March 2013

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March 31, 2013 - Easter Sunday
Double Feast of the First Class

The days of violet are gone. The voices of the Old Testament prophets Isaias and Jeremias are stilled. The Alleluias and Glorias that have been missing since Septuagesima return once more, in profusion. "Hence it is that at the Gloria today the bells are rung, the organ peals forth, the statues and pictures are uncovered, and a few moments afterward the glad Alleluias, silenced for nine weeks past, are heard again in jubilant tones, soaring in their triple repetition higher and higher until they seem to mingle with the songs of the angels in heaven." As the great drama of our redemption draws to an end, let us join in the joy of Holy Mother Church today as she specially sets before us after Communion the great psalm of praise to our risen Lord: "Praise the Lord, all ye nations; praise him, all ye people. For his mercy is confirmed upon us; and the truth of the Lord remaineth forever" (Psalms 116:1-2/DRV). Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!
Gregorian Chant of Easter Sunday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Easter Oratorio [BWV 249]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Omnibus circa Mundum in Hoc Festo Paschae

Ex: Reverendis Patribus TRADITIONIS
Resurrexi Chant

Graduale Cantandum Dominica Resurrectionis

"Haec Dies, Quam Fecit Dominus
Exsultemus, et Laetaemur in Ea"

Omnibus Lectoribus Internexus TRADITIONIS

March 30, 2013 - Holy Saturday
Double Feast of the First Class

Through these rites of Holy Saturday, historically and devotionally so gripping, from ancient ages the most solemn of all Vigils of the year, we see Our Lord revealed to us in specific ways, and we in turn are called upon to reflect Him in those ways in our own lives. Together, on this, the "Mother of All Holy Vigils," as St. Augustine calls it, we hear the Lessons that teach us the history of our Faith, the Old Law before the fulfillment of our redemption under the New. We come through the darkness of Our Lord's Passion and Death into the light, as together we now celebrate His glorious Resurrection.
Gregorian Chant of Holy Saturday
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Holy Saturday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Holy Saturday Tenebrae
William Byrd: Music for Holy Saturday
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the chief architect of the invalid Novus Ordo of 1969, 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Holy Saturday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) eliminating two of the three ancient prayers blessing the new fire; (2) replacing the traditional ceremony for inscribing and blessing the Paschal candle with a new one, completely fabricated by the Modernists; (3) eliminating the ancient procession of the triple candle into the church while Lumen Christi was thrice invoked; (4) eliminating eight of the twelve Old Testament prophecies foretelling the coming of Christ; (5) directing that the Collects be chanted at the sedilia rather than the altar, in the manner of the Novus Ordo "presider"; (6) dividing and partially eliminating the traditional Litany of the Saints; (7) introducing a spurious "Renewal of Baptismal Vows" in the vernacular, the first time that the vernacular is explicitly permitted as an integral part of a liturgical rite; (8) eliminating in their entirety from the Mass the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar and the Last Gospel, as does the Novus Ordo service; (9) moving the entire service to nighttime instead of before noon with the First Mass of Easter at noon, in contravention of the traditional principle that during Lent, in both Western and Eastern rites, there is a symbolic inversion of time as a consequence of the Fall, with the restoration of normality coming only with the victory of the Lord on Easter morning.

Nadal's Christus Descendens ad Inferos

What Transpired when Christ Descended into Limbo
On Holy Saturday

A Reader Writes: "Here in England Even the Secular Media
Are Having a Field Day Satirizing Francis-Bergoglio's Fake 'Humility'"

From: Milton (England)
Bergoglio Cartoon

A Cartoon that Appeared on March 25, 2013, in a Leading British Newspaper
Satirizing Bergoglio's Fake "Humility"
Even the Secular World Can See that What Bergoglio Is Up to
Is Not Humility, but Its Opposite: Pride

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Here in England even the secular media are having a field day satirizing Francis-Bergoglio's fake "humility." Even the secular world can see that the humble attitude is to follow tradition, not to impose one's personal preferences upon the Catholic and Apostolic Church, even if one purports to be a pope. To do otherwise is not humility, but its opposite: pride. Enjoy the cartoon, which justifiably satirizes Newpope Bergoglio!

March 29, 2013 - Good Friday
Double Feast of the First Class

There are few scenes liturgically more impressive than the appearance of the church at the beginning of the rites of Good Friday. The bare floor, the dismantled altar, the veiled crucifix, the unlighted candles. Then, when the procession of the celebrant in black vestments with servers has silently made its way to the sanctuary, the sudden prostration before the altar, where the celebrant annihilates himself in abject penitence -- all these are things that can hardly fail to produce an effect upon each one of us. Then follow the sorrowful lessons and tracts and the reading of the Passion of Our Lord, producing a sense of desolation that no other service in the liturgical year approaches. On this day the Church gives her churches an appearance of desolation and clothes her clergy in mourning. Today the Church, and we who enter the church, are in mourning because Our Lord has died to redeem us.
Gregorian Chant of Good Friday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Good Friday Tenebrae
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Good Friday
Tommaso Luigi da Vittoria's Popule Meus
William Byrd: Music for Good Friday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Johannes Passion [BWV 245]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the chief architect of the invalid Novus Ordo of 1969, 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Good Friday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) changing the one aliturgical day, on which no Mass was celebrated because "the Apostles hid themselves for fear of the Jews," into a full-scale communion service; (2) directing that the "presider" conduct the first part of the service from the sedilia rather than from the altar in Novus Ordo style; (3) directing that the Litanical Prayers be chanted from a book at the center of the altar in contravention of the Roman rite; (4) changing the litanical Prayer for Heretics and Schismatics into a "Prayer for the Unity of Christians"; (5) commanding that a genuflection be made in the litanical Prayer for the Jews, which was anciently omitted because the Jews genuflected to mock Christ during His Agony; (6) allowing the crucifix to be held up for a brief adoration, as in the Novus Ordo, rather than having the people approach the Communion rail to kiss it; (7) suppressing the Solemn Procession from the Repository with the Blessed Sacrament and the singing of the ancient hymn Vexilla Regis; (8) eliminating the offertory, incensation, and elevation of the Blessed Sacrament; (9) directing that the congregation recite the Pater Noster with the priest in Novus Ordo style; (10) allowing Communion to be received this day, which was anciently prohibited on Good Friday; (11) adding a responsorial psalm to the communion service in Novus Ordo fashion.

Nadal's Post Erectam Crucem

What Transpired after the Erection of the Cross
Before Christ Gave up His Spirit
On Good Friday

Fellay Plans a New Taj Mahal Seminary for His Now Gutted Neo-SSPX Organization
Surely His Neo-SSPX Doesn't Need Another Novus Ordo-bent Seminary at 5,000 Dollars per Neo-SSPXer!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Virginia Plot

Virginia Plot for Fellay's Unnecessary Taj Mahal Seminary
Fellay Is Trying to Dun His Neo-SSPXers 5,000 U.S. Dollars a Pop
To Build an Unnecessary New Novus Ordo-bent Seminary in Virginia
When a Perfectly-good Seminary Already Exists in Minnesota
Donations Would Much Better Be Given to the SSPX of the Strict Observance
Which Is Building a Seminary in Kentucky
Based upon Archbishop Lefebvre's Original Traditional Principles

No one can say that Bernie Fellay, the Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator, doesn't have chutzpa (we use the Yiddish term because Fellay accommodated himself to the Judaeophilia of Benedict-Ratzinger during the Neo-SSPX sellout period). After throwing the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre under the bus, after expelling or otherwise doing in close to 100 Neo-SSPX priests for standing by the Archbishop's traditional Catholic principles, after playing the role of a tyrant to ram through an (unsuccessful) attempt to sell out the Archbishop's organization to the New Order sect, Fellay, through his U.S. District flunky Yves le Roux, is pretending that his treachery never occurred -- talk about historical revisionism!

In March 2013 Fellay started dunning Neo-SSPXers for 5,000 dollars a pop to build his totally unnedeeded Taj Mahal Novus Ordo-bent seminary in the state of Virginia in the United States. As many of his own NSSPXers have publicly stated, a perfectly good seminary has existed for years in Winona, Minnesota, and given that Fellay's egotistical actions have essentially divided, if not destroyed, the SSPX, its size will be more than enough for his future needs.

Those Neo-SSPXers who cluelessly cough up 5,000 dollars have no guarantees, except of a plaque, if this seminary is even built. For certainly, it will not be founded upon the traditional Catholicism of Archbishop Lefebvre's original SSPX, but upon Fellay's Novus Ordo-bent Neo-SSPX and Fellay's "Doctrinal Preamble," recently made public by Bishop Williamson, which exposes Fellay as a traitor to practically every principle of traditional Catholicism. Fellay's traitorous behavior with the unCatholic New Order sect has established the fact that this man cannot never again be trusted. In the words of the famous advertisement: "Would you give your money to this man?!"

March 28, 2013 - Maundy Thursday
Double Feast of the First Class

We have today to consider a great and awful mystery of betrayal. This betrayal is commemorated in the special Canon used only at this Mass of Maundy Thursday. Judas, one of the twelve chosen disciples of Our Lord, taught by Him for three years, confirmed in the faith by so many miracles, loaded with graces, becomes the tool of those who plot the death of Our Lord. He traitorously sells His Lord to the high priest for the ancient price of a slave, thirty Roman denarii. But Judas here is not only an historical figure of some 2000 years ago. He is spiritually each one of us, sinners, for whom Christ so grievously began His suffering and death this night. Let us consider the betrayal of Judas and what it forces us to confront in our own spiritual lives.
Gregorian Chant of Maundy Thursday
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Maundy Thursday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Maundy Thursday Tenebrae
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this holiest week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the chief architect of the invalid Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Maundy Thursday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) cutting out the Credo and the Last Gospel; (2) adding a responsorial psalm to the communion service in Novus Ordo fashion; (3) importing the Maundy (washing of feet) into the Mass, as in the Novus Ordo; (4) directing that the Collect following the Maundy be chanted "facing the people," as in the Novus Ordo; (5) eliminating the adornment and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Repository; (6) the fabrication of a new "Chrism Mass," which separates the function of the blessing and consecration of the Sacred Oils for the Sacraments from the one Mass of Maundy Thursday.

Nadal's Sacratissimi Sacramenti

The Institution of the Blessed Sacrament
And of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
On Maundy Thursday

Ratzinger's Half Novus Ordo "Extraordinary" Mess of 2007 Is Already on the Way Out
The Pseudo-traditionalists Who Sold Out to the New Order Are Now Shunned by Bergoglio

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Wields a Giant Palm Frond at Palm Sunday Services
Which Were Grotestquely Novus Ordo in Style
In just Two Weeks the Pseudo-traditionalists Have Already Realized the Truth:
Their Half Novus Ordo Vatican II "Mess of 1962+" Is on the Way out after just Eight Years
Now They'll Have to Apply Hat in Hand to the Charity of Truly Traditional Catholics
Who Never Abandoned the True Mass and True Catholicism to Take Them in as Refugees

Just as we TRADITIO Fathers predicted from the beginning, Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess of 2007 was just a flash in the pan, to be rescinded by his successor. Ratzinger's Half Novus Ordo Vatican II "Mess of 1962+," sometimes falsely called the "Extraordinary Mess," was a fraud from the beginning. Now the pseudo-traditionalists, including the Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator Bernie Fellay, are already recognizing this fact. Even the National Catholic Reporter reported on March 25, 2013:

The first days of Pope Francis' tenure ... represented cause for concern, specifically among those who celebrate the traditional Latin Mass [sic; what is being referred to is not the Traditional Latin Mass, but the Half Novus Ordo Vatican II Mess of 1962+]. Francis' decision to omit the papal mozzetta, or cape, from his clerical attire as he first appeared to the crowd in St. Peter's Square launched a frenzy of worry for the fate of the Latin Mass. This is one of the worst possible men to be elected pope if you are a traditionalist.

Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's second Sunday Mess at Newvatican was grotesquely Novus Ordo. He wielded a giant palm frond, to correspond to the ungainly giant cookie that the Novus Ordo uses at such Messes. A babble of vulgar tongues was used instead of Latin in many parts of the invalid Protestantized service. Much of the beautiful Gregorian chant for the day was suppressed. The solemn and haunting chant of the Passion by a priest, deacon, and subdeacon (Newchurch has no subdeacons) taking the parts of Christ, Chronicler, and Synagogue in Gregorian chant was foregone. Instead, three "ministers" merely spoke the parts in a vulgar tongue.

In just two weeks, what little remained of the Novus Ordo "Latin Mess" -- which is certainly not the Traditional Latin Mass -- has been relegated by Bergoglio to the "liturgical" trash bin. Those inside and outside of Newchurch, many of whom have been hankering for years to demolish the office of pope, are publicly proclaiming Bergoglio as the man to meet their expectations, who will fulfil the "spirit of Vatican II" to a degree that his five Newpope predecessors did not dare.

Fortunately, what one pseudo-traditionalist wrote is dead wrong: "I'm just sick over this. Traditionalists have nowhere to go. I really fear for the health of the Catholic Church." Obviously, this pseudo-traditionalist must have been drinking from the Kool-Aid of the New Order sect. In reality, truly traditional Catholics have hundreds of places to go, where the Traditional Latin Mass, not Ratzinger's "extraordinary" travesty is celebrated, and has been celebrated, for long before Bergoglio, Ratzinger, Wojtyla, Luciani, and Montini. All this pseudo-traditionalist has to do is open the Official Traditional Catholic Directory.

Good Catholics, the clueless pseudo-traditionalists who want to mix their Novus Ordo Kool-Aid with sacramental wine just don't get it. They were setting themselves up for a fall from the beginning by placing their eggs in Ratzinger's New Order sect basket. Now that they have come face to face with Bergoglio, they know that their goose is cooked in the New Order sect. They'll have to apply hat in hand to the charity of truly traditional Catholics who never abandoned the true Mass and true Catholicism to take them in as refugees, just as the Church of Apostolic times took back the Catholic traitors who sacrificed to the pagan gods to stay in good with the pagan Roman empire.

March 27, 2013 - Wednesday in Holy Week - "Spy Wednesday"
Privileged Ferial Day

Today is known as "Spy Wednesday," in remembrance of the traitorous deed of Judas Iscariot. The Introit gives us a foretaste of what is to come after the passion and death of our Lord: "That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth" (Philippians 2:10/DRV). But immediately juxtaposed to this acknowledgment of divine glory is the other side of the equation. This is the refrain that will be repeated at every Hour of the Divine Office beginning tomorrow: "He humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross" (Philippians 2:8/DRV).
Gregorian Chant of Wednesday of Holy Week
Johann Sebastian Bach's Lukas Passion [BWV 246]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Francis-Bergoglio and Ratzinger Meet Eerily at the Papal Castle at Gandolfo
So that One Would Not Know Which One Was Supposed to Be the Actual Newpope

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio and Ratzinger

Will the Real Newpope Please Stand Up?
Francis-Bergoglio and Ratzinger Were Dressed Identically
In White Zuchetto and Cassock
Bergoglio Bowed down to Ratzinger
As if to Kiss His (Non-existent) Newpapal Ring
Bergoglio Still Doesn't Seem to Think He Is Newpope!

It took him ten days to get around to it, but Francis-Bergoglio finally flew by helicopter on March 23, 2013, to the Papal Castle at Gandolfo to see Ex-Newpope Ratzinger. Bergoglio was scheduled to see Ratzinger on the day after his election, but, without explanation, Bergoglio pushed Ratzinger aside for a week and a half while Bergoglio played "Mr. Humility" around Newvatican.

The meeting was eerie, with both men dressed identically in white zuchetto and cassock, so that one would not know which one was supposed to be the actual Newpope. Bergoglio, who still doesn't seem to that he is Newpope, bent down to kiss Ratzinger's ring, then realized that Ratzinger no longer had the Newpapal ring!

What the two talked about is unknown, but it's a good bet that the 300-page "Red Dossier," prepared by the investigatory commission of three Newcardinals on corruption in Ratzinger's Newpapacy was at the top of the list. It was so embarrassing to Ratzinger that the Newcardinals who elected his successor have been forbidden to see it. Only Bergoglio is now privy to it.

Since Castel Gandolfo is reserved to the pope, one wonders what Ratzinger is still even doing there after his successor was elected. Ratzinger is waited on hand and foot there by a staff of two secretaries and four handmaids, all the while being guarded by Newvatican police officers so that he cannot be arrested and carried off to the International Criminal Court on charges for "crimes against humanity," to wit, aiding and abetting rape and sodomy of tens of thousands of children by his Newchurch clergy. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the BBC.]

