April 2021

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St. John Schola Volume VI


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St. John Schola Volume IX
It is most unfortunate that many traditional Catholics do not have access to the Solemn Rites of Holy Week and Easter in the fully-traditional rites before they were "modernized" in 1956. Even some of the so-called "traditional" groups scandalously use the "modernized" version instead of the traditional rites going back to the early Church. Fortunately, the St. John Schola has made available to the traditional Catholic faithful these significant rites on CD. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Gregorian Chant department for Volume IX of that Gregorian schola's recordings of Holy Week and Easter. For you traditional Catholics who do not have the opportunity to attend these singular rites in person, at least you can participate in them spiritually through these recordings. Do not lose the opportunity. These rites are an essential part of your traditional Catholic Faith.


These three days -- Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday -- are the most sacred in the entire liturgical year. For this 72-hour period, the Church, and we, meditate upon the truths most central to our Roman Catholic Faith: the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord. The drama of these days is transfixing as we hear the various Evangelists' versions of the treachery of the Church establishment (Annas, Caiphas, the Sanhedrin), the abandonment of Christ by the first pope (the three denials of Peter) and the Apostles, the Faith beginning to touch the Gentiles (Pontius Pilate, the centurion Longinus), and the small number who stood by Christ in the end (the Marys and St. John). The liturgy of these days is the most ancient in the Church. Much is preserved from the very time of the Apostles, including the use of Greek in the Good Friday service. Up until a few hundred years ago, these were Holydays of Obligation, and no Catholic would think to miss them. Traditional Catholics should make even heroic efforts to be present at these solemn rites of Holy Week, in their traditional Catholic Latin form, the ancient form that existed before 1956. Those who do not have access to the traditional Latin rites should take ample time during this period to read the solemn rites in their missals, listen to the marvelous chant appointed for these days available on recordings, perform the Via Crucis, read the Passions in Scripture, review the Imitation of Christ, and engage in other such practices.

April 30, 2021 - St. Catherine of Siena, Virgin
Double Feast

German Government Announces Plans to End Payoffs to Newchurch via the Church Tax
Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch Is Now Raking in 7,000,000,000 USD Annually

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Empty German Church

Many German Newchurches Are Now Almost Empty
And with the German Parliament Considering Plans
To End Payoffs to Newchurch via the Church Tax
The German Newchurch Is Looking at Extinction
It Is Already in the Midst of Schism from Newrome
A Quarter of a Million Newchurchers Each Year
Have Been Officially Renouncing Their Membership
Mostly because of Newchurch's Continuing
Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
With only 3,000 New Members Joining Annually

Although the German government for more than 200 years has been paying the Catholic Church and Protestant sects for "loss of territory," it has really been since the last half of the twentieth century that the Newchurch of the New Order has really been raking in the payoffs, via the so-called Kirkensteuer (Church Tax) to the tune of some 7,000,000,000 USD each year. On April 14, 2021, three German political parties in the Bundestag (Parliament) have united to give notice that the gravy train is about to end.

Newchurchers (as well as Protestants and other sects) pay close to ten per cent of their income to the German government, which takes its cut of one-third and then pays off the Newchurch bureaucracy with the rest. In recent years, mainly because of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, the German Newchurchers have been fighting back. They have been officially renouncing their membership in Newchurch at city halls around the country.

Newchurch in Germany has been reaching a desperate point, with a quarter of a million Newchurchers officially denouncing each year, and only 3,000 joining Newchurch each year. Once a German Newchurch derounces, he is in a no man's land. He can call himself a Newchurcher, but he is barred from the Novus Ordo invalid (fake) sacraments and from a Newchurch funeral and burial. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

True Catholics, the Church Tax is by far the most important source of income for the German Newchurch. The number of German Newchurchers denouncing each year is expected to increase as the German Newchurch begins to go into schism from Newrome over giving its invalid (fake) Novus Ordo "eucharistic" cookies and Kool-Aid to bigamists and over approving "gay" sodomy for Newchurchers. Without the Church Tax, even the almost deserted Newchurches will have to rely on dwindling individual donations to the collection plate.

April 29, 2021 - St. Peter of Verona, Martyr
Double Feast

Newvatican Announces a 2022 Summit to Consider the Heresy
Of Moving toward Deaconesses, Priestesses, and Non-celibate Presbyter-Ministers

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

This Priestess Is Not Far Away
From Coming to Newchurch Parishes
Contrary to Catholic and Apostolic Tradition
Newchurch Has Announced Another Step
Toward "Installing" Deaconnesses, Priestesses
And Non-celibate Presbyter-Ministers for Newchurch
Because of the Horrifying Drop in "Vocations"
To Its Protestant-style Ministry
Since Its Abolition of the Sacrament of Holy Orders in 1968

Not a word that Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch of the New Order -- which is certainly not the Catholic Church -- puts out can be believed. Newchurch is entirely consumed with lies about its paedophilia, its embezzlements, its fake Messes, and its heresies. Newchurch gave yet another confirmation of this fact when it just announced a "summit" at Newvatican on the "Theology of the Priesthood" to be held on February 17-19, 2022, in Newvatican.

It is a fact that the Protestant Newchurch of the New Order does not have a priesthood. In 1968, one year before the fake (invalid) New Mess was rolled out, Newchurch and the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini suppressed the Sacrament of Holy Orders and replaced it an "installation" service largely out of the Protestant Ordinal. Since then, Newchurch has had no priests, only presbyter-ministers like the Protestants. With no priests, Newchurch has no Mass (including the "Extraordinary" New Latin Mess of 1962) and no Sacraments.

The summit is obviously just a mechanism to shoehorn in a discussion once again of "installing" deaconesses, priestesses, and non-celibate presbyter-ministers in Newchurch. Ignore the fact that priestesses are condemned by unchangeable Catholic and Apostolic Tradition. Ignore the fact that even Newchurch's own "Unsaint" Newpope JPII-Wotyla condemned the notion in 1994 and forbad any further discussion of it. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, Newcardinal Marc Ouellet, Prefect of Newchurch's Congregation for [New]bishops, has openly admitted that the summit will foster "new initiatives," which includes adoption of the Protestant heresy of the "priesthood of the people." Ironically, Newchurch since 1968 has not had a priesthood for anyone. No wonder most Newchurch seminaries have closed, as no young man in his right mind wants to become involved in such a worthless travesty.

April 28, 2021 - Octave Day of St. Joseph
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Promotes Outright Communism at an International Conference
He Uses Terms Quite Familiar in the Revolutionary Socialist/Communist Movement

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Che Guevarra

The Heretic Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Simulates the Fake (Invalid) Novus Ordo Mess
In Communist Cuba in 2015
Under a Giant Image of the Communist Terrorist
Che Guevarra
Who Was Executed for Mass Murder
Now Bergoglio Is Promoting Outright Communism
In an Address to an International Conference on Politics

Further proof that Francis-Bergoglio is not running a church, even a heretic one, but a political organization promoting Socialism/Communism was provided on April 15, 2021, when he gave an address to an international conference on the subject "A Politics Rooted in the People." This conference reflected the Catholic-condemned Socialist/Communist ideology that Bergoglio, ever since his time in Argentina, has espoused. He even admitted in his autobiography that a Communist terrorist was his favorite "theological" reading.

Bergoglio told the conference that its mission was to join "the people in their struggle for the land, housing, and work." It sounded right out of "The Militant" of the Socialist [Communist] Workers Party. Bergoglio censured individualism and approved of socialist/Communist control of society. Since "socialist" and "Communist" don't sound good, he has redubbed the condemned ideology with the code-word "fraternity." The Vatican II Anti-council attempted the same fraud when it renamed heretical Syncretism ("we all worship the same gods"; "all religions are equally true") with the new term "Oecumenism." Then Bergoglio shamelessly promoted his book, Let Us Dream, which advocates a Socialist/Communist ideology

Bergoglio advocated "walking with the people's movements," another concept frequently used in radical Socialism/Communism. Then he goes much further, directing his Newchurch dioceses to become Socialist/Communist factories: "I speak of a desire: that every diocese in the world have an ongoing collaboration with the people's movements." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican News.]

True Catholics, time is running short for the 84-year-old heretic Newpope to impose his Catholic-condemned Socialist/Communist ideology upon his Newchurch of the New Order, so he is ramping up the speed at which the radical teachings that have excommunicated him from the Catholic Church are to be implemented. True Catholics should entirely reject Francis-Bergoglio and his Marxist/Modernist Newchurch: no money, no bodies, no recognition. And that is exactly what is happening, according to the latest data on plummeting donations to his Newchurch and attendance at its fake (invalid) Messes.

