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Francis-Bergoglio Advances His Homosexual Perversion Agenda
Newchurch Funeral Rite Now Permits Coffins of Sodomites to Be Draped with the "Gay" Rainbow Flag

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Sodomite Funeral

In Accordance with Francis-Bergoglio's
New Pro-Homosexual Policy
The Coffins of Two Sodomites
Who Authorities Think
May Have Murdered Each Other
Were Draped in the "Gay" Rainbow Flag
In Mexico City's Newcathedral
The Newarchbishop of Mexico City
Excused the Sacrilege by Pontificating:
"There Was No Intention to Offend Anyone"
Yet even Many Newchurchers
Denounced the Archbishop for the Sacrilege

In the latest implementation of Francis-Bergoglio's pro-homosexual/pro-transsexual policy, "gay" rainbow flags are being draped over coffins in churches at Newchurch funeral Messes. Gustavo Rodriguez Vega, Newarchbishop of Mexico City, taking advantage of Bergoglio's new policy, ordered that rainbow flags be draped over the coffins of a homosexual activist and his sodomitic "partner" at a funeral Mess in the Newcathedral of Mexico City. Rodriguez Vega is also Vice President of the Mexican (New)bishops' Conference, which concurred in the sacrilege.

Rodriguez pontificated of the "gay" flags on the coffins: "We respect that." Yet, according to the attorney general's office, the two sodomites may have murdered each other in their residence in some kind of perverted act, as one of the dead men was found with a sharp instrument in his hands. Rodriguez tried to excuse himself by saying that "there was no intention to offend anyone.... They (the sodomites) are welcome to all the services that the (New)church can offer." Yet even many Newchurchers were offended and publicly denounced the Newarchbishop for the sacrilege. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, one of the deceased sodomites had already antagonized conservative Newchurchers by posting a photograph of himself on antisocial media dressed as the Virgin Mary. But Francis-Bergoglio does not care about causing scandal. In fact, he seems to delight in it. These "funerals" are not religious rites, but merely vehicles for the apostate Newpope to further his Marxist/Modernist political agenda. The Newchurch of the New Order is degenerate and is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. No true Catholic should have anything to do with it under pain of sharing in its apotasy.

November 29, 2023 - Vigil of St. Andrew, Apostle

As the German Newchurch Initiates Schism, Francis-Bergoglio Panics
As the Blessing of "Gay Marriages" and Handing the Novus Ordo Cookie to Adulterous Bigamists Goes Ahead

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & German Newbishops

The German Newbishops
Have Faced off against Francis-Bergoglio
And Have Initiated Schism from Him
They Will Proceed
With the Blessing of "Gay Marriages"
And Handing the Novus Ordo Cookie
To Adulterous Bigamists
Bergoglio Agrees with the Heretic Newbishops
But for Him It Is All a Matter of Personal Power
Who Will Give the Order
And the Germans Got the Drop on Him

In the sixteenth century it was from Germany that the Arch-heretic Martin Luther came, ripping apart the Church in the Protestant Revolution. In the twentieth century it was from Germany and Germanic countries that the heretic Modernists came to rip apart the Church at the Vatican II Anti-council, with leaders such as Josef Ratzinger (later to call himself "Benedict XVI"), Joseph Jungman, Hans Kung, Karl Rahner; Edward Schillebeeckx; and Hans Urs von Balthasar. These took the Vatican II Council out of the control of the ailing Pope John XIII and perverted it to serve their well-planned heretical purposes and to found the Newchurch of the New Order in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church.

Now the Germans are plotting another schism, this time from the Newchurch of the New Order that they were instrumental in founding. The German schism from Newchurch is already a reality, though Francis-Bergoglio dares not to use the term. The Germans have now set up their own Synodal Council to knock heads with Bergoglio's Synod. And the apostate is panicked, as, in the world of heresy, the Germans are the vanguard. There is even talk recently that the schism may spread next to the more conservative United States, which Bergoglio hates with a passion and has assailed in many addresses.

All this is just more evidence that the Newchurch of the New Order is disintegrating. There is more and more public rejection of Bergoglio because of his being an apostate from the true Catholic Faith and because of his interference in secular politics to promote a Marxist programme in Newchurch and around the secular world. Non-sacraments such as "Initiations" (formerly baptisms), "Reconciliations" (formerly Confessions), "Installations" (formerly Holy Orders), "Blessing of the Sick" (formerly Extreme Unction), inter alia, and attendance at the invalid (fake) New Order Mess are all tanking. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

Traditional Catholics, to the Marxist/Modernist Bergoglio there is nothing religious in this. Bergoglio in fact agrees with the heretic German Newbishops. For him it is all a matter of personal power, of who gives the order. And now the Germans got the drop on him. But whereas Bergoglio didn't bat an eye expelling Newbishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, for being "too conservative," Bergoglio treats the German Newbishops with kid gloves. Ironically, he even asked them to continue praying for "our common concern for unity." That statement is odiferously ripe, as Bergoglio and the Germans both take pride in breaking from the true Catholic Church and embracing the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church.

November 28, 2023 - Ferial Day

Francis-Bergoglio Spurns Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists
But Readily Gives an Audience to Transsexual Prostitutes in the Once-sacred Halls of the Vatican

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Transsexual Prostitutes

Francis-Bergoglio Welcomes Transsexual Prostitutes
Into the Audience Room of Newvatican
He Refuses to Meet with Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists
Over His Persecution of Newbishop Strickland
And His Cancellation of New Latin Messes of 1962
But He Warmly Welcomes
Unrepentant Transsexual Prostitutes
Into What Used to be the Sacred Halls of the Vatican

When will those Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists ever learn? Francis-Bergoglio has canceled their New Latin Messes of 1962, has encouraged blessing of sodomitic unions and adulterous bigamists, and won't meet with the Neocons over their grievances. But he readily met with transsexual prostitutes at his November 15, 2023, general audience and has been regularly meeting with them. He also gives them money to pursue their perverted activities.

Recently, Bergoglio rejected Catholic morality by allowing unrepentant transsexuals to be initiated (Newchurch no longer baptizes). They can even serve as godparents to others, even though godparents are supposed to be models of the Catholic faith to their godchildren. Yet as recently as 2015 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the (New) Faith had confirmed an absolute ban on transsexuals. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Traditional Catholics, Newchurch is becoming little more than a joke. Bergoglio even admits that he doesn't view himself a pope (which, in any case, he isn't, not having been ordained or consecrated in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but merely "installed" as a Protestant-style minister under the invalid (fake) Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968). Newchurch has no doctrine, as it is unhitched from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, dogmatically the foundation of the Church. Bergoglio just makes it up as he goes along to fit his revolutionary Marxist/Modernist programme. No wonder Newchurchers in numbers greater than ever are demanding to be de-initiated (de-baptized) out of Newchurch. They want no part of the fake Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church.

November 27, 2023 - Ferial Day

Outspoken Opponent of Marxist Francis-Bergoglio Elected President of Argentina
Javier Milei during the Campaign Threatened to Cut off Diplomatic Relations with the Newpope

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Javier Milei & Francis-Bergoglio

Javier Milei Won an Overwhelming Victory
For the Presidency of Argentina
Milei Is an Outspoken Opponent
Of the Marxist Francis-Bergoglio
And the Election Was Widely Viewed
As a Referendum on the Marxist Political Agenda
Of Bergoglio in His Home Country
Milei Threatened in the Campaign
To Cut off Diplomatic Relations with the Newpope

Javier Milei was quite outspoken in the campaign for the Argentinean presidency in rejecting Francis-Bergoglio' s Marxism and openly stated that, if elected, he would cut off diplomatic relations with the Newpope, who Milei said was introducing Communism in Latin America. Although Newchurch panicked and even tried to stir up opposition to Milei by political sermons from the pulpit and simlated (invalid) fake "Messes of Reparation," the conservative, even traditional, candidate nevertheless won in a landslide on November 19, 2023.

The election was widely viewed as a referendum on the Marxist political agenda of Bergoglio in his home country. Milei spoke fiercely against Marxist policies advanced throughout Latin American by the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. The new president specifically targeted Newchurch presbyters and their notion of Marxist "social justice. Milei even called Bergoglio an "imbecile" and a "Communist." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Crux News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, with diplomatic relations with the Marxist/Modernist Bergoglio and his Newchurch to be terminated, Newchurch in Argentina is now in disarray. The "Dictator (New)pope" is now essentially exiled from his native country, as he has said that he will not go where he is not wanted. He even entered the political fray himself, but the election proved that his native country does not want him and is sick and tired of the anti-Catholic Marxist programme that he is pushing.

