November 2009

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November 30, 2009 - St. Andrew, Apostle
Double Feast of the Second Class

Newchurch Bishops Cat-fight One Another
Bruskewitz and Morin Trade Attacks

From: The Fathers
Fabian Bruskewitz Roger Morin

Fancy Clothes Don't Make the Bishop
Newchurch Bishops Are Engaging in Catfights with One Another with Impunity
Since Benedict-Ratzinger and His Newvatican Have Failed
To Display a Consistent Catholic Policy

One of the consequences of the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965) is that there is no consistent Newchurch doctrine and practice. Every Newbishop is a dictator in his own little diocesan fiefdom, and Newchurch bishops publicly attack one another with no corrective action coming from Benedict-Ratzinger.

In this context Fabian Bruskewitz, Newchurch bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, attacked Roger Morin, Newchurch bishop of Biloxi, Mississippi, in an interview on November 24, 2009. At issue is whether Newbishops should continue funding the Catholic [sic] Campaign for Human Development, which Morin heads, with an annual national collection sponsored by 99 per cent of the Newchurch bishops. Four Newbishops, including Bruskewitz, have abstained from the collection because they feel that the collection supports liberalistic causes.

For his part, Newbishop Morin, chairman of the U.S. Newbishops' subcommittee on the CCHD, attacked what he called the "outrageous" allegations made by the CCHD's critics, such as Bruskewitz. Bruskewitz then backpedaled from his position, saying that he has "no objection" to his Newchurchers supporting CCHD. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LSN.]

Good Catholics, pity the poor Newchurchers! They are being pulled hither and yon by these crazy bishops of Newchurch, who can't agree on doctrine, liturgy, morals. Well, maybe they agree on morals, as they all suborn the rape and cover-up thereof of children by themselves and their presbyters!

A Reader Asks: Why Did the Protestants Change the Traditional Numbering of the Psalms?

From: Patricia

Dear Fathers:

How did the traditional numbering of the Psalms become changed in Protestant Bibles, such as the King James Version? Why did the Protestants change the traditional numbering of the Psalms, as in the Catholic Douay-Rheims version?

The Fathers Reply.

The traditional numbering of the psalms comes from the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Old Testament that most Jews at the time of Our Lord used, since most had lost their facility with the Hebrew version during the Diaspora. This is the version of the Old Testament that Our Lord and the writers of the New Testament quote from. Thus, it bears an authority above the Hebrew.

St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate, the Church's authoritative version, uses this traditional numbering from the Septuagint. The traditional Douay-Rheims version follows this practice, whereas most post Vatican II versions have reverted to the Hebrew numbering, which was reintroduced with the Protestant King James Version. The numbers diverge at Psalm 9A/9B and converge again at Psalm 146/147. All references from the early Church Fathers until around Vatican II (1962-1965) use the traditional numbering.

For further information, click on BIBLES.TXT: "Why Do Christians Have Different Bibles?" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department.

November 29, 2009 - First Sunday of Advent
Semidouble Sunday

U.S. Newchurch Nuns "Take the Fifth" in Papal Investigation
They Tell Benedict-Ratzinger: "Enough!"

From: The Fathers
Novus Ordo Nuns

Since the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965)
Not Only the Newbishops and Presbyters Have Gotten out of Control
But Also the Newchurch Nuns Have
Now They Refuse Even Nominal Adherence to Newpope
And Have Created Their Own Feminist Sect

In yet another sign that Newchurch is out of control, the vast majority of U.S. Novus Ordo nuns are telling Benedict-Ratzinger that they will not comply with his three-year investigation of the religious congregations. "There's been almost universal resistance. We are saying 'Enough!'" said one nun. "In my 40 years in religious life I have never seen such unanimity." Others have called the investigation "demeaning and intrusive" and have refused to cooperate with the Apostolic Visitator, whose investigation is costing 1,100,000 dollars out of U.S. collection plates. With about half of the responses from the nation's 59,000 women religious and 340 congregations accounted for, only about one per cent answered the investigation's questions contained in the Instrumentum Laboris.

Both the women religious and Newvatican put the blame for the situation on Vatican II (1962-1965). One Newchurch nun said: "Vatican II took us out of the ghettos and into ecology, feminism, and justice in the world." Newcardinal Franc Rode, prefect of Newchurch's Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, has stated that he believes that Vatican II, while designed to generate a moderate reform, instead triggered "the greatest crisis in Church history." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Reporter.]

Newvatican Foresees the Desertion of Italian Church Buildings
Several Have Already Been Converted into Nightclubs with Dancing on the Altar

From: The Fathers

Gianfranco Ravasi, president of Benedict-Ratzinger's Council for Culture, announced to the Italian Newbishops on November 27, 2009, that many churches in Italy would be sold off. His concern was not so much the sale of the churches, but the fact that they might be turned into nightclubs. Ravisi acknowledged that a "falling number of worshippers" meant it now made sense to sell, or even destroy, the buildings, including those in the center of Rome. The churches "can be sold or destroyed," he said, at the will of the Newbishops. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Herald Sun.]

November 28, 2009 - Vigil of St. Andrew [Anticipated]

Victims of Presbyters Say that Newbishop Should Clean His Own House First
Before Taking on U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy

From: The Fathers
Thomas Tobin & Patrick Kennedy

Which of the Two Poses More of a Threat to Children?
Thomas Tobin (Left), a Newchurch Bishop Who Lets His Presbyters Assault and Sodomize Children
Or Patrick Kennedy, a U.S. Congressman Who Is Soft on Abortion?
Victims in the Diocese Say that Newbishop Tobin Is More of a Threat

Thomas Tobin, the Newchurch bishop of Providence, Rhode Island, was criticized for his hypocrisy in taking on U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy for being soft on abortion, while Tobin's own presbyters are actually raping and assaulting children. "It's politics; I think the bishop's playing politics," said one protester.

On November 24, 2009, the victims charged Tobin with not doing enough to protect Newchurch children from his paedophile presbyters. A group of Newchurch protestors against violence toward born children picketed outside Tobin's office in Providence. One protestor stated:

He [Tobin] claims that it's important that we protect the unborn. But it's equally as important to protect those who have been born and those young children who have been raped and sodomized by clerics and priests. But yet he seems to protect those clerics.

The Newchurch protestors called on Tobin to publish the names of presbyters from the diocese who have been convicted of or admitted to assaulting children, or if a thorough investigation has turned up credible evidence of child assault, even if no conviction resulted. The Newchurch diocese has admitted in court papers that 125 of its presbyters have been accused of assaulting children. While many of their names are known from lawsuits and news accounts, others have never been released.

Such a list could help parents keep their children away from molesters and help employers screen potential hires, the protesters said. One of the victims told of seeing his assailant working next to the children's section in a bookstore as he awaited trial for assaulting children. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

A Reader Asks: Can the Organ Be Played at Mass during Advent?

From: Maria

Dear Fathers:

I have the happiness of playing the organ at Holy Mass every Sunday. I know that the organ is not played during Lent, but could you confirm whether the same holds good for Advent too? The First Sunday of Advent is just around the corner.

The Fathers Reply.

The organ may not be played on Sundays of Advent except to accompany the chant, at Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and on the Third Sunday of Advent "Gaudete" (December 13). The organ is also permitted on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8), a holyday of obligation.

November 27, 2009 - Ferial Day

Newarchbishop Offers Flowers on a Pagan Altar and Adores the Gods
Nichols Was Personally Appointed by Benedict-Ratzinger in 2009

From: The Fathers
Vincent Nichols & Hindu Priest JPII & Hindu Priestess

Left: Vincent Nichols, Newarchbishop of Westminster, England
As He Is Anointed by a Priest in a Hindu Temple on September 21, 2009
Right: JPII, as He Was Anointed by a Hindu Priestess
At Bombay, India, on February 2, 1986
Nothing Has Changed in the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Newchurch

During "Interfaith Week," on November 21, 2009, Vincent Nichols, personally appointed in 2009 by Benedict-Ratzinger as Newchurch archbishop of Westminster, England, went to worship in a Hindu temple, where he was anointed on the forehead and tied with a "sacred thread" on the wrist. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Nichols placed flowers at the altar of the pagan deities, where he prayed.

Nichols' own press office indicated that he offered flowers to the "altar of the deities" and presented the Hindu priest with a special candle, "a sign of the lovely light of God in our lives and a sign of the prayer which, in return, we offer to God," thus implying that the Hindus and the Newchurchers worship the same gods. And this is the same Newarchbishop who didn't want to be linked with Christian Anglicans! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Telegraph.]

A Reader Asks: "Where Can I Buy a Selection of Gregorian Chant Recordings
For Christmas Presents?"

From: Robert

Dear Fathers:

Where can I buy a selection of Gregorian chant recordings for Christmas presents?

The Fathers Reply.

As it happens, the Booksales department currently has such a selection. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Booksales department.

In addition, for Gregorian chant recorded live, we recommend the St. John Schola CD series: A Traditional Chapel Sings Gregorian Chant. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Gregorian Chant department.

November 26, 2009 - St. Sylvester, Abbot
Double Feast

Lawsuit against Pope Being Considered by United States Supreme Court
Will Benedict-Ratzinger Finally Be Held Personally Responsible for Sex Crimes?

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger Elevates the Invalid Novus Ordo Cookie
He and His Newvatican May Face Valid Charges of Collusion in Sex Crimes
As the Case of a Child Victim Now Comes before the United States Supreme Court
Newcardinals William Levada and Francis George Are Also Implicated

On November 16, 2009, the United States Supreme Court took up a sex-crimes suit, John Doe v. Holy See, and invited the Solicitor General of the United States to file a brief expressing the views of the United States. This case involves a lawsuit seeking to hold Newvatican vicariously liable for sexual abuse committed by one of its presbyters in Portland, Oregon. The child victim is arguing that the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act confers jurisdiction over a foreign sovereign, normally held exempt from lawsuits, when the plaintiff's injury is caused by the "tortious act" of an "employee of [the] foreign state while acting within the scope of his employment."

This case exposes collaboration in sex crimes at the highest levels of Benedict-Ratzinger's Newvatican, not to speak of himself personally. The paedophile presbyter was first moved from Ireland to Chicago, Illinois, where Newcardinal Francis George, now President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, covered up the presbyter's criminal past and placed him in parishes where he committed more sex crimes.

When the presbyter's activities started coming to light in Chicago, Newcardinal George shipped him off to William Levada, who was the Newchurch archbishop of Portland, Oregon, where the sex crimes charged in the lawsuit took place. When U.S. federal authorities started breathing down Levada's neck with subpoenas to investigate his role in the sex crimes and their cover-up, Benedict-Ratzinger spirited Levada off to Newrome to enjoy diplomatic immunity in yet another cover-up. Benedict-Ratzinger has since elevated Levada to become the No. 3 man and a cardinal in his Newvatican, as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

On March 3, 2009, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had held that Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newvatican could be held accountable for their serious role in the sex-crimes scandal and its cover-up. The appellate court ruled that the lawsuit of the child victim could move forward, on the grounds that the Vatican has, for decades, been at the top of the pyramid and issued instructions that allowed paedophile presbyters to be moved across state and international boundaries and to keep its collusion secret.

Newvatican has been trying to claim that it has a "safe harbor" from being sued under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act because the entity known as the Vatican City State (Città del Vaticano) is a sovereign nation. But there are two exceptions provided in the Act that allow foreign entities to be sued: (1) the tort exception, which would hold Newvatican responsible for its employees and (2) the commercial exemption, which would hold foreign entities responsible if they conduct commercial activities in the U.S.

The United States District Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled that there is in fact no "safe harbor" for Benedict-Ratzinger and his Vatican when they knew that the presbyter was a sex offender, when they moved him across international boundaries, when they placed him in a parish knowing that he posed a risk of harm to the parishioners, and when they continued to employ him in a position of trust that he had betrayed.

At the time the federal appeals court's decision was hailed as "a great victory for victims" in thousands of cases, as a David vs. Goliath fight in which Goliath (Benedict-Ratzinger's Vatican) was defeated, and as setting a "standard of justice for the whole world" against an extraordinarily-powerful organization.

A Reader Asks: "Did a Newchurch Bishop Have a Spine Transplant?"

