January 2011

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January 31, 2011 - St. John Bosco, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Why Are There Two Feasts of St. Agnes in the Traditional Roman Calendar?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Agnes of Rome

St. Agnes of Rome
The Saint Is Believed to Have Been Only 12 or 13 Years of Age
When She Was Brutally Tortured and Martyred for the Faith
So Venerated Has She Been
That She Has Two Feasts in the Traditional Roman Calendar

Dear Fathers:

Why is Saint Agnes listed twice in the Traditional Roman Calendar this month?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

St. Agnes was the most venerated of the early Church's Virgin-Martyrs. There are two dates in the traditional Universal Calendar of the Roman Rite: January 21 and 28. There are several possible explanations why this Saint received the two commemorations. The likely one is that January 28 is the Octave of the January 21 feast, important feastdays in the traditional Roman Calendar being commemorated a week after the first instance as an Octave.

It is significant that the traditional observance of Saints' Octaves (not to speak of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary) were almost completely eliminated in 1956 in the first wave of "modernizations" to prepare the way for the Novus Ordo of 1969, changes implemented by the Freemason presbyter, Hannibal Bugnini, who ran the Committee for Liturgical Reform. The completion of this pre-Novus Ordo gutting of the Traditional Latin Mass was completed in 1960-1962.

This case is only one of many that demonstrates that the so-called "Mess of 1962+" is not the Traditional Latin Mass. It is in fact a Half Novus Ordo, which was engineered gradually, a decade in advance, by the chief architect of the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo of 1969, Hannibal Bugnini, assisted by his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers.

SSPX Official Caught in an Outright Lie

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

From time to time we TRADITIO Fathers get a nasty message from some extremist or other among the Society of St. Pius X (not all SSPXers are extremists; many would in fact like to get out, but they feel that they have no alternative). These extremists do not like the opinions that we have expressed about their leader, Bernie Fellay, and the Neo-SSPX that he is creating out of Archbishop Lefebvre's original SSPX, much as Modernist extremists have created the Newchurch of the New Order out of the Catholic Church.

One of our readers was concerned that Fellay's Neo-SSPX had not publicly condemned the modification to the Catholic and Apostolic Sacred Canon of the Mass, which no pope had believed himself to have the power to touch since its final codification in the early Church. She therefore wrote to the Rector of one of the SSPX's seminaries for an answer to the question, by what authority John XXIII made that modification. She was shocked at the answer that she got from the Rector and gave permission for it to be publicized.

The SSPX Rector essentially blew her question off, when she asked how such an action could be justified in light of Pope St. Pius V's solemn Papal Bull Quo Primum of 1570. In light of Pope Pius IX's answer, when asked for the same change in the mid 19th century: How can I do that? I'm only the pope! In light of Pope Innocent III's (1198-1215) pronouncement: "The consecratory formula of the Roman Canon has been imposed on the Apostles by Christ directly, and handed down by the Apostles to their successors." In his answer to the lady, the SSPX rector was just wrong -- and nasty to boot (we're not going to quote his contumelious language toward this lady). Well, anybody can fall into error, including SSPX officials.

But what about the SSPX official's lie? Well, it seems that this SSPX Rector, who was in error on the other question, couldn't avoid the temptation to dump on the source whence our reader got the text of Quo Primum, this TRADITIO Network, where the official Latin text of Pope St. Pius V, contained in the front of every traditional Roman Missal, is published, together with an English version, as well as a theological Commentary in Bull Quo Primum with Commentary and the Decree De Defectibus [On Defects Occurring in the Celebration of Masses], Given by His Holiness Pope St. Pius V), in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics). The SSPX Rector, in his obiter dicta, slipped in the following lie:

In referring to Bishop Fellay as "Bernie" and to the pope as "Benny," ... [the TRADITIO Network] is more interested in fault-finding than the truth.

We TRADITIO Fathers must admit to being amused at this frenetic SSPX Rector. (Out of charity for the embarrassment of the SSPX Rector involved, we are not going to mention his name here.) Yes, it is true that we refer at times to the SSPX's Neo-Superior General as "Bernie Fellay." That is, after all, a common version of his name, but we do it to take away some of the phony mystique with which this anti-traditional autocrat surrounds himself. We have heard from numerous sources in the SSPX that Fellay has spoken out about the use of this common name really bugging him -- bugging him far more than Benedict-Ratzinger's direct involvement in aiding and abetting his Newchurch clergy's raping of children, on which he has issued no public condemnation at all.

We leave it to our readers to deduce what kind of a traditional Catholic would express no condemnation against the Newpope who abets, under his own signature, his clergy's rape of children, but denounces someone who calls him "Bernie." Perhaps we TRADITIO Fathers have hit at the heart of Fellay's problem here: he doesn't understand Catholic moral teaching.

We TRADITIO Fathers have expressed opinions (everybody has opinions), but what the SSPX Rector did was to tell a lie: to state as a fact, not merely an opinion, what is not true. He stated that we have called Newpope "Benny." We have never called this Newpope "Benny" in these Daily Commentaries -- never. Check it out. Instead, we frequently use the term "Benedict-Ratzinger" to indicate his two-faced, hypocritical approach to Catholicism and morality. It seems that the SSPX Rector is hoist by his own petard. Just who is it who is really guilty of "fault-finding"!

Maybe the SSPX Rector can be excused from the moral blame of his lie, because there is a loophole in Catholic theology concerning lies: ignorance. The SSPX Rector could simply have been ignorant, just as he was putatively ignorant on the doctrinal matter of Quo Primum. Admidst our amusement at the lying (or ignorant) SSPX Rector, we have to be concerned that this man has been teaching SSPX seminarians. Now we perhaps begin to see why Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX is in the process of rejecting traditional Catholicism, of renouncing the SSPX's saintly founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, and of embracing Newchurch's New Order and its leader, the demonstrably immoral Benedict-Ratzinger.

January 30, 2011 - Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday

International Journalist Calls Fellay Statement about Dialogue with Newrome a "Fraud"
Intended to "Rob the SSPX of Their History, Property, and Their Very Souls"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
'The Plot against the Church'

Maurice Pinay's 1962 The Plot against the Church
Pinay Has Continued to Expose the Corruption of Newchurch
And of the Society of St. Pius X
His Expose of Newchurch and the SSPX
Has Been Published in Three Languages

International journalist Maurice Pinay has issued a statement on January 26, 2011, exposing what he calls a "fraud" perpetrated in SSPX Superior General Bernie Fellay's January 9, 2011, statement made in Paris, France, concerning SSPX "dialogue" with Newrome:

For our part, we wanted to try, willfully and deliberately, to create a serene climate around the discussions. Evidently, an indirect consequence of this can be that, concerning certain themes, unrelated or related to these discussions, for the moment one might have the impression that the Society will not have spoken with as much vehemence as on other occasions.

Pinay's statement charges that while these words suggest a lofty ideal, Fellay's actions in, among other things, vehemently smearing the SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson in the international media -- is evidence that creating a "serene climate" is not Fellay's real objective. Pinay maintains that Fellay's dialogue with the Newchurch of the New Order is a "fraud," intended to "rob the Society of St. Pius X of their history, property, and their very souls."

Pinay's 1962 book, The Plot against the Church, was published in the same year that Vatican II commenced. It was one of the first to document the fact that certain cardinals and bishops would use the Council to push forward a Modernist anti-Catholic agenda within the Church itself. The aim of these infiltrators was to "water down" Catholic teaching and to weaken the Church by placing it in a state of constant flux and confusion. This concerted effort, as Pinay documents, was orchestrated by non-Catholics and anti-Catholics, who had infiltrated the Church on a high level.

Paedophile Presbyter Is Locked in Jail on a Charge of Soliciting Capital Murder
The Rapist Let out a Contract on His Child-victim to Keep Him Quiet

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

In one of the most vicious cases of paedophile crime in Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch, a presbyter charged in a murder-for-hire plot against his 16-year-old rape victim will face a judge during the week of January 23, 2011. The San Antonio Newarchdiocese already paid off the child-victim with 1,000,000 dollars, some of which will go for medical treatment of the minor.

Presbyter John Fiala, who has been locked behind bars since November 2010 at Dallas County Jail, will face a judge on charges that he solicited capital murder. Fiala let out a murder contract on his victim so that the boy would not be able to finger his rapist, "Father" Fiala. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by San Antonio KENS5-TV.]

January 29, 2011 - St. Francis de Sales, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Is Reincarnation an Allowable Belief for a Catholic?"

From: Philip

Reincarnation Is a Pagan Concept
Which Christ Himself Instructed Us Is False
St. Paul, in the Apostolic Tradition Based Firmly upon that Instruction
Dogmatically Closed the Issue for Christians

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I have a serious question, and you are the only authority I can trust. A traditionalist Catholic I know is entertaining the idea that reincarnation is a valid and allowable belief for a Catholic. Can you confirm that reincarnation is definitely unCatholic?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Not just unCatholic, but unChristian. St. Luke's Gospel (20:36/DRV) shows Our Lord Himself as denying the notion of reincarnation. St. Paul's statement in Hebrews (9:27/DRV), in the Apostolic Tradition based firmly upon Our Lord's teaching, dogmatically closed the issue for Christians, when he wrote: Et quemadmodum statutum est hominibus semel mori, post autem hoc iudicium (And as it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment).

It is interesting to note that the Protestant-Masonic-Pagn New Order sect, implicitly rejecting Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, began dabbling in reincarnation and other pagan beliefs at the Newparish level immediately after Vatican II, as it did with other condemned pagan and occult periphernalia, such as enneagrams and Tarot cards.

Traditional Catholicism's Real Enemy
You May Be Surprised to Find Out Who It Is in Our Time

From: Patricius Anthony, Traditional Catholic Author

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I draw your readers' attention to my latest exclusive piece for the TRADITIO Network, in which I treat of traditional Catholicism's real enemy, as seen from the perspective of the period of the Arian heresy, which consumed the Church all the way up to the pope in the fourth century. Yes, it has all happened before. Your readers may be surprised to find out who the real enemy of traditional Catholicism is in our time.

For further information, click on Traditional Catholicism's Real Enemy in the TRADITIO Network's Special Features department (Articles, Reviews, Sermon Series, Other).

January 28, 2011 - St. Peter Solasco, Confessor
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "What Does It Mean to Be 'Invested' with the Brown Scapular?"

From: Wayne
Brown Scapular

The Scapular of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
Commonly Known as the "Brown Scapular"
Unless One Is Invested in It with the Traditional Latin Rite
One Does Not Participate in Its Special Spiritual Benefits
Investiture Involves Undertaking Several Serious Obligations
A Simple Blessing Does Not Suffice

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Could you please tell me what it means to be "invested" with the Brown Scapular? I looked in my religion books, but I couldn't find anything.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

What some call the "Brown Scapular" is actually the Scapular of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, associated with the Carmelite Order, both Discalced (Barefoot) and Calced (Shoed). When one is invested with the scapular through the traditional Latin rite given in the Rituale Romanum, one undertakes to wear this small part of the religious habit of that order (scapular coming from the Latin scapulum, meaning shoulder, the part of the habit worn over the shoulder) and becomes a member of the Confraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. One also takes on the responsibility of reciting daily the Officium Parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis [Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary], recited by the Carmelite religious.

It is only by being invested in the scapular that one participates in its special spiritual benefits. One may, however, use a scapular that is only blessed, simply as a devotion, much as one might use a blessed holy card or book. But when one is invested, one undertakes serious religious obligations to obtain special spiritual benefits. Like all Sacramentals of the Church, its efficaciousness depends upon the devotion of its user. It is not some "magical talisman," as all too many, even some traditional Catholics, sacrilegiously regard it.

Newchurch Eats Its Own in Benedict-Ratzinger's Great "Motu" Mess Hoax
A "Motu" Presbyter Is Ousted by Benedict-Ratzinger's Supreme Court

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger's highest court and its prefect, "traditionalist" poseur Raymond "Bully" Burke, the outsted Newarchbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, have ruled against three appeals by a Novus Ordo presbyter who tried to perform the supposedly-approved Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Mess of 1962+. The Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura has rendered its judgment against Francis Michel, the Newparish presbyter of Thiberville, France, who performed the "Motu" Mess against the will of his Newbishop, Christian Nourrichard, of Evreux.

Michel has been disciplined even though he does not say the Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Mess exclusively. To play both sides of the fence, he also performs the full Novus Ordo, invalid as it is. The presbyter's ploy didn't wash with his Newbishop, and Newrome sided with the authority of the Newbishop to drive him out. Just as the TRADITIO Fathers have maintained from the beginning, the "Motu" of 2007 is simply a hoax perpetrated by Benedict-Ratzinger to obtain bodies and money for his dying Novus Ordo sect from clueless pseudo-traditionalists.

As a result of this duplicity on the part of Newrome, Michel may dump Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order altogether and go independent. He has already received invitations to do just that. Of course, he would first have to undergo several years of studies in traditional Catholicism, as his Novus Ordo training is unCatholic and worthless. To get out of the Novus Ordo sect completely is the only honorable thing for him to do. Surely to go Neo-SSPX would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire, as the Neo-SSPX is on the verge of becoming openly New Order itself!

January 27, 2011 - St. John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

As Modern Christians Become Pagans
A "Pagan" Roman Emperor Set a Higher Standard

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Julian the Apostate

Julian "the Apostate," Who Ruled Rome from 355 to 363
The Roman Emperor Converted from Christianity to the "Pagan" Roman State Religion
Yet While the Pope of the Time Was Calling Catholics Worse than the Pagans
Julian Was Setting a Higher Moral Standard for "Pagan" Priests
That Even John Paul-Wojtyla and Benedict-Ratzinger Abysmally Fail to Meet!