November 26, 2023 - Twenty-sixth and Last Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newchurch Issues Yet Another "New" Catechism
Which Purports to Be More Conservative, but Is Tainted by the New Order Mentality

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Catechismus Romanus

The Roman Catechism (1566)
Issued by the Dogmatic Council of Trent
Is the Most Authoritative Catechism
From Which All Traditional Catechisms
Like the Pope St. Pius X Catechism
And the Baltimore Catechism Descend
Nothing Published or Revised after 1950
Can Be Trusted because of Corruptions
By the Vatican II Anti-council
And Its Lead-up in the 1950s

As if the "Unsaint" Newpope JPII-Wojtyla's 1992 Catechismus Catholicus, which purported to be the catechism of the Catholic Church weren't bad enough, beware! A new catechism entitled Credo was issued on November 14, 2023, by an invalid (fake) Newchurch bishop. Most recently, Francis-Bergoglio has called for "a courageous cultural revolution" in theology, which includes Newvatican's recognition of "transgender persons" and "homosexual persons." Anything associated with the Newchurch of the New Order is to be rejected out of hand as contaminated with heresy. This new publication makes it timely to review the situation as regards catechisms for Traditional Catholics.

First of all, Newchurch's 1992 catechism contains heresy throughout. It was first issued in a few vulgar tongues and adjusted on a number of doctrinal points according to popular polls before it was issued in its official Latin version. It contains heresies on, inter alia, the nature of the Church and the papacy, so-called religious liberty (the Heresy of Oecumenism), and the sacraments, including the priesthood (which Newchurch lost in 1968 with its Protestantized "New Ordinal."

For sixty years Newchurch sources have issued catechisms containing outright disinformation about faith and morals. Some of these catechisms use the fraudulent term "Catholic" on their covers and falsely claim to be traditional catechisms, using familiar titles such as "Baltimore Catechism."

One example is the catechism entitled Einführung in das Christentum, (Introduction to Christianity), published in 1968 by Josef Ratzinger (who later styled himself "Benedict XVI") and subsequently declared under suspicion of heresy by Pope Pius XII and the Holy Office. It was outright banned by Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Poland, because it contained heresy.

Another example is a so-called "Baltimore Catechism" published by Tan Books. However, Tan routinely reprints pre-Vatican II books with New Order "updates" in the text, often with no notice at all to the reader. We have found that books from this publisher cannot be trusted to be authentic. Tan has also announced dropping from its catalog some of the most significant works of traditional Catholicism because they criticize the invalid (fake) Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order service, including Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci's famous exposé of the New Order sect, The Ottaviani Intervention: Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, and Fr. James Wathen's exposé of the New Mess, The Great Sacrilege. More recently, Tan has begun to stock the New Order sect's New American Bible paraphrase (not even a "translation") of the Bible, which is used in heretical New Order churches.

Traditional Catholics, one cannot trust any post-1950 catechism. To be safe, one should reference the truly traditional Catholic Catechismus (1566) of the dogmatic Council of Trent, written principally by the eminent theologian St. Charles Borromeo. Catechisms based upon this seminal work are the Catechism of St. Pius X (1910) and the original Baltimore Catechism. (1949) For further information on this topic, click on FAQ5: What Traditional Catholic Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department in the section "Catechism and Doctrine."

November 25, 2023 - St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Is Ordered by U.K. Appeals Court to Produce "Secret" Documents
Which Implicate Him in the 350,000,000 USD London Real-estate Fraud

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
U.K. Appeals Court

The U.K. Appeals Court
Has Rejected Francis-Bergoglio's Argument
To Keep Documents Implicating Him
In the 2014 London Real-estate Fraud
A "Pontifical Secret"
And Has Ordered Him to Turn over the Documents
And Pay Court Costs
One Justice Found Bergoglio's
"Non-disclosures and Misrepresentation"
To Be "Appalling"

On November 18, 2014, the U.K. Court of Appeals ordered Francis-Bergoglio to produce the "secret" documents" that are said finger him as the mastermind behind the 2014 London Real-estate Fraud, as has already been attested to by sworn witnesses, and to pay court costs. The fraud involves 350,000,000 USD of Newchurch money, including donations made by Newchurchers. A trial on the matter is now ongoing before a Newvatican court, and Bergoglio has been fingered in sworn testimony there too.

Bergoglio has been desperately working behind the scenes to keep his criminal involvement a secret by refusing to turn over incriminating documents that he claims are under "pontifical secret." Ironically, Bergoglio himself is the accused criminal who is keeping the documents secret to protect his own hide. The U.K. high court wasn't buying Bergoglio's cover-up and his attempt to make others the scapegoats for his own malfeasance. Bergoglio claimed to the high court that to reveal the contents of his correspondence between himself and his accomplices would be a "grave sin." Rather, it is Bergoglio's gross embezzlement, fraud, and abuse of office that is the "grave sin" against the Seventh Commandment. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Telegraph.]

Traditional Catholics, Bergoglio and his regime come under the same denunciation that Jesus Christ issued against the Church of His time as being no more than "a den of thieves" (Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46 John 2:15/DRV). Bergoglio has been embarrassed before the world as the U.K high court ordered him to turn over the incriminating documents and found his "non-disclosures and misrepresentation" to be "appalling." Bergoglio is once again exposed as no true pope, but a common criminal.

November 24, 2023 - St. John of the Cross, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "What Can You Tell Me about Henri Nouwen, a Dutch Priest and Author
Beloved of "Conservative" Newchurchers, Who Appears to Be a Modernist Heretic?"

From: Mary
Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen Is Another of Those
Northern European Modernist Priests
Associated with Those Anti-Catholic Northern European
Philosophies and Personages that Took over Vatican II
And Turned It into an Heretic Modernist Anti-council
As Is Common with Many Northern European Modernists
Nouwen Was Educated at Protestant Universities

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

My question concerns a Dutch priest who is a widely read author, ordained in 1957 and deceased in 1996. His name is Henri Nouwen, and my "conservative" Novus Ordo friend loves his writings. Yet, I find his writings cloyingly sweet and full of the Protestant spirituality that underpins all of the documents of the Vatican II Anti-council. He flirts with pantheism, which, in turn, leads to atheism. I believe that he was a Modernist heretic, but I can find no major critiques of his works. Can you comment on his situation?


Your instincts are right on the mark. A quick review of generally-available information indicates that personally he had severe psychological problems and spiritually he was associated with those anti-Catholic Northern European Protestant philosophies and personages that took over Vatican II and turned it into an heretic Modernist anti-council. As is common with many Northern European Modernists, Nouwen was educated at many prominent Protestant universities.

One of Nouwen's associates in the United States was the infamous Thomas Merton, originally a Trappist, who also became associated with the heresies of Vatican II and eventually electrocuted himself in a bathtub while attending an "oecumenical" meeting in the Orient.

You might want to consult Ralph Wilgen's The Rhine Flow into the Tiber. Although it is not written specifically from a traditional perspective, it is a relatively objective work about the Modernist philosophies that infiltrated the Anti-council in Rome ("The Tiber") from Northern Germany ("The Tiber"). WARNING: DO NOT GET THE TAN BOOKS "VERSION" OF 1991. It has been substantially corrupted from Wiltgen's original 1967 version.

Tan Publishers once purported to publish traditional Catholic books. However, it routinely reprints pre-Vatican II books with New Order "updates" in the text, often with no notice at all to the reader. We have found that books from this publisher cannot be trusted to be authentic. Tan has also announced dropping from its catalog some of the most significant works of traditional Catholicism because they criticize the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Order service, including Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci's famous exposé of the New Order sect, The Ottaviani Intervention: Short Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, and Fr. James Wathen's exposé of the New Mess, The Great Sacrilege. More recently, Tan has begun to stock the New Order sect's New American Bible paraphrase (not even a "translation") of the Bible, which is used in heretical New Order churches.

November 23, 2023 - St. Clement I, Pope & Martyr
Double Feast

Islamists Shut down Christmas in Bethlehem
In "Solidarity" with Hamas Terrorists

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bethlehem Mosque

The Mosque of Omar Towers
Over the Church of the Nativity
In Manger Square, Bethlehem
Now the Islamists
Who Have Gradually over the Years
Taken over the Town
In Which Jesus Christ's Incarnation
And Nativity Took Place
Have Banned the Christmas Tree and Lights
For the "Light of the World" in 2023
In Solidarity with the Islamist Terrorists

Even during the Red China Virus pandemic, Christmas decorations were exhibited in Bethlehem, to honor the Incarnation and Nativity of Jesus Christ there. Not in 2023, when there will be no Christmas, no lights for the "Light of the world." The Islamists who are in charge of the city are tearing down any reference to Christmas and have announced that all religious services in Bethlehem are virtually shut down for Christmas 2023. Truly, this is what Pope Pius XI called tenebras Islamismi, the "darkness of Islamism," in his Prayer of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which takes place annually on the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King immediately after Holy Mass in front of the Most Blessed Sacrament exposed upon the altar.

The Islamists proclaim that the ban is taking place "in honor of the martyrs and in solidarity with our [Islamist] people in Gaza." Christians from around the world will not be visiting Manager Square and the Church of the Nativity. Newchurch has indicated that it will go into hiding in Bethlehem and simulate an invalid (fake) New Order Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service there. Bethlehem over the years has been gradually taken over by the Islamists. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agence France-Presse.]

