August 2010

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August 31, 2010 - St. Raymond Nonnatus, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Was the American Revolution Anti-Christian?"

From: Gregory

Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903)
Highly Praised the Catholic-friendly Principles of the American Government
In His 1895 Encyclical Letter, He Called Its Founder "The Great Washington"
Although Washington Had Been an Anglican-Episcopalian and a Freemason
Some Contemporaneous Reports Indicate that He Converted to Catholicism on His Deathbed

Dear Fathers:

Was the American Revolution anti-Christian in the same manner as was the French Revolution?

The Fathers Reply.

The two were considerably different, as the American colonies did not have an established religion to the same degree that France did. Moreover, in France the clergy were essentially part of the government. The founders of what was to become the United States of America respected religion and its contributions to the moral betterment of the state, but did not want an established religion in the way that England had, from which they had just separated. The personal religion of the American founders varied widely. Some were Christians; others were Deists (believers in God, but not in his intervention in world).

Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical Letter Longinque oceani of January 6, 1895, highly praised the American Republic and its wise founders, even calling George Washington "the Great." He wrote:

Thanks are due to the equity of the laws which obtain in America and to the customs of the well-ordered Republic. For the Church amongst you, unopposed by the Constitution and government of your nation, fettered by no hostile legislation, protected against violence by the common laws and the impartiality of the tribunals, is free to live and act without hindrance.

Pope Leo had a particularly high regard for the Father of the American Republic, referring to him as "The Great Washington." Washington himself acknowledged the crucial role played by Catholics in the founding of our country. He lamented anti-Catholicism, contributed to the construction of a Catholic Church in Baltimore, and petitioned government support for Catholic missionaries among the Indians. As noted in previous TRADITIO Commentaries, some contemporaneous reports indicate that Washington, who had been an Anglican-Episcopalian and a Freemason, converted to Catholicism on his deathbed with the assistance of a Jesuit priest, whom he called in.

Poll Show Trust in Newchurch Has Fallen 20 per Cent in One Year
A Record Number of Newchurchers Are Quitting the Scandal-ridden Newchurch

From: The Fathers

A new poll conducted by the Viennese research firm Karmasin found that in once-Catholic Austria, only 19 per cent of Austrians trust Newchurch parish presbyters, down from only 39 per cent last year. Official Newchurch statistics show that a record number of Newchurchers are quitting the scandal-ridden Newchurch of the New Order headed by Benedict-Ratzinger, a drop-rate 42 per cent higher than 2009, when more Newchurchers than ever before quit.

Official figures show that 30,004 people quit their membership in Newchurch in the first three months of 2010. In 2009, a record exodus of 53,216 people left in just one year. One thousand Austrians have come forward in 2010 to declare that they have been assaulted or raped by Newchurch bishops, presbyters, and religious. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Austrian Independent.]

August 30, 2010 - St. Rose of Lima, Virgin
Double Feast

What's Wrong with This Picture?
Benedict-Ratzinger Extends the Use of Altar-girls in Newchurch

From: The Fathers

Altar-girl Carries a Monstrance with the Novus Ordo Cookie
Through the Streets of Guadalajara, Mexico, on Corpus Christi 2010
Benedict-Ratzinger, Who Uses Altar-girls for His Services in Newrome
Has Extended Their Use to Carrying the Novus Ordo Cookie in Procession

This picture blows to you-know-where any notion that Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch of the New Order is "traditional," let alone even conservative. With Newchurch approval, an altar-girl was selected to carry the invalid Novus Ordo cookie in a monstrance through the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico. Under pain of the grave sin of sacrilege, no one is permitted to carry the Most Blessed Sacrament in procession but a priest. In reality, of course, what this altar-girl carried was not the Sacrament, but the invalid Novus Ordo cookie. Thus, the sacrilege was only apparent.

As reported in previous TRADITIO Commentaries, Benedict-Ratzinger himself uses altar-girls to serve him in Newrome and recently welcomed tens of thousands of altar-girls to Newrome to praise their work at the altar.

A Reader Asks: "Do You Concur about the Invalidity of the Novus Ordo?"

From: John

Dear Fathers:

Do you concur with the following facts about the invalidity of the Novus Ordo, which seem to me now seem well confirmed:

(1) The Novus Ordo service, now called by Benedict-Ratzinger the Ordinary Rite of Newchurch, is a de-Catholicized, de-sacralized, and trivialised rite, which does not express the Catholic Faith and was never intended to, as its authors had expressly stated. Rather, it was devised as a New Order oecumenical service, not a valid Mass.
(2) Matching the invalid Novus Ordo service of 1969 is the invalid New Ordinal of 1968, in which, for example, the Sacrament of Holy Orders to "receive the power to offer sacrifice to God and celebrate Mass for the living and the dead" has been replaced with a defective permission to "receive the gifts from the people to be offered to God." The word Mass no longer exists anywhere in the rite.
(3) In post-Vatican II seminaries, the scholastic teachings of the Doctors of the Church, and the Bulls and Encyclical Letters of the pre-Vatican II popes are not handed down. Novus Ordo presybters (who are not priests under the New Ordinal) not taught of the perpetually-binding force of Pope St. Pius's Bull Quo primum canonizing the Traditional Latin Mass or about the doctrine of transubstantiation.

The Fathers Reply.

Yes, we concur. As early as 1968 P.H. Omlor argued from Thomistic theological principles that the Novus Ordo is invalid. In the forty years since that time, the situation has become clear beyond denial. The Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service is flatly invalid in form, matter, and/or intention. The Novus Ordo violates virtually every principle of Catholic Sacramental theology and papal bulls on what constitutes a valid Mass. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery department in the section "The Invalidity of the Novus Ordo Service by Papal Declaration."

August 29, 2010 - Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

A Reader Asks: "Do You Know of The Mass of the Future"?

From: Jonathan
Mass of the Future

The Novus Ordo Mess Was Already Written before Vatican II
As Ellard's 1948 Mass of the Future Confirms, Describing It in Detail
It Needed Only an Official To Push It Through
That Official was Pius XII's Appointee, Hannibal Bugnini
Who Went on to Become the Chief Architect of the Invalid Novus Ordo Service of 1969

Dear Fathers:

Do you know of The Mass of The Future, published well before Vatican II, in 1948, by Jesuit Gerald Ellard? It gives the blueprint of the invalid Novus Ordo Missae with illustrations. According to Fr. Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy, this "mass" was hatched as an oecumenical liturgy in the Benedictine Order. When Pope Pius XII issued his Encyclical Letter Mediator Dei in 1947, he criticizes certain liturgical changes being promoted, as he presumably had gotten wind of what was cooking.

The Fathers Reply.

We are well acquainted with this book and have commented upon it several times in previous TRADITIO Commentaries. Pius XII's Mediator Dei has in the past been interpreted as a traditional document, but it is now beginning to be interpreted in a different way. After all, Pius XII, in a conciliar fashion, criticizes, does not therein condemn with formal penalties these early breaches of the Sacred Liturgy.

Moreover, it was Pius XII who established in 1948 the Pontifical Commission for a General Liturgical Reform and appointed Hannibal Bugnini, later to become the Chief Architect of the Novus Ordo service of 1969, as its General Secretary. Thereby he gutted the authority of the very traditional Sacred Congregation of Rites.

Recent scholarship has begun to question just how traditional a pope Pius XII really was. It is looking more as if Pius XII substantially initiated the ramp-up to the Novus Ordo and that John XXIII tried to hold it back with his traditional Apostolic Constitution Veterum Sapientia of 1962. For further information, click on LATNECES: Necessity of Latin for the Roman Catholic Church, From the writings of Roman Catholic Saints, Popes, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

A Reader Writes: "These Newchurch 'Latin Masses' Are Phony!"

From: Kenneth

Dear Fathers:

I've had it with the "Motu" Mess! I found out the hard way what a hoax it is. I drove an hour and a half only to discover an empty church. I called the church this morning and was told, in a not-too-friendly manner, that the "Latin Mass" was no longer offered and would not be coming back any time soon. I told them that the church that it should inform its Newchurch diocese, which still lists the "Latin Mass." I should have known that something was wrong, as the "Sunday Mass" was at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. These Newchurch "Latin Masses" are phony!

The Novus Ordo church seemed totally unconcerned that the Newdiocesan web site still has it listed with a "Latin Mass" and that I drove an hour an a half to get there. So much for the Newchurch's phony "Latin Mass" and for Newchurch's phony charity!

August 28, 2010 - St. Augustine, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

SSPX Leaders in Yet Another Cat Fight
Fellay and Williamson Essentially Call Each Other Liars on SSPX Sellout

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay & Richard Williamson

SSPX's Superior General Bernie Fellay (Left) Caught in a Lie
By the SSPX's Senior Bishop, Richard Williamson (Right)
Fellay's Toothless Smile Belies the Fact that He Has Been Secretly Conniving
With Officials of the Modernist New Order to Sell the SSPX Out
Williamson Broke His Fellay-imposed Silence to Call Fellay a "Danger"
As Fellay Is Secretly Conniving to Reconcile Traditional Catholicism with Heretical Modernism

No one can have a cat-fight the way that the Neo-SSPX under Bernie Fellay can. Fellay runs the Society of St. Pius X like a petty dictator, with none of the real-world experience that the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, had. Fellay, in his dictatorial style, has tried to silence the SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson. Fellay has tried to keep Williamson under virtual house arrest. But Williamson apparently won't be silenced. God bless him!

As previously reported in these TRADITIO Commentaries, Williamson broke his silence to publish an August 21, 2010, Open Letter directly to SSPX members, which essentially called Fellay, the SSPX's current Superior General, a "danger" because of his secret moves to lure the SSPX into Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order, which clings as a matter of life and death to the Modernist liturgy, doctrines, and morality of Vatican II, which simply cannot be reconciled with traditionalism Catholicism.

There is no doubt in the minds of us TRADITIO Fathers that Fellay has been operating behind the scenes on a sellout to the Novus Ordo. Fellay fulminated in an August 24, 2010, statement: "I have absolutely no knowledge.... All of this is gossiping and rumors, and Iíll have nothing to do with rumors and gossiping. All of this is void ó- empty." Well, as Shakespeare commented, "The lady protests too much, methinks." Of course, Fellay will not admit to his efforts to sell out the SSPX to the New Order because at least half of the SSPX are likely reject such a sellout of Archbishop Lefebvre's organization. Fellay has been caught in similar lies before, denying that he has had any contact with Novus Ordo officials, when even his own officials have contradicted his story. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Bishop Williamson has courageously torn the veil of secrecy off of Fellay connivances, and Fellay's reaction, as it always is when he is criticized, is to fulminate with rage against the whistleblower. He admitted in his statement that he is "annoyed" at Williamson. That is certainly an understatement! Using his customary approach -- an approach that Benedict-Ratzinger uses when caught red-handed in a lie -- he denies everything as "gossip," even when that "gossip" is confirmed by people who know -- like Bishop Williamson. Fellay also calls the revelation "unauthorized." Thus, Fellay is caught in his own lie. Is it "gossip" or is it true, but "unauthorized" for publication? Liars generally trip all over themselves in this way. Fellay is known for it. After all, he has learned at the feet of the Arch-modernist, Benedict-Ratzinger!

A Reader Asks: "Could You Explain How the 'Mess of 1962' Is Defective?"

From: Ivan

Dear Fathers:

Would you please explain how the "Mess of 1962," otherwise known in Newchurch as the "Extraordinary" service, is far more defective than merely the desecxration of the Sacred Roman Canon by the addition of St. Joseph's name.

The Fathers Reply.

The "Mess of 1962" is the culmination of the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's to "modernize" and invalidate the Traditional Latin Mass. His changes were introduced gradually so as not to produce any great counterreaction. He did his work well. By 1962, the Traditional Latin Mass was no more. It had been replaced by a Half Novus Ordo, which needed not a great deal of further revision to become the full-blown invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service of 1969.

For further information on the steps that led up to the Half Novus Ordo "Mess of 1962," click on Traditional Latin Mass, Divine Office & Sacraments in the section " The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical "New Order."

August 27, 2010 - St. Joseph Calassanctius, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Should a Traditional Catholic Watch the EWTN Cable Network?"

From: Karen
Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn, Leader of the Protestant Charismatic Movement
Featured on the EWTN UnCatholic Cable Television Network
Hahnand Many Other Protestants Took over EWTN after Mother Angelica's Stroke
Now It Deceives Conservative Newchurchers with a Veneer of Catholicism
While It Has Been Exposed to Be Pushing the Protestant Charismatic Agenda

Dear Fathers:

Should a traditional Catholic watch the EWTN Cable Network?

The Fathers Reply.

Any true Catholic must shun the unCatholic New Order. It can often be very deceptive, as it often shrouds the worst errors in the veneer of Catholicism. The EWTN Cable Network represents the worst of the New Order. It has been documented as a Protestant Charismatic network, but it devilishly conceals its heresy with a frosting of Catholicism to deceive the faithful. Many Protestants are now posing as Newchurchers on the network in order to recycle their Protestant books with a Catholic veneer, to get royalties from an entirely new audience. And many clueless Newchurchers are falling for the hoax.

A Reader Asks: "How Do I Explain to These Clueless Newchurchers that They Are Wrong?"

From: Francis

Dear Fathers:

I attend the Traditional Latin Mass and have never accepted the Novus Ordo service. I am very fortunate to have found an independent traditional Catholic church with a traditional priest who celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass, not the Novus Ordo 1969 service or the Half Novus Ordo 1962 service. My friends, who have been deceived that Novus Ordo is Catholic, tell me I am wrong attending a traditional Catholic church that is not "approved" by the pope. I know I am right, but how do I explain to these clueless Newchurchers that they are wrong?

The Fathers Reply.

Your Novus Ordo "friends," who are attending a Protestantized service fabricated by a Freemason presbyter. Your Novus Ordo "friends," who are eating cookies and drinking Kool-Aid, because their New Order "sacraments" are not valid. Your Novus Ordo "friends," who do not have ordained priests, but only New Order presbyters "to preside over the assembly of the people" under a rite fabricated by a Freemason presbyter.

Your Novus Ordo "friends," who are soft on sodomy, as is their leader. Your Novus Ordo "friends," who are soft on abortion, as is their leader. Your Novus Ordo "friends," who support their leader, even though he has been proven beyond doubt to have aided and abetted child rape for forty years in documents under his personal signature. Your Novus Ordo "friends," who put their money into the Novus Ordo collection plate, knowing that much of it goes to pay paedophile clergy and embezzlers.

With Novus Ordo "friends" like these, who needs enemies?! You are doing exactly the right thing by staying away from the unCatholic Novus Ordo and its corrupt hierarchy. In that, you are following the great Saints of the Church: St. Basil the Great, St. Martin of Tours, St. Athanasius, St. Augustine, and many more. If you have the courage, tell these "friends" that they are not Catholics. They have succumbed to a false sect without sacraments and without morality. Tell them that you are doing exactly the right thing in holding fast to the Catholic Faith, not some Protestant knockoff. Tell them that if they ever spout their heresy at you again, you will find new friends. Then do it!