It seems that the whole "Christian" world has gone crazy lately. Less than half a century after Constantine's A.D. 311 Edict of Toleration allowed the Christians to come out of the catacombs and participate openly in Roman society, the pope of the time said that the Christians had become more immoral than the Roman pagans. Let's take a brief look into what modern "Christians" are doing.

Barack Obama, who claims that he is a Christian, issued a statement on January 22, 2011, praising the "reproductive freedom" that since a 1972 U.S. Supreme Court decision has allowed women to murder 53,000,000 children in the womb. That number is five times greater than the number which the secular Jews claim were murdered in the World War II "holocaust." The "Christian" Obama went on to call for more abortions, stating: "I hope that we will recommit ourselves more broadly to ensuring that our daughters have the same rights" to murder their babies.

Meanwhile, once-Catholic Europe, which, under the watch of Newpopes John Paul-Wojtyla and Benedict-Ratzinger, has turned its back Christianity and, like many Christians of the fourth century, has become pagan, has ruled, via its European Court of Human Rights, that the "right to life" includes suicide. Take a moment to consider that perversity! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

Good Catholics, in that same fourth century mentioned previously, the pope condemned Christians as worse than pagans, the Roman emperor Julian, given the eponymn "the Apostate" because he converted from Christianity to the "pagan" Roman state religion, wrote letters to his pagan priests, calling on them to set a higher moral standard in their own lives than the Christians. The moral standard that the "pagan" Roman emperor set in these letters expose John Paul-Wojtyla's and Benedict-Ratzinger's morals as worse than those of the pagans!

Another SSPX Priest Goes Novus Ordo
Fellay's Neo-SSPX Keeps Secret the Fact that Several of Its Priests Have Jumped Ship

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

SSPX correspondents in Australia have informed us that Fr. Brendan Arthur, Principal at the Neo-SSPX Primary School in Brisbane, Australia, deserted the SSPX to join the Novus Ordo sect, headed there by Newarchbishop Denis Hart, of Melbourne.

We have received a number of reports that several SSPX priests have jumped ship to join the Novus Ordo sect now, since that seems to be the eventual direction toward which the SSPX Superior General, Bernie Fellay, is directing his Neo-SSPX. Fellay, as always, is very close-mouthed about these defections to the Novus Ordo sect, because to admit them publicly would gravely trouble his Neo-SSPX members and probably cut severely into the SSPX's income, just as the defection of the SSPX's Transalpine Redemptorists has done. Half of the donors cut off their donations to that SSPX monastery when it joined the Novus Ordo sect.

January 26, 2011 - St. Polycarp, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

A Reader Writes: "I Got This Handwritten Letter from a Christ the King Abbey Nun
Do You Think I Should Contribute?"

From: Jim
Abbey Nun's Letter

A Handwritten Letter Dated January 6, 2011
From a Nun Formerly at Christ the King Abbey in Cullman, Alabama
Sent to a Former Donor to the Abbey's St. Joseph's Monastery (Nunnery)
The Letter Raises Far More Questions than It Answers
How Can Any Further Donations Be Sought by Anyone Associated with Cullman
Until the Situation There Is Publicly Clarified?

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I received a handwritten letter dated January 6, 2011, from a nun named Sister Mary Veronica, O.S.B., who claims that St. Joseph's Monastery, the nunnery on the premises Christ the King Abbey, of Cullman, Alabama, has moved "due to many different circumstances." As you know, Christ the King Abbey, which was founded by the courageous independent traditional Catholic abbot, Fr. Leonard Giardina, has been reported to be leaning toward the Newchurch of the New Order ever since the stroke of the abbot in October 2010. The letter claims that "a couple of us" nuns are now in Lafayette, Louisiana, trying to start over." The letter asks for money. Do you think I should contribute?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

This letter raises more questions than it answers. The letter is dated January 6, 2011, which was five days before the abbot died. What was going on in Cullman, Alabama, during the abbot's illness? Are the "couple of nuns" among the Novus-Ordo leaners, or were they exiled, like Fr. Bernard, because they wished to retain their traditional Catholic vows? The plot thickens.

Some subsequent communications to the TRADITIO Fathers -- unfortunately, sparse in details -- have indicated that two traditional nuns, Mother Mary Monica and Sr. Mary Veronica, were exiled, together with Fr. Bernard, from the Cullman site by the Novus Ordo-leaners, Frs. Michael and Sebastian, and have re-founded their orders in Lafayette, Louisiana, in order to maintain their commitment as traditional contemplative Benedictines. The two Novus Ordo-leaners at Cullman, who are reportedly "exploring their options" with the Newchurch diocese of Birmingham, kept all the convent's bank accounts and refused even the Benedictine charity of giving to Fr. Bernard, Mother Mary Monica, and Sr. Mary Veronica some traveling-money.

The upshot of this is that the people at Cullman and those who have reportedly moved to Lafayette are doing one lousy job of communication. Actually, few of them are communicating at all. They seem more interested in keeping what is going on tantamount to a pontifical secret. No wonder the donors are reticent to contribute, being ill informed and confused.

January 25, 2011 - The Conversion of St. Paul Ap.
Double Major Feast

Italian Newchurch Lay Leaders Attack Benedict-Ratzinger for Condemned Syncretism
Outraged at His New Assisi Prayer Meeting, They Wonder, Is He a Catholic or an Oecumanic?

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Benedict-Ratzinger & Imams

Benedict-Ratzinger Prays like an Infidel with Mohammedan Imams
At the Blue Mosque in Istabul, Turkey, during November 2006
Ratzinger and His Mentor John Paul-Wojtyla Both Scheduled Sacrilegious
Sycretistic Prayer Meetings with Heretics, Schismatics, and Pagans
Condemned by Their Papal Predecessor
As "Not in Any Way to Be Approved by Catholics"

Italian Newchurch lay leaders are attacking Benedict-Ratzinger for calling a Third Oecumenical Prayer Meeting at Assisi, Italy, the city of St. Francis, after the first two, called by John Paul-Wojtyla in 1986 and 1995, involved gross sacrilege and syncretism with heretics, schismatics, and pagans, most vividly represented by the placing of the Buddha on top of the Novus Ordo tabernacle while Newchurch presbyters engaged in idolatrous worship of him.

It seems that Benedict-Ratzinger can do nothing right these days and is finally being exposed for the unCatholic Modernist that he remains since before Vatican II (1962-1965). More and more Motarians are realizing that he has deceived them into accept a Half Novus Ordo "Motu" service, the "Mess of 1962+," and Neocon Newchurchers are realizing that he is no "conservative," but a dedicated Modernist. Just as we TRADITIO Fathers, remaining undeceived, warned traditional Catholics from the beginning.

Benedict-Ratzinger's announcement of a Third Assisi in October 2011 has touched off a firestorm of outspoken criticism by Italian Newchurch lay leaders his Novus Ordo programme and of John Paul-Wojtyla's "Spirit of Assisi." In fact, more and more Newchurchers are demanding that Benedict-Ratzinger stop the John Paul-Wojtyla con-anization bandwagon, as it was John Paul-Wojtyla who propagated this antiCatholic nonsense from the beginning. Certainly nobody claims that John Paul-Wojtyla was "traditionalist." He too, like Benedict-Ratzinger, was a Modernist loose cannon, whose Novus Ordo con-anization would prove once and for all that Newchurch is not Catholic.

Here are some examples of what leading Italian lay leaders are saying against Benedict-Ratzinger, as published in the January 11, 2011, issue of Il Foglio, a conservative Italian newspaper:

[Assisi] had an undeniable repercussion, re-launching in the Catholic [sic] world indifference and religious relativism. It is this event that caused to take effect among the Christian people the idea that the immemorial teaching of the Church, "one, holy, Catholic and apostolic," concerning the unique character of the Savior, was in some way to be banished to the archives.
We all remember the representatives of all the religions in a Catholic sanctuary, the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, lined up with olive branches in hand, as if to signify that peace does not come through Christ, but, indescriminately, through all the founders of any credo whatsoever (Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, Kali, Christ).
The effect of this "praying together," whatever its goal may be, like it or not, is to make many believe that all were praying to "the same God," only with different names. On the contrary, the Scriptures are clear: "Thou shalt not have false gods before me" (First Commandment), "I am the way, and the truth, and the Life: no man cometh to the Father, but by me" (John 14:6/DRV).
We recall with consternation, going back 25 years, the chickens beheaded on the altar of St. Claire according to tribal rituals and a statue of Buddha placed on the altar in the church of St. Peter, above the relics of the martyr Vittorino, killed in A.D. 400 to bear witness to his faith. We remember the Catholic priests [sic: really Novus Ordo presbyters] baptized in the initiation rites of other religions. By doing this, one ends up just spreading one idea: that rites, all rites, are nothing but empty human gestures. That all the conceptions of the divine are of equal value. That all moralities which emanate from all religions are interchangeable.
Indeed, a congress of all religions had been organized in Chicago in 1893 and in Paris in 1900. But Pope Leo XIII intervened to forbid all Catholics from participating. Pius XI wrote thus in Mortalium animos, of January 6, 1928, concerning oecumenical encounters: "Such undertakings cannot, in any way, be approved by Catholics, since they are based on the erroneous opinion that all religions are more or less good and praiseworthy, in the sense that all equally, although in different ways, manifest and signify the natural and innate sentiment that carries us towards God and pushes us to recognize with respect His power. In truth, the partisans of this theory fall into a complete error, but what is more, in perverting the notion of the true religion, they repudiate it, and they fall step by step into naturalism and atheism."
We fear that, whatever you [Benedict-Ratzinger] may say, television, the newspapers, and many Catholics [sic] will interpret it in the light of this past and of the present indifferentism; we fear that, whatever you may claim, the event will be read as a continuation of the manipulation of the figure of St. Francis, transformed by today’s oecumenists into an pacifist, a syncretist without faith.
And many will think mistakenly that the [New]church has henceforth capitulated and recognized, in the line of the New Age way of thinking, that to pray to Christ, Allah, Buddha, or Manitou is the same thing. That animist and Islamic polygamy, Hindu castes, or the polytheistic animist spiritualism, can go hand-in-hand.

Good Catholics, the appeal of these Italian Newchurch lay leaders is pointless, of course. Benedict-Ratzinger, a stubborn Modernist, will not cancel his plans, but will proceed deliberately to this grave affront against the God whose vicar he sometimes claims to be. Traditional Catholics must, of course, stand with Pope Pius XI and his complete condemnation of syncretism [deceptively renamed "oecumenism" at Vatican II], against John Paul-Wojtyla and Benedict-Ratzinger, who project the "all gods are equal" Modernist philosophy.

January 24, 2011 - St. Timothy, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

Newchurch Bishop Schneider Wants Benedict-Ratzinger to Recant
The Errors of Vatican Council II and Appoint Moral Bishops

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Athanasius Schneider

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Poses before His Novus Ordo Table
He Has Called for Benedict-Ratzinger to Recant the Errors of Vatican II
And to Do a Better Job of Appointing Newbishops
That Is Exemplified by the Communist Spies, Child Rapists, and Sodomy Supporters
That Have Become His Trademark

Athanasius Schneider, Newchurch bishop of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, has called for Benedict-Ratzinger to accept that Vatican Council II (1962-1965) promulgated major errors, including "an anthropocentric, secularizing, or naturalistic shift" and a dramatic break from previous Church teachings.

Schneider chastised Newchurch bishops, who have failed to defend the purity and integrity of the Faith. The confusion, says Schneider, can be resolved only by identifying the Council's errors. He also called upon Benedict-Ratzinger to do a better job of appointing Newchurch bishops who will be "holy, courageous pastors, profoundly rooted in the tradition of the Church." Benedict-Ratzinger has become notorious for appointing corrupt bishops: Communist spies, child rapists, and sodomy supporters. Schneider made his appeal in Latin during a conference held in Newrome in December 2010, the text of which has just now been made available. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service.]

Good Catholics, Newbishop Schneider is howling at the wind. Most of the participants at the conference are no longer competent to understand the Latin language. Benedict-Ratzinger surely isn't going to declare erroneous the Vatican II Council, of which he was one of the chief Modernist engineers. Vatican II can't be "fixed." It is one of a few councils of the Church that should be declared null and void, as was the Quinisext Council (692), the Council of Hieria (754), and the Council of Pistoia (1794). This last voided council's erroneous teachings bear a strong similarity to the errors of Vatican II.

January 23, 2011 - Third Sunday after Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday

A Reader Asks: "Did Archbishop Lefebvre Ever Celebrate the Novus Ordo Service?"

From: Bryanne
St. Peter's Altar

When Even St. Peter's Itself Was Embracing the Protestantized Novus Ordo
Archbishop Lefebvre Took only 19 Months to Conclude that It Wasn't Even Catholic
Dumped It Completely, Publicly Condemned It, Never Used It Again
And Founded the Original Society of St. Pius X in Opposition to It in 1970
Benedict-Ratzinger Still Embraces the Invalid Service
And Has Decreed It to Be the "Ordinary Rite" of His Newchurch of the New Order

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

According to a story recirculating around the internet, a traditional priest at the time of the institution of the Novus Ordo service in 1969 claimed that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the Founder of the Society of St. Pius X, celebrated the Novus Ordo service just after it was implemented. Did Archbishop Lefebvre ever celebrate the Novus Ordo Service?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

According to the story of a traditional priest, Guerard des Lauriers, at the time that the Novus Ordo service was just being implemented in 1969, claimed that Archbishop Lefebvre celebrated the Novus Ordo service from May 5, 1969, until December 24, 1970. If so, it would not be all that surprising. Like many after Vatican II (1962-1965), Archbishop Lefebvre wavered somewhat in his practice. There were very few like Fr. Gommar DePauw who saw the reality clearly from as early as 1962. Those who were around then, like the TRADITIO Fathers, who remember that turbulent Vatican II period know how deceptively the liturgical changes were introduced by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini little by little so that the degree of their unCatholicity did not become clear to most until much later.

