December 2004

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December 31 - St. Sylvester I, Pope & Confessor (Double Feast)
Complete Friday Abstinence

"Conservative" Catholicism Is a Myth

From: Roger
Vatican II

Vatican II, Locus of the Roman Schism of 1964
The "Dawn" Spoken of By John XXIII
Ten Years Later Was Called "A Day of Darkness" by Paul VI

Dear Fr. Moderator:

In my personal opinion, I think that you are being too harsh against Anne Green, the Novus Ordinarian quoted in the Boston Globe, as being "too little, too late." You wondered where she was when the same cabal of bishops robbed her of the True Mass and fobbed off on her a Counterfeit Mess. You asked why she was still putting her dollars into the collection plate, knowing that the money was going to pay off corrupt Newchurch bishops and presbyters, who were robbing the church blind and deflowering the youth.

From the lay perspective, the churches were the same, the priests were the same, but, of course, the teaching had changed, at first slightly, but then it got more and more extreme. What about all those "conservative Catholics" who are writing for Novus Ordo periodicals? What about schism in the Church when one branch does not accept the validity of the sacraments of the other branch.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

"Catholic conservatism" is a charade. Those writers you mention are essentially secularists who coat political positions with a veneer of "religion." All such periodicals are in the pocket of the New Order Religion by definition. That's what they themselves say. They don't deny this fact.

The ignorance argument can be pushed just so far. We might make some allowance for those who were confused in the 1960s and 1970s, but we have forty years and more to look back on now. A person has to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see that the caricature presented by the New Order Religion is a total sham. It's not one. It's not holy. It's not Catholic. It's not Apostolic.

After all, real Catholics are supposed to have a "Catholic sense." In these times, it seems that all too many Catholics have a "Catholic nonsense," based not upon the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Faith of the millenia, but upon what Fr. Gommar DePauw in 1964 was already calling the "Hootenany Mass" and a corrupt morality that has now even swept in the pope as an accomplice after the fact to rape, theft of church property, and selling out the very Faith that he is sworn to uphold. He is certainly not the first pope to preside over and participate in foul corruptions in the Church.

There is certainly schism in the Church, and worse. As more and more authors have termed it, it is the Roman Schism of 1964. This refers to the genesis of an unCatholic New Order, which surrounded Vatican II. Catholicism is a Faith first, and a structure only secondarily, dependent upon that Faith. The error that many people make is to confuse the structure with the Faith.

When officials exceed their structural authority, they lose that authority. A pope who teaches Protestantism is not to be obeyed, any more than a President who attempts to impose a tax without a bill from Congress. A bishop who turns his diocese into a cesspool of immorality and imposes a false Mass and Sacraments is not to be obeyed. Catholic theology is crystal clear on this point. False obedience is a sin, not a virtue.

It has happened before in Church history, and undoubtedly it will happen again. We are in a time of trial, as Our Lord tests the ones He loves. The important thing is what our reaction to the test is. "Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction" (Matthew 7:13/DRV). Sure, we can sell out to the New Order, phony Masses, and the like because it is easier. Sure, we can kowtow to bishop kleptocrats who steal from the Church and condemn what is truly Catholic. It is hard to go against the grain, but all Catholics must do so in the cause of what is right, good, and beautiful. Otherwise, the word "Catholic" means nothing. It is merely a political moniker, exactly as the New Order has made it.

There are no "branches" in the Church. There is the true Catholic Faith, Mass, Sacraments, and morality, and there is the untrue. Either - or, not both. The true Church is always there. It is just harder to find it in times of trial. When Protestantism separated in the 16th century, it was not called a different "branch" of the Catholic Church. It was called a heresy. That's the situation we're facing today with the New Order religion.

December 30 - Within the Octave of the Nativity (Semidouble Feast)

"Because There Was No Room for Them in the Inn"

From: Eileen
Bethlehem Stable Altar

The Stable Altar at Bethlehem
"Here Jesus Christ Was Born of the Virgin Mary"

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I have found the Novus Ordo service uncomfortable for a long time. I was wondering about the validity of Mass being said in a hotel, restaurant, etc.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Our Catholic predecessors celebrated Mass in the catacombs, in barns, in fields, and anywhere necessity demanded when a church was not available. The proper question is not where, but what. It is the form, matter, and intent of the service that determines the validity of the Mass. The True Mass, celebrated anywhere, is valid. The Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan worship service, celebrated anywhere, is just as invalid as an Anglican service. If the True Mass is available anywhere accessible to you, your gratitude and presence should know no bounds.

December 29 - St. Thomas of Canterbury, Bishop & Martyr (Double Feast)

Newchurch of Love Caught in Hate Attack

From: Fr. Moderator

Sean O'Malley, Newchurch Archbishop of Boston, Hangs His Head in Shame
Balled like a Baby in His Limousine because Confronted by Irate Novus Ordinarians
Now This Newchurch Bishop Has His Own People Arrested for Praying in Their Church --
On Christmas Day!

There they go again. The Newchurch of the Lovey-Dovey, the Newchurch in which all gods are equal, the Newchurch that approves of going to Protestant services, but not the Traditional Latin Mass, is now turning on its own Novus Ordinarians.

Why? Because the worm has turned. It is not only traditional Catholics who have smelled the rat of these Newchurch bishops. Even the Novus Ordinarians themselves are now smelling a rat. After Newchurch has been exposed for the fraud that it is doctrinally, sacramentally, and morally, more of its adherents are finally trying to stop the Newchurch steamroller that they have passively allowed to gain momentum over the last forty years.

But on Christmas? Could Newchurch and its archbishop Sean O'Malley, be any more like Scrooge? Yes, O'Malley of the Newchurch of Love, according to the Boston Globe, had Novus Ordinarians arrested in the first minutes of Christmas for a peaceful vigil to protest the closing of Sacred Heart Church in South Natick, Massachusetts, which O'Malley had ordered closed forever on Christmas Day. It appears that their worship was "trespassing" in the eyes of the archbishop and the church's pastor, Presbyter Joseph Slyva. This O'Malley was the same who ran to his limousine and balled like a baby when the parishioners of another church he was closing didn't embrace him with love, but confronted him like St. Pauls to his face.

Anne Green, one of those arrested, said that she could have left. "But my conscience could not allow me to do that." Well, Anne, too little, too late. Where were you when the same cabal of bishops robbed you of the True Mass and fobbed off on you a Counterfeit Mess? Were you still putting your dollars into the collection plate, knowing that the money was going to pay off corrupt Newchurch bishops and presbyters, who were robbing the church blind and deflowering the youth?

Better late than never? Sometimes it's too late. If these protestors would take their support to one of the independent traditional Catholic churches in the Boston area, at least they'd have a real Mass. Then they could oppose the archbishop's schemes from a position of grace-fulled power.

December 28 - Holy Innocents, Martyrs (Double Feast of the Second Class)

How Is This Different?

From: Fr. Moderator
Mao Tse Tung

Mao Tse Tung, Late Red Chinese Dictator
The Red Chinese Have a Church-Closing Program
Reminiscent of That of Newchurch Bishops in the United States

Compare the story above on the godlessness of the Newchurch archbishop with the godlessness of the Communist Chinese regime. The comparison is not that far fetched. Both have been effective in persecuting the True Faith and the True Mass.

Associated Press reports that armed police broke up Christmas service at an underground church in eastern China, arresting the pastor, demolishing a makeshift pulpit, and scattering two thousand worshippers. Police with guns came and tore down the stage, seats, and entrance gate that the group had erected for the Christmas eve service.

Thanks to the Newchurch archbishop of Boston, Sacred Heart Church is now every bit as deserted as this church in China, which was destroyed by Communists. Maybe JPII, who seems to love Mohammedan infidels more than real Catholics, should remove O'Malley and appoint a Communist. Remember, JPII has personally appointed all of the barbarians that that have destroyed the Catholic Church, the Catholic Mass, and Catholic morality. All the previous popes' appointees have retired or passed on.

December 27 - St. John the Apostle (Double Feast of the Second Class)

Novus Ordo Robs Church Blind; Bishops Totally Cover It Up

From: Fr. Moderator
Olmsted and JPII

Thomas Olmstead, Newchurch Bishop of Phoenix, Schmoozing with JPII
Like Many Church Dioceses, Olmsted's Is Harboring Presbyter-Thieves
As Usual, JPII Ignores Crime and Corruption in His Administration
Thievery from the Church Goes on, Business as Usual for Newchurch

Forget the sex stuff. That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's becoming clear that the sex scandal is being used to hide a much worse scandal: Newchurch bishops and presbyters are robbing the Church blind. They are committing the very sins that led Dismas and Gestas to be crucified with Christ. They are thieves. Evidence is mounting undeniably that many dioceses are robbing their contributors blind.

