August 2008

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August 31 - Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Benedict-Ratzinger Exposed as Impotent

From: The Fathers
Crucified Frog

The "Crucified Frog" in Bolzano, Italy, Museum
Benedict-Ratzinger Has Been Impotent to Get It Removed
As His Moral Authority Has Been Thoroughly Compromised
By His Own Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal

Once if a pope asked for something reasonable, any Italian would be swift to comply. No longer. The conciliar popes since Vatican II -- Paul VI, JPII, and Benedict-Ratzinger -- have so eroded the doctrinal and moral authority of the papacy that Italians, as well as most Newchurchers, essentially now thumb their nose at the pope, using the authority of the New Order that those popes themselves created to do so.

On August 28, 2008, the Musaion in Bolzano, Italy, said that it was rejecting Benedict-Ratzinger's request, transmitted by letter in early August, to remove a sculpture portraying a green frog nailed to a Cross, crafted by the pope's fellow countryman, the late German artist Martin Kippenberger. The Dortmund artist's "pop" works are displayed in cities around world, including Zurich, Paris, Jerusalem, London, and New York.

Benedict-Ratzinger claimed in his letter that the work "pokes fun at the Catholic population and offends religion and the pope." But the pope himself is embroiled in a far greater scandal of his own, the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, and has essentially lost his moral authority, as since 2001 he has essentially not lifted a finger against his Newchurch cardinals, bishops, and presbyters who have committed assaults and rapes against children, aided and abetted such crimes, and conspired to cover them up.

Mexican Supreme Court Upholds Abortion

From: The Fathers

Mexico City's Supreme Court has upheld the capital city's abortion law on August 28, 2008, setting a precedent for the rest of the country and inspiring other Latin American cities to pass similar laws. Mexico City, the eleventh most populous city in the world with over 8,500,000 inhabitants, allows abortion without limitations in the first trimester. The 8-3 decision "opens the road for all of Latin America to start visualizing legal paths to abortion," said a city-government advisor. Mexico City officials said that they were preparing to help other local governments in the region interested in approving similar laws. Under the law upheld, all Mexico City public hospitals must give their patients free abortions. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by El Universal.]

Although Newchurch officials protested the decision, Newchurch is probably more responsible for the passage of Mexico's abortion law than anything else. Before Vatican II (1962-1965) Mexico was Catholic, but since then has reverted to its pagan roots, some of which are strongest in the capital region, headquarters of the Aztecs, who actively practiced human sacrifice.

August 30 - St. Rose of Lima, Virgin
Double Feast

Newchurch Bishops Err in Statements against U.S. House Speaker Pelosi on Abortion
The Hypocritical Bishops Are Still All Talk and No Action

From: The Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Nancy Pelosi

Benedict-Ratzinger Warmly Greets Pro-abortion U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
The Newchurch Bishops Refuse to Refuse the Novus Ordo Cookie to Her
Or to Ted Kennedy or to John Kerry or to Joseph Biden
The Newchurch Bishops Remain, to the End, All Talk and No Action

In an appearance on August 24, 2008, on NBC's Meet the Press, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, a Newchurcher, stated that the Doctors of the Church disputed over when life begins and that "over the history of the Church, this is an issue of controversy." The indolent Newchurch bishops, who have had no compunction about giving the Novus Ordo cookie to outspoken abortion advocates Pelosi, U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, and U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, recently named to be the U.S. Democratic Party's Vice Presidential nominee, sprang into speech (not action) in grandstanding responses to Pelosi's statement.

Edward Egan, Newchurch cardinal of New York, and Donald Wuerl, Newchurch archbishop of Washington, D.C., both issued statements "correcting" Pelosi. It should be noted that Donald Wuerl has personally been seen to give the Novus Ordo cookie Kennedy and Kerry (and perhaps Pelosi) as well. The irony in this case is that the specific phraseology of the statement that Pelosi made in this case is not incorrect!

Remember that Wuerl himself was corrected by Newvatican for a previous error and sent back to school for retraining! He is the worst hypocrite in the Pelosi matter. In the past he has said that he has no control over subjects that are not his. He has stated that Kennedy and Kerry are the subjects of Boston's Newchurch archbishop, Sean O'Malley, who has said nothing and done nothing. Nancy Pelosi is the subject of San Francisco's Newchurch archbishop, George Niederauer, the "Gay" Mess simulator, who has said nothing and done nothing. Even Benedict-Ratzinger, who is himself shaky on moral issues such as homosexual acts, received Pelosi in royal style at Newrome.

The Doctors of the Church did not unanimously hold that a foetus was animated by a rational, spiritual soul from the moment of conception. Aristotle, upon whose classical philosophy the Doctors of the Church principally relied in natural law, held that the foetus was not animated with a rational soul until 40-80 days after conception. Many of the Doctors of the Church followed that position. It wasn't until the 19th century that the Church stated unequivocally the conclusion that life begins at conception. So, Pelosi, in this instance, was technically correct. One can consult the highly-regarded Catholic Encyclopaedia of the early 20th century to find Pelosi's statement upheld. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section, "Abortion."

Instead of debating the history of moral philosophy, on which they are on shaky ground, the Newchurch bishops should have relied upon the definitive teaching as we now have it. After all, remember that even St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church's Principal Theologian, had objections in the 13th century to the eventual 1854 definition of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception as we now have it. Clarifications and understanding on controverted points often takes many centuries. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section, "Immaculate Conception & St. Thomas Aquinas."

What we need now is not a one-upsmaship debate on the history of moral theology, but action. If Egan and Wuerl were series, they would act rather than talk. They would simply be stating the current moral doctrine of the Church and noting that Pelosi, in her actions as a legislator, has violated that doctrine.

Charlie Chaput is similarly effete. This Newchurch archbishop of Denver, Colorado, who is considered "conservative" in spite of staging crazy "Indian Feather" Messes, has stated that Biden should refrain from the Novus Ordo cookie because of his pro-abortion stance. Chaput, however, did not state that he personally, or other Newchurch bishops, would refuse the cookie to Biden. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Novus Ordo Service Gallery. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, who would expect these corrupt Newchurch bishops to do anything moral? Their own immorality in personally participating in or in aiding and abetting the rape of children by Newchurch presbyters and bishops shows that they lack any basic Catholic morality. Their morals are worse than that of the heathens that St. Paul condemns. But certainly there will be "blogs" by benighted neocon Newchurchers, sellouts to the New Order, praising Egan, Wuerl, and Chaput to the skies. Bet on it!

Newchurch Archbishop Bathersby of Brisbane Admits Performing Invalid Marriages
He Allowed One of His Parishes to "Remarry" Many Divorced Newchurchers

From: The Fathers

The invalid underbelly of Newchurch is becoming more and more exposed. Brisbane, Australia's Newchurch archbishop John Bathersby has now admitted that he allowed a parish to "remarry" the divorced, in direct contradiction to Christ's own law as documented in all four Gospels. Moreover, he has admitted that invalid Baptisms and "Masses" were performed there as well. [Some information for this Commentary was provided by the Brisbane Courier-Mail.]

Good Catholics, you must stay away from Newchurch temples completely. You might as well go to a Masonic temple, after which they are modeled. There is no valid Mass there. The sacraments are invalid. Even Baptisms and Marriages are suspect now. And this is not the TRADITIO Fathers talking. This is Newchurch's own archbishop admitting it.

August 29 - Beheading of St. John the Baptist
Complete Friday Abstinence
Double Major Feast

Newchurch Is Now Taking Entries for Its "Sister Italia" Beauty Contest for "Nuns"

From: The Fathers
Newchurch Nun

A Newchurch "Nun" (Note the Gothic Black Fingernail Polish and Charismatic Posture)
Suitable for Running in the "Sister Italia" Beauty Contest
Being Sponsored by a Newchurch Presbyter in Benedict-Ratzinger's Own Back Yard

Good Catholics, don't you wonder these days whether Benedict-Ratzinger knows what's going on in his own Newchurch? Near Naples, just south of Rome, one of Benedict-Ratzinger's presbyters is expecting over 1,000 Newchurch "nuns" to enter his "Sister Italia" beauty pageant, which he hopes will rival the Miss Italy pageant.


Presbyter Antonio Rungi wants the "nuns" to be fresh meat, what he calls "attractive presences." They must be "young and attractive," and under 40. Habits are not required. Rungi has some experience with merchandizing bodies. He has organized Novus Ordo "Beach" Messes on Naples' beaches, where Newchurchers in bikinis (or perhaps not) can lie in the sand during the "service. Rungi says that it was actually the Newchurch "nuns" themselves, while they were stretched out on the Neopolitan beach, who got the idea to parade around as beauty contestants.

For those of you who are repulsed by the cheap secular merchandizing of the "nun" body in which Newchurch is involved here, presbyter Rungi has a response: you have a "closed mentality." That says all you need to know about the lack of Catholicism in Newchurch. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Corriere della Sera.]

Bless My House?

From: Gloria

Dear Fathers:

What does a person do if she wants to have her house blessed with Holy Water. It's hard to get a priest because they are so busy.

The Fathers Reply.

Let's face it. Our age is living in the spiritual catacombs. Pope Pius XII hit the nail on the head when he predicted in the 1950s: "The day the Church abandons her universal tongue [Latin] is the day before she returns to the catacombs." (For further information, click on RELQUOTE.TXT: Treasury of Quotations for Traditional Catholicsin the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

Priests are scarce, the true Mass is scarce, and the true Sacraments are scarce, let alone Sacramentals such as blessings. But such has been the case more times in the history of the Church than the opposite. Think of the wasteland of China and Japan, the period of the Black Plague, the period of the pioneers in the wilderness of America and Canada, as well as the three centuries that Catholics were forced into the Roman catacombs.

It is at times like these that we must be particularly of a mind to thank God for what we do have. We should not focus on what we don't have. We do have courageous traditional priests who maintain the fully traditional Mass. We do have facilities that those others did not have: internet sites such as this one, DVDs, CDs, books, and all the rest. We must not forget that after adoration of God, the true Mass is offered to thank God (then to make reparation and petition). When we have the blessing of a true Mass, even once a month or once a year, we should be spending a good deal of our fervent prayer at that Mass in thanksgiving.

In addition to thanking God, you also have a duty of piety toward your traditional priest, who makes available to you the true Mass and Sacraments. Do whatever you can to assist him: spiritual assistance, practical assistance, financial assistance. Give him your wholehearted support in his ministry. Many traditional Catholics have lost their priest because their support was insufficient. They have only themselves to blame.

August 28 - St. Augustine, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Exclusive Eyewitness Report from Newrome: Catholic Churches Are Increasingly Abandoned

From: Laureano, The Traditio Network's Brazilian Correspondent
Roman Churches

Roman Churches Are Being Increasingly Abandoned or Turned over to Protestants
Our Correspondent Confirms Italian Newspaper Reports
That Pilgrims Are Few and Far Between
Newchurch Has Done More to Destroy Rome than the Barbarians

Dear Fathers:

Having recently returned from my third month-long visit to Rome, I can confirm the falling numbers of visitors to most important Roman basilicas.

A common trait found in Rome now is that you do not see people praying devoutly there, only tourists showing little or no respect for the wonderful relics existing in these churches. I concluded from my extensive experience in Rome this past semester that the Catholic religion as we had always known it has disappeared from Rome for all practical purposes. Italians in general and Romans in particular have lost their Catholic Faith.

