States. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times.]

A Reader Asks: "Do the TRADITIO Fathers Accept Stipends for Holy Masses to Be Celebrated?"

From: William

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I would like to know: do you accept stipends for Holy Masses to be celebrated and, if so, do I arrange that a Mass be celebrated under stipend for a particular living or deceased soul or a particular intention?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

This is an apt question for this season, in which we particularly pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Even traditional Catholics are unaware of how powerful the fruits of Holy Mass are to free those in Purgatory or for oneself. Catholic theology teaches that a man gains much more by having Mass said for himself in his lifetime than by simply hearing Mass.

The TRADITIO Network does accept Mass stipends for particular intentions. We also have the ability to offer a Missa Cantata, which every Catholic is supposed to have as his Exsequial Mass. All too often even traditional Catholics these days are thrown into the ground without the required Exsequial service. Relatives of such imprudent people can arrange the proper Mass to be said, even after their death. Relatives who fail in their duty place their own souls at risk for a mortal failing in their duty of piety.

It must be pointed out that a Mass stipend is in no way to be looked upon as a "charge" for the Mass. The stipend is established to offset expenses incurred in the offering of the Mass, e.g., chapel rental, liturgical supplies, transportation of the priest and supplies to the Mass, etc. Even many traditional Catholics, who see how expensive their own food, clothing, etc., fail to realize that the cost of church supplies is considerably greater. A single required beeswax candle for Holy Mass can now cost 10 U.S. dollars!

For further information, click on FAQ02: How Do I Submit a Mass Intention? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

November 20, 2010 - St. Felix of Valois, Confessor
Double Feast

JPII Trips on the Threshold of Novus Ordo "Con-anization"
New Book Documents His Papacy as an "Unparalled Disaster"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Crossing the Threshold of Confusion

Andrew McCauley's Posthumous Book against the Novus Ordo Canonization of JPII
McCauley Used to be a "Conservative" Novus Ordinarian
But Turned against Newchurch Shortly before His Death in April 2010
Following the Example of Una Voce President and Church Historian Michael Davies

Andrew McCauley, like several other "conservative" Newchurchers -- Michael Davies comes to mind --, was a full-throated supporter of the Novus Ordo establishment until he saw the light shortly before his death on April 9, 2010. McCauley had been an attorney for the Catholic [sic] League for Religious and Civil Rights, a front group for the Novus Ordo, posing as "conservative," but when an SSPX chapel in New York State was vandalized and its tabernacle invaded, the League's President, William Donaghue, claimed that the SSPX wasn't "Catholic." When the TRADITIO Network launched a full-scale offensive against the hypocritical Donaghue, so many TRADITIO readers inundated him with criticism that he publicly backed off his position and claimed that he didn't know the SSPX was Catholic!

On August 16, 2010, McCauley's posthumous book, Crossing the Threshold of Confusion, was released. Whether he was going to stand up courageously against Newchurch during his lifetime, we don't know. As it happened, his magnum opus of 456 pages was published only after his death. In McCauley he excoriates JPII not as "The Great" Newpope as he is characterized in Novus Ordo myth, but as a destroyer of the true Church.

McCauley writes that despite all the Newchurch propaganda about JP II, he was an "unparalleled disaster" in the history of the papacy. McCauley examines the record of this Newpope in detail and discusses the harm that he did or allowed, not only to Newchurch but to Western civilization, including:

McCauley concludes that Novus Ordo "con-anization" of JPII would be a travesty and that instead JPII should be condemned, as the Church condemned Pope Honorius, for negligence in opposing heresies. McCauley demonstrates how Catholic theology admits the existence of destructive Church councils and heretical popes. McCauley argues that a morally decadent people gets, in the words of St. Teresa of Avila, the kind of pope whom it deserves. Or, in the words of St. Paul, God has allowed error to tempt the Church, so "that all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity" (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

November 19, 2010 - St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Widow
Double Feast

"Gay" Newchurch Presbyter Chains Himself to White House Fence
Denounces Catholic Moral Position against "Gay" Marriage, Sodomy, and Perhaps Paedophilia

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gay Presbyter Protest

"Gay" Newchurch Presbyter Geoff Farrow (Left)
Poses in Front of the White House Fence, to Which He Chained Himself
With Another Male Homosexual and a Lesbian
Civil Authorities Arrested Him
Newchurch Has Applied No Ecclesiastical Penalty

A Newchurch presbyter, Geoff Farrow, was among thirteen "gays" who handcuffed their feet and wrists to the front gate of the White House fence on the afternoon of November 15, 2010, calling for Barack Obama to work harder for repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" ban on "gay," lesbian, bisexual, and presumably the "trangendered" and tranvestites from serving openly in the U.S. Military.

Presbyter Farrow denounced the Catholic moral position against "gay" marriage, sodomy, and perhaps paedophilia. Farrow was arrested with the other twelve "gays," who canted, "Let us serve! Get visible! Get equal!" [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNN.]

Beseiged U.S. Newbishops Give Their Philogay Vice President the Boot
Kikanas Had Knowingly Installed as a Novus Ordo Presbyter a Paedophile Sex Criminal

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Newchurch bishops in the United States failed to elect their Vice President as President -- the first time that has happened in the history of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops. Gerald Kicanas had knowingly installed as a Novus Ordo presbyter an open sodomist who later went on to rape twenty children, for which he is currently service a long jail sentence. Kikanas told the press that he would do it again, that it would have been "grossly unfair" not to have installed the sodomite, later the rapist of children.

On the third ballot on November 16, 2010, the USCCB elected instead the Newchurch archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan after protest demonstrations erupted against Kikanas, and the Survivors Network of Those Abused by P[resbyters], and a major Newchurch newspaper, the National Catholic Register, called upon the U.S. Newbishops not to elect Kikanis as president. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

November 18, 2010 - Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts. Peter & Paul
Double Major Feast

Protests Mount against President-designate of U.S. Newchurch Bishops
Kicanas Admits to Knowingly Ordaining a Sodomite Who Raped Twenty Children

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gerald Kicanas

Gerald Kicanas, President-designate of the U.S. Newbishops Admits:
I Knowingly Ordained a Sodomist; "It Would Have Been Grossly Unfair Not To"
The Presbyter Whom He Ordained Went on to Rape Twenty Children
And Is Now Incarcerated on Multiple Felonies

On November 15, 2010, protestors against Gerald Kicanas, the paedophile-friendly vice president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, who is slated to become president at the USCCB annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, starting on that day, gathered outside Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago to protest against his elevation. Kicanas has admitted to installing as a Novus Ordo presbyter one Daniel McCormack, knowing that he was a open sodomite, when Kicanas was rector of Newchurch's Chicago seminary.

Kicanas claimed that McCormack's sodomy was only "experimental and developmental," but after his ordination and placement in positions of responsibility by Newchurch, McCormack sexually assaulted at least twenty children and is now serving a five-year prison term for those crimes. Kicanas knowingly ignored McCormack's immoral acts and proceeded with the installation, which he has said he would do again: "It would have been grossly unfair not to have ordained him."

"We question why they [the U.S. Newbishops] would want to pick someone who has a history of covering up for a child molester and someone who failed to warn parents about his problems," said Barbara Blaine, foundress of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by P[resbyters]. A leading Newchurch newspaper, the National Catholic [sic] Register, has also called on the U.S. Newbishops to reject Kicanas for their next president. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, Newchurch still doesn't have a clue about morality. It continues to support paedophiles and accomplices to sexual assaults against children. The Newchurch popes, cardinals, bishops, and presbyters involved in these abominable activities still think that they have done nothing wrong. They think that the only thing wrong is that their crimes are now out in the open and that they are now being held responsible for them. As a result, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal continues unabated and will continue for many years -- until the moribund Newchurch of the New Order is finally dead.

Newchurch Sinks Farther into Financial and Moral Bankruptcy
As New York Slams Shut the Doors of 32 Novus Ordo Schools

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On November 9, 2010, the United States' second-largest archdiocese announced that it will slam shut the doors of 32 Novus Ordo Schools in the largest shutdown in New York archdiocese's history. The schools had been struggling for years with declining enrollment as parents increasingly abandon the Novus Ordo sect. The closures represent almost one in five schools in the Newarchdiocese. 368 teachers, who were reportedly "in shock at the size of the cuts," will be laid off. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.