From: William

Dear Fathers:

Good grief! Did a Newchurch bishop have a spine transplant? U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, has reportedly received a letter from his bishop telling him that he should not take the Novus Ordo communion cookie because of his pro-abortion stand.

The Fathers Reply.

The devil is in the details, as they say. In a November 22, 2009, press release, Thomas Tobin, Newchurch bishop of Providence, Rhode Island, has disclaimed any letter and has denied that he instructed presbyters in his Newdiocese to deny Kennedy the Novus Ordo cookie. In fact, Tobin has refused any public statement about Kennedy at all, even though Kennedy's approach for the cookie is quite public. One can hardly conclude that Tobin's action, or rather lack thereof, shows any spine at all, but rather shows lack of another part of his anatomy!

November 25, 2009 - St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin & Martyr
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "Will Bishop Williamson Lead the SSPX Back
To the Former Principles of Its Archbishop-Founder?"

From: John
Bernie Fellay & Richard Williamson

Bernie Fellay and Richard Williamson of the SSPX
Two Bishops Not Cut from the Same Cloth
Fellay Rejects the Principles of Archbishop Lefebvre; Williamson Supports Them
Fellay Wants to Sell out to the New Order Church; Williamson Doesn't
Benedict-Ratzinger Will Be Loath to Do Any More with the SSPX
Now that Fellay and His Organization Have Drawn the Ire of Radical Jews

Dear Fathers:

We, as parishioners at an SSPX chapel, are being kept in the dark about the ongoing exchange between Bishop Fellay and Newrome, and Fellay's push to bring about the SSPX's acceptance and communion in the Newchurch of the New Order. We have had three priests at this chapel in the last three years. It seems that Fellay and his administrative minions are moving them around in order to prevent their bonding with their parishioners.

I asked the last SSPX priest here about Bishop Fellay and told him that I was worried about Fellay's "negotiations" with Newrome. The priest just told me to pray and said that the priests of the SSPX would never agree to join the Novus Ordo. A short time later this priest was transferred to a remote SSPX outpost! I think that Bishop Fellay and his administrative minions are playing checkers with some of the good priests of the SSPX, especially those who question his orders.  The man we have now seems to tow Fellay's party line, so I expect him to be around a long time!

I was in the presence of the SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, when he confirmed young people at our SSPX chapel several years ago, and I must say that he was very knowledgeable, impressive, and a very gifted speaker. He reminded me very much of Bishop Fulton Sheen when he spoke on his TV show "Life Is Worth Living" a half century ago. I know that Williamson has been ostracized by Fellay as a persona non grata and is certainly not in favor with the Newchurch pope.

Do you think that Williamson will ever mount an effort to turn the SSPX back from Fellay's Novus Ordo sellout, to cull out the bad apples, and to lead the SSPX back to the former principles of its Archbishop-Founder?

The Fathers Reply.

There are two sides to the SSPX-Williamson Scandal, one good and one bad. The good side is that Williamson succeeded, whether he meant to or not, in throwing a divine monkey-wrench into Fellay's attempted sellout to the New Order. The SSPX is now under grave censure from radical Jewish organizations, to which Benedict-Ratzinger is a sycophant. It is unlikely that Benedict-Ratzinger will do anything to incur yet again the wrath of the radical Jews.

The bad side is that Williamson, the most talented of the four SSPX bishops and the closest to the principles of the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, which Fellay has essentially rejected, setting up his own Neo-SSPX, has capitulated to his ostracism and is becoming a cats-paw to Fellay instead of fighting back for Lefebvran principles.

It is just another irony of the situation that Williamson was a former Anglican who converted to traditional Catholicism in 1971. Fellay, on the other hand, was supposedly a Catholic, who now seems willing to sell out to New Order to get the same deal Benedict-Ratzinger recently gave to the Anglicans.

It Will Be a Cold Christmas for Christians in England This Year
As Christmas Is Being Suppressed by the British Government

From: The Fathers

Christmas could be cancelled by a bill being put forward in the British parliament by the Labour government. M.P. Harriet Harmon's Equality Bill, clamping down on Christmas festivities for fear of offending Mohammedans, will have a "chilling effect" on local councils, town halls, and other entities. The Equality Bill combines all previous equality legislation in the U.K., and includes a range of new provisions.

What is surprising about this development is that Britain has an Established Church, a Christian Church, the Church of England, or Anglican Church. Yet even that is no safeguard for the Christian religion in Britain. Under existing legislation anti-Christian actions have been taken by government entities. One local authority instructed tenants to take down Christmas lights in case they might offend Muslim neighbors. Councils around Britain are removing all references to the name "Christmas" from their 2009 events. Birmingham has even come up with a new word for an alternative winter celebration: "Winterval." In a related action, the Labour Party-associated Institute for Public Policy Research has declared that Christmas "should be downgraded to help race relations." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Christian Telegraph.]

Good Catholics, you see how far the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II's False "Oecumenism" has penetrated since 1965 through its spokesmen Paul VI, JPII, and Benedict-Ratzinger. The Christian religion, even in a Christian country, is suppressed because it offends Mohammedans, many of whom approve of terrorism against Christians, and because it is painted with the "racist" brush by corrupt politicians. Benedict-Ratzinger might carp from time to time about Europe's losing its Christian faith, but the Conciliar papacy has lost all power and respect with Europeans. Benedict-Ratzinger is viewed as a mere paper-tiger, lacking claws.

November 24, 2009 - St. John of the Cross, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

JPII's Intimate Tells Benedict-Ratzinger: What's All the Rush to Beatify JPII?
What Does Newcardinal Dziwisz Know that He's Not Telling?

From: The Fathers
Stanislaw Dziwisz & JPII

Newcardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, of Krakow, Poland, the Power behind JPII's Throne
Tells Benedict-Ratzinger to Slow Down on Beatification of JPII
Dziwisz Knew JPII More Intimately than Anyone
What Is He Not Telling about the Relationship of JPII with a Married Woman
And JPII's Knowledge that 20 per Cent of His Priests Were Confirmed Communist Spies?

Stanislaw Dziwisz, Newcardinal of Krakow, Poland, long-time personal secretary and intimate to JPII, has told Benedict-Ratzinger to slow down on the beatification of the dead pope. "We do not want the pope to rush; he should analyze it properly," said Dziwisz, who in 2008 wrote A Life with Karol: My Forty-year Friendship with the Man Who Became Pope, in which he detailed his intimate relationship with the man.

During a news conference given at the Apostolic Nuntiature in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 20, 2009, Dziwisz confirmed that during the early years of his pontificate, JPII would sometimes slip out of Newvatican in disguise to spend a day in the mountains. JPII has been implicated with a woman on these trips. Whether there was any hanky-panky going on is uncertain, but Dziwisz, who knew JPII better than anyone, seems to be warning Benedict-Ratzinger to slow down until a complete investigation can be conducted. JPII has also been implicated in knowledge of collusion as Communist spies by one in five of his priests in Krakow. The documentation for this fact has become public since the opening of Communist records after the fall of the Soviet Union.

According to Dziwicz, JPII enjoyed "escaping from the Vatican," apparently becoming more and more jaded about his papal office as the years went by. {Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Agency.]

St. Lawrence Press Reports that More Priest Are Dumping the "Motu" Mess of Benedict-Ratzinger
In Favor of the Traditional Latin Mass

From: The Fathers

The St. Lawrence Press has reported that "there are a significant number of new customers" in 2009 for its 2010 Ordo of the Traditional Latin Mass. The report seems to indicate that more priests are dumping the Vatican II-Bugnini "Mess of 1962-2008" in favor of the fully Traditional Latin Mass, before the Chief Architect of the invalid Novus Ordo service, the Freemason presbyter Hannibal Bugnini, corrupted the True Mass into a Pre Novus Ordo service starting in the 1950s.

The TRADITIO Fathers have received other information from around the world that confirms the St. Lawrence Press's report that more and more priests are reverting to the True Mass, not the "Mess of 1962" or some later year. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department.

November 23, 2009 - St. Clement I, Pope & Martyr
Double Feast

Christian Brother Charged in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal
Hardly 500 Christians Brothers Are Now Left in the United States

From: The Fathers
Raimond Rose

Christian Brother Raimond Rose, Not So Christian
The Latest Religious Charged in Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal
For His Involvement in Eight Cases of Assault on His High-school Students
The Once-great Teaching Order of the Christian Brothers Is Now Nearly Dead
Another Casualty of the Newchurch of the New Order

Brother Raimond Rose, a Christian Brother, has been charged with assaulting a student in North Dakota. Rose is already charged in five other suits pending in Minnesota, with another in North Dakota. An eighth, in California, was settled for over $1,000,000 U.S. dollars. Rose was charged with assaulting the student on a trip to a high-school football game while Rose was a teacher at the Newchurch high school.

Samuel Aquila, the Newchurch bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, is being charged with negligence and fraud, together with the diocese itself and the Christian Brothers of the Midwest. The lawsuit charges that Rose should never have been put in contact with children because he had previously been accused of sexually assaulting a minor. The order, once widely known for its Catholic teaching brothers, numbers barely 500 at this point, decimated by the New Order that took over the Church after the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965). [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Fargo Forum.]

A Reader Asks: Was I Confirmed?

From: Jeffrey

Dear Fathers:

I was confirmed (I think) at a "Motu" Mass performed by one of those "Motu" organizations in a Novus Ordo church. I visited the church on Saturday, a day before the Confirmation Mass, and viewed a Novus Ordo service that was being performed there. Does this affect my being confirmed?

The Fathers Reply.

There is no such thing in traditional Catholicism as a "Confirmation Mass." The traditional Sacrament of Confirmation is administered outside of Mass. If you think of it, unless the Sacrament is directly related to the Mass (Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders), it is not traditionally administered at Mass: Baptism, Confirmation, Matrimony, Extreme Unction, Penance.

The "Confirmation Mass" is a Novus Ordo innovation. It sounds very much as if you were the victim of some invalid Novus Ordo or mixed Motu-Novus Ordo service that purported to be the Sacrament of "Confirmation." For further information on the Novus Ordo "sacraments," click on PROBLEM.TXT: "The Problem with the Other Sacraments" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department.

November 22, 2009 - Twenty-fifth and Last Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newchurch Bishops' Sunday-before-Thanksgiving Collection Exposed as Funding Immoral Projects
Including Abortions and "Gay Marriage"

From: The Fathers
Roger Morin

Roger Morin, Head of the U.S. Newbishops' Subcommittee, Is Charged with Fraud
By His Own Newchurchers for Giving U.S. Collection Money to Immoral Organizations
That Publicly Advocate Abortion and "Gay Marriage"
Morin Has Admitted the Charge, but Remains in Office

Proving once again that the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops is not Catholic, but a front group for unCatholic, liberalistic causes, the Novus Ordo Sunday before Thanksgiving (November 22, 2009) collection at Newparishes across the United States has been going to the Newbishop's political arm, the Catholic [sic] Campaign for Human Development, which supports such immoral causes as the notorious ACORN (Association of Community Organization for Reform Now), a front group for immoral activities associated with Barack Obama. ACORN has been, and continues to be caught in sponsoring child prostitution by illegal immigrants, as a result of which the organization was defunded by the U.S. Congress -- but not by the U.S. Newbishops.

Several of the organizations on the U.S. Novus Ordo bishops' list for funding openly promote abortion, contraception, and "gay marriage."  Many other organizations that have been approved by the U.S. Newbishops are aggressively pushing the Obama healthcare bill, which would provide taxpayer support for contraception and abortion.  Such immoral organizations include, inter alia, the Chinese Progressive Association of San Francisco, whose mission statement proclaims that "CPA is committed to marriage equality to ensure that our members who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered are able to enjoy equal marriage rights as other straight individuals. Secondly, we would like to end marriage discrimination against all same-sex couples to further social equality and justice." Now, that's a really Catholic organization!

The corrupt U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, one-tenth of whose members have been charged in sex crimes against children, have been stung by the exposure of their fraud against their own Newchurchers. Even Newchurch laypeople are sick and tired of the Newbishop's fraud and have started organizations to fight back against their own Newbishops. Consequently, Roger Morin, the chairman of the U.S. Newbishops' Subcommittee on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, has denounced recent criticism of the program as "outrageous," but at the same time has admitted that at least three grants in just the last year have been rescinded because the organizations receiving the grants were acting "in conflict with Catholic teaching." Just more hypocrisy from the Novus Ordo bishops.