April 27, 2021 - St. Peter Canisius, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

A Reader Writes: "I Have Noticed that in Certain Quarters a Fake 'Traditional' Catholicism Is 'In'"
And Newcomer Authors Who Claim to Be 'Traditional' Are Actually Associated with the (Protestant) Newchurch"

From: John
Scott Hahn Book

A Number of Authors Lately Claim
To Have Converted to "Traditional" Catholicism
However, They Come from Protestant Sects
And Remain Associated with the (Protestant)
Newchurch of the New Order
The Book in the Image Above
Clearly Uses Protestant Terminology
And Falls Right into Line with the Heresies
Of the Heretic Newpope Francis-Bergoglio

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I have noticed that in certain quarters a fake "traditional" Catholicism is "in" amongst newcomer Newchurch authors. These authors are openly associated with Newchurch of the New Order and its affiliated organizations, such as the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), which are officially under the control of the Newchurch of the New Order and whose presbyter-ministers are not priests, but merely "installed" by Novus Ordo bishops, who were themselves never consecrated in the valid, traditional Sacrament of Holy Orders, but merely "installed" under the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968.


You are correct. The number of newcomer authors who appear to be making hay off posing as "traditional" has been increasing of late. At best they are Neocon Newchurchers, reminiscent of the Protestant Evangelical preacher Joel Osteen, who is rarely seen with a Bible, but dishes out DVDs, books, audio recordings, and other commercial items by the boat load.

Another one of these is Scott Hahn, a rabid Protestant Evangelical preacher who lately converted to the Newchurch (Protestant) sect. After his "conversion" he re-commercialized a number of books that he wrote as a Protestant by making some Novus Ordo edits and slapping on "Catholic" covers for a a second Newchurch audience. He associates himself with the disgraced EWTN Cable Network, which is the mouthpiece for Newchurch and its Newbishops in the United States.

Taylor Marshall's public biography states that he was a Protestant Episcopalian.and was married in that sect. Later, like Hahn, he converted to the Newchurch (Protestant) sect. He is publicly associated with the Newchurch of the New Order, attending the Half New Order New Latin Mess of 1962 with the FSSP organization, which, as you stated, is under the control of the Newchurch of the New Order.

For further information about Newchurch authors and publishers to avoid and which truly traditional Catholic books to use, click on FAQ05: What Traditional Catholic Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department.

April 26, 2021 - Sts. Cletus & Marcellinus, Popes & Martyrs
Semidouble Feast

A "Transgendered" Man Claiming to Be Female
Is on the Path to Be Admitted into a Newchurch "Convent"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Transgendered Novus Ordo 'Nun'

A Transgendered Man Claiming to Be Female
Wants to Become a Novus Ordo "Nun"
And He Might Just Get into a Newchurch Convent
His Putative Newchurch Bishop Has Publicly Supported
The Immorality of "Gay Marriage"
And His Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Is a Self-admitted Homophiliac
Who Has Praised a Mutilated Woman-Turned-Man
Who Subsequently "Married" Another Man

A man claiming to be female wants to become a Novus Ordo "nun" and threatens to go directly to the Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio to get in. Bergoglio is a self-admitted homophiliac, who publicly claims not to be able to judge the immorality of sodomy. In 2020, Bergoglio praised a nun for opening a “trans home” for men who claim to be women, even calling the men "girls." He also praised a woman who had mutilated herself to become a "man" and who had subsequently "married" another man..

It may surprise many to know that this is not the first instance of such a perversion in Newchurch. Newcardinal Raymond "Bully" Burke, who falsely poses as traditional, formally admitted a "transgendered" male as a Novus Ordo "nun." The local press widely covered the 2004 case, which was picked up nationally, with such news headlines ridiculing Burke as "Bishop Takes Queen" and "Immaculate Deception." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LS News.]

True Catholics, the man claims that the Newchurch convent that he wishes to join as a "sister" is so daft as to be "enthusiastic" about his joining them. Statistics have shown that N ewchurch nunneries are so depleted under the Newchurch of the New Order that the "sisters" are desperate to get anyone breathing to join, including men. And this man-turned-woman might just get in. His putative Newchurch bishop has publicly supported the immorality of "gay marriage," as the Newchurch becomes viler and viler every day.


A Reader Asks: "On March 25, 2021, Which Mass Is to Be Celebrated:
The Feastday of St. Mark or the Rogation Day with Major Litanies?"

From: Scott
Castel St. Angelo

A Bronze Statue of St. Michael the Archangel Sits Atop
The Roman Emperor Hadrian's Tomb
One of the Great Roman Landmarks
It Was Installed after Pope St. Gregory the Great
Established the Rogation Day and Procession
Against Earthquake, Fire, Sickness, and War
When an Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel
Was Observed Stopping a Great Plague at Rome
It Was on April 25, according to Roman Tradition
That St. Peter Came to the Eternal City for the First Time

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I went to the Traditional Latin Mass on March 25, 2021, expecting red vestments and Mass for the Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist. Instead, I saw violet vestments and Mass for the Rogation Day with Major Litanies, which fall on the same day, March 25. It seems that this is the first time in eleven years on which St. Mark's feastday and the Rogation Day/Greater Litanies have fallen on a Sunday. But I understand that at other traditional Catholic churches, the Feast of St. Mark was celebrated. What to the fully traditional rubrics of 1950 provide for in this case?


Actually, the rubrics for the Rogation Day with Major Litanies and the Feast of St. Mark are rather complex -- that is why traditional priests study the rubrics so carefully --, but to mince the calendrical rubrics down into the simplest possible terms: if the Rogations procession is held, the Mass is the Rogations Mass in violet; if no procession is held, the Mass is of St. Mark in red. In the Roman Missal, the Rogations Mass is "Exaudivit," found in the Proper of the Season; the Mass of St. Mark is "Protexisti," found in the Proper of the Saints.

This year the feastday of St. Mark the Evangelist on April 25 falls on a Sunday. On this date by precept are also celebrated the Major Litanies, which may be accompanied by a solemn procession. The practice of setting aside this special day to petition God that in his mercy He grant our temporal and spiritual needs goes back very early in the Church. In fact, it has its origins in pre-Christian Rome, as recorded by the Roman writer, Ovid in his Fasti, a work describing Roman religious festivals. The feastday of St. Mark, which is also celebrated on this date, is a later addition to the Church calendar.

We know of the Rogation Day from Pope St. Gregory the Great. It was on April 25, according to Roman tradition, that St. Peter came to the Eternal City for the first time. Under the pontificate of Pelagius, in 589, the swollen waters of the Tiber River in Rome rose to the summit of the temple of Nero. In subsiding, they left such an infectious deposit that there resulted a violent plague. To turn away the divine wrath, the pope ordered a general procession. St. Gregory the Great, his successor, ordered a second procession, at the head of which was carried the picture of the Blessed Virgin painted by St. Luke. Before this venerated relic the plague disappeared.

When the procession reached the Roman emperor Hadrian's Tomb, St. Gregory saw an angel sheathing a sword wet with blood. It was a signal of pardon. As a thanksgiving, the Church renews this procession each year. Hadrian's Tomb is now called the Castel Sant' Angelo from the bronze figure of the Archangel that was placed atop it.

The word "rogation" itself comes from the Latin, meaning "to request." Our Lord has told us that if you request of the Father anything in His name, He will grant the request, in the way that is best for us. Traditionally, the Rogation prayers ask for protection from earthquake, fire, sickness, and war -- prayers that are much needed in our own times.

April 24, 2021 - St. Felix of Sigmaringen, Martyr
Double Feast

Another Newchurch-associated "Charity" Exposed as a Fraud
Its CEO Stole a Quarter of a Million USD from the Mouths of Disadvantaged and Homeless Children

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

John Lynch, CEO of Boysville
Was Arrested and Led out of Court in Handcuffs
Lynch Is the Latest Newchurch-associated Leader
Who Was Caught Embezzling Charity Funds
Lynch's Crime Was even Worse
He Committed One of the Four Biblical Sins
That Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance:
The Oppression of Children
Lynch Stole the Money from the Mouths
Of Disadvantaged and Homeless Children
Such Is the Now-endemic Corruption of Newchurch

The Chief Executive Officer of Newchurch's Holy Cross Boysville "charity," founded by the Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan, stole a quarter of a million USD of funds donated by Newchurchers and used them to finance personal shopping sprees, five-star hotel rooms and restaurants, and to put a new roof on his house. Lynch had been paid 200,000 a year, but that exorbitant salary for a "charity" official wasn't enough for him.