March 26, 2013 - Tuesday in Holy Week
Privileged Ferial Day

Today we turn our sights to the Cross. The Introit consists not of the usual psalm, but with the words of St. Paul, putting the meaning of the Cross into perspective for us: "But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ" (Galatians 6:14/DRV). Holy Mother Church then adds: "In Whom is our salvation, life, and resurrection: through Whom we have been saved and set free."
Gregorian Chant of Tuesday in Holy Week
Johann Sebastian Bach's Markus Passion [BWV 247]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

A Reader Asks: "Who Are the Neocon Newchurchers and the Pseudo-traditionalists?"

From: Ronald
Hypocrisy Meter

Neocon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalists
While Calling Themselves "Conservative" or "Traditionalists"
Often Espouse Modernism/Liberalism in Doctrine and Worship
They Might Demonstrate against Abortion
But They Don't Demonstrate against What Is Worse:
The Moral Depravity of "Paedophile Popes"
Together with False Doctrine and Invalid Newchurch Messes and Sacraments

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

You have referred several times to "Neocon Newchurchers" and "pseudo-traditionalists." Could you explain who these are, please?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

"Neocon" stands for "Neo-conservative." These people are not true conservatives, but espouse a "new" conservatism in political matters as well as in religious matters. The term is used to describe Newchurchers (who are not truly Catholic, to begin with), who become involved more in political matters than Church matters. For example, they are big demonstrators against abortion, which is a general moral issue not specific to Catholics. Yet they do not demonstrate against the invalid Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service that they personally attend in their Novus Ordo temples. Nor do they demonstrate against the moral depravity of the paedophile Newpopes. In fact, while calling themselves "conservative," they often espouse Modernism/Liberalism in doctrine and worship.

"Pseudo-traditionalists" are those who put on a veneer of "traditionalism," but actually associate themselves with the New Order sect. They recognize as valid the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service of 1969. They wrongly think that the "Motu" Mess of 1962+ is traditional, whereas it was engineered by the same Freemason presbyter who fabricated the full-blown Novus Ordo service of 1962. They rarely if ever demonstrate against New Order popes for their Modernism and moral depravity or against invalid Novus Ordo Messes. A little Latin and a whiff of incense seem to win them over all too easily to what is unCatholic.

March 25, 2013 - Monday in Holy Week
Privileged Ferial Day

Today we begin by placing our trust firmly in God. In the Introit psalm (Iudica, Domine, nocentes me, expugna impugnantes me), we call upon the Lord to battle against those who are impugning us. We call upon the Lord to take up arms and shield, and we call upon Him as the strength of our salvation. The Collect acknowledges how many adversities we face and how we fail from human infirmity. It is only through the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ that we are given life again (respiremus).
Gregorian Chant of Monday in Holy Week
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Francis-Bergoglio Rejects Further Aspects of the Papacy
He Doesn't Use the Papal Throne or Platform

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio on White Chair Pope Pius XII on Throne

An Uncrowned Francis-Bergoglio on the Level White Chair (Left)
A Crowned Pope Pius XII on the Elevated Papal Throne (Right)
Bergoglio Has Spurned All the Traditional Symbols of the Papacy
The Symbolism Is Too Clear for Any to Miss but the Clueless:
Bergoglio Considers Himself the the New Order Sect's Leader, Not a Pope

Francis-Bergoglio's "Look at Me -- I'm Humble" P.R. campaign is going full swing as he rejects more symbols of the papacy. We have to wonder whether he actually considers himself a pope, or rather more like the heretical Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, who has become merely a powerless puppet controlled by the Modernist/Liberalist puppet-masters of that gutted sect. At least a number of Anglican-Episcopalian congregations and "bishops" had the guts to call themselves "traditional" Anglicans and sever their ties with the unChristian Liberalists in their corrupted sect.

As to Bergoglio's "Look at Me -- I'm Humble" P.R. campaign, is humility really a virtue in Catholic moral theology? The Church's Universal Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, tells us that it depends upon the motive of the person. He teaches us (Summa Theologica IIa IIae, Art. 161, Resp. ad 2): "Now this is sometimes done merely as to outward signs and pretense: wherefore this is 'false humility,' of which Augustine says in a letter (Ep. cxlix) that it is 'grievous pride,' since to wit, it would seem to aim at excellence of glory."

Good Catholics, Bergoglio wasn't crowned as pope. Bergoglio doesn't use the papal throne, but a white chair. Bergoglio doesn't even use the raised platform under the chair, putting himself on the same level symbolically with the heretics, schismatics, infidels, pagans, and atheists that he schmoozes with. The symbolism is too clear for any to miss but the clueless: Bergoglio considers himself the New Order sect's leader, not a pope.

March 24, 2013 - Palm Sunday
Semidouble Sunday of the First Class

Palm Sunday

The Fully-Traditional (Pre-1956) Palm Sunday Rites
As Celebrated at Westminster Cathedral, London, 1919
The Traditional Holy Week Rites Were Gutted in 1956
By the Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini
It Is These Half Novus Ordo Rites that Are Used in the "1962 Liturgy"

CONCILIARIST-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The "Motu" services of Holy Week have gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Palm Sunday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) directing that red vestments be used, as in the Novus Ordo service, instead of the traditional violet vestments; (2) eliminating the Introit, Collect, Epistle, Responsory, Gospel, Preface, and Sanctus of the First Mass, after which the palms are blessed; (3) directing the priest to leave the altar and face the congregation Novus-Ordo style while blessing the palms; (4) eliminating four of the five ancient prayers of blessing; (5) eliminating the prayers and ceremonial of re-entering the church after the procession of the palms; (6) directing that the priest chant the final Collect facing the congregation Novus-Ordo style with his back to the Holy Tabernacle; (7) eliminating entirely the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar; (8) eliminating the beginning and end of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew; (9) eliminating the Last Gospel, as in the Novus Ordo service.
All the ceremonies of Palm Sunday -- the blessing of the palms, the procession, the chanted Hosannas -- are instituted by Holy Mother Church to recall the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem on this day. What a contrast, at only six days' interval, between the honors rendered to Our Lord today and the affronts and blasphemies that will greet Him five days hence on Good Friday! Let us learn these three things from the great lesson taught us by Our Lord on Palm Sunday. First, to be content to rely not upon man, but upon God alone for consolation and the witness of our sorrows and sufferings. Second, to detach ourselves from earthly possessions, which often come at our soul's cost. Third, to set no store by earthly greatness, notice, fame, or applause. "For after all these things do the heathens seek" (Matthew 6:32/DRV).
Gregorian Chant of Palm Sunday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Mattaeus Passion [BWV 244]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Francis-Bergoglio Is Sounding More and More Uncatholic
As Newcardinal He Was Actually in Public Support of "Gay Marriage"!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bergoglio Supports 'Gay Marriage'

News Media Have Report that in 2010
Francis-Bergoglio Asked the Argentine Newbishops
To Support "Gay Marriage" under the Deceptive Phrase "Civil Union"
The Argentinean Newbishops Rebuked Bergoglio for the Suggestion
And the 3/4 "Catholic" Country that Is Only 1/5 Observant
Wrote "Gay Marriage" into Law

When Argentina's president, Cristina Fernancez de Kirchener, a rabid liberalist, was pushing in parliament the legalization of "gay marriage" in 2010, Newcardinal Jorge Bergoglio recommended that Newchurch support it -- under a different phrase: "civil unions." Well, as Shakespeare quite properly pointed out: "a rose by any other name" -- except that this "rose" is a Stink Plant!

Remarkably, the Argentina [New]bishops Conference rebuked Bergoglio for his unCatholic and immoral suggestion to support "gay marriage." Nevertheless, like other supposedly "Catholic" countries, Argentina embraced the immorality of "gay marriage" into law. Bergoglio's Buenos Aires Newchurchers, who are far from "Catholic," are supposed to make up 75 per cent of the population, though fewer than 20 per cent of them even bother to attend the invalid Novus Ordo service, according to a 2010 Pew study. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, it seems the more that becomes known about Bergoglio, the more unCatholic he is exposed to be. Traditional Catholic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre called Ratzinger "not a Catholic." One can only wonder what the Archbishop would have said about Bergolio!

United Nations Begins Considering Indictment of Benedict-Ratzinger
Testimony Is Heard before the United Nations Committee on Rights of the Child

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Queens' Counsel Geoffrey Robertson is leading calls for Newvatican to lose its status as a state and to have Benedict-Ratzinger indicted for his complicity in and cover-up of crimes against children by his Newchurch clergy. Robertson has already appeared to give evidence before the United Nations' Committee on Rights of the Child.

Robertson argued before the U.N. Committee that Ratzinger acted negligently in what Robertson estimates to be 100,000 cases of sex crimes by Newbishops and presbyters since 1981, when Ratzinger became head of Newvatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith. Robertson argued that "the scale of abuse is international, and this is a real human rights problem."

Robertson also demonstrated that Ratzinger's Novus Ordo "canon law" protected criminal clergy by directing that allegations of crimes against children be investigated in secrecy. Robertson claimed as "bogus" the notion of Newvatican as a "state," which gives Newpopes sovereign purported immunity from civil suits or criminal prosecution.

Robertson argued that Ratzinger's abdication in February 2013 means that he is no longer protected by head-of-state immunity in the International Criminal Court (ICC). A crime against humanity under the ICC statute includes rape and sexual slavery, as well as inhumane acts causing harm to mental or physical health, which are committed against civilians on a widespread or systematic scale and condoned by a government or a de-facto authority.

Good Catholics, Deo volente, the strong arm of the law may shortly fall upon the "Paedophile Pope" Benedict Ratzinger. Justice, if it listens to the screams of sodomized children, could not find a more deserving target than Ratzinger.

March 23, 2013 - Ferial Day

Francis-Bergoglio Is "Inaugurated" as Newpope
While His Presbyters in Buenos Aires Denounce His Complicity in Paedophilia There

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Joseph Biden

Put 'Er There, Francis!
U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden (Right)
Was One of the Openly Pro-abortion, Pro-homosexual "Catholics"
To Whom Francis Bergoglio Publicly Gave the Invalid Novus Ordo Cookie
At His Full-blown Novus Ordo "Inauguration" Mess
Bergoglio Refused to Be Crowned as Pope, Merely "Installed" as Newpope
Bergoglio and Ratzinger Weren't even Traditionally Consecrated as Valid Bishops

Francis-Bergoglio's Novus Ordo "inauguration" -- he has rejected the papal crown, like his three predecessors -- on March 19, 2013, was an "oecumenical" extravaganza. In pursuance of the Modernist Council Vatican II's "doctrine" that the "all religions are equal" and "we all worship the same god," the following congeries rooted for Bergoglio in St. Peter's Square:

In his Novus Ordo "homily," Francis-Bergoglio confirmed his view of his office as being that of politician rather than that of pope. He appealed to "economic, political, and social life." He appealed to "men and women of good will" to be "protectors of the environment," to be, in effect, political "greenies." He singled out the "Jewish community," but did not mention the Mohammedans. Bergoglio completely failed to use the opportunity when many in the world were tuned into his television programme to preach the Catholic Faith: why Christ came into the world, why Christ founded His Church, why Christ preached against sin.

Like a good New Order sectarian, Bergolio falsely painted St. Francis of Assisi, after whom he supposedly took his Newpapal name, as some effete pansy who merely loved animals and "the environment." He failed to acknowledge the truth about St. Francis: that he was an unapologetic traditional Catholic. St. Francis personally accompanied the Fifth Crusade (1217-1219), inaugurated by Pope Innocent III, and attempted to convert the Mohammedan leader Sultan Malek-el-Kamil to his face, saying, "We have come to preach faith in Jesus Christ to you, that you will renounce Mohammed, that wicked slave of the devil, and obtain everlasting life."

Bergoglio then allowed the Novus Ordo cookie to be handed out at his Mess to U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, who fraudulently proclaims himself "Catholic" to steal the votes of clueless Newchurchers, while being a full-throated supporter of abortion and "gay" marriage. Joining Biden in receiving the invalid cookie at Bergoglio's Mess was the Democratic/Liberalist party leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who also fraudulently proclaims herself "Catholic" to steal the votes of Newchurchers, while she too is a full-throated supporter of abortion and "gay marriage." Pelosi publicly once called upon a Saint to help her and her pro-abortion colleague pass a healthcare bill that contained massive abortion funding.

Meanwhile, Bergoglio's own checkered past is coming to world attention. On the day of his "inauguration" as Newpope, March 19, 2013, his own presbyters back in Buenos Aires demanded that he apologize for protecting and covering up the crimes of two presbyters later convicted of raping children. These were presbyter Julio Grassi, who ran the "Happy Children" Foundation for Bergoglio and was convicted of paedophilia in 2008, and presbyter Napeoleon Sasso, convicted of raping girls aged 3 to 16 years of age in a soup kitchen run by Bergoglio, who proclaims that he "loves" the poor. Sasso was discovered to have an "enormous amount" of child pornography on his computer. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.}

Good Catholics, here we go again. One victims' group has called Bergoglio a hypocrite and declared that "Bergoglio was behind the curve" when it came to supporting child victims of his presbyters' crimes, especially just five years ago, after Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust became public knowledge. The group demanded that Bergoglio fess up and release the complete files on all sex-crime cases in Buenos Aires under his administration. They condemned the hypocritical "homily" at his "inauguration," at which he spoke about justice for the poor.

A Reader Asks: "Does the Catholic Church Exist Any Longer?
Or Have the Gates of Hell Prevailed?"

From: Gary

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Does the Catholic Church exist any longer? The newly-elected candidate was not crowned a pope, but merely installed as a Newpope. He does not accept the traditional role of pope, which is to be the Vicar of Christ on earth. He was chosen to be Newpope by Newcardinals, many and maybe most who are not legitimate. Newpope and his Newcardinals have not been validly consecrated as bishops, and most are not even validly ordained as priests. They have merely been "installed" as ministers of the New Order. It seems that the entire structure of Newchurch is at best suspect. Have the gates of Hell prevailed?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

We wouldn't go so far as to say that, as it would be against the teaching of Christ and the doctrine of the indefectibility of His Churh. As St. Paul taught: "Who hath known the mind of the Lord?" (Romans 11:34/DRV). God works in mysterious ways. It is fascinating to see everything unfold. It is a great teaching moment.

We TRADITIO Fathers have concluded that this is one of those great times of testing our Faith that frequently occurs in the Church -- and most of us are failing that test. But isn't what just that Christ predicted? "But yet the Son of Man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?" (Luke 18:8/DRV). We see in our times evil men, corrupt men, and lukewarm men in the majority, but this is no different from the situation in Christ's time.

What is even more disturbing in our time are those who refuse to stand up for the full Faith, the full Mass, the full Sacraments. They sell out Christ for far less than thirty pieces of silver -- people like the hypocritical and deceitful Bernie Fellay, Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX, who would sell out the courageous Archbishop's traditional Catholic organization to the very people that the Archbishop denounced as "not Catholic." People like the pseudo-traditionalists, who will settle for a Half Novus Ordo Vatican II "Mess of 1962+" instead of the Traditional Latin Mass. People who will fawn over a "Paedophile Pope" just because he covers his abject corruption with a little Latin and a lot of incense. People who will accept the phony "humility" of Newpope who proclaims to the world: Look at me; I'm humble."

We are not to put our noses into God's business; Christ tells us that. Instead, our role is:

  1. To stand by Christ, to stand by the true Faith against its enemies, even if they be in the highest places in the Church, or what purports to be the Church
  2. To attend only the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments, on Sundays, Holydays, Holy Week, etc., without fail, if there is any possibility to do so
  3. To pray that we ourselves might become more perfect, not to control God: first, the Hours of the Divine Office, whenever available, as the highest prayer of the Church, then the Angelus, the Seven Penitential Psalms, the Fifteen Gradual Psalms, the Litanies, the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Three Aves, and so many other traditional prayers (the Rosary is certainly not the only traditional prayer available)
  4. To sing -- St. Paul mentions this in several of his Epistles -- the Sacred Chant of the Church and the great Latin hymns of Catholic prayer-life, in a local schola, if available, for in this we follow Christ, Who Scripture tells us sang hymns on the way to Gethsemane
  5. To correct publicly those who purport to be "prelates" and, through color of office, perpetrate the most vile crimes and have the greatest potential of harming the Church and its members
  6. To root out hypocrisy in the Church in the highest places, in which mission Christ Himself served as our example, as documented in Scripture

Good Catholics, let's face it. The vast majority of those who call themselves "Catholics" are doing none of these things, and none of us is doing enough. No wonder the Catholic Church and Catholic civilization are sinking around us. We have brought this upon ourselves by tolerating evil and compromising the true Faith. And that is certainly not God's fault.