For further information, click on POPELIM: Limitations of Papal Authority to Change Sacred Tradition, from the Writings of Roman Catholic Popes, Councils, Saints, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

August 26, 2010 - St. Zephyrinus, Pope & Martyr
Simple Feast

SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson Speaks out against the Danger
That Superior General Bernie Fellay Poses to the SSPX

From: The Fathers
Richard Williamson

SSPX's Senior Bishop Richard Williamson Issues Open Letter against Bernie Fellay
He Intimates that the SSPX Superior General Is Softening up First Germany and France
For a "Political Deal" in Which He Would "Circumvent Doctrine"
And Accept the Heretical Catechism of the [Novus Ordo] Catholic Church
He Ends His Open Letter to SSPX Members with the Word Danger!

August 21, 2010, was not a happy day for the SSPX's Superior General Bernie Fellay. One of his priests, Fr. Juan Carlos Ceriani, charged him in an Open Letter to SSPX Members with the "attempted suicide of Tradition" and "mitred deceit." On the same day, his senior bishop, Richard Williamson, called him a "danger" to the Society of St. Pius X because of his moves to sell out his Neo-SSPX to the Newchurch of the New Order, headed by Benedict-Ratzinger, who is currently the subject of investigations in numerous countries for complicity in sex crimes against children.

In an August 21, 2010, Open Letter, Williamson seems to be saying that Fellay has been "blind-sided" by the Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order and is softening up for sellout to the New Order those SSPXers in his own backyard, Germany and France. Williamson charges that Fellay is trying to get a "political deal" in which he would "circumvent doctrine" and accept the heretical Catechism of the [Novus Ordo] Catholic Church.

Williamson, who is senior to Fellay and who knew the SSPX's founding archbishop, Marcel Lefebvre, more closely than any of the other three SSPX bishops, stated that "as long as the discussions remain doctrinal, there is no way in which the Neo-modernist teaching of Vatican II can be reconciled with the Catholic doctrine of the true Church. Williamson indicates that Fellay is ready to put "politics before religion, unity before truth, and man before God," in order to sell out to the unCatholic and morally-corrupt New Order.

Using a term that has been popularized by this TRADITIO Network, Williamson states in his Open Letter that the "Newchurch of Vatican II" is sincerely believed in by Benedict-Ratzinger, who wishes to unite in his "bosom all men absolutely, regardless of whether they believe or not in the one true doctrine of the Faith." Williamson says that Fellay is trying to sell out his Neo-SSPX in such a way that he would not appear to his "followers to be accepting the [Vatican II] Council or the New Mass," yet he "would be softly, softly, beginning to go along with the substance of Neo-modernism."

Good Catholics, Bishop Williamson concludes his Open Letter with the word Danger! Indeed, as we TRADITIO Fathers have consistently stated, Benedict-Ratzinger, the same Modernist today as his besuited self was at Vatican II, is trying to deceive conservative Newchurchers into the Protestantized "Mass of 1962+" and Bernie Fellay into the Novus Ordo. The Motarians have already succumbed to the Vatican II-Bugnini "Mess of 1962+," and Bernie Fellay has shown himself so consumed with a desire for recognition by the corrupt New Order that we have no doubt he would throw his own mother under the bus, as the saying goes, in order to accept the title of Newchurch "Traditionalist Dictator." Thank God that Bishop Williiamson has had the guts to expose him. It remains to be seen whether the SSPX members are still Catholic enough reject Fellay's sellout, or will simply play lemmings and jump off the cliff with him.

A Reader Asks: "Is Opposition to Sodomy 'Intolerant'"
As the Newchurch Bishop of El Paso Contends?

From: Harvey

The Newchurch bishop of El Paso, Texas, Armando Ochoa, has issued a "pastoral letter" in which he calls opposition to sodomy "intolerant." He states that opposition to sodomy, and presumably the homosexual rape of children, "leads to divisiveness within the body of Christ." He says that Christ never used "harsh words of condemnation" against these serious sins. Is opposition to sodomy "intolerant"?

The Fathers Reply.

UnCatholic bishops like this one are a significant reason why the Newchurch of the New Order, from Benedict-Ratzinger on down, is "filthy," as St. Paul puts it in his Epistle to the Romans (1:27/DRV). These unCatholic, Modernist bishops just can't seem to admit that murder, sodomy, preying upon orphans, and fraud against workers are the Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Vengeance, as Sacred Scripture states. Since these Newchurch bishops are deviants from Catholic teaching and are trying to impose a Modernist New Religion of their own, they will forever remain corrupt and morally "filthy."

In fact, Ochoa's political statement to curry favor with homosexuals is an attempt to undermine Fr. Michael Rodriguez's statement that "every single Catholic, out of fidelity to charity and truth, has the absolute duty to oppose (1) the murder of unborn babies, and (2) any and all government attempts to legalize homosexual unions." You may say, "That's Catholic doctrine, isn't it?" Not for Newchurch, which is not Catholic. Benedict-Ratzinger mouths opposition to homosexuality and abortion, but refuses to enforce that doctrine. Now one of his own presbyters has called his bluff. He has stated supposedly Catholic doctrine, and what happens to him? He is rebuked by his Newchurch bishop, who, like all Newchurch bishops, isn't Catholic.

In fact, anyone who reads the Bible knows that Our Lord had no problem condemning the Church leaders of his time, calling them "hypocrites" and "whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness" (Matthew 23:27/DRV). Our Lord had no problem saying condemning child molesters as worthy of death (Matthew 18:6/DRV). But of course, that's not the "milquetoast Christ" that these false bishops have manufactured. The real Christ publicly condemned unrepentant sinners. As we TRADITIO Fathers have said many times, no Catholic can have anything to do with this Novus Ordo ilk. They are not Catholic, and they are void of the Mass and Sacraments, having replaced than with an invalid Protestant "New Order" and the Vatican II-Bugnini "Mass of 1962+."

August 25, 2010 - St. Louis IX, King of France, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Asks: "Can a Valid Mass Be Celebrated in a Vulgar Tongue?"

From: The Fathers
Latin Decree

"Si quis dixerit ... lingua tantum vulgari Missam celebrari debere, anathema sit"
[If anyone says ... that the Mass ought to be celebrated in the vulgar tongue only...,
he shall be excommunicate]
Decree of the Dogmatic Council of Trent, Session XXII, Canon 9

Dear Fathers:

I know that celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass in any language other than Latin departs from Sacred Tradition. I also know the merits of retaining the unchanging Latin versus introducing vulgar tongues, which are subject to constant change. That being said, can a valid Mass be celebrated in a vulgar tongue, if the Traditional Latin Mass were (1) translated carefully into the vernacular, with no departure whatsoever from the original Latin text and (2) used at a Mass in the traditional manner by a priest ordained in the traditional rite? I have a feeling that this approach would not fly, but your insights would be appreciated.

The Fathers Reply.

Your hypothetical is flawed. One language cannot truly be translated into another. There is no way of carrying the semantic meaning from one language into another. That is a linguistic fact. The best that a "translation" can do is offer a paraphrase in a different context. Therefore, your hypothetical pertaining to a "translation with no departure whatsoever from the original Latin text" is an impossibility. Any "translation" of the Traditional Latin Mass would be a departure from the original Latin text, and any "translated" Mass under Catholic Sacramental theology would have to be presumed invalid.

This fact is true of all languages, not just Latin. However, the more the difference between the languages, the more inexact even the paraphrase is. The differences between an inflected classical language like Latin or Greek and partially non-inflected languages like English, or even Spanish, which derives from Latin, are even greater. And Biblical Greek, which is the sacred liturgical language of the Eastern Church, has even a more complex vocabulary and grammar than Latin.

Most people are ignorant of the fact that no significant religion, with the exception of the Protestant sects, fundamentally uses a vulgar tongue in its worship of Almighty God. Buddhists use classical Chinese, not modern Chinese. Hindus use Sanskrit, a classical language of 2500 years ago. Jews use Biblical Hebrew, not modern Hebrew. The Eastern Catholic Church uses Biblical Greek, not Modern Greek. The Western Catholic Church uses Latin. All are essentially non-vernacular languages.

The Mohammedans go even farther. They use the classical Arabic of Mohammed's time and even forbid their sacred texts from being "translated" because they know that any "translation" would be false. Instead they set up schools to teach their people the language of Mohammed. Conservative and Orthodox Jews do the same. The use of the vulgar tongues by the Protestant sects contradicts even Martin Luther's principle:

There is a threefold distinction in worship and the Mass. First a Latin Order, which we have before published and which is called the Formula Missae. This I do not herewith wish to have abrogated or changed; but as we have observed it among us, so shall it be free to use the same where and when we please or occasion requires, for I in no way wish to banish the Latin language from Divine Service. (Martin Luther, Works of Martin Luther, Phil Ed., Vol. VI, p. 172)

Thus, Martin Luther is more Catholic than the adherents of the Novus Ordo sect! For there is obviously a universal principle here, a kind of natural law, if you will, that is embedded in the human soul, God's human creation. When mankind worships his Creator, he uses a sacred language, not the one in which he composes his grocery list.

For further information, click on LATNECES: Necessity of Latin for the Roman Catholic Church, From the writings of Roman Catholic Saints, Popes, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

Newchurch's Paedophile Underground Railroad between Ireland and the U.S. Is Exposed
A Known Sex Criminal in Ireland, Was Shipped off to Rape Newchurch Children in California

From: The Fathers

The evidence is clear: Newchurch, now run by Benedict-Ratzinger, is an international Mafia-style operation, under whose auspices criminals from one country are transported to other countries where their previous crimes are unknown, so that that can commit more crimes in their new country. This is particularly true of the Underground Railroad that Newchurch runs between Ireland and the United States. Further confirmation of this Underground Railroad was revealed in a new lawsuit filed against the Newchurch diocese of Santa Rosa, California.

The plaintiff charges that he was raped at age 9 for nine straight months by a Newchurch presbyter, Patrick McCabe, at St. Bernard Newparish in Eureka. McCabe had been sent from Ireland to work in California, despite the fact that the presbyter had been charged in Ireland with sodomy perpetrated upon children. The Irish presbyter, who was eventually forced out of the active presbyterate in California, took up residence for more than a decade in Alameda. He is now being held jail until federal prosecutors can extradite McCabe to Ireland to face charges that he sexually assaulted six boys there before he was transferred by Newchurch to the United States.

The new lawsuit charges that the Newchurch diocese, run by its bishop Mark Hurley, committed fraud by not warning Newparishioners there of McCabe's alleged of sex crimes against children. The Newdiocese covered up its presbyter's sex crimes against children until the week of August 15, 2010, after the new lawsuit was filed and the presbyter's crimes became public.

The Irish Government's Murphy Report of November 2009 mentioned McCabe by name as having been moved by Newchurch officials in Dublin. The Irish Government report concluded that the McCabe case "encapsulates everything that was wrong with the archdiocesan handling of child sexual abuse cases." The new lawsuit charges the Newchurch diocese as a "co-conspirator" with the criminal presbyter, in allowing their churches "to be the dumping ground for a known paedophile."

The Newchurch archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Ryan, appealed to Santa Rosa Newbishop Hurley to allow presbyter McCabe to serve there. Hurley knew of the presbyter's sex crimes in Ireland and nevertheless allowed him to operate under the protection of Newchurch in Santa Rosa. Newbishop Hurley later admitted that he had known of the presbyter's sex crimes. He swore in a court deposition that he had "torn up all the confidential personnel records" to avoid being prosecuted himself for conspiracy in the rape of a child.

McCabe was only one of many presbyter sex criminals that operated under the protection of Newbishop Hurley. More than a dozen presbyters in the small Newdiocese have faced criminal charges for child rape and have nearly bankrupted the Newdiocese.

August 24, 2010 - St. Bartholomew, Apostle
Double Feast of the Second Class

SSPX Priest Accuses Superior General Bernie Fellay
Of "Attempted Suicide of Tradition" and "Mitred Deceit"

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

SSPX's Superior General Fellay Deceptively Poses with St. Pius X
Although Fellay Is Willing to Sell out to the Invalid Novus Ordo Service and Vatican II
Now One of His Own Priests Has Charged Him with the "Attempted Suicide of Tradition"
And Has Accused Him of "Mitred Deceit"

On February 5, 2009, in the Church of St. Nicholas du Chardonnet, the church in the heart of Paris, France, occupied by the SSPX since 1977, Fr. Juan Carlos Ceriani courageously stood up against the SSPX's Superior General Bernie Fellay, just as St. Paul stood up against St. Peter (Galatians 2:11), and confronted Fellay to his face for "treason against the Faith and his compromises with Modernist Rome." He made a Public and General Call for the four SSPX bishops (Fellay, Galarreta, Mallerais, and Williamson) to reject their Newchurch "unexcommunications" and to return to Archbishop Lefebvre's traditional founding principles for the Society of St. Pius X. As the price of standing up for the SSPX's Archbishop-founder's principles, Fr. Ceriani was expelled by Fellay from the Neo-SSPX.

Nevertheless, Fr. Ceriani has continued to stand up publicly for Archbishop Lefebvre's founding principles and to be the Socratic "horsefly" that keeps jabbing Fellay in an attempt to make him return to traditional Catholic principles. On August 21, 2010, Fr. Ceriani, in an Open Letter, accused Fellay in his July 2010 conferences in Brazil and Argentina of engaging in a politics of "attempted suicide of Tradition" and "mitred deceit" for playing the sycophant to Benedict-Ratzinger and attempting to sell the SSPX out to his unCatholic New Order.

Fr. Ceriani also charged Fellay with collaborating with the "false priesthood" (the presbyterate of the Novus Ordo based on Hannibal Bugnini's invalid New Ordinal of 1968) and the "valid sacrificial priesthood" of traditional Catholicism. Fr. Ceriani charges that Fellay is facilitating Benedict-Ratzinger's deceipt in attempting to proclaim "the continuity of Ancient Tradition" with Modernist ideas, such as those propounded by Benedict-Ratzinger and his fellow German, Emmanuel Kant.

A Reader Asks: "Is the 'Mass of 1962' the Traditional Latin Mass?"

From: Joseph

I have seen some announcements for a "Mass of 1962." Is this the Traditional Latin Mass?

The so-called "Mass of 1962" is not the Traditional Latin Mass. Otherwise called the "Motu" Mass or the Extraordinary Mass, the "Mass of 1962" is in fact the product of the Freemason presbyter, Hannibal Bugnini, who seven years later rolled out his Novus Ordo (New Order) "Mass," which from that time became the Ordinary Rite of the Newchurch of the New Order. The Half Novus Ordo "Mass of 1962" should be shunned by traditional Catholics, just as they should shun the full-blown Novus Ordo of 1962.