November 17, 2010 - St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bishop & Confessor
Semidouble Feast

U.S. Newchurch Bishops Say that Newchurch Needs to Be "Exorcized"
But there Aren't Enough Exorcists to Rid the New Order Sect of the Devil

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Novus Ordo Exorcism Manual

The Novus Ordo's Replacement for the Traditional Rite of Exorcism Isn't Working
Novus Ordo Presbyters Since 1972 Are Not Ordained to the Order of Exorcist
As Traditional Priests Still Are
Novus Ordo Exorcisms Instead of the Traditional Latin Rite of Exorcism
Are Proving Powerless to Clean up the Satanic Possession that Is Inundating Newchurch

The Newchurch bishops in the United States are complaining that there is a dearth of exorcists to rid the New Order of Satanic intrusions. The rub, however, is this: Newchurch did away in 1972 with the Holy Order of Exorcist, as well as the other three Minor Orders of Porter, Lector, and Acolyte. These four Minor Orders are still received by every traditional Catholic seminarian before he receives the Major Orders of Subdeacon, Deacon, and Priest. Since 1972 no Novus Ordo presbyter receives the Holy Order of Exorcist, nor does he receive the traditional Holy Order of the Priesthood "to offer Mass for the living and the dead" and to "forgive sin," but is only installed in the Novus Ordo presbyerate, whose power is essentially limited to "presiding over the assembly of the people."

So, 56 Newchurch bishops and 66 presbyters are trying to address this problem at a November 12-13, 2010, "conference" in Baltimore, Maryland. The Newclergy is trying to figure out how to deal with the evil that has entered the New Order. Another problem is that since Newchurch dumped the traditional rite of exorcism and replaced it with a Novus Ordo rite in the vulgar tongues, the exorcisms aren't working any more. Even the Novus Ordo's Chief Exorcist of Rome, Gabriele Amorth, has admitted that fact. He said that he doesn't use the Novus Ordo rite because it is ineffective. He violates the liturgical "rules" of the Novus Ordo and uses the traditional rite, in which he was ordained.

According to the teaching of the Church, rarely is an exorcism ever called for -- in far fewer than one per cent of cases. Most of those who think that they need an exorcism are not traditional Catholics, who are already receiving the Divine grace through the valid Traditional Latin Mass. Nor have they been baptized in the traditional Latin rite, which includes an exorcism against Satan. Most often they are apostates and atheists, or psychologically-compromised individuals.

Even Newchurch clergy are beginning to admit that Vatican II's deprecation of sin and evil has had disastrous consequences, opening the door for Satan to enter Newchurch. In a famous 1972 statement, Paul VI admitted that Vatican II had been the vehicle for the "smoke of Satan" to enter the Newchurch of the New Order. He did nothing, however, to stop it. More recently, Newchurch popes, cardinals, bishops, and presbyters have succumbed to the most vile and immoral acts in the history of the Church. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

November 16, 2010 - St. Gertrude, Abbess & Virgin
Double Feast

Traditional Catholic Sacred Music Revives in Spite of Vatican II's Attempted Death-blow
The Inspiration of Centuries Lives on in a New Traditional Catholic Composer

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sacred Choral Music CD

The Sacred Choral Music CD Issued by a New Traditional Catholic Composer
Nicholas Wilton Composes Masses and Motets in a Neo-Renaissance Style
For His Efforts to Promote Truly Sacred Music
He Has Been Rebuffed by Novus Ordo "Musicians"
Who Prefer Offal Ditties like Kumbayah

Those traditional Catholics who lament the nadir of Tradition in Newchurch will be buoyed by the example of Nicholas Wilton, a traditional Catholic composer of Sacred Polyphony (Church music having two more more independent melodic voices) after the style of Thomas Tallis (1505-1585) and William Byrd (1540-1623), who spanned the period of the Council of Trent (1545-1563). It was ironic that these two greatest composers of Sacred Polyphony in Elizabethan England were not Anglican, but Catholic. Yet the beauty of their music was such that even Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) -- "Bloody Beth," who butchered Catholic priests in the name of her New Religion -- felt compelled to support their inspired musical compositions.

In the world of classical musicians, it is said that Vatican II (1962-1965) signaled the death kneel of Sacred Music. Even in the first half of the twentieth century, classical composers had maintained the tradition of Sacred Polyphony for the Mass and Divine Office. In the English tradition, one thinks of Ralph Vaughn-Williams' Mass in G Minor (1922), which, although it uses some modern tonalities, is redolent of the English cathedral. Even the American composer John Williams, who is famous for his classical scores for Star Wars and many other films, composed a five-minute Gloria (1982) for the film Monsignor. These are just a few composers who have recently written for the traditional Catholic rites.

Thus, a living tradition of Sacred Polyphony continued in the Church, taking inspiration in many ways from the works of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594), who achieved a purity so sublime that his polyphony has never been equaled. It is said that when the Council of Trent was ready to suppress Sacred Polyphony from the Mass and Divine Office in favor of the purity of Gregorian chant exclusively, Palestrina composed his perfect Missa Papae Marcelli, which so moved the Council Fathers that appropriate polyphonic works were not suppressed.

This living tradition of Catholic Sacred Music, by which classical composers often reserved their best work for the Church -- we might also think of Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Dvorak, Verdi, Rossini, and many others -- came to a virtual halt when the destructive tidal wave of Vatican II substituted for real music such offal ditties as Kumbayah. But Wilton is bucking the Vatican II nadir and committing himself to traditional Catholic Sacred Music, mostly polyphony, although he has also composed a Panis Angelicus and other Latin works for single voice in the bel canto style. It is to be noted too that Wilton has not been motivated by Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax of 2007, sometimes untraditionally called the "Extraordinary" service. Wilton began his work in the early 1990s.

Wilton has written that, like all truly traditional Catholics, he has received much "Novus Ordo abuse." When he sent his music to the Novus Ordo publication Music and Liturgy with a request for a review, he received a rejection because his "composition was not likely to meet the requirements of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal in regard to the singing by the faithful at the celebration of the Mass [sic]." That GIRM constitutes the "rules" for the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service fabricated by the Freemason Hannibal Bugnini and his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers. The Novus Ordo still demands congregational singing of Kumbayah ditties accompanied by the profane guitar or piano, not Sacred Music sung by even a small amateur choir composed of members of the congregation. Well, what would you expect? The Novus Ordo don't have a Mass any longer, just an invalid Protestantized "service."

Wilton's first CD, entitled Sacred Choral Music, consists of fourteen tracks, consisting primarily of polyphonic motets that could be sung by a small amateur choir. Wilton's inspiration includes settings for the Benediction hymns O Salutaris Hostia, Tantum ergo Sacramentum, and the Ave Verum Corpus. There are two settings of the Ave Maria and an interesting setting of the Short Responsory, In Manus Tuas, Domine, for the Hour of Compline of the traditional Divine Office. Wilton also makes available the sheet music for his works. More recently, he has composed a haunting setting of a traditional Missa Brevis of five minutes, in this case including all of the Ordinary except the Credo.

Wilton has offered to make his first CD available at a special reduced price to those who mention that they are TRADITIO Network readers. Those traditional Catholics who would like evidence that theirs is a living traditional Catholic musical tradition would be edified by these works. Those traditional Catholic churches and chapels that have the blessing an amateur choir of some competence might profitably examine Wilton's neo-Renaissance settings. TRADITIO Network readers can write Wilton at sales(at) for further information.

November 15, 2010 - St. Albert the Great, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Site of Latest Papal Junket Boasts the Largest Thurible in the World
The Original Giant Silver Thurible Was Stolen by Napoleon's Troops in 1809

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Compostela Thurible

Eight Red-robed Thuriferarii Swing the World's Largest Thurible
In the Sanctuary of Santiago de Compostella Cathedral
Weighing 80 Kilograms, the Thurible Is Filled with 40 Kilograms of Charcoal and Incense
Site of the Latest Papal Junket, Compostela Was a Famous Mediaeval Pilgrimage Site
Because the Relic of St. James the Greater Was Situated There
Napoleons Troops Stole the Original Silver Thurible in 1809

Even many traditional Catholics are unaware that at the noted mediaeval pilgrimage site to the shrine of St. James the Greater in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, boasts of the largest thurible, or incense censer, in the world, called the Botafumerio. There, on his latest junket, Benedict-Ratzinger celebrated a "Golf Mess, a Saturday Mess that supposedly "counts" as a Sunday Mess in the New Order sect.

The Botafumeiro is suspended from a pulley mechanism in the dome on the roof into the sanctuary of the church. The current pulley mechanism was installed in 1604. The Botafumeiro weights 80 kilograms. Shovels are used to fill it with 40 kilograms of charcoal and incense. It is tied to the rope with elaborate knots and is pushed initially to start its pendulum movement. Eight red-robed thuriferii, or attendants at the thurible, pull the ropes, producing increasingly large swings of the thurible, which reach almost up to the ceiling of the transept. The thurible can reach speeds of 68 kilometres per hour as it dispenses thick clouds of incense. At the top of the swing, the Botafumeiro reaches a height of 21 metres. It swings in a 65-metre arc between the doorways at the ends of the transept. The maximum angle achieved is about 82 degrees. The maximum can be reached after about 17 cycles, and requires about 80 seconds of swinging.