If the story is true, the important point is that the Archbishop in less than 20 months resolved any doubts that he had over misplaced loyalty to what had become the Newchurch of the New Order and concluded with finality that the New Order was not the Catholic Church. From the time of Vatican II he had expressed serious doubts about the Catholicity of the Vatican II New Order. Already in 1970 Archbishop Lefebvre had came to the solid conclusion that the Novus Ordo service of 1969 was not Catholic, dumped it completely, publicly condemned it, never used it again, and founded the original Society of St. Pius X in opposition to it.

Compare the courage of Archbishop Lefebvre with those bishops who swallowed the Novus Ordo hook, line, and sinker, with no expressed doubts, and who never recanted, to this day, from the Novus Ordo. The best example is Josef Ratzinger, who immediately in 1969 embraced the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo with no expressed doubts and who, in his Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum of July 7, 2007, decreed that invalid and unCatholic Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service as the "Ordinary Rite" of his Newchurch of the New Order.

One can only imagine how much pressure was put by the Novus Ordo leaders on Archbishop Lefebvre, who was a high-ranking member of the Church as Apostolic Vicar of French Africa for Pope Pius XII and Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers, one of the largest traditional missionary organizations in the Church, to embrace the Novus Ordo without reservation. Yet Archbishop Lefebvre courageously resisted all of that pressure and was arguably the most significant force in derailing the total supremacy of the Novus Ordo.

Benedict-Ratzinger Turns His Pontifical Science Academy over to a Protestant
In Its 400 Years the Academy Has Never Been Headed by a Heretic

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger couldn't find a Catholic, let alone a Newchurcher, to head his Pontifical Academy of Sciences, so he picked a heretic, Werner Arber. A papal spokesman admitted that Benedict-Ratzinger was the first pope in 400 years to appoint a heretic to lead the pontifical institute in its 400 years of existence. Benedict-Ratzinger's predecessors are turning over in their graves!

January 22, 2011 - Sts. Vincent & Anastasius, Martyrs
Semidouble Feast

Charismatic Cable Network Tries to Monopolize "Catholic" News
With Its Purchase of the National Catholic Register and the Catholic News Agency

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica, Foundress of the EWTN Charismatic Cable Network
Shown Here with an Eye Patch after One of Her Strokes
Mother Angelica Was on the Neocon Novus Ordo Side
But after Her Stroke the Charismatics Pushed the Network even More Novus Ordo
Now EWTN Is Starting to Buy up Other Newchurch Media to Build a Monopoly

Gradually the Charismatic Cable Network, ETWN, is gaining a monopoly over Newchurch media in the United States. EWTN was always Newchurch, but under its foundress, Mother Angelica, it was Neocon. However, after Mother Angelica suffered several strokes around the turn of the century and was sidelined, EWTN has become the voice of Charismaticism in the New Order, although it deftly uses some conservative window-dressing in sets and costumes, with even a little Latin thrown in, to fool the Neocon Newchurchers and pseudo-traditionalists into thinking that it is Catholic.

The Charismatic network, having already taken control of the so-called Catholic News Agency in 2010, has now expanded its growing monopoly by buying up the National Catholic Register, which has been spun off the corrupt empire of the paedophile/bisexual/incestuous rapist presbyter Marciel Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ. The biweekly National Catholic Register is the oldest national Catholic newspaper in the United States, founded in traditional Catholicism in 1927.

For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section "Charismatic Movement."

A Reader Asks: "Could You Explain the Sinfulness of Being Late to Mass?"

From: Stephanie

Dear Fathers:

I was taught that you effectively missed Mass on Sunday if you were not there in time for the Offertory, but that any tardiness is sinful. It seems that there is a lot of tardiness these days, which I can well understand is sinful because of the neglect of God that it implies. Could you explain the sinfulness of being late to Mass?

The Fathers Reply.

Any Catholic who is serious about worshipping his Creator gets to Holy Mass on time -- period! How many of these tardy individuals would be late to an invitation to the White House? They'd make sure that they'd get there in time! How would these tardy individual react when in the Judgment Our Lord said to them, I'm running late Myself today. Why don't you spend an eternity in Hell while I get Myself together?

Any tardiness to Holy Mass that is knowing and deliberate is serious. Sure, on occasion the bus may late, or the traffic might be uncharacteristically slow. But if that becomes a regular condition, leave earlier. If you are not present for the Offertory, the Consecration, and the Communion, the three essential parts of the Mass, you are not present for the Mass. And what about preparation for Mass? Do these tardy Catholics rush in at the last moment without any preparation? Such tardy people really need to recall the words of their Lord about the capital sin of sloth: I will "vomit thee out of my mouth" (Apocalypse 3:16/DRV).

January 21, 2011 - St. Agnes, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

"Motu" Mess Newcardinal Hoyos Has Been Exposed in Secret "Smoking Gun" Letter
Ordering Irish Newbishops Not to Report Child Rapes by Newchurch Clergy

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Hoyos Document

Newcardinal Hoyos's Letter Ordering Irish Newchurch Bishops
Not to Report Crimes against Children to the Police
The Secret Letter Was Recently Revealed by Irish Television
And Has Been Described as the "Smoking Gun"
Needed to Prove that Hoyos and His Partner, Newcardinal Ratzinger
Enforced a Worldwide Cover-up of Child Rapes by Newchurch Clergy

An Irish television documentary, aired on January 17, 2011, revealed an official 1997 letter in which Newcardinal Dario Hoyos, Prefect of Clergy, ordered Irish Newbishops not to report the numerous rapes and other crimes of Newchurch clergy against children to the police. Hoyos had been beloved of pseudo-traditionalists, as he was also President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, which had jurisdiction over the "Indult" Mess of 1988 and then the "Motu" Mess of 2007. Hoyos was fired as President on July 2, 2009, and his commission disbanded. Hoyos and Ratzinger were at the time appointed by John Paul-Wojtyla as co-heads of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust.

Hoyos told the Irish Newbishops in the letter that they were to be "fathers" to their criminal presbyters, not policemen. Hoyos told them that he and Ratzinger had "moral reservations" about reporting the felonies to police. Just when the Irish Newbishops were taking their first steps to deal with the rampant sex crimes among Newchurch bishops and presbyters, the team of Hoyos and Ratzinger intervened to put first the rights of the criminals over those of the children.

The Hoyos letter, which was supposed to have remained highly secret, has produced yet more outrage on the part of the Irish Newchurchers, who are already hopping mad at Benedict-Ratzinger for abetting the rape of Irish children in schools and institutions. The child-victims say the Hoyos letter is a "smoking gun" that shows that Newchurch, particularly Hoyos and Ratzinger, the co-heads of the crime holocaust, enforced a worldwide culture of concealing crimes by paedophile presbyters, for which John Paul-Wojtyla, Hoyos, and Ratzinger priests of which Rome bear the ultimate responsibility. "The letter confirms that the cover-up goes as far as the Vatican, that Vatican officials knew exactly what was going on, and that they proactively sought to deter Irish bishops from cooperating with civil authorities in Ireland," said one child-victim. The Irish government is taking steps to take over the Newchurch educational system in Ireland because it believes that Newchurch clergy cannot be trusted with children.

In a particularly outrageous case, the notorious paedophile priest, Tony Walsh had already been found guilty by an Irish court of sex crimes against children, but appealed to Hoyos and Ratzinger, and while they dragged their feet, the presbyter raped another child, whose mother publicly blamed Hoyos and Ratzinger for the rape of her son. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Writes: "The SSPX Is Just a Ploy by the New Order
To Nullify the Traditional Catholic Movement"

From: Jenni

Dear TRADITIO Fathers

Did you notice something peculiar about the situation at Christ the King Abbey in Cullman, Alabama, where traditional Catholicism is under attack by the New Order? Specifically, did you notice that the self-titled "saviors of tradition," the SSPX, are nowhere to be found?

That is the reality because the SSPX will never help Catholics who operate outside of the SSPX. They would never spend an American dollar on helping any traditional Catholic individual or group who is not somehow affiliated with the SSPX. They would rather see the Abbey, and all traditional Catholic groups, become nullified and sucked into the New Order rather than ever once helping them out, or even acknowledging them.

You gave a lot of coverage to the hatred and attacks by Abraham Foxman, head of the Sons of the Jewish Covenant, directed at Mel Gibson for making a wholly traditional Catholic film in Hollywood. Now we find out that SSPX Superior General Fellay's partner, Maximilian Krah, is a public supporter of Jewish causes. Nor has Fellay or any of his lieutenants excoriated Benedict-Ratzinger for his now-proven complicity in child rape these last forty years.

In fact, if you really think about it, it's hard not to conclude that the SSPX itself, not just Fellay but all of its willingly-silent clerics, is just a ploy by the New Order to nullify the traditional Catholic movement. They're doing an excellent job!

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

You're singing to the choir on that one! The TRADITIO Network has been almost the only source to expose the hypocrisy of the SSPX. Under Bernie Fellay it has truly become a cult, supporting the Novus Ordo establishment and particularly the Paedophile Pope and the Prophylactic Pope, Benedict-Ratzinger.

Thus, we call the SSPX something different under Fellay, the Neo-SSPX, because it is no longer the traditional Catholic organization that Archbishop Lefebvre founded. It fact, Fellay and his Neo-SSPX have perfidiously betrayed their great Archbishop-Founder.

January 20, 2011 - St. Fabian, Pope & Sebastian, Martyrs
Double Feast

More than Prayer is Required in the Case of Christ the King Abbey
Traditional Catholics Must Follow the Example of Christ's Greatest Apostle

From: A Member of the Christ the King Abbey Community
Christ the King Abbey

Traditional Catholics outside Christ the King Abbey
With the Death of the Abbot and the Newchurch Leanings of the Remaining Monk Leaders
The Local Traditional Catholics May Shortly Lose Their Only Independent Fully Traditional Abbey
If They Do Not Immediately Rise up Like St. Pauls and Fight for Their Faith
Pusillanimity and Sloth Is Not the Traditional Catholic's Answer to Threats against the Faith

Dear Fathers:

Please pray for us here in Cullman, Alabama, that Christ the King Abbey may be saved from the vultures of the Novus Ordo. Pray that we will have the leadership needed to overcome this threat to the Church of Christ.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

The traditional Catholic Faith requires both prayer and action. You traditional Catholics there need to stand up for your traditional Catholic Faith, your traditional Catholic abbey, and your rights; otherwise, you will surely lose what you have, just as Christ taught in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25) teaches. We TRADITIO Fathers have been receiving inquiries from all over the United States offering help, but, in the local traditional community, as far as we know, there is no one stepping forth to fight for the traditional abbey. The local community is pusillanimous and slothful, an attitude that is condemned by Our Lord in the parable. When the abbey is lost to the false Novus Ordo sect, the local traditional community will have no one to blame but itself for the ensuing catastrophe.

Follow instead the example of Christ's greatest Apostle, St. Paul. He did not restrict himself to prayer, by any means. He took injustice from no one. He fought with the fury of God the Jewish authorities, and he fought the Roman authorities for their injustices. He said famously: "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7/DRV). If traditional Catholics don't even try to fight for their Faith and for Christ as St. Paul did, one has to question whether they are even Christians. Certainly, when they finish their own course, they will have much to answer for at their Final Judgment before Christ.

A Reader Asks: "Isn't Beatification an Infallible Act?"

From: James

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am a traditional Catholic. I look upon the Novus Ordo sect as gone horribly astray. If that sect declares John Paul-Wojtyla "blessed," what am I to think? Isn't beatification an infallible act?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Beatification has never been considered an infallible act in Catholic theology, nor, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church's Universal Doctor, and others, is canonization. For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section "Canonizations, Post-conciliar."

January 19, 2011 - St. Marius & Companions
Simple Feast

Newchurch Bishops Trying to Hide under Cover of Bankruptcy
Will Instead Be Exposed by the Federal Courts in the United States

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurch Bankruptcies

Eight Newchurch Dioceses Filing for Bankruptcy in the United States
If the Newbishops Think that This Will Absolve Them from Child-victims' Claims
They'd Better Think Again!
Bankruptcy Proceedings Will Likely Open All Newdiocesan Secret Documents

All the secret documents of the Newchurch archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are set to be exposed as part of the bankruptcy proceeding that the Newdiocese has instituted to try to get out of paying its child-victims their full due. The corruption of the Newarchdiocese will be put under the microscope for all to see, and the child-victims will have their day in court.

This is just what Newarchbishop Jerome Listecki was trying to avoid when he filed for bankruptcy on January 4, 2011, saying that he and his Newchurch clergy were involved with so many charges of sex crimes that he could not pay all the damages required. Listecki has tried to use the bankruptcy as a ploy to skirt answering for the sex crimes of his Newchurch clergy. But it won't work.

A look at Newchurch bankruptcies across the United States suggests that everything -- every account, every asset, every legal contract that controls them -- will be scrutinized, litigated, and negotiated as lawyers try to hammer out a settlement in which the archdiocese would compensate the child-victims and be allowed to emerge from bankruptcy. The Newdiocese of Milwaukee has already spent nearly 30,000,000 dollars in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal. Across the United States bankruptcies have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements in Newchurch dioceses in Tucson, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Spokane, Washington; Fairbanks, Alaska; Wilmington, Delaware; San Diego, California; and Davenport, Iowa.

The federal bankruptcy court can intervene in every aspect of the Newarchdiocese's conduct. That is the danger that Listecki will not be able to avoid. One legal expert explained: "It's a gamble. The last thing a diocese wants is for outsiders to control their decisions, and they're careful not to go there." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Journal-Sentinel]

SSPX's U.S. Superior Tries a "Feint" on SSPXers
Attached to the Founding Principles of Archbishop Lefebvre

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Arnaud Rostand, USA District Superior of the SSPX, reportedly told a small group that the SSPX will soon be breaking off talks with the Modernists and will go back on its own. The talks are purportedly dead, as the Modernists are hanging on, to the death, to Vatican II and its errors and the New Mass. The gestures by Benedict-Ratzinger towards "traditionalists" have been phony all along. Well, Arnaud, what did you think the New Order sect was going to do become traditional? Seriously?