Newchurch bishops and presbyters are taking church money donated and converting it to personal use. The U.S. Conference of [Newchurch] Catholic Bishops won't admit that it is going on. Nor do the bishops make any effort toward the required moral restitution to the contributors. In fact, some of them personally profit by it.

In the latest instance, the Tucson News reports that two Newchurch presbyters were arrested and indicted on charges that they skimmed about $160,000 from a Mesa, Arizona, parish's donations to pay for lavish furniture and travel. One presbyter was indicted on ten counts of theft and four counts of fraudulent schemes. Another presbyter faces one charge of fraudulent schemes and one of theft. Prosecutors charge that the two presbyters defrauded Holy Cross Catholic Church by taking cash from the collections to buy expensive furniture, pay for travel, and upgrade their homes.

What can you do about this?

  1. Don't ever attend a Newchurch service. They're invalid counterfeits of the Roman Catholic Mass anyway, so why would any Catholic ever want to commit such scandal and sacrilege?
  2. Never, never contribute any money to Newchurch. You'll just be supporting perversion of all kinds, mainly of the Roman Catholic Faith.

December 26 - St. Stephen Proto-Martyr (Double Feast of the Second Class)

Ratzinger Rats on Catholicism Again

From: Fr. Moderator
Card. Ratzinger

The Report on Josef Cardinal Ratzinger: He Is a Modernist, Par Excellence
Having Denied that the Catholic Church Is the only True Church of Christ
Having Denied that Our Lord Jesus Christ Is the Messias
Now Wants to Overturn the Centuries-Old Process of Vetting Saints
To Create Political Saints of Dubious Catholicism and Sanctity

The London Times reports that, "already under fire from some Roman Catholics for running a 'saint factory,' the pope is preparing to overturn a centuries-old rule that candidates for canonization must have performed 'medically inexplicable' posthumous miracles."

One of the most chilling announcements from Newvatican in recent months is that this pope, who in 1983 turned the sacred process of canonization into a joke by making dangerous changes in the centuries-old process, is now contemplating another reckless change that will unquestionably bring every Newchurch canonization into question. You see, the pope is now considering denying the supernatural. He proposes to eliminate the evidence of miracles by candidates -- evidence that has been used since the earliest days of the Church.

The question of miracles has embarrassed this pope considerably. The most obvious case was that of Mother Theresa. So desperate was the Newvatican to find even one post-Vatican "oecumenical" saint, concocted a case for this individual, who remains under a cloud. Not only is there evidence that she was a syncretist, mixing Catholicism and pagan Hinduism in her beliefs and teaching, but the "miracle" advanced for her beatification was denied by doctors. Of the woman who had cancer, they said, We gave her standard anti-cancer treatment. The cancer went into remission for a time, and she died a year later. Nothing was miraculous about that. Another individual who can't seem to scrape up a miracle is an obviously political candidate, Robert Schuman, president of the European Union.

The Church has always been extremely cautious about "miracles." For a medical cure to be "miraculous," it has to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be "sudden, complete, and permanent" and to have no scientific explanation. If any medical man questioned the miraculous nature of a case, that was the end of it. The Church would never risk controversy about something so important as the declaration of a Saint, even though such a declaration is not invariably infallible, as St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church's principal theologian, holds.

And who is behind it? Why the Modernist Prefect of Doctrine, Card. Ratzinger, who has been nicknamed "The Rat" from his defections from the Faith, including the denial of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the Messias. Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone, the Archbishop of Genoa, revealed that The Rat had presented a formula for the abolition of the "the miracle clause" to the Pope. Cardinal Bertone said that there was a growing feeling in the Vatican that the need for miracles for both beatification and canonization was "anachronistic."

Anachronistic! To these Modernists, that is what the whole Roman Catholic Faith is -- out of date. Just more proof that Newchurch officials admit that theirs is a New Religion, not the Roman Catholic religion. Fine, let them leave our Catholic churches and dioceses and seek employment with the One World Religion headquartered in John Calvin's Geneva.

December 25 - Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Double Feast of the First Class)

The Chant of Christmas

From: Fr. Moderator
Chant of Christmas

Gregorian Chant of Christmas
The Introit Dominus Dixit from the Sistine Library
As Published on the Printing Press in 1614 after the Council of Trent
Some Fifty Years before the Birth of Johann Sebastian Bach

If you have the privilege of worshipping Our Lord on the Feast of His Nativity at Midnight High Mass, you will hear some of the Church's most beautiful chant. Here is some interesting background to put into place the sacredness and history of the chant that you will hear at Midnight Mass.

After the Council of Trent in the 16th century, the books of chant were republished in 1614 to give them wider circulation after the invention of the printing press (although Pope Gregory the Great had already collected the chant into handwritten books in the 5th century). That is some 50 years before the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. When you hear the chant of Midnight Mass, you are hearing a piece of history.

The Matins of Christmas also has an interesting history. The Seventh Lesson in the Third Nocturn is from St. Luke, in which the Evangelist describes the census of the whole world commanded by Caesar Augustus, which brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem to be counted.

In the year 800, Charlesmagne was crowned by the pope as the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the Catholic continuation of the emperors of classical Rome. Charlesmagne's capital was Aquisgranum (Aachen) in Germany. Yet the emperor was determined to be in distant Rome to hear Matins. Therefore, he pushed south through a difficult snowstorm and arrived at Old St. Peter's just before the reading of that Seventh Lesson. The pope was so moved at the devotion of the emperor that he conferred upon him the privilege, unheard of for a layperson, of chanting the lesson, as the emperor was the political descendant of Caesar Augustus.

This is the true Catholicism of the ages, whose history and dignity are conveyed in the traditional chant, whose traditional Gregorian scholae (choirs) across the world continue into a third millennium. There is nothing that can compare with it spiritually, musically, or historically. As you worship at Midnight High Mass, do not forget to thank the Lord for giving this gift to you, the gift of the true Sacred Liturgy of His traditional Church, including the Sacred Roman Chant.

December 24 - Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Fast and Complete Abstinence (May be Observed Instead on December 23)

The Mad Monsignor and the Inspired Council of Trent

From: Robert
Council of Trent

Council of Trent in Session
The Most Influential and Productive Council in the History of the Church
Producing More Saints than Any Other Council

Dear Fr. Moderator:

How can people say that JPII has been doing a great job? I read a sentence from Pat Buchanan's latest book, Where the Right Went Wrong, and I think that it is a perfect description of Vatican II. The sentence is: "All the things that wise men predicted have not happened, and that which damn fools said would happen has come to pass." I sent that quotation to a Newchurch "monsignor," and he said that people said the same thing after the Council of Trent. I guess I was surprised that he even acknowledged that the Council of Trent took place!

Fr. Moderator Replies.

That "monsignor" is mad. That is just the kind of mindless statement one would expect from a Newchurch mouthpiece.

Historically, the Council of Trent was the most influential and most productive council in the history of the Church. Its work lasted for the longest time, from the mid 16th century to the mid 20th century. Well into the 20th century, four centuries later, the Vatican still had a Congregation of the Council, whose role it was to ensure the implementation of the Council of Trent.

The period immediately after the Council was stunning in its renaissance of the Roman Catholic Faith, which had been greatly damaged by the Protestant Revolution, just as in modern times the Church has been damaged by the Modernist heresy of the New Order. Outside of the Saints in the Missal who were early Martyrs and Confessors, the next greatest group of Saints is those following the Council of Trent. The Catholic Faith flourished after the Council in a way it never had before and grew rapidly in new fertile soil in the Western Hemisphere.

The principal implementer of the Council of Trent was Pope Pius V, who was recognized as a Saint. He was a tiger for the true Faith and did not hesitate to confront anyone for that Faith, whether it were the priest-butcher Elizabeth of England or the Mohammendan general who tried to overrun Christianity in Europe. Could anyone think to compare to this Saint-Pope the likes of John XXIII, the "compromiser," who sold out to Socialism and Communism to get his "pastoral" council underway, or the manic depressive Paul VI, who couldn't ever seem to make up his own mind about what was Catholic or not and symbolically gave away his papal power when he disposed of the papal tiara?

You have our permission to tell that "monsignor" that he is either an historical revisionist, an outright liar, or an ignoramus.