I have heard that the only thing that helps these churches keep their doors open is the money from the income tax that the State of Italy redirects to Newchurch and other religious organisms. If that should be stopped, as it has already been in several European countries, the Roman churches will fall to ruin.

August 27 - St. Joseph Calasanctius, Confessor
Double Feast

U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate Obama Picks Newchurcher for V.P.
Senator Joseph Biden Has a Pro-abortion Record together with Other Immoral Positions

From: The Fathers
Ted Kennedy & Joseph Biden

U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy (Far Left) and Joseph Biden (Far Right)
Two of Several U.S. Senators Who May Be Denied the Novus Ordo Cookie
Because They Espouse Positions Contrary to Catholic Morality
Now Barak Hussein Obama, U.S. Democratic Presidential Candidate
Has Selected the Immoral Biden to Be His Running-mate

U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, selected by U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Barak Hussein Obama, is a Newchurcher. His political opinions accord with the Modernist/Liberalist positions that most Newchurchers take against Catholic doctrine and morality. Biden's abortion record, though it may accord with the immoral position of most Newchurchers, is unCatholic. He approves of abortion until the very last months. Much of his views, in fact, are grounded in New Order Modernist principles.

The risky part of Obama's gamble on Biden is that by picking a Newchurcher, he risks re-igniting the "cookie wars." U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, both former Presidential candidates themselves, along with Joseph Biden, munch the Novus Ordo cookie even though they publicly reject Catholic morality on abortion and other issues. Newchurch bishop Michael Saltarelli, in whose diocese Biden falls, was placed under considerable pressure in 2004 and 2005 by neocon Newchurchers to deny the cookie to Biden and other Newchurch politicians who support abortion rights.

But on September 8, 2008, Saltarelli is out and Francis Malooly is in. If Malooly deprives Biden of the cookie, Obama's pick will be besmirched. Neocon Newchurchers might persist in their efforts to place Biden outside Newchurch communion. Biden could end up more of a liability with Newchurchers than a profit!

Newchurch Is Going to Hell in a Handbasket, and What Is Benedict-Ratzinger Focusing on? Automobile Driving!

From: The Fathers

His prelates and presbyters are raping kids by the tens of thousands. His New Order coffers are close to empty. His Newchurchers are sinking into a morality worse than the pagans around them. And what does Benedict-Ratzinger choose to focus on? Good driving! This supposed theological brain is asking Newchurchers to examine their consciences about their "sins" of driving.

"Christians should first of all should make a personal examination of conscience about their own driving." First of all? What about the Ten Commandments? Nothing about driving there. Well, Benedict-Ratzinger is so out of touch with Catholic doctrine on so many things, what can one say? After all, he doesn't have to deal with traffic. He gets driven around by chauffeurs! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNS.]

August 26 - St. Zephyrinus, Pope & Martyr
Simple Feast

Judge Denies Leniency for Presbyter Criminal and Calls Him a "Double Betrayer"
Newchurcher Goes Berserk in Courtroom when Presbyter Got Jail Time

From: The Fathers
Luis Ramirez

Newchurch Presbyter Luis Ramirez (Second from Right)
At His 2003 Novus Ordo Installation as a Presbyter
Ramirez Has Been Sentenced to Jail for His Sex Crimes against a Minor
Deluded Newchurchers at the Sentencing Sobbed Uncontrollably
One Went Berserk and Had to Be Dragged Out by the Bailiff

Orange County Superior Court Judge Lance Jensen is a gutsy guy. He rejected 2,000 letters from Newchurchers urging leniency for a criminal Newchurch presbyter, Luis Ramirez, Youth Director of Our Lady of the Pillar Newparish in Santa Ana, California. Instead, Jensen called the presbyter a "double betrayer" and sentenced him on August 20, 2008, to six months in the hoosegow. Moreover, it was revealed in court that presbyter Ramirez had a rap sheet. So, Newchurch bishop Henry Brom, of San Diego, was asleep at the switch again. Brom has previously been charged with covering up rampant sex crimes in his diocese.

These corrupt Newchurch presbyters are a dime a dozen. What is more interesting is how corrupt the Newchurch laity has become. That two thousand of them wrote the judge to urge leniency for the criminal presbyter shows to what a depth the whole perverted institution has sunk. The City Attorney, to the contrary, represented the interests of the people in asking for jail time. Patrick Ahle urged the judge not to be lenient. "This is about someone who is supposed to be a good shepherd tending to his flock. Instead, he abused one of them for his own gratification. When Ramirez, who had guilty to the charges, was sentenced to jail, two Newchurchers sobbed uncontrollably, and one went berserk and had to be dragged out by the bailiff!

Presbyter Ramirez lied to get a minor to leave his home late at night under the ruse of visiting a sick parishioner. But instead of going to the hospital, Ramirez drove the minor to a motel. There he plied the minor with liquor and then attempted to grope him. At this point the minor ran out and notified his parents, who called the police. [Some information contributed for this Commentary by the Orange County Register.]

Good Catholics, this perverted presbyter should have gotten six years, but six months was all the City Attorney asked for in accordance with a plea bargain. What is it with these Newchurchers? Are they demented? No man who does something like this is the "good man" that two thousand of them claim. No wonder Newchurch is so corrupt, from the top on down. There is no point in feeling sorry for the Newchurch laity. They have gotten just the kind of clergy that they deserve -- and want!

Newchurch Bishop Tells Police: Hands off Criminals!

From: The Fathers

Rhode Island's Newchurch bishop, Thomas Tobin, is calling on the U.S. government to halt mass immigration raids and says that federal agents who refuse to participate in such raids on moral grounds deserve to be treated as conscientious objectors. Fortunately, Rhode Island governor Don Carcieri has the Catholic morality that Tobin lacks.

Fed up with illegal immigrants stealing government funds that are justly due to citizens, Carcieri signed an order requiring state police and prisons to identify illegal immigrants for deportation. A federal spokeswoman said, "As an agency, ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is responsible for enforcing the immigration and customs laws enacted by Congress. That's our job. We're fulfilling that mandate." [Some information for this Commentary contributed by the Associated Press.]

August 25 - St. Louis IX, King of France, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Newchurch Parish Is Exposed as a Fraud
"Masses" and "Baptisms" There Have Been Declared Invalid

From: The Fathers
Buddha Statue

A Buddha Statue, Later Claimed to Be a "Praying Monk"
Was Installed in an Australian Newparish
The Same Newchurch Parish Has Been Exposed for "Unorthodox Masses" and "Invalid Baptisms"
Newchurch Parishes around the World Are Dishing out Phony Sacraments

Newchurchers have become so inured to the New Order over the last forty years that no craziness seems to be too far out for them. Take St. Mary's in Brisbane, Australia. The Newchurch archbishop there, John Bathersby, is on the horns of a dilemma about what to do about the Newparish because its craziness has become publicly exposed. But the other Newparishes all over the world are just as crazy!

First off, the Newparish installed a Buddha statue. After a parishioner protested, the Newparish came up with the cover-story that the statue was acutally of a "praying monk which they mistook as a Buddha." As it turned out, a disgruntled person took the one-metre-tall statue out of the Novus Ordo temple and smashed it. Now that's taking direct action!

The Newparish presbyter, Peter Kennedy, who has been pastor of St. Mary's for nearly 28 years, said that he dared not comment before Bathersby told him what to say. There have also been reports of "unorthodox Masses" at St. Mary's -- whatever that means, since the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service is always unorthodox! In 2004, St. Mary's was already exposed for administering invalid baptisms, and "hundreds of baptisms conducted at St Mary's were ruled invalid by Archbishop Bathersby." So hundreds of Newchurchers are walking about thinking that they are baptized, but they are in fact not. [Some information for this Commentary was provided by the Brisbane Courier-Mail.]

Good Catholics, when you truck with Newchurch, you know what you are going to get: phony, spurious, invalid Messes and sakraments. Your only option is to stay entirely way from Newchurch and find a traditional Catholic church, where the valid traditional Mass and Sacraments are offered.

"Motu" Mess Meets "Polka" Mess

From: The Fathers

From the outset of the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax, we TRADITIO Fathers have warned that Benedict-Ratzinger's long-term goal was to merge Bugnini's Modernized Mess of 1962 into the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service. Actually, Benedict-Ratzinger has said as much himself, but the neocon Newchurchers are, as usual, not listening to him, but creating their own "alternate reality."

Here we have an interesting example of this "Motu" Mixta Mess. Sts. Cyril & Methodius Church in Shiner, Texas, has announced a "combo" -- a "Motu" Mess and a "Polka" Mess -- for its annual pre-Labor Day picnic to be held on August 31, 2008! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Wharton Journal-Spectator.]

August 24 - St. Bartholomew, Apostle
Double Feast of the Second Class

Catholic Charities [sic] Announces Active Involvement
In Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Adoptions

From: The Fathers
Brian Cahill & George Niederauer

George Niederauer (Right), Newchurch Archbishop of San Francisco, California
Poses with Brian Cahill, Executive Director of Catholic Charities [sic]
Niederauer Has Praised Cahill for Involving the Organization in "Gay" Adoptions
Who Was the Culprit that Personally Appointed the Homophile Niederauer? Benedict-Ratzinger!

On August 2, 2008, Catholic Charities [sic], of San Francisco, California, announced its new partnership with Family Builders by Adoption, which has announced as its goal "increasing the number of children adopted by Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) adults," as well as providing "the targeted recruitment of LGBT adults" as adopters.

Catholic Charities has doubled the staff and pledged a quarter of a million U.S. dollars to assist in this immoral effort. Already Catholic Charities has placed innocent children with two "gay" men, two Lesbians, and a hermaphrodite. It is no longer debatable that Catholic Charities is knowingly helping to place children in perverted households. The agency advertises in the "Pride Week" issue of the San Francisco Chronicle and sponsors a float in the "Gay Pride" parade. It places 50-60 children a year in households, 80 per cent of which are identified as LGBT.

Brian Cahill, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, has personally been a significant donor to the Equality for All PAC, a political organization dedicated to the legalization of "gay marriage." The Director of Programs and Services at Catholic Charities, one Dr. Motola, is an open homosexual, who himself adopted a child with his "gay" lover in 2000. Catholic Charities' Treasurer Nanette Lee Miller is an open Lesbian who "married" another woman in 2004 and has herself given $100,000 to Equality California in 2008. Even Benedict-Ratzinger's personal appointee as Newchurch bishop of San Francisco has said that he was "happy" about Catholic Charities' involvement in GLBT adoptions! [Some information for this Commentary was provided by CCD.]

Catholic Charities has previously been charged by the United States government in a scam of illegally signing abortion permissions for underage illegal aliens in Virginia. The federal government formally notified the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops that if one of their members ever tried that again, the whole organization would be prosecuted as co-conspirators in an organized-crime group. May Almighty God hasten the day!

Good Catholics, Catholic Charities operates under the aegis of Benedict-Ratzinger. Has he shown any indication to lift a finger to shut down the agency? Of course not. He is once again exposed as having a Janus-faced policy on moral issues, wherein he displays a jot of conservatism with his mouth, but a dollop of Modernist morality in his actions.

Newchurch Nun to Play Priestess in Blessing of U.S. Democratic Convention

From: The Fathers

A Newchurch nun from Cleveland, Ohio, who works for a New Order lobbying group, has been selected to deliver the closing prayers one night during the U.S. Democratic National Convention. Catherine Pinkerton plans to violate the Newcanon Law of 1983, which prohibits active politicking by Newchurch clergy and religious. We all know, of course, that under Benedict-Ratzinger that "law" is observed more in the breach and isn't worth the paper that it's written on. Pinkerton says that she "admires Barack Obama's vision of where we stand as a nation and where we stand among nations" and agreed to play priestess to deliver the "benediction" at his coronation as Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate.