March 22, 2013 - The Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergolio Rejects Papal Crown
His Newpapal Coat of Arms Includes only a Bishop's Mitre

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergolio's Coat of Arms

Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapal Coat of Arms
Bergoglio Has Rejected the Triple-tiered Papal Crown for Merely a Bishop's Mitre
Again Bergoglio Eschews His Newpapal Office
He Refuses to Be Crowned Pope
But Has Directed that He Be Merely "Installed" into the Newpapacy

In further confirmation that Francis-Bergoglio seems to question his own Newpapacy, he has directed that his Newpapal coat of arms not display the three-tiered papal tiara, unmistakably denoting the office of pope. His new coat of arms displays only a bishop's mitre. Furthermore, Bergoglio has refused to be crowned unmistakably as pope, but has directed that he be merely "installed" into the Newpapacy.

Moreover, even the fisherman's ring that is supposed to represent his Newpapacy is a fake. The ring that he chose was originally made for Paul VI-Montini, who never wore it. Montini was the Modernist Newpope under whom the New Order was implemented. So, Bergoglio not only chose a ring associated with an unCatholic Newpope but also it will not even be of gold, but merely gold plated. This seems a perfect symbol of the questionable nature of Bergoglio's Newpapacy.

Bergolio joins Benedict-Ratzinger in never having been consecrated a bishop -- the Bishop of Rome or bishop of any other place. The two were merely "installed," in the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugini's invalid New Ordinal of 1969, as Newbishops. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Huffington Post.]

For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the section "Papal Tiara."

Newvatican Personnel Are Wondering out Loud:
Is Francis-Bergoglio a Socialist, or Even a Communist?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Newvatican personnel are wondering out loud: is Francis-Bergoglio a Socialist, or even a Communist? Will he, as a Newjesuit, allow the murderous "Liberation Theology" embraced by the Newjesuits to infiltrate New Order sect even further? Since Bergoglio's election as Newpope, Newvatican personnel are asking the question out loud.

As the question about Bergoglio's Socialism or Communism is being weighed, there is increasing concern about his association with the murderous junta that took control of Argentina from 1976 to 1983. Bergoglio was made Newchurch archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1978. Although Bergoglio's chorus of sycophants tries to deny it, there are persistent disturbing reports about his cooperation with the brutal military junta. There are also persistent reports that Bergoglio actively coooperated with the junta by turning over at least two of his presbyters, who were subsequently tortured by the junta. All of this "humility" spin by Newchurch and secular propagandists about Bergoglio may be just a cover for a conceited and brutal man, not the man of "mercy" that he tries to characterize himself to be. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The Blaze.]

March 21, 2013 - St. Benedict, Abbot
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergolio Is Called a "Sworn Enemy of the Traditional Mass"
He Corrupted even the "Motu" Mess of 1962+, Then Shut it Down

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergolio Mess

Under a Picture of the "Proto-Paedophile Pope" JPII-Wojtyla the "Unblessed"
Jorge Bergoglio Con-celebrates the Abominable Novus Ordo Mess
With a Gaggle of Invalid Novus Ordo Presbyters
In Buenos Aires Bergoglio Earned the Reputation of Being
The "Sworn Enemy of the Traditional Mass"
His Novus Ordo Messes Have Been Described Even by His Presbyters as "Extreme"

Like all the other Newchurch bishops, Jorge Bergoglio prohibited the Traditional Latin Mass, that is, the Mass that existed before Bugnini started to "modernize" it in the 1950s. The only "Latin Mass" that was "allowed" under severe restrictions by Newchurch was Bugnini's Half Novus Ordo Vatican II "Mess of 1962+." JPII-Wojtyla allowed it on a limited basis in 1989, then called the "Indult" Mess, only in response to Archbishop Lefebvre's bold action in consecrating four traditional bishops in that year for the SSPX. Benedict-Ratzinger again allowed it on a limited basis in 2007, then called the "Motu" Mess. (Subsequent events have brought into question just how "traditional" the Archbishop's four bishops in fact turned out to be.)

In 2007, the year of Ratzinger's Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum, several Newchurch bishops felt that they had to play ecclesiastical games to "get in good" with Ratzinger, so they "allowed" a single "Motu" Mess in their Newdioceses. Bergoglio, the Newarchbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, allowed a single "Motu" Mess in 2007. But how he did it is instructive and led to his being called the "sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass."

First of all, Bergoglio assigned the "Motu" Mess to the underground, literally. He chose the site for the single "Motu" Mess in Buenos Aires to be a crypt church. Other Newbishops have done the same thing. Using a crypt church is intended to make an ironical statement: the Traditional Mass is dead. Nor was this Mess performed every Sunday, just one Sunday a month. This is a common tactic by the Newchurch bishops to prevent a congregation from forming even around the Half Novus Ordo Mess.

Bergoglio then chose an invalid Novus Ordo presbyter to perform the Mess, one who refused to use the traditional calendar for the "Motu" Mess, but substituted the Novus Ordo calendar. Moreover, he had laymen read the Novus Ordo "readings," including the Gospel in the vernacular, while he sat in his president's chair. The traditional Epistle and the Gradual were suppressed in favor of their phony Novus Ordo substitutes. In the Traditional Latin Mass, only one in Major Holy Orders, a deacon or higher, is allowed to read or chant the Holy Gospel.

Bergoglio played the anti-traditional game to perfection. On the first day of the "Motu" Mess, September 16, 2007, about one hundred Newchurchers attended. That quickly dwindled down to a handful because of the anti-traditional environment in the Newdiocese. Thus, Bergoglio engineered the failure of the single, once-a-month Novus Ordo hybrid "Motu" Mess in Buenos Aires. This ploy follows the practice of several other Newbishops, who engineering the failure of the "Motu" Mess, in order that they could claim that there was no interest. This ploy Bergoglio pulled as well. Thus, he rightly has earned the epithet: "Sworn Enemy of the Traditional Mass." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Clarin.]

Francis-Bergolio Refuses Newpapal Blessing at Press Audience
Instead Gives "Silent Blessing" to Protestants, Jews, Mohammendans

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On March 16, 2013, Francis-Bergolio held his first audience with the press. He shocked them by refusing to impart his blessing. In an unprecedented slap at the Catholic religion, he announced, in Spanish: "Since many of you are not members of the Catholic Church [sic], and others are not believers, I cordially give this blessing silently, to each of you, respecting the conscience of each." Even a non-Catholic American TV anchor understood the incongruity of the situation when he asked out loud: "Did he give the blessing? Was that it? The pope did not raise his hand to make the sign of the cross."

Bergoglio couldn't impart a papal blessing to the members of the press, but he did find the time to write the Chief Rabbi of Rome immediately after his election "in a spirit of renewed collaboration," saying he strongly hoped to "contribute to the progress of the relations that have existed between Jews and Catholics" since the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNN.]

March 20, 2013 - Ferial Day

Francis-Bergolio's Newpapacy Already Sinks into the Paedophilia Scandal
As He Officially Greets the Proto-Paedophile Newcardinal, Bernard Law

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergolio Stumbles

Francis-Bergoglio Stumbles as He Prepares to Address the Newcardinals
The Day after His Election as Newpope
It Took only Two Days, but Bergoglio Is Already Mired in Scandals
Over His Greeting the Proto-Paedophile Newcardinal Bernard Law
Over His Extremist Novus Ordo "Messes"
Even over His Attempts to Refight the Falklands War

Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's physical stumbling before his address to the Newcardinals on March 14, 2013, symbolized the controversy into which his Newpontificate has sunk -- and that on the most significant issue facing him: complicity in paedophilia by his Newcardinals, Newbishops, and presbyters.

The most hated Newcardinal in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust is Bernard Law, former Newarchbishop of Boston, Massachusetts. It was his complicity in and cover-up of the most vile crimes against children by his Newclergy that brought Newchurch's most explosive secret to the surface like a nuclear bomb launched from a submarine. Even many Newchurchers were stunned when the "Unblessed" JPII-Wojtyla spirited Law off to Newrome in 2004 in order that he could escape the criminal consequences of his actions, and made him archpriest of the Archbasilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with a generous stipend and cushy apartments above the basilica.

On March 14, 2013, the day after his election as Newpope Bergoglio visited the basilica as part of his required rounds after election. There he officially greeted Law to the horror of the child victims and their families. They described Bergoglio's action as "rubbing salt into still-festering wounds." With Bergoglio's first scandal brewing, an initial report was circulated that he had banished Law from the basilica and sent him to a monastery. But that report turned out to be entirely false. Bergoglio's Newpapal spokesman directly and publicly on the same day addressed the rumor, stating that it was "completely and totally false."

Meanwhile, in just three days, Bergoglio's Newpapacy is becoming involved in a controversy about his personal character. While the clueless secular and Newchurch press are still, for the most part, singing from the official hymnbook that Bergoglio is "humble" -- although one can hardly see it, given the degree to which he focuses everything upon himself, as if to say, "look at me; I'm humble" --, there are already cracks in the official dike.

There are disturbing reports about his cooperation with the brutal military junta that ruled in Argentina from 1976 to 1983. There are even persistent reports that Bergoglio personally turned over some of his own presbyters to be tortured.

Bergoglio couldn't even keep out of the controversy between Argentina and Britain over the Falkland Islands. Although the Falkland War ended in 1982, with Britain retaining possession of its islands after the Argentineans invaded them, Bergoglio has now stated that the islands are "Argentinean oil" that was "usurped" by Great Britain. This statement prompted British Prime Minister David Cameron on March 15, 2013, to chastise Bergoglio. Cameron pointed out that in this week's plebiscite, over 98.8 per cent of the Falklanders wanted to remain British. So it seems that even if Bergoglio is "humble" (which is far from certain), he is certainly not a man of peace, not loathe to stir up hostilities after they were resolved thirty years ago. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Il Fatto Quotidiano.]

Has Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX Already Given up on Francis-Bergoglio
Characterizing Him as an Irreformable Ultra-Modernist?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Even the Neo-SSPX, which fawned over the "Paedophile Pope," Benedict-Ratzinger, not once condemning his complicity in the sodomizing of tens of thousands of Newchurch children, now, just two days after Francis-Bergolio's election, has started to separate itself from the new Newpope. On March 15, 2013, the Neo-SSPX District Dictator of South America wrote disparagingly of the state of Bergoglio's Newclergy in Buenos Aires, the extremely Novus Ordo Messes that Bergoglio "performs," and the Oecumenical Conference of 2006, in which Bergoglio knelt before Protestant ministers to receive the imposition of hands.

Curiously, Neo-SSPX organs on the day of Francis-Bergoglio's election had effusively praised Bergoglio and called for prayers for him. It sounded very much likely sycophancy, in the vernacular expression, the Neo-SSPX "kissing up" to Bergoglio to incline him to accept Bernie Fellay desire to sellout the Neo-SSPX into the New Order sect. Apparently, in just two days, the handwriting on the wall was too clear even for Fellay and his Fellayites. They were already comparing Bergoglio to the Ultra-Modernist Newpope who, together with the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, was responsible for destroying the Catholic Church and replacing it with the Newchurch of the New Order: Paul VI-Montini.

Good Catholics, as Our Lord Himself taught us: "Every kingdom divided against itself, shall be brought to desolation, and house upon house shall fall" (Luke 11:17/DRV). It is clear that the house of the New Order is finally falling into a pervasive corruption that was previously unimaginable. Together with the New Order sect will fall Bernie Fellay, the Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX, who wanted to rent out an apartment within that Novus Ordo house, perhaps in that very block on the Via Carducci owned by Newchurch, which was recently revealed to house Europe's biggest "gay" bathhouse. It is an undeniable fact that Fellay has never uttered one condemnatory word against Benedict-Ratzinger for his paedophilia holocaust, no, not one.

March 19, 2013 - St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Feast of the Second Class

Francis-Bergolio's First "Mess" Shows Rampant Novus Ordoism
The Protestant Dinner Table Is Back!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sistine Chapel

On His First Day as Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio Hauls the Novus Ordo Dinner Table
Back into the Sistine Chapel to "Perform" the Novus Ordo for the Newcardinals
Christ the Judge Looks down on Bergoglio form Michelangelo's Last Judgment Fresco
As if to Say: See the Hell that Awaits Those Who Destroy My True Church!

Just as TRADITIO predicted when the 2007 "Motu" was issued, Benedict-Ratzinger's Half Novus Ordo Vatican II Latin Mess of 1962+ was not likely to survive his death. The pseudo-traditionalists immediately jumped onto the Newchurch bandwagon in that year, hawking what was called the "Extraordinary" Mess, a term that had was a completely unCatholic neologism by Ratzinger, who, for the first time in Church history, established an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service officially as the "Ordinary" Mess for his New Order sect. That Mess was engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini to serve as a half-way stepping stone to the full-blown invalid Novus Ordo service of 1969.

The clueless pseudo-traditionalists, who drooled to get "communion" with the New Order sect, swallowed Ratzinger's deception wholeheartedly. Of course, they completely ignored the fact that the clerks simulating the "Motu" Mess were not even priests validly ordained "to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the living and the dead," but were merely invalid presbyters installed "to preside over the assembly of the people" at the Novus Ordo service under the invalid New Ordinal of 1969.

On the first full day of Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapacy, the pseudo-traditionalists were beginning to see the handwriting on the wall for the demise of their phony "Motu" Mess. Back in the Sistine Chapel for the First Mess Pro Ecclesia on March 14, 2013, was the Novus Ordo dinner table, barbarically concealing the artistic beauty of Michelangelo's artwork in the Sistine Chapel. Bergoglio made a point of re-confirming the Novus Ordo trappings for the Newpapacy by facing the Newcardinals across the dinner table like the Protestant minister he is.

And the message of his "homily" was hardly even Christian. The "homily" was a chatty, off-the-cuff, almost vaudevillian parody of a Catholic sermon. In words reminiscent of Bergoglio's socialistic environment in Argentina, the Newcardinals were given an anti-Christian message: the Church should not try to impose its message on a modern society that doesn't want to hear it. The Church needs to be "one with the people." Bergoglio is said to be "Marian," but he doesn't seem to be Christian!

Even the usually clueless secular press saw the truth immediately. Bergoglio's First Mess recalled the worst features of JPII-Wojtyla's parody Messes. "The liturgical beauty is already gone from Papal Mass [sic]," reported the Associated Press. Gone were the papal vestments, replaced with modern knockoffs that were more suitable to Macy's bargain basement. Gone was the papal mozetta, or short cape, which symbolizes jurisdiction. Gone again is the traditional coronation of the pope, which the last three eschewed.

Bergoglio will be merely "installed" as Newpope on March 19, 2013, the second Newpope not to be a true Bishop of Rome, as he was never consecrated as a bishop, but only installed under Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal of 1969 (as was Ratzinger). [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Writes: "Whilst I Did Not Look toward the Conclave with Any Real Hope
I Certainly Did Not Expect This Result"

From: A Traditional Catholic Bishop

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Alas, I cannot say that I communicate this with any joy, rather with great sorrow. Whilst I did not look towards the conclave with any real hope, I certainly did not expect this result.

After watching the first "Papal Mess" of Francis-Bergoglio from the once sacred Sistine Chapel, I saw what little Benedict had done to add (external) dignity to the "Mess of Paul VI" wiped away in a flash. From the cardboard costume "mitre" Bergoglio wore, to the return of the picnic table in front of the True Altar of Sacrifice. I cannot recount every bizarre liturgical innovation, but from the non-genuflections, placing his hand actually on the (ugly) "cup" as if he were in a pool hall chugging brews with the boys, to not knowing the actual form and grammar of the Pontifical Blessing (who needs a correct case; Latin is for dummies...). Lastly, his strange traipsing about to a "podium" to "preach," rather than from the throne, was all too painful -- even JPII-Wojtyla did not do that. The only spark of joy I witnessed from Francis was at the "Kiss of Peace," -- boy, do socialists love to hug!

I am in mourning, and did not think that I could feel any worse over the debacle of what passes to the clueless for the "Church."