In the 15th century, France's King Louis XI donated money to the cathedral to replace its mediaeval thurible, which was made of silver. A new silver thurible was put into service in 1554. This ornate vessel was stolen by Napoleon's troops in April 1809. The Louis XI thurible was replaced by the present, less ostentatious, thurible in 1851.

"He Raped Me, He Tortured Me, He Violated Me in Every Single Way"
Says Courageous Child-victim of Presbyter-rapist, Who Will Put Newchurch on Trial

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Will Lynch, who was raped at age 7 and for years thereafter by Newchurch presbyter Gerald Lindner, will get his day in court and will use the opportunity to expose the corruption that is rampant in Newchurch from the top down. Lynch confronted his presbyter-rapist on May 10, 2010. When Lindner didn't even recognize his victim, Lynch lost it and beat him with his bare fists for destroying his life. Donations are pouring in to Lynch to assist in his defense against Newchurch corruption. Lynch pled not guilty to an assault charge on November 12, 2010.

It was this vile paedophile rapist whom Newchurch Jesuit authorities knowingly transferred from his predations in Southern California to Northern California, where Lynch -- and other children -- became his target on Newchurch-sponsored camping trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Newjesuits paid the brothers $625,000 in 1998 for their silence, but presbyter Lindner's conduct destroyed their lives, as the lives of so many other children. Lynch says that memories of the presbyter have tormented him for years, and he struggled through alcohol abuse, depression, nightmares, and divorce. He attempted to commit suicide twice.

Presbyter Lindner is one of the most vicious Newchurch presbyters on record. Not only did he rape Lynch on Newchurch camping trips, but also raped his younger brother, age 4. Lindner didn't even stop there. He raped his own younger sister, as well as his own nephews and nieces. His brother-in-law, a former police officer, threatened to shoot him dead if he ever set foot on his property again. Lindner's family broke off all communication with him years ago. His own sister said that if Lynch hadn't beaten her brother up, she would have, if she had ever seen him again. Ten other child-victims have publicly accused Lindner. Lindner did not discriminate between boys and girls. One girl charged that she was raped by Lindner on camping trips as well as at her home over a period of eight years. Newchurch paid this child-victim off for her silence in 2006.

"Somebody needs to be a face for this abuse and I'm prepared to put myself on the line," Lynch told the press. "There's nothing they can take from me that they haven't already taken.... He [presbyter Lindner] took my Faith, he took my innocence, he took my sense of self. He raped me, he tortured me, he violated me in every single way, and he completely changed who I was supposed to be forever. I think there's an opportunity here with this media attention that I can possibly ... help people seek justice."

The current Provincial for the Jesuits of the California Province said that the charges against presbyter Lindner for raping children were "irrelevant." Comments like that indicate that Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch officials have are the same abettors and coverers-up of crimes against children that they have always been. Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust has made no impact on them.

Because of Newchurch's official complicity in these crimes, Lynch entered a lawsuit on October 27, 2010, against Newpope and his lieutenants in United States federal court. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

November 14, 2010 - Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

President-designate of U.S. Newbishops Outed in Presbyter Crime Scandal
Leading U.S. Newchurch Paper Calls for Him to Be Dumped

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gerald Kikanis

The Little Girl Seems to Be Saying to Newbishop Kikanis, "Don't Touch Me!"
The Vice President of the U.S. Newbishops Has Been Accused
In the Case of a Presbyter Involved in the Rape of at Least 23 Children
By a Leading Newchurch Newspaper, Which Calls upon the U.S. Newbishops to Dump Him
Kicanis Told the Press that He Would Do It Again

Newchurch usually doesn't out its own, but a leading newspaper in the United States, the National Catholic [sic] Register, has called for the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, who are to elected a new president at their November 15-18, 2010, meeting, to dump current vice president Gerald Kicanas, of Tucson, Arizona, because of his personal involvement in aiding and abetting a presbyter linked to sex crimes against children.

The Register states that Kicanas' election would be a "powder-keg." Chicago Public Radio exposed Kicanas in the crimes of presbyter Daniel McCormack, who raped at least 23 children. While rector of Chicago's Mundelein Seminary, Kicanis was aware of McCormack's sex crimes, but chose to ordain him as a Newchurch presbyter anyway. When McCormack's crimes became public, Kicanas said that he would still have ordained the paedophile pervert. "It would have been grossly unfair not to have ordained him," he said to the press. Kicanis obviously had no sense of fairness toward the children whom McCormack raped!

The U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishop have a history of electing immoral criminal types as their presidents. Past Presidents of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops personally implicated in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust include its current president, Newcardinal Francis George, of Chicago, Illinois and his predecessor Newbishop William Skylstad, of Spokane, Washington.

Good Catholics, the Newchurch of the New Order is sick unto death. Its leaders are a coven of sex criminals, cover-up artists, and paedophile perverts, who support their ilk in the Church. They have no repentance for these vile crimes, deadly sins that traditionally Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance. According to the command of Our Lord Jesus Christ: "And the unprofitable servant cast ye out into the exterior darkness. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." (Matthew 25:30/DRV).

"Motu" Mess of 1962-2009 to Be Updated Yet Again?
Even John XXIII Wouldn't Recognize This Gutted Mess

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On November 9, 2010, Renzo Gattegna, the head of Italy's Jewish community, called upon Benedict-Ratzinger to excise the prayer for the conversion for the Jews contained in the "Motu" Missal. This is the missal, often wrongly called the "1962 Missal," that is used for the spurious Motu "Latin" Messes since 2007. It isn't even the Missal for the Traditional Latin Mass. In fact, the prayer that Gattegna referred to is not part of the 1962 Missal at all, but a watered-down version of it injected into the updated "Motu" Missal by Benedict-Ratzinger in 2009 to curry favor among the Jews.

The Jews, however, aren't buying anything but an outright excision of the prayer for them to convert. Gattegna wants Newchurch to renounce outright any intention of converting Jews to Christ. In doing so, Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurchers would be openly spiting in the face of Our Lord's Jesus Christ's Great Commandment: " Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 28:19/DRV).

Yet it appears that the ever-Modernist Benedict-Ratzinger may well capitulate to the blasphemous request to "Judaize" the "Motu" Missal once more. After all, Gattegna's demand was published in Newpope's own official newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano!

November 13, 2010 - St. Didacus, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Newchurch Child-rape Victim "Pies" Belgian Primate at Novus Ordo Mess
For His Public Support of Bishop and Presbyter Child-rapists

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Andre-Joseph Leonard

Newchurch Primate Leonard of Brussels Is "Pied" by a Child-rape Victim
Who Leapt out of the Pews to Render His Verdict on Leonard's
Public Statement that Bishop and Presbyter Child-rapists Should Not Be Punished
As More and More Newchurchers Are Getting Fed up with Their Corrupt Clergy
And Are Meting out the Justice that Benedict-Ratzinger Has Failed to Mete Out

In the wake of a child-victim beating up his presbyter rapist in San Jose, California, now, on November 7, 2010, in Brussels, Belgium, another child victim of a Newchurch presbyter ran up to Newarchbishop-Primate Andre-Joseph Leonard, who is an outspoken advocate of no punishment for Newchurch bishops and presbyters who have raped children, and slammed a pie in Leonard's face. The victim has charged that Leonard, who was personally notified of the rape, brushed the whole matter under the carpet.

The Newchurchers are getting sick and tired of Benedict-Ratzinger's hands-off policy toward paedophile criminals in his clergy and are beginning to mete out justice because the New Order system has failed. Leonard was in the middle of a Novus Ordo service at Brussels' main cathedral. The act of "pieing" Leonard was caught on videotape. In June 2010 Belgian police, responding to over 600 charges of child rape by Newchurch bishops and presbyters, raided Leonard's offices looking for clues.

In a statement that shocked Belgians, Leonard stated his position that retired rapist-presbyters should not be punished. He ridiculed the child-rape victims by asking a spurious question: "Do they [the victims] really want a priest [sic], aged 85, to be put in stocks and publicly humiliated? I think most victims don't want that." Don't bet on it, Joseph. With forty years of Newchurch cover-up of the most vile crimes by its clergy, the child-victims do want severe penalties for these criminals. Pope St. Pius V consigned such criminals to the justice of the state, which at that time was often the death penalty. We daresay that the child-victims would consider a few days in the stockade too lenient for these Newchurch criminals, who have ruined tens of thousands of children's lives, with the full support of the New Order Church and Benedict-Ratzinger personally.