Civil authorities in Michigan arrested John Lynch on April 8, 2021, and charged him on three counts of fraud, carrying a sentence of fifty years in a U.S. federal penitentiary. Lynch had tried to cover up the embezzlement with forged invoices. Lynch stole the money from disadvantaged and homeless children. Boysville had originally been established by the Bishops of Michigan and had been controlled by the Newarchdiocese of Detroit, Michigan. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Detroit News.]

True Catholics, this Newchurch-associated official committed one of the Four Biblical Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Retribution, namely, the oppression of the poor, especially widows and orphans. He is far from the only one. The front pages of newspapers around the world document daily the criminality and corruption of the Newchurch of the New Order -- which is most certainly not: the Catholic Church. With all the evidence that has been published over the years since the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), any Newchurcher is a fool to attend any Newchurch temple (church) and put a single pence into its fraudulent collection plate.

April 23, 2021 - St. George, Martyr
Semidouble Feast

Homophiliac Newbishop Crosby Orders Newchurch Schools to Fly the Homosexual Flag
And Silences All Presbyters from Opposing the Action, as Bergoglio's Newchurch Goes "Gay"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Douglas Crosby

Paedophiliac Newbishop Douglas Crosby
Signs His Approval of an Action
To Fly the Homosexual Flag
At All Newchurch Schools
In This Anti-Catholic Immorality He Is Joined
By the Other Newbishops of Ontario, Canada
The Newbishops Are Acting in Accordance
With the Dictum of the Marxist/Modernist
Third Paedophile Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
That Newchurch Will Not Judge Sodomy
With Its Consequent Paedophile Crimes

At the beginning of his regime, Francis-Bergoglio, head of the Newchurch of the New Order (not the Catholic Church),declares that he "can't judge" sodomy. That statement was a clear signal that sodomy, one of the Four Biblical Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Retribution, would be given free reign over Newchurch. In fact, in the subsequent eight years of Bergoglio's corrupt regime, sodomy, paedophilia, pornography, sex murders, and sadomasochism are prominently featured in news reports every week. Bergoglio does not condemn his criminal Newclergy for these crimes; in fact, he supports them.

On April 6, 2021, Bergoglio's henchman in Hamilton, Ontario, Newbishop Douglas Crosby, together with his fellow Ontario Newbishops, has made it official. He has declared his approval for ordering all Newchurch schools in his jurisdiction to fly the Homosexual Flag, aka the Rainbow Flag, and he has silenced any opposition by presbyters. Meanwhile, enrollment in Newchurch schools has been plummeting because they have become even worse -- if that were possible -- than secular schools. Parents are now beginning to realize that they are simply wasting their money in having their children educated in immoral and anti-Catholic propaganda. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LS News.]

True Catholics, one has to wonder why Newchurchers themselves are now accomplices to these grave crimes by contributing money to the corrupt Newchurch organization that perpetrates them. Are they clueless, deliberately ignorant, or willing dupes to a Marxist/Modernist Newpope and a regime that clearly has nothing to do with Catholicism? As St. Paul tells us, Newchurchers that consent to such evil are "hateful to God" and "are worthy of death" (Romans 1:30,32). Newchurchers have an easy out by ceasing to give money to the corrupt Newchurch and to stop going to its phony Messes. Without money and bodies, Newchurch will disintegrate all the faster. Moreover, every Newchurch presbyter should abandon his Newparish. Thus, Bergoglio, Crosby, and such ilk would have no power and money to perpetrate their anti-Catholic immoralities.

April 22, 2021 - Sts. Soter & Caius, Bishops & Martyrs
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Writes: "We Need to Return to the Traditional Catholic Rites of Holy Week before 1956
When Hannibal Bugnini, Chief Architect of the New "Liturgy," Corrupted Them

From: Jan (Czechoslovakia)
'Hannibal Bugnini's 'La Riforma Liturgica'

In His Thousand-page "La Riforma Liturgica (1948-1975)
The Chief Architect of the New "Liturgy," Hannibal Bugnini
Documented in Detail the Steps Taken in 1945
To Begin the Destruction of the Catholic Mass and Divine Office
Which Started in 1962 with His Destruction
Of the Most Sacred Apostolic Rites of Holy Week
The Purpose of Which, He Writes, Was to Introduced Protestantism
Into a Newchurch of the New Order
Which Was in Fact Founded in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Growing up in Communist Czechoslovakia and having access to nothing else but the Novus Ordo Mess, I was always wondering why my grandmother (born in 1920s, but no longer alive) was always talking about changes in the Mass and asking why Newchurch changed it. I've never understood what she was talking about -- up until this past Easter 2021.

Now I'm attending the Half New Order Mess of 1962 every Sunday and got somehow familiar with it. This year I attended the 1962 Easter Vigil -- and there it was, glaring like a sore thumb: Latin nicely flowing and then all of a sudden the "renewal of baptismal vows" in the vernacular. Up to now I had been attending only the Novus Ordo Easter Vigil (in the vernacular), and those baptismal vows (which are not even part of the Traditional Rites of Holy Week at all) and missing Prayers at the Foot of the Altar had not stuck out so much.

Now I am with you. I can see what you are writing about all the time. It does not fit there. We need to return to traditional Catholic rites of Holy Week before 1956, when Hannibal Bugnini, Chief Architect of the New "Liturgy," corrupted them.


Every Catholic must be aware by not that these are not matters of preference or choice, but touching on doctrine. For our Commentaries during Holy Week, we itemized all the corruptions for each day introduced in the 1956 aberrations. The scope of these corruptions is unbelievable until you see them laid out in such detail. What Bugnini did was essentially to destroy the most holy week of the year, going back to Apostolic times.

It was no coincidence that in the same year, 1956, Bugnini began his destruction of the Mass, which accelerated with the 1960-1962 corruptions and culminated in 1969 when Newchurch abolished the true Mass entirely and replaced it with the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo Service.

Nor was it any coincidence that in 1968, the year before the Novus Order was introduced, Newchurch abolished the Sacrament of Holy Orders and the Catholic priesthood, replacing it with a Protestant-based New Ordinal that merely "installs" presbyter-ministers like the Protestants. Thus, there is no Mass in Newchurch -- 1962 or 1969 -- because the personnel simulating it are not ordained priests. For the same reason, you are hearing more talk in Newchurch about the coming of priestesses and deaconnesses.

All of Newchurch's corruption in liturgy, doctrine, and morality is completely understandable when you accept the reality that is before your nose: the Newchurch of the New Order is certainly not the Catholic Church, and no true Catholic can have anything to do with it.

For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department in the section "The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical "New Order."

April 21, 2021 - SOLEMNITY OF ST. JOSEPH

Roma Condita Est 753 Ante Christum

Newchurch Clergy Are Now Killing Each Other Off
As a Perverted Presbyter Murders His Own Deacon

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Leonardo Avendano & Francisco Bautista

As Newchurch's Great Sex
& Embezzlement Holocaust Spreads
Newchurch Presbyter Francisco Bautista (Right)
Murders His Own Deacon Leonardo Avendano
Torturing Him and Asphyxiating Him to Death
Because the Deacon Was Going to Expose
The Presbyter as a Sex Criminal
The Presbyter's Clueless Newchurchers
Supported the Perverted Murderer
Rather than the Young Victim

On April 13, 2021, Newchurch presbyter Francisco Bautista Avalos was sentenced by a Mexican court to some 30 years in prison without parole for torturing and asphyxiating to death in 2019 his own Newchurch deacon, Leonardo Avendano. The presbyter was so callous that he conducted his victim's own Novus Ordo funeral service to divert suspicion from himself.

The presbyter apparently murdered his deacon because he was going to expose the presbyter as a sex criminal. What was particularly ghastly about this case was the fact that the clueless Newchurchers in Bautista's Newparish openly supported the murderous presbyter instead of the young victim and gathered 6,000 signatures on the presbyter-murderer's behalf. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Mexico News Daily.]

True Catholics, it is unimaginable how corrupt the fake Newchurch of the New Order has become in just half a century after its foundation in 1964. Now a day does not go by but that there is a news article about some Newcardinal, Newbishop, or presbyter committing sex or financial crimes, while the Newchurch, headed by the Third Paedophile Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, essentially does nothing about it. Thus, as St. Paul writes in his Epistle to the Romans (1:24), does God allow perverted men to fall to perdition by their own desires.