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger gets about one-third of his funding from his Novus Ordo Church in the United States. No wonder he hasn't emitted a peep against the Novus Ordo bishops defrauding Newchurchers with this immoral collection!

As the "Motu" Mess Disintegrates before Newchurch "Traditionalists'" Eyes:
Enter the "Jazz Latin Mess"

From: The Fathers

Just as the TRADITIO Fathers warned from the start, the "Motu" Mess or "Mess of 1962-2008" is a fraud. It was Benedict-Ratzinger's ploy to introduce the Novus Ordo amongst Newchurch "traditionalists." And people like Bernie Fellay, current capo of the SSPX, have fallen for it. The "Motu" Mess is not the Traditional Latin Mass, and it is getting farther and farther from the True Mass in just the two years that have gone by since Benedict-Ratzinger introduced the fraud.

The saxophone is a profane instrument, prohibited from use at the Traditional Latin Mass, but apparently not from compositions based upon the "Motu" Mess. A "Jazz Latin Mess" has been announced for Sunday, November 22, 2009, at St. Andrew's Novus Ordo temple in Waterbury, Vermont. The "Missa in Jazz" is described as "the unlikely marriage of a dignified and seemingly-somber Latin Mass" with "tenor jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins playing free-wheeling riffs." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Times Argus.]

This "Jazz Mass" is reminiscent of other "renditions" of the "Mess of 1962," such as the "Misa Flamenca" (featuring flamenco dance music), the "Misa Luba" (featuring African drums), and the "Missa Ciolla" (featuring Bahamian steel drums).

November 21, 2009 - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Double Major Feast

VATICAN II-BUGNINI "LITURGICAL BOOKS OF 1962" WARNING. This traditional Greater Double Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been reduced in the "Motu" Mess to a mere feast of the "third class." The Virgin is not even considered "second class" in the New Order sect. There is but one Nocturn of the Feast at Matins; mere ferial psalmody is used throughout; and there is no special tone for the Hymns and no Proper Doxology for the Virgin. The Creed is not sung at Mass and at Vespers there is neither commemoration of the Presentation, or of St. Cecilia who is entirely omitted this year. All in all, this liturgical day in Benedict-Ratzinger's "Motu" Mess degrades the Blessed Virgin Mary and one of the great Virgin-Martyr Saints of the Church, St. Cecilia, Patroness of Music.

In Newrome Anglican Leader Williams Proposes a "Menagerie" Church
Consisting of Novus Ordinarians, Anglicans, and Even the SSPX in One Communion

From: The Fathers
Rowan Williams & Benedict-Ratzinger

Oecumenical Allies Rowan Williams, the Anglican Leader (Left)
And Benedict-Ratzinger, the Novus Ordo Leader
Plan the Next Step in Joining Their Two Sects Together
Williams and Benedict-Ratzinger's Oecumenical Representative, Newcardinal Kasper
Agree that Doctrinal Differences Should Not Prevent the Joining of the Communions

Rowan Williams, the Anglican leader, is in Newrome for a November 21, 2009, meeting with the Novus Ordo leader, Benedict-Ratzinger. In a November 19, 2009, address at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Newrome, Williams readily joined in Benedict-Ratzinger's vision of a "menagerie" Church that would embrace Christians of differing doctrines in one oecumenical communion.

Williams pointed to the fact that Newchurch and the Anglicans are pretty much in agreement after decades of oecumenical talks. He told the Pontifical University that he didn't think the "outstanding issues were really all that great." Like Benedict-Ratzinger, he foresees an Oecumenical Church in which issues such as homosexuality and priestesses/bishopesses are not important. Williams pointed to Benedict-Ratzinger's desire for an Oecumenical Church that all Christians would inhabit.

Williams stated that the next step would be an Anglican-Novus Ordo Church in which there would be a "diversity of types of communion" and called Benedict-Ratzinger his "oecumenical partner" in the plan. Thus, Novus Ordinarians, Anglicans, and even SSPXers could inhabit the same Oecumenical Church, much as the Anglicans have their Low, Broad, and High Churches. The SSPX's current capo, Bernie Fellay, has expressed his general agreement with this priniciple, and Benedict-Ratzinger's point-man to make the Oecumenical Church a reality, Newcardinal Walter Kasper, also concurred.

In his own address to the Pontifical University, Kaspar pointed to the broader unification of the Anglican and Novus Ordo Churches as institutions. He pointed to the fact that Benedict-Ratzinger had already accepted Anglicans into the Novus Ordo Church, allowing the Anglicans to keep their Protestant liturgy and their non-celibate ministers. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Secretary of the Ecclesia Dei Subcommission Reveals that Reorganized Body's Priority:
That the Novus Ordo Service and "Motu" Mess Be Merged

From: The Fathers

Msgr. Guido Pozzo, the recently appointed Secretary of the Ecclesia Dei Subcommission of the Newchurch Doctrine of the Faith Commission has revealed the subcommission's new priority: to merge the Novus Ordo service and the "Motu" Mess. In an interview with the L'Homme Nouveau, a bimonthly French Novus Ordo publication, Pozzi has confirmed that the subcommission has set the liturgical "reform of the reform" as a high priority of the newly-reorganized subcommission. "Reform of the reform" is the term used in Newchurch to describe the merging of the Novus Ordo service and the "Motu" Mess.

Good Catholics, we begin to see now the new mission for the Ecclesia Dei Commission, which has been degraded into the Novus Ordo's Doctrine of the Faith Commission by order of Benedict-Ratzinger's in his Motu Proprio Ecclesiae unitatem of July 6, 2009. There is nothing new in this priority. Benedict-Ratzinger already stated in his earlier Motu Proprio Summorum pontificum of July 7, 2007, that he wished to merge the Novus Ordo service with his "Motu" Mess. Pozzi is simply confirming that the reorganized subcommission will have this merging as its priority.

The Motarians have already kissed off the Traditional Latin Mass. Now the handwriting is on the wall: they will soon have to kiss off their beloved "Motu" Mess too. Nova Roma dixit; causa finita est.

November 20, 2009 - St. Felix of Valois, Confessor
Double Feast

SSPX's Superior Fellay Announces It:
The SSPX Is Willing to Be Treated Like Anglican Heretics by Newrome

From: The Fathers
Bernie Fellay

SSPX's Superior General Grasps out for the Novus Ordo at Any Price
He Has Announced that He Is Open to a Deal
Like That Given to the Anglican Heretics and the Opus Deistas
As He Sells out to Newrome
What Little Remains of Traditional Catholicism in His Neo-SSPX

The SSPX's Superior General, Bernie Fellay, in an interview with the Chilean daily, El Mercurio [The Messenger], commenting on the Society's negotiations to enter the New Order, indicated that he was open to a deal like the Anglican heretics and the Opus Deistas got, as the price of admission into Newchurch. This arrangement makes the subordinate organization subject to the authorities of the Novus Ordo in Newrome. For further information, click on FAQ10: "How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs?" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department, in the section "Opus Dei."

Good Catholics, it is no secret that many SSPXers think Fellay is hankering after ecclesiastical promotion. He is blocked from advancement in Newchurch as Superior General of the SSPX. That is why he has to sell out Archbishop Lefebvre's organization to Newchurch, so that he can become a full member of the Novus Ordo. The main stumbling-block at the present time to his ambitions is the SSPX-Williamson Scandal. There is no doubt that not only the SSPX's senior bishop Richard Williamson, but the SSPX as a whole is viewed as reeking of the odor of what the radical Jewish organizations to whom Benedict-Ratzinger panders call "anti-Semitism." That is an impossible no-no in the Newchurch of False Oecumenism!

Benedict-Ratzinger's #2 Man Tells Chinese Presbyters to "Dialogue" with the Communist Government
And to "Reconcile" with the Government's Patriotic National Church

From: The Fathers

Newvatican's Secretary of State, Newcardinal Tarcisio Bertone, released on November 16, 2009, a letter to Chinese presbyters, urging them to "dialogue with the [atheistic Communist] civil authorities." He also urged "reconciliation within the Catholic [sic] community." The "Catholic community" consists of underground presbyters, who are supposed to answer to Benedict-Ratzinger, and Patriotic National Church presbyters, who are supposed to answer to the civil authorities.

Pope Pius XII excommunicated the latter group; Benedict-Ratzinger has embraced it. Sodano's public letter is viewed as a further step for Benedict-Ratzinger in recognizing and associating with the Communist-affiliated PNC. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican Radio.]

November 19, 2009 - St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Widow
Double Feast

Another Newchurch Presbyter Caught with His Cassock Down
No Old Case This, but One from This Very Year!

From: The Fathers
Luis Margarito

Another Newchurch Presbyter Hangs His Head in Shame
High School Chaplain Luis Margarito Was Caught "Diddling"
While Benedict-Ratzinger's Newrome Burns
Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal Is Growing, not Ending

This isn't some case from decades ago. Just this year, on November 14, 2009, it was announced that presbyter Luis Margarito, pastor of St. Joseph Church of the New Order in Reading, Pennsylvania, part of the Newdiocese of Allentown, headed by Newbishop John Barres, was caught "diddling" with a girl, who is now eighteen. However, Bonilla has been chaplain of Reading's Central Catholic [sic] High School since June 2008, so the girl was probably a minor when he started his assignations. The country District Attorney's office is investigating Margarito for criminal charges.

Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch officials have yet to regard presbyteral offenses as crimes. No, the poor presbyter's psyches are just out of alignment. Margarito will be sent to a "treatment facility for clergy" -- read "country club." If Newbishop Barres continues the standard Newchurch practice, in a few months Margarito will be pronounced "cured" and assigned to another school where he can continue his depredations. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Express Times the Morning Call, and WFMZ News.]

Good Catholics, this case shows how desperate Newchurch is becoming for warm bodies. Margarito had been "installed" in the invalid Novus Ordo rite only in 2000, and already he became a pastor of a Newparish just nine years later. Obviously, Newchurch's personnel practices are still too grossly defective to weed out the predators. Benedict-Ratzinger isn't paying any attention to the criminality of his sect. He is now too busy pandering to the Anglicans to turn his attention to clean up his own filthy house!

From the Do Pigs Fly? Department:
U.S. Newbishops' Politically-Correct View of "Gay" Presbyters' Rape of Children

From: The Fathers

One of the reasons that the Newbishops of the Newchurch have not been able to root out the homosexual rapists of children is that they cannot even bring themselves to admit the reality of the problem. That is a big part of why they have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up that reality.

A preliminary report commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops, whose current and immediate past presidents have both been personally associated in sex crimes, has reached the ridiculous conclusion that there is "no evidence that gay [presbyters] are more likely to abuse children." No more likely than what -- pigs? The U.S. Newbishops hardly needed to waste Newchurchers' collection-plate money on a pseudo-scientific study when the evidence is before their very eyes: nine out of ten presbyters convicted of sex crimes against children raped and assaulted boys. Of course, "gay" advocates, whom the USCCB covertly supports, don't want to admit the reality. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Good Catholics, independent researchers have compiled and published data which documents the fact that Novus Ordo seminaries since the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965) are infested with homosexuals, who are promoted by their Newbishop lovers. Benedict-Ratzinger couldn't even bring himself to affirm the Church's absolute prohibition and proceeded to allow "gay" seminarians after a short time. Now, what does that say about him?

November 18, 2009 - Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts. Peter & Paul
Double Major Feast

Seen on a Bumper Sticker: the "Traditional Catholic Anthem," Psalm 108
Which Prays for False Bishops to Be Replaced

From: Jim
Bumper Sticker

A Bumper Sticker Gives the Protestant Citation for the "Traditional Catholic Anthem"
The Psalm Verse in Question (108:8) in the Traditional Catholic Version
Refers Not to Secular Leaders, but to Corrupt Bishops
And Prays for Their Quick Replacement

Dear Fathers:

While traffic was moving slowly, we noticed that a car in front of us had the following text on a bumper sticker: "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8." We were amused to find that the verse meant: "Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

The Fathers Reply.