The "1962 Mass" is a Half Novus Ordo Mess performed by Novus Ordo presbyters not ordained as priests, but merely installed under Bugnini's invalid New Ordinal of 1968. Thus, they have no power to celebrate a valid Traditional Latin Mass. Most of these presbyters also indiscriminately perform the invalid Novus Ordo Mess. For them, there is no difference between a valid Mass and invalid Mess.

To take just one small example of the real difference, August 22, 2010, is, in the Traditional Latin Mass, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the Half Novus Ordo "Mass of 1962," Our Lady's feastday is denigrated. For the Motarians, the day is simply an "ordinary" Sunday of Pentecost. This denigration of Our Lady was just one of the Modernist changes that were introduced into the 1962 Missal, which the clueless Motarians, conspiring in the denigration of Our Lady, swallow hook, line, and sinker, just like the Novus Ordinarians that they mimick.

Good Catholics, beware the term "Latin Mass," which is a deliberately deceptive term now being used by those who are trying to move ignorant traditional Catholics into the Half Novus Ordo of 1962, then into the full-blown Novus Ordo of 1969. In fact, the very same methods are being used now as were used in the 1960s to bring in the invalid Novus Ordo service: make the changes gradually so that the ignorant frog in the pot doesn't know that he's gradually being boiled alive!

August 23, 2010 - St. Philip Benizi, Confessor
Double Feast

New New Novus Ordo Missal to Debut Officially in 2011
Newvatican Indicates a New New New Novus Ordo Missal to Come

From: The Fathers
New New Novus Ordo Missal

Newcardinal George Announces the Imposition of the New New Novus Ordo Missal
This Missal, the Third One in Just 32 Years, Includes Secular Holidays
George Proclaimed that there Would Be More New Novus Ordo Missals
Because the Novus Ordo Service, with Its Cookies and Kool-Aid
Will Be in a State of Perpetual Change
Not Like the Already Perfected State of the Traditional Latin Mass

The Traditional Roman Missal has been essentially unchanged since it was codified in writing around the year 600 by Pope St. Gregory the Great. The Council of Trent and Pope St. Pius V standardized the Roman use for the Universal Church in 1570. Thus, the Traditional Latin Mass has been essentially the same for almost two millennia.

The invalid Novus Ordo has not been so lucky. First released in 1969, the Novus Ordo had to recalled when two cardinals presented a study together with other Roman theologians demonstrating that the Novus Ordo was essentially an invalid Protestant service. It was reissued in essentially the same invalid form a year later. It remained so defective that it had to be revised and reissued in 1975. It remained so defective that it had to be revised and reissued in 2002. It has taken eight years to "translate" the official Latin of what Benedict-Ratzinger calls the "Ordinary Rite" of Newchurch, whose Modernists have now "approved" the version in the vulgar tongue. The New New Novus Ordo Missal is still just as defective and invalid as ever. And already many clergy and lay groups of Newchurchers have rejected the new "translation."

Nevertheless, Newvatican is going to ram the New New Novus Ordo down the throats of the Newchurchers. It has approved the American English "translation" and decreed that it must be implemented on November 27, 2011. The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Francis George, let the cat out of the bag when he announced that this third try was not to be the last by any means. There would be an "ongoing renewal" of the Novus Ordo Ordinary Rite in Newchurch. So there will be a New New New Novus Ordo, then a New New New New Novus Ordo, ad infinitum.

The invalid service of Newchurch will be rolled out under the motto "Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ." The motto sounds like Pantheism, and George did not indicate what "spirit" was being referred to. He didn't say "Holy Ghost," so perhaps it is the spirit of Satan, which would try to impose an invalid cookie and Kool-Aid service in place of the Traditional Latin Mass. This Third Edition of the Novus Ordo has become even more the victim of secularism, as it includes "feasts" that have nothing to do with the Catholic Faith, but exalts secularism, like Political Independence Day and Puritan Thanksgiving. There is even a trumped up service for a secular court decision on January 22. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.]

Good Catholics, thank the Lord God that you are not part of this Novus Ordo nonsense. You are traditional Catholics. You are not being manipulated by secular forces that have taken over the Newchurch of the New Order. Nor do you munch the cookies and drink the Kool-Aid at the invalid Novus Ordo services, or even compromise with the Conciliar-Bugnini Half Novus Ordo "Mess of 1962+." Newrome has now officially become the spokesman for Secularism.

"I Was Used as a Guinea Pig in a Child-vaccine Scandal," Says One Victim
As Newchurch Jabbed Children with Experimental Drugs without Their Parents' Consent

From: The Fathers

As if Newchurch didn't have enough scandals. Now it has been revealed that Newchurch schools in Ireland were injecting children with untested, potentially lethal vaccines without their parents' knowledge or consent. This was what the world has now become accustomed to from Newchurch: a cover-up.

One of the child victims charged that the Sacred Heart Order's orphanages in Ireland jabbed 211 children mercilessly with the experimental vaccines. She said that they were, without their parents' knowledge or consent, made "guinea pigs" like those of the Nazi medical experiments of the 1940s. The experimentation involved four separate injections into the children. The experiment, in the end, was a failure, and the children's lives were risked for nothing. A class-action suit is being prepared against the Sacred Heart Order and Galaxo-Smith-Kline drug company in both the United States and Ireland. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Independent.]

August 22, 2010 - The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Double Feast

VATICAN II-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 22 in the Traditional Calendar, is celebrated as this Sunday's Traditional Latin Mass, as it is a Double Feast of the Second Class. In the Half Novus Ordo "Mass of 1962," Our Lady's feastday is denigrated: the day is simply an "ordinary" Sunday of Pentecost. This denigration of Our Lady is just one of the Modernist changes that were introduced into the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's 1962 Missal.

Benedict-Ratzinger Charged with Failing to Expel a Convicted Presbyter
Even after Being Found Guilty of Sex Crimes

From: The Fathers
Stepdaughter Raped by Presbyter Stephen Kiesle

Presbyter Stephen Kiesle's Stepdaughter Holds up a Picture of Herself at Age 11
When Kiesle Started to Rape Her
Even though Kiesle Was a Defrocked Presbyter and a Registered Sex Offender
Benedict-Ratzinger Allowed Him to Continue as a Youth Minister

Maybe in rare cases, Benedict-Ratzinger could attempt to plead ignorance of his presbyters' sex crimes against children. But not in the case of the perverted presbyter Stephen Kiesle, of Oakland, California, in which he personally allowed a convicted sex-criminal presbyter to function as a youth minister.

Salvatore Cordileone, a personal appointee of Benedict-Ratzinger in 2009 as his bishop of Oakland, was slammed on August 18, 2010, with a lawsuit by seven female and one male plaintiff who charge that they were sexually assaulted by a defrocked presbyter, whom Card. Josef Ratzinger allowed to remain on the job even after he had already been found guilty of sex crimes. The presbyter is even on the California State Directory of Registered Sex Offenders. The lawsuit was announced on the steps of the monstrosity that the Oakland Newchurch calls its Cathedral of Christ the Light, a 200,000,000-dollar Modernistic boondoggle that was paid for out of funds mendaciously stolen from parishes and schools in the Newdiocese.

Kiesle was found guilty of sex crimes when he tied up and assaulted two boys at a Newparish where he was a teacher and presbyter. He was also charged with sexually assaulting five other children. Ratzinger, who was head of the Newvatican Congregation responsible for disciplining presbyters, never known for his zeal to get rid of sex criminals in the Newchurch clergy, took six years even to defrock the Kiesle! The Kiesle case is yet another instance among a growing mountain of evidence indicating that Ratzinger personally intervened to allow even convicted paedophile presbyters to continue their sex crimes under Newchurch's aegis. Even after Kiesle was defrocked, Newbishop John Cummins, of Oakland, who has been implicated in the aiding and abetting of sex crimes, allowed Kiesle to continue his "youth ministry" in Newchurch, in which capacity he continued to commit sex crimes against even more children.

One of the plantiffs in the new lawsuit is the presbyter's own stepdaughter, who proclaimed: "This monster paedophile was in my life for 30 years, and he continued his abuse with me and others." The stepdaughter charged Kiesle with raping her from the age of 11. The presbyter has been "married" to the girl's mother since 1982.

The finger of criminal complicity, in addition to pointing at Ratzinger, also points at the Newbishop Cummins of Oakland. "The bishop kept it a secret, did not alert or warn the unwary, and each of these kids, now adults, were abused. In the final analysis, they [church officials] are more concerned with saving face and preserving their reputation than the well-being and safety of these children, and that is sad," stated the plaintiffs attorney. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the San Francisco Chronicle.]

Good Catholics, the plantiff's attorney is wrong. It is not "sad"; it is criminal. Moreover, sins committed against the children not only by Kiesle, but by Josef Ratzinger and John Cummins personally as his abettors, is one that traditionally Cries out to Heaven for Vengeance. If that vengeance is not accomplished in this life, the Great Doctor of the Church, St. John Chrysostom, taught that their skulls will pave the floor of Hell.

Newchurch Archbishop Wants to Negotiate for Mosque
Dolan Holds up Failed "Oecumenical" Policy of JPII

From: The Fathers

Newchurch archbishop Timothy Dolan, of New York, has volunteered to act as a mediator in an increasingly-bitter debate over plans to build a mosque near the Ground Zero site of the 9/11 terrorist attack. The Newarchbishop said that he was hoping for a compromise between advocates and opponents of the Islamic-center construction project. He alluded to JPII's intervention in the Carmelite Convent incident at Auschwitz, Poland.

So, here we have the oxymoronic specter of a supposedly "Catholic" archbishop negotiating for an infidel mosque. But the specter is even worse than that. The Auschwitz incident that he referred to was a sellout by JPII to Jewish political organizations. You see, there had been a Carmelite Convent on the grounds of Auschwitz since World War II. The Carmelites prayed daily for those in the cemetery there.

But Jewish political organizations wouldn't permit that. They should have thanked the nuns graciously for their prayers; instead, they demanded that the nuns be expelled from their convent and the cemetery. The "holocaust," they claimed, was a "Jewish thing." They conveniently ignore the millions of non-Jewish who were included in that "holocaust." Jewish political organizations have been running a disinformation campaign since 1963, when Rolf Hochhuth's play, The Deputy, was issued to defame Pope Pius XII. JPII, who always tried to please Jewish political organizations, in a display of false Vatican II "oecumenism," himself expelled the nuns from the cemetery. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times.]

Good Catholics, times haven't changed much. JPII tried to play the sycophant to Jewish political organizations. Now Dolan is trying to play the sycophant to Mohammedan political organizations. We Fathers wonder whether Dolan will demand a Nativity scene in New York's governmental complex this year as recompense for his "negotiations."

August 21, 2010 - St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Widow
Double Feast

St. Peter's Goes Independent
Newparishioners Have Had It with Newbishop's Autocracy

From: The Fathers
Novus Ordo Party

Newparishioners of St. Peter's Cleveland Have Their Novus Ordo Party
(Note the Cookies and Kool-Aid Tumblers Spread out on the TV Table)
As Their Newchurch Bishop Closed Fifty Churches
Even Novus Ordinarians Are Now Going Independent from Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch
As His Hierarchy Becomes More and More Corrupt in So Many Ways

The rats, even the Novus Ordo rats, are deserting the sinking Newchurch ship. Benedict-Ratzinger can't even hold on to his Novus Ordinarians, the practitioners of his "Ordinary Rite."

Richard Lennon, Newchurch bishop of Cleveland, Ohio, slammed shut the doors of 50 Novus Ordo churches, so that they could be sold to pay off for the sex crimes against children perpetrated by the Newdiocese's clergy. In March 2009 the 151-year-old St. Peter's was closed. But the Newparishioners of St. Peter's decided that they weren't going to accept their Newbishop's high-handed action, so they and their presbyter went independent on August 15, 2010, and leased a commercial space, formerly the showroom and mechanics' garage for Baker electric cars, where they could hold continue to hold their Novus Ordo parties.

St. Peter's Novus Ordinarians may have their hearts in the right place in resisting a corrupt hierarchy, but they are just as clueless as all Novus Ordinarians. Of all things, the group's leaders see themselves as "traditional Catholics," rather than heretics of the Novus Ordo religion, whose "eucharistic ministresses" pass out cookies and Kool-Aid. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.]

Good Catholics, here we see the exercise of Newchurch's "charitable" approach. Newbishop Lennon fulminated against the St. Peter's congregants and threatened them with Hell and "excommunication," even though, like all Newbishops, he doesn't really believe in Hell himself -- except for those who defy him. Sacrilegiously and heretically eating phony Novus Ordo cookies and drinking phony Novus Ordo Kool-Aid doesn't merit you Hell -- just "disobeying" the Grand Poobah, himself. These Newbishops, who see disobedience to themselves as being a more serious sin than sodomizing children, are the great hypocrites of our age. They have rejected the Catholic Faith, its Sacraments, doctrine, and morals, while playing petty power games for their own benefit. True Catholics have nothing to do with them.

Catholic Actor Who Refused to Do Heated Love Scenes
Will Produce and Star in a New Series about a Policeman Turned Presbyter

From: The Fathers

Catholic actor Neal McDonough, who lost a lead role for his refusal to do heated love scenes, will produce and star in a new series about a policeman turned presbyter. McDonough, who has played roles on shows such as Band of Brothers, lost his role on the new ABC series Scoundrels three days into filming. Although ABC described the action as a "casting change," news reports linked it to the actor's refusal to do sex scenes.

Instead, McDonough will be executive producer and star in a new Starz cable series titled Vigilante Priest [sic]. His lead character, a presbyter, is a former policeman who is cleaning up the streets of Los Angeles "one sinner at a time." Starz has put the project on the fast track. McDonough is also co-starring in the movie Captain America, based on the Marvel comic book. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

August 20, 2010 - St. Bernard, Abbot & Doctor
Double Feast

Traditional Catholic Producer-Director Mel Gibson Miraculously Uninjured in Car Crash
On the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

From: Rich
Malibu Canyon Road

Malibu Canyon Road near Malibu, California
On the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
He Miraculously Escaped Injury when His Car Crashed into the Hillside
His Disabled Car Had to Be Towed from the Scene

Mel Gibson, producer-director of the traditional Catholic epic, The Passion of the Christ (2004), was miraculously uninjured after his car accidentally crashed into a hillside off Malibu Canyon Road on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15, 2010. Gibson escaped, according to the California Highway Patrol, with "no injuries, not even a scratch."

The CHP said that the route is known for its treacherous twists and turns. "At that location and on that road, it could have happened to anybody," a CHP officer said, adding that Gibson "was extremely cooperative; he was a gentlemen." Gibson was alone in the car, which had to be towed from the scene. No alcohol was involved. After Gibson cooperated with the CHP, a friend took him home from the scene. His spokesman says that he is doing fine.