December 23 - Ferial Day

The Pope Hath Not the Competency

From: Jeff (Canada)
Venerable Pope Pius IX

Venerable Pope Pius IX
When Asked to Change the Mass
He Replied, "How Can I? I'm only the Pope!"

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I came across a statement that Newchurch denies that a Novus Ordo Mass was ever created in the 1960s, but indicates that various revisions to the Roman Missal have taken place during the 1960s to 2004 (as throughout the history of the Church) and that the pope has the right to revise the Roman Missal. Have you heard anything to this effect? Your opinion?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Oh, yes, that's an old fiction, thoroughly disproven, just like the "many/all" fiction, the "table facing the people" fiction, and all the rest that the Newchurch mouthpieces still resort to when they are backed into a corner.

There is no question, by Vatican documents and admissions, that Freemason Abp. Bugnini and his six Protestant ministers fabricated the "New Mass." There is a photograph, previously reproduced on TRADITIO, of Paul VI standing with these ministers and congratulating them on their work! At least one recanted before his death. The proof of the pudding is that many Protestant churches, as demonstrated by photographs published here in the past, are now using the "New Mass" in their own churches. It's just not a Catholic Mass.

The "New Mass" is two-thirds different from the Traditional Latin Mass. That is no "revision," but a new work. Even the dogmatically sacrosanct Canon and the very words of Consecration handed down from the Apostles were tampered with to invalidity. The Mass is essentially a part of Sacred Tradition. It is full of dogma. No pope has the authority to touch it in any essential way. To argue the contrary is to fall into the heresy of Protestantism. The dogmatic Council of Trent made this very clear in its anathemata against such notions that the Protestants were circulating in the 16th century. Perhaps the Catholic teaching was best illustrated by Pope Pius IX who, when asked to add the name of St. Joseph to the ancient Apostolic Roman Canon, replied: "How can I? I'm only the pope!"

Newchurch, which has dumped Catholicism and created a false New Religion, doesn't want to be bound by Catholic teaching, so ignores it or try to get around it. You can't. Catholic theology teaches that if a pope were to change the traditional Apostolic Liturgy essentially, he becomes a schismatic. For further information, see POPELIM.TXT: Limitations of Papal Authority to Change Sacred Tradition from the Writings of Roman Catholic Popes, Councils, Saints, and Theologians in the TRADITIO Library of Files.

As 35 years have now passed since the Novus Ordo was launched, there really is no longer any doubt that what we are seeing is something that is not Catholic and not valid. This conclusion was demonstrated already by several works: in 1968 by P.H. Omlor, again in 1969 by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, again in 1971 by Fr. James Wathen, and again this year by Fr. Paul Trinchard, a former Novus Ordinarian and theologian from the Roman Pontifical University, who has once again confirmed the obvious reality that the "New Mass" is invalid by papal and dogmatic teaching. For further information, see FAQ05.TXT: What Traditional Catholic Books Do You Recommend in the TRADITIO Library of Files.

December 22 - St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin (Double Feast of the Second Class)

When Will Newrome Revert to the True Faith?

From: Michael
St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica at Rome
Newrome Will Revert to True Catholicism
When the Faithful Do

Dear Fr. Moderator:

When will Newrome stop all of this madness and bring back the true Church?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

That is too simplistic a view. It is becoming clear that before Newrome will revert, there must be a strong stand for the true Catholic Faith on the part of the faithful. As in other times in Church history, we all have to do what we can do, as St. Paul puts it, to "stand fast: and hold the traditions, which you have learned" (2 Thessalonians 2:15/DRV).

In many ways, the formerly Catholic faithful are more guilty than Newrome in this debacle. The people put aside their Catholic Faith and bought into a fraud after Vatican II. They knew better then, and they know better now. Yet, although many have returned to the traditional Faith, and more are returning every day, all too many still continue to worship in unCatholic Novus Ordo temples, worship at unCatholic invalid "services," and perpetuate by their support and money the grossest immoralities.

We think that Our Lord is waiting for His people to return to the true Faith first. Then fixing Newrome will naturally follow. But we must resist any temptation to "compromise" or "negotiate" with Newchurch, or have anything to do with false New Religion. Poison is poison, and Newchurch and its New Order is lethal to the soul. Even a little arsenic a day will bring death over time.

December 21 - St. Thomas, Apostle (Double Feast of the Second Class)

Newchurch Forgives Mohammedans; Mohammedans Damn Christians to Hell

From: Fr. Moderator
United Nations

The United Nations as Contagious Disease
Newvatican and UN Team Up to Push a Redefinition of Catholic Theology:
Mohammedans Go to Heaven; Christians Don't!

Newvatican, now that it has ensconced itself as political organization answering to the United Nations, has begun a campaign to worship the same god as the Mohammedans. This announcement of a new "Catholic" teaching and terminology occurred on December 7 at a seminar at United Nations headquarters under the sponsorship of the UN's Department of Public Information. [CNS]

The president of a Newchurch university in Budapest rolled out the new term: Islamophobia, supposedly a fear of Islam. Now, correct us if we're wrong, but if memory serves, a dozen or so Islamists destroyed the two largest buildings in the world and killed some 5,000 citizens in the process. Isn't it reasonable to fear the evil of such people? We think so.

At any rate, this Newchurch president told a seminar on "Confronting Islamophobia" that his institution and the "Catholic Church as a whole" had taken steps to improve relations with Islam by "nuancing" real Catholic theology to preach now that "Paradise would be open to Muslims who followed the principles of their Faith." No mention that it is a false and evil faith. No call to evangelize Muslims to the true Faith. No, Newchurch is again selling out Catholic theology.

But you have to give credit to those Muslims. They believe their faith (which is more than one can say for the Newchurch people), and they say exactly what they think. Standard Muslim books call Christians "polytheists who would go to Hell." You see, Muslims believe in Hell. Newchurch doesn't. That's why Newchurch can't even conceive of the possibility that congressmen who have four wives might end up there, and publicly perverted fashion designers who promote public immorality might end up there.

JPII, ever the "oecumenical" pope, "apologized for crimes committed by Christians against Muslims in past centuries." Now, what might he have had in mind? The Holy Crusades, whose purpose was to reclaim safe travel to the Holy Land for Christian pilgrims and to redeem Christians who had been enslaved to Muslim overlords?

At the time the pope went into a snit because "a similar gesture from the other side" never came. There he goes again. The New Order religion is now just a matter of "gestures," not reality. Why should the Muslims reciprocate? They are at least honest. They don't think that they have anything to apologize for. Their anti-oecumenical religion teaches them that Christians have two options: convert to Mohammedanism or be killed. Simple.

December 20 - Vigil of St. Thomas, Apostle

The Litmus Test of Catholicism

From: Kate
Oecumenical Mess

Is It a Mass? Is It Catholic or Protestant?
You Can't Tell with the Novus Ordo Mess Any Longer
This One Happens to Be a Joint Newchurch-Protestant Mess
Performed in Berlin, June 1, 2003

Dear Fr. Moderator:

As I learn more about the Traditional Latin Mass and compare it to the Novus Ordo service, I think of that Mass as the litmus test of one's Catholicity. I didn't expect this, but I conclude now that no matter what you say you believe, how faithful you claim to be to the teaching of the Church, if you can sit through that Novus Ordo Protestant hootenanny and not be disgusted, frightened, and repulsed, you can't be Catholic. This issue of the Mass is really the sharp edge of the sword of the spirit. The Mass couldn't be what it was and what it is now. It's impossible.

Last week an elderly conservative Novus Ordinarian, who has expressed the desire for the Traditional Latin Mass to come back, told me that the present mess is "not our fault." I wonder whose fault it would be, then. The laity are the monetary engine driving the whole thing.

December 19 - Fourth Sunday of Advent (Semidouble Sunday)

Novus Ordo Counterfeit Mess Is Worldwide

From: Ken (Malta)

Stargate Church on the Island of Malta
Formerly the Venue of Knights
Now the Venue of the "Sofa" Mess

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I would like to add my concern about -- not to say the outright scandal caused by -- the (supposed) mass celebrated December 12 on Super 1 TV (a Maltese private television station). The atmosphere was anything but sacred; the "consecration" was performed by the priest in civilian clothing and -- worse still -- sitting on a sofa! The same can be said of the "communion." The participants stayed sitting while receiving the cookie, some of them even cross-legged!