August 23 - St. Philip Benizi, Confessor
Double Feast

Newchurch Monsignor Who Had an 18-year Affair with a Married Parishioner
Will Wed -- but Another Woman!

From: The Fathers
Vincent Logan

Newchurch Bishop Vincent Logan, of Scotland
Has Reportedly Paid off a Philandering Monsignor
Who Will Wed His Second Mistress
When Logan Dismissed Msgr. Creegan
Creegan Threatened to "Tell All" about the Bishop

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch is totally out of control. Get this: Newchurch Monsignor Joseph Creegan will privately wed Anne Marie Ogden, whom he "counseled" during her marriage breakdown. But hold on! Creegan was simultaneously being exposed as having an 18-year affair with another married woman.

Msgr. Creegan and his new harlot, who found the money someplace to purchase jointly a yacht and a farm, apparently "cuckolded" Bishop Vincent Logan, Newchurch bishop of Dunkeld, Scotland. Said one source of Msgr. Creegan, "It is going to be a civil ceremony because despite his huge ego he can't find anyone to marry him locally. You could not make it up. His arrogance knows no bounds."

Creegan was dismissed from his position by Logan, but then Creegan lodged an unfair-dismissal claim against Logan and threatened to reveal Newchurch scandals involving homosexuality and booze. Creegan dropped the claim in early August 2008 amid suspicions that Logan had paid him off to keep him quiet. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Sunday Mail.]

California Supreme Court Ruling Forces Christian Doctors
To Perform Artificial Insemination on Lesbian "Couples"

From: The Fathers

California is quickly taking the prize for most immoral state. In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court, which just upheld "gay" marriage, ruled that Catholic physicians cannot refuse to perform immoral acts, in this case, the artificial insemination of Lesbian couples. Two Christian doctors had refused to perform the immoral procedure. The court ruled that "gay rights" trumped first amendment rights to freedom of religion. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the San Francisco Chronicle.]

Bernie Fellay's Latest Ploy

From: Patricius Anthony, Traditional Catholic Author

I have provided TRADITIO readers with an article criticizing SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's policies and giving him a truly traditional agenda. For further information, click on Bernie Fellay's Latest Ploy in the TRADITIO Network's Special Features department.

August 22 - Immaculate Heart of Mary
Complete Friday Abstinence
Double Feast of the Second Class

Newcardinal George Pell Refuses Compensation to One of His Sex Victims
Even His Own Investigator Told Him that It Was His Moral Duty to Pay Recompense

From: The Fathers
George Pell

Portrait of Another Newchurch Hypocrite: George Pell, Newchurch Cardinal Primate
The Sydney, Australia, Primate Has Been Caught in the Cover-up of a Multi-rapist Presbyter
The Scandal involving the Purportedly "Conservative" Cardinal Has Shocked Australia

In Newchurch the bishops who pose as "conservative" are often worse than the liberalists. The cases are all too numerous, among them: Newcardinal Francis "the Artful Dodger" Arinze; Fabian "Phony" Bruskewitz; Raymond "Bully" Burke; Charles "Comanche" Chaput; Newcardinal "Tricky Dick" Egan; Newcardinal Francis "Faker" George; Newcardinal Dario "Huckster" Hoyos, and, of course, Benedict "Arnold" Ratziger himself.

Also posing as "conservative" is George Pell, Newcardinal of Sydney, Australia, who was featured on Benedict-Ratzinger's World Youth Day Woodstock in Sydney, July 2008. Newcardinal George Pell was caught by the Sydney Morning Herald in the cover-up of a multi-rapist presbyter. Pell admitted to his cover-up, stating that he lied in a letter to a victim that the presbyter had raped only the one victim, not the dozen others that Pell personally knew of. Now he has denied the recommendation of his own investigator that compensation is morally required and has denied just compensation to the victim.

The victim said that he was not convinced of Pell's sincerity: "He doesn't want to debate the facts or discuss the issues." Nor has Pell done the honorable thing and resigned his corrupted office.

Benedict-Ratzinger Invites Lutheran Theologians to His Summer Palace
To Advise Him on His Next Book

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger has invited two Lutheran theologians to join him at Castel Gandolfo, his summer palace, to advise him on what to write in the second volume of his Jesus of Nazareth series. The first volume got very mixed reviews, many reviewers pointing out that Newpope watered down Catholic teaching to make it more acceptable to Protestants. If he is getting advice on the content of his books, no wonder! [Some information for this Commentary contributed by CNS.]

August 21 - St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Widow
Double Feast

Newrome Not Attracting Pilgrims; Secular Government Pushes Disneyland Theme Park Instead

From: The Fathers
St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica and Other Traditional Catholic Sites Attracting Fewer Newchurcher Pilgrims
The Government of the City of Rome Is Therefore Planning to Build a DisneyRome
To Attract the Money of the Faithless Newchurchers

Rome used to be a holy site of pilgrimage for Catholics, but under the New Order, it seems that visits have fallen. Since the traditional Roman churches attract fewer Newchurchers, the secular government of the City of Rome has decided to push a Disneyland-style theme park instead, depicting life in ancient Rome, complete with gladiators and Julius Caesar.

The theme park, based on EuroDisney in Paris, is expected to be built on a lot of more than 4,000,000 square metres in three to four years. Pilgrims, who formerly were attracted to the traditional Roman churches, would instead be offered rides through a replica of the Colosseum, where they could watch gladiators fighting each other or wild animals, as Julius Caesar looks on. The park would offer attractions based on life both in republican Rome, ending with the murder of Julius Caesar and civil war, and the power and might of the Roman Empire. {Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Times.]

Reports from Newrome for some years now have indicated that there is virtually no reverence at the holy sites in Rome. Newchurchers look at these sites as "photo-ops" rather than places of worship, chattering away and taking flash photos. Those few Newchurchers who visit the sites to pray have had to tell the loud-mouthed Newchurchers around them to be quiet, as the Newchurchers have no sense of the sacred or of Roman Catholic history and tradition. They have become, under the New Order, no better than heathens, whereas at least many of the Protestants visitors still have respect for the ancient Christian sites.

Australian Newchurch Bishop's #2 Man Charged with Cover-up

From: The Fathers

Maitland-Newcastle, Australia, Newchurch diocese's Vicar General Tom Brennan has been charged by police with perverting the course of justice over an investigation into sex crimes. Police said that the charge related to a lying statement he made during a police investigation in 1998 into a complaint against a fellow presbyter who was a teacher at St. Pius X Catholic Boys High School at Adamstown, where Brennan was headmaster at the time. Naturally, the Newchurch bishop, Michael Malone, came out for the criminal rather than the victims and hurried off to the police station to see what he could do to get his creature Brennan off.

August 20 - St. Bernard, Abbot and Doctor
Double Feast

Another Newchurch Religious Order Bites the Dust
A Newchurch Bishop Has Ordered Carmelites to Vacate the Diocese

From: The Fathers
Innocent III Approves Carmelites

Pope Innocent III Approves the Carmelite Order in 1247
One Newchurch Bishop Has Suppressed the Three Remaining Carmelite Tertiaries in His Diocese
Newchurch and the New Order Have Been Lethal to Religious Orders
In the United States Two-Thirds of All Religious Have Left since Vatican II

Newchurch and its New Order have been lethal to religious Orders. All but the largest have bitten the dust over the forty years since Vatican II. Who would want to devote his or her life to a Novus Ordo religious Order? Apparently, JPII's and Benedict-Ratzinger's World Youth Day Woodstocks have fallen on deaf ears: most Newchurch youth have gotten the message that the once-great religious orders like the Dominicans, Franciscans, and Carmelites have been turned into worthless pulp by the New Order. Here is the current picture from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), an arm of Newchurch itself::

United States
     1965       192,225          ---
     1975       143,850     -25.4 per cent
     1985       122,930     -14.4 per cent
     1995        97,344     -20.9 per cent
     2005        74,085     -24.0 per cent
     2008        64,209     -13.4 per cent
     Total    1965-2008     -66.6 per cent
     1960     1,083,712          ---
     1975     1,038,914     - 4.2 per cent
     1985       982,640     - 5.4 per cent
     1995       897,476     - 8.7 per cent
     2005       815,237     - 9.2 per cent
     Total    1960-2005     -24.8 per cent

According to the Index of Leading Catholic Indicators in the United States, all of the religious professed under the New Order were sinking close to zero:

     RELIGIOUS ORDER           2000     2008*
     Benedictines               719      538
     Franciscans (Minor)        542      405
     Jesuits                    250      187
     Capuchins                  171      128
     Dominicans                 145      108
     Franciscans (Conventual)    88       66
     Maryknoll                   79       59
     Augustinians                62       46
     Salesians                   50       37
     Passionists                 50       37
     Holy Cross                  41       31
     Oblates of Mary Immaculate  38       28
     Vincentians                 37       28
     Precious Blood              36       27
     Redemptorists               32       24
     Carmelites                  21       16
     Holy Ghost                  13       10     Abp. Lefebvre's Order
     Christian Brothers           7        5
     *2000 to 2008 projected loss by CARA figures:  25.2 per cent.

The Newchurch bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, Robert McManus, has withdrawn his "approval" for the Order of Discalced Carmelite Tertiaries there, identified by their brown habits, and has ordered them to vacate their rectory and convent at Holy Family Church. Why? Since Vatican II (1963-1965) the community of men and women has dwindled to just -- count them -- three.

Yet these Carmelites are property rich. In the spring of 2007, they acquired 10,000 square metres of valuable property on Asnebumskit Hill, upon which they hoped to build a monastery and wind farm. McManus admitted that the New Order had been the death-knell for these Carmelites. The group could no longer sustain itself, and there was little possibility of growth.

Local reports indicates that it very much looks as if McManus, like his brother Raymond "Bully" Burke in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as other Newchurch bishops, were trying to extort, under the guise of the Novus Ordo "Canon Law" of 1983, the Carmelites' current property at Holy Family Church to make it into -- a parking lot. [Some information for this Commentary was provided by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.]

August 19 - St. John Eudes, Confessor
Double Feast

U.S. Newchurch Bishops' Leader Newcardinal Francis George Admits that He Obstructed Justice
He Covered up the Crimes of a 23-time Rapist Presbyter

From: The Fathers

Newchurch Cardinal Francis Cardinal George, Leader of the U.S. Bishops
Exposed in a Now Unsealed Court Deposition as a Liar
He Was Responsible for Covering up the Rape of 23 Children
But Will He Resign? Corrupt Newchurch Prelates Never Do!

Francis George, Newchurch cardinal of Chicago, Illinois, and President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishop admitted under oath in a now unsealed deposition his lies that led to the rapes of 23 children after George knowingly appointed presbyter Daniel McCormack, now in prison, as a diocesan school principal.

George admitted under oath that he engaged in lying and covering up his complicity in the phony archdiocesan investigation that he himself had set up. Moreover, George admitted under oath that he worked to reduce the 20-year prison sentence of a convicted child assailant. George's sworn deposition also indicated that he refused even to follow recommendations of his own investigating staff to expel from the presbyterate sex-criminal presbyters in Chicago who had been identified to him.

At several points in the interrogation of George in the deposition, he was asked whether he was more concerned about the accused presbyters and the legal process than he was about protecting children. George stated, "I have to accept the blame." George also admitted that his Vicar for Presbyters coached presbyters to deny truthful allegations. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Chicago Tribune.]