April 20, 2021 - Ferial Day of Paschaltide

Secularization Reduces Church Membership in the United States below 50 per Cent
As the Modern World Reflects the Decline of the Church after the Fall of Rome

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Church Membership Declines

The Gallup Poll Reports that Church Membership
In the United States Has for the First Time
Fallen below 50 per Cent, to 47 per Cent
The Decline Is Highest among Newchurchers
Now 58 per Cent of Newchurchers Do Not Go to Church
In 1958, the Year in Which Pope Pius XII Died
80 per Cent of Catholics Went to Church
Thus, the Vatican II Anti-council of 1962-1965
And the Newchurch that It Founded in 1964
Can Be Viewed as a Major Contributor
To the Decline of Newchurch Membership

The Gallup Poll reports that for the first time in the United States, church membership has fallen below 50 per cent to 47 per cent. The situation is now looking comparable to the decline of the Church after the fall of Rome in 476, shortly after which St. Benedict of Nursia packed up as many classical Roman and Greek, together with Catholic books, and preserved them in his Benedictine monasteries. These books were later to fuel the mediaeval and renaissance resurrection of the Church.

In 1937, when Gallup first polled, church membership was 73 per cent. It was only in 2010 that membership fell, to 61 per cent, then to 47 per cent in 2020. Gallup attributed the decline to the increasing number of those who have no religious affiliation, especially those who grew up in generations where the parents did not instill religious education in their offspring. Gallup found that the Millennial Generation (born 1981-1996), Generation X (1965-1980), and Generation Z (1980-) are particularly irreligious. Even those who have a religion do not go to church. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Gallup Poll.]

The Gallup Poll reveals that the decline in church membership was highest among Newchurchers: now 58 per cent of Newchurchers do not go to church. In 1958, the year in which Pope Pius XII died, 80 per cent went to church. Hispanics, who were almost invariably Catholic before the Newchurch of the New Order replaced the Catholic Church in 1964 as the "institutional" Church, have declined in membership in Newchurch by nearly two-thirds.

True Catholics, the Vatican II Anti-council of 1962-1965 and the Newchurch that it founded in 1964 can therefore can be viewed as a major contributor to the decline of Newchurch membership. Indeed, as the Modernist Newpope Paul VI-Montini stated just eight years after the foundation of Newchurch, "the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God," and within a decade or so, that smoke will suffocate the fake Newchurch.

April 19, 2021 - Ferial Day of Paschaltide

Noose tightens around Francis-Bergoglio for Fraud
As His Financial Operative Is Arrested in 400,000,000 USD Embezzlement

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Gianluigi Torzi & Francis-Bergoglio

Gianluigi Torzi (Left), Francis-Bergoglio's Operative
Has Implicated Bergoglio as a Knowing Participant
In a London Real-estate Embezzlement of 416,000,000 USD
From Newchurchers' Donations to Bergoglio's Charity
After Hearing the Evidence, an Italian Judge Ruled
Against Bergoglio that Torzi's Version of Events Was Correct
And that Bergoglio Had Misrepresented the Evidence
It Appears that Bergoglio Is Setting up Torzi for the Fall
In Order to Turn Responsibility away from Himself

Italian prosecutors are tightening the noose around Francis-Bergoglio and his Newvatican officials for their embezzlement in a London real-estate fraud, in which 400,000,000 USD of Newchurchers' money donated to Bergoglio's charity was lost in the fraud. Implicated in the embezzlement are Bergoglio's No. 2, the Secretary of State, Newcardinal Giovanni Becciu, and one witness has testified that Bergoglio himself was completely in the know about the fraud, embezzlement, extortion, and money-laundering scheme.

It appears that Bergoglio is setting up his own financial operative, Gianluigi Torzi, for the fall in order to turn responsibility away from Becciu and Bergoglio. On April 12, 2021, an Italian judge issued an arrest warrant for Torzi for financial crimes. Torzi in this matter reported to Becciu and Bergoglio personally. Torzi states that he was transparent with Newvatican officials in everything that he did and that they signed documents approving his actions. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Reuters News Service.]

True Catholics, even the Italian judge agreed with Gianluigi Torzi's version of events and ruled Newvatican's claim that Torzi was “secretive and dishonest” not to be supported by the evidence and a “misrepresentation” by Bergoglio's prosecutors. In effect, the court agreed that Torzi was being set up by Secretary of State Becciu and Newpope Francis-Bergoglio. The Italian judge's decision offers hope that the crimes for which Newvatican's own courts will not hold Bergoglio and his operatives guilty will be fairly judged by the Italian courts.

April 18, 2021 - Second Sunday after Easter
Semidouble Sunday

Did Francis-Bergoglio Accept a Bribe to Make a Leftist Politician a Novus Ordo 'Unsaint'?
This Is What the Postulator for the Leftist Aldo Moro Has Claimed Publicly on RAI Television

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Martin Luther Statue and Francis-Bergoglio

On October 13, 2016, Francis-Bergoglio Installed
A Statue of the Archheretic Martin Luther
In the Paul-VI Hall of the Newvatican
Martin Luther Is Being Considered
For Novus Ordo "Unsainthood"
Already Bergoglio Has Con-anized His Fellow Marxist
The Communist Revolutionary Oscar Romero in 2018
And the Hindu "Nun" Theresa in 2016
Now Bergoglio Has Been Charged with Soliciting Bribes
To Advance the Causes of More Leftists

Ever since Newchurch replaced the Catholic Church in 1964, one of the worst aspects has the extreme proliferation of Novus Ordo "Saints," really "Unsaints." Now any Tom, Dick, or Luise can become a Novus Ordo "Unsaint," because the traditional Catholic requirement for "heroic virtue" was abolished. The traditional Catholic office of the Advocatus Diaboli (Devil's Advocate) was also abolished. The duty of that office was to argue against canonization as a kind of prosecuting attorney for the contra side. (For further information on this topic, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department in the section "Canonizations - New Order.")

As a result, under Bergoglio's regime, the number of Unblesseds and Unsaints has skyrocketed. Among these are an outright Communist revolutionary, Oscar Romero, and a Hindu nun, Theresa of Calcutta, whose "miracle" was faked by Newvatican, according to her own doctors, and whom even the Modernist Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger refused to Novus-Ordo beatify. Bergoglio has reportedly given serious consideration to con-anizing the Archheretic Martin Luther, a favorite of his, whose statute he erected in Newvatican. Accordingly, no Novus Ordo (post 1964) Unblessed or Unsaint can be accepted by true Catholics as legitimate.

Now it appears that Bergoglio's regime may have been accepting bribes to make people Novus-Ordo Unsaints. Such a thing would previously have been considered unthinkable, but Bergoglio might just be desperate enough, as his Newchurch is rapidly sinking into bankruptcy because he is losing massive donations on account of charges of embezzlement and paedophilia complicity against him. Currently, Newvatican is in the process of trying to Novus-Ordo beatify Aldo Moro, a popular Leftist Italian prime minister. On April 9, 2021, 5he postulator for Moro, that is, the man who is in charge of working to Novus-Ordo beatify him, claimed publicly on the Italian RAI television network that Bergoglio's man asked him for a bribe to advance Moro's cause to become an Unsaint. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, Aldo Moro, who was obviously abducted and murdered for political reasons, Newvatican is trying to prove was killed "in hatred of the [New Order] Faith," in order that he can be made a Novus Ordo "Unsaint," just like the Communist revolutionary, Oscar Romero, who was murdered by his political opponents at a Novus Ordo eucharistic dinner table (non-altar). This latest exposure by the postulator has brought to the attention of Newchurchers and the world just how corrupt everything about Newchurch is -- including its phony "Unsaints."

April 17, 2021 - Our Lady's Saturday Day
Simple Feast

A Reader Asks: "Are the Sacraments (?) of the Newchurch of the New Order Valid
Or Are They Invalid (Fake) because Newchurch Presbyter-Ministers Are Invalid?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Novus Ordo Initiation

A Newchurcher Is Dunked in a Swimming Pool
Filthy with Scum and Bacteria
In What Newchurch Now Doesn't Even Call "Baptism"
But Rather "Initiation"
As If the Clueless Individual Were Joining
A Masonic Lodge
In Recent Years Many Newchurch "Initiations"
Have Become even More Fake (Invalid)
Than the Some Protestant Baptisms

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am concerned as to the sacraments (?) that I received when a member of the Newchurch of the New Order. If Novus presbyter-ministers are invalid (fake), then are the sacraments (?) that they purport to confer invalid as well? Are their baptisms, communions, marriages invalid?


It is clear that Newchurch does not have valid Sacraments, with two possible exceptions. The invalid Protestantized pseudo-sacraments that replaced the Catholic Sacraments in Newchurch shortly after the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) are defective (invalid, fake) by defect of form (the formula) and/or matter and/or the intention of the minister.