But we don't for a minute believe that Fellay will ever give up his frenzied quest for recognition by the New Order. Rostaud's would not be the first "feint" to keep those SSPXers who are attached to the founding principles of Archbishop Lefebvre in the Neo-SSPX to contribute their money. However, if the statement were true, Fellay & Co. could have saved a tremendous amount of wasted money and time if they had listened to the sage advice of TRADITIO from the beginning not to trust Josef Ratzinger "The Fox" and his Great "Motu" Mess Hoax!

January 18, 2011 - St. Peter's Chair at Rome
Double Major Feast

A Reader Asks: "Did John Paul-Wojtyla Really Have an Illegitimate Son?"

From: John
John Paul-Wojtyla

In 1994 French Newspapers Reported that "Saint" John Paul-Wojtyla Had an Illegitimate Son
Before He Entered the Catholic Seminary in 1940
Newvatican Refused to Comment upon the Report
But John Paul-Wojtyla's Own Private Secretary Admitted that While He Was Pope
John Paul-Wojtyla Would "Slip out" of Newrome in Disguise
To Spend a Day in the Mountains with a Woman

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I would like to bring to the attention of your readers the substance of a story about "Saint" John Paul-Wojtyla that was carried in French newspapers. While I was walking down a street in Paris, France, on July 1, 1994, a French newspaper sold on the public newsstands carried a photograph of the 54-year old son of John Paul-Wojtyla. The newspapers reported that John Paul-Wojtyla had fathered an illegitimate child in 1940 before he entered the Catholic seminary. The lengthy article that concluded with the statement: "The Vatican has refused to comment." Did John Paul-Wojtyla really have an illegitimate son?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

We have no information about the purported illegitimate son of John Paul-Wojtyla. However, the Catholic News Agency reported on a news conference given at the Apostolic Nuntiature in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 20, 2009, at which John Paul-Wojtyla's long-time private secretary and intimate, Stanislaw Dziwisz, now a Newcardinal, confirmed that during the early years of his pontificate, John Paul-Wojtyla would sometimes slip out of Newvatican in disguise to spend a day in the mountains. John Paul-Wojtyla has been implicated with a woman on these trips.

Whether there was any hanky-panky going on is not known, but Dziwisz, who knew John Paul-Wojtyla better than anyone, seemed to be warning Benedict-Ratzinger to slow down until a complete investigation could be conducted. Benedict-Ratzinger spurned the sage advice -- as he often spurns sound advice from people who know better than he does -- and has rushed to Novus Ordo "beatify" the "Saint." According to Dziwicz, John Paul-Wojtyla enjoyed "escaping from the Vatican," apparently becoming more and more jaded about his papal office as the years went by. {Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

A Reader Asks: "How Does One Get in Touch with the Abbey Community
To Fight the Novus Ordo Takeover?"

From: Colleen

Dear Fathers:

I read with horror your report of the potential of a take-over by of the traditional Benedictine Christ the King Abbey by the Novus Ordo, after the death on January 8, 2011, of Abbot Leonard Giardina, a staunch opponent of the Newchurch of the New Order. How does one get in touch with the abbey community to fight a Novus Ordo takeover of the traditional Benedictine monastery?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

We have not heard of anyone in the local community who is fighting. The news from the supposed traditional Catholics of Cullman, Alabama, is nil. We have received many expressions of outrage and offers of help, like yours, from the outside, but the local traditional community seems to be sitting on its hands. Such sloth and negligence will probably end up with the abbey being taken over by Novus Ordo elements. And that will be nobody's fault but their own.

January 17, 2011 - St. Anthony, Abbot
Double Feast

Doctors Say that John Paul-Wojtyla's "Miracle" Is Phony
But Benedict-Ratzinger Cranks up the New Order's Phony Saint Machine Anyway

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Marciel Maciel & John Paul-Wojtyla

John Paul-Wojtyla Blesses the Sex Criminal, Marciel Maciel, Founder of the Legionaries of Christ
John Paul-Wojtyla and Legionaries Knew that Maciel Was a Serial Rapist
Who Did Not Discriminate between Boys and Girls, Men and Women
Seminarians and Even His Own Children
Yet John Paul-Wojtyla Decreed that Maciel Should Not Be Investigated
Now Benedict-Ratzinger Wants to Make the Criminal Conspirator John Paul-Wojtyla a Novus Ordo "Saint"

In spite of doctors' statements that the "miracle" used as the excuse to Novus Ordo beatify John Paul-Wojtyla is phony, Benedict-Ratzinger has rushed to approve the phony miracle, so that Newchurch coffers can be filled by a May 1, 2011, "beatification" extravaganza. Moreover, Benedict-Ratzinger is using the phony "beatification" to effect more cover-up of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. Ever since the demonstration contrived by Polish enterpreneurs in St. Peter's Piazza after his death to make John Paul-Wojtyla a Santo Subito, an immediate saint, so that tourism to Poland could be increased, Newchurch has been pushing to phony up a poster-boy "saint" in an attempt to vindicate the New Order, which has been exposed as thoroughly corrupt.

Newvatican has consistently made efforts, even before John Paul-Wojtyla's death, to make him in some kind of Novus Ordo saintly figure through the use of outright lies. Within the week before his death, Newvatican reports indicated that he was saying the Novus Ordo service in his bedroom. When the press asked Newvatican how a man so sick could do such a thing, Newvatican tripped all over itself to say that he hadn't performed the service, but followed it actively. Later, in a little noticed report in Newvatican's official publication, Acta Apostolicae Sedis, the official doctor's report indicated that John Paul-Wojtyla had been in a coma for up to a week before his death, oblivious to the world. Moreover, contrary to the Apostolic Consitution pertaining to the sede vacante period, someone stole the papal ring and appointed two dozen phon bishops while John Paul-Wojtyla was either dead or almost dead. Such are the machinations of this now New Order Church and its corrupt officials.

The fact is that most of the rapes of children, including deaf and handicapped children, by Newchurch cardinals, bishops, and presbyters were perpetrated under John Paul-Wojtyla's "watch." Actually, John Paul-Wojtyla, more like Pontius Pilate than a saint, washed his hands of the sex-crimes holocaust and allowed his Newchurch clergy to continue raping children right and left, without any censure from him. He has been denounced as prioritizing the rights of accused presbyters, even ones who admitted to their crimes, at the expense of their child victims.

But the most damaging case of immorality linked to John Paul-Wojtyla concerns Marciel Maciel, the Mexican founder of the Legionaries of Christ and a "beloved" of John Paul-Wojtyla. Because of Maciel's ability to defraud Newchurchers of their money, John Paul-Wojtyla placed Maciel in a position of full papal approval. John Paul-Wojtyla knew what the Legionaries' leaders knew: that Maciel was a serial rapist, whose numerous crimes involved the rape of boys and girls, men and women, his seminarians and his own children. These crimes were reported to John Paul-Wojtyla in the 1990s. But John Paul-Wojtyla, perpetrating a massive cover-up in order to keep Maciel's tainted money flowing in to Newchurch, decreed that Maciel should not be investigated.

So much for John Paul-Wojtyla's "sanctity." As to his phony "miracle," in 2010 doctorseven Newchurch investigators declared Marie Simon-Pierre's purported "cure" from Parkinson's Disease to be "doubtful." But to admit the fact would mean that John Paul-Wojtyla could not become the poster-boy "saint" for a Newchurch drowning in sex crimes. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Rome Television and the Associated Press.]

Austrian Newcardinal-Primate Schoenborn Says that Newchurch Is Sinking
And Does Not Foresee Any Turnaround in the Trend of Record Levels of Abandonment

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On the heels of a report that the once-Catholic country of Belgium, besieged by hundreds of reports of child rape by Newchurch bishops and presbyters, can draw only 6 per cent of Newchurchers to its Sunday services, a January 11, 2011, report has revealed that a record number of Austrians have turned their backs on the Newchurch of the New Order. A record number of 87,393 Newchurchers left in 2010, 64 percent more than in 2009 and highest number since 1945, according to Newchurch's own Kathpress news agency.

In Austria, Church membership is measured by the number of people who pay a Church tax. But in the wake of the recent revelations of sex crimes by Newchurch bishops and presbyters, more and more Belgians have refused to pay the tax and have quit Newchurch. Vienna's Newarchbishop Christoph Schoenborn had already warned in December 2010 that the number of Newchurchers turning their backs on the New Order sect was set to reach a post World War II record. Moreover, he expressed pessimism about a turnaround in the trend.

January 16, 2011 - Second Sunday after Epiphany
Semidouble Sunday

SSPX's Fellay Says that Benedict-Ratzinger's Assisi Convocation "Will Be Full of Devils"
But He Doesn't Even Mention the Head Devil!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Buddha on Tabernacle

The Image of Buddha Sits on Top of the Novus Ordo Tabernacle at Assisi in 1986
At the First Oecumenical Prayer Meeting, Called by John Paul-Wojtyla, and Repeated in 1995
Now Benedict-Ratzinger Has Called a Third Oecumenical Prayer Meeting for October 2011
Violating the First Commandment of God against "False Gods"

It is truly amazing how Newchurchers, and wanna-be Newchurchers like the SSPX's Bernie Fellay, suffer from Disconnection Syndrome, which disconnects actions from the person who performs them. Fellay demonstrated an advanced case of Disconnection Syndrome when on January 9, 2011, at St. Nicholas du Chardonnet Church in Paris, France, he commented upon Benedict-Ratzinger's recent call for a third Oecumenical Prayer Meeting in October 2011. The two previous syncretistic meetings at Assisi, held in 1986 and 1995 under Benedict-Ratzinger's mentor John Paul-Wojtyla, produced worldwide scandal, when various pagan rites were celebrated at sacred sites in St. Francis' hometown by Newchurch clergy, including John Paul-Wojtyla himself, and the Buddha was placed above the tabernacle.

Fellay condemned the meeting, saying "Assisi will be full of devils!" If he truly believes that, why did he completely omit the name of the Head Devil, Benedict-Ratzinger himself, who called the meeting and is its organizer and sponsor? Fellay even fraudulently invoked the name of SSPX's Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, saying, "Everything that Archbishop Lefebvre had said at the time [of the first Assisi meeting in 1986], we repeat in our own name." But isn't Fellay just perpetrating a lie? Archbishop Lefebvre publicly condemned the man who has now convoked this third syncretistic meeting, Benedict-Ratzinger, as "not a Catholic." Yet Bernie Fellay doesn't even mention him!

Good Catholics, Archbishop Lefebvre knew Josef Ratzinger intimately for many years. He knew Ratzinger's despicable Modernistic programme at Vatican II. He knew John Paul-Wojtyla's "Indult Mess" ploy of 1988, warmed over by Benedict-Ratzinger for the Great "Motu" Mess Hoax of 2007. Lefebvre's conclusion: Ratzinger is "not a Catholic." Lefebvre's successor Fellay, to the contrary, has not uttered a single word against Benedict-Ratzinger for his sycretistic dealings with false religions contrary to the First Commandment. Is Fellay for real? It is remarkable that the people at St. Nicholas didn't laugh him to scorn, for Fellay as a "traditional bishop" is truly a joke.

Newchurch and Its New Order Have Fallen on Hard Times
28-year-old Novus Ordo Press Is up for Sale

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

A "Catholic" press that once published traditional books condemning the New Order Church, such as Dietrich von Hildebrand's A Trojan Horse in the City of God (1967) and The Devastated Vineyard (1973), but then turned to publishing books in collaboration with that same New Order Church, is now up for sale. The sales bulletin indicates that almost 40 per cent of its books have fallen out of print. Apparently, Novus Ordo isn't selling well these days.

January 15, 2011 - St. Paul, First Hermit, Confessor
Double Feast

Maltese Child-victims Charge that Benedict-Ratzinger Lied to Them
He Failed to Defrock Three Presbyters Reported to Him as Paedophiles

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger Falls Asleep in Malta in More Ways than One
After a Press Performance at Which He Shed Many Crocodile Tears
And Promised Action to Child-victims against Reported Paedophile Presbyters
He Has Failed to Take Any Action Whatsoever
The Child-victims Have Now Called Newpope out in Public as a Liar

Benedict-Ratzinger is certainly getting the eponyms, isn't he? First he was the "Paedophile Pope," then the "Prophylactic Pope," and now the "All Talk No Action Pope." He certainly has racked up a record of staging more talk about Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, but doing absolutely nothing in individual cases. He promises action to raped children in public, but he does nothing.

In April 2010 Benedict-Ratzinger, under heavy criticism for his role in the Sex Holocaust, staged a papal junket to -- of all places -- Malta. Supposedly, Malta was still Newchurch enough that the Maltese wouldn't hang him in effigy. Newpope shed the same crocodile tears he always does in public, "apologized" to the raped children, and promised action. But no action whatsoever has been forthcoming in over a year and a half.

On January 10, 2011, seven Maltese child-victims nailed Benedict-Ratzinger to the wall for essentially lying to them. They have publicly accused Newpope of totally failing to take any action against three paedophile presbyters who were personally identified to him when he visited Malta and promised personally to do something about them. In 2003 the three presbyters were criminally charged with raping young children in their care at the St. Joseph's Home in Santa Venera in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2003 the three presbyters themselves admitted to their rapes.

On the eve of Benedict-Ratzinger's papal junket, the victims spoke out about their ordeal. Benedict-Ratzinger has not taken his promised action in over a year and a half. This is par for the course for Newpope. Benedict-Ratzinger often waits many years to defrock the paedophile presbyters, allowing them further years of predations, if he ever takes action at all. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Times.]