Good Catholics, the leader of the U.S. Newchurch bishops is a despicable hypocrite. He plays to the press and expresses a phony "apology" to exculpate himself. But Catholic theology, which he ignores, requires that he perform restitution. In this case, the minimum would be his resignation from an office that he has befouled. But will he resign? Of course not. He wants his cake and to eat it too.

Will Benedict-Ratzinger force him to resign? Of course not. That's not the way it works in Newchurch. After all, Benedict-Ratzinger is the biggest criminal of the bunch, having aided and abetted by his silence the rape and assault upon tens of thousands of his spiritual children. He is no "Holy Father." If Newchurchers knew what was good for them, they would subject him to the Biblical punishment and drown him in the depth of the sea with a millstone hanged about his neck (Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42). And his vermin Francis George with him!

Are You an "Angry Traditionalist"? Good for You!

From: The Fathers

One rabid Newchurcher has recently written that "those angry traditionalists" are "wild-eyed conspiracy nuts, who in their enthusiasm for the Latin Mass [sic] think that Clown Masses are the rule and that the Novus Ordo is akin to a Satanic Black Mass."

Well, the thing about "conspiracy nuts" is that it is undeniable that conspiracies do abound. For decades now we have been hearing about the horrors of the McCarthy period of the 1950s, in which U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy held hearings to root out the Communists in the U.S. Department of State and in the Hollywood film industry. McCarthy was called by the Liberalists a "conspiracy freak," who had no leg to stand on. Then the Communist Soviet Union fell in 1991, and shortly afterward its state records were opened up. And what was found? Senator McCarthy was right. The Communists had in fact at least fifty spies in the State Department and had in fact planted moles in Hollywood to influence the content of films. Even the U.S. government's own files on World War II have just been opened after fifty years and have revealed that even Julia Child, the late "French Chef" so popular on public television, was a spy for the U.S., together with a number of other well-known public figures of the time.

Are we traditional Catholic angry? Yes! Why shouldn't we be? The Modernists who infiltrated the Church, who were condemned by Pope Pius XI (whom the Newchurchers themselves now call "Blessed"), Pope Leo XIII, Pope St. Pius X, Pope Benedict XV, Pope Pius XI, and Pope Pius XII. Yet these same papally-condemned, unCatholic moles infiltrated Vatican II (1962-1965) and perverted it against the purposes of Pope John XXIII.

After forty years this is a fact that can hardly be denied, and was demonstrated even at the time by arguably the most objective book written to date about the Council, by eyewitness journalist Ralph Wiltgen in his 1967 The Rhine Flows into the Tiber. Wiltgen, who had access to all the prominent figures of the Council, including Cardinals Ottaviani, Frings, Suenens, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Frs. Karl Rahner and his sidekick Joseph Ratzinger, exposed the forces that twisted and redirected the Council away from its original schemata -- forces that that were at work before the Council, during the Council, and after the Council.

And, yes, "Clown Mess" are pretty much the rule in Newchurch. At least these were the favorite of the "Clown Pope," JPII. His successor, Benedict-Ratzinger, seems to have a predilection for "Horserace Messes." Even Satanic Black Masses have been documented by various sources, including archbishops stationed in Newvatican itself. All you have to do is look at the hundred Messes documented, a mere fraction of the total, in the TRADITIO Network's Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Novus Ordo Service Gallery.

So, good Catholics, you have every right to be angry about the fact Newchurchers posing as Catholics have virtually suppressed the true Faith and have forced you, for the time being, into the "catacombs" of independent traditional churches, chapels, and oratories. We have every right in justice to stop cowering in our corners and join with Howard Beale in Paddy Chayefsky's 1976 Network:

I'm as mad as Hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore. I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell -- "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad! You've got to say, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"

August 18 - Within the Octave of the Assumption
Semidouble Feast

"Catholic" Charities, Under Fire for Aiding Illegal Abortions and "Gay" Adoption
Plans to Lobby the U.S. Republican National Convention

From: The Fathers
Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day, the New Order's "Saint" of Radical Feminism, Free Love, and Fornication
This Advocate of the Communist Agenda Is "Catholic" Charities' Poster-girl for the U.S. Republican Convention
"Catholic" Charities Supports Abortion for Under-age Illegals and "Gay" Adoption

So-called "Catholic" Charities, which is under censure by the U.S. government for involvement in illegally procuring abortions for under-age aliens, is going to blow its wad on propaganda for the U.S. Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, September 1-4, 2008. But its money will not go to strengthen government policies against abortion. Oh, no!

Instead, "Catholic" Charities of the Twin Cities, known as well for supporting "gay adoption," launched its own national political campaign on August 14, 2008, to call attention to the political issues of "poverty and homelessness." CC rolled out a campaign for the convention by hanging a banner on the Dorothy Day Center homeless shelter in downtown St. Paul. The late Dorothy Day, who is bucking for Newchurch con-anization, was a "Catholic" political activist associated with the Communist agenda.

Good Catholics, the big question is how much money "Catholic" Charities will spend on anti-abortion and anti-"gay" marriage signs at the Democratic National Convention! It should go without saying that no one calling himself Catholic should contribute one penny to "Catholic" Charities. To do so would be direct cooperation in the evils of abortion, "gay adoption" and other unCatholic immoralities.

Newchurch Presbyter Who Participated in Priestess Ordinations to Be "Interviewed" by Maryknolls

From: The Fathers

Presbyter Ray Bourgeois, of the Newchurch Maryknolls, will meet on August 18, 2008, with the three members of his order's General Council to discuss his participation in the August 9, 2008, "ordination" of a priestess sponsored by the "Roman Catholic" Womenpriests organization. Bourgeois said that his participation in the ceremony, staged at a Unitarian Universalist church in Lexington, Kentucky, followed a "period of reflection," after which he stated publicly: "I've come to the realization that women could be ordained in our Catholic [New]church." The General Council has asked him to come "as one of their brother presbyters to understand from him the facts behind his thinking." Isn't that just touchy-feely of the Newchurch Maryknolls?!

Bourgeois said that during the event he "concelebrated the [Novus Ordo] liturgy" and delivered the homily. He also said that he laid hands on "Janice." Other presbyters, such as Marek Bozek, of St. Stanislaus Kosta Church, in St. Louis, Missouri, have attended similar services; however, they have not actually participated in the service, but have attended passively as an "oecumenical" event. Similarly, Conciliar popes JPII and Benedict-Ratzinger have attended -- and even participated in -- numerous Protestant, Jewish, and Mohammedan services. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNS.]

August 17 - Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Benedict-Ratzinger Directs that God's Name Be Removed from the Novus Ordo Mess

From: The Fathers

The Tetragrammaton, the Most Sacred Name of God, Which Is Not to Be Pronounced
It Is Found Nowhere in Traditional Catholic Bibles, Masses, or Chants
After Vatican II the New Order Started the Sacrilege of Using It as Commonly as a Profanity

Traditional Catholic Latin biblical texts never mentioned the Holy Name of God, known as the Tetragrammaton from the fact that it has four letters in Hebrew (from the Greek tetara, four). This Name was the Name used by God only to Moses. It was so sacred that after that time it could be uttered only once, only by the high priests, only in the temple, and only on the most holy day of the year. Otherwise, traditional Latin biblical texts used only Adonai or Dominus [Lord], Messias, or Christus [The Anointed]. When Our Lord used it of Himself, the Jews attempted to stone him to death (John 8:58-59).

Then the New Order came along after Vatican II (1962-1965). It started using the Holy Name of God in profusion -- at Novus Ordo Messes, in Novus Ordo songs, in Novus Ordo "translations" of the Bible. What traditional Catholics did because of reverence, Benedict-Ratzinger has now embraced not out of reverence, but out of a desire to kowtow to Jewish elements. In his directive of June 29, 2008, after forty years he no longer wants Newchurch texts to use the Tetragrammaton. Many of the Novus Ordo's texts, including one of its most popular hymns, You Are Near, which begins, "Yahweh, I know you are near," will have to be rewritten. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNS.]

Oops! If Benedict-Ratzinger hadn't deviated from traditional Catholic practice to embrace his beloved Vatican II "reforms," he wouldn't now have had to make yet another volte-face!

Are Catholics Being Essentially Murdered for Their Organ "Donations"?

From: The Fathers

The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has revealed that a loosened definition of death used in recent years has led to the "harvesting" of organs from live donors, who are prematurely declared "dead." The flawed standard has brought about a situation where some ten per cent of donors are essentially murdered in order to harvest their organs. Communist China, whose atheistic brutality is being deftly covered over by a contrived "Modern Olympics" currently being dished out to a clueless world in Beijing, would be proud of such a record! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Although, under certain circumstances, a Catholic may donate his organs for good cause following his death, such donations cannot morally be made in an environment in which human beings are essentially "murdered" in order to ensure that the organs are "fresh." This can be the moral equivalent of euthanasia. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section, "Organ Donation."

August 16 - St. Joachim, Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double of the Second Class

Mirabile Dictu: U.S. Newchurch Bishops Tell Benedict-Ratzinger
That He Is Flat-out Wrong in His Teaching on Judaism

From: The Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger and Jewish Rabbis

Benedict-Ratzinger Surrounded by Jewish Rabbis on September 15, 2005
The United States Newchurch Bishops Have Told the Hebraeophile Conciliar Pope
That His Novus Ordo Catechism Is in Error on the Status of the Jews

It is a very rare occurrence that Newchurch bishops of the United States actually get a point of doctrine right. And in this case they are even correcting an error on the part of Benedict-Ratzinger himself! In 1997 the official Latin version of Newchurch's new catechism was issued. That version contained an egregious error (one of many), in that it contained a patently statement about the Jewish sect that was flat-out wrong.

On August 5, 2008, after a mail ballot, the U.S. Newchurch bishops voted 231-14 to ask Benedict-Ratzinger to correct the error in No. 839 by removing a sentence that reads: "Thus the covenant that God made with the Jewish people through Moses remains eternally valid for them." That is a statement tinged with the odor of heresy that Card. Ratzinger had avowed even before he became pope. The U.S. Newchurch bishops want to substitute the following sentence: "To the Jewish people, whom God first chose to hear his word, 'belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship and the promises; to them belong the patriarchs, and of their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ'."

The proposed wording is more in accordance with Catholic doctrine that "all previous covenants that God made with the Jewish people have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ through the New Covenant established through his sacrificial death on the Cross." The U.S. Newchurch bishops objected to the prior version of the text because "it might be understood to imply that one of the former covenants imparts salvation without the mediation of Christ, whom Christians believe to be the universal Savior of all people." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNS.]

Why the U.S. bishops have, on this one point alone, seen the light and had the guts to correct Benedict-Ratzinger's personal error on a point that could subject the Newchurch of the New Order to attacks by Abraham Foxman and his B'nai B'rith is a complete mystery. Of course, there is only a snowball's chance in Hall that Benedict-Ratzinger will accept the correction.