Will the Maltese Newchurch diocese and the Carmelite Provincial take action and at least show their disapproval on the media of this shameful act? Of course, they won't. They love it! The more bizarre, the better. None of this is Catholic or valid by any stretch of the imagination. Why should I believe it when the Novus Ordinarians themselves by their conduct do not?

December 18 - Ferial Day
Ember Day - Fast & Partial Abstinence

Newchurch Turns Church into a Bar; What's Next? A Brothel?

From: Fr. Moderator
Brew Church

Newchurch Converts Traditional Church into a Bar
Brewing Equipment Is Installed on the Altar in the Sanctuary
Is there No End to the Sacrileges
In Which These Newchurch Philistine Bishops Are Involved?

It seems that there is no end to the sacrilege that Newchurch will allow. One of the most disgusting photographs that has crossed our desk in recent months is the one above, showing the sanctuary and altar of St. John the Baptist (formerly) Catholic Church of Pittsburgh turned into a bar. To quote from the descriptive information:

By far, the most breathtaking element is the position of the brew house on the altar. Because the altar was built as a centerpiece of the church, the steel and copper tanks gleaming in the celestial blue backdrop is nothing less than captivating. This extraordinary view is only paralleled by the quality and taste of our beer.

The diocese of Pittsburgh sold off the beautiful traditional church and allowed it to be converted into a bar in 1993, called the Church Brew Works. Let's face it, folks, Newchurch, its dioceses, and its bishops are totally devoid of any Catholicism. They are pagans, pure and simple. And they aren't even classical pagans. They are Philistines of the worst kind. Perhaps the most pointed comment made about this type of desecration was spoken by Our Lord 2000 years ago. He couldn't have been more right in his condemnation:

My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves (Matthew 21:13/DRV).

December 17 - Ferial Day
Ember Day - Fast & Complete Abstinence

St. Francis Recommends the Latin Rosary

From: William
St. Francis

St. Francis of Assisi
Recommended that Laypeople Recite the Rosary in Latin
So that They Could More Closely Associate Themselves
With the Prayer of the Church

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Why would reciting the rosary in Latin not be "vain repetition"?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Certainly any prayer can degenerate into "vain repetition," as any prayer can, even the prayer that Our Lord gave us, the Pater Noster, if said idly and without attention and devotion.

We have drawn attention previously to the recommendation of St. Francis and of other Saints to pray the Rosary in the Church's language as a way of uniting oneself more closely to the prayer of the Church, as the Rosary is essentially a lay analogue of the Divine Office, which the Church traditionally says or chants daily in Latin. (We are not speaking here of the spurious "Liturgy of the Hours," with which Newchurch replaced the Divine Office and which has been relegated to virtual obscurity since.)

Our personal experience, supported by reports from elsewhere, is that Latin recitation forces people to concentrate more, since most people cannot mouth the prayers in Latin without thought, whereas they can do so in their own local vernacular. Many report that Latin recitation has brought the Rosary to life again for them.

We find the same thing when other devotions of the Church are recited or chanted in Latin rather than in the local vernacular. We have seen participation more fervent at the Angelus, for example, when it has been converted from a mumbled English to a focused Latin. Surely there is no question of understanding here. Whether the Pater and Ave are said in Latin or the local vernacular, people surely know what they mean!

December 16 - St. Eusebius, Bishop & Martyr (Semidouble Feast)

Heresy Spreads in Newchurch

From: Fr. Moderator
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady and St. Simon Stock on Mount Carmel
Now the Newchurch "Nuns" there Pray for the Ratzinger Doctrine
That Jews, Mohammedans, and Zulus Should Turn Their Backs on Christ

Remember Card. "Ratz," the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith, as Newvatican now calls it. At Vatican II he introduced into the Church the heresy that the Catholic Church is not the only true Church founded Jesus Christ, the only means of salvation. More recently, he has introduced into the Church the heresy that Christ was not the Messias for the Jews. In this, he has spurned Sacred Scripture (the Bible), Sacred Tradition, and the dogmatic teaching of the Church. One can hardly imagine a more heretical statement, which denies the very foundation of the Church. Not even the arch-heretic Arius went that far.

The Associated Press now reports that Newchurch "nuns" on Mount Carmel, one of the holiest places in the Holy Land, are praying, not that Jews will be converted to Christ, but that their hearts will remain closed to their Messias, that they will remain true to the Old Testament covenant. Apparently, these "nuns" are so ill trained that they have never heard of the fact that the Old Testament covenant is over. The high priest has defrocked himself. The veil of the temple has been rent in two.

Just so, these "nuns" want Mohammedans to remain true to Mohammed and Zulus to remain true to Papa Zulu. The current Mother Superior admits that the early sisters on Mount Carmel prayed for the conversion to Jews. Her comment: "It's incredible to think of this."

And there are benighted people who still claim that Newchurch is "Catholic"! That its Mess is "Catholic." That its teaching is "Catholic." That its morality is "Catholic." Yeah, sure, and pigs fly.

December 15 - Octave Day of the Immaculate Conception (Double Major Feast)
Ember Wednesday - Fast & Partial Abstinence

Mess of the Future

From: Fr. Moderator
Mess of the Future

The Mess of the Future
Already in France the Mess Has Become a Common Meal
Without Formality, without Sanctity, without Validity

The Novus Ordinarians are under the mistaken belief that JPII and his Newvatican are going to correct the "abuses" in the Novus Ordo Mess. Not only does he have no real desire to do so, but even if he wanted to, his bishops are so out of control that they would just continue to do what they pleased, knowing that JPII will not life a finger against them. If he won't take any action when they steal from the Church, engage in racketeering, and in general act like a Mafia, why would he make any waves about their messe sauvages?

We have brought you many photographs and coverage of the abuse that the Novus Ordo Mess itself currently is in these TRADITIO Commentaries from the Mailbox and TRADITIO's Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery. Above we present to you a look at what the Mess of the Future will be. It is already being performed in France. The French inscription under the photograph reads: "How to make the celebrations [of the Novus Ordo Mess] as lively as possible."

The answer is to convert it entirely from anything sacred and turn it into a common meal, where everyone sits around a long banquet table. And, like a common meal, people chat away while the "cookie" is being prepared. And, to accord with the informality that one enjoys at a common meal, one of the teens wears his reversed baseball hat during the service. One woman gets up to chat with someone down the other end of the table.

As a matter of fact, this photograph conforms exactly, to the directives established by John Calvin for the celebration of the "Lord's Supper" in the Reformed Church in Geneva. The statues above must be weeping, crying "Get me out of this Protestant temple!" It is hard to deny any longer that the Novus Ordo service, in any version, is unCatholic, sacrilegious, irreverent, scandalous, blasphemous, idolatrous, and conclusively invalid, as a recent work from a Roman canonist has once again proven.

December 14 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (Semidouble Feast)

EWTN Shows Its Incompetence in Things Catholic

From: Fr. Moderator
Paul VI and Athenagoras

Pope Paul VI Embraces Schism
In 1964 He Held the First Kissy-Face Ceremony
With the Eastern Schismatics Patriarchs

For years now, TRADITIO has warned of the counterfeit Catholicism portrayed by the EWTN network, formerly run by a conservative (not a traditional) nun, Mother Angelica, who has been sidelined for several years now by a stroke. In the meantime, the network has been taken over by Protestant Charismatics like Scott Hahn and other elements associated with the wacko Novus Ordo University of Steubenville.

To prove the point, a correspondent sent us an totally phony answer provided by EWTN in an effort to explain why the Society of St. Pius X is "schismatic" while the Eastern Orthodox are not schismatics, and Protestants are not heretics. Now, you have to remember that for Newchurch, this is a political, not a religious, issue. These terms are thrown around purely for church politics and do not describe objective differences. Starting with Paul VI in 1964, the conciliar popes try as often as possible to have kissing contests with the Eastern Orthodox patriarchs and play games with "excommunications." You know the routine. JPII and his cohorts play the same game with the SSPX.

The questioner immediately saw through the hypocrisy of a previous EWTN answer that called SSPXers "schismatic," while the Eastern Orthodox are in good standing. He hits the nail on the head. EWTN claims that Protestants and Eastern Orthodox are Catholic, whereas SSPX is not!

Question. You just stated that one could not go an SSPX Mass, yet you stated to Susie that she could to go Protestant services (with the qualifier that it does not cause harm to her faith). I'm confused! The pope offers joint liturgical services with schismatics (Orthodox) who will not even give him homage as Head of the Church. Also, the Ecclesia Dei Commission of the Vatican states one could go to SSPX Mass if their only intention was to go to the Traditional rite and they had no intention of breaking communion with Rome. Do Protestants and Orthodox schismatics get better treatment who do not even acknowledge the papacy? I'm truly confused by your answers.