First of all, the reference on the bumper sticker was to the Protestant King James Bible. In the Catholic Bible, what was being referred to is Psalm 108, which has been called the "Traditional Catholic's Anthem." It can be read as a condemnation of corrupt bishops rather than secular leaders. As the traditional Catholic Douay version has it: "May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take."

The word that is translated "office" in the King James version, is translated in the Douay version as "bishopric," obviously taking the term to apply to ecclesiastical, not secular, office. The term used in the Greek Septuagint, the basis of St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate for the Old Testament, is episcopen. It is easy to see the relationship between this Greek term and the Latin episcopus, which in a general sense means "overseer," but in a Catholic and Christian context came to mean "bishop."

Good Catholics, any of you who regularly read the Psalms, as those who say the traditional Divine Office, must often be struck by a verse that seems to jump off the page prophetically and to point clearly from a perspective of three millennia past to a current situation. This verse strikes us as being just such a verse: the plea of God's true followers for a quick replacement of the gaggle of false bishops parading round now.

A Reader Asks: Can Premises Be Rented in a Protestant Church for the Traditional Latin Mass, if Necessary?

From: Gerard

Dear Fathers:

Is it permissible for a traditional Catholic priest to rent premises in a Protestant church building to celebrate Mass? I note that some Traditional Latin Masses are being offered in non-Catholic churches such as Presbyterian churches or in local secular halls, such as Veterans Halls or hotels.

The Fathers Reply.

Traditional practice permits the rental of premises in a Protestant church or in secular halls for the Traditional Latin Mass in cases of necessity, just as the early Church, when it arose from the catacombs and had no place to celebrate Mass, used the altars of the pagan Roman temples as Mass sites. The Society of St. Pius X and various independent traditional Catholic groups have rented premises in Protestant churches on occasion, when they had no other place to go. In such a case, the traditional priest brings with him a Roman antimensium, which is a cloth with Saints' relics sewn in that goes under the corporal, upon which rests the chalice and paten.

In the current emergency situation, there are very few Catholic churches available to celebrate the True Mass, as even formerly Catholic churches have been taken over and desecrated by their use for the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Novus Ordo service. Naturally, the option of renting premises at a Protestant church should be avoided except in cases of necessity, but the traditional canonists clearly teach that the practice is tolerated in cases of necessity, necessitate cogente, quidpiam huiusmodi toleretur [Epitome Iuris Canonici cum Commentariis, 1927]. Moreover, the Holy See, even in traditional times, permitted Catholics to celebrate Mass in the same premises used by Protestants, when it was not possible "for a few scattered Catholics to build a church of their own," certainly a description of most traditional Catholic communities today.

It is indeed ironic that often the ministers of the Protestant sects are more accommodating to traditional Catholics in the use of their premises than the ministers of the Novus Ordo in their temples that have been turned over to the unCatholic and invalid Novus Ordo Mess.

November 17, 2009 - St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bishop & Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Appoints Friend of Embezzler as Newarchbishop of Milwaukee
As Newpope Continues His Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal at Full Speed

From: The Fathers
Jerome Listecki

Jerome Listecki, Here Pictured Con-celebrating the Invalid Novus Ordo Service
(Note the Flagons of Kool-aid on the Novus Ordo Dinner Table)
A Known Associate of a Convicted Thief of Newchurch Money
Has Been Appointed as Newarchbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
To Replace the "Gay" Embezzler, Rembert Weakland

The TRADITIO Fathers have consistently said that one of the clearest marks of Benedict-Ratzinger's corruption is his personal appointment of Newbishops who are steeped in crime. He has openly appointed Communist spies, sex criminals, and embezzlers as bishops for his Newchurch.

Granted, it was hard to find a more corrupt individual than the former Newarchbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rembert Weakland, despot of the Novus Ordo archdiocese from 1977 to 2002, was finally forced out, only when he was exposed as an active homosexual with a catamite. When that catamite threatened to expose Weakland, the Newarchbishop stole from Newchurch collection plates half a million U.S. dollars to pay him off for his silence. The catamite "outed" Weakland anyway and, since Weakland didn't get full value from his theft, he never returned the stolen money to the Newchurch collection-plate. This is not mere gossip: Weakland has admitted to all these crimes in a book that he published in June 2009, yet Benedict-Ratzinger has still not lifted finger against him -- even to force him to return the money that he stole to Newchurch.

It took Benedict-Ratzinger seven years, but he finally found another criminal type to take Weakland's place. He has appointed Jerome Listecki to be the next Newarchbishop of Milwaukee. Listecki does not come to his new role without experience. In 2004 it was revealed that Bishop Listecki had earlier purchased a vacation condominium with friends, one of whom was Dr. Dennis Composto, who pled guilty in 2006 of stealing money from the Newchurch archdiocese of Chicago, Illinois, headed by Francis George, who himself had been publicly identified as housing at his own residence a known sex offender and then appointing that sex offender to be principal of a Newchurch school. Draw your own conclusions. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Moreover, Listecki apostatized from the Catholic Faith when he de facto converted to Judaism by putting on a kipah and worshipping as a Jew in the local synagogue, Congregation Sons of Abraham. Listecki publicly demonstrated that he considers himself a son of Abraham rather than child of Christ. Listecki actively prayed as a Jew from the fourth row while Rabbi Saul Prombaum led the service.

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger can sure pick them as his personal bishops: Communist spies, sex criminals, embezzlers, and Jews, as his Novus Ordo sect sinks faster and faster into oblivion. He is so powerless now that he can't even keep the crucifixes formerly hung in all Italian schools by the decree of the Fascist dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini, who was at least enough of a Catholic to require their placement.

Irish Newbishops Turn over Newchurch Schools to the State
In the Wake of a Massive Sex Crimes Scandal

From: The Fathers

In the aftermath of Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, Ireland has been hit hard. There were so many sex crimes perpetrated by Newchurch presbyters against children in Newchurch schools, particularly in schools for the handicapped, that Newchurch has been forced to turn over many of its schools to be run as State public schools. Newchurch presbyters can no longer be trusted in one of Europe's formerly most Catholic countries to refrain from raping and assaulting their charges.

Irish Newbishops have agreed that if parents want control of individual Newchurch schools turned over to the State, they will accede to those requests in the name of "diversity." The Newbishops have decided to give up large parts of their control of Newchurch schools, which comprise 92 per cent of all Ireland's 3,200 primary schools, to the State. Actually, the Newbishops are just trying to put a propagandistic face on the turnover: they are being forced to give up the schools because the presbyters in charge of many of them were exposed as sex criminals.

In an historic November 12, 2009, meeting, a delegation from the Irish Bishops' Conference, including Newarchbishop Diarmuid Martin, and the Conference of Religious in Ireland met senior officials of the Department of Education, led by Secretary Brigid MacManus, to discuss a framework for transferring Newchurch's schools to the State. Martin told the Secretary that the Irish Newbishops would hand over Newchurch schools to the State because "we are committed to diversity." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Irish Independent.]

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger's administration and his prelates are clearly secularized. Their plan is to get rid of everything "Catholic" and turn it over to the secular States, just as Paul VI forced Catholic States to remove Catholicism from their constitutions as the State religion. Benedict-Ratzinger and his predecessors JPII and Paul VI have clearly wished to disestablish the Catholic Church and to destroy it. Everything else is just ecclesiastical games to delude people such as the Neocon Newchurchers and the Motarians, who are willing to embrace Benedict-Ratzzinger's Novus Ordo "Ordinary" service, as long as they get a little Latin in exchange, while the Catholic Church as been sold down the river.

November 16, 2009 - St. Gertrude, Virgin & Abbess
Double Feast

Anglican Bishop Rejects Benedict-Ratzinger as a "Cat among the Pigeons"
Threatens Legal Action if Any Anglicans Defect to the Novus Ordo

From: The Fathers
Rowan Williams & Benedict-Ratzinger

Bosom-Buddies, Rowan Williams (Left) and Benedict-Ratzinger
Heresiarchs of Their Respective Non-Catholic Sects
May Be Headed for a Break-up after Newpope's Try to Entice Anglicans in to the Novus Ordo
One Anglican Bishop Has Denounced Benedict-Ratzinger's Novus Ordo Blandishments
And Threatened Legal Action against Any Anglicans Defecting

Perhaps with an ironic allusion to Benedict-Ratzinger's fondness for felines, the Anglican bishop of Southwark, England, Dr. Tom Butler, rejected Newpope's recent attempt in Anglicanorum coetibus of November 4, 2009, to entice Anglicans to defect to the Novus Ordo as the act of a "cat among the pigeons."

Butler told his diocesan synod on November 13, 2009, that he had sought legal advice and warned any Anglicans thinking of defecting: "No priest or group of laity has the right to take church property with them when they change denominations, for a diocese holds such property in trust for the mission and ministry of the Church of England to all the people of its parishes, and this duty of care would continue."

Rowan Williams, the heretic Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Anglican sect, also turned a cold shoulder to Benedict-Ratzinger, who is supposed to be his bosom buddy. Is this the end of the Newchurch-Anglican love-affair? [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the London Times.]

Novus Ordo Presbyter Will Wed His "Gay" Lover
In the Novus Ordo's First-Ever "Gay Marriage"

From: The Fathers

A Canadian presbyter is set to be the first to marry his "gay" lover in the Novus Ordo's first-ever "gay marriage" on November 14, 2009. Karl Clemens will wed his paramour, Nick. Says Clemens: "I'm leading the way, or pioneering, as it were, in something that I think is very important. It's a human right." Clemens is a presbyter in good standing in the Kingston, Ontario, Newchurch diocese under Newbishop Brendan O'Brien, a personal appointee of Benedict-Ratzinger. O'Brien took no action against Clemens when he "came out" -- homosexually speaking, that is, in 2005. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Edmonton Sun.]

November 15, 2009 - Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newjesuits Are Reeling from Revelation of Sex-crime Rampage
As Jesuit University President Is Charged with a Massive Cover-up

From: The Fathers
Stephen Sundborg

Presbyter Stephen Sundborg, Newjesuit, President of Jesuit Seattle University
Sundborg Is Being Charged with a Massive Cover-up of Newjesuit Presbyter's Sex Crimes
500 Cases Have Been Exposed So Far
The Newjesuit Oregon Province Has Gone into Bankruptcy
The University May Be Closed and Sold off to Pay Judgments

You've got to hand it to the Jesuits: when they do anything, they do it big! They become so political and corrupt in the 18th century that Pope Clement XIV issued his Bull of Abolition, Dominus ac Redemptor, in 1773, in which the pope declared that "the Society from its earliest days bore the germs of dissensions and jealousies which tore its own members asunder, led them to rise against other religious orders, against the secular clergy and the universities, and even against the sovereigns who had received them in their states." That same description could be written of the Newjesuits in the 21st century.

The Jesuit order was thus abolished for 41 years. In hindsight, maybe the abolition should have been made permanent. It has just been revealed that sex crimes by Newjesuit presbyters in the Oregon Province alone have far exceeded previous assumptions and now exceed 500. There are presumably many more that have not yet been reported. It seems that Newjesuit presbyters have gone on a sex-crime rampage ever since the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965). One legal official was quoted as saying, "I honestly was stunned." The number of the Newjesuit presbyters' victims has grown so large that the Oregon Province has been forced into declaring bankruptcy.

Even the Newjesuits' Seattle University has been involved. President Stephen Sundborg, S.J., was named a defendant in the lawsuit, which charged that he knew his Newjesuit presbyters had been sexually assaulting children for years, but covered up that information and failed to report it to police. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by The Spectator.]

An Irony: Benedict-Ratzinger Declares "Educational Emergency" in Newchurch Universities
But He Wasn't Referring to the Rape of Minors Exposed in His Novus Ordo University!

From: The Fathers

Poor Benedict-Ratzinger was left with egg on his face again. On November 12, 2009, just as he was declaring an "educational emergency" in a papal audience and speaking about the importance of an authentically Catholic [sic] education at the university level. Ironically, at the very same time that he was speaking, headlines around the world were exposing his hypocrisy: his own Jesuit Seattle University is infested with sex criminals in the guise of Novus Ordo presbyters and his own University president has been charged in a massive cover-up. Benedict-Ratzinger's agents have been busy raping and assaulting minors to such an extent that the Jesuit Province has gone bankrupt. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vatican Information Service.]

Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger's complicity in these crimes screams to Heaven for vengeance. Newpope has reached such a depth that Newchurchers should take a leaf from traditional Catholics of the past, who threw corrupt popes into the Tiber River!

November 14, 2009 - St. Josaphat, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Continues His Search for E.T.
What Is This Newvatican Obsession with Extraterrestrials?

From: The Fathers
JPII and Extraterrestrial

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
As JPII Embraces an Extraterrestrial after His 2005 Conference on "Alien Life"
Newvatican Seems to Have a Fixation about Extraterrestrials
Benedict-Ratzinger Called His Own Conference on the Subject
What's Next: A Papal Junket to Area 51?

Has Benedict-Ratzinger been hitting the Novus Ordo Kool-Aid too much lately? He summoned a conference of astronomers, physicists, and biologists from the United States, France Britain, Swizerland, Italy, and Chile to prattle for five days over whether extraterrestrials exist. His Newjesuit astronomer says that the existence of "alien life" deserves "serious consideration." In 2005 JPII summoned a similar conference. Well, it all somehow fits together you consider how spaced-out the Novus Ordo Mess is!

In his love-affair with "politically-correct" science, Benedict-Ratzinger, who also wants to be the "Green Pope," also summoned a 2009 conference on evolution. Curiously, Newpope unscientifically ignored the anti-Darwinian theories that are now current in scientific circles, as Darwin's Theory of Evolution shows more and more holes, as scientific theories always do with the passage of time. For more than a millennium the geocentric Ptolemaic System was dogma, then along came the heliocentric monk Copernicus (although he borrowed his idea from the ancient Greek Aristarchus).

Catholics must wonder what Pope Leo XIII, who founded the Vatican Observatory at Castel Gandolfo in 1891 would think of his Modernist successors' preoccupation with extraterrestrials. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press and the U.K. Telegraph.]

Traditional Anglican Archbishop "Lefebvre" Tells Benedict-Ratzinger:
Turn Novus Ordo? Not on Your Spiritual Life!

From: The Fathers

Nigeria's traditional Anglican archbishop Peter Akinola, who has been called traditional Anglicism's analogue to the courageous traditional Catholic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, told Benedict-Ratzinger that his organization is not about to abandon traditional Anglicanism for the New Order sect. Akinola serves as Chairman of GAFCON, the traditional Anglican organization, and created the traditional Anglican Church in North America. He serves as a bishop for traditional Anglican congregations that are disaffected from the heretical Archbishop of Canturbury, Rowan Williams' liberalist Anglican sect, which ordains priestesses and consecrates practicing sodomites as Anglican bishops.

GAFCON has rejected Benedict-Ratzinger's stratagem to get traditional Anglicans into his Novus Ordo sect. A GAFCON statement encouraged any Anglicans who might be considering selling out to the Novus Ordo sect instead to remain in traditional Anglicanism, which has "remained faithful to the Apostolic Tradition." The curt phraseology seemed to imply that Benedict-Ratzinger had not remained faithful to Apostolic Tradition.

November 13, 2009 - St. Didacus, Confessor
Semidouble Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Visits the Birthplace of the Modernist Pope Paul VI
Who Implemented All of Vatican II's Errors and "Liturgy"

From: The Fathers
Liturgical Commission and Paul VI

Five Members of Bugnini's Commission of Six Protestant Ministers and Paul VI (Right)
Who Fabricated the Invalid Novus Ordo Mess
Paul VI, Who Implemented All the Modernist Errors of Vatican II
Three Years Later Admitted that the Council Had Introduced Satan into the Church
By Means of the Novus Ordo Service in a "Day of Darkness"
A Papal Pronouncement that He and His Successors All too Soon Ignored

Benedict-Ratzinger showed his adherence to the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II Modernism yet again when he visited on November 9, 2009, the birthplace of Paul VI, the Modernist pope who imposed the Novus Ordo Mess in league with Hannibal Bugnini and his Commission of Six Protestant Ministers. There Benedict-Ratzinger performed an invalid outdoor Novus Ordo Mess, the Mess that Newpope performs exclusively.

Benedict-Ratzinger gave a Novus Ordo "homily" in which he explained "how the ecclesial community must be in order to communicate with modern mankind," as if "modern" mankind were any different from the mankind at any time. Benedict-Ratzinger admitted that his predecessor, the pope of Vatican II, sometimes found himself "assailed and isolated by the then-dominant cultural movements," but stood firm in his faith. It was that faith that, in a revealing moment that lead him to declare on the ninth anniversary of his coronation, June 29, 1972:

We have the impression that through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God: it is doubt, uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation.... We thought that after the Council a day of sunshine would have dawned for the history of the Church. What dawned, instead, was a day of clouds and storms, of darkness, of searching and uncertainties.

In a May 16, 2008, interview, Newcardinal Vergilio Noe, Paul VI's Chief Liturgist and Master of Ceremonies, stated that the pope was specifically referring to the Novus Ordo service with this statement. Yet no one wanted to admit that Vatican II was a tool to introduce the Modernist heresy into the Church, so everyone, including Paul VI himself, ignored this papal pronouncement and went on to promote the Novus Ordo Mess of Satan, as Paul VI called it, the same Mess that Benedict-Ratzinger performs exclusively. For further information, click on FAQ08: "What Is the Authority of Vatican II?" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Vatican Information Service.]

Canadian Judge Finds Newbishop Dionne Guilty of Subverting a Police Investigation
Dionne Illegally Intimidated Two Children into Withdrawing Assault Charges against Novus Ordo Presbyter

From: The Fathers

On November 9, 2009, a Canadian judge found that Gerard Dionne, Newchurch bishop of Edmundston, New Brunswick, had subverted a police investigation into his presbyter's sexual assaults on five teenage boys. Presbyter Cloutier is being sentenced today, convicted on numerous counts of gross indecency, indecent assault, and sexual assault over a period of thirteen years.

The judge found that when two child victims were being interviewed by two Sudbury Regional Police investigators, Newbishop Dionne crashed the meeting and took over. Dionne then spoke with the boys privately and intimidated them into dropping their charges. The judgment against Newbishop Dionne for subverting a police investigation comes on the heels of a recent scandal over child pornography charges laid against Nova Scotia Newbishop Raymond Lahey.

In 2007 the five victims came forward one by one to charge that presbyter Cloutier had groomed them during weekend drinking parties and out-of-town trips and then sexually assaulted them. Cloutier plied the boys with cigarettes and liquor in the Newparish rectory. Although Newbishop Dionne told police that Cloutier had done nothing wrong, he nevertheless forced him into therapy and quietly transferred him out of the diocese. Accordingly, the judge ruled that Newbishop Dionne had subverted a Crown investigation. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Toronto Globe and Mail.]

Good Catholics, this is one of those as-yet rare cases in which a Newbishop has been caught in the act, but you can be sure that all Newchurch bishops have been involved in covering up crimes in their dioceses. The courts and the people are now so fed up with these corrupt bishops who dare to call themselves "Catholic" that we can expect more convictions in the future among the number of Benedict-Ratzinger's agents.

November 12, 2009 - St. Martin I, Pope & Martyr
Semidouble Feast

SSPX Goes on Trial as Its Senior Bishop Williamson Refuses to Pay Fine
Simply for Exercising His Right of Free Speech on a Disputed Matter of Secular History

From: The Fathers
Richard Williamson and Benedict-Ratzinger

SSPX's Bishop Williamson Goes Nose to Nose with Benedict-Ratziger
Williamson Will Not Back down to Benedict-Ratzinger's "Political Correctness"
As the Traditional Bishop Courageously Exercises His Right of Free Speech
Which the Hypocritical Vatican II Newpope Will Not Acknowledge
As He Does That of Mohammedans, Jews, and Protestants

On November 10, 2009, the Society of St. Pius X's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, was summoned to trial in Germany for "sedition," in that he exercised his human right of free speech on a disputed matter of secular history. The trial will go on because Williamson refused to pay a fine of some 20,000 U.S. dollars for his remarks and appealed. Ironically, Williamson exercised his right of free speech in Regensburg, near the birthplace of Joseph Ratzinger, who has signally failed to defend that human right.

Ratzinger, now Benedict, a known adherent of the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965) and its "rights of human persons," has entirely failed to defend the traditional Catholic bishop's right of free speech that he grants to Mohammedans, Jews, and Protestants. In an act of impiety, the superior general of the SSPX, Bernie Fellay, has also failed to defend his senior bishop's human rights. With friends like Fellay, who needs enemies?

Williamson could be facing a criminal conviction in a post-war Germany that has become hysterical over its past. Williamson might just pay Benedict-Ratzinger and Fellay back for their hypocrisy by participating in a full-blown trial, in which a judge will demand to know in detail Williamson's historical opinions, touching on such explosive topics as Hitler, Nazism, and the so-called holocaust. Since his return to England, Williamson has been consulting historian David Irving, who also disputes the "politically-correct" version of World War II history. Irving too has been persecuted by the courts for his exercise of free speech in Germany-connected Austria.

Traditional Catholics often ask us TRADITIO Fathers whether God has abandoned them. Well, the SSPX-Williamson Scandal may just be the heaven-sent means by which Benedict-Ratzinger's and Fellay's "Hindenberg" Plan to sell out founding Archbishop Lefebvre's traditional SSPX organization to the New Order will sink. Benedict-Ratzinger isn't likely to welcome an organization that is now publicly associated with what Jewish radicals claim is so-called anti-Semitism.

Good Catholics, Williamson's timing in expressing his opinion on the disputed topic of secular history couldn't have been better to sink the SSPX's sellout to the New Order, which seemed a done deal for February 2, 2009, after Benedict-Ratzinger "unexcommunicated" the four SSPX bishops, including Williamson. Later, Benedict-Ratzinger denied any knowledge of Williamson's opinions, but that seems almost certainly a convenient lie of propaganda, as his Papal Nuncio was personally informed by the Archbishop of Sweden, and Williamson's opinions had been publicly expressed over a period several decades. [Some information for this Commentary was provided by the London Daily Mail.]

A Reader Writes: "There's Nothing to Distinguish the Anglicans from Newchurchers at All"

From: Shannon

Dear Fathers:

Aren't the Anglicans merely slipping from the heresy of Protestantism to Newrome's Conciliar Modernism? There's nothing to distinguish the Anglicans from Newchurchers at all. A Protestant worship service, a sect whose unity is fractured into divergent opinions, invalid sacraments, an heretical catechism, invalid presbyters/ministers, married bishops, a homosexual clergy, and barren church buildings are common to both the Anglican and Newchurch sect.

So what has this horse-trading accomplished for the "separated brethren," as the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II called them? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Strangely enough, there seems to be no mention of the High Church Anglo-Catholics who are closest to traditionalist Catholics in beliefs and practices (save for the traditional papacy). Perhaps they know better and will not align with the Newchurch of the New Order, but with the traditional Catholic clergy.

November 11, 2009 - St. Martin of Tours, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

The Three Ironies of Benedict-Ratzinger's Sellout to the Anglicans
An Unofficial Document Is Issued amidst Heated Disagreements within His Newrome

From: The Fathers
Anglican Service

Anglicans Will Fit in Perfectly with the Novus Ordo Sect
Here Depicted Is an Anglican Concelebrated, Feminized Eucharistic Service around a Table
You Can't Tell the Difference from a Novus Ordo "Mess"!
Benedict-Ratzinger May Well Have Shot Himself in the Foot on This One

When Italian media outlets exposed heated disagreements among Benedict-Ratzinger's Newcuria over the Anglican sellout, the embarrassment for Newpope was too great. He rushed out, on November 9, 2009, an unfinished Apostolic Constitution entitled Anglicanorum coetibus. This document is full of ironies, but we will point out just three:

The first irony is that Newpope bungled it again: although the title is in Latin, the official Latin version has still not been released, only a couple of versions in vulgar tongues, which are, under canon law, unofficial, and have no legal value.

The second irony is that Benedict-Ratzinger has implicitly approved an invalid service, as the "Anglican tradition" that he wants to "grandfather" into his Novus Ordo sect was declared invalid by Pope Leo XIII in 1896. Benedict-Ratzinger's Constitution explicitly provides that the Anglicans can use "the [invalid] liturgical books proper to the Anglican tradition."