August 15 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
A Holyday of Obligation
No Friday Abstinence
Double of the First Class

What's Better for California's Eighth-Graders: Algebra or Latin?
Under Pope St. Pius X More than Half of All U.S. Public High-school Students Knew Latin

From: The Fathers
Latin Bible

Johannes Gutenberg Holds the First Book ever Printed: The Latin Bible
When Pius X was Pope, More than Half the Students in U.S. Public Schools Studied Latin
Under the Conciliar Popes, Their Ignorance, as Confirmed by Standardized Tests, Is Appalling
But Latin Students, Now Fewer, Still Far Surpass All the Others

California's governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in July 2008 came up with an "Algebra 1 Success Initiative," which provided for teaching algebra to all the state's eighth graders within three years. The program calls for reduced class sizes, more instructional time, summer programs, teacher training, and many other efforts. We Fathers have nothing against algebra. It is the portal to mathematics, with which every educated citizen should have some familiarity. But then we got to thinking: what if, instead, the governor had proposed the study of Latin to all of California's eight-graders?

Just think. In 1905, when Pius X was pope, more than half of all high-school students in the United States took Latin. The benefits of Latin were assumed by all. Even today the educational advocates for Latin are loud. Among them:

  • Bernard Knox: The Oldest Dead White European Males and Other Reflections on the Classics
  • E. Christian Kopff: The Devil Knows Latin: Why America Needs the Classical Tradition
  • Victor Hansen, John Heath & Bruce Thornton: Bonfire of the Humanities: Rescuing the Classics in an Improverished Age
  • Tracy Lee Simmons: Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek or Latin
  • The religious, cultural, and literary benefits of Latin are astounding, far surpassing even algebra:

    Even in its practical benefits, although algebra is good, Latin is far better -- both for verbal and even mathematical skills. In the United States, Latin students score 134 points higher (of 800) on the verbal section of the Standard Aptitude Test, used for admission to colleges and universities. But, what is even more interesting, they score 119 points higher on the mathematics section. Latin students far outperformed students of all other languages, including Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, and Russian. What other subject offers the cornucopia of benefits that Latin does:

    1. Latin builds English vocabulary like no other language. Some 85% of English vocabulary is derived directly or indirectly from Latin.
    2. Latin prepares students for the study of modern foreign languages. The Romance languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian) derive 90% or more of their vocabulary from Latin, and students of inflected languages like German or Russian will benefit from the training that Latin provides.
    3. Latin teaches grammar far more effectively than any English curriculum. You need only look at the masters of English style from the Renaissance onward and ask what they all had in common. The answer: They did not study English, a subject not even available in their grammar schools, but Latin. Lots and lots and lots of Latin.
    4. Latin trains students in valuable habits of mind: memory, order, and attention to detail.
    5. Latin translation provides admirable training in English composition. In addition to mastering the grammatical exigencies of the language, students of Latin must learn to choose words with care. They are encouraged to understand and imitate the beautifully balanced sentences of stylists like Cicero. They learn to appreciate the brevity of the Latin maxim and proverb. Again, some of the English language's greatest writers cut their teeth on Latin composition exercises, not English.
    6. Latin study increases our knowledge of the past and of our own history. It is quite impossible to study Latin without delving into Roman history. This history is our history, the history of the West and substantial portions of the East as well. We cannot understand the roots of our own government, legal system, or religious traditions without reference to Rome and its deathless Latin.
    7. Latin study increases cultural literacy. European vernacular literature, art, and music take for granted a knowledge of the Latin language and history. Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Goethe, Keats, and the rest -- there is no understanding them without a thorough grounding in Latin mythology, literature, and history. And that is to say nothing of the rich traditions of Christian Latin: theology, religious poetry, liturgy, and the musical delights of Gregorian chant, Bach's High Mass, Mozart's Requiem, and the countless Masses and Oratorios that crowd our classical music playlists.
    8. Latin literature and history offer outstanding models of moral insight and virtue -- and their opposites. The Latin student keeps before himself the "habitual vision of greatness," his mind and spirit inspired and uplifted toward the Good, while examples of perfidy and cruelty stir up his sense of justice.
    9. Latin provides us with a lifetime's worth of reading. A person who has sojourned with Latin works as a teenager may well find himself returning to them again and again throughout life, for their wisdom is undimmed by age.
    10. Latin is, quite simply, beautiful. At its best, Latin is a model of ordered, polished, and balanced language. It is a pleasure to read, to write, to sing, to pray -- and, yes, even to speak, as it is in many places yet today.

    One California school superintendant said of algebra: "It's too important not to come together. This could be a monumental accomplishment to our state." Just think how different -- and how much better -- California and the world would be if every student knew some Latin! Or, as the great Cicero put it: Non enim tam praeclarum est scire Latine quam turpe nescire. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Sacramento Bee.]

    For further information, click on LATNECES: Necessity of Latin for the Roman Catholic Church, From the writings of Roman Catholic Saints, Popes, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

    August 14 - Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Newchurch Bishop Shaken by Presbyter Sit-in and Hunger Strike
    Diocese Says that Newchurch "Has Taken a Beating" because of It

    From: The Fathers
    Presbyters Revolting in India

    Sixteen Presbyters Revolting against Their Tyrannical Newchurch Bishop
    Stand before a Coffin Symbolizing the Death of the Bishop's Authority with His Presbyters
    In Newchurch No Law Exists but the Tyranny of Individual Bishops
    These Few Courageous Presbyters Have Exposed That Tyranny
    And Put the Fear of God throughout Newchurch's Indian Bishops

    King Louis XIV is said to have proclaimed: La loi c'est moi [I am the law]. And we can conceive of no better description of the condition of deplorable situation of law and justice in the Newchurch of the New Order. The Novus Ordo Canon Law of 1983 is a farce. In fact there is no law in Newchurch, only the autocratic whims of diocesan bishops, which are no longer subject to review by the Conciliar popes, who have voluntarily relinquished their authority. In fact, the popes have become the biggest lawbreakers!

    But it is too bad that traditional Catholics didn't learn long ago upon how precarious a foundation this Newchurch episcopal authority rests. It rests upon the acceptance of injustice by the Newchurchers, who seem to think that the boogeyman will get them if they "disobey" bishops, and even popes, who exceed the dogmatic foundations of their office, let alone suborn and even commit crimes. When someone stands up to these brutes, the brutes fall. One can easily view these bishops as mere schoolyard bullies, who themselves run away when anyone courageously stands up to their injustices.

    A recent case in point, showing once again that "something is rotten in the state of" Newchurch, is the case of sixteen presbyters in southern India who stood up to their tyrant bishop and threw the diocese into confusion. Fed up with the tyranny of the New Order, the presbyters conducted a sit-in before bishop Antony Devotta's house on August 5, 2008, and began a hunger-strike. The presbyters, numbering one out of every seven presbyters in the diocese, sported black badges pinned to their white cassocks as they sat near a coffin inscribed with the words "Tiruchirapalli Diocese." The presbyters indicated that they used the coffin to indicate that the New Order diocese's administration was "dead" because of the bishop's arbitrary decisions.

    This handful of priests shook the Newchurch diocese to its foundations. The diocese's vicar general whined that Newchurch had taken a beating because of the protest against the bishop, which was widely reported in the press. He admitted that the last thing the bishop wanted was for his presbyters to expose his actions to the public. He even admitted that the New Order was now being publicly ridiculed by its oecumenical cohorts, who were quick to desert the bishop after the reports appeared in the press.

    The courageous presbyters have not let the matter settle there. They have appealed to Newchurch archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, Benedict-Ratzinger's nuncio to India. Of course, we all know that this Conciliar pope will simply rubber-stamp the tyranny of his bishop. That's what he always does, even in the cases of dozens of bishops who have personally raped and assaulted children. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by UCANews.]

    August 13 - Sts. Hippolytus & Cassian, Martyrs
    Simple Feast

    They Should Have Abided by Catholic Moral Teaching:
    "Gay Spouses" Are Already Getting Divorced!

    From: The Fathers
    'Gay' Marriage

    Baptists Protest "Gay" Marriage -- but Where Are the Newchurch Protesters?
    They Have Effectively Been Silenced by Benedict-Ratzinger's Tacit Support of Homosexuality
    As Newpope Refuses to Clean up Novus Ordo Seminaries
    Which Continue to Function as "Gay Brothels" and Seedbeds of Sex Crimes

    The Anglicans are going for it. Benedict-Ratzinger under the covers is setting the stage for it. It is the newest immorality: "gay" marriage. Already, however, it is breaking down. "Gay" divorce is already a fact of life, giving new meaning to the old term "gay divorcee."

    "Gay" divorces are bringing many new wrinkles to the field of "family" law, raising questions that are sure to be litigated for years to come. Lawyers are competing for cases in the budding cottage industry of "gay" divorce. Lawyers are also getting kickbacks for "prenuptial" agreements entered into between "gay" men and Lesbians. Many "gay spouses" in the United States hope that their chances will improve if Hussein Obama wins the U.S. Presidency and appoints liberalist justices who will establish "gay" marriage as a constitutional right.

    Benedict-Ratzinger has tacitly accepted homosexuality in his Novus Ordo seminaries, both has JPII's #3 man and as pope. In 2000 Luigi Marinelli documented in Shroud of Secrecy the rampant homosexuality and Freemasonry in the Newchurch Curia. In 2005, Benedict-Ratzinger's administration issued the Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in View of Their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders," which allows homosexual predators to enter Newchurch seminaries after just three years. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Sacramento Bee.]

    Another Victim of Newchurch Propaganda

    From: Michael

    Dear Fathers:

    You often portray Fr. Marek Bozek as a Polish hero who rescued the congregation of St. Stanislaus Kosta Church in St. Louis, Missouri, from the heavy-handed archbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke, who wishes to take over its $12,000,000 property. Yet a recent statement about Fr. Bozek indicated: "Bozek has reshaped the church into a community that would be unrecognizable to those 19th-century founders." How does all this fit together?

    The Fathers Reply.

    The source of that statement is an opinion piece, written by an agent of the local newspaper, but we certainly know that local newspapers almost always support the-powers-that-be in their city. What do you think would happen to that newspaper if Burke pulled all diocesan advertising, a ploy that has been used by New Order bishops in other cities as a form of extortion?

    The source is also playing the liberalist game of historical revisionism. Burke is trying to enforce a radical new arrangement under the new Novus Ordo canon law of 1983, which gives the Newchurch bishops absolute power to inflict injustices over their dioceses, and even the pope has relinquished his authority to do anything about it, even if he wanted to -- which Benedict-Ratzinger obviously does not.

    In fact, Bozek's St. Stanislaus is a community that would be entirely recognizable to the 19th-century founders. In fact, it was the first Archbishop of St. Louis, Peter Kendrick, who gave St. Stanislaus a perpetual charter to operate under a lay Board of Trustees, a common arrangement at that time. In fact, it is Burke's position that would be unrecognizable, as it is based not upon the principles of Roman Catholic legal tradition, but upon the Modernistic revision of canon law just 25 years ago!

    We have never termed Bozek a "hero." We have called him courageous, and that he is, having stood up to a corrupt bishop for so long, at great cost to himself. He has been the subject of vicious propaganda from Burke and his New Order archdiocese. We regard Bozek as similar to the courageous traditional Anglicans, who are standing up to their corrupt leadership, the heretic Anglican bishop Rowan Williams and his American gauleiter, the bishopess Katherine Jeffers-Schori, that are attempting to force sodomy, feminine clergy, "gay" marriage," and other unChristian immoralities upon their sect. The traditional Anglicans have responded: We are Christians. We can no longer recognize you, who claim to be in authority, but are perverting that authority to destroy the Christian Faith.

    For over 14 years now, the TRADITIO Network has remained entirely independent. We do not kowtow to the New Order or to its demonstrably corrupt prelates, nor do we accept any advertising. Our Commentaries are based on an independent analysis of events by traditional Roman Catholic priests of over fifty years' experience and observation, not an ignorant and thoughtless rehash of Newchurch propaganda, as you will find in most other sources.