Traditional Catholics, so much for the Vatican II Anti-council's vaunted "oecumenism"! Moreover, this ban on Christmas sounds very similar to the bans against religious services issued by government officials of the America, Europe, and around the world for almost three years during the Red China Virus pandemic. Many Traditional Catholic churches, chapels, and oratories ignored the illegal bans. Afterwards, a number of courts determined that such shutdowns were illegal and a violation of the basic human right to worship.

November 22, 2023 - St. Cecilia, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

St. Albertus Magnus, the Greatest Catholic Scientist
But, More Importantly, the Teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Principal Catholic Theologian

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Albertus Magnus

St. Albertus Magnus (Ob. November 15, 1280)
The Catholic Church's Greatest Scientist
A Man before His Time, a Man before All Time
He Was a Polymath
Expert not only in Philosophy and Theology
But also in Physics, Astronomy, Physiology
Mineralogy, Geography, Chemistry, Law, and Music
He Relied on Reason as the Underpinning of Faith
Not Subjectivism and Pietistic Nonsense
He Was a Pioneer in the Development
Of Experimental Science

St. Albertus Magnus, who went to his eternal reward on November 15, 1280, was a man before his time, a man before all time. Arguably, he was the greatest Catholic scientist, actually a polymath of a kind that no longer exists. He was expert in philosophy and theology, as well as the natural sciences, including physics, astronomy, physiology, mineralogy, geography, chemistry, law, and music. He knew almost everything about every subject under God's earth and was considered the "wonder and miracle of his age," totally unlike our age after the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), which is characterized by the irrational and subjectivity,

Albertus, the Universal Doctor of the Church, was, like the School of Scholasticism, of which he was a pre-eminent member, doggedly objective, relying on reason as the underpinning of Faith. He was a pioneer in the development of experimental science. Albertus understood, as early as the thirteenth century, that, as Pope St. Pius X was later to state, true science and true religion can never be at odds because both are based in truth. No wishy-washy subjectivism for Albert the Great, like that of Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, who seems willing to accept the men can be women, and women can be men.

Yet Albertus's greatest claim to fame was his student, who surpassed him, the Angelic Doctor, Thomas Aquinas. As if the importance of good teaching needed any proof, the case of Albertus and Thomas is one of the best examples. One might even say that it is the Christian analogue to the philosopher Plato and his student, the greatest Classical polymath, Aristotle. When Thomas surpassed even Albertus, the latter exhibited no jealousy, as is found in academic circles today, but, after Thomas's death, defended his student as a light for the whole Church.

Traditional Catholics, St. Albertus's prediction that St. Thomas Aquinas's roar would be heard around the world came true almost immediately. The Angelic Doctor's pre-eminent work of theology, the Summa Theologica, running to some 3,000 pages of the most exquisite Latin, covering every theological topic under the sun, was laid upon the altar at the dogmatic Council of Trent to inspire the Fathers of that leading Catholic Council in the unsurpassed work of defining Catholic belief and practice.

November 21, 2023 - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Major Feast

A Reader Asks: "Could You Explain the Origin of the Blessing of a Meal
And whether It Is Necessary before and after Meals?"

From: Katharine
<i>Benedictio Mensae</i>

The Formula for the Blessing before a Meal
Is Found in the Officium Divinum
The Divine Office that Comes to Us
Originally from the Early Church
The Traditional Latin Blessing before a Meal Is:
Benedic, Domine, nos, et haec tua dona
quae de tua largitate sumus sumpturi,
Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am in a contentious battle with my Protestant brother over the use of our Catholic grace before meals, among other Catholic topics. He is relentlessly asking for an explanation of why Catholics pray the fixed: "Bless us, O Lord," etc. before meals. Could you explain the origin of this blessing and whether it is necessary before meals? Among other Catholic subjects, it has become a very contentious topic between my brother and me.


The Benedictio Mensae (blessing of a meal) is found before the Itinerarium (Blessing upon Travel) in the Officium Divinum, the Divine Office, which is the principal prayer of the Church, of which Holy Mass is a part. The Divine Office comes to us originally from the early Church and sanctifies the principal Hours of the day according to the Roman hours used by the early Church, by which the day is into twelve hours, equally divided from sunrise to sunset. These are the hours used in Sacred Scripture ("The Bible"), and are comprised of Matins (morning), Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers (evening), and Compline (end of the day).

The traditional Latin blessing before a meal is: Benedic, Domine, nos, et haec tua dona, quae de tua largitate sumus sumpturi. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen. (Literally: Bless us, Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to consume owing to your generosity. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.).

The traditional Latin blessing after a meal is: Agimus tibi gratias, omniponens Deus, pro universis beneficiis tuis. Qui vivis et regnas in saecula saeculorum. Amen. (Literally: We give Thee thanks, omnipotent God, for all Thy favors. Who livest and reignest for all the ages of the ages. Amen.)

Saying the blessing before and after meals is not of obligation, but is certainly in consonance with our duty to give gratitude to God for what we have. However, the blessing before and after meals has been practiced from early times in monasteries and convents and by laypeople who have often frequented these from the early Church.

Your Protestant brother seems unaware that even Martin Luther, the errant Catholic monk and fonder of his sect, prayed these very blessings before and after meals every day of his life in the Catholic monastery -- before he left to found the Protestant sect and was excommunicated from the Church.

November 20, 2023 - St. Felix of Valois, Confessor
Double Feast

Cowardly Newbishop Strickland Holds Lackluster Pray-in in front of U.S. Newbishops' Meeting
He Urges that Newchurchers Capitulate, Like Him, and Not Speak out against the Apostate Newpope

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Joseph Strikland

Bending the Knee to the Apostate Newpope
Joseph Strickland, Purged Newbishop of Tyler, Texas
And Three Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalist Laymen
Have a "Pray-in" at the U.S. Newbishops' Meeting
Strickland Had the Opportunity to Stand Up for Christ
As He Keeps Claiming that He Wants to Do
Instead, He Bent His Knee
To the Marxist/Modernist Francis-Bergoglio
Who Is No More a Catholic
Than Is the Arch-heretic Martin Luther

Like all Neocon Newchurch Bishops, Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, is a paper tiger. Some Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists attached themselves to him because he was outspoken against abortion and transsexualism, both of which Bergoglio increasingly supports. He also diddled with the Vatican II Anti-council's Half New Order New Latin Mess of 1962.

This was Strickland's time to fight -- and he blew it. He is certainly no Archbishop Lefebvre, who called the poseur Newpopes of his time what they were: members of a rump "Conciliarist" sect, much like that of the Arch-heretic Martin Luther. The Archbishop castigated the leaders of the phony Newchurch of the New Order, founded in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council to replace the Catholic Church, and he had the Newpopes eating out of his hand.

Strickland was purged from his Newdiocese and thrown out onto the street by Francis-Bergoglio on November 11, 2023. Strickland was not told what horrible thing he did that made him one of the few Newbishops ever to be expelled from office, except that he was "too outspoken." Bergoglio doesn't expel Newbishops that are paedophile criminals. Bergoglio doesn't expel embezzler Newbishops. If Strickland was expelled for mild criticism of Bergoglio, Newcardinal Gerhard Muller, Newcardinal Ray "Bully" Burke, Newbishop Athanasius Schneider, and several other Newprelates have done the same without being expelled.

Strickland should have stood his ground and refused to go. That is what the entire German Newbishops' Conference, which has openly rejected Bergoglio and proceeded to perform sodomite "marriages" has done. Strickland could have openly rejected Bergoglio as Newpope and joined with others who have already done so. That would force Bergoglio to send his henchmen to take legal action in the United States courts. If Bergoglio decided instead to Novus Ordo-excommunicate Strickland, what difference would it make? Archbishop Lefebvre was "excommunicated," and his original traditional Catholic Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) only grew in numbers and prestige.

Instead, Strickland held a lukewarm pray-in in front of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops meeting, which began on November 14 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was too afraid to go inside and give the Newbishops an education in how to fight. Nothing in the statutes of the USCCB that would have prevented him from participating. Bergoglio's hitman in the United States, Newcardinal Christophe Pierre, had asked Strickland not to participate, so the cowardly Strickland genuflected to the apostate Newpope once again. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, Strickland keeps claiming that he wants to "follow Jesus Christ," but in capitulating to an apostate Newpope, he is doing just the opposite. Instead of acting courageously, he has given in to injustice instead of standing up to a poseur Newpope, who was never ordained and never consecrated in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, but merely installed as a Protestant-style minister. Nor is Strickland a Catholic bishop. He too was never ordained or consecrated. He is, and continues to be, a handmaiden of the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church. As Pope St. Pius X said, "the greatest obstacle in the Catholic Church ... is cowardice."