Some months ago Gibson ended his brief, but highly-publicized affair with chanteuse Oksana Grigorieva, which resulted in an illegitimate child. Grigorieva, a trigamist married to three husbands, had had yet another illegitimate child by another actor to whom she was not married. Sources local to Holy Family Church in Agoura Hills have indicated that Gibson has deeply repented of his transgression and may be reconciling with his wife of thirty years, Robyn, and his seven children. {Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Asks: "Does the Revised Novus Ordo Missal Indicate Some Hope?"

From: Rich

Dear Fathers:

What do you think of the revised Novus Ordo Roman Missal that came out of Newrome in 2002 and is just being issued in the vernacular? Does it indicate some hope that Newchurch is turning toward the Traditional Latin Mass?

The Fathers Reply.

Absolutely not. In fact it indicates just the opposite. The Novus Ordo service, in any form, is Protestant-Masonic-Pagan and invalid. The book to which you refer is not even the "Roman Missal," but the Novus Ordo Missal. This third edition confirms that the Newchurch of the New Order is even more committed to diddling around with the invalid Novus Ordo service rather than rejecting it entirely and returning to the Mass.

But there is another, equally serious, problem. By this time, most of the Novus Ordo clergy have never been ordained as priests, but simply "installed" as "presbyters" under Bugnini's Protestantized invalid New Ordinal of 1968 to "preside over the assembly of the people." The Novus Ordo Ordinal has specifically eliminated the conferral of the power "to offer Mass for the living and the dead." Therefore, any clergy ordained by the Novus Ordo since 1968 do not have the power to offer Mass, even a Mass that might be valid in form (which the Novus Ordo service clearly is not) . That is part of the fraud of the "Motu" Mess of 2007. A Novus Ordo presbyter can't just decide to perform a "Motu" Mess that is valid, defective as it is, because he isn't a valid priest to begin with.

August 19, 2010 - St. John Eudes, Confessor
Double Feast

U.S. Government Report Finds 16 Newchurch Colleges and Universities "Fiscally Irresponsible"
"Traditional" Ave Maria Has Failed Now Three Years Running

From: The Fathers
Ave Maria Chapel

An Architect's Rendition of Ave Maria Chapel in Southwest Florida
Though Propagandized as "Traditional," It Looks More Like a Protestant Crystal Cathedral
Neocon Newchurcher Thomas Monaghan, Domino's Pizza Founder
Has Also Been "Untraditional" in Shaving the Dollars
The U.S. Government Has Declared His Institution "Fiscally Irresponsible"
Now for Three Years Running

Given Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, it shouldn't be a surprise that Newchurch colleges and universities are embroiled in fiscal mismanagement as well. During the week of August 8, 2010, the U.S. Department of Education issued a report listing 16 Newchurch colleges and universities that failed to meet federal guidelines for fiscal responsibility. The findings are based on fiscal performance for 2009. These institutions include failures involving criteria of debt, assets, and operating deficits and surpluses, as well as the awarding of federal aid to students.

Two have made the list for three straight years: Ave Maria School of Law in Florida and the College of Our Lady of the Elms in Massachusetts. This is the second year that Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire was listed. The first-timers are Brescia University in Kentucky; Newman University in Kansas; University of St. Mary of the Lake and Dominican University in Illinois; the University of St. Thomas in Texas; Rockhurst University in Missouri; Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina; Chestnut Hill College and Rosemont College in Pennsylvania; Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia; Siena Heights University and Adrian College in Michigan; and the Dominican College of Blauvelt in New York.

Ave Maria School of Law, which was founded by Domino's Pizza baron Thomas Monaghan, who boasts of some Newpapal award or other, apparently did better with his pizzas than with his schools. Ave Maria is the only law school to fail the financial responsibility test. For the third year in a row, the government assigned Ave Maria a minus 0.9 score, placing it in the lowest tier: "not considered financially responsible."

Ave Maria has been at the center of many controversies. It employed the discredited Newjesuit Joseph Fessio, who, after being fired, had to be ushered off campus by security guards. Monaghan claimed to be traditional, but then built a monstrosity of a Protestant Crystal Cathedral, in which at times the "Latin Mass" is simulated, that is, the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service in Latin. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

Good Catholics, from the government report of gross financial mismanagement and misrepresentation, you'd better dump Domino's pizzas and get ye to a Round Table!

Nutty Newchurch Archbishop Has Dumped Benedict-Ratzinger
He Is Being Promoted to Become Patriarch of the Oecumenical Catholic Apostolic Church in Africa

From: The Fathers

One of Newchurch's nuttiest prelates has got to be Emmanuel Milingo. He served as Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, from 1969 to 1983. Then he was promoted to the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Care of Migrant and Itinerant People. The Newchurch of the New Order, which tolerates perverts, heretics, and other ilk to serve as its bishops, found Milingo too extreme for its taste, particularly after he married a woman whom the cult leader Sun Myung Moon told him to marry. Milingo claims that he has now come to know God as female. That was back in 2001.

It took Benedict-Ratzinger eight years to figure out that there was something wrong with Milingo and to do anything -- too little, too late as usual. He wasn't even excommunicated, just "laicized." Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre simply did what he had every right to do under Newchurch's own canon law: consecrate four traditional bishops, yet he was "excommunicated" from the Novus Ordo sect on the spot!

Now Archbishop Milingo has gotten a promotion, no thanks to Benedict-Ratzinger. He has been named Patriarch of the Oecumenical Catholic Apostolic Church in Southern Africa. Who needs Benedict-Ratzinger?

August 18, 2010 - Within the Octave of the Assumption
Semidouble Feast

Courageous Pastor Stands up against Newchurch Archbishops
Prevents Newchurch Theft of His Church's Assets to Pay off for Their Sex Crimes

From: The Fathers
Marek Bozek

Pastor Marek Bozek with a Recent Baptizand
Fr. Bozek Has Courageously Stood Up for the Congregation of St. Stanislaus Kosta Church
Against the Attempted Thievery of the Independently-chartered Church
By St. Louis Newchurch Archbishops Constituting a "Den of Thieves"
Who Want to Close the Church and Steal Its Money to Pay Off for Their Sex Crimes
There Is No Depth So Low that Benedict-Ratzinger and His Corrupt Hierarchy Will Not Sink to It

Naturally, Newchurch vilifies anybody who stands up to its corruption. Yet Newchurch's own "poster boy" in its attempt to close St. Stanislaus Kosta Church in St. Louis, Missouri, and steal its financial assets to pay off for Newchurch's sex crimes is the notorious Newarchbishop Raymond Burke. Burke's pedigree is fully in accord with Newchurch's corruption. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, he consecrated a surgically-altered ("transgendered") male as a Newchurch nun and sheltered numerous paedophiles from the law, then went to St. Louis, where he tried to steal a church that he didn't own. He tried to justify the theft under some phony Novus Ordo "canon law," but such a mess did he make of things that Benedict-Ratzinger fired him from his St. Louis post and brought him to Newrome where he could be watched carefully.

Standing up against Newchurch corruption and theft is a simple presbyter of Polish extraction, Fr. Marek Bozek. Fr. Bozek is not perfect, to be sure. He has succumbed to many of Newchurch's Liberalistic/Modernistic notions -- but then so has Raymond Burke and Benedict-Ratzinger. But Fr. Bozek is not a thief. Fr. Bozek did not conspire in aiding and abetting of child rape. Raymond Burke did. Benedict-Ratzinger did.

To most of congregation, Fr. Bozek is a God-sent missionary, who has risked everything to rescue St. Stanislaus Kostka Church against the devils of Newchurch, who wish to steal the church from its congregation, even though that congregation was given a perpetual charter in 1891 from the second archbishop of St. Louis to operate independently. Fr. Bozek's congregation, even in the face of Novus Ordo "excommunication," stood up to Newarchbishop Raymond Burke and his successor Robert Carlson in rejecting any sellout to Newchurch.

For more than a century, St. Stanislaus' Board of Trustees has governed the parish wisely and frugally, even during the Great Depression, and the church property and its financial assets are owned by the congregation through its Board of Trustees. But the Newchurch archdiocese covets the church's 11,000,000 U.S. dollar assets, thus violating the Tenth Commandment of God: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods."

One Newchurcher said, "They [the congregation] gave the church to the devil." But who is the devil here? A pastor who stands up for his congregation, or a "den of thieves," as Our Lord put it, consisting of the corrupt hierarchs of Newchurch, who have actively aided and abetted Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust?

Fr. Bozek answered the call of the Board of Trustees when Newarchbishop Burke yanked his own Novus Ordo presbyters out of the Church. The people of St. Stanislaus had been abandoned for almost two years by "Bully" Burke, so Fr. Bozek left a post in another Newdiocese to help the church, starting with a 2005 Christmas Eve service that attracted 2,000 people. "As a Catholic priest [sic], I felt responsible to provide the sacraments to people who have been spiritually starved by their shepherds."

Burke blew his lid and fulminated with the same children's squirt guns that JPII tried unsuccessfully against Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, of the Society of St. Pius X. Just as with Archbishop Lefebvre, charges of "schism" and "sin" were hurled by Burke -- a man who is a proven moral pervert and thief. Naturally, Benedict-Ratzinger, now also a proven moral pervert, backed his buddy, "Bully" Burke.

Fr. Bozek continues to preside over the services at St. Stanislaus Kosta. Under his pastorate, the church's membership has swelled to 500 families. The current Newarchbishop, Robert Carlson, recently proposed a "settlement," which provided no guarantee that the parish would remain open. The archbishop would have the power to fire the entire Board of Trustees, appoint new members, would expel Fr. Bozek from the pastorate. The congregation courageously stood behind their pastor and voted overwhelmingly to tell Carlson to go pound sand. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the St. Louis Herald Tribune.]

Belgian High Court Rules that Police Legally Seized Documents in "Operation Chalice"
The Documents Implicate Benedict-Ratzinger and His Newchurch Clergy in Sex Crimes

From: The Fathers

Friday the 13th 2010 was not a lucky day for Benedict-Ratzinger. A Brussels appeals court ruled to allow a magistrate to continue investigating the sex crimes of his Newchurch clergy with the assistance of seized documents, computers, and data discs from the Belgian archbishop's residence on June 24, 2010. The high court dismissed a complaint from Benedict-Ratzinger that the police raid had been excessive. During the raid, Belgian police detained for questioning a dozen Belgian bishops and Newvatican's envoy to Belgium for eight hours. Police were acting on 500 complaints from child victims of rape by Newchurch hierarchs and clergy.

If Benedict-Ratzinger were not the hypocrite he is on sex crimes against children, he would have highly praised the aggressive action of the Belgian police. Their raid was monumentally productive. Police carted off numerous files, some of which were found concealed in the tomb of a bishop's crypt in Mechlin's St. Rombout Cathedral. Benedict-Ratzinger, terrified that he would be personally implicated in the crimes, had tried to suppress the evidence in the Belgian high court. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

August 17, 2010 - St. Hyacinth, Confessor
Double Feast

Study of Documents at Vatican Secret Archive Reveals
that Non-Catholics Directed Vatican II Council

From: The Fathers
Vatican II Bishops

One Bishop (Left) at Vatican II Seems to Have Lost the Faith and Can't Find It
Vatican II Has Long Been Suspected of Being Engineered by Protestants
Now a University Research Study Has Proven It:
Leaders of Non-Catholic Sects Directed Vatican II's Liberalization of the Church

Many have suspected that there was something "fishy" about the Vatican II Council (1962-1965), which led to the dumping of the Traditional Latin Mass, modified many Catholic doctrines, and instituted a libertine period of gross immorality among the Novus Ordo clergy. Now a new study over forty years later by the University of Pennsylvania of documents in the Vatican Secret Archive has proven what happened: it was the leaders of non-Catholic sects, many of whom were invited to participate as "observers," who directed Vatican II's liberalization of the Catholic Church.

A new analysis of voting patterns among bishops at Vatican II points to the influence of non-Catholic sects in the Council's programme to liberalize the Catholic Church. A team of researchers that investigated data from the Vatican Secret Archive to determine the critical factors influencing how bishops voted at Vatican II. Their findings are outlined in "Religious Economy or Organizational Field: Predicting Bishops' Votes at the Second Vatican Council," published in the August 2010 issue of the American Sociological Review. The researchers found that leaders of the non-Catholic sects were a crucial source of influence on Catholic bishops who attended and voted at Vatican II. It is already well known that the Protestant-Modernistic-Pagan Novus Ordo worship service of 1969 was engineered by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and his committee of six Protestant ministers. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the University of Pennsylvania.]

Newchurch Parish Is to Host the Protestant "Consecration" of a Philogay Priest
Episcopalian Bishopess Is Set to Preside over the Ceremony

From: The Fathers

Newchurch has scheduled for September 4, 2010, the "consecration" of a philogay priest as an Episcopalian bishop at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic" Church in Anchorage, Alaska. The ceremony will be presided over by Katherine Jefferts-Schori, the presiding bishopess of the Anglican/Episcopalian sect in the United States. Jefferts-Schori is known for pushing the ordination of "gay" priests and bishops, and her action has led to several traditionalist U.S. Episcopalian dioceses and parishes leaving her and going independent.

The heretical and invalid consecration is to take place in full accordance with Newvatican's "Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Oecumenism," which permits the use of Newchurch temples for heretical services.

August 16, 2010 - St. Joachim, Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Feast of the Second Class

A Storm Now Rages in Ireland
Against Benedict-Ratzinger's Refusal to Accept Resignations of Criminal Bishops

From: The Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger Caricatures

The Irish Are Livid against Benedict-Ratzinger for Retaining Criminal Bishops
A Caricature of Benedict-Ratzinger, Now Becoming Known as the "Paedophile Pope"
Has Appeared with the Caption: "If You Were Satan, Where Would You Hide?"
Newspapers in Italy and around the World Are Now Openly Asking
Whether Benedict-Ratzinger Is Himself Homosexual and Protecting His "Buddies"

Benedict-Ratzinger's name is now mud in Ireland. For all his posturing, the Irish have now concluded that he is totally insincere about taking any action against his criminal bishops, who have aided and abetted the rape of children in Newchurch institutions throughout Ireland. So fierce is the storm raging against Newpope in Ireland that the government is taking steps to take control of "Catholic" schools out of the hands of Benedict-Ratzinger's agents.

How simple is this? Newchurch bishops Eamonn Walsh and Raymond Field, who had by name been exposed in the government's Murphy report as aiding and abetting sex crimes against children, tendered their resignations. On August 12, 2010, Benedict-Ratzinger proclaimed that he wouldn't accept the resignations. He wants the criminal bishops to stay in their positions, where they can suborn more crimes against children. Even the Newcardinal Primate of Ireland, Diarmuid Martin, wanted Benedict-Ratzinger to fire the bishops. The Murphy Report had exposed more than a dozen current and former bishops for sheltering more than 170 criminal paedophile presbyters.