    August 12 - St. Clare, Virgin
    Double Feast

    British Bishop Closes Parish Because It Asked for a "Latin Mass"
    The Bishop Claims that the Novus Ordo in English Facing the People Is "the Will of the Holy Spirit"

    From: The Fathers
    Arthur Roche

    Arthur Roche, Newchurch Bishop of Leeds, England
    Benedict-Ratzinger's Representative Has Slammed Shut a Church
    For Requesting the "Ordinary" and "Extraordinary" Mess in Latin
    And Has Banished the Church's Presbyter as "Divisive"

    Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax is not going down well in many places. In Leeds, England, Newchurchers had been shoveled the myth of an Ordinary and Extraordinary "form" of Mess, so the congregation requested both (why not sit on the fence?!). As a result, the Newchurch bishop of Leeds, Arthur Roche, told the congregation that he is closing their church as of August 17, 2008, and has effectively banished their presbyter, Mark Lawler, because he is "divisive." The presbyter was told in no uncertain terms:

    The bishop ... believes your ministry to be divisive, is uncertain that ordinary pastoral care of parishioners is taking place, and does not have confidence that you will celebrate the Ordinary Form of the Mass with a generous heart for the vast majority of parishioners who expect Sunday and weekday Masses to be in English and at an altar facing the people.

    Roche has obvious delusions of grandeur. He claims that his actions are "the will of the Holy Spirit." Roche obviously has bats in his belfry. Yet he is the authority in Leeds and represents Benedict-Ratzinger, who will undoubtedly back him up, as he always backs up his Newchurch bishops, no matter how crazy, corrupt, or criminal.

    Presbyter Lawler is barking up the wrong tree. When will these presbyters learn that Newchurch is run by its bishops? Benedict-Ratzinger, by his own decision, is simply a figurehead, like Rowan Williams, the heretic Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the UK Telegraph.]

    Beijing Olympics Exposed for a Fraud as Atheistic Communist Jackbooters Drag off Christians
    "Jesus Christ Is King" Banner Torn down by the Atheistic Government

    From: The Fathers

    On August 7, 2008, one day before the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, three American Christian activists kneeling in Tiananmen Square to protest the forced abortion policy of the atheistic Communist Chinese government and to call for greater religious freedom from that government that routines persecutes and even murders Christians were apprehended and dragged off by government jackbooters. The group had protested briefly the day before in the same place but were stopped by police when they held up a yellow banner that said "Jesus Christ is King" in English and Mandarin.

    Naturally, the atheistic government of China wants to conceal its anti-Christian barbarism with pretty pictures of the Olympics -- and the liberalistic news media and the athletes themselves become willing pawns of the Communist propaganda.

    In recent days several small other clashes have broken out in prominent parts of Beijing against the atheistic government's suppression of Christianity in the Communist nation. U.S. President George Bush courageously spoke against the Communist government's suppression of Christianity, for which the Chinese government criticized him harshly. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Washington Post.]

    August 11 - Sts. Tiburtius, Martyr & Susanna, Virgin & Martyr
    Simple Feast

    Barbarian Newchurch Bishop of Oakland to Destroy Traditional Cathedral

    From: The Fathers
    Traditional St. Mary-St. Francis Cathedral Novus Ordo Cathedral of Light

    When the Church Was Catholic
    Left: St. Mary-St. Francis Cathedral in Oakland, California, on July 26, 1942
    When Catholics of Oakland Turned out to Worship Publicly the Most Blessed Sacrament
    Right: Today Newchurch Oakland Bishop Allen Vigneron Is Destroying the Traditional Cathedral
    To Replace It with the Monstrosity Called by Oaklander's "Superman's Ice Fortress"
    Because of Its Cold Modernism

    Oakland, California's 155-year-old mother church, now its cathedral, will fall to Newchurch bishop Allen Vigneron's axe. His predecessor, John Cummins, axed the previous cathedral, St. Francis de Sales, built in 1893. Cummins used the excuse of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake as an excuse to destroy the magnificent 19th-century cathedral, even though Protestants -- if you can believe it -- sued Cummins to preserve the church as an historical monument. But Cummins insisted upon playing the barbarian Attila the Hun and destroyed it nonetheless.

    Now Cummins's successor, Allen Vigneron, is destroying the even more traditional St. Mary-St. Francis Cathedral, a Gothic-style structure with German stained-glass windows. Vigneron's predecessor, Floyd Begin, already ripped out the traditional solid marble high altar with its relics of the Saints and beautiful worshipping Angels. The barbarian Vigneron is replacing the cathedral with the $200,000,000 monstrosity "Cathedral of Light," which is so coldly barbaric that Oaklanders have dubbed it "Superman's Ice Fortress." The artificts of St. Mary-St. Francis will eventually be destroyed. They don't fit into the Newchurch of the New Order. "It's very 21st century over there [at the Novus Ordo Cathedral of Light], so most of these things won't fit in," said a diocesan spokesman. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CCD.]

    Good Catholics, these Newchurch bishops are barbarians and vandals. They cannot be pretend to be Catholic bishops. They have no respect for the Roman Catholic Church. The Novus Ordo succession of the despicable bishops Begin, Cummins, and Vignernon shows just how far Newchurch has sunk into barbarism. No true Catholic with any sense of the true Faith can have anything to do with this ilk that wishes to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and its great monuments to the true Faith.

    Benedict-Ratzinger's Archbishop "Bully" Burke Turned Back by U.S. Court
    St. Stanislaus Kostka Church Will Elect an Independent Board of Trustees

    From: The Fathers

    Following arguments by independent St. Stanislaus Kosta Church's attorney that the Newchurch archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri, was violating the First Amendment's free-exercise of religion clause and the Missouri Constitution's Bill of Rights, St. Louis Circuit Judge Bryan Hettenbach ruled that the congregation could proceed to elect its own independent Board of Trustees and cut itself off from the Newchurch archdiocese, which, under the aegis of its archbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke, has been trying to steal the $12,000,000 church to pay for the most disgusting sex crimes of his clergy.

    In accordance with the court's ruling, the church's independent pastor, Marek Bozek, will remain in charge of the church. The court rejected arguments that Bozek had been "excommunicated" by the vindictive Burke. The court instead gave final authority to the parishioners themselves, who in the past have voted almost unanimously to reject Burke and to support Bozek. The court also placed the church outside the control of Newchurch canon law, which would illegally make Burke a virtual dictator. The current Board of Trustees said that the church this weekend was expected "to elect a board to manage our affairs as an independent Polish Roman Catholic parish," outside the jurisdiction of the extortionist Burke.

    Mary Ann Wymore, an attorney for the archdiocese, admitted to the court that Burke was scared out of his wits that St. Stanislaus parishioners would persist in its almost unanimous vote to leave his jurisdiction and take with them the parish's $12,000,000 church. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.]

    August 10 - St. Lawrence, Martyr
    Double Feast of the Second Class

    Benedict-Ratzinger's Archbishop Bosom Buddy Comes out for "Gay" Marriage

    From: The Fathers
    Rowan Williams Benedict-Ratzinger

    Left: The Heretic Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams
    Who Has Come out for the Equality of Marriage and "Gay" Fornication
    Right: The Modernist Benedict-Ratzinger, Who Has Openly Supported Williams
    And Has Told Traditional Anglicans: Newchurch Doesn't Want You; Go back to Williams

    On August 6, 2008, The London Times dropped a bomb on the Anglican Church comparable to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima on that date. The Times has revealed that it has received copies of Rowan Williams's private correspondence, which give full-throated support to the concept that "gay relationships" [are] comparable to marriage."

    In the letters Williams describes his "definitive conclusion," reached after 20 years of study and prayer, that "an active sexual relationship between two people of the same sex might therefore reflect the love of God in a way comparable to marriage." Williams' now exposed definitive conviction that marriage and "gay" fornication are equal shows just how far from orthodox Christian teaching the archbishop has departed. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Times.]

    The revelation is sure to send shock waves through the Anglican sect and lead even more rapidly and definitively to a vocal and open dissolution of the sect, as traditional Anglicans and their dioceses continue to break away from any "communion" with the heretic archbishop. Wouldn't it be interesting if traditional Catholics took the same approach to the Modernist pope Benedict-Ratzinger?

    August 9 - St. John Vianney, Confessor
    Double Feast

    FSSP Head Admits that "Motu" Mess Is Already Slipping into "the Spirit of Vatican II"

    From: The Fathers
    Raymond Arroyo & John Berg

    John Berg (Right) Appears with Host Raymond Arroyo
    On Newchurch's Charismatic Cable TV Channel
    Berg Has Now Admitted that Barely a Year into Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax
    Just as the TRADITIO Network Predicted, that Mess Is Slipping into "the Spirit of Vatican II"

    Once again, we TRADITIO Fathers have called it. We warned from the outset that Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax was intended simply as a deception to lure neocon Newchurchers who liked the "Latin Mass" (whatever that ambiguous term means) into the Novus Ordo. And now we have official confirmation of that fact. Presbyter John Berg, Superior General of the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), which since 1988 has sold out to the New Order, admitted in a published interview:

    I think we also could to some extent be slipping into a "spirit of Summorum Pontificum" [the Apostolic Letter establishing the "Motu" Mess on July 7, 2008] similar to "the spirit of Vatican II" by taking liberties and making certain changes with regard to the rubrics in one direction or the other as something that was allowed or was intended or even the "vision" of the Holy Father.

    This is quite an admission on the part of the head of the principal Newchurch organization that is supposed to preserve the "Indult," now "Motu," Mess. It is curious, however, that the FSSP, which was specifically set up by JPII to butt heads with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), has been pretty much sidelined. You rarely hear about it any more. Berg admits that the FSSP is "a little bit stretched," mostly as a result of the fact that it has not been growing and because the Newchurch bishops have not invited it. With the "Motu" Mess of 1962-2007-2008, you'd think that it would be buzzing with activity. Not really.

    Berg goes on to admit that Summorum pontificum specifically permits the introduction of vulgar tongues into that Mess, just as did Vatican II and its "implementers," the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers, who fabricated the Novus Ordo service based upon Protestant and Jewish models.

    Good Catholics, given all of these admissions by an official of Newchurch, it really does seem that the TRADITIO Network's contention that the "Motu" Mess is simply a loss-leader for the Novus Ordo service was correct from the beginning.

    Benedict-Ratzinger Calls for Faithfulness
    To the Conciliar Pope Who Pandered the Invalid Novus Ordo to Newchurch

    From: The Fathers

    On August 3, 2008, at Bressanone, Italy, where he is vacationing, Benedict-Ratzinger urged his audience "to remain faithful to Pope Paul's teaching." Paul VI's teaching, of course, was the false and unCatholic New Order.

    Paul VI had the temerity to do what no previous pope had dared to do: reinvent Catholic and Apostolic Tradition to impose a fabricated Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service upon Newchurch. What is ironic is that Benedict-Ratzinger himself in 1993 wrote that the Novus Ordo service is "fabricated and manufactured." That abominable and unCatholic deed was done under the aegis of Paul VI's liturgical gauleiter, Hannibal Bugnini, a Freemason presbyter who concocted the invalid fraud with the help of his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers.