How does EWTN try to explain this contradiction? Well, they roll out one of these phony Novus Ordo "JCLs," lay theologians who have been indoctrinated in Newchurch and claim to be "canon lawyers."

Orthodox and Protestant Christians are NOT considered schismatic, but SSPX clergy are. Why? SSPX clergy are personally responsible for ending full communion with Rome. This happened in 1988. In fifty years or more, if their schism continues, then SSPX clergy would be recognized as Orthodox and Protestant Christians are now since these clergy most likely were born into their SSPX faith and were never in full communion with Rome. Do you see the distinction I am making here?
We do NOT consider Orthodox Christians who fell out of full communion with the Catholic Church around 1054 and Protestants who began falling out of full communion with the Catholic Church in 1517 and 1534 schismatic since they most likely always believed in their Christian ecclesial community or Church and never were once in the Catholic Church and then left the Church personally. Now, those Protestants in the 1540s who were once in full communion in Rome and then jettisoned themselves were certainly considered schismatic. I think the definition that you are using for schismatic is an outdated use from before Vatican II. Please note our current usage.
With the SSPX clergy it is a different story. During their lifetime they were actually in full communion with Rome and made the conscious decision to BREAK OFF THEMSELVES from full communion with Rome. Do you see the difference?

Let's get this straight now. Philadelphia Laywer Bob is apparently saying that if you are born into heresy or schism, and persist in it, you are in good standing with Newchurch. You are not "excommunicated." The pope will kiss you when you visit him and his circus clowns in Newrome!

Isn't this preposterous, yet perfectly representative of the madness that grips the Counterfeit Church? Somehow Newchurch has made dogmatically-defined heretics and schismatics out to be in a better position than those who hold to the Roman Catholic Faith. Yes, preposterous. That is why we view the Newchurch as the counterfeit that it is, a circus, certainly not the Roman Catholic Faith of St. Peter and his successors.

The number of popes and dogmatic councils that have treated the question of the Eastern Orthodox Schism and the Protestant Heresy are numerous. Until Paul VI did his kissy-face with the Eastern Orthodox patriarch. Philadelphia Lawyer Bob apparently is one of those who hold the heretical notion that the Catholic Church began in 1962! It is possible that Paul VI could have fallen into schism himself (yes, Catholic theology does hold that popes can personally be schismatics and even heretics).

Even the Eastern Orthodox don't buy the pope's P.R. Most Eastern Orthodox consider the pope as at best a schismatic. They condemned him. The Greek Orthodox Church recently barred the pope from visiting Greece for one of his incessant P.R. stops. The Eastern Orthodox don't consider Novus Ordinarians as Catholics, barring them from sacred sites in the East. Well, the Orthodox may be schismatic, but they've got that right!

Readers, beware. EWTN is hazardous to your spiritual health. Set that channel in your area to "permanent skip" status.

December 14 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (Semidouble Feast)

"Scandal" Bishop Promoted by Pope

From: Fr. Moderator
Wilton Gregory

Wilton Gregory, New Newchurch Archbishop of Atlanta
The Smile Says: "Gotcha!" to Newchurch
He Presided over the Worst Cesspool of Episcopal Crime
And JPII Promotes Him!

Meritocracy is a government by those who have merited it. JPII uses the very opposite form of church government, a kakistocracy, government by the worst. It seems that JPII goes out of his way to appoint immoral, incompetent, and irreligious men to the highest positions in Newchurch. Ratzinger is a good example. As Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith, the man is writing that Our Lord Jesus Christ is not the Messias for the Jews, that the true faith is not exclusive to the Catholic Church, etc. JPII appointed Abp. Weakland of Milwaukee, who embezzled half a million dollars from Newchurch to pay off his catamite. He appointed Bp. O'Brien, of Phoenix, who ran over a man in his car and tried to conceal his crime. Then showed no remorse until he was being sentenced.

Now we can add Wilton Gregory to the list. This man just ended his term as President of the U.S. Conference of [Newchurch] Catholic Bishops. His administration has been a scandal. The crime wave that includes all the bishops of the United States has increased during his administration, and two eminent chairmen of the bishops' own Investigating Committee were fired because they told the truth about rampant crime in Newchurch in the U.S.

What does Dilbert say? If a man fails at one job, promote him to a higher job. So now JPII, who can't seem to utter one word of censure against his own appointees when they deflower youth, steal from the Church, and act like (as one FBI agent put it) the Mafia, has kicked Gregory upstairs. He goes from the berg bishop of Belleville, Illinois, now to become Newchurch archbishop of Atlanta.

The pope is supposed to be the Church's teacher, right? Well, he's teaching us plenty. He's teaching us to be as corrupt as possible so that we can attain the highest "plums" of the Church. What is that other than about as demented as you can get? If the truth were known, it may be that the man's mind went long ago, and the papacy of JPII has been null and void since about the mid 1990s.

December 13 - St. Lucy, Virgin & Martyr (Double Feast)

Forgotten Pioneers of the Traditional Catholic Movement

From: Kathleen
Omlor's Book

P.H. Omlor's Blockbuster Questioning the Validity
Already in 1967, Two Years before the Full-blown Novus Ordo Mess,
Using the Church's Own Approved Thomistic Theology,
He Proved that the "Vernacular Mass" Was Actually Invalid

Dear Fr. Moderator:

You have praised Fr. Gommar DePauw as the founder of the traditional movement. Who else should be added to a list of pioneers?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Fr. DePauw was the first, in 1964. He founded the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, Inc., in New York. In addition:

All these pioneers were actively at work before the Society of St. Pius X was even conceived. TRADITIO has often mused on the fact that the "neo-cons," "semi-traditionalists," "indultarians," and even certain elements of traditional organizations consistently refuse to acknowledge their predecessors. Those who are thus ungenerous bring their own mission into disrepute.

There is a certain organization that, when it hears that an independent traditional priest is dying, will rush its officials in to host a funeral, with the desire of thus insinuating itself to take over the money and property. On the other hand, when Fr. DePauw, who has a serious heart condition, was recently hospitalized for two months, this organization did not rush to him with prayers and offers of assistance, as they know that he will not turn over money and property to them. They, and the "half" elements of the Traditional Catholic Movement, ignore our pioneering giants like Fr. DePauw, Fr. Wathen, Mr. Omlor, and Mr. Gibson.

Sir Isaac Newton, certainly one of the giants of western science and natural philosophy, the author of Principia Mathematica, one of the monuments of western natural philosophy, physics, and mathematics, was not known for being a humble man. Yet, it is he who said: "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." Maybe Newton wasn't Catholic, but some of the "half" elements of the Traditional Catholic Movement could take a leaf from his book of humility!

December 12 - Third Sunday of Advent "Gaudete" (Semidouble Sunday)

A Traditional Catholic Soldier

From: Paul
St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin of Tours, a Roman Soldier
Many Saints of the Early Church and Later
Defended Civilization when Necessary
in Accordance with Christ's Teaching

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I am a young lieutenant of Marines and will be deploying to Iraq shortly. I have had close friends die and realize that there is a possibility that I too may soon perish. Please instruct me on how to write plans and make arrangements for a traditional Catholic wake, funeral, and proper burial for the repose of my soul. I intend to leave my family of "conservative" Novus Ordinarians with specific instructions in the event of my death. Thank you for your assistance in this regard. Semper fidelis.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Yours is one of the most moving and most Catholic messages we have received. Although you describe yourself as young, your maturity in the Faith comes through even in this short message, with its Catholic approach to the vagaries of this transitory world and the application of the virtue of prudence, or practical wisdom, to the situation. Prudence is, after all, the Queen of the Moral Virtues and is a virtue particularly dear to Our Lady, who is invoked in her litany as Virgo prudentissima.

You will find specific suggestions on the topic you inquire about in the article "Traditional Funeral Instructions" in FAQ10: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Library of Files.

What you are doing is eminently creditable. In Newchurch there seems to be this Buddhistic, passivistic attitude toward the role of the military and the necessity, on occasion, of war. Was it not Our Lord Himself Who said: "Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword" (Matthew 10:34/DRV).