March 18, 2013 - St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Bernie Fellay's Deep, Dark Secret Has Finally Been Revealed to the World
The Document that He Submitted to Benedict-Ratzinger Was a Complete Sellout of Traditional Catholicism

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bernie Fellay

Bernie Fellay Explodes in Anger as His Sellout Reply to Benedict-Ratzinger Is Published
His Deep, Dark Secret Has Finally Been Revealed by Bishop Williamson
Many of Fellay's Priests Are Stunned at the Depth of Fellay's Sellout
And Are Calling Openly for His Immediate "Abdication" from the Superiorate
Fellay Has Reacted with a Paranoid Screed
In Which He Essentially Threatens to Expel Every Single One of His Priests

The most closely guarded-secret in Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX was the response of April 15, 2012, that Fellay sent to Benedict-Ratzinger's "Doctrinal Preamble" of September 14, 2011. Ratzinger's preamble contained the Modernist basis of Fellay's proposed sellout of Archbishop Lefebvre's originally-traditional Society of St. Pius X to the New Order sect. Very few were privy to Fellay's response: just the three NSSPX bishops, Fellay's two assistants, his "partner-in-sellout" Franz Schmidberger, and a very few others, who were sworn to secrecy.

The TRADITIO Network at the time castigated Fellay for not revealing the content of Ratzinger's originally-proposed Doctrinal Preamble and Fellay's own reply. Such a document is a matter of importance to the entire traditional Catholic community and should had had full public disclosure and discussion. Fellay, however, rigorously kept the documents a deep, dark secret -- and now we know why.

Now we know why the German Carmelites deserted Fellay on February 28, 2013. Now we know why Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer, formerly a Neo-SSPX priest who left the organization to found, together with the four other priests known as the "Vienna Five," the SSPX of the Strict Observance, publicly, on March 10, 2013, called upon the Neo-SSPX priests collectively to kick Fellay out of the Superiorate. Fr. Pfeiffer minced no words: he accused Fellay of wholesale betrayal of the traditional Catholic faith and doctrine, based upon blatant concessions to heretical Modernism.

One of the recipients of Fellay's response was the Neo-SSPX's senior bishop at the time, Richard Williamson. Fellay later expelled him from the NSSPX, so Williamson no longer has an obligation of loyalty to Fellay's Neo-SSPX. So, when 37 of Fellay's Neo-SSPX priests in France on February 28, 2013, issued a letter separating themselves from Fellay's attempted betrayal of Archbishop Lefebvre and traditional Catholicism, Williamson showed them the Doctrinal Preamble so that they would know the full truth of the matter.

Over Fellay's almost dead body, his response to Ratzinger has now leaked out. And Fellay's response is a doozy: essentially a complete sellout of every traditional Catholic position in an effort to betray, like a Judas, the Archbishop's once traditional Catholic organization into the hands of the New Order sect and its leader, the "Paedophile Pope," Benedict-Ratzinger, whom the Archbishop publicly called "not Catholic." And here is that response.

I. We promise to be always faithful to the Catholic Church and to the Roman Pontiff, the Supreme Pastor, Vicar of Christ, Successor of Peter, and head of the body of bishops.
II. We declare that we accept the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church in the substance of Faith and Morals, adhering to each doctrinal affirmation in the required degree, according to the doctrine contained in No. 25 of the dogmatic constitution Lumen Gentium of the Second Vatican Council.
III. 1. We declare that we accept the doctrine regarding the Roman Pontiff and regarding the college of bishops, with the pope as its head, which is taught by the dogmatic constitution Pastor Aeternus of Vatican I and by the Dogmatic [Sic] Constitution Lumen Gentium of Vatican II, the chapter De constitutione hierarchica Ecclesiae et in specie de episcopatu, explained and interpreted by the nota explicativa praevia in this same chapter.
2. We recognize the authority of the Magisterium to which alone is given the task of authentically interpreting the word of God, in written form or handed down in fidelity to Tradition, recalling that "the Holy Ghost was not promised to the successors of Peter in order for them to make known, through revelation, a new doctrine, but so that with His assistance they may keep in a holy and expressly faithful manner the revelation transmitted by the Apostles, that is to say, the Faith."
3. Tradition is the living transmission of revelation "usque ad nos" and the Church in its doctrine, in its life and in its liturgy perpetuates and transmits to all generations what this is and what she believes. Tradition progresses in the Church with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, not as a contrary novelty, but through a better understanding of the Deposit of the Faith.
4. The entire tradition of Catholic Faith must be the criterion and guide in understanding the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, which, in turn, enlightens -- in other words deepens and subsequently makes explicit -- certain aspects of the life and doctrine of the Church implicitly present within itself or not yet conceptually formulated.
5. The affirmations of the Second Vatican Council and of the later Pontifical Magisterium relating to the relationship between the Church and the non-Catholic Christian confessions, as well as the social duty of religion and the right to religious liberty, whose formulation is with difficulty reconcilable with prior doctrinal affirmations from the Magisterium, must be understood in the light of the whole, uninterrupted Tradition, in a manner coherent with the truths previously taught by the Magisterium of the Church, without accepting any interpretation of these affirmations whatsoever that would expose Catholic doctrine to opposition or rupture with Tradition and with this Magisterium.
6. That is why it is legitimate to promote through legitimate discussion the study and theological explanations of the expressions and formulations of Vatican II and of the Magisterium which followed it, in the case where they don't appear reconcilable with the previous Magisterium of the Church.
7. We declare that we recognize the validity of the sacrifice of the Mass [sic] and the Sacraments [sic] celebrated with the intention to do what the Church does according to the rites indicated in the typical editions of the Roman Missal and the Sacramentary Rituals legitimately promulgated by Popes Paul VI and John-Paul II.
8. In following the guidelines laid out above (III.5), as well as Canon 21 of the Code of Canon Law, we promise to respect the common discipline of the Church and the ecclesiastical laws, especially those which are contained in the Code of Canon Law promulgated by John-Paul II (1983) and in the Code of Canon Law of the Oriental Churches promulgated by the same pontiff (1990), without prejudice to the discipline of the Society of Saint Pius X, by a special law.

Note carefully Fellay's full-throated acceptance of:

  1. the Modernist heresy of a "living Tradition," which is always changing
  2. the Modernist Vatican II Council as an authority
  3. Modernistic documents, such as Vatican II's Lumen gentium, which contains, among other Modernist statements, that "the Church of Christ subsists in [not is, according to the traditional Catholic dogma] the Catholic Church, i.e., the Modernist modification to Catholic doctrine that was personally proposed by "Fr." Ratzinger at the Council
  4. the invalid Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service, fabricated by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, which fails the test of intention for a valid Mass decreed by Pope Leo XIII in Apostolic Curae of 1896
  5. the Conciliar Newpopes Paul VI-Montini and JPII-Wojtyla
  6. the Modernist Novus Ordo "Code of Canon Law" of 1983, not the traditional 1917 Codex of Pope St. Pius X and Pope Benedict XV
  7. (in a footnote 1) the 1989 Novus Ordo "Profession of Faith" and "Oath of Fidelity" to Vatican II, not Pope St. Pius X's traditional Anti-modernist Oath

And what has Fellay's reaction been to the publication of these documents, which should have been in the public domain from the beginning? Their publication, he says through his French District-Superior, in a March 7, 2013, screed, was "to discredit The Authority." To what "Authority" is Felly referring? Why, it is Fellay himself! We say "screed" because this communique is a maniacal rant that no CEO of an organization should ever send out. In it, Fellay in a paranoid mania, completely loses it, saying that:

  1. his own priests demand his resignation not because of his perfidy to the founding principles of his organization and because of his gross incompetence as its leader, but because they use "slander, detraction, hodgepodges." To Fellay, there can never be any just criticism of his mindset and methods
  2. his respected former senior bishop, Richard Williamson, and his own priests who have questioned his anti-traditional mindset and methods, are "insubordinate" and "seditious" (this bishop and these priests he singles out for his vicious opprobrium by name)
  3. he chastizes his priests' use of the internet to express their objections to his Novus Ordo-sellout posture, but his own internet organs kept spewing out his propaganda on the internet with increased frequency and virulence
  4. he has expelled a mind-boggling number of his own priests simply for expressing, usually in a "respectful" tone, their disagreement with his New Order-friendly policies, and threatens to expel many more

In an effort at damage control, Fellay is, two years late, going to release the documentation that he should have made public to his own organization and the world from the start. Is it any wonder that at this time about one in six of his priests have separated from him? He has only about 600 priests worldwide. Almost 100 of these have now left him because of his anti-traditional policies and dictatorial regime. Fellay is assassinating his own organization!

The Unholy See Is Exposed as Owing Europe's Biggest "Gay" Bathhouse in Rome
In Whose Apartments a Newcardinal and Several Presbyters Live

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On March 11, 2013, one day before the conclave that elected Jorge Bergolio the new Newpope, the Italian press revealed that Benedict-Ratzinger had purchased a 30,000,000 U.S.-dollar share in a Rome apartment block on Via Carducci, which houses Europe's biggest "gay" bathhouse, a "steamy fleshpot" called the Europa Multiclub, which boasts a Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, whirlpools, and massages. Housed in a 12-room apartment in the "gay" block is Newcardinal Ivan Dias, head of Ratzinger's Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples. Other presbyters associated with Ratzinger's Newvatican are also residents of the place. The Newvatican's "business" is marked outside by a phallic topiary.

The bathhouse's web site promotes special "bear nights," with a video in which a rotund, hairy man (known as a "bear" in "gay" lingo) strips down to a G-string before changing into a presbyter's outfit. The "gay" bathhouse housing Ratzinger's presbyters, as the Italian government has revealed, gets a tax-break for its operations, because it is considered to be an "outreach" of the Unholy See.

The world is still reeling from recent exposure by the Italian press of a "gay cabal" operating from Ratzinger's Apostolic Apartments, which, according to that press, is the real reason why Ratzinger abdicated from the Newpapacy. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Independent.]

March 17, 2013 - Passion Sunday
Semidouble Sunday of the First Class

The Newchurch of the New Order Has a New Newpope
Jorge Bergoglio, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Who Took the Name of "Francis"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Jorge Bergoglio

The New Newpope of Newchurch Is Jorge Bergoglio
Newcardinal-archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina
A Newjesuit, Aged 76, the First to Take the Name "Franciscus"
Pictured Here as Reported in 2006 by the TRADITIO Network
Kneeling to Receive the Imposition of Hands
From Protestant Ministers at a Syncretist Convention

At 19:10 Central European Time (Rome)/20:10 Greenwich Mean Time, Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the white smoke went up from the Sistine Chapel. Once again the Newcardinals rushed to a decision, in just five ballots, in one and a half days. At 20:12 CET/21:12 GMT, the Newcardinal Proto-deacon, Jean-Louis Tauran, announced the name in the Latin formula from the loggia of the Vatican Basilica overlooking the Piazza di San Pietro:

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum. Habemus papam. Eminentissimum ac reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum Georgium Marium Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalem Bergoglio, qui sibi nomen imposuit Franciscum.

Francis-Bergolio started off his Newpapacy in ominously-bad form by a rambling "chat" in a vulgar tongue, followed by the Pater Noster and Ave Maria in a vulgar tongue before proceeding to the Latin blessing Urbi et Orbi. Even Benedict-Ratzinger didn't perpetrate this kind of sycophancy. He went on thanking one and all as if he had won an Academy Award. After the blessing, he still couldn't stop talking and resumed his "chat" in the vulgar tongue. One wanted to use the vaudeville hook to yank off the stage those who overstayed their welcome!

Then Francis-Bergoglio proceeded to foul up the blessing Urbi et Orbi, not making the triple Sign of the Cross upon the names of the three Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity, but before even naming the Trinity. He chose also to renounce the red mozzetta of papal authority. When the Master of Ceremonies offered to Bergoglio the mozzetta, Newpope said: "No thank you, Monsignore. "You put it on instead. Carnival time is over!" Does this Bergoglio not even consider himself a Newpope, to the extent that he belittles the office?

After the blessing, he ran off at the mouth yet again in an informal conversation. At the outset he does indeed appear to be another one of these "celebrity" types, focused on himself rather on the Divine Person whose Vicar he is supposed to be, His Lord Jesus Christ.

What do we know preliminarily about Bergoglio?

Moreover, the future does not bode well for Bernie Fellay, Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX, in his plans to sell out Archbishop Lefebvre's originally traditional Catholic organization to the New Order sect, because from what we now know about Bergoglio:

Worst of all, Bergoglio is the first "Bishop of Rome" to have been neither ordained as a priest nor consecrated as a bishop in valid Holy Orders. He was merely installed as a presbyter and a Newbishop under Hannibal Bugnini's invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1969. Moreover, he has chosen merely to be "installed" as Newpope on March 19, 2013, and not to be crowned as pope.

A Reader Asks: "Is Francis-Bergoglio the first 'Bishop of Rome'
To Have Been neither Ordained as a Priest nor Consecrated as a Bishop in Valid Holy Orders?"

From: Peter

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

You wrote, "Bergoglio is the first 'Bishop of Rome' to have been neither ordained as a priest nor consecrated as a bishop in valid Holy Orders." His "installation" took place in December 13, 1969. Was the invalid Protestantized rite fabricated by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini in his Novus Ordo Ordinal already being used at that point?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

The Newchurch of the New Order lost the valid Catholic priesthood and its episcopate when the Novus Ordo's invalid New Ordinal was promulgated on August 15, 1968, and was made mandatory as of Easter Sunday, April 6, 1969. Thus, Francis-Bergolio was never ordained as a priest nor consecrated as a bishop in valid Holy Orders, but merely "installed" in Bugnini's invalid Novus Ordo rite. Benedict-Ratzinger was validly ordained as a priest, but was never consecrated as a bishop, merely "installed" in Bugnini's invalid Novus Ordo rite.

By the way, several other readers were confused about the fact that a layman could be elected pope and, therefore, would not have to be ordained at all. What they failed to understand is that although a layman can be elected, he cannot function as pope until he is ordained and consecrated a bishop. Moreover, any layman elected in Newchurch after 1968 would not be ordained and consecrated, but merely "installed" in the invalid Novus Ordo Ordinal of 1969.

March 16, 2013 - Ferial Day

Newarchbishop of San Francisco Cordileone Has Overseen the Removal of Ratzinger's Photograph
Because the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transvestite Community Threatened a Walkout

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Salvatore Cordileone

The Newbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore "The Souse" Cordileone
This Benedict-Ratzinger Appointee, Who Approved "Gay" Sensitivity Training
Has Overseen the Removal Ratzinger's Photograph from His "Gay" Newparish
Because the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transvestite Community Threatened a Walkout
Yet Cordileone, Who Was Convicted of Public Drunkenness
Is Falsely Presented in the Clueless Newchurch and Secular Press as a Conservative!

The New Order sect's propaganda machine is in full swing. At this point you can't believe a thing that comes out of Newvatican or its Newdioceses. The latest case in point is a man who had been hailed -- except by the TRADITIO Fathers -- as one of those "conservative" appointments by the "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger, to be the Newchurch archbishop of San Francisco, California.

After his appointment, but before he was installed, Salvatore "The Souse" Cordileone was picked up by police for drunk driving. Nor are we talking here about an extra glass of wine that barely tipped him over the legal limit. No, according to his inebriation test, he had had six stiff ones before getting in his car, apparently staggering drunk, to drive his own mother and another man home. An hour and a half after he was picked up by police, his blood-alcohol level was still above the legal drunk limit.

Instead of doing the right thing and resigning, Salvatore performed the usual pro-formal "apology," with, if you can believe this, complete silence from the leading anti-drunk-driving organization, Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD)! Apparently, if you're a drunken archbishop and drive your mother home in that state, MADD will give you a pass instead of making you the poster boy for immoral behavior.

Now it seems that Cordileone, who has ignorantly been described in the press as a strong opponent of "gay marriage," has in reality bought into it. Through the agency of one of his Newparish pastors, Cordileone has overseen the removal of Benedict-Ratzinger's photograph from the "gay" Newparish in San Francisco, Most Holy Redeemer. This is the same Newparish where the former Newarchbishop, George Niederauer, handed out the invalid Novus Ordo cookie to the blasphemous "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," dressed in their full punk-rock Gothic vesture, an act that earned the Newarchdiocese vilification even in the national media.

Cordileone's pastor explained in no uncertain terms the reason for the removal of the Newpapal photograph in his March 2013 Newparish bulletin:

The feeling was while he was pope, as well as his time as a cardinal, Pope Benedict had made hurtful and hateful statements regarding the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual] Community and, thus, his picture should not be placed on the altar [sic] of Most Holy Redeemer. I was also warned, many parishioners would walk out of Sunday Mass [sic] if the picture was not removed.

Cordileone's pastor went on in words that appear to reveal that he himself was gay and implied that Benedict-Ratzinger is as well:

How do we deal with the pope, the archbishop, pr[esbyters], family, and friends that don't understand or accept us [note the emphasis] as we are?... I find that forgiving people's shortcomings, including the pope's, makes it easier for me to forgive my own shortcomings [homosexuality?].