A Reader Asks: "Is It a Sin to Pray in a Novus Ordo Church?"

From: Luke

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Is it a sin to pray in an Novus Ordo church? If it is, where should I go? The nearest Traditional Latin Mass is two hours' drive from here.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

When asking a question like this, simply substitute "Protestant" for "Novus Ordo" (as the Novus Ordo sect is essentially Protestant). If you do this, your answer will be clear. If an individual lives in an area where no Traditional Latin Masses are offered, what should he do?

  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST, THE UNAVAILABILITY OF THE TRUE MASS IS NEVER A JUSTIFICATION TO ATTEND THE INVALID, PROTESTANT-MASONIC-PAGAN NOVUS ORDO SERVICE. It is no more a "Mass" than a Protestant service, after which it was fabricated by a Freemason presbyter.
  2. Consult the current revised monthly edition of the Official Traditional Catholic Directory, Listing All Traditional Latin Masses and Traditional Resources for North America. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Official Traditional Catholic Directory department, provided to the TRADITIO Network by the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses. Very often people are unaware that there is one in their own backyard until they consult the Directory.
  3. Try to worship at the True Mass, even if it is only once or twice a year. The graces you are receiving there are incalculable, augmented by your devotion in making a special effort to be present.
  4. In the history of the Church, most Catholics never had the blessing of worshipping at a Mass every Sunday. So, if you are in a position of not having a Traditional Latin Mass at which to worship every Sunday, first of all tend to your own soul by the time-tested practices for Catholics in that situation. For further information, click on ABSENT.TXT: Method of Hearing Mass Spiritually for the Absent in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics).
  5. After you have established regular traditional practices for the sake of your own soul, then try to build a traditional Catholic community slowly in your area. That may start by being two people saying the Rosary together, reading spiritual works together and discussing them, studying the Propers of the Missal, discussing articles in TRADITIO's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics), viewing Catholic DVDs and videotapes, or any of many other possibilities.
  6. Sixth, once a small community has been formed, check TRADITIO's list of Traditional Catholic Priests Wanted and Available and the Official Traditional Catholic Directory for traditional Catholic priests nearby, and invite one of them to say Mass for you. Even if it is only a couple of times a year, that is two times more than you have now.

January 14, 2011 - St. Hilary, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

A Reader Writes: "Fight, Traditional Catholics, like St. Paul, for Your Abbey!"

From: Dario
St. Paul

St. Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, Took Guff from Nobody
He Stood up to the Jewish Church Authorities and the Roman Secular Authorities
The Traditional Catholics in Cullman, Alabama
Need to Fight Like St. Paul for Their Abbey
Or They Will Realize a Horrible Loss for Their Cowardice

Dear Fathers:

Such distressing news from Christ the King Abbey in Cullman, Alabama. How can traditional Catholics, those of us in a remnant army of Christ, called to defend His Faith, bend and bow to evil? Where is our integrity; where is our fortitude; where is our love of Our Lord, His Mother, and His True Faith? Where will these cowardly local traditional souls go when the abomination of desolation has entered their sanctuary? How can any one of those who have enjoyed the inestimable blessings of the true Catholic Faith and Sacraments sit on his hands and wait, and pray, but do nothing? The time has ended for us traditional Catholics to hunker down and whimper about our lot in life.

I have no Traditional Latin Mass nearby. I last gave my confession, attended Mass, and received Holy Communion more than two years ago. I have nothing here, and every day I mourn my loss. I wish that those who shrink before the darkness and the army of darkness would realize the horrible loss that they will endure from their cowardice.

Fight, traditional Catholics, like St. Paul for your abbey! Don't let these phony Newchurchers steal your treasure. Fight for your Faith. Occupy the buildings and vow to remain to the end. Some things are worth fighting for. Is not the True Faith worth all this, and much more?

A Reader Writes: "Newchurch Cannot Legally Take over Christ the King Abbey"

From: A Monk

For what it is worth, I did all of the Corporate filings, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, etc. for Abbot Leonard and Christ the King Abbey, of Cullman, Alabama, about twelve years ago. Newchurch cannot legally take over the Abbey, according to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation that were accepted by the State of Alabama. But I can't get anyone to listen either. The usurpers can be stopped from a civil legal standpoint, but they have to be willing to find the ammunition to fight off the Newchurch usurpers. I have offered, but I have yet to get any response. When, oh when, will the traditional communities learn?

Fr. Bernard, the one priest loyal to Abbot Giardina, has been gone for over two weeks now. Had I been able to get the information to him, he could have stopped this nonsense. I still have official copies in my files.

January 13, 2011 - Octave Day of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Double Major Feast

Is the Novus Ordo Sect about to Steal a Traditional Abbey?
Newchurch's Despicable Efforts Show Again the Immorality of the New Order

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Christ the King Abbey

Christ the King Traditional Benedictine Abbey, in Cullman, Alabama
With the Death of Its Abbot on January 9, 2011
It Has Become the Target of Theft by Novus Ordo Usurpers
The Local Traditional Community Laments, but Does Nothing
If They Lose the Abbey in the Next Few Days, It Will Be Only Their Own Fault
Traditional Catholics Must Fight For the Faith -- or They Will Surely Lose It

The TRADITIO Network has received an unconfirmed report that two Novus-Ordo infiltrators, Michael and Sebastian, posing as traditional monks at the traditional Benedictine Christ the King Abbey, of Cullman, Alabama, have taken over the abbey and expelled the only remaining traditional priest, Fr. Bernard. It appears that Novus Ordo usurpers have seized upon their opportunity with the staunchly-traditional Father Abbot Leonard Giardina ill since October 2010, then dying on January 8, 2011, to steal the abbey for the Novus Ordo. The past and current Newchurch bishops of Birmingham, David Foley and Robert Baker, been drooling over this possibility for several years now, and the Abbot told them both to go pound sand: he would have nothing to do with the New Order and its gauleiters.

As recently as 2010, Newbishop Baker tried to get the Abbot to sell out, but he refused. The poor Abbot's body wasn't even cold when, it seems, Novus Ordo usurpers, possibly taking their marching orders from the Novus Ordo sect, put into place their takeover plan. Who knows whether they were plants for Newbishops Foley and Baker all along?

This attempted coup of a traditional abbey for the Novus Ordo may not yet be a fait accompli, but time is of the essence. The local traditional community can lose the abbey in just a matter of days. If the abbey is taken over by the Newchurch of the New Order, they will ask how it happened. The way it always happens: the locals became pusillanimous, refusing to stand up for their rights, to confront the usurpers, and to fight them tooth and nail. The locals could take a page out of the book of the Newchurchers whose churches were to be shut down by the New Order: they conducted a 24-hour vigil in their churches to prevent the pretenders from taking over.

The local traditional community must immediately become a Tea Party for Traditional Catholicism! Instead, reports to the TRADITIO Network indicate that the locals are listening to spokesmen for the Novus Ordo usurpers, who are mouthing the usual Modernistic/Liberalistic line to be quiet, to pray, not to speak out, not to do anything, just wait and see what happens. Of course, that's their line. While the locals are waiting cowering, like the Apostles after the arrest of Christ, the hypocritical usurpers can complete their theft of the abbey!

And then the locals will lament why God allowed this to happen. God didn't. He gave the locals many tools with which to defend the traditional Catholic Faith. They just don't use them. Prayer and action are two sides of the same Catholic coin. Christ was a man of action. He never said only to pray and do nothing. Rather, he said: "But he that shall do and teach, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:19/DRV).

The penalty for inaction is high. If the locals lose their traditional abbey, they will have only themselves to blame, as they ignored the warning of St. Peter himself, repeated every night at the traditional Hour of Compline:

Sobrii estote, et vigilate: quia adversarius vester diabolus tamquam leo rugiens circuit, quærens quem devoret (1 Peter 5:8/DRV)
Be sober and watch: because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goeth about seeking whom he may devour.

St. Peter's description as of the Newchurch of the New Order could not be more on target. The documented record is clear. Not only does Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch clergy have the morals of a pig-stye, but they are thieves as well. Newarchbishop Rembert Weakland, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stole half a million dollars out of the Newchurch collection-plate to pay hush-money to his catamite. Newarchbishop Raymond Burke, of St. Louis, Missouri, tried to steal the independently-chartered St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, worth 12,000,000 dollars. Newchurch connived to steal St. Anthony of Padua Church, of West Orange, New Jersey, away from traditional priest Fr. Paul Wickens as he lay dying.

Good Catholics, the obvious conclusion from all the evidence is that Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch clergy are not only immoral, but sneaky and not above fraud and theft. Traditional Catholics have got to get off their duffs and fight for their churches or, like more and more temples of the Newchurch of the New Order, their traditional churches will be slammed shut and locked forever.

Just How Close Newchurch Is to Protestantism Is Proven:
Heretical Bishops Are "Flipped" to Become Newchurch Presbyters in just Fifteen Days!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Three heretical Protestant bishops are going to be made into Novus Ordo presbyters under Benedict-Ratzinger's Anglicanorum coetibus of 2009. John Broadhurst, Andrew Burnham, and Keith Newton had resigned their Anglican ministries on December 31, 2010, and the next day converted to the Newchurch of the New Order. A mere fifteen days later, on January 15, 2011, they are to become Novus Ordo presbyters! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

Good Catholics, this Anglican farce should be no surprise. Since the New Order doesn't really differ from Protestantism, there isn't much for the heretical bishops to learn. This virtual abracadabra from one heretical sect to another shows just how close to Protestantism the Newchurch of the New Order really is. Traditionally, such a conversation would take a minimum of three years.

January 12, 2011 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Semidouble Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Follows in the Modernist Footsteps of John Paul-Wojtyla
He Has Called Another Sycretistic Prayer Meeting at Assisi, Condemned by the First Commandment

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
John Paul-Wojtyla and Heretics

John Paul-Wojtyla Pictured before the Altar in Syncretistic Worship with a Congeries
Of Schismatics, Heretics, Infidels, and Pagans at Assisi in 1986
In 1986 Josef Ratzinger Refused to Participate
But Now He has Returned to His Roots as a Committed Modernist
And Has Called a New Sacrilege of Syncretism for October 2011

Benedict-Ratzinger has held fast to the condemned theology of Modernism, just as he said that he would in his Primum Nuntium, or First Announcement, of April 20, 2005, to the Newcardinals the day after his election as Newpope. One of the most scandalous episodes of John Paul-Wojtyla's papacy was his Oecumenical Prayer Meeting, held on October 27, 1986, at Assisi, Italy, St. Francis' hometown. At this meeting he gave over the Church of St. Peter to the Buddhists, who placed a golden statue of Buddha on top of the tabernacle on the main Novus Ordo "table," together with a banner displaying the words "I go in for Buddha's law." The Dalai Lama sat with his back to the purported Blessed Sacrament, which was relegated to the side, and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was denied entrance to the church.

At this same meeting John Paul-Wojtyla gave over the Church of San Giorgio to the pagan American Indians, who proceeded to introduce witch-doctors "shaking their enormous feathered head-cloth and invoking Manito, blessing men and women, by rubbing their heads and backs with a white-feathered fan," while Newchurch religious and presbyters participated. John Paul-Wojtyla staged a reunion of this sacrilege on May 25, 1995, at which 150 false religions assembled, some of whom participated in worshipping the Devil.

The teaching of the Catholic Church is clear: syncretism, that is, the mixing of religions ("false gods") in worship, is condemned by the First Commandment of God. That Commandment applies to popes just as it does to laypeople. Newpopes and Newchurch have tried to conceal their grave sin by calling syncretism "oecumenism." The word doesn't make any difference. A sin is a sin is a sin, by whatever word you try to conceal it. This apparently unrepented sin alone is enough to deny John Paul-Wojtyla any real "sainthood."

Rather than condemning this grave sin of syncretism of John Paul-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger announced to the world on January 3, 2011, that he was going to commit the same sin all over again. He has called for October 2011 an "Interfaith Peace Pilgrimage" to Assisi and has asked the leaders of the schismatics, heretics, infidels, and pagans to join him. In 1986, then Newcardinal Ratzinger, John Paul-Wojtyla's right-hand man, expressed serious reservations about the Assisi gathering and chose not to take part in the event. But now, as Newpope, Ratzinger has returned to his Modernist roots to renew the sacrilege under his own authority. Once again, hypocrisy reigns in the person of Benedict-Ratzinger. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by United Press International.]

Newchurch's Latest Attempt at Damage Control:
Newbishop Blames Newchurch Paedophilia on "Traditional" Catholicism"!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Good Catholics, Newchurch is really becoming desperate these days. As its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust continues unabated, with even Newbishops, Newcardinals, and Newpope now caught in its net, Benedict-Ratzinger and his leaders are desperate to point the finger at anyone but their own guilty selves. The latest attempt is actually laughable: a Newbishop has blamed "traditional" Catholicism"!

If anything is clear from the evidence accumulated so far, traditional Catholicism has been vindicated. There is no evidence that Pope Pius XII and his prelates had anything to do with aiding and abetting disgusting immorality against children. John XXIII (1958-1963), in fact, issued the strongest penalties and procedures since Pope St. Pius V (1566-1572) in his Crimen sollicitationis issued on the Ides of March 1962. It is clear that the period of supporting such immoral crimes started with the chaos of Newchurch following Vatican II (1962-1965). The few cases that occurred before then were quickly suppressed, and the clerics involved consigned immediately to the exterior darkness.

The fact of the matter is that while hundreds of Newchurch cardinals, bishops, and presbyters have been associated with the personal commission of child rape and other sexual assaults, with tens of thousands more of them actively involved in aiding and abetting, suborning, and covering up such crimes from the authorities, instances of these crimes among traditional Catholic clergy, those who turned their backs on the Novus Ordo and its predations starting after Vatican II, are few and far between.