The third irony is that Newchurch had to put out deceptive information. When Italian media outlets exposed the Newcuria's disagreements about imposing the traditional celibacy on converting Anglican ministers, Benedict-Ratzinger's spokesmen denied those disagreements and affirmed that the absolute requirement would not be altered. You even see that statement made in much of the secular and Neocon press. But in the document, it is -- even to the extent of allowing married bishops, of which there are none in Newchurch, even in its Eastern rites. Affirming the Apostolic requirement of celibacy would have soured the "deal," as many Anglican ministers and bishops are not celibate.

What this move on the part of Benedict-Ratzinger to allow Anglicans to move from their New Order sect to his will have on "oecumenical" talks with the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury remains to be seen. After all, the Constitution provides that the Anglicans must accept the Modernistic/heretical Catechism of the Catholic [Sic] Church of 1983 as the "authoritative expression" of the Faith, an expression that the Anglicans rightly reject. Benedict-Ratzinger may well have shot himself in the foot on this one -- as he already did with the Mohammedans, the Jews, and the Lutherans. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican Information Service.]

A Reader Writes: I Discovered that the SSPX Calendar Is Novus-Ordo-Based
And Want to Know Where I Can Get a Real Traditional Catholic Calendar

From: John

Dear Fathers:

This morning after the Gospel at our 8:00 a.m. Conciliar-Bugnini Mess at the SSPX, the Society priest-presbyter who performs this Mess told us about a new SSPX calendar showing pictures of the churches of Rome, and he urged us to buy it. I had a hunch that the SSPX calendar would include a lot of Novus Ordo stuff, so I scrutinized a copy without buying it. Yes, the SSPX priest-presbyter was right. The SSPX calendar did show the churches of Newrome: all of the interior pictures were complete with the Novus Ordo table in front of the main altar!

Needless to say, I quickly rejected this Novus-Ordo-based product of the SSPX. I told my wife that the SSPX is getting ready to sell out to the Novus Ordo, and this is one method they are using to prepare us to accept the Protestant-like Novus Ordo service.

Can you tell me where to purchase a real traditional Catholic calendar?

The Fathers Reply.

Of course, the SSPX priest-presbyter would urge you to buy that Modernistic fraud, which not only uses the Vatican II calendar, not the traditional one, but also accepts in the end-matter Novus Ordo practices: that Friday abstinence does not bind, that there is no fasting except on Good Friday, etc. After all, that priest-presbyter answers to his superior general, Bernie Fellay, who is in the process of selling out to the Novus Ordo.

To the contrary, we TRADITIO Fathers base our recommendations solely on the traditional quality of the items. The calendar and ordo that we TRADITIO Fathers recommend are both based on the most traditional form of the Roman Rite, before the Conciliar-Bugnini changes of 1951, 1956, 1960, and 1962. It is the one that corresponds to the fully traditional version of the Missale Romanum and the Breviarium Romanum in four volumes. The calendar for 2010 features beautiful renderings of the Stations of the Cross. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department.

November 10, 2009 - St. Andrew Avellino, Confessor
Double Feast

Newbishop Argues that Islamic Mass Murderer Should Get Off
Addle-brained Loverde Has Not Read His Bible

From: The Fathers
Paul Loverde

Paul Loverde, a Newbishop with a Crooked Crook
Loverde, Whose Novus Ordo Clergy Has Been Exposed
As Filled with Child Pornographers and Homosexuals
Wants Mass Murderer and Islamic Terrorist John Muhammed to Get Off

Islamic terrorist John Muhammad carried out the 2002 Beltway Massacre, murdering ten people. Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1987 and later changed his surname to Muhammad. The massacre was part of an Islamic jihad (holy war). He was found guilty of capital murder by Virginia and Maryland courts and was duly sentenced to death. A Virginia judge has set a November 10, 2009, execution date for the mass murderer. Muhammad was given the option to die for his crimes by either lethal injection or the electric chair.

Leave it to a perverted bishop of the New Order to call for Muhammad to get off. Paul Loverde, Newchurch bishop of Arlington, Virginia, wants Muhammad to get off because Loverde doesn't like the death penalty. Loverde is hardly in a position to be dictating New Order morality to anyone. When one of his own presbyters supplied Loverde with the names of his presbyters involved with child pornography, Loverde did nothing but expel the whistleblower from the diocese. When one of his own presbyters revealed instances of homosexual activity among Loverde's clergy, Loverde refused to investigate and instead ordered the whistleblower silenced. Good Catholics, do you see a pattern here?

Loverde has obviously not even bothered to read the Bible. The justice of the death penalty is confirmed in the words of St. Dismas, the Good Thief on the Cross beside Christ, who was being crucified for robbery. St. Dismas says to his fellow criminal on the other side of Christ: "Dost not even thou fear God, seeing that thou art under the same sentence? And we indeed justly, for we are receiving what our deeds deserved (Luke 23:40-41). For further information, click on FAQ10: "How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department, in the section "Capital Punishment/Death Penalty."

On November 10, 2009, another Islamic terrorist, Major Nadal Hasan, in a massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, murdered 12 and wounded 31 of his fellow American soldiers in an Islamic terrorist attack, yelling allahu akbar, the Islamic war-cry against Christians and other non-Mohammedans. It remains to be seen whether Hasan will pay with his life, the just penalty for his crimes.

Defiant Newchurch Nun Escorts Women to Have Abortions for Six Years
Newchurch Dominicans Give Her a Little Slap on the Wrist, but Won't Expel Her

From: The Fathers

Donna Quinn, a Newchurch nun who has functioned for six years as an official women's escort to an Illinois abortion clinic, when finally asked by the Newchurch Dominicans to stop, defiantly retorted with an affirmation of "every woman's right to privacy," which is a code-word for abortion in the United States. The Dominicans, however, did not do the right thing and expel the facilitator of murder from the Newchurch Order. In fact, the Newchurch Order didn't even lift a finger to stop Quinn until an anti-abortion group exposed her. Quinn has publically called those who oppose abortion as a moral evil as "at war against women."

Good Catholics, if you think that Benedict-Ratzinger's Novus Ordo sect is anti-abortion, think again! Quinn is a direct participant in facilitating abortion, and she remains a "member in good standing" of his Newchurch. What further need have we of evidence? Benedict-Ratzinger's sect is mired in immorality worse that of the "Bad Pope" Alexander VI. The Newchurchers should drum him out of office as the "Unholy Father" he is. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

November 9, 2009 - Dedication of the Archbasilica of Our Savior
Double Feast of the First Class

Newarchbishop Committed Perjury in Sex-crimes Deposition
Yet Benedict-Ratzinger Still Coddles "Gay" Sodomist/Embezzler Weakland

From: The Fathers
Rembert Weakland

Rembert Weakland, Newchurch Archbishop of Milwaukee, Here Shown Desecrating God's Altar
The Self-admitted Sodomite and Embezzler Has Now Been Caught in Perjury
Calling upon God to Witness a Lie
Yet Benedict-Ratzinger Continues to Coddle Weakland
And All the Other Sodomites, Embezzlers, and Paedophiles that Populate Newpope's Clergy

Records involving at least one sex-offender presbyter were maintained in the archives at the archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to a court document released on November 4, 2009, as part of a pending lawsuit. The document demonstrates that Rembert Weakland, who denied the fact in a 2008 sworn deposition, committed perjury, in addition to all his other sins and crimes. "I've heard about it, but I've never seen those files, and I don't know if the archdiocese of Milwaukee has such things," Weakland said in his sworn deposition.

That statement contradicts Weakland's sworn testimony in a 1993 deposition, in which he acknowledged the existence of such files. Documents in the secret files are said to show, in reference to several fraud cases pending against the Milwaukee archdiocese, that Weakland knowingly transferred sex-offender presbyters to new posts, where they continued to rape and assault children, such as presbyter Lawrence Murphy, charged with assaulting as many as 200 boys at St. John's School for the Deaf. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.]

Just how low Benedict-Ratzinger has sunk morally is demonstrated by his coddling the admitted sodomite and embezzler. Weakland embezzled half a million U.S. dollars from Novus Ordo collection plates to pay his homosexual catamite hush money. Weakland has now written a book in which he admits all the charges of crimes and immorality against him, yet Benedict-Ratzinger still has not defrocked the guy.

Good Catholics, the way Benedict-Ratzinger has consistently pandered to sodomites, embezzlers, and paedophiles for so many years that a reasonable person has to wonder whether Benedict-Ratzinger is himself one of their number. There seems to be strong evidence that Paul VI was. JPII probably wasn't, but like Pontius Pilate, he simply washed his hands of his papal responsibility. And these three Vatican II Modernists dare to call themselves "popes," the root Latin word for which is papa, father. What father, let alone a "Holy Father," worthy of the title would allow his children to be sodomized and not lift a finger against the perpetrators?

JPII May Not Be a Novus Ordo "Saint" after All
Newvatican Denies Plans even for His Beatification

From: The Fathers

Newvatican's #2 man, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, has personally denied on Vatican Radio a rumor that the Modernist pope, JPII, will be canonized, or even beatified, as reported in the Italian periodical, La Reppublica. The late Conciliar pope has encountered more and more opposition as details of his life have been exposed, such as his harboring large numbers of clergy in his Krakow archdiocese, who have been documented as spies for the Communist Polish government, and such as his questionable (to say the least) relationship with a woman with whom he was photographed in various poses of familiarity. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Vatican Radio.]

November 8, 2009 - Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Exclusive to the TRADITIO Network:
Gibson Family Suffers Further with the Birth of the Grigorieva-Gibson Illegitimate Child Lucia

From: A Confidential Source at Gibson's Church
Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson and His Mistress Oksana Grigorieva
An Illegitimate Child Was Born to the Two on October 30, 2009
A Source Close to the Actor Claims that He Has No Intention of Marry the Chanteuse
Meanwhile the Gibson Family Is Paying the Price, and Their Faith Is Suffering

Dear Fathers:

As one who attends the Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Family Catholic Church in Agoura Hills, California, I have provided exclusive reports before to your readers to give some context to what is happening with Mel Gibson and his family. Previously, I had reported that a few years ago Mel had been diagnosed with manic depression, a condition that he has alluded to publicly during at least one press conference. I don't feel it excuses his behavior, but I think it does give us some understanding of it.

Mel has been on the East Coast of the United States for the last two months or so making a film. Since the breakup of his marriage, four of his older sons have discontinued, for the most part, coming to the church. Who can blame them? It must be so confusing to them. However, the most religious and devout of his older sons, William, has gone to Africa with Carmelite nuns on a Catholic mission. Mel and his wife Robyn's nine-year-old-son Tommy, who would usually come to the Traditional Latin Mass with Mel, is dropped off at the church by Robyn. Their daughter, Hannah, her husband, and their children, Madeline and Gabriel, take Tommy home.

None of us at the church think that Mel ever had any interest in marrying his mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, whose illegitimate child was born on October 30, 2009. Legally, Mel and Robyn's "divorce" could have been finalized a month ago, but there has been no news on that front. He has never brought Grigorieva to the church. I don't think many of us in the congregation would stay around if that happened.

Benedict-Ratzinger Hoisted by His Own Petard
As Crucifixes Are Removed from Schools across Italy by Court He Approved

From: The Fathers

Not much is going well for Benedict-Ratzinger these days. The SSPX/Williamson scandal still hangs over his head, his announced Anglican Constitution still hasn't been issued because of serious reservations within his Curia, and now the European Union's Court of Human Rights has declared crucifixes in Italian classrooms to be unconstitutional. The irony is that Benedict-Ratzinger had just praised this socialistic, dictatorial, supranational organization run out of Strasbourg, France, in his Encyclical Letter, of September 29, 2009, Caritas in veritate!

On November 3, 2009, the European Court of Human Rights, an arm of the European Union, has ruled against the use of crucifixes in classrooms in Italy. The court ruled: "The compulsory display of a symbol of a given confession in premises used by the public authorities ... restricted the right of parents to educate their children in conformity with their conviction" and restricted the "right of children to believe or not to believe."