November 19, 2023 - Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newvatican Court to Determine: Is the Newpope above the Law?"
Francis-Bergoglio Stands Accused of Masterminding the 400,000,000 USD London Real-estate Fraud

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newvatican Court

The Fate of Francis-Bergoglio
Is Now in the Hands of Newvatican's Court
The Newpope Stands Accused
In Sworn Court Testimony
Of Being the Mastermind
Behind the Embezzlement
Of 400,000,000 USD of Newchurch Funds
In Perpetrating the 2014
London Real-estate Fraud

As of November 12, 2023, the fate of Francis-Bergoglio as the mastermind behind the 2014 London Real-estate Fraud, involving some 400,000,000 USD of Newchurch funds, is in the hands of Newvatican's court for a December verdict. Although sworn witnesses in Bergoglio's administration have pointed the finger at Bergoglio for full knowledge and approval of what was going on, the court is compromised, as it answers to Bergoglio himself!

Although Bergoglio claimed that he would not interfere in the trial, court testimony shows otherwise. He had his finger on the scale of Newchurch "justice" throughout the two-and-a-half-year "Trial of the Century." The fix is in, as it always is with the apostate Newpopes of the Newchurch of the New Order. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Crux News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, attorneys at the trial are arguing that the Newpope is not above the law when it comes to crimes that he commits. Witness after witness has exposed Bergoglio and his henchmen as riding roughshod over the rule of law, in order to reach a pre-determined conclusion exonerating the embezzler Newpope. Whatever the verdict, Bergoglio's reputation has been irreparably blackened.

November 18, 2023 - Dedication of the Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul
Double Major Feast

Newchurch Sells of Historic Catholic Church to Heretic Protestants
Groupies of the Half New Order Vatican II New Order New Latin Mess Were Not Offered the Property

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Benedict the Moor Church

Historic St. Benedict the Moor Church
In New York City
Had Its Origins in 1883
Newcardinal Daniel "Laughing Cow" Dolan
Shuttered It and Sold It off to Heretic Protestants
To Develop It for Secular Purposes
Dolan Received a Cool 18,000,000 USD
2,000,000 Above Fair Market Value
Only God Knows into Whose Pocket
That Kickback Went!

One of the oldest churches in New York City, St. Benedict the Moor, established in 1883, was sold off on November 7, 2023, by Newcardinal Daniel "Laughing Cow" Dolan to Protestant heretics for a pretty penny. Dolan had shuttered the church in 2017. Its rectory is to become a seven-story apartment building.

The Protestants plan to Protestantize the historic facade. There seems to have been some connivance between Dolan and the Protestants who are taking over the historic church for a cool 18,000,000 USD in cash, which is 2,000,000 above fair market value. Only God knows into whose pocket that kickback went!

In 1933, on the fiftieth anniversary of the historic church, Catholic prelates processed down West 53rd Street to the newly-decorated church. In 2019 angry Newchurchers tried to have the church declared an historic landmark to stop its desecration, but were unsuccessful in that attempt. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic Culture News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, there is no indication that the church was offered even to Newchurch groupies of the "New Latin Mess" of 1962, the Half New Order fraud concocted in conjunction with the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965). The leaders of the apostate Newchurch would rather turn their shuttered churches over to heretics, infidels, pagans, and secularists -- not to say that the Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists aren't just as reprehensible. Meanwhile, more Newchurchers have walked out in disgust, never to return.

November 17, 2023 - St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bishop & Confessor
Semidouble Feast

The "Dictator (New)pope" Francis-Bergoglio Strikes Again; He Axes Newbishop Strickland
For Saying a Few Nice Things Vatican II Anti-council's Moribund Half New Order "Latin Mass"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Joseph Strickland

The "Dictator (New)pope Has Purged the Beloved Newbishop
Of the Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalist Newchurchers
Joseph Strickland, Whose Sin Was to Say a Few Nice Things
About the Vatican II Anti-counci's Moribund
Half New Order "New Latin Mess" of 1962
Which Is Not even the Traditional Latin Mass
Of the Catholic Church
Yet Instead of Standing up to the Apostate Newpope
Strickland Immediately Bent the Knee to Him
And Encouraged His Newchurchers
To Remain in the Apostate Newchurch of the New Order

"Il Papa Dittatore" strikes again! On November 11, 2023, Francis-Bergoglio with a one-line statement, without explanation, purged the latest victim of his pogrom against Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists in Newchurch, Joseph Strickland, Newbishop of Tyler, Texas, committed the sin of saying a few nice things about the Vatican II Anti-council's moribund Half New Order New Latin Mess -- which is not even the Traditional Latin Mass of the Catholic Church.

So, another beloved Newbishop of the Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists bites the dust. When will these ignoranti learn? God's handwriting has been writ upon the wall in plain sight for over sixty years now, but these clueless unCatholics don't seem to get the message. Obviously, the narcissist, megalomaniac apostate Newpope is purging all these phony pseudo-traditionalists out of the Newchurch, yet, like the proverbial three monkeys, they don't see all of the pretender Newchurch's fraud against them. God seems to have stricken them dumb, like the sodomites and paedophiles in the time of Christ, of whom St. Paul wrote: "They changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator" (Romans 1:25/DRV).

Strickland is another one of the fake Newchurch bishops, whom Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalists love, but when the chips are down these Newbishops fold like a deck of cards. Instead of standing up against "The Dictator (New)pope," who didn't even allow him to defend himself against unspecified charges, Strickland couldn't wait to end the knee to the apostate Francis-Bergoglio. He postured: "I really can't look to any reason except I've threatened some of the powers that be with the truth of the Gospel."

Then Strickland went on to encourage his Newchurch to remain in the heretic Newchurch of the New Order. Instead, he should have taken the pretender Newpope to court and fought for his Newdiocese and his Newchurchers, but Newbishops don't have the guts for this. Given recent court decisions in the United States, Strickland would have had a 50-50 chance of winning control of his Newdiocese in spite of what Bergoglio wanted. The early Martyrs of the Church must now be spitting down from Heaven upon Strickland.

The Modernist/Marxists in Newchurch ignore the pretender Newpope most of the time anyway. The German Newchurchers, for instance, are now moving rapidly to give Bergoglio the finger and bless sodomite "marriages" and probably throw in a few deaconnesses as well. Why don't the conservative Newchurchers take a page out of their book? [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Traditional Catholics, the Strickland case demonstrates once again that Newchurch bishops are unCatholic and fake. We know that they are not consecrated as legitimate bishops, as Newchurch threw out the Sacrament of Holy Orders in 1968 and adopted an invalid Protestantized New Ordinal, under which Newbishops are merely "installed" as "overseers," like Protestant "bishops." They lack the grace of the Cardinal Moral Virtue of Fortitude (courage, guts) because Newchurch doesn't have the Catholic Sacraments to fortify them.

One need look no further than this for the explanation of what is going on in Newchurch: cookies and Kool-Aid for "eucharist," water shot out of squirt guns for "Initiation" (formerly Baptism), blessings of sodomite "marriages," psychiatric-couch "Reconciliation" (formerly Penance), and so much more that has nothing to do with the Catholic Church, which Newchurch most certainly is NOT.

November 16, 2023 - St. Gertrude, Virgin & Abbess
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Given the Increasing Rate of Newchurchers Abandoning Newchurch
What Would You Suggest that Traditional Catholics Do to Draw Them into the Traditional Catholic Church? "

From: Rufus
Pius X

Pope St. Pius X Proclaimed:
"The Greatest Obstacle in the Apostolate of the Church
Is the Timidity, or rather the Cowardice, of the Faithful"
Traditional Catholic Priests Are Doing More than Their Part
It Is the Traditional Catholic Laypeope in the World
Who Have Numerous Contacts with Others
That Can Be Brought into the True
(Traditional Catholic) Church
Yet Most of Them Don't Even Try
Even within Their Own Families

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Given the increasing rate of Newchurchers abandoning the Newchurch of the New Order, what would you suggest that Traditional Catholics do to assist and counsel those lost Newchurchers to draw them into the true (Traditional) Catholic Church?


The Traditional Catholic clergy is certainly doing its part, often at great personal sacrifice without organizational support. There are thousands of sites around the world that, with no connection to the apostate Newchurch of the New Order, are bringing the Traditional Latin Mass to hundreds of thousands around the world. For North America, for instance, see the current Monthly Revised Edition of this year's Official Traditional Catholic Directory, Listing All Traditional Latin Masses and Traditional Resources for North America, published annually since 1994 by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses, with monthly update editions, available from the main menu of the TRADITIO Network

Recent studies show that the main problem with "Catholics" falling from the faith is not generally the unavailability of religious services, but the fact that parents of families are not training their children in the Faith and ensuring that they practice it and receive the Sacraments while they are in the home. Many "Catholic" parents themselves are lackluster about their religion, so they are failing as models for their children. Each Traditional Catholic must do a lot more to bring the practice of the Faith to those with whom they are in close contact. This is what the early Christians did in the time of persecution, similar to what we are experiencing now.