In the local media, the Newparish that Cordileone oversees has been described as follows:

Because the real lived religion at Most Holy Redeemer is the celebration of homosexuality, things or persons that support this celebration will be experienced as orthodox; conversely, things or persons that assert Catholic [sic] teaching when it conflicts with the celebration of homosexuality will be experienced as blasphemous.

Good Catholics, the secret "Red Dossier" of the three Newcardinals, which contains 300 pages of documentation of the corruption of Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch, including charges that a homosexual ring was being run out of the Apostolic Palace, seems to fit right in with Ratzinger's duplicitous appointments of Newbishops who are perceived as "conservative," while clothing the worst kind of unCatholic and immoral Modernism. As is Cordileone, who approved "gay" sensitivity training and a giant "gay flop," crownless Christ crucifix in his former Newdiocese in Oakland, California.

A Reader Asks: "What Difference Does It Make Who the Next Newpope Is?"

From: Dario

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am being constantly bombarded by "traditional" Catholics who demand me to pray that a true and holy pope emerges from this gaggle of wickedness in Newvatican. This seems to be akin to begging the Holy Ghost to draw a holy pope from a gathering of Hindus or a coven of witches. None has holiness or the Faith of Christ. And "none" includes their Newchurch of the New Order. Even worse, since these wicked Newcardinals claim to represent Christ and lead millions of souls to destruction, it would seem more charitable to pray to Holy God that He smite this collection of men and remove them from the face of the earth!

If Catholics understand that Newchurch is an abomination and that those representing it are abominable, how could we, in good conscience, pray for an end of the abomination and the selection of a true pope from what is abominable? C.S. Lewis called men like these Newcardinals "men without chests." They deserve our contempt. If some Newcardinal has been lurking in the shadows holding onto the true Faith, he should not be elected. Rather, we need to ask him: "Why have you been so cowardly?!"

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves! Unfortunately, the people you are dealing with are not really "traditional" Catholics. They are what we call "pseudo-traditionalists," those who get excited by a word of two of Latin and a little incense smoke, but are blinded to the fact that what they are looking at is not even Catholic, and clueless cleave to the unCatholic institution and personnel of the New Order sect.

The Newchurch of the New Order is a sly deception with its fancy clothes covering up false doctrine that even a Protestant would be embarrassed at, a morality fit not even for animals, and a Mess, not a Mass, whether it be in Latin or the vernacular tongues, that is at best an poorly-designed Protestant worship service, "performed" by clergy who have not even been ordained to Holy Orders, but merely "installed" like Protestant ministers "to preside over the assembly of the people." Like, the next Newpope, will, like Benedict-Ratzinger, not have been consecrated in Holy Orders, but merely "installed" like a Protestant bishop. If he is not a bishop, he is not the bishop of Rome; thus.... Draw your own conclusion.

The pseudo-traditionalists that you are talking to are going to be disappointed because none of these Newcardinals is even Catholic. Most of them are outright Modernists, a few are perhaps 10 per cent "conservative" at best. Changing Newpopes will be like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The New Order sect itself is what is sinking.

It was a well known, internationally-syndicated talk-show host who hit the nail on the head. He said, "This papal election has turned into a celebrity contest." He has hit the nail on the head. As we TRADITIO Fathers said long ago, who the pope is should be unimportant. If he is a true pope, he will, as the constitution of his office requires, in the dogma enunciated by the First Vatican Council, "not make known some new doctrine," but "guard religiously and expound faithfully the revelation, or Deposit of Faith, transmitted by the Apostles."

It wasn't until the middle of the 20th century, with the advent of television, that most Catholics even knew who the pope was. It didn't make any difference. At their parish the Mass was the same, the Sacraments were the same, Catholic doctrine was the same, Catholic moral teaching was the same. Under the New Order sect, which is not Catholic, that no longer pertains, and the Newpapacy has become merely an international beauty contest. The Newcardinals may as well strip off their scarlets and put on their bathing suits, for all the significance that this television "reality pageant" has in the Newchurch of the New Order. Its next Newpope, no matter who he is, will sink together with it, just as Benedict-Ratzinger did.

And don't think that it is Catholic doctrine that the Holy Ghost "inspires" the cardinals to make their choice. Otherwise, one would have to believe that the Holy Ghost is the agent of murder, incest, heresy, and other crimes, and that would be blasphemy. Church history teaches us that not a few popes in the past have been perpetrators of murderer, incest, and heresy, among other gross crimes.

Not a single Newcardinal in this bunch ever had the Catholic courage to stand up and say, "Enough! I'm not going to support a Paedophile Pope. I'm not going to cover up my presbyters' crimes against children from the police, even if it means my excommunication!" Now wait a minute. Wasn't there a single archbishop at least, who stood up to a paedopile pope and was excommunicated for it? The name is coming -- wait a minute, wait a minute -- Lefebvre!

March 15, 2013 - Ides of March - Ferial Day

What the Whole World Knows, Newvatican Has Now Censored:
It Embargoes Internet Database of All Newchurch Cardinal, Bishops, and Presbyter Sex Criminals

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newvatican Web Site

This Time It Isn't Outside Hackers, but Newvatican Officials Themselves
Who Have Blocked Newvatican's Web Servers
They Don't Want the International Press and Others
To Have Access to the Internet Database that Lists in Detail
All the Newchurch Cardinals, Bishops, and Presbyters
Who Have Committed Sex Crimes against Children
The International Press Is Outraged at the Embargo

Any notion that Newvatican, either under Benedict-Ratzinger or under the 115 corrupt Newcardinals running the New Order sect in the sede vacante period, is coming to grips with Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust is demonstrably false. Newvatican has blocked access by the international press and others to the internet database that lists in detail all the Newchurch cardinals, bishops, and presbyters in the United States who have committed sex crimes against children, as publicly reported since the 1980s.

Newvatican claimed that the database on Newchurch's criminal clergy was being blocked because of "hate and racism" and that the Vatican Protection System had implemented the embargo on the public information from Newvatican's four servers. Newvatican has also intermittently blocked access to other sites covering the Newchurch Holocaust, including Canada's Globe and Mail. This is what the data reveal, for just the United States:

The international press is outraged at the embargo. The action of the Newchurch cardinals follows the example of the Mohammedan regime in Egypt, which blocked access to the internet in an effort to stop the democracy movement in that country. This has always been, and remains, the New Order sect's and the Newpopes' response to criminality: cover it up, censor it, and punish its disclosure. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

Newcardinals Demand Publication of the "Red Dossier" on the Homosexual Ring
And Paedophilia Support within Benedict-Ratzinger's Newpapacy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Newcardinals supposed to be governing Newchurch during the sede vacante period have demanded release of the "Red Dossier," the 300-page relatio of the Commission of three Newcardinals into corruption in the Benedict-Ratzinger Newpapacy. But the Newcardinals have been barred from access to it by Camerarius Tarcisio Bertone, who is himself involved in the corruption as Ratzinger's Secretary of State.

Much of the substance of the Red Dossier has already been leaked to the Italian press by moles (whistleblowers) in the Newvatican hierarchy. The report contains evidence that a homosexual sex ring of high Newvatican officials was operating from Ratzinger's Apostolic apartments, some members of whom were being blackmailed. It has been suggested that Ratzinger himself was being blackmailed, and that his abdication was not primarily for reasons of heath, as he himself maintained, but because of his personal involvement.

Ratzinger's No. 2 man, Bertone, whom Ratzinger publicly embraced and lauded at the final Consistory on February 11, 2013, is also thought to be involved. For this reason, resentment seethes among the Newcardinals against Bertone and Ratzinger's Newcuria. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Guardian.]

March 14, 2013 - Ferial Day

Fellay's Neo-SSPX Carmelite Monastery in Germany Officially Breaks with Him
The Carmelites Say that Fellay and His Neo-SSPX Are Now "Enemies" of the Traditional Catholic Faith

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Carmelite Monastery

The Carmelite Monastery of St. Joseph at Brilon am Wald, Germany
Has Severed Its Ties with Fellay and His Novus Ordo-leaning Neo-SSPX
The Carmelites Have Refused to Receive Representatives of the Neo-SSPX
At the Monastery Founded by Archbishop Lefebvre's Sister
The Carmelites Say that Fellay and His Neo-SSPX
Are Now "Enemies" of the Traditional Catholic Faith

Bernie Fellay is now suffering the consequences that we TRADITIO Fathers predicted would occur as a result of his attempted sellout of the Neo-SSPX to the New Order sect and as a result of the personal dictatorship under which he has taken control of the Neo-SSPX. On February 28, 2013, 37 Neo-SSPX priests in France publicly dissociated themselves from Fellay's anti-traditional policies.

Now the Neo-SSPX's Carmelite Monastery of St. Joseph in Brilon am Wald, Germany, has officially separated itself from Fellay and gone independent. The Carmelites state that Fellay and the Neo-SSPX bishops have betrayed the traditional Catholic Faith by affiliating themselves with the Modernists in Newrome, including Benedict-Ratzinger.

The Carmelites have refused to receive the Neo-SSPX bishop Alfonso Galarreta because he stuck with Fellay while he was attempting to sell out the Neo-SSPX to the New Order sect. The Carmelites also refused to receive Franz Schmidberger, Fellay's German District Superior, for the same reason. As is his usual tactic, Schmidberger tried to play the dictator over the Carmelites, but they would have none of it, and refused even to see him. The Carmelites regard Galarreta and Schmidberger, not to say Fellay, as now enemies of the traditional Catholic Faith.

The Carmelite Monastery was founded thirty years ago by Archbishop Lefebvre's sister, Marie-Christiane, as an affiliate of the motherhouse in Quievrain, Belgium. The Carmelite Monastery serves as a Mass center to the larger traditional Catholic lay community in the area. The head priest at the Monastery has indicated that he too is leaving the Neo-SSPX to serve the religious and laypeople independent of Fellay.

Close to 100 priests (approximately one out of six) and religious of the Neo-SSPX have now dissociated themselves from Fellay and his Novus Ordo-leaning Neo-SSPX since Fellay's attempted sellout of Archbishop Lefebvre's once traditional Catholic organization to the New Order sect.

More than 20 "Moles" Are Now Working as Whistleblowers within Newvatican
To Expose to the Public the Corruption that Benedict-Ratzinger Engineered

Italy's leading wire-service agency, ANSA, revealed on March 7, 2013, that there are over 20 moles, including laymen and Newchurch prelates, inside Newvatican, whose purpose is to expose to the world the filth and corruption that characterized Benedict-Ratzinger and his top officials.

ANSA indicated that Ratzinger did not resign primarily because of health reasons, but because of the corruptions exposed and to be exposed in the Vatileaks scandal. The existence of the moles-whistleblowers was also confirmed by La Repubblica, Italy's largest general circulation daily newspaper. Reports of additional corruption have already begun to surface during the sede vacante period in the Italian press.

The most well-known mole to date, was the whistleblower Paolo Gabriele, Ratzinger's own butler, who was so scandalized by the corruption he saw in Ratzinger's office that he copied the evidence and turned it over to the press.

March 13, 2013 - Ferial Day

Child Victims of Newchurch's Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Identify Twelve Newcardinals as the "Dirty Dozen" Who Should Never Become Newpope

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Tarcisio Bertone

Newcardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Camerarius of Newchurch Sede Vacante
Sits Blind to the Sodomy of Children by His Newchurch Clergy
The "Pompous Paedophile" Heads the List of the "Dirty Dozen"
Newcardinals Exposed for Complicity in Paedophile Crimes
Who Should Be Spurned from Any Ambitions for the Newpapacy

Over the election of a new Newpope for the Newchurch of the New Order hangs the elephant in the middle of the room: Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, headed by the "Proto-Paedophile" Newpope JPII-Wojtyla and the "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger. It will color and pollute Newchurch for years to come, which will, like the murderess Lady Macbeth, constantly try to absolve itself, crying "Out, out damned spot.... Hell is murky." At least Lady Macbeth knew that she was a sinner. The New Order sect's Newpopes, Newcardinals, Newbishops, and presbyters have yet to come to that conclusion. Therefore, their unrepented sins weigh them down to the Hell that Lady Macbeth sees clearly as the price to be paid.

One laudable development over the last few years is that the child victims of the criminal Newchurch clergy no longer remain silent. They call and spade a spade and do not "respect" those criminal clergymen deserve no respect, having defiled their holy office. These child victims and their supporters now publicly lay the blame where we TRADITIO Fathers have laid it for over a decade: upon the New Order sect and its paedophiliac Newpopes Wojtyla and Ratzinger. In that realization the victims have publicized a list of the "Dirty Dozen" Newcardinals, who should be spurned from any ambitions for the Newpapacy:

These Newcardinals, according to the Survivors Network of Those Abused by [Presbyters] (SNAP), are "the worst choices in terms of protecting kids, healing victims, and exposing corruption." Of those, Dolan, Maradiga, O'Malley, Ouellet, Sandri, Scola, Turkson, and Rivera are considered to be "papabili." One Newcardinal long since singled out as someone who should not even be participating in the conclave is the disgraced former Newarchbishop of Los Angeles, California, Roger "Rogue" Mahony, who was exposed as a criminal accomplice, together with Benedict-Ratzinger, in the sodomy of children, after 12,000 pages of evidence were released by a court. Newcardinal Keith O'Brien, of Great Britain, recently exposed as a homosexual panderer by four presbyters, resigned and stayed home from the conclave.

Newcardinal Timothy "Thug" Dolan, the President of the United States Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops, stands accused in documentation presented by the New York Times, of using Newchurch collection money to pay off criminal presbyters to leave, but Dolan didn't turn a single one of the criminals over to the police for prosecution. Yet Dolan, in a rare moment of honesty admitted: "Sexual immorality, perversion, abuse of children, [the things] that affect all elements of society and culture, are particularly hideous when it comes to the [New]church."

One leading "papabile," Newcardinal Peter Turkson, has ridiculously claimed that there are no sex crimes by Newclergy in Africa since "we don't have that problem here because we don't have homosexuality." SNAP reported that child victims hold out little hope for a positive outcome from the conclave. "Whatever [New]pope they pick, he has to take decisive action in the first few weeks for victims to know something's going to change. Benedict was great for apologizing, but nothing changed." Finally, the victims and their supporters get it: "the fish stinks from the head." [Some information for this Commentary was provided by CBS News.]


We might say to our readers at the outset of what will be a long period of daily news reports around the abdication of Benedict-Ratzinger, the conclave to elect a new Newpope, and the kind of Newpope Francis-Bergoglio that they can never accept such news reports at face value. First of all, Newvatican lies in its own interest. Secondly, press reports are written by people who know very little about Catholicism and the Church, and that includes the Neocons and pseudo-traditionalists. That is why, for an informed viewpoint, one must rely on analytical sources of long experience, like the TRADITIO Network.

We TRADITIO Fathers saw the death of Pius XII and of John XXIII and the election of their successors. We saw the "Year of the Three Popes" -- the death of Paul VI, the election of John Paul I, the death of John Paul I, and the election of John Paul II. We TRADITIO Fathers have been traditional Catholic from the beginning -- not converted, not reverted --, but rock-solid traditional Roman Catholic, with the emphasis on Roman.

Thus, we will fill in for you the gaps that others leave out and correct the ignorant statements that you will hear from the raw press and now the equally ignorant New Order, Neocon, and pseudo-traditionalist "bloggers." Moreover, we TRADITIO Fathers will screen out the propaganda of the Church of the New Order and tell it "like it is." As our readers know, for twenty years now, the TRADITIO Network, the Dean of Traditional Roman Catholic Internet Sites, has told it to you straight, honest, and independent. Some people don't like our honesty and independence (they want us to "respect" those who would destroy the traditional Catholic Faith), but they always continue to read us, like flies drawn to the flame!

The TRADITIO Network has a history of being a leader in traditional Catholic events. We were the first to place the primary blame for Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust on Benedict-Ratzinger in 2005 and to call for is abdication. Many didn't like that. They defended him and excused him, claiming that we weren't "charitable"; we weren't "respectful." Events have proven us right: Ratzinger has been undeniably and factually associated with personal complicity in these horrible crimes against children and has been forced to abdicate.

We were the first (together with a couple of French web sites) to call for the ouster of Bernie Fellay, the Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX, for his attempted sellout to the New Order sect. Many Neo-SSPXers went ballistic. We weren't "charitable"; we weren't "respectful" (sound familiar?), they said. Now it seems that what we saw from 2005, many in the Neo-SSPX are now finally seeing the light that TRADITIO has been shining for eight years and jumped onto the bandwagon. One out of six of Fellay's clergy have left him, and a Neo-SSPX "resistance" has formed to force his outster.