It is ironic that Leonard holds a philosophy degree from the Louvain Catholic University. That university, one of the oldest and most pretigious, recently removed the term "Catholic" from its name out of shame for the criminal cover-up by former Newarchbishop-Primate Godfried Danneels, of Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who raped his own nephew for years, and now of Newarchbishop-Primate Leonard, who wants vile Newchurch criminals not to be punished.

On November 2, 2010, Leonard's own spokesman quit him and stated at a press conference that he could no longer speak for a paedophile "sympathizer." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Flanders News.]

Benedict-Ratzinger Betrays Traditional Anglicans
Tries to Trick Them into the Novus Ordo

From: Peter, the TRADITIO Network's Canadian Correspondent

I would like to report to your readers the latest major act of betrayal on the part of Newchurch toward traditionalism. As you may recall, Archbishop John Hepworth, Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), tried to bring his organization into Newchurch; hence, the novel use of "personal ordinariates." Well, all Hell is now breaking loose. Having structured the ordinariates in the Apostolic Constitution entitled Anglicanorum coetibus of November 4, 2009, Benedict-Ratzinger is now arranging to put the whole thing in England and Wales, not under the Traditional Anglican leaders there, but under the incoming Forward and Faith bishops. And these FiF bishops and their crowd use -- the Novus Ordo!

It is the Novus Ordoization of the Traditional Anglican ordinariate for England. As for Canada and Australia, suddenly the Newchurch bishops' conferences are maneuvering to put the Traditional Anglicans in those countries under non-Traditional Anglicans. It is the ultimate betrayal.

My spies in Toronto tell me that Newarchbishop Thomas Collins, of Toronto, is looking for non-Traditional Anglicans to inflitrate a Canadian ordinariate so that they can take it over and subject the Traditional Anglicans to Novus Ordo leaders in their own ordinariate. It is outright betrayal on the part of Newvatican and the Modernist Canadian Newbishops.

I am also hearing that in Australia Peter Elliott, Newchurch's auxiliary bishop of Adelaide, once an Anglican, is already acting as if he were the personal ordinary for Australia. After all, he was hand-picked as point man for the Australian Conference of Newchurch bishops. It looks like an outright take-over of the Traditional Anglicans by the Novus Ordo.

In India, Samuel Prakash, the Traditional Anglican metropolitan, is the only important leader, because he has 400,000 followers and also because, in an amazing court decision, he got control of all the real estate of the former Anglican Church of North India. He is now holding back from selling out to the Novus Ordo leaders in Newrome and waiting for the smoke to clear.

In September 2010 Traditional Anglican Archbishop-Primate Hepworth and two other traditional bishops announced that they had second thoughts about joining the Newchurch of the New Order. They should pull out of the deal. They've been tricked by the same old Modernists who gave us Vatican II and now control the Newchurch of the New Order.

Newchurch has said to the Traditional Anglicans: Got you! Checkmate! The moral of the story is that you can't trust Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch. This treatment of the Traditional Anglicans is a duplicitous fraud. The SSPX should be forewarned: if it makes a deal with Newchurch, it too will be defrauded, just as the Traditional Anglicans are being defrauded.

November 12, 2010 - St. Martin I, Pope & Martyr
Semidouble Feast

The Latest in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Presbyter Pastor Embezzles 83,000 Dollars from Collection Plate for Pornography

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. John the Baptist Church

St. John the Baptist Newparish in Haverhill, Massachusetts
Where the Presbyter Pastor Stole over 80,000 Dollars from the Collection-Plate
To Buy Pornography
The New Order Church Specializes in Embezzlement, As Well As Child Rape

Newchurchers knew Keith LeBlanc as a Novus Ordo pastor of St. John the Baptist Newparish. Haverhill, Massachusetts, police knew him as a thief. LeBlanc was arraigned on November 1, 2010, for stealing over U.S. dollars from the collection-plate of his Newparish, about 25,000 of which he spent on pornography. Sean O'Malley, the Newcardinal of Boston, refused any comment on the embezzlement, or on Newchurch's Great Sex Crimes & Embezzlement Holocaust in general. Just more cover-up from Newchurch, whose parishioners' funds are being embezzled right and left by its clergy, while the Newbishops fail in their fiduciary duty to supervise and audit their presbyters.

The Newparish's "lay" deacon described the embezzler presbyter as "very easy-going, very laid-back," who encouraged parishioners to become more involved. This is the typical pattern for embezzler presbyters: win the clueless Newparishioners over, while at the same time you steal from them. Undoubtedly, the Newparishioners would describe LeBlanc as "the best presbyter we ever had"! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Boston Globe.]

A Reader Asks: "Why Is the Elimination in the 'Motu' Mess of the Confiteor So Significant?"

From: Robert

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Why is the elimination in the "Motu" Mess of the recitation of the Confiteor before Communion is administered to the congregation so significant?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

The Communion of anyone other than the priest is not really part of the Mass. Only the priest's Communion completes the sacrifice. When Communion is given to the congregation within the Mass, it is essentially a separate rite, much like the Rite of Administering Communion outside of Mass. The second Confiteor and the triple Ecce Agnus Dei/Domine Non Sum Dignus is part of this rite and indicates that what is occurring is not strictly part of the Mass. This "second" Confiteor clearly separates the role of the priest and the laity, which Protestants and Novus Ordinarians confuse in their heretical theologies.

November 11, 2010 - St. Martin of Tours, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Before God and Man -- and the Cameras -- the "Traditional" Benedict-Ratzinger
Glad-hands the Cookie to the Queen of Spain

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Queen of Spain and Benedict-Ratzinger

Benedict-Ratzinger, Who Many Wrongly Think Is a "Traditional" Pope
Is Here Exposed as a Fraudster before God and Man
Gladhanding the Novus Ordo Cookie to the Queen on Spain on November 7, 2010
He Gives the Cookie on the Tongue only on Rare Occasions
When He Wants to Deceive the Motarians and Pseudo-traditionalists

On November 7, 2010, in front of God and man -- and the cameras --, Benedict-Ratzinger publicly glad-handed the Novus Ordo cookie in the hand to the Queen of Spain at the Sagrada Familia Novus Ordo temple. Even though a kneeler was provided for theatrical effect, the queen never knelt, even for Novus Ordo "communion." Nor did she wear a head covering. All in all, a really traditional moment with Newpope!

Moreover, you will notice that this "traditional" pope doesn't even know how to hold the chalice properly. As soon as the priest's thumbs and forefingers touch the Consecrated Host, they are not to be separated until after the ablutions. The traditional priest is bound to keep the left thumb and forefinger together as he holds the chalice to distribute Communion. In the photograph above, you will notice that Benedict-Ratzinger commits the sacrilege of holding the chalice with all five fingers open. By his act, we must assume that even Benedict-Ratzinger does not believe that the Novus Ordo cookie is valid Communion.

Good Catholics, many Motarians and pseudo-traditionalists are deluded into thinking that Benedict-Ratzinger is a "traditional" pope. Even Bernie Fellay, the SSPX's current superior general, seems to embrace this delusion. On the contrary, Benedict-Ratzinger is a fraudster. He gives the Novus Ordo cookie on the tongue only on rare occasions, when he wants to deceive the Motarians and pseudo-traditionalists.

A Reader Asks: "What Are the Rules for Performing the "Motu" Mess
In a Location Where It Is Mixed up with the Invalid Novus Ordo Service?"

From: Mary

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

What are the rules for performing the "Motu" Mess in a location where it is mixed up with the invalid Novus Ordo service?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Newchurch has no "rules" about this. In fact, Benedict-Ratzinger clearly wants to bamboozle Newchurchers, Motarians, and pseudo-traditionalists into thinking that the "Motu" and the Novus Ordo are just two "forms" -- in non-traditional terminology "extraordinary" and "ordinary" -- which are completely interchangeable with one another. That is why the two forms are "mixed up," to use your term. Those who have sold out to the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax are getting invalid, graceless Novus Ordo cookies fabricated from the "other" form.

But you forgot to mention another "mix-up." These "Motu" Messes are being performed by presbyters installed under the invalid Novus Ordo Ordinal of 1968, not by priests ordained in traditional Holy Orders in the valid traditional form. Novus Ordo presbyters, not being ordained, do not have the power to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They are merely installed to "preside over the assembly of the people."

The upshot is that traditional Catholics should avoid these "Motu" Messes like the frauds that they are.