Tom Burns, Newbishop of Menevia, Wales, in his 2011 Newdiocesan yearbook, has now publish a sermon laying stress on the "priesthood of all believers" -- a Protestant heresy -- and condemning traditional Catholicism. He even condemns his own pope, Benedict-Ratzinger, saying the he wears "ornate vestments and is precise in his rubrical gestures." Yet Burns himself is pictured in his yearbook wearing fancy garments like the High Anglicans. He doesm't wear a Novus Ordo polyester's poncho! [U.K. Telegraph]

January 11, 2011 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Semidouble Feast

Traditional Benedictine Abbot Leonard Giardina Dies
Novus Ordo Dissidents Are Now Trying to Steal the Abbey for the Novus Ordo that the Abbot Despised

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Leonard Giardina

Abbot Leonard Giardina (Ob. January 7, 2011)
The Traditional Benedictine Abbot Was One of the Pioneers of the Catholic Traditional Movement
He Spurned the New Order and Its Officials and Founded a Traditional Monastery
He Courageously Refused to Sell out to the Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Messes
Or to Play the Sycophant to the "Paedophile Pope" and the "Prophylactic Pope"

According to reports to the TRADITIO Network from local correspondents, traditional Benedictine Abbot Leonard Giardina, of Christ the King Abbey in Cullman, Alabama, passed away on Friday, January 7, 2011, at approximately 24:00 U.T. The Abbot was taken to hospital and then to hospice in September 2010 after suffering a stroke:

Abbot Giardina is certainly to be considered one of the Pioneers of the Traditional Catholic Movement, whose goal has been to restore the True Mass and Sacraments, Catholic doctrine, and Catholic morality in place of the pretender Newchurch of the New Order, which took over the shell of the Catholic Church after the Modernist Vatican II Council (1962-1965). Among the other Pioneers of the Traditional Catholic Movement, who seldom receive the gratitude and respect that they are due, because they stood against the New Order "establishment," can be numbered:

Abbot Giardina never sold out to the New Order, but instead founded an independent traditional Benedictine monastic order. After many years he was able to see his dream accomplished: the construction of a beautiful traditional Benedictine monastery that operated entirely independently of the Newchurch of the New Order, which even then was sinking into doctrinal error, liturgical catastrophe, and a moral cesspool.

So successful was the Abbot that David Foley, the Novus Ordo bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, from 1994 to 2005, attempted to seduce Abbot Giardina into the New Order Church. The Abbot told Foley to peddle his phony Novus Ordo nonsense somewhere else. The traditional Abbot wasn't buying any of it! But local correspondents tell the TRADITIO Network that dissident elements in the abbey are trying to perpetrate exactly what the Abbot has refused to do: turn the traditional abbey over to the clutches of the Novus Ordo in the person of Robert Baker, the successor to Foley. A similar fraud was perpetrated shortly after the death of Fr. Paul Wickens, of St. Anthony of Padua Church in West Orange, New Jersey.

Local correspondents have informed the TRADITIO Network that one of the monks, Fr. Bernard, has remained loyal to Abbot Giardina and his principles, and is doing everything possible to maintain what the Abbot has started. Stay tuned to the TRADITIO Network for inside updates as they occur.

Good Catholics, Abbot Leonard Giardina is an example to us all of how we must not compromise in any way with the Newchurch of the New Order, which peddles an invalid and pseudo-Catholicism to ignorant Newchurchers and clueless pseudo-traditionalists. If we wish to remain true to the Catholic Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we must not sell out to such frauds as Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Messes of 1962+ and phony "sacraments" or play the sycophant to the errors of such as the "Paedophile Pope" and the "Prophylactic Pope." We must stand with Christ and condemn those, even in the highest places, who would pervert our Catholic Faith, just as Our Lord condemned the corrupt Church leaders of His own time.

Newchurch Issues Its Fourth Newbible in Forty Years
The Newbible of 1970 Didn't Go Far Enough toward Modernism for Benedict-Ratzinger

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

For the better part of 350 years, the Catholic Church had only one English "translation" of the Bible, known as the Douay-Rheims Version (New Testament 1582, Old Testament 1610) from the two cities in which it was translated. This Bible antedated the King James Version of 1611 and had a significant impact upon the KJV. But Douay-Rheims Version, which was a literate, literal "translation" of St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate, the only version approved by the Council of Trent as valid in Faith and Morals, was anathema to the Newchurch of the New Order, which seized the shell of the Catholic Church after Vatican II (1962-1965).

You see, the Douay-Rheims Version was "too traditional." It would not allow the corrupt doctrine and morality that the Novus Ordo wanted to perpetrate. Thus, the need for a Newbible for Newchurch. If the Novus Ordo sect could "translate" Novus Ordo doctrine and Novus Ordo morality into the Bible, the spurious New Order would then seem to have biblical authority. So that is just the deception that Newchurch perpetrated. In 1970 it created a Newbible.

That Newbible was called the New American Bible and was released it 1970. It did not even purport to be a "translation," as the Douay-Rheims Version, and even the King James Version, were, but was a paraphrase. Thus, Newchurch could rewrite biblical passages any way it saw fit. By that time Newchurch had engineered the expulsion of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew from its once-Catholic schools, so the pew Newchurchers, many of whom at least had known enough Latin to read St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate, were deliberately dumbed down and became the ignorant patsies of the New Order.

But the New American Bible of 1970 didn't go far enough. It still recognized the dogma of Genesis (1:27/DRV): "And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them." This doctrine implicitly condemns homosexuality, lesbianism tranvestism, and transgenderism. For Newchurch -- particularly for Benedict-Ratzinger's affiliation to all kinds of immoral sexual corruption --, that simply won't do.

So, in 2011, Newchurch approved a new "English Bible": the New American Bible - Revised Edition. It is the latest in the series of two previous "modernizations," of 1986 and 1991, in which Newbible substituted for the traditional term blessed the secularist term happy and introduced "inclusive language," implicitly denying the traditional doctrine of God's creation of two genders.

The Douay-Rheims traditional, literal version lasted 350 years. Newchurch has issued four paraphrases in just forty years (1970-2011). And the clueless Newchurchers listen in their Novus Ordo temples not to anything close to the real Bible, but to some phony Newbible engineered to deceive them about what Christ actually said. No wonder Newchurchers aren't even Christian any more and support the corrupt Newchurch officials of the sort whom Christ termed "whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness" (Matthew 23:27/DRV).

January 10, 2011 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Semidouble Feast

Having Invalidated Five of the Sacraments, Benedict-Ratzinger's New Order
Is Now Going after the Sacramentals in a Sacrilegious Sensationalization of Exorcism

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
'The Exorcist'

A Scene from the 1973 Film, The Exorcist
A Highly-sensationalized and Inaccurate Fable of Exorcism
Now Benedict-Ratzinger Wants to Turn the Sacred Subject
Over to the Cable Discovery Channel for Treatment as "Reality TV"
To Have the Discovery Channel Trash the Church
As It Did the Holy Inquisition and the "Galileo Incident"

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newvatican has given the cable Discovery Channel the go-ahead for a sensationalistic treatment in spring 2011 of a sacred subject: exorcism, together demonism and hauntings thrown in for added titillation. If the show's first season is successful, the Discovery Channel hopes that its partnership with Newchurch will pave the way for producers GoGo Luckey to take the series to the next level: joining Newchurch investigators on live demon-purging ride-alongs. Move over Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters!

For Benedict-Ratzinger's Modernism, it's not enough that the Discovery Channel has trashed the Church with an historically-inaccurate and sensationalized treatment of the Holy Inquisition. For Benedict-Ratzinger's Modernism, it's not enough that the Discovery Channel has trashed the Church with an historically-inaccurate and sensationalized treatment of the "Galileo Incident." Now we have to see Benedict-Ratzinger and his New Order trash the traditional Sacramentals, just as they have already trashed (and invalidated) five of the sacraments (Penance, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Holy Orders, and Extreme Unction) by replacing them with the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini's invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan rites just after Vatican II.

There is nothing Catholic about this approach. If Benedict-Ratzinger really were the "traditionalist" that the Motarians and Neocons falsely try to make him out to be, he wouldn't have forgotten his catechism: the grave sin of sacrilege is the profanation of something sacred. Exorcisms are very rare and very personal. There are not meant to be profaned by cheap "reality TV." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by EW.]

A Reader Writes: "It Is Astonishing to See the Nonsense
To Be Found on Pseudo-traditionalist Sites"

From: Robert

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

It is astonishing to see the unmitigated nonsense to be found on pseudo-traditionalist sites. The advice and the comments are consistently atrocious and ignorant. Where were these pseudo-traditionalists in 1969 when Bugnini foisted his Novus Ordo service off on Newchurch? Where were these pseudo-traditionalists in 1972 when Newchurch fought the traditional Archbishop Lefebvre when he founded the Society of St. Pius X to restore the true Church? Where were these pseudo-traditionalists in 1988 when John Paul-Wojtyla was panicked into establishing a spurious "Indult" Mess and the pseudo-traditionalist Fraternity of St. Peter? Where were these pseudo-traditionalists in 2007 when Benedict-Ratzinger tried to deceive traditional Catholics by foisting off on them a Half Novus Ordo Mess of 1962?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Where were they indeed? Having established the TRADITIO Network over fifteen years ago, we TRADITIO Fathers have seen it all. The TRADITIO Network was the first traditional Catholic website on the internet. We were here even before Newvatican got around to establishing a web site. Moreover, we have the experience of knowing the Church as it was before Vatican II, before the SSPX, and before the "Indult" Mess of 1988 and the "Motu" Mess of 2007.

After Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" of 2007, "allowing" Newchurchers to perform the modified Half Novus Ordo of 1962+, a number of cowards came out from under the rocks. These were people who didn't have the guts to stand up against the corrupt Newpopes for the True Mass of St. Peter, codified for all time by the Council of Trent. No, these pusillanimous sellouts had tried to argue for the validity of the Novus Ordo service, fabricated on Protestant models by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers.

Because these Motarians and Neocon Newchurchers now feel themselves "approved" by the Modernist Newpope and Newchurch that rape children right and left and try to excuse it, who deny Catholic doctrine, and who pander Novus Ordos and Half Novus Ordos to deceive those who wish to be truly faithful, they have emerged from their slimy hiding-places to pontificate to faithful Catholics who were courageously fighting -- and continue to fight -- all vestiges of the Novus Ordo and Half Novus Ordo of 1962+, rather than sell out to a Newchurch of the New Order, whose corruption is all too obvious and whose Modernist leader panders the Vatican II agenda, with a little Latin and a Santa hat thrown in.

Now the pseudo-traditionalists crawl out from under the rocks where they were hiding, too afraid to come out and defend the traditional Catholic Faith when it was openly persecuted. By their cowardice they are spitting on the graves St. Athanasius, the Defender of the Faith, St. Augustine, St. Basil the Great, St. Martin of Tours, Pope St. Pius X, and so many other great Saints who spoke out against error and corruption in the Church, laying themselves open to severe reprisals, even death.

We think that the pseudo-traditionalists are in fact cowards, who, as Bishop Richard Williamson once said, are tired of fighting for the True Faith. They are desperate to be accepted by the phony Newchurch rather than stand fast and hold the Traditions that they learned, to use the words of St. Paul. Even Bernie Fellay, who took over the mantle of Archbishop Lefebvre, then spurned the founding principles of that courageous man, wants to sell out what little of traditional Catholicism is left in the SSPX to "that vixen," to use the words of Our Lord, who holds sway -- but not for long, thank God -- in Modernist Newrome.

January 9, 2011 - The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Double Major Feast

An Eighth Newchurch Diocese in the United States Goes Bankrupt
The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Submits to Court Control for Paedophilia

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Lawrence Murphy

Presbyter Lawrence Murphy, a Newchurch Presbyter-rapist
One of His Over 200 Deaf Child Victims
Has Accused Josef Ratzinger of "Stealing Our Voices"
Because Ratzinger, Now the "Paedophile Pope"
Issued a Decree Telling Church Officials in Milwaukee
To Lay Off Pushing for the Defrocking of Murphy

The Newchurch archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has to be one of the most perverted in the United States. Its last Newarchbishop, Rembert Weakland, shacked up with a catamite, who threatened to rat him out if Weakland didn't pay him hush money. Weakland then stole half a million dollars from Newchurch collection-plates for the hush-money.

Weakland confessed to police when he was about to be discovered, but Benedict-Ratzinger never demanded that he give back the money stolen from Newchurch collection-plates. What is more, the clueless Newchurchers didn't either. Just imagine: the United States is in its biggest economic depression since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and Newchurchers don't raise a peep when their money is stolen by phony Novus Ordo bishops to pay off their catamites. How clueless these Newchurchers be! Then, in 2009, Weakland had the temerity to write a "poor me" book, explaining how difficult it was to be a sodomist bishop in the Newchurch of the New Order. Poor perverted Rembert!

Now the Newarchdiocese is paying for its crimes. On January 4, 2011, it has submitted itself to court control because it has so many damage claims to pay to children for its Newclergy's sex crimes that it cannot pay them. In his filing Newarchbishop Jerome Listecki finally admitted the truth: "This action is occurring because priest [sic]-perpetrators sexually abused [a euphemism for rape and sodomy] minors."

Listecki, a personal appointee of Benedict-Ratzinger in 2009, follows in the corrupt tradition of Weakland. In 2004 it was revealed that Listecki had earlier purchased a vacation condominium with friends, one of whom was Dr. Dennis Composto, who pled guilty in 2006 of stealing money from the Newchurch archdiocese of Chicago, Illinois. Moreover, Listecki apostatized from the Catholic Faith when he de facto converted to Judaism by putting on a kipah and worshipping as a Jew in the local synagogue, Congregation Sons of Abraham.