Pope St. Pius X proclaimed: "The greatest obstacle in the apostolate of the Church is the timidity, or rather the cowardice, of the faithful." In that, he was quite correct. Traditional Catholics often wait for someone else to do something, while it is they who are in the world and have numerous contacts with others that they can be brought into the True (Traditional Catholic) Church. Yet most of them don't even try, even within their own families.

November 15, 2023 - St. Albertus Magnus, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Newchurch Shutters a Once-traditional Newparish because of Its Pastor-presbyter's Sex Crimes
And because there Aren't Enough Newbenedictine Presbyters Left in Newchurch to Staff It

From: A Local Report from Tim, a TRADITIO Network Reader
St. Benedict's Church

True Catholics Flocked into St. Benedict's
Traditional Romanesque Church
In Baltimore, Maryland
Before the Newchurch of the New Order
Took It Over in 1964
As Part of Its Theft of Catholic Properties
Around the World
Now the Newparish's Pastor Has Been Outed
For Sex Crimes against a Child and an Adult
And the Newparish Has Been Shuttered
Because there Aren't Enough
Newbenedictine Presbyters in Newchurch
To Staff It

On October 14, 2023, a Newbenedictine "monk" was suspended and his Newparish shut down. It seems that the New Order monk, Paschal Morlino, who had been a 40-year pastor of St. Benedict's Newchurch in Baltimore, Maryland, had engaged in sex crimes against a child and an adult and had made a secret payoff to the victim, which just became publicly known.

The Newarchdiocese did not state whether or not the payoff was made from embezzled Newparish funds. In any case, the number of Newchurch Benedictines has dwindled so much because of the New Order takeover of the "institutional" Church in 1964 that no one is available to assume the pastor's position.

Traditional Catholics, St. Benedict's Church was built in 1933 in the Romanesque style by artists, artisans, and craftsmen trained in the mediaeval-revivalist style in America during the post-World War I era. So, Newchurch's sex crimes have shuttered yet another traditional Catholic architectural monument. Newchurch's crimes and its apostasy from the Catholic Church in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council have led to thousands of Newchurches being shut down and a dearth of New Order presbyters left to staff them. The apostate Newchurch, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church any more than is Martin Luther's apostate Church, is dying a well-deserved death. It can't be fast enough for true (traditional) Catholics.

November 14, 2023 - St. Josaphat, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Can a New Order (Novus Ordo) Service Ever Be 'Reverent'"
Or Are They All Newchurch Services Heretical and Invalid (Fake)?"

From: Michael
A 'Reverent' Mess?

A "Reverent" Mess?
The Novus Ordo Service
(It Is Most Certainly NOT a Mass)
Can Never Be "Reverent"
Any More than a Lutheran or Jewish
Or Islamic Service Can Be
The Novus Ordo Is a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Rite
And Thereby Invalid (Fake) Per Se
Those Who Attend the Novus Ordo Service
Objectively Commit Blasphemy, Idolatry, and Sacrilege
Just as They Would by Participating in a Protestant
Jewish, Muslim, or Pagan Service

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

A friend of mine asked me to attend what he called a "reverent" New Order (Novus Ordo) service in his local Newparish. Although the presbyter simulated not a Mass, but the New Order service, and at that entirely in a vulgar tongue, my friend seemed to think that everything was made right because the vulgarity was covered over with the smell of incense, the sound of Gregorian chant, and the wearing of traditional-looking vestments. I know in my soul that the Novus Ordo service isn't a Mass at all, and I politely declined to attend. My friend flew into a rage and now won't speak to me. Was my position correct?


You were absolutely correct to stand your ground and refuse to attend a an invalid (fake) Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Mess staged by the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, but an apostate fraud that was established at the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church.

The Novus Ordo service (it is most certainly NOT a Mass) can never be "reverent," any more than a Lutheran or Jewish or Islamic service can be. The Novus Ordo is a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan rite and thereby invalid (fake) per se. Newchurch has lost the priesthood, the Mass, and virtually all the sacraments. Those who attend the Novus Ordo service objectively commit blasphemy, idolatry, and sacrilege, just as they would by participating in a Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or Pagan service. No Mass takes place, whatever "frosting" is put on top of the Novus Ordo cake to fool people, as the cake itself is baked with arsenic.

Moreover, we thought that all Newchurchers were supposed to be "charitable" and "loving" and "merciful." Yet your friend cut you off because you courteously declined his offensive invitation. Our Lord in Scripture many times denounced hypocrisy. But, then, your friend was merely following his Newchurch sect leader, Francis-Bergoglio, who is most certainly NOT a Catholic pope, but an apostate from the Catholic Faith. That Modernist/Marxist, by his uncharitable words and actions, reported on practically every day in the press, is one of the most uncharitable, hating, and unforgiving Newchurchers around -- even worse than your friend.

November 13, 2023 - St. Didacus, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Portrait of a Dying Newchurch Diocese, Representing Many around the World
The Moribund Newdiocese of Essen, Germany, Was Featured at the "Great Synod" as a Case Study

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Dying of Essen

Like So Many Newdioceses around the World
The German Newdiocese of Essen
Is Sinking Fast into Oblivion
The Graph Above Shows the Steep Decline
In Newchurchers (Violet), Presbyters (Green)
And Newparishes (Blue)
Essen Was Highlighted at the Great Synod
And Solutions Offered:
Have Laywomen and Men Initiate (Formerly Baptize)
Give "Homilities" and Marry Sodomites

The Newdiocese of Essen in Germany gained the spotlight on October 21, 2023, three days before the end of Francis-Bergoglio's Great Synod on Synodality, aka the Vatican III Anti-council. Its notoriety was not positive, but a picture of how so many Newdioceses around the world are sinking into the dark abyss. The Newdiocese's bishop, Franz-Josef Overbeck, honestly described the fall since the Vatican II Anti-council (1964):

  1. Since 1970 the number of Newchurchers in the Newdiocese fell by 49 per cent.
  2. Since 1970 the number of presbyters fell by 59 per cent.
  3. Since 1970 the number of Newparishes fell by 83 per cent.
  4. In 2022 only 4 per cent of Newchurchers in the Newdiocese regularly attend the invalid (fake) Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess of 1969.
  5. 14,000 Newchurchers formally requested to withdraw from Newdiocese and refused to pay the "church tax."
  6. There were 75 per cent more funerals than Inititations (Newchurch no longer has a sacrament called Baptism, but only a usually invalid (fake) Initiation, like Masonic lodges).
  7. The Newdiocese has barely three Newseminarians who are studying to become Newchurch presbyters (Newchurch has not ordained priests since 1968, when it adopted a Protestantized New Ordinal), if they buck the trend and actually finish the course.
  8. Since 2009, 300 presbyters have died, and only 15 have been "installed."
  9. The Newdiocese's popular and charismatic Newbishop was charged with at least three sex crimes. So shocked were the Newchurchers of Essen that they toppled the statue of the Newbishop that stood in front of the Newcathedral.

Newbishop Overbeck has a solution:

  1. commission laywomen and men to do Initiations
  2. commission laywomen and men and to give "homilies" (Newchurch no longer gives sermons)
  3. give "blessings" to sodomite "marriages" [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Newchurch news sources.]

Traditional Catholics, these moves were too extreme even for the Modernist/Marxist Newvatican, which vetoed the plan. No matter. Newbishops and Newchurchers are already violating Newchurch law and going ahead anyway. Newchurch is dying fast in Essen, just as it is in Newdioceses and Newparishes around the world. Overbeck's "solution" will only accelerate the demise of Newchurch. Thank the Lord, it couldn't be happening to a more apostate sect than the Newchurch of the New Order, established at the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church.

November 12, 2023 - Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

In just the Last Half Decade Once-Catholic Ireland Has Lost 10 percent of Its Newchurchers
The Irish, Who Once Saved Catholicism, Are Sick of Newchurch Apostasy and Paedophile Crimes

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Falling Irish Newchurchers

The Latest Figures Show
Once-Catholic Ireland Sinking Fast
The Number of Newchurchers
Has Fallen by 10 per Cent
Within only Half a Decade
The Irish Are Sick of the Apostasy
And Paedophile Crimes of Newchurch
And the Newpopes' Facilitation of These

According to newly-released 2022 census data, 10 per cent of Irish Newchurchers have abandoned the apostate Newchurch in just the last half decade. Before the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965), Ireland used to be one of the most Catholic countries on the face of the earth. Many historians give Ireland credit for saving the Catholic Faith after the fall of the Roman Empire by preserving the Bible and other sacred texts in monasteries against the predations of the barbarians.

That was before Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust hit Ireland hard. Understandably, Newchurchers have turned their backs on the Novus Ordo sect. When the heretic Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger wanted to visit Ireland in 2007, the Prime Minister told him to stay away because the hatred of him and his Newchurch was so great that he could not promise to protect the Newpope's life. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Independent.]