Anyone who reads the Scriptures knows that Our Lord was not some milquetoast, but a fighter for truth and right. St. Paul, His Apostle to the Gentiles, certainly was as well. We think of the Saints of early Church who served in the Roman army, perhaps foremost among them St. Martin of Tours, who, while fighting to maintain Roman civilization, is also our example of personal charity. Then there is St. George, St. Sebastian, St. Florian, St. Romanus, and later St. Camillus de Lellis and St. Ignatius of Loyola, inter alia.

We have received some very enlightening messages also from a master sergeant deployed in Iraq, who is a traditional Catholic. The courage and dedication of those traditional Catholics who serve their country is inspiring. Please let us know how you are doing from time to time. We will keep you in our intentions, and may Our Lady protect you in the difficult days ahead.

Our apostolate here is under the protection of St. Michael, who is also the patron saint of police, firemen, and guards, and by extension the military. We would be happy to bless a medal for you personally and send it to you.

NOTE. TRADITIO doesn't get involved in secular politics per se. We let you seculars debate the practical implications of the political decisions of your respective countries. Don't write us about your opinion about the Iraqi war. That is not the issue we are commenting on.

December 11 - St. Damascus I, Pope & Confessor (Semidouble Feast)

Serve It Yourself Novus Ordo Cookies

From: Prudence
Papal Sugar Cookie

JPII and the Papal Sugar Cookie
Communion in the Hand Cannot Be Justified in Catholic Doctrine
It Has Been Condemned since A.D. 115 by Pope St. Sixtus I

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Would you believe? Some Novus Ordinarian actually tried to justify to me why JPII gives the Novus Ordo cookie in the hand? So the guy says, until recently JPII would turn you way, but now he gives communion in the hand, mostly because of his Parkinson's.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

Isn't this story just like what the New Order would fabricate? Remember the Novus Ordo "evidence" about Mass facing the people? Archaeologists proved it a lie. Remember the Novus Ordo "evidence" that Aramaic (so what?) didn't have a word for many, so after 2000 years the very words of consecration were changed? Linguists proved it a lie.

Now we have the papal cookie in the hand story. These phony Novus Ordo explanations, in spite of the obvious truth, are becoming more and more hilarious. What difference would it make because of Parkinson's whether JPII placed the Novus Ordo cookie in the hand or on the tongue? If his disability would otherwise cause him to commit sacrilege, he should do what other popes did: sit in the papal cathedra and let a cardinal distribute communion. Let's say that the pope couldn't hold the cookie well, so decided that he would drop it on the floor and have the communicant pick it up and serve himself. Would Parkinson's justify that? Of course not.

Regardless of what JPII himself does, he has allowed this travesty of "communion in the hand" by others to continue without a word from him, just as he has remained silent about the gross immoralities being perpetrated by his Newchurch cardinals, bishops, and priests. This practice violates the teaching of the Church since Pope St. Sixtus I in A.D. 115. For further information, see the article "Communion in the Hand" in FAQ1: How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs? in the TRADITIO Library of Files.

These Novus Ordo "explanations" just don't hold water. They're ridiculous on their face. Pity the poor people who have been so bamboozled by the disproven fairy tales of the New Order that they can't see the reality in front of their faces.

December 10 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (Semidouble Feast)
Complete Friday Abstinence

The Joke of Vatican II

From: Fr. Moderator
Cathy Cogan

Comedienne Kathy Cogan
Takes Jabs at Vatican II
The Council Is Increasingly Being Recognized
For the Joke on Catholicism that It Played

Traditional Catholics have always known that the New Order is a joke. The New Order, which features "Clown Messes," is more and more viewed as a circus by the public at large. Even comedians are beginning to see the joke and are bringing it out to the public. Kathy Cogan, a Des Moines comedienne, is regaling locals with a "one-woman show full of wit and verve," which mocks Vatican II. Her show is titled: Vatican II: What the Hell Happened? She formerly presented a show entitled Late Nite Catechism.

In Vatican II, the character is chatty St. Nicholas choir director Margaret Mary O'Malley, trying to persuade the Dexterville Town Council not to bulldoze her beloved church to make way for a SuperMart. (Probably with the full support of the local Newchurch bishop!) An example of her jabs is one about the Newchurch "eucharistic ministers." "The priest and the guy who owns the hardware store are now giving me the sacraments," she laments. "I just bought a socket wrench from him and now he's giving me Communion?" [Des Moines Register]

You may remember the play, Mass Appeal, which was turned into an entertaining 1984 film starring the inimitable Jack Lemmon as a well-ensconced liberal pastor, whose Novus Ordo world is shattered by a conservative young seminarian, played by Ivanek Zeljko. The veteran actor Charles Durning rounds out the leads by his portrayal of the no-nonsense seminary rector. The play contained quite a number of jabs against Vatican II and its aftermath, which were substantially toned down for the movie. For further details, see What Films Do You Recommend for Traditional Catholics in the TRADITIO Library of Files.

The secret of Vatican II is now out in public. And it's a joke!

December 9 - Within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception (Semidouble Feast)

No "Good" Newchurch Bishops, No Not One

From: George
Robert Baker

Newchurch Bishop Robert Baker, of Baker, Oregon
"Good" Bishop? Turns Sour
Judaism Seems Quite Acceptable to This Apostle of the New Order

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Several months ago I heard Newchurch Bishop Robert Vasa, of Baker, Oregon, who is sometimes described as one of the "good" bishops. But his response to a man who had a Jewish father-in-law near death with pancreatic cancer upset me. The father-in-law was starting to ask questions about Christianity and even talked about wanting to view Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ. Bishop Vasa's first comment was the following: "Well, has he talked with his rabbi about this? Is he not comfortable with his current faith-relationship with God?" I would really appreciate your viewpoint.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

No New Order bishop is "good," as far as teaching the Catholic Faith is concerned. They are all hawking a New Order religion, a New Order Mess, New Order Sacraments, and New Order morality -- certainly not Catholic. Real Catholics eschew their New Order temples and their invalid New Order services, which is founded in Freemasonry, Protestantism, with even a little paganism thrown in.

The bishops, and Newchurch in general, have essentially abandoned the Catholic Faith, and this response is a good example. Why would these bishops encourage converts to the true Faith when they no longer believe that it is the true Faith. According to Card. Ratzinger's Modernist insertion into Vatican II, the true Faith now only subsistit in [subsists in], the Catholic Faith -- no longer is the Catholic Faith. Apparently, Ratzinger and Vatican II were anticipatory Clintonites. They don't seem to know what the meaning of is is!

Newchurch accepts all religions as "oecumenical." "We all worship the same god." You know the false mantra. That being the case, why would you expect a Newchurch bishop to assist a soul near the end when that soul gives indication that he may wish to convert to Catholicism? Judaism and its denial of Jesus Christ is just as good a religion as Catholicism, by their notion.

Your example simply confirms the fact that there are no "good" Newchurch bishops in the United States. They're all involved is pushing a false One-World Oecumenical religion that is not Catholic. It seems that the more they fall from the true Faith, the more they proclaim themselves to be "Catholic" to cover their deception, and the more they rail at traditional Catholics who dare to call them frauds.

Moreover, all these bishops are defrauding Catholics by pandering an invalid service, by administering often counterfeit Sacraments, and especially by fostering a morality that is contrary to God's. Every single one of them is involved in or suborning the most depraved morality.

No, one cannot have any truck with these Newchurch bishops, not to speak of giving them any money. That would be outright sinful, as it would be, at least indirectly, contributing to crime and perversion, as Roman Moral Theology calls it, of the Catholic Faith. Particularly at this Advent/Christmas time, one must be very careful to donate only to avowedly true, that is, traditional Catholic causes.

December 8 - Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Double Feast of the First Class)
A Holyday of Obligation

Will Novus Ordinarians Worship the True God or the Great God of Sport?

From: Mark

Will Novus Ordinarians Choose to Emulate Mary and John
And Worship Christ on Christmas Eve
Or Worship the Great God of Sport?

Dear Fr. Moderator:

An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel indicates that a professional football game is conflicting with "anticipated" Christmas Eve services, and people are mad at God! It seems that professional sports games are now more important than religious services. This state has gone mad.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

One of the most appalling aspects of modern society is the degree to which the worship of the true God has been replaced by the worship of the Great God of Sport. We can see it all around us. Young people idolize overpaid gladiators, many of whom are increasingly steeped in fornication, adultery, drugs, and crime. It's late imperial Rome all over again.

Sunday morning, which used to be reserved for God, has now become the handmaiden of the Professional Sports Machine. One can drive past a sports stadium in any major city and observe parking lots jammed full on Sunday mornings by 8 a.m., when the game doesn't even start until 2 p.m. It seems now that God is interfering with the Professional Sports Machine, and many choose the machine over God.