Benedict-Ratzinger's press spokesman, presbyter Federico Lombardi, said that the European court had no right intervening in such a profoundly Italian matter, but that position contradict Benedict-Ratzinger's own words in his Encyclical Letter, in which he highly praised the supranational powers of such organizations as the European Union! The Italian Government, whose constitution states that there should be separation of Church and State, in its argument before the court did not itself recognize the crucifix as a Catholic sacramental, but argued that the crucifix was not a religious symbol, but rather an "ethical" one symbolizing self-giving and peace. Benedict-Ratzinger's spokesman seemed to agree, stating that "the crucifix has always been a sign of God's love, unity and hospitality to all humanity."

Catholicism was abrogated in 1984 as the state religion of Italy, as JPII enforced the provisions of the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965) and forbad any nation to declare that Catholicism was its state religion. The European Court of Human Right's decision could force all 27 countries in the European Union to remove crucifixes from all public locales. Ironically, it was the fascist Italian leader, Benito Mussolini, a convert to Roman Catholicism in 1927, who promulgated the two laws that Italian classrooms must display a crucifix. It was the post-Vatican II Modernist popes, JPII and Benedict-Ratzinger, who laid the groundwork for their removal. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by BBC News and the U.K. Guardian.]

Good Catholics, here again we have proof that Newchurch is not Catholic. For Benedict-Ratzinger to have his spokesman state that the crucifix, which the Catholic Faith teaches depicts the act of the salvation of the world by Our Lord Jesus Christ through His death on the cross, is not some "symbol of hospitality." That statement certain reeks of the odor of heresy and acceptance of false "oecumenical" teaching of Vatican II, that all religions are equal.

November 7, 2009 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Novus Ordo Parishes Turn against Newbishop
We're Not Going to Pay for Our Bishop's Sex Crimes, They Say

From: The Fathers
William Malooly

Obedient No More to Newbishop William Malooly
Against Whose Newchurch Diocese 131 Sex-crimes Cases Are Pending
Novus Ordo Parishes Say that They Will Sue Their Newbishop
Before They Pay One Cent for the Sex Crimes of His Presbyters
As More and More Newchurchers Reject Their Corrupt Novus Ordo Hierarchy

Novus Ordo parishes in the Newchurch diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, announced on November 3, 2009, that they will sue their Newbishop, William Malooly, if the courts order the Newparishes to pay damages to victims of sex crimes perpetrated by the Newbishop's presbyters. Already seven sex-crimes cases are set for trial against the parishes. Another 131 cases are pending against Malooly's diocese. The diocese has been so mired in cases against its presbyters for sex crimes that it filed for bankruptcy on October 18, 2009. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Wilmington News Journal.]

Mel Gibson's Illegitimate Child Is Born
Lucia Is Truly a "Child of Woe"

From: The Fathers

The illegitimate child of Mel Gibson, producer/director of the traditional Catholic film, The Passion of the Christ (2004), and his mistress Oksana Grigorieva, was born in Los Angeles, California, on Friday, October 30, 2009, a "child of woe," as the old saw goes. The name Lucia has been given to the child.

Gibson, 53, already has seven children with his wife Robyn, with whom he has been married 28 years. Although Robyn filed for a civil "divorce" on Easter Monday 2009, no final decree has been issued. The chanteuse Grigorieva, 39, already has another illegitimate child by former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton. Gibson published his mistress's debut album, "Beautiful Heartache," under his own Icon Records label in 2009. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

Good Catholics, it seems that the Jezebel Grigorieva has left a trail of dimwitted men and woeful children in her wake. Gibson and Dalton should have known better. It is the children and the families who always pay the price for such immoral stupidity.

November 6, 2009 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Newbishop Gives Illegal Kickback to New York State Legislator
For Quashing the Exposure of Newchurch's Sex Crimes

From: The Fathers
Nicholas DiMarzio

Nicholas DiMarzio, Newchurch Bishop of Brooklyn, New York
Has Been Caught in an Illegal Kickback with a New York State Legislator
Whom He Endorsed for Quashing a Bill to Open Up Clergy Sex Crimes
DiMarzio Endorsed Lopez, Even though the Latter Sponsored and Voted For
A Bill to Legalize "Gay Marriage" in New York State

In apparent violation of U.S. laws prohibiting religious organizations from endorsing specific candidates, Nicholas DiMarzio, Newchurch bishop of Brooklyn, New York, has recorded an endorsement of Vito Lopez, a Brooklyn Democratic party boss and assemblyman, for broadcast as "robocalls," unsolicited and annoying junk telephone calls.

DiMarzio's endorsement appears to be an illegal kickback for Lopez's efforts to defeat a bill that would open up lawsuits against clergy who have raped children. Lopez's opponent in the election charged that Newbishop DiMarzio had expelled a presbyter as head of a local housing group because the presbyter "annoyed" Lopez, and that in exchange, Lopez derailed the child rape bill in the state legislature. Earlier this year, Lopez sponsored and voted in favor of a bill to legalize "gay marriage" in New York State. In 2 [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the New York Times.]

Good Catholics, Newbishops do not represent the Catholic Faith, let alone religion at all. They are just secular politicians in funny-looking hats -- and they don't hesitate to break the law. More than two dozen Newbishops of the Novus Ordo in the United States alone are now personally charged with child rape and assault. That is one out every ten Newbishops personally charged with child rape. Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch is, to use St. Paul's word, truly "filthy."

Once-Catholic Ireland Sinks Further into the Mire
As Charismatic Cultists Gather at Knock Shrine by Order of a "Spiritual Healer"

From: The Fathers

Once-Catholic Ireland, having voted in divorce, abortion, and "gay marriage," is now going "charismatic." Some 10,000 people desecrated the Shrine of Knock, where the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and St. John the Evangelist were supposed to have appeared in 1879. The cultists gathered at the command of a self-proclaimed "spiritual healer," Joe Coleman, who has been condemned as a fraud even by the Newbishop of the local Newdiocese. The cultists chose to obey the fraud rather than their local Newchurch bishop. So much for "obedience" in Newchurch. Only traditional Catholics have to obey the New Order, not charismatic cultists!

One cultist claimed a "miracle of the sun." When the sun broke through the clouds, she said, it seemed to change color and come closer. A perfectly understandable meteorological phenomenon, considering that the weather was partly-cloudy with light rain, so that solar light would be refracted on the raindrops like a prism. Even this clueless cultist had to admit: "Who is to know that it isn't climate change or something like that causing that?" Now, there's a real scientist for you! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

November 5, 2009 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Cardinal Admits His Participation in a Freemasonic Plot at Vatican II to Destroy the Mass
Achille Lienart Declared on His Deathbed that He Was a Freemason Executing the Lodge's Plan

From: The Fathers
Achille Lienart

Achille Lienart, Cardinal of Lille, France, Admitted on His Deathbed
That He Was a Freemason and Had Been a Leader of the Freemasonic Plot at Vatican II
To Invalidate the Traditional Mass and Priesthood
Hannibal Bugnini, Another Freemason, Executed the Plot after the Council
In the Imposition of the Invalid New Ordinal of 1968 and the Novus Ordo Service of 1969

Readers of these Daily Commentaries of the TRADITIO Fathers may not be aware that shortly after the Conciliar-Bugnini Novus Ordo was imposed in 1969, a prominent cardinal admitted on his deathbed that he was involved in what he called a Freemasonic plot to use the Neo-Modernist Council Vatican II (1962-1965) to invalidate the Catholic Sacraments by depriving the Mass of its certain validity in the traditional form by invalidating the celebrant's necessary valid Sacramental intention.

Achille Cardinal Lienart, the bishop of Lille, France, confessed on his deathbed in early 1973, his complicity in the plot. This was exactly the method by which the Anglicans after Henry VIII invalidated the Anglican "Mass," which was officially declared invalid by Pope Leo XIII in 1896. Thus, the papal decree of invalidation applies equally to the Novus Ordo service. For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Novus Ordo Service Photo Gallery department. The Vatican II cardinal permitted and, further, instructed his confessor to reveal to the world his deathbed confession, that as a Freemason, he participated in Freemasonry's plot for the destruction of the Catholic Church at the Council:

  1. to invalidate the Mass by so altering the rite as to undermine the celebrant's necessary valid intention, in converting the Mass to a "Sunday dinner" rather than a sacrifice
  2. to break the Apostolic Succession by invalidating the rite of episcopal consecration and invalidating Novus Ordo bishops' intention to ordain priests, instead installing Protestantized ministers "to preside over the assembly"

Lienart confessed that the Freemasonic plot was so subtlely structured as to lure Catholics into accepting the Novus Ordo in the short term as valid, but in fact to invalid the Mass and priestly ordinations. Although Lienart executed the Freemasonic plot at Vatican II to invalidate the Sacraments, it was another Freemason, Hannibal Bugnini, who implemented that plot in the Novus Ordo Ordinal of 1968 and Novus Ordo service of 1969 from his position as Secretary of the Council for the Implementation of the Constitution on the Liturgy.

Actually, Bugnini admitted that his work to impose the Novus Ordo had been first implemented in the "Mass of 1962," calling it in the February 1972 issue of the Roman liturgical periodical Notitiae, "essentially a bridge between the old and the new, and if you will, an arrow indicating the direction taken by the current restoration [the Novus Ordo]." By his own admission the "Mass of 1962" was intended to introduce Novus Ordo principles and soften up clueless Catholics to accept the full-blown Novus Ordo service as valid. This Freemasonic and Modernistic foundation is why Traditional Roman Catholics reject the "Mass of 1962," now known as the "Motu" Mess or the "Extraordinary Rite." For his work, Bugnini received a letter of commendation from the Masonic Worshipful Master of Rome.

November 4, 2009 - St. Charles Borromeo, Bishop, Confessor & Doctor
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Associate Says SSPX Admission to Newchurch Would Be "Very Surprising"
After the SSPX's Senior Bishop Has Been Fined 20,000 U.S. Dollars for "Inciting Racial Hatred"

From: The Fathers
Four SSPX Bishops

SSPX Bishops Galarreta, Williamson, Tissier & Fellay
An Jewish Oecumenical Associate of Benedict-Ratzinger
Has Stated that After SSPX Senior Bishop Williamson's Conviction
By a German Court On Charges of "Inciting Racial Hatred"
Any Notion that the SSPX Would Be Admitted into Newchurch Would Be "Very Surprising"

On October 26, 2009, the SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, was fined almost 200,000 U.S. dollars by a German court for his statement "inciting racial hatred" during a Swedish Public Television interview on a disputed issue of secular history. A Jewish official associated with Benedict-Ratzinger stated on October 27, 2009, that he would be "very surprised" if the Society of St. Pius X were admitted to Newchurch, as it harbored "holocaust-deniers," a fact that has upset Jewish radical groups. Rabbi David Rosen, Director of the American Jewish Committee's Department for Religious Affairs and recently Chairman of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations, is closely plugged into Benedict-Ratzinger's "oecumenical" efforts.

Rosen stated: "Now they [the SSPX bishops and members] are truly under the magnifying glass. In the past they may have been able to slip under the 'door,' but after his [Williamson's] comments, it won't be so easy to slip in." The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants also issued a public statement, calling on Benedict-Ratzinger to

exhibit great caution in the Vatican discussions with Society of Saint Pius X, so as not to touch on the dignity of the Jewish people or to trivialize the memory of the victims of the Shoah. The crisis in Jewish-Catholic relations sparked by the Vatican's earlier overtures to the Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson must not be repeated. But the problematic nature of Society of Saint Pius X goes beyond bishop Williamson and centers on the tenuous state of Catholic-Jewish relations before Vatican II. For Jews and the vast majority of Catholics [sic], there can be no compromise on the Society's acceptance.
The SSPX's superior general, Bernie Fellay, who has gone out of his way to vilify his senior bishop, silenced him, and placed him under virtual house arrest, has not announced whether the SSPX will pay Williamson's fine and will disavow the "anti-Semitic" statements by its bishops and members that are spread throughout its web sites and publications. The SSPX has condemned Vatican II's outreach to Jews and to non-Catholic Christians. Absent a complete recantation by Fellay of the SSPX's founding principles, no "negotiations" will overcome Benedict-Ratzinger's Prime Directive of Vatican II "Oecumenism."