Traditional Catholics, the future for the Newchurch of the New Order in Ireland looks even worse. By now the majority (53 per cent) of young people aged 25 to 29 have turned their back on the apostate Newchurch, which under the Newpopes has facilitated the sodomy, rape, and sexual assaults of Irish children. The Irish have had it with Newchurch, and they have done the right thing by entirely getting out of Newchurch, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, and never was.

November 11, 2023 - St. Martin, Bishop of Tour, Confessor
Double Feast

Brooklyn Newchurch "Altar" Became the Site for a Pornographic Pop-rock Music Video
Novus Ordo Mess Periphernalia, including a Marian Statue Were Featured in the Sacrilege

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Novus Ordo Eucharistic Dinner Table

The Brooklyn Newbishop Pleads Ignorance
That One of His Newchurch Temples
Was Used in the Commission of Blasphemy and Sacrilege
As a Seminude Porn Star Danced Seminude
On the "Eucharistic Dinner Table"
With Novus Ordo Mess "Props" Being Used
Together with a Statue Of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Looking Down

Another incompetent and invalid (fake) Newbishop, Robert Brennan, of Brooklyn, New York, is claiming that he knows nothing about a porno pop-rock music video shot in the "sanctuary" of his Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary temple in Brooklyn, New York. The video was released on October 31, 2023, and features a porno pop-rock "star" dancing semi-nude on top of the Novus Ordo eucharistic dinner table in the hundred-year-old church, which was stolen by the Newchurch of the New Order from the true Catholic Church in 1964.

The video blasphemously and sacrilegiously depicts several men fighting over the singer and eventually killing each other over her, with Novus Ordo Mess "props" -- candles, statuettes, a coffin, and the like -- being used, together with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary looking down. The presbyter-pastor remained mute about the incident. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, so once again a fake altar of a Newchurch temple was used to film pornography. This is not the first time. Although this incident was objectively blasphemy and sacrilege, Our Lord in reality foiled the apostate Newchurch by taking away from it the priesthood when it adopted the invalid (fake) Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968 and taking away from it the True Mass when it adopted the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess of 1969. Nothing that the corrupt Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, does should be a surprise to anyone. After all, who has promoted pornography and paedophile crimes more that the Newpopes of Newchurch, especially Francis-Bergoglio?

November 11, 2023 - St. Andrew Avellino, Confessor
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio's "Great Synod" May Have Pushed Newvatican into Bankruptcy
He Is Spending Newchurch Assets Profligately on His Marxist/Modernist Agenda

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newvatican Bankruptcy

Francis-Bergoglio's Marxist/Modernist Agenda
Is Bankrupting Newvatican
His October 2023 "Great Synod on Synodality"
Was So Expensive
That He Won't Reveal How Much It Cost
Donations Are Tanking
As Bergoglio's Popularity Wanes
And Round Two Is Supposed to Start in 2024
Newvatican's Buildings Are Burning and Crumbling
Staff Has Been Slashed to the Point
That the Basic Work of Newvatican Goes Undone

Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch is in trouble. It seems that his "Great Synod," aka the Vatican III Anti-council (October 4-24, 2023), to replace the apostate Newchurch of the New Order with an openly-Marxist secular organization, is costing so much that Newvatican can't support the staff to do its own day-to-day work. Buildings are not being maintained and are burning in fires, art treasures are being vandalized and pilfered, the legal division doesn't have enough staff to publish changes to the Newcanon law, many documents have remained unofficial because the Latin translation staff is too small to produce the official Latin versions.

Newvatican's own Chief Auditor publicly declared that bankruptcy is near. Donations are tanking under Bergoglio, who is becoming increasingly hated for his Marxist/Modernist secular political programme imposed upon Newchurch. For 2023, Bergoglio declared a "particularly serious economic crisis" and implemented yet another austerity regime of significant staff cuts on top of the ones already implemented in 2023, which slashed staff salaries by 8 per cent and Newcardinals' stipends by 10 per cent. Already more than 300,000,000 USD in debt in 2021, Newvatican announced that it would be sinking further in future years. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic Citizens.]

Traditional Catholics, the "Great Synod on Synodality" is set to reconvene in October 2024 to finish its work. Yet Bergoglio won't reveal how much all of this is costing his Newchurch. Newvatican has to pay for some 400 members for a month, plus 100 staffers, technologists, observers, and subject-area experts. A strapped Newvatican is dunning Newdioceses around the world to pay some of the costs, but many of them are going bankrupt themselves, and their churches are being shuttered.


Newarchbishop Cordileone, of San Francisco, Charged with Cheating Child Sex Victims of His Newclergy
While Attempting to Hold on to His Six-billion-dollar Real Estate Empire and Keeping the Criminal Presbyters' Names Secret

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Salvatore Cordileone

The Devilish-looking Newarchbishop
Of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordilione
Has Been Charged by the
Survivors Network of Those Abused by Pr[esbyters]
Of Cheating the Child Victims of Sex Crimes
Perpetrated by Newchurch Presbyters
Of Their Just Recompense
Cordileone, They Say, Is Trying to Wiggle Out
Of His Moral and Legal Obligations
While Attempting to Hold on to a Six Billion-dollar
Real-estate Empire
And Keeping Secret the Extent of the Crimes
And the Names of the Criminal Presbyters

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Pr[esbyters], a child victims' advocacy group against the corruption of the Newchurch of the New Order and its Newpopes in suborning paedophile sex crimes, has charged the Newarchbishop of San Francisco, California, Salvatore Cordileone, with defrauding the rights of the children by claiming "bankruptcy" when the Newdiocese actually has at least 6,000,000,000 USD in real-estate assets that should be used to pay damages. Cordileone has been caught in immoral activities in the past, particularly driving drunk and endangering the life of his mother and a fellow presbyter.

Cordileone's multi-billion dollar real-estate portfolio encompasses high-priced properties from the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County, one of the most high-priced real-estate areas in the United States. Cordileone did not deny SNAP's charges. One billion dollars could be raised from only the sale of St. Vincent School for Boys in San Rafael and St. Patrick's Newseminary and University in Menlo Park. The Newarchdiocese long ago stopped using the school for religious education and turned it into a facility for drug addicts and psychiatric cases.

The Newseminary has fallen on hard times, as it has taken on students from most of the entire San Francisco Metropolitan Area, as the other Newseminaries there have closed because of lack of students. At that, there are only about 60 students left at St. Patrick's, most of whom are not studying to become Newchurch presbyter-ministers (Newchurch has not ordained priests since adopting the Protestantized New Ordinal of 1968). Moreover, eight of the remaining Newparishes, many of which have been closed since Newchurch took them over in 1964, lie vacant and can easily be sold off to meet obligations for restitution to the child victims.

Like other Newbishop connivers, Cordileone has tried to play legal corporate games to reconstitute Newparishes and schools as "trusts" outside the obligation for restitution. This isn’t the first time that the Newarchdiocese has been involved in shenanigans over ownership of property. In 2009, San Francisco’s Assessor-recorder charged the Newarchdiocese with playing a shell game to avoid paying fifteen million dollars in taxes. The Newdiocese of San Diego, California, is attempting to play the same shenanigans, after being sued by 400 child victims. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the San Francisco Chronicle.]

Traditional Catholics, the Newarchdiocese and Cordileone have paid out only 70 million dollars in the last twenty years for the child victims of the sex crimes of its Newclergy. The actual liability has been estimated between half a billion and one billion dollars. Moreover, SNAP charged that Cordileone's real motivation was to maintain secrecy about the extent of criminality and identities of the Newarchdiocese's criminal clergy, who have sodomized, raped, and otherwise sexually assaulted children for decades. This information is contained in heretofore "secret" files, which the U.S. Bankruptcy Court could order opened, as has happened in the case of other criminal Newchurch dioceses.

November 8, 2023 - Octave Day of All Saints
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Tries to Play Pontius Pilate in the Case of the "Porno Presbyter" Rupnik
But Members of His Own Great Synod Denounced Him for Having His Dirty Hands All over the 25-time Rapist's Crimes

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Marko Rupnik

Francis-Bergoglio's Great Synod Almost Dissolved
When the News Was Announced
That His Newjesuit Presbyter Marko Rupnik
Who Is Charged with Raping 25 Novus Ordo "Nuns"
And Was Supposed to Be Sidelined to a Monastery
Had Actually Was Appointed as Pastor to a Newparish
With Bergoglio's Personal "Imprimatur"
Like Pontius Pilate, Bergoglio Tried to Wash His Hands
Of His Complicity by Lying: "I Had Nothing to Do with This"
Even though His Dirty Hands Were All over Rupnik's Crimes

In the closing days of Francis-Bergoglio's Great Synod on Synodality, held at Newrome October 4-25, 2023, the news hit like a Mideast missile. The once-excommunicated rapist and "Porno Presbyter" Marko Rupnik, a fellow Newjesuit and intimate of Bergoglio, whom Bergoglio had promised would be imprisoned in a monastery for the rest of his life for his crimes, was appointed through Bergoglio as Newchurch pastor of Koper, Slovenia. There was a storm of protest that Bergoglio had arranged to get the criminal, who is charged with raping 25 Novus Ordo "nuns," off. Rupnik had been expelled in June 2023 by the Newjesuits and Novus Ordo excommunicated. Rupnik calls himself an "artist," who is widely denounced for his pornographic works. Yet Bergoglio became his protector against criticism and even hired him to do "artwork" for his Great Synod.