To them we say, if you want pabulum fit for children, read the secular press or go to Newchurch and pseudo-traditionalist "blogs." Read the here-today-gone-tomorrow sites that have no background in Catholicism, let alone traditional Catholicism. There are plenty of them that will spin the line of the counterfeit Newchurch of the Gay Spirit or the Newchurch of Bernie Fellay's Ambition until you can't wait to return to the directness, honesty, and independence of the TRADITIO Network.

March 12, 2013 - St. Gregory the Great, Pope, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

On March 12, 2013, 115 Newcardinals Will Elect a Newpope
Who Is Expected to Be Even More Modernist than the Ex-Newpope Ratzinger

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Malcolm Ranjith Leaves for the Conclave on a Novus Ordo-style "Float"
Ranjith Was Supposed to Be a "Traditionalist," but Was a Do-nothing, Like All Newprelates
On March 12, 2013, 115 Newcardinals Will Elect a Newpope
Who Is Expected to Be Even More Modernist than the Ex-Newpope Ratzinger
A Leader of the Modernists at Vatican II and a Confirmed Modernist Ever Since

Newcardinal Malcolm Ranjith is not unlike most of the Newcardinals who will elect the new Newpope for the Newchurch of the New Order. Pseudo-traditionists hailed Benedict-Ratzinger's 2005 appointment of Ranjith as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine [Novus Ordo] Worship, but like all pseudo-traditionalists, he ended up doing nothing, except perhaps mouthing some platitudes about handing out the invalid Novus Ordo cookie on the tongue. His administration became such an embarrassment that Ratzinger exiled him from Newrome to serve as the head of a remote little island to the southeast of India, which was called Ceylon under the British.

Meanwhile the eighth General Congregation of the College of Newcardinals, meeting on March 8, 2013, decided to start their conclave on March 12, 2013. A Novus Ordo Mess "Pro Eligendo Pontifice" will be simulated in St. Peter's Basilica in the morning. At 15:45 Central European Time/14:45 Greenwich Mean Time, 115 Newcardinal-electors will leave their quarters in the Domus Sanctae Marthae and gather in the Pauline Chapel, and from there at 16:30 CET/14:30 GMT they will process in order of precedence through the Sala Regia to the Sacellum Sixtinum, named after Pope Sixtus IV (r. 1471-1484). One discredited Newcardinal, Keith O'Brien, of Great Britain, and one sick Newcardinal, Julius Darmaatmadja, of Indonesia, will not attend.

In the Sistine Chapel, the Newcardinal-electors will take their seats in order of precedence. They will swear an oath to observe the rules of conclave, to maintain fidelity to the election, to maintain secrecy, and never to support or favor interference. The Newcardinal Dean, Angelo Sodano, reads aloud the formula of the oath, which the Newcardinal-electors swear and sign.

At approximately 16:45 CET/15:45 GMT, after all the Cardinals have taken the oath, the Master of the Papal Ceremonies, Newmonsignor Guido Marini, orders all individuals other than the Newconclave-electors and conclave participants to leave the Sistine Chapel. He stands at the great wooden doors and pronounces the time-honored phrase: Extra omnes!, then closes and seals the door.

On the afternoon of the first day, one ballot may be held. If a ballot takes place on the afternoon of the first day, and no one is elected, four ballots are held on each successive day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. If no result is obtained after three vote days of balloting, there is prescribed an intermission in the voting for a maximum of one day. A two-thirds majority (77) is required for election. The ballots are burned only at the end of the morning session (two votes) and the afternoon session (two votes), producing black smoke from the Sistine chimney if unsuccessful. White smoke is produced after a successful ballot, and the main bells of St. Peter's are rung. Approximately an hour later, the new Newpope is introduced from the balcony by the senior Newcardinal-Deacon, Jean-Louis Tauran.

The average age of the Newcardinal-electors is 72. Of the 115 Cardinal Electors, more than half are European with the largest single nationality represented by the 28 Italian Newcardinal-electors. 60 come from Europe, 19 from Latin America, 14 from North America, 11 from Africa, 10 from Asia, and 1 from Oceania. The average age of the Newcardinal-electors is 71. 67 of the Newcardinal-electors were appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican Radio.]

There were eight conclaves in the 20th century, only three of which lasted longer than three days. The longest Conclave in the last two hundred years was 1830-1831. It lasted 50 days for a total of 83 ballots, resulting in the election of Gregory XVI, the last religious elected to the papacy.

An excellent presentation of the basic procedures of a conclave was included in the 1968 movie, Shoes of the Fisherman, starring Anthony Quinn as the patriarch who is freed from Communist Russia and becomes pope. The many detailed scenes of the traditional ceremonial of a papal funeral, conclave, and coronation make the film instructive in themselves. Subsequent to the production of the movie, since 1978 Newchurch abandoned the coronation of its Newpopes. For further information, click on FAQ12: What Films Do You Recommend for Traditional Catholics?

March 11, 2013 - Ferial Day

Benedict-Ratzinger's Last-minute Shenanigans for the Conclave
Didn't Go as Fast as Planned: the Start Date Is Postponed to March 12, 2013

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
General Congregation of Newcardinals

The Despised Tarcisio Bertone
Wields a Heavy Hand over the General Congregation of Newcardinals
Benedict-Ratzinger's Former Secretary of State, Now Camerlengo
Is Despised by Several Even in the Newcuria, Who Had Demanded
That Ratzinger Fire Bertone as an Incompetent Dictator
Instead Ratzinger Praised Him and Abdicated
Bertone Has Forbidden Contact with the Press
He Wants All Proceedings to Be "Secret" and "Confidential"

Newvatican's new leaders, headed by the despised former Secretarius Status, Newcardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who is functioning now as Camerarius, has imposed a "gag rule" on Newcardinals. Bertone is rabid about keeping all deliberations "secret" and "confidential." The Newcardinals are not happy with Bertone's dictatorial attitude, the same attitude that got Newvatican into so much trouble with sex and financial crimes. Several Curial Newcardinals had approached Ratzinger to fire him. The U.S. Newcardinals, in particular, had been giving daily press briefings to the media and have now canceled their previously-scheduled press briefings, effective March 6, 2013. Newvatican leaders have learned nothing from the exposure of their criminal behavior. They are conducting business as usual in the New Order sect: secret and dictatorial.

Bertone may have imposed his will about the press briefings, but he has apparently lost the battle on the precipitous race to advance the date of the conclave to elect a new Newpope, facilitated by Benedict-Ratzinger's parting shot, Normas nonnullas, of February 22, 2013, to rig the conclave. Further indications indicate that the conclave would not start on March 10, 2013, as some had hoped. The opening has now been postponed to March 12, 2013.

Many Newcardinals want to see the "Red Dossier," the 300-page document prepared by the Newcardinalitial Commission, which exposes the participation of Newchurch leaders, including Benedict-Ratzinger himself, in suborning and covering up from police the sex crimes against children perpetrated by Newchurch bishops and presbyters. The dossier also includes documentation on the Mafia-tied money-laundering through Ratzinger's Newvatican Bank, and, most startling to the clueless, the "lavender mob," a homosexual ring operating out of Ratzinger's own Apostolic palace.

Of the 117 Newcardinals who are eligible to elect the new Newpope, two are not coming. Keith O'Brien, the Newcardinal-Primate of Great Britain, didn't want to show his face because of the recent disclosure of his in sex pandering by four presbyters. Julius Darmaatmadja, of Indonesia, is too sick to come. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

New Newchurch Eastern-rite Patriarch Proposes to Invalidate the Divine Liturgy
The Uniate Newpatriarch Makes It Clear that Eastern Newchurchers Are No Better than Protestants

One of the false beliefs with which some traditional Catholics delude themselves is that they can take refuge from the invalid Novus Ordo in the Eastern rites. That nothing could be further from the truth was proven once again when the new uniate (that is, in union with Newchurch) Chaldean patriarch made it clear that he rejects the Catholic and Apostolic rites.

Louis Raphael I Sako was seated in Baghdad on March 6, 2013, as head of the Chaldean Eastern Rite. The new uniate Newpatriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, told the Newchurch French daily La Croix that his priorities are "modernizing of liturgical books" after the style of the Modernist Vatican II council. "Liturgical reform has never occurred in our Church," he said. "We celebrate the Mass according to an ancient missal." In other words, the Newpatriarch spurns the valid Catholic and Apostolic rites in favor of some phony "modernized" version, "so that it speaks to man today." As if "man today" were different from man in the time of Christ and His Apostles! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

This is the same nonsense and heresy that the West used after Vatican II to destroy the Mass in their New Order sect and to replace it with an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the section "Eastern Rite 'Option'."

March 10, 2013 - Fourth Sunday of Lent "Laetare"
Semidouble Sunday of the First Class

Fourth Disastrous Sign Strikes the Region around Newrome
Is Heaven Warning the New Order Sect that Its End Is Near?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Mount Etna Erupts Castel Gandolfo Suffers Earthquake
Seagull Attacks Benedict-Ratzinger Thunderbolt Strikes St. Peter's Basilica

(From Left to Right) On March 5, 2013, Italy's Mount Etna Erupts, Visible from Newrome
On March 3, 2013, an Earthquake Strikes the Newpapal Castle and Ratzinger at Gandolfo
On February 22, 2013, a Seagull Attacks Ratzinger and His "Spirit of Vatican II" Dove
On February 11, 2013, a Thunderbolt Strikes the Newchurch Headquarters at St. Peter's
Is Heaven Portentously Signaling the Final Destruction of the Newchurch of the New Order in Our Times?

Step aside. century-old Fatima. Forget you, St. Malachy. Heaven may be sending portentous warnings against the Newchurch of the New Order in just the last few days!

As Newcardinals were convening in Newrome to engineer the election of their next Newpope, heaven sent them its fourth sign in less than a month. On March 5, 2013, Mount Etna lit up the sky at Newrome, 500 kilometres away, unleashing a barrage of volcanic bombs exploding hundreds of metres toward the heavens, together with towering lava fountains and heavy ash. Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology reported increased explosive activity by the volcano. You corrupt Newchurch cardinals, watch out. Heaven seems to have you in its sights!

These signs from the heavens portentously began on the day on which Benedict-Ratzinger, the "Paedophile Pope," abdicated from the Newpapacy, February 11, 2013. On that day, the heavens struck the headquarters of Newchurch with a spectacular lightening bolt aimed directly at the dome of its headquarters at St. Peter.

Sixteen days later, on February 27, 2013, in a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's terror film, The Birds, describing nature gone mad, Ratzinger, having just released a "Spirit of Vatican II" dove, was attacked from out of nowhere by a murderous seagull, who swooped down and also routed the dove, while thousands looked on from St. Peter's Piazza.

Four days later, on March 3, 2013, at the Newpapal castle at Gandolfo, 25 kilometres southeast of Newrome itself, Ex-Newpope Ratzinger, who is holed up there, was struck by an earthquake.

Volcanic eruptions, lightening bolts, nature gone mad, earthquakes -- all could be Heaven's way of telling us in our very own days that the Newchurch of the New Order is finally facing its catastrophe, its downfall. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Huffington Post.]

Newcardinals Demand to See the Dirt against Benedict-Ratzinger
Before They Elect Another Paedophiliac Newpope for the New Order Sect

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Newcardinals taking part in the closed-door discussions ahead of the election of the next Newpope have demanded to see the contents of the "Red Dossier," the 300-page secret report prepared for Ex-Newpope Ratzinger by a special commission of three Newcardinals. The report reveals the details of Ratzinger's corrupt Newpapacy with regards to its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, its financial corruption in league with Mafia elements, and in involvement in other crimes.

Since the supposedly "confidential" report about Ratzinger's association with moral, financial, and other crimes was already leaked to Italian journalists, the Newcardinals question why they can't themselves see it. On February 25, 2013, Ratzinger's spokesman lied to the press, stating that the report's contents were "known only to His [Un]Holiness," whereas in fact they were known to several within the Italian journalistic community. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

March 9, 2013 - St. Frances of Rome, Widow
Double Feast

Test of Security for Newconclave Fails, to Newchurch's Great Embarrassment
As an "Imposter" Newcardinal Is Admitted into a Newvatican Congregation's Inner Sanctum

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Ralph Napierski and Sergio Sebastiani

Ralph Napierski (Left) Was Accepted as Legitimate
By Newcardinal Sergio Sebiastiani (Right) of the Newroman Curia
Although German and Newvatican Officials Claim that Napierski Is an "Imposter"
He Was Admitted to a Newcardinals' General Congregation Meeting in Newvatican
It Seems that, along with All the Other Failures of Newchurch
Security for the Conclave Is as Full of Holes as Swiss Cheese!

Secrecy for the conclave to elect Newpope is supposed to be sacrosanct, but already one "imposter" insinuated himself into a General Congregation meeting of Newcardinals on March 4, 2013. Newvatican officials were left with egg dripping from their faces.

Ralph Napierski, a Newchurch layman, crashed the General Congregation meeting of Newcardinals, posing as a Newchurch cardinal. Napierski identified himself as "Basileus," a Greek word that means "king" -- not that the Newcardinals apparently knew their Greek any more than their Latin --, of the Italian Orthodox Church. Napierski's odd dress was a giveaway: a cassock that was too short, a strange-looking chain with a crucifix, and a purple sash instead of the traditional cincture. Napierski was admitted by the supposedly tight security of Newvatican into a General Congregation meeting of Newcardinals. He even posed for a photo with Newcardinal Sergio Sebastiani, a member of the Newroman Curia, who seemed delighted to greet his brother "Newcardinal."

Napierski was trying to get publicity for the child victims of Ratzinger's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. He certainly accomplished that goal, as press reports around the world covered his activities. They also covered the story of how inept the Newcardinals are, such that anyone can crash their "guarded" sessions. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Der Spiegel.]

Curiously, for an apparent "imposteur," German and Vatican Newchurch officials went to great pains to assassinate the character of Napiersky and clarify why he is not regarded as a Newcardinal. Yet Napierski at least defends the child victims of corrupt and immoral Newchurch clergy, whereas Newchurch own cardinals do not. They themselves participated in the crimes!

37 More Neo-SSPX Priests Separate from Bernie Fellay
Calling on Him to "Repair His Lies" and "Retract His Errors"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

In an Open Letter to Bishop Fellay by Thirty-seven Priests of the SSPX District of France, released February 28, 2013, more than three dozen Neo-SSPX priests separated from the Novus Ordo-leaning policies of the NSSPX's Superior Dictator, Bernie Fellay. The French priests called Fellay a "liar." They charge that he doesn't want a doctrinal resolution, but merely a "practical agreement." Although Fellay supposedly backed off from a sellout to Benedict-Ratzinger and his New Order sect at the Extraordinary Chapter Meeting July 2012, the priests state that three months after that meeting, in October 2012, Fellay was telling the Newchurch diocesan presbyters of Brussels, Belgium, that an "agreement" with Newrome "will happen soon."

Fellay has, as we TRADITIO Fathers have always maintained, never given up his perfidious programme to betray Archbishop-Founder Marcel Lefebvre and sell out the Neo-SSPX to the New Order sect. The 37 French Neo-SSPX priests slam their Superior-Dictator in these words:

You have the duty in justice to tell the truth, to repair your lies, and to retract your errors. We do not want history to remember you as the man who deformed and mutilated the Society of St. Pius X.

The 37 priests, who maintained anonymity for fear of reprisal by the Neo-SSPX Superior-Dictator, Bernie Fellay, on account of their efforts to preserve the traditional Catholicism of their Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, have now become the subject of a pogrom by the Neo-SSPX's Superior Dictator, Bernie Fellay. So far, Fellay has be able to identify only three of the 37, but these he has deprived of room and board, and expelled. Obviously, Fellay has changed nothing in his desire to eject any of the NSSPX clergy who disagree with this New Order sell-out policy, regardless of how "respectful" they are. Currently, about 75 priests have left Fellay's Neo-SSPX or have been expelled. That constitutes about one out of seven of Fellay's total clergy gone.

March 8, 2013 - St. John of God, Confessor
Double Feast

What's All the Rush to Elect a New Newpope?
Isn't that What Started All the Problems with the Last Two?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
JPII-Wojtyla Benedict-Ratzinger

Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla, the "Proto-Paedophile Pope" (Left)
And Benedict-Ratzinger, the "Paedophile Pope" (Right)
Were Rushed into the Newpapacy by Newcardinals Who Took Only Half a Week
To Decide on Them, Two of the Worst Popes in the History of the Church
Isn't It Time for the Newcardinals to Take Their Time on the Next One?
Not That It Will Make Any Difference
Newchurch Will Still Be Left with an Invalid Mess, False Doctrine, and Corrupt Morals

After electing what might have become the best Newpapal candidate in 1978, John Paul I-Luciani, the Newcardinals, stunned by his sudden death (or assassination) after just 33 days in office, rushed in just four days and eight ballots to elect one of the worst Newpopes ever, the "Proto-paedophile Pope" JPII-Wojtyla the "Unblessed," who turned out to be a Modernist of the worst stripe, personally participating in scores of heretical and pagan events, capped by the placing of the statue of Buddha on top of the Novus Ordo tabernacle at the "oecumenical" Assisi Conference of 1986.