November 10, 2010 - St. Andrew Avellino, Confessor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Approves Turning Crypt Church into a Bar -- and Likely Brothel
"This Place Wouldn't Exist if the Pope Weren't Okay with It"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Basilica di San Carlo a Corso

The Basilica of St. Charles Borromeo near St. Peter's Square
But Now Newchurch Has Turned the Crypt Church into a Bar
Where Drunken Twenty-somethings Desecrate the Tombs of the Saints
Benedict-Ratzinger Is Getting More Desperate to Try Anything
As His New Order Is Being Abandoned

The crypt of the Basilica di San Carlo al Corso near St. Peter's Square, the venue of the tombs of Saints and cardinals, is the latest site to be desecrated by Newchurch. In an effort to draw twenty-somethings into the Novus Ordo, Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch has turned the basilica's crypt church into a bar. The crypt church also features trash music. The bar now attracts some of Rome's great unwashed, like young men with gelled hair and young women dressed like street-walkers with cigarettes dangling from made-up lips.

In the Rome of the emperors, public places, even temples, were turned into brothels so that taxes could be collected from prostitution. It is well known that Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch are increasingly strapped for funds because of their Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. Since Newpopes seem to have no moral compunction about aiding and abetting child rape by their clergy, a little old-fashioned prostitution doesn't seem so outlandish for Newvatican to use to shore up its treasury.

In Rome, a city once almost 100 per cent Catholic, now only one out of seven twenty-somethings consider themselves practicing Newchurchers. That number has dropped three percentage points in just five years. Ernest Mandara, one the city's Newbishops, approved the bar arrangement, and he reports directly to Benedict-Ratzinger. Newrome's presbyter/youth minister in charge says that so far there have been no complaints from on high. "This place wouldn't exist if [the pope] weren't okay with it." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Wall Street Journal.]

Benedict-Ratzinger Gives Papal Award to a Freemason
Ghana's Former President Kufor Also Headed a Corrupt Administration

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Newchurchers in Ghana have been shocked that Benedict-Ratzinger has conferred the Papal Award of Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great upon an excommunicate Freemason, former Ghana president John Agyekum Kufour. This instance is the highest ecclesiastical honor to be conferred on any Newchurcher in Ghana. Benedict-Ratzinger has in his five years as Newpope compiled a record of appointing corrupt individuals as award-recepients and Newchurch bishops.

Benedict-Ratzinger's award has caused a scandal to erupt within Newchurch in Ghana. The ex-president recipient was a senior member in the United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons of England, in which Kufour served as a Senior Grand Deacon and a Grand Sword Bearer. Membership in the Freemasons carries with it a penalty of automatic excommunication. Moreover, Kufuor has been charged with an affair, endemic corruption, murders, and drug trafficking during his tenure as president. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Ghana Press.]

November 9, 2010 - Dedication of the Archbasilica of Our Savior
Double Feast of the Second Class

Newchurch's Latest Scandal: So Strapped for Funds
That It Is Taking Money from Drug Lords to Build New Churches

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Novus Ordo Church

One of Six Novus Ordo Churches Built in the Newarchdiocese of Mexico City
With Money from Mexico's Most Violent Drug Lords
A Plaque There Openly Acknowledges the Donation by Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano
Who Has a Price on His Head in Mexico and the United States of 7,000,000 Dollars
Newchurch's Coffers Are So Dry because of Its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
That Benedict-Ratzinger Needs the Drug Money to Sustain His Churches

As if the Newchurch weren't embroiled in enough scandals, now it has been revealed that Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order is so strapped for funds that it has been taking money from drug lords to build new churches. It is a tightly-held secret that Newvatican is drowning red ink, as even Newchurchers are cutting off their donations to a Newpope who has been proven to be personally involved in abetting the rape of children and in refusing to take any action against even those Newbishops who have been performing the rapes themselves.

In Mexico, six Novus Ordo churches have been built with the money of drug lords. In fact, there are plaques on the churches thanking the donors: leaders of Mexico's most violent drug cartels. One of these churches was openly dedicated to a drug trafficker who is wanted in both Mexico and the United States and has more than 7,000,000 U.S. dollars in reward money on his head. The Novus Ordo church's sponsor is known for slaughtering police, elected officials, migrants, and even the family of a fallen U.S. marine in retaliation for his involvement in bringing down a drug lord. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, this latest scandal simply underlines the fact that everything associated with the New Order and its Newchurch has become thoroughly corrupted. For over forty years now, this institution has blasphemed almighty God with an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo "Mess" and "Sacraments," which afford no grace, but actually weigh down with grave sin those who knowingly participate in it. Novus Ordo clergy from Benedict-Ratzinger on down are steeped in immorality that is as bad, or worse, than ever before in the history of the Church.

November 8, 2010 - Octave Day of All Saints
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Visits Once-Catholic Spain, Now Turned Anti-Newchurch
He and His Modernist Cronies at the Vatican II "Robber Council" Bear the Responsibility

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Put the Pope on Trial

Demonstrators, Such as Those Who Will Confront Benedict-Ratzinger
On His November 6-7, 2010, Junket to Spain
Carry Signs Saying "Put the Pope on Trial"
Spain Has Turned Anti-Catholic for, Among Other Reasons
Benedict-Ratzinger's Personal Complicity
In Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust

What country could be more Catholic than Spain? Yet, because of the Novus Ordo sect brought in by "Fr." Ratzinger and his cronies at the Vatican II "Robber Council," the world has essentially been robbed of the Catholic Faith. Fr. Ratzinger, now having become the head of the Novus Ordo sect, wrings his hands that Spain, and Europe as a whole, have abandoned their faith. How dumb can these Novus Ordinarians be? If you set fire to a house, the house will burn down! Ratzinger should have listened to Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

On November 6-7, 2010, Benedict-Ratzinger will conduct his latest junket to Spain, a once-staunchly Catholic nation, which has in recent years become one of Europe's most liberal. It has undergone an extraordinary immoral transformation in just the past few years: with laws allowing gay marriage, fast-track divorce, and easier abortions. Aside from a few words, Benedict-Ratzinger has done nothing to censure Spain for its moral apostasy. In a not-so-distant age, all public schoolrooms in Spain had a crucifix mounted on the wall. Bad as the situation is now, demographic data suggest that Spain will continue to become less and less Catholic.

Spain has embraced the invalid Novus Ordo service, of course, and as a result, attendance at Mess is falling steadily. Newchurch congregations are fast losing young people, and civil ceremonies now outnumber church marriages for the first time. The number of automatic excommunicates as a result of these unCatholic "marriages" is staggering. Satan is really stoking up the fires for a big influx.

Ironically, Benedict-Ratzinger will visit Santiago de Compostela, a medieval pilgrimage site above all others, whose ornate cathedral holds the relics of St. James the Greater. That devotion was, of course, when Spain was Catholic. "Fr." Ratzinger and his cronies destroyed that at Vatican II. Now Newpope, Benedict-Ratzinger will be lucky to draw 100,000 gawkers, far fewer than the hundreds of thousands that even JPII brought out just a few years ago.

In Barcelona, where Benedict-Ratzinger will end his junket, hundreds of protesters staged a nighttime rally against the junket, with banners decrying everything from the cost of hosting Newpope to Newvatican's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. He is suppoed to return in Summer 2010 for Newchurch's Woodstock, known as World Youth Day. Upon his election, he vowed to stop these scandalous events. Yet another promise broken by one who now defiles the Chair of St. Peter. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Writes: "SSPX's District Superior Is an Ineffective Paper-tiger"

From: Raj, TRADITIO's Correspondent from Sri Lanka

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Traditional Catholics should not fear the SSPX's USA District Superior Arnaud Rostand. He is an ineffective paper-tiger like most of the SSPX officials. His stewardship of the Sri Lanka Mission of the SSPX bore little fruit. His attitude there seems to have been: "He who pays the piper calls the tune."

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Which raises the question: who is funding the SSPX? Of course, the SSPX keeps that a deep-dark secret. It is well known, however, that large donations come to the SSPX from the frenzied royalists in France, those who want to bring back the monarchy. It is also well known that the SSPX has devoted followers among the Neo-Nazis. The previous USA District Director openly displayed Nazi periphernalia in his SSPX headquarters.

The real question now is: how much funding is the SSPX getting from supporters of the Novus Ordo, in an effort to help Superior General Bernie Fellay execute his Hindenburg Plan to sell out his Neo-SSPX to Newrome and become the Traditionalist Czar. Of course, traditional Catholics would reject this pseudo-traditionalist, but that doesn't stop Fellay: he is described even by his own SSPXers as an abyss of ambition.