Many synod members, including members of Bergoglio's own Commission for the Protection of Children, who had come to the synod to ensure the just punishment of sex criminals among Bergoglio's Newclergy, denounced Bergoglio and said that they had been betrayed. It also came out that Bergoglio had met in secret with an ally of Rupnik on September 15 and saw to it that the Newdiocese of Newrome gave Rupnik a clean bill of health three days later.

Bergoglio had personally arranged for Rupnik's "rehabilitation." Thus, the news threatened to derail the entire synod. So, on October 27, Bergoglio claimed that he hadn't understood his own Newcanon law and did what he almost never does: he reversed himself. But Bergoglio couldn't hide the fact that his dirty hands were all over this case, as they had been over the cases of so paedophiles and sexual assailants among his Newclergy.

Nevertheless, this New Order Pontius Pilate attempted to wash his hands of his responsibility, lying: "I had nothing to do with this." Thereafter Bergoglio was castigated by one advocacy group for victims of Newchurch sex crimes: "The [New]pope’s about-face today was surely compelled by the scathing public criticism he has received for his obvious complicity in this case." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Catholic Herald.]

Traditional Catholics, once again Bergoglio's "Zero Tolerance Policy" for sex crimes committed by his Newclergy has been shown to be a deliberate and utter lie. Just as the apostate Unsaints JPII-Wojtyla and "Mother" Teresa knowingly gave honors to the rampant paedophile presbyter Marciel Maciel, and Benedict-Ratzinger did the same for the paedoophile Newcardinal Theodore McCarrick, Bergoglio has served as protector for the perverted Marko Rupnik. Now Bergoglio has been caught once again in a web of lies, and everyone knows it, no matter how much his billion-dollar propaganda machine tries to cover it up with more lies.

November 7, 2023 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Renounces the Catholic Church in a New Motu Proprio
He Is a Clear Excommunicate from the Catholic Faith, Embracing a New Religion not Based on Christ

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio Goes Mad

Francis-Bergoglio Shrouds His Face
As He Experiences an Attack of Madness
The Apostate Newpope
Has Now Openly Renounced the Catholic Church
He Has Decreed Newchurch to Embrace a New Religion
Based on "Secular Science, Culture, and Lived Experience"
In Place of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition
The Two Fonts of Christ's Public Revelation to the World
What Bergoglio Is Dishing out Is Pure Apostasy
Condemned by Dogmatic Catholic Church Councils
He Is a Clear Excommunicate from the Catholic Faith

On November 1, 2023, the apostate Newpope has now openly renounced the Catholic Church. It is now the official policy of his Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly NOT the Catholic Church, that Catholic theology be rejected. In his new Motu Proprio "Ad theologiam promovendam," rushed out in vulgar Italian without an official Latin version, he decreed a "paradigm shift" in Newchurch from Catholic theology, with "secular science, culture, and people's lived experience" as the basis of theology, not Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, the two fonts of Christ's Public Revelation to the world. Bergoglio is a clear excommunicate from the Catholic Faith, as many Dogmatic Catholic Church Councils have called what he is dishing out pure apostasy.

Bergoglio decreed that Newchurch engage in "profound cultural transformations." Already he has encouraged worship of the nude pagan fertility goddess Pachamama in lieu of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mexico and Brazil, worship of the pagan sky god Atacama in Peru, and the substitution of pagan African rites in lieu of even a Novus Ordo "Mass" in Zaire. Bergoglio's decree pushes the Vatican II Anti-council's Oecumenical Heresy (we all worship the same gods, all religions are true) to a heretofore unimaginable extreme.

Bergoglio's decree uses Marxist/Communist terminology in calling for a "cultural revolution" in place of Christianity in order to become a "fundamentally contextual theology." Bergoglio speaks of Christ not as the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, but as an "incarnation into time and space," using terminology reminiscent of the heretic priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), a Newjesuit like Bergoglio himself, whose promotion of the Modernist heresy was so offensive that Pope Pius XI, Pius XII, and John XXIII all silenced him and banned him from publishing on religious matters.

Also promoting a Marxist/Communist agenda, Bergoglio in his decree specifically rejects Reason and Faith, which have always been the basis of Catholicism from the Apostolic Age, the Patristic Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and even the Modern age. Bergoglio specifically wants to gut the Christian Faith of Christian content so that it can attract even atheists. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, Bergoglio has lost not just his faith (if he ever had any), but his mind. His lastest decree shows no signs of Christianity. Whereas he fruitlessly tries to win over atheists, he has lost the Eastern Orthodox, the Protestants, even the Jews, and the Muslims. The clueless Neocon/Pseudo-traditionalist Newchurchers, who think that they can get from Bergoglio a Half New Order "New Latin Mess" of 1962, which is neither all Latin nor a true Mass, have been completely foiled by Bergoglio. They need to get out of Newchurch now before they are dragged into the Bottomless Pit by the Enemy, whom Bergoglio serves.

November 6, 2023 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Bernie Fellay, De Facto Leader of the Neo-SSPX Is Desperate
Now down to 2.5 Bishops, He Has Accepted a Spurious Unconsecrated Newbishop to Simulate Invalid Rites

From: Petrus Romanus, The TRADITIO Network's Roman Correspondent
Bernie Fellay

Cockeyed Bernie Fellay
De Facto Leader
Of the Reorganized Neo-SSPX
Which Is Not Archbishop Lefebvre's
Original Traditional Society of St. Pius X
Is Continuing His Gradual Sellout
To the Apostate Newchurch of the New Order
And Its Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
By Accepting an Unconsecrated Pseudo-bishop
To Simulate Episcopal Rites for the Neo-SSPX
Fellay Is Desperate Because He Has Lost One Bishop
And a Second Is Ill
He Now Has only One Fully-Functioning Bishop
Other Than Himself

The actions of Bernie Fellay's reorganized Neo-Society of St. Pius X (which is most certainly not Archbishop Lefebvre's original traditional SSPX) to accept a spurious unconsecrated Newchurch "bishop," Vitus Huonder, to simulate invalid episcopal functions shows that Fellay and his puppet Superior General, Davide Pagliarani, are letting the camel's nose into the Newchurch tent. For Newrome, Step One was to get Huonder to be accepted into the reorganized Neo-SSPX as a supposed traditional-leaning bishop in 2019. That was the opening. For a long time little came of it, for time was needed to "normalize" this new situation.

But then came Step Two. Huonder was allowed to "consecrate" the Sacred Chrism used as matter in the Sacrament of Confirmation. This action required that Fellay's Neo-SSPX officially recognize Huonder as a "bishop," having the sacramental powers and functions and office of a Catholic bishop. In fact, Huonder is not a Catholic bishop, never having been consecrated under the traditional Sacrament of Holy Orders. He has been "installed" merely as a Newchurch "overseer" under Newchurch's invalid Protestantized rite of 1968. This action will divide the Neo-SSPX priest-presbyters, as some of them regard the 1968 Ordinal as invalid (as it is), while others hold that it is of doubtful validity and therefore cannot be used, while still others, who have accepted the apostate Newchurch of the New Order and its purported Newpopes, falsely accept the Protestantized Ordinal.

Once the line is crossed on any one Sacrament, the door to wholesale invalidity of all sacraments is opened. The Neo-SSPX is exposed as officially recognizing the invalid Protestantized 1968 New Ordinal and the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan New Mess of 1969, the invalid new rites for other sacraments, such as the invalid non-sacrament of "Reconciliation" (formerly the Sacrament of Penance).

All of this makes it possible for the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio unilaterally to "bring in" Fellay's Neo-SSPX to Newchurch, even if there is not yet a doctrinal agreement on Newchurch's Oecumenical Heresy (aka religious liberty), proclaiming that "we all worship the same gods" and "all religious are true." Fellay & Co. are bound eventually to accept doctrinal decisions of the apostate Newchurch. They won't openly approve at first, but for a time will simply remain silent -- until they embrace Newchurch completely. It is a step-by-step transition of Fellay's Neo-SSPX from Truechurch to Newchurch. A few traditionalists in the Neo-SSPX, who have not already been purged by Fellay, will depart for greener pastures.

Bergoglio may very well make a declaration in favor of the Neo-SSPX becoming part of the Newchurch of the New Order. He might do so only to ensure the Neo-SSPX's ensnarement. The whole camel will have entered the tent. Meanwhile, the Neo-SSPX is desperate for new bishops, being now down to just Fellay and one other, with one having left and one ill. Or maybe Bergoglio will just allow the Neo-SSPX to die. With the mad Dictator-Narcissist Newpope, one never knows.