Remember when Boston dared to hold a baseball game on Good Friday, and Novus Ordinarians were annoyed at the bishop, who wouldn't "waive" the Good Friday fast and abstinence so they could gorge themselves on hotdogs while worshipping the God of Baseball? Of all days in the year, Good Friday, the day on which Our Lord died on the cross for us! Catholics before Newchurch would have been outraged and shut down the game.

Now, it seems, Newchurch has run head to head with the Professional Sports Machine in trying to schedule its "anticipated" Saturday Christmas Messes. The Green Bay Packers, you see, are playing the Vikings in Minnesota at 2 p.m. on December 24 -- another Friday, by the way. A late afternoon Mess would conflict with the game -- and that is just not tolerable. As one pastor quite accurately put it: "You are forcing them to make a choice between the two American religions." Another pastor, when being informed that a parishioner would be watching the game instead of worshiping God, said: "I hope there will be a TV set in Hell for you."

Fortunately, traditional Catholics don't have to deal with this nonsense, at least on Christmas Eve, when the traditional Mass is celebrated at midnight. The Professional Sports Machine has not scheduled midnight games -- at least not yet!

December 7 - St. Ambrose, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor (Double Feast)

"Indult" Puppet Bishop Rifan Involves Pope in His Lie

From: David

Traditional Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer makes his Declaration against the New Order
During the Episcopal Consecrations at Econe, Switzerland, June 30, 1988
Just behind Bishop Mayer's Right Shoulder Is then Fr. Fernando Rifan
Who Has Now Converted to the Dark Side of the Modernist Heresy

Dear Fr. Moderator:

Thank you for your recent Commentary regarding Bishop Rifan in Brazil. I do read your Commentaries daily and appreciate them.

You may already be aware of this, but I thought I'd share this with you. I have in my hand the Summer 2002 edition of a certain "indult" publication. In this issue, Rifan was interviewed, this being after his "reconciliation" with Newvatican and his "consecration" as bishop. Here was his response then to the very question at issue now:

Question. How will you handle the delicate matter of concelebration during the visit ad limina of the Brazilian bishops in Rome in September?
Rifan. The pope gave us the traditional rite as the proper rite of our Apostolic Administration. So, concelebration in the new rite of the Mass is out of the question.

And now, two years later, Rifan goes back on his word and concelebrates the Novus Ordo. Moreover, it appears from his answer that he is accusting the pope of lying about the "indult" from the very foundation of the Society of St. John Vianney.

Yes, TRADITIO has been proven right again. Rifan concelebrated a complete hootenany Mess, which included not only three ministresses, but also much hand-clapping and confetti raining down on the heads of the cardinal and bishops in the "sanctuary," a member of the Marxist Workers' Party giving a "homily," etc.


What is sad is that at one time Rifan was a courageous, and totally orthodox, priest. These are his words in a sermon of August 31, 1986:

Those responsible for the implantation of progressivism in this church will be the same ones who will profane this temple, by lack of respect, by the presence of indecent clothes, by the "New Mass." They may introduce progressivism by force into this Church, but later they will answer to God, in the hour of final judgment.

And now, just two years later, Rifan takes part in the profanation of the temple, the "New Mass," the lack of respect, the indecent clothes, and the progressivism -- which he condemned in 2002.

Rifan has now been exposed as a total hypocrite. Upon his "reconciliation" with Newvatican, he signed a document stating that he accepted Vatican II interpreted in the light of Tradition. However, in 1986 this same Rifan in 1986 sent a lengthy document to Newchurch Bishop Carlos Navarro regarding the contradiction between traditional Church teaching and Vatican II teaching.

I might add that Rifan was present next to Bishop de Castro Meyer at the SSPX consecrations in 1988. de Castro Meyer, who refused to say the New Mass, must currently be rolling over in his grave. I hope and pray the SSPX bishops will not follow Rifan's lead, even though SSPX Chief Bishop Fellay signally failed to condemn the 2002 sellout of one of its own to the Modernist New Order. Will Fellay and his "negotiation-friendly" faction of the SSPX be far behind? Time will tell.

December 6 - St. Nicholas, Bishop & Confessor (Double Feast)

"Indult" Society of St. John the Evangelist of Scranton, Pennsylvania Suppressed

From: Fr. Jack

"Indult" Society Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Suppressed amidst Allegations of Embezzlement
TRADITIO Warned Its Readers of This Society
Since the Society's Foundation on May 25, 1998

Dear Fr. Moderator:

I recently heard about the suppression by the diocesan Newchurch bishop of Scranton, Pennsylvania, of the Society of St. John the Evangelist of Scranton. This suppression indicates that you may be correct in your caution that the Society of St. Pius X is coddling with the Novus Ordo, only to get bitten once again. What is their problem? I have had many discussions in Novus Ordo chatrooms and websites, and they wanted to censure me, as I brought up and documented all of the facts and abuses that the Novus Ordo is committing.

Fr. Moderator Replies.

The Newchurch Society of St. John the Evangelist of Scranton (which is to be distinguished from traditional Catholic societies with similar names, such as the Society of St. John the Apostle on the west coast) was never fully traditional. TRADITIO received consistent complaints that that the Society was using the "transitional" service of 1965, which had already implemented preliminary stages of the Novus Ordo service. Officials of the Society were quoted as saying that they were thinking about moving to the 1967 rubrics, in which the very words of Consecration were invalidated.

TRADITIO was the first to warn about this supposedly "indult" society. The Society was constantly soliciting donations for pie-in-the-sky ideas, using very expensive mailers. Mismanagement of funds was apparently at the heart of the Society's suppression, as even the Newchurch bishop finally had to admit. Again, TRADITIO exposed the reality of this situation years ago.

As TRADITIO has also warned, we are now seeing the deception that Newchurch perpetrated with the "indult" that was engineered specifically to be beholden to the New Order. The Campos charade has been exposed as counterfeit. The puppet "indult" bishop has been caught red handed, celebrating in public the counterfeit Novus Ordo Mess on several occasions. Now the Society of St. John the Evangelist of Scranton has been exposed for the counterfeit that it was.

The handwriting is certainly on the wall for anyone who wishes to read it objectively. The New Order cannot be trusted: not the presbyters, not the bishops, and not even the pope, who by his silence has allowed the most mortal of sins to continue uncensored and unpunished: embezzlement from the Church, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy, not to speak of fornication of the innocent.

If Chief Bishop Fellay of the Society of St. Pius X have anything to do with the New Order, they're just as demented as the Novus Ordinarians themselves. They need to wake up and smell the strong American coffee!

December 5 - Second Sunday of Advent (Semidouble Sunday)

Plenty of Traditional Priests

From: Helen
School Mess

Pastores Do Vobis (Jeremias 3:15)
Our Lord Has Promised that His True Church Will Always Have Priests

Dear Fr. Moderator:

As time goes on, traditional bishops grow old and die. Will we be left with no one to ordain new traditional priests or to perform the other duties of a bishop?

Fr. Moderator Replies.

As Abraham answered his son Isaac, who in Genesis asked a similar question, Deus providebit [God will provide]. God will always provide for His Church. In fact, there are several traditional bishops in the United States (not to speak of other countries) who ordain priests and will pass along the Apostolic Succession as needed, as they have for the past forty years. In addition to the Society of St. Pius X, constituting about 25% of the Traditional Catholic Movement, there are bishops in two other major traditional organizations, and in several smaller ones, in addition to a number of bishops independent of such organizations.

Newchurch wishes it had our problems of a surfeit of vocations! With all its resources, the 500 Newchurch bishops in the U.S. can't even bribe men to become Novus Ordo presbyters, but vocations to the traditional priesthood just keep on coming, more than traditional seminaries can handle.

For further details, see Description of the Registry of Traditional Latin Masses in the TRADITIO Library of Files, which includes information on traditional bishops and traditional seminaries.

December 4 - St. Peter Chrysologus, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor (Double Feast)

"Catholic" Schools a Thing of the Past

From: Fr. Moderator
School Mess

Teaching Children Sacrilege in No-Longer "Catholic" Schools
Dying "Catholic" Schools Institutionalize the Cookie in the Hand
And Ignore even Pope John Paul II's Decree Dominicae Coenae:
"To touch the sacred species and to distribute them
with their own hands is a privilege of the ordained."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, no neophyte when it came to education, already in the late 1960s noted with deep concern that many young people were losing the Faith in "Catholic" schools since Vatican II. He concluded:

You are better off going to a state school where you will have the chance to fight for your faith, than going to a modern Catholic [school] where you will have the new watered-down, modernist version of the faith spoon-fed to your unsuspecting minds, so that you will be apt to lose your faith."