November 7, 2010 - 24th Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

November 7 Is the Fifth Anniversary of Fr. Wathen's Death
This Traditional Priest Shook the Foundations of the Novus Ordo

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
The Great Sacrilege

Fr. James Wathen's 1971 Blockbuster, The Great Sacrilege
In Which the Theologian Carefully Demonstrated
That the Novus Ordo Was Never Legally Implemented
Because the Text of the Implementing Document Was Defective
The Invalid Novus Ordo Service Was Never Imposed by Law but by Force

Most traditional Catholics are abysmally ignorant of the pioneers of the Traditional Catholic Movement. Many semi- and pseudo-traditionalist periodicals deliberately keep traditional Catholic ignorant of these courageous pioneers, except perhaps for the occasional mention of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who founded the original Society of St. Pius X. We TRADITIO Fathers have tried to educate traditional Catholics about the history of their movement, which is hardly to be defined by some deluded latter-day Indularians or Motarians, or by the Neo-SSPX, which, under its current superior general, Bernie Fellay, has rejected the founding principles of its Archbishop-Founder.

November 7, 2010, marks the fifth anniversary of one of these pioneers: Fr. James Wathen. When the invalid Novus Ordo service was fabricated by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, there were some courageous traditional Catholics who spoke out against it and called a spade a spade. First was Patrick Omlor, who stunned the Catholic world with his 1968 monograph entitled Questioning the Validity of the New, All-English Canon. Omlor demonstrated was that the Novus Ordo violated the principles of Catholic Sacramental and Thomistic theology and was invalid.

The next year, 1969, the year in which Newchurch attempted to impose the invalid Novus Ordo service, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani and Antonio Cardinal Bacci, together will a group of Roman theologians issued their Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, in which they reached the same conclusion on the invalidity of the Novus Ordo service. Since Ottaviani was head of the Doctrine of the Faith, in effect, the Church's Chief Theologian, Paul VI was forced to recall the Novus Ordo service for a year.

Struck by these two lethal blows at the outset, the Novus Ordo service was declared illegal in 1971 by Fr. James Wathen in his blockbuster, The Great Sacrilege. This was a detailed study of the text of the documents that purported to implement the Novus Ordo on the entire Church. Fr. Wathen demonstrated that the Novus Ordo had never been legally imposed because the text of the implementing document was defective. He proved that not only were the Novus Ordo documents illegal but also immoral, not Catholic, and actually null and void. To this day, the Novus Ordo remains a meretricious Babylonian whore of a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service, imposed not by law but by illegal and immoral force.

For further information, click on FAQ05: What Traditional Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

A Reader Writes: "The SSPX Recently Threatened to Destroy Our Independent Traditional Chapel"

From: Clare

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

When you're right, you're right! You TRADITIO Fathers were right on the money when you indicated that SSPX officials are now actively recruiting for the Novus Ordo sect. I say this from first-hand knowledge because recently the USA District Superior of the SSPX, Arnaud Rostand, recently threatened to "destroy" our independent chapel unless we did one of two things: (1) joined the SSPX or (2) joined the local diocese, becoming a "Motu" parish.

The SSPX officials would not have cared had we chosen to join the Modernist Novus Ordo sect, but they could not bear our holding steadfastly to the fully Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments. Thus, priest-presbyter Rostaud issued his threat to "destroy" us.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Yours is just one of many messages that we have received indicating that the SSPX is bound and determined to take over every traditional site and, like the virus the SSPX is, pervert every such site into a hadmaiden of the Novus Ordo sect. Under its current superior general, Bernie Fellay, the SSPX -- now made into the Neo-SSPX -- has become essentially a cult, and has been so declared by several governments.

Just remember that, in the end, the SSPX cannot destroy your chapel; only your own priest and people can do that. You need to continue to expose Fellay, Schmidberger, and the rest of his gauleiters for the petty autocrats that they are and have nothing to do with such pseudo-traditionalists. Fellay & Co. are no better than the corrupt hierarchy of Newchurch, which used its false authoritarianism to engineer the rape of many tens of thousands of children. Fellay has not uttered one word of censure against Benedict-Ratzinger for his personal complicity in the rape of many of those children. We are waiting for the first rape scandal in the SSPX. Birds of a feather flock together, and, God knows, Ratzinger and Fellay are vultures, as your message clearly indicates.

Archbishop Lefebvre must be turning over in his grave to see what the new leadership has done to wreck the SSPX that he put so much of his life, courage, and dedication into building. It is this deception that has brought out the "old guard," represented by SSPX's senior bishop Richard Williamson, who best knew the Archbishop, to condemn Fellay's tactics and his attempted sellout of it to the Novus Ordo.

November 6, 2010 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Belgium Newchurch Primate's Own Spokesman Quits after Just Ten Months
Rips Into Newarchbishop Leonard for Sympathizing with Paedophile Clergy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Andre-Joseph Leonard

Newchurch's Belgium Primate, Newarchbishop Leonard, Hangs His Head in Shame
He Has Been Publicly Excoriated by His Own Spokesman
Who Resigned in Newchurch's Latest Scandal
The Spokesman Stated that He Could No Longer Speak for a Paedophile "Sympathizer"

Just as it seemed that things in Belgium's Newchurch could get no worse, with over 600 child-rape victims to date having filed with police against bishops and presbyters there, Benedict-Ratzinger's appointee as Belgium's Primate and Brussels' Newarchbishop, Andre-Joseph Leonard, was called out in public as a "loose cannon" and a paedophile "symphthizer" by his own spokesman. Juergen Mettepenningen at a press conference, announced on November 2, 2010, his resignation, at the same time publicly excoriating the Newchurch primate and saying that he could no longer speak for a paedophile "sympathizer."

The resignation of Mettepenningen is the latest episode in a Newchurch out of control. The latest scandals began with a June 24, 2010, police raid on church offices, part of an investigation into hundreds of cases of rape of children by Newchurch bishops and presbyters. The most celebrated case was Bruges' Newbishop Roger Vangheluwe, who was forced out of office by the Belgians in April 2010 after he admitted that he had raped his own nephew for years. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Asks: "Is There a Directory of Truly Traditional Latin Masses?"

From: Rob

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Since the Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Messes started popping up in 2007, I have seen a lot of references giving information on everything from telling Novus Ordo presbyters how to "preside" at a "Motu" Mess, to the text of the various editions of the "Motu" Mess, to an explanation of how to convert a Novus Ordo table into a "Motu" altar. This whole "Motu" scam seems to be held together with a huge rubber band. I expect the band to break and the whole thing to explode. I get the feeling that this "Motu" scam is designed to make truly-traditional Catholic Mass sites harder to find. Is there a directory of truly Traditional Latin Masses?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

As we have said from the beginning, the "Motu" Mess is a hoax. It is a trick by Benedict-Ratzinger, the Bishop of Rome not to have been validly consecrated in the traditional rite, to introduce into the Catholic Traditional Movement a fraud: the Half Novus Ordo service of 1962+. This is the service that was changed from the traditional rite halfway to the Novus Ordo, so that just seven years later the full-blown Novus Ordo could be introduced. This "Motu" Mess is not the "Tridentine" Mass. It is not the Traditional Latin Mass.

Many Newchurchers around now are ignorant about what a truly Traditional Latin Mass is, so they have been bamboozled into accepting a Half Novus Ordo, while its architect, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, must be diabolically laughing at them from the nether regions.

As for a directory of truly-traditional Mass sites, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic Directory department, provided to the TRADITIO Network by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses. This directory has been published since 1994, well before the advent of the "Motu" Mess hoax. Select those sites that are marked with the smiling-face icon and reject those that are marked with the frowning-face icon. The latter group are associated with organizations, bishops, and presbyters affiliated to the invalid Novus Ordo. Pay particular attention to the chapter entitled "Warning against Pseudo-traditional Services."

Beware of any Mass site, publisher, or organization that refers to the "Mass of 1962," "the Extraordinary Rite," or the "Latin Mass," the last being a catchall term for anything from the invalid Novus Ordo service in Latin to the truly Traditional Latin Mass.

November 5, 2010 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Victims of Newchurch Clergy Rapes Demonstrate on Benedict-Ratzinger's Doorstep
Newpope Calls in Italian Police to Stamp out the Candlelight Protest

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sex-crimes Protest

Some Victims of Sex Crimes by Newchurch Bishops and Presbyters
Who Were Prevented by Benedict-Ratzinger from Entering Newvatican Grounds
He Called out Police to Stop the Protest against Him
For His Personal Involvement in Aiding and Abetting His Clergy's Rape and Sexual Assaults
Upon Children, Some of Them Coming from a Newchurch School for the Deaf

Benedict-Ratzinger called in the Italian police to stop a candlelight protest against him for his personal involvement in aiding and abetting sex crimes against children. The demonstration was to be brought to his doorstep in Newvatican on the Feast of Christ the King, October 31, 2010, but before that could occur, Newpope summoned police to block the demonstration at a boulevard leading into Newvatican. The protest march featured 100 victims of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, including deaf victims.