In Newchurch, Penance (which Newchurch now calls "Reconciliation"), Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders (which Newchurch now calls "installation," like the Protestants), and Extreme Unction (which Newchurch now calls "Blessing of the Sick") are clearly defective (invalid, fake) by defect of form (the formula) and/or matter and/or the intention of the minister. Moreover, because the Sacrament of Holy Orders was suppressed in 1968 and replaced with the Novus Ordo "installation" of mere Protestantized presbyter-ministers, there is no valid priesthood in the Novus Ordo.

The two possible exceptions are Baptism (which Newchurch now calls "Initiation") and Matrimony. Even Protestant (Christian) baptisms are valid (yet heretical), but only if done with the proper intention, matter, and form (the Biblical Trinitarian form). Reports in recent years indicate that many Newchurch presbyter-ministers are using non-Biblical words; thus, their baptisms are invalid (fake). On the other hand, Matrimony is not conferred by the priest, but by the couple on each other with the priest only witnessing. Therefore, if the marriage is entered into by those who have no impediments, it may be valid, yet heretical.

Your question points up once again the absolute moral imperative for true Catholics to stay completely away from anything associated with the Newchurch of the New Order, as it is certainly not the Catholic Church, but fake, in many cases worse than the Protestants, if that were possible.

April 16, 2021 - Ferial Day of Paschaltide
Liturgical Rank

Francis-Bergoglio Lets off Two Paedophiliac Newbishops with a Slap on the Hand
But Novus Ordo "Unsaint" Newpope JPII-Wojtyla Is also Involved and May Be "De-unsainted"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & JPII-Wojtyla

The First and Second Paedophiliac Newpopes
Benedict-Ratzinger (Left) and JPII-Wojtyla (Right)
A New Documentary Is Now Being Filmed in Poland
That Exposes the Involvement of Wojtyla
In Covering up Crimes in Poland
Calls Are Increasing for Newchurch
To "De-unsaint" Wojtyla
If That Were to Happen
It Would Be the First Time for Newchurch

Francis-Bergoglio's May 19, 2019, Motu Proprio "Vos Estis" was supposed to bring justice to children who are victims of paedophile-involved presbyters, Newbishops, and Newcardinals. Yet recent events demonstrate, again, that this document is not worth the paper it is printed on. On March 29, 2021, two paedophile-involved Polish Newbishops were let off with a mere slap on the hand. This has been the consistent pattern with Bergoglio: ignore the paedophile crimes of his Newchurch clergy until the public outcry is too great to ignore them' then give the criminal Newclergymen a slap on the hand, if that.

Even Newvatican's own investigation showed that Newarchbishop Slawoj Leszek Glodz and Newbishop Edward Janiak were guilty of complicity in paedophile crimes against children. But Bergoglio's Marxist/Modernist regime never dispenses justice, only a fake kind of "mercy" toward criminals. Thus, his criminal Newclergy are set to commit the same crimes again and again. So now the two Newbishops can't simulate publicly the New Mess -- a Protestant non-Mass that is phony (invalid) anyway. What a severe penalty! They're also supposed to give a donation in an amount of their own choosing to yet another one of Bergoglio's fake Newvatican "charities." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, Newarchbishop Glodz's crimes became notorious when they were exposed in the Polish documentary "Tell No One," which investigated paedophile crimes running rampant in Poland. The 2019 documentary is said to have been viewed by almost every Pole and has been so telling that a sequel, "Hide and Seek," was released in 2020. Yet another sequel is planned investigating the involvement of Newpope JPII-Wojtyla in the crimes. The films certainly put a damper on the centenary of the birth of Wojtyla in 2020, who was made an Novus Ordo "Unsaint" by Bergoglio in 2014. But now, just as we warned at the time, Newchurch is discussing revoking Wojtyla's Novus Ordo "Unsaintood" -- the first time such a thing would ever have been done.

April 15, 2021 - Ferial Day of Paschaltide

Communist China Begins Campaign to Imprison Newchurchers
As Dictator Xi Jinping Implements Francis-Bergoglio's Sellout Protocol

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Xi Jinping & Francis-Bergoglio

The Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Sold out Chinese Newchurchers in October 2020
In a Secret Deal with Communist Chinese Dictator Xi
Allowing Xi to Appoint Newbishops
For the "Underground" Newchurch in Red China
Xi Has Now Begun a Pogrom of Newchurchers
Imprisoning Them in Brainwashing Camps to Apostatize
After Beating and Torturing Them for up to a Year
The Chinese Situation Is So Unconscionable
That even Several Newcardinals Have Publicly Condemned
The Marxist Bergoglio, as He Continues to Lose Respect
Even among Members of His Own Newchurch of the New Order

In October 2020, Francis-Bergoglio, a self-admitted Marxist, renewed a secret deal with Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping, whose terms are known to include giving Xi the power to appoint Newbishops for the "Underground" Newchurch in Red China. In April 2021 it is being reported that Xi through his Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has begun a pogrom of Newchurchers, including their presbyter-ministers and Newbishops, seizing them and consigning them to underground brainwashing camps to make them apostatize. Detainees are held in solitary confinement for prolonged periods and tortured. Some have disappeared, probably murdered.

The specific target is so-called "house churches," where Newchurchers congregate to escape persecution in Communist Party-run churches. The CCP is officially atheistic and stringently controls any exercise of religion in Red China. State Security Police and Religious Affairs Bureau officials frequently raid such house churches. Taking part in church-related activities is a crime in Red China.

One detainee in a brainwashing camp stated: "I was held in a windowless room for nearly ten months, during which time I was beaten, verbally abused, and mentally tortured by staff. They threaten, insult, and intimidate you. You have to accept the statement they prepare for you. If you refuse, you will be seen as having a bad attitude, and they will keep you in detention and keep on beating you." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Radio Free Asia.]

True Catholics, the pitiful underground Newchurchers, estimated at 9,000,000, who make up 0.06 per cent of the Red Chinese population, seem not to know that Francis-Bergoglio has sold them out to the atheist Chinese Communist Party and its murderous head, Xi Jinping. The details of the October 2020 deal between Francis-Bergoglio and Xi Jinping are still largely secret. The Chinese situation is so unconscionable that several Newcardinals have publicly condemned the Marxist Bergoglio, as he continues to lose respect even among members of his ow Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church.

April 14, 2021 - St. Justin, Martyr
Double Feast

Newchurch Presbyter Who Engaged in Sex Acts with Satanic Prostitutes
On a Novus Ordo "Eucharistic Dinner Table" Is Charged with a Civil Crime

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Travis Clark

Newchurch Presbyter Travis Clark Was Caught
Together with His Two Prostitutes, Mindy and Melissa
Filming a Pornographic Video on the "Altar" of His Newparish
One of the Prostitutes Is a Self-avowed Satanist
An Attempt by the New Orleans Newarchbishop
To Fumigate the "Altar" Was of No Use
Because as a Newchurch Bishop
He Was Never Consecrated in the Sacrament of Holy Orders
But Merely "Installed" in a Protestantized Rite
Seminaries in Newchurch Have Been Broken since 1964
When the Newchurch of the New Order Was Founded
To Replace the Catholic Church

Ordo Presbyter Travis Clark was charged with a civil crime on March 23, 2021, in a bizarre incident that occurred on the Novus Ordo eucharistic dinner table at Sts. Peter & Paul Newchurch outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. Clark, together with his two prostitutes, Mindy and Melissa, had been caught at night filming a pornographic video on the "altar" five days earlier. One of the prostitutes is a self-avowed satanist. All three face two years' imprisonment.

In vain, Newarchbishop Gregory Aymond, of New Orleans, attempted to fumigate the "altar" with a fake Novus Ordo "penitential rite," but, of course, it was of no use. Aymond was never validly consecrated as a bishop in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, merely "installed" as a Newbishop in the invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968, which the Newchurch of the New Order adopted in 1968. Thus, Aymond, together with his fellow Novus Ordo "bishops," has no sacramental power whatsoever to function as a priest or bishop. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Natiional Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, it was not as if Newchurch didn't have advance warning of serious problems with presbyter Clark. His Newseminary teacher reported that he was a poor student and made little effort. He didn’t participate in class, was negligent in assignments, and generally seemed to be minus habens. However, Newchurch is so desperate now to get a man, any man -- including paedophiles and embezzlers -- to become a phony presbyter, that Clark was nevertheless "installed" as a presbyter-minister under the Protestantized New Ordinal in 2013. Let's face it, the system has been broken ever since 1964, when the Newchurch of the New Order took over traditional Catholic seminaries wholesale and has destroyed them.