The Newchurch archdiocese of Milwaukee has become notorious as the cesspool for one of the worst paedophiles in the Novus Ordo. Presbyter Lawrence Murphy raped over 200 deaf children at St. John's School for the Deaf over the course of decades. Benedict-Ratzinger personally gave this paedophile presbyter a pass, telling the Milwaukee Newchurch officials to lay off seeking to defrock him. One of the deaf child victims, who said that he was raped by Murphy, told the press in 2009: The presbyter may have stolen our bodies," but higher Newclerics such as cardinals, archbishops, and the pope "stole our voices."

An attorney for 23 child victims of Newchurch clergy has said that the bankruptcy filing will only delay the process of bringing the paedophiles to justice, not stop it. "It's always distressing when supposed 'shepherds' act like callous CEOs," said a leader of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest [Sic]. "This is about protecting Church secrets, not church assets. The goal here is to prevent top church managers from being questioned under oath about their complicity, not 'compensating victims fairly.'" [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by CNN.]

Milwaukee joins seven other Newchurch dioceses in filing bankruptcy and putting themselves under court supervision:

  1. Davenport, Iowa
  2. Fairbanks, Alaska
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Spokane, Washington
  5. Tucson, Arizona
  6. San Diego, California
  7. Wilmington, Delaware

A Reader Asks: "Can You Help Me on the Dogma of Hell?"

From: Jeffrey

Dear Fathers:

I have always been curious about the dogmatic teaching on the existence of Hell. I always assumed it was from the Bible, but in my recent re-reading of the New Testament I could not find it. There are Newchurchers who say that the Church "discovered" it as a concept during the Crusades. Can you help me on the dogma of Hell?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

You, like many others, are the victim of latter-day Modernist "translations" of the Bible, which have been engineered to "translate out" traditional doctrine from the Bible. In the traditional Douay-Rheims version and even the King James Version, Hell is used 15 times in the Gospels alone. Sometimes Hell is rendered by other words. The most common is Gehenna from the Hebrew or Hades from the Greek or Tartarus from the Latin. Other words are found in the New Testament for Hell, for example, exterior darkness, used ten times in the Gospels and "under the earth" in St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians (2:10/DRV).

If you do not know the original languages, you have to be very careful about drawing erroneous ideas from the "translations" that you use. Remember, the New Testament was not written in English, but in Greek, so looking for an English word is a quick path to error. A "translation" an give you only the gist, not the detail and nuance of the original. Note too that in some cases St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate is actually closer to the original Greek because the Saint had access in the fourth century to Greek manuscripts that are lost to us, and the Greek text itself is more corrupt in some places than the Latin Vulgate. For further information, click on FAQ05: What Traditional Resources Do You Recomment? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section "Bible."

January 8, 2011 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Asks: "Is there a Precedent for Statues of a Non-sainted Pope
Being Proliferated for Veneration?

From: John
Hindu Priestess &John Paul-Wojtyla

John Paul-Wojtyla Being Anointed by a Pagan Hindu Priestess
On February 2, 1986, in Bombay, India
With Cow Dung Used by Followers of the Pagan God Shiva
This Sacrilege Was One of Some 30 Similar Incidents
Is John Paul-Wojtyla a Saint? We Have to Wonder Whether He Was Even Catholic!

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Two statues of Newpope John Paul-Wojtyla have been received in Bombay, India, and one will be installed in the compound of the Novus Ordo Holy Name Cathedral. It appears that these statues are being sent round the world. Is there a precedent for statues of a non-beatified/non-canonized pope being proliferated for veneration?

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

Certainly not on this scale. Since Pius XII, popes have become secular "celebrities," like rock stars. This attitude, shared in by pseudo-traditional Motarians and the Neo-SSPX, certainly is not Catholic, but Modernist. In the early 20th century, most Catholics probably didn't even know the name of the pope. They understood correctly that who the pope is should make no difference, as his power was limited to confirming traditional Catholic teaching and practice.

Nor did popes until Paul VI write numerous encyclical letters for political purposes. The encyclical letter was a feature of the very early Church, as illustrated by St. Paul's Epistles. A story is told of the Catholic, Al Smith, governor of New York and candidate for the U.S. Presidency in 1932. At a church dinner in New York, Smith was asked what he thought of the pope's latest encyclical. Smith turned to a prelate seated next to him and asked, "What's an encyclical?"

The Newpopes since Vatican II are more interested in hawking themselves to the secular press and engaging in political issues while their Newchurch of the New Order crumbles at their feet with doctrinal corruption, an invalid service and sacraments, and gross immorality. Deo volente, the New Order will crumble right down from under their feet to Hades, where it belongs.

Newchurch is desperate for validation. Its Novus Ordo service and sacraments have been termed invalid. Benedict-Ratzinger is the first Newpope not to have been consecrated a bishop in the valid traditional rite, but merely installed in the invalid 1968 Novus Ordo rite fabricated by the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini and his Committee of Six Protestant Ministers. Benedict-Ratzinger even doubted his own validity when he asked the Neo-SSPX in 2005 to recognize him as a "valid" pope. If he believed that he is, why would he care what anyone else thinks?

Thus, Newchurch, exposed as corrupt in its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, is desperately looking for poster-boys and poster-girls. That is why it is trying to rush through the con-anization of John Paul-Wojtyla as a Novus Ordo "saint," as he is one of the few people left from Newchurch that has any credibility left. But this perception is flawed. John Paul-Wojtyla may have been a piteous figure because of his Parkinson's Disease, but he was a rampant Modernist/Oecumenist, who did everything from participate in the worship of pagan gods to being anointed with cow dung by a priestess of the Hindu multi-armed goddess Shiva.

This is the man that Newchurch wants to Novus Ordo beatify, perhaps in 2011. Previous "miracles" supposedly attributed to him have turned out to be just so much hot air, so Newchurch had to rush something through. We were particularly amused at the case of a man who prayed to John Paul-Wojtyla for the cure of his wife from cancer and received a visitation from John Paul-Wojtyla in a dream telling him to pray instead to Pope Pius XII! But Newchurch is bound and determined to trump up some kind of phony miracle. The latest "miracle" has been poopooed by physicians, who questioned the original terminal diagnosis and say in any case that the nun relapsed into illness after John Paul-Wojtyla's "cure." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Novus Ordo "Communion" May Be Lethal to Body as well as Soul
New York Newchurchers May Be Sickened by Kool-aid from the Novus Ordo "Cup"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

On Christmas Day 2010, 7,500 Novus Ordo Newchurchers were exposed to a potentially-lethal strain of Hepititis A while they received phony Novus Ordo "communion" from the "cup." The Nassau County Health Department said on January 3, 2011, that it will offer vaccines to anyone who received the "Kool-aid" at a Newparish on Long Island, New York. Newchurch officials could not identify who transmitted the virus. Symptoms of Hepatitis A include fever, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pain, dark-colored urine, and jaundice. Those who contract the disease are usually sick for weeks and may even suffer death in some cases. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by NBC.]

At least three dogmatic oecumenical councils over a millennium have confirmed the practice of offering Holy Communion to all but the celebrant of the Mass under the species of bread alone. The dogmatic Council of Trent pronounced: "If anyone says that the Holy Catholic Church has not been influenced by just cause and reasons to give Communion under only the form of bread to laymen and even to clerics when not consecrating, or that she has erred in this, let him be anathema" (Session XXI, Canon 2).

Given what has happened in the Novus Ordo sect, with flagons of Kool-aid, grape juice, or whatever, being unceremoniously "consecrated" and then sacrilegiously poured down the drain, let alone spilled, one can see the wisdom of the traditional Catholic Church in this regard. And now the invalid "Kool-aid" is sickening them -- as it should. (For further information, click on FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) in the section "Communion under One Species.")

Good Catholics, these poor Newchurchers are getting sick for the Novus Ordo "Kool-aid" that isn't even valid! This is just another benefit of being a traditional Catholic, who has no truck with this unCatholic and lethal practice. If there weren't so many Catholic and doctrinal reasons to shun completely the invalid Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service, here is yet another!

January 7, 2011 - Within the Octave of the Epiphany of Our Lord
Semidouble Feast

A Reader Writes: "After Patrick's Death U.S. President Kennedy Had a Change
In His Attitude toward His Catholic Faith"

From: Garth
Patrick Kennedy's Grave

The Grave of John Kennedy's Son, Patrick
Who Is Buried Alongside the President at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
Patrick Lived Only Two Days after a Premature Birth
His Funeral Mass Was Celebrated on August 10, 1963
In the Private Chapel of Richard Cardinal Cushing, of Boston, a Family Friend

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

Your recent Commentary about U.S. President John Kennedy's receiving the Sacraments before he was killed was interesting to me. I had a man who worked in the U.S. government during the time Kennedy was president state to me that after Kennedy's son, Patrick, died shortly after he was born, the President had a change in his attitude toward his Catholic Faith. According to this government official, John Kennedy wore a hair shirt for penance, he made amends with his wife, and received the Sacraments regularly.

I realize that John Kennedy was not a pillar of the Church for much of his life, but the outlandish escapades that have been attributed to him by the latter-day new media seem to be more sensationalism than fact. It is well known that John Kennedy had a very painful back condition, for which he took injections and had a doctor with him on a 24-hour basis. If Kennedy's back problem was indeed this serious, how could he have engaged in all of the affairs that have been attributed to him?

Benedict-Ratzinger Waited Eight Years to Defrock an Admitted Presbyter Child Rapist
But His Fellow Inmates Didn't Wait to Cut His Face with a Permanent "Mark of Shame"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The Newchurch presbyter whose rapes of children were revealed in a December 2010 release of a previously-unpublished chapter of the government's Murphy Report has had his face slashed from ear to cheek by a fellow inmate in Midlands Prison on January 2, 2011, the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Presbyter Tony Walsh, dubbed "Fr. Filth," was attacked on his way back to his cell after attending the invalid Novus Ordo service. The permanent "mark of shame" required 12 stitches.

In prison, if not with Benedict-Ratzinger, presbyter child rapists are considered the scum of the earth -- worse even than murderers, and often receive direct justice from fellow prisoners. One of the worst Newchurch paedophiles, John Geoghan, was strangled and stomped to death in his cell by a man who killed his own attempted rapist.

In December 2010 Walsh was convicted on 17 counts of child rape. The Murphy Report outlined how the revelations of his crimes, involving a boy of 8, occurred just two days after he was installed as a Novus Ordo presbyter in 1978. It took Josef Ratzinger until 1989, eight years after he had become Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to defrock the paedophile, even after the criminal presbyter had already admitted to the rapes several years before! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Journal.]

January 6, 2011 - Epiphany of Our Lord
Double Feast of the First Class

Paedophile Activist Presbyter Drafted Vatican II's Pastoral Constitution
Houtart Defends the Rape of His Eight-year-old Cousin

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francois Houtart

Presbyter Francois Houtart, a Peritus at Vatican II
And an Author of Its Modernist Document Gaudium et Spes
Has Lost the Nobel Peace Prize because He Has Been Exposed as a Paedophile
The Presbyter Twice Raped His Eight-year-old Cousin
Until the Boy's Father Hid the Boy from the Presbyter
The Presbyter Said of His Rapes: "There Is Nothing More Normal"

Presbyter Francois Houtart, who served as a peritus (expert) at the Modernist Vatican II Council (1962-1965) has admitted to raping his eight-year-old cousin. Houtart was responsible for drafting major sections of Gaudium et Spes, the conciliar document subtitled "Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World." Apparently, Houtart had more experience of the modern world than anyone new! Houtart had his credentials in all the subjects reveled in by the Modernists and anathema to traditional Catholics: inter-faith "dialogue" (false oecumenism), the promotion of "tolerance" (all gods are equal; all religions are equal), and "social justice" (radical liberalist politics).

An international petition drive calling upon the Nobel Prize committee to award Houtart the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 attracted thousands of signatures from 74 nations. Little did they know! This notoriety came back to haunt presbyter Houtart. The Belgian commission examining paedophilia among Newchurch presbyters reported that Houtart had twice raped his own eight-year-old cousin. The boy told his parents, and they hid him in their bedroom before Houtart could rape him a third time. The father asked the presbyter to apologize, but he refused and told him that "there is nothing more normal" than raping children. Houtart has since pled guilty to the sexual assaults, which he has described as being merely "inconsiderate." The boy's sister confirms the report. She wrote to the Nobel Prize committee that the presbyter entered her brother's room twice "to rape him."

The Nobel committee has ended its consideration of Houtart for a prize. "It was a big, big surprise and a big, big [disappointment]," said one official about the revelation. "Directly for us it was very clear that we could not continue to have some kind of collaboration" with Houtart. [Some information for this commentary was contributed by the Associated Press, Catholic World News, and the U.K. Daily Mail.]

January 5, 2011 - Vigil of the Epiphany

Benedict-Ratzinger Appoints the "Trangendered" Newbishop and the "Abortion" Newbishop
To Select More Newbishops for Newchurch -- And They're Sure to Be Doozies!

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Raymond Burke

Newarchbishop Raymond "Bully" Burke with His Novus Ordo Nuns
One of Them Is a Surgically "Transgendered" Man, Whom Burke "Consecrated"
Burke, together with Newarchbishop Donald "Wimp" Wuerl
Who Openly Handed out the Novus Ordo Cookie to Prominent Pro-abortion Politicians
Have Been Appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger to Select the Next Slate of Newbishops

Benedict-Ratzinger, already known for some of the worst papal appointments since Vatican II, has appointed the "Trangenered" Newbishop, Raymond Burke, and the "Abortion" Newbishop, Donald Wuerl, of Washington, D.C., to be members of the Congregation for Bishops to select the next slate of bishops for the Newchurch of the New Order. Benedict-Ratzinger couldn't have picked a incompetent duo!