Benedict-Ratzinger waited eight months to take action, or rather inaction. His response has set off "a storm of furious reaction," according to Irish sources, not only in Ireland, but in Britain and the United States as well, to which countries many of the paedophile presbyters escaped under Newchurch cover. Even now active protests are being planned when Benedict-Ratzinger goes on a papal junket to Scotland, England, and Wales in September 2010. Child victims and their advocates have pledged to dog the corrupt Newchurch leader every step of the way. It's not going to be a cakewalk, as it was in Malta, for the man that is becoming known as the "Paedophile Pope."

One of the child victims said Benedict-Ratzinger's proclamation came as no surprise: "Today's announcement also shows how utterly meaningless the instruction was that Pope Benedict gave to Irish bishops to identify steps that would bring healing to victims of clerical child sexual abuse," he said. Papal spokesman Federico Lombardi refused to offer reasons why bishops involved in covering up abuse would be kept on by Benedict-Ratzinger. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Independent.]

Good Catholics, we Fathers think that we know the reason why Benedict-Ratzinger is acting this way. He has a record of retaliating against any who would thwart his will. Most recently, when Belgian police searched the Bruges cathedral for evidence of Newchurch complicity in sex crimes against children -- and found that evidence -- Benedict-Ratzinger harshly criticized not his clergy for their sins and crimes, but the police. In Benedict-Ratzinger's Germanic stubborness (remember that that he has frequently been called a Rottweiler, after the vicious canine breed), nobody -- not the victims, not his Primates, not his Newchurchers, not even the offending Newbishops themselves -- are going to tell him to fire bishops, even if they are criminals!

The time has come for someone in Newchurch to step forward and say "enough is enough." Newcardinal Martin should resign in protest and say that he can no longer represent a paedophile pope who refuses to defend the lives of children. He should call on his fellow Newcardinals to do the same, and many of them probably would, like the Newcardinal Primate of Austria, Christoph Schoenborn, who has also criticized Benedict-Ratzinger's do-nothing policy.

A Reader Asks: "Why Would the SSPX Want to Negotiate With Such People?"

From: Joe

Dear Fathers:

You have published Commentaries alluding to homosexuality at the very pinnacle of Newchurch. Why in the world does a supposedly traditional group like the Society of St. Pius X want to negotiate with, or seek status from, such people? It's foolish for them to pretend that they don't know what's going on in Newrome when everybody else does.

The Fathers Reply.

You have asked the question that we have been asking for more than a decade. Specifically with respect to the Society of St. Pius X under Bernie Fellay, we are convinced that it is principally a question of power and control. All signs are that Fellay hankers to control all traditional Catholics by being appointed their dictator by Benedict-Ratzinger. Fellay is already well known within the SSPX for his dictatorial leadership style. Those SSPX priests who have stood up for founding Archbishop Lefebvre's principles have been expelled. Those laypeople who have questioned Fellay's sellout policy toward Newrome have been vilified and ostracized.

For his part, Benedict-Ratzinger wants to get the money and bodies of those traditional Catholics in the SSPX who would be willing to sell out. As his Novus Ordo sect is sinking in income and membership, he is desperate. We Fathers are convinced that the SSPX sellout to the New Order was to be signed on February 2, 2009. By what arguably could be viewed as the intervention of Divine Providence, SSPX senior bishop Richard Williamson's statement in January 2009 concerning a disputed matter of secular history blew the agreement out of the water. Now Williamson, Fellay, and the SSPX are seen even more as "damaged goods."

If Archbishop Lefebvre were alive today, we are convinced that he would have denounced the corruption of Benedict-Ratzinger, just as he did in 1988, and initiated a campaign to win Newchurchers over to traditional Catholicism. Fellay, on the contrary, has bought into all of the corruption of Newchurch and has corrupted the SSPX in the process. Now Fellay and, most recently, his gauleiter Franz Schmidberger, his German Superior, have actually defended the homosexual culture that Benedict-Ratzinger has established in Newchurch.

Many SSPX members must now be thinking that they need to bail out of this no-longer-traditional organization, which has completely sold out to the Half Novus Ordo Mess of 1962, which is "negotiating" with the Novus Ordo on acceptance of Vatican II doctrine, and which has bought into the immorality of Newchurch and its corrupt leader. There are other alternatives out there, and many disillusioned SSPXers will now seek them.

August 15, 2010 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Feast of the First Class

Has Benedict Ratzinger Proclaimed a Protestant as Saint?
He Declares that Protestant Roger Schutz Has "Entered into Eternal Joy"

From: The Fathers
Brother Roger Schutz & Benedict-Ratzinger

Benedict-Ratzinger Perpetrates Sacrilege
By Handing the Novus Ordo Cookie to a Protestant
Brother Roger Schutz, Founder of the Protestant Sect Taize
Taize Is Known for Featuring Joint Novus Ordo-Protestant "Eucharistic Services"
Which Are Condemned in Catholic Doctrine

Newly-elected pope, Benedict-Ratzinger defied Catholic doctrine and caused scandal in April 2005 by handing out the Novus Ordo cookie to a Protestant, Brother Roger Schutz, founder of the Protestant Taize sect in 1940. Taize is known for featuring joint Novus Ordo-Protestant "eucharistic services," which are condemned in Catholic doctrine. Actually, Benedict-Ratzinger was not the first Newpope to perpetrate this sacrilege. JPII gave the cookie to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a Protestant Anglican. JPII also allowed Protestant U.S. President Bill Clinton to receive the cookie in South Africa in a violation of Catholic doctrine that surprised even the secular press at the time.

Now Benedict-Ratzinger has gone even further by praising the heretical Brother Schutz in a letter published in the papal newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, on the anniversary of his death on August 16, 2005. The letter, written by Newvatican's Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone on Benedict-Ratzinger's behalf, also seems to proclaim the Protestant as a Saint, as the letter uses the phrase "now that he has entered into eternal joy." Only Saints enter into eternal joy. How does Benedict-Ratzinger know that Schutz is not burning in the fires of Hell or Purgatory? Apparently because of his "testimony of an oecumenism of holiness." This letter itself reeks with the odor of heresy. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

A Reader Asks: "Did the SSPX Always Use the Half Novus Ordo Mess of 1962?"

From: Lawrence

Dear Fathers:

Under the Society of St. Pius X's current superior general, Bernie Fellay, the Half Novus Ordo Mess of 1962 is obligatory. But under Archbishop Lefebvre, the SSPX's founder, didn't at least some of the SSPX districts follow the Traditional Latin Mass before the Modernistic changes of Bugnini in the 1950s?

The Fathers Reply.

You are correct. As proof of the fact that the SSPX once used the Traditional Latin Mass, at least in some of its districts, the SSPX district of Great Britain published an annual Ordo Recitandi Officii Divini Sacrique Peragendi [Ordo for Conducting the Divine and Sacred Office] from 1973 through 1983. But in 1984 all SSPX districts were forced to go to the Half Novus Ordo of 1962. This action was taken apparently at the behest of Newvatican while talks were going on with the SSPX. Those talks ended with the decisive split between the more traditional SSPX and the Modernistic Newchurch in 1988.

Various statements made by Archbishop Lefebvre after 1988 indicated that he was considering restoring the Traditional Latin Mass to the SSPX after the split, but before he could implement the restoration, he died in 1991. In any case, he absolutely refused to implement certain of the aspects of the Mess of 1962, such as the elimination of the recitation of the Confiteor before the Communion of the congregation, which distinguishes the priesthood from the laity, and the elimination of the ancient and traditional term perfidis Iudaeis [faithfless Jews] from the litanical prayer on Good Friday.

August 14, 2010 - Vigil of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Austrians Are Deserting benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch in Droves
As Newchurchers Protest His Great Sex-crimes & Embezzlement Holocaust

From: The Fathers
Christoph Schoenborn & Benedict-Ratzinger

Austrian Newcardinal Primate Christoph Schoenborn and Benedict-Ratzinger in Happier Times
When Schoenborn Publicly Accused a Fellow Bishop of Covering up Child Rape
Benedict-Ratzinger Rebuked Schoenborn for Speaking out, not the Criminal Bishop!
Austrians Are Now Walking out in Droves from Benedict-Ratzinger's Scandal-ridden Sect
Viewing Him as a Large Part of the Problem, not Its Solution

A record 100,000 Austrians are expected to leave Newchurch in 2010 after a sex-crime holocaust that has badly damaged its image and that of its leader, Benedict-Ratzinger, reported the Austrian daily Der Standard on August 10, 2010. Some 57,000 Newchurchers have already walked out in just the first six months of the year. In 2009 53,216 walked out, according to local state authorities.

Hundreds of reports of child rapes by Austrian bishops and presbyters were triggered by the resignation of an archabbot in Salzburg in April 2010. Austrian Primate Christoph Schoenborn, clearly upset at the crimes, publicly accused an Austrian bishop of covering up such crimes. Benedict-Ratzinger, who has demonstrated more concern for his perverted bishops than the child victims, rebuked Schoenborn for speaking out, not the criminal bishop! Many Austrians have concluded that Benedict-Ratzinger is a large part of the problem and not really interested in its solution. More and more, they are voting with their feet and walking out on him in this previously heavily-Newchurch country. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

A Reader Writes: "The SSPX's Knee-jerk Defense of Benedict-Ratzinger
Does Nothing More than Arouse Suspicion against the SSPX"

From: Laura

Dear Fathers:

As an society of St. Pius X member, I wrote Superior General Bernie Fellay to protest his German Superior Franz Schmidberger's defense of Benedict-Ratzinger as not "gay," in response to articles that have been appearing in the Italian press and elsewhere. I told Fellay that I can think of better things for the SSPX to defend, like the traditional Catholic Faith, for instance. The SSPX's knee-jerk defense of Benedict-Ratzinger does nothing more than arouse suspicion against the SSPX.

There is an elderly medical doctor living here in Canada, who once lived in Germany, where, as a young man, he played tennis with both Ratzinger and his brother Georg. This doctor stated that it was common knowledge that both Ratzinger and his brother were homosexuals way back then. There are a number of Catholic people, traditional Catholic people, who know what this doctor has stated. Today, there are numerous reports hitting the newspapers, that Ratzinger is "gay." Homosexuals make fun of Ratzinger's closet-homosexuality. They never acted likewise with JPII.

If Fr. Schmidberger, as the SSPX's German Superior and Fellay's "hitman," continue to defend Benedict-Ratzinger against these accusations (and there are plenty of other accusations about him contained in books like Vows of Silence, written by two journalists, people are going to suspect that Schmidberger himself may be part of the problem. Traditional Catholic priests have earned the confidence and trust of children, as well as of their parents. Presbyters of the Newchurch of the New Order, in which Benedict-Ratzinger has been a leader since Vatican II, have lost that confidence and trust, which cannot be restored for them.

Fathers, I am embarrassed now to be a member of the SSPX and may soon be leaving it. For the life of me, I don't understand why Fellay and Schmidberger aren't attacking Benedict-Ratzinger for his false Novus Ordo Mess, his false Modernist doctrines, and his personal immorality. Have they been bought off with promises that have not yet come to light? I think so.


August 13, 2010 - Sts. Hippolytus & Cassian, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Hutton Gibson, Traditional Catholic Author, Has Charged Benedict-Ratzinger with Homosexuality
"Why Else Would He Put up with That [Homosexual Paedophilia]?" Mel's Father Says

From: The Fathers
Hutton Gibson

Hutton Gibson, Long-standing Traditional Catholic Author
Has Told a U.S. Radio Programme that He Thinks Benedict-Ratzinger Is "Gay"
The Father of Mel Gibson Asks: "Why Else Would He Put up with That?"
The Mainstream Media Call the Opinion "Outrageous"; but Is It Really?

The New York Post reports that traditional Catholic producer-director Mel Gibson's father, Hutton Gibson, has labeled Benedict-Ratzinger as "gay" on a U.S. radio programme. Hutton is a long-standing traditional Catholic, who publishes a monthly newsletter entitled, The War Is Now.

Hutton Gibson was asked whether Newchurch was addressing issues such as homosexuality. He answered: "It's not willing to do so because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer." When asked if he thinks that Benedict-Ratzinger is "gay," Hutton replied: "I certainly do.... Why else would he put up with this?... He's a slippery character.." Of course, the mainstream media, which has been shown by numerous studies to be overwhelmingly Liberalist/Modernistic, are trying to characterize Hutton's comments as "outrageous." But are they really? Certainly Hutton is not the first to suspect this, nor is Benedict-Ratzinger the first Newpope suspected. Paul VI was suspected as well, but not John XXIII or JPII.

As reported previously in these Commentaries, the Italian weekly Panorama in its July 23, 2010, edition has exposed a sodomy ring operating among Roman presbyters, some of them members of Benedict-Ratzinger's own household. Using hidden cameras, a journalist from the magazine videotaped three presbyters as they attended "gay" nightspots and committed numerous acts of sodomy there. One taping showed a presbyter wearing a dog collar and engaging in sado-masochistic sodomy. Another presbyter was videotaped committing sodomy in a cassock. A third presbyter sodomized two male prostitutes while the hidden camera rolled.

The tapes are so scandalous that neither the Italian Bishops Conference nor Benedict-Ratzinger had any immediate reaction. Panorama stated that it had carried out thorough checks and established that all sodomite presbyters involved were "in good standing" with Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch. A member of the Novus Ordo clergy quoted by the magazine put the proportion of "gay" presbyters in Rome at "98 per cent."

The Panorama videotapes confirm a fact that was already known, but little publicized outside Rome. In March 2010 Roman court documents revealed that a member of Benedict-Ratzinger's own household had procured male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting.

The homosexualization of Newchurch appears to be a direct result of Benedict-Ratzinger's gay-friendly policies. In his Instruction concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in View of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders, dated November 4, 2005, and reissued on July 28, 2008, Benedict-Ratziger described sodomy not as Sacred Scripture and therefore Catholic moral doctrine traditional defines it, as One of the Four Sins that Cry out to God for Vengeance, but merely as an "orientation." In those documents Benedict-Ratzinger allowed for the admission of homosexuals to his Novus Ordo seminaries, and many Novus Ordo seminaries actively recruit homosexuals to become presbyters for the New Order.

Is Hutton Gibson's opinion about Benedict-Ratzinger correct? Perhaps. There is certainly a lot of circumstantial evidence that would lead one to think in that direction. It certainly is not an "outrageous" thought, just one that has not been conclusively proven -- yet. Most of the paedophilia that he has aided and abetted for thirty years to the present day in various official Newchurch capacities is homosexual in nature. It is long overdue for some Herculean pope to clean out the Augean stables of Newchurch.