What is being taught since Vatican II in Newchurch parochial schools is not Catholicism. "Catholic" schools, except for the few traditional ones around, long ago died. Now the unCatholic nature of parochial schools is becoming more obvious, and enrollment, like attendance at the "New Mass," is sinking fast. On Long Island, for example, elementary parochial schools have seen a 20% drop in enrollment in the past five years and 30% in the past two decades. The decreases have accelerated in the past five years. [Newsday]

Not only is Catholicism not being taught in "Catholic" schools but also the majority of the students aren't "Catholic" either. Typically, the student body is a mixture of Protestants, Jews, Seculars, and even Mohammedans. You can be darn sure that these schools are not teaching that salvation is only in Jesus Christ and in the traditional Catholic Faith!

We have to get back to basics, folks. No longer can parents hand off their children's education to third parties and absolve themselves from any responsibility. Parents have to be intimately involved in their children's education, especially their religious education. For it has always been Catholic teaching that the primary responsibility for educating children belongs to the parents, not to the schools, not even to the Church.

December 3 - St. Francis Xavier, Martyr (Double Major Feast)
Complete Friday Abstinence

Newchurch Is a Circus -- Literally!

From: Fr. Moderator
Pope & Clown

JPII and Circus Clown
Papal Audiences Have Turned into a Joke
Now a Novus Ordo Temple Is Being "Repurposed" into a Circus
Could Anything Be More Fitting On the 35th Anniversary of the "New Mass"?

Novus Ordo temples are closing down all over the world, not just in Boston, New York, St. Louis, and other USA cities. Attendance at the Novus Ordo Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service has plummeted so far that churches are closing right and left. There is no "presbyter" shortage. The number of Novus Ordo presbyters is simply declining to match the steep decline in attendance.

Now it has been announced that a London church will be converted into a circus. We suppose one could get all hot and bothered about this sacrilege, but to TRADITIO it seems quite appropriate. Newchurch is not Catholic; it's not even religious. It has gone far beyond sacrilege. It is now simply a joke. People snigger at the pope, who has been incompetent to govern the Church. People snigger at the bishops, who couldn't find Catholic doctrine and morality with a flashlight.

St. Paul's Church, an historic Gothic church opened in 1794, will become Circus Circomedia. The circus will install a full-scale flying trapeze rig, a sprung dance floor, tumble runs, and a cafe. Said one official: "Our mission is to restore our churches to the heart of their communities." And how do you do that? Take an historic Catholic church and turn it into a circus!

Enthusiasm for the innovations of the invalid and unCatholic "New Mass" has cooled down considerably in the last 35 years (November 30, 1969, was the 35th anniversary of the "New Mass"). Now the circus has become "a shining example of how innovative new schemes can bring new life." And you thought circuses were dying. It is the New Order that is dying.

December 2 - St. Bibiana, Virgin & Martyr (Semidouble Feast)

"Indult" Puppet Bishop of Campos Confesses He's Gone Newchurch

From: Fr. Moderator
Novus Ordo Procession

The Novus Ordo Service that "Indult" Puppet Bishop Rifan Concelebrated
Featured a Procession with the Jewish Arc of the Covenant
The Same Service Boasted Eucharistic Ministresses Giving the Novus Ordo Cookie to Bishops

When Newvatican appointed Fernando Rifan as an "indult" puppet bishop to succeed the courageous Bishop deCastro Meyer, of Campos, Brazil, who refused to tolerate the New Order, the indultarians were given to believe that Rifan had a deal with Card. Hoyos, the head of the only-for-show Ecclesia Dei Commission, by which the new "indult" Society of St. John Vianney would be exclusively "1962 Missal." TRADITIO warned at that time that it would be only be a short time before the Newchurch bishop and his "indult" society would be publicly Novus Ordo. TRADITIO has been proven right in its predictions once again.

In a letter of response to worldwide criticism from the indultarians that Rifan has gone over to the dark side of the Novus Ordo, Rifan's spokesman publicly confessed to everything, and even tried to justify it.

  1. Rifan admitted that he had publicly celebrated the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service several times since his appointment as a bishop.
  2. Rifan admitted that "some of his priests" had also celebrated the service after his appointment.
  3. Rifan admitted that he celebrates the invalid rite so that he can remain in good standing with the Newchurch gentlemen's club (he apparently doesn't care whether he is in good standing with his own indultarians, or the Traditional Catholic Movement in general).
  4. Rifan does not find the heretical Novus Ordo Modernistic service incompatible with the Faith or sinful.
  5. Rifan spurns Apostolic Tradition, the dogmatic Council of Trent, and the canonization of the Traditional Latin Mass by Pope St. Pius V; he even claims that the Novus Ordo is "the official rite of the Latin Church."

Liar, liar, mitre on fire! Rifan has lied to his own indultarians. Moreover, he has attempted to circulate these lies to the Catholic Traditional Movement at large by soliciting donations with glossy magazines that portray him and the Society as traditional, whereas they are slaves to the New Order.

On this, we're with Nancy Reagan. Just say NO! This Newchurch bishop and the "Society of St. John Vianney" are a fraud when they portray themselves as traditional Catholic. Both are, in essence, spitting on the grave of a courageous and devout bishop, deCastro Meyer. We predict that, if it hasn't already, this "indult" Society will start to bleed, and the priests and congregations will come to realize that they have been taken in by a bunko-artist, who all along intended to sell out to Newchurch -- in spades!

Another caution to observe is that when this deceptive deal between Rifan and Newvatican was first announced, the chief bishop of the Society of St. Pius X did not decry it, but almost seemed to welcome it, in a letter that was disseminated publicly. You SSPXers had better watch out to ensure that the SSPX leadership does not next sell out your Traditional Catholicism.

We have received a report that since Fellay's tenure as chief bishop ends in February 2006, Newvatican is going to put the screws on him to give up the SSPX to Newchurch, because Newvatican knows that of all the SSPX bishops, he is the one most ready to sell out. His likely successor is one who is quite content to tell Newvatican to go pound sand and come back when it returns to the Roman Catholic Faith, Mass, and Sacraments. Then he will "regularize" Newvatican back to Roman Catholicism!

December 1 - Ferial Day

Pope out in Left Field Again

From: Fr. Moderator
Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Novus Ordo Church, Lincoln, Nebraska
Newchurch's Modernistic Structures Stand Empty
While "New Mess" Attendance Plummets Close to Single Digits

JPII has called for a National Day of Prayer in the United States for more priests. The poor man shows again that he is out of touch with reality. More "priests" aren't going to help the New Order get out of the deep pit into which it is rapidly sinking, in the United States and elsewhere.

First of all, the New Order doesn't have "priests." It has presbyters. That is the official term that the New Order uses for its ministers, although most Novus Ordinarians, out of habit, incorrectly keep calling Novus Ordo presbyters "priests." What is the difference?

A presbyter in the New Order is literally an "elder" (that is what the Greek word essentially means) ordained to "preside over the assembly." Like a Protestant minister or the Masonic Worshipful Master, he sits in a big chair to oversee the goings-on. A priest in the traditional rite is ordained to offer sacrifice (that is what any "priest" literally does, even pagan priests), the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, on an altar, not a table.

Secondly, the New Order doesn't need any more presbyters. Attendance at the Novus Ordo service is dropping like a millstone into the sea, falling from 80% to 15% in just forty years. In Europe, attendance is already in the single digits, in many countries at less than 5%.

Thirdly, the New Order is closing churches right and left, in some cases up to a third of the total (in this round of closures, with more to come). The Newchurch bishops in the United States admit that the closings result from sinking attendance. Who needs more presbyters to serve a dying religion, the New Order?

Newchurch in the United States, for political reasons, like to throw out the figure of 63,000,000 "Catholics," which is picked up by an ignorant liberal press without analysis. Impartial figures from Gallup and the University of Chicago show that only about 10,000,000 of those "Catholics" ever see the inside of a church after their Baptism, unless they return to have one of those Novus Ordo "Hindu" funerals in white, with open coffin and automatic deification.

This is a counterfeit "crisis," just as the New Order is counterfeit Catholicism, and as the "New Mass" is a counterfeit Mass.

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