    Benedict-Ratzinger, showing his Janus face, told the Bressanonians that Paul VI had "guided the people of God to contemplate the face of Christ." It seems that Benedict-Ratzinger has got his personalities confused. Paul VI and Bugnini guided Newchurchers to contemplate the face of Lucifer! Those poor Newchurchers live now in a Hellish world of invalid Messes and sacraments, deprived of the Sacramental grace that flows in abundance to traditional Catholics from the True Mass. [Some information provided for this Commentary by CNA]

    August 8 - Sts. Cyriacus & Companions, Martyrs
    Complete Friday Abstinence
    Semidouble Feast

    Newchurch Sets up Inflatable "Beach" Church for Nude Penitents
    The Newchurch of the New Order Is Shown as Just That Much Hot Air!

    From: The Fathers
    Hot-air Church

    The Collapsed Hot-air Church
    Where Novus Ordo Presbyters Perform "Reconciliations" for the Nude Beach Denizens
    The Italians Are Too Busy Sunbathing in the Summer to Go to Church on Sunday
    Even the Pope Abandons Rome for the Alps and His Summer Castle
    What, He's too Green to Use Air-conditioning in Rome?

    Leave it to Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch to give us traditional Catholics a good laugh at the stupidity and invalidity of the New Order. An inflatable, 30-metre blow-up "church" has been blown up on the Adriatic coast in the Molise region, staffed with presbyters to give "reconciliation" in the nude -- or the almost nude. The "reconciliation" will be accompanied with music, probably of the "rock" variety. The inflatable "church" was tried in July 2008 on Sardinia, but it was filled with so much "hot air" that the wind blew it down!

    You see, in the summer many Italians close their businesses and desert their cities to live on the beach. They don't go to church either. Even a group of Newchurch "nuns" in Naples have moved their "convent" into an inflatable "church" so that they could strip and frolic in the waves. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Italian News Agency ANSA.]

    Good Catholics, we just can't resist saying that Newchurch is just that much "hot air"! Nor can we forget the words of Our Lord: "And the winds blew, and they beat upon that house, and it fell, and great was the fall thereof" (Matthew 7:27/DRV). It is hard to imagine a better description of the fall of Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch that is occurring before our eyes in spite of the desperately-false propaganda for the New Order that Newpope continues to huff and puff.

    While Benedict-Ratzinger Was Issuing a Phony "Apology" for Newchurch Sex Crimes
    His Own Papal Event Coordinator Had Been Doing It!

    From: The Fathers

    This incident has to take the cake for papal hypocrisy! A Harlem Newchurch presbyter who played a key role in the Benedict-Ratzinger's junket to New York was forced out of his position after he was charged on August 3, 2008, with sexual assault upon a child.

    Monsignor Wallace Harris has been the Newchurch pastor of St. Charles Borromeo Parish on West 141st Street since 1989. He was the Papal Event Coordinator for the blasphemous Papal Mess at Yankee Stadium on April 20, 2008. His fate is now in the hands of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, which has since received a second allegation against him for a sex crime. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Fox News.]

    Good Catholics, what compulsion is it in Benedict-Ratzinger that makes him surround himself with criminals and appoint this ilk to positions of authority in Newchurch? God only knows, but his record of corruption is plain for all to see.

    August 7 - St. Cajetan, Confessor
    Double Feast

    Knights Templar Sue Benedict-Ratzinger for $150,000,000,000
    If the Suit Is Successful, Newchurch Would Be Bankrupted

    From: The Fathers
    Knights Templar Grand Master Burned at the Stake

    The 23rd and Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
    A Traditional Order Dedicated to Protecting Pilgrims to the Holy Land
    The Pope Disbanded Them to Please Secular Politicians of the Time
    Although He Knew that the Knights Were Completely Orthodox
    These Papal Shenanigans Are Reminiscent of the Modern Conciliar Popes

    The Association of the Sovereign Order of the Temple of Christ, commonly known as the Knights Templar, who are descended from the Holy Crusaders, have filed a lawsuit against Benedict-Ratzinger for over $150,000,000,000. Two-thirds of that amount is claimed as compensatory damages for the seizure of the Templars' assets, and one-third as punitive damages. If the claim is upheld, Newchurch would be bankrupted.

    The Knights Templar were an Order of warrior monks under the personal jurisdiction of the popes, founded after the First Crusade of 1099 to protect pilgrims en route to Jerusalem. The Order fell on hard times after the Mohammedans reconquered the Holy Land in 1244. The Templars adopted the ancient Rule of St. Benedict, restored to its traditional form, and took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, as well as the Crusader's Vow. They adopted the white habit of the Cistercians, or traditional Benedictines, and added to it a red cross, which was appropriated by the modern Red Cross organization.

    The Templars now claim that when their Order was dissolved, more than 9,000 properties and commercial ventures belonging to them were appropriated from them. The legal move by the Spanish group came after Newvatican coughed up from its "Secret Archives" transcripts of the trials of the Templars as heretics. Newvatican claimed that the transcripts had been "misfiled" until an outside researcher discovered them in 2001. The transcripts indicated that Pope Clement V (1305-1316) had confirmed the complete orthodoxy of the Templars, but unjustly disbanded and penalized the order anyway, to play up politically to King Philip IV of France, who wanted to seize their valuable property. In fact, the 23rd and Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was unjustly burned at the stake, even though the pope knew that he was completely orthodox. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the UK Telegraph.]

    Good Catholics, isn't it interesting how the goings-on of the present day reflect those of past times? Philip IV's plot sounds just like Newchurch archbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke's attempt to extort the property of St. Stanislaus Kosta Church in St. Louis, Missouri, to pay off for sex crimes. And the pope's censures, including burning at the stake, of Catholics whom the pope himself knew to be innocent sound just like the phony "excommunication" of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre for standing up for the traditional Roman Catholic Faith. Thank the Lord that the Conciliar popes no longer have the power to burn true Catholics at the stake!

    August 6 - Transfiguration of Our Lord
    Double Feast of the First Class

    Benedict-Ratzinger's New Appointee Breaks 1400 Years of Tradition
    Injects "Chorus Girls" into Papal Novus Ordo Choir

    From: The Fathers
    Vatican Choir Girl

    Hypocritical Benedict-Ratzinger Shows His Modernism Once Again
    By Undermining the Role of the Clergy
    And Introducing "Chorus Girls" into His Newvatican Gregorian Choir
    To Break a Sacred Tradition of 1400 Years, Going Back to Pope St. Gregory the Great

    In the traditional Roman Catholic liturgy, the term chorus properly designates the clergy who are present to assist at Mass, outside of the clergy who are actually celebrating. At a Missa Cantata or Missa Solemnis, they sing the Gregorian chant. In some places, laymen or boys came to assist in this function, particularly at the cathedral church where they were studying. From this fact, the group that sang Gregorian chant came to be known as a schola, the Latin source of the English school.

    For the same reason that girls and women are traditionally excluded from serving Mass, a function that is properly that of the clergy, the chorus (choir, schola) has traditionally been restricted to men or boys since Pope St. Gregory the Great's founding of the first Schola Cantorum around the year 600. Tradition in reality means nothing to Benedict-Ratzinger (outside of its deceptive use to propagandize the New Order Church), the Modernist pope of the New Order, who apparently approved fully this novelty. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Toronto Globe & Mail.]

    Good Catholics, it seems now that Benedict-Ratzinger, who is far from the "traditional" pope that some wrongly think him, has taken yet another step to undermine traditional Catholicism by introducing "chorus girls" into the Vatican Choir and appointing in April 2008 a liberalist cleric, one Pierre Paul, who was installed as a Novus Ordo presbyter in 1984 by the "Clown Pope," JPII.

    August 5 - Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows
    Double Major Feast

    Benedict-Ratzinger Reveals His Plans to Fabricate a New "Oecumenical Mess" with Heretics
    To Water down Catholic Doctrine Further to Forward the Interests of the New Order

    From: The Fathers

    Benedict-Ratzinger Appearing to Sport the "Horns of Satan"
    At World Youth Day 2008 He Revealed His Plans to Fabricate an "Oecumenical Mess"
    And a "Common Eucharist" with Heretics, Together with the Further Watering Down of Doctrine
    Far from Being a Conservative, Benedict-Ratzinger Is a Proponent of the Modernist New World Order

    On July 18, 2008, in the crypt of St. Mary's Newchurch Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, as part of his World Youth Day extravaganza, Benedict-Ratzinger met with 15 leaders of heretical sects (Anglicans, Syrian Orthodox, Indian Orthodox, Chinese Methodist and Lutherans) and revealed to them his plans to fabricate a new "Oecumenical Mess" and a "common eucharist" with heretics. He proclaimed: "The road of oecumenism ultimately points towards a common celebration of the eucharist.... Although there are still obstacles to be overcome, we can be sure that a common eucharist one day would only strengthen our resolve to love and serve one another."

    Implemented along with an "oecumenical eucharist" would be an "Oecumenical Mess." Actually, Newchurch already has an "Oecumenical Mess." It is the Novus Ordo Mess, which in 1993 then Card. Ratzinger admitted was "fabricated and manufactured" by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, based on a combination of Protestant and Jewish services. Yet this is the service that Benedict-Ratzinger himself uses exclusively. On the occasion of his meeting with the heretic leaders, Benedict-Ratzinger also revealed the true purpose of his "Motu" Mess. He wants to merge it with the Novus Ordo service to make up what will become his new "Oecumenical Mess."

    On the occasion of the "Crypt Revelation," Benedict-Ratzinger also revealed his plans to water down Catholic doctrine further in the New Order. "We must guard against any temptation to view doctrine as divisive and hence an impediment to the seemingly more pressing and immediate task of improving the world in which we live." These plans indicate that Benedict-Ratzinger is forwarding the post-Modernist notion of the Novus Ordo Seclorum, the New World Religion. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the CNS.]

    Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger simply cannot be viewed as "conservative," let alone "traditional." He openly embraces the doctrines of the Modernism condemned by Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus Errorum [Syllabus of Errors] of December 8, 1864:

    Newchurch Bishop and Mohammedans in Un-oecumenical Donnybrook
    Benedict-Ratzinger's Sycophancy to Violent Mohammedanism Shown as Ineffective

    From: The Fathers

    Benedict-Ratzinger's false oecumenism doesn't seem to be going down well in the Philippines, where Newchurch bishop Martin Jumoad, of Isabela, in the Southern Philippines, says that he received a letter from a Mohammedan group claiming that it "follows no laws other than the Koran" and threatening him with harm if he does not convert to Islam or pay Islamic taxes. Other Newchurchers in the area received similar messages, and five were kidnapped in July 2008. One out of each 20 Filipinos is now embraces Mohammedanism. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by UCA News.]

    The Mohammedans, who are engaged in yet another "holy war" against Christianity, have been embraced by Benedict-Ratzinger in the name of Newchurch oecumenism. In 1571 Pope St. Pius V roused an indolent Christianity in Europe to fight off the Mohammedans from taking over Europe. Contrary to all expectation, the Christians won in the name of Our Lady of Victory, when the pope called upon the Confraternities of the Most Holy Rosary to support the effort. But, then, Benedict-Ratzinger is no St. Pius V!

    August 4 - St. Dominic, Confessor
    Double Major Feast

    From: The Fathers

    Police Say that Newchurch Bishop Pelotte's Story Was a Lie
    Why the Cover-up? Was He Beaten up by an Irate Father of a Sex-crime Victim?