November 5, 2023 - Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Fellay's Neo-SSPX Accepts an Unconsecrated Novus Ordo "Bishop"
And Opens the Validity of Neo-SSPX Sacraments to Severe Doubt, to Say the Least

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Vitus Huonder

Unconsecrated Newchurch "Bishop"
Vitus Huonder of Switzerland
He Is Being Rolled out by Bernie Fellay
Who Runs the Neo-SSPX
To Perform (Invalid) Episcopal Functions
Because Fellay Is Now Down
To Two and a Half Bishops for His Sect
Is Huonder the Nose of the Camel
That Fellay Is Using to Infiltrate the Neo-SSPX
With the Poison of the Newchurch of the New Order?

The Neo-SSPXers are up in arms against Bernie Fellay, the Neo-SSPX bishop who pulls the strings in the new organization that was reorganized and refounded in 1994 from Archbishop Lefebvre's original traditional Catholic Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). Fellay & Co. are letting in invalid clergy from the New Order sect. These clergy are neither ordained nor consecrated in the traditional Sacrament of Holy Orders. The Neo-SSPX used to spin the Novus Ordo clergy around and bop them on the head thrice to remake them as "priests," but word from within the Neo-SSPX is that even this procedure, faulty as it is, is being not done.

All this is being perpetrated to soften up the clueless Neo-SSPXers to accept hook, line, and sinker the fake Newchurch of the New Order. Given the news from the conclusion of Francis-Bergoglio's Great Synod on Synodality, aka Vatican III Anti-council, Fellay, to snatch the purple cap from Newchurch, may have to accept lesbian deaconnesses. Wouldn't that be just recompense for his sellout of the Archbishop's original traditional SSPX!

The sacrificial lamb is one Vitus Huonder, an unconsecrated Newchurch "bishop," retired from a Newdiocese in Switzerland, from which Fellay himself comes. Fellay allowed him to "consecrate" the Sacred Chrism used as matter in the Sacrament of Confirmation. By this act Fellay put into doubt, to say the least, the validity of Sacraments that the Neo-SSPX "confers." Now word comes that Fellay is allowing Huonder to "consecrate" churches. On November 18, 2023, Fellay, having already used Huonder to "confer Confirmation," has appointed the unconsecrated Newbishop to "consecrate" the Church of St. Charles Borromeo in Oberriet, Switzerland, in the canton of St. Gallen, the region from which came the conspiracy to elect Jorge Bergoglio as Newpope in the Newconclave of 2013. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Neo-SSPX sources.]

Traditional Catholics, Bernie Fellay (age 65) is in a pickle. Bishop Williamson left him in 2012. Bishop Tissier de Mallerais (age 73) is reportedly ill, but occasionally comes out of hiding. Only Bishop Galarreta (age 66) seems to be functioning on all pistons. So Fellay has only two and a half bishops to do the work of his Neo-SSPX. If he attempts to consecrate a new bishop for his Neo-SSPX, Bergoglio will cut him off like a dead twig. Thus, the man who has always wanted to don the scarlet cap of the New Order sect, is not averse to accepting phony "bishops" into his Neo-SSPX to turn it into a sub-department of the Newchurch of the New Order.

November 4, 2023 - St. Charles Borromeo, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

Newchurch Bishop's Presbyter Hosts Sex Party - "Only Homosexuals Invited"
Guests Were Provided with a Male Prostitute to "Service" Them

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Grzegorz Kaszak

Polish Newbishop Grzegorz Kaszak
Is Smiling No Longer
He Was Forced to Abdicate
By Irate Polish Newchurchers
After His Presbyter Hosted
A "Gay" Sex Orgy
Complete with Male Prostitute
Francis-Bergoglio, Who Facilitates These Crimes
Accepted Kaszak's Abdication without Comment:
No Condemnation, No Censure, No Word of Reproach
No Wonder These Crimes Continue Unabated in Newchurch

The Newchurch of the New Order is out of control. It always has been, from the day, November 21, 1964, when it was founded at the Vatican II Anti-council. The paedophilia, rape, sodomy, lesbianism, and other perversions seemed to take off and have been getting worse and worse, to the point that Francis-Bergoglio's regime can now rightly be called not just Protestant, but pagan.

And these crimes and perversions seem particularly rampant among the upper Newclergy: Newcardinals and Newbishops. Bergoglio's hands-off policy has simply emboldened them. Even once-Catholic Poland is now smack in the middle of the muck, after Newbishop Grzegorz Kaszak's presbyter hosted a "gay" orgy, involving other presbyters (Newchurch has not ordained priests since 1964) of Kaszak being "serviced" by a homosexual prostitute.

Kaszak, Newbishop of Sosnowiec, abdicated in shame on October 24, 2023, after one of his presbyters was placed under criminal investigation in connection with the orgy, at which illegal sex drugs were used. The presbyter's excuse was unique. He claimed that "nobody would have raised a fuss if something similar had happened to a person outside the (Newchurch) clergy"! You see, Newchurch presbyters don't consider themselves as having a higher vocation; they are just as trashy as the worst of the secular culture around them. Bergoglio accepted Kaszak's abdication without comment: no condemnation, no censure, no word of reproach. No wonder these crimes continue unabated in Newchurch.

Poles are now sick at the fraud into which Newchurch has turned the once Catholic Faith. The Church-allied political party lost its majority in the Polish parliament in the October 15, 2023, election. The most recent statistics show that Polish youth shun the New Order Mess. Newseminaries are being shut down right and left because the youth will not commit their lives to the Newchurch perversion. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times.]

Traditional Catholics, what is Bergoglio's solution to the paedophile problem rampant in his Newchurch? Talk empty propaganda, but don't actually do anything to stop the crimes What is Bergoglio's solution to the problem of his perverted Newclergy? Bring in the lesbians! His Great Synod on Synodality, aka the Vatican III Anti-council, which concluded its first session on October 24, 2023, calls for more women, many of them witches (we kid you not) in such sects as Bergoglio's approved Pachamama paganism, which substitutes for the Blessed Virgin Mary that nude pagan fertility goddess. That is exactly what the Anglican/Episcopalian sect did in the twentieth century, and now that sect has sunk into perversion and will soon, it appears, be disestablished as the Church of England. No British taxpayer wants to fund the orgies of a "state religion."

November 3, 2023 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio's New Book Paints the Apostate Newpope as an Islamophile
Contrary to the True Popes, He Praises the Infidel, Murderous Religion as a "Religion of Peace"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
<i>Non sei Solo</i>

Francis-Bergoglio's New Book
Which Is a Paean to the Infidel Religion of Islam
Strongly Condemned by Popes
Of the 20th Century and Back to the Middle Ages
Bergoglio Admits that He Is Ignorant
Yet This Ignorance Does Not Stop Him
From Pontificating on Matters
Of Which He Admits He Knows Nothing
Time and Again He Has Shown Himself to Be
A Narcissistic Child, Not a World Leader

Francis-Bergoglio has published yet another book -- God help us! This one, published by Salani Publishers of Florence on October 24, 2023, is entitled Non sei solo: Sfide, risposte, speranze [You Are Not Alone: Challenges, Answers, Hopes]. Salani is known for publishing the witchcraft fantasy seriesHarry Potter. Odd, isn't it that the name of the apostate Newpope's publisher is so similar to that of the Fallen Angel. The new book recounts the ten years of Bergoglio's Newpapacy. Of course, no true pope (which Bergoglio is not) publishes books because their theological authority would be questionable and confusing.

Bergoglio in his new book pontificates: "Islam, in truth, is a religion of peace." These words, which were written before Islam launched an all-out war against Israel in October 2023, are now coming back to haunt the apostate Newpope. Then Bergoglio goes on to admit: "I consider myself ignorant when it comes to international politics." Yet this ignorance does not stop him pontificating on matters of which he admits he knows nothing and does not stop him from pronouncing ignorantly on political topics way out of his limited sphere of operation. One of his statements in the book is that Islam, strongly condemned by true popes, is not responsible for the creation of its own Islamic State (ISIL). Bergoglio says it is the bugaboo of "The West" -- whatever that may be in his self-admitted ignorant mind!

Bergoglio's contention in the book that Islam is "peace loving" is strongly contradicted by a Pew Research study, which found that in a majority of Muslim countries, only half of Muslims said they were not concerned about Islamic extremism, that 100,000,000 Muslims worldwide believe the that 9/11 attacks against the Twin Towers in New York, killing thousands, were completely justified, and that one in seven Muslims believe that suicide attacks against civilians are justified. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic news sources.]

Traditional Catholics, Bergoglio is a narcissistic child, not a world leader. The Narcissist exhibits no filter over what he says, but insists upon foaming at the mouth, without thought, on international topics that are none of his concern, while his Newchurch of the New Order rapidly dissolves in front of him. The faster Newchurch dies, the faster the true Roman Catholic Church can come out of the catacombs and become once again the "institutional" Church.


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