April 13, 2021 - St. Hermenegild, Martyr
Semidouble Feast

New Analysis Show the U.S. Newchurch Losing 1,200,000 USD in 2020 Collections
Many More Newchurches Will Now Slam Their Doors Shut Forever

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
 Newparish Collection Decline

An Analysis of Newchurch Parishes in the United States
Has Indicated a 1,200,000,000 USD Decline
In Collection Revenue Last Year
The Decline Is Not Entirely Attributable to the China Virus
As Newparish Collections Were Already in Steep Decline
Because of Newchurch's Continuing
Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Which Has Now Ensnared Francis-Bergoglio Personally

An analysis of 100 Newchurch parishes in the United States has indicated that the average parish suffered a decline of 12 per cent between 2020 and 2019. If that figure is extrapolated across the nearly 17,000 Newparishes in the country, collections last year suffered a 1,200,000,000 decline. The decline is not entirely attributable to the China Virus, as Newparish collections were already in steep decline because of Newchurch's continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust.

Most recently, it came to light that Francis-Bergoglio's Peter's Pence collection, which goes entirely to the Newvatican is essentially a fraud. The donations by Newchurchers to the collection, supposedly for charity, were risked in the London real-estate market for a loss of some 400,000,000 USD. Some 1,200,000,00 USD that were supposedly sent from Newvatican for Australian charities never arrived. Nor has Bergoglio expended any great effort to investigate where it went. Other money went not to charitable causes, but to shore up Bergoglio's bankrupted regime. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic Canada.]

True Catholics, if you thought that Newchurch was already in bad straits, the situation is worse than you thought. As a result of boycotts against a Newchurch rapidly sinking from its own moral and financial corruption, look for many more Newchurches slamming their doors shut forever. In the end, some of these may fall into the hands of independent traditional Catholic congregations, who can then begin the process of reestablishing the true Catholic Church out of the hands of the heretic Newchurch of the New Order, now crippled beyond redemption.

April 12, 2021 - Ferial Day of Paschaltide

A Reader Asks: "What Are the Details for Women's Head Coverings
That Are to Be Used at Mass?"

From: Ann

Too Much?
It Seems that This Reader's Traditional Catholic Chapel
Is Engaged in Carping about Every Detail of Head Coverings
Such Carpers Consult Their Pastor and Accept His Judgment
One Should Be Careful Not to Elevate Insignificant Matters
To the Level of Doctrine
But Rather Concentrate on the Sublimity
Of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
Which Should Be Taking Their Full Attention

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Women's head coverings have caused a tempest at our traditional Catholic chapel. There is carping, it seems, over every little detail: should the material be lace, can the veil be in a scarf style, can any color be used? Could you provide some guidance about this situation?


All that St. Paul requires of women in his First Epistle to the Corinthians that their head be covered in church. One would respect local custom in a given locality, as clothing is strongly based on local custom. Otherwise, this is a question on which your pastor should be consulted, and his judgment accepted.

These carpers should be careful not to elevate insignificant matters to the level of doctrine, but rather concentrate on the sublimity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which should be taking their full attention. They should be guided by Our Lord's words: "And for raiment why are you solicitous? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they labour not, neither do they spin. But I say to you, that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these" (Matthew 6:28-29/DRV).

April 11, 2021 - Sunday in White on the Octave of Easter / Low Sunday / Quasimodo Sunday
Greater Double Sunday
NOT the Fake "Divine Mercy" Sunday of the New Order
Which True Catholics Reject as Fabricated by the Cult of Heretical Newchurch "Oecumenists"

Apostate Hans Kung, Co-conspirator with Josef Ratzinger at the Vatican II Anti-council, Is Dead at 93
The Pair Conspired to Replace the Catholic Church with the Newchurch of the New Order in 1964

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Hans Kung

The Apostate "Priest" Hans Kung
Co-conspirator with Josef Ratzinger
Later to Become the Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger
The Pair Introduced at the Vatican II Anti-council
The Oecumenical Heresy
That "We All Worship the Same Gods"
And that "All Religions Are Equally True"
And Were Principal Founders of the Heretic Newchurch
Kung Was Suspended even by Newpope Paul VI-Montini
And Excommunicated Himself by Becoming a Freemason

Hans Kung, the apostate Swiss "priest" who conspired with Josef Ratzinger, later to become the heretic Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger, to found at the Vatican II Anti-council the heretic Newchurch of the New Order to replace the Catholic Church, has died at 93 on April 6, 2021.

As periti (theological consultants) at the Anti-council, the two "birds of a feather" were seen in the halls outside the Anti-council "vested" in coat and tie. They associated with their fellow heretics to take over the Anti-council and found the Newchurch of the New Order while Pope John XXIII lay dying of stomach cancer: Karl Rahner, Louis Boyer, Raymond Brown, Anibale Bugnini, Yves Congar, Charles Curran, Henri de Lubac, Thomas Merton, John Courtney Murray, Edward Schillebeeckx, Hans Urs von Balthasar, et alii.

Kung was also noted for publicly rejecting the dogma of papal infallibility in his 1971 book Infallible? and for introducing at the Anti-council the Oecumenical Heresy, which taught that "we all worship the same gods" and "all religions are equally true." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, Kung was so heretical that even his fellow heretic, the first Newpope, Paul VI-Montini, revoked his license to teach theology. Later, Kung joined the Freemasons and once and for all publicly excommunicated himself. As an apostate and excommunicate, he would be buried in an unmarked grave outside consecrated grounds.

April 10, 2021 - Easter Saturday
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Asks: "Is Work for Pleasure Prohibited on Sundays
Or Is Servile Work for Any Purpose Prohibited on the Lord's Day?"

From: Mary
Third Commandment

The Third Commandment of God
Which Requires Religious Worship on the Lord's Day
And Abstinence from Servile Work for Any Purpose
Is Frequently -- and Sinfully -- Ignored by Catholics
One Has to Look No Farther than Such an Attitude
To Understand Why Secular Society
Is Falling Deeper and Faster into the Abyss
Of a Murder, Thievery, Lying, and Covetousness

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I have a question concerning work on Sundays. Would sewing for pleasure little craft items or embroidery or crochet be considered servile work if it is not to be sold?


By the Third Commandment of God, Sunday is to be a day of rest from servile work, with the day being devoted to religious, recreational, and mental activities. Work is work, regardless of the purpose, without a serious excusing cause. However, a trivial amount of such work would probably not be sinful. However, yet one should nevertheless arrange to perform even such work on other days. In case of doubt, one should consult one's confessor or pastor.

April 9, 2021 - Easter Friday
Semidouble Sunday

Young Swedes Are Increasingly Leaving the Lutheran Protestant Sect
And Marching Closer to Traditional Catholicism, the Religion of Their Forefathers before the Protestant Revolution

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Swedish March

It Was Not until 1951 that Swedes Could Legally Convert
From the Heretic Protestant Lutheran Sect
That Is the Official Church of Sweden
Until 1861 Catholics Were Deported or Suffered the Death Penalty
Now the Vatican II Anti-council's Half New Order New Latin Mess
Has Become Increasingly Popular, Especially among the Youth
Unfortunately, This Mess Is Just as Invalid
As the Full-blown Novus Ordo Mess
As the Newchurch of the New Order Has Not Ordained Priests
Since Its Adoption of the Invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968

Sweden, now one of the farthest left socialist countries in Europe, was at one time a vibrantly Catholic country. In recent times, Sweden has joined Communist China, Japan, Estonia, Norway, and the Czech Republic to become one of the five least religious countries in the world. After the Protestant Revolution the Lutheran heretics gradually gained the upper hand, and in 1593 the Lutheran sect became the state church, as confirmed by a war between a Catholic and a Protestant king. After the Protestants won that war, the government deported Catholics and imposed the death penalty upon them.

In 1654, Christina, Queen of Sweden, was forced to abdicate when she converted to Catholicism. It was not until 1781 that the Law of Intolerance toward Catholics was repealed. It was not until 1861 that the crime of converting to the Catholic Church was repealed. It was not until 1951 that Swedes could legally leave the Swedish Lutheran sect. It was not until 1977 that the ban on Catholic -- that is to say Newchurch -- convents was repealed. To this day Newchurchers are prohibited from becoming king or queen of Sweden.