    Donald Pelotte

    This Is the Photograph of Donald Pelotte, Newchurch Bishop of Gallup, New Mexico
    That the City of Gallup Fought in Court Not to Release to the Press
    After a Year the Court Has Now Ruled in Favor of the Press
    Pelotte Had Filed a Police Report that Four Smurfs Had Invaded His House for Three Hours

    You can't trust a Newchurch bishop as far as you could throw him. On July 23, 2007, Donald Pelotte, Newchurch bishop of Gallup, New Mexico, called police and was found badly injured in his house. At first -- we kid you not -- he filed a police report that four smurfs had invaded his house for three hours. Pelotte told police that one male and three females 1-1.5 metres tall had been running through the house, wearing costumes and masks, for three hours. Police searched the neighborhood, but found no one, nor did they find any tracks around Pelotte's house or any signs of forced entry. When the officers returned, Pelotte told them that one of the intruders had crawled into the fireplace and tried to hide, but police said that no one was in the fireplace.

    When the smurf explanation didn't pan out, Pelotte then he came up with a story that he had fallen down the stairs. But police, including an experienced forensic pathologist, have been reviewing the injuries have conclusively determined that Pelotte was repeatedly punched around the face and head. Pelotte, now luxuriating in his beachfront condominium in sunny Florida, claims to the press that he doesn't remember anything and doesn't want the police to investigate. Hmmm.

    Is it possible that Pelotte was beaten up by an irate Newchurch father who was giving Pelotte some of the same for allowing one of his presbyters to rape his child? Or was Pelotte beaten by acquaintances from the "red light" district? Lending some credibility to these possibilities is the fact that Pelotte's Newchurch diocese is currently involved in yet another sex-crimes scandal, as a Navajo man has sued the diocese, claiming that a Franciscan presbyter assaulted him. This situation is ironic because Pelotte himself is Newchurch's first Indian bishop. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Gallup Independent.]

    Newchurch and its officials just can't seem to shake their habit of cover-ups. Pelotte finally resigned on April 30, 2008.

    New Order "Charismatic" Presbyter Calls for Idolization of Phony Novus Ordo Cookie

    From: The Fathers

    Paul Myers, a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota at Morris, did what we suspect a number of traditional Catholics silently yearn to do. He took a Novus Ordo cookie and publicly threw it into the trash. Granted, Myers is an atheist and did what he did for an entirely different reason, but that doesn't change the fact that the Novus Ordo cookie is just that, a cookie, not a valid Sacrament. To worship it is idolatry.

    Actually, what Myers did was not significantly different from what JPII did on October 8, 1995. The "Clown" pope had his ministers put the leftover cookies from his papal Mess, simulated on October 8, 1995, in New York City's Central Park, into burlap sacks and then had them tossed unceremoniously into the Hudson River.

    Of course, the neocon Newchurchers got all upset when their Novus Ordo cookie hoax was exposed by the university professor. The president of the Confraternity of Catholic [sic] Clergy, presbyter John Trigilio, Jr., is even proposed August 1, 2008, as a national day of prayer and fasting in the wake of the "desecration" of the cookie. Some may recognize Trigilio as that unRoman-looking, bewhiskered presbyter featured on the New Order Cable Charismatic Network. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Zenit.]

    The irony of Trigilio's response is that he is calling for a "holy" hour before the very cookie exposed as a fraud. One may have some reservations about the way Myers went about making his point, but it sure exposed the Novus Ordo fanatics, didn't it?

    August 3 - Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
    Semidouble Sunday

    Benedict-Ratzinger Gives His Blessing to Newcanon Lawbreaker Bishop
    The Socialist-Communist Newchurch Bishop Is to Be Inaugurated President of Paraguay

    From: The Fathers
    Fernando Lugo Mendez

    Former Newchurch Bishop of San Pedro, Paraguay, Now Layman, Fernando Lugo Mendez
    Will Be Inaugurated President of Paraguay on August 15, 2008
    The Newchurch Bishop Ran on a Communist-Socialist Platform
    With Leftist Vatican II Liberation Theology Thrown In

    When the neocon Newchurchers start quoting the Newcanon Law of 1983, you know that you can give them the proverbial horse-laugh. Not even the pope obeys it!

    The latest case in point. Benedict-Ratzinger has given his blessing to Fernando Lugo Mendez, Newchurch Bishop of San Pedro, Paraguay, who violated the Newcanon Law's ban on clergy running for secular political office. While still bishop in April 2008, Lugo ran on a Communist-Socialist platform with Leftist Vatican II Liberation Theology thrown in for good measure. He won the election and will be inaugurated as President of Paraguay on August 15, 2008. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by ABC News.]

    This case is reminiscent of the Montreal-area presbyter who ran for the Canada's federal parliament, Raymond Gravel, on a pro-abortion, pro-"gay" platform -- and won. Benedict-Ratzinger did nothing against Gravel, a former male prostitute who had been admitted into the Newchurch presbyterate.

    Good Catholics, there is no law in Newchurch but the Law of Raw Power. You know that to be the case when you recall that Benedict-Ratzinger himself just appointed the extortionist archbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke, of St. Louis, Minnesota, to be Chief Justice of Newvatican's Supreme Court!

    Chicago Newchurch Seminary Run by U.S. Bishops' President Newcardinal George
    Rocked by Yet Another Sex Scandal

    From: The Fathers

    In traditional times St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois, outside of Chicago had an outstanding reputation. No longer, under the Newchurch administration of Francis George, archbishop of Chicago and current President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, who was exposed for knowingly placing a sex criminal as principal of an archdiocesan school. Now another scandal has erupted. According to Renew America, two upperclassmen at the Novus Ordo seminary propositioned a youth for homosexual "favors." George's P.R. announcements had claimed that the seminary had been cleaned up. That statement was apparently a lie.

    The man who had once run Mundelein, Gerald Kicanas, became an auxiliary bishop of Chicago and proudly ordained the convicted sex criminal, Presbyter Dan McCormack, now serving his sentence in the hoosegow. Kicanas is second in command to George at the USCCB and is expected to become its president in 2009. In the interim, Kicanas became Newchurch bishop of Tucson, Arizona, where he ran the diocese into bankruptcy paying out $22,000,000 in damages to victims of presbyter sex crimes.

    August 2 - St. Alphonsus, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
    Double Feast

    Has SSPX's Bernie Fellay Flip-flopped -- Again?

    From: The Fathers
    Bernard Fellay

    The SSPX's Flip-Flopping Superior General, Bernie Fellay
    Seems to Have an Addiction to the New Order
    Once Again He Is Calling on It to Justify Him
    He Doesn't Want to Be Excommunicated from the New Order
    Whereas the Other Three SSPX Bishops, Like Their Founder, Archbishop Lefebvre
    Want to Have Nothing to Do with the New Order

    Bernie Fellay, the current Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), flip-flops like a dying mackerel gasping for air. One day he despises the New Order; the next day he is begging for its "approval."

    In 2007 he bound the SSPX into a rosary "crusade" to support the New Order's Benedict-Ratzinger in trying to pull over the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax. Then in June 2008, realizing that he was losing the support of the true Lefebvrites, who want to have nothing to do with the New Order, he made yet another propaganda tour of SSPX sites to convince his rank and file that he was really still "traditional."

    Now it seems that Fellay is again longing for a place at the Novus Ordo table. So he has concocted another rosary "crusade" to have Benedict-Ratzinger "lift" the "excommunications" of the four SSPX bishops, which Fellay himself admits are null and void. Archbishop Lefebvre took his "excommunication" from the New Order as a badge of honor. SSPX bishops Williamson, Galarreta, and Mallerais have indicated that they agree with their founder. Fellay, however, just cannot do without the "approval" of the New Order that he claims to reject. Moreover, Fellay is forcing SSPX foot-soldiers to participate, whether they agree with him or not.

    Yet the more Fellay plays up to Newrome, the more the membership votes by walking out of the SSPX. Fellay himself admitted his disappointment that the USA seminary had no priestly ordinations in 2008. We Fathers have received countless messages from SSPXers who say that they are sick of Fellay's flip-flopping. They are sick of his rejection of the principles of their founder, Archbishop Lefebvre. They are sick of his use of Novus Ordo presbyters at SSPX sites and his defense of Hannibal Bugnini's invalid New Ordinal of 1968. They are sick of his defense of the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service as valid. They are tired being "excommunicated" by him when they simply ask questions about SSPX policy.

    Good Catholics, one can only wonder whether Fellay is praying the traditional rosary or the Novus Ordo rosary with its Freemasonic "Luminous" Mysteries! SSPXers are wondering more and more whose side Fellay is on. If he wants to play up to Benedict-Ratzinger and the New Order, he should prostrate himself before "that fox" like the Transalpine Redemptorist traitors. If he wants to remain an SSPXer, he should ignore Newrome entirely and get on with the business of promoting traditional Catholicism.

    August 1 - St. Peter's Chains
    Complete Friday Abstinence
    Double Major Feast

    Benedict-Ratzinger Embraces Traditionally-condemned Charismatic Group

    From: The Fathers
    Chiara Lubich

    At the Feet of Chiara Lubich, Founder of Focolare
    One of Newchurch's Charismatic Organizations, Founded in Protestantism
    Focolarini Receive the Novus Ordo Cookie and Kool-Aid Squatting like Buddhists
    Benedict-Ratzinger Has Joined His Conciliar Predecessors in Praising These Fanatics

    Yet another sign that Benedict-Ratzinger is no conservative, but a fanatic devotee of the New Order, is his full-throated support of traditionally-condemned charismatic groups. At his July 27, 2008, public audience from his summer palace at Castel Gondolfo, he praised the Focolare leadership and told the Focolare members, known as Focolarini, that they should "continue joyfully and courageously along the path of the spiritual heritage of [Focolare foundress] Chiara Lubich, as enshrined in your statues, increasing communion in families, in communities and in all areas of society."

    Focolore is a worldwide Newchurch Charismatic movement, based in Protestantism, which practices rites bizarre even for Newchurchers, including squatting like Buddhists on the floor while they receive the Novus Ordo cookie and drink the Novus Ordo Kool-Aid. The Focolarini are devoted to false oecumenism. The movement operates in a communistic mode, with lay members turning over their incomes to Focolare. Focolarini have already infiltrated several Newvatican offices.

    Focolare associates itself with Leftist politicians, such as Walter Veltroni, Rome's mayor, who has spoken publicly in praise of Lubich and the Focolare movement. A number of Newchurch bishops have fallen in with the traditionally-condemned movement, including the current Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, appointed personally by Benedict-Ratzinger in 2006 to that position and in the next year as Camerarius, the man who rules the Church upon the death of the pope. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CWN.]

    For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section, "Charismatic Movement."

    Newchurch's Largest UK Adoption Agency Allows "Gay Couples" to Adopt Its Children

    From: The Fathers

    The largest Newchurch adoption agency in England and Wales has decided to implement an adoption policy that permits "gay couples" to adopt Newchurch children. The change in its adoption policy was made with the full support of the bishops who oversee the agency.

    In January 2007 English Primate Newcardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor threatened former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has now converted from Anglicanism to Newchurch, that if Newchurch adoption agencies in England and Wales close down if they were not allowed to opt out of new "gay rights" Sexual Orientation Regulations, which he said contradicted Catholic teaching.

    Nevertheless, the Catholic [sic] Children's Society of Arundel, and Brighton, Portsmouth, and Southpark (A&BSP), which prepares between 40-50 potential adoptive parents a year, has instead decided to wimp out and comply with the British government's dastardly intrusion into Christian morality and comply with the "gay rights" laws. It will now accept "gay couples" who present themselves as potential adopters. All the Newchurch bishops concerned agreed to sell out to the immorality. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNS.]

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