After the disaster of the Wojtyla Newpapacy, the Newcardinals were in even more of a headlong rush to elect in just two days and four ballots the full-blown "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger, whose Newpapacy -- if such were possible --, was even more corrupt and unCatholic than Wojtyla's! In an apparent dig at Benedict-Ratzinger's record of immoral and incompetent conduct, Newcardinal Leonardo Sandri, one of the papabili, told the press on March 4, 2013, that the next Newpope must be a "saintly man" who was "best qualified."

For God's sake, these Newcardinals should slow down! Benedict-Ratzinger is still in the Newpapal castle at Gandolfo. Now they seem to want to elect another Newpope before even the earliest date provided for in Universi Dominici gregis, March 15, 2013.

In the meantime, disgraced Los Angeles, California, Newcardinal Roger "Rogue" Mahony revealed on March 4, 2013, that it was the Newpapal Nuncio, Carlo Vigano, stationed at Washington, D.C., who encouraged him to attend the Newconclave instead of resigning, as his fellow paedophiliac Newcardinal, Kevin O'Brien, did. Mahony did this in spite of the fact that many of his own Los Angeles Newchurchers publicly called him a criminal and demanded that he stay away from the conclave, after 12,000 pages of court documents revealed that for two decades he had been in cahoots with Newcardinal Josef Ratzinger at Newrome to cover up from the police the rape and sodomy of children that Newchurch presbyters and bishops were committing.

Good Catholics, the Newcardinals can learn a lesson from the courageous act of a northern Italian presbyter on the Sunday following Benedict-Ratzinger's abdication, March 3, 2013. He set fire to a photograph of Ratzinger in the middle of Sunday Mess. The presbyter criticized the Ex-Newpope, describing him as "like the Captain Calamity of the Concordia," the cruise ship that famously foundered in 2010. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters and the Catholic News Agency.]

The God of Nature Thrice Warns the Newchurch of the New Order
First He Strikes Its Headquarters a Lightening Bolt, Now He Shakes It to Its Foundation!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

As previously reported in these Daily Commentaries, on the day on which Benedict-Ratzinger abdicated, February 11, 2013, God stuck the headquarters of Newchurch with a spectacular lightening bolt aimed directly at the dome of St. Peter.

This ill omen occurred just two weeks after another incident at Ratzinger's noon Angelus of January 27, 2013. Ratzinger had just released a dove, symbolic of the "Spirit" of the Modernist Vatican II Council, whose fiftieth anniversary Ratzinger, one of the Council's Modernist leaders, is now celebrating. Immediately, from out of nowhere, as thousands looked on from St. Peter's Piazza, a seagull swooped down for the kill and attacked Ratzinger's "Spirit" of Vatican II, then attacked Ratzinger himself.

Has Heaven now sent a third warning to Newchurch on the first Sunday after Ratzinger's abdication? On March 3, 2013, the Newpapal castle at Gandolfo, 25 kilometres southeast of Newrome itself, where Ex-Newpope Ratzinger is holed up, was struck by an earthquake. Lightening bolts, nature gone mad, earthquakes -- all could be Heaven's way of telling us that Newchurch of the New Order is finally facing its catastrophe, its downfall. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agence France-Presse.]

March 7, 2013 - St. Thomas Aquinas, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Whistleblower-Presbyter Who Turned in Newcardinal O'Brien for Sex Pandering Says:
Newchurch Is Now "Out to Get Me"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Keith O'Brien

Now Discredited Homosexual Newcardinal Keith O'Brien
Primate of Great Britain, Shrouds His Head in Shame
He Now Admits to Lying to the Public When He Denied His Homosexual Pandering
He Also Admits Lying to JPII-Wojtyla, Who Required the Liberalist/Modernist O'Brien
To Sign a Public Statement of Catholic Orthodoxy before His Appointment

When you become a whistleblower on Newvatican corruption, you take your life in your hands. Benedict-Ratzinger's butler, for revealing to the world Ratzinger's corruption in thousands of pages of documentation, was tortured for three weeks, placed in a cell so small that he could barely stand up. Now one of the presbyters who blew the whistle on Newcardinal-Primate Keith O'Brien's homosexual pandering has told the press that Newchurch is now "out to get me." Christ said, "I am the truth" (John 14:6/DRV), but the New Order sect hates the truth; thus, it hates Christ.

On March 3, 2013, O'Brien admitted that he had lied when he denied that he had engaged in homosexual pandering. That was O'Brien's immediate response when the charges of four presbyters against him were made public. He has already announced his resignation, his recusal from the upcoming conclave to elect a new Newpope, and his promise not to appear in public.

Meanwhile, one of the whistleblower-presbyters told the press that the Newchurch hierarchy had turned virulently hostile to him "for daring to break ranks." Instead of being praised for his courage is getting a pervert out of the Newcardinalate, he said, "I feel like if they could crush me, they would."

O'Brien has had a rocky tenure as a Newcardinal since being appointed in 2003. O'Brien was known as a flaming Liberalist/Modernist, who questioned traditional Catholic teaching on homosexuality, priestly celibacy, and contraception. The "Unblessed" JPII-Wojtyla, therefore, required him to make a public pledge of orthodoxy as a condition of his appointment. And JPII himself was not noted for his orthodoxy! At times he seemed no better than a pagan. All this is a stunning indication of just how unCatholic the Newcardinals of Newchurch have become.

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation after his resignation, O'Brien essentially admitted that he had lied to Wojtyla when he took the pledge of orthodoxy, which he had no intention of keeping. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Asks: "Would You Tell Me Not to Go to a Newchurch Site at All?"

From: Linda

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

A few days ago I went to a Novus Ordo Mess at the Newchurch cathedral. At that time I became starkly aware of what blind obedience means. The presbyter spoke fondly of Benedict-Ratzinger and said that he is doing the will of God while being attacked by much hatred. I started getting sick. He went on and on about this, then mentioned how Vatican II is following the lead of "recent popes." This presbyter, intentionally ignored the fact that at the time the cathedral was dedicated, the anti-Modernist St. Pius X was the pope!

I have been so sickened by these Newchurchers, who are not Catholic. But I have a job where I work only on weekends and live pretty far from any Traditional Latin Mass. Would you tell me not to go to a Newchurch site at all?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Of course you should not be going to any Newchurch site and should stop immediately. Newchurch sites are not Catholic, as you yourself say, and its service is not a Mass, but an invalid and heretical Protestantized service. You seem to think that the Novus Ordo service is merely an inferior option to the Traditional Latin Mass. It isn't; it is completely evil and heretical. By participating at it, you commit a grave sin against the First Commandment of God: "I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before me." You have no standing to criticize what you yourself are an active participant in. That is hypocrisy.


March 6, 2013 - Sts. Perpetua & Felicitas, Martyrs
Double Feast

Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX Moves toward Dumping St. Pius X
And Has Begun to Change Its Patron Saint to Joseph for a "Newpope Novena"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Pope St. Pius X

Pope St. Pius X (r. 1903-1914), the "Anti-Modernist" Pope
Bernie Fellay, Superior-Dictator of the Neo-Society of St. Pius X
Has Moved toward Dumping the Neo-Society's Patron Saint
Hated by the New Order Sect
And Substituting the Less Controversial St. Joseph
Is This Fellay's Way of Initiating a Renewed Move to Join the New Order Sect?

According to an official Neo-SSPX announcement of March 1, 2013, Bernie Fellay, the Superior-Dictator of the Neo-Society of St. Pius X, has moved toward dropping that anti-Modernist Pope-Saint, who is so hated by the Modernist New Order sect, and has begun to substitute the less controversial St. Joseph as his Neo-SSPX's new Patron Saint. Fellay has ordered his Neo-SSPX clergy to perform a novena of prayers to St. Joseph March 1-9, 2013, for the election of a new Newpope. If Fellay's Neo-SSPX is going to pray a novena, why not pray it to its own Patron Saint, Pope St. Pius X, who is perfect exemplar of the kind of pope needed now?

Why has Fellay turned from St. Pius X to St. Joseph? Is this Fellay's way of initiating a renewed move to join the New Order sect, which hates the anti-Modernist Pope St. Pius X, a true pope who stood against the Modernist heresy that the Newchurch of the New Order embraces? Fellay has already dumped the traditional Catholic principles of his Society's Founder and his own consecrator, Archbishop Lefebvre. Is Fellay's next step to dump his Neo-Society's Patron Saint, Pope Pius X, and convert his Neo-SSPX into the Novus Ordo Society of St. Joseph, a step down from the new name previously discussed during the Newvatican "negotiations": Society of St. Savior?

A Reader Asks: "What Are Your Thoughts on a Parallel Conclave
Of Traditional Catholic Bishops Coming Together to Elect a True Pope?"

From: Michael

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

What are your thoughts on a parallel conclave of traditional Catholic bishops coming together to elect a true pope? Can you offer any rationale why the true bishops left cannot take such action? We are speaking of those traditional Catholic bishops who remain steadfast to the Traditional Latin Mass of all ages; the true successors of the Apostles who have been loyal to the purity of the orthodox Catholic Faith handed down through the centuries; those who alone can be called true bishops of the Church, who refuse to compromise one iota with Newchurch. Have they not every right and duty before God to come together and once and for all bring forth a true successor of Peter?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Even accepting the premises of your hypothetical, each of which is subject to serious debate, this type of thing has been tried before, to one degree or another, and has always ended in making the problem even worse. The most prudent thing now, we think, is to wait for God's good time. Rushing the situation will do more harm than good.

All too many traditional Catholics are still "in the dark." Just look at what happened recently to the Neo-SSPX membership, all too many of whom, including supposedly the more informed clergy, were willing to sell out the traditional Catholic principles of their founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, and buy into the unCatholic New Order sect, its "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger, its Half Novus Ordo Protestantized "Mess of 1962," and the Modernist Vatican II Council "in the light of Tradition," if such an absurd thing were even possible.

We TRADITIO Fathers think that things will still have to get worse before they can get better. Catholics have not yet learned their Divine lesson. Traditional Catholics need to confront the situation with patience and fortitude. "For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth," as Proverbs instructs us (3:12/DRV). It took the early Church three centuries of the harshest persecutions to become finally victorious over the Roman empire. In the post-Conciliar age, we have experienced only fifty years of the New Order sect so far.

Benedict-Ratzinger, together with all the other evils he brought, did traditional Catholicism a great evil because he toyed with just enough "traditionalism" to delude all too many ignorant traditional Catholics into thinking that they could survive in the unCatholic New Order hegemony so far.

Perhaps the best thing -- though it is quite unlikely to happen -- would be a long sede-vacante period, as has occurred on several occasions in the history of the Church. It is clear that the post-Vatican II Newpopes have made the situation far worse. Better to be without a Newpope and let the New Order sect fall into disarray. Then the traditional Catholic solution will become much clearer, even to traditional Catholics, and will win over even the Neo-SSPXers, pseudo-traditionalists, and Neocon Newchurchers.

March 5, 2013 - Ferial Day

Seedbed of the Novus Ordo Mess Is Charged with 300 Cases of Sex Crimes
As Benedict-Ratzinger's Filthy Legacy Continues in His New Order Sect

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. John's Abbey

St. John's Abbey Features a "Sanctuary" Suited to a "Theatre in the Round" Mess
The Abbey and Its Liturgical Press Were the Seedbed
For the Worldwide Development and Dissemination
Of the Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Invalid Novus Ordo Mess
Now It Has Been Exposed as a Moral Cesspool as Well
With 300 Cases of Sodomy of Minors and Adults Exposed

No institution had more influence on expelling the valid Traditional Latin Mass from the Catholic Church and replacing it in the Newchurch of the New Order with the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service fabricated by the Freemason presbyter, Hannibal Bugnini, than St. John's Abbey, in Collegeville, Minnesota. Before, during, and after the Modernist Vatican II Council, St. John Abbey's Liturgical Press issued all the unCatholic and invaliding changes that its henchman in Rome, Bugnini, was fabricating.

Corruption in one area often accompanies corruption in others areas. Here it seems that the liturgical corruption was paired with a moral corruption on a widespread scale. Some 300 charges have been laid against St. John's Abbey for sodomy of minors, as well as sodomy among adults. Ten of the known monk-perverts were allowed to remain on campus and associate freely with students of all ages. It seems that the New Order sect has an entirely different definition of what a "monk" is!

One of the monk-presbyters has been assaulting and sexually intimidating both male and female students, along with young monks and nuns. This monk-presbyter is certainly an "equal opportunity" pervert. For decades, the Novus Ordo abbey's officials have looked the other way as young students and young monks were victimized. And the victimization is continuing, as Ratzinger sleeps in a papal palace to which is no longer entitled.

A Reader Writes: Paedophile Pope Ratzinger's Newpapacy Was Equally as Criminal
As That of His Rock-Star Predecessor, JPII-Wojtyla, the Proto-Paedophile Pope"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Praise be to the TRADITIO Fathers for accurately predicting the abdication of Benedict-Ratzinger. His self-flagellating Novus Ordo minions to this very day continue to make all sorts of excuses for his obvious crimes, despite the on-going investigation of his deliberate complicity in homosexual activity within Newvatican and the pernicious rape of children under his Newpapacy. The Paedophile Pope's Newpapacy was equally as criminal as his rock-star predecessor, JPII-Wojtyla, the Proto-Paedophile Pope, who, unlike Ratzinger, was somehow able to avoid public scrutiny for his crimes before his death.

A number of pseudo-traditionalists continually mislead the public into viewing Ratzinger as some kind of a crusader for Tradition. It should come as no surprise that this Novus-Ordo con man has somehow managed to attract a number of his lemming-like followers to assist him. One of his most fervent Novus Ordo adherents, who dares to pose as a "traditionalist" and names himself after the last letter of the alphabet, is conducting a week long festival on a a luxury liner in the Caribbean -- right in the middle of the penitential season of Lent. He is certainly no "tradlitionalist"!

March 4, 2013 - St. Casimir, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

As the Newpapacy Stands Vacant, There Is a Very Slim Chance to Restore the True Church
But Certainly Not with Any of the Current Immoral and Modernist Newcardinals

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Swiss Guards

The Swiss Guards Guard an Empty Chair
The Reign of the "Paedophile Pope" Is Finally Over
And Newchurch Is Blessedly Sede Vacante
Can We Hope for a Long Period of No Criminal Newpope
Or for an Outside Traditional Priest or Layman as the New Newpope?

Let's face it: not one of the 115 current Newcardinal-electors is suitable for the Newpapacy. They are all complicit in one way or another in moral criminality, doctrinal heresy, and/or liturgical corruption. To pray for a new Newpope from among this ilk is to suborn the criminality of the Newchurch of the New Order, which is not Catholic. So, what's the solution? Two possibilities to save the true Church have occurred to us TRADITIO Fathers.

Possibility No. 1. Let the Newchurch of the New Order exist without a Newpope for a prolonged sede-vacante period. This would minimize the damage to the true Faith that Modernist Newpopes such as Paul VI-Montini, the "Unblessed" JPII-Wojtyla, and the "Paedophile Pope" Benedict-Ratzinger have done. At least the unCatholic Modernist agenda of Vatican II could not be further pursued. In the history of the Church, there have been sede-vacante periods of over two years on three occasions:

  1. After the death of Pope St. Marcellinus, there was a vacancy of 3 years and 7 months (October 25, 304-June 26, 308)
  2. After the death of Pope Clement IV (1265-1268), there was a vacancy of 2 years and 9 months (November 29, 1268-September 1, 1271)
  3. After the death of Pope Nicholas IV (1288-1292), there was a vacancy of almost 2 years and 4 months (April 4, 1292-August 29, 1294)

Possibility No. 2. Elect a traditional layman or priest to the Newpapacy. This is entirely within the range of possible selections. Any Catholic man may become pope. If the man is not a bishop, he must be consecrated. Assuming that the man is a traditional Catholic, he would be consecrated under the traditional Roman Pontifical after the last traditional editio typica of 1881 and would thus be a valid Bishop of Rome. Remember that Ratzinger was not a valid Bishop of Rome because he was not consecrated in the valid traditional rite, but merely "installed" in the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's invalid Protestantized rite of 1969. Such a man would bring his own people in, to replace the Modernist Newcuria that Ratzinger created.