But in recent years a strange thing has been happening. Significant numbers of Swedes are turning against the Protestant establishment in Sweden and are also rejecting the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order (Novus) Mess in favor of the Vatican II Anti-council's Half New Order New Latin Mess, sometimes erroneously termed the "Extraordinary Rite." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

True Catholics, it is the sad fact that the New Latin Messes simulated are just as invalid as the full-blown New Order vulgar-tongued Mess because Newchurch has not ordained priests, merely Protestantized presbyter-ministers, since its adoption of the invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968. Nevertheless, this trend in Sweden toward conservativism, if not, traditional Catholicism, has been noticed especially in Gothenberg, Sweden's second-largest city, and most especially among the youth of the country.

April 8, 2021 - Easter Thursday
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Ducked out on Washing Dirty Feet at Maundy Thursday Mess
In Favor of Simulating a Novus Ordo Service with His Embezzler Newcardinal

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Has Turned the (Optional) Maundy Thursday Mandatum
Or Foot-washing Ceremony, into a Political Side Show
As when He Washed the Feet of Illegal Aliens
But in 2021 He Ducked out of the Mandatum Entirely
Instead Simulating a Private Novus Ordo Mess
With His Accused Embezzler Newcardinal Becciu
Who Had Resigned His Post as Deputy Secretary of State
Complaining that Newvatican Prosecutors
Had Deprived Him of Becoming the Next Newpope!

Francis-Bergoglio is nothing if not predicable in his support of crime and no punishment.. Bergoglio, who has turned the (optional) Mandatum, or foot-washing ceremony, on Maundy Thursday, into a political side show, suddenly and without explanation eschewed the Mandatum on April 1, 2021, in favor of simulating a private Mess in the apartment of his accusede embezzler Newcardinal, Giovanni Becciu, and members of the heretic Focolare Movement, leaving Newcardinal Giovanni Batista Re to simulate the Maundy Thursday Mess in St. Peter's Archbasilica.

Becciu, the Sostituto, or Deputy Secretary of State of the Newvatican, resigned in disgrace from his office on September 24, 2020, because of reports that he had embezzled some 120,000 USD from charitable donations and siphoned them off to his brother. After being exposed, Becciu whined to the press that Newvatican prosecutors had compromised his chances of becoming the next Newpope!

Bergoglio is now griping to the press that no one is coming to see his Novus Ordo Messes because Italy is on lockdown again. What he fails to mention is that by the 1929 Concordat with the Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, Vatican City is not under the jurisdiction of Italy and can open its doors wide to Newchurch if Bergoglio wants-- but Bergoglio doesn't want that. St. Peter's Archbasilica is so large that it could accommodate thousands of Newchurchers with metres and metres of distance between them.

True Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio is again playing the hypocrite. The Marxist/Modernist doesn't want people worshipping God. He wants them worshipping man, playing the proletariat in his Marxist political revolution. To this end he has perverted his Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church. This he admits it in his own book!

April 7, 2021 - Easter Wednesday
Semidouble Feast

A U.K. Court Makes Public Documents that Implicate Francis-Bergoglio's Newpapacy
In Crimes of Intimidation, Extortion, Money Laundering Fraud, Embezzlement, Blackmail, and Prostitutes

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Hides His Head in Shame
As Documents Made Public by a U.K. Judge
Implicate His Newpapacy in Intimidation, Extortion
Money Laundering, Fraud, Embezzlement
Blackmail, and Prostitutes
Related to the 2014 London Real Estate Fraud
That Involved Using Some 400,000,000 USD
Donated by Newchurchers to His Fake Charity
Known as Peter's Pence

On March 24, 2021, a U.K. judge made public documents implicating Francis-Bergoglio and his top Newcardinals in the notorious 2014 London Real Estate Fraud, a crime that involved intimidation, extortion, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement, blackmail, and prostitutes. Bergoglio used money donated by Newchurchers to his fake charity known as Peter's Pence in the fraud, which lost Bergoglio monies totaling up to 400,000,000 USD. Even Newvatican's own prosecutors have dubbed the scam "fraudulent ... secretive and dishonest."

The documents submitted by Newvatican prosecutors indicate that Francis-Bergoglio's Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, personally authorized the fraud. It is hard to imagine that with such significant funds involved, coming from his own Peter's Pence, Bergoglio did not know of the matte, may have signed off on it, or allowed Parolin to do so to keep the blame from himself. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the CC News Service.]

True Catholics, the noose is tightening around Francis-Bergoglio's neck. Already three of his top Newcardinals have been implicated in the crimes. Because these Newcardinals report directly to Bergoglio and because of the large sum of money involved, it is getting harder and harder to believe that Bergoglio himself was not a party to the fraud. Perhaps the British courts will ferret out the truth that the Newvatican's courts, reporting to Bergoglio, have so far failed to do.


A Reader Asks: "Is It Required that Confessions Be Heard behind a Screen
And that Penitents Be Anonymous to the Confessor?"

From: Diego

It Is Not Required that a Screen Be Used for Confession
Or that Penitents Be Anonymous to the Confessor
Well before the Vatican II Anti-council and the Newchurch
(Traditional) Catholic Priests Would Hear Confessions
If Necessary, in the Open, as before Holydays
When there Were Not Enough Confessionals
To Accommodate the Number of Penitents

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I have attended an "Indult" Mess on occasion, as it is relatively close, in contrast to a fully Traditional Latin Mass over two hours away. The "Indult" providers offer "confession" face to face. I did not make a confession because I believe in the anonymity and privacy with the screen in confession. Is it valid to offer confession without a screen and that confessions be anonymous to the confessor?


It is not required that there be anonymity between the confessor and the penitent. Screens are not required. In fact, well before the Vatican II Anti-council and the Newchurch, (traditional) Catholic priests would hear confessions, if necessary, in the open, as before holydays, when there were not enough confessionals to accommodate the number of penitents.

In any case, these days, when the number of penitents is small, the confessor usually knows the identify of the penitent anyway. Actually, it is a good thing for the confessor to know, because then he can give knowledgeable, continuing spiritual counsel to the penitent instead of dealing with a one-off confession out of context.

Confessions should be private, and arrangements should be made for other penitents to remain out of earshot. However, if anyone should hear any part of a confession, he is obliged under pain of excommunication never to reveal what he heard, just as the priest is bound under the seal.

However, much more important for you to consider than screens is the fact that so-called "Indult" clergy are not priests at all, as they are merely "installed" by invalid Novus Ordo bishops, who have not been consecrated under the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but themselves merely "installed" under the invalid Protestantized New Ordinal of 1969. Thus, they are not Catholic priests, but invalid presbyter-ministers, like the Protestants. You seem to have some awareness of this fact, as you call the "Indult" clergy "providers."

It follows from this fact that the "Indult" Mess, i.e., the Half New Order New Latin Mess aka the "Extraordinary" Mess of 1962 is not valid either. Thus, your concern should be not about screens, but about the fact that your confession is not even being heard by a priest.

In your situation, you should attend the fully Traditional Latin Mass that is available to you, even if, because of distance, you may be able to attend only less frequently. Unavailability of a true Mass or the true Sacrament of Penance is never an excuse to resort to essentially Protestant ministers for invalid "sacraments."

For further information on this topic, click on FAQ03: "Should I Ever Attend Newchurch's 'Ordinary' or 'Extraordinary' Messes" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department in the section "Five Practical Rules for Dealing with the New Order Sect."


"The Four Marks" Traditional Catholic Newspaper
Has Apparently Become a Victim of the Annus Horribilis 2020

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
'The Four Marks'

The Four Marks
An Independent Traditional Catholic Newspaper
A Leading Traditional Catholics Newspaper in the U.S.
Founded in 2006
Since the Catholic Observer Ceased Publication
The Four Marks Has Apparently Become a Victim
Of the Annus Horribilis 2020

The TRADITIO Network has received inquiries about the status of The Four Marks independent traditional Catholic newspaper, one of the leading traditional Catholic publications in the United States. After the Catholic Observer ceased publication, The Four Marks picked up the baton in 2006 and began publishing a well-edited 16-page monthly newspaper that conformed to independent traditional Catholic beliefs. The title of the newspaper was taken from the statement in the Nicaeo-Constantinopolitan Creed, in which true Catholics profess their belief in "unam, sanctam, catholicam, et apostolicam Ecclesiam, what are known as the Four Marks of the True Church.

From all that we have been able to determine, the newspaper has apparently become a victim of the Annus Horribilis 2020. The newspaper's internet host now shows that its web site is suspended, and E-mails to the editor have gone unanswered, whereas previous replies had been prompt.