A Reader Asks: "Can a Traditional Priest Say the Invalid Novus Ordo Service
So that He Does Not Get into Trouble with His Novus Ordo Diocese?"

From: Maria

Dear Fathers:

I attend a Novus Ordo church where a Latin Mass [sic] is offered. The priest there is a very good traditional priest. We are traditional Roman Catholics and attend only the Latin Mass [sic]. The priest is a true traditional Roman Catholic priest. He does officiate at the Novus Ordo service too, but I believe only so that he does not get into trouble with his Novus Ordo diocese. Can a traditional priest say the invalid Novus Ordo service so that he does not get into trouble with his Novus Ordo diocese?

The Fathers Reply.

Of course not. Such a "priest" is not a "true traditional priest" at all. In fact, he is committing the grave sin of simulation, that is, pretending to confect a Sacrament when in fact the Novus Ordo service is an invalid sham. The argument that you are trying to make is utterly invalid under Catholic sacramental theology. It is similar to arguing that a physician must perform abortions to keep his job at a hospital. Such a position is morally untenable in Catholic doctrine.

A true traditional Catholic priest would be obligated to find the courage to leave a Novus Ordo diocese, which purports to be Catholic, but is not. That is what the founder of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, Fr. Gommar De Pauw; Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre; and thousands of traditional priests around the world have done: left the invalid Novus Ordo entirely. Under no circumstances could a true traditional priest ever pretend to offer an invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service. Many other priests have been confronted with this moral situation and have left to become independent or to join a truly traditional organization as a holding action until the true Church is ascendant again. One can never compromise with evil in the Sacraments. That is clear Catholic doctrine.

Moreover, you are not even getting the Traditional Latin Mass, but the Half Novus Ordo Mess of 1962-2009+, sometimes called the "Extraordinary" Mess. The term "Latin Mass" is meaningless. It encompasses anything from the invalid Novus Ordo service in Latin to the fully Traditional Latin Mass before Bugnini's "modernizations" of 1951 and thereafter.

August 12, 2010 - St. Clare, Virgin
Double Feast

Newchurch Bishop Paid Hush Money to Conceal His Rape of His Nephew
Belgian Newchurch Bishops Meeting Was Raided by Police for Evidence

From: The Fathers
Roger Vangheluwe

Roger Vangheluwe, Newchurch Bishop of Bruges, Belgium, Another Perverted Newbishop
Jeered by Bystanders for Raping His Own Nephew for Years
Vangheluwe, Noted for Writing a Pornographic Catechism for the Novus Ordo
Has Now Been Exposed as Paying Hush-money to the Family of the Child Victim

Belgium television revealed on August 7, 2010, that Roger Vangheluwe, the Newchuch bishop of Bruges, Belgium, who resigned on April 23, 2010, in the wake of his admission that he had raped his own nephew for years, was also paying "considerable" hush-money to the family of the child victim. Whether the hush-money was paid for out of the Newchurch collection-plate was not revealed.

In June 2010, Belgian police raided a Newchurch Bishops' meeting as part of a probe into sex crimes against children. The police also raided the cathedral and found under floorboards and in the tombs of bishops incriminating evidence that the hundreds of cases of sex crimes against children had been covered up by the Belgian bishops. Benedict-Ratzinger, not at all horrified by the crimes committed by his agents, criticized instead the police for vigorously taking the initiative to investigate the 500 sex crimes reported to a special police telephone line in just one week.

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newbishops were supposed to refer criminal cases against children to state prosecutors to pursue, but failed to do so. Thus, the police said enough is enough, and began their own investigation, which yielded masses of evidence concealed by Benedict-Ratzinger's agents. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Agence France Presse.]

St. Stanislaus Kostka Votes to Remain outside Newchurch
Tells Thieving Newchurch Archbishops to Go Pound Sand

From: The Fathers

On August 8, 2010, the members of St. Stanislaus Kosta Church in St. Louis, Missouri, rejected Newchurch archbishop Robert Carlson's latest attempt to steal their church worth 11,000,000 U.S. dollars. The courageous congregation in 2004 also rebuffed former archbishop Raymond Burke, who attempted to "excommunicate" the church's board of trustees. The church had received in 1891 a perpetual charter from the second archbishop of St. Louis to operate independently, but Burke, and now Carlson, wanted to steal the church to pay for their sex crimes. For his attempted thievery, Burke acquired the eponynm "Bully" Burke and was so embarrassed by the members standing up to his phony "excommunication" that Benedict-Ratzinger scuttled him off to Newrome to stop the bad publicity for Newchurch.

The church membership voted 58-42 not to sell out to the predatory Newchurch archdiocese and Carlson. Many members figure that Carlson is using the "negotations" as a bridge to slamming the church shut and stealing its assets. One member summed it up: "I think the message to the Archbishop is leave us alone." For the majority, this vote was cause for celebration. St. Stanislaus will remain independent in terms of both finances and faith.

August 11, 2010 - Sts. Tiburtius & Susanna, Virgin & Martyrs
Simple Feast

Known Paedophile Presbyter Transferred over International Boundary
Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust Is a Worldwide Racket

From: The Fathers
Phil Jacobs and Boys

Canadian Paedophile Presbyter Phil Jacobs with Some of His "Boys"
The Known Paedophile Was Shipped by Newchurch on the "Underground Railroad" from Canada to the U.S.
As the International Implications of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Are Coming to Make Newchurch Look More and More Like a Worldwide Mafia Operation

It has already been established that the Newchurch hierarchy of the United States and Ireland frequently secreted paedophile presbyters by transferring them across the Atlantic Ocean. The cases of sex crimes and their aiding and abetting by Newchurch bishops just keeps going and going on.

Now an "underground railroad" for transferring paedophile presbyters between Canada and the United States has been exposed through the case of Phil Jacobs. At every parish in the Diocese of Victoria, British Columbia, a letter from Newbishop Joseph Gagnon, was read from the pulpit announcing the arrest during the week of August 1, 2010, Phillip Jacobs. Gagnon's predecessor, Joseph De Roo, knowing full well that Jacobs was a child rapist, transferred the pervert presbyter out of Canada to the Newdiocese of Columbus, Ohio.

The mother of one of the victims of Jacobs has been hunting him for him since 1999. It looks as if she's finally gotten him! When he was found out in 2002, he packed his bags in a day and in the middle of the night fled in disguise from the Newparish where he was stationed. Typical of the clueless Newchurchers, many of his Novus Ordo congregation described the paedophile rapist as "a good priest"!

The Canadian Mounties are now tracking down their man Jacobs. And, as well all know, the Mounties always get their man! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vancouver Sun.]

August 11 Is the Feastday of a Patron Saint of the Traditional Catholic Movement
St. Philomena's Story Is Truly Miraculous

From: The Fathers

Although St. Philomena, like most of the Saints, does not have a Proper Mass in the Missale Romanum, Philomena was canonized by Pope Gregory XVI in 1837, and her feastday was assigned as August 11. She was a particular favorite of St. John Vianney, who erected a shrine at Ars in her honor. Pope Leo XII declared the Saint to be the "Wonderworker of the Nineteenth Century." Pope Gregory XVI gave the Saint the title of "Patroness of the Living Rosary" and approved her cultus worldwide. Pope Pius IX was miraculously cured by the Saint and as pope went on a pilgrimage to her shrine at Mugnano del Cardinale in the diocese of Nola in 1849. Pope St. Pius X elevated the Confraternity of St. Philomena to a worldwide Archconfraternity and give many gifts to her shrine.

For further information, click on PHILOMEN.TXT: St. Philomena, Wonder-Worker: A Patron Saint of the Traditional Roman Catholic Movement in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

August 10, 2010 - St. Lawrence, Martyr
Double Feast of the Second Class

Novus Ordo 2.0 Is Paired with the "Motu" Mess
For a Deadly Benedict-Ratzinger Concoction

From: The Fathers
Novus Ordo 2.0

Ingredient Label for the Novus Ordo 2.0
Or Is It the Benedict-Ratzinger "Motu" Mess 2.0
It is Getting Harder and Harder to Tell the Difference
As Ratzinger Tries to Put Deceptive Arsenic Frosting
On the Invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo Service
For Which He Has Publicly Stated that He Is Inextricably Attached

Sometimes a graphic tells it all. The Creative Minority has certainly hit the nail on the head with this one! In fact, they have captured the truth so well about the invalid Novus Ordo, the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax, and the deceitful Benedict-Ratzinger that we think the contemplation of the truths contained in this graphic need no further commentary from us!

What If Benedict-Ratzinger Gave a Rock Concert and Nobody Came?
His British Junket Is Causing Nothing but Protest

From: The Fathers

Newvatican is playing to the unreligious masses by deploying all the rock-style periphernalia for Benedict-Ratzinger's September 2010 junket to Britain: electronic flashing candles, keyrings, fridge magnets, baseball caps, T-shirts, bracelets (for women -- or are they now for men?). Even many of the Newpapal events will be off limits to Newchurchers -- unless they cough up entrance fees of up to forty U.S. dollars to attend the invalid Newpapal Mess. Newvatican has become avaricious because in recent years its Novus Ordo sect has been drowning in red ink. Newchurch has admitted that the fees are being charged because they are "necessary to prevent the Church plunging into financial difficulties."

Benedict-Ratzinger's junket to Britain has been mired in scandal and controvery. The British public are incensed against him for his leadership role in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. Members of the British government circulated a satirical memo satirizing Newpope. BBC employees have announced a strike against coverage of the Newpapal visit. So unpopular is Benedict-Ratzinger now that the original site of his Big Mess, which was supposed to support some 200,000 Novus Ordo cultists at a site near the airport was moved to city park, with accommodations for only around 50,000.

British taxpayers are being asked to cough up some 20,000,000 dollars for the folderol -- and that doesn't even include security costs. Benedict-Ratzinger's treasury is coughing up a much smaller 11,000,000. No wonder British takxpayers are up in arms against paying for this junket for the Baddest Pope since Alexander VI! There are even reports that the Newpapal Novus Ordo Mess will be interrupted by protesters. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

Most recently the British have been scandalized by the fact that Lord Carlile will have to head an investigation into sex crimes at Newchurch's St. Benedict's School, Ealing, which allowed a presbyter David Pearce, the school's head, to assault five pupils. Independent inspectors already determined that there were failures in the school's child-safety policy. Presbyter Pearce has been convicted and sentenced to eight years.

But here the plot thickens. The person appointed by the British Government to organize Benedict-Ratzinger's junket to England is Lord Patten. He was once a pupil at St. Benedict's Ealing and serves on the Abbot's Advisory Committee for the school. It appears that Patten, as Newpope's agent, conspired to postpone the announcement of the investigation until it was too late for a report to be presented before Newpope's visit. If a completed investigation had shown complicity in the sex crimes by the Newchurch school administration and even Newvatican, here would be yet one more black eye for Benedict-Ratzinger's sinking propaganda event. [Some information for this report was contributed by the London Times.]

August 9, 2010 - St. John Mary Vianney, Confessor
Double Feast

Novus Ordo Temple Gets Its Cookies Stolen
Fortunately, the Thieves Got only the Novus Ordo Bread, Not the Most Blessed Sacrament

From: The Fathers
Novus Ordo Tabernacle

Is This the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey?
No, It's a Novus Ordo Tabernacle
The Invalid Cookies in St. Rome of Lima Novus Ordo Temple Were Stolen
But Newchurch Bishop Bambera Doesn't Really Care
He Simply "Expressed Hope" that the Thief Would Return the Cookies
For Next Sunday's Novus Ordo "Dinner"

With all the thievery going on these days, it is actually fortuitous that Novus Ordo temples have only invalid cookies in their tabernacles (if they even have a tabernacle at all). Depending upon the recipes of the various dioceses, the cookies may be cinnamon, shortbread, or peanut butter. Of course, the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service has no power to transubstantiate anything into the Most Blessed Sacrament.

On August 3, 2010, the cookies in the tabernacle of St. Rose of Lima Novus Ordo temple in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, were stolen, perhaps for Satanic use, as the thief seemed to target the tabernacle. If so, the thief will be disappointed. Novus Ordo temples do not have the real Sacrament -- just a piece of bread, or cookies.

The temple's pastor used this excuse to lock his Novus Ordo temple after the noon service. Most traditional churches remained open all day in order to allow the faithful to visit the Most Blessed Sacrament. Since Newchurch took over after Vatican II, most of the Novus Ordo temples are slammed shut all day. Card. Ratzinger in one of his books even dissuaded people from visits to church outside of the Novus Ordo service.

Joseph Bambera, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, like a good little Novus Ordo bishop, did not call for the thief to be hunted down for sacrilege. The Newbishop knows, after all, that the Novus Ordo cookie is meaningless. Instead, he merely "expressed hope" that the thief would return the cookies. The Newbishop doesn't really care. Why should his Newchurchers?

Christ, King of Nations

From: Patricius Anthony, Traditional Catholic Author

Dear Fathers:

I draw your readers' attention to my latest exclusive piece for the TRADITIO Network, in which I review Fr. A. Phillipe's Christ, King of Nations: A Catechism of Divine Rights in Society. Fr. Phillipe explains the Catholic teachings for modern governments contained in Fr. Denis Fahey's favorite encyclical letter, Quas primas, of Pope Pius XI. On December 11, 1925, that pope instituted the Feast of Christ the King and explained its implications in Catholic teaching. In our age, when governments are rejecting God's Natural Moral Law to institute a Liberalist/Modernist secular society based upon a perversion of that law, the teachings of Quas primas have much to teach.

For further information, click on Christ, King of Nations: A Catechism of Divine Rights in Society in the TRADITIO Network's Fr. Denis Fahey department.

August 8, 2010 - Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newchurch Could Have Been Spared Benedict-Ratzinger's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
If JPII Had Honored His 1997 Request to Become Vatican Librarian

From: The Fathers
Vatican Secret Archives

Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum
Card. Josef Ratzinger in 1997 Requested a Transfer
To the Vatican Secret Archives as Archivist
JPII Turned down the Request and Subjected Newchurch to 13 More Years
Of Benedict-Ratzinger's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust

Newcardinal Raffaele Farina, Prefect of the Vatican Library, confirmed in a recent letter that Card. Josef Ratzinger had asked JPII to be permitted resign as Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith Congregation and become Vatican Apostolic Librarian and archivist of the Vatican Secret Archives. JPII turned down the request. If JPII had accepted Ratzinger's request, Newchurch could have been spared 13 of the worst years of its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. It was from that office of Prefect and as Newpope that Benedict-Ratzinger executed the suborning and cover-up of the great holocaust of immorality among the clergy that the Church has ever experience.

Newcardinal Farina's statement confirmed the allusion contained in remarks Benedict-Ratzinger made in 2007 in an address to the staff of the Vatican Apostolic Library and the Vatican Secret Archives. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Inside the Vatican.