The protest was the first significant demonstration in the shadow of Newvatican by people who had themselves been raped and sexually assaulted as children by Newchurch presbyters. The victims plan to continue the protests until Benedict-Ratzinger admits his personal complicity and takes steps against his perpetrator bishops and presbyters. One of the demonstrating victims was raped at Verona, Italy's Provolo Institute for the Deaf, by 16 presbyters and one bishop. People from a dozen countries raped or sexually assaulted as children by Newchurch bishops and presbyters gathered in Newrome to protest Benedict-Ratzinger's scandalous complicity in the crimes. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

November 4, 2010 - St. Charles Borromeo, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor
Double Feast

Newcardinal Hoyos Admits that the SSPX Is Split Right Down the Middle
Over Superior General Bernie Fellay's Plan to Sell out to the Novus Ordo

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Dario Hoyos

Newcardinal Dario Hoyos, Former Head of the Now-disbanded Ecclesia Dei Commission
Who Was Fired over the Williamson "Holocaust" Affair
Has Recently Indicated that the Society of St. Pius X Is Split Right Down the Middle
Over a Sellout to the Novus Ordo
Meanwhile, the SSPX's Senior Bishop Is Waging a Battle against the Superior General's Sellout

Even Newchurch knows that the Society of St. Pius X is now mostly a chimaera, bearing little resemblance to what it was under its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Even Newcardinal Dario Hoyos, former head of the now-disbanded Ecclesia Dei Commission for the "Motu" Mess, has put his finger on the reality of the Neo-SSPX under its current superior general, Bernie Fellay. In an interview on October 23, 2010, Hoyos referred to "many members of the Society of St. Pius X who really do not deny the Second Vatican Council."

Hoyos indicated that he is well aware that the SSPX is split right down the middle against itself. "There are many souls, some of whom are moderates, who seem to be willing to compromise in dialogue on diversity [Vatican II false oecumenism], and others who have denied and continue to deny the Second Vatican Council." Hoyos indicated that it is this traditional half of the SSPX, which rejects Vatican II and stands with Archbishop Lefebvre's founding principles, that prevents the SSPX from going fully Novus Ordo.

Meanwhile, the SSPX's senior Bishop Williamson, who seems to be waging a courageous battle against Superior General Bernie Fellay's negotiations to sell out the Neo-SSPX to the Newchurch of the New Order, has written in his October 30, 2010, Bulletin: "The Devil is in the midst of the Vatican II documents, and he is torpedoing the eternal salvation of millions of souls, because he is so well disguised in those documents." Will Fellay listen to the wise advice of his senior bishop? We doubt it. Fellay seems bound and determined to engineer a sellout to the Novus Ordo -- come Hell or high water! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Religion in Libertad.]

November 3, 2010 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Asks: "What Can I Do about This SSPX Priest
Who Is Destroying Sacred Music at Our Church?"

From: Carl
Bach B Minor Mass

Angels Kneel at the Altar for Bach's High Mass in B Minor
Considered by Many to Be the Finest Piece of Music
Ever Written for the Catholic Church
Traditionally, Bach's Organ Music Has Been Used at Holy Mass
At Monasteries, Convents, Cathedrals, and Parishes Around the World

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am a parishioner at an SSPX Mass site, and I play the organ for the Mass every Sunday. I have been having problems with the priest's ideas about sacred music. As far as organ music, he does not want what he calls "circus music," which, for him, includes J.S. Bach, Couperin, and music of other great organists. He also rejects the list of approved wedding music and forbids the use of certain hymns from the approved hymnal. Moreover, he recently removed the choir from the choir loft and moved it to the front pew of the church.† Because the choir now sings facing the altar, it is nearly impossible to hear it from the back.† What can I do about this SSPX priest who is destroying sacred music at our church?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Unfortunately, it sounds as if you are having to deal with someone who doesn't understand music, a pseudo-traditionalist Philistine. The genius of Bach has been traditionally recognized by the Church, and his organ works have formed a major part of the repertoire that is played by organists at Holy Mass. Naturally, the Cantatas are not used because they have texts specifically for a non-Catholic service, but all of Bach's purely instrumental works, like the chorale preludes for organ, which are often based on Gregorian chant, or the symphoniae (the instrumental interludes from the Cantatas) are certainly approved.

The original set of Gregorian chant recordings from the Abbey of St. Peter of Solesmes in the 1930s and 1940s -- not the Novus Ordo period ones that the SSPX sells, by the way --, frequently use Bach pieces are interludes. This was the rule in monasteries, convents, cathedrals, and the best parishes. Anyone that would call the great Bach "circus music" has a musical screw loose. We have to wonder what the SSPX is teaching in its seminaries these days. There is even evidence that Bach was a closet Catholic, who wanted to move to a region where he could write music for the Church. Many musicologists hold that the greatest piece of music ever written was Bach's High Mass in B Minor, which he wrote for a Catholic prince, hoping to become a Catholic court composer there.

Couperin was a 17th-century French composer of Catholic church music, whose organ Masses for Convents and Parishes are two gems of the organistic repertoire. They are ideal as mediation pieces during Mass. As to music for weddings, the Church has traditionally allowed wide latitude in musical selections for the Sacrament of Matrimony, more than for any other Sacrament. Such noted works as the Bridal Chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin or the Wedding March from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream might be objectionable in some eyes, but they are a way above most of the sentimental schmaltz that one often hears at weddings.

So, this SSPX priest -- half Philistine and half frenetic purist -- after all of this wants to move the choir to the Novus Ordo position in the front of the church from its traditional position in the organ loft. This is just another example of the half Novus Ordo, half semi-traditional nature of the SSPX under Fellay's "Hindenburg Plan" to sell out to the Novus Ordo.

We Fathers can well understand your frustration. You sound like a wonderful organist, who has a great instinct for sacred music. Your talents seem to be wasted with the SSPX. The ideal solution might be to find another site, where an non-SSPX priest who has a true understanding of fine music would welcome your considerable talents to offer music that is worthy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

November 2, 2010 - All Souls Day
Double Feast

Child-victim of Rapist Presbyter Beats His Attacker Senseless
Benedict-Ratzinger Has Been Charged in U.S. Federal Court with Complicity in Rape

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
William Lynch

William Lynch, a Child-victim of Rape by Newchurch Clergy
Raised the Sword of Justice to Beat Down the Paedophile Presbyter Lindner
The Pervert Presbyter Raped Children on Newchurch-sponsored Camping Trips
And Raped His Own Sister, Nieces, and Nephews
His Continuing Crimes Were Known to Newchurch Officials, Who Covered Them Up
The Presbyter's Family Publicly Supported the Victim's Action

A victim of child rape by Newjesuit presbyter Jerold Lindner attacked his rapist with his bare fists and soundly beat him up. The San Jose, California, man, William Lynch, took the sword of justice into his own hands. He told the press: "You canít put into words what this guy [Lindner] did to me. He stole my innocence and destroyed my life." Lynch was age 7 at the time when presbyter Lindner started raping him on Newchurch-sponsored camping trips in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The presbyter told the child: "You will go to Hell if you tell anyone what happened."

Who can blame the victim? The ecclesiastical and civil "justice" systems completely failed. The presbyter had raped not only Lynch, but also his little brother. But instead of punishing the presbyter, Newchurch officials hid its presbyter's crimes and let him continue his predations upon children unabated.

The rapist presbyter had been fingered by a dozen children and parents up and down California while Newchurch popes and bishops sat on their hands. Even when the presbyter's own sister, nieces, and nephews accused him of having raped them for years while Newchurch popes and bishops sat on their hands. Most of presbyter Lindnerís family severed contact with him after discovering he had raped family members as young as age 3. Lindner ended up with bruises and lacerations as a result of the victim's justice -- a lot less than what Lindner inflicted on his child victims. He was well enough to drive himself to the hospital.

But such is the injustice of the ecclesiastical and civil "justice" systems that it is the victim who is arrested. The rapist presbyter gets of scot free because of an arbitrary "statute of limitations" in California for child rape. But California has no statute of limitations for murder. Go figure!