When certain other traditional Catholic publications -- which shall remain nameless -- gave up the ghost to become apologists for the heretic Modernist Newchurch of the New Order and its heretic Newpopes, The Four Marks had resisted that malign temptation. Now those other publications have been left with egg on their mastheads, having gotten themselves into the horrific position of carrying the banner now for the openly and proudly Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, who has embraced heretical and immoral positions on sodomy, "gay marriage," abortion, and other moral and doctrinal issues, to the extent that even several of his own Newcardinals are now publicly calling him a heretic, a fact that he acknowledges and of which he even seems proud.


The days of violet are gone. The voices of the Old Testament prophets Isaias and Jeremias are stilled. The Alleluias and Glorias that have been missing since Septuagesima return once more, in profusion. "Hence it is that at the Gloria today the bells are rung, the organ peals forth, the statues and pictures are uncovered, and a few moments afterward the glad Alleluias, silenced for nine weeks past, are heard again in jubilant tones, soaring in their triple repetition higher and higher until they seem to mingle with the songs of the angels in heaven." As the great drama of our redemption draws to an end, let us join in the joy of Holy Mother Church today as she specially sets before us after Communion the great psalm of praise to our risen Lord: "Praise the Lord, all ye nations; praise him, all ye people. For his mercy is confirmed upon us; and the truth of the Lord remaineth forever" (Psalms 116:1-2/DRV). Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

Gregorian Chant of Easter Sunday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Easter Oratorio [BWV 249]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

Omnibus Lectoribus TRADITIONIS

Ex: Reverendis Patribus TRADITIONIS
Resurrexi Chant

Introitus Cantandus in Dominica Resurrectionis

"Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum, alleluia"



Through these rites of Holy Saturday, historically and devotionally so gripping, from ancient ages the most solemn of all Vigils of the year, we see Our Lord revealed to us in specific ways, and we in turn are called upon to reflect Him in those ways in our own lives. Together, on this, the "Mother of All Holy Vigils," as St. Augustine calls it, we hear the Lessons that teach us the history of our Faith, the Old Law before the fulfillment of our redemption under the New. We come through the darkness of Our Lord's Passion and Death into the light, as together we now celebrate His glorious Resurrection.

Gregorian Chant of Holy Saturday
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Holy Saturday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Holy Saturday Tenebrae
William Byrd: Music for Holy Saturday
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

WARNING AGAINST THE FALSE NEW LATIN (AKA "EXTRAORDINARY") HOLY WEEK RITES OF 1962. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. They were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated, invalid Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Holy Saturday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) eliminating two of the three ancient prayers blessing the new fire; (2) replacing the traditional ceremony for inscribing and blessing the Paschal candle with a new one, completely fabricated by the Modernists; (3) eliminating the ancient procession of the triple candle into the church while Lumen Christi was thrice invoked; (4) modifying the ancient Paschal Proclamation, the Exsultet; (5) eliminating eight of the twelve Old Testament prophecies foretelling the coming of Christ; (6) directing that the Collects be chanted at the sedilia rather than the altar, in the manner of the Novus Ordo "presider"; (7) dividing and partially eliminating the traditional Litany of the Saints; (8) introducing a spurious "Renewal of Baptismal Vows" in the vernacular, the first time that the vernacular is explicitly permitted as an integral part of a liturgical rite; (9) eliminating in their entirety from the Mass the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar and the Last Gospel, as does the Novus Ordo service; (10) moving the entire service to nighttime instead of before noon with the First Mass of Easter immediately following at noon, in contravention of the traditional principle that during Lent, in both Western and Eastern rites, there is a symbolic inversion of time as a consequence of the Fall, with the restoration of normality coming only with the victory of the Lord on Easter morning.

Nadal's Christus Descendens ad Inferos

What Transpired when Christ Descended into Limbo
On Holy Saturday


There are few scenes liturgically more impressive than the appearance of the church at the beginning of the rites of Good Friday. The bare floor, the dismantled altar, the veiled crucifix, the unlighted candles. Then, when the procession of the celebrant in black vestments with servers has silently made its way to the sanctuary, the sudden prostration before the altar, where the celebrant annihilates himself in abject penitence -- all these are things that can hardly fail to produce an effect upon each one of us. Then follow the sorrowful lessons and tracts and the reading of the Passion of Our Lord, producing a sense of desolation that no other service in the liturgical year approaches. On this day the Church gives her churches an appearance of desolation and clothes her clergy in mourning. Today the Church, and we who enter the church, are in mourning because Our Lord has died to redeem us.

Gregorian Chant of Good Friday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Good Friday Tenebrae
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Good Friday
Tommaso Luigi da Vittoria's Popule Meus
William Byrd: Music for Good Friday
Johann Sebastian Bach's Johannes Passion [BWV 245]
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

WARNING AGAINST THE FALSE NEW LATIN (AKA "EXTRAORDINARY") HOLY WEEK RITES OF 1962. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. They were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated, invalid Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Good Friday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) changing the one aliturgical day, on which no Mass was celebrated because "the Apostles hid themselves for fear of the Jews," into a full-scale communion service; (2) directing that the "presider" conduct the first part of the service from the sedilia rather than from the altar in Novus Ordo style; (3) directing that the Litanical Prayers be chanted from a book at the center of the altar in contravention of the Roman rite; (4) changing the litanical Prayer for Heretics and Schismatics into a "Prayer for the Unity of Christians"; (5) commanding that a genuflection be made in the litanical Prayer for the Jews, which was anciently omitted because the Jews genuflected to mock Christ during His Agony; (6) allowing the crucifix to be held up for a brief adoration, as in the Novus Ordo, rather than having the people approach the Communion rail to kiss it; (7) suppressing the Solemn Procession from the Repository with the Blessed Sacrament and the singing of the ancient hymn Vexilla Regis; (8) eliminating the offertory, incensation, and elevation of the Blessed Sacrament; (9) directing that the congregation recite the Pater Noster with the priest in Novus Ordo style; (10) allowing Communion to be received this day, which was anciently prohibited on Good Friday; (11) adding a responsorial psalm to the communion service in Novus Ordo fashion.

After the celebration of Good Friday at the University of Durham, England, one year, Rev. Dr. T.C.G. Glover, JCD, a former priest of the Roman Oratory, who continued to celebrate the Sacred Triduum in the traditional Roman form, not in the Conciliar-Bugnini "Motu/Extraordinary/1962+" false rites, was asked why he didn't celebrate the New Rite of Holy Week introduced into the New Order church by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini. His answer was pure Dr. Glover at his very best: "I would rather get drunk in a brothel than celebrate that crap."

Nadal's Post Erectam Crucem

What Transpired after the Erection of the Cross
Before Christ Gave up His Spirit
On Good Friday


We have today to consider a great and awful mystery of betrayal. This betrayal is commemorated in the special Canon used only at this Mass of Maundy Thursday. Judas, one of the twelve chosen disciples of Our Lord, taught by Him for three years, confirmed in the faith by so many miracles, loaded with graces, becomes the tool of those who plot the death of Our Lord. He traitorously sells His Lord to the high priest for the ancient price of a slave, thirty Roman denarii. But Judas here is not only an historical figure of some 2000 years ago. He is spiritually each one of us, sinners, for whom Christ so grievously began His suffering and death this night. Let us consider the betrayal of Judas and what it forces us to confront in our own spiritual lives.

Gregorian Chant of Maundy Thursday
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Music for Maundy Thursday
Carlo Gesualdo's Responsoria for Maundy Thursday Tenebrae
For further information, see FAQ07: What Sacred Music Recordings Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Library of Files (FAQs and Catholic Apologetics).

WARNING AGAINST THE FALSE NEW LATIN (AKA "EXTRAORDINARY") HOLY WEEK RITES OF 1962. The Modernist changes of 1956-1962 gutted the Traditional Latin Rites of this most holy week of the entire year. They were engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo of 1969, and were never approved by Pope Pius XII in forma specifica. They were introduced by Bugnini as the opening salvo toward the completely-fabricated, invalid Novus Ordo of 1969.

Among the Modernisms introduced for Maundy Thursday, making the "Motu" rite like the invalid Novus Ordo service, are: (1) cutting out the Credo and the Last Gospel; (2) adding a responsorial psalm to the communion service in Novus Ordo fashion; (3) importing the Maundy (washing of feet) into the Mass, as in the Novus Ordo; (4) directing that the Collect following the Maundy be chanted "facing the people," as in the Novus Ordo; (5) eliminating the adornment and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Repository; (6) the fabrication of a new "Chrism Mass," which separates the function of the blessing and consecration of the Sacred Oils for the Sacraments from the one Mass of Maundy Thursday.

Nadal's Sacratissimi Sacramenti

The Institution of the Blessed Sacrament
And of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
On Maundy Thursday

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