Raymond "Bully" Burke, when Newbishop of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, was exposed by his local press as a cover-up artist for his paedophile clergy and as the consecrator of a surgically "transgendered" man who wanted to become a Newcurch nun. Burke's actions were too much even for the clueless Newchurchers, who protested to the Apostolic Delegate. Accordingly, Burke was transferred to St. Louis, Missouri. There he proceeded to attempt the theft of a church that had been perpetually chartered 125 years before, because he wanted to take possession of its 12,000,000 U.S. dollar value to pay for sex crimes in the Newarchdiocese. The congregation voted to stand by their pastor and tell the thieving Burke to go pound sand. The incident caused such a scandal that Newvatican had no choice but to fly Burke off to Newrome and given him a sinecure there so that he would no longer alienate congregations.

Donald "Wimp" Wuerl gained his notoriety when he perpetrated illegal dealings with a presbyter. The presbyter appealed to Newvatican, which not only upheld the presbyter's case, but chastised Wuerl for being ignorant of canon law and strongly suggested that he go back to seminary to learn it right. That was bad enough, but it so happened that Wuerl was regularly appearing on the EWTN Charismatic Cable Channel to teach -- you guessed it -- canon law! Wuerl also caused a scandal when he publicly handed out the Novus Ordo cookie to U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, all known as full-throated supporters of abortion and the their public funding.

Good Catholics, with a corrupt pope like Benedict-Ratzinger, it is no surprise that in the United States 24 Newbishops have been accused of or charged with raping children and that in Belgium a Newbishop admitted raping his nephew for several years while the Newcardinal-primate there knew and did nothing. One wants to shout with King Henry II: "Will no one rid me of this contumelious pope?"

January 4, 2011 - Octave Day of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs
Simple Feast

Belgian Primate Delivers Christmas Shock to Child Rape Victims
Your Newchurch Clergy Rapists Owe You Nothing, He Says

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Andre-Joseph Leonard

Newchurch Primate of Belgium Leonard Says:
Cut off Those Child Victims of Rape from Any Compensation
He Says that Newchurch Bishop and Presbyter Rapists Owe Their Victims Nothing
Belgians Are Shocked at His Nasty and Unchristian Attitude, as 77 per Cent Want Him Out
And Only 6 per Cent of Belgian Attend Newchurch Services
Parliament Is Discussing Cutting Leonard and Newchurch Off
From Any Further Government Subsidies

Newchurch archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Brussels, Belgium, a personal appointee of Benedict-Ratzinger in January 2010, has again provoked national scandal and outrage. He told a Belgian government commission set up to investigate the mass rape of children by Newchurch presbyters that the child victims should receive not one penny in compensation from Newchurch, even though Newchurch in Belgium, as around the world, moved thousands of child rapists among its clergy from Newparish to Newparish so that they could continue raping children.

The local bishops had an accomplice in Newrome, Josef Ratzinger, who silenced the victims to secrecy under pain of excommunication so that they could not warn anyone about their paedophile predators. Now Newpope, Benedict-Ratzinger has consistently refused any cooperation with government authorities around the world who are investigating the crimes and his personal involvement in them. Of the 475 child victims of Newchurch clergy, thirteen are known to have committed suicide. Yet Newarchbishop Leonard claimed in his Christmas message on December 22, 2010, to the Belgian nation that Newchurch has no responsibility for the actions of its own bishops and presbyters and owes the child victims absolutely nothing!

Benedict-Ratzinger's appointee had been expected to outline to the government commission a compensation package for the child victims, but commission members responded with "surprised amazement" as Leonard appeared defiant and sarcastically complained that "pretty soon authorities will ask for compensation for unhappy children." One member of parliament who sits on the commission publicly stated, "I am shocked" at Leonard's attitude. The crazed Leonard said that Newchurch is not obliged to contribute to compensations, but "sports stars should contribute."

A recent poll of Belgian Newchurchers found that 77 per cent were unsatisfied with Leonard and 84 per cent were dissatisfied with his response to Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust in his country. In this once-Catholic country, only 10 per cent of the population said that they regarded themselves as "Catholics," and only 6 per cent reported regularly attending Newchurch Sunday services.

Leonard's own spokesman quit him in November 2009, stating that Leonard is like a "reckless driver." Belgian Newchurchers are still reeling from Bruges Newbishop Roger Vangheluwe's admission in early 2010 that he had raped his own nephew for several years and that the Belgian primate, Godfried Danneels, knew of the rapes and covered them up for his friend Vangheluwe, whom he had after Vatican II commissioned to write "new catechism," condemned by Newchurchers and government officials alike as "pornographic."

As a result of Benedict-Ratzinger's appointee to make Newchurch take responsibility, the Belgian government is considering cutting off all government subsidies to Newchurch in this once-Catholic country. The Belgian government now pays the salaries of Newchurch bishops and presbyters. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholilc News Service.]

January 3, 2011 - Octave Day of St. John, Apostle & Evangelist
Simple Feast

SSPX's Bernie Fellay Confirms His Desire Yet Again to Sell out to the Novus Ordo
And Shows Himself a Mere Shill for the Newchurch of the New Order

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Bernie Fellay & Benedict-Ratzinger

Judas Sold out Christ with a Kiss; Fellay Sells Him out with a Masonic Handshake
Fellay Admits in a New Interview that He Considers Himself a Schismatic and Heretic
And Wants Absolution and Admission into the Newchurch of the New Order
The SSPX's Founding Archbishop Lefebvre Would Never Have Consecrated This Traitor
To the Traditional Catholic Faith and What the Archbishop Called "Modernist Rome"

The Neo-SSPX's fuehrer, Bernie Fellay, in another one of his interminable "interviews" (did he learn nothing from his puppeteer Benedict-Ratzinger's recent faux pas in the "condom interview"?), confirmed on December 27, 2011, in the Scottish daily Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes that he is still looking to betray the SSPX's Founder-archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and sell out the SSPX to the Novus Ordo in Newrome. In answer to the question: "The goal of your Society is still to integrate the Catholic Church?," Fellay answered:

Yes, we have always maintained that we do not wish to go our own way. We maintain that we are Catholic and that we remain so. We wish that Rome will recognize us as true bishops, so that the word schismatic is not used any longer regarding us. Now, if we are not schismatics or heretics, then we are truly Catholic. But the pope says that there is solely a problem of a canonical nature. An act of Rome suffices to state that it's over and that we reenter the Church. This will happen. I am very optimistic.

This statement of Fellay's is a total sellout to the New Order. He has turned his back on the terminology of the SSPX's founding archbishop, Marcel Lefebvre, who distinguished between the True Church, which he called "Eternal Rome," and the false Church, which he called "Modernist Rome." Now Fellay is accepting without reservation the man whom the Archbishop, who knew him intimately, called "not a Catholic," Josef Ratzinger. Fellay accepts Modernist Rome as being the True Church -- which his own founder said that it was not.

Good Catholics, this recent statement of Fellay goes even farther toward accepting the Novus Ordo than ever before. In the past, Fellay has stated that his Neo-SSPX would not join Newchurch until Newrome has renounced its errors. Now Fellay is saying that, to the contrary, he and his Neo-SSPX are ready to renounce what little traditional Catholicism remains with them to become Newchurchers of the New Order. Thus, Fellay has once again exposed himself as a traitor to the traditional Catholic Faith. Had Archbishop Lefebvre known that Fellay would sell out the Catholic Faith, he would never have consecrated Fellay as a bishop and would now disown Fellay, who has become merely a shill for the Novus Ordo.

January 2, 2011 - The Most Holy Name of Jesus
Double Feast of the Second Class

Two Accounts Indicate that U.S. President John Kennedy
May Have Received the Sacraments in the 24 Hours before His Assassination

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
JFK Burial

Traditional Catholic Graveside Service in Arlington National Cemetery
for Assassinated President John F. Kennedy,
Conducted by Richard Cardinal Cushing, of Boston, on November 25, 1962
Two Accounts Indicate that President Kennedy May Have Received the Sacraments
In the 24 Hours before His Assassination

In response to our Commentary on U.S. President John Kennedy's regular public attendance at Holy Mass, whereas Barack Obama claims that church worship by a President is "disruptive," we TRADITIO Fathers received two accounts of President Kennedy's last 24 hours, which have not heretofore been well known.

One account related to us that on November 21, 1963, the day before his assassination, President Kennedy was staying at the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth. That night, he had Msgr. Vincent Wolfe, of Holy Family Church, come to the Texas Hotel to hear his confession. Msgr. Wolfe, who was a member of the presidential welcoming committee, was also present at the breakfast the following morning. He presented President Kennedy with a spiritual bouquet from the children of Holy Family School, promising their prayers for him. Msgr. Wolfe said that the President had the spiritual bouquet in his right coat pocket when he was shot. A second account related that President Kennedy attended Holy Mass the morning of his assassination and asked a priest to hear his confession then.

If either of these accounts is true, President Kennedy may have received the Sacrament of Penance shortly before his death. If he had true contrition for his sins, had a firm purpose of amendment, and performed his penance, he may have been spiritually prepared when the assassin shot him and may have avoided the fires of Hell for those grave sins that came to public notice only long after his death.

A Reader Writes: "The Newchurch Bishop May Swoop In
And Somehow Connive to Steal Our Abbey"

From: Mike

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I am writing to inform you of recent events affecting the traditional Benedictine Christ the King Abbey in Cullman, Alabama. The Abbey has been a wonderful place to practice our traditional Catholic Faith. Abbot Leonard Giardina and the other monks provide the spiritual guidance that truly traditional Catholics crave.

You correctly reported on the TRADITIO Network in September 2010 that Abbot Leonard had suffered a stroke. He seemed to be recovering slowly but surely until recently. During the middle of Advent 2010, one of the monks, along with a nun from the neighboring convent, left under cover of darkness, stealing money and the Abbey's vehicle. Another of the monks informed me that the two had been "conflicted" about the abbey's not being attached to the Newchurch of the New Order. The two, who had been attracted to the Novus Ordo, ran off together.

This incident was quite a blow to Father Abbot, and his health began to slip. Our fear now is that with our courageous abbot at death's door, the Newchurch bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, Robert Baker, may swoop in and somehow connive to steal our abbey.

There is a wonderful monk here, Fr. Bernard, who is doing everything possible to maintain what Father Abbot has started. This is a wonderful abbey, and the monastic chapel is one of the holiest and most beautiful places in this "veil of tears." Please pray for the monks there and Fr. Bernard. The merits from the prayers of the monks at a truly traditional Catholic monasteries are probably the only things that keep the world from tearing itself apart! There are so few true monasteries left that we must fight to keep every one of them, and add more.

The TRADITIO Fathers Reply.

This would not be the first time that vultures like the Novus Ordo bishops or the predatory Society of St. Pius X would try to take advantage of a dying man to line their pockets with stolen money and property from independent traditional Catholic churches. We saw similar covetousness a few years ago over St. Anthony of Padua Church in West Orange, New Jersey, when Fr. Paul Wickens was dying. Both the local Novus Ordo bishop and the Neo-SSPX swooped in to get the dying man to sign the church over to them. Our advice to those congregations in such situations is to fight tooth and nail to keep the Novus Ordo and SSPX from robbing you of your traditional Catholic patrimony.

January 1, 2011 - Circumcision of Our Lord
Holyday of Obligation
Double Feast of the Second Class

What a Way to Start the New Year!
Another Traditional Feastday Trashed by Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess of 1962+

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Circumcision Introit

Gregorian Chant for the Introit of the Feast of the Circumcision
And Holyday of Obligation, January 1
The "Motu" Mess Expunged This Feast in Favor of the Simple "Octave of the Nativity"
Even Worse, the Novus Ordo Took Christ out of the Picture Altogether

As just another example of how the "Motu" Mess of 1962 differs from the Traditional Latin Mass, on January 1 Motarians will see the traditional Feast of the Circumcision excised (pun intended) in favor of a simple "Octave of the Nativity." The invalid Novus Ordo service goes even farther: it cuts out any reference to Christ at all! In addition, the Novus Ordo has demoted the traditional feastday from being a Holyday of Obligation.

Thus, Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch of the New Order has perpetrated a triple whammy against traditional Catholicism, which the Motarians and their Half Novus Ordo of 1962 have not escaped.

Independent Traditional Benedictine Abbot Leonard Giardina Is Near Death
Giardina Built a Traditional Benedictine Abbey and Refused to Be Seduced into Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

The TRADITIO Fathers have received word from local sources that Abbot Leonard Giardina, who was taken to hospital in September 2010 after suffering a stroke, is failing fast and is now in hospice care. Abbot Giardina can be numbered among the Pioneers of the Traditional Catholic Movement. He never sold out to the New Order, but instead founded an independent traditional Benedictine monastic order. After many years he was able to see his dream accomplished: the construction of a beautiful traditional Benedictine monastery that operated entirely independently of the Newchurch of the New Order, which even then was sinking into doctrinal error, liturgical catastrophe, and a moral cesspool.

Newchurch's monasticism has almost disappeared, whereas Abbot Giardina's traditional Benedictine order thrives. So successful has the abbot been that David Foley, the Novus Ordo bishop of Birmingham, Alabama, from 1994 to 2005, attempted to seduce Abbot Giardina into the New Order Church. The Abbot told Foley to peddle his phony Novus Ordo nonsense somewhere else. The traditional Abbot wasn't buying any of it!

Good Catholics, Abbot Leonard Giardina is an example to us all of how we must not compromise in any way with the Newchurch of the New Order, which peddles an invalid and pseudo-Catholicism to ignorant Newchurchers and clueless pseudo-traditionalists. If we wish to remain true to the Catholic Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we must not sell out to such frauds as Half Novus Ordo "Motu" Messes and phony "sacraments" or play the sycophant to the errors of such as the "Paedophile Pope" and the "Condom Pope." We must stand with Christ and condemn those, even in the highest places, who would pervert our Catholic Faith, just as Our Lord condemned the corrupt Church leaders of His own time.

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