A Reader Asks: How Does a Baptized Protestant Convert to Traditional Catholicism?

From: Gene

Dear Fathers:

What is the Traditional Church's process for converting a baptized Protestant who wants to enter the Traditional Catholic Church, not the Newchurch of the New Order?

The Fathers Reply.

On the assumption that the Baptism was through one of the mainline Protestant sects that use the Trinitarian form, the Baptism is valid. If the convert was baptized over age 14, he kneels before the priest and pronounces a Profession of Faith, which details several of the tenets of the Catholic Faith. Then the priest, after reciting Psalms 50 and 129, imparts absolution in the external forum and imposes a penance for the public heresy, such as the recitation of certain prayers or a visit to a church. If the convert was baptized between age 7 and 14, he recites only the Apostles Creed, and no absolution is imparted. If the convert was baptized before age 7 (the age of reason), no formal Profession of Faith is required, and no absolution is imparted.

November 3, 2009 - Within the Octave of All Saints
Semidouble Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's Newspaper Takes on Children's Halloween
While Ignoring His Reign of Terror for Newchurch Children

From: The Fathers

Children Dress in Costumes for a Traditional All Hallows Eve Observance
Now Benedict-Ratzinger Wants to Condemn Children's Games
At the Same Time that Children Are Very Much at Risk for Rape and Assault by His Clergy
While He Himself Stands by Doing Nothing
Evidently, Benedict-Ratzinger Has Failed to Understand the Lesson of All Hallows

There he goes again! The pope's official newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, is cravenly attempting to turn the world's attention from the tens of thousands of child rapes by Benedict-Ratzinger's Newchurch cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and presbyters (which it has completely failed to report on) to condemning children's games rather than these crimes that Our Lord said were punishable by death.

The pope's newspaper, which has in recent issues praised the atheist Communist Karl Marx, the convicted sodomite Oscar Wilde, and the witch Harry Potter, doesn't want to children to celebrate All Hallow's Eve, Halloween. Newrome claims that the day on which children dress up in costumes, carve pumpkins, and collect candy is a "celebration of terror, fear, and death." Perhaps if Benedict-Ratzinger had himself been subjected to the terror, fear, and sometimes even death suffered by tens of thousands of children at the hands of his clergy while he stood by doing nothing, he might not worry so much about children's fantasy games! [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Baltimore Sun.]

The Church has celebrated All Hallows Eve for close to a millennium. The sardonic look at death and Hell gained even more currency during the 14th century when the Black Death swept Europe and killed one-third of its population. But does Newchurch even believe in Hell? Why, then, does it care? For further information, click on FAQ11: "How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Practices" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department, in the section "Halloween."

Instead of taking on Halloween, Josef, why don't you condemn the terror of child rape perpetrated by the clergy under your watch, which has truly been a Reign of Terror for children? Then do the right thing and resign, to spend the remainder of your days in an isolated monastery doing penance for your despicable suborning of crimes against children. The buck stops with you!

Newvatican Fouls Up Again with Papal Document Written in Disappearing Ink:
The Supposed New Anglican Policy Was Announced before the Policy Had Even Been Determined!

From: The Fathers

After all the hoopla about some conservative Anglicans maybe going Novus Ordo, it turns out that Benedict-Ratzinger's supposed Apostolic Constitution was never issued: and may not be, at least in the near future. The Benedict-Ratzinger administration is again reeling in controversy, now charged internationally with incompetence. Moreover, the secular press is left with egg on its face because of its propagandistic predictions of "large number of Anglicans converting," as they relied on Benedict-Ratzinger's untrustworthy word.

It seems that all the ramifications of the "conversions" were not thought through, so the document was never issued. The problem is celibacy. This Apostolic mandate from the early church has been routinely violated by Anglican ministers, even those who claim to be "traditionalist," or at least conservative. For further information, click on FAQ10: "How Do You Explain These Traditional Catholic Beliefs" in the TRADITIO Network's Library of Files (FAQs and Traditional Apologetics) department, in the section "Clerical Celibacy."

The Anglican heretics want to come into the Novus Ordo "married with children," as it were, and that is just not Catholic. Not to say that Benedict-Ratzinger's Novus Ordo sect is really Catholic, but sometimes it tries to appear that way for propagandistic purposes. If -- mirabile dictu! -- Newchurch sticks with the Apostolic mandate, these uncelibate Anglicans will throw out any notion of "converting" to the Novus Ordo sect.

Benedict-Ratzinger's latest faux pas is being compared to his botched up handing of the SSPX/Williamson Scandal in January 2009. Having "unexcommunicated" the Society of St. Pius X's senior bishop, Benedict-Ratzinger then threw Williamson under the bus by failing to support his Vatican II right of free speech as a "human person." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Il Giornale.]

November 2, 2009 - All Souls Day
Double Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger Is Forcing Chinese Underground Newbishops to Join the Communist Church
Underground Chinese Newchurchers Are Calling Benedict-Ratzinger a Contradictory Hypocrite

From: The Fathers

Benedict-Ratzinger Gives the Finger to the Martyrs of the Chinese Underground Church
He Is Forcing Underground Newbishops to Convert to the Communist Chinese Church
The Newbishops Converting Are Being Called "Traitors" by Their Congregations
And Benedict-Ratzinger Himself Is Being Called a Contradictory Hypocrite

Benedict-Ratzinger's treatment of his courageous Chinese underground Newbishops, who have endured stripes for the Faith in resisting the atheistic Communist government is despicable. Newbishop Francis An Shuxin, after spending ten years in police custody, was forced by Newvatican to sell out to the Patriotic National Church, the Communist state-controlled church that persecutes underground Newchurchers, shutting down religious shrines, seminaries, and congregations. Benedict-Ratzinger's own Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (Propaganda Fide) pressured Newbishop Shuxin to convert to the Communist Patriotic National Church.

Shuxin's clergy and congregation have now properly branded him as a "traitor" for obeying Newvatican's order to join the Communist church. Although Benedict-Ratzinger has shamelessly sold out to the Communist Patriotic National Church, telling his underground Newbishops and presbyters to join up. The Communist government, on the contrary, has not changed by one iota its hostile policy of more than fifty years.

At one time Benedict-Ratzinger called the Patriotic National Church "incompatible with Catholic doctrine," but he is now forcing his Newchurch clergy and congregations to join it. Those Chinese undergrounders who continue to stand against the Communist Patriotic National Church are accordingly calling Benedict-Ratzinger a contradictory hypocrite.

The Chinese Communists, with Benedict-Ratzinger not lifting a finger, have taken into police custody James Su Zhimin, the Newbishop of Baoding. He has not been heard of since 1996. Cosma Shi Enxiang, Newbishop of Yixian, also disappeared after he was arrested in 2001. Julius Jia Zhiguo, Newbishop of Zhengding disappeared in March 2009. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Asia News.]

Toronto Newarchbishop Slams Benedict-Ratzinger for Exploiting the Young
Says that Newpope Has Failed "Clearly and Effectively" to Root out Newchurch's Sex Scandal

From: The Fathers

Thomas Collins, Newchurch archbishop of Toronto, Ontario, in his first public address about the scandal surrounding Newbishop Raymond Leahy, told a national meeting of Canadian Newbishops that people were rightly outraged as Benedict-Ratzinger's Newbishops and presbyters have been shown complicit in the exploitation of the young. Leahy, the Newchurch bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, was arrested by Canadian police when he was discovered with child pornography during an airport search after his return from Thailand, where child prostitution is rampant. Police found more child pornography during a search of his rectory.

Collins went on to slam Benedict-Ratzinger's failure to take responsibility and handle Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, which is not abating, but increasing, according to published statistics by Newchurch itself:

The pain of scandal comes first of all because the fact of the evil itself is shocking, especially when it involves the abuse of the young and the vulnerable. To think of the multi-billion dollar industry of sexual exploitation is to be enraged; it is a scourge upon our society.... If a priest or bishop engages in this iniquity, the outrage is all the more intense, and rightly so, for we who are ordained are called by God, and entrusted with the service of His people; any abuse of that trust is a betrayal of our vows to God, and of the people we are consecrated to serve.

Collins said that Benedict-Ratzinger had failed to act "clearly and effectively" to root out the problem and to ensure that justice is served. "I and all of us who exercise authority in the church have a solemn obligation to God and to the people we serve, especially to the most vulnerable, to act clearly and effectively if a problem is discovered." This Benedict-Ratzinger has failed to do. {Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Toronto Star.]

November 1, 2009 - All Saints Day
Double Feast of the First Class

Most Popular Radio Talk-show Host Is "Too Traditional" for Newchurch
U.S. Newbishops' Body Attempts to Silence Traditional Values Advocate Rush Limbaugh

From: The Fathers
U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops

The U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishop Plays Politics
Tries to Silence Conservative-values Talk-show Host Rush Limbaugh
Instead of Violating Limbaugh's Constitutional Free-speech
These Newbishops Ought to Be Prosecuted as Accessories under the U.S. RICO Act
In the Rape and Sexual Assault of Tens of Thousands of Newchurch Children

The U.S. Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops has joined an "oecumenical" menagerie of anti-traditional groups in trying to silence conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh, an outspoken advocate of traditional (Catholic) values, broadcasts to the largest radio-talk show audience in the United States. In effect, these Newbishops are trying to "Richardize" Limbaugh -- in the say way that the SSPX's Bernie Fellay and Newchurch's Benedict-Ratzinger silenced and placed under virtual house-arrest bishop Richard Williamson for exercising his free-speech right to question aspects of a disputed point of secular history.

The Newbishops' body is joining "a national inter-faith coalition for media justice," a syncretic group of Mohammedans, Jews, and Protestants, to try to sink the unabashedly-traditional message of the most popular talk-show host. The U.S. Newbishops, always the hypocrites, are also going after traditional-values hosts Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and Lou Dobbs, but not Jeremiah Wright, Obama's racially-bigoted pastor.

These are the same U.S. Newbishops who were mute on the controversial "hate crimes" legislation signed into law by Obama on October 28, 2009. That legislation, which embraced the lesbian, "gay," bisexual, and transsexual crowd, was widely held to have a "chilling effect on religious speech." One traditional writer predicted that within ten years, Traditional Latin Mass centers will be shut down as a result of this law. One can only conclude that the USCCB is more concerned about the constitutionally-protected speech of people like Limbaugh than the "hate-crime" bill's threat to religious liberty, which led 146 House members to vote against it.

But the Newbishops couldn't wait to support Obama's witch hunt against traditional-values advocates. Obama has outdone former U.S. president Richard Nixon in compiling a conservative hit-list and using agencies of the U.S. government to attack the traditional-values advocates on it. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the American Spectator.]

Good Catholics, citizens of the United States must be wondering how the "Catholic" Church there, actually Benedict-Ratzinger's Novus Ordo Modernist sect, gets away with a tax exemption when it openly engages in secular politics. But, then, Obama's own church, the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago, headed by the race-bigot Jeremiah Wright, does the same. If there were any justice in Obama's government, the USCCB would have its religious status yanked and be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act for its complicity in the numerous acts of raping and assaulting children that it has suborned.

Mel Gibson May Finally Be Ending It with His Blackmailing Adulteress
The Jezebel Has a Reputation of Getting PG to Extort Celebrities

From: The Fathers

Mel Gibson, producer/director of the 2004 traditional Catholic blockbuster, The Passion of the Christ, is facing the breakup of his adulterous relationship with chanteuse Oksana Grigorieva. Grigorieva refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement, so the tentative wedding plans are now off. According to inside reports, Grigorieva wants the man and his money with no strings attached.

Grigorieva has already stuck it to her former fiance, actor Timothy Dalton, who played James Bond. The Jezebel, who seems hell-bent to entangle men by getting pregnant, refused to marry Dalton because he insisted on a prenuptial agreement to protect his fortune. A Hollywood insider said, "She’ll give him [Gibson] up before she'll sign. She’s done it before [with Dalton]."

It seems that reality is finally starting to hit Gibson, who already has a wife and seven children, one a still a minor. A friend said, "[It] gave Mel a kick in the head when she flat-out refused to sign [a prenuptial agreement].... Oksana wants all or nothing." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by MSNBC.]

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