A Reader Asks: "May Catholic Family Members Attend a 'Gay' Wedding?"

From: Stephen

Dear Fathers:

With the news that a few states and countries have legalized "gay marriage," which is no marriage at all, the question arises: when an immediate family member is going to enter into a "gay marriage," may Catholic family members attend?

The Fathers Reply.

You have answered your own question. To do so would be providing scandal in approving by their presence a travesty of a wedding. In fact, they have additionally a positive duty not to attend, in order to help dissuade the deviant family member from this gross immorality.

August 7, 2010 - St. Cajetan, Confessor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Welcomes Altar Girls to Newrome
Newpope Benedict Is as Modernist as "Fr." Ratzinger at Vatican II

From: The Fathers
Altar Girls and Boys

Altar Girls and Boys Dressed up Like Clergy
Under Benedict-Ratzinger's Papacy Altar Girls Outnumber Boys 3 to 2
They Now Serve even at the Altars of "Motu" Messes
The Use of Altar Girls, Confirmed by JPII in 1994
Was Regarded at the Time as Reeking of the Odor of Heresy
Now Benedict-Ratzinger Accepts It as the Norm

Again shattering any notion that Benedict-Ratzinger is "traditional, Newpope singled out a group of altar girls with boys at his August 4, 2010, General Audience, praising them for "helping" presbyters at Newchurch services. Under Benedict-Ratzinger the use of altar girls has been increased so that six out of ten altar servers are now girls. This statistic confirms that under Benedict-Ratzinger there has been a feminization, not to say homosexualization, of the Novus Ordo.

Benedict-Ratzinger has himself used the services of altar girls at Newrome. He makes no distinction between girls and boys or between the Ordinary, or Novus Ordo, service and what he likes to call the Extrordinary, or Conciliar "Motu" Mess of 1962-2009+. This Wednesday audience was entirely dedicated to the estimated 55,000 altar girls with boys. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican Radio.]

Good Catholics, when JPII, contrary to all Tradition, allowed altar girls and then officially confirmed his decision in 1994, Neocon Newchurchers called him a Modernist. Now that Benedict-Ratzinger has confirmed the same thing, the Neocon Newchurchers call the latter "traditional." Go figure! The use of altar-girls has now been extended to Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess. Fact: Benedict-Ratzinger is as much a Modernist as when he was "Fr." Ratzinger in a business suit at Vatican II. Fact: Neocon Newchurchers wouldn't know traditional Catholicism if it hit them in the face!

"Biggest Crisis in the German Church since World War II" Announced
As Bishops' President and Benedict-Ratzinger Are Both Implicated in Sex-crime Cases

From: The Fathers

Newchurch in Germany is sinking deeper and deeper into crisis since its Bishops' President Robert Zollitsch and German-born Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger have both been implicated in a string of sex-crime scandals. German seminarians are abandoning their Novus Ordo seminaries in dramatic numbers. Not even 150 seminarians remain. The Novus Ordo is quickly reaching the time when it will not have manpower to survive. Churches and schools are closing right and left in once heavily Catholic areas such as Benedict-Ratzinger's Bavaria.

The holocaust has gone right up to German-born Pope Benedict, who as Card. Josef Ratzinger fanned the flames of abuse since 1981. It also engulfs Newarchbishop Zollitsch, who is under investigation for failing to remove a paedophile presbyter who raped children. Zollitsch himself has termed Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust the "biggest crisis in the German Church since World War II." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The Local of Germany.]

August 6, 2010 - Transfiguration of Our Lord
Double Feast of the Second Class

A Lone Novus Ordo Presbyter Gets It Right: "Homosexual Acts Lead to the Damnation of Souls"
He Publicly Takes on Benedict-Ratzinger's Policy of Leniency toward Sodomy

From: The Fathers
Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez, a Novus Ordo Presbyter
But at Least He Gots the Natural Moral Law Correctly
He Takes on Benedict-Ratzinger's Leniency toward Sodomy
And Courageously Publishes that "Homosexual Acts Lead to the Damnation of Souls"

On those rare occasions when some official of the Novus Ordo gets it right, we say so. So we tell of the case of a Texas Newparish presbyter, Michael Rodriguez, who courageously took on Benedict-Ratzinger's policy of leniency toward sodomy and wrote in a column entitled "Every Catholic Must Oppose Certain Things," which appeared on August 1, 2010, in the El Paso Times: "Homosexual acts lead to the damnation of souls." Benedict-Ratzinger was too pusillanimous to proclaim that part of God's Natural Moral Law. Rodriguez said more:

Every single Catholic, out of fidelity to charity and truth, has the absolute duty to oppose (1) the murder of unborn babies, and (2) any and all government attempts to legalize homosexual union. Any Catholic who supports homosexual acts is, by definition, committing a mortal sin and placing himself/herself outside of communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Furthermore, a Catholic would be guilty of a most grievous sin of omission if he/she neglected to actively oppose the homosexual agenda, which thrives on deception and conceals its wicked horns under the guises of 'equal rights,' 'tolerance,' 'who am I to judge?,' etc." I urge all of the Catholic faithful to treat homosexuals with love, understanding, and respect. At the same time, never forget that genuine love demands that we seek, above all, the salvation of souls. Homosexual acts lead to the damnation of souls.

Although many try to get around the "gay marriage" probably by approving of "civil unions," this is cowardly "cop-out." Rodriguez covers this point too:

It is not unjust to oppose legal recognition of same-sex unions, because marriage and same-sex unions are essentially different realities. The denial of the social and legal status of marriage to forms of cohabitation that are not and cannot be marital is not opposed to justice; on the contrary, justice requires it.

Rodriguez also takes on the false notion that in a democracy, the people decide morality:

Recently, a couple of letter writers claimed that in a democracy, it's up to the majority to decide between right and wrong. This form of reasoning is not only false, it's ludicrous! While it's true that a majority of the citizens in a democracy has the political power to impose its "morality" on society, this juridical reality has no bearing whatsoever on the intrinsic moral value of actions. That which makes something right or wrong is the objective moral order established by God, which can also be grasped and appreciated through the use of human reason. In philosophy, this is known as natural law. Even the ancient Greeks had a basic respect for the principles of natural law.
To simplify: One would have to be ghastly morally decrepit to think that if 51 percent of Americans opine that rape is OK, then rape becomes, in effect, all right. Sure, the majority is politically capable of such a vote, but this could never make rape morally right. There is such a thing as a corrupt democracy, you know! Abortion and homosexual acts are unequivocally intrinsic moral evils. And friends, this objective truth doesn't depend on the opinion of the majority. Frighteningly, if the majority chooses to deny the objective moral order, then we will all suffer the pestiferous consequences.

Good Catholics, this is exactly what Benedict-Ratzinger should be saying -- clearly and unequivocally. Instead, the Modernist Benedict-Ratzinger uses Vatican II ambiguity when he calls sodomy "disoriented" rather than "a mortal sin," in fact Biblically "one of the four sins that cry to God for vengeance." Maybe presbyter Rodriguez should run for pope of Newchurch! At least in the moral realm, he'd be a great improvement over the corrupt and immoral "Fr." Ratzinger of Vatican II and thereafter.

A Reader Asks: "What Should Traditional Catholics Think about Novus Ordo Canonization?"

From: Robert

Dear Fathers:

What should traditional Catholics think about Novus Ordo canonization for Fr. Patrick Peyton and Abp. Fulton Sheen?

The Fathers Reply.

One can place absolutely no credence in post Vatican II "canonizations," derisively called "conanizations" (after the colloquial term con meaning a deception). In Newchurch the traditional, careful process, often taking centuries, of vetting candidates for canonization, was gutted.

On January 25, 1983, in Divinus Perfectionis Magister, JPII gutted the long-standing tradition of the Church with respect to a rigorous process for scrutinizing canonizations used since his predecessor Pope Urban VIII in 1640. Instead, JPII instituted a new system of canonization for the Novus Ordo that has been challenged as leading to treatment of candidates not so much for their individual spiritual merit (in the past proven by an often centuries-long process of investigation, miracles, and cultus) as for their "political correctness" for modern times.

The role of the Advocatus Diaboli (Devil's Advocate) was eliminated, and the number of meticulously substantiated miracles to practically nothing. Moreover, the new norms eliminated any way that objections could be freely and fairly raised and allow the postulator (who is appointed by the petitioner for the cause) to present the case both for and against the candidate. In other words, one man may act as both lawyer for the plaintiff and defendant, but is in fact appointed by the plaintiff!

What is worse, and even more damaging to the cause of truth, the postulator, using a clause that allows him to eliminate "unsuitable" witnesses, is able effectively and selectively to bar the most damaging eye-witness testimony negating the candidate. This vague "unsuitability" clause was not a part of the traditional norms. This clause is what allowed Newvatican, for example, to bar the evidence of the physicians of the woman who was supposedly "miraculously" cured by Mother Teresa that the woman simply went into temporary remission as a result of the administration of standard anticarcinogenic drugs and died about a year thereafter.

For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Doctrines? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics), in the section "Canonizations, Post-conciliar."

August 5, 2010 - Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows
Double Major Feast

VATICAN II-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. The feast of St. Peter in Chains, which is commemorated in the Traditional Latin Mass and at the Hours of Vespers and Lauds today, has been abolished from the Mess of 1962. Neither is St. Paul commemorated (traditionally, St. Paul is always commemorated upon a feast of St. Peter and vice versa) nor the Holy Machabee martyrs. In the Traditional Latin Mass, the Gospel of the Feast of St. Peter in Chains is substituted as the Last Gospel, but the Mess of 1962 ignores this substitution. Also, in the Traditional Latin Rite, the first Sunday of the months of August September, October, and November is the Sunday nearest the Kalends (first) of the month, whereas in the "Liturgical books of 1962," the first Sunday of August, September, October, and November is always the first Sunday in the calendar month. This explains the reason why in some years the traditional September Ember Days are changed in the Half Novus Ordo 1962 rite.

A Reader Asks: "Why Did Michael Davies Fall from Grace?"

From: Joan

Dear Fathers:

Josef Ratzinger & Michael Davies

Card. Josef Ratzinger (Left) and Michael Davies, Traditional Catholic Writer
Davies, as President of Una Voce International
After Ten Years of Negotiating with Ratzinger for the Traditional Latin Mass
Wrote a Bitter Letter of Resignation
In Which He Stated that Ratzinger Had just Been Leading Him On
The "Motu" Mess of 2007 Is Not the Traditional Latin Mass, but the Freemason Bugnini's Work

Dear Fathers:

Why did Michael Davies fall from grace?

The Fathers Reply.

Because he told the truth. After ten years as President of Una Voce International, an "indult"-related organization, in which capacity he had to deal with the duplicity of Cards. Ratzinger and Hoyos and the Novus Ordo Ecclesia Dei Commission, Davies resigned as President and wrote a bitter letter of resignation from Una Voce. In that letter, when he was facing death from prostate cancer within the year, Davies publicly stated that he had been duped by Ratzinger and Hoyos, that they had never intended to do anything to restore the Traditional Latin Mass in the Novus Ordo sect, that they had just been leading him on, and that the work of the last ten years of his life had consequently been an utter waste.

Davies was absolutely right. The Traditional Latin Mass has never been accepted in Newchurch. Several year later, Ratzinger, now Benedict, floated his Great "Motu" Mess Hoax of 2007, in which he permitted, under carefully defined circumstances, the Half Novus Ordo Mass of 1962, which had been bastardized by the same Hannibal Bugnini who fabricated the full-blown Protestant/Masonic/Pagan Novus Ordo service of 1969.

Davies suffered what all fighters for traditional Catholicism suffer when they tell the truth about the Newchurch of the New Order, and its agents such as Ratzinger and Hoyos. The Newchurchers don't argue with these fighters for Tradition, because what they say is provably true. Instead, they are simply ignored. This is what happened to the founder of the Traditional Catholic Movement in 1964, Fr. Gommar DePauw; of the Founder of the Society of St. Pius X in 1970, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, under the now Novus Ordo-friendly SSPX regime since 2000; and of Michael Davies, who compared, in his three-volume historical magnum opus, The Liturgical Revolution, the imposition of the Novus Ordo by Paul VI to the imposition of Anglican Protestantism by Henry VIII.

The Newchurch of the New Order will put up with you if you like the historical or aesthetic qualities of the "Mass of 1962," but not if you demand exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass (as it existed before the Conciliar-Bugunini bastardization starting in 1951) and call the Novus Ordo service what it is, a invalid Protestantized/Modernistic/Pagan service. If you sell out to the Novus Ordo, however, Benedict-Ratzinger will throw you the crumb of a little Latin.

A Reader Asks: "Can You Recommend the Best Daily Handmissal?"

From: Barbara

Dear Fathers:

I've been out of the Novus Ordo for over ten years now. I used to follow the daily Novus Ordo readings, and I liked getting to read some of the Bible that way. Now I use only the Douay-Rheims version of the Scriptures now, but I really miss that daily guided-reading method. My current handmissal does not have the daily Mases. Can you recommend the best daily handmissal?

The Fathers Reply.

By far, the best and most complete handmissal for the Traditional Latin Mass is the St. Andrew Daily Missal with Vespers for Sundays and Feasts and Kyriale. This excellent reprint is of the 1945 edition, since none of the Bugnini "modernizations" starting in 1951 are included. It gives the Ordinary and the Propers of all daily and Sunday Masses in both Latin and English. It also includes the Latin-English text of the common Sacraments, a treasury of liturgical prayers and litanies, and the texts and music for Vespers and all the chant Masses. Moreover, it contains outstanding and detailed traditional commentaries on the liturgical, historical, and spiritual meaning of the Propers for each Sunday and feastday. For further information, click on FAQ05: What Traditional Resources Do You Recommend? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).

To use a daily missal, you have to have access to the daily liturgical calendar of the Traditional Latin Mass. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department, which provides the traditional liturgical calendar for each day of the year, as well as sources for obtaining a printed calendar.

August 4, 2010 - St. Dominic, Confessor
Double Major Feast

The "Mass of 1962" Was Not the Work of John XXIII, as Erroneously Thought
It Was the Work of Pius XII and His Appointee Hannibal Bugnini from 1951

From: The Fathers
Pius XII

Pope Pius XII (1939-1958), the "Last Traditional Pope"?
Maybe Not: the "Mass of 1962" Is Commonly Attributed to John XXIII
But Actually It Was the Work of Pius XII' Papacy
Pius XII Appointed Bugnini in 1948 to Lead the Liturgical Reform Commission
John XXIII Detested Bugnini's Modernism and Fired Him!