There are precedents. For example, in 1294, after more than two years of sede vacante, the cardinals in desperation elected a man from the outside, having no connection with the previous pope or the curia. Pietro da Morrone, who became Celestine V and a Saint, was a Benedictine monk, perhaps not even in Holy Orders.

Good Catholics, rearranging the deck chairs on the New Order Titanic by choosing another Modernist Newcardinal will not accomplish the goal of restoring the true Church. It is not a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, but of restoring the Church from the ground up. Only a new man could have a prayer of doing that.

The last chance that a sitting Newcardinal could be elected to restore the true Church appears to have been with JPI-Luciani. He had announced his plans to clean up the Vatican Bank of its Mafia connections, a task at which Benedict-Ratzinger signally failed. Luciani had also planned, according to a reliable report, to restore the Traditional Latin Mass. He had summoned the founder of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement in 1964, Fr. Gommar DePauw, to Rome to sit on a Pontifical Commission to do just that. Unfortunately, Luciani died in just 33 days after his election, some journalist reporting that he was assassinated because of his plans to undo Newvatican's corruption.

A Reader Writes: "Benedict-Ratzinger Is Not the Cause of Newchurch's Crimes
But, Being Pope, He Gets the Blame"

From: Tim

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

It is no wonder Benedict-Ratzinger wants to get out of sight. For his own health, he probably should have abdicated sooner. Then he would be less likely to be called to answer for the crimes that his presbyters and religious have committed. Not that Ratzinger is the cause of these crimes, but, being pope, he gets the blame. Now the international criminal court wants to put him on trial. This recent revelation, coming so soon before the conclave, will simply add more ammunition to the hatred of Ratzinger's Newchurch.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

We disagree with you completely, and so does Catholic moral theology. Ratzinger is the cause of these crimes. He justly receives the blame because he is the head, and the legal principle is respondeat superior, let the head answer (for the crimes). The head of an organization is always responsible for what goes on in his organization. But that is only part of Ratzinger's sinful culpability. He is personally responsible because he chose to become an accomplice in these crimes by harboring and protecting the criminals. His personal signature is on documents that threaten to Novus Ordo-excommunicate those who turn the criminal Newclergy over the civil authorities for just prosecution for their vile crimes.

The only way at this point that justice will be seen to be done is for the new Newpope to turn Ratzinger over to the civil courts to defend himself publicly for his complicity in the most vile of crimes. His criminal behavior has ruined the lives of too many children, and others, to give him a pass because of "old age." Would you excuse Hitler of crimes because of "old age"? Josef Stalin? Al Capone? Of course not. Nor, in justice, should the "Paedophile Pope" Ratzinger get a pass for suborning the rape and sodomy of children as young as two years of age by his vile Newchurch clergy.

March 3, 2013 - Third Sunday of Lent
Semidouble Sunday of the First Class

The Criminals in Newchurch Stick Together Once Again
Newcardinal Levada, Abetter of Child Rape in Two Archdioceses, Supports "Rogue" Mahony

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
William Levada & Boy

Newcardinal William Levada with Photographer's Depiction of a Child Victim of His Newchurch
Levada, Who Was Extricated from Two Subpoenas for Paedophiliac Complicity
When Benedict-Ratzinger Hustled Him off to Newvatican with a Diplomatic Passport
Has Now Come out in Favor of Newcardinal "Rogue" Mahony's Voting
For the Next Corrupt Newpope of the New Order Sect
These Newcardinal Criminals Stick Together to the End!

The idea that the New Order sect has improved has certainly been vitiated again by the fact that in the waning days of the Benedict-Ratzinger Newpapacy, more and more filth and corruption has been bubbling to the surface, regardless of the fact that all too many Newchurchers still adore the "Paedophile Pope" like a pagan god. Frankly, it is sickening to watch. Traditional Catholics who dare to look at any of the secular television coverage must have an urge to vomit.

But it cannot be said that the corrupt Newcardinals in Ratzinger's unCatholic sect don't stand up for each other. Roger "Rogue" Mahony is certainly one of the filthiest, having been exposed in 12,000 pages of recently-release court documents as an accomplice in paedophilia since at least 1986, when he was made Newarchbishop of Los Angeles, California, by the Unblessed "Proto-Paedophile Pope" JPII-Wojtyla.

Jose Gomez, the new Newarchbishop of Los Angeles, who refused to let Mahony have anything to do with the Newarchdiocese, has nevertheless supported him to the hilt when it was a matter of his going to Newrome to elect yet another corrupt Newpope. Now another Newcardinal involved up to his neck as an accomplice in paedophiliac crimes, William Levada, is publicly supporting Mahony. Levada himself was so soiled with crime that he was targeted to testify under subpoena for his complicity in paedophilia in not one, but two, Newarchdiocses: Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California. Benedict-Ratzinger, King of the Cover-up, saw danger to himself if Levada spilled the beans, so he immigrated Levada to Newrome with a Nevatican diplomatic passport so that he couldn't testify about the crimes he was involved with.

Levada claimed that "Rogue" Mahony has a "rightful place" to elect the next Newpope. After all, he had helped elect the current "Paedophile Pope" Ratzinger in 2005. Why did the disgraced Levada step up to make his statement in support of another paedophile suborner? Well, the Los Angeles Newchurchers are so revolted by Mahony that they have been acting to prevent his participation. And why does Levada think that Mahony should participate? "He has apologized for errors in judgment that were made" -- notice the passive voice "were made," not "he made." In Newchurch, you can suborn the rape and sodomy of children, and as long as you issue a phony "apology," all is "forgiven." But where is the millstone for his neck that Our Lord Jesus Christ provided for such people? Nowhere to be found in the Newchurch of the New Order, that's for sure!

Good Catholics, you must remember that Levada took over Ratzinger's old job, helping Newchurch's perverted presbyters escape justice. Two peas in a pod, eh? At this point, let Our Lord's prescription be followed. Let's drown all these Newcardinals in the depths of the Tiber and get a new College of Cardinals with a pope who restores the Catholic Church. Don't expect that to happen with the current crop of Newcardinals, none of whom are Catholic and none of whom are free of being accomplices in the rape and sodomy of children. Of whom, as the Psalms say: "There is none that doth good, no not one" (13:1/DRV).

A Reader Asks: "What Is the Teaching of the Church on the Possibility
Of Animals/Pets Being in Heaven?"

From: Don

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

What is the teaching of the Church on the possibility of animals/pets being in Heaven. We are taught that animals do not have a soul.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

The constant teaching of the Church is that animals do have a soul, that is, an anima, or animating force. However, in the case of animals, this is not a rational soul, capable of making moral choices; they operate by some form of instinct. Therefore, animals cannot merit Heaven, as can man, with his rational soul.

Don't fall into the Millennialist heresy by romanticizing Heaven into some kind of "perfect earth." Heaven is the Beatific Vision, the immediate and direct perception of Almighty God. When you are in the presence of the Most Perfect and Most Beautiful God, everything else pales into oblivion.

March 2, 2013 - Ferial Day

The Novus Ordo Sect Is Running Scared after More and More Scandals Surface
A Growing Number of Catholics Would Not Be Unhappy with a Long State of Sede-vacantism

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sede Vacante Emblem

The Emblem of the State of the Church Known as Sede Vacante
Newchurch Finally Becomes Officially Sede-vacantist on March 1, 2013
And Many Catholics Are Cheering with Relief: Deo Gratias!
In the Past the Church Has Survived Periods of over Three Years without a Pope
Some Say that We Have Been in the Same State for the Last 48 Years since Vatican II

Benedict-Ratzinger has amended the regulations governing tne Newpapal election, allowing the College of Newcardinals to begin a conclave without the usual 15-day waiting period. With the Motu Proprio Normas nonnullas, of February 22, 2013, Benedict-Ratzinger gave the College of Newcardinals the authority to set an earlier date for the conclave to elect his successor, "provided that all voting cardinals are present." The regulation, as amended, confirms that the conclave must begin within 20 days after vacancy, whether or not all electors are present. Until the vacancy is filled, the state of the Church is known as sede vacante, a Latin ablative absolute literally meaning "the see [being] vacant."

Ratzinger also stressed the right of every qualified cardinal-elector to participate in the conclave without external interference. That provision appears to be a response to the public circulation of petitions calling for Newcardinal Roger "Rogue" Mahony to be barred from the conclave because of his complicity in sex crimes against children, as revealed in recently-released court documents. Many other Newcardinals implicated as Newbishops in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust have also been called upon to recuse themselves from the conclave. Isn't it just like Ratzinger to stick up for the "rights" of a criminal Newcardinal rather than for the rights of his child victims?

The regulations for a conclave, set forth by JPII-Wojtyla in the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis of 1996, had required that at least 15 days lapse after vacancy before the conclave could begin. The actual date for the opening of the conclave will be set by the College of Newcardinals at a meeting on March 1, 2013, the first day of the sede-vacante period. Some cardinals believe the conclave should start sooner than March 15, 2013, in order to reduce the time in which the New Order sect will be without a leader at a time of crisis. But others believe that an early conclave would give an advantage to cardinals already in Newrome and working in the Newcuria, which has been involved with Ratzinger in the crime wave that forced Ratzinger to abdicate. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

The Newpapacy of the Newchurch of the New Order will become vacant at 20:00 Rome time on February 28, when the Newchurch of the New Order officially becomes sede-vacantist. And many Catholics are cheering: Thank God; Newchurch would be better off now without another corrupt Newpope!

Benedict-Ratzinger Finally Gets It Right when Writing His Papacy's Epitaph:
"The Lord Seemed to Sleep"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

In his final speech at his last General Audience in St. Peter's Square on February 27, 2013, Benedict-Ratzinger, who during his eight-year Newpapacy earned the epithet "Paedophile Pope," finally told the truth. During his Newpapacy, he said, "The Lord seemed to sleep." Truly, there was nothing of the Lord about the former Nazi's Newpapacy. At the end of the audience, like a winning athlete, the presumptuous "Paedophile Pope" took a "victory lap" around the square in his popemobile.

Ratzinger also revealed in his farewell speech: "When I was elected pope on April 19, 2005, I questioned whether God truly wanted it." It has been the constant contention of the TRADITIO Fathers that Ratzinger should have made it clear to the 2005 Conclave that neither he nor God want the him in the Newpapacy. Three times he had begged JPII-Wojtyla to be able to retire to his home in Bavaria. Wojtyla, the "Proto-paedophile Pope" refused on all three occasions and, in effect, created the monster of the full-blown "Paedophile Pope," Benedict-Ratzinger. If these two Newpopes had done what was right, tens of thousands of children would have been spared rape, sodomy, and suicide.

Meanwhile, Ratzinger continued to feather his own bed for retirement. First, although not pope, he will take up residence at the Papal Summer Castle at Gandolfo, which he has no right to inhabit. Then, in about two months, he has wangled a newly-renovated retirement villa in the Vatican Gardens, which he dares to call a "monastery," all without permission of his successor. This sumptuous lifestyle he calls "penance." The penance that he should really be doing is to defend himself before the International Criminal Court rather than hiding away like some Mafia don in luxury, where his underlings will continue to minister to his every need. Meanwhile, he forges fancy clothes and fancy titles for himself, to which he has no right.

Innocent people charged with a crime want to make their case in public. But Ratzinger is not innocent. Thousands of pages of documents prove him guilty -- of complicity in paedophilia, contract fraud, money-laundering with Mafia associations, and many other crimes. Res ipsa loquitur. But a cushy existence is what Ratzinger defines as "penance." And why not? He is a full-throated Mondernist in the Novus Ordo version that he has shelled out to clueless Newchurchers for eight years now.

The case of Pope Celestine V is instructive. He resigned in 1294 to become, unlike Ratzinger, a real monk, a hermit in fact. But his successor, Pope Boniface VIII, had other plans in mind for him. Boniface imprisoned Celestine in a papal castle, where he died in just ten months. If Ratzinger's successor has any sense of true justice, he will consign Ratzinger to a similar punishment.

Good Catholics, make no mistake: God's justice will prevail in the end, if not in this world, then in the next. If the new Newpope is to rule over a 100 per cent transparent Newpapacy, he will boot Ratzinger out of the Gardens and turn him over to the International Criminal Court to answer publicly for his crimes. If Ratzinger considers himself innocent, let him make his case in public. But what we know now is just the tip of the iceberg. After the clock over St. Peter's chimes 20:00 on February 28, 2013, we predict that there will be an obstructed river of criminal charges that will break forth against Ratzinger, mostly from his own previous underlings, a torrential river that will make the charges of the courageous whistleblower-butler Paolo Gabriele look like yesterday's newspaper!

March 1, 2013 - Ferial Day

Britain's Newcardinal Goes into Hiding after Being of Accused of Homosexual Pandering
He Disappeared from His Sunday Mess at Edinburgh Cathedral

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Kevin O'Brien

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newcardinal-Primate of Britain, Keith O'Brien (Right)
Posing with His Friend, the Disgraced Paedophile Jimmy Savile, a Newpapal Knight
The Photograph, Taken in 2007, for a Children's "Charity" Fundraiser
Four Presbyters Have Charged the Newcardinal with Homosexually Pandering
O'Brien Disappeared from His Cathedral's Sunday Mess
Then on the Next Day Issued a Press Release that He Was Lawyering Up
Resigning from His Office and Not Participating in the Newpapal Conclave

Where in the world is Newcardinal Keith O'Brien, Primate of Great Britain? He was supposed to simulate a Novus Ordo Mess at St. Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, on February 24, 2013, but was a no-show. Just the day before, he had been charged by four presbyters with homosexual pandering. The next day, O'Brien turned up, not in person, but in the form of a press release, claiming that he was resigning "because of age," although he had not even reached the normative retirement age of 75. His spokesman said that O'Brien was now too busy to answer the charges personally because he was in the process of "lawyering-up." In fact, O'Brien has not denied the charges.

O'Brien stunned Newchurch by also announcing that he would not participate in the upcoming election for a Newpope. Attendance at the conclave is narrowing, with only 115 Newcardinals now expected to participate. Los Angeles, California's Newcardinal Roger "Rogue" Mahony, recently exposed in court documents as a paedophiliac accomplice, is currently under strong pressure not to go. Both O'Brien and Mahony were appointees of the Unblessed "Proto-paedophile" Newpope JPII-Wojtyla.

One accuser charged O'Brien with propositioning him, when just turned 18, for homosexual sex acts after Compline at the Edinburgh seminary. Another of the complainants accused O'Brien of propositioning him during a Newparish visitation. A third complainant accused O'Brien of propositioning him after a late-night drinking session. A fourth complainant accused O'Brien of using the cover of "counseling" to proposition him.

O'Brien has been falsely characterized in the press as "anti-gay." But on February 22, 2013, he had advocated the repeal of Holy Celibacy and publicly stated that Novus Ordo presbyters should be allowed to violate Christian celibacy and instead marry and have children. Given O'Brien's personal actions, it seems that he was next going to advocate "gay marriage" for Novus Ordo clergy.

Benedict-Ratzinger's Policy: If You Tell the Truth about Me, You Lose Your Job
Another Newvatican Official Is Exiled for Telling the Truth about Newvatican Corruption

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

A Newvatican official who was honest enough to report Newvatican corruption under Benedict-Ratzinger has been exiled by Ratzinger from Newrome. As child victims of Ratzinger's Newclergy are aware, it can take many years for Ratzinger to punish paedophile criminals, if he ever does, but it took only mere days for Ratzinger to boot out of his administration the courageous Newmonsignor.

Newmonsignor Ettore Balestrero, the influential Undersecretary for Relations with States (roughly equivalent to a deputy foreign minister), has been exiled across the ocean to Colombia, just days after his name was mentioned in a report exposing corruption at Newvatican. It was apparently another case of promoveatur ut removeatur, the principle that an official of Newvatican is never fired outright, just transferred out of Newrome. Ratzinger did the same thing to Newarchbishop Carlo Vigano, the mayor of Vatican City, whom Ratzinger transferred across the ocean because he publicly revealed contract corruption under Ratzinger, after the Newpope had failed for more than a year to correct the problem.

Balestrero's name was prominently mentioned in a sensational story in the Italian daily La Repubblica about the "Vatileaks" scandal. Balastrero was Newvatican's chief negotiator in talks with European banking officials, who had charged Ratzinger's Vatican Bank with fraud. Balastrero had apparently been a little too honest about the involvement of high Newvatican officials in the corrupt bank. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

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