The Lynch brothers were aged 4 and 7 when presbyter Lindner, on camping trips sponsored by Newchurch, took them into the Santa Cruz mountains and raped them repeatedly. A psychologist said of the incident: "Reading about Lindner in media accounts throughout the years and realizing he had gone unpunished could have pushed Lynch to act. Imagine holding something inside for 35 years and letting it fester. Heís probably thinking, 'You're living your life and here I am a failure and all because of what you did to me on that day.í" Yes, imagine.

There have been several other instances of frustrated child-victims exacting justice from guilty Newchurch clergy when the ecclesiastical and civil "justice" systems have completely failed. Newchurch and civil authorities have worked to keep these instances of retributive justice quiet, probably fearing that by their example, numerous others of the 100,000 child victims of Newchurch bishops and presbyters would get the courage to act.

In Baltimore, Maryland, a child-victim of assault and sodomy by a Newchurch presbyter shot the clergyman three times after the presbyter told him to go away when he demanded an apology. The victim in that case was acquitted of attempted murder. The notorious paedophile presbyter John Geoghan, who was considered too vile even by the prisoners, was strangled to death in his jail cell. Geoghan had been convicted of molesting as many as 150 boys.

The presbyter's own sister, whom Lindner also raped repeatedly, told the press: "Jerryís [presbyter Lindner] violent, and I would not be surprised if he did get beat up. I could understand somebody getting that mad. Iíve often said myself that I donít trust myself around him. I would likely wind up in jail because I'd probably kick him somewhere where the sun doesnít shine ó and Iím his sister." The presbyter's own brother, a retired Los Angeles police officer, whose 8-year-old daughter the presbyter had assaulted, told the press: "I told him he best get in his vehicle and leave. I said, 'If I go out to the truck and get my off-duty weapon out of the glove box, you're a dead man." In essence, the child-rapist presbyter's own family said that it was just for Lindner to be beat up for his vile crimes!

It was this sleaze that Newchurch bishops and popes, and even the civil "justice" system protected. He's no "priest." He should have been run out of Newchurch on a rail, but only the victim seems to have had any sense of justice. But presbyter Lindner may not be the only one to be "punched out" over these crimes. A lawsuit has been filed in federal court charging Benedict-Ratzinger and Newvatican for complicity in rape. The lawsuit also charges the Jesuit authorities, who knew of presbyter Lindner's continuing crimes, as proven by an internal memorandum on the subject, and yet concealed them from authorities.

The Executive Director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by P[resbyters] summed up the situation by saying: "I certainly understand the frustration of a victim whose life is devastated while church officials continue to shield and protect and pay and coddle." Benedict-Ratzinger, are you listening, or are you just stone deaf to the cries of your children? [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CBS5, Associated Press, and the San Jose Mercury News.]

Newchurch's Belgian Primate Takes Vow of Silence after Sex-crime Uproar
Benedict-Ratzinger's Appointee Said that Rapist Presbyters Should Go Unpunished

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Belgians attacked their new Archbishop-Primate, Andre-Joseph Leonard, for saying that Newchurch's rapist presbyters should not be punished. Belgians have been inundated with reports of presbyter rape; more than 600 have been registered with Belgian police. Two bishops have also been involved: one of them, Roger Vanghelewe, charged with raping his own nephew for years and another, former Newchurch Primate Godfried Daneels, with knowingly covering up the crimes of his Newbishop buddy. In accordance with his own cover-up policy, Benedict-Ratzinger has taken no action against either Newbishop.

Leonard has been so pommeled by the Belgians that he has sworn not to open his mouth until Christmas. Belgian senator Rik Torfs told Benedict-Ratzinger: "The archbishop doesn't speak in our name, and we didn't want him." Leonard was personally appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger in 2010. Two leading Newchurch magazines, Kerk en Leven and Tertio, have distanced themselves from Leonard, who is considered the most "conservative" of Belgium's bishops, reflecting Benedict-Ratzinger's own hypocritical record in support of his rapist bishops and presbyters against their child victims. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

November 1, 2010 - All Saints Day
Double Feast of the First Class

A Reader Reports an Unnoticed Landmine in Fellay's Latest SSPX Interview
His Proposed Deal with Newrome Attempts to Kill off Independent Traditional Catholic Priests

From: John
Benedict-Ratzinger, Hoyos & Fellay

Portrait of a Sellout to Modernism: Fellay (Right) and Benedict-Ratzinger (Left)
In the Proposed SSPX Sellout Pact with Newrome, Any Non-SSPX Clergy Trying to Enter Newchurch
Will be laicized, so that Fellay's Neo-SSPX Will Become the only "Traditionalist" Game in Town
SSPX Inside Sources Tell that Fellay Wants to Become Benedict-Ratzinger's Traditionalist "Czar"

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

There was an implied landmine contained in Superior General Bernie Fellay's recent interview, published by the Society of St. Pius X. As part of the sellout deal, Fellay refers to traditional Catholic priests who have remained independent of both the New Order and the SSPX sects as "schismatic" (now, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?!). I have been informed that in the proposed SSPX sellout pact with Newrome, there is going to be a provision that if any non-SSPX priest or bishop tries to enter Newchurch, he will be laicized, so that Fellay's Neo-SSPX will be the only "traditionalist" game in town -- outside the Motarian presbyters.

In making such an implication, Fellay let the cat out of the bag that this issue has figured in the discussions with Newrome and that the proposed sellout pact between his Neo-SSPX and Newrome would contain such a provision. Yet, for all his devilish machinations, Fellay will find himself in the same knots that the Transalpine Redemptorists now find themselves: perpetual limbo, neither traditionalist nor Newchurch.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

As the TRADITIO Network has many times observed in these Daily Commentaries, Fellay's goal is to become "Traditionalist Czar" under his new Modernist masters at Newrome. Actually, Fellay is not a traditional Catholic, not the spiritual son of the SSPX's founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Rather, he is a semi-traditionalist at best, probably by now a pseudo-traditionalist. SSPX senior bishop Richard Williamson made essentially that point in his surprising "Warning" Bulletin against Fellay.

Fellay is well known to our internal SSPX sources as an abyss of ambition to take control of all "traditionalist" Catholics under the aegis of the Novus Ordo sect ruling in Newrome. His "negotiations" with Newrome are a power-grab, pure and simple. Meanwhile, for public consumption, Fellay puts on a disarming toothless smile, which immediately turns into an irate scowl whenever he is challenged -- whether by his senior bishop Richard Williamson, by his SSPX clergy or laity, or by traditional priests outside the purview of his dictatorship.

Fellay hates those whom he calls "sede-vacantists." To his new masters in Newrome, of course, this is the ultimate sin, even to suggest as a possibility that there are some defects with the Conciliar popes. Yet, SSPX founder Archbishop Lefebvre, who knew these popes personally, also publicly admitted of the possibility of "sede-vacantism" to explain the falling away of New Order sect from the Catholic Faith.

But, as they say, Newchurch politics make strange bedfellows. Although Fellay despises so-called "sede-vacantists," who accept all Catholic doctrines, he apparently wishes to join the same Newchurch organization with the Feeneyites, who do not. Go figure! But that is how Modernist politics, both ecclesiastical and secular work: they are at base void of reason.

Newchurch's Archbishop Primate Wants Newchurch's Presbyter Child-rapists to Be "Spared"
As Perverted Paedophile Child-rapists Continue to Infest Benedict-Ratzingber's Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

As further proof that Newchurch continues to want paedophile presbyter rapists of children to go free, the Newchurch Archbishop-Primate of Brussels, Belgium, Andre-Joseph Leonard, who is said to be a "conservative" close to Benedict-Ratzinger, called on October 27, 2010, for Newchurch's presbyter child-rapists to be "spared" if they are retired. Presbyters who raped children in their care "must obviously be conscious of what happened in their lives, but if they're no longer working, if they have no responsibilities, I'm not sure that exercising a sort of vengeance that will have no concrete result is humane. But do they [the victims] really want an 85-year-old priest, all of a sudden, pilloried in public?"

Yes, Andre, perverted paedophile child-rapists who continue to infest the Newchurch clergy should be pilloried in public. You should ask the raped children and their parents just what is "humane" here. Mercy must be tempered by justice. Belgium has been reeling from the Newchurch holocaust after a commission in September 2010 revealed nearly 500 cases of sexual assaults by Newchurch presbyters -- and bishops! --, including 13 child-victims who committed suicide. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agence France Presse.]

In its failure to impose any penalty for these crimes, Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch is simply condoning the rape of children by its bishops and presbyter agents. The message that Benedict-Ratzinger and his lieutenants continue to send out to rapist-presbyters is: don't worry; we'll get you off! Thus, Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust continues unabated, even according to Newchurch's own published statistics.

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