Recently, a traditional writer wrote that John XXIII "modified the Mass, in violation of St. Pius V's law, Quo primum tempore.... [John XXIII's] Mass changes [commonly called the "Mass of 1962"] produced the climate in which [Paul VI] suppressed the Traditional Latin Mass and most of the Sacraments." Well, not exactly. In fact, the "Mass of 1962" was not the work of John XXIII's pontificate. It was the work of Pius XII's pontificate, and more specifically the work of Hannibal Bugnini, the Freemason presbyter appointed by Pius XII, later to become the chief architect of the Protestant/Masonic/Pagan Novus Ordo service of 1969. John XXIII, when he promulgated the changes of 1960-1962, specifically indicated that he was simply publishing work that had already been done under Pius XII, whom he revered.

As the years since Vatican II (1962-1965) pass, it is becoming clearer and clear that Pius XII, not John XXIII, was responsible for triggering the Modernistic changes in the Sacred Liturgy. Since most traditional Catholics regard Pius XII as the "last traditional pope," this may be a surprising statement. But facts prove its truth. Pius XII in 1948 appointed Hannibal Bugnini as General Secretary, really the most important position on Vatican commissions, to the new Pontificia Commissio pro Generali Liturgica Instauratione [Pontifical Commision for a General Liturgical Reform].

As Pius XII's personal appointee, Bugnini wielded overarching authority, and through his position of papal favor, he introduced, starting in 1951, the changes that would eventually lead to the full-blown Novus Ordo service of 1962. Bugnini himself called the first of these Modernistic changes, contained in the Decree Dominicae resurrectionis vigiliam (February 9, 1951): "the head of the battering-ram which pierced the fortress of our hitherto static liturgy." Further major changes to the conduct of the Mass and Holy Communion were introduced in 1956 in the General Decree Cum nostra haec aetate (March 23, 1955). Finally, the General Decree Maxima redemptionis nostrae mysteria (November 16, 1955), the traditional Holy Week was gutted and "modernized" to such a degree that few further changes were necessary to incorporate it into the Novus Ordo of 1969.

All of Bugnini's "modernizations" were implemented under Pius XII, not John XXIII, as is often erroneously thought. In fact, John XXIII so detested Bugnini that he fired him from his position. After John XXIII's death, Paul VI, the first truly Modernist pope, reappointed Bugnini in 1965, to the now all-powerful Consilium ad exsequendam Constitutionem de Sacra Liturgia [Committee to Execute the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy].

It may be argued that Pius XII after 1954 was so sick that he had lost control of the Bugnini commission. Perhaps, but it was Pius XII who appointed Bugnini in the first place and foreshadowed in his Encyclical Letter Mediator Dei of 1947 the changes that would be taking place in Novus Ordoizing the Mass. This encyclical has previously been regarded as traditional, but a rereading of it in the light of Vatican II, shows that, like that Modernist Council (which Pius XII himself wanted to convoke), Pius XII introduced novelties and ambiguities into traditional Catholic doctrine on the Sacred Liturgy from 1947 and that his softening of traditional liturgical doctrine led ultimately to the full-blown Novus Ordo of 1969.

A Reader Writes: "The Novus Ordo Mess Was over in Ten Minutes!"
What's Next: The "Minute Mess"?

From: Rupert

Dear Fathers:

During our vacation stay in Ireland, my wife and I took a short walk to the local Novus Ordo parish church on a Sunday morning. The experience was a revelation. The presbyter said all the prayers at such a breakneck speed that I could not make out the individual words. The congregation matched his pace with the responses. I could barely keep up the recitation of the Lord's Prayer. The readings were a blur. There was no sermon. The Novus Ordo Mess was over in ten minutes!

The frantic rush to finish as quickly as possible was shocking. When I mentioned our experience to Irish friends, they reacted with only mild surprise. An ten-minute service was somewhat extraordinary, they conceded. But in Ireland the Novus Ordo service is regularly celebrated on an accelerated schedule. The Novus Ordinarians like to "get" Mess quickly and will avoid a parish where the presbyter takes too much time. During Lent, my friends told me, one Irish presbyter had earned widespread acclaim for trimming the weekday service down to under ten minutes

The Fathers Reply.

More proof that the invalid Novus Ordo service is a complete farce, and the Irish Novus Ordinarians obviously know it. Even ten minutes is much too long to waste on it.

August 3, 2010 - Finding of the Body of St. Stephen, Protomartyr
Semidouble Feast

Traditional Catholic Professor Fired
For Teaching that Homosexual Acts Violate the Natural Moral Law

From: The Fathers
Kenneth Howell

Professor Kenneth Howell, of the University of Illinois
He Was Fired for Responding to a Student's Question on Homosexual Acts
That They Violate the Natural Moral Law
Howell Was Teaching an Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought
Apparently the Professor's Traditional Catholicism Was Not "Modern" Enough!

The University of Illinois, a public institution in the United States, has offered to reinstate a faculty member who was fired after he explained, in response to a student's inquiry, the traditional Catholic position on homosexual act, that they violate the Natural Moral Law. Kenneth Howell was an adjunct professor teaching since 2001 a course entitled Introduction to Catholicism and Modern Catholic Thought in a Religious Studies program established in 1971. Apparently the traditional Catholic's thought wasn't modern enough, as his faculty appointment was terminated. Another student accused him of "hate speech" for sending an E-mail to a student in which, responding to the student's question, he accurately summarized the traditional Catholic teaching.

Howell was reinstated on July 29, 2010, only after the Alliance Defense Fund, which defends religious liberty, announced that it would file a lawsuit against the University of Illinois unless the professor were reinstated. Howell's supporters had vigorously protested his firing, arguing that he was dismissed solely for expressing traditional Catholic views, in a clear violation of religious and academic freedom. An ongoing faculty review has been investigating whether Howell's immediate removal violated his academic freedom or right to due process. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Chicago, Illinois Sun Times.]

Propaganda Film to Be Released to Shore up Benedict-Ratzinger's Failed Papacy
Newpope's Native Bavaria Is Trying to Deny the Reality that It Produced Another "Bad Pope"

From: The Fathers

Bayerischer Rundfunk, the public broadcasting arm of the Bavarian government, on July 29, 2010, gave an advance screening of a propaganda film entitled Five Years of Pope Benedict XVI. Josef Ratzinger was born in Bavaria and served as its Newchurch archbishop from 1977 to 1982, in which capacity he was shown to have knowingly aided and abetted a paedophile presbyter, who raped several children. Thus, the film is not surprisingly intended to shore up Benedict-Ratzinger's failed papacy and to try to reclaim the luster that Bavaria has lost because of it.

Benedict-Ratzinger viewed the screen at his palace at Castel Gandolfo. After the screening the man who has exceeded the "Bad Pope" Alexander VI in corruption tried to sugarcoat the moral filth that has been exposed under his papacy. In spite of the fact that he and his Novus Ordo clergy have been proven to have aided and abetted the most vile crimes against children, he described his Novus Ordo sect as "full of vigor and faith" rather than the morally polluted and moribund parody of Catholicism that it truly is. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vatican Information Service.]

In his remarks Benedict-Ratzinger even went so far as to imply blasphemy, that the filth of the Newchurch of the New Order was supported by the Lord. No wonder that the rape of children by his clergy goes on unabated every day. That is why the Novus Ordo Church is drowning, as Our Lord said, "in the depths of the sea" (Matthew 6:18/DRV). Good riddance!

August 2, 2010 - St. Alphonsus, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Continuing the Hollywood Tradition:
500 Leading Actors Record the New Testament

From: The Fathers
James Caviezel & Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson (Right), Producer/Director of the Traditional Catholic 2004 Blockbuster
The Passion of the Christ, While Being Attacked for Two Years by the Jewish B'nai Brith
Directs Actor James Caviezel Playing the Title Role
Now 500 Hollywood Actors Have Teamed up to Record in a Traditional Version
An Audio Dramatization of the New Testament
Also in a Traditional Version

Carrying on the tradition of leading actors, such as Charlton Heston, recording the Sacred Scripture, a cast of Hollywood's leading actors have now recorded a relatively traditional, unabridged version of New Testament, with an original musical score and compelling sound effects. Traditional Catholic James Caviezel, who starred as the Christ in Mel Gibson's 2004 traditional Catholic production, The Passion of the Christ, reprises his title role on the new audio recording.

Joining Caviezel in the twenty-hour-long dramatized reading of Sacred Scripture are 500 other actors. Michael York (Jesus of Nazareth) narrates. Richard Dreyfuss (Mr. Holland's Opus) reads Moses; Gary Sinise (Apollo 13), David; Jason Alexander (The Hunchback of Notre Dame,) Joseph; Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinney), Mary Magdalene; Stacy Keach (Luther), the Apostle Paul; Louis Gossett, Jr. (Family Guy), John the Baptist; Jon Voight (National Treasure,) Abraham. Max von Sydow, who himself played the Christ in 1965's The Greatest Story Every Told, plays Noah. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by World Net Daily.]

The version used for this dramatized reading is the New King James Version (NKJV) of 1982, which is the original King James Version (KJV) of 1611, revised to update its syntax, vocabulary, and spelling by the intervening four centuries, including the elimination of the formal English pronouns thou, thee, ye, thy, thine. True, the KJV is essentially a Protestant version, though it is based to a significant degree on the Catholic Douay-Rheims version of 1582-1610, which preceded it in the English language, and the KJV's some 50 or so deviations from Catholic doctrine have by now been well documented. It is undeniably one of the monuments of English literature from the time of Shakespeare, and, as even traditional Catholic scholars, such as Prof. David White, readily admit, its language and cadence having had an extensive influence in the four centuries' subsequent development of the English language. Unfortunately, there is no available version of the DRV commercially available on CD.

Unlike the Novus Ordo "translators," however, who dumped the traditional Catholic Douay-Rheims Version (DRV) and replaced it with the New American Version of 1970 (and other similar English knockoffs), the NKJV revisers (not "translators") maintained the KJV's and DRV's principle of "complete equivalence," loosely termed a "literal" translation. The Novus Ordo "translators," to the contrary, used a new principle of "dynamic equivalence" and produced essentially a loose paraphrase, not a "translation," in which the "translators" were free pretty much to change even the meaning of the sacred text to make it more suitable to the Modernist Novus Ordo doctrine and morality. An argument can be made that the Novus Ordo bastardization of the Bible to a "modernized" morality, has directly contributed to the moral crisis in Novus Ordo sect, as the changed words of even Our Lord Jesus Christ are read out to the Novus Ordinarians every week.

A Reader Asks: "Does the SSPX Consider Novus Ordo Ordinations Valid?"

From: Roger

Dear Fathers:

Does the SSPX consider Novus Ordo ordinations valid and therefore consider there to be no need of "conditional" ordinations?

The Fathers Reply.

The policy of the Society of St. Pius X on the issue of the validity of Novus Ordo ordinations has been all over the map. In fact, the SSPX doesn't like to talk about it, and if you ask Superior General Bernie Fellay, he will give you a nasty put-off. The fact is that the SSPX flipflops on the issue. The Society's founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, avoided "conditional" ordinations. Fellay has accepted some Novus Ordo "ordinations," but not others. How he determines the difference might as well be determined by a Ouija board! Probably it depends upon how touchy-feely it feels toward Benedict-Ratzinger on any given day!

As we Fathers have pointed out many times, the "modernized" Novus Ordo Ordinal of 1968, fabricated by Hannibal Bugnini on the basis of Protestant rites, is objectively invalid according to traditional Catholic Sacramental theology. It doesn't pretend to ordain Catholic priests "to offer Mass for the living and the dead" and to "forgive sins." These words the Novus Ordo struck out of the text it uses. Rather, the Novus Ordo merely installs presbyters "to preside over the assembly" of the Novus Ordo congregations, much as the Methodists "ordain" their ministers. All Novus Ordo "ordinations" are invalid.

To ordain "conditionally" (sub conditione) someone who has clearly not been ordained in the first place is sacrilege according to traditional Catholic Sacramental theology. Because Novus Ordo "ordinations" are invalid, the SSPX has been engaging in a sacrilegious practice when it "ordains" a Novus Ordo presbyter "conditionally." The SSPX is bound to ordain Novus Ordo presbyters, if at all, "unconditionally" (sine conditione), but only after they have received the appropriate Catholic preparation for the reception of traditional Holy Orders, which the Novus Ordo "seminaries" do not give them . They need to be entirely retaught and vetted. Many of them will, of course, have to be rejected on grounds of moral turpitude, given the degree to which Novus Ordo seminaries have been proven to be little more than homosexual brothels.

August 1, 2010 - Tenth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Is Our Lady Trying to Tell Newchurch that It Is Going up in Flames?
As Her Shrine at Notre Dame University Burns

From: The Fathers
Notre Dame Shrine

The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at Notre Dame University
The South Bend, Indiana, Shrine Burned from Unnatural Causes
The University, Once Catholic, Has Now Become an Immoral Cesspool
Of Pro-abortion, Pro-Homosexual Speakers and Blasphemous Plays

Notre Dame, once a well-known Catholic university, has dumped its Catholicism since Vatican II. It now sponsors filthy plays in which Our Lord and His Apostles are portrayed as "gays." It sponsors pro-abortion and pro-homosexual speakers. It has traditional priests arrested when they peacefully demonstrate against these unCatholic immoralities. Many Catholic alumni have withdrawn their financial support, realizing that since Vatican II Newchurch has become a moral cesspool and that the "fish stinks from the head." It's about time!

Now Our Lady appears to have weighed in. On July 26, 2010, the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes caught fire. A Notre Dame spokesman could not immediately attribute the fire to natural causes. The grotto has now been closed. Built in 1896, the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes is one-seventh the size of the shrine in France where Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette Subirous in 1858. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

A Reader Asks: "Do I Have an Obligation to Attend Newchurch Parishes?"

From: Sarah

Dear Fathers:

I have two options for Newchurch parishes. One believes that homosexual acts are okay and preaches so. It even questions whether Our Lord is present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. The other believes in the Eucharist, but also believes in universalism, pantheism, and freemasonry. Do I have an obligation to attend Mass at either of these Newchurch parishes?

The Fathers Reply.

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. You have an obligation not to attend the services at Novus Ordo parishes. They do not offer "Masses," but invalid Novus Ordo vernacularized/Modernist/Protestantized services, which you have an obligation not to attend under pain of the Mortal Sin of sacrilege.

Why are you even considering attending an a Newchurch parish? They are not Catholic, but affiliated to the unCatholic Newchurch of the New Order. You need to stay entirely away from parishes of the Newchurch of the New Order (Novus Ordo sect), which is not Catholic, and find a traditional Catholic site that offers the true, Traditional Latin Mass, teaches the doctrine of the Catholic Faith in every instance, and practices Catholic morality (this excludes Novus Ordo clergy, who as a whole engage in or at least aid and abet the rape of children and commit other grave Moral Sins). For traditional sites near you, refer to the Official Traditional Catholic Directory mentioned in the heading of this section.

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